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  • 31 Day March 2017 Challenge

    I want to be part of this group too. I lost weight before starting the FD program, but want to keep going until I reach my goal weight and graduate to the maintenance program. I assume we start posting on March 1st, right?

  • 31 Day March 2017 Challenge

    Wow so nice to see so many keen people joining already for March

    Welcome @august2024, @scs, @orpheusx, @steffieagle, @ciren2, @annemarilyn, @debster251, @redrockgirl302, @fatrabbit – lovely to have you continuing from the February challenge.

    @metatauta – it would be lovely if your bff wants to join us for March!

    @dmann5915 – I am a foodie too but this WOL has allowed me to lose weight (approx 3 stones) over the past 18months and taught me that I can still enjoy good food and wine but in smaller portions on my NFDs and therefore I don’t feel like I’m missing out when I can’t have any on my FDs!!

    @snowflake56 – welcome to a dutchwoman living in Germany! We are truly an international forum with members in previous challenges from all over the globe!!! I started this WOL on my own too but joining the challenge in November was such an eyeopener and I learnt so much from everyone and am still learning every day – you will get a lot of support

    Hi @restorehope, @patiger and @berlin_78 – great to have you all on board for our March Challenge. Day 1 will be Wednesday March 1st – you will get lots of support and encouragement from fellow 5:2ers on this challenge

    I will be starting a spreadsheet this weekend and your names will be going in – We don’t officially start until the 1st of March but it’s good to be prepared early!!! I can then add your starting weight and any goals you may have when you list them on Day 1 (March 1st) of the 31 Day March 2017 Challenge!

  • 28 Day February 2017 Challenge

    Day 23, Dunsborough, West Aust FD
    Day 24, NFD
    Day 25, NFD

  • February's Small Group Accountability Challenge!

    Day 23 NFD
    Day 24 FD
    Day 25,26 NFD
    10k steps streak – 1 day

    Had an unhappy tummy in Thursday (kept wanting to throw up), so there goes my steps streak again πŸ™ although I did a lot of walks yesterday, and my average over the last 7 days is more than 10k, which is good.

    Going to try and make this weekend better than last weekend for eating choices! I weighed myself Thursday morning, and had put on weight πŸ™ Not happy about that, but it’s my own fault for eating junk on my NFDs, and not doing enough hill walking…

    @grins – really sorry to hear your bad news πŸ™ Good on you for trying to use it in a positive way in your fight for weight loss.
    @willworkforhealth – yes, being part of this group really helps me – even though I’ve fallen off track, I’m motivated to get back into the right habits, largely due to everyone here. Otherwise I’d probably have just stayed fallen (if that makes sense).
    @angela80 – I’ve found I can exercise on FDs, depending on what I do, and when I eat. Things I’ve found that work for me: a run first thing in the morning, climbing in the evening (I eat for the first time when I come home), and pole dance after eating dinner (which is my first and only food for the day). I’ve found if I try to do pole dancing without eating first it’s a total disaster…

  • 31 Day March 2017 Challenge

    I will join again. I am finding Febs very useful indeed. Thanks for taking it on:)

  • 31 Day March 2017 Challenge

    I am excited to be part of the March challenge!

  • 31 Day March 2017 Challenge

    I’m in too. Looking forward to it. I had my first FD yesterday and it went great!

  • First Day!

    Thank you for the encouragement. I can see how that might work well. I actually had very little trouble making it through the day. No negative physical feelings, no trouble sleeping and I woke up feeling great. It did help me realize how much of a habit my eating can be; grabbing a quick snack after coming through the front door for example. Or taking a taste of something. I told my husband he was on his own for dinner Monday and Thursday so I don’t have to make any food. I’m excited about this working for me.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Lol posted the same time as you Sym. Xxx

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    FD Friday is a bad one, I try and avoid but nearly over for you…I like Friday off it has been reasonably more normal to usual Fridays, may just have one wine later..

    I know what you mean now..I have seen it, didn’t know what it was called..glad she’s feeling a bit better maybe the thought of

    Hope you are pleased with the kitchen and behaving yourself!!

    Hope your friend settles again but usually as you say it continues the same..things don’t really change…but I hope he does! It’s easy for him but not for her.
    The little cakes are a bit too nice, had 4 each today 😬 ( don’t tell Angela) I think I will put them away as they will keep, daughter will eat a few tomorrow…if Steve doesn’t see them he forgets πŸ˜‚

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Jean x

  • 31 Day March 2017 Challenge

    Hi im in
    DAY 1 – FD weight 243

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Sym.. You asked about my friend this morning. They moved to a beautiful property fresh start and all that.

    It seems like its just all reverted back in her words… ” same old.”

    Such a shame a more hardworking.. kind person you wouldn’t find. Always the way and a waste. All I can do is listen and not judge. Very hard when its your friend who would do anything for you.

    I am getting back to 5-2 in a fashion come Monday. Trying to read up on the sugar thing already do the lemon and it works well for the skin and congestion which I have in the past suffered from.

    Just wondering what happened to Celtic and Stu… Always interesting .

    Your day sounded lovely. So pleased to see the sunshine.

    Wine time .. Still very full from lunch so I am making a very conscious effort to call food a halt. Lol

    Don’t eat too many of the cakes/chocolates. Lol They do sound absolutely fabulous though. Lol Xx

  • Chewing Gum

    yes i agree. i fast and chew about 4 pieces a day. BEWARE 10+ pieces can cause laxative effect. anyway chewing helps me immensely especially last hours.

  • 31 Day March 2017 Challenge

    Hi AT……I’m new to fasting…haven’t started yet. Will be going shopping this weekend to buy the foods I need to make the amazing recipes I found in the book. Will need everyone’s support!! I am a foodie! As I’m eating I’m thinking for what my next meal should be……..I know…it’s sad that food controls most of my life…I guess I associate it with everything going on in my life….happiness…eat…sadness … eat…upset…eat….mad……I clean…it’s the only time I don’t eat…go figure! But to top it off…I’m also addicted to chocolate, sweets, carbs in general…I’m also a diabetic; which I feel if I could get the weight off that my diabetes will get under control where I would not need any medication……at least that’s my goal. That and when I go to Scotland in July 2017 I’ll be able to hike the trails and keep up with my daughter who is an out door activist!!!

  • 31 Day March 2017 Challenge

    Dutchwoman joining in from Emden, Germany. Looking forward to having company after first three weeks on my own.

  • 28 Day February 2017 Challenge

    Day 24, NFD, Rocky Mountains, US

    Hi all,

    Thanks @lynzm for leading our February challenge. I enjoyed our journey and will continue in March! Thank you @at!

    FD yesterday turned into a NFD but I managed to stay within my TDEE.

    Thanks to all your wonderful posts. You really keep me inspired!!! 😊😊😊

    All the best and ciao!

  • Lolly_ …. lots to lose, and everything to gain!

    I’ve been away on a retreat for a few days and it’s given me lots to think about. Talked late into the night with people with very different perspectives and experiences but we all agreed that we dislike being called “cancer survivors”, as if that defined who we are.

    I think I like being “that woman who’s lost a lot of weight” better than “that fat woman” — but other people’s shorthand for identifying me isn’t as important as how I see myself.

    There’s a danger in defining ourselves by weight loss. If I don’t lose one week — am I a failure? If I do drop a pound — am I a better person?

    Successful weight loss is a mechanical process. Follow the formula that fits you and it will happen. It’s not a moral issue — it’s biology. Being slim won’t make me a “good” person, just one who’s at a healthy weight.

    I’m gradually learning to shift my success measuring stick to where it belongs but this takes some work and self-awareness, and I’m really rather lazy! The scales can give me bonus good news but I can’t let them define my day. Nor who I am.

  • 31 Day March 2017 Challenge

    Thanks, AT!
    Please count me in! Looking forward to a successful March! 😊😊😊

  • 28 Day February 2017 Challenge

    Day 24 Ireland FD

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Jean, as you were only a few miles away from me today in Nottingham you could have come and checked up on me! πŸ˜‚ FD today and so far nothing but coffee.
    I don’t usually fast on a Friday and all day I’ve been thinking “oooh, I might relax with a couple of glasses of wine tonight”… and then I remember! Nope, not for me.
    The boys are having fish and chips for tea tonight, little buggers. I’m staying late in the office so I don’t have to go home and smell them! πŸ˜‚

    Thanks for your kind comments about Marmite. I’m thinking about Kay though and hope you’re OK? xx

    Some lovely weekend plans for everyone here, except me Jean, I am a good girl πŸ˜† lol. xx

  • Over 60? It's tough, or is it just me?

    Pol, that’s good to know…thank you. I just hope I can restart my weight loss and be more mindful of what I’m eating. I inched just above 500 calories yesterday, so I did just fine, and today, I’m eating light in anticipation of our usual Friday night meal at a favorite Mexican restaurant. I love this way of eating and know what I need to stay clear of so I don’t sabotage myself. Your advice to Marie Anne is so true–don’t have anything in the house that’s a tempting trigger.

    My next FD is Sunday. I received both of Mimi’s books, so I’ll be picking out a few recipes to make next week, so the NFDs are healthy eating days.

    Happy weekend, everyone!

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Jean, it’s where they only dye the bottom 1/3rd of the hair, Rhiannon has medium brown hair and wants purple, but because it’s so dark she has been warned that the colour might not stick or could turn out not right (with out bleaching first), but she is adamant and is paying for it herself, I have to admit sometimes it just looks stupid especially if it’s a dead straight line but we will be asking for it to be blended in properly.

    She is feeling better now after some ibruprofen, I had the same thing a few weeks ago, lasted a good week if not longer.

    Tammy x

  • New starter – please tell me your success stories!

    Hi Chasey. Great to hear from another newbie! I will generally do Monday and Thursday, I think, but starting tomorrow as my husband is working and I’m more disciplined when he’s not around!! Fingers crossed for a good first week!

  • New starter – please tell me your success stories!

    A chocolate company?! Wow – that’s a tough one! Well done for your weight loss. You’re absolutely right about the ‘slow but sure’ approach … will need to remind myself of that! Thanks for your post x

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Interesting read on sugar…..thinking on the hot lemon I used to drink it through the day in the office…more than likely too much…lol..your lunch sounded nice..

    Your poor daughter they won’t give the antibiotics, hope the painkillers work…what is hair dipped dyed? that’s a new one on me..

    You have a lovely way with words…

    Good luck on the Welsh home work..that sounds an iffy one…I have a good hairdresser every 6 weeks, just a long bob needs to be kept tidy. Desperate for my roots again, its a pain in the bum! This week sometime..

    Steve brought up a strict Catholic..he’s no guilt that way at all..not after all cruel Nuns and Fathers….they knocked it out of him!

    Well the weekends starting, may have a wine later but a careful weekend ready for Monday.

    Have a good weekend

    Jean x

    Angela…..PACT CALLING have a thoughtful one..πŸ˜‚..X

  • Fasting Blood sugar and sucralose

    One more tea/HWC/Sucralose, and one more qt of H2o later, feeling very much hypoglycemic – or caffeine withdrawn – I read 92. Cant be, I don’t feel like 92. I feel like 72.

    I would probably need to wait out the caffeine. If it is even that.

    I’m done with Tea for today, next thing to be eaten/drunk other than H2o would be bourbon in about 6 hours.


  • 31 Day March 2017 Challenge

    Thank you for hosting AT. Count me in please. The last two months have been amazing – congratulations, commiserations, support, laughter and friendship. Couldn’t have done this without the thread. Here’s to success!

  • New starter – please tell me your success stories!

    Hi emmafudd! I started 6 weeks ago, and have lost 6 pounds. I feel that going on a slower weight loss path is better for my body to keep from the yo-yo-ing I’ve done in the past. Also, in a strange way I feel that if I sneak up on my body, it won’t know what’s happening:) I am turning 47 in a couple of months, I am 5’4″ and currently 170.5 lbs. (started at 176.5). While sometimes I feel that the weight loss is too slow, I have to remember that by end of year I should be back to goal weight and maintaining. This is the only plan that has worked for me so far so that I don’t feel completely deprived. Additionally, I own a chocolate manufacturing company and I have to sample the chocolate bars for recipe tweaking. There are lots of wonderful things around for me to eat all of the time. I do limit myself at work to just 75% and up dark chocolate bars, but we also have lots of treats and a great baker on staff! It’s a challenge!

    Best of luck, and be sure to use the tracker. It’s nice to see where you’ve been over time!

  • 31 Day March 2017 Challenge

    Count me in AT.

    Thank you for heading up March. I so appreciate this forum to help along the 5:2 journey.

  • New starter – please tell me your success stories!

    Hiya, I’m starting in Tuesday…..doing Tuesday and Thursday ……or maybe Monday and Wednesday thinking about it. Hmmmm will have to see what I’ve got on next week. Perhaps we can keep each other company…… Whereabouts in UK are you? Just curious……..I’m in Somerset ….and in my 50’s πŸ˜€ x

  • 28 Day February 2017 Challenge

    Day 24 – SW WA USA – NFD

    Glad to have made it through the FD quite well yesterday. The scale is moving downward this morning. Will go for a 16:8. It seems I’m finding that this a way to manage consumption on NFDs.

    Thank you LynzM for guiding us through February….

    Strawberriesandcream – (typing your name makes me hungry). Thank you for trusting us with your story. I think by sharing, you are taking the power out of the demon you’re battling against. I’m glad you and your hubby are working on this together. I with you strength in the journey.

  • 28 Day February 2017 Challenge

    Day 24: Fasting in Gloucestershire, UK:
    Feeling strong.
    Good luck today’s other fasters.
    @coda thanks for the link to the next challenge….it works fine.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Think that’s the right link. Missed the h off. Lol Xxxx

  • 31 Day March 2017 Challenge

    Hello AT:
    I’ll join you again on this new challenge. Thanks for taking us on.

  • 28 Day February 2017 Challenge

    Day 24, Oceanside CA, NFD

    Another beautiful day for long walks here to complement my 16:8 NFD day. Down 2 lb for February so far, maybe another half with another FD. Weight goal in sight. Amazing.

  • ADF Followers

    Forgive me if there is already a topic on this. If not, this will be for both men and women that are doing ADF (alternate day fasting). Every other day following a 500 calorie day for women and 600 calorie day for men. This could also be for someone that has hit a plateau in their weight loss journey. We can share tips, ideas, recipes and encourage each other along the way until we reach our goal weight and then move on to the maintenance program of keeping the weight off for good!

  • New starter – please tell me your success stories!

    Hi all. Tomorrow is my first day doing 5:2. I tried a while back and wasn’t really in the right frame of mind but now, at 5’6″ and 13st 10lbs, I really need to get a grip. I have very little willpower over time so I’m hoping that a one-day-at-a-time approach will do the trick. I’d love to hear your success stories – particularly women of a similar age (47) and weight. Thanks .. and wish me luck!

  • 31 Day March 2017 Challenge

    A new month of challenge and support. Less than 2 lbs from goal. Amazing results with this WOL. Thank you AT for hosting.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    ttp:// Xx

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Good afternoon girls Xx

    Had a lovely lunch and natter on this beautiful day. Just a sweater and body warmer a nice change.

    Nice meal and small glass of wine as my friend was driving. .. I kept her company. lol

    A nice Inn towards Aylesbury and we hiccupped at the prices a bit but decided it was our treat day and we deserved it. Lol

    Some lovely salmon and the cheese board.

    Minois… Its half a fresh lemon squeezed into 10-12 oz of water. Xx

    Here is the interesting article for anyone wanting to cut out the sugar from their diet. The author did a 30 day trial.

    Hope everyone is ok. Xx

  • 28 Day February 2017 Challenge

    @coda – mine is due to arrive about next Thursday, so watch this space. My friend offered to get me some from a friend, but that might never happen so I ordered it! I’ve used it before but I think I was too quick to dismiss it!
    @ SongBirdMe NY in March with some girlfriends – first trip to USA and long overdue.
    Perhaps New England in the fall later in the year. Cambodia and Vietnam are on the list too along with your wish list! The caravan won’t go that far I fear. We use the van for weekends and the occasional week/10days in Ireland and England, although the ferry across the Irish Sea is dear.
    Turmeric is the latest idea for reducing inflammation. Tried it in milk as a ‘coffee’ but not so keen. Am learning to like apple cider vinegar. If you start with a teaspoon in a pint of water and increase the amount, it gets better.
    @allsmiles well done you for braking that boundary – those are so important for our self esteem. When I get near to one, I tend to self sabotage πŸ™ Keep strong everyone

  • 31 Day March 2017 Challenge

    I’m in. I’ll set my goals March 1st.
    Take care

  • Fat Busting Brits!!


    Well the weekend is upon us, usual shopping with mother, just had my daughter at the doctors, very bad throat, but of cause it’s viral, painkillers help, but it doesn’t help when the school won’t give them, never mind she will get them in her bag on monday if needed, but she is getting her hair dipped dyed tomorrow, so something for her to look forward to.

    I have decided that I will just do 2 fasts next week and can’t believe I am feeling anxious about only doing 2, what has happened to my mind lol,
    Have even arranged a lunch out with my bf, it’s been a while, so something for me to look forward to.

    Audrey hope your kitchen is done.

    Angela and kay, hope the fur babies are good today.

    Tammy xxx

  • There is hope!

    Fantastic results! Congratulations on your success, and thanks for sharing your story.

  • First Day!

    Hope your first day went well.
    Some people find it easier to not eat at all – sounds difficult but hunger tends to come in waves and letting them pass is sometimes easier than eating and trying to stop. Good luck!

  • Extreme Start

    I have lurked this site for many months and have had great success with the slow and steady 5:2 plan as well as ADF. Now having just gone through yet another holiday season of splurging I am tired of my overweight body and ready to go for some speedier results.

    Currently I am on day 2 of my second two day fast. My new plan is 2 days fasting (only coffee and water) and one day of soup and approx. 1000-1500 of whatever I want.

    I feel fantastic. 2 days of fasting is slightly easier than I thought it would be. I am not using a scale as that is one roller coaster I just don’t have the strength to overcome. Tired of all my excuses, I am now using what I have learned dieting for 36 years and just doing it.

    Thanks for reading if you got this far. Just thought I’d put my experience out there. I love fasting – it’s the greatest overeating equalizer out there.

  • 28 Day February 2017 Challenge

    Day 24 – NFD – Toronto

    Weighed in this morning and am down another 0.7 lbs – not a full pound but I’ll take it! Hurray! Especially since I was feeling a bit bummed after last week’s meager loss of 0.2 lbs πŸ™ Anyways, this brings us down to total weight loss of 2.9 lbs for February. The better news, IMO, is that I’ve finally broken the 30% body fat line and am at 29.8% today! No longer made of a 1/3 of fat – lol!

    So – I know one of the points of this WOL is to retrain our relationship with food and learn that we really don’t need to eat-all-the-things to live and that, in fact, our old ways of thinking were harming our bodies. However, I must say, I do miss that passion and zest for food that I used to have. Example – it’s a rainy Friday perfect for a ramen date night with hubby at a restaurant that’s been on my radar for a while now. Before 5:2, when thinking about the bowl of ramen, I would have felt elated about tasting that delicious hot, spicy, complex and umami rich broth. Today, the first thing I thought about was how full those noodles are going to make me feel and… do I really *want* the ramen then. I guess that’s the difference, that exciting-thrilling-want for food has disappeared. While good for weight loss, it admittedly makes me a little sad as I identify as a foodie, a good cook and someone who is a super-taster. Rambling now so I’ll stop but curious to know if anyone else out there feels the same x

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    HI All –
    Carol, you’re right, the pets I grew up with can still make me cry, but they also make me smile. We don’t have many family memoires that they are not in – either right smack in the centre, or around the fringes of them. my Mum told me that when it finally became time for the last of the cats, she knew (Candy was 20 by this time), and so she took her to the vets and held her until the end – brave and responsible. I hope I manage to be the same when it really is our old boy’s time, as I was rubbish when his back legs started going. I also have a bit of a working theory about why we feel so incredibly emotional about our pets…there’s all the stuff to do with unconditional love, and a completely giving responsibility that makes them so important to us, But I think that when they die, we often use our sorrow for them as a safe place to also wrap up the sorrows we still carry for others – the often unexpressed but still remaining grief for someone we lost a while ago, or even for a dream we never fulfilled, or a longing that has never been satisfied. All of a sudden th floodgates open…anyone, that’s my 5p-worth of pop-psychology for the day!

    Even if I’m right, understanding it doesn’t make it any less real, and Kay and Angela – just know that we all feel for you, however you make the decisions you are making, and will feel with you through the outcomes, too.

    Audrey – your kitchen sounds wonderful…a light clean kitchen just lifts the spirits.

    Hemmy – I’m intrigued by the lemon juice. I was raised on hot lemon and honey for colds as a child, and in NZ they added ginger, too. But I haven’t ever used it without the sweetness of honey. So is this still the small amount of lemon juice with hot water, or a greater quantity of it?

    NFD for me. Tammy, I think I’m with Sarah about watching out for lowering of metabolism (not that I get the technical side of it) Occasionally doing more fasts is definitely a good idea for kick-starting a plateau, but part of the theory if I remember rightly is that fasting married with feasting is the natural pattern fro our bodies…a view, of course, that I find really easy to embrace !! Alright, maybe I go overboard on the feasting days and need to rein those in a bit, but I like the principle. Feel like I’ve feasted a bit too much today – maybe I should give up Cadbury’s crΓ¨me eggs for Lent! So will be off to cook a light tea for the boy and me.


  • 31 Day March 2017 Challenge

    Thank you, AT! I’m in – more than accountability, I swear this forum has kept me sane this month! Look forward to all the camaraderie, motivation & support! AT, just love that quote about small steps – maybe I’ll take up crossstitch & put it on a pillow!!

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    As my original post disappeared into the ether, this is a very much condensed version.

    Kay and Angela, just had to say how much I’m thinking of you both and have shed a tear with you. I think many of us are/were mummies to fur babies, so we understand a little of what you are feeling. It’s horrible when we have to make the grownup decisions, but you know your girls well and will do what’s right when the time is right.

    Looking forward to fish and chip supper – hope it doesn’t disappoint. Eldest daughter is also home Saturday to stay (must need help with an assignment and obviously washing), so may well get persuaded to have a take away. Still, I’ll be under calories today and provided I use my sensible head there shouldn’t be any damage done that can’t be put right with FD on Monday.

    Phil will be in his element with all the rugby on Saturday, so hope to get a few jobs done around the house. DF, even ‘Trust me, I’m a Dr’ proved housework is exercise, so who am I to argue with the professionals! I think my youngest has plans for me to help her learn a piece for her Welsh oral GCSE, which would be great if I could speak Welsh. Perhaps I could get our eldest to oblige as she’s going to be around.

    Audrey, I hope you’re resting your back. I’ve had regular cortisone injections, but thankfully never had any problems. Make sure you take care of yourself. Glad the final piece of the kitchen has arrived.

    Tammy & Sarah, perhaps the FD were being used for housework rather than weight loss. I’m sure next week will be more rewarding.

    Minols, thanks for the explanation of Lent. Like Sarah I had a strict Catholic upbringing/schooling and have the Catholic guilt to prove it.

    Jean, glad you had a good day out, I trust the hairdressers was a success. 4lb gain will be lost quickly, you’ve probably already lost about that since you’ve been back.

    Hemmy, lunch with your friend is a lovely way to slid into the weekend.

    Carol, glad you got home safely after your scary landing. Like Jean, I’m sure the holiday weight will be easier to lose than the fat I’ve been keeping hold of so tightly for so many years.

    I hope everyone has as a relaxing weekend as possible.

    Thanks again everyone for all your support.

    Lynne x

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