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  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Kay I hope mine say low😃.But somehow I don’t think that they will 😖.It’s warm here today 11°C, summer is back.Going to Denise’s mums after I take Heidi out.Not got on the scales, still deliberating on that🤪. Less than 3 weeks to Christmas, soon be here.


    Day 6, London, UK, NFD

    It’s the first of my 4 NFDs, but they WILL be controlled, I may even throw a FD in too.

    I’m determined to force a whoosh this week, so yesterday I did some serious dragon drowning – about 3L – which kept hunger at bay until dinner and surprisingly didn’t mean taking up residence in the loo. I must have been very dehydrated.

    Gosh @michelinme, you really have been suffering, you’re doing all the right things. I’m sure it’ll pass soon and you’ll be back on track, take care. xx

    @daffodil2010, you too are suffering, I hate a chesty cold, all that coughing starts the hammering in my head!! I hope you feel better soon too, couldn’t you rest and recuperate at the plush hotel?? Order loads of room service and don’t let your colleagues know you’re even there!!! Take care xx

    @funshipfreddie, the slippery slope awaits, before you know it, the week for you will be Sunday, Friday, Tuesday, Friday, Thursday, Friday, Friday, Friday, FRIDAY!!!!

    Way to go @i-hate-lettuce, I……… am ………… in …………… awe!!!!

    I’m off to Pilates in an hour, then I plan to stay busy, hydrated and out of the kitchen, I’ll complete the 30DS then have dinner & lock the kitchen door!!


    Day 6 – Lake district UK – NFD

    Good morning all,

    Result, after recent holiday, weigh in on 19th November I had put on 8 lbs in 2 weeks. But knowing what happened last time, just sneaked in an extra FD or two, more walking and this morning back to my low. All 8 lbs gone in 17 days!

    Total loss since end of July = 21 lbs, one and a half stone, feeling very good and extremely happy to have found a WOL that allows me to indulge occasionally but with a bit of work, continue to lose weight. It’s not always been easy, but there again, not that difficult, I just had to get my head round it…. and for me keep writing things down, including calories.

    26/7/19 BMI 38 BMR 1999 Weight 265 lbs = 120.2 kg
    6/12/19 BMI 35 BMR 1903 Weight 244 lbs = 110.6 kg

    My first target when I started was to get down to 237 lbs which would be 2 stone, only 7 lbs to go, it may be a bit slower going over the next month, but even so, it feels within reach! Then will look for another target!

    @funshipfreddie – know what you mean about not feeling guilty about having and extra slurp or treat, found my extra FD this last week has worked.

    Take care all, we can do it.


    Day 6 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    @ciren2 – I got both your posts too! So it may disappear from the forum, but the emails still arrive…? The lunch sounded divine 😋

    Don’t know if this is quite ‘legal’ re my dry til Fri rule, but as today is a FD I declared today ‘Thursday’, and yesterday ‘Friday’. Just so that I wouldn’t feel too guilty about having a rum & coke last night. Or was it three? 😳 Does that make sense? Okay, I know it’s a stretch, and I need to pull myself together. But I don’t feel too distraught, seeing as I’m doing 4:3 this week…

    Pocket List – Day 6 🍏

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    On route to mums! A bit of a panic at the moment as downloaded tickets to train app and when I came to activate it, it says ticket expired! Ive double and triple checked the date and time!!!

    Been a busy week, getting sorted for my trip and working. Made some mince pies yesterday but didnt really like the pastry, self raising flour and egg…

    Havent managed any FDs this week and when I got on the scales this morning, they just said…low…
    Sadly that means battery not me!

    Hope you are all ok and not got your christmas heads on yet, its too early!

    Kay x

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Morning all!
    Dave- very naughty of Denise, put her in the corner! Hope you stayed strong!
    Jean- hope you feel better soon!
    Nana- curry night?
    Endellion- glad you’ve had a good couple of FDs, nice if your appetite has reduced, mine never does 😂
    Minols- how’s it going, did you keep strong yesterday?
    Mel- are you okay?
    Typhoo- is your fasting done for the week?
    Kay, Cakey, Annabelle, hope you’re all okay!
    Pouring with rain here! Will leave it a bit before I take Xena out! Have got pork in the slow cooker in for pulled pork tonight, Mum is coming & my aunt who’s staying a few days with mum. Hubby has chosen a pudding, not going to be able to resist that!

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Morni g
    Didn’t do particularly well yesterday. Started eating junk at lunchtime… Really didn’t enjoy it which is good and didn’t eat as much as I could have, but really wish I’d had a good day.

    Anyway today is a proper nfd – finishing at lunchtime to go to the Christmas Market with the boys as I won’t have much time with them this weekend.

    Hope you’re feeling better, Jean. The boy woke up with a cough and he’s NEVER sick.

    HH well done on the sneaky weigh in… Be brilliant if it stays off!

    Quilt is all laid out on the floor at church waiting to be pinned, trimmed, boun and knotted. Looking pretty good🤔


    Day 6, Emden Germany, NFD

    yesterday’s FD went well, only had beetroot soup.

    @ciren2 it must have been one of the best lunches you’ve ever had!

    @ccco haha, that’s a great excuse to drink! The Queen is 93 now so it can’t be that bad.

    @michelinme and @daffodil2010 hope you two will feel better soon.

    Have a nice day everyone!


    Day 6 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Well now this cold has gone into my chest and I am coughing and barking and it’s painful 😪

    Sorry for moaning about it, but this cold just won’t go away. I went to work yesterday and soldiered on, will go to work today but might well come home early if this chest gets on. I think I have made up my mind that I am not going to my party tonight….☹️
    Which I am sad about as I probably won’t get a chance to stay in this hotel again as it’s mega plush. But… first.

    @ciren2 so delighted you had a lovely lunch with DD

    @michelinme you and me both with the chest….hope you feel better soon


    Day 6: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    @ccco: It’s because I made the mistake of trying to edit my post after I saw a minor mistake. At least, now I know a solution…look on the HISTORY and retrieve, COPY and re-post!

    Back to normal life again after meeting up with DD yesterday. It’s raining outside and I have a long day ahead of me at work. We’ll most likely not meet up again until Christmas Day. She’s meeting her old best friends today for a spa-day near Windsor! Her OH is still at work for the next week, then they go off on holiday.

    I was surprised to see that the extra and rich restaurant food yesterday did not show on the scales…..or…..are they misleading me again? I don’t quite trust them anymore!

    @michelinme: Sounds to me that you are doing exactly the right thing. Listen to your body and get plenty of rest. Get well soon xx

  • The Maintenance Chatbox… come and share your success with us!

    Same with our son. They’ll be right.

  • The Maintenance Chatbox… come and share your success with us!

    Glad to hear it, P. Also my children, well urbanised, although my son’s section backs onto a tree-filled gully.

  • The Maintenance Chatbox… come and share your success with us!

    Glad to hear it, P. Also my children, well urbanised, although my son’s section backs onto a tree-filled gully.

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    Seconding that, Happy 🙂

    Must get on to the Christmas cards – always later than I intended, and with a change of address this year…

    Have a great weekend, all.

  • The Maintenance Chatbox… come and share your success with us!

    I wouldn’t say I’m light, Happy, but I am finding this regemin relatively easy, and that, to me, counts for a lot. I’m healthy, I’m not gaining and I don’t feel deprived. Years of fasting has made it very easy to skip meals, hasn’t it?
    Sorry to hear about your OH and aunt, Polly. Take care of yourself.
    Your new, potential, garden sounds delightful, B. Mr B will have to give up work to maintain it 😏
    We are glued to the radio today as they are evacuating areas we know very well, having lived there. Glad we are in the city now, even with the shocking smoke, we are safe.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Afternoon all, There was a health expert on the breakfast show this morning talking about the benefits of time restricted eating. He was saying how people that practice it have the lowest chances of developing diabetes and heart disease. I’ve been doing it for a year now but it’s nice to know that I’m on the right track and that the word is starting to spread.

    The carpet is all installed in our living room now, and I’ve got the plumber booked in for next Wednesday to come and install the log burner, so there is a good chance that we will have all our renovations completed and signed off before we go to Fiji. Then when we get back we can look into getting our new furniture, television and aerial and then our living room will be done.

  • The Maintenance Chatbox… come and share your success with us!

    Hi all, everyone busy with their lives. We are getting a little smoke from the Aussie fires, dreadful to have such infernos so early in the summer and everything so dry. My niece in the Hunter Valley is packing her car again.

    Our house purchase goes unconditional next week. This isn’t the property that I mentioned earlier. We missed out on that one, but are very happy to have done so, this one will be great- until OH gets weary of mowing the 3,000 sqm lawn! Same as the other place, has to do with the need to distribute grey water on the land, being outside the municipal sewerage collection area. It has lovely mature exotic trees, fruit trees and a well-established garden that I am itching to get into.

    Really weird – after sleeping beautifully since we arrived in the north, I have had six dreadful nights. Back to nine hours last night, so grateful.

    We won’t mention my weight! 🙁

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    It WILL be, Happy x

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    Ha ha, P, I think the silence probably says more about Amazon’s absence than successful fasting! She’s been the glue that’s held this thread together for a long time now.

    I am NOT at all ready for Christmas. I just don’t have time to do it justice while working full time. I may have to cancel it to avoid stressing myself out with the thought of presents I haven’t bought, cards I haven’t written and preparation I haven’t made!! My domestic situation doesn’t help on that front either of course, still sharing a house for practical/ financial reasons, but it’s hard to get excited about xmas with someone you don’t want to spend the rest of your life with… generally though I’m feeling quite positive – 2020 can only be better (or perhaps just different… 😂)

  • The Maintenance Chatbox… come and share your success with us!

    Hi P,

    Pleased to hear you are surviving, although it must be awful to be watching your country burn. I wonder what the future holds for the generations that come after us.

    Good to hear 16:8 is working for you. I’m afraid I am still eating breakfast most days, although I have managed to knock my granola habit on the head! I’m mostly in the 61s (134lbs for you Polly!), which actually I’m pretty happy with and as I’m not gaining I’m not stressing. I do a 24 hour fast on a Tuesday as I’m out all day, then skip an evening meal on Wednesdays as I’m out at Pilates, but I struggle to concentrate on work if I’m hungry…


    Sorry to hear about your OHs gout markers. I’ve just googled gout diets. Looks like he should be eating more carbs, less meat, and avoiding yeast products like marmite…and beer!??! What a nightmare.


    Day 5 UK CD

    Days 3&4 disappeared with this virus which has now gone to my chest. Still spaced out and not going out – feels like I’m living in the twilight zone! Sleeping lots & eating OMAD well under TDEE, trying to remember to drink lots of ginger tea.

    Today feels more a OMAD CD than FD but I think I’m focussing on getting better first and fasting second.

    @jaifaim welcome back. Your epic cycling trip sounded… epic! Hope this is a good month for you x
    @daffodil2010 hope you feel better v soon
    @flourbaby way to go with 30DS!!
    @missybear been thinking of you
    @betsylee welcome back too
    @ciren2 how lovely that your DD is safely back for a long visit! I can’t imagine mine being on the other side of the world for a year. Glad you didn’t lose your post too 😀

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Good morning everyone

    Cali, the exam and blood tests on Wednesday were part of the usual cycle for my current medication. The CT scan was on my lower back and the results of that will determine whether I’m a suitable candidate for cortisone injections into the facet joints in the lower spine. As my lower back problems have been ongoing for about a year I would be glad to know there’s something that can be done. I see my GP next week and he’ll let me know the outcome.
    The only thing I couldn’t figure out on is whether things would be posted from Australia or o/s. I was expecting to receive everything this month but after I’d placed the order one item gave me a January delivery date which was several weeks later than the estimated date quoted on Amazon. They are promoting Amazon Prime heavily, but I would need to be buying a lot more things than I usually do to justify it – although I think it gives me cheaper ebooks too and I do buy those regularly.

    I’m heading back to the city this morning. I have a dental appointment.

    Yesterday’s 800cal day went to plan thankfully.

    Have a nice day.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Denise has opened her Christmas stash😱😱😱😮😦😧😩. Nibbling her sweets😈.I am putting on pounds watching her👀👀👀🤯.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Dave I’m lucky that my medication 💊 doesn’t stop me from donating at the moment.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    I stopped the blood donations, I am on too many tablets.You just reminded me I have to make an appointment at the doctor’s to discuss my blood test results.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Evening everyone,
    Thank you for the kind comments regarding the outcome of husbands blood test results – it’s always a nerve wracking time waiting for them luckily it’s only 24hrs.
    Went to Ely this morning and it was foggy and cold but the sun managed to break through late morning. Had a pub meal this evening as it’s steak night Thursday and am absolutely stuffed – need to get my iron levels up as I’m booked to go blood doning on the 20th of this month.
    Jean hope you’re feeling a little better now.
    Hedgehogs well done on 3lbs off.
    Dave glad Heidi got her fix today.
    Nana x

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Hi everyone!

    Checking in at last! Been an FD for me today and on Monday, and a surprisingly easy breezy one for me today as well. I wonder if my appetite is just decreasing, as I’ve been feeling much fuller on my NFDs as well?

    Hope you’re all well! x

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    I can always help if needed,no guarantee I will know what to do but generally I am ok.Watching the footie on Amazon again.Ordered an SD card for new tablet so I can download films to watch on the plane in march, I have prime and Netflix so should be ok for films from those two.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Dave- could do with you as my tech assistant 😂 The boys help out but aren’t here enough!
    I did a sneaky peek at the scales- 3lbs off! So only 1lb left to get off, but if I don’t stick to keto over the weekend it’ll go back on!
    Jean- how are you?
    Finally warmed up, I made a green thai curry instead of just a stir fry, it was quite hot!


    USA Day 5 FD

    Ciren2: Your post wasn’t lost! I got it twice! LOL In answer to your question about FaceTime. FaceTime is like Skype, except it comes with the Mac (Apple) computer. You don’t pay extra for it. I use it all the time with my family, since we are also spread out all over the place. I am glad you are enjoying your daughter’s visit. I can imagine it’s wonderful, especially as a holiday present for you!

    In any case, my FD has gone well so far. I did eat more than I planned but I was hungrier than yesterday. Now all I have to do is escape drinking wine tonight!

    Hope all is going well with everyone!


    Thank you all for your good wishes for today.
    @suki2: Yes, she arrived safely and on time in London and we met up successfully at the lunch venue near Reading.
    @metatauta: @daffodil2010: You can bet I was excited too! To actually hug her again after nearly a year over 12,000 miles apart, was fantastic.
    @snowflake56: @funshipfreddie: The lunch was good, if rather large (huge, in fact) and indulgent. I had Thai style salmon fillets with french fries and salad, followed by my favourite chocolate ice cream!
    We had a good catch-up on our lives and plan to see each other again on Christmas day when she’ll stay over with her OH before spending time with his relatives.
    @bellyblast: You also have your children spread far and wide? So many do, these days, I’ve discovered. The young people spread their wings. What is Facetime? Is it the same as Skype, which we use?
    @at: Of course I will stick with you….you don’t get rid of me that easily….ha…ha! Actually I returned the water fasting book(let) to Amazon….what a waste of money. Superficial, lightweight, nothing that anyone doesn’t know already….just a thin book for over £10! I’m re-reading Michael Mosley’s 5:2 book, which has so much more science and substance to it, and much more motivating.

    Hey, I looked on the history and found and copied it…it WORKED!!


    I thanked you all individually for your kind wishes, and told you all about our meet-up with DD today…..Aaarrgghh! I hate this site sometimes.
    Somebody suggested copying before submitting. I must try that.


    Oh NO! I just lost my post!


    Day 4 Oxfordshire UK NFD
    Day 5 NFD
    Just checking in.
    I’m afraid this week is the start of Christmas temptation. Yesterday was lunch out with my mum. Then today was my folk dancing group’s Christmas meeting, so nibbles were available. I had a late breakfast and missed lunch so that I could eat something without too much guilt.
    Tomorrow will also be a NFD as DH & I are off to Winchester Christmas Market. Depending on the scales on Saturday morning I may have to make that a FD. we’ll see.

    @ciren2 I hope your daughter arrived safely and you enjoy your time with her.
    @daffodil2010 I hope you are feeling better soon, it sounds like a bad one.

  • Starting today (5/20), but for anyone just starting

    Welcome back Alx,

    Have unintentionally absent for a few days. I normally do a post first thing in the morning when I get to work, and have been distracted by other things this week.

    My last 2 fast days were not perfect (Mon & Thurs, and both days started eating food from lunch time and ended with calories >500c). But I still managed to loose some weight.

    About feeling cold. When I lost 15 kg, I felt colder than usual. I put it down to less insulation (fat) so it’s a good thing.

    We are getting into summer here in Southern Hemisphere, and looking forward to have more salad and summer fruits.

    Helping out daughter’s equestrian event this Sunday – means lots of walking.

    Have a fantastic Friday everyone!

  • Fuzziness of thinking the day after a fast

    I think that this is normal for those who are dramatically changing their lifestyle. You need more rest at this moment. I first began to restrict myself in food when I was in my second year of study. It was a difficult time for me. My mind refused to work fast. I made a responsible decision at this moment and contacted the service These guys helped me with some written work. Thus, I reduced the load on the brain and was able to endure the first unpleasant days. Try to find an opportunity to relax in your situation.

  • Starting today (5/20), but for anyone just starting

    Hey all,

    Fasting with you today Al and anyone else on a Thursday fast – though I’ve done Fast 800 since Monday and dropped another 1 lb! So at the minute, I’m all for this 800 cals per day – I’ve not been hungry, maybe the odd grumble, but overall, I’ve been more energetic and not felt the need to snack! So far, I’ve only had 150 cals today and with my cooked chicken breast and salad for dinner, I should possibly be under 600 for the day, without having felt the hunger I usually do on a fast day. I’m going to stick with this for as long as I can, so every day I will aim to stick to 800 or so and see what my Monday weigh-in brings.
    More activity today as well, with a long walk and a fair bit of strength work, so hoping my losses keep on, but mentally, I feel like I’m on the right track again, so that’s more important for me at the moment.

    Happy fasting to all and hope everyone is well 🙂

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Feeling very pleased with myself,Denise didn’t like the launcher on the Amazon fire tablet,too many icons for her liking,so I have managed to put a new launcher on it,it’s the best launcher on Android as far as I am concerned,it’s called Nova launcher,I have the paid version but the normal one is very good.Also the new case came today for it so now I close the case lid and it turns the tablet off and when I open the case it turns it on and starts up Nova launcher 😀😀😀.Took Heidi and she had her fix in the churchyard 😀.


    Day 5 Canada NFD

    Quick check in, had a good FD yesterday and will be careful to keep going forwards and downward today. The Fd’s are often the easy ones!

    All the best for Day 5 everyone

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    I hope I don’t beat your 4lbs gain HH,more football on Amazon prime tonight,two games then all premiere league games are being shown on prime in a week or two.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Hope it’s not, Jean, that’s nasty…hope you soon feel better.
    Dave- I put on 4lbs last weekend with not sticking to keto & the Dutch goodies, see if you can equal that 😂
    Haven’t weighed yet, will see if some’s come off with my 3 FDs…
    Typhoo- 😂😂 burning the wagon!
    I’m fed up with being cold 😞😬. Fasting makes it worse, but I’m usually cold anyway. Have got quite a few of the letters done today for my Christmas cards, been putting that off! Stir fry for dinner tonight.


    USA Day 5 FD

    Decided I needed another FD. I again drank wine last night and you won’t believe why!!! I read that the Queen has a glass of wine everyday for lunch and a glass of Champagne every evening. I doubt that’s true, but it gave me an excuse!! LOL Unfortunately, my evening glass through me out of my meal plan calorie count. Okay, today I am trying again.

    FUNSHIPFREDDIE: Thanks for the article. I read it right after I measured myself and discovered I had lost a whole inch around my waistline! Yay! I also agree with the article. What we eat makes the big difference.

    SongBirdMe: There is food everyone! Someone is always offering some. People always are meaning well. For special occasions and dinners, I will still indulge! …but only on rare occasions.

    Day 5, Pocket List:


    Now, I have to see if I can beat that wine dragon. I think fatigue at night contributes to my lack of will power at night. I will do my best!

    Have a great day, everyone!

  • Fat Busting Brits!!
    It’s prevalent at the moment,hope you don’t have it Jean.


    Day 5 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Hope to do okay on our DAFD (well, CD yesterday, pretty good – husband felt starved and neglected… go figure… men!) Stop at our new insurance agent sent me home with 2 lovely doughnuts leftover from their meeting for seniors. She would have sent me with a dozen if I had wanted. Nice indulgent treat with our eggs at breakfast.

    Onward and downward.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Afternoon All…
    Feeling very off and dizzy, hoping not the Nora Virus…trotting to the bathroom and feeling sickly…possibly the best day to have it…not feeling like eating…

    Steves taken Charlie for his walk it’s bitter here…

    Jean x

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    HH not had chocolate,just had too much bred and butter 🙄😈. Been bowling again today,so some exercise,it started raining so we only played an hour or so.Had a few biscuits too😋👿🤯.I recon I have gained 4lbs hope it’s not more but you never know.Must take Heidi out in the rain☔☔☔.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Afternoon all

    It’s a very wet day here again so far and I don’t think it’s going to get any better.

    I wouldn’t say I’ve fallen off the wagon but covered it in petrol and set fire to it so no fast day today but maybe try again tomorrow.


    Day 5 – Stratford Upon Avon, UK – FD

    @rabbette – WOW! amazing stats, thank you for sharing…..duly inspired!

    Day 5, Pocket List:



    Day 5 – USA – NFD

    @daffodil2010, feel better! I also had infections galore in my 20s, 30s, 40s, and soldiered on, only to have resultant constant screaming tinnitus, occasional vertigo and hearing loss in one ear….@Ciren2, enjoy the visit with DD, I’m excited for you!

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    It was a beautiful start here, bright & frosty for our walk, but turned miserable now!
    Dave- glad you’re back on! Told hubby you’d been watching footie on Prime, so he watched the West Ham match last night, but they lost 😞 You could be surprised at the weigh-in! Maybe the chocolate diet will work again 😂
    Jean- eggs are nice & easy for a FD, I had some last night. Hope the dentist is okay…I did make biscuits for the girlfriend, but she didn’t eat any! They’re going away for a week next week, will be interesting if it lasts after such close company 😂. They’ve planned a road trip round England & Wales, did debate Scotland but decided not to in case of bad weather!
    Minols- I’ve got an unused bottle of almond essence, you’ve reminded me I need to use that in some baking! Hope the omelette fills you up.
    Typhoo, Nana, Mel, Kay, Annabelle, Cakey…hope you’re all okay!
    Washing machine hopefully fixed, a leaky hose. The chap was a proud ‘daddy’, has a lab puppy, showed us the photos! so he was really intetested in Xena & spent a while getting her to come & see him. He would’ve chatted for ages but we had another visitor- overload for Xena! She huffed & puffed at them but said hello & settled!
    Fasting going well! Will be the last one for a few days then, got foodie things on, I don’t think I can even stick to keto 😱

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