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  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Hello all

    There’s quite a build-up of messages in a week! But first a quick report on how I’m going with this WOL. I’ve felt discouraged lately. But I’ve remembered something a friend told me once. She was doing a counselling course where some examiners were observing each person doing a short counselling session. She watched the examiners be extremely critical with the students whose turns were ahead of hers. When her turn came she asked them if they could please tell her two things she’d done right for every one thing she’d done wrong! Such a good idea.

    So, in that spirit, here are two things I’ve done wrong in the past week: booking a lunch in on Wednesday so I couldn’t do my mid-week FD; and some late night eating when unable to sleep

    And here are four things I’ve done right; refusing an invitation last Sunday so I could stick with my weekend FD; cooking the chicken and bacon casserole so I have containers in the freezer for my next FDs; using the timer – setting it for a 15 minute wait before having a second helping of dinner and then usually finding I don’t need to have that second helping; drinking more water.

    My weight is the same and my tum is as round as ever but nothing is worse!

    Today is a fast day and right now I am feeling very hungry but reminding myself that it will pass and also that it is doing good things for my body.

    And now I am reading over the recent messages. LJoyce, I’m glad your lung infection seems to be cleared up. Fingers crossed. Anzac, you are under such a lot of pressure at work. Hope you are getting some breathing spaces and some relaxing walks with Maxx. Charlie, your days always sound very full and Cinque you’ve been busy too. And you Victorian people have had the earthquake, on top of the lockdown and the riots.

    Lindsay, thinking of you and your OH.

    Wishing everybody a good weekend – with rest or football excitement or whatever …


  • 5 Years or more on a Fast Diet regime?

    Hi Innerphaze,
    I’ve found the same in that losing weight through this isn’t as easy after a while. It still happens but the magic way my spare tyre disappeared is a thing of the past.
    I’m no scientist but there’s been quite a lot of research around the body reacting to calorie restriction by burning less calories in the long run. That’s a simplified explanation and whether that’s right or whether it applies to alternate days of calorie restriction I don’t know.
    On a similar note to your point, I’ve been doing 5:2 or 4:3 since 2012 but when the lockdown happened (and at various other occasions) I’ve drifted away from strictly adhering to it. Recently I’ve started wearing a whoop strap, it measures HRV, which is supposed to be a good measure of the health of your autonomic system. Also your resting heart rate and respiratory rate which again are good guides to your health.
    I’m a 54 year old male with mild COPD but a keen cyclist, my stats produced (the strap sends the results of the stats to your smartphone) have been up and down but nothing special.
    …then on Sunday I did my first fast since Spring, mainly because I’ve been having some stomach problems, I didn’t really expect it to have a massive effect on my health markers. But Monday through to Wednesday my stats were amazing my HRV was the highest it’s ever been and my resting heart rate was down to 52bpm. Tried it again on Thursday to see whether anything would happen…and again there was a massive further spike in my stats. My HRV has doubled from a few instances a couple of weeks back and hit another high, additionally my resting heart rate was 48 today.
    So in short, personally I think the weight loss effect of this WOL is not as effective, though it still works, after an extended period of time. But the health impact could continue for longer.

    Though as I said, I’m no scientist.

  • 5 Years or more on a Fast Diet regime?

    Ive been doing 5:2 since 2015. I lost around 30 pounds after about 6 months, and maintained that for the next 6 years or so. Then the pandemic hit and I took a couple months off, and gained 10 pounds back, and then started back up in May ’21, but the problem is since I have started back up I am not loosing weight like I did before. not sure what to do differently.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Would you prefer to be on your own or would you have a friend over at Xmas..unless Kirsty says she’s coming.
    A good day there again still rather warm..tomorrow is going to be humid, Pétanque and then to the pub for lunch..maybe a wine 🍷..5 of us tomorrow we have our new lady again…
    Nice to look forward for a few days with her on the 1st ..that’s next Friday….Charlie is going to the hygienist! 😂

    Have a nice weekend
    Jean x

  • Does anyone else get cold

    Yes I do, and read it is a common side effect. For me it is mostly my toes that get really cold, I usually use a heating pad, or blankets and socks.

  • 5-2 User SInce 2015 worked great until about 7 months ago

    Hi Everyone,
    New to this forum, but have been using 5-2 IF since 2015 and got to my target weight after about 6 months of following 5-2, and maintained my weight up until the pandemic, then I took 2 months off during the pandemic. I went back to it in May of 2021, and have not been able to loose the weight like I did before. I seem to be stuck about 15 pounds heavier than I want to be.

    I kept up the same exercise routine, and am just really confused why it stopped working so well. Has anyone else encountered this, and did anyone find a way to solve this?

    I’m glad I found this site, and hope to get some good suggestions or advice.


  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Hi FBBs Hope all is well with you Xxxx

    Another fabulous day we are soo lucky.. Chillier evening and morning but these 200yr old walls are pretty cosy in winter and cool in summer.

    Welcome to our little corner Brenda Xx You are doing so well this is the very best way to lose weight and maintain it. Best wishes and good luck continuing.

    Well done Brads with your pound off .. cobs are calling now lol.

    Sym… Don’t worry about crumbling a bit its only natural .. TBH I think with the food shortage and now fuel Xmas for many will be just more hassle.
    So many restrictions with religion now such a shame lots of traditions gone.
    Kristy is coming for a long week end beginning Oct I am again going to try to persuade her to have it at home. Just the two of them ..

    HH Hope you are having a good day. Is Mum well.. any new projects for you to sort.

    I lost a pound this week still no alcohol Kristy is concerned whether I will be making the usual sloe gin lol.

    Take care all You can disagree with someone and still be kind.- Xxxx

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    @betseylee I can’t remember my source, it was some podcast tho. The thought is that a eating breakfast, then Fast til next one might be the best OMAD for the body, but they rarely recommend it because people’s lifestyles make it harder to successfully accomplish. I think you should try!

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 24 – Rural Nebraska, USA – NFD but probably OMAD

    Drum roll, please! I blew entirely past the 143s and was 142.8 this morning! The last time I weighed this was in early 2016 when I was on my way back up from 137. The strange thing is, I’m not even terribly excited; more, it’s a feeling of, “Yup, nice results, let’s keep going.” I’m shaking my head at the amazing results of cutting out most refined carbs, and limiting healthy carbs; even DH has broken the 150 barrier and was 149.8 this morning (it’s disgusting when your 6′ DH weighs only 7 pounds more than you do at 5’2″, but over our 32 years of marriage I’ve become accustomed to his natural skinniness).

    Tonight I’m making Eggplant Parmigiana with a couple of veggies on the side and the rest of Wednesday’s bottle of wine; we’ll see how the scales react in the morning.

    @penz Well done on a successful fast!

    @betsylee I would NEVER scold you for the gelato; I know well how the limited sweets can stop the EFS. My opinion is that you were totally successful by staying below 800. 💪🥇 My WFD started by accident and continued by design because Jason Fung in his The Obesity Code talked about how WHEN we eat is truly as important as WHAT we eat, and about how our bodies have a set point that they really want to maintain (which is why so many people regain the weight they lose) and the way to reset that set point is by extended water fasts. He encouraged 18-24 hour water fasts to begin with, and said extending it further was only necessary if you weren’t getting the results you wanted, so I’m certain that doing a morning-to-morning WF would be very helpful. (And, this is the most successful I’ve been in any single month since I rejoined the forum 15 months ago, so it would appear my water fasts really are resetting my set point slowly but surely.)

    As we near October, has anyone been thinking about hosting? It can be as simple as setting up the month or as involved as responding to each person’s posts; it’s entirely your call. How about On-target October???? 😂🤣😂🤣 I do like alliteration!

    Have a grand one, using all your resolve to achieve your fresh-start goals!

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 24 —NFD

    Ate well yesterday. Met exercise goal, tho admittedly very much moderate, not a bit strenuous. I am feeling much better today than I have the past two days.

    I so look forward to my morning coffee while reading these posts. I think they help me get into the right frame of mind each morning.

    I know from past experience that I drop weight slowly, no matter how aggressive (or not) my attempt. That is why I weigh myself only twice a month. Depressing scale results can to easily derail me. I have never tried tracking other measurements (except how tight my 👖 fit) so I may try that in October.

    We are discombobulated here today, we got a text from the vet reminding us that we have a yearly check-up appointment for one of our cats today that we totally forgot. So I must race off.

    Thanks and good thoughts being sent to all.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Wow great job there Brads21! Hope I don’t have to wait too long but pain has lessened so can’t complain, managing on paracetamol and ibuprofen gel now. The cold water made a huge difference. One of the reasons it draws me back in 😃.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    It does work Brenda I was 24 stone once, down to 21 now, my first target is 19 stone.I have a 15 year old German shepherd called Heidi.When my wife had to have a new knee the doctor said lose 3 Stone then you can have it done, so she did. Think he gave her tablets to start with to lose weight. He said she was too young and had to wait 10 years in pain all three time too.

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 24 second post

    @michelinme, of course I meant I “haven’t” seen any recent posts, not “having” – typo

    At 11:20 p.m., bedtime, and a second successful FD800. Weigh-in tomorrow morning to find out if there’s been any weight benefit.

    Day 24 Pocket List
    @betsylee (FD800)

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Ps well done a pound is a pound eh!
    Jean, love a dalmatian called Charlie! 😃 Flora is a wee sook in the morning and a bit of a gooseberry lol, she loves a cuddle. Sounds like you have done brilliantly with the fasting life, thanks for the welcome,

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Thanks Brads27, surgeon says lose weight and cycle. So FD’s and exercise bike it is 🙂
    Lovely welcome, thank you

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Afternoon All…

    A village walk with Charlie this morning very warm again…

    I stayed the same this week my body is holding tight to the 1 lb which I need to loose…

    McMillan coffee morning at the pub I went with the ladies, we made £1000 which was very good, it wasn’t that busy…a couple of hours…

    Sitting with the boy I did lots of housework this morning just the lounge to do, maybe tomorrow…

    Did you get your cobs this morning? I love them dark brown too…well done on your pound off..any sport this weekend, Petanque for me tomorrow looks like a pub lunch…

    Have a great holiday ….have some crab for me…safe travels speak in a week….

    A canal boat sounds lovely, I suppose a bit like our caravan but nicer…just back to nature whatever the weather it’s always nice….I try and put a brave face on it sometimes doesn’t work..I crumbled a bit this morning when someone was going overboard about Xmas…
    I must go out and buy some potatoes I might take Charlie and walk to the farm shop…or I won’t have anything to have with Fays steak pie tonight…

    Welcome to our little seem to be doing very well 3 kg is a really good start…love your mantra PBE..Flora is a lovely name for a puss, Charlie is my Dalmatian, a rescue from Glasgow, he keeps me sane.
    It’s hard going when your knees are giving up on you, my hubby had two partial knees done together, one was better than the other..he always said, the surgeon did one and apprentice did the other.
    I have been doing this way of life for 6 years now it just becomes normal…I am 1 lb above goal, ( I have lost 28 lbs) I hover around maintenance but I watch closely…I would like another 3 or 4 pounds off for wriggle room.

    Have a lovely weekend everyone…

    Jean x

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 24 – UK – NFD

    Hello all. Friday again! These weeks are flying by! I’ve just finished my last video call of the week so now I’ve got the happy tunes playing in the office, I’m raising my desk up to standing position and will be bopping along for the foreseeable.

    Sadly, the big ‘do’ I was meant to be attending tonight has been postponed which is a shame, but I must admit I’ve been feeling very tired this week so I don’t know how long I would’ve lasted on a big night out. I’ve had a week of broken sleep (mainly due to DH’s restless sleep I think) and it’s taking its toll a bit. I was good for nothing yesterday evening and any plans to get out for a walk / do some gentle yoga went straight out the window!

    I have actually prepped some lunch today though, for the first time in a long time… Tuna avocado salad with raw apple cider vinegar & extra virgin olive oil dressing.

    @flourbaby – hello! Good to have you on board!
    @northgeorgia – still doing good on the weigh ins! Have a great day
    @funshipfreddie – Congratulations on the new low for 2021! It’s so great to see some of us moving ever lower especially after so many of us have hit the dreaded plateau this year
    @dvw – Great work on the FD and two tennis matches! I used to LOVE playing tennis 🎾
    @emma-taylor – Your trip sounds simply amazing! I started learning Danish a few years back using Babbel but I’m definitely going to use DuoLingo, they have designed it so well!
    @lilymartin – The same thing happened with me last week. I think the computer pixies are playing around again!

    I’m going to have to shoot off again now but have a lovely Friday, all! 🙂

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 24 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 222 lbs, but a few ounces lighter over yesterday. Got to run again. Take care, all!

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 24 – Canada 🇨🇦 – CD

    Good morning everybody. Had a good FD yesterday and two long tennis matches so feeling pretty good. Take care all.

    @flourbaby – welcome back, love your posts – so funny and energetic! Congrats on selling your flat.
    @stitchincarol – sounds like you’re doing so well, good for you. 👍
    @funshipfreddie – I’ll definitely watch those sugar vids, just waiting for a rainy day 🙂

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Hi Brenda you have come to the right place, a friendly bunch on here. I have 2 dodgy knees that need replacing but not in too much pain at the moment with them. My wife was in horrible pain for ten years with her knee before they replaced it. I lost a pound this week so happy with that.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    I’m not usually up to writing in the evening, but this has been my first chance in a busy week that included
    my friends trip to radiotherapy (yay she is finished),
    home help (yay she has taken to wearing a mask properly! – it just took 18 months and we are both fully vaccinated now, have to laugh, but still, hooray!)
    my eye specialist appointment (pressure normal, don’t need to see her again until next year)
    minding two little darlings yesterday morning

    I am cactus, and have been overeating, but today has been better and clear days ahead. I’m eating miso soup right now.

    Anzac, hello fellow cactus!
    Long distance observer here saying you really need a work contract that allows you to be healthy.
    Overtime pay is a good start!

    Hooray that (hopefully) we will see you more come October.

    Betsy, so glad to hear Wilbur is healing.
    Hooray for that mojo! Keep tickling it!
    Mine will be coming back over the next few days too, I hope.
    I’m glad you got that earlier appointment re your skin, even though, thankfully, it is looking good. (I’ve had about 6 bcc’s removed from the back of my hands, and my face. Fair skin, 60’s childhood 🙁 )
    And ooh, a doctorate meeting coming up. Fingers crossed it gets you inspired.

    Charlie, hooray for getting off that plateau! And no wonder, with how busy you have been.
    I meant to say earlier, when I was living just out of Swan Hill (almost the Mallee), I was working in a school and would have loved to come to your farm for a change of scene in the holidays. Especially if Melbourne was locked down 😉

    My sister is a retired farmer living on the edge of Benalla. She got a great photo of the swimming pool in flux as a result of the earthquake. I can imagine how impressive it was for you.

    But Neil, I do think a New Zealander wouldn’t have batted an eye. We are just so unused to them, and on top of lockdowns and idiot protesters, it seemed like another horseman of the apocalypse!

    LJoyce, you will have had your infusion today. I hope it went well and your lungs are feeling bug free.

    I completely agree with you about fava beans. The ones with skins are hard going (sorry any Egyptians reading!). But the split ones are fabulous.

    I make a dip called bessara with them. It is delicious. and also make it as a soup with the same ingredients.

    Hanging out to hear how everyone else is. Especially you Lindsay, and best wishes to Mr Lindsay. (But I understand if you don’t feel like posting).

    Okay, soup finished, off to keep recuperating.

    Best wishes all

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 24 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Major PFDS this morning. A new low for 2021; 70.4 kgs, despite last weekend’s peanut binge! 😜

    @flourbaby – you were missed! So glad you’re back 🤗

    @high5, @betsylee & @stitchincarol – so glad you enjoyed the videos. It’s amazing what you can find on YouTube. Last night I started watching ‘Sugar:The Bitter Truth’ – a presentation given 12 years ago by Dr Robert H Lustig (author of ‘Fat Chance – The hidden truth about sugar, obesity & disease’). I’m only half-way through it; its 90 minutes long & gets quite technical at times. But his passion, humour & extensive knowledge of the subject make it very watchable. It’s been viewed by over 14 million people so far.

    @emma-taylor – 😂 I know how that feels! It’s mortifying. I remember buying lunch in a cafe in Chile years ago. The first time I ever tried to speak Spanish in public. All I did was ask the waiter if I could pay in dollars; but I was euphoric that he actually understood me! Sometimes it works the other way round though; when you want them to speak the language you’re learning they just want to practise their English on you.

    A long weekend here; Heritage Day today. But I’m aiming to be on my best behaviour for the last week of Fresh Start September

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 24 OMAD Trapani

    After staying in a very plush airbnb apartment in Palermo, we are now in a little eyrie in Trapani. Still lovely but very different. DH and I are on day 232 of our Italian lessons on Duolingo, which is the most fun learning I have ever done. I’ve NEVER tried to learn anything so consistently, for such a long time. The trouble is, it’s given me a bit of confidence to speak to the people here in Italian, which has completely backfired, because they then rattle a reply, which I don’t understand a word of, and then I have to sheepishly say I don’t speak Italian. It is funny. DH laughs every time. Even when I say it, they think I’m lying and keep talking to me in Italian. Oh boy. Must try harder. OMAD sort of ok, but daily drinking of wine a mistake 😢😢😢

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 24 – Lake district UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Had my usual Thursday FD yesterday, missed my morning ‘call into the forum’ somehow things are a little hectic at the moment, turn around and the day is gone! It seem to be every day things crop up or manic busy!
    The summerhouse project for the garden has been binned, it would have meant losing the greenhouse 🙁 and that gets more use than a summerhouse would. Anyway we have the conservatory and the sheltered decking area outside so already well catered for.

    Another hectic couple of weekends, last two fundraisers of the year and then, we’re off on our travels for a couple of weeks in mid October.

    @flourbaby – Nice to hear you’re back and thanks for asking, I’m doing incredibly well thank you. Almost a year since the start of treatment, I look back in the diary for ‘this time last year’ and wow …. serious stuff and a bit of scary time, but the medics used their knowledge and skills and here I am, not quite 100% ‘normal’ …. but don’t think I ever have been 😉

    Take care all

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 24 country West Australia CD
    Had written a lengthy reply which has disappeared into the ether and didn’t save so just hoping everyone has a good day.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Hi folks, loving your chat. I’m up in Fife, working and living, got a dodgy knee that needs replaced but too young they say. We’ll see about that once I’ve lost enough weight for it.Into my 3rd week of the fasting life and so far I like it. Its working for me. Hunger isn’t a biggie and I’ve lost 3kg.
    I started wild swimming as we’re lucky enough to live by the water. Feels amazing, once you get over the freezing cold lol. Not sure if I’ll be able to keep it up over the winter but will keep going and see.
    Got myself an exercise bike too as surgeon said cycling best, started that this week. Will build that up after my weekend at Haggerston with Mum, Bro and Sis in law. Looking forward to it, if not the drive down. Fingers crossed the bypass is not too sticky!
    NFD today, FD yesterday and Monday so think I’ll miss breakfast and drink lots of water til lunchtime. PBE is my mantra, play it by ear 👂
    Keep the faith anyhow, still snuggled in with OH and wee puss Flora.Have a good day whatever you’re doing x Brenda

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Second post

    Sorry, I hope everyone in Oz is ok after this earthquake? I must have somehow missed that in the news.

    @brightonbelle }
    @emma Taylor } Fellow montalbarno lovers! 😍😍
    Lucky you having been there and gone to his favourite haunts! I’m so envious – DH & I must go next autumn! Also to his favourite restaurant! The food sounds amazing!

    @emma Taylor – was touched by your description of how warm the people are too ….

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 24 U.K. OMAD

    I’m out to dinner tonight so can’t do a proper third fast day this week but all good… I’m maintaining at my (old) goal weight and my Happy Scale app actually tells me that I am still continuing to lose 1/4LB per week. Though I think that’s a slightly flattering view of my progress 😄

    Anyway my wage against sugar this week has really paid off…all I’ve had is 5 x squares 85% dark chocolate. So motivated after watching the two sugar films! Thanks @funshipfreddie for the Canadian one!

    So I’m deffo feeling smug this week 😄😄😄

    However I’m going to be launching into 2,5 days of EFS this weekend!! Dinners, lunches ans even breakfast out! So calorie-fest, here I come!!!!

    @betsylee – I’m a bit of a health nut, but I do know EXACTLY what you mean!
    If I feel too deprived then I totally lose my mojo!!!

    I went through a stage recently of eating white rice on my FDs for the same reasons as you, but it made me wake up starving in the night so I had to stop that! 😢

    See y’all on Monday after my EFS! 😘

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Good afternoon – quick post.

    Wilbur much more “himself”, let me in, let me out, where’s some new food, etc., which he hadn’t been doing since he was in the fight. He actually slept on my bed last night, too, first time since he was hurt, so his hind quarters must be feeling stronger.
    LJoyce, you asked and I forgot to mention – no drain, just a bit of oozing for a day or so, and he was given a slow-acting antibiotic injection which lasts for 14 days, so no daily administration of antibiotics, yay!

    Doing another FD800 today, so B2B FDs.

    Hope everyone is doing well. Public holiday here in Melbourne, Grand Final public holiday. Ordinarily, there’d be a big parade of the footballers through the city, etc., but…. even the actual match is in WA, sigh, and people are not allowed (supposedly, at least) to meet to watch their teams together. Wonder how many will break the rules tomorrow to cheer on their teams with beer and mates? Not surprising if they do. Just hope there are no really big gatherings.

    Wondering where everyone is – this is three consecutive posts from me. Finishing now and returning to my study. Stay safe and well, everyone.

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 24 Melb Aust FD800

    My FD (turned FD800) went relatively well yesterday, so I thought, why not try for another. Okay so far. Mid-afternoon and I’ve had about 120 calories so far, so about 350 calories chicken/ vegies for tea, followed by a Tartufo gelato, which I’ve discovered to my delight is only 208 calories. Who’d have thought it! I will savour it. That will keep me under 800 calories.

    Yes, for all the purists on healthy eating on the forum, be kind. I KNOW the gelato isn’t good for me, but it does stop a feeling of deprivation devolving into a epic face-stuff. I’ll eliminate that indulgence from fast days once I’m more used to them again.

    @flourbaby, delighted to see you’re back posting. You and your humour have been greatly missed. Admittedly, my past few months here have had me logging on at the start of the month, never to be seen again for the month, until this month, but still…. really enjoy reading all your comments again. Glad you’ve sold your flat, hope it all goes well living with your mother, bank details welcomed 🙂 Ha Ha!

    @michelinme, how’s your new start with 5:2 going? Having seen any recent posts, or maybe I’ve just missed them. All the same, I hope it’s going well. It seems there are a few people making September a real, new start.

    @penz, well done for a successful FD. I’m figuring that my 2 FD800 days are about as “good”, and yes, glad not much damage or reported injuries here post earthquake. Mind you, it was probably a minor event to folk who come from Japan or New Zealand, but significant for us.

    @stitchincarol, thanks for re-posting the youtube videos that @funshipfreddie posted. I’ve been wanting to watch them, but didn’t want to have to scroll back trying to find them.
    It’s great that you’re finding WFDs so effective. That’s something I’d like to have a go at again, but I take a tiny BP medication that sticks to the back of my throat unless I take it with food of some kind, usually a low GI “breakfast biscuit”, which completely messes up the WFD. Maybe I could try taking it with my biscuit in the morning, then sticking to water until the next morning? Maybe? That might actually work. Something to think about, anyway.

    Onward and downwards everyone!

    Day 24 Pocket List
    @betsylee (FD800)

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 24, NFD, Aus

    TGIF! I did succumb to a light supper last night but am confident my day’s intake as below 500 calories, so chalking that one up to a success.

    *phew* BetsyLee – glad you’re ok and your heating system too! And yay for a FD!!

    Welcome back @flourbaby!!!! Super thrilled to hear your flat sold, and that you’re back with us. (No comments on our healthy contribution to the viticulture economy…)

    Have a good weekend fellow trendy fasters (thanks @funshipfreddie)

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    second post

    @funshipfreddie I finally had time to watch those two videos you posted (on sugar and on the science of fasting and I found them fascinating and extremely motivating. I’m loving the results of WF and the video that talked about the wide benefits to water fasts, including to arthritis and cancer, had me slack-jawed and, I must admit, a bit smug, LOL!

    It is so ingrained in us that we must eat to be healthy that it’s a hard preconception to overcome. But, as I do my best to eliminate all refined carbs from my diet and combine that with a 40-42 hour water fast each week, and find the weight dropping quite easily, it’s hard to see water fasts as anything but totally wonderful. The last time I was at this weight was at Easter, and I had worked diligently–hard, even–to get there…and then I promptly gained back ten pounds when I couldn’t maintain my diligence.

    It’s too soon to know what behavior maintenance will require, but DH and I have another trip October 11-16 which I plan to begin with a water fast until Tuesday evening, and then I’ll simply avoid refined carbs for the rest of the week. Wine will absolutely be present that week, as will cheese and crackers and sausages as appetizers before lovely dinners; as long as I ignore those crackers, and skip the rice and potatoes and bread at dinners, that will certainly give me an idea how my body will react long-term to this approach.

    So, any more videos we all ought to be watching??? 😂🤣😂

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you Xxxx

    What a glorious day again.. Only just come in.

    I am thinking of you Sym its not easy so early days for you

    You are so very brave to visit those places holding wonderful memories .

    Keep doing what you are doing as it is brilliant the right way to go. Xx

    HH we had a canal boat for 8 years and loved it a wonderful escape . Our old springer Beau was so happy .. he would jump off and stay with me while I worked the locks. Equally nice in winter with the wood burner ..all the wild life at your door so to speak.
    Wonderful times… a different world and people on those boats. Plus you never lose money on sale.

    I was so pleased with myself yesterday I haven’t been cooking much as such lots of instant meals. I got some mince out and decided to make some Bolognese sauce ..started chopping onions and felt quite fed up lolol why did I start it.

    Anyway got into it and ended up with a fab sauce simmered for ages .. I could smell the garlicy aroma in the garden lol.
    Nothing like home cooked really .

    Have a good evening all a jacket potato for me with my meat sauce on.

    Let go of expectations. Let things just be

  • Over eating on non fast days

    Fasting may also lead to an increase in the stress hormone, cortisol, which may lead to even more food cravings. Overeating and binge eating are two common side effects of intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting is sometimes associated with dehydration because when you do not eat, sometimes you forget to drink. My Health Calculator

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Afternoon everyone a quick check in. Lovely weather again today but a cool breeze first thing. Aunt and Uncle both okay gave us a bag of assorted toffees to take with us on our holiday tomorrow.
    Have started doing some of our packing.
    Am starting to feel in the holiday mood.
    Will be back on here a week Monday no doubt a few pounds up but do intend to do a fair bit of walking.
    Nana x

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 23 — NFD

    Fast day food consumption went well, accidentally ate no carbs, lol. Happy accident indeed.

    Exercise yesterday was close to nil. Felt pretty bad yesterday (leftover headache and the flaring up of a chronic but intermittent lifelong ailment). I don’t feel 100% today, but better, so I’m determined to get that exercise in. Oh, I’m not extreme exercising – I just want my 30 mins moderate cardio and to keep my movement up because that overall makes me feel appreciably better. Allergies and miserable flashes (panicky claustrophobic hot flashes) are not helping. (Focus on the positives, since restarting 5:2 & restricted eating windows again the miserable flashes are of less duration, YAY)

    I have not found the mojo or motivation to keep up with the weight resistance training, unfortunately. Since I’m doing well elsewhere I may move that to October goals 🤔

    @emma_taylor I love hearing about Sicily and hoping your trip remains as lovely as it has been til now. Please keep sharing.

    @funshipfreddie LOL, trendy is not a word that is used to describe ME, haha

    @flourbaby “Ostrich” How apt! I need to suppress that inner Ostrich, too. She too often takes the reigns.

    Ok. Thoughts of strength to all, especially the fasters today.

    I’m off to pick up groceries for veggie broth, as I have been dissatisfied with the vegetable stock available for purchase (most seem to be made from juice and contains added sugar – not what I want.). This will be a new thing for me, never made it before.

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 23 – Rural Nebraska, USA – FD500

    Yesterday, the scales actually ended up even lower at 144.2 and this morning, after a generous supper, plenty of slices of cheese and two glasses of wine last night, I was at 144.4. This water fast approach is clearly something my body likes, along with eliminating most refined carbs. HFLC…who knew I’d like it so much. I’m having real hope that I’ll get down to goal weight finally! 🥰💪👍

    @northgeorgia So exciting to have broken the barrier on Wednesday morning!

    @betsylee Wow, so glad you experienced no damage or injury! I was in a significant earthquake once, and it’s the strangest, awfullest feeling ever.

    @funshipfreddie Wow–I’ve NEVER been trendy in my life! 😂🤣😂🤣😂

    Awww, @flourbaby, Welcome back! I’ve missed your chatter and I’m so glad you’ve returned to us!

    Now to hear again from @at…she’s been silent a long time this time, and I hope she’s just distracted by life and fun adventures.

    I’ve been interrupted several times with my typing, so don’t know for certain that it even makes sense, but I need to get to my job, so I’m off, with fingers crossed that there are no typos! Have a grand day, everyone!

    Day 23:Pocket List 🍒
    @betsylee (FD800)

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Not had heating on since April, not cold enough yet so will go longer until it’s cold. Fast day going ok, I did crack and have a biscuit with my cuppa, so on 150 calories now.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Morning All…
    I went out with Charlie at 8 am took my heavy fleece it was so warm…I went out to meet ivy at 11am and I took a lower weight fleece and it was quite chilly.

    Struggling talking to her I can talk to anyone but there’s long silences..Tony her cousin who joins us mumbles and I can’t hear him…is it an age thing…all fun!..seeing them again in four weeks…

    I have trimmed back the bramble bushes on my river walk and trimmed the trees which hit your head, taken a few weeks just doing a bit here and there as I walk…John another dog walker took his leaf blower and blew all the mud and moss to the side. It’s an old road and it’s slowly getting narrower…it will see me out but it will disappear eventually…

    A good fd up to now, the others had a cooked lunch I just had coffee….I have cooked a ham joint for tonight, have cold with chutney.

    The indoor bowls sounds very different…see how you go….lots of sport for you..

    Our boules go through the year, just not when raining as they slip out of your hands..apparently they played on Boxing Day last year…the guys just get wrapped up well….
    These three weeks are going to be hard, 17th was when we were told the bad news that was a hard day, this week not as bad as I thought, two to go…I do enjoy Bridlington, just thoughts a few tears but fine…
    Just sitting with the boy before walking can’t be bothered to do anything…

    Unheard of sat with a fleece on, trying to be good and not put on CH…Steve would be cross, ‘ don’t ever not put the heating on if you need too’ 😱..I can hear him saying…..🥰

    Jean x

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Good evening everyone.

    Well, I managed a 350 calorie fast till after 8 p.m., but….. ended up being around 750 calories, which is still a good result for me.

    Neilithicman, further comment on the protests, not many people showed up today, with lots of questions on their encrypted apps as to where was the protest, was it happening, etc. Apparently a bigger protest planned again for tomorrow. And, not a surprise, one of the guys at yesterday’s protest has been found today to have Covid, and was sick enough to require hospital admission. If he ends up really ill, maybe he’ll spread how bad Covid actually is, to all the other protesters. One can only hope!

    Re my biopsies, I will be interested in what the dermatologist has to say about the little lump on the arm, as I think my GP may have just missed sampling the lesion. When he injected the local anaesthetic, the forearm all went white, so the lesion could only be felt, not seen, and with his rubber gloves on… well, we’ll see.

    Wilbur seems happier now, thankfully. Still cautious going outside, but more his usual self.

    My next doctorate supervision meeting is next Monday, so I may only be dropping in briefly in the next few days.

    Stay safe and well, everyone, and goodnight.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Heidi met up with the cat again in our street. It just walked straight up to her and rubbed noses. I love it when it happens.

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 23, London, UK, …………………….NFD …………………….. No; Really???🤣🤣

    Missed you guys!!!
    Ok, So I was going to wait until the October challenge started, to reset, restart and generally haul myself back from the cliff edge or in reality, from under the duvet!!! I’m here now, because I can do some serious damage to my waistline if I delay getting back on the wagon another week!!!

    The last few months have been ‘trying’ to say the least, the flat sold, the cash is in the bank (no you can’t have my bank details), I’ve just about moved in with my mum so I’ve demoted the house search to low on my list of priorities, mum is doing better, pain relief 98% sorted, she’s eating for England, in good spirits most of the time and I’m DETERMINED💪🏼💪🏼 the wound on her foot will heal despite the Drs rather unfavourable prognosis!!!🤬 The scales are somewhere in storage, I MUST dig them out since I’m doing that ostrich thing again, weight gain? what weight gain? I see nothing, now pass me the biscuits!!!!😲🙈🙈

    Fasting hasn’t been a top priority, and unfortunately my eating hasn’t been mindful and I think @penz & I alone have been keeping the wineries profitable!!!🙄😮😏 I agree with you my friend, …………………. “The daily day’s end in a bottle of wine is not to continue!”

    @daffodil2010, like @funshipfreddie there were goosebumps at your description of your DHs reunion 🤗🤗🤗 Despite the anonymity here, I checked with him first, but my OH was born in England then adopted to Ireland, he was baptized in England in a rather unusual establishment, leading to soooo many theories about his parentage! He isn’t interested in finding relatives, but he did a genetic test that proved ………………………………… 99% sure his family origins lie in Galway!!! That put paid to the theories. So many young Irish girls were sent ‘away’ to hide their shame.😢😢 I know who SHOULD have felt ashamed!!!!😡

    @emma-taylor, link to mirror required ASAP!!!!!🙏🏼🙏🏼Enjoy some gelato just for me!

    @northgeorgia, step carefully into the HFLC life!! I tried once and as determined as I was, too many carbs crept in and then ………………….. I was eating HF, therefore high calorie + Carbs which is how I got here in the first place!!! I think HFLC is an all or nothing, you can’t even do it 5:2 ‘cause those 2 days with carbs effectively cancel 5 good HFLC days AND add a pound or 2 onto each thigh!!!😮😮😥

    I’m aiming to perform some much needed magic & turn wine into water ………………… wish me luck, the pull of the vino is So-So-Sssstrong!!!!

    I’m late in welcoming the newbies, so welcome, @caoimhe, @brendam58, @mariaelena!!!

    I’ll try to catch up fully and I promise to be present & on parade (How are you @i-hate-lettuce?) from now on!!!🤞🏼🤞🏼

    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 23 second post

    Well, it’s evening, and my 350 calorie day has turned into about 750, but hey, much better than nothing. I’ll just call it a FD800, instead 🙂 I’m still very happy, as this is my first FD this month (probably for several months!).

    @northgeorgia, some damage from the earthquake, but generally nothing major. One old two-storey building was the worst damaged, not a lo else, some extra cracks in walls, perhaps, and no reports of injuries. We were fortunate that the epicentre was about 200 kms from Melbourne (about 125 miles), or it might have been a different story. Just thankful.

    Day 23:Pocket List 🍒
    @betsylee (FD800)

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 23 – Canada 🇨🇦 – FD

    The Montalbano series sounds wonderful, I think I’ll start with the books. Thanks for the new lead. Determined to have a good FD.

    @northgeorgia – well done! 👏

    Day 23:Pocket List 🍒

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 23 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 222.8 (3 lb gain), which is due to the carbs rushing in at meal times yesterday. Did a soft drink at lunch, a birthday cake slice at work, and was given a small leftover portion of fries with a sandwich for supper. So “bloat” is the response this morning. I do have another lunch out to celebrate a co-worker’s birthday today, but I’m trying to steer this ship through the icy waters — accept the inevitable carbs that will pop up here and there, but work on replacing them when possible with healthy fats, protein, and lots of water.

    If I’ve broken the 210 barrier once, it’ll happen again, and soon I’ll be basking within them. I’ve got the 100s in sight for next year. ZBC for me today, for sure.

    Hope @betsylee and all our folks around Melbourne have little trouble repairing any damages from the quake.

  • Android App?

    Being a developer is now a demanded profession, now they are needed everywhere and now you cannot imagine working on the Internet where they are not needed. For a developer, the main thing is to do everything quickly, which programs speed up the developer’s work?

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 23 – UK – NFD

    Just a very quick check in for now but have to say….

    @northgeorgia – Woohoooo!!! SO happy for you that you broke that barrier!

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    I would love a canal boat/barge. Wouldn’t like the locks though. Fast day today.The weather seems to have changed, it’s windy and cooler. Bowling finishing next week and speedway coming to an end😩. Going to Ice Hockey on Sunday with my son. Going to watch Altrincham Aces, they play in the lowest league of 8ce hockey so don’t get many fans go to watch them.

  • Fresh start September 2021 challenge

    Day 23 UK FD

    Ah fellow Montalbano fans 👋 Its really fun to visit some of the filming destinations, particularly Punta Secca which is where his house is and Ragusa are my faves , we’ve been fortunate to be there when they were filming a couple of times I’m so envious @emma-taylor Can’t wait to be able to travel again

    Anyway back to reality-planning on a good <500 FD today

    Day 23:Pocket List 🍒

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Morning all!
    Dave- how’s your shoulder, is it improving at all? Good you can still practice through the winter even if there’s no league…hope no accidents from Heidi!
    Jean- will you still play boules through the winter? Glad you had anice day yesterday, was it any easier going there? Thinking of you, difficult time of year xx
    Nana- you do so well with your long walks! Hope this lovely weather holds for your holiday, I think the weekend will still be good ☺
    Hemmy- missed your post about having a canal boat- that must’ve been lovely! Did you have dogs then, were they okay with the water? Has your veg finished yet, mine are just about…our youngest doesn’t often want to spend time with us, but he was pretty bored last week!
    Yesterday’s 800 cal day was okay, very hungry, but after getting quite a bit done first thing I couldn’t get motivated! Another 800 day today, have our asda order coming lunch time & then maybe we’ll take Xena to the beach…eldest is going to be off for a few days, he was supposed to be going to gf’s but that’s not happening, not sure what’s going on there! Youngest is back to work.

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