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  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Keep strong, Dave! I’m doing my best too!
    Jean & Kay as well!

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    I am also very hungry, not a good sign this early. The weather is lovely again today. Bad news about the covid outbreak in Yorkshire.Hope it dosen’t stop our holiday.Dosent seem to be an end to covid 😩.My son is making his dinner now so that dosen’t help my hunger.Minols hope your back is improving.

  • September 2020 Monthly Challenge — SALUBRIOUS SEPTEMBER

    Day 17 – USA/GA – NFD

    Good fast day with rocking scales this morning. Although my goal weight flashed up a couple of times, it’s obvious I’m not -quite- there yet. So today’s weigh in was 243 lbs, a minor milestone. The last time I weighed 243 was in August 2017. This marks just 10 more pounds (“records to break,” as I call them) on my four-year weight records before I’m pre-Summer 2016.

    Today’s tip: I enjoy adding a little more data to my records, so I can see my progress from all different angles. Some of the extra goodies I add are:
    * Blood pressure (I take it twice a week)
    * Measurements (just waist and neck for me)
    * Pounds lost
    * Pounds to go
    * Percentage of body weight loss
    * Progress towards goal
    * And one of my personal favorites, the “obesity meter.” Using my height, weight, BMI calculations, and cross-referencing the category of “obesity,” I can see, like a gasoline tank, how “obese” I am. At 279 lbs, I was “morbidly obese,” but at 271 lbs, when I started 5:2, I was at the maximum level of obesity, so that’s where I set the meter at 100%. At 203 lbs, I’ll fall into the “overweight” category. So, as of today, I have fallen to 59.7% obese. Wow, the tank is just slightly over half-full! It’s been great to watch the tank slowly empty out!

    Well, today’s Dry till Friday has a special meaning for me. Tropical Depression Sally is sitting over us, and should move out late tonight. If I can stay “dry” until tomorrow, it’ll be a miracle!

    Good luck to everyone on the pocket lists today!

  • September 2020 Monthly Challenge — SALUBRIOUS SEPTEMBER

    Day 17 OMAD London

    Thanks for the kind anniversary wishes. I was someone who NEVER wanted to get married. I thought it was an outdated institution which had nothing to offer women ( I had been reading the Female Eunuch …) and it wasn’t for me. Then DH appeared and I just knew. Lucky me. All my plans went out the window and I’m glad they did.

    My next plan is to get down to 11st! I think I’ll set myself a deadline of a year. I’ve got about 30lbs to lose, so I’ll try to get back to DTF cos falling off that wagon has stalled everything. Happy Thursday all.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Penguin, that’s good news on the scan. Surgery would be good if they can do it. The new round of chemo may shrink it so removing it would be easier. Sorry to hear you are still waiting for your house to sell. But it sounds like you’re getting good traffic, so it’s just a matter of time until someone buys it.

    Some of the big fires are almost fully contained but a couple of newer ones are proving hard to put up because they are in mountain forests with steep terrain and getting in there is difficult. The planes and helicopters are having a tough job because of the smoke. But they’re slowly making progress. Today, for a while we had very little smoke when the wind changed direction. It’s getting better. Cinque, your cartoon was very timely. I keep wishing that the autumn would get here more quickly and that we’d get some rain. But then I remember this last January and Feb when the fires in Australia were so horrible and I feel bad. Our two countries do seem to be in a relay with these fires. I pray for more moderate temperatures and winds for both of us.

    Cinque, I do love the look of those oilcoats. I probably wouldn’t have to rewax it very often since I wouldn’t be out mustering sheep in the rain and dust. Going to the grocery store may be the only occasion to wear one this year with the pandemic still going on here. We’re up to Season 3 episode 28 of McLeod’s Daughters and loving it more every day. (We usually watch at least 2 episodes each night.) At least with so many episodes in each of 8 seasons we won’t run out of shows soon! We did start another Aussie series called “A Place to Call Home” just to have an alternative. So far it’s good but a lot less of the Aussie slang in this one. The house they show in the series which is supposed to take place in Inverness in Queensland, is actually located in a Sydney suburb. Anzac, have you ever seen it?,_Kirkham

    Thin, did you have a chance to watch “Away” yet on Netflix? Everyone I’ve spoken to who has seen it loved it.

    LJ, your day in the Hills sounds wonderful, even if it did leave you tired. I remember you telling me about that walnut tree full of cockatoos. I can’t even imagine. I would never want to leave.

    Betsy and Cinque, the numbers of new cases keep decreasing. Might they change the dates and open things up sooner?

    OH’s tooth is feeling a lot better. One part of the tooth and an extremely narrow root, thinner than the drill bit that they use. So they are hoping that the antibiotics soften it and they are able to get a small drill bit into it. If not, he could still end up losing the tooth.

    I’m falling asleep here. I’ll catch up more tomorrow. Have a great day everyone.

  • September 2020 Monthly Challenge — SALUBRIOUS SEPTEMBER

    Day 17 – UK – CFD

    Good morning everyone

    What a nice spell of autumn weather, cool nights but bright sunshine again! Making the most of it, quietly ! Last 2 days managed to creep up around the 10k steps, so fancy a ‘proper’ wander tomorrow, (supermarket delivery today) there’s a really nice parkland walk we’ve done occasionally so going to give that a go again!

    Really good sleep last night, feel sorry for those who have snoring partners, I’ve had a restricted (swollen) airway for the last couple of weeks or so following the surgeries, but last night was much better for Mrs IHL, plus the Fitbit recorded over 8 hrs proper sleep for me, 2 hours of which was deep sleep, no wonder I feel good this morning! Inner Warthog seemingly not just for stomach growling recently though!

    @snowflake56 – Glad the poaching tip might come in handy, we’ve always been the same to be honest, hate waste. So with getting a weekly delivery since the start of C19, its a good way of making sure fruit doesn’t get wasted, veg is easy, curry or soup!

    @daffodil2010 – Good that Granddaughters test was negative, shame she had to go through the test, but better safe than sorry. Enjoy your 2 weeks of solid ‘bimbling’, pure ‘me’ time after such a long haul with work etc, hope the weather holds out for you both.

    Might start up a NAB movement, for those who want to grab a bit of ‘me’ time and just relax and switch off from the world… NAB …. National Association of Bimblers.
    Signature tune, would have to be, “Busy doing nothing” original version was sung by Bing Crosby in a 1949 film.

    Take care everyone

  • September 2020 Monthly Challenge — SALUBRIOUS SEPTEMBER

    Day 17, London, UK, NFD,

    Yesterday’s FD went well, so today I’m determined to have a good CD, there’s no point undoing my FD achievements😇 ………………………….. no matter how strong the siren call of the cashew nuts😱!!!

    @basyjames, I’m joining you in getting off of the blasted bouncy-bouncy scales, how was this soooooo much easier 2 years ago???😣 I suppose I have to remember something someone far wiser than me once said …………… “several years of 5:2 have persuaded me that losing weight is not difficult, so I got too casual. Time to start again!”

    @daffodil2010, Phew indeed🤗🤗🤗!!! Enjoy the bimbling😉, I can almost feel how eager you are to get away, enjoy it🍷🍾🥂!!!

    I’m off to have a shower before Pilates at 9:30 since I just did a 2-miler with Leslie and I look like I got drenched in a rainstorm☔!!!!😂

    “Kindness begins with the understanding that we all struggle.” – Charles Glassman 💕

  • September 2020 Monthly Challenge — SALUBRIOUS SEPTEMBER

    Day 17 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Last day of work before the two week holiday bimbling (@I-hate-lettuce this word of yours may be the new thing 😀) around the North West of Ireland in our camper van. So excited. It’s been pre-Covid days since I have had more than one day in a row off work, February actually, so with EVERYTHING that has happened since then……phew, this break is well need.

    Such super news re my DGD, and with my Dad also doing well with the earthing, I feel relieved and ready to relax.

    I will be checking in most days however. Just to catch up with everyone, I won’t be DTF or FD’ing, but I do enjoy this daily catch up.

    And I am so interested to hear how those who got the earthing kits are getting on. Yesterday evening I discovered that my legs don’t crack any more when I stretch or squat or kneel….certainly not a miracle but just something I realised was not there after a few years of loud cracking in the joints 😀

    Thanks again @emma Taylor for coming across this astounding thing that’s right there under our (bare) feet 👍 And happy 31st anniversary.

    @northgeorgia I am loving all your motivational posts and hints and tips and I will be going back to the photo recording and mini milestones when I am officially not on holiday…..that’s going to be October though. This month has been about seeing the same number day in and day out so far.

    Have a great Thursday everyone, work us calling….but for the last time for a couple of weeks,,,,yay.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Morning all!
    Feeling really hungry today, hope that goes 😞 Feeling pretty frustrated too- scales show the same as this time last week, 4 days of 800cals to just maintain?! Was hoping to lose 3lbs before we go away for hubby’s birthday in October, shouldn’t be that hard, but at this rate it won’t happen!! Sorry for the whinge, hope everyone has a good day!

  • September 2020 Monthly Challenge — SALUBRIOUS SEPTEMBER

    Day 17, Emden Germany, NFD

    @daffodil2010 What a relief!

    @emma-taylor Happy anniversary! Are you glad to be home again?

    @i-hate-lettuce “the fruit is chopped up and poached in sugar free lemonade”, that’s a good idea, I never thought about doing that.

    @songbirdme I hope your DH’s health check went well after having health problems a while ago (sorry, not a good sentence but you know what I mean).

    Have a nice day everyone!

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Afternoon all

    Penguin, good news on the cancer front, I will you well for the coming cycle of chemo. Hopefully your body will handle it as well as it has so far.

    Good luck with the Thursday fast Cinque. Hopefully you’ll have a nice smooth one today.

    Good luck with getting your fasting Mojo back Lindsay. Sometimes we have to try something different to our progress to start ticking back over again.

    HK, Dal is the best for fast days isn’t it, filling, full of fiber and protein. Which tracks did you brother do with his lads? I’ve done quite a few of them and I’ve done a few overnight ones with my boys. They did the first one with me when they were only 8 or 9 years old down to the Mavora Lakes.

    Betsy, good luck for your meeting. I hope it goes well.

    Anzac, Ha, butler for animals, it’s like that for our cat too. Even though we’ve got a cat door she still insists on making us open the door for her.

    Turn, are you about? (Ha see what I did there) It was the Roxburgh dam lodge you used to own wasn’t it? I tried to book a room at that for our cycle trip but you may or may not be pleased to know it was completely booked out, so it seems to be thriving. We’ll have to stay in Roxburgh itself and do a trip up to the dam and back on one of the days.

    Well I’d better go for my gym session. My boy will be pleased to see me tonight because I’ve just picked up his new bike so no doubt he’ll be super keen to take it out for a spin

    Have a great day everyone.

  • Been here; done this before

    How sweet of you to remember. That was a L-O-N-G time ago!

    Yes, 5:2 is what works for me. It was just hard to nail establishing the routine but now that I’ve got that under my belt I expect to make good progress.

    My husband’s joined me in it this time around and he’s already looking good!

  • Been here; done this before

    Hi Chubster, I remember you from your previous 5:2 and just wanted to say how nice it is to see you here again. Hooray for 5:2 just waiting patiently until you were ready to pick it up again, and for providing such good results now you have.
    Hooray for easier walking and a size smaller jeans!

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Good morning everyone,

    Thursday fast day for me, and I think Miso the cat is excited too because she will get her whiskas pouch. She was very disappointed not to have it yesterday and will start hassling me at about 3pm. (I will feed her after 5.)

    Hello monkey-butler Anzac, I hope it is a good productive day. Flies! Hooray for screen doors.

    Best wishes Betsy, for your meeting with your supervisor today. Down down scales, you can do it. Polish up your vanity and embrace the hunger.
    (Actually I’m saying that to myself, but why not share it out loud!)
    (I’ve got out a summer dress that would look much better if I was a kilo lighter, and I will try it on this afternoon.)

    Watch out friends, it’s brackets Thursday for me.

    HK, I bet it was an excellent fast day and your jeans will feel even better today.
    I do hope your disapproving friend can keep her mouth shut (about 5:2) and just see how you go.

    Ooh you will have fun when your daughter’s lovely little family comes over. What sort of puppy is Giles? Fingers crossed the numbers will be so low everywhere, by November, that there will be no quarantining.

    Penguin, good news 🙂 . I mean yes, you don’t want unstable cancer (but I wish they had said withering) (maybe after this lot of chemo.) I’ll be optimistic about the surgery too, they can do such extraordinary things these days.

    I’m hoping that the sensible buyer, who would prefer your village to a smart one, comes along soon.

    Lindsay, such a nice number today! I whooped. The deaths are so sad, but I have to accept they will continue for a time yet. Heartbreaking for those families. I hope our actions now mean Never Again.

    Lovely to hear of your babysitting duties with the gorgeous little ones. I am glad you got 24 hours break first, and hope you get some more days to yourself now.

    Good thinking to just ‘get over rough ground as lightly as you can’ and hooray for sticking to the time restricted eating. Your time will come. As Arlo Guthrie put it, you just have to wait until it comes around on the guitar.

    I am so glad the myotherapist is working their magic on Mr Lindsay. Best wishes to him.

    Cheers everyone, let us know how you are going. All power to you.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Morning all.

    Good to hear from you Penguin, and that the scan results are positive. Hope the next 12 weeks of chemo goes well

    Cali, can I endorse Penguin’s comment ..a dreadful situation in California and so very worrying. Hope you are okay.

    HelenKate what a lovely newsy post. Different people have different attitudes to this WOL, and oddly, I’ve found, it’s the slim people in my circle (mostly work colleagues) who pooh-pooh it. Chubsters like me seem quite open to something that’s obviously successful. And actually, there’s so much evidence now about time restricted eating and fasting that I don’t hear the comment as often any more. Wonderful, your daughter will visit very soon. Will she be able to stay long?

    Cinque, Betsy, more good news on infections today, though sadly more lives lost.
    Betsy good luck with your meeting with your supervisors? Do you enjoy the meetings, and come away feeling inspired to push on? With bookshops closed, I find Booktopia a good online option. I was a Book Depository fan, but now try to support Australian businesses. Good fast turnaround, and often cheaper than Book Depository, which compensates for the postage.

    Cinque I’m glad your ear infection is gone, and you are feeling brighter. Not long now til you can see your precious girls. What a celebration that will be!

    Ah Anzac, those up-down-up-downs to let Maxx out. Think of him as your own personal trainer. Rose has taken to a comfy two-seater my Dad built, in the courtyard. When it gets too hot on the seat, she relocates to the cool pavers under it. But at night, she’s in, she’s out, she’s in, she’s out. Her favourite new ‘take’ is my phone. When I followed her out last night she was standing on the top of the courtyard steps, in the pitch black, phone held in her jaws by the cover, only visible because the phone had switched on.

    LJ, Cinque, good work on the vegetables. It is quite wonderful, to watch the garden grow, and then be able to pick and eat its bounty. (I loved your Robin pic for Penguin…lovely).

    It’s been a busy week – I got my PhD off on Monday, and was trashed for fully 24 hours. Then I got the call from my dear DIL … could we have the little one? DIL is a teacher and up to her ears in marking on what should have been her day off. Miss 2.4 year old was delightful, but no chance of doing the dozens of things that have been piling up. We have Miss 4 later today while DD finishes a big assignment, and then babysitting against for DS tomorrow night when he surprises his wife with a night out to mark the end of semester. More babysitting than usual – but terrific to be with the little ones, and to help out too

    LJ just read about your lovely day in the hills. What a beautiful picture you paint. Good choice, the crab apple (I googled it). Nice, for a tree to have seasons. Gosh, I remember when you planted that crepe myrtle. I recall thinking it must be a good tree for your climate … here in the subtropics, they tend to go a bit crazy.

    Thin, yes, OH has been through the wars, but he is like one of those weighted fairground dolls. Knock it over, up it springs. His foot strangely enough is one of the worst, in the sense that it is changing his (our) lifestyle and habits. We don’t walk together anymore. Some days he doesn’t come to the fields to run Rosy. No beach for a while. Because it’s a combination of things (gout, plantar fasciitis, shortened gait) his thigh muscle has tightened, so on and on it goes. BUT….the myotherapist is convinced she can resolve it, so we are feeling optimistic.

    Neil, well done on staying under the 90. You must have found a sweet spot with exercise/food intake. Long may it last.

    I am resolutely staying away from discussion about my progress, just for the minute. I am finding it hard to get back into the swing. I do well for a while, then not. I’ll get my mojo back, once life settles a bit. One thing I don’t falter on though is TRE. I NEVER eat within 12 hours of finishing the night before. Sometimes it’s only 14 hours, and not the 16 I aim for, but I am totally rigid on at least that aspect.

    What a long rambly post. Hello to all I’ve missed including Turn, Quacka, G’day, Intesha……stay well all.

  • September 2020 Monthly Challenge — SALUBRIOUS SEPTEMBER

    Day 17, NFD, Aus

    @northgeorgia, how’s my September going? Well the other day I said Stagnant. But I hopped on the scales this morning and there’s been no change in the last two weeks. I’m super pleased – relieved? – at this as I’ve not been doing 5:2 and I’ve not been doing DTF. So I am feeling motivated to finish the month properly. Starting Monday! (We have friends visiting and are going out tonight so no usual Thursday FD.)

    Three attempts? Your poor granddaughter, @daffodil2010 – she must have been so brave to endure that. Excellent news on the result.

    I’m back home after my work trip away. We had to drive down to the coast, through the area that was so badly affected by the bushfires earlier this year. You could see straight across valleys, through the blackened sticks of trees. How any wildlife could have survived that I don’t know. But what was encouraging to see is that the trunks of most trees are now covered in a green muff of new leaves. The Australian bush has amazing powers of recovery. Sadly, I don’t think the native flora in the US has the same fire tolerance. I remember being in Yellowstone National Park zonks ago and seeing trees in a similar state of regrowth. Based on my Aussie experience, I thought the fire must have gone through the previous year, only to be told by a ranger that the fire had occurred a decade before. A decade to achieve that same level of recovery! Very very sad and I also am thinking of our American friends.

    Happy anniversary Emma Taylor!!! Sounds like a longer happier marriage than you had with Brad!

  • September 2020 Monthly Challenge — SALUBRIOUS SEPTEMBER

    Day 16 – Second post

    @daffodil2010, Whoo-HOOOOO!!! I’m so pleased for you and your whole family, especially that darling granddaughter!

    @basyjames, I’m the first to acknowledge that two nights of sleeping with a closed mouth does not a miracle make…but it sure was astonishing to wake up and not hear DH breathing out his mouth! I’m interested to hear your husband’s reflections on what has improved.

    I just shared all the grounding details we’ve been sharing with a friend of mine who has some serious back issues and various aches and pains; she’s intrigued and is looking into it further. Such a fun group to be about 5:2 and to incidentally discover grounding!

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Weird weather here today- cloudy & some rain this morning, hot & sunny this afternoon, then chilly, misty & windy tonight! You’re right, Nana, getting dark early 😖
    Managed to keep Xena from knocking her tail, that’s 2 days now, hopefully it’ll heal, fingers crossed!
    FD done, 817 cals with a cuppa tonight taking me just over. Hope I can do another one tomorrow…

  • September 2020 Monthly Challenge — SALUBRIOUS SEPTEMBER

    second post

    @daffodil2010 yay!!! 💃💃💃💃

    That is wonderful news indeed and such a relief

    @stitchincarol I also noticed that OH does not snore as loudly as he used to, he occasionally still snores but the volume and intensity is waaaay reduced. He also keeps water by the bedside for the same reason as your OH, i will ask if he has noticed he is still as parched.


  • September 2020 Monthly Challenge — SALUBRIOUS SEPTEMBER

    2nd post

    Darling Grandaughter is negative for Covid 19! Such a relief. She has to remain at home for another 48 hours and if no symptoms then she can get back to her normal little life of going to school and playing with friends and visiting grandparents ☺️☺️ Such a relief for everyone. The other prospect was too horrible to contemplate too much.

    Phew 🍾

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Evening everyone, another nice day here but definitely cooler now and aren’t the nights pulling in quickly.
    Went to the garden centre yesterday to collect a new bottle of gas for the BBQ and have a look around but didn’t buy anything else. Been to visit daughter and son in law not forgetting Poppy as usual today.
    Have been mindful of my eating the last couple of days and planning on a fast day tomorrow.
    Well done to those of you who have completed a fast day today.
    Minols hope your back is easier now.
    Jean hope Steves sorted out soon and back home with you and Charlie.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

  • Been here; done this before

    Today is 4 weeks for me.

    I lost 1 pound last week. I’ve lost 8.6 since I began on 8/19.

    My current exercise routine is 30-45 minutes a day on a stationery bike and 30 minutes per day on a treadmill for about 350-400 calories a day. I have also begun working out on a Pilates Reformer for 10-15 minutes a day in an effort to target the muscles in my core.

    I can’t see any difference in my photos but I can definitely feel a difference in the way I walk. I’ve lost my waddle. And I’m down a jeans size.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Cinque. That is a big bird. I got the scan results yesterday. The cancer is “stable” which is apparently a good thing. The hospital I go to is consulting a larger unit about the possibility of surgery. I suspect that is optimistic but I love their optimism. As a back up I started a second set of 12 weeks of chemo today.

    Betsy. we have had seven viewings. They all liked the house but we are not in a smart village so no one has bought it. Apart from one local they were all from London or another big town looking to work from home in the country, which is very much the trend.

    Cali. You know how content I will be with that scan result. Stay safe, we all worry about you.

  • September 2020 Monthly Challenge — SALUBRIOUS SEPTEMBER

    Day 16 MN/USA FD (800)

    Yesterday a NFD but stayed under 1200 and dry. I’ve been so busy the past two days and still need to read most of the posts from yesterday as well as today. I hope to stay around 800 today. Have a great day, everybody!

    Day 16 – FD Pocket list
    @snowflake56 (FD800)
    @emma-taylor (OMAD)
    @northerndawn (FD800)

    ZBC Pocket list

    Exercise 30×5

    DTF Day 16
    @northerndawn (DTO)

  • September 2020 Monthly Challenge — SALUBRIOUS SEPTEMBER

    Day 16 – Rural Nebraska, USA – Fast5

    I managed to stay around 1000 calories yesterday, which is a huge victory for me. I’m aiming for the same today, so we’ll see if my mantra of “It’s going to be hard, but hard is not impossible” gets me through!

    @i-hate-lettuce, you’d have laughed to see me after reading your explanation of what you do with beer. HUH?!? LOL, I can follow the directions that come with the kit, but I still haven’t wrapped my head around the details enough to know what you’re talking about. I’m part of a FB group that also can talk like that. Someday, I’m going to learn enough that it’ll all make sense!! 🙂

    @basyjames, losing a post, especially a longer one that you’ve carefully composed, is truly an irritant, and you have my sympathy!

    @betsylee, thanks for your prayers. Two of my sisters live in California, and they say the smoke isn’t nearly as bad as it was; a friend of mine lives just north of Seattle in Washington State, and she says it’s worse than ever. And, @bellyblast, didn’t you say there’s smoke in Canada?? So perhaps the winds are gradually driving the smoke north?

    Re: earthing/grounding sheets. We got ours on Monday; I promptly plugged it in, put my bare feet on it…and nothing. No sensation whatsoever. Ever the optimist, I kept my feet on it for about a half hour, then set it up for DH. On Tuesday morning, I realized a miracle but didn’t say anything. Tuesday evening, did the same routine. This morning, the same miracle had occurred: DH slept with his mouth shut. He doesn’t actually snore, but his breathing through his mouth is LOUD. We talked about it this morning, and he said he was startled when he woke once or twice in the night to find his mouth was shut–and not bone dry. Back in June, he started keeping a thermos of water by his side of the bed, so he could take a drink to moisten his parched mouth when he woke up. So there’s another success story.

    Day 16 – FD Pocket list
    @Snowflake66 (FD800)
    @EmmaTaylor (OMAD)

    ZBC Pocket list

    Exercise 30×5

    DTF Day 16

    I have a long to-do list that, like @annabelle48, I’d rather put off until another day…but it’s that very procrastination that has made it such a long list, so I need to get at it. We celebrate our youngest’s 24th birthday this Sunday, and I’d like the house to be not only tidy but clean. <<snort>> NOT my greatest skill to accomplish, LOL!

    So hold on, everyone: “It’s going to be hard, but hard is not impossible…not impossible…not impossible.”

  • September 2020 Monthly Challenge — SALUBRIOUS SEPTEMBER

    Correction. Not died but decided.

  • September 2020 Monthly Challenge — SALUBRIOUS SEPTEMBER

    Day 16 UK nfd

    Yesterday went well UNTIL 6pm when I opened the fridge and saw some CHOCOLATE. I ate it I’m afraid but the good news is no gain. Today is a bit of a mix up so not sure where I will end up.

    I have to confess to being a procrastinator. There some things I need to do but keep saying to myself oh well i will do that tomorrow without fail but I don’t. I am a fully paid up member and so good at it that I am thinking of running for President.

    I am looking forward to Friday as I have finally (see above) got round to booking an appointment with a chiropodist to deal with a callous (I think) on my foot which is now very painful to walk on. This is a result of a foot operation some years ago which has altered my gait somewhat and causes a built up of hard skin.

    @daffodil thank you for the information re grounding, I am wondering if it will help with some arthritis in my knees.

    @ihatelettuce very pleased to hear your progress and positive outlook.

    Now off to find out why iPhone has de died to stop ringing.


  • September 2020 Monthly Challenge — SALUBRIOUS SEPTEMBER

    Day 16 North Canton OH WFD
    Dang internet ate my post yesterday. Yesterday was OMAD, and I ate quite a bit but not too much. I slept well 😁
    The weather turned colder in a hurry, and I am not a fan
    @daffodil2010 I ordered the patches for OH and myself. I have noticed occasional soreness in my right shoulder that interferes with my workouts, also OH had spinal surgery for herniated disks and they occasionally flare up. I am hoping this helps; I have certainly had great success with my grounding sheets for better sleep, and no night sweats. Best wishes for your grand-daughter.
    @emma Taylor Congratulations on 31 years of bliss
    Fingers crossed for you @northgeorgia. My goal is to stop the yo-yoing and settle on sustainability. Also I am aiming for downward trends on the scale.

    Day 16 – FD Pocket list
    @Snowflake66 (FD800)
    @EmmaTaylor (OMAD)

    ZBC Pocket list

  • September 2020 Monthly Challenge — SALUBRIOUS SEPTEMBER

    Day 16 USA (Illinois) NFD

    We are taking a day trip today for DH to have a thorough health checkup so leaving shortly. I’m quite happy with the scale this morning, so that is good.

    Onward and downward.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Jean have some time off until Steve gets home.Minols put some rice in a sock and heat it up in your microwave, then put it on your back. Lovely day here warm again but a nice breeze.

  • September 2020 Monthly Challenge — SALUBRIOUS SEPTEMBER

    Day 16 – USA/GA – FD

    Scales really rocked back and forth today between four different weights, but looks like the upper end of 245 lbs. There’s a possibility I could reach a new low for the month tomorrow morning; fingers crossed!

    Today’s tip: Short-term goals. No matter how much weight you want to lose, you’ll probably want to set some short term goals to get there. I have 125 lbs I want to lose to get to the “ideal weight” for my height. I would go absolutely crazy if every day I thought of the massive amount of weight that I expect to get rid of (in fact, up until this year, I didn’t think it was realistic). I spoke of “milestones” and “metaphoric places” in the past, and to better define these, I should say “short-term goals.”

    Most of us have set a goal for September, and this may be a short-term goal for you. I actually have two goals this month: 243 and 242. 242 is my Salubrious September goal. 243 is a minor milestone goal connected to my four-year weight record (last matching up with August 2017 — I currently have just 11 more records to beat!). 239 is a “metaphoric place” goal (you’ve probably figured out I break down these categories into segments of 10 lbs each: 250s, 240s, 230s, etc). I also see on my collage I should take a photo of myself next week sometime (I’m taking a photo every three pounds lost or so).

    Are you being kind to yourself? Do you have mini-goals or short-term goals that are reachable within a month? If not, why not break down your goals into some easier to manage short-term goals?

    Good luck to everyone on the pocket lists today:

    Day 16 – FD Pocket list
    @Snowflake66 (FD800)
    @EmmaTaylor (OMAD)

    ZBC Pocket list

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Hi all!
    Minols- hope the back gets better soon, have you seen a chiropractor or osteopath before, I can’t remember? Might help if it doesn’t improve soon, & definitely take a sickie for a bit, you don’t need to be sitting at a desk…Bribe the boy to find your hottie for you?!
    Jean- hope Steve gets his medication & cough sorted…keep strong! Xena’s tail was kept under control yesterday, so no bleeding, but eldest is coming back soon, she’ll go loopy when she sees him so hope it doesn’t hurt it again. Tried a bandage yesterday but as it’s right on the tip couldn’t get it covered well wnough & kept on!
    Dave- did you say you were fasting today? Hope it goes okay…
    Out early with Xena, then on to a car boot, got some hyacinths for mum, but it might be too late to do them indoors- dad always did them for her birthday in November. Fasting going okay, pretended the donut van at the car boot wasn’t there!

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Morning All..
    A chilly start typical September day..nice when walking…

    Waiting for the chest clinic meeting this morning hope they can find something to do for Steve, and nothing sinister 😬…still on his oxygen….he is stressed he has had no tablets in two days, antibiotics and phosphate and others, he is supposed to be on them!!…chasing them up at the nurses station no one is listening to him…

    Poor you hoping your backs improving, have a sickie and rest up…

    Thanks I am ok, Charlie is missing him off and on…on top of work at home so better, a bit more relaxing, popping by to Steve with clean PJs later, I think he wants me to wait till after lunch incase he comes home but I doubt it…hows Xenia’s tail?

    Eating too much sweet stuff must stop 😬, weight up in a blink of an eye ..oops..

    Jean x

  • Green salads?

    Looks interesting! And how the results?

  • The Health Journal

    Hello, I’m a newbie and am starting the Fast 800 on Monday when I’ve finished the book and done my shopping. I have the journal and on the pages where you log each day there is a TRE section with 10 12 14. Can anybody please tell me what this is, I just can’t seem to find it. Many thanks.

  • September 2020 Monthly Challenge — SALUBRIOUS SEPTEMBER

    Day 16 UK NFD

    Really trying to buckle down this week , weight wise I’m sort of where I was aiming for and I know it’s not how it works but I’d like to concentrate on my waist ( or big belly ) so concerted effort on exercise and low carbs this week and we’ll see Yes @emma-taylor I was thinking about @funshipfreddie and a few other regulars that I don’t think we’ve heard for a while @jaifaim , @at @michelinme Hope they are all OK

    Happy 🐫 day all

    Nice to spend your anniversary in Rome @emma-taylor We are hoping to go out in a couple of weeks for my birthday 🤞

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Thanks for your sympathy! I have a hottie somewhere…I just can’t find it, which means it’ probably low down or under a bed…and I can’t get down that low to look! And if did, i wouldn’t get up again!
    Just done a quick zoom meeting, but now I’m walking away from my desk and contemplating taking a ‘sickie’ until tonight’s mjeeting! Although I might try a gentle walk later. Thought walking the dog this morning would loosen things up, but didn’t today…grrr!


  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Dear all

    I am having a good FD today, due to having thought it out a bit beforehand – which I know many of you have advised doing. I had a late lunch of thin rice biscuits and sardines, and I’ve cooked a dal and some brown rice, and have hard-boiled a couple of eggs, so that I can put together something small but tasty for a late dinner. I’ve decided to aim to stay between 600 and 700 on FDs. I think I sleep better than if I only have 500. Also I am not in a hurry to lose more weight, though I am hoping the stomach will whittle down a bit more.

    I was interested to read your thoughts about the attitudes of friends, Thin and Cinque. Thin, being retired I luckily don’t have to deal with workplace saboteurs – ‘the evil donut-bringers’ as the Happier Podcast calls them.

    Neil, how good to be planning a bike trip with a son. My brother has three sons, all in their twenties now, and he did a hiking trip with each one of them when they had turned 18 – and in your beautiful country, Neil, down the bottom of the south island. So good to have special father-son times.

    Cinque, I am very glad that your ear has cleared up at last. I agree with you that the attitude of most friends is disinterest, but like you I have one person who clearly disapproves and thinks I will damage myself in some way. Luckily I have a couple of friends who are supportive, and have also discovered one who practises it off and on herself.

    But it is certainly good to have this group where people are interested in the topic, and you can learn from the experiences of others, and just not feel on your own with it. I don’t know if I would still be on it still, after two months, if I didn’t have the context of this group. And also the encouragement of the scales and the comfortable jeans!

    Anzac, it’s great that you are so much more comfortable now in the digestive department. And you are right about how many people still push the myth that breakfast is essential. And I think we people on this WOL are more conscious of nutrients than most.

    I love your description of you and Mr Anzac being turned into monkey-butlers by Maxx!

    My daughter and her partner over in Sydney have recently got a puppy who they absolutely adore. They are planning to drive over to Adelaide in November and are prepared to quarantine if necessary. I am so looking forward to seeing my girl after all these Covid months, and it will be great to meet little Giles.

    LJoyce, your day in the hills sounded really good – nature and horses and good food and a nursery. I think crab apples are wonderful trees, beautiful in all seasons.

    Betsylee, it is very tough on all you Victorians. It’s good that you now have a bubble – and have other ways too of seeing people. Important for us people who live alone. Great that you’ve now ordered books on-line. It’s sad not to be able to browse in a bookshop, but there is a particular thrill in finding that package on the doorstep. I hope your meeting with the supervisor goes well tomorrow. What are you doing your thesis on?

    Cali, Cinque’s cartoon shows pretty much how it feels to us over here watching what you people are going through over there. It’s terrible, and we can only wish you well, as we brace up for our own fire season.

    Best wishes to all
    Helen Kate

  • September 2020 Monthly Challenge — SALUBRIOUS SEPTEMBER

    Day 16. OMAD. Rome.

    Back to London today. DHs early morning congested lungs ( which seemed to clear up after one session of earthing on grass…) have been much better here. We’ve been out of the city centre at the pool most days, and I think it’s helped. Air quality in London is pretty poor. I’ve stuck to the OMAD wagon since June 16th, but I’ve got to haul my sorry ass back onto the DTF wagon again. I wonder how @funshipfreddie is getting on? He used to put me on it. Weight has gone back on, definitely not from food, but overindulging on the alcohol. I’ll get my act together. Happy hump day. And happy anniversary to me. 31 years of sheer pleasure. 😳😳😳

  • Scales the same to the ounce after days of 800! Are they broken?

    Hi there HappyNow and thanks for your reply 🙂

    I’m 11st 7. A healthy weight for me according to the nhs bmi chart thingy is really below 11 st but that’s still the top end of ‘healthy weight’ so I usually aim for 10.5 – so a stone to lose.

    I’ve weighed again this morning and I’m the same again…6 days now. I’m careful with calorie counting and am doing 700-800 each day. I avoid the sugar and carbs, alcohol. I avoid high carb fruits and veg.

    But, it might be, as you suggest age related, as I am both peri-menopausal and am on tamoxifen, the hormone suppressing breast cancer drug now…I also had the major reconstruction surgery 2 years ago, which has left a few changes long term to my health/body. But I did this diet last year and did not have this ‘same weight for a week’ problem when I hit this weight range. (I was 12 st to start with – winter weight that I hadn’t managed to shift)

    Each time I do the 5:2 or 800 I learn more about how to eat healthily, why I’m over-eating and heal deep rooted issues hiding under fat layers. It has been a long road over about 5 years. This year I really do feel like I’m ‘getting it’ – and my driver is one of health, not for how I look/clothes etc but I’m now seeing long term changes to my relationship with food. I have dropped many old habits through healing them and am now seeing the benefits of this long term 🙂

    Having had 5 major surgeries in 6 years, when I fast or diet, I do feel so tired and can’t really do much other than general home/garden activities and walk the dog, (I ran my own business but have had to stop due to being tired out so much – this is also tamoxifen related) so this is why I’m keen to get to the maintenance 5:2 as soon as possible.

    Thanks for any support and perspective from those walking a similar road to me, and thank you again HappyNow for taking the time to reply 🙂

    I changed the batteries and it didn’t make any difference haha!

    Rosella x

  • September 2020 Monthly Challenge — SALUBRIOUS SEPTEMBER

    Day 16, London UK, FD,

    I’m going to try a bog standard FD today at <500cals, I’ve woken up feeling like a LFD is just out of my reach, due to a poor nights’ sleep.

    @daffodil201, goodness!! Lime dissolves EVERYTHING, it’s the stuff I had planned👿 to use to get rid of the body😲!!!! …………………………………. Don’t you love the anonymity of this forum??😜😎

    @northgeorgia, I think I’ve taken my eye off of the ball this month, NFDs have been Epic ……………….. and not in the good way😨!!! I know the rules (and they work!!) if you don’t plan or want to eat it, don’t have it in the house, why I restocked my trigger foods for September, we’ll never know. I’m giving that reset button a good hard whack now😏!!!!

    So, it’s a day to reflect on why I’m struggling a bit, hormones? Laziness? Resignation? I’m on a bit of a rollercoaster as if I have a couple of good FDs or LFDs, I know I’ll be all 5:2 loved-up all over again🤗. My mojo is still here, he’s just a bit too laid back for my liking right now!!!!

    “You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.” – C.S. Lewis

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    It sounds like a few post-it notes reminding you of recycling… OH was going to the local shops yesterday as I hosted a U3A committee meeting, intended to take our recycling – yeah, right 🙁 I have found the way to get him into the garden – take the chainsaw out and start pruning the fruit trees. Enter OH, attacks a few branches, stands around saying what next (when I have to talk to the trees, get understand what is needed to get the balance right, remember this is my first year), then puts the chainsaw away! Oh, well, we have had a chat, and tomorrow will be another day. 🙂

    Happy, Optimising Nutrition is the baby of Marty Kendall (Gold Coast, Aus) and Alex Zotov (Texas). Marty’s wife has T1D, and he has been on a mission over the last few years to see if there is an eating plan that would help her reduce the need for medication, and stabilise her system. Marty is an engineer. I’m not sure where Alex came in. Their focus has become on developing an eating plan covering as many micronutrients possible to reduce the body’s desire to eat more in order to get what it needs. Increased micronutrients increase satiety, reduce chasing of energy-dense foods that provide little in the way of nutrition. The masterclass that they run several times a year guides the participants to determine their current eating patterns, balance the macronutrients, and then focus on the micros, over six weeks. Half way through the current one, my second, and will probably do the next. Always learning. All I can suggest is, join the ON FB page, and research, as I have done.

    They also have a plan that focuses on using blood glucose readings to determine optimal eating times. See their Data Driven Fasting FB group. I do recommend these.

    The next size down in jeans is still a little snug! Wore them yesterday, but really not as comfortable as they could / will be.

    Lovely to have a road-trip, P, to refresh the psyche.

    Our daughter is trying to get out of her current relationship, which has turned viscous. Fortunately it’s not physically violent, but she never knows when things might change. And for a bloke to make an 11-year-old cry with his verbal attacks on the mother… We are trying to persuade her to come home. Yesterday she spoke to her employer, and the upshot was they would be happy for her to work remotely from here for a six-month trial, so I think she will be back before the end of the year. So pleased!!

  • September 2020 Monthly Challenge — SALUBRIOUS SEPTEMBER

    Day 16 – UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    What a brilliant day yesterday was!

    After catching up on here, off out for a wander, it was just beautiful. Warm sunny, quiet, never saw a soul (well not any closer than in the far distance) went for a sit on the rocks down the estuary and enjoyed the views, a real panorama.

    Big breakthrough, afternoon coffee time, first time in almost 3 weeks ….. managed to eat a couple of crackers 🙂

    @daffodil2010 – Was thinking about your granddaughter and the C19 test, it’s not the most pleasant of things. However, I’m sure lots of cuddles would soon help her and kids are very resilient.

    @stitchincarol – Bottling, I’m not a lover of highly carbonated beer so I batch prime before bottling, pitch dextrose into the secondary at 3g per litre so there is a head when poured into the glass, but not fizzy.

    We go through quite a lot of fruit at home, still on weekly supermarket delivery so rely on their picking, some good some not so good.
    But we won’t waste anything, Mrs IHL makes a rather nice fruit compote from anything ‘past its best’ or ‘nowhere near ripe’.
    To keep the sugar levels down, the fruit is chopped up and poached in sugar free lemonade, a tip she picked up so she could make stuff for her late father who was diabetic.

    Take care all

  • September 2020 Monthly Challenge — SALUBRIOUS SEPTEMBER

    Day 16 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD/FD

    Not sure what today will be but I plan for the best. Could not weigh myself this morning as my scale is in the main bathroom and we had DS stay over while he is at a course in town, so I certainly didn’t want to be interrupting his morning ablutions by demanding the scale. But probably just as well as I will be interested to see what tomorrow brings.

    Weather is so good….will it last for our camper van holiday to the North West on Friday though? Hopefully we won’t get rained out of it.

    @i-hate-lettuce so good to hear of the bimbling going on

    @stitchincarol I have found when I am doing a rigorous exercise routine (like Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred) that I gave remained static weight wise BUT muscles sure tone up. Now I do Leslie about 3 or 4 times a week, I feel my waist line is slimmer and absolutely more flexibility in my 53 year old legs….but weight still around the same. Don’t despair. It will happen.

    @annabelle48 no you don’t need a cable to ground or earth yourself if you have access to grass or concrete or tiles on the ground floor where you can go barefoot. But the grounding tools with the earthing cable are for those times when you cannot get outside or down to the basement or have fitted carpets. They are not live, simply connect to the earth part of the plug and the earths energy flows through to the mat or the patch or whatever.

    @flourbaby I hope those patches help your mum, it’s terrible the things that our parents did in work that is now deemed unsafe now. My Dad would often come home covered in lime which is corrosive 😨

    I finally got talking to him yesterday, I left him with the earthing mat for the side of his bed and he uses it while watching his tv……wel, he told me that his hand and his foot is now much improved since Saturday 😀😀 he can now hold his pint of Guinness with the one hand again (he needed both hands to lift a pint which is so sad to see)…….delighted.

    When I come back from holidays I am back down with my earthing patches to give him another go, it’s almost miraculous.

    Poor little DGD got her Covid test yesterday so we should know the results today bit took three attempts to get the swab, it’s such an invasive test, I would have serious issues staying still for it, so can you imagine a 4 year old? 😨 Praying all will be fine and all back to the new normal soon.

    @betsylee I agree with you, it’s absolutely terrible to see what’s going on in the US with these wildfires, and I hope everyone takes care, some harrowing stories in the

    Have a good Wednesday Hump Day. 🐫🐫🐪 OMG I found I gave camels after all, so here are the two and the one humps….🐪

  • September 2020 Monthly Challenge — SALUBRIOUS SEPTEMBER

    Day 16, Emden Germany, FD800

    We’re waiting for this year’s wood delivery, I’m the transporter (using the wheelbarrow), my DH the stacker. I’m glad the weather cooled down, only 22°C today.

    @i-hate-lettuce I’m really glad, we have the slugs and not the snakes.

    @basyjames I know how losing your post feels!

    @northgeorgia You’re doing fine, only 2 lbs to go this month.

    @daffodil2010 What an amazing result! Are the patches easy to get on and off for your Dad? I hope your granddaughter’s test will turn out to be negative.

    Pocket list day 16

    ZBC day 16

    Exercise 30×5 day 16
    @snowflake56 💃

    Have a nice day everyone!

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)


    It sounds like you’re having an interesting trip….and the wine is obviously a bonus 😉
    And you’re benefiting from a change of scenery too.

    Amazon, sounds like you had a productive shopping trip. Shame about the store closing, you wonder how many will survive the double whammy of covid and Brexit…..

    After 2 lovely days in the mid 20s, the temperature has dropped back into the mid teens today. So the shorts that I had put away, and then got out, are now going away again, I suspect until this time until next year. When hopefully they will be a bit looser 🤣

    Having done B2B fasts, I’m aiming to make today a third. I’ve got to go out this morning, so will hopefully get over my mid morning urge to eat!

    And tomorrow I will be out for most of the day as I am taking my car in for service and then mooching in town. I am looking forward to a coffee in town, but I’m very rarely tempted by food while I’m out and about, so tomorrow should be another low cal day too.

    I know I won’t lose a significant amount of weight this week, but if I could get a reset on appetite, portion control and satiety I’d be happy!

  • Scales the same to the ounce after days of 800! Are they broken?

    Hi Rosella,

    I don’t know if your scales are broken, but I do know that if I’m consistently eating a low carb diet I will be pretty much exactly the same weight every day. The wild variations in weight over the space of a few days happen when I’m eating carbs, due to different quantities of water retention.

    Exercise has very little to do with weight loss, so your daily activity (unless you’re training like an athlete!) isn’t going to show up as a loss on the scales.

    And weight loss is rarely linear, so losing more some weeks, and not at all others, isn’t unusual. It’s the long term trend, rather than the daily or weekly weight, that matters.

    I note your age (same as me!). Perimenopause/ menopause hormonal changes could be affecting you, as could medication if you are taking any.

    And you say you want to lose 10lbs, but I’m not sure what you weigh. If you’re already relatively slim, weight loss will be slower than it would be for a larger person.

    Perhaps think about the benefits of the journey rather than just focussing on the destination, and be patient!

    Good luck.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Hi all, quick post today (really?) as I’m actually getting some of my doctoral work done. It’s a case of have-to, really, as I’ve a meeting with my supervisors tomorrow afternoon (Ouch!) 🙂

    Cinque, so glad your ear infection has cleared up. Sounds like a plan to meet up with the family on the day after the little miss’s birthday – she will surely love a big hug from grandma as much as her present.
    Loved (and laughed when I saw it) the robin made of plants. You are so brilliant in finding these things. Saddened by the other “cartoon” – so true, sadly so.
    Great that you will have a lovely feed of beans after all. Yum!

    Neilithicman, great that you’re staying under the dreaded 90, even despite the weekend’s indulgence.

    Penguin, hope you’re doing well. Any news yet on the house selling front?

    Hi Anzac65, let’s agree together to see those scales go DOWN!!! I was on 70.3 kg this morning – actually I had crept up to just over the 71, which is when the brakes went on, so the progress is back on the downward slope. I’m determined not to do what I did around this time last year, when the weight just crept up and up. It will not be doing that this year, and it won’t for you, either.

    Hi to everyone else. Hope you’re all okay.

  • September 2020 Monthly Challenge — SALUBRIOUS SEPTEMBER

    Day 16 Melb Aust CD

    Doing okay so far, hoping to persevere till the end of the day as it’s the evenings when I often weaken. Yes, I know I should say the kitchen is closed after the evening meal, but like a disobedient child, I often don’t listen! 🙂

    Have been feeling considerable concern for the western US participants on this forum due to the horrific wildfires there. From photos I’ve seen, the orange air colour at times in some cities has been similar to what occurred for Sydney during our summer. Very unpleasant, poor air quality, and please take care if you have any breathing problems. Exercise indoors if you can. My prayers are with you all.

    Onward and downwards everyone!

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Good morning all. How can it already be halfway through September?

    Cali, those fires continue to sound dreadful. I hope you are ok. I said to a friend the other day that I was disappointed to hear we have a strong La Nina coming this spring/summer, meaning it will be wet and cool. We feel like we practically missed summer last year due to our 7 weeks in freezing Europe. My friend responded with ‘You missed NOTHING. All we did was sit in our house with the windows closed looking longingly out at our pool that we couldn’t swim in’. So that is what you must be experiencing now sadly

    Betsy, the weight sure does go on SO much easier than it comes off. I had a good FD on Monday and an ok CD yesterday but the weekend EFS is still grimly hanging in there. FD today so hopefully tomorrow I will see a drop

    I am so happy to hear that your ear infection has gone Cinque. Hooray to all the lovely things growing in your garden – and you too LJ. Mr Anzac has little pots of things everywhere (a bit like your place Neil) and it is lovely to go and check on everything every day. Our mint, oregano, sage and thyme are going gang-busters and everything else is coming along nicely. We have been having gorgeous sunny days in the low to mid twenties for a couple of weeks now and the seedlings are loving it

    I can’t wait to hear about your lovely catch-up with your family and hearing about the excitement of unwrapping the many-layered present Cinque. May it happen soon

    Yay to staying under the 90’s Neil. I hope to get there soon

    Your day yesterday sounds simply lovely LJ. Don’t worry about the evening snacking, you’ll remediate it in a day or two. I found the same thing last weekend – having a nice lunch both days should have resulted in not needing anything for dinner but despite not being very hungry the boys wanted another large meal both days and of course I couldn’t resist. Silly really.

    HK, I agree completely about how some people are disapproving about this WOL. Many say ‘but breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ but that science has pretty much been knocked on the head now. Anyway, surely whatever works to get the weight off has to be a good thing so long as you are including all the necessary nutrients. I’m so encouraged by your success and very happy that you have joined our little family here.

    How are things going over in NZ Turn? We haven’t heard from you in a while.

    With the warmer weather comes the flies so we can’t really leave the back screen door ajar during the day so Maxx can nose it open. So Mr Anzac and I become what we call monkey-butlers. Since writing this post I’ve had to get up four times to let Maxx in then out then in then out. He can’t seem to settle for his post-walk long snooze. Sigh. He loves the sun but gets too hot quickly then wants to come in and lie on the cool tiles.

    Quacka, Intesha, Crazy, Penguin, G’day – hi to you all and hope you are doing ok. Would love to hear from you

    Have a superb day friends 🙂

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