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  • September 30 Day Challenge

    Day 20 – Tokyo, Japan – NFD 80.3kg

    Good FD yesterday, first good one in two weeks. (Zero calories and 36 hours) Working exercising but work is working against me. These days I’m thinking a lot about how I can retire in 10 years without starving. I’m lucky that is my problem, many have much worse problems.

  • September 30 Day Challenge

    Day 20 Sydney FD

  • September 30 Day Challenge

    @onahealthyhigh I’m so sorry to hear about your dad. I missed your post earlier. My love and hugs to you, as well as @okeydokey, @sirisan, @lilymartin. Hang in there.

    @snowflake56 so glad to hear you are feeling better. I’m looking forward to finishing the month strong with this mini challenge, @keetseel I will take it, modified just adds more flavor to the mix!

    The Sweet Dreams & Ab-ers

  • September 30 Day Challenge

    Day 19 – Nuremberg, Germany – NFD
    No weigh in as travelling.
    Not a bad day today despite the fact that the work canteen does huge portions for lunch here in Germany Spaghetti Bolognese which I only managed about a third of a portion otherwise I’d have been in a food coma all afternoon.

  • Over 60, sick and tired. But ready to reboot my health

    Congratulations on another great fast day Tessy!
    It sounds like you are having a wonderful day. Sea and farmers market. What more could you want?

    Hi Amazon. I do so agree about simple veggie filled meals and lovely cheese!

    I’m off to spend time with my littlest granddaughter today. Her big sister is at daycare and her mum wants some interrupted cleaning time. Very happy to oblige. The littlie is turning one next week.

    Best wishes all!

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Good morning everyone, I have just been listening to John Paul Young talking to Red Symons about the Countdown show!
    Each episode covers a year, so it is full of memories for Australians of a certain age.

    We were vaguely aware of ‘Top of the pops’ but Countdown was where it was at, here!

    Penguin, smoothies have changed over the years! When I first met them in (hippie) Nimbin in the 70’s they were healthy milkshakes made with a banana, yoghurt, orange juice, a bit of milk, honey and maybe some oats. You could add berries or mango to make it a berry smoothie or a mango smoothie.
    Looking back I bet they were based on lassi.
    Nowadays they are more often full of kale and almond milk.

    Those trips to the arctic circle sound so wonderful! I hope you can go LJoyce!

    Yummy food everyone! Joffy your pasta dishes sound so delicious!

    Thin I am so glad you got some good food as well as good company! It sounds like a great night!

    I had an overeating day yesterday. 🙁 I bought a curry puff at the shopping centre. Ate it mindfully and it was only okay. But I think it must have had something in it that set off the afternoon munchies. I got through it without stuffing myself overfull, so that is good. And lesson learnt (again).

    Today I am having poha for breakfast (yummy Indian dish of stirfried rice flakes I’m making with cauliflower and peas and lots and lots of yummy spices) and then making zucchini and meatballs in a tomato and peanut sauce I’ll take to my daughter’s. Then fast day tomorrow!

    Joffy I like that you have the same thing every fast day. Because so do I!

  • IF and Osteoarthritis

    I have severe osteoarthritis in both my hips and usually first thing in the morning I’m in a lot of pain. But now that you mention it, I’ve only just restarted 5:2 and the pain is only mild! Maybe there’s something in this. Will keep track. Thank you for pointing this out, very interesting point.

  • Query about approaching weight target

    @ml. There is no short cut. Initially it will take will power to break that cycle. If you stick at it for a few months you’ll find that once the cycle has been broken you wont need will power to eat the right things and eat the right amounts, it will just come naturally. Good luck.

  • Effect of 5:2 on gut bacteria?

    @la. I view those vested interest science articles with scepticism. It will take months for your gut biome to change its population composition. You may undergo some discomfort as it changes. No getting around that. If you want to effect a change you really need to base your diet on plant based whole foods PBWF. That’s not the same as being vegetarian!! Eat lots of veggies and legumes and beans, some fruit, some dairy, some meat. Do not peel your veggies and fruit!! The skin usually has the insoluble fibre and the flesh has the soluble fibre. Insoluble fibre is the cleaning brush for your intestines and the soluble fibre feeds your gut flora which is mostly located in you large intestines. Carbs locked up in fibre also delivers its caloric payload slowly which prevents insulin spikes.

    Tomatoes bad? Beans bad? Unless you have a particularly bad response to them Id keep eating them. I love beans and put tomatoes in ALL my curry dishes which I have often. Raw onions? If you can tolerate it great eat them raw. I always include onions and spring onions in my dishes. Without being too scientific if you include leafy greens and a variety of different coloured veggies in your meals you really cant go wrong. My wife started a herb bed. I always throw in fresh herbs into anything I cook. You can make scrambled eggs taste like a gourmet meal with some fresh herbs thrown in.

    Plant based whole foods that aren’t processed, throw in a little meat, fish, dairy, and you really cant go wrong.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Ljoyce I seperated my kefir last night as per your instructions and yes can definately distinguish the grains from the curds. Have been leaving it to ferment for 48 hours each time but suspect that will shorten as the weather continues to warm leading up to Christmas?

    Just a thought – what would I do at the height of summer when its 40-45 deg and inside the house is extremely hot during the day with no air conditioner on while I’m at work? Would it be too hot to ferment kefir on the kitchen bench?

  • Effect of 5:2 on gut bacteria?

    Hi folks,

    I’ve been on 5:2 for at least 2 years. I’m losing slowly because I have trouble maintaining my discipline. Nevertheless, I’m sure 5:2 and maintaining a healthy gut biome are the way for me to go for the remaining 30-40 pounds I need to lose.

    I take a probiotic but I’ve recently become aware of the concept of PREbiotics. I’m not up to reading a technical paper and the information I’ve gotten comes — anyone surprised? — from people selling expensive supplements. Naturally I’d take what those guys have to say with a *large* grain of salt. Still, what they did say about *supporting* the healthy flora in the gut and enabling it to suppress the problematic ones that cause cravings is something I’ve seen from practical experience in my life and something I’d really like to do.

    For my whole long life when I’ve been able to maintain any degree of discipline and lose weight it has been, ironically, EFFORTLESS. I can only attribute that to the times when I’ve got a healthy population in my gut supporting my efforts. So I am rabid for all the reliable information anyone here can share with me.

    So far I’ve read off-the-deep-end things like avoiding tomatoes and all it’s relatives in the nightshade family and beans. And I’ve read that I should add difficult things like raw onions and garlic and dandelion greens to my regular diet. Anything you know that’s more reliable, complete and do-able will be MUCH appreciated.

  • September 30 Day Challenge

    Day 20/FD/Melbourne Australia 🐢🍷🐲

    @snowflake @flourbaby @bert @happymargo @califdreamer @keetseel @awilson @okeydokey @rainbowsmile @debster @at @missybear @molij thank you all for your kindness, hugs and concern. It really helped. The procedure my DH had wasn’t successful and he will need further surgery in the next few weeks. The good news is his condition was determined to be benign, not life threatening, just life changing. We’ll need to change our plan to travel this year and slow down a little. We can do this.

    @okeydokey @sirisan and @ lilymartin hugs

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Kefir. I am now letting it ferment for 48 hours. The last lot was then in the fridge for another 48 hours. We have just tried it – very thick. OH used a spoon rather than drinking it. Taste was actually a little milder than the shorter fermentation/store. I am getting about 1 litre from a batch so I am looking for other uses. Being a bloke I am not sure what a smoothie is, but tomorrow I will blitz some berries in with it and see what that is like. The thickness tonight was such that I may have bought my last yoghurt. Grains are coming on nicely, another couple of days and it will be curd cheesecake time.

  • September 30 Day Challenge

    Day 19 – SW WA USA – FD

    The sun is peeking out on a mostly cloudy, rainy day. It has been much needed though & is helping put a damper on the fires. Now they’re just keeping an eye out for potential flooding where there is less foliage.

    Good to read of everyone’s journey. I’m glad you’re healed up @snowflake56 and here to encourage us all.

    Adding to the 19th FD list: Add yourself if you want to join us.
@jarbia (B2B)
@mia139 (B2B)
@daffodil2010 (B2B)
@big_bill (B2B)
@flourbaby (B2B)
@Redrockgirl (b2b2b2b2b)
@anna6 (B2B2B)

  • September 30 Day Challenge

    Second Post

    Can’t quite believe I have managed a back to back fast. I never thought I could do it for one day let alone two. Today has been challenging I will admit, but drinking lots of sparkling water has helped enormously. I will do another hopefully next week.

    @pdoran23 please do not give up. I weighed regularly at the beginning and found it disheartening to see my weight fluctuate so much. I now weigh only twice a month and up to now my weight has always gone down. So far I have not reached a plateau.

    @happymargo I tried miso soup today for the first time, thank you for the tip, but I found the taste quite horrible 😂. It’s a shame because I had heard how good it was for you.

    @sirisan sorry to hear about your brother. Hope you get some good news soon.

  • September 30 Day Challenge

    Day 29, Gozo Malta, fd

    Mogaman Gozo is just sixty miles away from Sicily. We love traveling to Sicily and go there about four times a year.

    Okeydokey I prayed for your father again. I hope he gets better soon.

    Today I ate one fourth of a ginger flapjack I made yesterday.
    But otherwise I ate in total around 700 calories. So it was a successful fast day.

    Tomorrow is my last fast day of the week.

    Good night everyone, onwards and downwards.

  • September 30 Day Challenge

    Day 19—ABQ—CD

    Woke up to a text from my daughter in LA: a 3.6 earthquake in the night. She said it felt like someone was shaking the bed. The most important part for her was that the bed–which we assembled together –did not fall to pieces.

    @mogaman—I am looking forward to hearing about your Mediterranean adventures. Please continue to post!

    @rainbowsmile—That meal sounds wonderful. I have a fond memory of eating at a place (a fancy pub?) south of London where we had many courses with wine. I was 19 years old and it was the first time I had ever eaten cheese after dinner, the first time I had had a multiple-course meal, let alone a different wine with every course. I felt very grown-up and worldly.

    @basyjames—Is it okay if I join you in a modified Sweet Dreams & Abs—that is abstain from refined sugar/refined carbs do 1 min plank per day but still have a little drop of wine or beer from time to time?

    @okeydokey—Hang in there. I’m sending your dad healing energy.

    @sirisan—Hugs to you.

    Here’s a pretty good video doc about calories:

  • September 30 Day Challenge

    Day 20 NZ NFD

  • Mid-thirties, working mom of 2, looking to loose 5kg

    I had a bad NFDS today! Somehow the days after FDs become hard for me! I could just eat and eat… Any advice for me?

  • Query about approaching weight target

    I am about 6 pounds away from my target weight. Unfortunately the day after a FD I feel so greedy to eat and for example today I really had too much! I restarted 5:2 after a 3 week holiday. The FDs went well so far but as I said the NFDs are hard! I am afraid I won’t lose any weight like that! Grateful for good advice and tips!

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Liver and onions.. oh 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

    Naughty naughty.. hehe…Lemon drizzle.. Yes please 😅😂🤣😂😅

    Jean x

  • September 30 Day Challenge

    Day 19 – McMinnville Oregon USA – NFD
    I had a good B2B, now for a CD today.
    @lilymartin – I’m following your advice and tracking my calories for awhile, especially on NFD as sometimes they are harder for me.

    @sirisan – I’m so sorry to hear about your brothers cancer. 💝(((Hugs)))
    @steve toon taxi driver – Congratulations on 38 years!! 🎈🎈
    @mogaman – Enjoy Sicily with all that great fresh mediterranean food!
    @okeydokey – Very scary for you and your father. My thoughts are with you. 💝(((Hugs)))

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Audrey- hope you’re Mum is on the mend- liver and onions wouldn’t be my food of choice though!
    Rowena- you’re not the only one in the naughty corner- I made lemon drizzle cakes for my family, and couldn’t resist one! Added up my calories for the day and it’s a bit over my TDEE- first time I’ve gone over, I usually try to keep nearer the BMR amount. Might join you in a long walk tomorrow Minols!
    Well done yesterday Kay- are you fasting tomorrow? Anyone else? I will be.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Afternoon All..
    Just had a 4 hour drive to Houston.. stopped off for breakfast and coffee.. here now safe..

    I feel the same never really wanted Vegas but Grand Canyon is on my bucket list so no choice.. I will give you an honest opinion later.

    I did the Great Pyramids in Eygpt, again I didn’t want to go but it’s up there top of the list… amazing.

    Hope you get to the caravan the break will do you good.. we are already talking about a trip in October

    I will be at the donuts and cookies.. a big push when back.. jeans are a bit snug today but I am in them!

    It’s not long till your trip.. hope you are fit and ready…

    Hope the sleep kicks in for you.. I don’t know what to suggest. 💕

    Hope alls well.. don’t know about half days but it must help knocking some food off..

    Take Care everyone.

    Jean x

  • September 30 Day Challenge

    2nd post

    @okeydokey not being able to breath is terrible. How long does it take before they put in the new valve?

    @basyjames I’m in, ate way too much sugar last week, my rib doesn’t make any problems anymore so I can start again with the planks.

    @at Limehouse Golem by Peter Ackroyd? I have the book somewhere on a bookshelf, but where???

    Had a perfect day today, the three houses we wanted to look at were not what we expected from the photographs, not in such a good state and smaller than described. We had a lot of fun, discovered a lovely antique store. It has beautiful Jugendstil (from ~1900) windows, it was closed but a woman saw us looking at the display and asked if we wanted to go inside. She was the owners’ daughter and she had the keys. We talked about the houses in the neighbourhood and she showed us her parents’ house next door. It was huge and the decoration was so tastful. We had lunch at the museum (were there last year for an exposition of Lawrence Alma-Tadema), I had a very delicious salad with buffelo mozzarella and a slice of beerbread with butter. Om Monday we’re going on the next tour in another city.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Oh Rowena… you naughty girl hehehe put yourself in the corner.. after the week you have had I don’t blame you!

    Mum has decided she could eat liver and onions, so I am going town tomorrow and making her some…. let’s hope she eats! Perhaps turning a corner?

    Back tomorrow

    Night all

    Aud x

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Hi all. I’m the naughty girl in the group – cancelled gym Just wanted to come home!! Haha!
    Just going to do some work – got to get the Faculty Improvement Plan done by Friday – yuk!

    Dr Foster tonight – if I can stay awake. Each night at the mo I am falling asleep in front of TV – so I go to bed then have these dreadful night’s sleep!

    Hey ho. Hope you are all ok.xx

  • Is one day still sufficient to reap biochemical rewards?

    Valter Longo’s research shows that to get the full immune system benefits you need a 5 day fast with 0 protein intake and minimal calorie intake from fats and carbs < 600 per day. For a water fast I believe it is at least 4 days.

  • September 30 Day Challenge

    Day 19 Wales NFD

  • are there many guys on this diet ?

    August and Penguin, great to see that you are still hanging in with this. I had the best sleep last night. I didn’t even wake up for the usual bathroom call and I feel awesome today. Gut has settled down. Starting my keto effort today 75% fat, 20% protein 5% carb.

  • September 30 Day Challenge

    Day 19 – Cumbria UK – NFD

    Great FD yesterday – 170cal consumed in the form of homemade kefir with some fresh raspberries and cups of tea with skimmed milk and lots of water.

    Woke up to a sunny if cold day – perfect for a lovely hike with a couple of friends and then broke my fast from yesterday with a bacon sandwich and a cafetière of locally roasted coffee – not my usual fare but everyone was indulging and I thought why not – lovely artisan bread and proper bacon nothing else required with it!
    Nothing more to eat today as out this evening – going out for a family meal then seeing Limehouse Golem (DD request) OH says he will give the film a miss – he’s not a great one for the cinema!!!!

    Busy day so no time to catch up – hope everyone is going OK and enjoying life
    🤗for anyone needing one

    “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop” Confucius

  • are there many guys on this diet ?

    @diverdog: I am impressed and a little intimidated!
    @penguin: Great rebound; thank you for the inspiration and motivation. Not giving up, or in, may be my “Motto of the Day”; the bungee cord impact of not being totally diligent over the weekend is a reality. “Good sore” today from light Upper Body resistance workout yesterday.

  • September 30 Day Challenge

    Day 19 Canada NFD

    Resting after a tough week. Back to fasting tomorrow!

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    For those of you that are interested in birds. Here is a facebook page with birds in my area.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Brenda Lee, Sandie Shaw, Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison, a young Elvis? Perhaps even those new guys, The Beatles.

  • IF and Osteoarthritis

    I was wondering if anyone else has had any luck with 5:2 and osteoarthritis. My right hip was bothering me so much so that it was even painful when I was lying down. I decided to do 5:2 with two complete days of fasting. I had no food intake, just black tea with almond or cashew milk, sparkling mineral water with unsweetened cranberry juice and plain tap water. At the end of the first day, the pain was lessened. At the end of the second day, it was completely gone. I began eating 16:8 on non-fasting days and have not had a recurrence of the symptoms. I’ve been looking for info on IF and osteoarthritis and have only found info on rheumatoid arthritis.

  • are there many guys on this diet ?

    First Monday of my third stint of 5:2 behind me. Also day 2 of a dry month – no alcohol. Between 1 and 17 August I was on my weight target, but relaxed and put on 7 lbs. Three of those gone already!

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    LJ, Cinque mentioned watching Countdown on Sunday; I’ve heard of it but wasn’t here in the 70s or 80s. Your description of watching it reminded me of ‘Top Of The Pops’ which was a highlight every Thursday evening in boarding school in Britain. Everyone would crowd in to watch (the posthumously disgraced) Jimmy Saville present music from the Top 20. I’ll have a look at Countdown.

    Joffy, you made me laugh three times, strangling the pants, White Wedding and the blue tongue.

    It was a nice evening out with six ‘girls’ from my street. I’m lucky to live in such a friendly neighbourhood. The pub was too loud for me and I lost my voice shouting about the noise. I ended up choosing grilled fish & chips with garden salad. (I’d worn some new clothes I bought the other day and I was afraid the chilli mussels would be too messy).

    There’s really only one thing I absolutely cannot eat and it’s beetroot. Well, the plate arrived with a huge pile of shredded beetroot mixed with something. I quickly got it off my plate before it contaminated everything else and onto a side plate. I forgot to ask for no salt on my chips, I have them so infrequently that I often forget to do this nowadays. So I could only eat a few of them which was a good thing. But that left me with just a piece of fish so I decided to ask for the advertised garden salad. The waitress brought me a really large attractive salad, much better than a garden salad so I was very happy with that. Some of the others had alcohol, dessert and coffee but I just stuck to my grilled fish & salad and drank a lot of water. Tomorrow’s a FD so all should be fine.

    CharliesMum and I will be meeting for coffee in Bicton on Thursday morning so, if any Perth losers and lifers would like to join us, don’t be shy.

    P.S. Penguin, snap! Your post wasn’t there when I started mine. I thought you might have also watched, ‘Top Of The Pops’. I loved it when Mungo Jerry got to no. 1 with “In The Summertime” and T Rex stayed at no. 1 for six weeks in 1971 with “Hot Love”.

  • Query about approaching weight target

    I’m still a few pounds from my target weight, but as I get closer to it, my TDEE (the calories needed to maintain my present weight) goes down. To maintain my target weight would either involve eating less each day and thinking about calorie intake daily, or fasting 1 or 2 days per week and worrying less about what I eat the rest of the week. Cutting calories on a daily basis to meet the TDEE of a new lower weight never worked in the past. That’s why I would always put all the weight I lost back on. The 5:2 is easy enough to stick with. I’ve been doing it since mid May without much problem. So I intend to stick with it after I reach my goal. That way, I can eat a little more for 5 days and take it off on the 2 FD. I think it’s a good solution to permanent weight loss.

    There are several maintainers here in the forum that are successfully doing this now.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    LJ. You make me feel old – I stopped being a teenager in 1964. “Top of the Pops” was the must watch when I was a lad.

    The wood is for burning. It should last me until January, perhaps February. I go through about two and a half loads a winter. I am told it is carbon neutral- as fast as they clear a wooded area they replant it, although the new stuff is mostly conifer, not the cedar and beech that are native to this area. Local custom would permit me to go into the woods and cut my own, as long as I only take fallen stuff and don’t use a power saw. I did that initially but the stuff I get from the saw mill is pre-cut to the size I want, kiln dried to less than 25% moisture and still cheaper than burning oil. It comes on a pallet. Four pallets stood on edge and fastened together make one compost heap, which is my next job. Which will be fun because I have to move the two existing heaps.

    Joffy. I have no idea what a New Holland Honeyeater looks like, sounds exotic. The buzzard that lives two fields away on the edge of the woods has come up to the village and is currently being beaten up by the rooks from the churchyard. My Robin has taken cover behind the shed.

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)


    I wore my lightweight fleece and proper shoes (as opposed to sandals) when I went out this morning and was glad I did as I would have been cold and the grass was wet from a substantial amount of rain overnight.
    I also changed the bed linen and made the decision to put the winter quilt on as I’ve been waking up in the night feeling cold.
    Cue the arrival of Indian Summer………

    My walk in Kew was exhilarating, sunshine with a nip in the air, leaves turning gold, orange, red and brown, birds singing,squirrels doing double shifts burying acorns, parakeets screeching, and I saw two Chinese Golden pheasants having a scrap 😆
    I also saw a dog 😲 I thought my eyes were deceiving me and it was one of the resident foxes but I looked again and there was a dog racing across the grass. They are not permitted in the Botanical Gardens and it appeared to be unaccompanied so it must have found a hole in a fence somewhere.
    The geese were making a terrible racket and if the dog had any sense it will have kept well away!
    It is so nice to be able to go before the gates are open to the general public as all the wildlife is in full view and it is so quiet and peaceful when there is so little human traffic.
    As I made my way round I noticed some new statues have been installed so I’ll take a look at them on my next visit.
    I’m making the most of it as early opening is over at the end of September.

    My knee is much better. I forgot to wear my support when I went to the gym yesterday and it was fine so I didn’t bother when I went out this morning and all is well (until next time).

  • Can I eat anything in fast days?

    In the laying out of the original 5:2 Fasting Diet, Dr Mosley states that the Fast Day foods should be high in protein, low in fat, low in carbs, low in sugar. This is not the average diet for most people, Ardyrp. I blog 2 days/week giving appropriate meals for Fast Days. maybe you can get some ideas there.

    Deefke, you need to add some protein. Why carrots?

    The difference between ‘dieting’ and Fasting has to do with the quality of food and amount.

  • minimalist goes IF

    You always give sensible and thorough and enlightening answers, bigbooty. My aim was not to get to a 17 BMI, it just happened. Since I’m there and I’m healthy, I’ll stay there. My body fat [as calculated by the Weight Watcher’s scale] was 15.2% I don’t obsess about that either. I know where my body stores its fat reserves, since I can see it, but I won’t be dumb and diet until I lose that.

    MrsM: Your turn to respond to my questions.

  • Query about approaching weight target

    Hi, Mike.
    When Dr Mosley reached his target weight, he reduced to one Fast Day/week. I think he’s still there.

    When my husband & I reached our targets, we continued to Fast 2 days/week to balance out any weight gains on the Slow Days. He has sort of leveled out, tho at a higher weight than his lowest. I continued to lose until I got to a new target which I had not thought possible. I stay around there now. We probably eat 700-800 calories on a Fast Day now.

    Another reason for our staying on the Fasting 2 days/week is that we reserve certain foods for Fast Days and we like eating them very much.

    There is a weight below which I will not go. When I dip down that far, I eat more calories on a Fast Day.
    How do you know when you are at the right weight? Either set a number and see how that feels; or see if there are still a lot of jiggly bits and how you feel about that.

    Good luck.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Good luck those fasting today. I did ok yesterday, slightly over my usual FD cals but under 500.
    Next fast for me is Thursday.

    Jean, enjoy Vegas. Im not sure if its for me or not, but it would be good to have a nose around the main streets.

    Audrey, hope your mum continues to picks up. Theres only so much you can do.

    Rowena, hope your day goes ok and you sleep better tonight.

    Hedgehogs, well done with the loss 🙂

    Minols, it cant be long until your trek? When do you go?

    Right, off to help Neil with tidying up the garage and putting camping stuff away. Sadly we wont be fitting another trip in now as its quite cool at night.

    Kay x

  • September 30 Day Challenge

    Day 19 Lancaster, PA USA FD
    I had a scare yesterday, my father had an episode where he couldn’t breath 2 nights ago. He told me about it yesterday. He’s ok now, but I’m worried about him. We are waiting for the doctors to be able to implement a procedure to replace a valve in his heart.
    Yesterday’s FD turned into a NFD, with an egg and tomato sandwich, and a chocolate ice cream pop. 😋I’m gradually working my way to the FD’s, less than 500 calories and water FD’s. It takes a while for my system to get used to no sugar and carbs and then fasting. I’m going to work my way there today. Being anxious about my father isn’t helping it. 😊 I will make some veggie, steak bone broth either today or tomorrow that will help me stay away from the carbs and balance my sugar levels.
    @rainbowsmile Namaste’, I am grateful for your supportive votive meditations.✨🙏✨I know how powerful, and positive meditation can be…. Thank-you
    @lilymartin So sorry, it can be hard when our parents health goes down hill, we want the best for them. Praying for Blessings for you and your mother. ✨🙏✨🌈✨
    @mjmj I have found with carbs, sugar, it’s a rollercoaster with the hunger. I’m also working my way back to only protein and veggies. Once I get into burning fat, ketosis, then healthy fat is not a problem and no more roller coaster. Good luck to you!✨
    @snowflake56 It sounds very exciting, I’m glad your retirement is finally getting close.
    @maayyaa Congrats ✨✨🎉 on your weight loss, the pants you tried on being baggy. ✨love that feeling.✨
    @flourbaby ✨Thank-you, for your kind thoughts.✨I really enjoy reading your posts. You brighten my day.✨
    @debster251 I’m in the same boat with you. We are human, that’s what I like about our forum.✨

    ✨Adding myself to the pocket fasters, please add your name if your fasting.✨👍
@jarbia (B2B)
@mia139 (B2B)
@daffodil2010 (B2B)
@big_bill (B2B)
@flourbaby (B2B)
@Redrockgirl (b2b2b2b2b)
@anna6 (B2B2B)

    ✨Wishing Everybody Well today!🎶✨

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Good luck to everyone on a fast day – hope you’re all holding up well!

    I’m curious – what are everyone’s opinions on half day/ three quarter day fasts? Do they help at all, can they speed up the process when done in addition to a normal two days fasting?

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Penguin – is the beechwood for burning or for building things?
    The travel seminar I went to this morning was to market tours for the latter half of next year and early 2019. It had my head spinning a bit because I’m worried about committing to an overseas holiday before I have this house sold and the next one purchased and that’s likely to take at least another 6 months.

    Thin & Joffy – Don’t know if you’ve seen the promos – Countdown is coming back to the ABC at 6pm Sundays. So you might just be able to indulge your memories of Billy Idol & Real Life for real. They are calling it Classic Countdown – don’t know if they are compilations of just selected episodes. (Penguin, your Countdown game show is a very different program to the one that all Australians know & love – at least those that were teenagers in the 70s & 80s.)
    When I was in high school, making it into the lounge room by 6pm Sundays was an absolute must. There was no point showing up to school on Monday if you weren’t able to talk about every clip in great detail. When I went to uni I lived at a hall of residence with 100 or so other uni students. We had one TV room that comfortably held about a dozen people. To say it was over crowed on Sunday night is a major understatement. Once every square inch of chair and floor was taken, all spare laps were fair game.
    These days we can watch music clips on youtube whenever we like, but there was a time when that one hour a week was the only opportunity to see new music. I remember it with so much fondness.

  • Query about approaching weight target

    Hi, I was just wondering … if you just stay on the 5:2 diet indefinitely , what will happen? I mean , will your weight level out at a certain point? , and you just won’t lose anymore. Or, will you continue to lose weight to dangerous levels ?

    If your weight levels out regardless at a certain point , then there would be no point continuing ( assuming you’re doing it purely for weight loss)

    How do you know when you reach this level?

    Questions ,questions….

    p.s. I’m not at this stage …just curious.

  • September 30 Day Challenge

    Day 19, Rocky Mountains, US, FD

    Cold, rainy day. No hiking. Cold weather will be a challenge regarding food. Hot soups and tea will have to be the answer, most of the time. 😅😅😅

    Have a good Tuesday everyone! 😊😊😊

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