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  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Hi Quokka
    So sorry, I missed your post of last week. Can’t say your words were those I want to hear re completely cutting out bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, sugar and alcohol. Did you do this? Was this after trying 5:2 and not losing as you expected/hoped?

    I have cut down on all those things, but would feel sorely deprived if I eliminated all of them from my diet. My partner makes all of our bread, sourdough only, and we do eat a lot of Asian and Italian meals (all home-cooked).

    As mentioned in my recent post, I will look at the Fast800, and will carefully stick to my TDEE on NFDs.

    Thanks again for your input.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Firstly, apologies for not acknowledging posted comments for the past week – have only now been able to view them.

    Thank you Cinque for your comments. That was quite a feat losing 20kg before you started the 5:2! Did you subsequently resume eating some sugar? (I’d find it difficult to entirely give up sugar.)
    You mention that it took you 15 months to attain your current weight. As you are about the same height as I am, and started the 5:2 at 65kg (1kg less than my starting weight of 66kg), perhaps it’s unrealistic of me to expect a drop of .5kg each week.
    In my first sustained 5:2 run over 2.5 years ago, I had dropped 7kg after 26 FDs, but this was from a starting weight of 70.5kg.
    My current weight is 63kg, after 25 FDs, so only a 3kg drop this time.
    Good for you for maintaining your goal for two years! Do you follow a maintenance plan?

    Anzac65, Thank you for your welcome and supportive words. Yes, I do see that this forum is lucky to have some “wise owls” who regularly post.

    LJoyce, Thanks for your further helpful comments. I really felt like I was eating the correct foods to lose .5kg per week, especially as I’ve been consuming around 300 to 400 cals on FDs, and walking for 6km 4 or 5 times per week, but wasn’t actually counting calories on NFDs, and possibly consuming more than I thought. TBH, I do want to boost the weight drop a bit, so will now carefully check calorie intake on NFDs. Will also look at the Fast800 program.

    CalifDreamer, Thank you for your welcome and supportive comments. You say it took you 7 months to lose 12kg. That rate is pretty close to .5kg per week, so well done!
    According to what I’ve read, I can afford to lose 10kg (66kg down to 56kg) and be within a healthy weight range for my height (1.57/8cm). Are you now within that healthy weight range?

    This post is becoming a little long, so will sign off here, and catch up with other posts I’ve missed.

    Good luck everyone!

  • June 2019 challenge

    Day 15, VA, USA, NFD

    Woooooooo so fasted Most of yesterday. I may have went a dash over the 500, to more like 800, but hey who’s counting. OH I am thats right… ha Yeah I was good to go until my sweetheart had tucked away a stout to share…. I’d say It was prob as much as my dinner.

    @betsylee – I have to say in my experience as a yoga teacher and as a lady whom had to work on their core. Elbow plank is harder because as a lady the center of gravity is different. I actually asked my SO to get into straight arm plank (aka high plank) and elbow plank, they said they didn’t really feel any different…. Then I placed 10 extra pounds on their bum and they said holy crap elbow plank was harder. It could also be that if you do already have some core or if you are a guy then elbow plank may not feel as difficult. I found an article that talks about it from a Leverage standpoint… ((( Which if you are not strong yet, it is a good idea, do plank again your counter top or a wall for a bit till you have more strength))) and if you do try it on the floor, knees down to start.

    @funshipfreddie – The weekend IS a carb Mind Field, you’re brilliant!

    Happy Happy Day of your Arrival into this world!

    @redrockgirl302 – awe new member NICK! Yippie!

    I’ll try and catch up more tomorrow!


  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Hi Everyone, I’m jumping back on the 5.2 wagon and hoping to not fall off. So happy there is a Southern Hemisphere forum to keep me going in the cooler months.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Happy Birthday dear Cinque!!! I hope you are having a beautiful day 🙂

  • June 2019 challenge

    Day 16, NFD

    Nothing else to say today except Happy Birthday @michelinme!!!

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    This is just a quick post to wish our dear friend Cinque the happiest of birthdays. Hope the day sings Cinque, and the year brings only the best for you.

    Thank you friends for the love and warm wishes. Progress. Off my IV antibiotics drip later today but at least a day or two more in hospital.

    Quacka so glad to hear from you in laid back old Cairns.
    have a wonderful holiday.

    Bye for now

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    I figured Cinque deserved her own birthday good morning, so good morning to everyone else.

    Despite my bread overload yesterday I did not wake up with a raging appetite – which I did expect to happen. I always feel a bit chastened the day after I’ve overeaten so hopefully today will be sensible. I don’t get my fist FD for the week until Tuesday so I need a couple of sensible NFDs.

    Cali,my food behaviour has traditionally been as you described. Once the wheels fall off I figure, what the hell, might as well have everything else I’ve been avoiding too. Then the next couple of days I beat myself up over the behaviour. It becomes a cycle of excessive reward and punishment. I have gotten a lot better at this and the binges are very mild compared to what I used to do a few years ago, but that behaviour and thinking pattern still lurks.

    Cinque, I have those moments of panic too when my brain won’t retrieve the word I’m looking for. Then there’s a mad mental scramble to find a suitable alternative word before it becomes blinding obvious that I’m having a seniors moment. What really annoys me is that my brain does eventually retrieve the missing word – just 2 hours after I actually needed it!

    Intesha, not the best of reasons for needing to travel, but the break might actually be just what you need.

    Hope the fasters all have an easy day.

    Time for me to head out now, I need to collect my aunt and uncle on the way to the birthday lunch. We are celebrating my uncle’s 91st birthday.

  • June 2019 challenge

    Day 15 Ohio, US — MFD
    Day 14 — NFD (100 bites)

    Yesterday evening I got into a very intense discussion with a friend and wound up eating much more than my quota. So today has been an MFD. This week I’ve been getting a fair amount of walking in, but couldn’t do it today, since it’s been raining most of the day. This rain pattern has been really crazy for the last month or so.

    @rafiki44 Sorry to hear about your MIL. Hope all goes smoothly with her recovery!

    @michelinme Happy Birthday! Have a great start of your next year!

    @songbirdme Yes, indeed, the weather in the mid-west US has been amazingly cool for June. I had packed away my long-sleeve shirts and sweaters for the summer, but have had to bring some back into circulation this last week. I don’t remember a June this cool and wet since I moved back East. It reminds me of the Mark Twain quote: “The coldest winter I ever spent was summer in San Francisco.” Hopefully it will get warmer and drier here by July.

    Enjoy the sun (wherever it is)!!

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday dear Cinque
    Happy birthday to you
    Now blow out your candles and make a wish.

  • Shall I feel hungrier afterwards if I lose more weight?

    Hi Antonio,
    I have been maintaining my weight for three years at the bottom of my healthy weight range, by keeping on doing 5:2.

    I find that if I avoid sugar I avoid the intolerable hunger cravings. But even eating a healthy diet I expect to feel hungry for an hour or so before I eat. And most of the afternoon when I am fasting.

    I also find I feel hungry at times when I am actually thirsty. I can keep this from happening by keeping hydrated, but if I have got a bit dehydrated I find that, if I avoid eating, after an hour or so I start feeling thirsty.

    Natural hunger comes in waves, so I can just wait for the wave to pass. I can distract myself. And I enjoy my meal all the more for waiting for it.

    I think it is natural that you are feeling hungrier if you are not overeating, hunger is a natural feeling before eating, if we are eating normal amounts. If your hunger is ravenous and intolerable, check if processed carbs might be the cause (added and even natural sugar, white flour and rice that our body turns quickly to sugar). If it continues to be a problem it will be time to talk to your doctor.

    You link to an interesting piece of research, but it is a very small piece of research, on a small number of people, and the theories can not be taken as gospel. There is research that debunks the ‘weight conservation’ theory, showing that it is our old habits that lead us to regain weight, and research into ghrelin is ongoing, see Giles Yeo’s work.

    Best wishes.

  • Starting today (5/20), but for anyone just starting

    hi guys
    hope you are coping being out of your routine Alx – if we mean to keep 5:2 as a lifestyle I suppose we have to learn to continue no matter what
    The reason I stopped last time was because every week was another event where fasting would have been very challenging, inappropriate, inconvenient etc. – but these are all excuses I latch onto any chance I get so this time I want to learn how to have more resolve

    Pheonix thanks for your encouragement – I really need it! How can it not be working?? Not one ounce lost!
    Jeez – so discouraging
    Having said that it would be crazy to stop now – but it’s an example of what can make you give up
    Actually the mirror is telling a differenty story my face is definitely thinner so something must be happening
    Of course as soon as I lose that first good amount of weight it will be so inspiring and I will start to get some momentum going – so far the whole project is just hypothetical and abstract Hey Ho!

    NFD today and I ate sensible amounts because I wasn’t hungry – could be I’m starting to change habits

    I have a friend staying next week so Monday I will be fasting and doing tourist stuff around London all day – determined to keep up with the 600 calories
    My friend will be supportive he’s a nurse and has told me for years I need to lose weight!

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Goodmorning everyone,
    Thankyou for the lovely birthday wishes, and that sweet bouquet, Cali!

    Quacka, you did it! Good aeroplane! Say hello to beautiful Cairns from me. Enjoy every minute.

    Intesha, aha, it was your daughter coming to you, not vice versa. That will be lovely, and some Auckland travel to look forward to.
    I am so sorry your good friend is so unwell, but kind of glad it has given you the opportunity to get out on the open road and spend some time with her in dear old Melbourne. Do be in touch if you have time for a coffee.
    Best wishes to your dad too.

    Anzac, what a blissful weekend. My wisest sister points out that we always had trouble forgetting words, we just have higher expectations as we get into our 50’s. But I also agree that our brain just gets too full and says things like “You really expect me to fit in that bit of nonsense?”
    On the other hand, I read that article twice too and started feeling my brain gets smaller with every night sweat. Eep!
    What has hit me most, getting through my fifties and now in my sixties, is that wisdom is a bonus of age. All that learning and understanding I developed through the hard years means I am much better at the important things and that ‘thing’ I’m going to have for breakfast, whatever you call it, is really not as important. We have too many words for everything anyway!

    Egg, that’s it. 😉

    Yesterday sounds like a delicious feast day. Best wishes for a restrained eating day today.

    LJoyce, how annoying to have your first post go AWOL. And then to have your eating choices have a hissy fit for whatever reason. I hope today is a good one. If I was talking to myself I would say: concentrate on drinks and soups today for recovery.

    Cali, what delicious cooking! I want some of that salad!
    Hi to Crickets! It is nice to think of her sensibly 5:2ing along while we all have our ups and downs.

    Lindsay, lots of get well wishes flowing in a steady stream from here. I hope the antibiotics have kicked in and you are feeling a lot better.

    Must go and finish the cheese and spinach pie. My pastry efforts are still a work in progress. I seem to only learn by making every possible mistake first, so I have two blind baked pastry shells of different qualities. An interesting talking point over my birthday lunch!

    Best wishes all.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Always easy NFDs😄

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Time for bed. Good meal out with four friends to a pub we haven’t been to before. I didn’t have a starter cos I really fancied a sweet. Good main meal choice – sea bass with roast veg and pesto potatoes. Then didn’t fancy any of the sweets! So a good day. Feeling quite proud of myself, contrary to a lot of posts, finding NFDs easier.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Good morning everyone

    Just a real quick post from Cairns!!

    Happy birthday Cinque. I hope you have a lovely day xx

    Lindsay get well soon xx

    Thinking of you all. Talk soon 🙂

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Happy happy birthday Cinque. Wishing you a wonderful day.

    I may be coming to Melbourne at the end of the week as my friend has been very ill and in hospital for nearly three weeks. She has asked if I could spend some time with her as she is feeling very down. This will be good for both of us. I love driving out on the open road, the freedom is good for my soul.

    Dad’s brother is not well either and has serious health problems. He is also in hospital. So depending on whether he improves or not I could be going north as well.

    Cinque I had no plans to go to the UK but am going to Auckland in October. My daughter and grandchildren arrive on the 20th July for 5 weeks.

    FD today 67.9.

    Rainy and overcast. Have a good day everyone.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Evening All..
    A very tired girl tonight…after my cuppa …6 hours of painting longer than I thought..lots of cutting in with a good colour change..Steve took Charlie out for me, he was in bad books a bit naughty, he is usually good for me.
    Up early for another second coat on the walls..then wood work over the next week.

    Steve’s idea for a pizza, absolutely terrible, I had 3 pieces and it went in the bin!…out tomorrow night which I could do without, hoping for something small without offending anyone..unless I am feeling not well 😂…the boys will have a game of snooker then I go back and collect them. Stay with my boy.

    Lounge painted least it saves me…

    Lovely to play with your son..hope he starts joining you every week…free lunch to look forward too..

    I was panicking about the cliff, I was told to calm down..we didn’t get on the beach he was having such fun at the top…we both enjoyed it ourselves…at home he’s a monkey, comes on whistle call, then he goes downstairs for me to blow again! Definitely caught on what to do 😂..give him a couple of days and will try outside with big treats…you always have lovely weather, ours was good this morning then the rain started again…all your lovely walks, glad mum enjoyed them…poor dog falling in the pond..good deed for the day…
    You are going away, which day? getting the boys sorted…

    Going to have another red wine…oops…feel the need..

    Jean x

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Mel- well done on the pound off, especially with your stressful week! Hope you have a good time with kiwi visitors!
    Dave- that’s good that your son enjoyed the bowling, I thought the old ladies woukd like to feed him up! Sadly I don’t think the chocolate diet will work for me…
    Jean- hope Charlie didn’t go too near the cliff edge chasing birds?! We never made it to Bridlington when we were at Whitby, looks lovely, is it far from yours?
    Minols- hope the shinty was good & no injuries, was the cheese sarnie good 😉
    Only just stopped now, except for lunch out- woke early, did ironing 1st thing, took Xena for an extra long walk, then went out with mum for our walk- it was about 3 hrs walking although not fast…mum really enjoyed it too, & I rescued one dog who’d fallen into a pond & couldn’t get out- she thanked me by shaking & covering me with water! The owner was oblivious that she’d fallen in! Glad I didn’t take Xena- would’ve been too much for her & too hot- I got sunburnt, was really cloudy when we left home! Took Xena out again when we got home, cooked dinner & have made a start packing…

  • June 2019 challenge

    Day 15, UK, NFD

    Just a quick check in. Going waaaay over TDEE today (day off with OH and the sun is out) but back on track tomorrow! Promise!
    Have a good weekend everyone x

  • June 2019 challenge

    Day 15 NFD California

    Had to change my FD’s around this week because my mother in law had a fall and is now in rehab care which means my DH is not gone for one day each weekend taking care of her like he normally is. It sounds like she will be here for about a month. He will be out of town for three days starting Tuesday so I will cram all my days in then.

    Happy birthday for tomorrow @michelnme

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Happy Birthday, Cinque!
    I hope your day is a very NFD and fun one! And remember that (dark) chocolate is good for the soul. 😁

    Intesha, it’s so good to hear from you. We’ve missed you here. I hope you can find some projects or maybe get away for a few days to keep your mind off of all the recent sadness. Sometimes there are those days when we just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

    LJ, you’ve been so busy lately! What better test of how well the infusions are working than how active you’ve been. I’m going to have to try that Briam soon after seeing you and Cinque discussing it here. Last night I made a Greek style salad with peeled and chick peas, cubed cucumber, grape tomatoes, diced red onion, capsicum, olives, oregano, salt & pepper, lemon juice and a little olive oil and crumbled feta. I also made a stir fry with minced turkey, onions, garlic, capsicum, cut green beans, a tin of mandarin oranges, a couple tbs of concentrated frozen orange juice, hot chili sauce, sesame seeds and sesame oil. Both turned out really well.

    Betsy, hope you’re seeing a loss on the scales today. Hope your cough is better now too.

    Anzac, I think most people have a harder time recalling names and words as they get older. I figure that the older we get, the more memories we make and the more things we learn. We just need more random access memory, or RAM, so we can access the info more quickly. 😁

    My DS has been following 5:2 for almost a year and is down to 51kg from around 57. She lost most of it within a few months but she’s managed to maintain and even lose a little more. She eats lots of carbs but just watches the portions. She’s 157.5 cm. She often has beans for dinner and fresh fruit, if I’m not cooking, and takes a huge salad with lemon juice dressing to work every day. She does eat treats at least weekly at the office. And of course she always partakes in movie and pizza night and a couple squares of dark chocolate several nights during the week. So I think it is possible to eat carbs and still lose and maintain by sticking to 5:2. She doesn’t get much exercise other than walking. She doesn’t have the “all or nothing” attitude toward food that I do. Eating a couple cookies doesn’t mean she has to finish the packet. I would figure that since I blew it on the cookies I might as well eat everything in sight.

    Lindsay, I hope all the meds are kicking in and you’re feeling better today. I’ll be watching this thread for updates from you.

  • Anyone fasting (no caloric intake) on alternate days wants a buddy?

    June 15, 186.8. WF day–fasting until Monday, 70h.

    We’ve been sort of hovering around those magic numbers, eh? 156, 186? That’s okay. We are getting there. Progress is very clear.

    I like your approach to salad prep, but right now I have a rather small fridge–well, right now and for a while, because the way this house is, I can’t imagine where to fit a family size fridge without doing full scale kitchen reno with a designer who can really think out of the box. It’s been an adjustment from all my previous fridges. I keep all my veggies out and I just don’t have space to prep in containers like this. HOWEVER…As a responsible adult I should be able to make a smaller salad in any conditions and under duress lol. I can certainly split some of my veggies in half.

    Good for you for not being triggered and finding the balance with your lunch. And even a more impressive victory–the left over crackers! One step at a time, one victory at a time. Towards better habbits and empowerement. Food doesn’t own us. The trap of mindless snacking, and then the disappointment of not really haaving eaten, and yet full of some kind of already forgotten calories–yep, very familiar. I’ve gotten WAY better at not doing this, thanks to fasting.

    Okay, we are NOT quitting. No way no how.

    I went for my 2.5miles run and I did NOT catch a mammooth. Ouch. Not until Monday night. That’s life. The run was great, though. I have also chosen to fast for 70 hours for emotional / spiritual reasons. This is the first time I’m setting a longer than 46h goal and sticking to it. All my previous longer fasts have been extended on the spot, due to having an easy fast and deciding to continue.

    I’m finding that mentally this is VERY different. I was feeling hungry last night before bed! At like 8h of “fasting”. Seriously??? I told my mind to quit. It was ridiculous. Normally I’m not hungry until 20h, have a bit of peckish feeling at 24h, then it passes and I’m good until the next afternoon.

    So I think this fast could end up being difficult, but that’s the point. Unless I feel unwell in any way, I will continue with the challenge. I need this challenge this June.

    I hope you are having an easy FD and a great weekend, Rabbette. We ARE doing it. YES WE ARE.

  • June 2019 challenge

    It was supposed to read @dingping. Dumb auto-correct! Sorry, @dingping.💐

  • June 2019 challenge

    Day 15, Rocky Mountains, US, CD

    Thank you all who wished a good meeting and bonding with Zorro yesterday and the ones who posted afterwards @betsylee, @singing, @snowflake56, @songbirdme. 😊😊😊 My now new family member is called Mick (changed the name, he did it know his old name anyway).He is the sweetest dog, about 2 years old. Yes, I know we will walk a lot with him @betsylee. 😊😅🐕🚶‍♀️

    Today will be very busy: Morning walk in the park, vet for wellness appointment, dog bath, hiking, chilling in the back yard. Life changed in a heart beat with a young dog! No more reading for hours with a big bag of cashews! 😂🤣😆 And that is GOOD!

    Have a good Saturday everyone! ⚘⚘⚘

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Been bowling with my son.We played for half an hour then we stopped for a cuppa,one of the ladies said do you want a brew lads so we had tea and a biscuit,u sat outside and my son was talking to the lady for ages,I had to go back in to get him away,We then played a game and I won 21-16 considering he has never played in his life he did really well.And he enjoyed it,he was invited back next Saturday and she said you will get a free lunch 😄so he is going.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Afternoon All..
    We had a ride out to Bridlington, Charlie had a good run on the cliffs chasing swallows, into a cafe oops, pull back on tonight’s food..a bit iffy today 😬

    Starting to paint the kitchen ceiling after my cuppa, maybe one coat on the walls too…we will see how I go…empty the lounge of curtains and bits and pieces, out Best man is coming over from Bolton for a game of snooker Sunday pm, staying over..he is a decorator he is going to paint my lounge for me, I will do the wood work…

    Hope the boy won over his cheese sandwich…enjoy your shinty game…

    Well done on the half a stone off..that seems to have moved quick…

    Jean x

  • June 2019 challenge

    Day 15 UK CD

    Feeling a bit off track this weekend already and festivities not started yet. Had speedy supper of vegan sausages and baked beans with cheese (treat! first beans in about a year!!) But think i need to rethink my meals in this in-betweeny weather bc been off salad but not making time for proper cooking…and all too easy to fall off when busy – eating late or just grab & go food. Planning is always key for me otherwise i’m much more likely to make poor choices in the moment

    @missybear @redrockgirl302 @dingping @rabbette @songbirdme – thank you kindly for birthday wishes – pacing myself for gentle fun tomorrow 🙂
    @at wishing you a lovely yoga retreat
    @snowflake56 welcome back 🙂
    @ciren2 great news about physio – fingers crossed it’s helpful
    @funshipfreddie maintaining gains is always to be celbrated – sometimes our bodies just need to sit tight and adjust, or the FD changes are happening on the inside and not in the numbers we measure

    Have a good Saturday – strength to the fasters, and good choices to the rest of us 🙂

  • June 2019 challenge

    Day 15 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Quick post before a shift to work at our Children’s Museum. All good here at home after trip to Utah, but weather has been oh too cool for June!

    @michelinme – hope your birthday is fabulous tomorrow! “Happy birthday, dear Micheline ♫♪♫ happy birthday to YOU!” (I have to sing… it’s who I am)

    @basyjames – great progress! We do need to be reminded at times where we started and where we are now.

    @redrockgirl302 – hope Zorro and you are able to bond oh so well!

    Onward and downward.

  • June 2019 challenge

    Day 15, London, UK, NFD

    Back from an early hairdressers appointment, thankfully before the expected downpours!!

    @ciren2, I read your post …………………”the sun is out right now as I write”, and looked up to see the dark clouds rolling in, …………………… of course, your post WAS 8hrs ago!!!!

    Today I intended to have another CD but, @debster251 cover your ears, there was a wine gum incident coming back on the train from Central London …………………… I think I just set the World record for demolishing a bag!!!!………………… Perhaps I’ll close the kitchen now and navigate the remainder of the day on water & peppermint tea. It’ll hardly be a nutritionally balanced day though!!!
    I may have to do the 30DS twice in order to burn the sugar consumed, but I’m keeping the faith and planning my weeks’ meals now to prevent stupid things happening with wine gums!!

    Have a great weekend everyone!!!

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Hi all.
    We’ll done on the pound, Mel.
    Shinty is essentially hockey with violence. We watch, the boy plays. So far, it’s stayed dry.
    Trying not to mug the boy for his cheese sandwiches!

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Hi everyone.

    My most this morning seems to have disappeared.

    Lindsay, I hope you are on the improve.

    The main change for today was moving the cafe lunch to a cafe afternoon tea instead and a look in the op shops at Semaphore.

    Today’s NFD Fess up is not pretty:
    Breakfast: banana, pot of tea
    Mid morning: rye sourdough toast, lean bacon, briam veggies and a drizzle of EVO
    Lunch: 2 slices fruit & walnut sourdough, toasted and buttered
    Early afternoon: cup of tea at a cafe
    Late afternoon: 2 slices toasted walnut-rye sourdough, with butter & honey. Then I started eating corn thins – I had 6 with butter & vegemite.
    Dinner: I had a meal in the fridge but didn’t feel like it so I had wholemeal sourdough topped with tinned spaghetti and poached eggs.

    I ate an insane amount of bread today. I don’t understand why I had so much trouble eating properly.

  • June 2019 challenge

    Day. 15. UK. NFD

    Trying to be sensible on NFDs. Low carb meals and little or no beer. Well maybe a little 😀

    Started my 100 press ups a day for 30 days quest this morning. I reckon it’ll be hard for a couple of weeks but should get easier as I get stronger. And hopefully help rid me of the dreaded moobs before holidays.

    Good luck to all fasting. I’m half tempted by a 48 hour water fast starting Sunday night. I might need a gentle nudge though.

  • Shall I feel hungrier afterwards if I lose more weight?

    Hi Firefox7275, thanks for your answer. Well, it’s well known that anyone will feel hungrier after losing weight than before, this is due to the increase of the stomach produced hormone Ghrelin. My doubt is if I’ll feel even hungrier if I lose more weight, to my ideal weight (now I have a bit of a belly), such as would happen if this Ghrelin hormone increased even more.

    This article explains this (but not what I asked):

    Thanks for the book suggestion, I’ll have a look , I have a couple of Mosley’s books.

  • Self-Accountability

    Day 25

    Day 25 started well, I was hoping the hormonal-typw symptoms I have been having for the last week were just that. I did mention earlier that I rarely have periods so I never know when to put my symptoms (low mood, bloating, craving sugar) down to hormones but mother nature let it be known yesterday morning that it was in fact PMS so I am relieved that they will go away in the next few days. Also, usually I carry abit 2lb more weight around this time of month so potentially I could be lighter than I weighed in yesterday.

    Anyway, pleased with my weigh in and also yesterday was the last weigh in for the sexy slimmers in work. As a percentage body weight loss, I came joint second and won 27£! I have some new-found motivation.

    I wont go into detail but I overate/drank after work yesterday so I actually went over 2000 kcal. Trying not to let that demotivate me. I am having pizza tonight so will try not to go overboard for a second day in a row.

    Weight 131lb
    Calories 2400
    Deficit -400
    Total deficit 28240

  • Self-Accountability


    I am 64 inches so I know my TDEE will be roughly the same as yours! Not great news. I will be checking in and using it after June. Counting calories as I am at the minute seems to be working for me so I’m going to keep going for two more weeks then change my approach based on all the generous tips and feedback I have been given on this forum. Gin and seltzer maybe being one of them!


    You are right, counting calories is so difficult to do accurately! I actually find myself eating more pre-packaged food so that I can be sure of the calories which is a problem in itself. It’s good to know about an alternative to calorie counting and also something that discourages processed foods. For now, I am a great believer in energy in v energy out and so calorie counting is my main mode of weight loss. I dont have far to go to get to my target so as soon as I hit it I will change my approach so that I can maintain.

  • June 2019 challenge

    Day 15, Emden Germany, FD
    Day 11-14 NFD

    what a week we had, friends decided to come for a few days this week instead of next week. Ate and drank too much, time to go back to normal again. Only skimmed posts this morning and respond to just a few.

    @at have a wonderful time in Ithaca!

    @annemarilyn you already had a lot of good advice on how to deal with the problems you’re having with your friend. Friends don’t grow on trees but why do you want to be with someone who makes you feel so uncomfortable. I know it’s difficult to talk to her about it but by saying you’re busy you’re postponing the problem and the problem stays in your mind. I hope you’ll find a solution that works for you. The feeding problem I had with my friend seems minor, she’s never mean to anyone. Hugs x

    @redrockgirl302 hope everything went well and you’ll have a great time with Zorro!

    @dingping yes, I’m fasting today! I’m not that adventurous, it’s just paint. If we don’t like it, I paint it in another colour. It’s the fastest way to change a room. I’m not artistic at all, fine arts is not my thing. I’m great at demolishing things, I really love that but I think most people do.

    @ciren2 I hope you stay dry today!

    @basyjames well done! Is it next Tuesday you’re going to pick up Ginger-Nugget?

    @betsylee thanks for reminding me of planks, forgot to do them last week. I love planks, but builded them up slowly, every day 15 seconds more. In the beginning my abs felt bruised but after a few days it got better. I like the tight feeling in the muscels after doing planks and it keeps my back straight. This is what I do daily, it makes great abs and shoulders but doesn’t do much against bingo wings:

    1 minute high planks
    1 minute elbow planks
    1 minute elbow planks with leg lift right
    1 minute elbow planks with leg lift left
    1 minute side planks right
    1 minute side planks left
    1 minute elbow planks
    1 minute high planks

    @borealis I hope you’re doing better than I do! Are you with us today?

    Day 15 Pocket List

    Have a nice day everyone!

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Well after giving up on FD and CFD yesterday I didn’t eat a lot. Two meals, so keeping up 16:8. Had three Hotel Chocolats. Did just weigh myself and a pound down which was good as I thought I might have put one back on. That is half a stone gone, better than I have done for ages. Next chance for a FD is next Wednesday, then another four days away socialising. Must just be mindful. July looks fairly clear so might try some ADF.
    Minols – am I right that shinty is a sport? Do you play or watch?
    It will be lovely to walk Jodie without her getting soaked. She was looking very ragged but was beautified at the groomers yesterday.

  • June 2019 challenge

    Day 15 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Just checking in. Have a great weekend everyone.

  • June 2019 challenge

    Day 15 Herefordshire U.K. FD
    Major problem with ‘the munchies’ on yesterday’s fast, oh dear!

    @snowflake56 – are you in today for our usual Saturday fast?

    @michelinme – way to go whittling away those inches! Happy birthday for Sunday.

    @redrockgirl302 – hope your doggy date went well.

    Happy weekend to all hope you all find some rest and recuperation as well as fun and joy.

    Day 15 Pocket List

  • Starting today (5/20), but for anyone just starting

    So lovely to hear from you Merry. My younger daughter also has ME/CFS after a viral infection that damaged her nervous system 5 years ago. I was crying reading your posts – you are so courageous & resilience.

    Like you suggested, I wrote everything I ate when I began 5:2 to keep myself honest and this has been useful. Don’t need to do it now as I’m able to mentally add up calories every time I eat/drink.

    Graham, I retain more water when I excercise. This may be the reason your weight has not drop yet, as you are upping fitness. Keep persevering, it will happen. I also agree 5:2 is a lifestyle choice and we are in it in the long haul. I still eat my favourite food like donut in NFD sometimes, and I include the calories into the daily limit. So if I decide to eat one donut then I will skip lunch – it’s about choices.

    Alex, I assume you will be working with a number of people next week. I used to think I couldn’t fast if I’m stuck in a whole day meeting that come with working lunch. I was surprised to be able to fast at these events so far. Main reason I was kept very busy (mentally) during these meetings, and I put my share of food in containers for the next day (so I don’t feel missing out). However I don’t fast when I’m holidaying – have not developed a strategy for that yet.

    Yesterday NFD went well. Everyone in my team were very disciplined & did not over ate (too badly) at Yum Cha. We all got our containers of leftover food to take home. No special Occassion this weekend so eating should be under good control.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  • June 2019 challenge

    Day 15 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    So here we go, into week 3!
    I was simultaneously disappointed & relieved after weighing myself this morning. No change after 3 successful FDs, but at least my new low was maintained. Gloves off. From tomorrow I’m going to do alternate day fasting for the remainder of the month, or until I reach my target; whichever comes first 🥊

    @flourbaby – thanks for the extra mojo; I’m going to need it!

    @basyjames – congrats on your progress!🍾

    @at – bon voyage & namaste!🙏

    Wishing everyone a happy weekend 🌈

  • Shall I feel hungrier afterwards if I lose more weight?

    You should not feel hungrier now. That might suggest the balance and variety of your diet is off.

    It would be worth reading Dr Mosley’s latest book ‘The Fast 800’ and ensuring you follow all the guidelines.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Hello all, Saturday afternoon and the chores are done, the dog is walked and had lots of play time and now it’s time for a bit of relaxing with my computer and my 5:2 friends. Hubby and Maxx are watching the footy

    Cinque, a very very happy birthday for tomorrow. I hope you have a totally fabulous day with your family 🙂

    I read that article – twice – and it really opened my eyes about the lack of research in the area of women’s brains. And I was so angry to read that it is always written off as ‘women live longer’ as the reason that twice as many women get alzheimers. I was also very very scared because, since starting menopause I so often forget what I’m about to say, why I went into a room or the name of a person or object that should be so familiar. I was not surprised to read that it is so much harder to lose weight during this time too.

    I hope you are feeling a little better today Lindsay and hopefully the antibiotics and other drugs are helping you to heal.

    It was lovely to hear from you Intesha but sorry to hear that your Dad has had so many medical appointments. I hope you are ok and can get some time for yourself soon

    Wow LJ, it really does make it difficult when social events all come at the same time. I know you will make sensible choices but also allow yourself some small treats too.

    Betsy I hope the scales are kind after some good days that you have had

    I had a shocker yesterday, I let stress get the better of me. I grabbed a packet of pretzels from the vending machine in the afternoon before the super scary meeting and then bought a bread roll on the way home. We had steak, chips and salad for dinner and I was planning on having just steak and salad but instead had about 10 large fat chips. So much for low carb. Today was supposed to be no carbs but I’ve already caved and had toast for a late breakfast. GAH! I refuse to get back on this avalanche so have mentally slapped myself and will be sensible for the rest of the weekend.

    I must go as I am supposed to be researching for our trip. I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.

  • Shall I feel hungrier afterwards if I lose more weight?

    I’ve lost 15kg and feel hungrier that I used to. Shall I feel hungrier afterwards if I lose even more weight?

  • June 2019 challenge

    Day 15: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    Yesterday at work? Best forgotten. The rain was terrible, a bright interlude, then drenchingly heavy and long “showers” like a tap turned on full. Wet right through and another pair of shoes in the airing cupboard!
    Also (sorry to keep on…) the pain in my Hamstrings/leg/back is now also in my groin as well as my opposite knee complaining because of the way I’m probably walking! However good news is that the NHS Physio got in touch (after weeks of silence) and I have an appointment booked for Monday. Hooray, it’s a start. I also have more acupuncture on Tuesday…..
    @ktcaroline: Hope you get back into things soon. The awful weather doesn’t help with motivation, but, look…..the sun is out right now as I write, well sort of!!!

    Must go, work beckons….

  • I am a binger – any info on fasting and bingeing

    Hi DG, glad to hear from you. As far as bread goes, the only kind I have in the house is for the kids snd I wouldn’t eat that, so that’s how I stay in control. If I had french bread in the house for ex there’d be trouble. I wonder if before you eat a slice you could visualize what it’s going to do to your insulin snd fat stores for ex, and you may slowly over time not want to eat it, plus the rebound effect of the high then the low then another craving is something I’m not willing to do to myself bc I’m trying to lose not gain.
    I would like to lose a cpl more lbs before summer hits but if i don’t that’s ok bc I have lots of drinking events this summer snd I want to enjoy myself. I do plan on going hard again in the fall by possibly doing ADF as My ultimate goal from today should be 10 more lbs, but yes I am happy w myself right now.
    If you must eat bread/carbs try your best to save them for dinner and a late night small snack so you don’t crave them all day.
    I’m wondering why you are craving carbs when you are home from work. Are you actually hungry or are you just craving carbs. If it is just carbs then you need to look at what you are eating during the day as in you are prob not satisfying yourself with enough healthy fats snd protein.
    Yes I don’t crave carbs bc I only have one portion a day so my blood sugar never spikes. I have bpcoffee when i wake up and that does me for a few hrs then I have eggs usually for brunch or avocado on one slice of pumpernickel, but its usually eggs. I drink water through the afternoon with chia + flax seeds in it plus whey powder and organic cacao so I’m good till dinner where ill make something normal for the family but i dont eat it. i will instead have a cpl pieces of fish or a chicken breast in a small wrap if I didn’t have toast that morning. Il take a handful of nuts to work then in the evening I’ll have my kefir. Pretty routine actually. Hope this helps!! Cheers!

  • Self-Accountability

    @rhesk93 seems like you are really doing well!

    I agree that water fasting is much easier than the typical 500+ calorie allowance many here do. I’m fine until I start eating.

    I no longer count calories for many reasons, the primary one being that it is extremely inaccurate so largely a waste of time. Anyway the vast majority of diets depend of calorie restriction and they simply don’t work long-term for most people.

    What I do count is grams of added refined sugars. I try to keep it under 20 grams a day which isn’t much. That is an average value but it still isn’t much. However I often have a day under 10 grams and I’m fine with it. I rarely now have any sugar cravings. I do eat a lot of fruit, but I don’t count natural sugars in things like fruit. Anyway the impact has been dramatic and basically reshaped my entire body. The downside is I really don’t get to enjoy processed foods anymore, not that I really miss them. I do eat a little, but it doesn’t have the same hold on me it used too. For me, cutting way back on the foods with added sugar was vastly more effective than calorie counting.

  • June 2019 challenge

    Day 15 Melb Aust, NFD

    Plan to be careful, even though it’s a NFD.

    Have some abdo pain today, woke and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I wonder if I jumped into planking too quickly and have injured a muscle. Going to the docs soon, just to exclude anything else.

    @rabbette, are you sure about the planks? The youtube a friend sent, and what I looked up, both suggest that the beginner planking is on the elbows, and then you graduate to straight arm planks after that. Even a workout I found had elbow planks at 60 secs, straight arm planks at 30 secs. But – I don’t personally know, as the first time I tried either was a couple of days ago, and if I’ve injured myself trying to do them, that may be the end of planking for me. I should have known better. I’m usually a lot more cautious, as I injure very easily, and my other exercises I worked up to over several months. Well, we’ll see what the doctor says. Might be something else.

    @at, have a great break on Ithica

    @redrockgirl302, hope the meet with Zorro goes well, and that you have yourself a new family member. Remember that the heelers (both blue and red) have been bred as working dogs, so need a lot of exercise – probably good for the whole family 🙂

    Have a good day everyone!

  • June 2019 challenge

    Day 15 – Japan – NFD

    43 water fast done in 2019. The last couple have actually be around 35 hours instead of 36, but my schedule just isn’t working out right now. I’m actually struggling to even get in light workouts. Sometimes life is crazy. I wish I was retired, but I’m only about 20% the way there. Better than a few years ago when I was like -7% the way there. Still a long ways to go.

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