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  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Let’s hope so 🤞

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Well done Jean another convert to my chocolate diet😁 well done on the two pounds off,if we lose this coming week we will have started a trend with the choccy.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    We have had a nice meal out and a couple of drinks..thinking of Dave and his new diet…thought I must try it so half a bar of chocolate each from my stash..😂 better work!…I am after another 2 lbs off.

    Finishing the evening with a brandy…it’s been a lovely Friday.


    Saturday is another day 😀


  • June 2019 challenge

    Day 14 – Eastern WA USA – NFD

    Keeping food to a 6 hour window 11 – 5, hopefully. I was pleased that I took my time eating, and stopped when full instead of getting stuffed. I put about a 1/3 of the fritata into the fridge.

    @basyjames, so glad to hear you moved to a new low. I usually go up significantly as soon as I eat so didn’t weigh myself after I ate. It’s interesting, as you said that you went down about .5 lb every WFD. Dr. Fung says that usually .5 lb per day is a true loss for most after a WFD stretch. I’m happy to make it down .6 lb lower than the beginning of the month at the end of the WFDs, after bouncing higher in between.

    @debster251 – TY for your input on the friendship. I’ve probably kicked the can down the road by responding as I did. You’re right that friendships are meant to be a blessing and reciprocal… Your venture to Ibiza sounds wonderful!

    @at – enjoy your island time!

    @ciren2 – hope you and other folks on the other side of the pond get some sunshine this weekend. It makes it nicer for work and play.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    My coat has come,not tried it on yet,too busy watching the Lioness’s.I hope the chocolate works again🍫🍫🍫

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Dave- decisions, decisions…what to spend all that money on! I do like the idea of that chocolate diet too! 😂
    Mel- as a vegetarian who does keto, I can’t say anything about your cousin😂, but I wouldn’t want anyone to have to cook for me right now! Cheese for dinner?!
    Jean-glad the whistle’s working with Charlie. I bought Xena a pheasant toy for her birthday (she’ll be a year old next month!), & a big box of expensive chews. The new Aldi’s not that big, so probably doesn’t have everything, but the fish , fruit & veg were definitely cheaper…
    Minols-enjoy the takeaway!
    Busy afternoon rushing about, walked Xena longer this afternoon as it’s finally nice! Then had to cook staggered dinners…tomorrow I’m doing a long walk with Mum & lunch out, organised by the ladies in the Church- will be too far & hot for Xena, so will have to walk her early, hope my feet stand up to it! So no 800cals, don’t think there’s much keto on the lunch menu either!

  • June 2019 challenge

    Day 14 turned into a CD! Sticking to 1500 today and will do fd tomo. Posting to keep me accountable!


  • Anyone fasting (no caloric intake) on alternate days wants a buddy?

    June 14/156.0/FD

    Need to drink more water… Telling myself this (and you if you need to hear it)

    Totally understand the not wanting kids on the scale. I wouldn’t want to emphasize scale worship either.

    Yes creating a smaller salad. You can do it. One way I like prepping food is just chop up the veggies, but don’t put them all together.

    You can put together hard things like
    carrots and celery in a covered dish
    Cucumbers in their own dish
    Hard boiled eggs can be stored already peeled, but not cut open yet.
    tomatoes – I cut when ready or use grape tomatoes.
    Nuts/raisins/seeds can be stored tougher as a mix.
    Lettuce cleaned and washed stored with paper towels or a clean tea towel.

    Assemble the amount you can (*should*) eat when ready.

    Hope that helps.

    Yay going down. I keep hovering those 155s but I do remember 2 weeks ago I was hovering 161, must remember progress!

    •´¯•. Good for YOU! .•´¯• getting past that moment of weakness. I did it too yesterday at lunch – I was nervous, I felt my body going into a bit of a panic over the whole lunch ordeal (thats when my last binge happened) but I took a deep breath and heated up some of my homemade bean chili… I put my foot down and did NOT SNACK! That was the biggest trigger that I think I ran into. I snacked to the point of being full, then when I was finished cooking the wrap I ate it anyway even tho it wasn’t great, but I felt obligation to eat it, then to battle that I ate something that I just thought was ok, I kept looking for something BETTER!

    The chili, I made myself eat more mindfully and then finished the small bowl of bean chili with a suitable portion of crackers that I actually had 3 crackers leftover ((( and I put them away )))) I didn’t eat the other crackers. Normally I’d scarf down a whole sleeve of the buttery ritz type cracker. BUT nope I did it darn it.

    ╰☆☆ Yay to our progress! ☆☆╮

    And yeah don’t quit now, besides even when we hit our goal weight, we can’t quit – it will be a new way to play, but we are playing a life long game {for good health} yay!

  • June 2019 challenge

    Day 14, VA, USA, FD

    I really wanted some cold brew coffee this morning but made myself re-do the Bright PINK color in my hair. (Photo shoot tomorrow) and if I don’t just DO IT when I have the time, I will put it off and then be kicking myself. So I’ll settle for an afternoon decaf americano. I still want the cold brew but at this hour??? Past noon good heavens no. (gosh I remember when I could go to sleep after drinking a cup of coffee.)

    Today I’ve not drank as much water as I would have liked, must remedy that… I feel a bit scattered I have quite a few things I need to do and only have checked off 1 of the things.

    @flourbaby – Ha I too admire that @daffodil2010 could eat just a handful. I’d be thinking well my SO hands are bigger maybe that means I can have 2 handfuls!

    @betsylee – I find it interesting that you can hold forearm plank (elbows one) longer than the regular plank (arms straight) is it your hands that hurt? Usually its hard for folks to do forearm plank. None the less maybe this website will help.

    @michelinme – oooooo Birthday time right around the corner! Yay Celebrate and enjoy.

    @basyjames – WFD are pretty awesome in my book. I also like that they really teach me a better appreciation of food. I do FD now, but I always start with Water in the morning and just have one meal usually homemade (cut up some veggies heat up in broth) *I was getting worse and worse leg cramps and I just I wasn’t able to replenish my natural vitamins from veggies unless I had more of them, hence the soup at night.

    @debster251 – Ooooop I’ll hide all the Jelly Sweets! Does that include doughnuts? We don’t have that many jelly sweets that are that good here in the USA. At least none that I would consider messing up a fasting day or ever indulging in except for the jelly and/or cream filled doughnuts. We have several shops around here, I live in the Mecca of friggin doughnuts! Thank goodness I *kinda/sorta* got over my love of doughnuts. And you are so right, I don’t typically purchase any chips for me. However, my SO loves to take some to work! So I do buy those. My SO is a dash underweight and really could eat the whole house and would end up with a belly ache more than any weight gain. Yes Fight the Dragon!

    @penz – dang it!. And I pride myself in being able to give good directions… Hummm make sure when/if you use Notepad that it is a txt document and not a RICH TEXT document.

    ◦•●◉✿ Day 14 Pocket List Peoples in da house ✿◉●•◦


    ]|I{•——» Slay the Dragons «——•}I|[

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Already booked holiday,and chocolate, Denise was looking at cushions but non that caught her eye. She is talking about cushion hunting tomorrow 😄.My daughter just asked me about buying a new laptop so I said I would go with her tomorrow to look at them.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Glad the weather is calming down…it must of been a worse nightmare.. exciting your cousin is coming over but possibly bad timing…

    Good luck on your weigh in tomorrow 🤞

    Loaded now..what shall we spend it on..cushions…more holidays..😀..oooh more chocolate…

    Have a good weekend all…

    Jean x

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Lindsay, I’m so sorry to hear that you’re in the hospital with pneumonia. It sounds like you’re in good hands. You can worry about your gut biome and blood sugar when you’re back at home and everything is back to normal again. I’ll be thinking about you and sending positive thoughts for a quick recovery.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Yes pushing my luck and bought a bar of Dairy milk😃.Sorted out with Virgin,first full state pension gone in my bank 😄and cheque from Tui gone in too £££££££🤑.Must check my bank after to make sure it’s all gone in.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Oh dear, gone from FD to CFD to stuff my face day! Actually not that bad, will be controlled but just couldn’t cope with it today. Good news is the flood has gone and the sun come out. We are nowhere near a river but the layout and hidden springs just spell disaster. Also a new house has been built opposite and a big bank had to be taken away. We all knew it would make a big problem worse but the council doesn’t care.
    I should have been good today cos I am going to weigh myself for the first time since the Wales pig out!
    Think I am stressed about my cousin from NZ coming on Sunday. Last time she informed me she was vegetarian just as I was dishing up a lamb pasta bake. She is now Keto. (Well she was last week!)
    Good on her though she has reversed her type 2 diabetes. Sigh, think I need the chocolate diet Dave!

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Well done on the 3 lbs off (posts crossed)

    The chocolate diet could be just what I am looking for 😂


  • June 2019 challenge

    Day 14, Rocky Mountains, US, NFD

    Off soon to meet Zorro. Time is set at 3 PM but I think we might be arriving a bit earlier. I am anxious and excited. 😊🐕❤
    Thanks for the good wishes for a good meeting and bonding experience @penz, @matpi, @daffodil2010, @debster251, @flourbaby, @michelinme (Happy Birthday on Sunday! 💐🎁🎈), @missybear, @basyjames: Wonderful news about your puppy Ginger-Nugget 🐕❤.

    Have a good Friday everyone! ⚘⚘⚘

  • June 2019 challenge

    Day 14 – UK – NFD

    Right I’m all packed and waiting for my lift to the station – to catch a train to the airport!

    Staying at a hotel overnight, catching an 8am flight to Kefalonia then to Ithaca for our Yoga Retreat 🙏
    Ithaca is a Greek island located in the Ionian Sea, off the northeast coast of Kefalonia and to the west of continental Greece.

    I’ll be off grid for the week so will check in on Sunday week!

  • Starting today (5/20), but for anyone just starting

    Hi Merry and thanks for the boost!

    I probably should read the book. Right now I am happy with my conversion to this lifestyle, but I know it will get harder and maybe that will be a good time to reinvest by becoming better informed.

    Another successful fast day, but not an easy one. I was hungry all day and counted calories closely to make sure I didn’t cross 600, but I really wanted all 600 of those allowed. This morning the scale is again down, so I if I can keep things reasonable fri-sat-sun, I should be a happy guy come Monday.

    Woke up hungry this morning and have been lightly grazing all morning. That may be something I try today, many small snacks throughout the day. I feel like if I go for a full meal, I may go too far. Also, isn’t grazing supposed to be good for the metabolism?

    So next week is going to be a real challenge for me. It may not be possible to do 5:2. I am on faculty for a 1-week institute. We go all day, all week and the experience includes meals that are like working lunches. I am trying to figure out if I try to fast during one or two of those days and suffer (and potentially impact my ability to perform well) or if I eat but try to be particularly dietetic in my food choices, which seems more feasible. Thoughts?


  • Sassy's story……

    You know, I have lost some kilograms for the past week. I had big problems at college and it made me so nervous. So, I couldn’t eat anything and I feel like I am dead. It is high to over it. In the end, there is and they will always help me with some big assignments.

  • Six month challenge

    Congratulations! I wish I had the same results in losing weight. Unfortunately, I have big problems at my college and most time I am sitting in front of a computer and eating different food. I only gain weight. This makes me sad. Now I am goin to use and have some time for working out.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Afternoon All..
    A bright afternoon first in ages…forecast rain though..
    A lovely hour having hair done quite relaxing…left Steve in charge of lunch…hot spicy chicken wings..I used a different spice not as hot as we had in the caravan but enjoyed as a snack…very messy 😂..we like it a lot hotter.

    Nothing much planned, just getting washing dry, then ironing…not too much…

    I only had two loads, the fun of having a family..hope you get it dried..

    Eek Xena nearly lost you..Charlie has only done it once and he was heading home, I realised and my whistle brought him back to me…I always have it in emergency ….I have started training with his new whistle these last few days, all is well.

    What have you bought her, new treats? Toys?…you will get used to Aldi, it takes time getting used to…saves stacks of money..I only go to Tesco once in a while for bulk buying what I can’t get, or B and M bargains, for regular brands but cheaper.

    Hope you are pleased with your hair…I feel more normal again 😂

    Jean x

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    I am going on the chocolate diet, I had a bar last Friday and I have lost 3lbs😄. Every time I have had chocolate I have lost weight.My legs are really aching today,it’s hard work in the park.i will miss exercising on Monday because I am going to speedway in kings Lynn 😄 the coach leaves from exactly where I do the exercises and at the same time.Going out now to pay the cheque I got from Tui into my bank.

  • Anyone fasting (no caloric intake) on alternate days wants a buddy?

    June 14, 187.4 (I think), at 40 h fast this morning.

    The weight went down and my capris are back at neutral. Still no sign of that TOM and I caught GI stuff early so it is back to normal. I think I’ll figure it out one day ha ha.

    Two weeks left to my June 28 Goal Day, and I think I can make at least some goals lol. I’d like to be finally to 185 so that I had no chance of “accidental” spiking to over 190 as I thought I PASSED that mark.

    It is a cold day and I have this insane amount of the Super Salad…I’m not so into it today. I realy, really need to learn too prep smaller portions. Like way smaller. My salads are always insanely huge. Maybe I’ll feel like the salad after I have a coffee. I’d like to eat before noon today as I have a long day running errands and I dont want to snack on something in case I get hungry. I don’t like being hungry and far from home lol

    I hope you are having a great Friday, Rabbette!

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Mel- thinking of you, seen on the news about more flooding in Lincs…
    Minols- strim of hair indeed…hope that goes well!
    Jean- well done 2lbs off is great! I think cutting carbs does seem to help…hope Charlie doesn’t eat anything he shouldn’t, & enjoy your haircut too!
    Dave- I guess you’ll be watching the footie tonight, will you watch the afternoon match too?
    Stayed dry here, so washing load 4 is in, should be dry for us tomorrow so will see how much I can get done then! Had a lovely walk with Xena, she went the wrong way though & nearly lost me, she was a bit panicky! Sneaked a few extras for her while I was shopping on my own! Tried out the new Aldi but couldn’t get everything so still had to go to tesco😣

  • Already struggling

    First of all, I want to wish you good luck in struggling with your weight. Currently, I am also fighting but against my term paper xD. Moreover, I have other writing assignments and I decided to give them to BrillAssignment

  • June 2019 challenge

    Glorious day 14 NFD, 4 pound loss on the scale, 2 days after breaking my water fast!! This is the lowest number I have seen in a year, so even more yay!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can usually tell when the scales are getting ready to move in the right direction because the quality of my sleep the night before is usually different- deeper as if my body is working harder than usual. I did not drop a lot of weight while I was water fasting, I lost about a half pound a day which I think was just water weight.
    The shift occurred after I ate a couple meals, and I aimed for high fat, very low carb, and low sugar options. Now it is possible that this is still water weight, we will see if I gain it back quickly.

    Thanks @penz even though I fell short of my 96 hour goal, I am very proud of how far I got. I used to be scared of WFD, did not think I could make it through and now…not so much. It has helped me create a new mindset and reset my relationship toward food.
    I plan to try again the first week of August, this time I will be better prepared with broth and pink salt. I believe I got dehydrated this time. It is important to get in tune with your body and listen to what it is telling you.

    @redrockgirl new puppy!!! We our picking ours up on Tuesday after we return from our trip to The Big Apple and her name is Ginger-Nugget 🙂

    @johnnyr I agree, weekends should be called Carb-Minefields, especially in the summer; they are everywhere

    Make it work everyone! My best to you all and have a great weekend 🙂 !!!!!

  • June 2019 challenge

    Day 14 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    2 FDs and 2 CDs since Monday….now to navigate 3 NFDs. Dinner out tonight so I’ve skipped breakfast and will have soup for lunch so I should keep within TDEE 🤞

    @michelinme so right about the treats becoming a habit……that has been my problem with NFDs recently. Wishing you a wonderful Happy Birthday for Sunday 🎂💐

    @redrockgirl looking forward to hearing all about Zorro, exciting news!

    Friday fasters have a good day, remember to keep drinking the water.

  • June 2019 challenge

    Day 14 – England – NFD

    Great FD yesterday. Trying to not go crazy on my NFD today. I’m in a workshop all day so will try to come back later to read everyone’s posts 😃

  • June 2019 challenge

    Day 14, UK, FD

    Hoping for a successful FD today!
    Skinny cappuccino (150cal) + sushi salad (300cals) + WW tinned soup (50cals) for the day.

    Good luck to all fasters x

  • June 2019 challenge

    Day 14 UK CD

    Today’s weekly weigh day showed me at 143.5, pretty much where i was last week, phew. Still feeling puffy from Weds oats and the sugar in cough sweets – a shock to the system after no sugar for a while – and not yet back to early May weight when took 3wks out with nasty virus.

    Strangely tho, since I last measured in early May I seem to have lost a whole inch from my derriere (!!) and 0.5 each from bust and waist. That’s a total of 6″ from bust, 6.5″ from hips and 7″ from waist over 18 mths of this WOL. Thank you @debster251 for reminding me of the journey – so easy to focus on the struggles of today and forget where we started and all the positive changes to date! For me that includes massively improved sleep & concentratin, gently improved fitness, changed relationship with food and much better diet!

    Yesterday slid over the top of my planned 500 FD but not too far. There’s definitely something about not having OMAD which makes it feel more indulgent and less disciplined tho – have to reset my head perhaps? Didn’t drink enough water either and feeling it today 🙁

    It’s my birthday on Sunday and some gentle celebrations coming up over the next week are mostly around food! Lunch in Soho with DD, tea with mother, supper with friends – planning, pacing and some good choices are called for, as well as enjoying the indulgence 🙂 It’s when treats become habits that I slip off the waggon…

    wishing you all a good weekend, whatever it brings – a few wise choices make all the difference! @redrockgirl hope you and the new hound adore each other 🙂

  • January 2019 update from Michael

    Well done you and good luck for the future !

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Hi everyone, brief note – managed my FD800 today, so hoping for an improved weight tomorrow.

    LindsayL, so sorry to read of the pneumonia. Will be praying for your rapid recovery.

    Intesha, glad to hear from you, but – remember to be kind to yourself even while looking after your dad and his appointments and other needs. Make sure you schedule some “funtime for Intesha” in there somewhere. You need to consider your own emotional health.

    CalifDreamer, Hope the home-made sauerkraut tasted awesome for you (not for me, I think it’s an acquired taste, and not one of mine).

    Merryme, I was interested in your comments as I’ve a friend with ME/CFS, late 50s, trying to lose weight and finding it really difficult. That could be her problem. Haven’t managed to get her into 5:2 yet.

    LJoyce, you mentioned bridge today – hope it was fun.

    And to all, have a wonderful, sensible weekend!

  • June 2019 challenge

    Day 14 Melb Aust FD800

    It’s been an okay FD today after another couple of good days, so I’m hoping the scales tomorrow will have me back close to where I was at the start of the month. Early this week really didn’t go well! But, I’ve had a few good days since, so….

    Question re “planking” My brother has encouraged me to try it for core strength, but how many do you do, over what time? I can plank on my elbows for about 25 seconds, and about 20 seconds if my arms are straight, but do I do repetitions? How Many? How many times a day? I know some of you are into that sort of exercise, so advice would be welcome.

    And onward we go, in the downwards direction.

  • June 2019 challenge

    Day 14 UK FD

    Ding, Ding! Final bout of fasting until the weekend, which starts at 5.30pm. Trying for water/peppermint tea only until then.

    Weigh-in this week is 82.6kg. 4kg down since I re-started the fasting thing in the final couple of weeks of May. But I think I need to change things a bit by adding more exercise in. This week I’ve been resting the poorly calf muscle (unbelievably frustrating, particularly as photos of me and friends completing a 10k are flashing up on my laptop as I write). I’m going to start cyclng tomorrow morning and start the 100 press ups a day for 30 days challenge. Let’s see how that goes :). I’ve been too sedentary this week and think my metabolism needs the extra kick that exercise gives it.

    Take care fasters. Run away from the carbs and don’t let them catch you. There are always more around at weekends.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Good evening everyone – although it doesn’t sound too good for some of you.

    Lindsay, it sounds like you are in the right place to get that pneumonia treated.
    By the way, there is research showing that if you take probiotics while on antibiotics you don’t do as much damage to your gut biome. Can you get a family member to bring you in a bottle of kefir?

    Intesha, I hope your Dad’s health issues settle down soon – it can be quite exhausting for someone of your dad’s age to have lots of medical appointments and tests. It does sound like you need to reconnect with friends – maybe those you used to have coffee with after the gym?

    Merry, I came across a number of people who had insulin resistance when on the VLCD. I have no evidence except for anecdotal, but I did notice that all of those with insulin resistance that I knew when on the VLCD program, all gained weight as “apple” shapes – lots of belly fat but thin limbs. It seemed to be the only thing they all had in common. Some were also diagnosed as pre-diabetic, but not all. They had a much tougher job staying in ketosis as they needed a lower carb level to achieve this than the rest of us did. Without a low carb program they struggled to lose any weight, even on 800 calories a day. All those that I knew planned on staying lower carb permanently as they knew how hard it would be to maintain weight loss without that.

    Today I was out and about with a physio appointment, lunch at a cafe then bridge in the afternoon. I’m glad I did a FD yesterday as lunch was very nice.

    NFD Fess Up:
    Breakfast: pot of tea, 4 strawberries, 1 dessertspoon yoghurt
    Lunch: “burger and chips” – a quinoa & chickpea burger pattie on roasted pumpkin and baby spinach and topped with onions and skordalia. Served with sweet potato wedges flavoured with rosemary and artichoke hummus.
    I also had a mug of skim milk mocha.
    Afternoon tea: 2 cup of tea, banana
    Dinner: Yellow capsicum stuffed with freekah and butter chicken.
    Briam (eggplant, onion, zucchini, potato, capsicum, tomatoes).
    Wholemeal sourdough, buttered.
    Supper: hot milk drink.

    I have a lot of meals out planned – at this stage lunches for the next 3 days will be at cafes. There will also be birthday cake to tackle at one of those lunches. I’m going to need to make some sensible choices as 2 FDs is not enough to deal with 3 calorific lunch choices.

  • First week weigh in..very pleased

    Week 159…after 260 fasts

    We have been away for three weeks in the caravan so no fasting for us…we had the most wonderful weather just one day of rain. We had quite a bit of naughty eating and red wine and beer. Still holidays are holidays.
    We were both up a bit in weight when back but had a very good fast week getting straight back on.

    I have lost 2 lbs….loosing to date 23 lbs

    Hubby has put 2 lbs on…loosing to date 16 lbs

    Charlie the dog….loosing to date 2 kilos

    I am feeling more positive than hubby, hoping for a good week.
    Hubby having lots of different hospital appointments, so they are taking priority at the moment but he is still fasting, with a few naughties on the side 😬…I am taking a blind eye the moment.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    You made me laugh….you have a great sense of humour.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Thanks for the reminder, Jean – hair desperately needs cutting back, so now I’ve made the appointment and it can be strimmed next week!

  • June 2019 challenge

    Day 14, London, UK, NFD

    Day 14!!! I’ve no idea where the month is going, I know as we get older, our perception of time speeds up, but I’m pretty sure this challenge only started yesterday!!!!

    @redrockgirl302, I hope you and Zorro have an instant & everlasting bond!!! Soooo jealous!!

    @ciren2, you have nothing but understanding from me, I used to work on site (Civil engineer) and these weeks of continuous, steady, persistent rain would drive me insane!!!

    @daffodil2010, Dr Saul calls cashews ‘Natures Prozac’ and as long as you don’t eat the entire pack, they have very little effect on weight loss ………………. When I really CANNOT close that kitchen door, a handful of cashews does the trick without completely derailing the FD!! Hmmm……… 5:45 a.m shred? Let me think about that ……………………..……….. errm, NO!!!!

    @funshipfreddie, that reduced BP is enough to boost your mojo, if not…………….. I’m sending you some of mine!!! Don’t let those pesky NFDs sabotage the good work of a FD!!

    Many Thanks @debster251 …………………… I’ve just scratched the wine gums from todays’ shopping list ……………. What was I thinking ……………………Oh, I know ……………..’You’ve had 3 successful FDs this week, time to treat yourself, they’re on special offer, and you ARE special, go on, you deserve it, you really, really do’ ……………….Doh!!!!

    @ktcaroline ………………….. mojo winging its way to you too!!! Stay strong!!

    Happy Friday fasting everyone indulging in Pocket Lust!!!! That does NOT sound right!!………………. but I like it!!!

  • June 2019 challenge

    Day 14- Reading UK – CD

    Thank you to everyone who has sent encouragement. I’m not at all sure why I’ve lost my fasting mojo, but I’ll just keep coming back until it returns. In the meantime, I’m trying to learn how to eat properly, ie not overeating on non-fasting days. That seems like a big enough challenge in itself. So onwards and downwards, and everyone keep your fingers crossed that this rain stops soon. We need to look after our Posties!

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    Hi Barata,
    Just finished 5000 step dog walk in warm but windy weather, sun shining which is ace. 17 degrees same as you. SNAP!

    Now to do Ukulele practise, getting quite good now, I can play several tunes correctly and one even from memory. Ha Ha! It’s fun but daily practise essential at my age.

    Speak soon

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Morning All..
    Drizzle here awaiting the yellow boost..

    Steve early at hospital for a CT scan at 8.30 this morning for chest specialist we see again in a couple of weeks.

    Charlie and I went on our extra long walk as rain is expected, unless we can dodge it later. Since the vets no grass eating or any irritation at all, worth the money to sort him out.

    Steve is the same weight wise, I have 2lbs off, very unusual for me…very pleased, no potatoes and bread seems to be working…hope it continues. Meal out for us this evening just for a’s Friday 😀

    Hairdressers for my hair cut and blow…there endth my week on appointments!! Phew!

    You are having so much trouble with Virgin hope it can be sorted..

    You have just reminded me to take washing out of the washer 😂those moments! Hope the electrician arrives for hubby..snap at the hairdressers…

    Are you dry inside now?..Loads on the news in your area it looks terrible..which river is bothering you or is it just too much rain…

    Keep strong and enjoy your food after the shinty tonight..

    How are you doing??

    Hope all is great and you are enjoying your rest…

    Nothing planned as yet so see how the day grows..

    Jean x

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Oh Linsday, I’m so very sorry to hear you are dreadfully unwell. I can’t imagine how awful you must have been / are feeling. I hope with the hospital hitting you with all the drugs etc you will start getting better soon 🙁

    Sending cyber hugs and healing thoughts….

  • June 2019 challenge

    Day 14 Dublin FD

    Sorry for not posting for a few days. Life’s been a bit hectic.
    I’m in Dublin for a couple of days staying with YS who always looks after us so well. We spent Wednesday afternoon and yesterday during the day helping OS move into his new home (a small lump in throat cos they’ve now both officially flitted the nest for good. I’m happy for them though cos they’ve got great girls)
    Well the rain clouds dried up for last night’s Fleetwood Mac concert- truly amazing evening was had by all. Home this morning and a sensible weekend ahead.
    @annemarilyn – I guess your response is really driven by what you want from this relationship. True friendship is a blessed thing and should be mutually beneficial. It nourishes the soul. This one sounds toxic to me. If you hope to continue seeing her, then you should really try to sort out the dynamics in your relationship. However, I agree with @rabette, @prina39 and others. Distance will give you time and space to expand your horizons and ‘I’m busy just now’ means you avoid hurting her feelings. I was in a similar position once but am all the better for moving on. It’s a hard one.
    @funshipfreddie – great news about the blood pressure!
    @michelinme – so lovely to read about those 38lbs despatched and the new tops. Nothing like a size 10 for raising the spirits!
    @rabette – I’m like that with jelly sweets so I just don’t buy them (well mostly😜) i find being busy the best cure, although herbal tea or the likes can take the edge away. Wise words from@Daffodil. Now you know the dragon’s name it’s easier to fight!
    @at yoga is Greece – mmm! I’m off to Ibiza in October for the very same reason. Enjoy!
    @Redrockgirl – a new puppy! How lovely!
    Starting today’s pocket list


    Have a good day everyone

  • June 2019 challenge

    Day 14 Herefordshire U.K. FD
    Day 9-13 NFD
    I’ve been absent from here this week but fasting today and tomorrow. Apology post reading has suffered as well so I’m not on the same page as you all so hope you don’t mind me rewinding a bit…

    @snowflake56 – you are very adventurous with your colour schemes I love your grapefruit colour, what a wonderful burst of sunshine. Are you artistic? My old neighbour who was an artist used a wonderful colour pallet through out her house that worked so well, she loved bold colours and Art Deco wallpapers and filled her beautiful Edwardian home with them.

    @at – thanks for the link to imgur.

    @ciren2 – leaking waterproofs, poor you, big sympathies.

    Best wishes to all and good luck fellow fasters.

    Day 14 Pocket List

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    Really good news on the weight, Jo. And also on the kitchen. I take it you are contesting the ticket, as you should!

    17 degrees here today, middle of June! It’s going to be colder for the rest of the weekend, though.

    Five days at sea is because we are such a long way from anywhere! 🙂 And OH didn’t really put on any weight of note.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Just a quick post from the Emergency Department, where I am tucked up waiting for a room. It is taking ages because I can’t share, because of the risk of infection.
    We went back to our doctor this morning, mainly to check OH, who ironically is doing well. But when the GP checked my chest, a different story.. Pneumonia in both lungs and quite a temp. I knew I didn’t feel well.. Straight off to hospital. Steroids, ventolin inhalant, tamiflu, oral antibiotics, IV antibiotics and a saline drip. Bang goes my biome and my blood sugar.
    I’d nearly finished a post on my computer when I left to go to the doctors, and I can’t remember what I wrote, except to thank you for your get well messages, and say, Cinque, that I hope miss 2 (and you) are both over her dreadful accident. How alarming.
    Ok, I’ll finish here.
    Happy holiday Quacka.

  • Self-Accountability

    Day 24

    Two more weigh-ins before the end of June. For all the complaining I do about lack of motivation, I am actually happy with my progress. Yesterday was a fast day and I couldn’t seem to avoid sweet treats so I was feeling disappointed with myself. I ate around 150kcal.

    Today I weighed in at 131lb. That’s a total of 11lb off in 4 weeks. I can’t complain about that. I hope to make that up to a stone by the end of June. I need to keep in mind the progress I have made so far any time I consider eating a big carbonara on a week day. Only two more torturous weeks left before I can relax into the more sustainable and comfortable 5:2 as we know it.

    Weight at last weigh in: 131lb
    Deficit: 1850
    Total Deficit:28640

  • June 2019 challenge

    Day 14 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    Yesterday’s mindful NFD turned out to be anything but. I really need to remind myself that ‘F’ = feed, & not feast! So, FD #3 today. Tomorrow I’ll be happy if I see no weight gain, and will just write off this week as a pause as I head towards my goal. To anyone else feeling a little despondent today, we’re barely halfway through the month! We can accomplish a lot in 17 days! 🏋️‍♂️

    I was just reading about the horrendous weather you’re having in the UK?! Double the usual amount of rain for June fell in just a few days! I feel for you, I really do. But some good news at least, according to the morning paper – ‘with better weather on the horizon in the coming weeks, a flaming June is still on the cards’. 🌞

    @prina39 – well done on the 10lb loss!!

    @songbirdme – thank you for the link to the mfp article.

    Good luck to today’s fasters! 🍎

  • I am a binger – any info on fasting and bingeing

    Hi Suzy and co,

    Ooo not craving bread I cannot imagine that, that would be a dream. As a child I could have lived off bread, then as a teenager I gained weight and it was due to bread – I would just snack on it all day long I think it was my main food source think I must have been very malnourished despite being plump! I then slimmed out again then re-introduced the carbs and funnily enough popped out again in later life.

    I love kefir although the one I tried before had coconut in it and think it had sugar. Suzy a personal question is your weight now where you want it to be and has your overall appetite reduced? if so do you think that is the effect of ketosis (thinking of your no bread craving..). Suzy do you use dietdoctor – sorry I can’t remember if you said before.

    I am thinking of making a huge bowl of veggies of all different colours to snack on when I come in from work, I’m finding it very hard at that time to make a meal for the children and my carb craving is huge. We ahve early starts in our house. When I didn’t have kids I would go to the gym. I’m self reflecting on here oh and chicory is gorgeous, who knew? I have found that good to snack on and hopefully helping the good ole gut bugs.

    It’s odd with fasting I am finding the less I eat the less I want, as soon as I start eating my appetite and hunger increase. I don’t like being moody though and finding when I’ve sometimes finished work and seeing to the children I can be a bit hangry.

    What are you having for lunch Suzy? I find I’m better with the same meal each day.

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