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  • 31 Day January 2017 Challenge

    Still day 19

    Laddie10 – good for you! If you don’t like the bone broth; try a different recipe next time. I love mine. I made some up over a couple of days in the crockpot. I googled recipes & someone on this forum gave me some input.

  • The Maintenance Chatbox… come and share your success with us!

    Thanks Carol,

    I normally go shopping with a list (ordered to correspond with position in supermarket!), and don’t deviate, but I’ll go rooting around for kefir, on Saturday!

  • The Maintenance Chatbox… come and share your success with us!

    Happy, I buy my kefir from the supermarket.. When I first decided I’d try it I wasn’t sure if I’d like it or not so decided against getting the seeds. We have a company in the city where I live that is owned by German people and they have been making things like quark, kefir, etc for years, all organic and most of it new to Australians of non European heritage. I love the flavour of theirs and every now and then when I’m going somewhere and doubtful I won’t be able to get the kefir I think I should start my own but so far haven’t got around to it. My OH doesn’t eat it so it’s only me and although it’s not cheap from the supermarket it is very easy.
    I recall the UK supermarkets usually have a much more interesting dairy section with European foods than what we do in Aus so maybe you could try some see if you like it. To me it’s quite a lot sourer than Greek yoghurt but far more refreshing. I used to love Greek yoghurt but find that a bit bland.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Good morning. Rain rain rain in Melbourne. Cool house, happy garden.

    Jodie, I also wonder about how much of a rest we are giving our system if we don’t go for long times without any calories at all…. remember those cuppas with milk in that I have on my fast days?
    Four or five hours would be the longest I go without any calories (apart from overnight). However, I have still lost my excess weight and show other signs of being healthier.

    I’m thinking it’s a bit like running my computer. If I am playing Diablo (action computer game) with my young friends the hard drive is working like mad and heating up and sometimes overheating. If I am just writing posts on the 5:2 forum it is so small it is like giving it a rest.
    I think our big meals are Diablo! The 500 calories on a fast day are so easy on our digestive system that it, and our whole body, has time to rest and repair.

    Okay, I know there are the theorists Lael mentioned, but I’m going so well that it is hard to convince me that this is not good enough!
    Especially because you have to go without any food for a couple of days and more to get into ketosis.

    Trace The Ace! Welcome here! How did your first day go?

    Ooh young friend has woken up. Get ready for Diablo computer!

    Thanks so much for your post LJ, hooray for honesty and plain talking.

    Best wishes all, Bye!

  • 31 Day January 2017 Challenge

    Hello one and all – and congratulations to our team of B2Bers…

    I am on hour 44 as of this moment – a record for sure! I have stayed with bone broth (not sure if I like it or not?), tea and water today. Nothing solid. I am doing pretty good. About an hour ago I was hungry out of the blue but it has since subsided. I really want to hang you all one more day!

    Stay strong everyone!!! We are mighty when united!

  • Lolly_ …. lots to lose, and everything to gain!

    Wednesday Weigh-In, slightly delayed. Down another pound, and happy to take that result. My progress from this point forward might not be the flashiest, but I’m just going to keep heading down the road and doing my best. No-one can do more than that!

  • 31 Day January 2017 Challenge

    Day 19 – SW WA USA – FD

    Doing well fellow B2Bers! Just enjoyed reading all the posts on my lunch break. I think we ended up being a group of 12 today. Together we’re strong – Happy Margo, b2tf, Laddie10, Pissupoosa, Quebequoise, Cada, Weeme, GoldenSun, Debster, BrightonBelle & AT. (Hope I got everyone.)

    All the best to all fasting or not!

    MissyMay – Hooray for your Whoosh!
    SongBirdMe – will check out your link later.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!


    I’m back after sweaty boot camp lol 😂.

    I’ve had a gud FD, Greek yoghurt and blueberries, crispbreads, butter and mozzarella and for tea cod, garlic and bay leaves with loads of veg and pud a crisp bread.. In total 487 calories, lots of water, 2 hrs of exercise and 13,000 steps. A NFD for me tomorrow 😊😊

    Hi well done on yr 1lb off, fab fab fab. I asked about hecks….n hecky thump they sound delicious 😋. Will be buying and filling the freezer missed my sausage meals. Thanx for the tip 😊💗. I hope yr FD has gone well and the protein fat combo has worked.

    Hi jean, I hope u r feeling better and yr ears r improving. Ear ache and toothache r the worst kind of pain 😕. I hope yr fast day has gone well. I haven’t eaten rice, bread 🍞 or potatoes for months and I don’t miss them that much. My bread fix hovering around the bakery in Tesco seems to work for the mo lol. My Seamistress has been a god send and enlarged my wardrobe by half again. Coats, tops, dresses 👗 she’s amazing. I got my rings back this Monday 💍. Two sizes smaller and have been cleaned and look like the day I got them 😊😊. Really pleased to have them back and wearing them on the right fingers 😊😊💗xx

    Hi Kay, hope yr FD has gone well today. Sorry to hear u r still not 100%. Yr village sounds lovely. Yep, I’ve had to have a lot of my clothes altered and new wardrobe of clothes. Hubbie happy as alterations r less expensive and I have some real favourites 😊😊💗xx

    Hi Clare, welcome to our group 😊😊, I hope yr FD has gone well. Mozerella cheese 🧀 is low calories (78 calories) for 30g. It’s mild so depends on what yr taste buds like 😊. Everyone’s fasts days are different. I have brekkie, lunch and dinner. Some peeps miss meals and save their calories for the evening. It’s a bit of trial and error and u will soon find what works for u 😊X

    Hi little bean, welcome. 😊, I wld def just start with 2 FD first, just to get used to fasting and finding what works for u 😊. 2 FD work well on the losing weight front. If u have had a week where u r socialising a lot or bdays, u cld work another one in to allow for the birthday cake eaten lol. Drink lots of water too that helps with suppressing hunger too. 😊😊x

    Hi caspdexy, omg talk about torture….u did so well not to have any chippys 😊 I can smell them now 😊😊💗x

    Hi Lynda, hope yr fast day has gone well. Sorry about the scales 😕. Fingers crossed u find some. Have a nice day with yr grandson to tomorrow and at yr party 😊😊💗x

    Hi carol, wish I cld make curtains, I can’t even knit 😕. Glad u have had a good NFD, salmon quiche sounds lovely. Will look out for heck sausages in Morrisons too thanx for the tip 😊😊💗x

    Hi vi, hope u r well. 😊😊💗xx

    Graham, where r u? I hope yr week is going well 😊😊💗x

    Hi pasha, welcome to our group, lots of lovely support and knowledge on here. I have struggled like u with getting to my TDEE. It just takes time to eat yr TDEE a day. Good luck tomorrow on yr FD, mind over matter…that’s what I keep telling myself lol. 😊😊xx

    Hi hemmy, oooh yr FD sounds yummy tomorrow 😊. Love yr end thoughts 😊😊💗xx

    Apologies if I have missed anyone.

    Gud luck to everyone fasting or non fasting tomorrow.

    Love Louise 😊💗💗😘😘🤗🤗😀xxx

    Hi Audrey, exciting stuff this kitchen. I bet u can’t wait until it’s done 😊💗. Hope u both have had a good fast day 😊💗x

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Just about to watch horizon…the dirty truth about clean eating…

  • 31 Day January 2017 Challenge

    Day 19, Gozo Malta, NFD

    Yesterday I did not have internet for almost all day and did not post here.

    Yesterday and today were NFDs. I’m not eating cake now but probably a little over TDEE today.

    Have a great evening/night everyone.

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    I have pencilled in the 8th, Jo. But Wi mentions two pages back that they get in at 5pm on the 9th. Safe travelling. 🙂

    Sounds like a Friday plan, Amazon. But I have never been a fan of pizza, tends to get cold very quickly, and all those carbs… Perhaps I knew something back then. The wine is still on the menu, but perhaps in more limited quantities? I had never heard of Denis Istomin before, but my ear is not glued to the tennis court 🙂

  • 31 Day January 2017 Challenge

    Second post.
    Have a successful fast day so far. Nothing to eat from 8pm yesterday till 7pm today. Had a couple of coffees with a splash of milk. Sat down to a light supper with OH. He is totally supportive, but when I cook for my FD, he takes it as license to eat rubbish, and as I’ll be out tomorrow evening, that’s two days on the trot. I reckon as it’s a WOL rather than just a diet, I need to include him as much as possible, so I cooked. I now intend not to eat until about 7.30 tomorrow evening.
    @songbirdme and BrightonBelle, sadly I have one of those bodies too! At least it is getting thinner!
    Good luck @tallulah with your fast. It gets easier.
    @songbirdme thank you for another great link. Scary!
    @quebecoise, hope you feel better soon. I so sympathise-I have intermittent back pain and it takes over your life.
    This is going to sound really silly,but as I have read through these posts, I just love seeing my name on the list. I feel I can’t let you all down! It is SO motivating.
    Have a great evening everyone. Keep strong!

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    Thanks Barrata,
    I will consult the map and check in times in Welly. Want to check out market in the morning before departure. I am only in Welly 2 days before departing for the South Island, leaving Monday morning, so we will meet up when I get back hopefully for meal on 8 th Tony’s 60 th, with WiWi and other half.
    Amazon- tennis sounds amazing, sad to be missing it all. Good Luck to Andy. 🍻

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Good evening FB Brits hope all is well with you and yours. Xx

    What a busy lively thread this is. Wonderful.

    Hope everyone is enjoying the day whether fasting or feasting. Lol

    Shopping today in M&S decided to go with I think Cookie .. Lol so many of you now. Anyway tomorrow FD so as I am alone decided on 2 of the meals.. Just over 500 .. but will give it a go. Fish pie.. with prawns and salmon 320 cals… Braised steak with root veg crush. 243 = 563..

    So going to give it a whirl. Yay all these lovely ideas from you all. Love it. Lol

    Sym… hope those ears soon feel better. Need to get them ok before a flight. Good luck weigh in tomoz. Xx

    Aud.. hope the new kitchen preps are coming on well. Don’t overdo it though. Xx

    Carol .. only a blip with the sandwich … you have had a good day. Xx

    Kay so pleased the move went well … sounds like you both and Ellie had settled already. That little village is so lucky to get you. Thank you for keeping tabs on the beach .. lol when you were so busy. Xx

    Hope you all have a good sleep dreaming of those disappearing Pounds.

    Brit lovelies…

    Don’t ruin a good day like today … worrying about a bad yesterday.

    Just let it go let it be. Xx

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    Hi Barata,

    I got up this morning, turned on the TV to check what was happening at the AO and saw the last 6 games of the match. I’m not impressed with Novak as a person and although I respect what he has achieved on court I’m not sorry he lost. I’m also very pleased for Denis Istomin who has had a really tough time and a lot of bad luck over the years including breaking his leg in two places in a road accident and not playing for 2 years!

    You are having a rough summer weather wise aren’t you but there has been a lot of unusual weather patterns all over the world in recent months.

    When I worked I used to do my shopping on the way home on a Friday night and then settle down to a pizza and a bottle of red, only 2000 calories in one sitting……….😱

  • 31 Day January 2017 Challenge

    Day 19 Portugal NFD
    Really tired today after poor night of sleep. Have probably gone over the tdee – too much bread today.

    Well done to all the b2b fasters. I will be joining you tomorrow for my third and final FD this week.

  • 31 Day January 2017 Challenge

    Just checking back in for a little inspiration. There’s a wheel of brie cheese in the fridge whispering my name. I’m reading forum posts to drown it out.

    So far, FD is going well. Had a small mug of asparagus soup to take my morning meds. Have also had bone broth, plain black coffee & sparkling fizzy water. Not feeling any hunger pangs (yet) so that’s good. Plus, I’m keeping busy knocking items off my To-Do List. That always feels virtuous. 🙂

    Stay strong fellow fasters! We can do it!

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    Yes, Friday, Amazon, love it. I am sitting in the (intermittent) sunshine extending my Thursday fast, which didn’t result in any drop on the scales 🙁 I think I am still re-loading after Monday’s diarrhea.

    We watched Novak’s demise last night – what a game!

    I use Choysa tea, Jo. Are you travelling via the Wairarapa, or through the Manawatu Gorge? If the former, a side trip to Martinborough in the middle of wine country would be worthwhile. I hope you are feeling better with your sleep patterns. There’s another storm system coming through on Sunday. We seem to have survived yesterday morning’s weather bomb. Expect a high of 16 today 🙁 Summer still postponed.

    Welcome, Wellme. This is a great place to be for support and guidance. We have all been through where you are going, and wish you every success.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Thanks LJ – very inspirational, you’ve done an amazing job, hopefully I can be at least half as successful!

    I totally agree with all your points – some of my posts may seem a little disjointed at times, but that’s because I’m trying to rationalise it all so that it makes sense in a reasonable and sustainable light. I’m totally on board with not looking too far ahead and keeping things moving in the right direction. 110.8kg would slide me just under the BMI 35 mark, so sub-110kg is definitely the right ‘next’ goal for me right now. 100kg is a sensible target after that… at this point, I really don’t care beyond that, all that talk about the healthy weight range really is just too far away to contemplate right now. The last 3.5 years has proven to myself that I can do this… still pretty new to 5:2 (although, I’m just about to hit the 2-month mark now – that’s flown by!), but the last few years has given me so much confidence in my mind set – that I know it’s just a matter of time.

    Thanks for taking the time to write all that, appreciate it.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Yesterday and today have been NFD, but yesterday I struggled to get close to my TDEE – about 400 calories under. Today has gone better and I’ve ended up about 70 cals under.

    Looking forward to my second fast day tomorrow, but may regret it as for us it’s traditionally chip shop tea on Friday night and OH and daughter will still be partaking!

    The one thing I struggle with, always, is drinking enough water. I just don’t really like the taste so I think I’ll have to experiment with some lemon or lime added for a bit of flavour.

    I may try some boiled eggs for breakfast, to see if the protein helps keep the hunger at bay, then a pork medallion and sweet potato fries when the others are tucking into their chips.

    Well, this time tomorrow I’ll know if a Friday FD is possible.

    Good luck everyone.

  • Mid Fifties – Just starting and hoping to lose weight (yet again)?!

    Hi Gang!

    I’m back home in my nest. I have the washer spinning and am trying to get back in the groove. I had a nice time with my sister, but ate and drank too much, plus spent too much $$ shopping! ACK!! I need to get back to my boring life of just staying home. 😉

    I’ve been keeping up with the walking challenge pretty well. I may be a couple miles behind as I’m taking today off. Tomorrow I’ll be back to boot camp and also try to get a couple miles in. Saturday is supposed to be warm, so I’d like to get 5 miles in that day.

    Hope you are all well and avoiding all the “bugs” that are going around. My sister is battling a sinus thing and was feeling pretty rough when I left this morning.

    I’ll check in tomorrow.

  • 31 Day January 2017 Challenge

    Day 19 – Cumbria UK – NFD

    Lovely light eating day – no breakfast – went to lunch with the group I volunteer for – was on the driving rota – therefore no alcohol consumed and a light 2 course lunch – felt satisfied – so decided to start my 3rd FD for this week from lunchtime today until brunch on Saturday; so am joining the pocket fasters that started fasting yesterday evening and are doing B2B until Saturday – I’ll be holding hands with you all.

    I have had a lovely time catching up with all the posts – how amazingly supportive we are as a group – there is always someone to pick us up when we are having a “down” day – how fab is this!
    @back2thefuture – do hope you can get some sleep tonight, even if you have to stay propped up but at least you will be in your bed!
    @goldensun – with regards to focusing on LCHF diet on your NFD – you should still loss weight if you stay within your TDEE – good luck
    @ciren2 – you have got this – You are stronger than you think – thanks for the pat x
    @fuvvie – hope your evening went well – in fact I’m sure that you will contribute to the group immensely – let us know how you got on
    @lew – loved your story about your trousers – get you!
    @quebecoise – poor you – my sympathies but stay strong and don’t overdo things – hope it starts to feel better sooner than later.
    @lisa.Alma – – sounds like your journey on this WOL is suiting you well
    @pamelav – well done – keep the faith
    @bert1802 – Knew you would not let things keep you down too long – you just proved that “It makes a big difference in your life when you stay positive”
    @lou Belles – “Things will get better, Just hold on a little bit tighter”
    @southcroydonkate – glad to hear that your back is feeling a lot better – Re:- advice for B2B FDs – I personally find the following works best for me – do not eat anything for as long as you can on the day; I prefer to save most of my calories for my evening meal as I find that I sleep better. If you can’t last the whole day, then miss out on breakfast until lunchtime – have around 200cals then save 300cal for your evening meal. Also make sure your calories count! Try to ensure that your food intake is mainly protein and lots of vegetables (add spices and herbs to make it really tasty) and avoid carbohydrates and processed food. Protein is more satisfying and filling I find – planning your day is essential and keep busy! You can do this x
    @steffieagle @rocy65 – well done

    Well done to the pocket fasters – Stay Strong

  • 31 Day January 2017 Challenge

    @calling all pocketfasters – Pamie has joined!!

    Go team!!

  • 45, female and new to fasting, couple questions, please help.

    Hi Niquita,

    That sounds like a very sensible plan.

    Good luck 🙂

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    Evening/morning all,

    Another successful FD nearly over 🙂

    The roasted veg was very tasty, cooked with herbs, garlic and lemon juice and served on a bed of salad leaves. I didn’t use the tofu as I’ve decided to save it for a different version of Pad Thai on another day.

    I watched tennis all morning, did my workout, then spent the afternoon doing housework. I’ve polished everything except my halo 😉

    There’ll be some nocturnal tennis watching later as Andy is playing at 2pm Melbourne time which is 3am here and I want to watch. I’m hoping it doesn’t take more than 2 hours so I can go back to bed for a while.

    I can’t believe it’s Friday tomorrow, where did my week go……..

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Well, started off with good I tentions but ended up eating more than I planned. OH been very snappy all day and tonight after him shouting at the TV, I gave in to a peanut butter sandwich. Damn, I’d been good all day. It is a NFD but its moments like this that I lose my control. Bad day. 😱😲😦😵

  • 31 Day January 2017 Challenge

    @goldensinshine – there are a few of us that are combining IF with LCHF diet…I’m personally following the Ketogenic plan pretty closely even on a FD where I have many times used up around 400 calories. My goal is to keep meals and the overall day at a 70-20-10 percent ratio for calories coming from fat/protein/carbs.

    My experience overall has been that a FD is somewhat easier in that there is zero planning involved! Whereas maintaining the ratio listed above takes some thought and preplanning. I have found a few meals that I like that meet the requirements so I keep going back to those.

    Regardless – the longer I Fast the more the cravings drop including hunger which seems to ebb and flow but with a FD never gets too hard to manage. When I do eat if I stick to 60-70/15-20/ 10-15 range on fats protein and carbs I feel strong and alert and only experience mild to moderate hunger.

    When I celebrate with some carbs or sweets of any kind I want more and more and more. For now it’s better if I avoid them completely.

    Keep up the FAST team b2b!!

  • 31 Day January 2017 Challenge

    Day 19, Oceanside CA, NFD 153.5 lb

    Good FD yesterday. Hungry this a.m. DH down 2 lbs this week, I lost another lb and am at lowest weight in 12 years. Rainy morning but skies brighter now so will get in 3 mile walk for sure.

    Guests for dinner tonite. Heart healthy dinner planned: baked salmon, broccoli and sweet potato. Will enjoy wine too.

    Like the rhythm of the alternate FD/NFD during the week. Today 10 week anniversary on Fast 5:2. Always one day at a time.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Evening lovelies,

    Thought I wld be give looking at my emails on the phone whilst posting lol 😂. Our group is getting so lovely and big I’m just forgetting what everyone has been up to and what they are saying 😊😊.

    So here goes ….

    Hi Sarah, hope you have had a good day… was afternoon tea mmmmmm scones and jam he he. Your sister sounds like she’s doing well on the 5:2 😊. My sister has joined slimming world…our world is too hardcore for her 😉. She’s lost 7lbs in the last 2 weeks so it’s working for her. Glad she’s back in control and I know she will feel so much better for it.

    Hi cookies, wow u are doing fab on the fasting 😊. It does get easier. I’ve tried water fasting which gives u a wonderful sense of freedom from eating….and lovely skin lol 😂

    Aaaah just seen the time will carry on after boot camp lol.

    Love to u all Louise 😊😊💗💗😘😘🤗🤗😀😀xxxxx

  • Jan 2017 Starters/Re-Starters from a binge eater

    That’s a good way to look at it, ratatouille.

    I am hoping that I can do the same…relearn how to eat like a normal person.

    We’ll see how I do over the weekend. 😉

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    Hello WellMe, welcome to our forum, its full of very experienced fasters,so advice here is all tried and tested by many. I agree entirely with Amazon. I personally do lots of exercise but it doesn’t make any difference to my weight loss as I have always done a lot. Dog Walking daily and gym/ swim most days which keeps me sane( ish) and flexible. Walking in the fresh air is very underated but really improves mood and general fitness, give it some pace though. I use Nordic Poles, good workout. Luckily as a retired person I have lots of time to indulge myself without worrying about work. Good Luck with the last 8 pounds I am very jealous of you being so close to goal. Keep up the good work.

    Morning fast trackers and slow trackers(me).
    I got up very early this morning to see the first sunrise in the world(so my daughter told me). Yesterday’s weather report was favourable, sadly today was all cloud, waste of time, Sun totally obscured. So I am going back to bed for a bit more shut eye.

    Amazon, I loved the fish but fiddly removing batter. I had assumed it would come in one peice but it was 5 large gougons. No dogs to give my batter too here. I had a few chips and gave the rest to my husband and daugher. Her meal ( vegetarian) was a tiny portion even by tea plate standards.

    Happy- Last time I came over I didn’t suffer jet lag at all, weird. I have followed most of the suggestions to avoid it and function at about 80% most of the time, evenings have been grim, I can fall asleep standing up. Also I keep losing things, really frustrating. I usually have an excellent memory. I am doing minimal driving especially through cities until I feel 100%. I am getting enough sleep just not sure about the quality.

    Amazon-I know lots of people who are ‘chip’ addicts but they have never really been high on my list of ‘must have’ treats. Can’t resist a roastie, mash with onion gravy or mustard/mash if on offer though. I have brought chicken back into my plan now and this is making restaurant choices easier. You can have ‘too much’ fish actually. Variety is good. Yes we are impatient but at least we are persevering. I suspect I will still be here in ten years unless I get locked in to a health farm or have surgery ( just joking).

    Today I am exploring the Art Deco building that make Napier so famous. I am sure others would say the area is more famous for good wine.

    Loved the pub we visited last night ‘The Emporium’, crazy busy, good vibe, every nationality under the sun. Only ruined by two American men at the table behind me, they were ranting(loudly)about politics and their concerns of living under a ‘Dictator’. One comment really interested me though- ‘you only get to be President if you come from California or New York’, they agreed that they are the only states where you can get a good education’ I hope that other Americans don’t feel like that, sorry state of affairs. They went round and round in circles talking about poverty, education, business, government and greed. I found it very amusing when they got the bill and could agree on the split. Ha Ha!

    Barrata- Where to stop for a break between Napier and Wellington? Suggestions? What should not be missed.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    It’s not the fasting that makes you lose weight, it’s the constantly running up and down to pee, that makes you lose weight. #can’tgofor2minuteswithoutpeeing


  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Carol…nice you have your curtains finished a big job..your daughter will be chuffed……salmon quiche sounds lovely..

    Audrey…..busy bee…hope you have sorted your tiles out and getting all the other jobs done..

    Sarah…..I forgot you do liquid fasts that’s sorted then….it does give room for thought maybe after holidays I will go full fat milk…lol

    Jean x

  • 31 Day January 2017 Challenge

    Day 19 Cornwall UK FD

    Really good fast day sadly can’t join in with b2b tomorrow as out for lunch but will continue fast til 1pm.

    Fuvvie be good know how your evening goes hope you meet some nice people.
    If you get to Cornwall anytime do let me know so we can meet up!!

    Kept busy today it was cold but beautiful sunshine so got out into the garden, got washing done and dry on the line, smells so much nicer! Then got on with the quilt, coming together very nicely!

    Thank you one and all for your posts, I love reading about your daily lives, ups and downs and how your doing! I find it hard to respond because unless I have a pad and pencil I can’t remember who says what and I dont always have time to do that!!

    Stay strong, be kind to yourselves remember life is for living, every day is a new opportunity!

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Hi all

    Well done Minols a pound off so much better than one on!

    Jean, I don’t count cals on fast days because I don’t eat at all. I only have a splash of milk in tea and coffee and drink that black at work anyway. I calculated it once and it was only about 60 cals. I have an optional teasp of marmite if I need the salt kick. Otherwise nothing. Hope you continue to improve so you are fully fit for your holiday.

    Tammy, good stuff! Very hard to resist fish and chips. We are seeing lala land on Saturday night and there is a brilliant chip shop near…..

    Lynda, your scales may not weigh the same on a different surface anyway. Enjoy your babysitting.

    Hope our fasters still going strong. Tomorrow you can eat!

    In the end I could have fasted today as the hotel just brought small selection at tea and I could actually have avoided eating anything, but I had already eaten by then so had a fruit flapjack type thing. Small but perfectly formed and weirdly didn’t even feel the need to have anything else. So soup and salad tonight and liquid only tomorrow. Really not keen on Friday fasts but hey ho. Hang in there guys xx

  • 31 Day January 2017 Challenge

    2nd Post : I’m trying to keep myself busy so as not to focus on food. My fellow pocketeers are really helping me stay on the liquid fast. I was going to do a quarter of my TDEE but after reading your posts, I felt I can do this.

    I’m sorry but I forgotten the name of the person who is combining LCHF as I would like to look back at her posts. Does anyone remember or if you are that person, I would love to hear your experiences again. I don’t have much to lose (I think you’re the same) but I feel that LCHF will help me lose the extra around my middle and help with the carb cravings.

    Let’s stay strong together!

  • 31 Day January 2017 Challenge

    day 19. Third FD of the week (started Sunday, to make up for some days when FD=900 or 1000 calories instead of 500…)

    My pattern for weight seems to be: lose, lose, gain. lose, lose, gain. over and over. two days where I’m down slightly, then a day when I’m up. Not giving up no matter what.

  • Jan 2017 Starters/Re-Starters from a binge eater


    Newbie here. 40, I’ve almost always been heavy.

    Usually I was pretty happy when my weight stayed around 79-80kg (still very overweight) but recently it shot up 8kg in less than 2 months.

    I’ve recently started working from home so I’m far more sedentary than ever. I have bad hips from pregnancy, so I can’t run or anything like that, and until yesterday, I didn’t have a car so I couldn’t get to a gym. Lots of excuses 🙂

    I was also indulging myself a lot. Because I’m home alone all day most days, I was ordering loads of sweets and treats in the grocery deliveries. Bags of M&Ms, oreos, etc.

    Anyway, decided enough was enough. My heaviest ever was 97kg and I was miserable. I lost 40lbs on a low GI diet to get down to 76, and did manage to stay within 10lbs of that for years.

    This time, I want to get lower, get healthier.

    Today is my 2nd fast day. I’m feeling ok. A little light headed now that it’s evening, but I’m at peace with not eating until morning. The first day was so much harder. I’m not actually planning to eat at all on my fast days. I think, for me cognitively, it’s easier to just say “not eating today” than to eat a little something and then stop.

    I’m also sticking to a low-GI calorie restricted diet on eat days.

    Joining the local gym in February, so looking forward to that.

    I do travel every couple months with work (usually transatlantic) so I’m not convinced I’ll be able to fast those weeks. But I guess if I can make peace with being good 80% of the time, I’m probably ok? Does anyone fast while they’re flying/travelling/meetings/events with work?

  • 31 Day January 2017 Challenge

    Day 19, Gloucestershire, UK: NFD
    Did 36 hours on water-only yesterday (the second this week) still not willing to weigh myself though.(Sorry Fuvvie, Coda) I may wait until I’ve gone fifteen days on the proper WOL (to make up for the 15 days off it) first.

    AT: You’ve kept at your goal weight for seven weeks. BIG pat on the back for YOU…well done xx

    I have my day off work tomorrow so will shift my fast-day to Saturday.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Hi all

    Glad you are all OK, we have had a busy day choosing and buying tiles, then started to empty some shelves out of the dining room!

    Will check in again tomorrow, it’s a fast day for us…

    Audrey x

  • Mid Fifties – Just starting and hoping to lose weight (yet again)?!

    Hi All,

    SherryAnn, my brother and his wife have 6 kids, so their fridge was STOCKED as you can imagine, plus friends in and out and my sis-in-law did home daycare, too!

    Second fast day this week hoping for results tomorrow as I was static last week. My only exercise is an active workplace and yoga twice a week. The one class is fairly “physical”, the other is more mind and emotion rebuilding and stretching, so not burning as many calories.

    I’m glad you found Cinque! It’s hard to know if it’s just people get busy and wander away or something has happened – the issue with online friendships.

    Another gray day, it’s nice it’s mild weather, but the lack of sunlight is taking its’ toll – I’d rather have snow some days that this drizzle!

    Hope all are well!!

  • Jan 2017 Starters/Re-Starters from a binge eater

    Myggan – how was the 3rd FD? That’s immense 😃

    And Karen, hope your FD went well too. Just got to get yourself out of the binge cycle again. Be kind to yourself. Berating yourself about it or asking why won’t really and you may turn to food after the frustration of not finding the answers 🙄

    Ratatouille – Well done on the TDEE day. You’ve got one under your belt so hope you can make it 2. I get the ‘normal eating’ thing, it’s a revelation when I have a day my food intake feels normal.


  • London girl in late 20s with 4st to lose – anyone want to buddy up?

    Hi all!

    Good to see some new people joining and old ones coming back to keep the group alive! I’m hoping that the fasting goes well for all of you!

    I’m not fasting at the moment, but I’m watching what I eat, and with the help of all the walking/hiking I’m doing here in nz I can feel that I’ve probably lost some (or at least inches) 🙂 will be interesting to see what the scale says when I’m back end of February!

    Good luck to all of you!

  • Introducing myself, New Goals, New Life, New Eating Habits

    I had my juice few minutes ago

    1 whole tomato


    1 Kale (leave)


    500 ml of water

    Feeling good, I was hungry before, I’m full but not too much. I will probably juice again this afternoon.

    Below is my video….. checking my progress

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Murky day here today.
    Finished the nursary curtains. Took longer than expected as my machine was being difficult. Took it apart serviced and oiled it and it seems to be ok.

    Not a FD for me but I’m keeping it light as I have 2 meals out this weekend then lunch out on my birthday on Tuesday. Don’t expect to have lost anything but hope nothing goes back on.

    Hope your ears are at least a little better. I’ve had ear problems over the years and earache is horrible.
    You can get Heck sausages at Morrison’s but they are in the chilled section of the freefrom aisle along with the gluten free products.
    You seem to have settled in your new home well. I’m glad it was a stressful time for you over Christmas.
    Welcome to our group. Won’t be long and you’ll be in a routine. It is hard at first and you do have challenging days. I did laugh at you wanting to eat your own arm. 😂 I know the feeling.

    Quiche and soup again tonight. I made the quiche with salmon this time. More Cal’s but very tasty. With the small beans on toast I had this morning, I’ll be around 809 Cal’s for the day.

    Have a good evening all.

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    Hi WellMe and welcome,

    Losing weight is 95% calorie restriction and 5% exercise so don’t rely on adding walking to help your weight loss. Exercise is excellent for fitness, toning and mental wellbeing so we should all do some but it;s the calories that count.
    Weight loss on 5:2 isn’t regular and sometimes we don’t lose anything for a week or two and then a couple of pounds drop off.
    Are you measuring? If not take some measurements now as you might find that the scales haven’t moved but you’ve lost inches.
    The other thing to do is take a close look at what you are eating on non fast days snd ensuring you eat well within your TDEE. If you’ve not re-calculated since you started you should do so as the less you weigh the lower your TDEE.
    The other thing you can do is take a look at which foods you are eating. Many of us have concluded that processed carbs and sugar do not aid weight loss and have either cut them right down or out of our diets.

    I hope this helps 🙂

  • Jan 2017 Starters/Re-Starters from a binge eater

    Good morning.
    I am fasting today with few of you, go team!
    Agenda for today:
    Yoga class – check
    Meditation – check
    Breakfast (180 cal) – check
    Go to work… I came to the office and found on my desk chocolates (that was mean, don’t you agree?! ;-))
    Put it away and do not want to think about it.
    I am still trying to plan my eat days better. I usually like to eat the same things. I know what to eat for breakfast, dinner – we cook together and I do not overeat, because my hasband is very strict with portions. Now lunch…? I decided to make vegetarian chili for tomorrow.
    Good day to all

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Please talk about gust and chips on a FD…my favourite…wouldn’t mind some tomorrow but out for a steak meal Saturday so might have to miss that one…😀😀

    Hope you both soon feel better not only me…lol

    Fancy forgetting your scales….😬😬..enjoy the party without buffet….

    Jean x

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Hi all
    Only gone a left my scales at home grrrr!
    Think my son has some somewhere so going to use them on Sunday doing another fast today as I’ve not eaten much just my breakfast.
    Looking after grandson tomorrow so Friday is a fast day for me going to a party in the night but will be home early with GS as mum and dad want to party hopefully leave b4 they unwrap the buffet.
    Lynda x

  • 31 Day January 2017 Challenge

    Day 20 NZ b2b
    Good morning everyone. Just about ready to go to work. Was a tad hungry this morning after yesterdays FD but decided to have a cup of tea and see how I felt. Well cup of tea just finished and I’m ready to b2b. Never done this before so fingers crossed. Will keep checking posts throughout the day for motivation. Have a good day folks.

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