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  • August 2019 – Monthly Challenge

    Day 18, London, UK, NFD

    Another NFD, I doubt it’ll be super controlled, I’m getting rid of ‘stuff’ which stealthily found it’s way into the house!! As willpower & mojo have both gone on their summer hols, I’m doing that thing we say we shouldn’t do ……………………. I’m using my tummy as a bin!!! I struggle to throw food away, it’s sooooo much part of my make-up, plate finishing included!!! At least there isn’t any bread!!!

    @bert1802, it’s sooooo good to have you back!!! 20lbs will be gone in a flash, stick with us and I’m glad to see another fab ending, I missed them when you went AWOL!!! As @lilymartin (and the rest of us!) say ……………… One day at a time!!!

    So remember …………………………..

    “You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.” – C.S. Lewis

  • August 2019 – Monthly Challenge

    second post.
    @bert1802 – welcome baccccckkkkkkkk!!!!! So good to have you back, says she who has only been back a week!!.
    I must have had Matilda’s friend at my place because I gained a whopping 18 KGS!!!!!!! ( would have been better if pounds but….)
    Actually I can’t blame Matilda or her friend or anyone else except me and my wanton disregard of 5:2 principles – and eating like there was no tomorrow.
    Anyway back here with everyone else doing it One Day At A Time.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Morning All..
    A bright day and no rain for us…looking forward to York today, for Charlie’s play date, lots on holiday so I don’t think there’s that many going…which is maybe good on my first visit of joining them…strange I don’t do a lot on my own and feel nervous not like me at all as I talk to anyone…..It will be interesting…Steve’s sad he can’t join us but he can on the next Rally…

    Still don’t know if he’s out today or tomorrow Doctors do their rounds at about 11 or early afternoon…he is sounding much brighter….dishing orders about 😂, clean pjs, towel, another book is all looking good…

    Have a good day all…

    Jean x

  • First week weigh in..very pleased

    Thanks for your wishes..taken me a year to push for goal maybe too many holidays…the next step the hardest, to keep maintaining..
    Best wishes to you and yours hope you are both ok and still flying with plenty of bbq’s and wine in the go..

  • August 2019 – Monthly Challenge

    @funshipfreddie ….Throwback to being a kid, mothers idea of salad was loads of lettuce with half a tomato on top!

    @lilymartin … cheers, determined to make this thing work, only been 3 weeks but feel so much better already, which really helps. In 2 weeks time we’re off on a cruise…. so going to have to be careful (although the last one was 4 weeks I only put 5lb on without watching what I was eating) this time if I can limit the damage and hop back straight onto the regime shouldn’t be too bad.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Strangely, over the last couple of days I have lost weight.

    Lindsay L, thank you for that link to the courses; there are one or two I will have a closer look at.

    I may join this clothes dumping theme. There are some things I haven’t worn for so long that I can’t remember when.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Gosh, just when I thought there was hope of catching up here …..

    Klond, good luck with the wedding dress. Mine went to Vinnies a few weeks ago so I won’t be able to brag about zipping it up with me in it again. I can’t believe I could be anyone’s guiding light but thank you for the compliment.

    Quacka, yes, I’m definitely a B&W person with no grey! It’s an addictive style of personality and I think I replaced a food addiction with a fast addiction. 15 minutes until my cauliflower soup. I made a massive batch many weeks ago which has seen me through all this upheaval. Unfortunately, I got the cumin ratio wrong and it’s not all that nice but it just keeps on coming. Anyway, rigidity is just how I’ve made it work for me. If other methods work for others, I’m not knocking it.

    Penguin, my DD was nervous about moving to the village where she’s just started her first job. She felt it had all the makings of a Midsomer Murder and was doomed to either cark it or execute one. No idea what you’re talking about regarding the cricket. I only know two things about cricket: 1. Ashley Giles used to be my dad’s next door neighbour. 2. Dennis Lilly lives close to us here and we always exchange pleasantries when we pass each other out walking at the river. It was years before I knew who he was – someone walking with me was ‘bowled over’ when HE spoke to me. That may not even be the correct spelling of his name, so little do I know.

    Cinque, it appears that Saturday is your new Sunday FD.

    PerthGirl, I read many days ago about your impeccable organisation of all that academic work. We just visited a former neighbour (from a house we lived in 25 years ago) who has moved out 80 km of the city and built a massive barn to house a huge quantity of plastic tubs containing files, all neatly labelled. Can’t imagine what’s contained.

    LJ, I missed the programme you mentioned some time ago about the couple moving to the Perth Hills to escape the city – we have many friends in the hills. If and when we return to Perth, I think that’s where we’ll live. There is the worry of bush fires, of course.

    Lindsay, OH and I were on our way to one of many recent Vinnies dumping trips when we came across one of those big bins but where you have to ‘post’ items individually because the opening can’t be large enough to allow for theft. All the black bags (which had been sealed to prevent second thoughts) had to be opened and, of course, OH had second thoughts about many of his clothes. He started piling things back into the car. But I was fast, while he was walking back to the front door, I quickly shoved it all into the hole and he doesn’t seem to have noticed.

    I’m nowhere near responding to everything. I hope everyone’s weekend has been stellar.

  • August 2019 – Monthly Challenge

    Day 18 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @ciren2 – the half-kilo loss was a surprise to me! The only thing I did differently last week was to start using myfitnesspal to track my food, even on NFDs. It’s quick & easy once you get used to it. It made me realize I was underestimating the calorie content of some things, or not even bothering to count the occasional snack. It makes me think twice before I eat anything now. My new rule is – if I’m not logging it, I’m not scoffing it.

    @i-hate-lettuce – welcome! I’m not crazy about lettuce either.
    And welcome back @bert1802

    Wishing everyone a happy S🌞nday

  • August 2019 – Monthly Challenge

    Day 18: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    Spoke to DD (in Melbourne) on Skype at pre-arranged time yesterday. Skype is so weird….cam’t get used to the delay and un-synced-ness of it! She and her partner (still trapped in UK!) are meeting up for a holiday in Thailand next week.

    Hey….welcome back @bert1802….we’ve missed you. Press re-set (just like I’ve never yet been able to)…ha…ha! You can do it.
    @lgbran: That’s right…never beat yourself up. It’s against the rules.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Good afternoon all.

    After a beautiful day yesterday we had driving rain all morning. It’s just clearing now, so I need to ready to head out for a walk very soon.

    Glad to hear we’ll have our own little study group here. I will be happy to hear about it, but won’t be joining you. I am at capacity at the moment and struggling with fatigue so I need to take that as a message to manage my commitments better.

    Lindsay, wow what a lot of courses on offer. I saw so many things that look interesting.
    There are a couple that might be of interest to others here: – if I feel less fatigued by October I will sign up for this one.

    Penguin, I hope you are having some fun activities with the grandkids.
    I think half of Australia stopped breathing when Steve Smith fell to the ground after being hit on the neck. It’s not long ago that we lost a state cricketer here who was hit on the neck and killed during a match. I realise that bowling bouncers at the body has been part of cricket for decades, but it’s not pleasant to watch.

    Cinque & Lindsay, I’m sorry to hear that the latter series of Bletchley Circle aren’t good. I loved the first series and have the second and third recorded and waiting to be watched – along with hundreds of hours of other series that looked good! I agree about Luther – very dark but I loved it.

    Cali, that lunch menu sounds lovely. How do you make a low cal apple pie?

    Neil, I’m not sure if your abs actually needed the pushups after all that effort. I find house renovations make you realise just how fit people in manual labour jobs have to be. The only time my weight kept falling despite eating lots was during several months of home renos and heavy gardening work.

    Klondi & LGbran and anyone else with an airfryer. I found I was using the aerosol oil spray often when using the airfryer. I decided to try an alternative. I bought a small spray bottle and filled it with an oil that has a high smoking point (I use peanut oil). Then I set the spray to a mist, so I can apply a very light coating of oil to the food – much cheaper and better for the environment.

    I met my exercise targets again this week – I wasn’t sure I was going to get there on the steps but the beautiful weather yesterday helped my step count. My goals were:
    At least 40,000 steps – I did 50,600
    Exercise program x 2 add 1 more exercise each time – I’m now up to 5 exercises.

    Time for a walk while the rain has stopped. Have a good day.

  • August 2019 – Monthly Challenge

    OMAD again,
    Was going well until I attacked the biscuits. Anyway my son and I made home made pizza.
    Back on track today. Finished a lovely walk and not beating myself up.
    @kt Caroline hope you recover quickly. My favourite food hasn’t changed . I could eat roast chicken 7 days a week. Cooked a beautiful chicken in the air fryer the other day and it was delicious. I love my food and unfortunately over the years my food intake has increased and despite being fairly active weight has increased. Days are getting longer, Spring is just around the corner and bodes well for weight loss I hope. Have a great day,

  • August 2019 – Monthly Challenge

    Day 17 & 18 – Japan – NFD

    Water fast was easy … I guess after a couple hundred water fasts the body figures out how to handle it.

    @lilymartin – You are correct that New Jersey isn’t in Australia, but my son did go to Australia for a week before as part of an exchange program. However I’m blown away by how you tracked so much of what is going on. WOW! You can even list the handles of people that haven’t been around this month. That is a skill I don’t have.

  • August 2019 – Monthly Challenge


    So…….. it’s been a while…….A long while!

    Matilda had me locked away force feeding me until, I gained 20lbs!

    I managed to escape and praying that you all are still here!

    Thank goodness!

    I don’t wanna do this on my own…….. Will you have me back?

    I don’t trip……..I do random gravity checks!

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Sunday morning Melbourne, sunny and breezy outside. Yesterday was beautiful, tomorrow will be appalling.

    I am finally starting to catch up with things. So glad the rule of 3, I mean 5, works for you Lindsay. Isn’t it a life saver.

    I’ve booked in to that course, just have to work out how to verify myself on the ipad since I don’t have a webcam on this computer. Yes, I paid to be official. I looked up the dieticians who run the course and I am impressed. So cool that you are doing it too, Cali.

    LJoyce, I bet you had a wonderful walk.

    Cali, what a special meal for your guests. Such a lovely summer meal!

    Penguin, what wonderful treats. Hooray for time with the grandchildren. And hooray for rigorous fast days this week.

    Lindsay, Farewell to 10 pairs of black trousers, the op shoppers will appreciate them. That online-course link is fascinating.

    Your garden sounds wonderful. Mine is going gangbusters too, even though the weather has been bitter. I am going to have to pull out 2 of my 3 warrigal greens as I can’t keep up with them. I keep cooking saucepans full (luckily they shrink down as greens do) but if I want to eat greens the garden is full of fresh ones. I have so much chard getting huge because I am not using it. (I’ve frozen the warrigal greens I cook).

    I’m also going to ditch my stevia plant (I’ll offer it on the Good Karma Network) as I have stopped needing a leaf in my tea. It has taken me years to get used to tea without added sweetness!

    I agree with you about the Bletchley Circle. I only really loved the first series, but I did keep watching, even when they went to the U.S.
    Excited to hear there is another series of Unforgotten!

    Neil, what a powerhouse you are! Hope you can soak in a nice hot bath to cure those aches.

    Haha everyone re the sport, which I hear vaguely on the news.

    Off for another big drink of water and to make this a good day.
    Best wishes everyone.

  • August 2019 – Monthly Challenge

    Day 18 country west Australia CD
    another 100gms down. I seem to be losing in increments of 100g – but I’ll take it anyway.
    @ihatelettuce. Welcome! And congratulations on your weight loss to date.
    This is a lovely bunch of people who share their up/ down/ sad/happy/ crazy/ messy events called ‘life’!.
    I have found this group to be so supportive, generous in sharing their tips/ recipes/ health journeys.
    Personally I am much more accountable and mindful when I post daily.
    Having started with gusto in November 2016 and made good progress until I reached a plateau mid 2017 which lasted sooooooooo long that I jumped off the wagon and rolled way way way down the mountain, sadly.
    So now after a few false starts over the intervening time I am clambering back onto the wagon. Sometimes we hold on by a fingernail but the rest of the crew hitch you by your britches and hold on to you.
    It’s only been a week since really committing to this WOL seriously again and already it has made a big difference to food choices and portion sizes.
    Hope you stay around to enjoy your journey.
    @funshipfreddie thank you for letting me know that a group of dragons is called a ‘weyr’.( Bit of a word nerd here!)
    For the past year I have been hosting the world congress of weyrs and thunders of dragons. Many Many dragons – more than I knew existed , but I have started slaying them one at a time.
    Trouble is they seem to be like calories – multiplying without one even being aware of it.
    But I am now in my dragon slaying suit , so dragons – beware!!
    Happy Sunday all, wherever you are.
    I am off to church – 5ºC and no heating. 👀😇

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Morning all, I got stuck in to the demolition for our renovations yesterday and I managed to get the wall coverings and linings removed, took off the old concrete and tile fireplace surround, pound the concrete and tile hearth into oblivion with a sledgehammer, pull out the old cast iron log burner, then board up the fireplace and floor to dissuade inquisitive cats and children. Everything hurts this morning, and I still have to take out the chimney, but I have to wait until I have the replacement roof tiles before I start that. I also neglected my 75 sit-ups on Friday so I made it up by doing 150 last night.

    I was switching between joy and despair last night as I was flicking between watching the All Blacks winning the rugby and the Black Caps getting thrashed by Sri Lanka in the cricket.

    I hope everyone has a nice relaxing Sunday and I’ll catch up with all of you later

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Just two weeks til a SH Spring – I am counting the days, although we are having a little burst of warmer weather. 28 degrees yesterday – perfect for a lovely long lunch with friends, sitting on the terrace of a Thai restaurant, followed by coffee, also outdoors, in West End. Perfect.

    Reading about the online courses – what a wonderful concept they are. MOOCS…Massive open online courses. I have done a few things with FutureLearn…here’s the link if you are interested.
    No geographic boundaries, and universities from Europe, Asia Australia, the US all offering short-courses with no fees and no obligations. My OH is doing the Tudors (Elizabeth 1 is his dream woman) and I’m still thinking about Fairy Tales: Meaning, Messages and Morals. I love the notion of being able to dip into something of interest like this.

    Cinque I just adore your ‘three’ rule. It actually works…although it’s a ‘5’ rule for me until I am a little more organised. Reflecting on all those black trousers, I packed up 10 pairs and have popped them in the charity bag. They were heavier fabric (from living in cold old Beijing) and very well tailored, but actually, not the sort of thing I wear any more. Now I just have to deliver them before I have second thoughts. Funny (not) how one can get attached to stuff.

    I am going to pop outdoors soon to listen to my garden grow. Amazing what a burst of sunshine, coupled with some very old horse manure we bought from a riding school (selling bags to support the local community) can do to a garden. Truly, I swear my silverbeet has grown 5 centimetres over the weekend.

    Cali hope you enjoy BritBox. Not available here, unfortunately. I looked at the screen and recognised Luther …excellent, but dark, as so many British series are now. If you see Unforgotten, watch it. It’s with the wonderful Nicola Walker (whom you may remember as Ruth from that old spy drama Spooks, and from Last Tango in Halifax). We’ve watched the first three series and have just noticed there’s a fourth.

    LJ I loved that first series of Bletchley Circle, but thought the second series was contrived and improbable and was sorry the producers didn’t just leave it at an excellent one off

    Penguin I’m with you re sugar ….strong black tea and coffee….although I didn’t always have it that way. I think we tried some whacky diet years ago that banned dairy and sugar, and after the few weeks we persevered with it, found we liked drinks without additions. But….I can stop at one square of Lindt, easy peasey, but if there’s dairy chocolate in the house, it won’t be there for long. That magic mix of sugar and fat I guess.

    Klondi how wonderful you can make cheese! Where did you learn to do that? Nice to hear from you on your travels.

    Cinque hope you are having a gentle, warm day.

  • First week weigh in..very pleased

    Hi Symba7
    I’m still fasting and still reading your blogs. Wishing you and your husband well and hope he has a speedy recovery. Well done on getting to your goal.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Time to check in. I have been lurking in the background, reading the posts every couple of days but not posting. PerthGirl’s suggestion that I might have melted triggered a guilty conscience. This is the main school summer holiday period on this side of the planet so I have been involved with grandchildren. It has been hot and sunny, when it wasn’t cool and wet. We have new weather records for both.

    Unlike Thin I have been lax of late, particularly this weekend. OH and I went out for a pub meal last night. Great pie, best chips/fries on the planet, accompanying veg not boiled to oblivion and only one beer (truly). This afternoon it was a cream tea in the vicarage garden. That probably conjures up images of Miss Marple or Midsomer Murders, if you get those shows, but it was actually uneventful apart from the dangerous number of calories in scones with cream and jam and home made cakes. The Vicar, who is supposed to protect me from temptation, led me astray. Monday and Tuesday are my FDs and they will be rigourous. It will be something green from my garden and some vegetables, also from the garden, which I have pickled.
    The posts I have been reading discussed the use of sugar. I gave up sugar in my tea/coffee years ago and my taste has changed so much that I now find it as unpleasant as I would lots of salt in my drink.

    Whilst generally people from the SH are welcome here, indeed my neighbour is entertaining his Aussie relatives at the moment, we have one with us you should have kept at home. He may just be the best batsman around. The only way England could remove him today was to hit him on the head with a ball, and even then he came back after treatment.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Klondi, thank you for posting the info about the Newcastle course. I signed up and they accepted so I guess international is ok. So now it’s the 3 of us so far, Klondi, Cinque and me. LJ, you should do it too.

    We’re having guests for a late lunch, early dinner today. I’m making salmon with rosemary, quinoa with mushrooms, asparagus and apple pie for dessert. Mostly pretty healthy and low cal. I’m putting together one of my appetizer platters. I haven’t done one of those for a while and it’s fun putting them together. Maybe I’ll post a picture. LJ, glad you’re having/had a nice day today. It has cooled down to the low 32’s/33’s here. Definitely better than the high 30’s.

  • First week weigh in..very pleased

    Week 167…after 275 fasts…

    A very busy walking , hospital, dog walking..lots of travelling…6 1/2 hours on the road visiting including travelling…
    Hubby has had a very rough week..two three hour operations on conservative days, blood transfusion he has been very poorly..hoping he may get out of hospital Monday if things settle down…although two fast days not really had time to eat properly..

    I have lost 2lbs…loosing to date 29 lbs

    Hubby suspended from fasting..

    I have reached Goal weight minus 1 lb…hoping to loose 3 more pounds for wriggle room..I am really pleased.

  • First week weigh in..very pleased

    Thank you for your wishes much appreciated…he has had a very rough week he’s been very poorly, maybe turning the corner now..

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Jean after the week you’ve had you deserve a 🍷 – Enjoy x

  • August 2019 – Monthly Challenge

    Rightly or wrongly (but it seems to work for me)
    I’m managing to keep to between 6 and 700 calories on fasting days and as my BMR is 1958 keeping below that on even my ‘bad’ days.
    Today calorie intake 1671 exercise shows 1078 calories burnt (Fitbit) so even if those two figures are slightly out still well under BMR number!

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Cheers glass in hand…going to settle and watch an old Billy Connolly..strange on my own.. 🍷

    Good luck on your B2B..I am being naughty, just needed it…..back to low day tomorrow for me…

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Evening everyone,

    Today has been a fast day and an aiming to have another one tomorrow because of eating out every day next week 😕

    Jean hope they get Steve sorted out. Enjoy your day tomorrow wonder what Charlie will make of his fellow Dalmations.

    Dave a good day of sport for you to enjoy not forgetting the ice cream 🍦.

    Kay 65 our friends asked if we minded having a Thai takeaway instead of an Indian when we met up with them last night which I didn’t mind as I’ll eat most things hence the reason for my being overweight. My favourite Curry is a Pathia or Dhansak when I first had curry i started off with a Bhuna but have moved up the heat scale since then. Hope you get to the beach tomorrow.

    Mel enjoy your time away.

    Hedgehogs bad luck on the parking ticket and hope it’s sorted out quickly. Talking of Lab puppies daughter and son in law had planned on taking Poppy to the coast on Thursday but she was poorly in the morning and they think it was due to her worming tablets that she had on Wednesday – she was very lethargic and didn’t want to eat much of her food but she had recovered by the evening so they took her to her dog training class as they didn’t want her to miss out.
    They also let her off the lead for the first time yesterday and her recall was very good.

    Have a good evening everyone.

    Nana x

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Cheers Jean 🍷😀

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    If he was working they say 6 weeks to a short working day, 12 weeks to driving…..9 to 12 months full recovery ..

    Just finished my ironing…feel shattered…going to have a red wine, you reminded me. 😂..I love a Rioja one of my favourites..

    Hope you get the boards out with Neil….my favourite curry buttered chicken, I like it with a bit of heat but like you to taste the food.

    It’s really walks and hospital and walks, it really tires him so I know he will sleep…I brought some of Steve’s dirty washing home he got so excited over it he was looking for him outside…bless…I will have to keep him off jumping up might have to put him on a lead he will be so excited when he comes home…

    Red wine now!

    Jean x

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    A straight forward 4 hours work today and then after a chill out on the sofa for a bit, then pottered around in the garden for a few hours tidying things up.

    Work tomorrow, at least 6 hours I reckon but then Monday off!!!
    Sadly Neil was off today and was quite tired after early shifts so we didnt plan to do anything.
    If I do finish on time tomorrow, then we will consider going to the beach on the boards, depending on what the conditions are like.

    Jean, glad you are managing to take Charlie out for decent walks still. It sounds like Steve is making good progress and will be home in a couple of days. How long is the recovery likely to be?

    Mel, I think the worst of the weather is past now, so enjoy! And particularly enjoy the red wine 🍷
    We had a very nice bottle of rioja a few nights ago, mmmm

    HH, annoying about the parking fine, hope the appeal is straight forward without having to argue.
    Interesting about your sons ex-gf! Maybe the relationship ending was the best thing for him!

    Dave, Im sure you are now enjoying the footie. Definitely a sporty day. No ice creams round here unfortunately although we do have some cart d’or rum and raisin and salted caramel in the freezer 😉

    Nana, did you enjoy your curry? Whats your favourite? I love curry and do like a bit of spice and heat, but still like to taste the food.

    Minols, hope you arent too busy with things.

    Going to catch up with some tv and then an early night I think.

    Kay x

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Hi All..
    Steve sent me packing after a couple of hours he wanted to sleep but couldn’t while I was there..he had his daughter there for three hours before me so just too much…I came home and took the boy to park, I had a cookie and coffee before they closed…a couple of rounds of the park met loads of dogs, it does suit him he comes home shattered…I turned my phone off for the hour too.

    Thought he may come home tomorrow but his heart is out of rhythm and lungs still not right he is having tablets and through the night to see if they can sort things may be Monday….I don’t think he is ready to come home yet so happy for another day…

    I am going to York tomorrow to a Dalmatian Rally at the race course we have both been looking forward to it..Steve is insisting I go and visit a little later…it will be interesting..

    Dave …
    I could fancy an ice cream the vans don’t seem to come round now…

    Shame on the parking ticket…ooh the girlfriend needs to be careful with those thoughts going to uni, she will be thrown out before she starts…you wanting another puppy? 😂

    Enjoy your time away..sorry I have missed where you are going…with all your friends I would think…enjoy.

    Well I thought I was having an easy evening but a pile of washing maybe dry…so ironing ☹️…then a red wine to celebrate my weight loss…I have a bottle open..

    Jean x

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Quick check in. Horrible wet journey yesterday but the place is really beautiful. We couldn’t get the WiFi working yesterday but sorted now. Have been trying to eat mindfully but the wine drinking is anything but!
    Jean, so glad Steve is improving. HH thanks for the lovely info about your dog. I googled the breed so I can visualise him now, what beautiful faces they have. Had a good walk today, in a field with sheep we met one which must have been bottle fed. It came up for a scratch and to sniff Jodie, who was most disconcerted 😂. Right, people milling about now so will say bye to everyone. Have a good Sunday, fasting or not.

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    Hi Happy,
    With Spring around the corner, and absolutely no excuse to carry extra, I’ve taken myself in hand with a new regimin…very strictly eating only twice a day, every day, roughly 18:6. No 24 hour fasts, but very low carb, high in low GI veg meals. Absolutely no with carbs or between meal eating. 1 glass of red wine every day. So far, the results are reaping benefits and my hunger levels have dropped right off again. I need to feel satiated, but not full, and to not feel deprived. I find I go to bed feeling hungry, but am learning, again, that it doesn’t build and I not only survive until morning, but until at least 12. I can even eat out by ordering, for example, a poached egg with spinach, tomato and avocado. Still enjoy the social occasion, but don’t add to my weight.
    As all of us have found over the years, it is important to reassess, and alter, our eating habits regularly to keep on top of it. All the best with your reset. P 😊

  • August 2019 – Monthly Challenge

    Day 17 – Ireland . NFD
    Back home today and a quick swim in the sea. Weather is much better here than south coast UK – which is rare!
    Not making great choices today but never do in airports…
    Hope everyone is doing ok!
    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Jean- good that Steve has been able to eat a bit, he’ll need feedibg up when he’s home! Years ago the nurses would’ve helped Steve was etc, crazy now they’re too busy…
    Dave- ooh, ice cream…I could be very tempted if the van comes here!
    Had 2 letters which threw me today- I have a parking fine (again!) from helping with the HS stall at the retail park- we were told if we gave our reg numbers they’d authorise it, but obviously that hasn’t been done, so spent ages doing the appeal form online!
    Also had a letter from son’s ex girlfriend, saying how she hoped we coukd forgive her & thanking us for welcoming her, how happy she’d been with him, & a memory book for him when he’s ready! Texted her to say that we don’t blame her, & hope that she enjoys uni. I also told her to be careful (as son says she wants to experiment with drugs when she goes😰). Now we have to decide when to give him the book, I think it will upset him even more right now…
    Had a lovely beach walk with Xena, met 2 lab puppies, made me broody!! & haven’t been very good as we had a cream tea!!

  • August 2019 – Monthly Challenge

    @i-hate-lettuce: So, you see, it works!
    Post each day, which helps you stay accountable. The day is the same day as the month, regardless of where you actually are. Where you come from, and whether it’s a fast-day (FD) or non-fast -day (NFD). See example above by @flourbaby.
    Ask anything you like, everyone is friendly and helpful and stay with us on the challenges, which have been going on month by month since May 2016. Good luck.
    @funshipfreddie: You’re making it sound so easy, I’m feeling jealous now!!

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Been bowling, watching the Ashe’s now and football later.I was quite warm when I got home from bowling and the ice cream van turned up so Denise and I had 99s😄.Had lots of corned beef sandwiches,salads not over keen on ash.Good Steve is eating.

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    Enjoy Edinburgh Jo!

    I’m at home this weekend. We’re entertaining a friend/colleague of the OHs, who I really struggle to warm to, so I’ll be pleased when the working week starts again…!

    I’m doing a 24 hour fast today. Having fasted twice this week, I’ve overcompensated on non-fast days 🐖 So perhaps the only way to stop overeating (except for stopping being depressed of course 😥) is not to start eating?! I don’t want to go OMAD on a permanent basis, but I need something to kickstart me into good eating habits again.

    It’s a lovely, if breezy, day here today so fresh air and exercise should help take my mind off my stomach.

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    All the best at the Festival, Jo. It’s a wonderful time to visit Edinburgh. Choose low gi foods. 🤭😉😉 P

  • One month in but no weight loss?

    I’m struggling a bit really. I’m one month into the diet, doing well on fast days, sticking to 500 calories normally in 1 meal. On the other days I’m being sensible and eating well, but according to scales no weight loss at all and visibly look the same. For my measurements I seem to fluctuate between original measurement and less depending on if I’m having a bloated day.
    Anyone else had this?

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Morning All..
    Just feel as if I short changed the boy in his skies then it came over looking like rain came back and just made it…no coat on!…only 30 mins, play time I think to help get him tired ..
    Steve sounds a bit better fed up and bored so a good sign, he has had cereal and toast this morning, he’s not eating so that good too…

    I had a nice evening with his daughter, she had mad time with Charlie no idea where she gets her energy all was well..she bought a squeaky ball twice as big as a tennis ball, he loved it played all night now it’s disappeared this morning, just can’t find it, it’s here but where, lime green it’s a mystery…so annoying.

    This maintaining..I have been like it well over a year..I go on holiday a few pounds go on ..I take them off, stick at the same weight as before holiday….it’s only this last 6 weeks my body has decided to go down…so annoying and disheartening…

    Still what do we say ‘Better to maintain, and stay on 5.2..What size would we be if we were not doing it!’

    Looks like I am helping him to change pyjamas, get washed and sort him out when I get there…too many tubes to do on his own..
    We both have a basket of plain chocolate to eat..we will eat one then the other when he’s home….how can I can I forget I had mine !!

    Enjoy your meal tonight..which pudding on the menu?

    Is bowling today or watching footy?

    Have a good weekend..

  • August 2019 – Monthly Challenge

    @Ciren2- Thanks for the welcome, finding this fasting method works for me!
    Have to count the calories each day or overeat ! Taken a few years but suddenly seem to have found some willpower!

    10lbs gone 18 lbs to first goal…..

  • August 2019 – Monthly Challenge

    Day 17, London, UK, NFD,

    @ktcaroline, it must have been so scary! I hope you manage to get some rest, take care of yourself. xxx

    @emma taylor, I really envy your ‘jet set’ lifestyle, but I could do without those Italian temptations!!!

    I lost by battle with the ‘thunder’ of dragons who made my life difficult yesterday, there was bread & cheese shared with my mum (Did I have to eat, just to keep her company??) anyway at least the Indian meal was ‘pants’ so I didn’t finish half of it, note to self – stick to Thai!!

    @funshipfreddie ……… careful, your inner Sheldon is showing!!! …….…….. Glad I’m learning something new every day, whether I retain this info is yet to be seen!!

    Off to get some housework done ……………………. maybe!!

    Stay strong everyone!!

  • CBT for dealing with food and emotions- where to find?

    Thanks for sharing both.

    I find it hard to distinguish between low blood glucose mood slumps and low mood and craving for carbs. i do find carbs can give me a mood lift if I have enough of them. Maybe there is soem deep routed psychological thing going on. That said years a go I maintaned a lower body weight without over eating staying very low carb, med diet – lots of olive oil, fish and veggies.

  • August 2019 – Monthly Challenge

    Day 17 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    I actually lost half a kilo after Thursday’s FD and then yesterday’s CD. So I’m hoping I can stick to regular 5:2 & leave out the CDs.

    @flourbaby – if you’re battling roaring dragons, that would be a ‘thunder’ of dragons. ‘Weyr’ only pertains to the tame ones. Any ‘Big Bang Theory’ fan knows that! 😅

    @rabbette – congrats on the new ATL!

    @ktcaroline – wishing you a speedy recovery.

    Have a good weekend everyone! 🍎

  • August 2019 – Monthly Challenge

    Day 17: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    My Long-Weekend….no deliveries till TUESDAY!
    @i-hate-lettuce: WELCOME, of course you can join….you’ve done brilliantly well so far.
    @ktcaroline: stay well, and relaxed xx

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    Morning All,
    Quiet on here at the moment. Hoping everyone is in good health. Busy time of year for all I guess.
    Off to Solihull then Scotland – really excited.
    Who knows who I might meet up with?
    Looking forward to Rock Choir performance at the Fringe, concert a sell out. Some of our Scottish counterparts will join our choir for the show.
    My friend moving in here to carefor my dog. He seems well at the moment but I hope he doesn’t miss us too much.
    I will endeavour to keep on the straight and narrow this week sticking to Fish and veg.
    Chat next week.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Jean- hope that Steve has a better day…should improve with some more blood. Lovely finding the chocolate, hope you enjoy sharing that when Steve’s home! We had a very wet walk yesterday too…
    Kay- maintaining better than putting on! That’s good…But I’ve had 3x800cal FDs to maintain though, oh dear!
    Dave- hope you get some bowling practice in…
    Not sure what we’re up to though, Mum coming for dinner tonight, so a nonFd.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Good morning. I plan to make the most of today – the only fine day forecast for the next week. A friend and I will be exploring the park and wetlands this afternoon.
    Cinque, enjoy your sunny day too, I suspect more rain is heading over your way.

    Klondi, it was lovely to hear all about your recent travels.
    I’m envious of your ability to make cheese – something that interest me. The only one I make is paneer.
    I’m glad you (and Bobby) enjoyed the scones. I also find that they taste more buttery than they should with such a small amount in the mixture. They are are also nice made with wholemeal. Most often for myself I’ll make wholemeal cheese & herb scones as I really like them to go with soup.
    You are right about the kale chips – you need to remove the thick membrane and just use the thin leafy sections I find kale chips a lot of work as I feel the need to scrub each leaf (snails & slugs), then they have to be really dried well, then all membranes removed. Most often I make zucchini chips as they are much less work than kale (and I think they taste better). Just slice into very thin rounds and add a little salt and pepper (lemon pepper is also nice). Once they’ve been in for a few minutes I add 1/2 tsp butter per zucchini and toss it through. You do need to keep give the basket a good shake every 3-5 minutes as those on top will start burning otherwise. Depending on how full the basket is it can take a good 20 minutes to get them all crisp. I have a habit of removing and eating those that are done while I’m shaking the basket – needless to say I’ve already eaten a serve of them when they are all finally ready!

    Klondi & Cinque, the course sounds interesting. I didn’t realise any of our universities offered free online courses. I’m tempted, but I think with the extra bridge lessons I’m doing I’m probably at capacity. I’ll be interested to hear what you think though as I might do that in the future.

    Have a nice Saturday everyone.

  • August 2019 – Monthly Challenge

    Day 17 country West Australia NFD
    1 kg down over 6 days so VEEERRRRRYYYYYY happy!!!
    It is SO good to be back on the wagon with my fellow wagoneers. It is such a pleasant place to be.
    This lovely group of people really does keep me accountable.
    Yesterday went grocery shopping and have got into the habit of buying myself a little food treat BUT this time I really did stop and think about the 5:2 group and your collective support across the globe stopped me!! So yay ! Winning! and thanks!
    You see together we definitely ARE stronger. Just a shame I haven’t been listening to you guys a lot sooner but still…
    @ktcaroline, I really hope you recover soon. So sorry to hear you are unwell. Be kind to yourself.
    @flourbaby, yes I most certainly am enjoying my ‘Dolly ‘time – wearing lottos tight sweaters. Mind you ALL my sweaters have become a bit figure fitting in the past year.
    @ciren2, hope you don’t get too wet on your rounds but please send all rain down south to west Australia . We are DESPERATE for rain. Have just come off the driest July on record and August heading the same way.
    The climate definitely seems to be changing.
    @emmataylor, in Italy you will be enjoying a Mediterranean diet – and that’s what everyone says is the best – so win win situation.
    Onward and downward.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Cinque. I would love to do it with you. I did think it might add to your already vast nutrition knowledge and if you are happy to pay then you have a certificate to add to your CV. I have taken that option as I wanted to get graded and have feedback. We can be uni students together.

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