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  • July 2021 Challenge

    Day 26 – Ireland – FD

    Hello everyone I hope you are well!
    Just a quick check in as it’s a busy day here… just about to have a snack so not doing too badly with this FD.

    Have a great day all! I need a good week 💪

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 26 Pocket List
    @at FD800

  • July 2021 Challenge

    Day 26, UK, FD

    Just a very quick check-in to say that I am fasting today and also plan to do so on Wednesday

    Good luck to all… 🙂

    Pocket List – Day 26 🍇
    @at FD800

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  • Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • July 2021 Challenge

    Day 26 – UK – FD800

    Really pleased that despite a 10km hike yesterday I managed to stay well below TDEE 😇

    Started today’s FD with my regular 7am 45min Broga class and will finish the day with a 5pm 90min Dynamic Yoga session 💪

    Had a fab day hiking with friends yesterday – hot and sunny but a cooling breeze every now and then and with a swim before our picnic lunch to cool off for those who needed one!

    @emma-taylor – totally agree that the only regular exercise we tend to stick to are those that we enjoy – finding the ones that work for us is the thing!
    @funshipfreddie – was thinking of you when I placed an order with The Wine Society this morning 😉

    I’m aiming for B2B2B2B FD800 again this week – I would love to get back to 57kg at the end of this month 🤞but not sure if that is feasible…….I was not very good for a couple of weeks this month – there was definitely over indulgence with carbs, wine and all things nice – I’m hoping that last week and this one will undo the damage of those 2 week……

    Joining the small and select group of fasters today – TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER!

    Pocket List – Day 26 🍇
    @at FD800

  • July 2021 Challenge

    Day 26 – Canada 🇨🇦 – FD

    Busy day. Take care all.

    Pocket List – Day 26 🍇

  • July 2021 Challenge

    Day 26 – USA/GA – FD

    Weigh-in: 226 lbs. Last time I weighed this much was a month ago. I don’t even want to talk about it. A 5 1/2 lb gain in one day. Apparently, a little salt converts me into the municipal water storage system LOL

    OK, let’s do this.

    Pocket List – Day 26 🍇

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Morning All…
    The day getting hot again here expecting 26 degrees…a good park walk this morning a bit reactive with people and dogs!..he was in trouble…

    I am fasting today…I was trying yesterday but finished at about 1000 cals, just gave way 😬

    Enjoy your visitors tonight, a take out makes it easy…such a shame on your neighbours dog always a sad time..

    You do try lots of different things, the cake wouldn’t be my thing…the dogs got on well, more or less ignored each other, which was fine. We will try again…

    Happy Anniversary, enjoy your meal out…

    Nothing really planned today..see what it brings…

    Jean x

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Hello all, sorry I forgot to post this weekend!
    Dave- happy anniversary 💟 hopefully no Heidi accidents!
    Hemmy- have a lovely week with Kristy! Nice trips & meals out 😀
    Jean- good that Charlie & Coco got on well, it’ll be good to be able to take Charlie with you. Hope your FD goes okay.
    Nana- have a good meal with your friends! What are you cooking? We didn’t get the storms or rain either over the weekend…
    FD for me today, would’ve liked to have done Saturday but was just up too early! Both boys liked the courgette cake, hubby didn’t but he’d decided he wouldn’t! Might see mum later as her friend’s not coming after all today. Cooler here today, Xena’s pleased!

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Hello all

    There have been many messages and much interesting news, more than I can possibly comment on, but I’ll have a quick go.

    But first I want to ask if anyone has had trouble with constipation after fast days. I didn’t before but am this time around and I don’t like it! Any tips?

    Bananagrams – I don’t know what this is – will have to check it out!

    Cinque, great about your daughter and family having their own place. Such a good feeling.

    Neil, I am so impressed by how hard you work. You really get stuck into things with such energy. It must be satisfying to look at what you have achieved.

    Lindsay, you’ve had a particularly intense time with Covid and having to isolate with two little girls. Sounds as if you handled it really well. Loved what you wrote about your special care now for the five year old with the nearly-bronchitis. I hope she is much better now. Nothing like being cosseted by grandma.

    Thin, your day of locks sounded intense – so great that you had the friendly support. I’ve googled Caen Hill Flight – absolutely amazing and such beautiful country.

    Merry, I liked reading your list of stress-eater strategies. Really helpful stuff. What a time you have had and what great support you give your family.

    LJoyce, we are lucky that our lockdown will lift tomorrow night. All the best to everyone who is living under various restrictions – which is probably most of us. I specially feel for Sydney – and you Anzac – and your father (and my DD, though she is doing ok) and all of NSW.

    And now it’s dinner time, and I am looking forward to pasta with tuna and tomato, and a salad, and a glass of champagne as a treat. The puppy is going well and I had a happy few hours with him today but there’s a bit of chaos in the house which I’ll clear up as the pasta cooks.

    Warmest wishes to all
    Helen Kate

  • July 2021 Challenge

    Day 26 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    PFDS for me! Only a 0.2 kg difference on the scales, but I’ll take it.

    Good news from the president last night. Today we go to a slightly more relaxed level 3; which means from today our bottle stores will be open again! 🥂 🍾 Only Mon – Thurs from 10 – 6, but I’ll take that too.

    @flourbaby – to answer your question as to whether everyone takes their inner warthog on a cruise…yes! That’s at least 50% of the fun. Some people never even bother leaving the ship until they’re finally evicted back in their home port.

    @penz – I hope you get some company on today’s list…

    Pocket List – Day 26 🍇

  • July 2021 Challenge

    Day 26 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Great weekend by a lake surrounded by dragonflies and wild nature. Weight stayed the same so not bad. The weather has broken, it’s dull and cloudy and I was cold last night in bed, boo.

    Started back on this Metabolic Renewal exercise program…I had to stop it due to the apoendicitis and surgery….but nearly 6 weeks on I am well enough to tackle the exercises again. It’s only 15 minutes three times a week but it’s sweaty and breathless and burning and hopefully will start toning me up again

    My boss is back this week but my new co-worker is now on leave so I face into yet another busy week. Keep calm and carry on.

    FD tomorrow,,but controlled today.

    Happy Monday. ☺️

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Morning everyone.Have had a lovely weekend with no sign of the heavy rain and thunder being forecast for yesterday. My planned fd for Saturday didn’t happen as I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to do it but managed to complete one yesterday of 630 calories made all the more easier by my wonderful oh joining me. Next one is planned for tomorrow as we have our Newmarket friends coming over for a takeaway meal this evening. My neighbours dog has not been so good since Saturday so they’re taking him to the vet’s today because he collapsed on his short walk that the vet said he was allowed to have. Such a shame as he’s a lovely dog. We’ll I’m off to do a cleaning blitz and also have a Tesco online shop delivery this morning it’ll be interesting to see if everything ordered is delivered.
    Enjoy your day everyone whether fasting or not and stay safe.
    Nana x

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Lindsay, DD and I love bananagrams! I have it on the boat but OH won’t play with me because I always beat him.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Afternoon all

    Making progress on the reno. My son’s bedroom is completely finished and he slept in it last night. I’m hoping to get the living room finished this week and then have the weekend to actually do some relaxation rather than working like I have for the last 3 weekends. I’m hoping to get the sanding and second coat of Gib-stopping done tonight, get the painting done on Wednesday and Thursday evening, then the skirting, architraves and curtains done on Friday. I just want it done because I’m knackered and I just want a rest.

    Eating went ok on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, Saturday was a bit over my calorie goal of 1800 but not too much, Sunday was a write-off because we had a big family lunch and I ate quite a bit. I’m hoping if I can get my eating back on track today and tomorrow then my Wednesday weigh-in will go ok.

    I hope everyone is ok and you all have a great week.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Another cold morning, but fast day done and a lovely breakfast had.
    Congratulations too LJ and Thin!

    LJoyce, I am so glad you were able to get that frozen shoulder working again. I do hope it is even better today. What a fright.

    It is a very good time of year to do nothing in your garden!

    Yes, I am SO glad my daughter’s family have the luxury of stopping renting. They were hoping to do things gradually, but oh dear the oven is dreadful, the glass in the living room window is sneakily cracked (they wanted to save up for double glazing) and the door speaker/bell doesn’t work. Ha, still better than living in a tent.

    Thin, hoping that medication is easing your poor back. Hooray for beautiful sunsets.

    Numbers are good here, and fingers crossed NSW is beginning to turn that huge ocean liner around.

    I heard an interview about that Catalyst program tomorrow. They have some people on 5:2 and some people on 16:8 and all nutritious food. It sounds like they have some lovely inspiring results, so it might be encouraging to watch. 8:30 pm tomorrow ABC.

    Best wishes everyone for a good day today.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Morning all.
    It’s been a while, and a very disorganised few weeks.

    We had the little girls over on the island during school holidays when we heard from DD that she and the little one had been in a covid hotspot (local woolies) and would need to home isolate. Getting back was tricky, but we isolated before coming back fully masked and locked in the car, and drive-in testing on the way home. As expected, all clear, but then DD was advised SIL and Miss 8 had to move out of the family home, so we inherited a couple of house guests. It played havoc with the last couple of kilos I’ve been trying to shift. Cooking family meals that had to provide enough for lunch for SIL the next day. OH was in seventh heaven, eating meals I rarely cook for the 2 of us ….roast chicken, corned beef and sauce, spag.bol. etc. It was lovely having them here, and equally lovely to wave them goodbye.

    I won’t try to reply to all but I have been reading

    Cinque, I was concerned not to see you posting regularly ….and now we know why! Wonderful, for Rose and her family to have their very own home. Lovely. BTW can you mention to her that the beautiful scarf she designed and made for Miss 5 (then 3) for our Europe holiday is now put on every morning and is a loved item. It was touch and go when she first got it …a bit of a battle, shall we say, but now she adores it, and looks so toasty and warm. Miss 8 (then 6) loved hers from the get go.

    LJ sorry to hear about the shoulder …but great you have been able to fix it. It’s a condition that can drag on, and I’m pleased it won’t, for you.

    Thin also sorry to hear about your back. Yes, painkillers can mask symptoms, so good to only resort to them as a last resort. I’m the same….I’ve never used the Endone I was prescribed but occasionally have a Panadeine Forte before bed if my back feels tricky ….and the added bonus is I usually have a very fine sleep, which is unusual for me.

    Neil, tough times for you and your family. No wonder your weight isn’t top of mind (or perhaps it is ..but weight loss isn’t). Time to get back on the horse when your wife is recuperating and the worst is over.

    Cali, you seem to be up to date with all the latest series …but here’s one we’ve just found but I think is older. Madam Secretary. Have you watched it! I’ve had the first two series for years but somehow didn’t get to it and it got lost in a cupboard. Now I find there are 4 more series. Whoo hoo! It has a flavour of the West Wing, which I think is my very favourite….although the very old British When the Boat Comes In figures right up there too.

    LJ I see you play board games with your charges ….are they into Bananagrams?

    Gday, terrific news about your weight loss. You are rocking it!

    Anzac, bread. Oh dear. My absolute downfall too. Once I start I don’t stop, so try not to start. Although I am currently eating Aldi’s sourdough, which has small slices and a low calorie count (but just occasionally).

    Tough for you Anzac with your Dad in lockdown. How is he managing? As you say, a very funny world we are living in, which we will get through with kindness and time.

    Merry your family is so lucky to have you ..I hope you are doing okay with all the travel, lockdowns, recurrence of your illness, and lack of medication. It sounds like you had the sort of month where if anything could go wrong, it did.

    OK I have Miss 5 who has croup which looked like turning into bronchitis. She is much better after 24 hours on antibiotics, but needs looking after and some special cuddles, which is one of my specialities.

    Nice to be back – take care all. So much to be worried about at the moment, but also a lot of fine and good things happening. Look after yourselves and each other.

  • July 2021 Challenge

    Day 26, FD, Aus

    I’m going for the 5:2 Olympics and chanting to myself FD! FD! FD!

  • New member

    My wife and I are due to start our first fast day, tomorrow. We did this 5 years ago and gave up because of our demanding work commitments . Our lives have now calmed considerably. We intend to commit long term to this. Does anyone have experience or knowledge of this helping A-Fib sufferers?

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Cinque, congrats to Rose and Mr Rose for their new home ownership. Your explanation was probably perfectly clear to those following closely – no apology needed. I hope it all works out with the schooling.

    So your FD was not so perfect today. And LJ is reporting of the same. Mine was great although I admit to slacking off with measuring milk in coffee these days. So we all made it through just like the old days.

    LJ, ha ha, glad that you’re pulling yourself together. That instant frozen shoulder sounds a worry. I empathise. I’ve been achey since hurting my lower back on a broken swing bridge more than a week ago. Today I decided to cave in to OH’s offers of medication (he’s a floating pharmacy). I prefer not to succumb to pain meds at any time but especially when it comes to backs because I feel it’s important to listen to the pain and work within its parameters so as not to do further damage. But I did have a much better day and did my share of locks and paddles.

    It’s 9pm and I’m just watching a spectacular sunset and then I’m off to lie down with a big fat book.

    Have a great week all, stay strong.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Afternoon All..
    Quite warm today..across the fields again this morning…the combined harvester was cutting the corn, I thought a bit early…there will be an empty field to run in 😀

    I have had a productive day, decided to go to sisters after our walk, see if we could get Coco a chocolate lab and Charlie to be friends…I went down the street and they followed at a distance we slowly got together, all ok, both on leads, after 15 mins we decided to let them off all was ok. We walked back to the house after 45 mins and sat in her courtyard, Charlie ventured in the house too..lots of biscuits and sausage but it went well…just getting tetchy after 3 hours both tired and hot, Charlie decided on humping so I thought time to leave while the going was good.
    We will try again 😀..better than the full on fight of last time still she was coming on season!

    I am trying for a low day, will end up about 800 mark, 400 up to now, chilly chicken later all good.

    I feel young at heart too, these doggies keep us on our toes. If you use the wash in colours it’s not like mine a grow out..yours is much better…those never stayed in my hair as I got older so I had no choice. Since going to the hairdresser I haven’t touched my hair just a comb through, it seems a really good cut this time.

    Lots of things planned for Kirsty’s visit, foot off the break for the week and enjoy like a holiday..I do love cafes, I find it hard on your own as if you queue then find a table, then there isn’t one, I used to plonk Steve there, as it’s not always table service. Only good thing about COVID was table service.

    It was a good size bomb, blew up at 16.10, it took another hour for traffic to get moving…our village was busier than normal…

    Chilly chicken tonight looking forward to walk for Charlie he is shattered, he had an afternoon walk.

    I shall be fasting tomorrow…

    Jean x

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Good evening.

    Yesterday I awoke with a frozen shoulder – I couldn’t lift my right arm up to the side. After doing many exercises with theraband, judicious use of heat packs and an attempt to massage the area myself I am very pleased that it has improved a great deal. I now have most of my normal movement range back, although it’s still a bit stiff and sore.

    Merry, Good reminders of how to follow 5:2 succesfully.
    It sounds like you have been to extremes to support your kids lately, including doing quarantine on your return. I hope you properly recover from your latest ill health and feel much better soon.

    Thin, I will attempt to pull myself together and get properly focused on eating more carefully every day.

    Cinque, I gather that your daughter has been renting previously and has now bought a small place of their own. While it comes with all the maintenance issues and a mortgage, I have personally found home ownership offers peace of mind to not be subject to a lease.
    There is little happening in my garden. After all that digging I needed a break. When I summon some energy from somewhere I will have to source the variety of nandina that I’m after – and dig more holes.
    I hope our weather isn’t heading your way, we had a weekend of pelting rain, hail and thunderstorms. Although many areas lost power, thankfully I didn’t this time.

    I did a FD today and it wasn’t as strict as I’d prefer – definitely 800 not 500.

    It’s very late, so time for bed. Take care all.

  • July 2021 Challenge

    Day 25 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 221 lbs. I ate overly well for breakfast (oops), so I have to only eat when hungry the rest of the day and not out of habit!

    Hope everyone has a great start to their week!

  • July 2021 Challenge

    Day 25 On Vacation in Colorado

    Hi, everyone! The wedding was fabulous and now we’re back with DD and her family. Extended days at altitude are getting to me: even as I simply sit on the sofa, I’m huffing and puffing. I WANT MORE OXYGEN, LOL!

    We go home on Tuesday or perhaps partway and the rest of the way on Wednesday, we’ll see.

    I just finished reading everyone’s posts since I was last online, and I love all the great news about cruise ships, state championships, buyers who are back on board, countries that are behaving and all the rest! I’ll chatter again when we get home… And I’ll face the music then, as well! 🥺

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Hi FBBs Hope all is well with you Xxxx

    Its a pleasant temperature again today.. Still no rain here.. Never watered yesterday as forecast was storms.

    Early walk and then did a Tesco shop ..mainly treats and some fresh bits and pieces. We will be eating out mainly this week. Hoping to go to Stratford to our favourite restaurant and shops. Check and see if the Christmas shop is still there and open .. love that place.

    My walking friend wanted me to go to Annie’s Tea room at Thrupp this week .. I have rearranged till the following week but Kristy may like to go this week… We will see. Oxford on the river would be nice too.

    Brads .. Oh good for Heidi letting you know bless her.. Happy anniversary to you both for tomorrow.. Enjoy your meal to celebrate

    Sym That was some excitement yesterday was it all sorted by 9pm.

    Yes the sun does bleach the hair up naturally .. I am a natural blonde and like Mums did my hair tends towards white instead of grey … I use light Beige blonde which all seems to tone in naturally .
    I am a VERY young 74 yr old lolol thinking i am still 35 lolol. In my eyes and mind anyway. lolol

    I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Sunday … See you all next week.

    Day .. 38 no alcohol .. fingers crossed for me the coming week.

    Allow yourself to be proud of yourself and all the progress you’ve made. Especially the progress no one else can see. Xxxx

  • New member

    Hi Mirella,

    Best of luck with it. You may find these two links useful:-

    After 8.5 years I’m still successfully 5:2ing, so it can work long term for some people.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Jean it was on the national news,it showed it being blown up.I think only Nana is fasting today so good luck to her.We are dining out tomorrow for our anniversary so fast days will have to change this week. A good night for Heidi,she asked to go out at 1am so that was good.

  • July 2021 Challenge

    Day 25 OMAD London -cheat day today!!!

    @at – I haven’t tried that yoga, but I think my main problem is ( I should know this by now – I’ve always been like this…) that I hate being told what to do. It probably made me a nightmare in school, and now I think about it, a tricky employee, but I really like to do the opposite of what I’m told to do, and what everybody else is doing. So dancing while I’m ‘supposed’ to be doing yoga suits my not very compliant personality. 😳
    I’m struggling a bit on OMAD at the mo – stretching my eating window and eating for the sake of it, when I’m not even faintly hungry. I need to grow up a bit…

  • Coffee with artificial sweeteners yes or no

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  • July 2021 Challenge

    Day 25 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    The last 7 days of July!

    I’m sure I said this last week, but – one more week of 4:3. I think it’s the only way I’ll shift the last half-kilo, & I want to wake up tomorrow with PFDS. Anyone joining me on the list…?

    Happy Sunday! ⛅️🌈

    Pocket List – Day 25 🍏

  • July 2021 Challenge

    Day 25 – UK – TDEE
    Day 24 – NFD
    Day 23 – FD800
    Day 22 – NFD
    Day 21 was my 4th B2B FD800

    A bit of a mixed bag this past week – successful FD800s but NFD were a bit OTT which seems to be a bit of recurrent pattern of late – must work harder to have some control on NFD so my aim for the last week of this challenge is to try very hard to keep my NFD to TDEE 🤞

    The hot weather we have been experiencing has been rather draining so very little hiking done but managed to keep up with my regular exercise classes 💪

    On Friday I eventually managed to get a hair cut – 8 weeks since my last one and it felt good to get shorn – feeling a lot cooler with very short hair again 😊

    Yesterday I had a fab “Wakey Wakey” 90 min, mostly dynamic yoga class, starting at 7am, in the sunshine in a field by Lake Windermere – it was fabulous!

    @brightonbelle @emma-taylor @jaifaim @dvw @northerndawn – have any of you tried a dynamic yoga class where you will certainly work up a sweat and feel those muscles the next day!!
    @jaifaim – I would recommend that tart recipe, it was rich but oh so nice – OH, neighbours and I all enjoyed it 😋
    @northgeorgia – good news re your mum 🤞she continues to recover well and hopefully the news from your friend is not as bad as anticipated
    @daffodil2010 – sounds a fab way to spend your weekend – enjoy 🥂
    @i-hate-lettuce – I’m sure you and Mrs IHL will have a lovely time on your much waited for cruise – lots to celebrate after your last year!!
    @flourbaby – good news that the flat sale is back on 🤞 it all goes ahead smoothly now
    @northerndawn – congratulations to your DGD’s team on winning their State Championship 👏

    A bit cooler today so I’m out for a hike soon with 3 friends which will hopefully involve a cooling wild swim before a picnic lunch halfway through, then a gentle meander back home……..Right off to pack a light picnic and get organised before meeting with the gang

    Back on the fasting bandwagon tomorrow – I’m sure I will have lots of company as we all make an effort for this last week……Has anyone volunteered to take up the hosting baton for August??

    “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Cold Melbourne Sunday,

    But very happy with Vic (and SA) managing to get on top of that community transmission, and fingers crossed NSW is turning a corner. Brilliant numbers getting tested and the number of people with time in the community didn’t go up today, in fact down 1%. Fingers crossed so hard.

    My fast day isn’t very fasty but still being done from up on the horse!

    Ha Thin, sorry to be so unclear. My daughter and MrD have bought a little apartment close to where they have been living. It is a bit of a squash and ofcourse they are finding all the things that aren’t working properly. And it is still post move chaos. (Fingers crossed our covid measures are working well enough that they will let the littlies back to school on Wednesday)

    LJoyce, How is that front garden going?

    Cheers to every single one of you, best wishes for the day.

  • July 2021 Challenge

    Day 24 Minnesota, US CD

    Sorry for the absence but I had previous obligations and am now home. I am happy to say that DGD’s team won their State Championship last night in a very exciting and hard fought game. I’m so happy for those girls….they have worked hard for years to bring that trophy home. It’s great to see hard work and patience be rewarded.

    @i-hate-lettuce I hope you and Mrs. IHL have a wonderful and memorable cruise holiday! It sounds fabulous!

    One week left, about, so let’s all give it our best effort starting Monday (or sooner if it suits), and have a good week to “catapult” us into a successful August.

    Best of luck to everyone.

  • July 2021 Challenge

    Day 24 – USA/GA – FD

    Weigh-in: 225 lbs. Salty explosion yesterday and chowed down harder than I should have done. Stabilize… stabilize and be mindful…

    @i-hate-lettuce have a fantastic time!

    Pocket list Day 24

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Afternoon All..
    Walked over the fields this morning away from everyone 😂 nice…weekends are busy at the park with children, football and now park run, we keep away.

    A bit of excitement here..a Lancaster bomb has been found all roads closed last night at 9 pm, including the M62 and a 1 1/2 mile radius around it…can’t really get to shops or out of the village, diversions are taking 2 to 3 hours so keeping well away…thought it would be finished by 9 am today but now saying 9 pm tonight, the army are blowing it up..people have been moved out of houses…we are about 3 miles away but possibly would hear it go off…

    Having a low day today…boules I won one game and lost one..we run very close which is nice…we went to the cafe, a toasted tea cake and coffee No Cake today 😇…

    You don’t want to stress Heidi out she won’t like doing accidents at the best of times…

    This weather is quite nice, still at 20 but very pleasant..
    I was at the hairdressers yesterday she said it’s looking very good, I have been in the sun so my hair has faded down looking better than I thought. Possibly a good inch on either side of my parting…the hats will be coming out for winter so not too bothered as yet. I am 72 just thought the time is right my colour wasn’t holding…..I started to colour at about 13, so it’s 50 years of colouring……How old are you?
    Are you getting in the garden now the weathers cooler?..I did get the grass cut, some rain about next week l think…

    Have a good weekend..

    Jean x

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Hi FBBs Hope all is well with you Xxxx

    Much cooler today which is a lovely relief especially for the animals. As yet no rain here but dark spells that they go over.

    Not doing much of anything today .. just general bits and bobs.

    HH.. I was wondering if you had a H S family ..Do you have a limited time to help them or each treated for their needs with timings.
    I must tell my friend about a courgette and chocolate cake as they always grow sooo many and dont know what to-do with them,
    Are you fasting today or didn’t you fancy it being Saturday .

    Brads.. Given Heidi’s grand age I wouldn’t stress her out either. Any games today or tomorrow.

    Sym…You will miss your calls this week … Are you still letting your hair grow out… I dont think I could brave it lol I have used the same one in Nice and Easy for ever it seems lol.

    Have a good day everyone …

    For what it’s worth… It’s never too late, or too early, to be whoever you want to be. There’s no time limit. Start whenever you want. You can change or stay the same Xxxx

  • July 2021 Challenge

    Day 24, London, UK, NFD,

    Super quick check-in from me today.

    @i-hate-lettuce………….. I’m positively green with envy!!! Sounds fabulous!! I doubt I could doa cruise since that warthog you evicted has definitely set up home in ME!!! Do people manage to be controlled on a cruise or do they ALL bring along their warthogs??!!!

    Flat sale is still on, no chicken counting yet, but I know their full names and what they look like, so …………….. they need to sign or they could find a horses head in their bed!!!!

    Off to get the housework done. Stay strong over the weekend folks!!!

  • July 2021 Challenge

    Day 24 – Ireland – NFD

    Go Ireland 🇮🇪 in the hockey 🏒 🥅 . I know some of the players so am enjoying the game… go girls 💪

    Have a great day all!
    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

  • July 2021 Challenge

    Day 24 UK NFD

    Ahh that sound fabulous @i-hate-lettuce , you 2 really deserve a nice break Enjoy 🛳

    OK it’s going to be a full on week end but I’ll be back on the straight and narrow first thing Tuesday morning and if I can stay even for July I’ll be happy

    Have a good Saturday all

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Good morning everyone,much cooler today. Just took Heidi out, I have given up with the nappies,u think it stresses her too much. Will just have to clean up after her when I have to.

  • If your clothes are looser but the scales are the same, read on

    Hello All,

    I have really struggled with the heat and have ate rubbish too. Ho hum. Thankfully it’s much cooler, so I an fasting in my tight jeans to remind myself what went wrong 🙂

    Looking forward,there is a smart casual wedding in a few weeks and I have clothes that are both comfortable and fit the brief. Hopefully there will be less of me by then.

    Onwards and downwards Fast Friends.

  • July 2021 Challenge

    Day 24 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @i-hate-lettuce – I’m so envious?! Which cruise line? Don’t keep me in suspense! I spent 15 years working on them, mostly Carnival & Holland America. I was also on the QM2 in 2004 when it was the biggest liner in the world. It was like being a roadie with a rock band; scores of people turning up to see the ship wherever we went. I haven’t actually done a cruise as a passenger yet though. Maybe after I’ve had my 2nd jab & we have less travel restrictions. Enjoy the pampering!

    Here we go into the last week of July already; let’s make it count! 🙌

    Wishing everyone a nice weekend ⛅️ 🌈

  • July 2021 Challenge

    Day 24 – Lake district UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Great evening over at friends last night, small group of us wining and dining with a fabulous view out over the countryside. Can’t beat good company, good food and a lot of laughter.

    @funshipfreddie – Yup, brand new ship, huge cabin with double balcony and for Mrs IHL … a walk in wardrobe and dressing area! We know a number of crew onboard and they’re planning things already!

    Last bit of garden work today, then some much awaited time for us, being spoiled and pampered. Will catch up when we get back next month 😉

    Take care all

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Anzac, your post prompted to me to try and allay your fears for your dad. Of course you want to protect him. Not to diminish your concern for him in any way and I do agree that it’s probably better to have a bit of mess around the house than to expose him to unvaccinated people. But you can be comforted somewhat in that, even though he could potentially get covid after vaccination, he’s unlikely to become seriously ill from it. England has a lot of statistics that you can draw from – hardly anyone over 80 that’s been vaccinated has become seriously ill, hospitalised or died. Those clogging up the hospitals with it are overwhelmingly the unvaccinated. It makes me so angry because these preventable cases mean that patients with genuine need (thinking of people like our dear penguin) are on an increasingly long waiting list. It’s great that your sister can help your dad. Ha ha, a sweltering 24C! They’ll be able to walk their labs today – in the thunder showers!

    Merry, funny opening to your post but sorry to read on and discover all your difficulties. We were lucky with the locks as there are volunteer lock-keepers and we were first in line to come down when they opened at 8am. I was driving the boat, OH doing the locks and, for a while, he had an entire team helping him. As I came out of one, the next was already prepared. Gradually, they moved off to help other boaters coming up but we had one volunteer with us for the entire flight. They’re always friendly and good for a chat. It was fun with spectacular views across Wiltshire. Worth googling Caen Hill Flight if you can be bothered.

    Merry, do you tackle cryptic crosswords? I find them easier than the ordinary synonym type. DD loaned me her game of ‘dobble’ to help improve my word-finding problem. Anyone familiar with it? It still takes me nearly five minutes to complete the tin, naming out loud all the matched safari animals, etc.

    LJ, Neil, sorry to hear of your struggles with your weight/eating. C’mon you two, you can do it. Pull yourselves together! The alternative will be worse. Nice tips and advice from Merry and Cinque above.

    Neil, I’m sorry that I’m not up on every post as I used to be. I seem to remember that you went to maintenance 6:1. Is it possible to go back to where you had all the success – weight loss mode – and revert to 5:2? I’m not a stress eater so I can’t empathise but I can tell you that you’re better equipped with deal with life’s irritations when you’re happy and healthy in your own skin. Please don’t become a statistic, I know you can do this.

    Here, there are plans underway to develop a govt. backed app to reward people for buying fruit and veg and fewer calorie-filled items at the supermarket. An alarming two thirds of adults are apparently obese. Nations with over 50% overweight people suffered ten times worse with covid. Boris attributes his own near-death covid experience with obesity prompting work to make changes for himself and the nation.

    Cinque, so pleased you’re double jabbed. I can’t quite work out whether Rose and family have moved in with you? And who’s helping who. That must be lovely if so. Hurray for Sunday fasting. I’m looking forward to being my boring old self and making a chicken something or other (one of about four recipes) for my FD. With a plan to stop drinking so much alcohol next week.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Hi everyone but especially you Neil,

    Hang in there Neil, and you will keep learning lessons that help you to get you through this time of ‘Life’ and the stress that comes with it.
    Mr Merry got prostate cancer in the middle of the years I’ve been a 5:2er. We’ve been through surgery, radiation and a couple of little hiccups and he’s now doing really well. We know what you’re going through and for me, how it impacts on my 5:2 journey. I’m a stress-eater from way back, having to keep it in mind since my mid-teens.

    Here are some stress-eater strategies I hope will add to your 5:2 toolkit. What works for 1 doesn’t always work for another, but maybe there’s something here you can tweak to fit your personal situation.

    * As an evening meal only FD and Hunger Dragon person, putting off the time I ate on any day was imperative for me. I couldn’t do FDs and that was adding to my stress so, with suggestions and encouragement from others here I went to a 7 day strategy, and to work to keep my weight steady.

    * My 7 day strategy ended up started at not eating till 12 noon, but I later had to switch that up to 7 day- no food till 3pm on any day. I still had days where I was just so stressed I either had to eat carbs, or couldn’t eat at all, but it was mostly the carb thing.

    * Still working at getting protein, veggies, fruit, complex carbs, good oil in there each day, vitamins etc, probiotics, but if eating a cake or hot chips or an icecream in the hospital cafeteria got us through a bad day we just did it. And we did those to celebrate as well. It’s a balancing act of stress control versus nutrition and increased needs for both.

    * Stay on the forum when you can. I wasn’t very good at this, but I’ve just kept coming back, and my head is still here. These are good people who understand your needs and will help support you and understand. We’ve been here for years now, many of us, and we understand what you’re going through food and weight wise, and how variously individual that is.

    * I have 1 pair of trousers I never get rid of, and they are my litmus test. If I’m really struggling putting them on and wearing tgem helps me know how I’m going, and if they’re tight I wear them tight and as much as possible because it helps remind me when I’m battling the stress urge.

    * Don’t drink calories!
    Don’t forget to drink lots of water, as it’s easy to dehydrate when very distracted and usual routines have gone out the window.

    * Rest when you can.

    * Walk or ride when you can. Burn off stress energy and burn off the fight-flight-freeze reactions. When hit with them and once you get through the very immediate situation, burn off the excess stress chemicals by running onnthe spot as hard as you can for 5 mins. (I can’t do that one for medical reasons, but I do a minute on a rower, even 30secs sometimes, and it all helps.

    *. Get outside in the fresh air and sunshine. We need both!

    * Negative ions in the air help our thinking. 3 sources:
    1. The beach or anywhere near the sea- walking on the beach helps a lot to put things in perspective and calm down. If no beach available then any body of running water has negative ions in the air next to it.

    2. The bush – that quality in the air in the bush (woods,forest) is also negatively charged ions in the air. Walk in the bush.

    3. A negative ion generator. You get what you pay with these but they are available in various price brackets.

    * Stop watching or reading the news. It is literally physically, mentally and emotionally depressing. Try to put some laughs into your day. For me, it’s on youtube or iview or BritBox in Australia, or comedy audiobooks.

    * Music. Keep some music in your life you love or you feel helps you in some way, as much as you need it.

    Re Covid: We did treatment and some day surgeries through Covid as well. You may not always be able to be with Mrs Neil, but the hospitals are supergood at looking after the Covid situation and they will keep you both safe. Find your basic Covid info source re changing conditions and check it briefly, each day if necessary, but don’t dwell on it. I took food, drink, a book , a crossword book, chargers, headphones, something to do with my hands, listened to the radio in my car, with a pillow, warm clothing etc when I couldn’t be in the hospital. And chocolate and nuts.

    This has got very long, but hope there is something there to assist.
    Bye for now,

  • prolonging the fasting window with a keto day

    Fasting, or going without food, can help a person achieve a state of ketosis. Many people can actually go into ketosis between meals. TalkToWendys In some controlled cases, a doctor may recommend a longer fasting period of between 24 and 48 hours.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    I am another one who has had a run of bad days and resultant too much eating.
    But my second vaccination is done, my daughter’s family has moved home (compassionate grounds helping from me) and I am back on the horse.

    Neil sending you good wishes. With the (necessary) renovation ready meals it is no wonder your weight has gone up again. And don’t underestimate the effect of the stress you are under at the moment.
    It is a hard balance, you need to keep your family together and give Mrs Neil all the support she needs, not just for a short time, but for a long time, until she is through the operation and recovered.
    But you don’t want to put on heaps of weight that only has to come off again later, and you really need your health at this time.
    You are battling old habits and probably a body that still thinks it needs to be a higher weight.
    Hoping you can find some easy rules to follow through the next while, and manage to be kind to yourself too.

    Hi Gday, well done and woot for presents as a reward! You fitness junkie you.
    I hope the supermarket had everything you needed when you got there.

    HelenKate, I hope your lovely new outfits have cheered you up. Hi to Paddy!

    Thin, hello to that long summer.

    Anzac, I have been thinking of you as the pressure of doing too much and too fast derailed me, and it made me feel such fellow feeling for you. I do hope you can transition to work that is easier on you soon. In the meantime, you are a hero for doing the best you can for your health. Keep on keeping on! You will get there.

    I hope you get a bit of housework done over the weekend, you will feel so good! Best music on loud?
    Fingers crossed it won’t be long before you get a wonderful cleaner again.

    Sending good wishes to your dad too.

    LJoyce, I do hope the fog is lifting, but it is a good time of year just to hibernate at home. I am hoping to post daily again so I will be sure to ask you a question so you have something to write! (I want to hear from you more often.)
    Which days are fast days at the moment?

    Merry, oh no, when I think how easily I have been knocked off the horse this week, I can’t even imagine how this time of work and travel and stress has effected you.
    So glad that things seem to be sorting out (with all that hard work and effort) for your family. Hooray for your sense of humour!

    Fingers crossed it has calmed down and you have the time and health to do all the good things for yourself 5:2 wise.

    Well I get back on the horse by having a day where I can eat what I want so long as it is vegetables (with a bit of protein thrown in). So that is today. (I do love those little microwave pots I found in opshops that cook a couple of cups of veggies so well).

    I am planning my Sunday Fast Day I do so hope I am up to it. I am longing for a day with nice periods of hunger and that wonderful feeling of waking up the next morning so light and empty.

    Sending best wishes to everyone

    PS Catalyst on Tuesday is on fasting. They follow people for 6 weeks. Haha. 6 years might be a better idea!

  • July 2021 Challenge

    Hello all!
    Quick check in as I’m looking after mum… so warm today and uncomfortably humid… this I don’t like so much!
    I had a really fabulous meal last night in a lovely fancy local restaurant with my pal… an excuse to dress up and enjoy the balmy weather 🥂

    @daffodil2010 I think you’ve guessed the parish…great spot for me as close to the airport for travel and beaches and hills for walks and cycles… enjoy your lake trip! 🎣

    @flourbaby I’m so glad your buyers are back on board – hurrah!

    Enjoy your holiday @i-hate-lettuce – how fantastic that you can get away… 🏖

    @songbirdme it’s lovely to see you back online 👋
    @dvw @gkw and @bellyblast we can do this 💪 I need to focus now… and stop running amok- love that word @brightonbelle ☺️.
    Well done @funshipfreddie and @missybear and anyone else who is managing to stick to the plan 😂😂
    Have a lovely weekend everybody!

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Evening All…
    A lovely cool day, I got wet in the drizzle this morning too hot for a coat then it came down heavy while across the fields…

    Housework day got on top of it I have been very lazy this week with the heat.

    Your afternoon tea sounded lovely a very nice present for you both…

    Well done on your 7 lbs off..brilliant…sorry Heidi isn’t so good.

    Your weights going down nicely, nearly there…I am struggling this week I shall weigh in next Friday, with Tony visiting with me and extra things he didn’t eat, which I ate, meals out..I have copped out on this weeks weigh in. I have had a day off as usual today but will start tomorrow…

    Natalie is insured but I don’t think it’s that good, she pays £5 or £6 a month, mine is nearly £40 with a high excess…the specialist is looking more deeply at the X-rays, hoping there is a cheaper option.

    Hairdresser for you and me and my daughter 😂…pleased with mine, half inch off makes all the difference..hope your son enjoys his cake..I am feeling ok it’s possibly passed over me…strange to say but when the fans on, I listen to that and my heads not busy..still chilly tonight…

    I have Katie in Dubai and Jacqui is going to the Yorkshire moors for a week so no phone calls this next week…

    Jean x

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