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  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Haha Thin! Impressive! Here is my masterpiece 😉

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Thank you Cinque, I will see if I can get that app.

    Thin you are funny, yes everything is edible, I can take a picture of the now leftover cake if you like 😉😉

    I took the photo on top of the cupboard in the spare room, I do have others taken in the kitchen and I will send them just for you. I couldn’t believe I had made it and when it was sitting on the kitchen table I kept wanting to pick it up.

    Today’s effort was a hot air balloon as you can see and I get quite possessive of them and I never want to cut them.

    The ladies at the nursing home get lots of treats so someone does benefit from my efforts.

  • Lost a great deal of weight in 11 days.

    Thank you. I lost 9lbs in first 11 days of 5:2. I thought hey this is too easy. Am i doing sonething wrong. But heyho! Weight loss slowed down .25 lbs one week. Hovering for several weeks nothing happening. I began to despair and i looked at what was i doing wrong. Yes i did my 500 cal days well/post night shift – it works. But on the day after my fast – i am so hungry all day. I eat crisps/chocolate – but kept within range of my TDEE cal range 1700:cals. Then i decided to shake it up a but. Eat 1700 cals some days but eat 1200 cals other days…and voila I lost weight again! My BMI is 24.78 and i have lost 16lbs in weight in 8 weeks. Only 1.25lbs to go!
    I have lost nearly 5st 7lbs in under 11 months by varying my eating. Low carb diet for 4 months and a calorie controlled diet for 4 months. 5:2 diet for 2 months and now I am on the last hurdle to the finish line. 1.25lbs to go. I feel better and nearly 50 as well. Good luck!

  • July 2017 31 Day Challenge

    Day 22 – Woking, UK – NFD
    Not a great NFD yesterday but I think still under TDEE. Trying for a better one today.
    Frustrated that having got down to 245lbs I’ve now bounced back up again.

    Off to the cinema to see Dunkirk.

    Feeling a bit meh and uninspired today so I really need to shake myself out of it and keep on keeping on.

  • July 2017 31 Day Challenge

    SongBirdMe. Plonk derives from vin blanc – brought into English by the soldiers serving in France during the first war. When I started the military vocabulary was full of Arabic, Hindi, Chinese, Swahili words and others of forgotten origin. Many, like plonk, changed almost beyond recognition. Because military service used to be compulsory, many made their way into civilian life. Some didn’t- I still occasionally forget that and have to explain myself to friends who didn’t serve.

  • Fasting 5 days per week and stopped losing weight!

    luizsantos, find what works for you. What you are doing now would probably work for a lot of people but it isn’t working for you so change it up. Try 5:2 by the book for a few weeks at least and see how you go.

    If I cut calories and still eat a lot of simple carbs I struggle to lose weight. Eating whole foods, less calorie-dense foods and less simple carbs is important.

    Loving the positive and constructive advice above btw.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    So, enlighten me Intesha, is that handle edible? What about the bits that attach it to the bag? Apart from the lava lamp, what’s inside the bag? From someone who couldn’t even bake a cupcake, I’m in awe. I am still not sure that you’re not all having me on that it is actually a cake. I hope you have started a portfolio of the designs you’ve completed. Next time, please take a photo that doesn’t have a lava lamp spouting from it. A photography course is calorie-free by the way. Ha ha ha, just having a laugh with you – these masterpieces deserve magnificent photography. I can’t stop looking at it.

    Thanks for teaching us how to fish Cinque. That one’s lovely too. Here’s a little cake I knocked up earlier:

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Here is Intesha’s next masterpiece!

    By the way, I use imgur to show a picture. It is easy and free. Just go here: and if you want to upload a picture from your computer, click browse, find the picture and then click ‘open’. Once it loads you just need to copy the url at the top of the page and then paste it here 🙂

    But I am happy to do it!

    Two hours until miso soup!

    Just as well I can’t smell your beautiful loaves and buns LJoyce!

  • July 2017 31 Day Challenge

    Day 22 |Sydney Australia | NFD

    Having a very nice non-fasting day thus far. It has featured chocolate and mars bar ice creams already. At this rate tomorrow (Sunday, the last day of my fasting week) might have to be a fasting day 🙂 even though I’ve had 3 fasting days already.

    On a positive note I had a good session at the gym and my weight is down 5 kilos for the month so far. I started June at 138 kilos, started July at 132, and I’m now at 127.

    It’ll be dark in just over an hour (middle of winter here) and I’m tempted to go for a bushwalk (hike) to make the most of the beautiful weather we are having.

  • Fasting 5 days per week and stopped losing weight!

    Ok my friend.

    on your 2 fasting days try and keep to maximum calories of 600 (I prefer to have Zero calories. not easy to do from the beginning though) and the other 5 just eat normally and try not to over do it. believe me the weight will fall off and you will feel much better in yourself.

    Have a nice day
    Mark G

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    That cake is amazing, Intesha! It almost looks like one of your handbags on a cake stand! I love fancy looking cakes, but they look so great I wouldn’t want to cut into them and wreck them.

    LJoyce and thin, I am definitely obsessed with the scale for all the same reasons mentioned. This is probably a good thing for me to be away from it for several days. Thin, the travel scale is cool, but still sort of big to have to pack. I don’t know, we all vary some days due to water weight even if we’re eating well. So even our home scales aren’t exact. Maybe when I get down to my maintenance weight I’ll be less obsessed. Or maybe more afraid of gaining it back. Maybe getting down to weighing a couple times a week would be good….

    LJoyce the fruit and nut bread sounds great. You’re right about adding them and getting the dough to rise though. Good solution you came up with to save the dough!

    Reception thing was fun tonight. The actual dinner and all is tomorrow. This turned out to be almost a FD because it was so busy.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Thin it wasn’t really that good. I did cut it straight down the middle and took half to my friends in Melbourne together with a dozen decorated cupcakes, iced biscuits and friands. I guess I should have found another hobby.

    I did another cake course today. I will send the picture to Cinque as I have no idea how to upload it to this page. We could have great afternoon teas with all the baking that is happening so it’s probably a good thing we don’t live close.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Hi Thin, I can’t even use the emoticons as I always use my laptop for this and I’m still on Windows7. I think it’s why I take so long to word and edit my posts because I’m always concerned that something will be taken the wrong way, as I’m definitely aiming to be supportive not offensive.

    Well, I can say that the fruit bread was definitely victory snatched from the jaws of defeat. Not only did it work in the end, it has one of the best flavours ever. Because of the extra dough and yeast I added it was a large batch. Enough to make 8 small fruit buns in addition to the loaf.
    The buns are out of the oven and I have already gobbled one up and I’m trying to stay away from the kitchen to avoid scoffing any more. The only drawback of my haphazard way of cooking is that when a recipie tastes great I haven’t much hope of making it again because I didn’t follow a recipie and I didn’t measure most of the ingredients, I work by eye, feel and taste. It’s always seemed weird to me that I can be so precise with most things in my life, but not cooking – for me I need it to be an intuitive creative process.

    I wish you all lived closer, with a kitchen full of baking I’m all set to host afternoon tea.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    All good LJ, I hadn’t taken your post that way at all. This is why coffee meetings with facial expressions are better than posts in a thread. Even with emoticons 😆

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Hi Thin, Cinque, Intesha, GDSA, Minka, and anyone else who’s reading

    The bread dough barely rose overnight. I knew I was taking a big risk by adding the fruit and nuts before the first rise. It makes the dough a bit heavy for the yeasty air bubbles to lift it. (The sweeter dough also makes it harder for the yeast.) So I rescued it by making a runny dough from warm water, white spelt flour and more yeast and letting it bubble up. Then I mixed it into my heavy fruit dough. The new combined dough has been sitting in the sun for an hour and a half and has now doubled in size. So it seems to have done the trick. Looks like I’ll be baking a fruit loaf this afternoon after all.

    I’ve had a rampant appetite this morning. Even though yesterday was a NFD I did under-eat, and I suspect it’s catching up with me this morning.

    GDSA – hope your household managed to get some sleep. An eggy breakfast?

    Thanks for posting that photo Cinque. Wow, it looks like someone left their handbag on the cake plate! What a clever lady you are Intesha.

    Thin – I wasn’t trying to suggest your method of keeping your weight stable was wrong – just trying to explain why I had decided it was wrong for me. I think it’s important to have weight maintenance tools that we find helpful and give us the reassurance that we need, nothing wrong with using scales as that tool if it works for you. I was obsessed with so many things – not only was I weighing myself at least once a day (and sometimes I weighted many times in a day) I was weighing and calculating full nutritional profiles for absolutely everything I ate as well – I was scared to stop in case I ended up obese again. But I knew that if I kept going the way I was, I would “hit the wall” and stop all of it suddenly (I actually did that for 2 weeks last December and gained 9kg). I had such a dependence on the scales but also I hated them as they so often didn’t reward my efforts. I knew I had to find other tools that helped me maintain. I’m still not sure I have the balance right as my weight isn’t as stable as I’d like it to be, but I definitely feel less stressed without the scales. Every time I got a bad number I would binge, which just made me feel worse. I don’t understand why, but if the tape measure tells me my waist measurement is up or my jeans are tighter I don’t have the same adverse reaction. I suspect my love-hate reaction to the scales goes back a very long way for me – too much negative history. Jeans on the other hand have positive feelings for me. I wasn’t allowed to ever own jeans when I was growing up as my mother thought I was too fat for them. (I was promised I could have some if I lost enough weight, but I never lost enough to satisfy my mother while I was living at home.) My jeans that I wear often now are special to me. Partly because I can find jeans that fit that are in the normal size range and no one is telling me I can’t have them. I also feel motivated to keep them fitting me properly.

    Time to go and punch down my dough and shape some bread.

    Hope you are all having a lovely Saturday (or Friday for Cali).

  • July 2017 31 Day Challenge

    Day 21-NFD Syracuse USA

    I’m always kind of shocked when I meet people and we talk about this WOL and they ask me if it’s unhealthy. Like abstaining from over-indulging in food for hours (and really it is only hours, even though it can feel like forever) and we’ll just go into starvation mode. Like we’lljust shrivel up and starve to death right there in front of them.
    My 7 yr old watches a British kid who has a YouTube channel about minecraft. (And sometimes he watches peppa pig with his baby sisters) Yesterday, he told his father (my husband) that the basketball was being “cheeky” because it wouldn’t go in the net. Tonight, he told me he needed a “proper” bath. My 4 yr old daughter also asked me for a “lolly”. It’s really cute and funny hearing my American children use these British words!

  • Fasting 5 days per week and stopped losing weight!

    Hi guys
    I think I misunderstood the idea. I read in many places that I could fast for 18 to 20h and then eat normally, in my mind eating 1000 calories less than I need 5 times per week was a great accomplishment. On top of that I was restricting food and lowering insulin production.
    As I can see now that is not totally correct.
    Next week I will do the 5:2 by the book and see what happen.
    But do you think i should control the amount of calories in the other days or should I eat till reach my limit of 2300 calories? Actually the balance would be obtained with 2700 calories per day.

    Thank you guys!!!

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Thanks Cinque! Who thinks it’s a cake? And who thinks it’s one of Intesha’s handbags on a cake stand?

    You could be right about the only child thing. I respect food preferences because of my beetroot aversion but I believe most of it was behavioural. Like GDSA’s Miss D, our DD ate healthily but with a limited scope.

  • Fasting hours ???

    @melferg. Yes you can use your sleeping time as part of your fast. In fact it is the perfect fast. Youre not eating anything!! The 5:2 concept as performed on this site is not a true fast, but its doable by most people. What you have proposed is fine. Although 5:2 places no restriction on what you eat I firmly believe it plays a HUGE role in your ability to achieve long term success. Try and avoid alcohol, sugar, processed carbs like bread, pizza, cakes biscuits, breakfast cereals (pure junk by the way) health bars, fruit smoothies. if you want fruit eat whole fruits, never smoothies, never dried fruits. Get the majority of your carbs from leafy of cruciferous veggies. Avoid starchy veggies like potatoes. Don’t be scared of full fat low sugar yogurts. Real cheese. Eat lots of fibrous foods like beans and legumes.

    A simple rule. If you had to open a packet to eat it, question its nutritional value. Real food doesn’t need a label telling you its good for you. Eat foods that your great grandmother would recognise as food.

    Good luck.

  • Fasting 5 days per week and stopped losing weight!

    bigbooty has lots of good advice in his post.

    I found working out while fasted to be very different and it took time to adjust.

    * Initially I found running very easy as long as it was LSD. (Long slow distance) At that time though I found it very hard to sprint or even do intervals. My max heart rate seems to be lower too.

    * Soon I was enjoying running while fasted and I started seeing that my “slow” runs were often faster and my normal runs while not fasted.

    * After months I had gained back my ability to really push hard while fasted and I branched off into more HIIT workouts. I don’t run as much now because I’m trying to do more strength building workouts and I don’t want to take the longer time a good run takes.

    There are wide variations in how people respond to working out fasted. You might want to check out Dr. Peter Attia’s blog.

  • July 2017 31 Day Challenge

    I can’t believe how fast this thread moves.

    Day 22 Sunshine Coast Qld Australia: NFD

    Hope Alexander is on the improve, Anna6. I hate the way the little ones look so listless when they are sick.

    Music with a group this afternoon. I’m rereading a thriller for bookclub, one of the Harry Hole series.

    Thanks for the ongoing support Coda and everyone else on the thread. Good to be working with Rocy65 again

  • Jan 2017 Starters/Re-Starters from a binge eater

    Hi Alisa and everyone! I am still here and reading all of your posts and have been meaning to post….
    I’ve been experimenting on my own and doing just tons of research.
    5:2 doesn’t really work for me. Partly I believe I have low blood sugar and I find it hard. Secondly I don’t seem to learn new habits as I often binge shortly after. 😣
    What I’ve been doing all summer so far is exercising tons (bc I am off all summer), mostly strength training videos as that’s what really gets me in shape. I haven’t lost much re scale, but I’ve lost a lot of my belly which is what I wanted. As far as food, Ive been counting calories and eating 10x my body weight, which again works for me. I am happy with my progress and am far from done, but I’m doing ok considering I’ve been partying tons!
    Anyways, I wish all of you well, and don’t give up. There will be something that works for you. Cheers.

  • Michael mosley

    You might want to just jump into the monthly challenge. You’ll find lots of support there.

    I’m sure you would be welcome!

  • Fasting 5 days per week and stopped losing weight!


    What you are doing is just calorie restriction. Sort of works for a while and then your body just adjusts to running more efficiently on those five days that your restrict. Even 5:2 as practiced my many on this site really isn’t a “fast”. Its restricted calorie intake, but more severe than the 1500 calories you are doing. True fasting is the absence of any food.

    You say you need 2300 cal normally and that you are doing 5 days of 1500. So for the week you run a deficit of 4000 cal. Why not give true fasting a try. Pick two days and do a true fast. Just water. You will run a 4000 cal deficit, which is close to what you are doing. It will be tough to start off and you have to hang tough for a month. After about 6 months it becomes ridiculously easy.

    Apart from the wanted weight loss you will get the other benefits of fasting. Better liver function. Better pancreas function. Kidneys etc. You will undergo increased autophagy which is the programmed killing of poorly function cells. Improved white cell count (during fasting this will fall significantly but is compensated by increased white cell production upon breaking the fast). Increased immune system function. Better endocrine system signalling. Increased ability to utilise body fat for fuel. The list goes on.

    I reached my goal weight in March 2016. I still water fast one day per week, every Monday without fail. 5’10” male 154 pounds. You can still do physical activity in a fasted state. Approach this carefully though. It takes time to flip over to using ketones as your primarily fuel. Initially do not attempt to exercise at more than 75-80% of what you can do fully carbed up. After 6 months you should be able to increase this to 90-95%. I regularly ride my bike, as long as I stay around the 90% mark of what is possible fully carbed up, no problems.

    Good luck.

  • Fasting hours ???

    @melferg – we are all different but I believe you should use your sleeping hours as part of the fast. Personally I don’t think it is just about calories. In my case I’m losing fat but eating more than what I did using calorie restriction where I was actually putting on fat. However it isn’t like I’m eating massive amounts more, around 15000 calories a week vs less than 14000. However … I think it is important what you eat, if you eat a lot of processed foods you might have problems, if you go heavy on vegetables you are going to be better off.

    My fast generally starts around 7pm and I simply don’t eat anything for at least 36 hours. This time it was closer to 37 hours. If you choose to eat 500/600 calories it is better to eat low-carb if you can while fasting. While there isn’t any hard rules around when people eat on their fast days, I think the more hours in row fasting without food the better.

    On non-fast days, you don’t want to overeat but you need to figure out what works for you. For me refined sugar doesn’t work so generally I avoid processed foods. My diet is currently heavy on fruit but I also eat a lot of vegetables, some meat and I really like cheese. I also have white rice and noodles in my diet, so I’m not low-carb. What works for me may not work for you at all as there are wide variations in people and you have to figure out what works for you.

    If you can eat a low-carb diet, you may find fasting easier. The beauty of the diet is that it is very flexible. You just need to figure out what works for you.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Good morning,
    Just as well you posted first today Thin!
    Here is Intesha’s wonderful cake!

    Yes it is fasty mcfast day for me. I have just got my coffee Bliss.

    Hello to Wisconson, Cali.

    Gday, I’ve got a theory that small families lead to picky eaters. My (only child) daughter was dreadful. Always polite about it, but just wouldn’t eat so many things. In comparison, I was one of 7.
    Yes, yes, I know I am generalising too far! 😉

    Hope your bread is gorgeous today LJoyce!

    See you later!

  • July 2017 31 Day Challenge

    @coda – you are really putting a lot of work into this. Thank you!

  • Jan 2017 Starters/Re-Starters from a binge eater

    Good evening! It is Friday night
    If you just checking posts, thinking that you have nothing to say… let me say it – we have been here trying 5:2 for many months and, really, no results, am I right?!
    I enjoyed our communication, truly! It was so cool to think that i talk to people in different corners of the world! Did it make any difference for you? Is it just summer break, or we are giving up?

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    CalifD, I know you like Amazon so here are some travel scales similar to mine for next time!

    Intesha has sent me a photo of the cake that she made that looks like a woman’s purse. I don’t believe it’s a cake. Absolutely amazing. And if it really is a cake, how do you cut it? And is the handle edible? I’ll send it to Cinque and see if she has time to post a link for us. You really have missed your vocation Intesha.

    Have a good FD Cinque and the other Saturday fasters.

  • And so the journey continues – Fuvvie

    Hello Rocy65. My heart goes out to you as I know exactly what you are going through in regards to going off the rails and stacking it back on. But the ongoing support you get here whether you feel like a huge backslider or a success is never stingy. It buoys one up to know that this is not all that unusual and it’s just a matter of getting on with it. Have fun on your weekend away. And then it is a matter of being mindful of what you are doing and just why you are doing it. I’m convinced we don’t do this to ourselves without a reason.

  • July 2017 31 Day Challenge

    A few others have not posted in a while but I’ll give them another while to post x

  • July 2017 31 Day Challenge

    2nd post
    Yeah caught up on all the posts
    We seem to have lost a few along the way, you have been missed so if you are lurking in the background please join in again
    However if I have made an error please let me know.
    now to bed x

  • Fasting 5 days per week and stopped losing weight!

    You are eating 1500 calories and calling it a fast day? That sounds more like normal calorie restriction. When I was doing that I got to a point where I was losing muscle and building fat. I was also running at the time. For me, calorie restriction and working out isn’t a good combination, at least long term.

  • Fasting 5 days per week and stopped losing weight!


    Why don’t you just try 5:2 ‘by the book’?

    You appear to be daily calorie restricting for five days then overeating for two days. Not sure why you’re doing that or what you think you’ll achieve. Have you read the book?

  • July 2017 31 Day Challenge

    @bert1802 – Yes fruit intake is very controversial. However I look at it this way, what is the fruit replacing? Most of the time the fruit is replacing stuff that I know that causes problems for me. There are also differences between people. I’m pretty sure a lot of the fructose in fruit never makes it to my blood stream, in fact it seems a lot of the glucose doesn’t make it either and glucose is pretty easy to measure. Some people have too many problems with fructose malabsorption, I can live with my issues although it might force me to take a walk away from other people at times.

    I’m walking a fine line and I sometimes step off the line. However, my primary goal isn’t weight loss, it is fat loss and building muscle. While I’m constantly concerned about my current fat, the truth is I’m concerned about is fat I couldn’t even measure before because it was buried. 🙂

  • July 2017 31 Day Challenge

    Day 22 – Tokyo, Japan, NFD 81kg (178.2 lbs)

    I made even after a too aggressive workout made it a little edgy yesterday … I’m feeling pretty normal this morning.


    ========== HANG IN THERE!!!

  • July 2017 31 Day Challenge

    Day 21 UK FD

    Tucked up in bed with a cup of tea safely away from the kitchen! A successful FD before a very sociable and I’m sure wine, and food filled weekend visiting family and friends! Heading for the final push before the end of this month’s challenge. Have to say I’ve been kept on track purely by keeping up with all the inspirational posts! So thanks to this amazing group!
    I think it was @strawberriesandcream who posted a link to a dress site?? Just to say I ordered a dress and am very happy with it, so thanks for that! And they have a sale on just now….

  • July 2017 31 Day Challenge

    Day 21 – SW WA USA – NFD

    Still on vacation. Making it a 16:8. Nice to get a compliment re looking like I’d lost more weight since last visit. Think I’ve been on a plateau in actuality. Trying to make wise choices.

    Getting a little summer reading in along with many of you.

    Together we are stronger, @strawberriesandcream no matter what our friends or loved ones are going through.

  • Fasting hours ???


    Yes, what you propose fits with 5:2.

    Re: using sleeping hours as part of the fast. Michael Mosley (the author of 5:2) does now recommend a slightly longer overnight fast period, e.g. See

    Good luck!

  • July 2017 31 Day Challenge

    @taraga congratulations, much delight in your news

  • July 2017 31 Day Challenge

    Day 20, Guildford UK, NFD

    Struggling I confess

    Piece of birthday cake today

    Not my birthday someone elses

  • July 2017 31 Day Challenge

    @onahealthyhigh – my Aussie Words With Friends friend said he found 19 Crimes there. He’s up in QLD. At first he couldn’t find it either. You’ll join us next weekend.

    I first was served it at a restaurant in Utah (Red Rock Brewing Company) as the only shiraz they serve. Then found it in the local liquor store, and even in my home grocery that has a pretty good selection of wines. When buying it there, I have recommended it to other tipplers.

    @penz – the word “plonk” was new to me! I LOVE learning new words (and cultural interpretations of words) from this group!

    Here’s to all Friday night pocket winos! 🍷

  • Fasting 5 days per week and stopped losing weight!

    Read Simcoeluv.You are not doing it properly.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Evening All..

    We have had a NFD today cracked a bottle of merlot really had the need…families!…enough said..

    Bought a couple of pairs of jeans at an outlet at £15 each, a bit shorter to my ankles, one denim and one beige …add to the collection…lol….no shorts found what I like…I am fussy..

    Enjoy your time away…get the BBQ out and make me jealous…lol

    All work finished now until September…enjoy the holidays…

    Have a good weekend everybody…

    Jean x

  • Newbie help welcome

    Just listen to Simcoeluv.He’s got it right.Ignore the twittering wimmin.

  • My Journal (first timer and ready ready for it)

    Welcome Jaxx! We might be of different sizes, heights, ages, backgrounds etc, but we all have the same goal 😉

    So my today’s fast has gone well, I was struggling a bit during the day, but feel so much better now that I’ve succeeded !
    My menu:
    Coffee 40 kcal
    Honey 15 kcal
    Minestrone soup 65 kcal
    Apple 68 kcal
    Coffee 40 kcal
    Honey 15 kcal
    Salad 167 kcal (tomato,cucumber,lettuce,tuna,boiled egg,vinaigrette dressing)
    Rusk 70 kcal
    = 509 kcal

    Maybe I have eaten a bit too much for the fasting day, but I did the best I could and I’m proud of myself.

    Planning to go to the gym tomorrow morning and try to weigh myself there, hopefully will come back with some good news;)

    Wishing everyone a lovely weekend!

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Hi Everyone! I’m visiting my aunt & uncle in Wisconsin and we’re getting ready to go out for a late lunch. The reunion is tomorrow night and a smaller reception at a restaurant tonight.

    Doing well with NFD so far. I miss my scale! Thin, I wish I had one small enough to travel with! But my jeans still fit well, so I think LJoyce’s jeans test will get me through the trip. LJoyce, so glad you like the kefir! I kind of figured you would. I agree with thin on trying to make it from store bought kefir. I tried that at first, but just ruined a lot of milk. Can you actually strain out grains from the stuff you got at the store? If you can, you might have a better chance of it.

    Cinque, glad you’re feeling better,

    I’ll write more later. Got to go for now,

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Hi all

    Got to caravan safely…

    Have a good weekend everyone

    Audrey xx

  • July 2017 31 Day Challenge

    2nd post
    Thanks @at. The blood tests took ages. Another reminder to stay well hydrated when fasting. It took a long time and several trials to find a vein. Fortunately a very kindly and careful nurse so not too traumatic. Definitely need to up my fluids. May help to whoosh away the plateau!

  • July 2017 31 Day Challenge

    Day 22/NFD/Melbourne Australia

    Enjoyed a glass or two of wine with a bowl of homemade pea and ham soup. @songbirdme Australian Shirazs are very good aren’t they. I’ll have a look but I don’t think I can buy ’19 Crimes’ here. They badge exports differently. Penfolds are very good though and very pricey here too. No more wine for me till next weekend. Sobs.

    @steve toon taxi driver thanks for the recipe. I last ate them in Manchester with pease pudding. An interesting word with all its different meanings and connotations. Faggot is also a bunch of firewood. I used it once in front of a group of adolescent boys. It took a lot of convincing and a dictionary to convince them I wasn’t being derogatory.

    @penz your reference to vanilla slices made me smile. I’ve been looking forward -craving really – to eating one all week. I’m not a sweet lover but vanilla slices … Happily my husband and I always share one. The annual vanilla slice judging competition is being held this month and I’ll be passed through a country town famous for it’s winning slices. I’ll also be having a meat pie. Another Aussie treat.

    Back to 5:2ing. I’ve been having trouble shaking off a couple of kgs gained over the last couple of months. It’s suddenly dawned on me I’m on a plateau. A bit of a shock really as I’ve never been on one. My tracker shows a very steady downward progression until recent months. I’ve read everyones stories of plateauing. Now I’ll be re-reading them for inspiration. I’m not sure what has changed but I’m definitely on one and need to jump off. On a positive note. I’m still below goal and the upward trend has stopped.

    Have a great and mindful weekend.

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