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  • January: new year, new resolutions. Join this great group!

    Day 23 Ohio, US — NFD
    Day 22 — NFD

    These two NFD’s have gone well as far as food control goes. Yesterday was another treatment for the heel spurs and that wiped me out for the rest of the day and the fatigue carried over through today. That, coupled with class, will probably lead to a really sound sleep tonight!

    @penz I didn’t realize how close to you the fires were. With any luck the near future will bring some rains to help.

    Peace to all!

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Good afternoon,
    Lindsay and Anzac had posts that snuck in before I submitted mine yesterday, lovely to read this good chat.

    Such a nasty hot day for you yesterday Anzac, and your turn to get precious topsoil all over the city, with the rain.
    A good pre 5:2 prep week for you!
    So sorry to hear how anxious Max is, I hope he settles. It would be good if he could know you aren’t planning such long holidays ever again, but how to tell him?

    Lindsay, I was too slow writing yesterday, and even slower today.
    I am really interested in how you are starting your evening fast so much earlier. I think that would suit me too, but I have such ingrained fear of going to bed hungry. I am going to try though. I am usually hungriest around 4pm and should try having my last meal for the day then. I’ll think about it!
    Anyway, hooray that it is working so well for you. Nearly 2 kg gone already! Lovely.

    Neil, a food intake audit every now and then, is such a good idea. Especially checking it against your energy output. You will enjoy fitting in more high nutrition food if it is called for.
    Thanks re the research. As you say, what we know already.

    Quacka, woot! Hope you are feeling well after Monday’s illness, and ready for the weekend.

    Cali, hooray the decision is made, and the granite pattern will look beautiful. What a dear little koala you found, they are so much in our minds at the moment.
    All of Australia is mourning your countrymen who so sadly died while helping us fight our terrible fires. They were in an air tanker spraying retardant, so this response touched me so much:

    Penz, hooray for your long, long weekend, and won’t the dogs be happy too.

    Sending good wishes for everyone’s day.

  • January: new year, new resolutions. Join this great group!

    Day 24 – Japan – WFD #6

    Feeling good but so far behind on my work …

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Well I managed another 800 cal today, just, so thats my 3 in a row done.
    Im going to try a do 800 ADF for this coming week. Tomorrow is a nfd but as Im working I wont be eating til mid afternoon, so a short eating window.

    Sounds like everyone else has done ok too. Baton being handed over to Tammy, anyone else?

    Sarah, hope your grand daughter is better tomorrow. That sounded a bit of a nightmare! Lets hope that spring is indeed round the corner although I fear we may see some more bad weather yet.

    Typhoo, hope you feel better. Your extended fast earlier in the week will hopefully help this week.

    HH, did you go to bed early to make up for the early wake this morning? Hopefully it will be a better nights sleep for you both.

    Nana, are you out for lunch tomorrow?

    Cath, well done, the walk and the cup a soup obviously helped.

    Tammy, good luck for tomorrow. Keep strong.

    Minols, how did the meeting go? Hope it wasnt too heated or controversial!

    Jean, how long is the caravan out of action for?
    Wonder what Charlie will make of the big dally rally?

    DF, did you manage to avoid the cake?

    Mel, did you fast today or are you fasting tomorrow?

    CW, hope you are ok. Thinking about you.
    Anabelle, feeling any better?

    Have a good Friday all. x

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Hmmm, just looked back for my last update post I did yesterday, but I cant see it 🤔

    Another missing post perhaps…

    So here is what I think it is, correct it if its wrong!

    Update on January progress:

    Dave -6 lbs
    Nana -4
    HH -3
    Sarah -4.4
    Kay -2
    Typh00 -1
    Anabelle -1
    Jean -1
    Steve(jean) +1

    Weigh in tomorrow for a few of us and one more week left of January!

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Good morning from a hot, smoky, dusty Sydney. The overnight dust storm has left my blue car a lovely shade of brown. Ugh.

    How truly sad about the firefighting plane that crashed, killing the three American pilots who were here helping us in our time of need. These fires are relentless and just horrendous. I can’t imagine what it was like while we were away

    Penz, i use the term zoomies as it describes the action so clearly. Maxx doesn’t do zoomies that often but when he does it is so funny and, as you said, so joyful. Lucky you with an extra day off! Where in Australia do you live if you don’t mind me asking?

    Neil, just thinking about those KM’s are making me tired! Good for you

    Cali, your koala is so cute. Please take a photo of your completed valentines day decorations.

    Whoo hoo Quacka for successful FD’s. I look forward (with trepidation) to doing the same next week

    Have a great Friday all

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    I’m in a happy place today. We had a grassfire across from our office yesterday (no substantial property damage but I fear a local farmer lost his hayshed). Impressively quick response to the firies and air crew (three helicopters!) – thanks to all our firies out there, volunteer and paid. However, our office building lost power. Which is still not restored, so we’ve all been told to stay home today. So this Australia Day long weekend has just got one day longer! Yay!!

    My grandmother used to breed Irish Setters (tho I’ve always known them as Red Setters), LindsayL. Beautiful dogs. Took manic pup out last night for an hour’s walk (well I walked for an hour; he ran) which included a 10 min swim for him. And it still didn’t wear him out. He came home and had to do manic puppy runs around the house; you know the sort, where a dog tucks his tail up under himself, throws his head in the air, and runs, skidding on floor rugs, bouncing off the tv cabinet etc, but does so joyfully. Greyhound owners call this zoomies. I just call it manic puppy. So with unexpected day off, I might head out soon to take him for an even longer run before it gets too hot.

    Ah, Anzac, Maxx being a Lab helps explain his sock fetish!

    Happy anniversary Neil!

    And have a great weekend everyone (and happy Aus Day for my fellow Aussies)

  • January: new year, new resolutions. Join this great group!

    Day 23 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Not much time to read or comment, but really looks like quite the pocket list today. Yeah for beneficial fasting!

    DH a little stronger today but still concerned for his weakness. Thank you so much for caring about him and me, and for prayers. This running around to doctors, offices, waiting in ER and all of that, has allowed me to lose 3 pounds. Mostly not eating! Was back under 160# this morning. Small blessings? Who knows.

    Be strong, everyone.

    Onward and downward.

  • January: new year, new resolutions. Join this great group!

    Day 24, NFD, Aus

    I did struggle with yesterday’s FD. I usually do a liquid only FD (where liquid includes a couple of coffees) but I needed to eat yesterday. Was probably a 500 FD. Still, it’s all working as I have lost about 1.5kg since rejoining you this month.

    Thanks for the browsing history tip, @ciren2.Hopefully I’ll never have to give it a go! (And that missing post reappeared so maybe it was never really lost. Just missing temporarily.)

    Unexpected bonus for me today. We had a grassfire across the road from my office building yesterday (amazingly quick response from 3 helos and umpteen firetrucks) but with the total fire ban and strong gusty winds, it took a long time to get under control. The upside is that the building lost power which has not yet been restored so none of us are at work today! Extra long weekend.

    Great laugh, @IHateLettuce!! If only we could put our bodies in the dryer in the same way for a bit of quick shrinkage.

    Yay @flourbaby – looks like your mojo is back too! (And without the PB!)

    Your comment @dykask “I really enjoy eating and strangely fasting make eating even more enjoyable.” resonated with me. I was really craving a piece of chocolate last night, but because it was a FD I resisted. I thought about how desiring something actually makes the reward or getting it so much better (and there have been many studies showing that delayed gratification is actually longer lasting than instant gratification). Thinking about how I was going to treat myself was enjoyable in its own way. And I don’t even want it today.

    Thanks for sending the love thoughts @bellyblast!!

    Have a great weekend everyone.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Good evening

    Had a bit of a rough night last night think it was something i ate but will leave it there so today hasn’t been a FD though I have only eaten once.

    Hopefully the one FD i have done this week will be very kind to me when I step on the scales at the weekend.

    Good luck to all of you that have fasted today just remember it’s only for one day and you can eat normally tomorrow

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Evening all, work finished again till tomorrow.
    Minols, very funny made me lol.
    Everyone seems to be having a good day, I’m in good company with HH, but her fish and chips sounds better than my chilli, FD tomorrow, may try a b2b, will see how it goes, I need it after today, how is it possible to eat barely nothing all day and be fine, and then want to eat my own arm when I can eat normally, I don’t get it 🤷‍♀️.
    Legs and back are starting to complain at all the standing, these 9hr shifts take their toll.
    Well done the fasters
    Who’s with me tomorrow?
    Tammy x

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Waiting for eldest to get home so I can dish up his dinner…
    Have eaten rather alot today 😡😬 early start has given me serious hunger! Went to an antiques shop this afternoon, may go back for a big purchase for the garden, will have to measure up! Stopped at a farm shop & cafe for a scone – they were massive! And had fish & chips tonight, but did at least share a portion!
    Well done to all the fasters!

  • January: new year, new resolutions. Join this great group!

    USA Day 23 FD

    Successful FD today, coming in at 409 calories! Even though the day is over, I thought I would add myself to the pocket list!

    Day 23 Pocket List


  • Meal Plans for Non Fast Days

    Nothing like defrosting a unmarked spag bol only to discover its soup.
    I got the book on my kindle. I would not want to mislead you in to thinking it’s a cook book as it contains three exercise plans depending on what type of exercise you do. The food bible in there is quite small but once I got my head around PCV, protein,carbs and veg for breakfast and lunch and PFV, protien, fat and veg for tea with two snacks I’ve found it easy. As I said portion sizes are small but perhaps that’s what’s made me so overweight in the first place. Fruit is classed as a carb and your only allowed 50g. Hopefully though I’m eating daily body requirements and I have not been hungry at all.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Morning all. I’m putting in the miles on the bike this week. The kids go back to school next week so I probably won’t be able to ride every day. I’ve taken to getting up early and taking the scenic route to work. I’ve done 93 kilometers so far this week and I’m hoping to hit around 130 by the end of the weekend.

  • Starting today (5/20), but for anyone just starting

    FD today and went extremely well.
    Yesterday, my day off from work, I was in the swimming pool at 7am 😱 NormalLy I go at midday as there is a lane swim everyday between 12 and 1pm but I was having a carpet fitted up my stairs and they were coming at 9.30 and I didn’t know how long it would take. Glad I went as he did not finish till 1:15. I tell you what though I got to the leisure centre at 6:50am and the car park was rammed. Walking up to reception I could hear loud music pumping out, receptionist confirmed spin class. I commented on my surprise at the of cars on the car park and she said when she gets in to work at 6.20 to open up at 6.30 there is a queue!!!! I swim in the middle lane, slow,medium and fast lanes are roped off and boy was it busy. At 7:30 it went a bit quieter but if I went again at 7:30 I know I could not get my lengths in, get home and then get ready to go to work, drive is sometimes 45 mins. Dam my frizzy hair, why can’t I be one of those people whose hair just dries and it goes perfect. Phoenix, you’re not supposed to hold you breath when swimming 😯 If you can learn to breath properly you’d be brilliant I’m sure.
    Weigh in tomorrow, hope I’ve lost a 1lb, I’ll be happy.
    Have a great weekend all.

  • Starting today (5/20), but for anyone just starting

    Penguinchick, it’s very hard this time of the year. I need to get back to my normal exercise regime at beginning of Feb. Next week work will be chaotic and I need the early mornings to manage the workload.

    My 31st blood donation didn’t go well yesterday. The flow stopped half way & the nurse jiggled the needle. Still didn’t work so she stop the machine. big bruise on arm today. Will try again in 3 months.

    Despite eaten more than usual yesterday my weight has remained the same.

    NDF today. Brought very healthy lunch from home. Should be a good day today.

    Have a lovely Friday and weekend everyone!

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Dave….It’s not a dinner without Yorkshire’s 😂

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    I must try and make my food last longer on fast days 👹👹👹.Not aching at the moment so hope it stays that way. Jean you have me thinking about lamb steaks now, sounds nice. Mint sauce and Yorkshire’s.😋😋😋

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Evening All…
    Kitchen closed roll on breakfast…it has been a hard one for me today….

    Dave ..
    A good afternoon bowling..must burn some calories up….hope you don’t ache too much. Enjoy your haddock’s not on for us I don’t think.

    Mel let’s hope it’s quick on quick off….it will be off in a couple of weeks…

    You made it through the day..good idea a walk and soup….

    It’s so annoying to loose a post…I don’t know why…

    Hoping the little one is much better’s hard when there’s not a lot you can do…lucky on the clothes.
    A pheasant don’t think I have ever tried it…different….lamb steaks for us tomorrow, new potatoes, veg.

    Did you survive the cake…I was thinking about you….

    Have a good night…

    Jean x

  • January: new year, new resolutions. Join this great group!

    Second post

    @dykask your points are very valid and I could not agree more. Thank you for sharing

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Sounds as if today’s fasters are carrying that baton high despite temptations of birthday cakes and the like.

    Well done to you too Tammy. You know you’ve lost well but you just can’t see it because of the scale change. Annoying but it doesn’t change the loss and congrats on the fishmonger’s course. I bet it will be very interesting xxx

    My little granddaughter has sadly not had a great day. She was hugely sick on the 20 minute journey back to ours. Honestly she’s a little dab and I can’t quite believe the deluge. A complete change of clothes and everything washed and dried including coat and car seat cover. Poor little mite and luckily I have spare joggers and hoodie here. Picked them up in the gap sale in Brighton on Saturday and thank goodness for that. Not herself at all. Very much wanting to see mummy which she never mentions at all normally. She obvs has some of gastric cold/flu thing. A strange old day. My daughter will stay off work tomorrow now.

    Just eaten too many walnuts. I am a nut freak. I know they are good for me but also fattening. We have jacket potatoes, with red cabbage and cauliflower cheese tonight. A slightly weird combo but I was going to pot roast a pheasant that has been languishing in the freezer for sometime but didn’t take it out of the freezer in time so I’ve switched it around and will do it tomorrow with green beans and roasted potatoes (minimal for me) tomorrow night.

    So we’re headed into the last week of dull and cold January. Spring is almost round the corner. I want to be confident in my skin and in my clothes and this works. So keep on the job fasters. Tomorrow is another day as Scarlet said.

  • January: new year, new resolutions. Join this great group!

    Day 23, UK, FD

    Its been a good day so far. Its one of those FDs when I feel cold though, brrrr ☃ . But I’m happy to start feeling in control again, just starting …

    @flourbaby thank you for those links x

    @songbirdme I am sorry to hear about your DH, I hope he gets better soon. You are in my prayers x

    @daffodil2010 congrats on DH getting new job!

    @bellyblast congrats on that small drop in the scales! 💃

    @i-hate-lettuce yay \o/

    Have a good day/evening everyone 🙂

    Pocket List – Day 23 🍏

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Afternoon everyone, did a long post and it’s disappeared🤔Maybe it’ll turn up.
    Hope everyone is doing okay whether fasting or not today. Some good weight losses reported on here.
    Nana x

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Feeling peckish now, not long to fooooooooood😋.Not easy these back to back fast days. I hope I lose this week to make up for my birthday next week.I might do a Jean tomorrow and have haddock and chips 😋😋😋.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    hello lovely people, been busy at work trying not to strangle my co worker. Fasting and annoying people do not mix! I took myself out for a walk in my 30 min lunch break and drank my cup o soup at my desk, which worked well so might do that on my fast days when the weather is good.

    Im starving but glugging water in the hope my other half is going to make me a lush tea within my cals or near enuff!

    You all sound like you are keeping busy and keeping up the fasting yay go us!


  • January: new year, new resolutions. Join this great group!

    Day 23 Canada FD

    A busy work day which does make fasting easy. Day 23 😳 the month is going by fast

    Sending some love ❤️ your way @penz hang in there
    @i-hate-lettuce 😂😂😂
    @emma-taylor sounds amazing
    @dykask great post I couldn’t agree more

    Pocket List – Day 23 🍏

    I’m the only one responsible for reaching my goal weight 💪⬇️👖

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    So back in action FD800 going ok. Just done my plank challenge, that was fine but dread to think what day 30 would be like!
    Some good walking and fasting going on, well done everyone.
    Tammy we have got really old scales but I don’t want to change them, I think they are ok although Paul wants to change. I don’t like the thought of some new ones throwing me with a different weight, it doesn’t take much to throw me! You’ll just have to tough it out! You will soon get back on track. Well done on the course too.
    Well I bit the bullet and weighed myself this morning. Five pounds on 😳. Not surprised cos I could see it one me. So stupid, only two pounds on over Christmas and lost that easily then I go and put five on over about two weeks. I am hoping it’s a case of “quick on, quick off”. Going to done some ADF. Don’t feel strong enough for B2Bs.
    Feel free Dave to put me on the list, think I need the push!
    Oh and DF, hope all the cake has gone, but not into you!

  • Starting today (5/20), but for anyone just starting

    Hi all,

    I’m pretty manic this week, due to work and family stuff and due to this I have not fasted; I’m not going to bother this week, as many family functions, however I have done 2 small workouts. Not much, but better than none!

    Good luck everyone this week, I will begin yet again on Monday! 😮

    Happy weekend to all x

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    I had a couple of hours bowling, the green was very wet but playable. I was on my own then a man who I later found out plays for the team nearest to where I live joined me. He has had a replacement hip so he is trying to get fit again. He is a good bowler and we play his team second game of the season. Depending on which team we are in.We have an A team and another team.I think the A team is in the lower league, don’t ask me why. I think that’s probably the team I will be playing in, the two I usually play with are moving up to the higher league team. Still not had anything to eat so it’s officially a FD 😁.Yes we are going out for my birthday, will go to the place Denise had her birthday meal, it was very good. No idea what to have for my tea.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    I am sat sitting feeling tired and very hungry…I need to get the blocker paint spray out and bring it to room temperature before I can use it…so that won’t be done today…

    Daughter will be ringing shortly as she was busy yesterday…then park walk as we haven’t been today..

    Are you going out for your birthday?

    Have a lazy day..why not… paint job extends to the Block spraying the kitchen too…splashed fat on my walls again, I shall have to buy some kitchen paint which I can wash, never had this problem before, I don’t like the paint I used.

    A lovely long walk for you this morning ..I was thinking on the same lines and Steve changed his plans, so returned home…I feel starving so strange.

    Well done..

    Jean x

  • January: new year, new resolutions. Join this great group!

    Day 23 – 2nd post

    I’m not really trying to lose weight. I might at some point decide to lose a few more kg but it isn’t a pressing concern. I carried a bag for my son to the airport a few weeks ago. It was a bulky duffel bag and it seemed really heavy by the time I put it on the ticket agents scale. It was only 13kg. That is only 1/2 of what I lost. I was kind of shocked I used to carry around that much extra weight all the time. No wonder I didn’t feel good.

    So why an I still fasting? There are a few reasons.

    1) Fasting is still having positive impacts on my health and it is getting easier to do. The best way to make fasting easy is just to keep repeating it. (At least for me.)

    2) I really enjoy eating and strangely fasting make eating even more enjoyable. I think it makes me more mindful of eating. I also get to eat more food in general without guilt or fat gain.

    3) Sometimes fasting isn’t fun, but I actually do enjoy letting my body just empty out. It isn’t the same as eating, but there is some good general feeling I often get from it.

    4) Fasting is getting easier, working out fasted is getting easier, I’m getting stronger, my body is continuing to change and adapt. I’m hopeful it is healthy, at least it seems healthy. I’m curious to see where it will go.

    I’m reading a book by David Sinclair, “Lifespan Why We Age – and Why We Don’t Have To.” I bought after listening to a youtube video of a talk he gave. He thinks we are only decades away from extending our lifespans. Not sure if that will help me but he mentioned a bunch of things he and family are doing. He mentioned fasting more than a few times. I’m not afraid of dying, but I don’t want to become a living corpse either. Many people suffer so much the last years or even decades of their lives. My father has a brother that is two years older than him, but one would think he is 20 years older as the last decade has been hard on him. (My father is almost 88.) My mother died this last year, she was 81, but she had extremely poor quality of life for years. The doctors probably could have done more and saved her, but to be honest there wouldn’t have been any point to it, she had been gone for some time. That isn’t how I want to go.

    So I’m hopeful that fasting will continue to help me. I hope fasting will continue to also help all of you putting so much effort into it,

  • January: new year, new resolutions. Join this great group!

    Day 23 Canton OH FD

    @songbirdme sorry to hear about DH, I’m so glad you went in to the ER. Blood infections are nothing to joke about, they can go bad very quickly. The IV antibiotics should do the trick, will continue to keep him in prayer

    @i hate lettuce #winning!!

    @flourbaby I agree, that conversation is only possible when there is NO wine involved. I also don’t drink enough water when I am imbibing which compounds my problem. But I love wine, and would love to find a way to imbibe and exercise restraint. Someone please share when you figure it out

    @emmataylor will add Naples to my list of places to visit on my European tour. It sounds like just what the doctor ordered

    Pocket List – Day 23

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    The support here is amazing 🙂 Stay strong fasters!

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Ambled me way in to the office and discovered a really significant, challenging report in my inbox – wasn’t expecting it for another day at least! Thought they’d be wise and not release it until after a meeting tonight which is supposed to be about other stuff but which will inevitable now get taken up with this! It’s a really good report, really needed, but the second part (actions) will not be released until next week, so it inevitably sparks speculation and gum-flapping. Oh well!

    SWhouldn’t have felt so good about the FD earlier…VERY hungry now! I guess it’s another cup of decaf…

  • January: new year, new resolutions. Join this great group!

    Day 23- Atlanta, Ga. -USA- B2B FD

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    I’m not fasting, someone misread my post! Wasn’t planning to anyway, but definitely couldn’t have with the early start!
    Minols- enjoy a day to yourself! Love the scales joke 😂😂
    DF- keep strong, you are doing so well, resist, resist…
    Dave- I have had a fiddle with my phone, deleted some videos & apps, & I think the emails are working…
    Jean- I’m sure you’ll find plenty to do on your FD, keep strong, Steve too if he’s joining you?
    Kay- have fun with the camera! Are there any other dog breeds which appeal?
    Tammy- well done getting on the course! Shame about the scales…
    Sarah- hope you’re having fun with your granddaughter! Well done to you 👍
    Thanks for the compliments on the photos- Xena is slimmer but I am not 😂 have not done very well maintaining, put on a few pounds in the build up to Christmas & then quite a few more over Christmas unfortunately 🐷 stayed the same this week too, after today will have hopefully a low day tomorrow, & then a week of 800cals going up to my birthday.
    Managed a short nap, then an extra long walk in the forest with Xena, let her choose the way!
    Keep strong fasters!

  • Meal Plans for Non Fast Days

    Thanks everyone. It’s good to know I’m not the only solo cook out there on the 5:2. I have been eating a lot of egg based meals because they are quick and easy for a singleton. I was browsing in a book shop at the weekend and I came across “The Plan, Buy, Cook Book” and I have found that really useful. It has a list of store cupboard ingredients to stock up and and makes the point that you don’t need bottles upon bottles of different oils and vinegars. There was so much waste when I cleared my kitchen cupboards out at home before the move. I was able to donate my spices, pasta and other bits and bobs to my brother though.

    I’ll see if I can get a copy of that Choosiesusie’s recommendation because it sounds straightforward and I like the idea of no calorie counting.

    I’m on my third day of fasting today, so far so good. 🙂

    Edit to add:

    I’ll need to get some containers for freezing my batched cook meals. All my old containers are still in the UK which isn’t much use. This time I will write what is in each container and the date on which it was made. Like my cupboards, my freezer was full of wasted food.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Well done Sarah!

    DF, keep your head down and stay away from the cake! Think of how great you will feel resisting it. There will be other cakes! If its a family birthday cake then fair enough, but others…no go on FD 😉

    HH, might be a long day for you with an early wake up. Keep busy. I meant to say, love your photos that Jean has shared for you! Its great to see what Xena looks like, you too!

    Tammy, always annoying when you have to swap over on scales but new base line and will be fine going forwards. Did you jump on the old ones as well just to see if you had lost anything?

    Minols, have a relaxing day, great that you can have some time for yourself with all the busy busy you normally do.

    Jean, get the paint out! A job done and out of the way!

    Dave, enjoy your bowling later. Its very grey here again so good to get out in the sunshine if you have it.
    My Ctronics camera has arrived so I will have a play around with that later. Just need a dog next 😀

    A few of us fasting today.
    HH, Jean & Steve, Dave, DF, Minols, me!!

    Best get dressed, I AM that lady of leisure in my PJs!! 🤣


  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    I wonder if Denise will make me a birthday cake on Monday? Hopefully not if I want to lose weight. But there again🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂.I won’t ask her to make one so should be safe.Minols have you fixed the tap? HH have you sorted your phone out? I might have a look at the plug socket later, will see

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Well done keep your head down and busy….keep out the kitchen..


  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Tammy – when you’re a qualified fishmonger you’ll know how to deal with scales! Sorry, coudn’t resist…

    Feeling positive, and dare I say it, slimmer today – well, less bulky! Will I risk an early weigh in? I’m supposed to wait to the end of the month…see how the day goes and how I feel in the morning.

    Nearly a third of the way through the day, fasters…resist all cake – birthday or any other kind!


  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    One has gone already! The other has a way to go, but its going slowly. They look so good too. I’ll be strong, I just keep thinking how disappointed I’d be if I mess up.

    Thanks guys x

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Well done on getting on the course, very interesting …scales are a pain, I remember mine were not good on the changeover….you know you have lost, your scales we’re getting old 😬

    What a nightmare to have birthday cakes in the office on a fast day….gaffer tape? 😂…keep strong, I would struggle..

    Enjoy your walk and bowling…beautiful out.

    Jean x

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Good morning everyone, probably a FD today,not planned what meal or meals I will have.Well done to all the loosers.Its a nice sunny day today so may go bowling,it replaces my fitness class that I miss on Wednesdays.Time to take Heidi out

  • Dizzy after first fast day

    Thanks for the replies!

    I normally eat nothing at all on my fast days, just lots of water tea and coffee, as I feel hunger less that way and find it much easier.

    I will start considering having a small thing in the evening to stabilise my blood sugar in the morning, it’s just frustrating that I can’t do the pure fast that I prefer to do, but the body wants what it wants I guess!

    I will look into the GI ratings of my food, because before my last fast I had spent the weekend in Italy really loading up on the pasta, which probably didn’t help matters considering I was leaping from that to no food at all.. pretty silly really.

    My dad does 5:2 too and is totally fine no matter how strict he is with it. Maybe starting weight has something to do with it?

    All the best to anyone fasting today!

  • January: new year, new resolutions. Join this great group!

    Day 23 UK NFD

    Yoga then lunch and theatre matinee – Jennifer Saunders in Blithe Spirit Just hoping I can control my Patsy & Edina tendencies

    @emmataylor Love Naples – been through quickly a few times and wasn’t keen Had a few days and once you’re used to it you start to appreciate it I find it fascinating- Enjoy

    speedy recovery Mr Songbird x

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Sarah sorry forgot to say well done to you xxx
    Tammy x

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Morning all
    DF stay strong, use the force !!!
    HH nothing worse than being woken early
    Minols coffee shop and a book sounds lovely
    Jean enjoy your walk.
    Well weigh-in on the new scales!!!, has me at exactly what I started at the first time 😭, I know I have lost weight, and I would be pretty unlucky not to have lost anything in 3 weeks, eating a fraction of what I normally do, I just wish I could see it, oh well, will just need to wait till next time.
    Another 9hr shift for me, but I did get told yesterday that I am officially going to London to do the fishmonger course, so am really chuffed about that.
    Tammy x

  • January: new year, new resolutions. Join this great group!

    Day 23, London, UK, FD,

    Another FD for me, it may well be the ONLY reason for me to go to work!!!

    Yesterday’s OMAD FD went so well that I’m repeating it today, usually I bring some soup or snack cheese to work as an emergency hunger killer, but today, just a sachet of miso soup as I’m clearly strong enough to ride the hunger wave particularly if I drown dragons in 3L water!!

    Congratulations Mr. @daffodil2010, hopefully this job isn’t as physically taxing on the knee??!!

    @dykask, so true, we used to listen to the ‘experts’ because we had so little information, these days we question EVERYTHING. Probably because we have easy access to information, false or not, via the internet. It’s best to inform yourself, research and make your own mind up, there are too many ulterior motives out there to take ANYONE’S word for it!!

    @basyjames & @jaifaim, that internal conversation is an easy one to have with myself, exactly as you describe it @basyjames, however ………………… add a glass or two (bottle!) of red wine to the conversation and ALL bets are off!!! Decision making & making healthy wise dragon slaying choices is NOT recommended after the vino ………………………… no wonder we don’t drink & drive!!!

    Right back atcha @penz …………………………. 10 a.m. and (whisper it!!! peanut butter has raised its ugly, addictive, tasty, moreish head!!! …………… where’s that miso sachet???

    Ok, so I’m crossing Naples off of the ‘places to visit’ list @emma-taylor ………………. It sound equally heavenly and hellish!!!!

    @songbird me, I’m sending extra strength healing vibes & prayers to Mr. @songbirdme, the hospital will have him fixed up in no time!!

    Pocket List – Day 23 🍏

    Onward & downwards folks!!

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