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  • Fat Busting Brits!!


    A 1lb loss is a good steady step closer towards your final goal weight. I know it can be quite frustrating but as you say there’s no real rhyme or reason behind

    I bought some new scales in January that give me all sorts of measurements from BMI to weight so maybe they are making a difference.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Morning all!
    Typhoo- that’s great, 3lbs! I don’t think sometimes you can understand why it happens, no rhyme or reason! Enjoy your porridge!
    Minols- hope you can get everything done today & the funeral goes as well as it can…have a nice day off tomorrow!
    1lb off for me this week, sooo slow! Swapping FDs & having today & tomorrow off, start again on Sunday, will do a run off 800cal days again…
    Lovely & bright, met a Swedish Valhund (Minols, is that what your dog is, or did I dream it?!) so Xena had a play with him. Apparently he’s friendly with the girls but hates boys…I’m sure Xena thinks she’s a boy, but he obvs didn’t notice 😂 Cooked youngest 2 breakfasts already- porridge with fruit & nuts, then full english, he can eat when he puts his mind to it!! He had a traumatic bike ride- 2 mastiffs ran across a field, into the road & chased him down the road; luckily a car came & the dogs stopped, son says he thinks they’d have got him otherwise 😬 Didn’t put him off his food though!
    Seeing mum this afternoon.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Im still experimenting with this way of eating to see what the best things are to eat before and during my fast for the greater rewards.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Well done on the 3 lbs – that’s brilliant! Quite possibly shows that you were about to have a loss the week before…and then it’s all tipped into one week in a whoosh!

    I start weighing in on Friday…and finish on Monday morning! So I’m not declaring yet!

    Another funeral this mornign, and the meeting for one this afternoon…and I just want to get caught up on some admin so that I can sign off for 24 hours.


  • Fab Fasters in February

    Day 26 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    Nearly didn’t bother with my last Friday of the month weigh in this morning…….
    146.8 pounds…..😳
    Have I completely lost the plot?
    Can I really blame Birthday month and Covid depression for too much booze consumption and eating the wrong foods, too many bad carbs?? Because of DH’s health and anxiety we have been shielding for almost a year now and it has really got to me this month.
    What to do???
    I know what to do. I just have to dig deep and find the motivation to feel better.
    I feel like crap, mood swings and aching joints, the prospect of feeling better should motivate me…and I should soon get the vaccine and I need to boost my immune system in preparation… I will look forward to March and better times ahead 🤞

    @basyjames thank you for keeping the wagon rolling, just sorry I didn’t stay on track 💐

  • Fab Fasters in February

    Day 26 UK NFD

    My best result ever ,down 6lbs! I’m genuinely very pleased with myself, decided to give low carbs a real go and I’ve not had ANY sugar, potatoes,rice, pasta,bread and most surprisingly beer in Feb and it’s paid off. I’m having a weekend off then gearing up for March .

    The sun is shining ☀️I’m off to enjoy Wishing you all a good day x

  • Fab Fasters in February

    Day 26 – Lake District UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    @stitchincarol – Glad you’re feeling a bit better, February can be a glum month without feeling ropey! You asked about our annual walking holiday, each year we got up to Scotland and rent a cottage in the Cairngorms in spring. There are a few cottages we use, all are really nice. A couple have red squirrels and deer come into the garden every day, just fabulous, we use it as a ‘kick start’ for our year. Really hope we can go in May this year!

    February, well my target of maintenance went out the window, I’ve lost 1 lb ! Which I can live with 🙂 Hope others got to where they wanted to be.

    Off to the local monthly Farmers Market, got to get to our regular supplies in!

    Take care all

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Good morning all

    Yesterday’s fast went very well and now looking forward to some very tasty porridge for my breakfast.

    It was my weigh in this morning and I managed to lose 3lbs this week when the only thing I changed was no chocolate on my fast day

    Good luck to all those who are also weighing in today and to anyone who may be fasting.

    Stay safe and warm everyone.

  • Fab Fasters in February

    Day 26 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Glorious day, really puts the Spring, literally, in the step. Also, My Dad is scheduled to get his first jab on Tuesday morning and I feel so excited and happy for him. He is delighted himself, making plans to get out and about.

    Stayed the exact same weight all month. However, I feel strong and healthy, I have switched up my foods and getting more fruit and vegetables into my diet, a hell of a lot more fruit to be honest (the old Dukan Diet mentality was still there), so it may be what’s keeping me on the plateau. But all that vitamin C and magnesium and calcium is really helping with the menopausal itchy skin and sore joints.

    So @basyjames, that’s my lessons learned and opportunities for personal development….change my food base and stop menopausal symptoms. Achievement is losing an inch from my waist.

    Next steps…..I think OMAD for my 5:2 might be the way to go….and maybe every Tuesday and Thursday for my OMAD FD as I find Monday’s not working.

    Thanks for hosting @basyjames

    See you all in March guys 👍

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    A quick hello,
    Happy birthday wishes to Miss Gday, it sounds like a hoot of a celebration.
    I totally relate to your present policy, it was the same with my daughter.

    What a pity you are so frightened of spiders, Gday… and not interested in living in a city apartment, 6 floors up, which is my SIL’s way of dealing with his spider phobia. (None come in!)

    LJoyce, hooray for an easy 500 calorie day, and sympathy for a hard next day.
    Hooray that you think chorizo was a good substitute for Chinese sausage as I wasn’t at all sure. I’ve never had Chinese sausage.
    Ooh is Sunday your birthday? Good luck with all the prep.

    Anzac, sending good wishes
    Lindsay I hope this week has gone well,
    Betsy, you too!
    Thin, are you scrubbing the poop deck?

    I see in Dr Mosley’s twitter he has just aired a documentary on UK TV called “How to stay a healthy weight” I presume we will see it to coincide with his speaking tour? Do you know Gday? Did you see it by chance Thin?

    I am a bit better, but putting life to the test by having Miss 6 overnight tomorrow. See you on the other side!

    Eat well and mindfully! Cheers all.

  • If your clothes are looser but the scales are the same, read on

    That 2 lb is not fiction, hurrah. Measurements are exactly the same but fat percentage has shimmied down again.

    Just had a little try on of cotton skirts that I haven’t been able to wear for years because I was too big. There are several that I can do up and some that are close to being able to do up, which is completely thrilling.

    These skirts are going to be another measure. I hope that I can see improvement at Easter.

    How did it go MM?

    How were the jeans Iona?

  • Fab Fasters in February

    Day 26, UK, 0MAD

    Well yesterday I just got a little bit bored of not eating.!!

    So I ended up breaking free and had a healthy lunch. But then with dinner I had wine and five chocolates , so I didn’t really cover myself in glory yesterday ! Oh well…

    I am going to do another omad today, it’s a busy one so there won’t be much time to eat, so that’s handy!

    @basyjames – You are so right, for me half the battle is just getting started …. and mentally I find it easier to start an OMAD day than I do to start a FD.

    I will also have a think about your great questions for everyone and put my response was in over the weekend!

  • Fat Geordie Bloke

    Morning LJoyce

    Thanks for your support, the tips you mention are things I will take into account.

    I’ve completed two fasting days this week with no problems. Ate nothing until 7pm then had a meal of under 600 cals. I’ve noticed around this time that I feel a bit zen, almost tranquil. Such a good feeling.

    Got weighed this morning and lost 7lbs so I’m now down to 15st 6lbs. I now expect 1lb a week loss.

    I’ll not be giving up this time.

  • Hello IF Friends! Any. suggestions for quick 500 calorie meals during fasting.?

    select this link
    then scroll down to food

  • Hello IF Friends! Any. suggestions for quick 500 calorie meals during fasting.?

    Can anyone give suggestions on quick 500 calorie meals to eat during the fasting days?
    A little off topic, but has anyone tried the Feast, Fast, Repeat method and if so, how would you compare it to 5:2 Fasting? Please help!

  • Fab Fasters in February

    Day 26, NFD, Aus, TGIF, TTFN!!!!

  • Fab Fasters in February

    Day 25 MN/US CD

    Busy day so a quick check in. Yesterday’s FD went from a planned 800 to 400, so that was good. I slept well for once, after a FD of low cals. Today as of 08:17 pm I have ended the day at 900 cals. I went for a real walk today with the sun shining and the temperature above freezing. It was gorgeous!

    DS called to say he and DDiL will not be going on their vacation to Mexico, as they woke feeling not great and decided to get tested for Covid, and both were positive. They were an hour from driving with another couple to the airport, flying out tomorrow. They are disappointed, but I am rather glad they found out now… least they didn’t get down there only to be stuck for two weeks in quarantine, or worse, have serious problems. Symptoms so far: DS has sore throat, nasal and head congestion, headache, and a bit of cough….none of these very bad yet. But, he does have some shortness of breath when going up and down the stairs and that sort of thing. DDiL same, but quite tired, no sore throat. Neither have a fever. They are mid thirties, and relatively healthy, so hopefully no complications. They had to get the kids out of school and have them tested, and neither of my grandchildren are positive.

    I will catch up on posts tomorrow. Another FD planned.

  • Fat Geordie Bloke

    Welcome back Robbo80, I hope you get back in to fasting easily. If I understand correctly the warrior diet is an extreme form of time restricted eating. On fast days I eat just the evening meal with one or two pieces of fruit and cups of tea to get me through the day, but I wouldn’t want that level of restriction every day.

    It’s helpful to have some strategies for the FDs to make them a little easier.
    Plan the meals ahead and make sure food is ready to prep easily or even just reheat.
    Choose filling but low calorie meals – that means padding meals out with lots of veg. A pot of hearty veggie soup like a minestrone or scotch broth can work really well. They are filling, warming and generally keep you feeling satisfied for a while.
    Drink plenty of water as it can deter your appetite for a little while.

    You said you haven’t succeeded eating 3 meals a day. I wasn’t sure if you meant that you no longer wanted 3 meals, or that snacking was the issue. If you don’t want 3 meals, you don’t have to eat them. I never eat breakfast because I’m not hungry first thing in the morning. I usually eat a late brunch and dinner because that matches my appetite. If it’s snacking that’s the issue then it’s an issue many of us have, me included. On the NFDs I plan healthy snacks, mostly fresh fruit or a handful of nuts. When the snacking gets too bad you need to distract yourself with a task or a walk – something that you can focus on that takes you away from the food source. Something I use on a FD if I’m craving something I can’t eat that day is “Yes, you can have it tomorrow”. Our subconscious doesn’t like NO, so I find this little mantra works better for me. Of course when tomorrow comes around and it’s a NFD the obsession to eat that particular thing has usually vanished. You can also adapt this mantra to delay snacks until meal time by saying “Yes, you can have it with lunch/dinner”.

    Good luck Robbo

  • Fab Fasters in February

    second post

    As we approach the final days in our February challenge. Please reflect and share (if you are comfortable)

    Goals reached
    Setbacks conquered
    Lessons learned
    Opportunities for personal improvement identified
    Next steps

    Remember goals do not only pertain to pounds or inches lost. Each of us is on a personal journey to wellness. We are more than numbers on scale and while you may have celebrated pounds/inches losses this month, there are other goals that we can celebrate.
    Finding a fasting regimen that works,
    sleeping better,
    dropping a size or two,
    better relationships,
    consistent exercise/food tracking, or
    just surviving the month.

    We all have wins that we can articulate.

    As David Brinkley once said “A successful man (or woman) is the one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks thrown at him ( or her)”


  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes Anzac, you are a couple of days early but that’s ok. I really appreciate you taking time from your frantic schedule to post birthday wishes. I hope the pace at work eases off a little soon.

    Today I have another light NFD aiming to stay under 1200 and tomorrow will be a FD500. If my weight is good next week I will go back to normal 5:2 but I’m expecting some temporary damage from Sunday’s brunch and dinner.

    I have so much to do to be ready for Sunday I have had to write a schedule. I have today and tomorrow packed with cooking and cleaning tasks. I’ll need a rest next week.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Mum used to have celery & dip the stalks in salt- yuk!
    Glad you’ve booked a break Dave, you could do no chocolate between Easter & the holiday?!
    Jean- your house must be spotless! You do so much cleaning…how’s the weather for Katie now, has it calmed down? Hope their electric bill isn’t too high, saw that the companies have whopped the prices up for lots of people- into thousands of dollars in some cases!
    Nana- fingers crossed for your weigh in tomorrow!
    Typhoo- lovely to need a new belt hole!
    Minols- hope you lose this week too- sounds like you’ve been very strong not eating with the boys!
    Hemmy- hope you & Kristy are having a good catch up!
    Got some pruning done- our tortured willow is due it’s annual trim- new neighbours have their caravan right underneath it their side though so going to be tricky not dropping anything on it!! Stir fry eaten, still a bit hungry…hopefully can manage another 800 cal one tomorrow!

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Good morning

    Apologies for lack of posts but work is so crazy it making me crazy. All of my mindfulness has gone out the window but I’m not dwelling on that now

    My calendar tells me it is lovely LJ’s birthday today so I hope I got that right and if so HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY LJ!!!! Also congrats on your recent loss

    Neil, have a wonderful trip

    G’day, I hope all of the birthday celebrations go well and now-adult Miss Gday has lots of fun. Thank goodness the Covid restrictions have been reduced to the point where you can celebrate pretty much normally

    Cinque, I hope you are feeling better

    Betsy, hang in there and doing things slowly is better than not doing it at all

    Lindsay, fabulous loss. I’m so happy for you and your friend

    Hi Cali, Thin, Jony and our lurking friends I have run out of time. Take care

  • Fab Fasters in February

    Day 25 North Canton OH FD

    Another blurrrrr of a workday. I looked up and it’s 2:30pm-Gah!!! Where did the day go?!!!!

    @michelinme that fruity stuff you cooked up just made my mouth water. Rich, gloopy, luscious, and satisfying checks all my boxes

    @penz bless you, and thank you for offering to host March🎉💜

    @fivetwofan5252 half the battle is finding what works for you, kudos

    @northgeorgia the Lola and Wesley saga continues!!!!

    @stitchincarol oh joy!!! I am so glad that you are feeling better. And I was able to get the instructor class done in one 12-hour day. I have my certificate to teach, but I am not ready yet. I want to review the material and come up with a couple routines that I am comfortable teaching before I try. I will be practicing on my family first of course😄😄😄😁

  • If your clothes are looser but the scales are the same, read on

    Hi all. Well done, both of you. Iona, I hope those jeans fit. I did the same thing with a pair of black jeans. Not sure if I’ll ever fit them, but I do hope.

    I’m at 17 hours right now, but start teaching in a half hour, for the next three hours, so should easily get to 21 hours before I’m home and tempted. I’ll be happy with that.

    Scales were kind this morning. Down half a pound.

  • If your clothes are looser but the scales are the same, read on

    I spent the afternoon in the garden moving pots and pruning plus quite a lot of pondering which got me through until late afternoon. I have another 24 hours in the bag today, so I am hoping that the same 2 lb is not fiction when I stand on the scales tomorrow.

    How is it going MM?

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    I like celery but Denise dosen’t so we never have it.Soup🤮🤮🤮.Just booked a week in Paignton, last Saturday in June.So something to look forward to if covid dosen’t get in the way.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    HI all – a nice normal food day…but I’m going to just have soup again this evening while the boys have beef olives. Really want to have got started on loding again after a couple of no-loss weeks.
    I get what you’re saying about celery – could never eat it as it is, but in a soup is satisfying and really light, so as long as you completely whizz it up it’s alright.


  • Fab Fasters in February

    Day 25 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Quick check-in. Laundry day for me. Sun is shining, warmer temps, and lots of snow is melting.

    Yesterday ended up as a good FD, 385 calories, and that is great for me.

    @stitchincarol – glad your plan is so workable. Yeah for you, for health and wisdom with your life and body. Oh, BTW, my Illini got re-scheduled with your Cornhuskers for tonight in Cham-bana. We often call the State Farm Center the “House of Paign” hopefully not for us!

    @penz – looking forward to March already.

    Onward and downward.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Apart from the shopping it’s been quite a lazy day but I have finally got around to putting a new hole in my belt.

    I will need to start exercising a little bit once we can get out more just to firm up some wobbly bits.

    The weigh in is tomorrow morning so fingers crossed the scales will be very kind this week.

    I don’t think I have ever tried celery and not thinking of spoiling that record 😂.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Fasting going fine…thought I would clean down stairs loo then that corner near the utility would be finished..then I went though kitchen and lounge …all done and dusted and wiped!!

    Sitting now Katie should be ringing anytime now, a cuppa when my floor dries..

    Dave ..
    Glad the contacts are better, she discussed having odd ones for me but I managed with a matching pair!

    Yes the talk was with the U3A..a good speaker apparently he is very well known…next month it’s a lady who’s parents are from India, I like India as you know I hope she’s good, it could be interesting..
    I like celery, Steve hated it so I never bought it a lot, I like it on the side.
    I am with your hubby, like the cheque stamped, in and a receipt ..she wasn’t very nice the lady at Santander, huffy!
    Steak and scampi, I have them both in..I was thinking of steak over the weekend…

    Good luck on the last weigh in..I was up a pound in the week I hope it’s gone by tomorrow, wine and chocolate!! it doesn’t help 😂

    Floor dry cuppa time….get the doors and windows shut had a blow through….very chilly now…

    Jean x

  • Fab Fasters in February

    Day 25 – UK – FD500

    Early morning Broga class at 7am – that was a hard one!

    Lunch service volunteering at our Parish centre – today 39 hot meals went out to our local community!

    In between watching the cricket – Eng v India – what a test match that might end today…..on Day 2….YES Day 2 of a 5 day test match !!!!!

    @ccco – great news about your vaccination!
    @penz – thank you for taking us the host role for March 🤗 and of course I’ll be happy to set up and keep an eye on the spreadsheet for you
    @daffodil2010 – good to hear that you are feeling better and that your symptoms were just a head cold and yes missing @flourbaby – hope she is OK
    @fivetwofan5252 – happy that the OMAD is working for you – I have taken to making my FD500 this month a OMAD too and it has worked well so far
    @brightonbelle – same as you – last FD of the month and weigh in tomorrow too 🤞
    @nellen – I’m pretty sure going dry helps with dropping the lbs – great job 👍
    @michelinme – thank you for adding me to today’s pocket list x
    @stitchincarol – good that you’re on the mend!

    Pocket List Day 25
    @northgeorgia (also ZBC)
    @at FD500

    DTF 🚫🍸🍷🍺🥂
    @ccco – Dry February
    @at – (Dry Feb except for 14th and 26th!)

    ZBC 🚫
    @at – every day!

    Exercise 🏋️‍♀️ 30×5
    @at (today 45min Broga and ?10,000 steps walk)

    “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

  • Fab Fasters in February

    Day 25 – Rural Nebraska, USA – CD1200 or perhaps even FD500

    I’m so delighted to report I’m feeling healthy today. Tired and aware I’ve been sick, still need the kleenex around me, but ready to face life again. Woo-HOO!! I don’t think I’ll bother to get tested again, but will just wait until Saturday to be around people, my official end of isolation. DH and I are the only ones at church most of the time anyway, so we can just go over and work and it will be pure bliss to get out of the house and be productive again!

    @songbirdme Just realized you asked my plan, and I think I’ve answered it. I had no energy before now to do anything whatsoever, and suspect that, despite my excitement, I’ll run out of energy very quickly today, but it’ll be a start. I’ll resume teaching piano next week, and I’ll reschedule that hypnosis session as soon as I can and resume my 5:2 life soon…perhaps even today or tomorrow. I’m waiting to see how I feel after acting normally for a day, lol. Exercise? I think I’ll shoot for resuming that on Monday, and give my body some time to be healthy before I push it any harder.

    @fivetwofan5252 You made me chuckle at how mysterious you were about your good news; whatever it was, I’m thrilled for you. 🥰

    @litprof I’m delighted for you that you’re having a great trip, seeing work friends. How nice to have a touch of normalcy, eh?

    @lilymartin ON the chance that @and…exhale saw the message, I suggested she come find us in February; hopefully she might search us out.

    @daffodil2010 I’m so glad you’re fine today, and I too have been wondering about @flourbaby!

    @i-hate-lettuce A week’s walking holiday, eh? Where is it planned for? Sounds delightful, and I do hope you can go!

    @ccco I hope your week is calmer now with far less stress for you!

    @basyjames Well done on getting through days where several major projects collided! And, to have averaged 31K steps per day? That is mind-blowing. Very, very impressive, indeed! How much more work is involved before you are an actual zumba instructor?

    @penz I have indeed missed you; welcome back!! And how lovely to have you host March!

    @northgeorgia How lovely to have Lola and Wesley back, even if Lola is giving “you” grief! 😁😂🤣

    Have a grand day/evening, everyone!

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Afternoon everyone, not quite as sunny here today but at least it’s not raining.
    Jean had a lovely piece of salmon cooked on the BBQ yesterday.
    Hedgehogs I’m with you regarding celery can’t stand it cooked or raw and the smell ugh.
    Dave sounds like your getting used to the contacts.
    Last FD of February for me today and Sausage casserole for tonights meal.
    Will see what tomorrow mornings weigh in will reveal.
    Enjoy the rest of your day everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Jean- the zoom talk sounded interesting, was that a U3A one? You want to be busy to help with the FD but sounds like you could do with a lazier day, hope you find the balance!
    Hemmy- have a lovely time with your daughter, very different times, but enjoy yourselves!
    Typhoo- hope that your FD goes well today! I don’t like gravy, but son told me recently that Bisto beef gravy is vegetarian, really surprised!
    Minols- Well done yesterday, hope you enjoed the meeting not being in charge! Celery soup sounds grim though, celery’s something I can’t stand!
    Nana- hope the BBQ was good! Not nice enough today…hope you get your cheque paid in okay when you go- like Jean says they’re funny now, ours wanted hubby to pay it in with an envelope but he likes to make sure it goes in properly!
    Dave- hope that you can get some contacts sorted…how’s Heidi’s eating?
    Kay & Mel- hope you’re okay…
    A new loop of a walk found with Xena today, jobs done, an hour’s phone call to my new HS family- they’ve had an offer on their house & are hopefully moving to Essex, all exciting. Had our Asda order delivered, fridge crammed full! Forgot to order steak for hubby’s steak & chips tomorrow though 😬 Will have to be scampi, have plenty of that! FD for me- pretty hungry today though! Stir fry tonight…

  • Fab Fasters in February

    USA. Day 25. FD800

    Pocket List Day 25

    @northgeorgia (also ZBC)


  • If your clothes are looser but the scales are the same, read on

    Well done Iona. How exciting to try on the jeans.

    I am having a bit of a wobble on the fasting front. Just had another cuppa. Going to get out in the garden for some pottering and time filling.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Good afternoon had the battle putting my contacts in, but managed. These new ones are better. One is multifocal and the other is for distance, they seem to be ok.Will have to put sunglasses on now when I go out😁. Not a fast day today.Had 650 calories up to now. So will try to keep it as as I can.

  • Fab Fasters in February

    Day 25 UK FD

    Yesterday’s CD was fine – nearly an unplanned FD but too hungry after zoom course so added a small bowl of porridge oats. I STILL weighed in at 168lbs this morning but I’m feeling smaller – that subtle sense of losing puffiness that sometimes comes before losing weight. Determined not to sabotage because this is definitely progress and I know this WOL works!

    Back to greyish and gloomy here today with hints of spring underneath the clouds. I’m really tired and pretty achy after a more active week – the first since early January’s health issues. Some gardening at the weekend, pottering with chores and picking up projects each weekday. I’m still really behind but beginning to be able to name what there is rather than simply drown in it!

    Time to get on – a pre-lunch session of gentle yoga stretching then a big cup of marmite tea. Early supper will be sweet potato and spinach dal with a side of slaw followed by frozen berries. I’m joining a silent retreat from tonight until Sunday morning but will pop back in to wrap up the month.

    @basyjames thank you for your generous encouragement & kind hosting this month
    @penz welcome back – and thank you for hosting march
    @ccco so glad you got your vaccine sorted
    @daffodil2010 glad you are feeling better 🙂
    @jaifaim wonderful that you made it to the fishing harbour
    @flourbaby hope you are ok

    Pocket list day 25
    @northgeorgia (also ZBC)

  • Fab Fasters in February

    Day 25. USA/DC NFD
    Good morning all. Yesterday was so jammed packed I pretty much didn’t have time to eat – a few slices of turkey during the day and a sweet potato around 8:30 last night. Not the healthiest of food intake, but so be it. Between 1 FD a week – which I have decided will likely just be every Monday, and running around with too much happening, I have dropped 2 pounds this week and am at 131.6. I have no memory of when I was that low before – maybe 30 years ago.. :))). Of course, my dry January extended into dry February and I am contemplating continuing on through Lent – that may be the real source of the continued weight loss. Really makes me focus on how much sugar is in wine! But this won’t last much longer – the image of me as a non-drinker is just not in any measure for real. Ha ha ha. Have to say though – I do sleep better.
    But I sure miss my wine.
    Stay well all. Hopefully I get my second dose of the vaccine tomorrow. Oh my goodness – it’s like Christmas!!!

  • Fab Fasters in February

    Day 25 – USA/GA – FD

    Today’s weigh in is just a few ounces heavier at 227 lbs. Feeling good about my last FD of the month today. It’s still within the realm of possibility that I hit my February goal, but even if I don’t, I’ll have come within a pound of doing so this month. Even more exciting to me is that it appears (unless something weird happens on Friday) that this will be the first week I haven’t hit the 230s. That’s something to celebrate — just not with a feast haha


    “Sometimes I get the feeling we’re being ignored,” Lola suddenly says. I look into the rear view mirror at Lola in the back seat. “By Rita? John?” Lola shakes her head. “No, by you! It’s like you’re in your own little world and don’t care about Wesley and me.” I furrow my brow in confusion and glance over at Wesley who just shrugs. “I’m… sorry?” I say, uncertain why I’ve just been told this hurtful thing. “I don’t mean anything by it,” says Lola. “It’s just that — well, sometimes Wesley and I want to do things at our own pace. You know, stop and enjoy the scenery, the ups and downs of life. You, on the other hand, tend to ignore that and want to plow downhill.” I protest, “but I DO care about…” Lola interrupts, “yes, yes, we know that. Again, it’s not that we don’t understand that you want us to have a good time and enjoy the places we go. We’d just like some time to mingle and enjoy the experience.” I look over at Wesley. “Me? Oh, Lola’s right. I mean, there’s a time to move on to the next thing, but there’s also a time to skip something, or just take a moment to relax, talk, and not worry about the next tourist site.” I feel my emotions run from surprise to anger to sadness to frustration to realization. “Hey, everyone. I’m sorry. You’re right. I need to talk to you both before making a decision like this. But I thought you both were good with hanging out with this wedding party?” Lola chuckles, “Oh we are!” I look at Wesley. “It grew on me. But this trip is about us. No matter the experience, no matter how long it takes, let’s enjoy our time together and not just be eyeing the next thing down the road.” I nod. “OK. I promise to be more engaging. Speaking of which, does anyone see where Megan went? I don’t see her car in front of us any more.”


    Good luck to us pocketlisters today!

    Pocket list day 25
    @northgeorgia (also ZBC)

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Morning All..
    A walk at the park on our own…

    I had a presentation on zoom ..The rise and fall of Butlins..I really enjoyed it, very interesting..Billy Butlin worked his passage from Canada to England, he was paid £5 when he left the ship, he was 20 years old with no more money.

    My fasting day today..egg, bacon and tomatoes for tonight…

    Have a lovely time with Kirsty, hope you do everything which is planned..

    What food was on the bbq?…a bit chilly here..

    Lovely soup…I was just thinking of celery wondering if it was in season…I like celery, apple and tinned peaches ( drained), chopped into Mayo, lovely to have as a side with meat.

    Lots of chocolate about here, some left from Xmas, I had it upstairs but it’s now in my utility room 😬 day is quite nice but chilly…dry…

    A few phone calls then see what I am doing..keep busy ish..

    Jean x

  • Fab Fasters in February

    Day – Ireland – FD

    Hi all!
    It’s a beautiful day here and I cycled over to the fishing harbour this morning… just fab 🛥 🚤⛵️
    I’ve a break planned with friends on the Shannon (our longest river) in June but… we’ll see it will probably not happen… but on verra 🤞. We live in hope…

    FD today… good luck to all!

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Pocket list day 25

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Morning all

    It’s another wet and wonderful day again here but managed to go shopping without getting too soaked.

    I’m hoping with my good dinner yesterday evening I should be fuller for longer today but will have to wait and see. No chocolate in my fridge at least to tempt me.

    For all those fasting today remember it’s only for one day and tomorrow we can eat normally.

  • Fab Fasters in February

    Day 25 – Canada – FD?

    Good morning everybody

    Just a quick check in. Maybe a FD – OMAD. We shall see how the day goes.


    Pocket list day 25

  • If your clothes are looser but the scales are the same, read on

    It’s going really well thanks. Had another successful fasting day yesterday and feeling good. I’ve been out walking this morning and have loads of energy still! The sun is shining so I’m off to pull out some weeds before much gets established in the borders.
    I will be skipping breakfast tomorrow and may do the scales instead of Saturday.
    A couple of years ago I bought a pair of jeans in a size smaller, they were reduced to £3 I loved them and that was the only size left. Needless to say they have never seen the light of day since!! However I am making them my goal so I’ll dust them off and try on in the morning!

  • Fab Fasters in February

    Day 25 UK FD

    Last FD of the month for me , weigh in tomorrow then I’m having a carb indulgent weekend , then getting back on it Monday

    👋 @penz Wondered where you were , great to have you hosting March

    @daffodil2010 I dare not even dream about holidays yet – Have a couple of bookings June &July that were pushed back from last year , think it’s highly unlikely but we’ll see

    I’ll join you on the very exclusive list this morning @i-hate-lettuce , surely it will be larger by the end of the day Thursdays are usually pretty popular 💪

    Pocket list day 25

  • Fab Fasters in February

    Day 25 – Lake District UK – FD

    Good morning all

    Drizzly wet day yesterday, so donned the waterproofs, the welly boots, rubber gloves …. and pressure washed the decking area in the garden. We spend hours sat out there in nice weather so got on with it, a good job well done I might add. Need some fair and windy weather to dry it out before a coat of deck oil, then we’re ready for summer.

    FD today for me before tomorrows weigh in, still taking meds 3x a day and have to be with food, luckily the smallest bowl of breakfast cereal counts so doesn’t add too much to the days calorie count.

    @daffodil2010 – re holidays, we’re planning, but a long way ahead!

    Take care all

    Pocket list day 25

  • Fab Fasters in February

    Day 25. U.K. OMAD

    Well this is my fourth and final day of OMADs this week and I have on the whole really enjoyed doing my OMADs

    I have learnt something too, in that I can do four days of OMAD and still lose a bit of weight hooray…. Obviously not as much as if I were fasting, but I do find doing an OMAD so much easier! If truth be told it is just mentally easier for me and I think that is the big difference.

    So I am going to plan on doing four or even five days of OMAD next week as well….

    I appreciate you are not getting all of the health benefits of proper fasting, but for now I am so desperate just to boost my weight loss after having been ill for so much of last year!

    The good news is that I have lost around 2 lb during February, this is not bad considering the festivities that I enjoyed for 12 days during mid February!!!

    Happy fasting everyone 😊

    @penz Thank you for offering to host March! Yes I definitely want to be involved
    I liked your approach to not fasting whilst you were travelling i.e. it was a choice… Good for you, I so understand that feeling, ha ha!

  • Fab Fasters in February

    Day 25 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Yay, hi @penz, I was wondering where you where. Many thanks for hosting March, you are a star 👍

    Thanks guys for the insights on when to get tested for Covid…..thankfully I feel fine today, slight sniffle but that’s it. I slept last night with the windows on the latch, you can’t beat fresh country air, and I think that made the difference. It’s been so windy and stormy this week that I was sitting inside stuffy buildings, both work and at home, so that probably contributed to the head cold. 😀

    Glorious morning. Not a cloud in the sky, sunshine. On my dawn walk the golden moon was setting to the west and it was a fab sight.

    It’s an NFD today, yesterday’s FD was good, weeks are flying by, still at same weight but feel stronger with all my exercise and rep training…..Strong is the new skinny?

    Wondering where @flourbaby is…’s been a while?

    @ccco great news about your vaccination, such a relief.
    @i-hate-lettuce so jealous you can actually begin to plan trips again……it’s not going to be until mid-summer, at the very earliest, before we can even think of travelling……strictest lockdown in Europe now they say 😨

    Still, if it keeps us all safe and well until we are all vaccinated and life resembles what it used to be for freedom….well, we have adapted to it thus far, another few months won’t kill us.

    Have a good Thursday

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Good evening, just home from babysitting and have eaten a little serve of coq au vin for dinner. Very yummy, but full of cream so I thought a half serve was advisable. I’ll have the other half for dinner tomorrow.

    Thin, I’m sure you have already heard this from your Perth friends – there’s a W.A. election next month. Not sure if you need to organise an absentee vote.

    I mostly have Sunday’s menus figured out – just debating about what to do with the egg white leftover from the key lime pie. I have a lot to do though and will start the baking tomorrow.

    Yesterday’s FD500 was very easy but staying around 1200 has been difficult today – I think I’m closer to 1400 today.

    I did a couple of loads of washing today, so I’m about to take the dietitian’s advice and fold clothes to stay away from snacks.

    Have a good evening all.

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