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  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Great work on the weigh-in Hannah

    It took me around 11 months to drop the weight. I was on the fast 800 (800 calories every day) for 12 weeks from January to March in 2019 and lost 24 kilos, then I dropped down to 4:3, then 5:2, then 6:1 and lost the remaining weight between April and the end of October in 2019. I was 85 kilos going into January this year, then this year my weight has been up and down, but always trending upwards.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Happy Tuesday everyone!

    Lindsay, I weighed myself this morning and it was 75.5kg – down 1.8 kg from the previous day – if only that was all fat loss!! But it is a good feeling knowing I’m going to be going down with consistent fasting. Your thesis/research editing sounds fascinating – you’d be a great dinner guest – with lots of interesting conversations around what you read.

    Cinque – thanks for the encouragement – yes it will feel SO good to have the weight off eventually 🙂

    Neil – how long did it take you to go from 132.5kg to 85kg? That is pretty phenomenal! ATB with getting to 85 again…it’s a mind game sometimes eh.

    Anzac – another high fibre option is also inulin. You can literally eat it off a spoon.–prebiotic-fibre-58913 You probably know lots of fibre options by now.

    I found that having wee bits of salt throughout the day really helped yesterday. I have quite low blood pressure and seem to need that electrolyte boost when I fast. When I first fasted all those years ago I got some pretty bad headaches until I discovered this.

    Weirdly looking forward to my Thursday fast – hope this buzz lasts!

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    @songbirdme 😀 I doubt you are playing with fire. They do not appear to be a problem trigger for you, and you have thought about it! I’m pretty sure the science of our bodies is a long way from being deciphered, and we will find much more individual variance than currently I see credit for given in the research sources I find. So many fast proponents say – as for diet, find what works for you to compliment fasting. I like that attitude.

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 28 country West Australia CD

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Morning all.

    I had a really small fast day yesterday. I had just some whey protein and 2 kiwifruit (around 200 calories). I wasn’t hungry at dinner time and I’m not hungry now at lunchtime the following day and I’ve only had a couple of kiwifruit to eat. I’m not sure what’s happened to my appetite, but I’ll ride it for now to get back onto my fast800 schedule. Hopefully it will show on the scales tomorrow. I ate well Mon-Fri last week, yesterday and today with only Saturday and Sunday being slip ups. Dinner tonight is some Saag paneer with silverbeet from our garden and some home made paneer I made on Sunday.

    Have a great one everyone, less than a week to go before my bike is fixed and I can get back out riding again. I can’t wait

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    this video is very informative for meals you can have

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Good morning,

    Filtered sun is coming through my window. My favourite.

    Welcome Hannah T3! Hooray for the first fast day done!
    Lovely to have you here. Life with two little ones is crazy so all power to you managing 5:2 in among it all. You can do it! And won’t you feel good when you have lost that weight again.
    Work to make it as easy and sustainable as you can, and it will be your friend always!
    (Working on that myself too).

    LJoyce, I am thinking your chest infection has come back again. grr! I do hope that (if it has) they can find an antibiotic to really get on top of it.Sending lots of good wishes.

    Betsy, haha, yes wouldn’t it be nice if we could choose what colour our eyelashes.
    I am a bit ‘clockwork orange’ at the moment as it is just my left eye that has a problem that needs drops, but my right eye is now getting drops 3 x a week so the lashes can catch up. So glad they aren’t growing straight up!

    Cat’s do like their privacy. I do hope Wilbur is continuing to heal well.

    How did the water fast go?

    Thin, it was lovely to join you virtually, drinking your coffee and enjoying the landscape with rolling hills and grazing sheep.

    Lindsay hello to you all on the island. Rosy needs her walks! Your editing work is hard slog, but hooray for interesting research.

    Anzac, that has been a trick: re your high fibre breakfast and the important task of avoiding diverticulitis. I do hope your FD went well and easily!
    I wonder, if you find you do need something in the morning, if a spoon of psyllium husks in a glass of water might be enough to do the trick?
    Anyway, hoping a good fast day twice a week really works easily!

    Charlie, a well deserved easy day. The birds sound wonderful. Which one will you vote for this year? 🙂

    Well I am going okay. I might have overdone it in the garden on Sunday so I am pacing myself now. Fast day tomorrow!

    Best wishes all

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 28, NFD, Aus

    Not so much PFDS but post FD relief today. I almost chucked it in yesterday, telling myself I could have a FD today instead. But I took the dogs out for a walk and that brought back my resolve. Tick off another LFD.

    Good thing too because the dogs discovered a possum in our yard last night – they are such good guard dogs they had to wake up the entire neighbourhood to let everyone know about the intruder. Grrrr. As a result, I had a very bad night’s sleep and I would not have any resolve to do a FD today!

    It would be great to have you as a host next month, @high5!

  • 5-2 User SInce 2015 worked great until about 7 months ago

    Thanks! I am hoping I can find a way to get it going again, but perseverance never hurts.

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 27 UK FD (ish)

    Sorry I’m so late checking in but been very axious today , dropped DH off at the hospital lunch time for his shoulder replacement op, anyway he’s just rung back on the ward all went well , catch up tomorrow x

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 27 USA – OMAD (MFD?)

    Just wanted to check in on a MOnday. Home from Silver Sneakers and shopping. I only have a couple comments to make, but know I support you all wherever you are in your journey on our WOL. I’m keeping at maintenance despite not really doing 6:1 lately, but OMAD is working too.

    Regarding artificial sweeteners: I am one who has been using them almost since aspartame hit the market. I don’t think I could have made it thorough early days of 5:2 having my coffee unsweetened, as well. I think my use of them is so ingrained, how could it be bad for me at age 73?? I think Equal came out in the late 70’s in gum. I seldom drink any soda pop, but Diet Coke is still my favorite.

    @mariaelena – your research is valid, yes, and I guess I am just playing with fire about it? 😜

    @stitchincarol – I will have to look up Christmas pudding recipes. I always used to make Christmas stollen (coffee cake) with dried fruit but just used whatever they sold in the packages at the grocery. I don’t remember it really being very dry, just in a sweetened syrup.My stollen did usually have nuts.

    @northgeorgia – so curious why your weight is all over the place, I might wonder if it is your scale? Do you have a pair of trousers or something that routinely changes fit as your weight changes? Just curious,

    Onward and downward.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Hedgehog, I’m trying 500 but today didn’t happen. My OH made some wonderful smelling foods so I was ‘starving’ by lunchtime. On the bright side all leftovers have been ‘tidied up’ and chutney made with the glut of courgettes.
    Jean love a lazy day with walks.
    Will try again tomorrow. Have been roughly doing Mondays and Thursdays but change if not happening for me 🙂

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Hedgehog, I’m trying 500 but today didn’t happen. My OH made some wonderful smelling foods so I was ‘starving’ by lunchtime. On the bright side all leftovers have been ‘tidied up’ and chutney made with the glut of courgettes.
    Jean love a lazy day with walks.
    Will try again tomorrow. Have been roughly doing Mondays and Thursdays but change if not happening for me 🙂

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Evening All…
    Fast day gone well considering I haven’t been busy..finished at about 600 cals so happy with that…it’s been a very hungry day…

    Just hope Xmas days dry…the tides right so all is good…not sure which beach yet…I think thinking of Xmas day is more upsetting than the day it’s self…
    I thought this two weeks would be more upsetting than I am…again more the thought than what it is..🤞
    Something to look forward too Kirsty at the weekend she will lead you astray 😂…make the most of it…

    The bowls you finished very well bang in the middle, you should be very pleased with yourself…

    Hope your fast day has gone well…

    I am a pound up on the wrong side of goal!!!..Charlie knew he had been cut short on his walk this morning, he was waiting from about 2 pm for his next one..a long one he’s shattered now…
    Hair cuts all must be good or cheap 😂 have had a busy day…mine has been lazy…

    Walking the riverbank with Natalie and Oreo at 9 am…

    Jean x

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Dave- you’ve held your own with the bowling then, good to be in the 1st team for this season. I think I’d enjoy watchimg ice hockey, no rinks near us…
    Jean- hope you found enough to do to keep to your FD! You’re at goal, so you can afford to relax over the weekends, they must be hard enough for you as it is xx
    Hemmy- nice you have Kristy’s visit to look forward to! Is it just her or her partner too? Hope the weather’s nice so you can get out…
    Nana- hope you’re having a lovely holiday…
    Brenda- what days are you fasting? Do you do the old 500 cal days or the new plan 800cal days? That’s sad your cats don’t get on! When we had our cat, we adopted another one- Tom chased her all over the house, she hid under a chair & once he’d shown her who was in charge they were fine, she used to curl up on top of him, so sweet…We just have the one dog now, she’s enough!
    FD has been okay, not too hungry until dinner time. Been busy, walked Xena& then neighbour’s dog. We’ve been walking round the fields rather than going in the car, as the garages are still low or closed here. Cut son’s hair, made vegan quiche for tonight, saw mum & have done a pile of ironing, so the day’s gone quickly!
    Have a good evening!

  • Clarification please on Guidance in the Book especially re calorie counting.

    Hi All

    Day 1 for me although I already practice intermittent fasting but after initial losses plateaued then not getting results I wanted a different approach.

    1. Why does Dr Mosely not include vegetables and fruit as carbs ? eg page 62; ” ..cut back on the carbs and instead start eating more vegetables and fat” AND p230 Key Fast Day Ingredients; he lists carbs then separately fruit and veg.

    2. what assumptions are made about individual items when listing calories eg onions and spinach. Are these in their raw form and if so it would help to know any changes if fried, steamed , boiled, roasted. Do his recipes ignore any such conversion as he seems to give cals. of items in their raw state ?

    3. Also p. 182 breakfast, calories count given for 1 tsp olive oil and for 1/2 onion but onion is then fried and so is spinach. So what is the logic in presenting calories in this way?

    4. The book seems to say zero cals for tea and coffee without milk but eg in the Fat Bible black coffee is 5 cals. So eg I might drink 10 cups of coffee which counts as either zero cals or 50. Which is the correct approach?

    Thanks all

  • How to lose weight quickly?

    Hello everyone, I want to share with you a video that helped me a lot in my difficult path to losing weighthttps://shrink. me/Kj8VjEUU

  • If your clothes are looser but the scales are the same, read on

    Hi all!

    I haven’t gotten on the scale for weeks. But I think being back at work is working for me. I notice little things like more definition in my legs and a dress that used to be a little tight that now fits like a glove. Looking in the mirror this morning I thought “Not bad. Maybe five more pounds?” I’m on my feet all day and have generally skipped breakfast Monday-Thursday and had just a piece of fruit and a fiber bar for lunch. Then whatever I want for dinner so long as I am done eating by 8. Seems to be working. But we’ll see what the scale says one of these days.

    Our fall break begins for me on Friday and my love and I are going to the shore of Lake Superior for five days. We generally only eat two meals–brunch and dinner, but we do have wine and dessert each day when on holiday so I might undo some of the progress. We used to walk it all off hiking the trails, but he’s older and not so steady on his feet anymore. I’m trying to plan some healthy meals. . . and some fun ones.

    Hope you’re all doing well.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Good afternoon played last game of bowls on a Monday. Lost so ended up played 20 won 10 and lost 10.Happy with that for a first season. See what happens next season if the drop me down to the second team or leave me where I am. Fast day going well only 40 calories so far today.

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 27 – Rural Nebraska, USA – likely to be EFS 😒

    Today is the day we celebrate our youngest’s birthday. I’ve been up for 59 minutes, and have baked and plated his flourless chocolate cake, tidied up the kitchen disaster from chopping Tropical Christmas Cake fruits yesterday (we had to leave immediately after I was done, and I was indifferent when we got home 😂), loaded the dishwasher and started it, made the coffee, and recorded this morning’s weight at 144.8. Honestly, that surprised me as I didn’t eat all that much yesterday. The frustration is that I can’ have a FD today and tomorrow’s WFD will undoubtedly be tougher than usual, so I’m working at persuading myself I can eat only a little today, and psyching myself up to persevere despite all challenges tomorrow.

    Thanks so much, @babs_b, for your description of your walk in London; I could almost feel as if I were there!

    @funshipfreddie If I’m honest, 8:30 feels somewhat like the crack of dawn to me, too! 😂🤣😂🤣

    After the flurry of activity when I first got up, I’m ready for a nap, LOL. I was worried when I woke up if there’d be sufficient time to accomplish everything necessary before we leave around one, but having the cake baked calms my worries. Some days start in more of a flurry than others, right, @funshipfreddie?

    Have a grand one, everyone!

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you Xxxx

    A wet start here but managed a dry walk .. now its sunshine and windy .. good for drying the washing lol.

    Going to be careful this week as Kristy coming Fri-Mon eve .. so extra treats I suppose lol well I know so.

    Sym ,, That idea of walking on the beach Xmas morning then back to snuggle with Charlie eating and drinking what you want not fussing about who wants what seems idyllic.

    Its a lot of work and hype if you are catering for others or even going to theirs.
    Hope your fast day goes well today.

    My homemade Pasta sauce this evening with either jacket potato or pasta .

    Have a good day all… whatever you are doing ….Trust your hard work. It’s unlocking doors you can’t see yet Xxxx

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 27 — FD

    Yesterday was lovely and on target. (I swear every time I type that I hear Gold Five in Star Wars droning “stay on target” – guess that’s some powerful mojo! )

    @northgeorgia I’ve been reading about fructose and inflammation since you posted, this was a recent summary of some of the studies

    And WAY TO GO on that weigh-in!!

    @penz – unsweetened vanilla almond milk is my friend. As a WOCA that calcium intake is of fierce importance to me, and when I started to look into it I was shocked at how many calories so many milk and milk substitutes had. Then I looked at the sugars (especially added sugars) most of these drinks had so much OMG. Well, I love my unsweetened 30 calorie, 0 added sugar, 30% of recommended calcium drink- it seems plenty sweet as is. My sister calls it expensive vitamin water, but I’m very happy with it.

    @babs_b I have found since about the time I turned 40 that my dairy tolerance fluctuates. If I intentionally or by happenstance take my dairy intake low, my tolerance gets very low when I try to reintroduce it. What has worked for me is to reintroduce is slowly, and in the earlier hours of the day.

    @funshipfreddie Find that cat! They do get themselves worked up over an unexpected ruckus, don’t they! Poor dears.

    So, the end of the month looms heavy over me. My weigh-in is the last day of the month. I’ve been spending way too much thought on it. My keep me honest 👖 are easier to put on, but not comfortable so I’m unsure what the scale will say.

    Sending strength and happy thoughts to all fasters today, lol, including myself!

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Third Post


    I have just been in the car so had the opportunity to listen to the full length of your latest recommendation: ‘Sugar:The Bitter Truth’ by Dr Robert H Lustig

    Wow this is truly epic. I loved this video. What a superb deep dive into the science.

    I now need to go back and WATCH it rather than listen as I missed out on being able to look at all of his diagrams as I was driving! Such a useful video. Think I will buy his book now too!

    Thanks for this great post! 🙂

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Afternoon All…

    What a wet wet wet wet walk!!…I looked as if I had jumped in the bath with all my clothes on..abandoned our walk after 40 mins just too bad…
    Just been sat finishing my book off drying clothes CH on high…just put a bit on the line as it’s blowing with blue sky…

    I am fasting today and I am feeling hungry, just having a cuppa but must do a few jobs to get busy or I won’t make this evening….

    Our garage ran out of fuel but looks up and running today.
    My weekends are a bit naughty, I only used to have Fridays as my day off which is my weigh in day..slipping to Saturday and Sunday too…must pull it back really…Charlie chases the pussys I can’t get him to leave them alone..he likes horses now he was very frightened of them for a while…

    Keep strong today fasters..I think hedgehog is fasting too..theres a few on holiday…

    Jean x

  • Does the contraceptive pill break your fast?

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  • multivitamins for hairloss?

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 27 – USA/GA – FD

    Thank goodness for the FD. Some carbs (not a lot, but a few more) crept in yesterday. Lots of fiber eaten later in the day hasn’t had time to activate itself, and is just sitting in my tummy heavily today.

    An unholy number has appeared: 226 lbs. 7 lbs in less than a week is not fat, I tell myself.

    Pocket list for day 27 🌈

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 27 – Canada 🇨🇦 – FD

    Just checking in to join the fasters.

    Pocket list for day 27 🌈

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 27 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    Late checking in today. Had a plumber here since the crack of dawn; well, 8:30 am. No leaks or anything; just having the geyser & some fittings replaced & the shower spruced up. But – the racket?! I think the cat’s moved out; don’t blame her.

    The pocket list is looking a little sparse for a Monday? Okay, let’s do this Monday fasters 🏋️‍♂️

    Pocket list for day 27 🌈

  • New to 5:2. Day 1 is Today!

    Another ‘successful week’ and back into 5:2 after the hols.

    Just a bit more weight lost, but all heading in the right direction.
    Fasting day today.

    Date Weight Cumulative Loss:

    30.8.21 96.2 kg = 15′ 03″
    6.9.21 94.2 kg = 14′ 12″ (-5)
    20.9.21 95.1 kg = 14′ 13″ (-4) (hol week)
    27.9.21 94.0 kg = 14’ 11’ (-6)

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 27 – UK – CD

    @i-hate-lettuce – I’ll be sorry to see you go and have loved your contributions to the forum, but of course we must always do what’s right for ourselves. 🌻

    @stitchincarol – Growing up, I was not a fan of Christmas pudding but have started to make it my tradition to make one every year and I’ve managed to convert other non-lovers of Christmas pudding! I base mine on this recipe:
    which has whole blanched almonds in it. In recent years I have switched the glacé cherries for dried cranberries because I feel that’s a bit more festive! I lovingly feed it with a mix of brandy and Cointreau every Saturday morning through the weeks leading up to Christmas. Anything left over, I blitz up with some vanilla ice cream, which tastes amazing. 🎄

    @jaifaim – so glad you’re enjoying yourself in Wales! The weather really has turned today hasn’t it? I much prefer a long walk in the cooler weather and I bet the scenery with the leaves starting to turn is stunning over there. 🙂

    @high5 – I have also heard about carb cycling and apparently many people get good results from it. Good luck with the FD after the EFS weekend. 🍀

    @betsylee – great advice about having a cup of something warm. I have done this by making a cup of tea when my stomach’s been grumbling before and it’s definitely helped. ☕️

    @mariaelena – It sounds like you’re doing really well, congratulations! 🌟

    @penz – I’m with you being shocked at the sugar in milk! Back in 2016, when I lost weight using the 5:2 I relied on a low cal protein shake at lunch time on my FDs. I used almond milk thinking I was being saintly at the time, then was staggered to see the sugar content!! 🙈

    @caoimhe – FANTASTIC you’re likely to be at target in the next couple of weeks! That is brilliant 🎉🎉

    @northgeorgia – that is such an interesting observation. I’d love to hear more about the inflammation and high fructose link. I wonder if I’m also experiencing something like this as my scales just are not budging at all, plus sometimes I feel so puffy and my nagging joints get a bit more achey too… 🤔

    @dvw – You have a fellow ginger beer lover here. My dear grandmother used to like her whisky with a drop of Canada Dry so ginger beer has been almost positioned as ‘medicinal’ in my life 😂. It’d be interesting if there was a little link with the sugar spike. 🤔

    @brightonbelle – I’ve had better days and worse days this month for sure. Struggling with that RESOLVE mantra! I’m starting to think ahead to potential Christmas do’s and how I’d like to look and feel attending those. Vain I know, but I’m hopeful it’ll be a bit of a catalyst.

    The day has started off with me getting absolutely drenched on the very short walk in to the office, so I’m sitting here in soggy jeans and frizzy hair. I had only just washed and styled it. Ah well, I suppose this is what makes us feel alive sometimes eh?!

    The positive is that I had two good days of walking this weekend, which is a big improvement on where I was physically only a couple of weekends ago. Yesterday, we decided to nip into London for a walk around the city. I love strolling around the sky scrapers, which are nestled among all the old buildings that have been there for centuries. I particularly love doing that on a Sunday when no-one is there. We saw a bride and groom outside the Bank of England’s very grand facade, we saw a tall ship sail through Tower Bridge (so the bascules were raised to let it through). We saw the ravens flying overhead, in & out of the Tower of London. We had a drink in a very historic Inn, had a coffee by the tower and covered about 4 miles on foot. It was lovely.

    One thing I have noticed since restarting the 5:2 is that my tolerance to dairy seems to be dropping. I’m not sure if anyone else has found this? I’ve not been a big milk consumer anyway, but since switching almost exclusively to black coffees, if I opt for say a flat white, I have a lot of stomach cramps. I’ve also barely eaten cheese since restarting this WOE so wonder if I’ll be like that with cheese too. Not sure if it’s just where I’m not used to it, or whether my ‘make up’ has changed, so to speak. I am still ok with a splash of skimmed milk in my tea, thank goodness!

    So we’re into our final week of September and the seasons have officially changed….! Here are my pledges:
    Two good days
    Move my body 3 times this week
    Drink two bottles of water a day (1L)

    Pocket list for day 27 🌈

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Hi folks, miserable weather today. ‘P ing’ down here. FD and thinking after my weekend of binging a WFD might be the way to go.
    Jean, got petrol yesterday on our trip back from Haggerston Castle. Hope it sorts itself out though. Pain in the posterior and dangerous for some 😧
    Hedgehogs lovely to hear from you. I have plenty to lose and put most of my loss back on this weekend. Think I’ll drop the weighing to monthly. It’ll just annoy me!
    Flora appreciates the hugs, she’s very sooky at this time of day lol. Dave, Heidi may be calm but Flora gets her back up and spits at dogs I’m afraid! Hates her territory being invaded lol. Even by our other cat Fergus!
    Have a good day folks 🙂

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 27 – Wales on holiday – NFD

    Hi all just checking in to say hello!
    Having a fab time in Pembrokeshire and loving this beautiful part of the world…
    Tte weather has been glorious for the first week so feeling very blessed to have been able to get out and about on the bike and coastal paths… my god the hills!!!
    This week the weather is turning so will try to spend more time wrapped up and walking, relaxing and some catching up with friends.
    Eating and drinking too well but will get back on track next week…
    I hope that you are all keeping well.
    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Hi all. Hannah will you weigh tomorrow after your first FD? Keen to hear how it went, weight wise. Good luck with your first FD in a while, Anzac.

    My daughter pointed me to this article on the Conversation… makes for interesting reading, for those pushing against the 10,000 steps a day target. I already knew, but I still find it amusing, that the 10,000 step goal came originally from a Japanese pedometer, the name of which, when translated, meant 10,000 steps. Not for the first time a marketing campaign has taken us down a particular route.

    Oh Charlie, those ‘use-by’ dates. I guess if you’re all stocked up for guests, you’d have a fair supply. Good you have the livestock to use it all up.

    Anzac I can’t believe Maxx is 4. How quickly that time went. Rose was 2 in July. OH is talking about another pup. I’ve asked him to wait until (if) Rosy has pups and we’d keep one. I’ve chosen her name – Scarlett. But first, we’d better see she meets all the markers – hips, other genes. And then we’ll see.

    OK, little ones bathed (without an argument for once). OH has cooked spag bol for dinner, and I’m taking a break from a thesis I’m editing (reluctantly). They always turn up at the most inopportune times. I have to finish this one by Wednesday night, then I have a journal article and 2 chapters of a PhD to do. My candidate is overseas – third world – and has some interesting insights into covid in his country. I’ve edited a number of his academic articles – so interesting, to read of medical issues that aren’t even on the agenda, in our privileged Western word

    Night all.

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Second post

    Also @stitchincarol – if worst comes to worst, I can host October but I must warn that I’ll be a rather absent host as I have a holiday planned during early/mid October, plus several Long Weekends, so I wouldn’t be the most active host !

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 27, U.K.- FD

    I’m back in the wagon this morning after 2.5 days of EFS.

    My OMAD on Friday turned into a simple ZBC! 😱😄

    Sometimes I find a FD after a blow-out weekend super easy but sometimes I find a get a huge energy dip, so fingers crossed for the former.

    @betsylee – for health reasons alone, you might want to consider avoiding diet sodas … aspartame, sucralose, nutrasweet etc are pretty evil chemicals, try this link as a sample:

    @emma-taylor : Duolingo is wonderful isn’t it?

    I actually speak Italian and French but I’m learning Spanish via Duolingo and it’s fun!!

    I bet you’re doing better than you think! My DH is not a linguist by any stretch, but has been learning French with Duolingo for 14 months and his progress is EPIC! But like you he dreads the ensuing incomprehensible gabbling when he ventures a few French words!

    @stirchincarol – Soo interesting re your results of a blip-day. Have you read about carb-cycling? Apparently you can boost your HFLC weight loss with the occasional injection of carb-feast days…. Maybe it was this phenomenon at work????

    Anyway, thanks for insight! I feel a re-read of The Obesity Code coming on.

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 27 Melb Aust CD

    Well, my WFD hasn’t eventuated, so i’m just keeping it to a relatively controlled day, and see what the next couple of days bring.

    @i hate lettuce, your comments will be missed. You’ve been around this forum for a while. But… there are times and seasons for everything. Just continue to keep your Inner Warthog under control, okay, and any time you feel like dropping in to say “hi”, that would be lovely.

    @mariaelena, a suggestion when your inner selves start debating – first have a large cup of warm/ hot water, and see how it goes. In fact, tell them – before I give in to you, I have to drink a LARGE cup of water, and see if they shut up. 🙂

    @caoimhe, it was actually @babs_b who went on the lovely walk – I was commenting on her post – but yours also sounds beautiful.

    @stitchincarol, I’ve never cooked a Christmas pudding, but I do remember the lovely glace cherries and chopped up bits of almond as well as raisins, sultanas and pieces of dried citrus fruit. I’ve never heard of using prunes, can’t imagine it. So yes, cherries and chopped almonds are commonly used in the Christmas puddings I’ve eaten. It may be different in different places, though.

    @dvw, diet ginger ale? Hmm. Never tried it. Might look around for it. I do remember a TV program once with Dr M where he compared the difference between drinking carbonated vs non-carbonated water, and the carbonated water was worse for you, but I can’t remember in which way. Does anyone else remember seeing that show?

    Onward and downwards everyone.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Thanks for all the lovely welcomes everyone – it really helped me reading these! First day has gone better than I anticipated after building it up in my mind! Now I’m looking forward to it becoming a habit.

    Loving the inspirational weight loss stories – some seriously impressive drops on here.

  • If your clothes are looser but the scales are the same, read on

    Hello All,
    I have bitten the bullet and weighed/measured and put the numbers into the tracker. Its very clear that in order to get back to where I was in the spring, I need to shift around 4 inches on my waist/hips/bust which seems to eqate to around 10lbs.

    I am starting again with skipping breakfast on 2 mornings and then a longer fast at the weekend. There are 4 weeks until half term, so that is my goal, to see what differemce I can make between now and then.

    How are you all doing?

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Welcome Hannah,
    Like many here, my weight loss is still in progress,I have come from 140kg to 115kg over a long period of time, and managed to keep it that way for years. Restarted end of July this year at 112.7kg and now down to 107.0kg. You can do this, and this group will support you, go girl.
    Lindsay, I hope you are right about guests coming back to the bnb’s once we move away from lockdowns, spent yesterday doing a tidy up and checking dates on food. Orphan poddies had interesting dinner last night with the contents of all the small cereal packs, and the bread mixes, oh well at least it wasn’t completely wasted.
    Taking it a bit easy today after busy weekend in garden, digging over beds ready for spring planting, as my back is a bit sore.
    Watching Satin Bower birds outside the office window as I right this, they are chasing a New Holland Honeyeater that has been drinking nectar from the Camellia flowers, New Holland is so quick they won’t deter him for long.
    Have a great week everyone

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Good morning all

    Welcome Hannah, this is a great forum and so very supportive. Like yourself and Neil I managed to gain back hard-earned losses. I managed to get to 82 kilos at the end of 2019 which was halfway to my goal weight but am now inching towards triple figures at 94.9 so it’s time to get right back into this WOL

    Today is my first proper FD in over a year. The reason I stopped was the Gastroenterologist who diagnosed my diverticulitis said it was important to get a good hit of fibre first thing in the morning. So I always have a bowl of Mr Anzac’s home-made, high fibre muesli. I simply can’t fast if I have breakfast but now I’ve decided it is equally important to get this dratted weight off as it is bad for both my physical and mental health. Wish me luck! I’m very prepared so that is always half the battle

    Rosy sounds like such a cutie Lindsay. I always have to smile when Maxx comes charging in with a stolen treasure. He doesn’t do it all the time now, and rarely chews anything but it is part of his personality and we have accepted that. He is 4 next month which is blowing my mind. Four!

    I have everything crossed for Mr Lindsay’s operation next month. What a stressful time for you and the whole family

    Thanks for your good wishes with my job. It has calmed down again and I can take control back over my hours for a while. I had the whole weekend off which was fantastic as the house needed a good clean and I needed to do a lot of cooking for us and for my Dad as the freezer was nearly empty.

    Thin….Malta….oh how envious I am. I hope you have a wonderful time and happy anniversary in advance

    How on earth can one town in NZ not have daylight savings Neil? It’s bad enough here that not all states have it but that really sounds strange. We spent a night in Te Anau on one of our road trips of the South Island and from memory it is the closest town to Milford Sound? I have a fond memory of that day as I was reading a brochure that we picked up at a visitor centre somewhere on our way to do the boat trip at Milford Sound and there was a list of languages in which you could get a copy and one of them was ‘Australian’ in addition to ‘English’. Ha ha NZ!

    I have a meeting coming up so I will end there but hopefully can come back and finish later

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 27, FD, Aus

    Wow, it’s going to be October at the end of this week. I dunno where the year is going.

    I still haven’t kicked the end of day vino habit, but am feeling a bit more into the 5:2 swing of things. Slow progress.

    I watched the Canadian sugar video, thanks @funshipfreddie. I’ve long looked at those nutrition labels when comparing high calorie items like muesli bars or other snacks. But not for ‘regular’ food. I was shocked to see how much sugar is in my milk. Why put sugar in milk?!?! Cray-cray.

    Ha ha @emma Taylor – I laughed too. Stick with it! I was in Malaysia years ago bartering to buy a throw rug. I do not speak Bahasa Melayu but I had picked up few words here and there, including some numbers. The shop assistant I was haggling with (in English) kept checking with her boss (in Bahasa) whether my latest offer was acceptable. He gave her a counter-figure which she relayed to me inaccurately, and at a higher number. Without thinking, I said “but he said one hundred, not three!’ (or whatever it was). She looked shocked and said “you speak Bahasa!” which I denied but she immediately gave me the rug for the price I wanted.

    Interesting article, @northgeorgia (and congrats on your latest scale result). Linking that in with @mariaelena’s thoughts of hunger v. appetite, I think we have some great mind tools available to make 5:2 work for us.

    Stay well @IHL. Hope to see you back here soon – just coz you’re checking in and not because the Outer Warthog has returned.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Welcome Hannah. Hope your first fast day back goes well – always such a boost, to see the scales the day after a fast day.

    Neil re palindromes ….I’m currently reading the Poisonwood Bible, where one of the characters thinks and writes in palindromes. A very well-written book, although a bit challenging at times.

    Cinque, hope you are feeling well and happy today after a lovely Melbourne day, poking mulch and eating well.

    Betsy, glad Wilbur is recovering. In my experience, cats are very private creatures, so best you look the other way (that’s not the only reason of course …haha)

    Charlie, thanks for the good wishes. I like hearing about your life….those good BNB times will come back. I’m feeling quite optimistic now about seeing our way through Covid.

    Thin, hope you enjoy your holiday in Malta….will you go back to the boat for winter?

    OK off to walk the hound. She missed out yesterday because I went over to the mainland to collect the little girls, who are here for the week. So far Rosy has been up on the bed (definitely not allowed), has nipped off with OH’s iPad case, and is currently standing at the back door flipping a teatowel in her great white teeth, daring us to chase her. She’ll drop it if I don’t. I haven’t seen her being this naughty for ages ….the girls are noisy and she’s reacting to it.

    Back soon. Enjoy your day all.

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    second post

    And does a Christmas Pudding ever have nuts in it???

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 26 – Rural Nebraska, USA – NFD

    I weighed the same this morning (144.4) despite last nights lovely dinner, so I’m feeling good about my current approach.

    @i-hate-lettuce I always enjoy whatever little/much you post, NEVER find it stale, and will really miss you. However, I fully understand needing to make your own choices, so I’ll simply look forward to when you return. I’ve been thinking of you for the last couple of hours as I’ve been chopping my dried fruit for your Tropical Christmas Cake. 🥰

    As I’m chopping those fruits, I’m thinking about the Christmas Pudding that I made last year for the first time ever. I used Nigella Lawson’s recipe, and while it was lovely, we all agreed our lives would still be complete if we never had it again. BUT. That’s more because the particular combination of dried fruits (raisins, currants, prunes) are not beloved by any of us. So, all you Brits and Aussies who have been raised on Christmas Puddings, is it a travesty to put in, say, dried cherries, craisins, and, say, apricots? Please understand, I will feel entirely free to do whatever the heck I WANT, but I want to know what you all think of as authentic. Thanks, everyone!

    @caoimhe My mom used to say “Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, supper like a pauper.” Turns out, recent things I’ve read suggest that’s EXACTLY what is healthiest for our bodies. So if a main meal at lunch and little to no supper suits you, go for it! DH and I have actually said that, when he retires, we’ll be likely to do that ourselves.

    Okay, church, brunch, chopping fruit to soak for Christmas Cake, and now we’re off to see DH’s mom. Have a lovely afternoon/evening/sleep everyone!

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Welcome aboard Hannah, love the palindrome name (reads the same backwards and forwards)

    Good luck with your weightloss journey. You’ll find this is a pretty supportive group with lots of people in various stages, from those just starting out, those who have hit goals and have maintained it, or some of us in your position.

    I’m similar to you at the moment. I started off at 132.5 kilos and got down to my goal weight of 85 kilos and maintained it for a year, then the last 6 months I’ve been gaining and currently sitting around 100 kilos. I’m looking to get back down to 85 again.

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 26 UK
    Hope everyone has had a good weekend. Haven’t posted for a few days so set aside some time this evening to catch up on posts. Have also watched sugar film shared. Interesting viewing and a good reminder.It’s good to catch up with everyone’s posts and it’s encouraging that you don’t feel you are doing this alone. I am still hanging on in there and hope to make my target within the next 2 or 3 weeks.
    I was thinking of switching to having the main meal at lunchtime on NFDs and either skipping the evening meal or just having something light.I think this might work better for me. Has anyone else tried this?
    @betsylee The walk you did sounds lovely. We did about 5 miles yesterday all along the seafront. A beautiful sunny day too.
    Have a good week one and all.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    My low day didn’t happen…my cold chicken was calling for some chips, one of my favourite meals, then of course a glass of red!…delicious..

    Ironing all done only a small amount and grass cut, finished off with a magnum…

    Definitely a fast day tomorrow …

    Ice hockey started again… enjoy your evening…nice your sons been asked to help out….
    No petrol at our garage…I will try and manage to stay in the village with no driving…

    Jean x

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Hi all,

    First time posting here. Ben looking through the forum and you all seem friendly and to have a wealth of knowledge on 5:2 which is great.

    I Successfully got to goal weight with 5:2 eight years ago with a group of friends. Stopped when I was pregnant with baby number two and never got back on the band wagon. Yoyo-ed over the years and was at an all time high weight of 81kg at the start of the year. Currently at 77.3kg and want to get back to the heavenly days of 59kg! Have quite a bit to lose but know this works not just for weightloss but also as a WOL… just have to get my head around hunger pangs again! Have set Monday and Thursday as my best fast days (which fall when I’m working).

    So here’s to the first day back…😬


  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 26 — NFD

    Good day!

    Another on target food consumption and exercise day. Eating more fat and keeping carbs under control has been keeping my mojo up at the moment. In my opinion, my skin feels very good but I am aware that could be subjective bias.

    @betsylee I like your diet soda strategy. If they spike insulin, I too suspect that influence would be mitigated if combined with a whole meal.

    I’ve been having fanciful discussions with my appetite self and my hunger self in my head. They remind me of toddlers sometimes “gimme now”. When they gang up, as they did while I was cooking us a treat meal Friday (Greek chicken and potatoes- a treat because we rarely make it, but love it – it was well within eating well bounds) they wouldn’t shut up. LOL – ME: ok I hear you but we will eat in an hour. Just be a little patient. Them: NOW gimme now!

    What I find challenging is without quick processed food, I have to spend time in the Kitchen preparing a good meal. And then Hunger self and Appetite self go all in on me whining and complaining. Right now it feels like they are too ill mannered to learn better habits. Since spending time in the Kitchen itself appears to be a trigger, just going to continue on and hope they learn.

    Husband had to spend most of yesterday working from home, so our time has been limited this weekend – so I’m off now, we hope to have some good together time today.

    Be well and happy, all!

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