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  • First week weigh in..very pleased

    Week 95…after 191 fasts..

    We pushed in three fasts this week as we were out for a Xmas lunch with friends…we managed quite OK just with a bit more thought..

    1 have lost 1 lb…28 lbs off to date..

    Hubby stayed the same ….14 lbs off to date..

    Pushing on thinking about Xmas looming up…December could be difficult visiting family and friends..
    I think also hubbys medications could be slowing down his least he is holding his own. He continues on very positive..thinking he could have put on loads of weight without being on the 5.2..

  • November 2017 Challenge

    Day 24 Sarasota, Florida NFD @toddybear I record exercise but don’t figure it in to my calorie count on any day, fasting or not. I see that as a slippery slope for me (toward excuses.) I’ve reached my goal after 10 months of 5/2 and I’m on maintenance and very happy.

  • November 2017 Challenge

    2nd post

    It’s an LFD and I am struggling 😱. Was super cold all day today in Work but managed with beef stock cubes, dandelion tea, water. Home now and snug in my PJ’s but at 18:00 I am struggling.

    I have the girls staying tomorrow night as we are hitting the town, so I am trying to keep busy with much needed housework. But gnawing hunger that won’t be sated with water is annoying me. That’s unusual for me, usually I can ignore it or drown it.

    So I came here for group therapy 🤪😁😁.

    Right, back to housework with another glass of water down. Not long until bedtime I think 🤔

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Hi everyone
    Well done if you’ve managed to fast in this cold snap.
    Manic day yesterday – drove to the Borders and had two meetings, and still made it to the school gate for 3pm, only to discover that what I thought would be a quiet evening getting caught up had a meeting plonked in the middle of it…don’t know how I forgot that.

    And today was manic again – haven’t kept it quite so low.

    And the weekend working pattern starts at 7am- 9pm tomorrow, the usual on Sunday am and includes a shinty tournament in the afternoon during which I’ll do my prep for the evening…aaaarrrgghghhg! I’ll see you all Monday which should be a weigh in and FD and see how it’s really all gone!


  • November 2017 Challenge

    @leggit that’s the great thing about this WOL. You can have days like Thanksgiving where you don’t want tthink calories. And then you climb back on the bandwagon when you are ready.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    It’s all for over Xmas and beyond maybe to Easter….lol

    Your pastry…use SR flour, all stork, after the bread crumb look, mix with milk, will be a bit to the wet side, mix with a knife, just finish with cold hands as least as possible, tiny bit of flour to get in a ball, rest in fridge in cling film before use 30 mins….use SR flour not plain!….my Xmas pastry I throw an egg in the milk, mix it through before using…usually I double the recipe.

    8oz.SR Flour
    4oz stork.
    5 fl oz milk ( half an egg optional)
    pinch of salt
    430c or gas 8
    20 to 25 mins cooking

    My mum was in service and she was taught to use SR…very body uses plain….I just hate plain makes it too hard.

    There endeth my cooking lesson….maybe you do it this way…

    My scones aren’t so good this time I rolled them too thin, you need them 3/4 “ thick, I was a bit under so the rise was not so high…taste good though we have had one each, topped with stewed apple and cream quite yummy…

    Well done on the pound off….loosing the weekend weight..😀

    Jean x

  • November 2017 Challenge

    Day 24 – Massachusetts but currently New Jersey – FD

    Well I didn’t want to count calories yesterday so I didn’t. I’m just going to be in control from here to the end of November to make it up. And I’m going to wait to weigh myself until then. Time to make those scales move down!

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Pseudo- please can you get me some of that cheese- it sounds lovely!!! I love cheese (as well as marzipan, pizza, chocolate… wonder why I need to lose weight?!) I hope you meal with your friend goes okay tonight- a few drinks needed? & tissues?
    Jean- scones sound delish! Weird how I can make cakes really well, but my pastry isn’t great & scones never rise up well either! (Considering we are supposed to be supporting each other to lose weight, all this talk about food is not good!!)Well done on the pound down, nice & steady!
    Mstar- I’ve done small workouts on FDs, but not a tough one on an empty stomach- well done! Although I have done a short rebound session at home & been out for a 5 mile bike ride (rusty, getting back into it!) this afternoon with no food, feel good!
    Scales down one pound this week- finally lost that 2lbs I put on the other weekend!! Hopefully it’ll keep going now!

  • Non Fasting Days

    Hi! New and excited to find this forum. What does everyone use to count calories on nonfasting days? I have been following this since October, but haven’t lost anything yet. I am wondering if Spark People is counting calories on the high side…so looking to find a good calorie counter people that have lost weight have used…

    Would like to drop at least 5 pounds by Christmas…I want to be under 150 pounds to start the New Year.

  • Question about HGH

    If you have some problems low HGH level you can try HGH therapy (i applied to this clinic – But first you should consultation with your doctor.

  • November 2017 Challenge

    Day 24 NFD country West Australia

  • November 2017 Challenge

    Day 24 – USA – FD

    Great holiday yesterday…made sure I only had one meal. Still wound up at about the same calories as I normally do on a NFD. Today’s FD is very welcome, lol!

  • November 2017 Challenge

    @bert1802. Your story is very inspirational. Can you tell us what kind of industry you work in that you like so much ? It sounds like you really made a good move.

  • November 2017 Challenge

    Day 24 USA (IL to UT) – NFD

    Managed to stay close to TDEE yesterday despite turkey and trimmings dinner. Today I fly to Utah late afternoon, so will be able to get to Silver Sneakers exercise class this morning. I know it is good for us!

    Like @bert1802 I gained just about 1/2 a pound. That’s okay for Thanksgiving eating!

    @toddybear – I never take into account any exercise caloric usage, just figure it is a benefit. Stick to your normal FD calorie regimen.

    FD’s generally mean I will be cold physically despite what the weather is, so I feel for those who are dealing with cold weather as well. Have any of you made or bought the rice bags that are wonderful for heating up cold hands or body parts? I make them for myself and gifts. It’s a 12″ square of cloth filled with 2 pounds of rice and sewn up. (Often I put additional stitching to make it into 4 squares of 1/2 pound of rice each.) You heat it in the microwave for 2 minutes to make a nice little heater. Or for injury, an hour in the freezer makes it a cold pack.

    I hope to keep today very controlled as traveling food is always a challenge.

    Onward and downward!

  • November 2017 Challenge

    @toddybear, I’d stick to the 500. Extra activity is the icing on the cake. Even if fairly active, you’ll probably find that 90% of your results come from diet and only 10% from activity.

  • November 2017 Challenge

    Day 24…..Florida….FD

    It’s raining here again this morning. Very thankful that it is, my garden is loving it but the rain does stop me from venturing out today. I was thinking about heading out to the dollar tree as Ineed a few new things to decorate with but I will leave it until tomorrow.
    So, I’ll just finish wiping down the walls in preparation for the holiday decorations to go up.
    Yesterday food wise wasn’t to bad….. I did gain my 2\10th of a lbback but with today’s FD, I’ll knock that right out of the park.

    I’ll be setting up Dec page on Sunday. I’ve got to grab some graft paper when I’m out to keep a small spreadsheet of everything, find a ending and I’ve got a nifty challenge for everyone too….. exciting I’m telling you!

    @rainbow……I’m sorry for your loss…..
    @dykask…… sorry to hear about your job. Not sure if this will help or not…… In 2014, 10 days before Christmas, I also was displaced from my job. The killer was, I found out about it not from my employer but a person in the same industry. He actually called to offer me a position in his company, not to tell me about the loss of my job. Anywho, not the point. I did take his offer but his company was not the right fit for me. But one year later, I was afforded to interview with a job totally out of my comfort zone, in an industry that I knew nothing about. Almost 3 years later, I’m loving it, the people I work with and the owners are the sweetest people you’d ever meet.
    Sometimes the hardest impact on our lives can send us in directions we’d never think of and give us the biggest joys. Today, is a new day…. get out of your comfort zone and do something you love! Your are wonderful and there is no limit on what you can achieve!
    Okay well I’m off…….

    I do not have ducks 🦆
    I do not have rows
    I have monkeys 🐒 and they’re running the circus!

  • November 2017 Challenge

    Hi everyone – advice please

    I am on a FD and planned my 500cal – I completed a 5k jog this morning (Garmin tells me I used about 450cal) – would you take this into consideration with your intake or just stick with the 500cal?

    Thanks in advance

  • November 2017 Challenge

    Day 24, Gozo Malta, nfd

    Rainbowsmile condolences. Prayers for your loss.

    Have a great Friday everyone it’s Black Friday and lots of discounts for shopping. Onwards and downwards

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Hi All….

    Looks as if I have lost on half a pastie…his face was a picture when he got one out of the freezer….he really could eat a full one!….he looks forward to eating Friday …so they have all gone now, next time of making I Must do smaller…

    We will enjoy them tonight…

    Internet now working so that’s one stress over…

    All pastry made for apple pies, it is in the fridge resting…I shall do some scones too…having a cuppa now..

    I hope the lodge is up to standard and you are all enjoying yourselves….

    I am a bit boring with cheese I usually go for Double Gloucester, it keeps well in the daughter eats all the strange ones, she takes them back to Louisiana with her, chillie cheese a favourite of hers, she likes with wine…

    Everybody have a good day…

    Jean x

  • The Maintenance Chatbox… come and share your success with us!

    Naughty girl, Pve!

  • November 2017 Challenge

    Day 24, Copenhagen
    Hi everyone – I’m still here. But I’ve actually gone over to the 18:6 approach which has given me a bit more weight loss (and other benefits) so far than 5:2 has, and I like the daily routine 🙂 anyway, I’ll stick with you guys tho, and I still hope to reach my goal by 1 December.

    Happy fasting x

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    Morning/evening all,

    Ha ha ha RT, thanks for the Friday funnies 😆

    It’s the weekend already, where does the time go.
    I’ve had a busy week as the preparations for the silly season have started and I hate a last minute rush so prefer to get started early. I’ve bought some gifts and cards and will do some more shopping next week when all this Black Friday nonsense has calmed down.

    I’m adding in an extra FD this weekend as the lunch and dinner invitations are coming in. I am going to make some more of the Andean style pumpkin stew that I tried a few weeks ago and shall be living on it all weekend 🙂

    Have a good weekend everybody 😜

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    It does sound good, I think it’s lucky I’m in the office or I might be going for a bit of cheese on toast too.
    The cheese I got is weird – apricot, orange and amaretto stilton. I find fruity cheese a bit hit and miss, but this one is really nice – I think anyone who was saying how much they love marzipan would love it.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    I really enjoyed it only one slice… a change from the usual..

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Oops, perhaps mentioning cheese this time of morning wasn’t wise – too tempting? 😉

  • Breakfast

    Avoid morning calorie sinkholes like muffins, bagels, and pancakes, and order a protein-packed egg sandwich instead. To save calories, hold the cheese

  • November 2017 Challenge

    Day 24 Wales NFD

    Good FD yesterday and slept really well. I’m noticing a pattern, after a FD I sleep really deeply for 8+ hours and wake with a muzzy headache (regardless of how much water I drink during FD) which goes after 2 mugs of tea. I like to think that this is part of the body repair process of FDs. I certainly feel so much healthier since starting this WOE.

    @rainbowsmile – deepest sympathy on the loss of your pa. Take care of yourself at this difficult time.

  • The Maintenance Chatbox… come and share your success with us!

    I’m wondering if you still partake in witch burning FM 😉

  • November 2017 Challenge

    Day 24 London UK FD and DR ( dry day).

    Haha FlourBaby! I know. I know. But I had so much alcohol in Venice and I felt really depressed, and Venice is my favourite place. Wine really disturbs my sleep and I wake up feeling like life isn’t worth living, and when I don’t drink I wake up feeling the world is a wonderful place. So it’s really obvious what the issue is, but not easy to solve. I’ve been on the Soberistas site which helps a lot.
    Good luck to all fasters today. Onwards and downwards.

  • November 2017 Challenge

    Day 24 UK NFD

    I ate so much yesterday! But all good healthy food. Fruit and veg, nuts and legumes. My weight bounced up but is still under ten and a half stone. One day of plenty isn’t going to wreck everything.

  • November 2017 Challenge

    Day 24, London, UK, NFD,

    Aiming for control today, especially as I’ll be eating out tomorrow at our Xmas ‘do’.

    @emma Taylor, now, I’m not saying I lack faith in your determination, but………………… are you crazy??? Dry December!!!!???? You do know Xmas is in December, right??

    @bigviking, you’ve got enough time to make a difference in November without delaying that bottle you have planned for Dec 1st!!!

    Off to Pilates, then prep-ing hair & clothes for tomorrow.

    Keep the faith everyone, one weeks big push before we end this challenge!!!

  • November 2017 Challenge

    Day 25/NFD/Melbourne Australia

    @rainbowsmile my sincerest condolences
    @cornish-jane I’m into my 3rd year of maintainance. Loving this WOL.
    @bert count me in for December. Thank you for hosting.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Morning All…
    A cold start here today.. lovely blue sky..

    Fun and games changing to a new broadband provider…Steve been faffing for a hour.. so impatient, so now giving them time for changeover..

    I have 1 lb off.. Steve the same… I am thinking he is on so many medications is that the problem, still he is not putting on …be positive..

    Enjoy your Indian tonight, we were going to have one but the pastie won.. Half!..

    Shame about the spots he will be so uncomfortable about it.. it hits us all at sometime..

    I am making small apple pies this morning for the freezer.. for of Steve’s favourites ..

    Glad you are still with us a good 3 lb loss this week and a spin class.. well done..

    A busy time for you hope it works out and not what you expect when you get in..
    You got me going with cheese this morning…cheese on toast it was nice 😀

    Where are you?..are things OK.. we are missing you..

    Jean x

  • November 2017 Challenge

    Day 24 Cornwall, UK NFD

    I realise few of our American cousins will be weighing in today – hope you had a good Thanksgiving and sometimes the calories are worth it!

    Friday is my weigh-in day so here goes…another 0.4kg down. Total 2.8kg for November so far. Mustn’t self-sabotage. I’ll be joining the December challenge as it seems to help – thanks to you all out there.

    Statistics are famously misleading but I think somewhere between 2/3rds and 98% of people who lose a lot of weight regain it within 3 years (yes, thats me).

    However, a recent study showed that those who have kept the weight off for a year and maintained the changes to their WOF (eg exercise, reduced food etc), most (87%) kept the weight off 5 to 10 years later. So – thats what I have to aim for this time!

  • The Maintenance Chatbox… come and share your success with us!

    Morning, all. I seem to back to good management. Drinking lots of water. Yesterday, I asked for chips instead of potato salad with my light lunch at poetry. However, that was the only meal I had all day, with just a yoghurt, satsuma, small apple and some cashews later. Scales show 2 &3/4lb down this morning, so safely in wriggle room.

    Barata, I’ll be indulging in some wine tomorrow while I watch the game. Wales can always dream!

    Fasting- me, you sound like pioneers with your tree-tagging and cider pressings!

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Morning everyone!

    Good going on the spinning class Michelin, I haven’t managed a proper class on an FD yet, I’m always too drained to even get to the leisure centre!

    I had to go food shopping on the way home last night and made the mistake of getting a posh cheese and had a few cubes of before bed. It might have ruined my day, but it was so late after a back to back I’m not feeling too guilty. I had a terrible night’s sleep though, waking up every few hours stressed and unable to get back to sleep properly. Yesterday was really busy at work, and from this point on the Christmas rush is really going to start, it’s going to be manic. Add to that I still haven’t quite caught up on stock levels to the point I’d like and it’s a worry! When I left last night there was a big pile of invoices sitting on my desk and I’m pretty sure there’ll be more once I get in today. Eurgh.

    Hedgehogs – I know, it’s weird isn’t it? There must be some vitamin in broccoli that I’m otherwise lacking because every now and then I’ll just get a craving for a big pile of it. Mmm, apple crumble sounds delicious… and the korma.

    Low day for me until I go out this evening to the Harvester. I’m meeting a friend who’s going through a super tough time to offer my support, and to be honest I’m dreading it. :S

  • November 2017 Challenge

    Day 24 Belfast in a v cold and frosty morning.CD

    Back on track now and the scales are back to their all time low so feeling good.

    @happymargo having OH on board is such a bonus. It’ll make your journey easier for sure.
    @rainbowsmile I’m so sorry to hear your sad news.  While it’s part of life’s cycle, it’s a difficult time for sure. ((Hugs)) to you.
    @bert.  I totally agree. I try to keep a grateful diary to remind me of my blessings.

    Off to finish the decorating.  My muscles certainly know they’ve been worked!

    Onwards and downwards everyone.  Let’s have that final push to the end of the month.

  • November 2017 Challenge

    Day 24, UK, FD

    Back to where I was on Tuesday. One week to go of this challenge, one week to find 4lb. Otherwise, do I have to spend the first few days of December in wine purgatory too? 😱

    @dykask good luck with the job re-org – never a happy time when things like that happens!

    Onwards and downwards!

  • November 2017 Challenge

    Day 25 UK – 5th FD

    Had a restless night last night so spent some time looking further into the science behind fasting… Interesting stuff! And some interesting diet myths (to which I have long subscribed) dispelled!

    Wednesday was the first day I didn’t manage my 10000 steps… But as @at will testify everyone in the north west of the UK were preoccupied building arks!!! I was back on the case yesterday even though my usual route was flooded!

    @rainbowsmile… Sorry for your loss.

    @bert1802…thank you… I’d love to carry on my new adventure for another month.

  • The Maintenance Chatbox… come and share your success with us!

    Sounds like Yu had a wonderful day Fastingme!

  • November 2017 Challenge

    Day 24 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    2nd of B2B and planning a liquid fast day. Dropped a pound from yesterday’s FD and back at 141. Would love to see the 139 I briefly encountered this day 3 weeks ago,
    it was a fleeting glimpse and gone. So LFD it will be. Oxo cubes packed, lots of water, coffee, green tea. I don’t do soup on an LFD but beef stock cubes are needed on this very cold day of sub zero temperatures 😬

    @miraclelou I understand how you feel as we face into today’s fast. It’s very cold, we are tired …..yup, how will we ever make it through? But you know we will! I will hold your hand through this ……I hope I can do my liquid only fast on this cold day….we can do this, together we are stronger ☺️

    To all of you who wished my stepson well, your kind thoughts worked. DH brought him home yesterday, no serious problems anymore, just needs to rest. He does bodybuilding and was putting his body through a harsh regime, so he has to tone it down. Sheesh, the things we do to ourselves ….at least this WOL is kind to our bodies.

    Happy fasting Friday 👍

  • How much can I expect to lose on average each week?

    Thanks,simceoluv. I’ll check out the tips.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    A tough one yesterday FD with a midday spinning class running on empty. Weighed in this morning 103.4 not bad from 106.6 from Monday. Trying to manage what I eat carefully on the NFD although curry night tonight will be a real challenge!. I don’t expect the weight to keep dropping at the same rate but be nice to keep a negative slope until xmas….

  • November 2017 Challenge

    Day 24 Newcastle UK 🇬🇧 NFD.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Well done, Pseudo- but broccoli?
    I think I probably went a bit over yesterday- there was just too much temptation. Eldest son asked me to make him a ‘healthy’ apple crumble- I used Anthony Worral-Thomson’s GI diet recipe. My poor son is finding anything sugary seems to make his spots worse, but at his age he obviously has quite an appetite, & he loves puddings, he’s cut so much stuff out over the last 6 months, but every now & then gets a craving… So I am going to not eat until dinner time tonight- having a korma with eldest son- he’s always been a fussy eater, but since he has a girlfriend he’s eating so many different things!
    Jean- hope that your weigh in goes well, & that you enjoy your half a pastie each!

  • November 2017 Challenge

    Day 24, FD, Germany
    @rainbowsmile so sorry to read about your loss!! Wishing you strength!
    I am a bit scared right now of today’s FD. I don’t know why, but sometimes there are those days when I wonder how I should ever make it to fast for this day! Usually the feeling goes away through out the day and I hope it’ll be like this today, too…
    Right now I am tired, cold and sad… One step at a time!
    To everybody fasting today with me, good luck!

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Afternoon all, Cinque, if you’re well enough to read, I’m still thinking of you and wishing you the speedy return to ‘normal activity’ that you were promised or, failing that, a speedy return to your usual activity level. Meanwhile, I hope you’re being thoroughly pampered. I miss you.

    Happy Thanksgiving CalifD! Leftovers are too tempting the next day so, I agree, best not to set yourself up for failure. Enjoy tomorrow too, get it out of your system and then fast! I always worked on Thanksgiving Day since it held little cultural significance for me and that gave my colleagues a chance to enjoy the holiday that often meant more to them than Christmas. Certainly, it’s the biggest commercial aviation travel day in the USA. And thanks for your kind offer to send the bluapple which is very tempting. We can chat via email about how I could pay you.

    My kefir is going gangbusters with the warmer weather so thanks for the ice cream tastalike LJ. Arelkade, I’m glad your kefir survived the freezer, I managed to kill my previous one doing that.

    Good to hear from you JJulie. That holiday went quickly. I only use steel cut oats for porridge now. It requires the old-fashioned method of standing and stirring to prepare, taking about 20 minutes, but it’s very satisfying and I make a large enough batch that some can be microwaved another day. Other than saving time, I don’t understand the point of instant oats (from a nutritional standpoint).

    Hi Merry, yes it’s PVE on the MC thread who says her husband has reversed his diabetes through fasting.

    Well, it is so peaceful and quiet now that the tenants next door have moved out so I must get outside and enjoy the tranquility before the next lot move in…

  • November 2017 Challenge

    Second post

    @rainbowsmile, my deepest sympathy to you and your family. I’m so sorry to hear about your father’s passing. Hugs to you across the miles.

  • November 2017 Challenge

    Day 24 ND FD my deepest sympathy is with you @rainbowsmile . Didn’t intend to fast today but it’s so hot I just can’t be bothered eating. Concert this evening getting excited. @bert1802 thankyou count me in.

  • What if we eat 2 portion

    There are actually many factors involved, it isn’t just calories. However over-eating will likely lead to gaining fat, even if it is just over-eating for a short period of time.

    For many people, there is a lower insulin response to sugars early in their day as compared to later in the day. However it can often take a long time for insulin to return to fasting levels. Even spreading meals apart by 8 hours may not be completely enough. The main problem is that we don’t have an easy way to measure blood insulin and it is possible there are wide variations between people. It is easy to measure blood glucose and it likely follows that the higher the blood sugar the higher the insulin. This isn’t always true though as shown by type I diabetes.

    When it comes to blood glucose I know that mind drops quite a bit after about 20 hours of fasting. After about 90 minutes or so it climbs back up to more normal levels. When I fast for multiple days the blood glucose will even go a little lower but generally I don’t notice it like the drop around 20 hours. The point is these timeframes don’t really fit into a eating two widely spaced meals in a day.

    While I strongly discount the overly simplified calorie math, I have to agree with simcoeluv that overeating in two meals instead three won’t buy you much.

    Fasting does buy a lot though. When I was using calorie restriction, I was trying to eat less than 14000 calories a week. With 5:2 I’m actually eating around 15000 calories a week, but I weight a lot less and I have a lot less body fat. When I reduce the food consumption it has more impact than just a continuous diet. I’m also trying to build muscle so I have more of a difficult balance. If you cut calories too much it is possible to lose lean body mass.

    If you really don’t want to fast, then probably the best thing to do is to cut as much refined sugar from your diet as possible. That can have a great impact. A second thing to do is reduce the amount of simple carbohydrates consumed.

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