reversing type 2 diabetes & the fastday lifestyle

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reversing type 2 diabetes & the fastday lifestyle

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  • Hi All,

    Thanks for the quick suggestions and updates.

    Usually I never take breakfast and so my first meal of the day is Lunch @ 12.30pm and dinner by 7.00pm, except on Saturdays and Sundays, where I tend to eat in between. I try to eat up my desired calories in a 8 hour window and have the fasting window of 16 hours/day, most of the days.

    Thanks PJBR for the note on BP. I haven’t checked my blood pressure yet and I guess you’re right to the point. This would have been causing me that little dizziness. This week end I’ll go and have a check. I wasn’t aware at all of this connection between BP & BS though.

    Deep inside I believe that, it’s been just 3.5 months that I started this fasting and elimination of sugars/junk food and seeing the difference in my BS levels, and it’s going to take a bit more time for the complete elimination of the liver fat, as mentioned by Dr Fung in his videos. He says that, the more complex the Insulin Resistance was, the more time, its goanna take. For me I was having from past 4.5 years, so I believe, 3.5 months is just too short for the complete elimination of the liver fat and other metabolic disorders that I’ve been with.

    Will keep you all posted. Thanks once again for your support.

    Hi Krishna
    Mr P was an injecting diabetic for 10 years. He took a year to get to his goal weight (68kg from 100 kg) and a little longer to get completely off insulin and Metformin. He found fairly quickly that he could reduce, and then stop using insulin on fast days, then gradually the same on feed days. He is still meticulous about recording his blood sugars and weight every day.
    As I said, his bs results are usually very steady a year later. We went on a long trip recently and he wasn’t as strict about his fasts or his sugar intake. Hence, the level rose occasionally. Each time we would look at what he had consumed and it is always a sugar based drink or food. If you already skip breakfast every day, then skip lunch on the days you have a higher reading. Fasting reduces the insulin spikes and reduces insulin resistance. You can do it. P 😉

    Hi PVE,

    You’re right. It’s goanna take time.

    Thanks for sharing Mr P’s results and his experience. This has really added to my knowledge bank and keep me motivated to focus on the goal. In fact, he and me share the same weight loss though (from 100 kgs to 68 kgs). Currently am at 68 and am planning to come over to 60 kgs. I can sense, how he’d be feeling, finally coming to that weight. Ah… its an awesome feeling, getting rid of 32 kgs of fat.

    As you said rightly, fasting does reduce the insulin spikes and thus it’s resistance. As always, this site, this forum and all you people, keep me motivated and focused. Thanks a lot 🙂

    I know. I went from 85 down to my current 57. I’m a new, tinier, woman. 😉

    he..he..he… 😉

    Sorry if I mislead you…..There is no tight connection between BP and BS. The connection is between this powerful way of eating and the resultant fat loss and the BP. If one is on BP reducing medication, the medication will have to be lowered when weight is lost.
    The same for BS medications.

    I am happy to understand that you are having therapy for your stress.

    I am speaking to you here as I am here, though your recent post was on another thread besides this one.
    I hope you had a wonderful holiday in Canada. Which part did you visit? We are having a hot, dry summer in most areas. In the west many fires are plaguing our existence.
    You and your husband have been very successful with the 5:2 program. It did take some time and as you say with more severe disease, it takes longer to get to the endpoint. Dr. Taylor has had more quick results, but in his trial the subjects were recently diagnosed diabetics. Dr. Mary Vernon using LCHF says a year and even longer with severe cases.(up to 5 years, maybe). I think some of us here, including me, were almost expecting it to be sooner than later, but I have come to believe that it will more likely take a long time and to have patience would be a good thing. ( to quote Martha Stewart)

    How do you get those little smiley faces?

    Hi PJ
    We were in Vancouver, Calgary, Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper, Quenell, Whistler, then Vancouver to Anchorage by boat.
    We also went to NE USA. Fabulous!

    Mr P did not expect to get off, or even reduce, his insulin. We did 5:2 to improve our health. He records everything (a scientist) and within weeks realised he needed to reduce his insulin on fast days. I didn’t come on this forum for a year, the day we both hit goal. Until then I was just using the book as our guide. At that stage I was unaware of Dr Fung’s research. I found out about his work after Mr P had reversed his diabetes. It just confirmed what we knew! 😉

    My bp improved too. I reduced my dose and, at one stage stopped completely, but hypertension is incidious. Unlike bs, it can rise suddenly and cause strokes. Mine rose again, so I now take daily meds to be sure.

    Remember what Dr Fung says….insulin is not the solution, it is the problem. Sensible, regular fasting is the solution for diabetes. P 😆

    Hi All

    It’s been a while since anybody posted so I thought I would see how everybody is.

    Purple interesting about your blood pressure, this is the reason I decided to lose weight, I did really need to lose weight but it was the high blood pressure that convinced me.

    I have lost over 4 stone and no real change to blood pressure. I am going to see a consultant on 11th August to get Meds changed. I have also found that they cause anxiety!! I react really badly to some meds but I am hoping new ones will suit me better.

    I shall be starting the gym within the next couple of weeks as well. I hope that some exercise will help.

    Don’t forget to let me know how you all are.


    Hi All,

    Hope you’re all rocking in good health. I was away for a small vacation to my wife’s cousin’s place and so was bit away for our posts.

    So, finally I’ve come from 38″ inch jeans to 28″ inch jeans today. Can’t tell you how happy and glad am I for this. After many years (more than 12 years) I see myself fit into this much slim jeans. Now, I plan to go to gym and do some weights.

    Hoz things going on at your end?

    I read a very very interesting post in facebook last week regarding type 2 diabetes. In fact, I was facing the same situation when I was diagnosed, but couldn’t figure out then. Now, when I see that, it added to my knowledge bank.

    It’s called “Acanthosis Nigricans”. This is a dark lines coming on Neck, Face, Forehead, Armpits, between the legs and on other body parts. It’s a mark on the skin which signals High Insulin Levels in the Body. Often being confused as smudge of dirt or grime, but in actual, it indicates that the body is resisting the Insulin. As a result, the pancreas produces more Insulin and finally the person develops Type 2 Diabetes. If you can figure this out early, you can eventually stop it by changing the life style thus avoiding Type 2 diabetes and then eventually these marks will go off once the insulin levels are normal. Google it with this keyword and you can see images/info for this. It’s a bodies early sign to show that one is getting effected for with the Insulin resistance.

    I was having the same marks on my neck before I was diagnosed as Type 2 Diabetic. My wife told me about these marks, but we didn’t know this then. Now, I don’t have any such marks. They just vanished, indicating that my Insulin levels are good.

    Hi Krishna

    Wow, what a fantastic achievement. That is 10 inches indeed a reason to celebrate. I need to lose weight around my waist. My son asked for advice on just that and they suggested Hiit. He has been doing it for nearly a week and he can already notice the results.

    I looked up those links, how strange that is, I googled for images so I know what to look out for and hope I never find out on myself. Although glucose is good and I am fasting so reducing weight I know I am still a prime candidate. I have lost 4 stone now that is 56lbs so quite a good amount, I now only have another 5 stone to lose, about 70lbs.

    No change in blood pressure yet, I hoped there would be well maybe another stone or so might see some change. Let’s hope so.

    While looking at your links I can across a story quite by accident. This was a man who looked very slim was found to have type 2 diabetes so he did an 800 calorie diet for 11 days and drank lots of water. He reversed it completely.

    The link is here.–going-starvation-diet.html

    Hi PJBR how are you? I have an appointment to change BP pills so hopefully this will help.

    Hi Purple, I’m glad you had a nice holiday.


    Hi All,

    Hope you’re doing good. What’s news. Hoz going on?

    I’ve been eating normally from the past 5-6 weeks (without counting calories) and no change in the scale. Hope the Insulin is in regulation. Would be going for the Lipid Profiles and HbA1c test this month end.

    Hello All,

    Where are you? Hope everything’s fine. No talk here :-(, whats going on

    Hi Krishna

    My thoughts exactly. Have you got the results of your test yet?

    I have been doing a lot of reading about two products both natural, one called psyllium husk and one called Glucomannan these are both natural sources of fibre. There are many clinical trials into these products. I have reccomeded the glucommanan powder to my friend who is a diabetic, her daughter is overweight and she is taking it in a small dose initially. She has taken it for a week and appears to have lost weight although she is doing 5:2 but also she has problems with constipation that she had before 5:2 and they are helping this.

    This works bowel wise in making the stools softer and bulkier and so they are easier to pass. It is very good also for diabetes, lowering cholesterol and can help weight loss slowly but surely.

    I have a problem with constipation and I would like to lower my cholesterol. Obviously if I lose weight as well that is a bonus.

    I have had trouble losing weight lately and only lost 1lb in the last months that is despite doing 4:3. I have cut down vegetables as they were making me constipated, my health trainer said that I had to drink a lot more water with them to help them pass through the system. This had me running to the loo all the time and urgently. Not a good thing if you are out, as I didn’t want an accident I cut vegetables and water down.

    I know that some people find that veg makes them less constipated but not me.

    Now due to no weight loss I have started having more vegetables and water again but taking glucomman to make sure I don’t get too constipated. I shall see how I go. This is the first week and I weigh at the weekend.


    I notice has been on another thread. Not enough people on this one, maybe we ought to do a recruitment drive.

    I hope you are well and the results are good.


    Maybe no one believes that DMT2 is reversible or maybe it is and everyone has reversed it?
    I myself have not been posting as I am working so hard following Dr. Fung’s protocol.

    Diabetes is a real bully and it is so hard to get anywhere with it. I have lost 30 lbs though since end of Feb. and I have been able fit into 2 pairs of pants that I have only ever fit into once before and that was years ago.

    My BS have been more stable but not as low as I would like.

    My cholesterol is SKY-HIGH and no one can tell my why.

    My doctor still seems to be reluctant to support me in my efforts. This is very frustrating.

    Hi PJBR:

    Your cholesterol goes up a lot when you lose that much weight. The condition is temporary. If you go to around 1:17 on this video there is a full explanation:

    Good Luck!

    Hi PJBR

    Here is the research I have been following.

    The glucomman seems to be helping, as for the cholesterol I won’t know for some time. How annoying that losing weight makes your cholesterol increase. I thought it would make it go down.

    I’m just going to watch the YouTube explanation.


    Hi All,

    Good to see you’re posting again 🙂

    Well, yesterday I’ve done my lab tests and here are the results.

    1) HbA1c – 5.5 🙂 🙂 It’s in damn normal range
    2) Total Cholestrol – 202 (Slightly higher)
    3) Triglycerides (TGL) – 90 🙂 Seems pretty good ah
    4) HDL – 38.1 🙁
    5) LDL – 130 🙁

    One thing I can’t figure out is what to be done to decrease LDL and increase HDL. I really need to increase the HDL and/or decrease the LDL.

    Hi Krishna

    Well done on your results. Look at the research on Glucomannan and psyllium and the result of their clinical trials. They have been shown to reduce cholesterol. I am taking Glucommanan, but will be buying psyllium husks to use in cooking. Anything that had soluble fibre in is good.

    It also seems to suggest in other trials that low carb diets work well.

    I am hoping to see mine reduce as well, I won’t be measured for about another three months and so I hope to see a difference.

    I hope you are well.


    Hi Ginette,

    Thanks for the update. Yes, fiber is the main content which helps in reducing the LDL and increasing the HDL. Have been doing some study and found that foods rich in fiber would be the solution. Am not sure if I’d be able to get those medicines that you’ve mentioned, here in India, but, I’ve started taking apples regularly and hope to see the improvement after few weeks.

    I had a terrible week, last week, suffering from viral fever, which disturbed me physically and mentally a lot, and now am slowly coming out of it. Started losing weight again. Came to 68kgs now and have another 8kgs to lose.

    Hi Krishna

    Yes it is available. I have searched one through Google India and the link is below. This one can be added to soups as a thickener. It can also be taken on its own but with plenty of water.

    Soya is also a good way of getting this. I am going to start using soya mince. I am not a vegetarian but I shall be happy to this to get the fibre. Also it feels good to be meat free occasionally.


    Ginette – Thank you for the info. Do be careful of eating a lot of soy though as it is high in an estrogen-like compound.

    Krishna – Good for you! Your determined work has paid off! Exercise like walking increases the HDL cholesterol. Megan, the guide in Dr. Fung’s program says eggs increases the HDL too.

    I have just spent a few days at the 50th reunion of my Nursing class and visited with my roommate who I first met 55 years ago. Needless to say I will be fasting more diligently for a while.

    Simcoe – Thanks for that info. I got a lot out of the video.

    Thanks PJBR

    I will only have it once in a while then. I don’t eat any other soy products, so hopefully that will be ok. I love the interest that nutrition has become and I am thinking of doing a course on it.

    It would be nice to be in the position to help others.

    It is nice that you have met an old friend.

    Just to feedback on the psyllium that I purchased. I added a teaspoon and a half to a small tin of soup, this also had another tin of water added to it. It went to a jelly like liquid. I had another tin in the cupboard so I just heated this. I left the soup in the dish to see how it reacts in time as I couldn’t even get it on the spoon earlier. I will let you know.

    Some people were taking a dessert spoon of it a day and others 2 tablespoons, so I thought this was a very prudent amount!!


    Thanks Ginette for the link. I’ve placed the order for 2 bottles and let’s see how it goes 🙂

    Hi Krishna

    Let me know how you find it.

    Of course with cholesterol it is not something than we can monitor regularly. But hopefully time will tell.

    Don’t forget to drink lots of water with it.


    Thanks simcoeluv for this information. I had a high total cholesterol reading of 243 a few months ago. I had just done a fast day the previous day after losing quite a bit of weight in a short time and I feel this is the reason as everything else was OK.

    ‘Your cholesterol goes up a lot when you lose that much weight. The condition is temporary. If you go to around 1:17 on this video there is a full explanation:

    Thank you for that u-tube address. I have seen it before but probably was not as interested in the increased cholesterol talk as I am now as I am one of the ones who have had an astronomical increase in my LDL levels. The explanation gives me a measure of relief for sure.
    Thanks again.

    Hi everyone . Just wanted to ask roughly has any one reversed type 2 diabetes yet . My hubby has it and I am making him fast . But the regular blood tests arnt showing any trend except the fast days ones are lower . Are u you making some food changes also . I will appreciate your help

    Hi Rari:

    Have you reviewed the posts to this thread? You might focus on those from PVE and those concerning Dr. Fung. Type 2 is being reversed all of the time if it is done right.

    I have watched all of dr fungus lectures that I could find around 8 in all but can’t figure out if 5:2 will work or have to do 4:3 . Will definitely go through the posts . Thank simcoeluv u always come to the rescue

    Hi Rari:

    I’m not aware that 5:2 will do it by itself. The diet needs to be changed, too. And, it depends on how long the patient has had diabetes and what medications they are on.

    Dr. Fung usually starts a patient (depending on severity) on a one week or longer water fast. Thereafter, he often uses ADF, with the patient eating a high fat, very, very low carb diet on non diet days. He might use 5:2 with a HFLC diet in cases where the diabetes is ‘new’ and the patient has not been on mild medications for very long. Another Dr. that has reversed diabetes in his patients for over 30 years uses longer term fasting (up to 30 days or so for serious cases) combined with a plant based diet thereafter.

    Each patient is different, but the key is to make sure the body water fasts periodically to get blood sugar and insulin levels down, followed by food that does not spike blood sugar levels.

    Dr. Atkins reported reversing type 2 in over 5000 patients using his Atkins diet. However, this takes quite a bit of time compared to the speed at which it can be reversed using fasting and diet modification. PVE’s husband took about a year to get full results using 5:2 and a diet modification. Fung’s approach can work in less than a month to five or six months in more serious cases (and depending on how diligent the patient is in following instructions).

    After it is reversed, the diet must be continued to maintain appropriate blood sugar levels. The diabetes is not ‘cured’, just controlled, and a reversion to the old diet can lead to the return of the type 2.

    Simcoe is partly right. 5:2 alone will do it. But daily blood sugar tests are necessary and awareness of the resulting effects of different foods and behaviour on the results. It’s not rocket science, but you need to record and look for patterns. Beer is dreadful. Wine is fine. Leafy greens negate the effect of overeating carbs to a certain extent. Clearly everyone is different. It simply takes awareness.

    Mr P had been injecting insulin for 10 years. He did not start 5:2 to reverse his diabetes, but to reduce the decline in his health generally.

    From the start, we did stock standard 5:2 with no long fasts. He ate the TDEE for his goal healthy weight from the beginning (not for his initial weight). His fast day calories were split into 3 tiny “meals” initially, but quickly lunch was dropped and eventually breakfast. He was amazed how quickly he had to reduce, then stop, insulin injections on fast days. After a year he had reached his goal healthy weight and was off all diabetic drugs. He has maintained both ever since.
    We quickly learned that a low carb/full fat diet was the optimal.

    It will be 3 years, next April, since he began 5:2. He still fasts twice a week and is careful about eating carbs. He tests his blood sugar every morning and, if it is slightly elevated, skips breakfast. It is not only the healthy weight and food, and 10000 steps a day, he must also have twice weekly resets in the form of fasts.

    Such a small sacrifice to totally turn your health around. What is wrong with the medical fraternity?
    As Dr Fung says, “Insulin is not the cure, it is the problem. ”

    I believe that Diabetes2 can be cured – to the extent that one is not in danger of the complications from the disease and from the depression and feeling sick and tired all the time.
    What cannot be cured is one’s intolerance of carbohydrates, though the insulin resistance will be improved.
    It can be done, albeit slowly, with Dr. Mosley’s 5:2, or with LCHF, but it will be faster with very low carbohydrate coupled with longer fasts. Basically it depends on the individual – how severe the diabetes is, how long he has had it and how willingly he adheres to the program.
    If he is on medications, fasting should be done under doctor’s supervision, unless he really understands how and when to reduce medications.
    I have not cured my diabetes yet, but no longer need insulin injections nor blood pressure pills. I have lost 30 pounds since Mar 1 this year though, because I have not adhered to longer fasts have not lost any since June 1, even though I have been having short fasts (only 1 or 2 meals/day) coupled with very low carbohydrate diet. Everyone is different.
    I started the year with Dr. Mosley’s plan with some success (weight wise) but became aware of Dr. Fung and joined his program at the end of February. I would definitely recommend it. He has a distance program which gives all the information needed plus ongoing support. Just Google “intensive dietary management” When you get to his blog, search “distant program” or “join”. Yes, there is a cost, but believe me it is minimal in relation to all the weight loss programs I have tried and failed at.
    Where are you? He has trained a doctor in India who is doing the same thing there, though I do not know if he is doing a distance program.
    In no way am I suggesting that Dr. Mosley and his plan is not good. I commend him highly to have raised the consciousness of multitudes of people worldwide right at the time we need it most. We are definitely in an epidemic of obesity and Diabetes Type 2. Following his program will help fix and prevent this problem.

    You have been there, done that and got the t-shirt. You and your husband are an inspiration to us all.
    P stands for Purple, but in your case, also stands for Perseverance. Please continue to post on this site as you carry the light which we must follow.

    Kind words PJBR
    Remember, ultimately we are all responsible for our own health and happiness. Dr M has given us the ideas. We each have to develop the skills.
    All the best folks. PVE
    PS Purple is the colour of Diabetes awareness ☺

    Hello friends , pve, simcoeluv , and pjbr .
    Firstly I am overwhelmed by your support . Thank u .
    A little bit of back ground . I live in America . Since we r Muslims we have to fast 1 month every year in Ramadan from before the break of dawn till sunset . So no eating no drinking . Unless u r sick or have a condition that is spoiling ur health, or traveling we don’t have an option to leave it . My hubby is on metformin since 2.5 years now . So he is relatively a new diabetic , but he doesn’t exercise at all . I put him on the 5:2 fast . We fast the way I have explained above because Monday’s Thursday’s are the days of fasting year round that have been prescribed to us by our prophet but they are voluntary .its not a must to keep it . So he doesn’t eat or drink in that period . So he is used to it .Sorry the back ground has got to long . He has lost 8 lbs in 4 weeks .but what we noticed was that the blood levels drop some times after the fast and some times they don’t so clearly the type of food is a reason. Obviously carbs . But I was thinking is to start him of with a simple salad and take his readings every day and introduce different foods every fast day . That will tell me which foods are raising his levels . Is this going to be the right approach . There is a 2 months waiting on dr fungs long distance programme. . In the mean time should I let him just loose the weight . Or should he be careful of the carbs also on the non fast days . Clearly when we do our monthly fast we do over eat after opening it so we don’t see that much of a difference .
    Pve I guess has done it with dr fung and pbjr I guess u have done the long distance one . Fo they help with the medications too , I mean when to reduce it . And is it a one time advice or a continued support . .thank u every one . I will be reading all the comments to get dome more idea .

    Hi Rari
    You sound like you are on the right track!
    We didn’t know about Dr Fung until well after Mr P had reversed his diabetes. We only came on the forum after we had reached goal, so I had simply followed the Fast Diet book and did 5:2 101, with mindfulness. ? PVE

    Thank u Pve for your response. Does this mean PVE u reversed it on ur own without the doctors help or did a doctor supervise it . One more thing is Mr. P very care ful with carbs on non fast days . Could u tell me roughly how many gms of carbs does he have on non fast days . And one more question does insulin resistance get better after loosing all the weight or before it . Do the numbers improve after all the weight is lost or before it . Sorry I am asking too many questions ?

    One does not need to exercise to lose weight. It IS needed for overall health but it is NOT needed to lose weight (one would have to walk 35 miles to lose one pound)
    Good for your husband that he has already lost weight with the 5:2 program You will see even greater loss as you learn more.
    Blood sugar sometimes goes up even while fasting. Clearly it is the body’s own doing, not the kind of food eaten. We do not need any carbohydrate, as the body makes its own when it is needed.
    Try not to overeat after a fast. Eat only until full. But do eat until full – after all you are going into another fast right away.
    Dr. Fung advises NO sugar and very few carbohydrate. (zero to 5-10%) Most carbohydrate would be those found in vegetables which grow above the ground. Fruits are to be treated like candy – just a little at a time and only occasionally.
    See Dr. Fung’s blog on all of the above.
    I, myself, have found the simpler, the better. My interpretation is: when I eat, I eat vegetables, and fat (olive oil, coconut oil, butter) and some meat. I eat no sugar of any kind, and eat fruit only occasionally (I have eaten part of an apple, and a few raspberries and strawberries about 4 times in 6 months) and I eat NO starch (No bread, rice, pasta, or root vegetables, or anything made of flour)
    But when fasting, it is drink only water, tea, coffee, (with a little cream if needed) and bone broth. i.e. NO or very few calories.
    I too had to wait to get onto the distance program of Dr. Fung. I too did the 5:2 program and lost some weight before getting on the program.
    No the distance program is unable to help with the medications, legally. You must have your own doctor to advise you about medications. ( But I warn you, most are not in favour of Dr. Fung’s method -mine especially so and I have had to find my own way) If your husband is only on Metformin this should be easier than if he were on multiple medications.
    Yes, they give you ongoing support. Weekly at first for sure. I still meet weekly or every 2 weeks.
    The insulin resistance and the blood sugar readings do improve throughout the program until eventually, the diabetes is CURED.
    Yesterday, I read in Dr. Taylor’s information on reversing Diabetes that one needs a great deal of DETERMINATION to reverse the disease. I personally have found this to be true. If you have a fire in your belly and use fasting this disease can be beat.

    Krishna has the same fasting practices you have and has had great success. Perhaps you can get some insight by reading his posts on this thread.
    He posts only seldom now and I miss him and often wonder how he is doing. Has he been completely successful? etc.
    In fact there have been few posts here for some time. We all need each others support and understanding. Let us keep posting for encouragement. We all certainly need that.

    Hi pjbr , it’s so kind of u to guide me through it . One question . Once u r cured do u still have to stay so strict with the dietary habits or they can be relaxed abit
    U r so write about the medical fraternity. My doctors are not ready to listen to me on it . They still stress the low fat diet . I was wondering if I could make him loose weight and then get some results . Then they might listen .

    I’m just posting to say hello. 🙂 I read all the time but as I can’t get started I have little useful to add. But I do read and find this a very useful thread. xx

    Apparently, yes, you can re-add carbohydrates back into your diet but (as we have said so frequently) we are all different, so we must be diligent in watching how we are effected. Some must continue to only eat few carbohydrates. We should also eat the more nutritious ones.

    I suggested to my doctor that he do just that – see me as an example.
    My husband has lost a lot of weight and he no longer has any symptoms of diabetes. Our doctor says the diabetes is only in very good control. (Is this semantics? Is his definition of Diabetes different from mine? Perhaps his definition of diabetes is carbohydrate intolerance. And I agree, my tendency to carbohydrate intolerance will never go away completely, but the definition of diabetes as set by blood sugar readings and the resultant complications possible, will.)
    Anyway, at his last visit with the doctor, the doctor actually complimented him on his efforts to lose weight and improve all his tests and said to carry on as he has been. Surprise, surprise!!!!!!!

    What do you mean by you can’t get started. I thought you have been doing it for ages.

    Yes, I started about two years ago and loved it and lost weight on it and felt great – but I put the weight back on and I start again intermittently – but I don’t think that’s what is meant by IF!
    I can’t seem to find the right state of mind to stare and keep going.
    I was having a conversation with a good/nice dietitian I started to go to for inspiration and a stick actually. I told her about 5:2 and she said ‘Oh a crash diet’ but she is OK so I said if I had a gastric band operation, how many calories a day would I be eating? And we had a laugh together!
    But I haven’t given up.
    Quite why I don’t Just Do It I don’t understand because, I know what to do, that I really need to and I have done in the past, yet still can’t do it at the moment. Bit crazy we humans sometimes.

    G’day Speedy. Nice to hear from you again. ? Sorry the fasting isn’t happening.

    Rari, diabetes will always only be ‘under control’ therefore it will be necessary to fast /limit carbohydrates for life, but that certainly doesn’t mean dull food! ?P

    Have been doing a lot of fasting these last two weeks (see challenge forum for Nov/Dec) as the first 2 weeks of Nov. were a disaster for me with days of eating wrong in both type of food and quantity of food due to celebration. Up 5 pounds and down 5 pounds then up 2 pounds by eating (well) for 1 day and then down 1 pound by fasting 1 day. talk about a roller coaster . But yesterday my blood sugar readings were under 7 all day – first time ever! Thus the post to celebrate a bit of victory. That was a fast day.

    I have lost 30 pounds altogether but find that the abdominal fat still just hangs in there. I read recently that the abdominal readings are the slowest to decrease. Though I have also read that with severe decrease in calories, the visceral fat, around the abdominal organs is the first to go and it is this depletion of visceral fat which improves the diabetes.

    I still have a long way to go before the disease is completely reversed, or cured. I am determined to see this through to the end. I am curious to know how many carbohydrates my body can tolerate once that happens. I would like to have 1 fruit, 1 milk, and 1 starch per day (45 grams) Perhaps a carbohydrate treat once per week. Of course continued weekly or 2x/week fasting will never stop.

    I can dream, can’t I !?!?

    The diet given to me by the Diabetes Clinic (Doctor, Nurse, Dietitian) was 6 starches, 3 fruit and 2 milk per day — 11×15=161grams of carbohydrate. (161×4= 644 calorie for those who count calories)

    Hi All

    Hi PJBR

    I have lost nearly 5 stone now, hopefully I will make tge three stone mark by Christmas. I can agree with what you say about visceral fat, my stomach is shrinking but very slowly. My neck seems slightly smaller, this is an area with visceral fat as well (strange eh!).

    I have eased up on the calorie counting apart from fast days, this has resulted in a 2lb loss over a couple of months. I fasted 3 days a week but ate things which weren’t good for me on other days. I have just put my name on the health trainers waiting list (free on the NHS) so I shall soon be back on that treadmill of weight loss.

    I had been fasting for about 10 months when I had my break on non fast days. I feel very lucky to be able to get away with this. Probably because I am not diabetic just striving not to be. Your struggles on this thread are a real lesson to all of us who can avoid this by lifestyle choice to do it. I do commend you for having the resilience to stick to this way of life indefinetly. I am sure that I will still have to fast at target which is still a long time away yet.

    It is nice to see an active thread again.


    Good for you!! What an incredible accomplishment!
    What is “health trainers”?
    I am sorry after such a loss of weight that you have stalled. But you do have the courage to get up after having fallen down and get on with it again. You WILL make your goals!

    Persistence and determination I believe is #1 in this WOL in order to defeat this disease.

    Fortunately you found the answer to preventing it. For years, I knew I was going to get it unless I could prevent it, but no doctor could give me the answer, other than “lose weight.” But how?

    We live in a world filled with foods that we NEED to avoid. They are everywhere, they taste good. We are sorely tempted. It is like we are swimming in a cesspool of rotten food. We need not to eat until we come to a place with healthy food then eat.
    Fast then eat healthy, fast then eat heathy.
    The reward at the end of all that fasting, is that the weight is lost, diabetes is not a threat, and we can fast less often.

    Good luck Ginette.

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