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  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 27, FD, Aus

    Wow, it’s going to be October at the end of this week. I dunno where the year is going.

    I still haven’t kicked the end of day vino habit, but am feeling a bit more into the 5:2 swing of things. Slow progress.

    I watched the Canadian sugar video, thanks @funshipfreddie. I’ve long looked at those nutrition labels when comparing high calorie items like muesli bars or other snacks. But not for ‘regular’ food. I was shocked to see how much sugar is in my milk. Why put sugar in milk?!?! Cray-cray.

    Ha ha @emma Taylor – I laughed too. Stick with it! I was in Malaysia years ago bartering to buy a throw rug. I do not speak Bahasa Melayu but I had picked up few words here and there, including some numbers. The shop assistant I was haggling with (in English) kept checking with her boss (in Bahasa) whether my latest offer was acceptable. He gave her a counter-figure which she relayed to me inaccurately, and at a higher number. Without thinking, I said “but he said one hundred, not three!’ (or whatever it was). She looked shocked and said “you speak Bahasa!” which I denied but she immediately gave me the rug for the price I wanted.

    Interesting article, @northgeorgia (and congrats on your latest scale result). Linking that in with @mariaelena’s thoughts of hunger v. appetite, I think we have some great mind tools available to make 5:2 work for us.

    Stay well @IHL. Hope to see you back here soon – just coz you’re checking in and not because the Outer Warthog has returned.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Welcome Hannah. Hope your first fast day back goes well – always such a boost, to see the scales the day after a fast day.

    Neil re palindromes ….I’m currently reading the Poisonwood Bible, where one of the characters thinks and writes in palindromes. A very well-written book, although a bit challenging at times.

    Cinque, hope you are feeling well and happy today after a lovely Melbourne day, poking mulch and eating well.

    Betsy, glad Wilbur is recovering. In my experience, cats are very private creatures, so best you look the other way (that’s not the only reason of course …haha)

    Charlie, thanks for the good wishes. I like hearing about your life….those good BNB times will come back. I’m feeling quite optimistic now about seeing our way through Covid.

    Thin, hope you enjoy your holiday in Malta….will you go back to the boat for winter?

    OK off to walk the hound. She missed out yesterday because I went over to the mainland to collect the little girls, who are here for the week. So far Rosy has been up on the bed (definitely not allowed), has nipped off with OH’s iPad case, and is currently standing at the back door flipping a teatowel in her great white teeth, daring us to chase her. She’ll drop it if I don’t. I haven’t seen her being this naughty for ages ….the girls are noisy and she’s reacting to it.

    Back soon. Enjoy your day all.

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    second post

    And does a Christmas Pudding ever have nuts in it???

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 26 – Rural Nebraska, USA – NFD

    I weighed the same this morning (144.4) despite last nights lovely dinner, so I’m feeling good about my current approach.

    @i-hate-lettuce I always enjoy whatever little/much you post, NEVER find it stale, and will really miss you. However, I fully understand needing to make your own choices, so I’ll simply look forward to when you return. I’ve been thinking of you for the last couple of hours as I’ve been chopping my dried fruit for your Tropical Christmas Cake. 🥰

    As I’m chopping those fruits, I’m thinking about the Christmas Pudding that I made last year for the first time ever. I used Nigella Lawson’s recipe, and while it was lovely, we all agreed our lives would still be complete if we never had it again. BUT. That’s more because the particular combination of dried fruits (raisins, currants, prunes) are not beloved by any of us. So, all you Brits and Aussies who have been raised on Christmas Puddings, is it a travesty to put in, say, dried cherries, craisins, and, say, apricots? Please understand, I will feel entirely free to do whatever the heck I WANT, but I want to know what you all think of as authentic. Thanks, everyone!

    @caoimhe My mom used to say “Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, supper like a pauper.” Turns out, recent things I’ve read suggest that’s EXACTLY what is healthiest for our bodies. So if a main meal at lunch and little to no supper suits you, go for it! DH and I have actually said that, when he retires, we’ll be likely to do that ourselves.

    Okay, church, brunch, chopping fruit to soak for Christmas Cake, and now we’re off to see DH’s mom. Have a lovely afternoon/evening/sleep everyone!

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Welcome aboard Hannah, love the palindrome name (reads the same backwards and forwards)

    Good luck with your weightloss journey. You’ll find this is a pretty supportive group with lots of people in various stages, from those just starting out, those who have hit goals and have maintained it, or some of us in your position.

    I’m similar to you at the moment. I started off at 132.5 kilos and got down to my goal weight of 85 kilos and maintained it for a year, then the last 6 months I’ve been gaining and currently sitting around 100 kilos. I’m looking to get back down to 85 again.

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 26 UK
    Hope everyone has had a good weekend. Haven’t posted for a few days so set aside some time this evening to catch up on posts. Have also watched sugar film shared. Interesting viewing and a good reminder.It’s good to catch up with everyone’s posts and it’s encouraging that you don’t feel you are doing this alone. I am still hanging on in there and hope to make my target within the next 2 or 3 weeks.
    I was thinking of switching to having the main meal at lunchtime on NFDs and either skipping the evening meal or just having something light.I think this might work better for me. Has anyone else tried this?
    @betsylee The walk you did sounds lovely. We did about 5 miles yesterday all along the seafront. A beautiful sunny day too.
    Have a good week one and all.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    My low day didn’t happen…my cold chicken was calling for some chips, one of my favourite meals, then of course a glass of red!…delicious..

    Ironing all done only a small amount and grass cut, finished off with a magnum…

    Definitely a fast day tomorrow …

    Ice hockey started again… enjoy your evening…nice your sons been asked to help out….
    No petrol at our garage…I will try and manage to stay in the village with no driving…

    Jean x

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Hi all,

    First time posting here. Ben looking through the forum and you all seem friendly and to have a wealth of knowledge on 5:2 which is great.

    I Successfully got to goal weight with 5:2 eight years ago with a group of friends. Stopped when I was pregnant with baby number two and never got back on the band wagon. Yoyo-ed over the years and was at an all time high weight of 81kg at the start of the year. Currently at 77.3kg and want to get back to the heavenly days of 59kg! Have quite a bit to lose but know this works not just for weightloss but also as a WOL… just have to get my head around hunger pangs again! Have set Monday and Thursday as my best fast days (which fall when I’m working).

    So here’s to the first day back…😬


  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 26 — NFD

    Good day!

    Another on target food consumption and exercise day. Eating more fat and keeping carbs under control has been keeping my mojo up at the moment. In my opinion, my skin feels very good but I am aware that could be subjective bias.

    @betsylee I like your diet soda strategy. If they spike insulin, I too suspect that influence would be mitigated if combined with a whole meal.

    I’ve been having fanciful discussions with my appetite self and my hunger self in my head. They remind me of toddlers sometimes “gimme now”. When they gang up, as they did while I was cooking us a treat meal Friday (Greek chicken and potatoes- a treat because we rarely make it, but love it – it was well within eating well bounds) they wouldn’t shut up. LOL – ME: ok I hear you but we will eat in an hour. Just be a little patient. Them: NOW gimme now!

    What I find challenging is without quick processed food, I have to spend time in the Kitchen preparing a good meal. And then Hunger self and Appetite self go all in on me whining and complaining. Right now it feels like they are too ill mannered to learn better habits. Since spending time in the Kitchen itself appears to be a trigger, just going to continue on and hope they learn.

    Husband had to spend most of yesterday working from home, so our time has been limited this weekend – so I’m off now, we hope to have some good together time today.

    Be well and happy, all!

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 26 – USA/GA – NFD

    Horrible weigh-in at 224 lbs this morning, but I’m not going to beat myself up about it. How do you go to a wedding and not eat cake?

    You know, I am finding it interesting. On the days where I am eating vegetables, meat, nuts, and the carbohydrates have fiber and/or are a bit more complex, there really isn’t much of a weight gain, even over the course of a couple of days. On the days where simple sugars abound, boom — there it goes. Of course, a lot of it from day to day is just water gain, but the studies seem to suggest non-fibrous based fructose can cause inflammation and increase fat storage mechanisms in the liver. Anyway, as a day-to-day NFD attitude, I’m going to continue to abstain from snacking, eat meals that avoid simple sugars and overly processed foods, and stick to water as much as possible. It does seems to help stabilize the weight levels to give the 5:2 a chance to work better towards weight loss opportunities.

  • 5-2 User SInce 2015 worked great until about 7 months ago


    Somebody else made a similar comment just the other day – I’ve copied my reply to that below. I’m not sure it helps, but you aren’t the only one. It must be something to do with changes in the way the body processes food, so the weight comes off much slower after you’ve initially lost a lot of weight and the body has already adjusted to smaller meals.

    “Back in 2013/14 after 6 months of 5:2 and having lost all the weight I wanted to I switched to 6:1 for about 8 months but the weight crept back up and when I switched back to 5:2 the weight didn’t come off again nearly as fast as it had in those first 6 months – in fact I’ve never got back down quite as low again, although I did change my target to be a bit higher at a BMI of 22.5, instead of down at 21.6 which was the minimum I got too (when some people said I looked too thin).

    I chose 22.5 as a wide ranging health analysis at the time, looking at loads of different studies, indicated it was the healthiest weight across a range of factors including the immune system’s ability to fight off infections. I don’t know if that conclusion has since been revised over the last 7 years.”

    I think perseverance is the only solution I can think of.

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 26 – Canada 🇨🇦 – CD

    Good morning everybody.

    Thanks for the book recommendation – will get to The Obesity Code soon. I see our library system has the ebook.

    Just checking in to say hi. Interesting conversation about diet soda. I usually have a tiny diet ginger ale every afternoon, once they’re gone I think I’ll switch to flavoured sparkling water, see if it has an impact on my sugar cravings. Friends have recommended the Bubly brand because it’s free of sodium. Will report back on my extensive research in October – sample size of 1. 🤣

    Having a tough time shifting even an ounce. Up 2 pounds, down 2 pounds. Oh well, will keep pushing towards the goal. Take care all.

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  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 26 UK NFD

    Struggling but now looking to October to turn things around ,

    Farewell @i-hate-lettuce Please do pop in occasionally 👋

    Off to search for my mojo it must be around here somewhere

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Good morning, Ice hockey this evening not been for over a year. They have asked my son if he wants to help out, either as a timekeeper or goal judge. Will see what happens, only problem with that is I will be left on my own. There was queues at the petrol station at the bottom of our street. Idiots,I will wait until I need it. Will need some soon because I am driving 30 miles today then going to Sheffield on Thursday which is 38 miles each way. Heidi make me laugh, she gets me up then comes downstairs and goes to sleep on her bed.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Morning All..
    A chilly start at 9 but by the end of walking it was getting warmer….feeling more myself today, I wondered if I had something not quite right at the McMillan coffee morning …

    A bit of ironing and grass to cut before the weather changes are the two jobs of the day…I really could check over my winter clothes too….see if I need anything…

    I think I shall have a low day today hopefully 800 ish…🤞…give my stomach a rest….

    Strange you felt the same as me, I was hot and then cold…I tried to eat through it to make myself vomit, nearly, but it didn’t happen…ok today…
    First day in a while that nothing is happening and tomorrow too..I worked it that way…me time or is it us time and cuddles 😂…might sit out later and read as the weather will be on the change tomorrow …

    Poor son with his puncture at that time, good job dad is about to help….two lovely beach days with ice cream.. perfect!
    Looks like with the petrol I won’t be going far..I have filled up but nothing left at the garage quite hard when you live in a village…
    Wish the ice cream van would come round calling it was a good excuse to have one…

    Where are you??…let’s have you back…

    Have a good day…

    Jean x

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 26 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @northgeorgia – interesting article! I guess the success or failure of a fast day really can come down to how our minds work and what we tell ourselves. I’ll be taking another look at The Fasting Flamingo site.

    @betsylee – I’m with you on the diet soda. There never seems to be a definitive answer to the artificial sweetener debate. But, if it’s calorie-free that’s good enough for me on a fast day.

    @i-hate-lettuce – all the best on your solo fasting journey! My 10 month break from the forum didn’t work out too well though, with a 6 or 7 kilo gain🤦

    Happy S🌞nday!

  • May 2017 31-Day Challenge (1st Anniversary!)

    Ketinggalan nich

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 26 – Lake district UK

    Good morning everyone

    Going to be Opt out October for me, think I’m getting a bit stale, not a lot to offer or contribute to the forum and losing interest at the moment. It’s 12 months on from treatment and a series of dark days and weeks. I will be forever thankful for the support I got from a number of members on here at that very difficult time.

    Will continue just maintaining my weight where I am now, finding it very easy and comfortable so the last couple of years or so on this forum have been a great success personally. A lot of weight lost, the Inner Warthog has left and doubt that he will not return.

    Good luck and take care all, will no doubt be back sometime.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Ours used to be at the end of October. I was actually born during daylight savings on the 29th of October (my mother jokes I put her through an extra hour of labour because they put the clocks forward while I was being born). They moved it back to the middle of October, then the beginning of October, now it’s the last week of September and runs until April, so just over 6 months.

    I heard the same phrase “spring forward, fall back” and I use that to remind me too. We have one town over here (Te Anau) that have decided not to do daylight savings so they will be in a different time zone to the rest of the country for half the year.

    I hope everyone had a good weekend.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Morning losers,

    Neil, thanks for reminding me about your spectacular anniversary splash. Thanks for the good wishes.

    HK, cheers for all the things you’ve done right – and happy to hear the chicken and bacon casserole continues to feature in your FD fare.

    Lindsay, in WA they say daylight saving fades the cows and confuses the curtains.

    Betsy, good job. Good luck with water fasting. I’m coming to realise that the longer I can last without food on a FD, the easier the planning, the less faff it requires when on holiday. It took years for me to ditch my 2pm feeding of cauliflower soup but it’s so much easier to have just one small ‘meal’ in the evening.

    Cinque, best wishes for getting back to your routine of slow and gentle activities. Ha ha, only 18 months for your HH to learn how to wear a mask correctly. OH has been to Malta but only in pilot capacity and I’ve not been before. We’re going for the history, not the beaches and I’ve booked some funky accommodation in historical sites, such as an ancient guard tower, adults only, no huge hotels.

    Joining you for a FD. 58.7kg today. I’m on my second coffee. Sheep grazing in the green field opposite. A light mist over the rolling hills. Water perfectly still. The staircase locks that we came up yesterday are padlocked until 8am to save water so there is no boat movement. Hire boat season is thankfully coming to an end.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Betsy no daylight saving here in Queensland. It fades the curtains and upsets the cows. Or something like that.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Oh, Neilithicman, re daylight savings I’m talking of what occurs in Victoria. I’m not sure when it happens in other states, and I think a couple of states/ territories don’t use daylight saving at all, WA definitely not, and maybe the Northern Territory(?). Does anyone else know?

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Good early afternoon from cool but sunny Melbourne.

    The weather today is lovely, and Wilbur has no interest in being inside, even though earlier it was considerably cooler than now. I’m so relieved, as it means that he is back to normal. Even so, for his final evening “piddle” I’m still going outside with him, making sure the black cat which attacked him isn’t around, and walking up and down the driveway while waiting for him to do his business. I have to make sure that I don’t look at him when thus occupied, or he stops – maybe it’s something he learned after he’d been dumped, before I adopted him? A “beware of making yourself vulnerable” thing? Or is it common cat behaviour?

    So glad to read your post, Cinque. Yes, lovely weather. I understand the “she ain’t heavy, she’s my sister” sentiment, and it was lovely of you to help your friend.

    Re my glaucoma, I just use daily drops, early evening. Been using them for several years now. I had regular eye checks for years because of glaucoma in the family (first cousins) so it was picked up before any damage occurred, which was fortunate. I use a generic version of Xalatan and yes, slightly more eyelashes. As an amusing tale, my eye specialist told me of one of her patients whose eye lashes thickened, but grew out instead of curving up, so it affected his sight. Can you imagine a middle aged man using a curling rod daily to curl his lashes up 🙂 .
    I’d prefer less of the slight brownish colour that’s developed around the eyes, but hey, it’s a small price to pay for retained eyesight.

    Neilithicman, sounds like your daylight savings starts earlier each year than ours – we start on the first weekend in October through the Saturday night, click over about 2 a.m. I think, so that will be next weekend. Go back to “normal” time during the Saturday night of the first weekend in April, so daylight savings covers 6 months of the year here.
    Is yours similar? Do you ever have trouble remembering which way the clocks need to be turned? A pastor I knew once reminded us “spring forward, fall back” as a way to remember – even though we have autumn, not fall, I still find it a useful little saying.
    Re weight, looks like I’ve kept most of the loss after a day of “normal” eating yesterday, which is pleasing. Hope your scales are equally kind to you.

    I’ve recently been looking again at Youtubes by Dr Jason Fung, and I’ve decided that I’m going to try a water fast tomorrow. One annoyance I’ve had is an inability to swallow my daily BP medicine without taking it with food, because it’s tiny, and sticks to the back of my throat if I try to take it with just fluids. I usually take it at breakfast-time. Anyway, I’ve decided to try having a light breakfast, with the med., then water only till breakfast the next day. That will be a 24-hour water fast, even if not the 36 hours I’d prefer. Better than nothing. Well, that’s the goal – I’ll let you know how it goes.

    Okay, need to do other things. Enjoy your day(s), everyone.

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 26 Melb Aust NFD

    No jump back in weight after eating normally yesterday after my 2 days of FD800, so that’s a pleasing result. Now if I can only NOT eat too much today, and I’ll try for a 24-hour water fast after breakfast tomorrow morning.

    @northgeorgia, @mariaelena, I’ve been thinking a lot recently re the carbonated diet soda question, whether flavoured mineral water was better, all the artificial flavours, etc. What I’ve decided to do is yes, I can have a diet drink, but it has to be at a meal time. One unanswered question is whether having an artificial sweetener also provokes the hunger response and/ or increases insulin levels and thus fat storage. Some papers say yes, others suggest not. Even having the sweetness in the mouth could possibly encourage further eating.
    Personally, I usually have a can of diet Pepsi every day, in the earlier part of the day, because it contains caffeine that I don’t get from coffee (have never been a coffee drinker, don’t like the taste), but I’m now trying to drink that immediately after breakfast, so any insulin response is part of the breakfast rise. Not sure how well that’s going to work, or whether I’ll persevere with it. It’s likely I’ll eventually move to just drinking more tea, and possibly plain warm/hot water, like @northgeorgia.

    @stitchincarol, I actually do have “The Obesity Code” by Jason Fung, but I found for me, maybe it was the time when I read it, that Michael Mosley’s books were easier to follow. However, I’ve recently been watching a couple of Jason Fung’s Youtube offerings,and may reread the book. Thanks for reminding me of it.

    @babs_b, what a beautiful walk, even if the bridge was blocked.

    Onward and downwards everyone!

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Good morning,
    it is Sunday fast day for me, and following HK’s lead my two good things are that I am eating excellently and drinking lots of water, but on the critical side I am not going to manage less than 800 today. Close though!

    Helen Kate, a lovely post, and such a good strategy for reporting. Well done re all those excellent things, and oh well, we learn most when we make a decision and then figure out it was not a good one.

    (That ‘eating when tired and sleepless’ is such a difficult one).

    I hope you completed your fast day successfully and are feeling very pleased with yourself today! That tum will go!

    Lindsay, so glad to read your update. So glad you are on the beautiful island and I hope it gives you all some respite from the stress.
    Family, kids, birthday and celebrating the completion of that long hard Masters will give you plenty of distraction.
    Hoping Mr Lindsay’s vein is recuperating beautifully so he will be ready for surgery in a couple of weeks.

    Thin, you will love a holiday! Have you been to Malta before? I love reading about its long history.
    (Wo yes, good decision re the breakfast buffet!)

    Betsy, thanks for your thoughts. It was a bigger commitment than I expected driving my friend to her appts, but it was one of those ‘She ain’t heavy, she’s my sister’ things, and I am glad I could help.
    I can feel life gradually coming back to some sort of normal. And my eating too.

    Can they do something about your sort of glaucoma? I hope so.
    (I’m rather enjoying the side effect of my drops that makes my eyelashes grow thick and dark).

    Well done re the 600g, that is a big pat of butter!

    Neil, sympathy, the weather always wins. But I bet you have some lovely evenings coming.
    What fabulous plans you have for your anniversary!

    Well, I think I am well enough to go and give the compost a turn with my twirly wirly thing. It is a lovely morning here.

    Best wishes everyone

  • How to lose weight rapidly in one week

    Links in the description below

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Morning all,

    Yesterday was frustrating. My eating was ok, more than I was hoping but less than 2000 calories, but I didn’t get anything done in the garden. It was sunny and bright outside but too windy to get anything done in the garden that I had planned to do. Oh well, it’s daylight savings time now so hopefully I’ll be able to start getting some things done in the evenings after work now.

    Thin, we plan to spend some time at My Cook, Ohau and Tekapo. I’m hoping we can get up for a helicopter ride to the glaciers. I hope you have a great time in Malta for your anniversary.

    Betsy, congratulations on your loss. Hopefully I can join you as a loser when I have my weigh in this week.

    Have a great one everyone.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Hi Brenda, nice to have you join us! I’ve been here 3 years now- lost 2 stone but have put a bit back on, it comes off very slowly for me now! & I’m eating too much on nonFDs! Hope it works for you so you can get those knees sorted. Sending a hug to your cat…
    Dave- well done on your pound off! Lovely that Heidi’s calm enough for the cat to say hello ☺ Enjoy the ice hockey tomorrow!
    Jean- sending you a hug, difficult times, hope you feel better soon too, I’d give fasting a miss tomorrow, get over this bug xx
    Hemmy- the barge sounds wonderful, happy memories…hope your bug goes quickly too! Must be hard to motivate yourself to cook much, think I’d live on soup or beans & toast!
    Had a lovely couple of days- gave mum no choice with what we did yesterday- said we’re going to Aldeburgh do you want to come, & she said yes! So we have a nice walk along the front- not too far, she’s not kept up with her walking so can’t go as far now, & an ice cream. A late night- youngest had a puncture cycling home at 11.30pm, so hubby had to go & get him- he can’t walk with his studded cycling shoes, plus there were some strange people about! Today eldest was about for Xena so we went to Southwold, enjoyed watching the dogs on the beach- shame Xena is bad in the car, she loved it there on holiday. So more icecream & a nonFD for me!

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 25 – UK – NFD

    @stitchincarol – fantastic news on your new low!

    @northgeorgia you have definitely had success this month!

    I’m very sleep deprived again today… another restless night last night so feel like I’m operating on fumes now. However, in my semi-conscious state earlier on, I felt a sudden urge to get out and did a 4 mile hike around the boundaries of our village. It’s beautiful, even though it was very thick with cloud today. On a clear day you can see the skyscrapers of London, but not today sadly! It’s a lovely loop which takes you across fields, through the woodlands where Henry 8th once hunted, across fields filled with cows, over styles, through fords…. I was nearing the end of the loop when I discovered a little wooden bridge over a brook had been blocked off for very urgent repairs and I had to re-route. (I did attempt to leap over the missing struts but it felt rather wobbly!!).

    So, after that I’ve been taking it nice & easy. DH made us a stuffed pepper for lunch which was delicious. Stir fry for dinner tonight and there’s a punnet of strawberries in the fridge too.

    Have a wonderful rest of your Saturday, all 🙂

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 25 – 2nd post

    @MarieElena I have a few cases of carbonated water. It was my mainstay for a year, but a few months back, I just went off them and prefer plain water now.

    Yeah, I’m a teetotaler, but soft drinks have been my downfall. I watched one of the videos on sugar posted by @funshipfreddie and I can say that the biggest take away is all the artificially sweetened items in our diet with sugar, especially those we drink. In the past two weeks, I have severely limited intake of soft drinks, and see the good results from that. I can’t pretend I’ll ever completely give them up for good (did that off and on for years), but it would be great to get consumption down to one a week or less. I think it’s possible. Sweetened milk is another hard one for me: hot chocolate, or cold strawberry flavored…mmm Of course, at least then, there’s the dairy to help satiate. I mean, I certainly couldn’t down more than a mug of hot chocolate at a time, whereas I’m sure if I let myself, I could drink 2/3 a liter of soft drink without thinking twice.

    @stitchincarol Oh, and I am increasing my cheese and nut consumption, too, and find it oddly takes down any sugar cravings by about 2/3!

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge


    You wrote: “My new rule is “No refined carbs, at all” and “Instead, have the cheeses and nuts you used to deny yourself.”

    Exactly what I have transitioned to! It sure makes me feel better. I will allow myself (home) baked goods as a special, but to me special is like once a month for no specific reason, or holiday meals. Since my digestive system does not appreciate refined wheat, this way of eating is a big help.

    @northgeorgia is flavoured carbonated water an option? I have replaced my diet ginger-ale with berry flavour carbonated water, and my feeling is that helps me tons. I always wanted that cracker snack after having a soda, bit have not had a difficult time watching my husband snack on them since I switched. They also help a lot with hunger, for me, more than plain water does. Just my experience, in case it is helpful to you.

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 25 – Rural Nebraska – NFD

    Yesterday, I thought I was pulling off OMAD, and was feeling pleased at my extended fast until we reached suppertime–and then I was hungry. Too hungry to ignore. Grapes, lots of cheese, an avocado. (Notice no crackers–I’m still maintaining my boycott of refined carbs.) Then wine as I started supper. Then more wine. Then even more wine as we had Eggplant Parmigiano, a garden salad with a /generous/ portion of dressing. Then, beyond control, I lost the no-refined-carbs plot, and had four caramels.

    Pre-HFLC that meal would have given me a massive headache, probably a small hangover, and four extra pounds on the scale this morning. (Trust me: I weigh myself too often not to know exactly what’s going to happen on the scale after various meals.) Instead? 144.4, up from 142.8.

    I’m doing nothing by the book, so probably am not doing any proper proportions of fat to carbs to protein, and possibly the only serious influence is the (mostly) lack of refined carbs. But I’m sure astonished by the ongoing loveliness of the scale even after such a day of eating as yesterday!

    I’ll do better today. For starters, Friday is always a “special” evening to me. It’s date night. It’s the end of the week. It’s the end of two FDs. So I almost always over-eat and over-indulge (except that the results this time aren’t at all typical). Saturday is always just Saturday, so after decent eating today (which I’m not only certain of, but resolved to pull off) I’m so curious to see what the scale says tomorrow.

    @funshipfreddie @dvw @betsylee Thanks for the shout-out!

    @funshipfreddie Thanks for the latest video link; I’ll get it watched soon.

    @dvw Yeah, fudge has a siren call for me, too!

    @betsylee If you haven’t yet read Jason Fung’s The Obesity Code, I highly recommend that; it is absolutely the reason I’m suddenly/finally losing weight.

    @northgeorgia You have indeed had some success this week/month. And I entirely agree with you about fruit as opposed to the refined carbs you listed. My new rule is “No refined carbs, at all” and “Instead, have the cheeses and nuts you used to deny yourself.” You never list wine or beer as an indulgence, so I’m guessing there’s nothing delightful to drink instead of your soft drink–yes? That’s a tough one. Don’t know how to help you on that, except that Jason Fung really discourages them if at all possible. And I know you’ve said you’ve limited them as much as possible. You’ll get there!

    @mariaelena I have an herb bed with two parsleys, basil, oregano, thyme, sage, rosemary, lemon grass, verbena, marjoram, dill, chives, and I can’t remember what all else. It’s all quite crowded (as are all the plants in my small yard), but it works, and there’s simply nothing like walking out the kitchen door to my herb bed to snip whatever I need. I hope yours grows well for you!

    Well, I’ve been dallying on truly starting my day as long as I can justify; I have things to accomplish. Have a grand one, filled with all the resolve you need to accomplish your eating plans for the day!

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 25 — NFD

    Yesterday on target. Looking forward to a quiet weekend with my husband, thankfully we have little in the obligations category except yard work. I have started growing herbs on a small scale. Past experiences suggest that I have a black thumb, but I’m going to think positively. Started small, just rosemary and oregano. Will branch out to Basil and Coriander (Cilantro) if all goes well. Wow, the fresh oregano smells so wonderful!

    Hopefully all will have a good day and, if you want, a more exciting couple of days.

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 25 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 222 lbs. I’m OK with a weekend long plateau haha

    I found this interesting article and wonder about if we can overdo “mindfulness.”

    I think on the number of times when I will try to “be good” and then go ahead and have the “naughty” meal I’ve been eyeing in the refrigerator with extra snack food and a soft drink to wash it all down. Then I feel miserable. How much better it would have been to plan out a meal, and just have the original “naughty” meal in a reasonable portion at an appropriate time, and add some healthy items to make it more filling.

    I have let some carbs and sugar increase this week in my food intake, but not at a disastrous level. I’ll try to keep those at bay and look at good fats, proteins, fruits, vegetables, and fiber. I know some say fruit can be bad, but better a slice of watermelon, a banana, some grapes, or an apple instead of a pie, cake, cookie, potato chip, or Halloween candy! My focus is still 5:2, though.

    Anyway, it was nice to hit 219 this week, and still hanging on to an average of 221-222 lbs for the week, keeping it basically the same as last week’s average. Which is so much nicer than the 223-224 average at the beginning of the month. I feel I’ve had some success.

  • Fastes ways for to lose weight in a week.

    Fastest ways for lose weight in a week.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Brads .. Brr we don’t want to start thinking winter yet lol. I can remember going to Devon in late October and having to buy suntan lotions lol.

    Sym well, done on your win. Oh I cant believe it as you have just described how I felt yesterday .. Felt quite dizzy on my walk it just to came over me …sweating as well .
    I didn’t tell my friend as she was going away for the weekend and didn’t want to worry her.
    Like you in and out of the loo didn’t feel right. So sat for a while just took the day slowly and last night just had some toast although felt quite hungry later .. I seem ok completely today it seems to have pasted but being careful.. Just had soup and a roll

    I think there is so much going around at the moment in some shape or form bound to be with the virus . Hoping we both feel ok now… and it was just a 24 hr thing. Strange though. Xxxx

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Afternoon All…
    I got up feeling dizzy and out of sorts, sicky and going to the loo..walked Charlie and had breakfast felt a bit better. I have been to boules, we played two and won two, we hammered them today it gets a bit embarrassing.
    I had a tea cake and coffee at cafe but still feeling off….it’s not like me at all….

    At Christmas I have been invited to go to the beach with the girls and their hubby’s, and Fays mum will be joining us and then come back and snuggle down with Charlie with treats, TV..and a simple meal cold turkey and chips one of my favourites…Fays invited me for a meal but I will leave them to have family time.
    I suppose it will depend on the weather…
    It’s awkward when there’s two birthdays, I can see how Kirsty wants to see you..

    Hoping the snow is a long way off…I need to look at my winter stuff and see if anything needs buying…a couple of long sleeved tops I think I need…

    A lazy afternoon just rest up today….I will be fasting tomorrow…

    Jean x

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Good afternoon,dull wet day here.Soon be winter. I don’t mind winter but don’t like the snow. Or at least walking in it when it’s turned to slush then frozen again.Saying that the sun as come out.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Good evening all.

    Cinque, good to hear from you. I’ve been concerned at your relative silence. Yes, BCCs as a result of childhood sun exposure – for me, 50s sunshine, and fair skin, but same result. Great that your eye pressure readings were normal. I see my specialist in November. I have glaucoma, even though my readings have never been high – I think it’s called normotensive glaucoma. It hasn’t affected my eyesight, to date, for which I’m very thankful.

    Helen Kate, hang in there. Sometimes it’s possible get stuck on a particular weight for 2-3 weeks, then as you persevere, whoosh, the weight drops a couple of kilos in a few days. Do you check your actual measurements? Maybe you’ll find that they’ve gone down, even if your weight hasn’t (yet).

    LindsayL, how lovely that you can have some enjoyable time with family at the island while awaiting the ENT appointment and then surgery for DH.

    Anzac65, hope you’re gamely hanging in there with your current, oh so busy work schedule.

    Thin, hard to believe it’s already been two years that you’ve been on the boat. Wow! Hope you have an enjoyable holiday in Malta, and happy anniversary in advance. Great that there are folk who’ll keep an eye on your boat for you while you’re away.

    Well, B2B FD800s led to a weight loss this morning of 600 gms, but I won’t get too excited until the weight moves down a further kg or so. This is one of my “sticking” weights, and as I mentioned above to Helen Kate, you just have to persevere through it.

    Hope everyone’s having a great weekend!

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you Xxx

    Its been a dull morning but very humid sun just breaking through.

    Sym .. I would rather it just be me and Pip for Christmas .Its sort of awkward for Kristy I expect as its my Birthday Xmas eve and hers boxing day.

    I wouldn’t want to invite a friend as I tend to go over the top with things buy far too much an d also tire myself out.

    I am not really wanting big meals now my taste now left to my own devices is quite simple but tasty.
    I am also the older I get finding lots of these occasion have got quite tacky lost their original meanings and traditions gone .

    Have a lovely day all whatever you are doing … We can’t control what happens in the external world, but we can decide how we wish to show up every day.
    If it’s out of your hands, it deserves freedom from your mind too. Xxxx

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 25 Melb Aust NFD

    Managed the second FD800 on Friday, then weighed in this morning – 0.6 kg down, but not sure how much of that will be slight dehydration, even though I tried to drink plenty of fluids. My current weight, or thereabouts is one I “stick” on, so I think a few more consecutive days of low calorie intake are called for. I tend to get stuck about every 3 kgs. Just have to be patient and push past them.

    @mariaelena, Yes, I think I might try it. I live alone and we’re in a Covid lockdown here, so I can organise my meals as suits me.

    @stitchincarol, Yay for being below 143 lb, well done you.
    Body set points are an interesting topic. I think my set point has changed at various times in my life, so I know it’s possible to change them. It’s really only the last several years that I’ve been as heavy as I am now.
    I used to be concerned when I went much above 70 kgs, knowing my “ideal” is about 52, which I haven’t been since I was a teenager, but I have sat for years around 57. However, not in recent years, and pre-starting 5:2 I’d been going up and down from about 79 to 88 kg. Never over that weight. That was my absolute NEVER go over weight.
    Once I lost weight on 5:2, 70 kg was going to be my “never go over” weight, but…. sigh. From November 2018 at 88 kgs I went down to 72, then up again to 86, then down to 68, and then I allowed it to creep up to 86.5 by the start of September (85.4 now).
    I think in part it’s been the stress of all the lockdowns we’ve had here in Melbourne. By the time our current lockdown ends (in about another 6 weeks), Melbourne will have been the most locked-down city in the world, about 274 days, I think, of lockdown. Oh well, we survive these things, and I have 52 kg firmly in my sights, even if it takes till some time next year to get there.

    @funshipfreddie, I watched the two videos re-shared by @stitchincarol, and have read both Yudkin and Lustic’s books about sugar. I think I’ll now move to watch a few on intermittent fasting, just to encourage some more willpower (won’tpower? 🙂 ).

    Hope everyone has a happy, mindful weeekend.

  • 5 Years or more on a Fast Diet regime?

    Good info on the health benefits.

    Back in 2013/14 after 6 months of 5:2 and having lost all the weight I wanted to I switched to 6:1 for about 8 months but the weight crept back up and when I switched back to 5:2 the weight didn’t come off again nearly as fast as it had in those first 6 months – in fact I’ve never got back down quite as low again, although I did change my target to be a bit higher at a BMI of 22.5, instead of down at 21.6 which was the minimum I got too (when some people said I looked too thin).

    I chose 22.5 as a wide ranging health analysis at the time, looking at loads of different studies, indicated it was the healthiest weight across a range of factors including the immune system’s ability to fight off infections. I don’t know if that conclusion has since been revised over the last 7 years.

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 25 – Canada 🇨🇦 – FD

    Good morning and congratulations @stitchincarol 👏👏👏 well done.

    Yesterday I lost the plot and had 3 pieces of fudge, it was delicious and so worth it. Today will be a good FD. Hoping the rain will hold off long enough to get in our tennis game. Take care all.

    Day 25 Pocketlist

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 25 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @stitchincarol – you nailed it! Congratulations! 🥇

    So quiet here?! I hope everyone’s having a good weekend ⛅️ 🌈

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Morning all, I popped in quickly to try and catch up with some posts. It’s 23C and we’re still squeezing out the last days of summer.

    Turn, you began your new life on wheels a month before we started our watery life. I find it hard to believe that we’ve been doing this for two years. For how long do you plan to continue? Yes, we are slowly heading north again and, now in familiar territory, it’s interesting to note how confident we are, say, meeting another boat in a long tunnel compared to when we set off and everything seemed so terrifying.

    Neil, I read before of your big plans for your anniversary but have now forgotten how you hoped to celebrate. We decided to go to Malta for our anniversary next week. I have mixed feelings about air travel when it’s not essential but, as one of my friends currently in Spain pointed out, everyone on the plane is double jabbed so it’s probably safer than walking into a supermarket. The flight is £15, the PCR test £43. And the paperwork! This is supposed to be a holiday! It will be the first time we’ve left the boat unattended canal side but it will be opposite the marina where we know a few boaters.

    Last Sunday was my first FD in nine days due to switching a day the previous week. I’d held my weight down very well all week by being vigilant but oddly, only lost 100g on that FD. I usually drop 700-900g. I can’t blame the scales as they’re super-accurate (and will be accompanying me on holiday as always). I’ve talked OH out of the usual breakfast buffet option on the basis that it’s a step too far during covid – but, of course, I’m delighted not to have that daily temptation. Another vigilant week and I’m at 58.7kg so well within my wiggle room and will have only one Sunday while away so a FD will be easy to incorporate.

    The fridge and freezer are almost empty. We don’t dare leave it on while away. I have one more FD chicken something for tomorrow. I have a grocery delivery ordered for the morning after our return.

    I hope everyone gets their medical issues sorted and back on track with IF. Best wishes all.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Hello all. I won’t even try to respond to you all, but I’m reading all your news, and hope you are all well and happy.

    Cinque, you haven’t been well, but you are so so busy. Are you sure you are looking after yourself? Thank you for the call out – hence my quick post today.

    Still waiting for OH’s surgery. He has a date now – 13 October. The wait has been due to the need for his vein to recuperate after the clot, and for the various surgeons to be available on the same date. He now needs to see an ENT physician before the surgery, so more waiting as this chap is out of his rooms until 27 September (there’s been a private school covid outbreak up here, and as so many of the medicos have kids at those schools, it’s thrown a bit of a spanner in the works).

    So, we have adjourned to the island for some sunshine and contemplation. The little girls come over tomorrow for a few days before their mum arrives on Thursday – her birthday, but also the end of her education masters, which finishes with an oral presentation to the board of examiners on Thursday. After 4 years of part-time study, she needs a break too….but she really is coming to spend time with her Dad.

    Best wishes to all of you – I’ll start to respond to you all once I settle down a bit. The past month has been very stressful. I know other people go through similar stresses ….it is hard for us all.


  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Hello all

    There’s quite a build-up of messages in a week! But first a quick report on how I’m going with this WOL. I’ve felt discouraged lately. But I’ve remembered something a friend told me once. She was doing a counselling course where some examiners were observing each person doing a short counselling session. She watched the examiners be extremely critical with the students whose turns were ahead of hers. When her turn came she asked them if they could please tell her two things she’d done right for every one thing she’d done wrong! Such a good idea.

    So, in that spirit, here are two things I’ve done wrong in the past week: booking a lunch in on Wednesday so I couldn’t do my mid-week FD; and some late night eating when unable to sleep

    And here are four things I’ve done right; refusing an invitation last Sunday so I could stick with my weekend FD; cooking the chicken and bacon casserole so I have containers in the freezer for my next FDs; using the timer – setting it for a 15 minute wait before having a second helping of dinner and then usually finding I don’t need to have that second helping; drinking more water.

    My weight is the same and my tum is as round as ever but nothing is worse!

    Today is a fast day and right now I am feeling very hungry but reminding myself that it will pass and also that it is doing good things for my body.

    And now I am reading over the recent messages. LJoyce, I’m glad your lung infection seems to be cleared up. Fingers crossed. Anzac, you are under such a lot of pressure at work. Hope you are getting some breathing spaces and some relaxing walks with Maxx. Charlie, your days always sound very full and Cinque you’ve been busy too. And you Victorian people have had the earthquake, on top of the lockdown and the riots.

    Lindsay, thinking of you and your OH.

    Wishing everybody a good weekend – with rest or football excitement or whatever …


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