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  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Poor Denise, Dave! Glad you managed to get hold of each other in the end.

    Pseu – excellent! Take what you’re given!

    Jean – sorry about the walking. Nice day for it, too. Oh well, if you get gardening done that’s as good a work out for the body, and in my book you get extra righteousness points (hate gardening!)

    Half an hour of finishing off and then on the bike and up the hill to the school gate.

    Everyone surviving alright?



    Day 19, Gozo, Malta, nfd

    Thanks merryapple.

    Keeping to sensible eating even though I just had three small squares of chocolate.

    Have a great Thursday everyone. Onwards and downwards, stay strong.


    Day 19 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Had quite a good FD yesterday. Probably had too large a serving of 7-layer salad (I love mayonnaise…) so likely more like 600 calories on the day. Still at maintenance.

    Our local Silver Sneakers teacher has started a yoga-for-seniors class that I went to yesterday right before normal SS Class.. Now I am getting a mat of my own at the recommendation of #4 kid who teaches Core-Power Yoga in Texas. It was interesting doing 2 classes on a FD yesterday.

    Congratulations to all who are moving down the scale.

    @diana123 – your daughter’s wedding sounds glorious! Our #3 kid is marrying in Utah July 21, but just recently decided on that date. Hence, I am starting to look at MOB dresses myself. Hers will be a garden setting, 7 p.m., so I’ve decided a jacket dress is what I want. Utah does cool down in the evening!

    Onward and downward.

  • How Do You Reward Yourself?

    Hey, congrats on that -2.5, onlyhermes! It’s so much fun to envision these rewards, nothing like the weird head games we have to play with ourselves when we “reward” ourselves with food that we know is actually hurting us, killing us, and making us miserable in our bodies. Really, how weird is that?!

    And I can hardly wait to do what you’re doing, hedgehogs, the old clothes fest! More fun! As for your Dad, I am so sorry he’s been scared back onto statins and is in pain, but we have to respect a person’s right to choose their own poison. I just hope his adverse reaction remains, though painful, still (relatively) mild. Maybe your own example will, over time, be the thing that will convince him that there are other, more successful and safer, ways to manage cholesterol issues.


    Day 4 of water ( and one cup of black coffee) fast

    I am still waiting on that burst of energy because so far I have not seen it yet! The cold weather is not helping either grrr. However, to be honest, I am not hungry just slower than usual. I went to the gym this morning and had to take it slow, I was able to complete a 25 minute cardio session on the stationary bike but could not push myself like I usually do, and I was only able to handle 4 sets @ 10 reps of free weights. Even that felt too much, I felt the bile rise up a couple times. I felt much better after hydrating.

    Now the numbers: So far 5 pounds lost, and down to 28.1% body fat.
    I was reading a Jeff Probst (survivor host)interview and he said he works out and eats the way he does every day, even when he’s on location because it’s easier to maintain his current physique than to start over. I so agree with him!!!

    I realize I am using this forum as a diary, hope that is ok. It helps me stay focused and feel like I am part of a bigger group not just doing this by myself.


    Day 19 Stevensville Maryland USA CFD

    @bert1802 thanks for summing up this wonderful WOL. @stoic thank you it feels wonderful and my MOB dress fits like a glove, getting excited for my daughters wedding at the end of May. She is marring the Dean of the Episcopal Cathedral in her small town, the wedding is at the Cathedral which was founded in 1891 and is absolutely beautiful.

    The best preparation for tomorrow is to be your best today. Happy Thursday everyone, enjoy your day.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Drinking is what some people on a different website call liquid bred,a definite no no,I would say almost impossible to loose weight when drinking, it’s where most of my weight came from.Denise got through eventually forgot to tell her about signal strength,a text would have got through possibly but that’s another lesson.


    2nd post

    @emmataylor – I often wonder how I’m going to feel when my mum passes away, there is a bit of me that thinks it will be a relief, but guilt stops me exploring that thought. It is very sad and sad for her as often I think she thinks the world is very confusing and against her. Today she would most likely be assessed as being on the autistic spectrum.

    @stoic – yes thanks, very pleased, had a successful FD yesterday and going for another today, need to get back in the groove!
    Oatcakes – I’m with your friend but also been there!

  • My first ever diet

    Checking in for week 10 and 18 fast days in!
    Very happy with today’s weigh in, the scale showed 55.2kg, which is almost 4kg (around 9lbs) off my original weight, and almost halfway to my target weight! So happy with the result, most of the trousers I bought in the past year are already pretty loose.

    I actually have a new fun reason to keep up the good work with 5:2 as my boyfriend and I got engaged a couple of weeks ago (yep, in Paris :)) We plan on getting married in early 2019, so this will certainly motivate me to watch my weight closely in the next 12 months!

    I plan on introducing a little bit more sports to my weekly routine. I currently do a yoga class and a spin class once a week each, but would like to add some swimming and weight lifting. I’ve never really liked exercising for exercise’s sake, but I am motivated to take this opportunity to not only get lighter but also fitter and stronger. I say this now, and may not feel that way the next time I hit the gym 😀

    Food wise I am doing well, although I keep reaching for chocolate whenever I get the chance. Chocolate could definitely be my downfall! But otherwise, I think I indulge less on non fast days than I did a couple of months ago after my first few fast days. I also did something I felt comfortable doing, but I might regret it: I stopped counting calories altogether. I do the approximate maths in my head on fast days, but otherwise I stopped using the calorie counting app I started using when I started 5:2 (which was of great help). I hope I am not sabotaging myself, but I just feel pretty relaxed and confident now.

    Anyway, enough chatter for today! I hope everyone is well and get to enjoy the wonderful weather!

    @fasting_me that pheasant casserole sounds delicious, could you share the recipe please? 🙂

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    The lady in the post office called me skinny! :O

    In reality I’m not, it’s just easy to hide my belly under a t-shirt, but still nice to hear.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Afternoon All..

    A let down on the NW….went at wrong time and they were well gone…as we have been to three different groups and different times…age!!

    We called at an Outlet, I got one strappy top and Steve 4 tee shirts, the wicky/super dry stuff, in the sale for £7 each so a good buy…

    Work will take it out of you, gently going back into’s work in a different way to caring….hope you get a food plan in place and Bec will join you in a healthy way…

    Hope the lessons you gave Denise will help her to contact you…🤞

    Enjoy your holiday then draw the line…that’s how this way of eating works..maybe cut back a bit on the drinking but have some..a fair few calories in the glass…

    Glad all is going well..we are ok too…a cup of coffee then in the garden for a couple of hours until I get hbored then see if there’s any outside jobs to do…lol

    Jean x

  • Going back to myself

    Oh and I forgot to say that I was at 68.8 kg (-0.3kg since Monday) this morning after a regular non fast day yesterday. It is slow but I don’t care as long as it is going down!

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    Oh Amazon it makes me so sad seeing so many seriously obese young people. I saw a young girl shopping with her Mum in a plant nursery today..she looked about 18, SUCH a pretty face, but grossly distorted in body shape. Her tight black clothes made her look even worse, as if she had some huge rubber rings around her waist, held in place by her stretchy clothes. She was smiling and animated, but she could not have been happy.
    I wonder if junk food manufacturers will ever become pariahs like the cigarette producers have? I doubt it sadly.

    Jack and I baked a cake today (he licked the bowl!) as we are helping a friend with a house move on Saturday and I volunteered to be on cuppa duty..figured cake was the best way to keep the workers happy! First time for a long time I have baked on a fast day and not caved! Having a one metre tall poodle watching my every move helped! Those sad, starving eyes!

  • How Do You Reward Yourself?

    Hi Hedge, no worries, after the first post the thread belongs to everyone! Plus, I find all of the conversations fascinating and helpful. Congratulations on your “new” wardrobe. I am so looking forward to getting into clothes I have not been able to wear in years. It must feel amazing! 🙂 Yay you!

    On rewards, I am down 2.5 pounds after fasting yesterday and today I’m expecting delivery of a new pair of earrings. This is a whole new world for me because previously any reward for any accomplishment (if I bothered to reward myself at all) would have been something sweet and sugary like candy or cake. Now I have things to look forward to besides eating, and I’ve even made a rewards list that I can choose from when I want to do something nice for myself. It doesn’t always involve spending money, sometimes it is a long, hot bath with an interior design magazine, sometimes it is stopping by to see a friend.

  • Going back to myself

    Second fast day of the week is going well. This week is a bit usual for me as again, I am home for my FD. Have sort of slow week at work so I decided to use the extra free time to do housework. It just finished 90 min at least of gardening and boy, oh boy was I hungry when I stopped!! I sat down and tried to focus on something else: I don’t want to eat until it is 2pm or later, or else I am too hungry ( or am I really??) at 5pm, when the kids come back. I am usually quite good with my diet when I am alone but with the kids and my husband, it is always a bit more challenging. I know I can do this, and I want myself back. That’s my only real motivation: see my flat belly again and say bye-bye to the “wings”! Also been to swim yesterday. I used to swim about 2 km and I made it, surprisingly! Of course, took me more time than usual but hey, baby steps!!!
    There I just distracted myself by writing all this – also drunk my tea, that helps. One more hour and I will eat an egg with spinach and a tiny piece of cheese -around 200kcal.
    And I am going to the stores right now to buy more paint!!
    Need to get away from temptations for a little while!

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    ‘Coping strategies for when your muffin/crisps/chocolate bar is surgically separated from your hand’.


    I’m just home from a lovely walk in the grounds of Chiswick House.
    In the cafeteria there were a large group of 60 something dog walkers mostly overweight or obese, drinking lattes and shovelling down croissants/cakes. They were discussing what they ate for breakfast!

    It’s only 2 stops on the train and on the way there and back I noticed that everyone who got on was obese. They were all under 40. It is so sad.

    I love potato crisps but I rarely eat them as they lead to indiscriminate snacking. I can do without the muffin and the chocolate bar.
    I bought 4 bars of really good chocolate back from Ecuador and I’ve only eaten half of the first one. A couple of squares is enough for me on the occasions that I want any.

    Time for brunch, guacamole with carrot sticks 😃

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    HI all – just enjoying my Bovril…lovely salty hit which I’ll follow with a caffeine hit…and then I’ll hit the loo!

    Nice and mild here, although a bit cloudy, but out in light weight clothes so happy. A busy day of bits and pieces and a short meeting this evening so hopefully that will keep me out of mischief.

    Kay – feel for you and your hip. They’re a funny old joint, but osteos can be brilliant, so hope for a good result.

    Lulu – envy you the quick break in Cornwall (don’t envy you the surfing!) – enjoy yourselves.

    Just had a text from the mother of one of the boy’s school friends saying he’s coming to play (they call it a play date now!) on Saturday. The boy will be chuffed to bits as his friend knows far more Pokémon than he or we do, and he’s desperate to learn how to battle properly…!!!


  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Well guys, I bottled it this morning pre-surf and had breakfast but after reading all of your posts of encouragement about exercise on fast days I feel excited and positive about fasting tomorrow, even if we are still on our holidays!

    Also…what are people’s opinions on drinking? I’ve had two quite big nights out on feed days. If you still maintain clean fasts, should this not matter, theoretically? I’m sure i’d get better results if I weren’t drinking though so i’m going to try and cut down for the next six weeks before my brother’s wedding!

    I’m actually quite fit and active, I do lots of exercise. However I always carry just a bit of extra weight which makes me convinced that being over weight is 90% diet. I eat well but I eat a LOT, always hungry!! and so I’m hoping doing this will allow me to sort my portions out xx


    Day 19 – Dubai – NFD

    @diana123 – wow, congratulations, well done. Congratulations also to @arelkade – what a great feeling. Hope you had a successful FD @dingping. Thanks for the pep talk @bert1802, I’m going out for dinner tonight and will keep this WOL in mind.

    Went overboard with oatcakes the other day, 1 turned into 10 – a friend said if you’re going to go overboard don’t do it with oatcakes! Good advice.

    “Three months from now, you’ll thank yourself.”

  • Hello! Newbie with a question

    Hi AngieLu!
    Well done on your first day! And I was the same, i totally thought I’d be so eager to eat in the morning the day after my fast but I could have taken or left it!

    I was supposed to do my other fast day today but my boyfriend and I decided to go on a trip to Cornwall for some surfing so I got nervous i’s Feel too weak and had breakfast. I am here tomorrow too but I am just going to go for it!

    My brother gets married on 16th June so I would like to be under 10 stone (for the first time in my adult life!!) before then! then my boyfriend and I are going away for two weeks so I want to feel confident in my cossie (again, that will be a first!!!)

    Best of luck for today and if the fast just doesn’t feel right you can always start again another day this week xxx

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    Lessons in school? Mindfulness training? ‘Learning that you won’t die if you can’t eat between meals’. ‘Coping strategies for when your muffin/crisps/chocolate bar is surgically separated from your hand’.


    Day 19……Florida…..FD

    My FD yesterday turned into a NFD, as I need a break from work, so instead of eating lunch at work, I went out. Then the hubby made a very good dinner that was to go to eat in such a small amount.

    Breakfast is actually when we break our fast aka our nightly slumber. For the bigger picture we all technically eat break fast….. it just is not a traditional morning breakfast…….see that word play there…
    Traditional eaters will eat with in one hour of waking, hardcore dieters will start planning there 20plus meals for the day and eat something with in their calorie range and then you have us…..who get up grab some fluids, start our days and accomplish more in those breakfast hours than most.
    By the time most reach mid afternoon, they are getting ready to sit down for there afternoon meal, most have snacked on something before hand, hardcore dieters are on there 4th meal of the day and we are now finally eating breakfast.
    One to two more snacks for traditional eaters then dinner, hardcore, on the 8th and then us only our 2nd meal.
    Now, everyone is headed for their nightly fast, but not for those traditionals and hardcore… they’re eating again……
    Now, here is my big ending and point…… while most have built their days around eating, we have built our days around being healthy and being in the moment getting life accomplished. While most our bogged down from all that eating, we are feeling light, healthy and still have plenty of energy to go around.
    I think it comes down to what you want to accomplish during your day and it’s all determined by when you decide to eat a morning breakfast or eat your breakfast at the time you break your fast.
    There no right or wrong in this WOL, it’s all up to you and what you need. Remember this is not a one size fits all lifestyle, it one that tailored just for you, just for your life style.

    Okay that was my pep talk for the morning as usual late but the point is there….

    Your riding a horse at full speed, a giraffe is next to you and a lion is chasing you
    What do you do?
    You get your drunk ass off the carousel!

  • Hello! Newbie with a question

    Hi lulubagins
    I started my first fast day yesterday and have a similar starting weight to you (10 stone 13). I managed to stay under 500cals which actually wasn’t too bad 🙂 weighed myself this morning and I’m down by 2 pounds yay! Not eaten anything yet today so contemplating a 2 day fast but don’t want to push it on my first week. May just eat healthily without counting calories then do another fd after the weekend.
    Let me know how you get on, I’m hoping to lose half a stone in the next 6 weeks before a christening. Got a wedding invite and a holiday in August so would love to be at least a stone lighter or more by then.
    Good luck.

  • Breakfast thats not banana or porridge

    Wow, fasting_me’s recipes made me feel hungry. 😀 I want to try them when I get more time.

    I work nights, so my diet is upside-down. I take breakfast at night and dinner at sunrise. The breakfast I bring to my night work is usually sandwiches. I love tuna and bacon fillings. For people who don’t like meat, a tuna sandwich is the best!

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    That’s what he means. As he says “It’s not rocket science. “

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Good morning everyone lovely day,took Denise to hospital,got home and took Heidi out for a walk,just waiting for a phone call from Denise if she remembers how to do it.Fast day so had 2 cups of tea,will wait as long as possible before i eat,stay strong fellow fasters.

  • my journey in 2018

    Hi Lyna – yes – I am back and drowning in work! I still have hundreds of emails to respond to both private and work ones….

    O only put on 1.5 k over the 2 week period, with all the eating and drinking, which is not too bad. I am on a fast day today!

    Let’s see how we get on……keep in touch and good luck!

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    Too hard? Beyond belief, except that he means convincing 95% of his patients. 🙁


    Day 19 London UK NFD

    Thanks for all the kind birthday wishes. Much appreciated.

    @dingping. Sorry to hear about your mum troubles. My mum died very young and I had a very difficult relationship with my dad. I really loved him but we drove each other mad. He seemed so critical of me. When he died ten years ago I was devastated but I felt a huge weight lift, and I’m sorry to say I was much happier when he wasn’t around to criticise me. Not great, that, is it? And in many ways he was a good person. I agree, we never really grow up.

    Hope everybody has a good day. H

  • Related Science articles people might be interested to read

    They asked participants to eat 175% on the days after the fast days, thereby rendering no actual calorie deficit over the course of the experiment. This was presumably to ensure that there would be no weight loss, and therefore that could be excluded as a trigger for any measured physiological effects.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Morning all.

    Glad to see sun this morning, and looks less breezy too so it might feel warmer than yesterday, fingers crossed.

    Dyed my hair last night, it a bit brighter than I expected. I think it’ll be okay once I wash it a few times and it fades but right now I’m feeling very conspicuous.

    Hip still hurting. Not too bad when walking, seems to be getting better there, but it really hurts when I’m driving, it doesn’t like me changing gears at all!

    Lulu, I regularly exercise on fast days. I have perhaps a bit less energy, but I don’t know that it makes that big of a difference.


    Day 19 – UK – Reading – FD

    Yesterday’s FD was good until 10pm when it all went wrong. OH train broke down so we didn’t eat anything till late, and by then all self control was gone. Resetting and trying again today. Sun out in the Royal County. Onwards and downwards.


    Day 19 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 FD

    @flourbaby WOW congratulations on your downwards dip in weight this month, inspirational.

    Thinking of my fellow Thursday fasters as I sip my black coffee, have a good day.


    Day 19 London FD

    Sun is out, feeling positive again despite little sleep. OH went for work celebrations last night and got lost on the night bus home, so I went and rescued him at 3.30am! He’s feeling awful and guilty this morning – and so he should!

    Thanks for all the support @onlyhermes, @metatauta, @merryapple and @annemarilyn re my difficult relationship with my mum. We didn’t fall out this time, though she has fallen out and stopped talking for various lengths to all her children, me for a year and a brother for decades and at the moment has fallen out with another brother – it all adds a horrible strain when trying to keep a relationship with her, she thinks you are taking sides against her if you mention anything positive about a fallen out sibling. She has always been difficult but as she gets older she is becoming more disinhibited and says exactly what she’s thinking with no soft tones added. My big fear is that I will become her, I’d hate my kids to see me like I see my mum. I am put upon, a role I created out of desperation to earn my mum’s love but accept she can’t show me the love she has for me in a way most mums would. You never grow up do you?!
    So thanks @annemarilyn I will definitely look out for that book – sounds an invaluable guide.

    @onlyhermes forgot yesterday to congratulate you on your 11Ib loss – fab!
    @basyjames & @ccco – admire your abilities to manage water fasts and for so long, maybe one day for me when I have my mojo!
    @toddybear – ditto re ‘started April off feeling positive’ hope the sunshine helps in finding that elusive thing.
    @kaywesterman – hope you stayed in control.
    @rainbowsmile – why??? Hope your climb back on the wagon is swift.
    @flourbaby – 10.4Ib loss for April already sounds pretty determined to me – well done, sure you will nail this weekend.

    Wishing everyone a great day and that we all enjoy it.
    Ta for now x

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    Absolutely Amazon. But when I discuss this with the GP, who has followed Mr P’s fabulous success, he shrugs and seems to think it would be too hard!!! No! It’s bl***y simple!

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Morning everyone

    Hedgehogs, your husband’s attitude to his health sounds great, hope everything is alright and he manages to resist the statins.

    Dave, I barely speak English so no French. My father in law was from Newfoundland, so large extended family still there. We visited once, but never went back as Phil said if he did he’d never come home.

    Jean, no more decorating, too tired with work. Only doing 4 hours but shattered. I was thinking this weekend, but may be one for tidying the garden.

    Lulu, have a great time in Cornwall, you have to take advantage of the good weather when we get it.

    Kay, hope the osteopath helps sort your problems out. Are you having physio as well?

    Minols, you don’t really want to grow up do you? Well done with the biscuit avoidance.

    Pseudo, hows the hip? We’re not supposed to be getting the higher temperatures the next few days but the sun will be nice to see.

    Typh00, CW, hope you’re doing alright.

    FD yesterday wasn’t the most successful. Managed to not eat until the evening, but I was tired and craving sugar. Going to sit down tonight and ‘do a Minols’, plan meals for the next week with Bec and agree what ‘treats’ we’ll have. Maybe just something on a Sunday. Prom is only a couple of months away so she should be happy to ‘be good’ with me.

    Off to work soon, off then until next week but not confirmed my days yet.

    Hope everyone has a great day and gets to enjoy the sun, even if only for a couple of hours.

    Lynne x


    Day 19, London, UK, FD

    Last FD of the week, I have my usual soup for lunch which might not be the best considering we’re expecting to hit 28 degrees in London today!!!!

    I’m posting this so I don’t slide backwards over the weekend & I’m promising you & me that I WILL NOT UNDO THE RESULTS OF THIS WEEKS FDs OVER THE WEEKEND………………….. So, since returning from holiday on April 1st, carrying an extra 5lbs too, I’ve managed to eradicate that 5lbs + another 5lbs, so my current April loss is 10.4lbs – this weekend I’m out for a meal and there will be a family BBQ (just in case this is the start (and end) of summer!!!) I need to stay mindful over the next 4 NFDs otherwise I’ll be back where I started ………. AGAIN!!! I’m still 2lbs above my ATL (All Time Low) of December 15th, (The Xmas Baileys just wasn’t worth it!) but at least the plateau is behind me (I hope!!) – Determined, determined, determined!!!!!!!!!!!

    @steve toon taxi driver, surely you’ve not long returned from a lengthy cruise, and in need of a holiday already???? Only joking – I’ve been back less than 3 weeks and already looking forward to my summer holiday ………………………… in July!!!! It really can’t come quickly enough!!!!

    @daffodil2010, admiring your self-control, the warm weather makes me think of boozing in the garden, thank goodness for Arid-April!!!!

    @rainbowsmile, I’ve found myself binging on things I’ve never really eaten too!!! Salted peanuts really aren’t my thing but I’ve eaten a bag in one day (600+ calories!!!) – just because I could, apparently!!!!

    To those experiencing fantastic weather……………………… Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    Morning/evening all,

    Another glorious morning and the forecast says 27C 😱
    In April……………madness 😆

    I’m going to slap on some sunscreen and get out in the fresh air. Maybe I can fry away some of this fat 😉

    Seriously everyone, can you imagine how many billions per year the diabetic drugs industry make? Or how much treating diabetes and its effects costs in terms of money and lives?
    Imagine a world where all T2 diabetics were treated with intermittent fasting as a first option. I’m sure there would be a small number of non responders, and more research is needs into a treatment that doesn’t cause obesity, but I guess big pharma are making so much money out of insulin they don’t want to rock the boat.

    Along with not needing to take medications there would be many less long term insulin dependent sufferers who are prone to small blood vessel disease which can result in ulcers needing treatment, and if they don’t respond can lead to gangrene and amputation.
    Jason Fung and his colleagues around the world would be closing half of their dialysis units as the rate of kidney failure would drop dramatically.
    I could go on……

    It would mean millions more people able to lead healthy lives and save health services round the world a fortune that could be invested elsewhere.

    It is amazing that something so simple and effective that would save money hasn’t been exploited.

    Have a good one everybody 😜


    Day 19, Newcastle UK, CD

    Back from a couple of days away with a planned FD yesterday which ended up a decent CD. After 3 weeks before and over Easter of eating far too much, the scales are spot on 140lbs this morning. I have 5 weeks to get back to 133lbs (ideal weight to fit holiday clothes) but have a girls weekend in Liverpool and a week’s holiday in Dorset with foody/boozy friends to navigate yet.

    @metatauta – I have to be honest and say I nose-dived on Day 2 of our pact this week. We had a nightmare journey traffic wise and arrived late to our friends dishing up dinner with glasses of wine already poured. I did not have the heart to say no. I keep on trying.

    I got up early this morning and had all my housework chores finished by 8.40am. Off for a treadmill session shortly then spending the rest of this glorious day in the garden. It’ll be so good to feel some sun after a long bleak winter.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Morning All….
    A good day and we are off Nordic walking with the group this morning…

    Fasting today too..

    I have 2 granddogs daughter a Dalmatian 4 weeks old in May and step daughter ( who lost her dog 5 weeks ago) a Golden Retriever 10 weeks old coming Monday…excitement in two corners..both look after their animals very well so no worries.

    All your pots ready to go again…mine were a disaster last year..I think my cress was the best…primary school..still

    Hope the osteopath works wonders and gets your back back to normal. All your walking must help…

    I finished my cleaning and my nails are ‘blood red’..I like them a touch darker but I think I have had this colour goes with all your clothes so it suits me, dare I say I have had this colour or about for 25 years 😂

    It is strange going back to places where you grew up, it seems to alter everytime you go interesting skyline…

    Michael Mosley says you burn more or double the calories on a fasting stomach but you have to keep safe if surfing…you are early says on 5.2..enjoy the weather in Cornwall and your break…

    Glad the tape measure is on the move…no wonder your trousers are big!…I always sleep bad on a FD night, I hate it….you was up early again this morning..

    I can’t believe you knocked on custard creams…I have never heard you say that before..😂..really brave…are you OK?

    Have you finished the next part of decorating? A bit hot for that now..

    Hope everybody I have missed are all well…enjoy the sun while it lasts…

    Jean x


    Day 19, Guildford UK, CFD

    Supposed to be a month of CFD, yesterday I had biscuits! Lots of them, lots and lots of biscuits. A whole shop of biscuits.

    Why? I don’t like biscuits, I never eat biscuits but apparently I do now.

    This is not something I do, eat biscuits.

    Back on the wagon.


  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Good afternoon/evening SHs,

    The second offer on the house came in but was low, so no real competition for the first offer which was very good. The agent thinks that there is still genuine interest that he doesn’t have letters of offer for yet so there will be another open on Sunday. Also a couple who saw it last night want to see it again tomorrow so I’ll have to get it in order tonight so it’s ready to show to them – hopefully it will get them to the point of an offer.

    I joined the 21st century today! I’m transferring my ADSL2 to broadband from 1st May and I bought an iphone today. I think I was the only person on the planet who was still using an old fashioned mobile. My costs will be slightly higher, but not as much as I feared. Unbelievably I’ve been told my NBN speed will be slightly slower than I currently get on ADSL2, but I have no option as where I live now gets switched over to just NBN next month and without a connection I’ll lose my internet access.

    As I was out for much of the day I had a cafe lunch, so today doesn’t qualify as a healthy NFD. That means that Saturday will need to be if I’m to meet my promise of doing 2 healthy NFDs this week. Tomorrow I’m fasting.

    Sybs I agree with your comments. This forum has helped me through thick and thin (literally and figuratively). When I’m having a weak moment there is somewhere I know I can turn to for the strength I’m struggling to find.

    Lindsay, you have my sympathies. I too have had a torn meniscus, the repair with an arthroscopy initially went well, but unfortunately it made my rheumatoid flare up and the resulting inflammation caused so much damage I had to have a knee replacement – I don’t think that’s a normal side effect so don’t panic. I hope your knee settles without surgery.

    I’m sorry I don’t have time to reply to all those post over the last 24 hours. I really need to get back to tidying and cleaning the house for tomorrow’s viewing. This routine is getting irritating quickly, I’ve never recleaned things so often in my life.

    Hope you are all having a good FD or NFD.

  • The Maintenance Chatbox… come and share your success with us!

    Very sweet of you P, but you’ve all ‘been there and done that’, I don’t think I could tell you anything you didn’t already know!

    FFS, I love that we’re enjoying the same breakfast! It’s funny, but I can’t remember quite how I progressed from fruit to fruit and nuts to nuts and seeds. I do love cheese, but it would be yoghurt that I’d really miss if I had to cut out dairy.

  • First day of fasting complete…..Woohoo!!!


    Week 5 over with and I’ve lost another 2lbs….8 lbs in total….I’m so happy. I have been walking a little more with my dog this week, now the evenings are drawing out.
    Now the weather is getting warmer and the dreaded summer clothes have to come out, I shall feel a little more confident wearing them this year.

    FD today and I’m working outside, the sun is out for a change and I will have to drink plenty of water for sure.

    Michele How could you forget about eggs? Hahaha
    Even I feel better knowing you can eat something other than Bacon and fat. Eggs and Bacon are one of my favs…hahaha.

    fasting I hope you are maintaining well

    Happy FD 🙂

  • New and Enthused

    Well done Jane, good work ☺

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Morning all.

    Fish pie was good last night. Full of flavour and plenty of it. I’ll use slightly less mustard next time, though.

    Up and ready for the FD today. Funny – haven’t really wanted breakfast the last couple of days, but today… Oh give me my toast and honey! It’s only because I can’t have it. At least the boy will be happy – ribs tonight for him, and I’ll finish off the leftover chilli I made from the 5:2 book the other night.

    Better go and make him his lunch though or we’ll never get everyything done before school… I’ll have to restrain myself from eating the block of cheese!


    BTW… Resisted the plate of custard v creams set before me at two meetings yesterday – maybe I’m growing up?!

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    Noooo P! What you need is a pill to pop 😀

  • New and Enthused

    Hi, just dipping in here with my first week results. Just thought I’d hop on the scales this morning to see how I’d done……3.2lbs off this week so I’m chuffed with that. I know I won’t lose this every week but it gives me such a good start and will make me carry on.
    Hope everyone is having a good week……

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Second post for the day – feast or famine. I went back to look for my last post but it was so long ago it is lost in the ether, so I’ll just go with the things I can remember as I read the forum most days.
    Quacka we’ve been internet victims too. Mine keeps dropping out – hardly anything at all since the beginning of April despite numerous calls to Exetel. And the speeds! so so low. So a man was meant to come yesterday – still waiting. Didn’t stop them from sending their monthly bill though and warning me my data on my phone was just about used up (mmmm….that would be because I have to use the phone instead of home internet).
    LJ I love the pictures of your home – how can you bear to leave? The floors look superb, and the garden is so so pretty. What an amazing job you’ve done.
    Thin does ‘short-stay rentals’ for your suburb mean Air BnB? Aren’t these Councils toads? We heard of a few properties being offered as Air BnBs on our island, with guests taking them for a weekend, and holding 48 hour parties. More toads.
    My neighbours (thank you for asking) have quietened down since my husband crawled out of his sick bed at 1 am a couple of weeks ago, and shouted ‘will you please keep the noise down’. I hope he didn’t wake other neighbours in the process, but short-term it has had an effect. I do get anxious on weekends though because they pile on the back verandah from around mid-day Friday. Hope we have a freezing winter, to keep them inside.
    Arel, brilliant news that you are in the low 70s. Such an achievement.
    Calif I am not in a cast yet – but if it’s not improving soon, it’s the next step before surgery.
    Sybs I’ve never been skiing – but at least you got your injury having fun, not tripping in a carpark!
    Have a good night all.

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    And then there are the “nutritionists” recommending that diabetics must not go for more than a few hours without eating! Give me strength! It is the exact opposite… fasting lowers blood sugars. A safe, free, effective way to overcome diabetes, that the “experts” are terrified of.

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