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    Day 20 Herefordshire UK FD

    Why have I just bought sourdough bread and granola when I’m on an FD!

    Will keep myself busy today renovating a piece of furniture and doing other bits and pieces around the house.

    Fitbit seems to be being ingnored by me, must address that and get moving more consistently and vigorously.

    Wow, wow, wow @daffodil2010 – lovely to read your positive and inspiring post and hope your OH gets his knee sorted soon.

    @flourbaby – congratulations too, great Fast 800 is working for you. Happy birthday celebrations, wishing them now just in case I miss the day!

    Right I must get to it and get busy. Have a good day everyone.

    Ta x

  • The Fast Diet and older people.

    Well done on your success so far.

    I always have milk in my tea and coffee and it hasn’t prevented me from losing weight doing 5:2. It is the same as any other weight loss method in that it creates a calorie deficit in order for fat reserves to be utilised.

    Having said that, those of us who have had success know that it is very important to rid ourselves of unhealthy eating habits by making better choices about what, how much and when we eat or we’ll never keep the weight off.


    Day 20 UK CD

    Excellent CD yesterday and, after Monday’s FD, I’m back down to my pre weekend 65kg. Fat suit deflating by the day!

    Off to conference with 1 litre fizzy water, keepcup and herbal tea bags, packed lunch /supper of huge salad, spicy tofu sausage, fruit and graze snack. I’ll work out the calories later but hopefully keep me away from the chips, crisps, chocolate and cakes!

    @daffodil2010 wowsers! I’m inspired! X

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Well it was my gp who suggested the Fast diet and said it was the only diet /wol that works.

    @Quakka , good quote! I like ‘Your attitude determines your direction ‘ Google growth mindset quotes, I just love them !


    Day 20, London, UK, FD800

    Keeping up with my exercise and seeing results in the mirror, but not on the scales!! Not too bothered though, I much prefer muscles to wobbly bits!!

    Wow, @daffodil2010, just Wow…………….. That’s some waist whittling!!! I tore my ACL 95% about 10 years ago and wear this brace when exercising or doing anything requiring twisting turning or that would exert pressure on my knee, it’ll never be 100% so I need to protect it whenever I can.

    I use it when doing the 30 Day shred and I’ll be packing it for my skiing trip too, perhaps your OH needs something similar until the knee is stronger?

    I’m focussed on the fast800 and not yet feeling deprived or the need to binge on wine or cake (I’ve NEVER said that, ever!!!) This weekend will be a test, wine, Thai meal, cake & more wine …………. Well it will be my birthday!!!

    Happy fasting people!!!

  • The Fast Diet and older people.

    Hello Fasting_me and thank you for your reply.
    I’m not sure where I got the, ‘no milk in drinks on fast days’ idea; I’ve read so much on this. You have both done very well. I bought the earlier book in 2013 but unfortunately couldn’t keep up with the 500 calories. I’ve read the new book, The Fast 800 and felt very inspired by the round up of what had gone before and especially all the test results. I also felt that I might be able to cope with 800 calories on fast days. Actually I’m now finding that I don’t eat 800 on those days but often less so it’s more likely to be 6 or 700 with an eating window of 8 or 9 hours.
    I’m hoping to get into the ten stones+ next week so, fingers crossed.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Well done neil on the blood pressure results. My OH amazed his Dr with his blood pressure and blood test results too. It’s a pity the majority of Dr’s fail to recognise the benefits of this WOL and hand out prescriptions instead of educating patients on healthy lifestyle changes.

    Successful FD, just a tad over at 531 cal.

    Looking forward to a good night’s sleep tonight (hopefully). Purchased a new firmer bed mattress which was delivered today. Have been waking up feeling achy and sleeping a bit resltlessly of late. Mattress was due to be replaced so hoping it was the cause.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Hi all just a quick ‘hi’ so you know I’m back from my wee break. I’ll. Read through the news later – but picked up that you decided to get a dog after all, Jean – brilliant! So chuffed for you and Steve.

    So I’m back but come home with a bug (up all night with d and v so back in bed now) still… It’s a good,quick – if horrible – way to deal with the effects of hotel food!

    Too tired to hold my phone up… Night night!


  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Dave- hope the rain stops or you can find something to cover it- hubby says he would work round a sofa- put it in one half then move it over, they didn’t expect to empty a room when he did carpet fitting, depending how big it is. Glad you dont have a headache!
    Jean- enjoy more visitors, hope SIL likes Charlie! Hope he stays settled!
    I’d planned a liquid fast today, but now mum’s coming for dinner, so can’t eat nothing! Maybe soup…my pain of a brother after my words with SIL said he’d invite mum this weekend, has now invited her Friday- better than nothing but it’s the weekend afternoons she finds hardest! So need to do some more housework today!


    Day 20 London UK FD ( finally!)

    Joining today’s pocket list

    Pocket list for today:

    Just back from 3 weeks in Italy. There’s a lot of carbs to redress. But it feels very cold back in London, even though it’s a lovely day here. Glad to read all the positive posts. I’ve definitely fallen off the 5:2 wagon, but today I’m getting on it again. H

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    I never get a hangover,or at least not had one for about 45 years,that’s why I only drink from a pint pot,no small glass.Dosent matter how many pints I drink I still don’t get a bad head.Got to put the sofa outside soon and it’s raining 😶we are throwing it out but not for a few more weeks.jyst waiting for the fitter to come now.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Morning All..

    A damp start this morning…visitors again today, told me to be back for 10.30…did I complain no one visits…I don’t think it’s us they are coming for….

    Earlier walk than usual, his new lead has made it much better on his pulling, more free and easy…we need to buy a short lead for town work and house visits…he seems calmer this morning and settled.

    Charlie is 23 kg he really needs to be 27 kg …so logging in 11 lbs to loose starting on his 5.2…

    Hope today goes well with the fitters….hope no headache this morning….

    Yes hoping the weight may move a bit..although yesterday we did have cake earlier with daughter and chips from chippy last night…we have been good generally this week…have a good day..

    Jean x


    Day 20. UK. Fast800

    I’ve eaten to plan and got on scales to find I’m up 2lbs. Ba humbug. I was hoping for a small wooshy as I’ve been really good this week. Eaten lower carb and everything. Was down slightly Monday, didn’t weight yesterday and today it’s up. Our bodies and chemistries are strange beasts. I’ll just keep going.

    @daffodil2010 that’s a fantastic result, well done! Hope your friend can sign Post you in the right direction.

    Peace & Love

  • The Maintenance Chatbox… come and share your success with us!

    What a lovely pair of contrast Images! Fasting in the snow and purple dining in the balcony- both under a beautiful moon! It was magnificent last night. It looks very dramatic, seen coming up through the branches of our oak tree.


    Day 20 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    It’s officially an NFD but could well turn into an 800 calorie FD. I have a small Oatbran bread with mackerel sandwhich for lunch, then pop home after work to let the cat in and have a quick 250 calorie chowder (brand is Cully and Sully and made in Cork…..seriously delicious), then off to Dublin to meet an old school friend then we both visit Dad in hospital.

    She is now a director of the Public Health Service in the south so, whilst really looking forward to catching up, I am also hoping she can give me advice on how to apply for a home care package for Dad for when he gets home. She suggested meeting up so I won’t feel bad about asking for advice ☺️

    It will probably be late when I get home. I will try not to have a sneaky snack of late night muesli……it’s become my nemesis. Maybe I should throw it out for the birds, they will get more benefit from it than I will!!!

    DH is only back in work 3 weeks and his knee (the one he had surgery on) is giving him serious trouble, swollen, painful, strange lumps sticking out the side of the knee-cap 😱 His job at the airport is very physical, he may have gone back to work too soon. He needs to get back to his surgeon ASAP. One thing after the other.

    But me, I have never been healthier. It’s thanks to this WOL. Oh and this is my favourite pick me up when I feel down that weight stays same……

    Take a tape measure and put it around your waist then put it out to the waist size you were when you started this WOL. Marvel at the huge expanse of space…that used to be your fat tummy. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done so far, and keep on keeping on.

    For clarity, I am now 32″ waist (still big for my size) BUT in July 2017 I was………drum roll…..a 46″ waist 😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨

    Have a great Wednesday whatever you may do


    Day 20 – Ireland – FD

    Good FD yesterday 👍

    Have a good day today everybody!

    Pocket list for today:

    Onward and downward ⬇️

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Wow, I went to the doctor today and totally amazed her. My blood pressure was 150/95 before I started on the fast 800. After just 4 weeks I’ve managed to drop it to 122/79!

    My bloods are being taken tomorrow to checkc cholesterol, blood sugar, iron, etc


    Day 20 – California – NFD
    Day 19 NFD

    I’m doing pretty good so far this week mostly because I ran out of cheese puffs and I’m sick of Girl Scout cookies already. That only leaves me with 70% dark chocolate which isn’t really possible to OD on!


    Day 19 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Managed okay yesterday, and a very low calorie day today (about 900) even if they weren’t completely the best choices. Those mixed nuts about do me in….

    Onward and downward.

  • The Maintenance Chatbox… come and share your success with us!

    Fastingme, I don’t do Lent and I’m not interested in keeping a food diary for 40 days but am doing one for the next couple of weeks, if we want to compare notes. 😊

  • Newbie – Can I really lose weight ?.

    You can lose weight, just put the work to it

  • What are some good weight loss tips?

    Fast Walking, Running

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Good job, Keep it up !

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    2.30pm Wednesday. Fast Day for me. 2 x black coffees this morning. 2 x boiled eggs, glass kefir and cup miso and hot water lunchtime which totals 280 cal so far. Roast veggies for tea to top it off. Also 2.5 litres water so far. Hope everyone is having a good day. P.S. – the builders have confirmed they will start internal renos Wednesday next week…..yippee….finally !!


    Day 19 Ohio, US — FD(#56)

    Just a quick check-in. Regular FD.

    Enjoy the full moon!

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    I just love that quote Quacka and have it on a post-it on my work screen 🙂

  • Blood sugar level after 45 minutes steady training

    @cartinmaron I often saw an increase in blood glucose after exercising when I was monitoring my blood glucose. At least part of the reason is a lot of glucose is stored in muscles. As that glucose is consumed, lactic acid is released, that is the stuff that causes one to feel a muscle burn. The lactic acid is converted back to glucose in the liver and dumped back into the blood, this is known as the Cori cycle. This allows the muscles to keep using glucose for a longer period. At some point there is just too little glucose available to muscles and they that to start taking in oxygen so that fatty acids can be used to produce ATP instead of glucose. This doesn’t produce ATP as quickly as consuming glucose does but it can go on for a much longer period of time. Typically there can be a transition period where the exercise is more difficult and then gets easier, that is often referred to as getting your second wind. This second wind is actually the muscles switching over to mostly using fatty acids for fuel.

    Depending on how much insulin is in the blood, the amount of glucose in the blood will vary. A person that is type 2 diabetic probably has more insulin resistance and may see a larger increase in blood glucose. There are many variables so you should expect a lot of variation from day to day. Still is it more common for non-exhaustive exercise to raise blood glucose rather than lower it. Now if you ran a marathon it would be a different story.

    The muscles typically store a lot of glucose which is one reason muscle is much heavier than fat. If you don’t use your muscles that glucose just stays in the muscles. However by using the muscles you create a place for the body to store more glucose. So exercise is actually helpful in lowering blood glucose even though it can cause a temporary increase in blood glucose.


    Day 20 – Japan – NFD

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Oh I forgot to mention something.

    I found one of those inspirational quotes sites and printed one about being positive. I have it in a stand on my desk so I can look at and also so the girls can look at when they come out here. It’s A4 size and in colour.

    I usually can’t stand those quotes, mainly because I already think that way and I don’t need someone else to tell me some cliched quote but obviously some of our staff do. I am a glass half full woman.

    So the quote is

    “One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day”


    Second post – should read walking with a friend (not FIEND), although in this context she may just be that!

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Good Morning everyone

    Its FD for me today and so far so good. I am just about to have a black coffee and thought I would check in.

    Thanks LJ, Anzac, Rosy and Cinque re: negativity. I am usually such a positive person and I really can’t handle the negative vibes. It’s completely different if a person is having real problems – I have no trouble at all being compassionate and kind as I genuinely feel for them. I feel for them so much that I rack my brains trying to think of ways to help them or make them feel better, even though I am aware that mostly they just need to talk about it. The negativity is just whingy, whiny stuff that the staff here feel they need to include me in. It’s difficult to walk away as they come into my work area and I am usually at my desk but I have been practising acting disinterested (which I am) and just focusing on my work. Today has been great.

    Ouch, ouch, ouch Neil! Poor finger! Hope it heals up quickly for you.

    Well done Maxi on your first FD. The afternoon is sometimes hard for me too and I am ready to eat as soon as I get home. I try and plan something that is quick and easy, yummy and all within the 500 calories (as I try to eat just dinner on FDs).

    Yay, Anzac for the extension. Breathing room is sometimes all it takes and I am sure the perfect job will come up. Good luck

    Today’s weight is 66.5kg. I am hoping to break into the 65’s this week. Weight loss is so slow at the moment but I am not giving up. The alternative is something I just can’t consider. Ever. Again.

  • Blood sugar level after 45 minutes steady training

    Hi everybody. This is my first comment on this post. I have adhered to the 5-2 fast diet about a month ago. My main objective is to reduce my blood sugar level. I have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. My glucose levels rarely exceeded 7 over the last 6 years. Morning readings generally ranges between 6 and 7.

    I have been exercising on the threadmill for many years. As of now, I decided to go for a 45 minutes steady high pace walking (5.7 to 6 km/hr). Today, just out of curiosity, I decided to monitor my blood sugar level 1 hour after exercising. To my surprise, I was amazed to see a reading of 7.8 whereas I was expecting something more in the 5 to 5.5 range.

    Can someone provide some explanations for this result?



    Day 20, New Zealand, FD
    Hello all, sorry haven’t posted over the last few days. Thanks @at for the support for the Papotowai Challenge, I’m walking it, I have done it twice before, so would like to better my previous time this year. My daughter is running it (for the first time) with a friend. It is a beautiful part of the country. Hoping that the FD’s will mean I have less to carry around the course! I’m walking with a fiend who is fiercely competitive and I know who will push me to do my best all the way. I am now looking for another walking event in a month or so to keep me motivated to train. Like these monthly challenges knowing there is a end date (and a subsequent start date) to work towards keeps me on track.

  • The 5:2 Diet and Blood Pressure – How low can it go?

    Thanks for your post, CalifDreamer. We certainly do seem to have similar situations, so it would be good to keep in touch.

    I haven’t received results from the 24-hour monitoring yet, but have been measuring my BP at home for many years now. Second readings each measurement day were averaging about 125/70 over the last two months, before my doc took me off one BP medication. But I have recorded lows of about 106/65 sometimes and experienced dizziness on those days and on other days as well.

    Re spikes upwards, I have seen 2 or 3 as high as 167/90, including one on a day when I fainted and fell over unexpectedly and then recorded my BP after standing up again! But I don’t see spikes very much, probably because I am still taking 1 BP medication.

    I’ll post the results of the monitoring once I get them, Cheers!

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Rejoined the fishing club,met a friend I used to go fishing with over 50 years ago,I had four pints of Coors,I quiet like it, usually drink bitter.Only trouble is I feel tired now,not used to drinking anymore 😖 watching a TV program called Scotland Yard,1957 usb, will watch this and go to bed.

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)


    It’s not exactly hot here but when I think back to last February (although I admit that I spent the last 2 weeks of the month in South America) it bears no comparison.
    Having said that I don’t want a repeat of last year with a blizzard in March….

    Roasted cauliflower is the new sexy food 😉

    I admit to being slightly obsessed with dhal and lentils in general at the moment.

    I made a dish based on cauliflower cheese yesterday. Cauliflower, swede and carrot in an onion sauce, topped with cheese. Enough for 3 dinners and very tasty 😀

    I’m going to make falafel later in the week and oven cook rather than fry them so I can use less oil.

    It is definitely easier not to eat rather than employ moderation once I start.

    I’ve stopped telling people about not eating breakfast as I don’t want to hear the usual responses any more.


    USA Day 19 FD800 (16:8)
    Second Post

    I was so busy today getting my tax papers together that I completely didn’t remember that I hadn’t eaten until well into the afternoon! I don’t mind that. When I was younger, my life was always like that. It’s probably why I was always so thin! I wish I could have more “business” in my life. Anyway, I decided to make tomorrow a water fast day. It will also be snowing all day, so I won’t be going anywhere. I always find something to do on those days!

    Hope everyone had a lovely day! See you all tomorrow! 🙂

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Good morning! It’s raining….you know, wet stuff from the sky. Drizzly, soaking rain and yes we need it desperately but why now? We have a gorgeous long weekend booked down the coast at my sisters beach house. BOO. Oh, and its cool too – only low twenties.

    Max, I’m so sorry to read about losing your precious best friend. We were so devastated when we lost our first lab (my first ever dog) we waited 7 years before we could bring ourselves to get Maxx. He is a totally and utterly different dog but he is bringing us so much joy (amongst other things. Sigh)

    OUCH Neil! For goodness sake, what is it about this forum? Are we all just completely accident prone? I think I started it when Maxx and his friend Margot barreled into me a month or so back and I could barely walk on my twisted ankle for days. Take care everyone. I hope your finger isn’t too painful but I’m sure it is

    Cali I received another text from the recruiter laying the blame completely on the bank and offering to forward his email chain. I guess I have to believe him but I’m certainly not using them again. Has it warmed up over there? Did you send this cold weather to Sydney? HA HA

    Rosy, only 11 more days of torture. Imagine how good it will feel when the cast comes off and I hope your poor bones have knit nicely

    Well done for taking in a rescue dog with challenges Penguin. I’m sure it was a hard road getting him to the loyal and affectionate stage. Great name!

    How are you feeling today LJ?

    Enjoy brekkie with your sisters Cinque.

    My lovely boss just confirmed that they are willing to extend me until May! but that will be a problem as then my cunning plan to incorporate my 7 week holiday in the middle of a contract doesn’t work. So I told her I would commit to staying until the end of March UNLESS something amazing comes up that is long term. So I have some breathing room. Phew

    Have a great day everyone

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Good morning from beautiful Melbourne. Stunning moon last night. Having a lovely time with my sisters. 8:50am

    Quacka, music is a great antidote to negativity. Seems you have two problems 1. Interruptions. I’ve never had a job where they didn’t drive me up the wall. Sometimes life is the interruptions. Keep up the music.
    2. Negative comments from people who don’t want your help or advice. I’d just say, be as kind as you can. Some people have awful lives, that you can’t see from the surface, and little comments of care and understanding can make a huge difference. And when you don’t feel caring and understanding… hooray for music.

    LJoyce, wonderful that exercise is a help with the pain, even when it is hard to do it. I hope today is a good one.

    Betsy, such frustration that the sit ups haven’t given you a trimmer waist, but how wonderfully fit you must be. Pity the bit of flab on the outside is what you see, instead of the wonderful core fitness in the middle.
    Re the icecream. Might need to make the feast days a little bit further apart. I found that the more weight I lost, the more sensible I had to be re healthy eating. Sigh. But hooray that occasional feasts are still ok.

    Maxi, cheers for your first fast day. They will start to feel a normal part of your week before long. (I have early evening meals too!)

    Neil, wonderful weight in! Terrible accident. Penguin’s right, I’d better watch out for my digits! It will be interesting having your check up today for comparisons.

    Hi Cali, best wishes for a good day. Hope your BP is behaving itself.

    RosyPosy I hope your wrist is settling down and that you are getting used to the cast. Haha, just read your advice to Quacka, a great no nonsense approach.

    Off to have breakfast with my sisters, at a cafe with GREAT coffee. Well, I hope it is as good as last time. Still trying to work out whether to have breakfast with them, or to keep today as my fast day. It will depend on the menu!

    Time to get organised. Bye all.


    Day 19 Ireland FD

    I was so busy with kids, appointments, swimming lessons etc that i never got a chance to eat properly so id say total calories for the day around 300

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    @neil well done with your weight loss you can’t ask for more than that. Yikes re your injury. I’m one of the walking wounded on this thread. I broke 2 bones in my forearm and am now imprisoned by a bright red, fibre glass cast which comes off in 11 days, bring it on !
    Maxi when you are hungry in the avo , fill up on fluids. I am on my 3rd btb liquids only fast day. When. I am hungry I walk away for half an hour, if I am still hungry, I have a clear soup ( bouillon) made with a stock cube and boiling water or a large glass of iced Metamucil (totally fills your stomach) or a large glass of iced water fill our Ed with cucumber, coriander, mint, lime and lemon.
    @ Betsy Lea include a third Fast day and see if that helps. I get away with murder on my 2 eating days on the weekends because I do 5 liquids only btb fast days while I’m at work.
    @lj pleased to hear that moving helped your joints. I’m not exercising while my cast is on as getting hot and sweaty makes it itchy.
    @quacka, negative people are a drain ! I either divert them onto a different topic much like a 2 year old or I walk away. If they are not getting attention for their negativity, there is no reward for them. What you focus on is what you get. Hope that helps.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Neil, congrats on your continuing weight loss! Those are some great numbers. But what is it with the self mutilation of fingers and wrists and arms on this forum? Ouch! Time to stop with all the injuries!

    Anzac, I din’t think you should just let that job recruiter off the hook without a complaint. There is no excuse for wasting everyone’s time on a mismatch. If you don’t want to confront him/her verbally, I would definitely do it in writing. If you don’t, other job hunters will end up in the same situation. Some employers don’t like using recruiters for exactly that reason.

    LJ, glad the morning walk helped with the joint pain. I’ve had similar happen a few times. You just have to be careful not to overdo it I guess.

    Welcome to Maxi and trev! I hope your experience with 5:2 is as positive and many of the rest of us here.

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    It IS such a peculiar thing, isn’t it, Happy? And when you tell people how much easier it is to cut back eating by skipping breakfast, you are usually treated to a horrified reaction! P


    Day 20, Wellington NZ, NFD

    For some reason, actually many reasons, February has been a bit of a bust so far. Family visit, weddings, family gatherings……it is so difficult to maintain eating integrity over these times. Any tips anyone???

    And tomorrow I’m off to Shanghai for a week and am already gaining weight thinking about delicious Shanghai dumplings and hand pulled noodles. YUM.

    Was .5kg up today so my month is upwards, not downwards already.

    I will be mindful while I’m away, and hope lots of walking will help. Mind you it’s about 5-7 degrees (C) so the cold will be refreshing after our sultry (for NZ) summer.

    Unlikely to be checking in while I am away, but I will be back in March – with a vengeance – this forum keeps me going. Two steps forwards and one step back is better than two steps forwards and three steps back, right????

  • The Maintenance Chatbox… come and share your success with us!

    An interesting juxtaposition of life under a full moon! No oceans, electrical storms or snow here. It’s unseasonably mild but that’s as much as I can say!

    The only secret stash my OH raids is where I’ve hidden the wine… although crisps disappear at an alarming and mysterious rate! He was a natural intermittent faster when we met, but has since got the hang of eating too much too often and has the middle age spread to show for it. He keeps saying he’s going to do something about it….

    Meanwhile… I am determined to get serious and get rid of my extra 2kg!! I’ve had a good fast day today. I just need to make sure the non-fast days are similarly controlled.

    F_me, I won’t join you in logging food either I’m afraid. I’ve never been a calorie counter, and I have little enough spare time as it is without writing down what I eat (a handful ot walnuts…and another…and another….and another…. 😊)

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Neil. There are now three of us on this site , possibly more, with recent self inflicted injuries. Is this a safe place to be?

    Max. I had a Max, a cross bred Dobie rescue dog whose reputation when I got him was so bad that no one else would take him. We had him for seven years. He remained a hard dog with outsiders but became totally loyal and affectionate with his own people. His reputation is probably the reason that we were the only house in the village we then lived in that didn’t have a crime problem.

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    Ha, no! It’s unseasonably mild here too Amazon! While it’s nice to be warm(er), I find these temperatures at this time of the year quite worrying. It SHOULD be winter still….

    My OH is away this week, always my cue to breathe a sigh of relief that I can have a few days meat-free, For some reason, I was inspired to buy a cauliflower and roast it with spices 😊. Teamed last night with a lentil dhal, and tonight (a fast night) with fish.

    I’ve had a good fast day today, been busy and avoided food no problem. I’ve been a greedy guts lately on non-fast days though (how many nuts can I eat in a stress-fuelled work day…? 😊). Why is stopping eating so much harder than not eating at all?!

  • The Maintenance Chatbox… come and share your success with us!

    Last night, we ate by candlelight on our balcony, above the sea, watching the huge yellow full moon rise out of the water. The sky was clear where the moon was, but the other half developed black, angry clouds, reaching their threatening stormy fingers towards the smiling moon. Wild flashes of lightning filled the sky. We were treated to a wonderful electrical storm for a couple of hours. Eventually, heavy rain moved in and the moon, by now high in the sky, bid us farewell. The crashing and flashing continued to illuminate the ocean view. Absolutely stunning.
    No Lent challenges for me thanks. I’ll continue with my 5:2 regimen.
    Crispy skinned salmon and tiger prawns on an apple slaw; stewed apple and rhubarb with plain yoghurt and pistachios for dessert. Perfect full moon dinner. 🌝

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Good luck with the carpet fitter…all coming together nicely..

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Steve is saying our grass is looking so bad…it will start growing soon it will look better….it might have to be paving stones or similar…I have been fighting that for years…I like grass..
    He is absolutely shattered 😂..all toys away and out of the garden now…just in case he’s out later, he just won’t come in!

    Daughter is calling again tomorrow with SIL..he’s frightened of big dogs..they are off on holiday and just will be fun..

    Jean x

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