reversing type 2 diabetes & the fastday lifestyle

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reversing type 2 diabetes & the fastday lifestyle

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  • 2 michael & clare & all & thanks Couscous

    can i replace optifast? w/ food & supplements or protein something. this is 2 expensive 4 me (a $550 investment, with the addition of a $100 per week fee for meal replacements and snack foods)

    i think i’m going 2 do this 2 month reverse diabetes diet since they want 800 cals a day.
    i want 2 still incorporate the fast. since march 2 /13 i enjoy this fastday lifestyle have not cheated yet.
    so this 4:3 or 5:2 w/ the 2 month reversal diet

    if it reverses the type2diab great
    if not i’m sure i would have lost some weight slowly, i would think my metabolism would slow down considerably.

    this is strictly vegetarian During the 8 weeks of the diet;

    optifast = ?
     No poultry or fish or meat
     No bread or pasta
     No dairy products (even full skimmed milk!)
     No root vegetables like potato, sweet potato, turnip
     No pulses
     No fruits
     No alcohol

    i guess eggs r okay since there not poultry or dairy

    i will be doing a mimi version of the fastday lifestyle (the calories r not the problem it will b the vegetarian)

    i wish i could watch the channel 4 in the us but we r not allowed 2 it

    i’ll put it here 2 4 uk posters

    thanks Couscous,

    wow i came across this post in searching type2diab

    Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

    i’m being checked 2morrow by doc since march

    hopefully the normal fastday lifestyle has improved the cholesterol blood pressure weight (24 lbs down yipeee!) & type2diab

    wish me luck all! 🙂

    Great results so far wiltldnrUSA, congratulations! Keeping my fingers crossed for you, hope the doc will have some good news for you. Let us know how it went!

    Hi WiltldnrUSA, I hope this goes well for you. Clearly you have done some research and sought medical advice for this project. You also have the “Right Stuff” in terms of mental attitude to do this.
    Just remember that we are all supporting you in this. Many posters with similar conditions will be watching closely and hoping for positive results.
    Keep a diary, keep us updated, keep us praying for you, keep at it.
    Good luck and best wishes.

    thanks Couscous & fastinginberlin

    have not talk 2 doc yet in 2 weeks after blood tests 2morrow (he will give me advice, NOT! THEY WILL JUST PROBABLY MONITOR FUTURE TESTS)

    after that i want 2 do this but i think w/ fasting it will be better

    maybe i should email that professor u discussed Couscous about replacing the optifast w/ food

    so far have been tracking everything

    i’m going 2 give it 2 doc

    it has a nutrient report 2 blow u away

    click on my name i shared it w/ jeanius

    i’m concern on this optifast even if it is like slimfast don’t believe in it

    want 2 replace it

    i want them 2 do a test on cholesterol that is more accurate than what has been done c this sight

    it actually helps 2 c if u r a heart attack/disease away

    my dad recumbent biked across the us from washington state 2 washington dc

    biked in rio 40 2 50 miles alternative days

    never bed ridden. his doc said that he made his body so healthy 4 his heart however he is a walking time bomb. he said if i had ur dad’s heart i would die

    and sure enough my dad died in rio healthy as can be

    ate extremely healthy still

    died from high cholesterol congestive heart failure

    that is why i do not do as much exercise

    when i visited him in hospital when he had a bypass YEARS AGO every guy in their was a runner or a biker w/heart disease. the famous runner who came up w/ those runner’s logs died of heart problems

    i’m hoping i do not have his exact genes

    no one in my family has type 2 diabetes
    so this is a totally big surprise especially since i ate healthily whole grain no sugar etc (u can gain weight eating good)

    i did drink diet soda no longer do @ all

    thanks 4 the encouragement after the 2 months will report if successful/or not

    would have been fasting anyway so some health benefits right u 6:1ers 🙂

    Hi Wilt, send the email. I am sure you will get a reply and support from the Prof, after all he is researching exactly what you intend to do and may give some good advice.
    Good luck.

    well not surprising doc said no 2 the 800 a day reversal of diabetes said it was 2 low.
    i gave him info of prof in england.

    it really very hard 2 find an innovative continually educating themselves doc
    i’ve had 5 over the years from moving but some now r i call them the white coat mafia that dispense super expensive pills & don’t listen ugh!

    i’m still going 2 do it . waiting 4 email from prof

    i also insisted today 2 do all kinds of test

    deficiency 2 (c the last links way b low)


    While science seems to be missing an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to slowing, stopping, and eventually reversing obesity, one recent study found a connection between being deficient in essential vitamins, minerals, and vitamin-like substances, such as CoQ10 (micronutrients) and overweight/obesity that may be worth a closer look. Published in December 2007 in Economics and Human Biology, the study found a direct link between being micronutrient deficient and being overweight or obese.8 Keeping all variables constant, the researchers concluded that the odds of being overweight or obese were 80.8% higher for the study’s micronutrient-deficient participants when compared to the studies’ non-deficient participants. Other studies lend credibility to this theory. A group of researchers out of the Medical College of Georgia set out to determine if another essential micronutrient (vitamin D) played a role in childhood obesity. Their research, presented to the American Heart Association, showed that when 650 children between the ages of 14 and 19 were tested, the students with the lowest vitamin D intake had the highest percentages of both body fat and abdominal fat.9 In a related study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, researchers concluded that a deficiency in vitamin D was directly linked with increased body fat.10

    While some may argue that micronutrient deficiency is too rare in America to be a probable cause for the obesity epidemic, recent statistics disagree. In a 2009 study published in the journal Pediatrics, American children were found to be a whopping 70% insufficient in vitamin D, and recent findings published in the Archives of Internal Medicine show three-quarters of U.S. teens and adults deficient in vitamin D.11,12 However, it is not just vitamin D Americans are deficient in—statistics from the USDA’s own Web site highlight just how widespread America’s micronutrient deficiency condition is. According to the USDA, 9 out of 10 Americans 2 years and older are deficient in potassium, 8 out of 10 are deficient in vitamin E, and more than 7 out of 10 Americans are deficient in calcium, and approximately 5 out of 10 are deficient in vitamin A, vitamin C and magnesium.13 In addition, in a recent study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, the popular diet plans that millions of Americans are following each year to lose weight, such as the Atkins for Life diet, the DASH diet, The Best Life Diet, and the South Beach Diet, were found to be deficient at providing minimum Recommended Daily Intakes (RDI) of 27 essential micronutrients.14 The study determined that on average, these diets left their followers deficient in 15 vitamins and minerals, including vitamin B5, vitamin B7, vitamin D, vitamin E, choline, chromium, copper, iron, iodine, potassium, magnesium, sodium and zinc.

    To add to America’s micronutrient deficiency epidemic, more U.S. adults are taking prescription drugs than ever before.15 Recent studies show that one of the major side effects of many of today’s most popular prescription drugs—including statins, analgesics, loop and thiazide diuretics, antacids and oral contraceptives—is vitamin and mineral depletion, which can eventually lead to micronutrient deficiency.16,17 Making matters worse, even those individuals who religiously take their daily multivitamin pill are not immune to becoming micronutrient deficient. It turns out that due to something called “micronutrient competition,” many of the vitamins and minerals found in the typical multivitamin may end up going right down the toilet. Research published in both the British Journal of Nutrition and Harvard Health Letter shows that natural competitions for absorption between many vitamins and minerals, including copper and zinc and calcium and iron, could make it so that unless a multivitamin is specially formulated to prevent micronutrient competition, many of the micronutrients in the multivitamin are simply not absorbed. 18,19

    The fact is, new research is showing that micronutrient deficiency is much more of a widespread problem than previously thought. It has been proven to increase the risk factor for multiple heath conditions and diseases in both adults and children, including diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and many cancers.20 In addition, kids who start out with micronutrient deficiencies and never correct them may be putting themselves at risk for developing all of these diseases at a much earlier age. With so many people worldwide affected by overweight/obesity, coupled with the recent research showing clear links between micronutrient deficiency and overweight/obesity, it seems prudent to further examine this potential connection. When all is said and done, a micronutrient rich diet, sunlight, and proper anti-competition supplementation could turn out to be our best defense against the potentially largest, most devastating health scourge of the 21st century—the obesity pandemic.

    vitamin d
    magnesium findings that is the biggest cause of high cholesterol
    fiber could not do they never heard of that

    also i had the hardest time trying to get tested for had 2 sign my life away

    electronic signature w/ a pen. they could not tell me how much it will cost
    and could not b assured that insurance will cover it

    i hope it’s not 2 much 🙁


    vap a better cholesterol tester they say the old way misses allot of heart conditions & the bad hdl good hdl is not good enough

    all links concerning vitamin deficiencies

    i c doc 4 results @ end of month will report

    hi couscous & everyone

    please feel free 2 give ur constructive input

    i have taken a leave of absence this will be a good time 2 do this

    a staycation

    i’m going 2 do it my way since i’ve not heard back from the prof probably on vacation

    my fastday was sunday & frid will b a fast day

    mond was feast day i day out of the wk
    will now be pure pleasure period (still counting cals)
    must reward 4 living

    what i have read so far if u starve after a high carb day ur body goes 2 the internal fat even more direct & faster

    today is my 800
    it is net carb 16

    Food Details Report
    Date: 08/13/13
    Your personal Calorie goal is 1000 (can’t do 500).
    Your plan amounts are based on meeting your nutrient needs.

    Carbohydrate (g)***130 g

    38 g Under

    Dietary Fiber21 g
    22 g OK

    Avocado, raw 1 California avocado (black skin) 1 cup(s) 218
    Broccoflower, cooked (no salt or fat added) 1 cup(s) 26
    Cheese, Mozzarella, part skim ¼ cup 85
    dressing Caesar 2 tablespoon 160 0 g 0 g 0 g 19% Calories
    Eggs, fried, no fat added 3 medium egg(s) 0 cup(s) 190 17 g 1 g 0 g 14% Calories
    flaxmilk unsweetenned ¾ cup 0 cup(s) 18 3 g 0 g 0 g 10% Calories
    Garlic, raw ½ clove 0 cup(s) 2 0 g 0 g 0 g 0% Calories
    mushrm nosalt GIORGIO 1 cup 1 cup(s) 40 4 g 8 g 4 g 0% Calories
    Olive oil 1 teaspoon 0 cup(s) 40 0 g 0 g 0 g 5% Calories
    Romaine lettuce, raw 3 cup, romaine 1¼ cup(s) 17 1 g 3 g 3 g 0% Calories
    tomato no salt canned 1 cup 1 cup(s) 40 0 g 8 g 4 g 0% Calories
    Your Menu Total 5 cup(s) 836 38 g 39 g 23 g 76% Calories
    Target or Limit 2 cup(s) 1000 Calories 46 g 130 g 21 g 20% Calories

    oops it posted without the edit ugh i have 2 remember 2 do the post in notes 1st ugh

    so 2 continue

    it looks like i will have 2 do a 4:3 this week
    or maybe do the atkins pure induction & a 5:2 will experiment each wk

    5600 (800 cals*7)-537-2230-800-0-800-500-733 = 0

    the guy in ur article only did it for 11 days could not do 2months
    still he reversed it 🙂

    i’m sure as a woman in the 50’s it will take longer ugh

    i am taking supplements

    hope this is going 2 go ok

    Wow, all that information. I do hope things go okay for you. I’m hoping that by losing a decent amount of weight and by reducing my carb intake, I’ll reverse the diabetes.

    hi aniann

    i was supposed 2 edit it

    actually haven’t eaten yet

    so i think i’ll do the 0 & delete all input

    wish u success in ur reverse 🙂

    Hi WiltdnrUSA, first can I say While at work I met an Ambulance Driver on holiday from Houston Texas who is on holiday over here. You Yanks (no offence intended) are very courteous.
    Any way back to business, I am impressed with your research and because of you I checked out Google and yes it is very interesting. As regards your Doctor and his negative responses, I can only suggest you provide him with details of some of the main current research, say no more than 4 or 5 research google pointers. Do not provide resumes, they will put him off. In respect of the meal replacements I wonder if they are used for simplicity, ie they have recorded amounts of calories,protein, etc. to simplify the calorie count. Perhaps you could check this out via email with Newcastle. (By the way I live only 40 mins away, great city but the football team is slipping.) If this is so then I can only sympathise. But consider body builders supplements as an alternative if they are suitable.
    Can I re-iterate and remind you to keep a daily diary, not only of your daily calorie intake but your feelings, weight, experiences etc. It will be important.
    Finally, while I support you and recognise the intensity of your dedication to reversing your diabetes please remember the rest of your current life and enjoy it despite the mental and physical stresses you are putting on yourself to get healthy.
    Good Luck.

    hi Couscous,

    yes i showed him the sites and highlighted the test gave him links

    the boredom in his eyes & condescension was criminal but he is a pill dispensing
    doc it is very hard 2 find that kind of doc u want. the test i got was only because of my research. it will b interesting 2 c

    thanks 4 the compliments about us yanks not all of us r courteous
    u did get a texan they r yes mam yes sir or were in the military

    i do keep a daily journal on the supertraker the usda site
    it let’s me do that
    usually i copy paste things that r important from articles & goals
    but feelings nope.

    anyway i tend not 2 b a moody person like others i know

    where u can’t talk 2 them in morning /fasting/ had not coffee /stress @ job / whatever etc

    though since 2007 it has NOT BEEN mirabília annis due 2 the economy/personal stuff/health. yes
    life did get an optimist shoot

    i’m a pretty happy person & low key

    i’m the negotiator in the family from cars 2 realestate even in stores
    super calm no fear luv it

    do tend 2 protect everybody & will get on my soap box 2much sometimes

    i did my 800 and it was not the 800 that was a problem it is this veg thing

    i don’t care how many eggs or veges or vegcheese soy beans etc

    it is not chicken & seafood red meat very rarely maybe once every 6 months

    so i’m going 2 do it very 20lowcarb 80modcarb the 800

    and still have 1 day of bliss

    (i remember when my mom died she looked up @ me
    she was a vegetarian no drinking smoking super healthy thin exercised
    instead (she got leukemia very hurting disease. she was like i always liked chocolate and sundays and crepes and lobster but i kept healthy what 4?) i cooked all her fav foods w/ chocalate milk that wk got her all the sweets she wanted the next wk she could not eat and 1 mth later she died.

    i’m no longer in the who cares mode after my mom died
    i realize that i must stay healthy but

    will have that 1 day a wk of bliss(still input cals)

    i’m not like the elites (no offence intended) on these boards that can eat anything they want & not count cals and lose allot a wk

    ur right
    do it my way & since we r all disciplined anyway w/ fasting

    this is nothing.

    prof has not emailed back still
    did u c the site about scholar google?

    reading about supplements when u take metformin and blood pressure and medication and how it affects & deficiencies in nutrients

    will make sure i report 2 this board
    i get can’t wait 4 my test results from mond will c doc @ end of month

    then i will know what r the deficiency

    Sorting out the science vs. hype is no small feat in the supplement world.

    James Bennett, RPh, FACA, CDE, director of clinical services at James Bennett Apothecary, encourages us to help our patients choose wisely. He provided a few of the following examples during his presentation.

    Nutrient deficiencies that may affect many of our diabetic patients include magnesium, vitamin B12 or vitamin D deficiency, and altered gut flora.

    Since many type 2 diabetes patients take metformin, clinicians need to check B12 levels, especially in vegans or the elderly. Often, oral or sublingual B12 works well for repletion.

    Chronic use of PPIs can alter gut flora and lead to bacterial overgrowth, as well as magnesium deficiency. Always check magnesium levels before supplementing.

    Chronic statin use may deplete coenzyme Q10 (co-Q10) levels.
    Diuretics can not only reduce potassium, but also thiamine and magnesium. Always test the patient for deficiencies to be sure.

    Most persons with diabetes are vitamin D-deficient, although this has received lots of attention in the media and clinicians are testing for it.

    Omega-3s should be obtained from foods, such as fatty fish, flaxseed and other nuts/seeds, so oral supplements are not always necessary, except when triglyceride levels are abnormally high.

    Gut microbiota is a huge emerging field. The health of the gut can often boost immune function, so take those probiotics daily, especially if you are taking antibiotics. Be well!

    * Linda E. Sartor, RD, MA, CDE, LDN, RYT, is a nutrition specialist at the Penn Rodebaugh Diabetes Center in Philadelphia.

    wish u fortunatos 2

    ur queen made my day when she described her year in latin
    now hooked

    consider body builders supplements as an alternative if they are suitable?

    what would that be i googled
    2 many responses?

    may i know?
    do not want 2 b the hulk 🙂

    i think they probably have all the nutrients that r missing on the 800 cals
    just wish i knew what?
    my doc ugh

    Hi WiltlnUSA, it is 2354hrs or 11.54pm over here. Re your Doctor, You can walk a horse to water but you cannot make him drink. My advice regards all the research you have done is to stick to a particular thread and follow that. All the other issues such as family, work and health concerns can have an important impact on any one following the 5:2 diet. My philosophy I have quoted elsewhere is based on two principles….. Dont sweat the hard stuff, and, Keep it simple Stupid. (The K.I.S.S. approach to life). For me this works but I do not have your issues. What I am saying is do not worry to much, get a system, believe in it, focus on it and do it, Despite some setbacks such as your medical advice. I had negative responses at my Doctors surgery about the 5:2 lifestyle but just got on with it. Regarding my comment on body building supplements, that was only an option to research, I cannot say they are a good substitute for other diet supplements, you should research this if you feel the need. (I dont).
    By the way, there are no elites on this site, every one is on the same level, intellectually, socially and health wise.
    Remember, I am just another punter here with nothing other than life experience.
    Good luck.

    by elite i’m mean that in a good way

    jeanius knew that it was our goal 2 get 2 6:1 (an elitist)

    i thought u were a 6:1?

    u have achieved elitist status congrats

    find another nickname

    jeanius got there she understood

    Hi wiltdnrUSA, I am just going to bed. Thank you for a prompt reply. Given my weight I need to lose at least another 14 llb to be comfortable within myself and be called an “elitist”.
    I feel pretty comfortable with my poster name. It is a food I quite like. I also admire jeanius a lot. P.S. Do not tell her.
    Good night.

    u do not want 2 look like the scream by Edvard Munch

    i have 50 lbs more 2 go

    goodnight & enjoy ur chocolate

    well today was

    1 leaf of red cabbage 7cals

    have 2 take something w/ meds & supplements

    actually nice & peppery

    it is kind of scary that this is 2 easy not wanting 2 eat

    still researching what i should be taking or drinking on these 800 cal days

    i even forget 2 drink which i seem 2 rectify @ night

    so far

    5600 (800 cals*7)-537-2230-811-15-800-500-707 = 0

    have not looked @ a scale

    would probably b disappointing if i do

    will check @ 11days like the guy in article

    i don’t think 2 months would b healthy

    i don’t know i’m flying blind here

    well good luck 2 other type2diabs

    would be nice 2 know if their r any type2 reversal fastdieter’s out there

    or a medical opinion

    that prof has still not responded hope he is on a very good vacation

    so today is 800 cal day whoo hoo 7 more days 2 go

    i’m finding out that 4 type2diab lowcarb & mediterranean is the latest in science mixing it always w/ fasting

    20- 40 carbs a day

    Andouille CHICKEN sausage Amylu 1 sausage (5″ long x 7/8″ across) 100
    Eggs, fried, no fat added 3 medium egg(s) 190
    Cheese, Mexican blend ¼ cup, shredded 105
    mushrm nosalt GIORGIO ¼ cup 10

    Oatmealbran, instant, plain, cooked (no fat added) 1 cup 100
    Cream, heavy (whipping cream) ½ tablespoon 26
    Oil Olive Extra Virgin 1 teaspoon 38

    salmon wegman 1 medium steak (5/8″ thick) 220
    Butter, stick, unsalted 1 pat (teaspoon) 36

    total 824 cals

    total carbs 24g
    total carbs 4g
    net carbs 20

    of course all kinds of spices/herbs w/ this

    don’t u guys think this is a good 4 800 day?
    if u have any ideas of 800 making sure it is low carb/mediterranean
    please input

    things went way way wrong 2day

    i had a case of very bad case of d???????

    went 2 google

    my meds could b doing it w/ so little food this wk
    & since 2day was a 307 cal day

    i just had nuts walnuts/pumpkins seeds/pistachios
    thought i would get protein plus healthy fat/oils

    so i had 2 break it & blew it right out of the water so far now w/ 564 cals

    had 2 get bananas as a ty2diab have not had 1 in years

    and cereal w/ flax milk

    they say rice is good 2

    or pretzels

    any suggestions?

    please i’m hurting 🙁

    Hi WiltldnrUSA, I am a concerned that you may be overdoing this a little. You mentioned in an earlier post you still wanted to do the “Fast Diet” while doing the 800 cal a day to try to change your Diabetes. Looking at previous research that I mentioned re turning Diabetes around on 8oo cals per day no mention was made of the “Fast Diet”. I do not believe you should do both. In your last post you mention having the “trots” (as we say over here”) and a 307 cal day. Being diabetic and dieting is a major challenge as the guy in the newspaper article, and you found out. For me 800 cals per day is the target based on research I have read..
    I am only a layman and can only advise and support as such. I would say only focus on having 8oo cals per day. The Med, diet is supposed to be healthy but I do not think combining different diets is the answer. By all means take the best of what you can and stick with it. The fast diet cook book has several Med type recipes you could use on a regular basis. Have you decided on say, 7 main meals for the week based on fish, protein and a small amount of white meat while also being abundant with fruit and veg?. Make 3 different soups and freeze what you do not use. (Minestrone, Tomato and Lentil and Broccoli for example)use one if you are hungry. Vary your veg and fruit but you can have literally as much veg as you want, steamed boiled, roasted or raw. Plenty of fish, quinoa etc.
    The bottom line is your health and you need to seek medical advice during this. Yes I know your previous comments re doctors but keep this in mind.
    Sorry I cannot be more supportive and helpful but I wish you well.
    Good luck.

    hi couscous & thanks,

    u r being extremely supportive

    i think my body has been used 2
    fish, protein white meat while also being abundant with fruit and veg

    ur right i will do the 800 daily

    when i read it again they do optifast 3 times a day 600 cals 2 make up 4 all the protein and vitamins & minerals 2b there a day & then add all the veges
    it was 4 a type2diabetic that had it 4 a short number of years

    so i’ll stick w/ the highest nutritionist foods w/ protein

    it’s amazing what a banana shredded wheat cereal flaxmilk quinoapretzels can do 4 the trots better word than d????

    2day is feast day
    will give my body pure health but allot 2 make up 4 that mess of last wk

    luckily my body rebelled
    do not want 2 go through that again

    it’s nice 2 have another perspective

    keep up w/ ur insights

    yippee blood sugar is going down 🙂

    it is now 6.1 still have further 2 go

    vap chlorestrol test

    ldcl-c direct 172 that is high 🙁 normal is <130
    vldl-c direct 52 is high 🙁 normal is <30

    sum total chloresterol 263 🙁 normal is <200

    triglicerides-direct 268 🙁 normal is <150

    total non-hdl-c (ldl +vldl) 224 🙁 normal is <160

    lp(a) cholesterol 6.0 🙁 normal is <10

    vldl-3 (remnant lipo) 25 🙁 normal is <10
    ugh ugh ugh


    glucose 149 🙁 normal is 65-99

    ugh ugh ugh\

    thought the cholesterol would go 2 normal it is still way high

    so high that my doc increased my timed release niacin 2 a 1000

    oh well @ least it all is going down 🙂

    & since i had a bad case of a stomach flu

    i’m just doing a normal 4/3 which seems 2 be working anyway

    when i’m super healthy will go back 2 800 a day 4 11 days

    want to reverse this type2diabetes

    however it looks like cholesterol is putting me in danger :0

    I wouldn’t worry too much about cholesterol, triglycerides are a much better indicator. The fact is, you are doing something, you are taking control and it looks to me like you are making some headway. 🙂

    thanks aniann

    yes, by researching this ur right

    however the triglycerides is way high

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah 🙁

    triglycerides-direct 268 🙁 normal is <150

    is anyone taking 1000 mg

    of niacin slo doc has increased it do 2 way high

    cholesterol? @ least the blood sugar was lower

    no matter how much i research i really do not understand type2diabetis especially since no one in all the family has it


    Hi wiltldnr, I’m not taking niacin but do know it is a B vitamin, that in larger doses is used to boost good cholesterol. It is also known to decrease triglycerides, so it is a good vitamin to be on. What do you want to understand about type 2 diabetes? Why you developed it or its treatment?

    I know why I developed it. Being grossly overweight for many years and not altering my lifestyle. Having said that, it is known in my family. You say that none of the family have it but it is possible that it has been in the family at some point, perhaps great great great relatives.

    All you really need to understand is it’s management and treatment. As you’ve said in other posts, there is a possibility of reversing it. For me at present, I’m not even looking at that until my weight has got down to an acceptable level. Please don’t despair.

    thanks so much 4 ur kind words
    i guess

    i was upset because i did not eat sweets b4 this

    was a whole grain whole foods person
    but still gained weight after

    lost my tennis friends do 2 them moving out of state
    so way not as active

    so my family was surprised 2 & i have researched great relatives

    but ur right “perhaps great great great relatives.”

    also my family keeps saying it is ur weight that has caused

    & they have more weight than me

    & how this show the biggest loser reversed it bla bla bla

    & try this u can cheat just this once

    & i can’t sleep again

    bad symptom of fastday

    it reminds me of what a pessimist always says

    i’m not a pessimist i’m a realist

    & i say b an optimist @ least u r on a path of succeeding

    thanks on the niacin just wanted 2 make sure the white coat mafia was not pill pushing
    he gave me a niacin prescription that was close 2
    200$ after insurance
    i found a 30day free coupon

    & then the costco pharmacist said don’t pay 4 this after the 30 days

    we have over the counter slo niacin 4
    5 $

    u have 2 take an aspirin 30 min b4 4 the niacin

    otherwise u r an itchy red tomato

    enough about me
    whine whine whine

    how r u doing?

    Well I was doing okay but today I’m afraid I hit the chocolates at work. I’m going to use the excuse “I was stressed.” Really there is no excuse, if I really wanted to gnaw away in temper at a piece of food, I should have chosen an apple. Oh well, tomorrow is another fast day so back to the beginning 🙂

    what kind of chocolate do u eat ?

    i think i would go 4 hershey’s symphony w/toffee

    i read somewhere that we type2diabs r allowed sweets once & that really true?

    my doc told me 2 never as a diabetic

    u r a diabetic how much chocolate can u have?

    might b a nice treat on nonfastdays

    4 the first time i broke the fast @ 5am was so hungry

    ate 10 almonds 4 walnuts stevia mango jam & whole grain toast w/ cream cheese devine

    there went the 36hrs fast oh well 4 being good since march

    i’m aloud that is why sunday is whatever i want

    r u enjoying this lifestyle?

    u should write in ur profile say something more about urself so u don’t have 2 repeat urself

    finally got 5 hrs of sleep

    is the insomnia a symptom 4 u 2?

    @ least 2day is nonfastday 🙂

    I do so like dark chocolate but also like fruit & nut. Most doctors will tell you never to eat chocolate because they can’t be seen to encourage this with diabetics. However, with type 2 a small amount of sweet things will not cause any harm, unless it’s every day. To be honest, I don’t really eat that much. It’s extremely rare for me to buy chocolate but if its offered at work, I will have some. I’m more of a savoury person. Carbs have always been my downfall.

    I’m not sure whether I’m enjoying 5:2. I certainly don’t enjoy being hungry but I certainly feel it will be a far more effective approach for me. I haven’t yet experienced any insomnia. I’m still in the trial and error stage.

    Being type 2 diabetic involves a lifestyle change and I really think 5:2 allows for this. I take full responsibility for the fact I developed it and now I’m taking responsibility for managing it. Today is supposed to be a fast day. I haven’t eaten yet but it’s only around 08:00. Not sure whether I’ll continue today, as I’ve not really planned it but if not, I’ll plan for tomorrow 🙂


    woohoo i can have chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    wow i will pick 1 day of the month w/ a small symphony

    the carbs the carbs the carbs really do love them 2

    but that is why i’m doing this 5/2 w/

    carb cycling

    a lowcarb mediterranean

    nuts fruits oil grain protein 3 days

    3 days lowcarb 2 of those r fasts anyway

    don’t get discouraged sweety
    don’t think of not enjoying

    u have 3 choices in life

    1 don’t diet yay 🙂 but the weight keeps going up 🙁

    2 diet 4ever everyday ugh 🙁
    a prisoner 2 cals everyday =8-0
    & guilt & frustration & despair 🙁

    3 fast 2 days & 5 days of savory yippee
    & let’s not forget the scientific health stuff no alzheimer lower blood stuff etc
    oh i like the mental acuity & energy 😀

    if u accidentally r fasting that day stay on it
    those r the best kinds

    i have decided that yes it is still hard
    so now i fast mond & wed 2 get it over w/
    then the rest of the wk feels like a vacay

    so choose what u want i will support u anyway aniann
    i’m everyone else will 2


    a light @ the end of the tunnel

    38 patients with type 2 diabetes showed that a pharmaceutically engineered variant of endogenous fibroblast growth factor 21 (FGF21) achieved “rapid and robust” improvements in lipid levels along with weight loss and reduced fasting insulin levels

    The levels of HDL cholesterol rose significantly by 15%-20% at all 3 doses of FGF21.

    just checkmarking
    Notify me of follow-up replies via email
    oh well i’ll go make my dinner & listen 2 a free book from my lbr
    on my super old mp3 😀
    while copy pasting ugh this reply 2 all
    now i wish i were a newbie 2 many 2do

    Couscous & or all who may help

    u may call me usa

    got a reply from

    the scientist u supplied (he was super busy apologized)

    Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

    he said i can do it any way i want

    as long as it is low in cals as he said (i think it was his assistant victoria)

    “The bottom line is achievement of substantial weight loss, and your approach appears very reasonable”

    women take longer somehow they needed 2 months ugh on the normal reversal
    don’t us women forum posters know this ugh
    we r jealous of how fast the men lose 😀

    anyway i think i’ll do the 11 days since i’m fasting 2

    800 *11 days = 8800 cals

    8800-950-800-500-900-800-900-800-900-800-950-500 = 0cals


    1 day sunday 950 cals nonfastday

    2 monday 800 cals nonfastday

    3 tuesday fastday ♠♠♠500 cals♠♠♠

    4 wednesday 900 nonfastday

    5 thurs 800 cals nonfastday

    6 frid 900 nonfastday

    7 sat 800 cals nonfastday

    8 sunday 900 nonfastday

    9 monday 800 cals nonfastday

    10 tuesday 900 nonfastday

    11 weds fastday ♠♠♠500 cals♠♠♠

    by adding the fasting this should reverse the type2diab

    yay now 2 find a cheap blood test 2 c if i reversed it

    i’m over the limit on my insurance

    is there anyone out there that is type2diab
    would like 2 do this w/me?

    or any advice? especially what foods 2 eat

    i wonder
    should i get my flu shot 1st?

    Hello USA and Coucous and all others.
    I’ve been sitting here reading the forum and the Newcastle Uni things and feel inspired. Although YUK! that it takes women two months 🙁
    I think I’m pre diabetic. No recent official blood tests but bmi 50 🙁
    I’m blessed with a GP who formerly worked at an obesity clinic.

    I started taking my own blood sugar readings and they are OK but that’s because I’m now 5:2 and low carbing on the feast days. I think I’m going to do a A1c privately to see what damage I did when I was putting on all this extra weight.
    I really don’t like those shakes too, so I’m also thinking of making up my own 800 calorie ‘feast’ day with added multi-vit pills.

    I know someone who was diagnosed diabetic and had a gastric band fitted. THe weight fell of her and she is now no longer diabetic. I suspect this 5:2 + 800 cals is a bandless version of that.
    Plan is to do a private baseline test and get my head in the right place to start and continue on the 800 cal weeks. I find it frightening to be honest.

    hi Speedy

    nice 2 know ur friend had great results

    this might not work 4 me due 2 how long i have had the type2diab

    all the people that reversed it
    i think they were less than 3yrs

    may i ask how long ur friend had type2diabetes
    b4 the gastric band was fitted?

    i’m glad 2 know u r not diabetic yet

    please share ur healthy schedule w/ me or us

    the last time as u saw i had the stomach flu

    so that stopped in it’s tracks

    i’m thinking of starting sunday & wonder if my nonfastdays should b as i call it

    FLCHFCCM flexitarianlowcarbhighfatcarbcyclingmediterranean
    w/TFDL (thefastdaylifestyle 😀 )

    would appreciate ur input

    have u read the thread of where ruthi is disagreeing w/ me & concerned?

    it’s great the 5/2 found u
    b4 & ur blood sugar readings r OK 🙂

    wish u never 2 get this


    forgot 2 say
    i will be doing it 4 11 days not 2 months

    Hi USA,
    I haven’t readthe other thread – I’m newish, considering various options and still finding my way around here!
    My friend was newly diagnosed when she got the band – that doesn’t mean of course she hadn’t had T2 for a while – I read many people have T2 but don’t know it. I think she was brave to have the operation. But had seen a relative be very ill with T2 so that spurred her on as soon as she got the diagnosis.

    My recent schedule is healthy I think – but it’s only been going for about 3 weeks. Before that I had a terrible diet of choc, crisps etc. That’s why I suspect my actual status isn’t as reasonable as my current readings would indicate.
    Now I am trying to stay low carb + 5;2. I don’t actuallly count carbs though. I’m veggie so quite a lot of eggs and probably too much cheese. Quorn (not sure what you’d call it in the US) is very useful; low carb and high protein. It’s made from mushrooms. And I eat a lot of cheese omelettes and broccoli 🙂
    11 days sounds much more ‘do-able’ than two months. I wish you the very very best with it.

    PS USA, I read the other thread and see why you asked. Yes this ‘short, sharp, shock’ 11 days does sound like the first days after a band. I read in the Newcastle report that the first fat to be lost, is from the pancreas so that’s why T2 can be helped. I think (but not an expert) that it will work if you are still able to be sensitive to insulin. I mean, if it’s fat there that’s stopping you produce enought insulin, the 11 days may revere T2 by clearing your pancreas. I think the peeps for whom it doesn’t work so well, are those who have lost sensitivity to insulin.
    Again, wishing you well.


    actually have some quorn in freezer

    have not tried it yet

    thanks 4 looking @ the other thread

    good point on the insulin

    i feel better

    i don’t think i could b a vegetarian 4ever i have tried & tried

    my taste buds just can’t take it 4 long mayb the quorn 😀

    i’m very hopeful after ur comments

    by the way welcome 🙂

    Hi Speedy and USA, I read your posts with great interest even though I am not diabetic. Re the Newcastle article, I do not have it to hand but I believe the male subject may have had a family gene that pre-disposed him to diabetes. I may be wrong but will check. In relation to the shakes he took as reported in the article I presume that was because they contained a measured amount of required nutrients such as protein that the body requires. I can understand his use of them for this reason. I did mention to Wilt in a previous post considering Body Building supplements as an option. The only reason for this is the same thing, they have a measured amount of required nutrients, I understand Whey powder is such a supplement but in no way am I suggesting such foodstuffs be taken without some serious research and only under medical supervision. I would not take them anyway, natural food in the long run is the best way forward.
    Good luck to you both, to all sufferers, and to all posters following this lifestyle diet.

    thanks couscous

    as u saw in his reply he agrees w/ my plan

    even meat

    “It is basically vegetarian merely because meat products tend to contain fat and a lot of calories.”

    “Some individuals have used milk whey as a basis for a low calories diet”

    i agree w/ u “natural food in the long run is the best way forward.”

    i think he did this because they were not self disciplined people who know that a healthy fasting lifestyle is the way

    again as he said the whole point of the reversal
    is basically

    “The bottom line is achievement of substantial weight loss, and your approach appears very reasonable”

    wish me luck starting sunday

    (glad u read my post 2 u in this thread)

    did u read this one because i did not hear back mayb u were out golfing 🙂 ?

    Hi USA,just read your last post before I go to bed (10.40pm). I did miss your post, I think I was actually eating chocolate, which brings me nicely to your past experiences of od ing on chocolate etc. I understand that there is available diabetic chocolate and sweets etc so if you feel the need search them out instead of “normal” chocs and sweets, they may be a decent !!! alternative.
    Can I also suggest a food site to you that is on this side of the water?. it is our much loved !!!! British Broadcasting Company food site. Click on Health and Nutrition. Click on “Spotlight on….Low G.I”. Scroll to “Things to Watch out for”. It then mentions 70% chocolate as a means of controlling cravings, (taken in small quantities no doubt). This 70% chocolate is also mentioned elsewhere on the site under diabetic options. Find it on a search through the Healthy Options site.
    P.S. My Golf is terrible, a self inflicted injury for 4 hrs. I have discovered that golf balls are the most intelligent inanimate objects ever invented… They go where they want to go, not where I want them to go.
    Good luck.

    Ok, so when are you going to do it , USA? I think we all want to know how you get on!

    And what does wiltldnr stand for?

    Thanks Couscous! Your post reminded me I have some whey powder that is just that; protein. It’s by S-lg-r and has no sugar or sweeteners! Yeh!
    As a veggie, it’s hard for me to get enough protein when I get a bit fed up with cheese omelettes 🙂



    thanks 4 standing by

    i’m going 2 start monday

    right now i’m researching the healthiest foods w/ the lowest & lowest gi gl & calories so that i can pack a punch of pure nutrition

    couscous gave me a site foe low gl/gi

    setting up menus 4 the week. please if u have any food advice it will be welcomed

    will definitely have kelp noodles & chop them like rice

    2 cups r 24 cals

    flaxmilk unsweetened 2 cups 48 cals

    collard greens



    i’m going 2 try 2 go vegetarian

    but i doubt i will 4 11 days







    concerning my name someone asked & i answered

    thanks again will keep u up2date

    looking 4ward 2 this experiment


    wow great suggestion

    thanks 4 the site

    it will be helpful

    Click on “Spotlight on….Low G.I”.

    the 70% chocolate don’t understand is that w/ sugar?

    the diabetic ones here in the usa russels

    r 190 cals just 4 a 1 little piece

    “a self inflicted injury for 4 hrs”

    was that a joke? lol 🙂

    r u ok? what happened? 😀

    everyone thanks 4 standing by ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♪♪♪♪♪♪♪

    Hi USA, re “self inflicted injury”, is a joke (I think). I am useless at golf so four hours of chasing and searching for a little round white ball that has a mind of its own. I get knackered ie, (tired, worn out, goosed, shattered, f****d)(sorry). I am fine thanks. Re the 70% chocolate, I came across this during researching for healthy recipes so cannot give any other helpful comments other than check it out yourself.
    What I will say is that now we are of the internet age there is so much info out there, I am truly amazed at what I read from those that post on this site about the information they discover about diet, health and nutrition. My utmost admiration to you all.
    Good Luck.

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