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  • 16/8: Pressure in Throat

    Hi all,
    First of all I think it’s great there is this platform to talk about intermittent fasting and I have been secretly reading threads since I started a month ago.
    I (28,f) am doing the 16/8 approach and feel so much better with this diet than before, no more sugary cravings, have been drinking much more green tea and water and my weight has steadily come down, too.
    Recently I noticed a kind of pressure in my throat, though. It’s not that I don’t get enough air but I do notice this. I suspect my thyroid maybe acting up? But I never had any problems with my thyroid and the blood tests were always fine. Does anyone have experience with these sensations? Is it normal?
    Any advice or tips would be great. 🙂
    Kind regards,

  • Newbie – Can I really lose weight ?.

    Welcome, MaryO. Not sure which recipe book you are using, but the calories would be for one portion.

    If you like porridge, you might enjoy this:
    Oatmeal Pudding: 258 calories 4 g fat 5.4 g fiber 14 g protein 36 g carb 55.6 mg Calcium GF PB A riff on a recipe found in Marion Cunningham’s Breakfast Book, this can easily be prepared the night before. NB: THIS MAKES ENOUGH FOR TWO [2] SERVINGS.  Make them both, as two are as easy as one, and freeze the other.
    1/2 cup rolled oats, cooked in 1 cup water 2 tsp maple syrup ½ cup fat-free cottage cheese pinch of nutmeg or cinnamon 4 Tbsp. blueberries [fresh or frozen] blackish coffee [53 calories] or blackish tea or lemon in hot water
    Cook the oatmeal in the water. Take off the heat, stir in the maple syrup and nutmeg. While it is still a little warm, stir in the cottage cheese. Let sit to cool. HINT: I did this part the night before while cleaning up after dinner. If making one portion, pour half of the pudding into a freezer container and top with 2 Tbsp blueberries. Freeze it. HINT: make the entire batch, eat half of it today and freeze the rest for a really simple-to-prepare breakfast for another day. With the remainder, stir in 2 Tbsp blueberries and pour the pudding into a ramekin. Nuke it for a minute to heat through – longer than that and it will bubble over. Serve with the hot beverage of your choice for a hearty, healthy meal.

    We like eggs for a Fast Breakfast, as the protein in them suppresses hunger.

    For today’s Fast, we had a Creole Egg Bake with apple slices at breakfast and dinner will be a Ham +Oyster Casserole. Happy Fasting.


    Day 18 – UK – FD
    Day 13 – 17 – NFD

    No fasting since I was last here but back on track today – generally not been feeling with this WOL for the past week for some reason – but pulling myself back on track with a FD today.

    Started the day with my usual Broga class this morning – hard work on the legs today but a great sense of accomplishment afterwards. Had a lovely skinny flat white afterwards and been drinking plenty of water!

    Great to hear that many have whooshed… something I’ve never experienced in my 5:2 WOL – I was a slow and steady type of person until I experienced a 3 month plateau but then found motivation by joining these challenges and lost those final 3kg in my first 5 weeks on the challenge – so grateful to have found the November 2016 Challenge hosted by @back2thefuture

    I feel for our American friends who are digging feet of snow……..we don’t get anything like that here which is why our systems cannot cope when we get a few inches……Hope you are all keeping warm and safe!

    @mogaman – lovely to hear from you and that your 9 day road trip went well 🤗
    @wacm – I googled your Papatowai Challenge – that’s on Saturday – you can do this and the scenery looks amazing – are you walking/ running or a mixture of both? 🏃‍♀️
    @gretta – the honeymoon in Japan is well underway bow – hope the skiing is fab for you ⛷
    @jaifaim – loved your motivational message on Day 13
    @flourbaby – 🤣 you have a great way with words – I do think I have a strong willpower but I have to admit to falling off the wagon every now and then BUT never for long as I never want to go back to the person I was way back in 2013 – it’s what keeps me motivated with continuing with this WOL – so doable and I can still enjoy treats just not every day………..
    @coda – an inspiring post reminding us that small targets are achievable and helps us to feel good too x
    @debster251 – great to hear that you had a fab week of sunshine – those pesky lbs will soon be dispatched with a return to this WOL
    @northerndawn – good to hear from you and hope you recover before you go to look after the grandkids!
    @michelinme @ciren2 @matpi and any others suffering – quick recovery to you all
    @bert1802 @anna6 – I do hope that all is well with you and that you are lurking in the background – we are missing you xx
    @rainbowsmile – will you be back to set up the March Challenge?? I remember you saying that February was going to be an extremely busy month for you – we have missed you 🤗

    Right off to get ready to meet my regular Monday afternoon group for coffee (sparkling mineral water for me) then for a pilates class – No yoga this evening as my teacher has taken half term off with her boy!

    Must stay focused on today’s FD so might well pop back on here later for motivation.

    Joining @debster251 today’s pocket list:

    @dykask. WFD
    @chipmunk13 F800
    @judyjudes F800
    @debster251 F800

    “When you arise in the morning think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive, to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love” Marcus Aurelius

  • Im new

    Sylvie, when we first started, we used the recipes from the book [Fast Diet Book]. But then I started modifying recipes we liked and then I began creating recipes for Fast Days. I’m not going for only low calories, I want low fat, low carb, high protein. You’ll find my recipes posted twice a week on my blog, if you think that would be useful to you. Google my ‘handle’ and it should get you there. We like to have eggs for Fast Breakfasts, but there are non-egg breakfasts too, as well as meat dinners and seafood dinners and vegetarian dinners.

    Hint for dining out: I always order 2 appetizers, a glass of wine with each, and share a dessert. That way, you eat when everyone else eats, but you don’t over-eat.
    Hope you had fun with your family visit.

    Wanna-be, how is it for you?

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Fast day today,just took Heidi out and start my exercising at three pm.I just got a text from Ruby/NHS reminding me to turn up😅. Heidi hates having her picture took😁. When my mother passed away she always said she wanted her ashes released on the Moors so she could blow around in the wind.I still have my dad’s ashes, don’t know what to do with them.Still going to do fast days but stay low on non fast days,not had any bred or butter since I got weighed, will have bred tomorrow then non until Friday after weigh-in.

  • The Maintenance Chatbox… come and share your success with us!

    Happy Fast Day Monday to you all.
    Breakfast today was Creole Eggs [bacon, green sweet pepper, onion, tomato] and dinner will probably be Ham & Oyster Pie.
    We each gained 2 pounds after our weekend away. It was a very nice time, though. Drove to the coast [yes, New Hampshire does have a coast, all 18 miles of it] in drizzle and fog. Checked into our room to discover that instead of looking over the bay, we had a view upriver — which was even nicer. The Wine Tasting consisted of 11 tables of Sales Reps, each pouring 8 different wines — sparklers, whites, reds, roses. Then there were the food tables: cheese trays; charcuterie/smoked salmon + savories; seafood [shrimp, oysters, roasted octopus]; non-meat mains [crab cake; lobster bisque shooters; pumpkin tarts]; a carving station; and desserts. We cruised around for 2 hours, grazing and sampling and making notes on the wines. Jazz trio playing, nice ambiance. Chance to chat up the reps for details about the wines.
    The next 2 days were sparkling clear and briskly cool. After breakfast [the menu helpfully gave calorie counts for what they thought were their diet options: 470 -720 calories each!!!!??] we drove up the coast to some of our favorite beaches for bird watching and gazing. Dinner at the hotel that night — 2 appetizers, 2 glasses wine, shared dessert. And home again Sunday. Great celebration of Valentine’s and ODH’s birthday.
    Now we have tools 2 pounds.

    Pol, we often have lots of snow in March, and often some in April. We always try to guess when the last bit of snow will melt from North of the Barn. Very late April is average. 30 years ago it was early May.

    Carolann, I shall take your suggestion and log everything, even on Fast Days, to keep me honest. I’m still snacking after dinner, which is a no-no.

    Hope you are all off to a good week.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Jean- so exciting, never had a rescue dog, but I guess it will be a while for you all to get to know each other…sleeping on your bed?!! Have fun & enjoy the walks!
    Kay- I’m not doing very well nonFDs too… Hope you get some regular work soon, enjoy the garden!
    Have had a frustrating morning-spent a while trying to get info on activities for my HS family for our visit this week (half term so normal groups not on!), let her know & she has something else on now, needn’t have bothered!! Trying to get things sorted for mum, gone round in circles, she’d made a phone call herself & got even more confused about it! Now have to wait in this afternoon for another call 😣 Could be annoyed enough to comfort eat, but I shall try & stay strong!


    @betsylee I initially lost 6” from my waist, which was great. HOWEVER, now I’ve lost most of the weight I’m still left with a larger than desirable middle I.e. 33” waist with a BMI of under 24, I do indulge in too many sugary/carbs, which I’m trying to cut out. @michelinme’s words are so true. Not all carbs are equal. Isn’t it finding that fine line between abstinence and having a treat.? There’s nothing else for it…. keep on keeping on!


    Day 18 UK FD

    After unhelpful weekend today I’m feeling bloated and back up a whole kg to 66.5kg! But yesterday was tranistion back into healthier food, so hoping that plenty of liquid and a solid FD will help.

    I’ve also planned ahead for conference days this week and shopped for packed lunch. Fridge now loaded with picy salad leaves, lentil sprouts, avocado & beetroot, different proteins (spicy vegan sausages, hard boiled eggs, tofu), plus clementines, bananas and apples and a different graze snack box for when I’m flagging each afternoon/early evening. That sould hopefully keep me away from the easily available pastries, sandwiches, chocolate, crisps etc. I’m also going to take peppermint tea bags & some grated ginger so I don’t mainline coffee but keep hydrated & help my ongoing bug.

    Week 2 of feeling sick and I’m at the barking cough/headache/earache/tight chest stage. Waking myself several times at night coughing, now keeping a flask of fresh ginger tea next to the bed. I think this might be the bug my DD had in November; she was in bed for 2-3 days and ill for a couple of weeks. If so, i’m doing OK on it so far! Planning for focused days & v early nights so I can get ahead of the backlog before the conference hits from Weds. SO pleased to be going on retreat this weekend – whatever happens, silence and sleep lie ahead!

    @betsylee as I recall the waist is the last thing to shrink – for me it was bust first, hips second, waist last! And worth remembering that not all calories are created equal – carbs and sugar are far more likely to cause puffiness and fat suit inflation than other things. You might want to consider either changing your treats or reducing their frequency? I know my tastebuds have changed enormously, nowadays I’ll usually only crave carbs or sugar when tired or out of sorts. Things that used to be regular *treats* became habits, but are now once a week or once in a while 🙂

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Betsy. There are nearly as many theories in this field as there are people researching it. In my earlier life I rapidly learned from experience that, when given a subject to research, I could save the time of having to redo it by first asking “what conclusions does the sponsor want?” I now take all research with a very large pinch of salt (not literally of course – most research suggests that would be unhealthy).


    Day 18 second post (late evening)

    @debster251, Yes, I’ve wondered about carbs. I’ve decreased them a lot, but…. that ice-cream!!!

    Anyway, kind-of a successful “semi” fast day – my FD800 became about 920cals, but better than higher!

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Hi Maxibaerchen, Just wanted to add an extra comment to Rosy Posy’s. You may be expecting too much too soon. I’ve been on the 5:2 WOL since the end of November, as well as walking and exercising more rigorously since then.

    In the past month, (so some weeks after starting) I’ve noticed for me that my resting heart rate has noticeably reduced, which is really good, and my blood pressure readings at the doctor’s, which are generally higher than when I measure at home, have been completely normal the last two visits (January and early Feb). I am crossing my fingers that my cholesterol will be lower when I get it checked next month. Generally, cholesterol could be checked about 3-monthly, but ONLY if you or your doctor are really concerned about it, otherwise no more than 6-monthly, and for routine maintenance (if you’re not a spring chicken), only yearly. Mine’s being checked next month as I am battling my doctor about going on statin medication. Next month I have to have a reduction in my November cholesterol or he’ll be insisting on statins to bring the readings down. Does any of that help?

    Penguin, sounds like your waist measurement is currently fine. The rule of thumb doesn’t take into account variations in height. Plus, there’s a bit of disagreement about what’s needed. The CSIRO’s most recent book says under 88 cm for women and no more than 102 cms for men, UNLESS you are of Aboriginal, Asian or or Pacific heritage, where the recommended figures are 80 cms for women and 90 cms for men. That’s because the risk of type 2 diabetes in those particular ethnic groups tends to be higher. The book also states that using waist measurement and/or BMI can only be a guide. So….. 🙂

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Jean, how exciting!! It sounds like Charlie is already settling in! How did you hear about him?

    Dave, it seems like you are managing on lower calories each day. Are you still planning FDs?

    HH, hope you get to sort out your dads ashes this week rather than wait.

    We havent done that much over the weekend, although we have started pottering around in the garden and tidying. The grass has had a second cut already! Sorry if you are reading this!
    We both worked on Saturday. Im just picking up some self employed cleaning at the moment but still looking around for permanent work.
    Ive had a very bad 3 days on the eating and drinking front! Ive gone back to the NFDs as being licence to go OTT rather than just eat to TDEE. That has to stop otherwise I will undo the good work Ive done. Ive had too many carbs and eating throughout the day, so back to it today. Nothing til this afternoon and no carbs!

    Cant wait for update on Charlie!! I’m interested to know how he is as Dalmations are on my list!

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Welcome Trev , don’t know what is available in NZ. I swear by Define high protein shakes for women, hub prefers optifast.

    Hi Maxi, my blood pressure had gone from 150 t0 130 and I have lost 18 kg. Not sure about cholesterol as am not due for test just yet.


    Day 18 Belfast FD
    2lbs of holiday excess baggage despatched just with a sensible day yesterday. Easy on, easy off 😀 So I’ll try the F800 for a week or two to despatch those holiday pounds and get back into maintenance. And back on the no sugar wagon.
    @betsylee maybe cutting your carbs, particularly sugar might help?
    @daffodil2010 thanks for that. I’m off to get some seeds.

    Starting today’s pocket list:

    @dykask. WF
    @chipmunk F800
    @judyjudes F800
    @debster251 F800

    Onwards and downwards everyone.

  • The Maintenance Chatbox… come and share your success with us!

    Strict FD on Friday,followed by NFD but mindful weekend – supper with friends, pudding both days, but smaller portions and no snacking: 1lb down this morning. Don’t know whether to be pleased or ashamed! Hoping this is the answer…watch this space..


    Day 18 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 FD

    Enjoyed the weekend, now I need to reset!

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    Morning/evening all,

    Overcast and mild here today. I keep waking up and expecting wither to have arrived but so far we’ve been very lucky in this part of the UK, a few cold days, a couple of smatterings of snow and that’s about it. Fingers crossed that’s all we get and that spring arrives soon.
    It certainly looks like spring with bulbs showing their faces everywhere, snowdrops, crocii, daffodils and I even have hyacinths in bloom on my window ledge 😀

    Cue a post from Happy informing us she’s trapped at home by six feet of snow in the drive……..

    Have a good one everybody 😜

  • Im new

    Likewise Ive been on the 800 for two weeks and its not helped my Reynauds but I am beginning to feel much more alert, although tired in the evenings. Thank you for your support its very much appreciated.

  • Im new

    Hi back, sorry I have had family staying so no chance to check in. Good luck by the way 🙂

  • Im new

    Thank you, since posting Ive been having family to stay as it’s half term. That makes it doubly difficult I find as when eating out all the temptations. Your tips are most welcome and yes I will definitely have to improve on my planning meals up front. A question did you find you were sticking to everything to the book, or did you use other recipes?

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Morning All…
    Lovely day here off for Charlie’s bits and pieces, new family, new name..

    The owner was very upset when we took him, he lost his wife in November ( her dog) and he suffers from depression taking him in and out of hospital so the Charlie was passed out to different members of his family. So a hard decision but the right one. He is very lovable and obedient er nearly, haven’t heard him bark yet, he cries if he wants something and stares at me for his walk, we are getting turned in to him…So very good and very energetic, has a mad 30 mins then settles to sleep. He lived in a first floor flat so loves the garden ours it’s small but better then nothing and he can’t escape too….he ran like a whippet last night.
    A learning kerb for us all…all three slept together last night, when he relaxed and put his snout on my neck to go to sleep, he was pushed to the bottom..leeway hoping to get him in his own bed….my cream duvet doesn’t work with dogs and coloured duvet doesn’t work with Steve ( his bleeding) !!

    Hoping you can get Dads ashes sorted nice before the vicar leaves…got to sort the house out what a load of things we have for him…a shift of cupboards if I can…😂

    Trying to get a good picture, he is camera shy, doesn’t like my phone…see what I can do…

    Well walkies…I keep getting the look 😂

    Fasting today..

    Jean x

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    And now it has given your posts back and deleted mine!!!!!.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Mutter, mutter, rumble, curse. This system gave me the next page of posts after I had written mine. Now it has taken them away again and deleted my response to them.

    In brief- I would probably be rude to that recruiter. Max, welcome. Betsy that puts me an inch inside the limit

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Cinque. It wasn’t me, I don’t own a baseball bat, but I can picture it. The Forest was an isolated community for centuries and the people across the river make comments about marrying cousins and the dire results of inbreeding. No longer totally true, if it ever was, but I have been here for 17 years and to some of the locals I am still an in-comer.

    Anzac. By now this comment will be too late, but there would be some stress on their side as well. I have interviewed people for jobs and I certainly wanted to get it right.

    Quacka, the worst thing is that I had been very rude when my son in law stuck his finger in one of those stick blenders and took off the tip.

    Up and about early today. Two of the grandchildren are with us and they have brought the dog, Dog and I were out in the fields whilst everyone else was still abed. There is still considerable confusion in the plan, but we may get two more grandchildren before the week is out.


    Day 18 UK FD
    What a lovely weekend! The weather has been positively spring like and I’ve dried washing on the line for the first time in ages, in February! Small things make me happy! We have friends for a night tomorrow so fasting well today and Wednesday. Happy Monday everyone


    Day 18 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Same weight today as I have been every Monday this year!! So back on the FD wagon today. Looking forward to not eating, we had a family lunch yesterday and I was so full afterwards that I swore I would never be able to eat again 😆 It was a high carb meal so felt bloated, but good to spend time with our Grandaughter and family.

    We got a very good quote from a local builder to renovate and build a bathroom downstairs for Dad, move his bedroom downstairs, and all the bits that need to be done to make his home accessible. As a big family we can all chip in and get this job done and hopefully the builder can get started soon. It gives Dad hope that he will be out of hospital sooner rather than later. Though I fear that’s when the difficulty starts as he will need care at home, he is not mobile, and although I have a brother and sister live with him they too have their own orthopaedic disabilities which means they can’t do much for Dad. Hey ho, put that out thought out of mind for now.

    That was some full moon last night wasn’t it? It was shining all night long and then this morning turned a yellow color as it was setting to the west. Fantastic.

    @debster251. I have grown Gardeners Delight tomatoes for outdoor crops (south facing garden) , but the past couple of years I have had great success with a cherry variety called Garden Pearl….ideal for growing in containers and they maintain a shrub habit so you don’t have to cut back or grow them up a string. But this year I am trying out an F1 Akron, apparently it has loads of flavour and I fancy a larger tomato this year. I will be growing them in our glass covered patio, have the planter ready for them. Right now they are just 5 little seedlings on the kitchen windowsill 🤗

    So another week dawns. Have a great day everyone, let’s have a great FD however you may do it.


    Day 18 – Ireland – NFD

    Good morning all.
    My weekend was definitely NFD … catch up staying with friends and dinner out on Saturday followed by a visit home to my elderly parents on Sunday…
    Caution went out the window as it always does with friends and this is why this WOL suits me best as I will reset this week having spent precious times. Sharing some yum cream cake with my dad is the best 😁. He’s not really supposed to eat too much sugar either but… there you go…
    It wasn’t all bad though as although I came off the wagon, I only had three alcoholic drinks on Saturday night, and before I would have had at least double that with these friends and enjoying traditional music etc.
    Lunch out with work today so shaking up my FDs a little…

    Wishing everyone a good day today!

    Onward and downward ⬇️

  • The Maintenance Chatbox… come and share your success with us!

    Good morning, friends. We only had about six inches of snow and it didn’t stay long, fasting. This mild weather is far from usual. Global warming? We will probably have an awful March, or Maybe April. Wr had snow on my birthday, 16th April one year. I don’t think I could cope with the Canadian climate, Carol. Big change from Australia for you son!

    Anyone read Dana Stabenow’s books set in Alaska? Very good thrillers in an intriguing setting.

    Weight ok, indulged on Saturday so very disciplined yesterday. I’m sure OH must be indulging secretly though as we seem to eat the same meals. He does have meat, of course. 🤔

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Hello…very new to everything but excited to get going…does anyone know of equivalent shakes that I can get in Akl NZ??

  • I will do it this time

    Peanutbutter is a problem for me too. Half a jar is not the recommended serving size but once I start dipping sticks of celery into it…

    I have made enough progress in the past few days that I am less upset with myself. The day I discovered the increase I was really down and ate even more as a result. It is always the psychological aspect that is most difficult! Eating a whole bag of nuts and a whole block of cheese was not a good way to start but I am now only two pounds over my acceptable maintenance weight and without even one full days fast. (I tried that but failed and ended up eating a second and third helping of dinner). I went back to my one meal a day regime and cooked only vegetables for the first couple of days but added lentils yesterday. I let myself eat as much of the dinner as I wanted but nothing else except fruit if I was desperate. No cheese, no nuts. I won’t leave those out long term as they have valuable nutrients but just until I am back under target and then I will attempt a bit more moderation with them. It is ok to eat lots of veg but I need to be more careful with the denser food.

    I weighed 147.2lbs this morning, not too far outside my acceptable maintenance range of between 140 and 145. Getting there again:)

    Knowing about the lipoedema helps actually as I was getting tempted to go back and try and lose even more weight but I am already a healthy weight and am more likely to damage my health trying to shift an imoveable object. It is unsightly but no one sees my legs anyway, I have never been able to wear shorts and I am tall enough that I now look pretty good in clothes despite my thunder thighs. And anyway I didn’t lose the weight for the sake of appearance but because I needed to be able to function and I feel so much better in my target range. I find it is the fat on my belly that most impacts how I feel. Even these few pounds up make a difference. Everything radiates from the core.


    Day 18. UK. Fast800

    Good morning All 🙂

    I stayed on plan yesterday. Nearly gave in and had a bowl of cereal last night but held fast. I’m pleased I resisted.

    Scales show another small drop. I’m down 2.8lbs this month so far, considering low thyroid I’m pleased with this.

    Nearly 2/3rds into February now so I’m going to really try hard to stick to plan for the remainder of the month.

    Peace & Love

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Jean- wow, that’s brilliant news! Hopefully when Minols is back you can get some Scottish speaking tips for Archie/ Charlie, lol! I hope that he settles well with you, did you get given all his stuff, or do you need to go out for lots of things? I’m sure the family were upset that he was going, that must’ve been hard…
    Dave- glad you enjoyed the match even though they lost, & hope the chicken was good.
    Have to see mum to sort out the burial of Dad’s ashes- it can go ahead now, but the stand in vicar is only here for another week, new one won’t start for another month, mum wants to try & get it done this week! She’s getting quite upset over it so would be goid to get it done….
    Fasting today, anyone else?

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Hi guys, I am really intrigued about the health results when fasting as outlined in the fast diet book. Has anybody had a check up done yet (before and after) ? I had a check up done last November before I started on my health regime and all results came back in healthy range ( doesn’t mean optimum range though, I’m working towards that). I have started my first fast day today so I’m also wondering when I should go for another check up to see if there have been any improvements yet, any ideas?


    18 – Perth AUS – FD (not counting calories though)
    17 – NFD
    16 – NFD
    15 – NFD
    14 – NFD

    Lots of NFDs there. But on the good side, I’m off the plateau… weight went up, so not stuck on the same number! Haha

    Here’s hoping I can rein in the damage before the challenge ends by getting back into fasting. Valentine’s Day triggered some nasty old habits and the sugar demons were WIDE AWAKE for the next couple of days. I did say I wanted to trial the whoosh effect. Here’s hoping it works for me!

    Hope you are all tracking along OK 🙂 Ten days to go and I am 3.5 kg from goal. WHOOPS! 😀

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Checking in. FD today after a CD and a under TDEE weekend, so relatively positive.

    @cinque, the hot cross bun effect seems to have passed, and my weight has dropped under 80 kg for the first time in a couple of years.

    I found the discussion of waist size interesting. For me, at the same weight, my waist size now is about 1.5 inches bigger than just 7 years ago. Not sure why – ?age, ?less active. Not sure what to do about it with this WOL, as I’ve been anticipating waist size reduction with weight loss, but only 1/2 an inch with nearly 7 kg lost. Of course, I have way more to lose off my hips. I’ve been walking a lot more, every day, for the past 2 months. Could it be core muscles needing to be exercised more? I may have to give my rower more of a workout??

    @penguin, re waists, yet again – as you’re so tall, a better guide for you may be aiming for a waist size that is half your height. Also, hope the finger is recovering.

    @ljoyce (and others), thanks for the info re inulin; I’ll have to look it up. Hope your infusion this Friday reduces your present inflammation and pain.

    @rosyposy, good news re your OH’s scan. What a relief that it’s something relatively easily treatable.

    @anzac65, what a pain about the job interview and the recruiter’s failure to inform you accurately. Let’s hope the contract you’re after comes up instead.

    @quacka, great that you found a suitable and not to expensive bikini – bikinis are only a dream to me! 🙂

    @thinatlast, great that your garage sale went so well, even if it was tiring. I’ve been gradually clearing things out of my place, too – a lot of donations to op shops. It’s a nice feeling to not have so much clutter around!

    Well, keep on keeping on; I’d better get back to my study!

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Hi Anzac, I tried to have ‘Maxi’ as my username but it was already taken. You can shorten it to Max if you like. Sorry to hear about your job interview, so frustrating when people don’t listen (recruiter).
    Hi Quacka, I’m glad I’m not alone to fast today. So far so good, no tummy rumbling at all, just an empty stomach. I had my first meal around 12 o’clock after my workout. I am surprised how well it went. Made it all through Pilates class with strength and energy and could even do some exercises for knee rehabilitation afterwards. My goal is to go jogging again …. in a few months time. I’m working with a Physio to make it happen.


    Day 18, Melb Aust, FD
    Day 17 TDEE
    Day 16 CD

    Well, the scales finally moved downward again yesterday, which pleased me no end as I’m finally below that pesky 80 kg. I noted comments from @lorky35 and ?@michelinme about changes in shape despite little movement on the scales – I seem to have a bit of the opposite effect going on.

    Although my jeans are a bit looser and I’ve now lost nearly 7 kg, my waist size is hardly going down, 1/2 an inch in nearly 2 months. I’m wondering if there’s something I’m doing wrong? I thought with this WOL, one benefit was a big decrease in waist size, but so far, that doesn’t seem to be happening. Any comments anyone? I also know that certain foods, such as ice-cream, seem to cause my stomach to bloat, so I’m (trying to) not eating those much on my NFDs now. I did take note of someone’s comment recently and am aiming now to eat daily to my projected TDEE, not my current TDEE, on my NFDs.

    @michelinme, good encouragement, and I do hope you are starting to feel better now – also @ciren2, @northerndawn and @matpi. The perils of winter, I guess – keep up your vitamin C! 🙂

    @dykask and @flourbaby, good comments about exercising. If I recall, Dr M. recommends adding exercise to 5:2, or Fast800, to accelerate weight loss. Haven’t tried HIIT yet, but intend to. Just with the extra walking, I’m certainly feeling much healthier.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Rant away, Anzac. It’s good to get it off your chest. That is very disappointing especially considering you made it quite clear you were not after a technical role. Never mind, look forward not back.

    Welcome Max. All the best for your first FD. I am fasting with you today and so far so good for me.

    Looking forward to some fresh fish for dinner that we caught on the weekend. We had friends over for lunch yesterday and OH has made up a new marinade for the fish using miso paste, BBQ sauce and balsamic vinegar. He brushed it on before cooking and then added a bit more as he was cooking. It was delicious. I definitely have a miso addict on my hands!!! lol


    Day 17 Ohio, US — FD(#55) ✔️
    Day 16 — NFD

    No check in yesterday since I was sick with some sort of GI virus (???). I was in bed most of the day, and ate very simple, easily digested food and that took me over the sugar limit.

    I wasn’t sure if I’d be up for a FD today, since I felt a little queasy when I got up. The weather report said that by mid-morning we’d be hit by a major snowfall and since I wasn’t able to do my out-of-town grocery shopping yesterday, I decided to give it a go and try to do it before the snow hit. Since time was of the essence, I left for the 25 mile (40 km) trip to the next town without breakfast. I did make it back before the snow, but because I hadn’t eaten yet, it just made sense to go ahead and make the day a FD. All in all it’s been a low energy FD, even so, I suppose that my metabolism is still percolating away, burning up those calories.

    @redrockgirl302 Great emoji’s!!!

    @ciren2 Hope you’re able to shake that cold off fast!

    @northerndawn Being gentle with ourselves when we’re sick is the best part of wisdom. Get well quickly!

  • Broken collarbone

    It’s been 4 months since my initial post and I’m pleased to say the break in my third distal clavical had fused together nicely after 3 months. The surgeon was quite happy with what he saw on the x-ray. Clearly I can’t conclude any benefits from fasting but the results were in line with what the surgeon was expecting so I guess we can say I don’t appear to have hampered my recovery by fasting during the healing phase.

    Not conclusive but I thought I would close the loop after raising this topic.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Hi and welcome Maxibaerchen (we are going to have to shorten that as it is really hard to type!). You have made a great choice starting this WOL (way of life)/WOE (way of eating) plus this forum is totally amazing and will really support and help you

    Update on job search:
    I am not destined to work at this bank. Shortest job interview in history. Here is how it played out:

    Interviewer: So our project is looking for a technical BA…
    Me: Technical BA?
    Interviewer: Yes
    Me: I’m here for a business BA role
    Interviewer: No, we are definitely looking for a technical BA. You have SQL skills right?
    Me: No. Not at all.
    Awkward silence
    Me: I will be calling the recruiter and he won’t enjoy the call
    Interviewer: Awkward laugh

    We shook hands and he escorted me back down to the foyer

    So two train-wreck interviews at the same bank in one week. And this is why I normally don’t use recruiters. I haven’t called him because I will be impolite and I don’t like to do that. I’m not sure whether to just ignore his calls or confront him. Either way I will not be interested in any jobs he has in the future. I grilled him repeatedly to make sure it was NOT a technical role! He has got something very confused somewhere.


    Sorry for the rant friends…I’ll stop now

  • The Maintenance Chatbox… come and share your success with us!

    I’m hoping this will work- couldn’t see any other way to share. Interesting video from Dr Fung. I’m off to have a green tea!

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Hi guys, I’m a Newbie on this forum. I read the ‘Fast Diet’ book over the weekend and today is my first fast day. So far I had 2 large cups of herbal tea (which I love) this morning. It is almost 10 am in Brisbane and I didn’t eat a thing yet. Normally I am a breakfast person but I just wanted to try and see how long I can manage to go without. I decided to do an experiment on myself and will do Pilates class in about half an hour. Let’s see if I will make it through, I’ll let you know. Have a great fast day everyone!


    Day 18 – Japan – WFD (#13 in 2019)

    Not sure why I’m counting water fast days anymore … just became a habit, I might stop. All my fasting now is water fasting.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Morning all, enjoying catching up a bit over a post-FD coffee. Last night I had the shiritaki noodles in a bag that LJ recommended. They weren’t my favourite to be honest but were perfect for the job because I was very tired from the weekend’s garage sale activities and all I had to was microwave them for 60 seconds! They’d be great for travelling.

    Garage sale was fun, exhausting and successful but we still have too much clutter!

    CalifD, glad you are enjoying, ‘The Killing’. I saw that ‘Homeland’ had new episodes but, when we watched the first of them, we realised we’d already seen it. Not sure how that happened.

    Anzac, good luck with your job interview. I bet you’ll be great.

    Cinque, glad you had a good FD and hope you have a nice post FD. Mine will be short-lived as I’ll start my 24 hour fast tonight. Bridge this morning, pack a small bag this afternoon and off to the dentist at 0.dawn.thirty. My holidays are device-free so I’ll catch up with everyone in a week or so.

  • Newbie – Can I really lose weight ?.

    Hello all I’m starting my Fast diet tomorrow. I’m going to follow the recipes provided but can I assume that the calories indicated for a meal refer to each portion not the entire meal for eg. porridge with pistachios and chia (370 cals & serves 2)?Thanks. MOS

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Good Morning everyone

    Such interesting and varied posts to catch up on!

    Rosy, glad to hear your OH is going to be ok and it was not something more serious. Penguin, ouch! I often use a mandoline and I admit I use it without the guard. The guard is quite useless at holding the vegetable but is very useful for protecting your fingers. I am extremely careful when using it though.

    Rosy, you asked about the trend of the shoes coming in. We are getting some beautiful soft ankle length leather boots. There is a gorgeous style with a pointy heel (like a stiletto, not quite as sharp) in black and nude. I can just imagine the stylish lady who would wear them. Definitely not me.

    Who knew fibre was so interesting! I would like to know more about the fermentable fibre too.

    Cali, beautiful pics of the snow. Particularly love the snow in the lattice table.

    Anzac, good luck with the interview. You will be fine and probably quite relaxed as this is just a back up.

    I am at about the same weight as I started last week at but I am confident of the trend continuing downwards now, even if it is slowly.

    Well my Friday bikini shopping was fun and funny. It is late in the season to be buying swimmers but I had to do it now as by June there will definitely be none in the shops. I had seen a bikini in Target online that I liked but when I got to the store there was only a very small/big size left (10DD). So that ruled that one out. We had a look in Myer but there was only really expensive brands in there. Then we found a shop that only sells swimwear and so I chose a couple of pairs to just try on. One was awful but the other one was stunning. Unfortunately they were also $200! for a bikini!! I really wanted them but I just can’t justify that much on a couple of small pieces of material. So I walked away. Strangely even though we are two weeks away from the end of summer they weren’t even on sale.
    We had planned to stop on the way home at a big surf shop that my friend had been to a couple of weeks ago and found their swimwear was already on sale at 30% off. Losing weight is awesome but also frustrating because now I am a popular size and there was a very limited amount of swimmers left in that size. I luckily found a gorgeous light blue bikini with a flower pattern on it that I really love and it wasn’t $200! It was still a bit pricey but it is adjustable so I should be able to wear it for a few summers to come and I think I’m worth it!

    Well I have to go do some more work. I am expecting a big influx of stock this week so I am making sure I am ready.

    Oh it’s FD for me and I am mentally prepared. So happy FD to us fasters and happy NFD to the non fasters x

  • The Maintenance Chatbox… come and share your success with us!

    FFS, maybe you’re right and it’s complacency.
    I shall start measuring and logging everything again and see if it helps.

    Nice cool day here after some very warm weather -35 yesterday.

    Just spoke to our son in Canada and it’s minus 20! He had a big thick jacket on while sitting in his car with the heater on! Can’t inagine that!

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    9am, Monday, Adelaide (cool, damp and a bit humid here)

    Good morning SHs.

    Anzac, good luck with the interview, not that you will need it. You are extremely capable and experienced, that’s why you have so many potential employers interested in you. Leave that jacket off until you get there.

    Cali, I actually like the winter landscape, so enjoyed your photos. Do the plants survive the snow? I was feeling a bit sorry for the potted plant on the outdoor table.

    Cinque, I hope you manage a mindful NFD. Mine have started well lately but gotten a bit wobbly by the end of the day. Do you have a long weekend over there – I heard on the financial news that you have a public holiday on Monday.

    Rosy, glad that your OHs issues are nothing more serious than stones than they can hopefully remove. I had heard that they sometimes use a vibration that shatters them so they can be passed out with the urine – do you know if that’s the method they’ll use?

    Klondike, that course sounds interesting.

    I feel a bit nauseous this morning – the combination of several pain killers last night and several cups of tea on an empty stomach this morning. I might need to eat my FD banana early today I think. I slept really badly last night. For some reason the pain and inflammation in my hip joints has flared up over the last few days. It’s had a drastic impact on the way I’m moving, especially after I’ve been sitting still for a few minutes – I’m struggling to get up. I just have to hope it’s temporary. I have my next infusion Friday so hopefully that settle the inflammation down a bit.

    Have a nice day everyone.

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