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  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Hey all

    New here, currently menu planning.

    I live in Melbourne.

    Basically started this (plus an exercise program) because I don’t want to be this size for my milestone birthday in 20 months. I used to be fit & ate really well, but fell off the wagon big time after a few injuries while hiking in remote parts of the world.

    I also have the warning signs to pre-diabetes 2, my blood pressure is creeping up slightly (still within a normal range, but heading towards grade 1 hypertension), I’m also minus a gall-bladder.

    Looking at myself in the mirror a few days ago made me do a double-take and go “freck it! It is time”.

    If you’ve read this far, thank you!

    So here I am.

  • Can someone help me?

    Ok. Thanks again. So I did the 3 standards and it calculated that my BMI;=32.1, My BMR;=2124cal & My TDEE; is 2920cal. So to lose fat fast is it okay to eat about 1800 cals a day amd burn off close to 400? Is that safe & is 2000 still too high to eat anyways even if its mostly protein, then fat is a little less then the protein percentage & further around a little less that is the carbs about only 60 grms of carbs or less.??? Please Help. THANKS AGAIN.

  • Can someone help me?

    Ok. Thanks again. So I did the 3 standards and it calculated that my BMI;=32.1, My BMR;=2124cal & My TDEE; is 2920cal. So to lose fat fast is it okay to eat about 1800 cals a day amd burn off close to 400? Is that safe & is 2000 still too high to eat anyways even if its mostly protein, then fat is a little less then the protein percentage & further around a little less that is the carbs about only 60 grms of carbs or less.??? Please Help. THANKS AGAIN.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Hi all.

    I’m feeling frustrated with the scales too. Here’s a run down of my daily readings from last Thursday till today.

    Up 0.4kg
    Up 0.4kg
    Down 1.3kg
    Down 0.3kg
    Up 0.5kg
    Up 1.5kg

    It’s been a constant yoyo for many months now.

    On the upside the electrician is coming this morning to wire the new shed and also relocate some electrics in the house in preparation for internal renovations. I can then put the treadmill in the shed and set up the gym so exercise will be part of my daily routine again.

    On the downside it’s midday and the electrician is nowhere to be seen….grrrr.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Oh my gosh, so many posts . . . you all are amazing, especially as you take the time to respond to every person. Good on all of you!

    The description of the Evil Scale was hilarious; thanks for a chuckle! And I’m so glad to hear that Harry and Meghan are even lovelier than they appear to be!

    Just wanted to say hello and to wish everyone a lovely day, whether it’s FD or NFD.


  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Anzac, 16/8 is 16 hours of fasting and then 8 hours of eating. It isn’t really fasting, it’s just eating within a certain window. In my case, I’ll eat from noon until 8pm. Some people use it as a way to diet. I don’t think it would work for me as the only means of weight loss, but I’m hoping that doing it on NFD for a while will get me out of the late night snacking habit. I don’t normally eat breakfast anyway, but will pick at food in the late morning which just seems to make me more hungry at lunch. I never tried it before but maybe it’ll change some of my bad eating habits. I’ll see how it goes.

    Lindsay, it’s so maddening that the doctor hasn’t returned your call or at least had someone else return it. Top specialist or not, he could have a little empathy.

    Have a great FD or NFD, everyone.

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    How often do you fast these days RT?
    We still stick to Mon/Thurs as it is such a habit now, after all these years. 😉
    Have a happy hump day 😊P

  • OCTOBER 2018 – Monthly Challenge

    Day 23 Minnesota, USA NFD, under TDEE
    Day 22 CD Did well.
    Tomorrow a FD. Hopefully will stay under 500.

    @diana123, sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you. It was a loving thing you did, taking care of your MIL in her last months and helping her pass peacefully from this world surrounded by love.
    @ccco: congrats on the grandson news!

    Best of luck to everyone.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Hospital this afternoon so I better go to bed.

  • Any advice for moms with small kids and fasting? New to fast diet

    Hi All,

    Just started my fast journey, this is my 3rd day and I am struggling with energy. Am so tired on my fast days and non fast days too LOL. Have 3 month old and 4year old. How do you survive your fast days? I am trying but finding it a bit of a challenge. Any feedback or advice/tips that work for others would be great.

  • Fasting and gallbladder removed

    I understand exactly what you mean about bile constantly dripping. I had my gallbladder removed 2014 and I have sudden toilet attacks that was never part of my lifestyle. I think it is because of the fasting definitely. As long as there’s a toilet nearby I’m ok lol . I’m really ok with it and have gotten use to it. It’s not always regular either, it comes and goes . I still like to fast 2 days a week for the health benefits supposedly. Good luck with it . I think it may always be there no matter what you eat or how you eat your 500 calories. It’s the lack of full stomach. 🙂

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    HA HA HA HA HA HA – thank you so much Quacka and Cinque for making me chuckle. I now have a very amusing picture of my scales morphing into an ugly, evil goblin making rude gestures at me. Glad you had a really productive day Cinque – I love the feeling after one of those.

    Thank you everyone for your encouraging words. Cali and thin – I especially like your reminder that FD is NOT NEGOTIABLE. I was starting to get into the mindset of ‘well if I’m really hungry I could just….’ and instead wait for the hunger to pass because it always does.

    Cali – great news about your successful FD> Could you please explain what 16/8 is?

    Quacka – I love walking too and it has had an obvious impact on your BP. So glad to read that.

    LJoyce, you are right and I should stop weighing daily. It will be hard because I am quite addicted but I’m going to make a huge effort.

    Lindsay, it’s probably a good thing to go back to work, as hard as it is to leave your hubby. It will help to clear your head and your hubby sounds like he is craving as much normality as possible.

    Looks like a few of us doing FD today – LJ, Quacka, Cinque and anyone else – enjoy! It’s 10.30am and I am feeling strong and certain to stick to my FD plan today. Yay!

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Good morning, I’m a late arrival to the group of Wednesday fasters. Leftover kippers and steamed asparagus for me. It doesn’t hold quite the appeal now that it’s been in the fridge for 3 days but I’m doing it anyway. 160cals for 100gm so I suppose it is higher than other protein options, Quacka.

    It has taken me ages to read about 23 posts and I bet I forget to comment on some things.

    Cinque, it was fabulous to read of your productive day yesterday. Long may it last. Have a wonderful trip tomorrow.

    Anzac, I assure you that I have no more willpower than anyone else here. If I did, I wouldn’t be here doing 5:2. If you saw what I had on my plate at the wake, you’d take a different view! I do have some tools though in the form of strategies learned from practicing 5:2. I came to discover that remaining this healthy weight is more important to me than anything I can stuff in my mouth. Most of how I now behave wrt food has come naturally from several years of fasting. The only thing that I do exert my own power over is my rigid adherence to my FDs. I’ve never had a failed FD only because I have an addictive personality and replaced a food addiction with a fast addiction.

    So, just get on with this FD and, when it’s over, your presentation be also be over and you can fully enjoy your anniversary and your friends’ visit. It’s just one day! Tomorrow you can have whatever you like! You can do it. Several of us are with you. If it gets tough, remember, at least you’re not having three day old kippers.

    Oh dear, I’ve run out of time and there are several people still to respond to. Will have to come back later, CalifD, LJ, Quacka, Lindsay.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    3:15pm Tuesday 22C with scattered clouds

    Well, my FD yesterday resulted in a 1.2kg drop to 60.1. Today is a NFD but I’m sticking to 16/8 to try and halt some of the crazy eating and snacking of the past few weeks. Yesterday I got in 10,500 steps and I just passed 10,000 today already.

    Cinque, I just realized that the show you were all talking about several weeks back, “Ask the Doctor” season 1 is on Netflix here. So I watched the first episode on weight loss this morning while I was walking around the house. Good show!

    Anzac, sometimes a jump on the scales is just water weight, especially if you had a good NFD. 300g isn’t very much. Get rid of the negative vibes. They only make it more difficult. And never give up on a FD. Once you’ve decided, you have to follow through. It’s non-negotiable. That’s the only way this thing works. You can do this. It’s way better that counting calories 7 days a week and then gaining back all the weight you’ve lost because the diet isn’t sustainable.

    LJ, thanks for posting the legume recipes link. It’s always good to have new ideas for meals. That berry tisane picture looks like the Tealyra – Cherry Goddess tea I had today. It was one that I had in a Lock and Lock conainer in the pantry and forgot about for a while. I forgot how good it is. I may go back to a cup of the T2 Teas with caffeine once in the morning and see how much the caffeine affects me. It tastes better than the decaf teas that I have here. But I do wish T2 would do some decaf versions of some of their popular teas.

    Wow, I took too long! LJ, Cinque, Lindsay and Quacker crossed posts with me. Gotta readvand catch up now.

  • The Maintenance Chatbox… come and share your success with us!

    👍🙏🏻 FFS

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Good morning. 9:34am
    Cool, grey and still (thankfully) in Melbourne this Wednesday morning.

    Anzac, good luck with that presentation!
    And I am glad your pedometer survived the wash!

    I think you are making a mistake with your scales. It is almost like you think they are a scientific measuring instrument.
    Infact that are a squat goblin that delights in messing with your head and ruining your day.
    Scales are best viewed from a distance (Like Thin going over her last four years of results) and are very dangerous close at hand. Which is why it is so unfortunate you have to actually stand on top of them (that just sets it off!). Take care. Pay it no attention!

    Cali, I hope you had an excellent Fast Day. I am looking forward to 4 days with my darlings. We are not going far: Blairgowrie, on the Mornington Penninsula. I went for a holiday there about 45 years ago (Girl Guides) and it was full of ti tree and other beach scrub. I have a feeling it might be a tad more built up now!
    You are right about Miso… maybe! (Yes Anzac, Miso is my cat!)

    Quacka, I hope you have had a better night sleep. I wish the ‘Sleeping Beauty Diet’ (see The Diet Testers, SBS on Demand) was likely to work for us. I hope a good walk is just what you feel like today.

    Do use the filo before it can get freezer burn! There are lots of other yummy pies to make with it (I make such a yummy potato and mushroom one) and (in spite of all the butter/oil you spread on it) it tastes lighter than the puff pastry.

    Caterpillars loved my kale too! So much that I don’t think I will try to grow it again.

    Thin, Very good of the bridge place to provide non appetizing snacks.

    I think the smell of kippers is gone from my kitchen!
    And LJoyce, I hope it was the tiniest drop on my clothes. My washing basket doesn’t smell fishy, so that is hopeful.
    But oh they were yummy.

    Sending good wishes to your lungs to keep clearing, and stay clear.

    Oh dear, I think some of my NFDs get like that too. It is no wonder I need 5:2 for maintenance.

    Thanks for the link to the legume recipes.

    Your zucchini plants are wonderful! I am like you, I grow them for the plaeasure of picking them small, and the unfertilised ones are so tender and delicious. I sometimes just dip the flowers in beaten egg and panfry them.

    Cali: if you aren’t telling the female flower because it is growing on a little baby zucchini, and the boy flower is just growing on a stem, you can tell by looking inside the flower. Here is a boy flower and a girl flower next to each other. Can you guess which is which? 🙂

    I caught up with the Diet Testers yesterday. Very interesting, as usual. I liked the way they paired the diets according to some feature, and in the end they all work quite similarly.

    Lindsay, I do hope your OH has had another good night, and I also hope the doctor has got back to you! Keep agitating!
    Kids are just the best when things are dire for the grownups. And your two seem especially wonderful. Spoken as a ditherer! Hooray for her to keep you laughing.

    Suz, isn’t it nice to look forward to your Fast Day after a bit of overeating.
    I hope you had a good sleep too.

    I had a super productive day yesterday! If only I could have days like that every day! It has made me feel just about on top of things, so I am hppoing to get everything done that I need to today, and some extra things too. I have already roasted butternut so it won’t go off in the fridge while I am away. Next stop hummus.

    It is my Fast Day. Sharing it with LJoyce, and you Thin I think? And others too I hope.

    Edit: Suz, our posts crossed. Cheers to you at work, and hoping Mr Lindsay has a really good day. Lovely to hear the royal goss. I hope Meghan keeps resting.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    My DD said that Meghan is incredibly beautiful – even more so than in pictures and on screen. DD also commented how natural and warm she and Harry are, and how they really engaged with the locals. There was a funny moment when an Indigenous elder called to Harry ‘you’re even more gorgeous in real life’ and another called back ‘you can say that again’. The audience laughed and DD said Harry seemed to really enjoy the banter. Meghan pulled out of a couple of Fraser Island engagements (really rough 4 wheel drive tracks…not good in this stage of the pregnancy I guess) and had shed the killer heels for the other events.

    Thank you for the thoughts Suz. I’m reluctantly off to work this afternoon – DD will drop over to keep him company. The more ‘normal’ life is, the more settled he is. The temptation is to not go, but he was upset I took Monday off. Keeping the balance is a very fine line.

    Calif that article was interesting, and so was the web site you sent – thank you for getting so involved in our problem. The surgeon we are seeing was referred by my OH’s regular opthalmic specialist, because he’s the top in his field in glaucoma treatment. He hasn’t returned the calls – clearly he’s treating the condition, but not the patient.

    Anzac don’t let the scales undermine your motivation. Weight is such a funny thing …. sometimes it takes a day or two to see the effect, even after good NFDs, and I think we are programmed to want the instant ‘fast today, weight loss tomorrow’ (well I definitely am!). Stay motivated, and you will see it drop away. It always works – that is what is amazing about this WOL. Good luck today with the presentation.

    LJ those zucchini! I’ve tried to grow them but perhaps it’s too hot here. Or maybe it’s just that I am not a great gardener (more the latter I suspect).

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Good Morning everyone

    It’s blowing a gale here too Anzac. I heard it come up last night and it was so strong it was shaking the house. Needless to say I was awake lots of times but I actually went back to sleep, so feeling better this morning tiredness wise. Hope all the other non sleepers are too!

    Anzac, the scales are evil things. They have been up and down and at my house too, so much so that I am beginning to wonder if they are accurate ever. This week they have been mainly up. I had a bad Sunday food wise and it has impacted on the readings but usually a FD helps with that. This week it had only gone down slightly and after a NFD ( a not too bad one) yesterday, they are up again. I am not going to dwell on it too much. The long term results are there for me and they will be for you too. Just stick with it and as I said yesterday, look forward not backwards 🙂
    Good luck with your presentation today. Hope it goes well and I hope your FD goes well too. I am on a FD with you so I will be checking in most of the day if you feel like posting anything more.

    Cali (and thin) I started my walking again this morning. I walk about 6kms around my little village, not sure how many steps that is. It was already windy this morning and I almost used it as an excuse, but I just got up and went. It was really lovely being out early and the wind wasn’t too much of a bother as it wasn’t really that cold at that time of the morning. It actually feels colder now. I have been monitoring my BP and it has been quite normal. I have been taking my tablet every second day and trying to record my BP every day so I can show my doc. I would like to be taken off the medication but we will see how that goes.

    LJ I did use the end of the wooden spoon for the jam drops. One recipe I looked up suggested it, whilst another one suggested I use my thumb. I was like my thumb?? That will be one big flat imprint and I was hoping for a nice round cookie with a nice round jam centre. Maybe next time the cookie will behave 😉

    Lindsay I hope the doctor has gotten back to you and I hope your OH is doing better. Still praying x

    Hi Suz, hope your FD went well yesterday and you are feeling better today

    Hi Cinque and thin and Cate also. To anyone I have missed I’m sorry

    Hope everyone has a lovely day and for us fasters, a really easy one X

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    8:37am Wens, Adelaide

    Anzac, there are s many things that effect what we weigh – bot just the food we eat. Weight gain can also be fluid, inflammation or hormones. Even weighing at a different time to the day before can make a difference. It is not an exact science.
    Some people cope with the daily fluctuations and others don’t. I’m in the “don’t” group! The scales have an influence on my mood and effect my food choices, so I had to stop weighting daily. Initially I went to weekly and then to monthly, (this was difficult as I was addicted to daily weighing). I used a tape measure and took regular body measurements to reassure me I was doing ok and I also relied on how my clothes fit to show me I was losing weight. I haven’t regretted doing this, as I’m definitely better off without the unhelpful reaction I have to the scales.
    On intensely restrictive diets the weight loss is so fast (initially) so that you do see a change in weight most days. 5:2 isn’t that type of diet, 0.5kg per week loss is the norm. It’s important to focus on the weight trend over the weeks as that will tell you if you are losing weight.

    FD for me. I’ve taken lentil soup from the freezer for dinner.

    Have a nice day everyone.

  • Really struggling on Non-fast days

    Gosh, there was a long gap between those last two replies – 360 days to be precise! I’m glad to report that I now do 16:8 daily, have lost weight and don’t eat sugar (or even sweet stuff) at all.:-)

  • The Maintenance Chatbox… come and share your success with us!

    I’ve reported the above sales pitch, so hopefully it will be removed soon. (Not yours, herm – the blatant abuse of this forum one. )

  • Really struggling on Non-fast days

    Yes its a weird side effect of the 5:2 diet ( My opinion).
    I started to crave food on NFD (and sugar food on hand at my place of work)
    I have taken this as a sign that my body needs more energy.

    Started 16:8 and feel more balanced now.

  • Switching from 5:2 to 16:8

    I was losing weight nicely on the 5:2 diet but kept feeling tired on NF days and my mood was going up and down.

    Switched to 16:8 and feel much better.

    Question: Has anyone else done this and if so is the weight loss the same? can I still lose weight?

    also with the 16:8 can you still eat 3 meals a day and lose weight? some people speak of only eating 2 meals a day.

    Thanks 🙂

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Lynne, have you seen those cushions in Dunelm? Would they be of any help? Not cheap but look super comfy.

  • Depression – anyone been helped or found it to deteriorate

    I am sure it could help.
    Although also check out (see section.. working with emotions)
    Mental health challenges take you on a journey, but keep exploring ways to find peace and your life will become richer for it. All the best 🙂

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    Happy I like the sound of your poly tunnel extravaganza and I recall Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall having a nudie lay down in the sauna like atmosphere 😆 very inspiring hump day fast day for me
    Keep on Keeping on.

  • OCTOBER 2018 – Monthly Challenge

    Day 23 – UK – Between a FD and a CD

    Lots of exercise today starting with a 6.5km walk/jog with a friend this morning and then a High Intensity Pilates class late afternoon!

    Despite a 359cal FD yesterday have not felt particularly hungry today so ending at just under 1000cals

    @basyjames – Hope you find your mojo back – going back to the basic 5:2 is the best thing – I find it works for me and I still can enjoy a scone or cake and of course my glass of wine – just not everyday!!! For me the trick is not to deprive myself of anything but to ensure portion control!
    @snowflake56 – Celebrating life with good friends is one of the major joys of life as is quiet times spent at home with the person you love – sounds like you had a fabulous time. Thinking of your friend and wishing her strength in what she has to face
    @ccco – what wonderful news – a grandson deserves celebrations 👶
    @redrockgirl302 – what a great position to be in before going on holidays – 5lbs wriggle room – have a fab time in Austria
    @anna6 – your pregnant daughter is so lucky to have you as a mum as are the rest of your family in having such a wonderful caring cook looking after them
    @rainbowsmile – hope you did not struggle so much today!
    @murph58 – you might surprise yourself at how much you start to enjoy having more “me time” now that the nest is empty – I found myself rather enjoying doing things that I wanted to do and finding a new quality of life when my nest became empty – wishing the same for you x
    @dykask – hope you feel better soon
    @daffodil2010 @cornish-jane and @debster251 – I remember when the sit down/stand up test was initially shown on TV – there was rather a lot of discussions in the medical field that it is not a test everyone should undergo, and it probably says little about your mortality and more about your strength. If you have knee issues then this test can cause more harm! Using one hand to help you down and up only lowers your score by 2 points to a very acceptable 8/10
    @diana123 – 🤗good to hear that MIL passed away peacefully with her family around her – to be surrounded by loved ones and to be at peace must have been reassuring for her and all of you x

    Tomorrow morning OH has talked me into going to his “Broga” class with him – my usual Yoga classes are not running this week as my teacher is having a week off – does not sound like my kind of thing but will give it a go – hope I can survive it………..

    Remember “It’s OK to give in to cravings every now and then. Losing weight and keeping it off means balance, not going without treats for the rest of your life”

  • Can someone help me?

    Well how many calories should I take in per week day M-F then ? I do the cardio 5 days a week and rest on the weekends. What would you reccomend then???

  • OCTOBER 2018 – Monthly Challenge

    Day 24 – Melbourne AUS – FD

    Made relatively good choices on yesterdays NFD, except for the almost two glasses of wine, had a bit of good news so it was to celebrate of sorts. Couldnt figure out why I was feeling hungrier than usual this morning – the wine is definitely it I reckon! Lots of water and herbal tea for me this morning!

    @diana123 I’m so sorry for loss, thoughts are with you.

    Day 24 Pocket List:

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Good morning, blowing a gale here in Sydney and back to winter. Brrrr

    Lindsay, glad your hubby had a better night and I hope last night was ok too. I can’t believe the doctor isn’t calling back when you obviously need his help. BTW, I love the Royals so would love to hear what your daughter has to say above covering their tour. Your 5 year old granddaughter sounds very funny and cute

    Not happy today; I had a good NFD yesterday but again the scales have jumped up another 300g! I don’t understand and am feeling very deflated. FD today even though I’m worried my negative attitude is going to make it harder but I am even more determined to not add more disappointment by failing another FD. To top it off I have to give a big presentation today which, while I don’t enjoy it, is part of my job periodically so I just get on with it. However my audience will be hostile as we are introducing change and like all IT projects the budget never stretches to automate everything so they have some new manual processes to cope with. The only good thing is the people in the room with my are my team so very supportive of course and the impacted users are all off-shore and dialing-in, so at least they can’t throw their laptops at me! LOL. I’d prefer to have my FD on another day but tomorrow is our wedding anniversary and then friends coming over Friday so I really need to do it today.

    LJoyce so glad you had a great NFD yesterday.

    Cali, I’m sure your skinny jeans will fit nicely again after a couple of FD’s.

    Suz, you did so well to not gain anything and your positivity is wonderful. Just like everyone on this forum. I need some today 🙂

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Hope you can get comfy to sleep…it’s not nice at all..


  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Jean, I’ve had frozen shoulder in both my shoulders over the past few years. This is similar in some ways, but seems to be worse when I’ve been sat for a while and when I’m in bed. I used to make a V with pillows and lie in the middle so I was sat upright and couldn’t turn over. May have to try that again.


  • New to this. Come say hi

    Brilliant. Thanks very much!!! I appreciate your help. I will certainly try these.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Still walking with your old gentleman..very nice hope the weather and chat is good….

    Nice small puddle for you…yuk…why do you always walk through the middle catching it all the time…we all do..

    Lynne …
    A good fast..I am not too bothered if a bit over…MM says 800 cal these days although I don’t go to that, a bit of leeway…those shoulders do hurt I have had about three bouts of those ..all gone at the moment…mine was more frozen shoulder and it was just that…feeling frozen!….nice to have you back..😀

    Jean x

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Evening everyone

    DF, I haven’t been that far north since I was a child. My parents often hired a ‘caravanette’ and we often went to sleep in one place and woke in another. Barmouth is about as far away as I can remember.

    HH, another disturbed night. Worse than with the children. Hope Xena is better tonight.

    Minols, hope the day got better after your early start.

    Jean, so nice for your grandson to call in for a chat. He seems a very thoughtful young man.

    Dave, early night tonight, or another film? I swear you’re nocturnal.

    Katie, good luck with swopping the FD around this week.

    CW, all quiet. Hope it’s just busy with work.

    Claire, hope the appointments go well.

    Pseudo, I love the satisfaction of bleeding the radiators. I know, very sad. Regarding the cat sick, I love the presents our fur babies leave us.

    FD today has been alright. Probably coming in a bit over 500 cals, but not by much and I’ll take it considering I can’t remember the last time I fasted. Still getting into a routine with work and Bec’s shifts, but I’ll get there.

    My early night last night didn’t really materialise. I tossed and turned with the rest of you. My shoulder is quite painful at the moment and I couldn’t get comfortable. May have to resort to fashioning my pillows into some sort of cocoon to keep me in a comfortable position tonight.

    Take care.

    Lynne x

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Not hungry but starting to get bored which usually means peckish.
    I think I finally got the assignment to a passable word count, so glad that’s done out of the way. I’ll leave it a few days and give it a final read through with fresh eyes before submitting. Also sent my email off this morning, makes me nervous just thinking about it, which is stupid because she can only say yes or no.
    Did I tell you all about my unfortunate encounter on the weekend with a bare foot and a puddle of cat sick?

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Hi all

    HH – I always eat too much when I’m tired, too. But I managed to pull things back with a really yummy hairy bikers’ fish pie recipe – less than 300cals and then added some peas. The boy complained at first but actually really liked it. I’d planned ham but decided not to risk leaving the fish any longer. Cooked the ham for OH’s lunch and the leftovers will go into the famous leftovers suet crust pie with the bits scavenged from the roast chicken at the weekend.

    It’s a main meal, but I won’t eat anything else tomorrow as I’m not su re I’ll manage a complete FD on Thursday – walking with an old gentleman and that usually requires cake!

    Hope, Xena has a quiet night tonight.

  • OCTOBER 2018 – Monthly Challenge

    Day 23, Fd, Finland

    @diana123 so sorry for your loss. Take comfort in knowing you made her last moments comfortable and surrounded by love.

    I have the wagon in sight….a good day today. Just had a little jog with my son, a nice way to start the evening. Now off to sauna and some cross stitch to keep mind and hands away from kitchen. Hope to leap into the wagon in time for the end of this month’s challenge

  • OCTOBER 2018 – Monthly Challenge

    Day 23, Gozo, Malta, fd

    Diana123 condolences.

    For lunch it was smoked salmon salad with spinach leaves, sweet corn, olives, artichokes and orange pepper. I also had half a banana and half an apple plus coffees with honey and milk.

    This evening it’s going to be fish fillets fried in olive oil and white wine with parsley and served with qinuoa salad made with roasted broccoli, leeks and almonds plus extra virgin olive oil, apple cider vinegar, honey and lemon juice.

    Onwards and downwards, good evening everyone.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    You jumped before me…lol

    My sister is 74 next week..but seems a lot older than us and nervous about everything…your Mums not too bad at 73…I know what she means as we get that too, if one forgets the other remembers..hopefully…

    Poor Xena it’s been a while poor little love….you up in the night too, you will be shattered..

    Still thinking on Xmas our friends come back off holiday at the weekend so we will have to see what they are thinking…strange to go somewhere other than family for Xmas….

    Grandson called for a couple of hours lovely to see him..a really long chat, he was passing by, he’s grown up to be very thoughtful a good catch for someone, he must be 6 3” now…

    Jean x

  • Set weight point theory does anyone dispute this?

    One of the reasons for requiring fewer calories as we age is that we tend to be less active as we age. Cause or effect? I’m not sure there is a ‘set-point.’ Many factors affect weight. Stay active.

  • New to this!

    Welcome to the Forum, Kohlio. I’ve been Fasting for 5.5 years, doing 600 calories/Fast Day. That way my husband and I eat the same amount of the same things. So I know that women are supposed to eat 500 calories, but I do the 600 and lost all the weight I wanted to lose and then some more.
    As Cinque says, see what works for you. Some people, like Cinque eat fewer calories, some people eat NO calories on a Fast Day.
    Good luck

  • New to this. Come say hi

    LOTS of recipes, David, for Breakfasts and Dinners. We don’t eat lunch, but there are some smoothie meals. Anyhow, not knowing what you are specifically looking for [seafood? meat? vegetarian?] I will direct you to my Profile: click my handle, see the Profile, look for my blog name and go there. The purpose of the blog is to help Fasters like you to find good recipes where the food values are all worked out. I make no money from this blog.
    Hope you find some things you like.

  • Set weight point theory does anyone dispute this?

    I don’t think it is a matter of defying “set-point” theory – do the research – look at wikipedia for a start and follow up by looking at the abstracts of the articles that are referenced.

    The issue is that there is very weak scientific evidence that this “idea” is in any way helpful. It’s really not a theory, i.e. a testable, evidence derived hypothesis that can be used to make predictions and from which tests to be designed – all with widespread acceptance. Theories can be tested and one of the criticisms listed is that “Major predictions of the set-point theories of hunger and eating have not been confirmed” – which is evidence that the”idea” is wrong or at the very least incomplete.

    Just reading through – it seems that there is far too much contradictory evidence to make it even worthwhile considering this a helpful way to explain why some people struggle to lose weight and maintain it. A link to my 5:2 weight loss graph is in my profile FWIW – I’ve never been on a diet in my life. I did it to lose weight because injuries forced me to stop exercising as much as I had previously been able to but I was slow to react by controlling my eating – hence the weight gain.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Afternoon All..
    Looks like we won’t get another fast in this week….my sister who hasn’t been down to our house for three years, is coming tomorrow and staying a few days….I had a almighty big row with her for gossiping and causing trouble within the family, a few will remember. She more or less stopped talking to me, I was on the verge of calling it a day with her in the next few weeks as it was upsetting me a lot.
    Steve told me to push her in a corner and see if she would come, it will be a difficult few days especially at the beginning…I shall go and pick her up and take her back…she won’t drive much now, it’s only 30 mins away on 4 roads to us!!..she seems to be panicky and stressed and aged…..ummm all fun…

    We are seeing a vascular surgeon in three weeks..our doctor was fobbing us off but then made the appointment …when we said the back surgeon said Steve could die on the operating table without it being sorted..

    I have usually done my Xmas shopping by now…not this year with Steve and holidays cancelled….must pull my socks up and get the cards wrote…I have a few woolly scarves out no gloves yet….

    Jean x

  • OCTOBER 2018 – Monthly Challenge

    4th post

    @diana123 my sincere condolences.

    @annemarilyn we tried to list all the cookbooks on LibraryThing but failed. We’re buying books we allready have and perhaps a few can go, but not very likely. Some of them are a joy to read, some are weird but worth keeping.

    FD going well, just had a bowl of pumpkin soup.

    Stay strong fellow fasters!

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Dave- thanks for that reminder! We have lots of family birthdays through the Autumn as well to buy for, got a few bits but not much…
    Jean- hope you think of something to do for your Christmas! Hope your chicken recipe goes well… Mum is coming up for 73, so not that old, but my Nan had quite well advanced dementia by then…Mum popped in today & was laughing about Dad getting quite forgetful too, they have some fun arguments about who told who what, the other one’s forgotten etc.!
    DF- the trip sounds lovely if you can keep warm!
    Lynne- hope your FD has gone okay?
    KL- I’m sure you’ll be fine fasting tomorrow, I’ll be fasting again too.
    Minols- Your night was worse than mine then, you must be flagging now! At least it was productive time.. How’s the butt muscle’s today?!
    Pseud- hope you get your email right & get to volunteer…I was always the opposite with assignments, I’d go on for ages & have to cut lots out…
    Sorry if I’ve forgotten anyone! Up with Xena at 3am, & then for good at 5.30 as she needed the loo again, poor baby. So weird that she goes all day without it, & stores it all up for night time! Getting through so much chicken & rice, don’t want to think about the cost! Stocked up at Tesco’s…& both the boys have been at home today, so feeding them all day as well!
    Eaten more than I planned- I am so terrible when I’m tired- but not as bad as the weekend!

  • OCTOBER 2018 – Monthly Challenge

    Day 23 London UK FD

    Yesterday was a failed FD so aiming again for an 800 calorie day today. Let’s just say there were chicken satay skewers involved and my portion size didn’t lend itself to a successful FD! Also had four squares of dark chocolate. Weight fine this morning, still within maintenance range but I really need and want to focus on healthy food choices.

    Today I skipped breakfast as usual, had coffee, tea and herbal teas, then a late lunch at 14:00 of a BOL brand Sweet Potato and Cauliflower Soup (220 cals) followed by a satsuma and some black grapes = 334 cals so far. It’s the evening meal choice that I seem to be struggling with at the moment. I have planned ahead and I took a homemade daal (Indian red lentil soup) out of the freezer this morning which is another 300 calories for supper, so that leaves me with just under 200 to play with. Sounds so easy when put like that…now I just have to make it to the end of the day!! There is definitely no chocolate left in the house so that should make life a bit easier!

    @rainbowsmile Sorry to read that yesterday was a struggle. I hope the sun has broken through the clouds today for you. Sending some rays from me to you.

    @murph58 Glad you had an easy FD yesterday and that you have found a successful approach for you. The great thing about those 500 (or 800) calories is that you can have them to suit your appetite. Congrats on last week’s loss!

    @shinything thanks for the pilates recommendations. Looking forward to finding some time when I can sit down and look at links and have a go!

    @daffodil2010 Glad you are holding onto your mojo, we are holding onto you! Your casserole sounds amazing especially with those chilli cubes.

    @debster251 I agree with having a little of what you fancy…I just need to learn to stop at a little! Thank you for the reminder that maintenance should be about living a normal life whilst maintaining weight. It’s that adjustment to normal life/making my normal eating habits healthier an smaller than they were (without fasting) that I am trying to master. I will get there!

    @yellowandblue hope you are having a successful FD today!

    @diana123 I am so glad you have your retreat and I hope you find it helps you in your grief. Sending you thoughts of love and peace and strength

    @basyjames I would love it if you would share some of your low carb sugar free baking recipes! Pretty please!

  • OCTOBER 2018 – Monthly Challenge

    USA Day 23 FD

    Adding myself to the pocket list!


  • OCTOBER 2018 – Monthly Challenge

    USA Day 23 FD

    No, AnneMarilyn, I didn’t succeed at fasting yesterday, so I am trying to fast again today. So far so good! I’ve been eating out of boredom lately. I need to get over that! LOL

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