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  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    Very pleased to hear your sleep issues have improved since the move B. I’m finding a diet of mostly wine and lots of swimming is working well for me in the tropics 😉😉

  • October 2019 Monthly Challenge

    Day 22: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    I’ve developed a nasty cough and sore throat since yesterday…..the first virus of the winter (groan)!
    My plan to cut out the “naughty” foods at yesterday’s homecoming meal didn’t work out, BUT will try again today. 1000 calories is well worth saving, and my goal.
    I have a date for my MRI pelvis scan….11th November, just happens to be my day off that week….how lucky! No need to go crawling to the boss to change my days!

    Better go……see you later.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Hello Sandy, it sounds like you’ve done 5:2 before. I hope getting back into 500cal FDs is an easy transition for you.
    I don’t blame you for being sun shy after dealing with skin cancer. I tend to be rather liberal with the sunblock and also wear a long sleeve cotton shirt and hat for walking.

  • New to 5:2

    Hi Betheleth, well done for finding the motivation to tackle this problem. It sounds like you are making good progress.
    The range of approaches to 5:2 that people use are many and varied. I can say that many try to speed weight loss by cutting back calories on NFDs. This can be a double edged sword if it has you feeling like you are on a diet everyday. Others just try to make healthy choices on their NFDs and cut back on processed and fast food. Sticking to the TDEE for your goal weight on NFDs is a good idea as you start to learn what your serving sizes need to be once you get to goal, so it won’t come as a shock.
    I think being flexible on your final goal is also sensible. Being healthy and having the energy to manage your life is often a good indication that your weight is ok and your food choices are the right ones.
    You said you’d been reading some posts. I’d suggest you post on one of the active threads on this forum – just choose one that has plenty of daily posts and that feels a comfortable fit for you and are discussing the things that feel most relevant. The regular contact with the same group of people really does help. (Under “forum” if you select “active topics” you’ll find those forum threads that have a group who chat daily.) It is helpful if the group is in a similar time zone, but not compulsory – I’m on the southern hemisphere thread, but we have some posters from the northern hemisphere who seem to manage the time difference quite well – it just means that you may need to wait for people to wake up before they respond to your latest post.

    Good luck.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    I aim to get back into the sea baths and do what we affectionately call ‘Mueslis” which are a mad shimmy in the water for a minute’s count. (Tribute to Michael’s fast exercise idea). It being togs weather now in Oz, spring is sprigging. Temperatures are upping.

    So I’m re-starting 500 cals days to find my body again, hallo you!…I do feel more confident to embrace fasting and a lither body today. Must be the weather! Time to enjoy the delish food which is enough to keep mitochondria happy, but not so much food as to keep feeding my bulges.

    I had a big basal cancer excised last summer so was a bit sun-shy, and therefore less active in the outdoors and sea, but the scar has settled down now and the sunscreen can go on.

    Tonight I’ll drink water and a cup of tea with my friends and skip the pub dinner and vinos…ciaou for now, Sandy

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Good afternoon all.

    Anzac, thanks for the concern about the heatwave. We are getting to high 30s here, but GDSA will probably have to deal with temps in the 40s. I suspect it’s headed your way by the weekend – it’s back to mild weather by Friday here.
    I changed my meal plan for the next few days to more appealing foods for hotter weather as I can’t face soup when it’s warm. Today I also started my warm weather plan of walking in the morning rather than the afternoon.
    I think dropping a ball on your head was Maxx’s way of saying “want to play mum?”

    Betsy, As you’ve already discovered eating enough protein can help with cravings. You asked for advice, but feel free to disregard what doesn’t work for you. I find with both protein and carbs, I do better if I spread things out across the day rather than having a large quantity in one hit. Although I only eat from mid-late morning until early evening, I do better with 2 meals and a snack in between. It’s also important for me to have high fibre carb foods and to limit the starchy or processed ones – they are sure to create incessant cravings. It sounds like your body has given you a hint about the red meat. I find boiled eggs have the same effect for me, so I often keep some ready boiled and peeled in the fridge when I need a snack. (I’ve tried using cheese or almonds as they require no preparation, but they don’t work the way eggs do.) I’m not sure how you would do that with red meat as the idea of cold cooked steak sounds quite unappealing to me. Perhaps make some mince with herbs and garlic into tiny meatballs and keep some cooked in the fridge so you can head off cravings by snacking on a couple of those. (Or freeze them and microwave as needed.) Cinque’s reminder about dehydration is also relevant as if we aren’t drinking plenty of water (especially as it gets warmer) our bodies may crave food as a way of acquiring more moisture. (I notice that on hot days I crave fruits with the highest water content, like watermelon.) Lastly I’d also say that you need enough sleep – I crave carbs whenever I’m sleep deprived and I have no will power to resist when I’m tired. Also, sometimes I get cravings even when I’ve done all the right things – there are just days like that.
    Congrats on the CD though, that’s a big success when you’ve been struggling.

    Neil, You’ll be glad to have that root canal finished – I only have one and it seemed to many appointments to finish.

    Intesha, it was also the threat of needing bigger summer clothing that put a bomb under me to tackle the weight I’d gained over winter. I think we just need to find something that motivates us enough to make a change.
    Have you returned to the gym? I always thought that those sessions gave you a needed break away from the house and social support in addition to the exercise.

    Cinque, I’ve been trying to channel your advice and drink a glass of water more often throughout the day – I’m getting better most days.

    Quacka, I hope your sleep improves soon. I go through periods like that, although I stress less about it since retirement as I know the alarm won’t be ringing at dawn. The only thing I can suggest is that if something specific is waking you then try to change that. I am more careful with the amount of fluid I drink in the 2 hours before bed because I was waking to use the toilet at 2-3am. Although, surprisingly getting up and having a cup of hot milk or almond milk with vanilla added can help me get back to sleep on colder nights – not sure that would work in QLD.

    Today I wanted a filling lunch and I had rye sourdough with a range of suitable veg and cheese. I was going to do open grilled sandwiches. I didn’t really want to eat 2 of the thick slices of bread though. It finally dawned on me that the topping is allowed to overflow the bread – that’s never occurred to before. So toasted my slice of sourdough and put in onto a tray lined with silicone baking paper. I piled on enough tomato, capsicum and mushrooms for 2-3 pieces of bread and sprinkled vintage cheddar on top. The only drawback is that I can’t easily deal with this in the airfryer, it had to go under the grill. It was a good solution as it was enough food to be filling without too many calories coming from bread. It occurred to me also, that I could even do this without any bread at all if I wanted to. I’m not sure why this has never occurred to me before.

    I’m thinking of doing another FD tomorrow, to take advantage of the hot day. This will also give me a few days before the next FD on Sunday.

    Have a good day all.

  • October 2019 Monthly Challenge

    Lately I’ve been enjoying Sandra Brown books:

  • October 2019 Monthly Challenge

    Day 21 Ohio, US — MFD
    Day 19 — NFD
    Day 20 — NFD

    Saturday went out to dinner with friends and wound up with a reaction to the food. That carried over to Sunday, so that on those two days, while I kept fairly close to my eating targets, I did lose track since I was pretty wiped out. Fortunately everything seems back to normal today and it’s been a good MFD.

    @flourbaby, @penz, and @rafiki44 Thanks for the info about the Jack Reacher books. Is it best to start with the first one and go through them in the order they were written? By the way, there are a couple of movies that are definitely better (imho) than the original books, but usually I prefer the book to what they do with the movie.

    @rabbette Thanks for telling me about lemon oil. I’ll go to a local natural foods store and pick some up. Guess it would have been helpful this last weekend.


  • October 2019 Monthly Challenge

    Day 22 – Japan – NFD

    Water fast #74 wasn’t as hard as my cold was on me! Today is a special holiday in Japan for the Enthronement of the new Emperor. We are about a 15 minute walk from where the ceremony will be and there are even police patrolling our side streets. Pretty amazing considering that it is raining a lot.

    @betsylee – I think protein is tricky. You have to have enough but I think what most people consume in the western world is way more than necessary. On the other hand too much protein is likely harmful, but just how harmful isn’t well understood yet. In any case if someone is obese then the extra protein is probably not nearly as harmful as the extra weight.

  • Anyone fasting (no caloric intake) on alternate days wants a buddy?

    Oct 21/132.8/NFD

    Yesterday I went down 131.2 an ATL yay. I also make a Keto Death by Chocolate Cake – it is a 3 layer (6in diameter) cake with this awesome I happened to change it to (vegan cream cheese icing) The cake was dense but super good. My sweetheart loved it and I think they said it was the best cake I’ve made. (Although they don’t have a lot of cake to compare it to b/c I don’t usually make cake) none the less had another slice today for dessert at lunch. The scales are still kind (I think it being keto helps)

    Today I decided to enjoy a NFD. Since I accidentally had an FD on Saturday. Then on Sunday I was still under 800 calories b/c the cake is Keto and low in sugar. I’ve not had a real NFD in a week. I really haven’t cared if I had one and today I am excited to eat more, so I’ll take it.

    @165gw – ╚»★«╝ ★ 166.5 ★ ╚»★«╝ !!! You made it… you have 1.5 more lbs to first goal! I’ve got 6 more to first goal! Wow how dang exciting! Maybe the day before was a hard fast because it was burning up what you don’t need. Burning up that 2.5lbs!

    My FDs will start tomorrow, tonight I had Chinese take out. Mmmmm YUM. That is my junk food. Veggie Lo-mein, Kung Pao Shrimp, Dumplings and an egg roll. I was looking online to get a guess-t-mate about how many calories my meal was and it looks like between 900-1000 wow! My lunch was only about 300-400 so thats actually my TDEE 1400. I wonder if I’ll be able to stay with eating that daily? Oh well if not at least there is fasting! That means I could eat Chinese take out every night! Haha

    I love British TV shows. I can’t watch Dr. Martin right now tho… I really miss my Death in Paradise, it just expired on Netflix. I was sad as I was only on season 4… dang it. Re-watching the IT crowd.


  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    Greetings, ladies, from not-so-sunny Paihia. We are expecting a severe southerly blast overnight and tomorrow, with snow down to low levels in the usual places, so probably no beach walk then. We are getting out daily, Amazon. Although yesterday there was a cruise ship in the Bay, and we could hardly walk for the tourists! I have made a list of the ship lines’ itineraries and these will be good dates to get out of town / discourage visitors 🙂 Your trip sounds so exciting, we will want a full report when you return. And looking forward to a great rugby match next weekend.

    Interesting you mention the covert eating, Wi. Looking at my dietary habits now, the sneaking eating in the evening is a thing of the past!! And with the move, semi-retirement and reduction in stress, my sleeping is improving, and I have the opportunity to plan my meals. Being barbeque season helps, just meat and salad in the evenings, a couple of eggs or my home-made muesli for brunch.

  • October 2019 Monthly Challenge

    Day 22, Aus, NFD

    Well yesterday’s FD was almost a bust. Almost. We had a morning tea at work and I succumbed to temptation. I almost chucked in the towel last night but thought of you fellow pocket listers and limited myself to a spoon of peanut butter and a small slice of cheese. Certainly not my usual coffee-only FD but defn no more than 800 calories for the day.

    I also like Matthew McConaughey. I went to a talk by Michael Connelly and interestingly the Lincoln Lawyer concept is based on a real lawyer. Connelly went to the baseball one day and the fellow sitting next to him (a complete stranger) was a lawyer who worked out of his car. Hence the book! I do quite enjoy the Bosch tv series adaptation. It’s different and similar enough that I can enjoy it. (I’m usually once of those purists who only read the book avoid any tv/movie version.) I like the Deaver books too, @betsylee but it was actually the movie version of The Bone Collector of that that got me into the Lincoln Rhyme series.

    And I should give credit where credit is due. I look after the native bush garden, and OH looks after the vegetable garden. I would otherwise kill all our vegies and herbs!

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Good Morning everyone

    Happy belated birthday, Intesha. It’s good to hear from you and yes we are all in this together. I think everyone can attest there are times when we fail at this WOE. The most important thing is to get back on the horse and keep going, and luckily we have the tools to do this and they are proven to ourselves and everyone else here.

    Betsy and Anzac, see above. You can do this, you have proven it before, time and time again. Betsy, my advice would be to incorporate more red meat into your diet. It’s obviously got something else in it that your body needs, that the other proteins don’t have (or don’t have enough of).

    Neil, glad to hear you will be at the end of that root canal treatment. It scares the hell out of me that I may need one in the future, but for now my tooth has settled down. Yay. Nice that you had a good FD yesterday too.

    My FD was great yesterday so I am doing another B2B today. I am in the right frame of mind for this and I want to lose that last pesky kg or so that seems to be hanging around.
    I had very little sleep last night again. I sleep for the first couple of hours then am awake for the next 3,4,5,6 hours then go back to sleep about half hour before the alarm goes off, which is just after 5am. Oh well, there are worse off people in this world. Stop whining!

    LJ, really good to hear you are back into the swing of FDs. I never doubted you would do it.

    One thing I just remembered Neil. Maybe you could take some wholegrain carbs with you on your ride. Not white starchy stuff but something that has more of a slower release. You may find that with the extended exercise, your body will require a bit more carbs than when you are just exercising for a couple of hours at a time. She writes “just a couple of hours at a time”. That is awesome by the way. I am still trying to get back into exercise but at the moment I am failing miserably. I WILL get there.

    OK, hope you all have a lovely day. I hope it’s a nice easy FD for us fasters.
    Look after yourselves everyone. Remember, you are worth it xx

  • October 2019 Monthly Challenge

    Day 21 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Onward and downward.

  • October 2019 Monthly Challenge

    Day 21, VA, USA, CD

    Feeling like it’s a holiday as my sweetheart and I had a slice of the keto death by chocolate cake at lunch time. Dare I say it was even better today. I will say you can tell it is more dense but its so moist. I did slightly modify the recipe to include a 1/2 cup of coconut flour (since I typically have that on hand – it gives a more buttery kind of flavor to cakes especially if using just almond flour or oat flour) and then tonight
    Looking forward to some Chinese take out. That will not be low carb, however I want to live a little too. Can’t eat strict all the time or I know I’ll binge.

    @ciren2 – good job on the cutting out extra stuff where possible. It’s amazing where the dang calories add up and if it works you can totally ride this way instead of an outright fast.

    @daffodil2010 – I have done this… and I’m not a bad cook, but my sweetheart told me, its ok toss it in the bin, don’t force yourself to eat something crappy. Its not like it happens all the time. Yes lemon and hot water is actually kind of nice. If its too strong just try a slice of lemon in hot water. Hang in there even if the scales are pesky.

    @i-hate-lettuce – anytime I had a stall I usually switched things up a bit. Adding an FD or changing to LFD or WFD or even Egg Fasting (thats an interesting adventure)

    @brightonbelle – welcome back!

    @emma-taylor – you get word of the day recognition with the use of avoirdupois. Had to look that fancy word up. Beer is sneaky I once had a sweet tangle love affair with stouts. I wonder if you just haven’t found the right spirit to like… what is your preferred beer at the moment?

    @flourbaby – bahahahahahaha ‘excess timber’ glad I did not have a mouth full of water I would have spewed out onto the computer.

    @betsylee – well dang celebrated a Birthday Week Heck Yeah and only up 2kg I’ve went up 5lbs in a week and if you just mind those Ps and Qs of Fasting it will come back down. You got this! BTW
    *•.¸,¤°´✿.。.:* •.¸,¤°¤,¸.• *.:。.✿°¤,¸.•*´¯)
    ◦•●◉✿ Happy Belated Birthday ✿◉●•◦
    *•.¸,¤°´✿.。.:* •.¸,¤°¤,¸.• *.:。.✿°¤,¸.•*´¯)

    Cheers to you fasters keep it up! The more you embrace the Fast today the “faster” the weight melts off tomorrow.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Good morning everyone, another ground hog day – sunny and 24. The whole country (or most of it) is about to suffer through a massive heatwave and especially in Adelaide – so LJ/G’day please prepare for it.

    Intesha, it is always so lovely to hear from you. Sorry about the whale watching and the weather but glad you had a relaxing time. I’m also sorry to hear you have put on some weight but you know you can get back in the swing and get rid of it asap. I am so ashamed that I have now been on this forum for 12 months and I’ve only lost a handful of kilos. But I persist and with the amazing support and friendship on here I know I will get there. Let’s do this!!

    Neil, glad you have moved on from the blitz on the weekend. Don’t you feel better after a great FD?

    I overate something serious yesterday, all due to my schedule going to pot. I am a manic scheduler and fall apart when things don’t go right! On top of having to trudge between offices unexpectedly, we had an impromptu lunch for a colleague who is going back to the Business and I overate because I was so hungry. Then I planned to have a small dinner but hubby cooked THE most awesome steak and chips so I ate until I was bursting. GAH! FD today and it will be a good one.

    LJ glad you FD yesterday was easy. Maxx has been trying to chew his new ball but we bought a solid rubber one so he can’t. He does chew his tennis balls too but for some reason rarely destroys them. He dropped his new ball on my head last night when I was on the ground doing back stretches. Thanks Maxx!

    Betsy – 3.00am! I get up a few hours after you go to bed sometimes! Sorry to hear about the email addresses, I hope you can work something out. I too find if I don’t have enough protein I am more likely to overeat.

    How are you feeling today Cinque?

    I’ve had two black coffees and a big glass of water. Off to get more water and get stuck into work so I don’t think about food. Have a great day all

  • October 2019 Monthly Challenge

    Day 22 – New Zealand – FD

    Second of my back to back fast days to recover from the weekend’s excesses. Yesterday went well, I managed to eat only around 500 calories, had a great gym session and some evening tennis. I’m hoping to do similar today and that may give me a better weigh-in tomorrow than I had last week.

    Have a great one everyone.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Good morning all. Back from my trip and although the weather wasn’t good and the whale watching trip never eventuated I did have a relaxing trip.

    Now back into it and don’t feel like I’ve been away. Feeling very tired and so angry for falling back into my old ways of overeating and now have to try and get myself back into the right mind set. In a way it’s been good to read that a few of you are also struggling after being so religious in doing the FDs and shedding weight at least I’m not alone. I think the body does try to sabotage us.

    It is a struggle but I guess we have to find what works for us. I am back in the 70’s and too ashamed to say how much but after tasting very briefly the middle 60’s I need to start the process again. I don’t like this extra weight and there is no way I am going to start buying bigger clothes.

    I guess it could also be an age thing. I turn 69 this week and feel every bit of those years at the moment.

    Even though I don’t post often and I don’t acknowledge other posts I value all your input and honesty on your personal struggles. It gives me strength to know we are all in this together.

    Hope you all have a good day, fasting or not

  • Starting today (5/20), but for anyone just starting

    Fast day yesterday has gone well. Managed one apple at lunch time and a smallish dinner. I felt hungry a times, especially in the morning, and managed it by black coffee and Chinese tea. Will repeat it at next fast day (Thursday).

    NFD today. Got celery and brown rice in the fridge. Will get something meaty at lunch time to go with them. Work morning tea this morning so plan for a light lunch.

    Alx, hope your fasting has gone well yesterday.

    Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Morning all, I’m feeling better today, I was feeling pretty low yesterday after my weekend binge, but I had a very low fast day (handful of nuts, coffee, half a cup of chilli beans an half a lamb chop) I haven’t worked it out but probably only around 500 calories. I also had a good evening of tennis and a lunchtime gym session. When I was asking about the exercise before my trip, the gym owner was saying she had had other members commenting on my weight loss, so that’s always uplifting to hear. I’ll be fasting again today ready for tomorrow’s weigh-in.

    Final dentist appointment for me tomorrow, it’s taken a long time for them to do this root canal but the end is in sight as today he’s putting in the permanent filling.

    We’ll have a great day everyone.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Liquid FD so far, kitchen not closed yet though, son will be home from work soon so will do his dinner, & there’s leftover puddings too…

  • October 2019 Monthly Challenge

    2nd post

    Popping in for accountability as promised and delighted that @funshipfreddie put me on the pocket list to stop me going rogue 😀 I won’t let you down fellow fasters.

    Until tomorrow – have a good rest of day

  • New to 5:2

    Hi everyone:)

    I’m a mother of a 4 and 6 year old and after having my 2nd child, I never seemed to lose the weight I had gained and even put on som extra. Life got busy and I stopped exercising and made unwise food and drink choices. I’m finally fitting in time for myself and am working on getting stronger and healthier.

    I stumbled across this forum after learning about 5:2 in September and have been glancing over the forums over the last few weeks and have been hiding in the shadows, figured I would finally say hi!

    I started at 155 lbs (which is my heaviest without being pregnant) over the summer and lost the first bit by only walking, cutting out fast food, my sugar coffee addiction and then a couple weeks I stayed within 1200-1300 calories a day.

    I started 5:2 on September 15, starting at 148.9 lbs. I have gotten to 139 lbs and seem to be hovering at 139-140 since October 8th. I think I lost mostly water weight at first so I expect the progress has slown down and I may start gaining muscle from exercising as well, so I plan to mostly go by measurements and how my clothes fit.

    I’m short (5’1″), so I would like to get back down to 110-120 lbs. My smallest was 105, but in the past I looked just as good if not better at 110-120. So I am not going to base my goals on just weight alone.

    My TDEE at my height is 1557 at sedentary or 2011 with moderate exercise. I walk daily for atleast 30-60 minutes with little running durring that time (working towards being able to run again) and I am using just body weight for now to strengthen my muscles (3-4 times a week) before starting to use my dumbells and resistant bands.

    Anyways, I would love to here about others success with 5:2, what routine they follow, or any beginners tips and encouragement!

    I’m also interested in knowing if anyone slightly cuts calories on non fast days and whether or not they eat back workout calories. I have not been eating back my workout calories. I have also read that eating at your goal weights TDEE or between that and current weight could be beneficial, would love to hear anyone’s input on that.

    Thank you for your time! I am happy to be jumping on the 5:2 wagon and can’t wait to hear from others 🙂

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Heidi loves hide and seek,her nose is too good though.German shepherds have the third best nose for tracking on the ground but are one of the best for tracking a scent in the air.Good fast day I had poached eggs and bacon.Got my coat back somebody found it and handed it in.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Dave- oops, hope your gym instructor doesn’t see you when you go back, might expect an extra session out of you!
    Jean- very organised texting Steve! It was rainibg so hard today I couldn’t have got my phone out! Hubby usually makes sure towels are laid out if I’ve forgotten! Everything’s still wet & it’s still drizzling, so I’ll do some scent work inside with Xena later, we played hide & seek earlier, & some training!
    Nana- have a lovely day & enjoy your meal!

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Quick check in, so you know I’m still around. Have read everyone’s posts for the past week, but it’s really too late here to respond. Good to hear from thin, though, and thanks for posting the photo, Cinque. We had a lovely meet up, and will have to do it again for your birthday.

    Haven’t been doing well with the eating this past several days, absolutely craving carbs, but nothing was satisfying the craving. Finally remembered something from the past – when I don’t have enough protein, particularly red meat, my body starts craving carbohydrates. So, I ate some red meat late Sunday, and instant stop to the craving. Even managed a good 1300 calorie CD today. I had thought I’d been eating enough protein, but I guess not. Not sure what to do with this. I’ve been eating plenty of eggs and cheese, plus chicken sometimes and fish about once a week, but if this is going to happen, it’s obviously not enough. Plus protein bars with about 18 gms of soy protein about 4 days a week. Any advice from the “old-timers” here?

    More anon. If I hurry, I’ll actually be in bed by 3 a.m. One interview scheduled tomorrow, so that’s good. Two of the 4 emails asking folk who’d volunteered to be interviewed when they did the survey if they were still available bounced back to me – they’d scrawled their email addresses, so they were hard to read. I tried a couple of variations, but no luck.

    Okay, goodnight all.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Back from gym,only had two cups of tea so far,might be egg and bacon for tea.I have left my gilet there so will have to drive back🙄🙄🙄. Hockey tonight so a late night💤💤💤

  • October 2019 Monthly Challenge

    Day 21 UK FD

    So far so good on FD… Just past 4 pm and still fasting from last night. Hopefully low calorie dinner and then close the kitchen!

    Good luck to everyone today.

  • October 2019 Monthly Challenge

    Day 21 Melb Aust CD

    So sorry not to have been commenting – last week was a “birthday” week of eating, plus very busy with other things (my planned B2B2B2B2B went out the window!). Result is – weight increase of 2 kgs that I am now working on by …. you guessed it, counting calories. Managed a healthy CD today, and WILL do better from now.

    @ciren2, please let us know the results of your MRI; hoping for a positive and useful result, as in giving guidance in helping you with the pain management. Noted that you have begun restricting some of the treats with your evening meal – a good step.

    @daffodil2010, great you’re getting back to routine post-hols, and even if the FDs have only resulted in a 1 lb weight drop, you know it will shift. I envy you the vegetables you can grow for yourself. Here, possums moved in a few years ago, so anything grown was just feeding them. I gave up, and buy what I need when I need it.

    It seems several folk from a few different countries have been enjoying the rugby. Sadly, not everyone can win, but still good to watch.

    Jack Reacher books? never read them. I’ve only seen one of the films (the Tom Cruise one which others have criticised). Generally, if I’ve read books, I choose not to watch the film. I find it too frustrating, as generally, so many nuances are missed. Has anyone read any of the Jeffrey Deaver books? I only discovered them recently, and have been really enjoying them.

    @rabbette, good that you’re watching your NFD calories, too. It will be good when you are able to move freely, but managing 5000 steps despite the toe is doing well. Great that you reached an ATL on day 20. Well done.

    @ccco, re dizziness, have you considered getting some blood tests done to try to find out what’s going on? Hopefully adding a couple of meat meals a week will help.

    @penz, another who can grow vegies. Lucky you. Yep, maybe join the rest of us in counting calories. Sigh!

    @neilithicman, good the holiday damage wasn’t too great, and don’t beat yourself over the head for one bad day at the weekend. You know you can do this. Hope your FD went well today.

    @dykask, I agree that processed foods are to a large degree unhealthy. Not sure I entirely agree with you about protein – for those on a reduced calorie intake diet, the proportion of protein eaten has to increase. But, of course, that doesn’t mean eating a 350 gm steak. I’m amazed at your level of fitness with the exercises you do.

    @songbirdme, thanks for the link to the recipes. Just looking at the pictures and I felt hungry! 🙂 Good that your weight has been staying down even a couple of days after a FD. That’s encouraging.

    @rafiki44, hope the work tangle has sorted itself out without too much damage to your weight loss process.

    @snowflake56, You’ve been achieving some good FDs, so I hope the scales are being kind to you.

    @funshipfreddie, another rugby fan. Noted your comment about needing to put some meat back into your diet because of feeling faint. That was after 7 years of vegetarianism. I seem to have a much higher need for protein. Just last week I was eating, eating, knowing that my body was craving something and not able to work out what it was. I ate a lot of bad carbs, but still craving. As soon as I ate some meat, all the craving settled. It’s made me realise that I haven’t been eating enough good quality protein from red meat. I’d forgotten past experience, where if I’d not had enough protein intake, I would develop a craving for carbs. And it seems to be red meat I need more of. I tend to eat mainly eggs, cheese and some chicken, with maybe one fish meal a week. Maybe it hasn’t been enough since I started this WOL? Anyone read anything about that?

    @i hate lettuce, hope the aches and pains post-painting have settled, and that you’ve been enjoying the rugby, even if the scales are not moving.

    @mia139, what great progress you’ve been making, already past your October goal, good for you! Keep being mindful on NFDs.

    @flourbaby, have you moved to OMAD for your NFDs? Will that give you enough food intake?

    @lily martin, noted that you’ve had some good FDs and CDs. Like you, I’m now counting calories. Not that I don’t know how much I’m eating, but because when I see the numbers written down, it helps my discipline.

    @matpi, hope you’re feeling better after that strange episode you had. Will you try the lemon oil if it happen again?

    @therealwil78, good to see you dropping in

    @bellyblast, good that despite the unplanned trip, you were able to implement some sensible controls with both eating and exercise.

    @wacm, good to see you back

    @jaifaim, enjoy your Moroccan cycling holiday. 5:2 will be here when you get back.

    @brightonbelle, welcome back from Sicily. Hope the day 21 FD went well, and that the scales haven’t been too unkind to you.

    @emma Taylor, hope you’ve enjoyed a successful day 21 FD.

    Okay, there are 10 days left for the month. I hope you are approaching your goals (or surpassing them, like @mia139), but whether the scales are down or up, applying the words of Sir Winston Churchill during WWII, “Never give up, never give up, never give up” (or it might be never give in, but the sentiment is the same! 🙂 )

    Some good quotes have been mentioned over the past few days, but I still stick with: onward and downwards everyone!

  • October 2019 Monthly Challenge

    Day 21 – USA – NFD

    Maintaining nicely, still reading all posts daily and keeping accountable on spreadsheet…today 1 lb. below this month’s goal so hope to keep it that way for the home stretch…@EmmaTaylor, have no fear! I also abstain from wine completely for the same reasons, my mind and body just cannot handle the alcohol % and have never found anything below 12-13% that still tastes good. Never really got into spirits and at this late date, do not want to start! Yes, beer is the alternative, but there are so many good low carb, low alcohol ones out there that for me, it’s easy to have it whenever I like and not gain, as long as I’m balancing my food intake with low-carb, moderate protein and healthy fats, and MFP helps me keep track daily. Sounds like a lot of work, but it became a WOL for me since 2/17 and almost 60 lbs. later, here I am with no regrets!

  • Starting today (5/20), but for anyone just starting

    Monday Monday, da da da da-da.

    I should take it as a victory that my weekly weight check was no worse than the prior two weeks. I had a great 3-day visit to see my daughter and we ate and drank were merry.

    Fast day today and my goal is simply to get it done. I haven’t had an easy FD in a while so I need to focus and just back to doing them right. Water! More water!

    The weather is indeed something to be wary of. Cool temps make for comfort foods. Also, I have noticed that fasting makes me cold. So I need to treat that with teas and not hot cocoa!

    Have a great week guys!

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    Hi everyone,

    It’s a dull and damp Monday here in London, with more than a hint of autumnal chill. The good news is dry weather forecast for the next few days.

    I had a great time last Friday when I met up with some old friends for lunch. Lots to catch up on as we’d not seen each other since March, and lots of laughs.
    We usually meet in Windsor in the only pub by the river which has a lovely conservatory which affords view towards Eton bridge.

    The weekend was spent at home watching rugby and tennis. I was so pleased to see Andy Murray win a title yesterday and more than a little emotional when the final point was played. I’d not really had time before last weekend to watch any of the rugby World Cup and this was the first match I saw from start to finish and for an English fan it was a great result against an always tough opponent but I fear next weekend the test will be much sterner.

    I’m still working hard at losing more weight before my holiday. This morning I received the final joining instructions for my tour which reminded me how important it is to stick to the plan. The weekend didn’t go as well as I’d hoped as I only managed one FD but I’m fasting today and will almost certainly do so tomorrow as I’ve a very busy day planned and it should keep me away from temptation.

    I’m also getting excited at the thought of visiting somewhere I’ve not been before and am so looking forward to spending a couple of weeks somewhere without reliable wi-fi so I can ignore what’s going on elsewhere (especially here 😨🤐 ) and fully immerse myself in Nepalese culture.

    It’s the time of year to get out into the fresh air and marvel at the trees changing from green to yellow, gold, red, orange and brown. Trips to Kew Gardens, Syon Park and Richmond Park all planned for this week providing the rain stays away.

    Have a good one everybody 😜

  • October 2019 Monthly Challenge

    Day 21, London, UK, NFD,

    Well done @ciren2, baby steps, baby steps!!

    @penz I’m a Michael Connelly fan too, the best screen adaptation so far was The Lincoln Lawyer ……………. My judgement may be clouded since the swoon worthy Matthew McConaughey can do NO wrong!!!! Swooooon!!! I’ve only seen one episode of Bosch ………………. I don’t think adaptations for the screen ever live up to my imagination!!

    @neilithicman – that self-sabotage dragon seems to rear its ugly head as soon as I get anywhere near a target, the mind is a wonderful but frustrating thing!!! You WILL get there, but some dragon slaying is in order!!

    @daffodil2010, you know as well as anyone that sometimes that 2 week delay to seeing any results is like balancing on a knife edge ………………. For 2 whole nightmare weeks!!! You WILL get there, after-all, you’re doing everything right, so perhaps there’s a whoosh in your future, drown some dragons and await the whoosh!!!

    @emma taylor – ‘avoirdupois’ – I like it, but not enough to acquire it!!! It sounds better than ‘excess timber’, but again, I must get to the point where I have no need for these phrases!!!

    Onward & downwards folks, I can’t believe the month is nearly over, what have I been doing this month???!!!

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    I am fasting today too.Took Heidi out to the church yard,is it harvest festival?the entire school came out of church last week so I had to walk around the outside of the church.Weather is dull here but dry at the moment,going to the gym in an hour,driving down to Leicester on Wednesday for speedway,no coach available so I will drive there.I asked my mate to come with me so I won’t be on my own.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    A good walk in the wood, car park full just got a spot, every man and his dog walking in the wood this morning for Charlie..9.30 seems to be the time…..

    Popped to the wholesaler for my hair colour, I always like some in….bought a new hairdryer, my Baby Bliss blew up and can’t get on with an old one which has come back in to play….

    Fasting going ok ..a cuppa at the moment …..then Birthday cards need sorting out and posting for Houston…

    Party sounded good and with all your catch ups…steak night for you very tasty…you are always a busy bee enjoy your meal at your cousins …

    The weather so bad…we are suppose to be dry but it keeps drizzling…hope you get everything dry, did your boots get wet inside?…Charlie is a pain for drying too, he will have to get used to it….I have a square bowl of soapy water and micro cloth if very mucky or a small basin for a paw clean, the muck what comes off his paws is unbelievable!! Even on a clean paw wash!…I text Steve to say what we need and it’s on the door step or in the garage with his towel waiting……good luck later if you can manage another walk….

    Jean x

  • Still not losing weight

    3rd week of plateau , I do wonder since I am have been on antibiotics for UTIs for 3 months ( investigations underway) whether this is what is stopping my weight loss. Is there a link ?

  • Can’t lose the fat around my waist

    I fully understand and have a tummy that is really resistant. My GP says that it is almost impossible to get rid of adipose fat . So I disguise and try to keep to a good weight . It may be that stomach crunches etc might help…

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Damp walk turned into a soaking one- just as we turned for home it was torrential rain, all the way back! The boots were comfy, but not made for rivers! Would’ve worn uncomfy wellies if I’d have known! Xena hates being dried & went loopy & stressy when we got back- gave her cream cheese on her lickymat to calm her down! Boots, lead & my bag are all in the airing cupboard drying- it’s still tipping it down, I think she’ll have to just manage with 1 walk today!
    Fasting okay though.

  • October 2019 Monthly Challenge

    IN what I drink! Not I’m what I drink. Although that is probably true.

  • October 2019 Monthly Challenge

    Day 21 UK FD

    After being dry for two years, when I joined this group, I’m now well off the wagon, but being a lot more selective I’m what I drink. Wine is a no no, sadly. It makes me feel very down, and I’m not keen on spirits, so I’m now mainly a beer drinker. Hence some of the extra avoirdupois. So…… I’m on today’s pocket list.

    Pocket list – Day 21

    Have a happy Monday, all. H

  • Newby Bloke saying hello

    Thanks for taking time to drop me a line of encouragement Corrycat :).
    First week down and lost 2 kg! Feeling well and deffo eating less on my days off.
    Happy days.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Morning Everyone,
    What a busy weekend it’s been the party Saturday night was fun lovely catching up with family that we’d not seen for a while.
    Spent most of yesterday at daughter and son in laws helping with a bit of diy – well husband did as son in law has been advised got to do any heavy lifting or straining due to an hernia. Might have to have an operation to sort it out. Sat and chatted with daughter and had fun with Poppy whilst the work was being done. Didn’t have anything to eat until we got home ( daughter did offer us food) then husband cooked Steak with homemade chips in the air fryer but then made a delicious cream and mushroom sauce to go with the steak.
    Off out for a meal at my cousins today and she is a fantastic cook so won’t be able to have a FD with you Jean and Hedgehogs but am planning on doing one tomorrow.
    Have a good day everyone.
    Nana x

  • October 2019 Monthly Challenge

    Day 21 UK FD

    Hi I’m back from a fabulous but quite indulgent Sicily trip and aiming to go straight in for a FD to reset Will catch up on all posts this afternoon

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Good evening.
    Today was my first truly restricted FD for over a week. It was a busy day and very easy to get back into the swing of a “normal” FD.

    Accountability for 500cal FD:
    – 2 pots of tea + 3 cups of tea at various cafes
    – a small banana with 1 1/2 tsp peanut butter
    – a plum
    – a bowl of cauliflower cheese soup
    – 4 strawberries
    – a cup of chai with almond milk (I’ll have this later tonight)
    A rough calculation has me in the 400-450cal range today.

    Back to a NFD tomorrow where I try to stay around 100cals. I’m hoping I do a better job wit than than I did on the weekend.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Morning All…
    Definitely dark and grim here…decided on the wood walk, as with the driving there it takes longer, a hours walk and 20 mins each way but worth it… getting darker on an evening but gives me extra time for getting food ready too….

    Steves joining me fasting today, he needs to be getting back into it, even on health grounds.

    Hat out for me too but not always, thinking of getting scarf out too 😂 and gloves!….I have Charlie off lead near the river, wary when it’s flooding. He listens to me and I try and keep him on the concrete path as sometimes the grassy bank can be very muddy, we then have a flood wall off the path, which is a 6’ drop to the road, again I have to watch him for cats!…I try and keep a look out before he sees things…he has only jumped off once when we first got him. We walk 5 mins before I pick up the old village road with the grassy river banks but he keeps away from the river side then it’s much better…he likes mud, puddles and ponds but not deep water 🤞hope it keeps that way…a drop of 15’ tide and fast flowing at times.

    I feel for your mum I walk about up and down stairs forgetting things too!!…she’s enjoying her meals, no wonder when you are doing the cooking, always nice to have a good meal cooked…your boots look good, I will see how I go..I might need a tad longer, thinking of snow…..still looking being tempted.

    Have a good fast day to all…anyone joining Hedgehog, Steve and me?

    Jean x

  • October 2019 Monthly Challenge

    Day 21 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    We did it! The Springboks had me worried there for a while, especially in the first half. And a nail-biting finish for Wales, beating France by one point!

    Much-needed FD today; dreading getting on the scales tomorrow. Que sera…
    @daffodil2010 – I’m putting you on the pocket list, so no ‘going rogue’ now!

    Pocket list – Day 21🍏

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Morning all!
    Minols- is it back to work/ school today, or is the half term still on?
    Jean- hope your FD goes well! Does Charlie try to go in the river, do you have to keep in on a lead? If we do a river walk we have to keep an eye on Xena as the banks are gentle slopes & very muddy! Glad your chicken dinner was good…
    Dave- hope you enjoyed your beef & the football! I’ve been wearing my hat for a week now 1st thing in the morning.
    Kay- good that you’re maintainibg at least, as Jean says maybe you’ll be walking more soon. Very sad clearing out Ellie’s stuff, big hug for you…
    Nana- how was your weekend? Have you got your usual busy week?
    Mel- enjoy your last day of your trip…& your last eating day?!
    Had a nice meal last night- although the beef looked very well done, that’s how hubby likes it- mum certainly cleared her plate well! It’s weird- she’s eating loads more than she used to, but not putting on much weight, I think she spends alot of time up & down stairs looking for things! Weather grim here, will get to try out my new boots! Fasting day for me…

  • October 2019 Monthly Challenge

    Day 21 – Lakes UK – FD

    Morning all

    Well excitement and disappointment for rugby fans yesterday, KO stages are like that, it certainly add intensity to a game congratulations to those whose team won and commiserations to those that lost. However semi finals next week and everything to play for. I know one set of fans who had a party this weekend – The Irish contingent, DIL is from NI, love their supporters, great fun whatever the outcome.

    Not done too badly over the weekend at all, the odd glass in hand, not quite as much walking, scales haven’t moved for the last 10 days, which on the positive side is – they haven’t gone up!

    So might try and throw in an extra FD this week instead of just my usual Monday and Thursday. Weather cool and dry here today so quick walk before breakfast (one weetabix and 50 ml semi skimmed milk, hardly exciting) then into the garden, quite a bit to do there so busy day I think. OH will want a walk this afternoon as well so todays FD should go quite quickly.

    Pocket list day 21

    Take care all

  • October 2019 Monthly Challenge

    Day 21 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Upset tum this morning and not feeling grea since yesterday. Cooking was a disaster for me yesterday.

    I made my Oatbran bread yesterday and added tomatoes to make tomato bread but it just did not turn out right, not properly baked. Then I made a rice, chicken and broccoli thing for dinner and it was awful, I threw it in the bin. I am not a bad cook so these two mishaps in one day has surprised me. Or else my tum was dictating what appeals and neither of these two appealed.

    FD today anyway so see how that goes as I just don’t feel like eating anyhow 😄

    Cold outside. Clear and bright but feels like -1c and there is frost on the cars. Next week the clocks go back so it will be darker in the evening. Currently it’s twilight around 6.30pm so next week it will be 5.30pm ☹️

    @ciren2 hope you can forego that 1000 cal of goodies ☺️
    @rabette well done on the ATL, you are kicking it! Thanks for the lemon in hot water tip, might try this in a few minutes before I head to work, the tum is just not right.

    @funshipfreddie well done to South Africa. Onwards to the semi final now 👍

    Scales are not being kind and I am feeling a bit down by that, which, along with the upset tum makes me want to turn rogue and forget about it! But I won’t! I will pop in here this evening for my own accountability.

    Have a great Monday everyone.

  • October 2019 Monthly Challenge

    Day 21: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    Start of a new working week and new possibilities for putting my plan into action. That is to cut out (where possible!) the extra 1000 calories of naughty, sweet and chocolate-ty items on the back end of my big meal after work. Doing it on Saturday made a welcome drop in the scales, so worthwhile…..if only I can keep going.
    Actual fast-days still elude me however.

    @rabbette: An ATL? That’s fantastic. Oh for an unexpected fast day, eh?
    @neilithicman: Ugh! Poor you…I know the feeling. Happens to me every time I have a day off work. However, a new week beckons….
    @snowflake56: Thanks xx

    Must go….

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