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  • April 2020 Monthly Challenge

    Day 4 North Canton OH NFD

    That may have been my most difficult water fast yet. I was fine up till the 18 hour mark, after that it was a struggle. I had to talk keep myself out of breaking it – I kept telling myself, it’s just food and you can eat it tomorrow. Water fasting at home is much more difficult than when I could go to the office. But I did it, and that will be the first of many. The scale rewarded my efforts last week with a 1 pound loss this morning – 4 to go!

    @dykask, I hope you feel better, that sounds painful! I am not a fan of vitamins either, but your theory makes sense

    Its gardening day for me and OH today. Like @daffodil2010 said, the garden will not wait for Covid-19 to pass, and I do love seeing my external surroundings well pruned, well-kept, and thriving

    I agree with you @jaifam, not everyone understands this WOL. I stopped trying to convince people a long time ago. Nowadays if someone asks me how I stay so trim, I tell them I fast regularly, it’s not for everyone but it works great for me. I have not had as many people trying to convince me that what I am doing is unhealthy.

    @helen285 don’t get discouraged. My advice is to keep doing what you are doing. As you continue this WOL, you will notice after the initial steady loss that there will be a few plateaus here and there. It doesn’t mean your progress has stalled; on the contrary, there is stuff going on in the inside you cannot see. Fasting changes our bodies from the inside out and the scales don’t tell the whole story. I would encourage you to keep track of inches, sometimes when there is no movement on the scales, you may notice your inches continue to shrink, we have all been there. Right guys?

    @suki2 I am sorry for your loss. Before this is all over, I believe everyone will know someone that has been taken due to complications from Covid-19. Experts have been predicting the next pandemic for years, unfortunately we got complacent and refused to listen. It did not help that we had leaders and people in authority downplaying this, as well as irresponsible reporting from some members of our media.
    When all this is done, we will have learnt some very important lessons; the facts are still the facts, science does not care what you believe, public health is important, and viruses do not care about politics. It matters who we choose to lead us, because disasters do not send postcards predicting their arrival!

    @flourbaby I wish I had your zeal for window cleaning! You are right though, those windows are not going to clean themselves, I will have to schedule them for another weekend in the near future.

    @emerald32 welcome back 🙂

  • April 2020 Monthly Challenge

    Day 4, London, UK, FD

    What a BEEEAUTIFULLLL sunny day it is!!! I know we’re self-isolating and only going out for essentials, but I’m admiring the day through the window and I might venture out later for walk, as my mandated 1hr exercise!!
    Yesterday, despite the slow start, was a very controlled day!! It helps that there’s no booze or biscuits in the house!!! Today I plan to fast, salad for lunch, soup for dinner and gallons of water & herbal tea!!! Fingers crossed!!!

    @basyjames, I’m with you on taking advantage of this enforced slow down, although I’m more focussed on getting my house squeaky clean ……………………… those windows were never going to clean themselves, no matter how long I waited!!!!

    Glad to see you’re back @emerald32, my aim is to stay faithful to this WOL, but the beauty of 5:2 is being able to pick up right where you left off, meaning celebrations, holidays or sickness hardly interfere with your journey to a healthier life!!

    @mia139, being firm and in control gives the mojo a real boost, however, I don’t think I’m familiar with the ‘small glass’ of wine ……………. Usually it’s several small glasses of wine ………………….. one after another, after another, after …………!!!

    @helen285, only one piece of advice for when you find yourself on the plateau ………………………. ‘Keep on keeping on!!!!’ ……………….there’s no other option really!!!

    @suki2, I agree about Trump setting a poor example. It’s the same excuse many people used to use about motorcycle or cycling helmets ruining their hair, or seatbelts creasing their clothes & restricting movement, or smoking in enclosed spaces ‘cause it was their ‘human right’ to do it!!! I’m pretty sure sitting behind that magnificent desk, greeting World leaders with a mask on looks a whole lot better than, coughing & spluttering a deadly virus over that magnificent desk & everyone in the vicinity!!!!

    Onward & downwards folks!!

  • April 2020 Monthly Challenge

    Day 4 Oxfordshire, UK – NFD
    Yesterday was over TDEE 🙁
    Had some bad news this morning that the father of DS’ school friend has just passed away from Covid-19. Bit too close to home for my liking. He was a kind man, one of our first responder team, as our town is well away from local hospitals.
    @ihatelettuce – I wasn’t too bad on the wine, but the snacks came out.
    @therese19 – a lady in my writing group is also from Bavaria, not sure where exactly. But both of you speak of the area so beautifully.
    @basyjames – I completely agree with you about enjoying what we have.
    @ccco – it is so difficult when people don’t follow these safety rules. Probably doesn’t help with a POTUS that doesn’t seem to want to follow advice either. Not a good role model.
    @hyacinth – a young friend of mine is also doing Joe and she was out of puff too yesterday.
    @emmataylor – good plan
    @emerald 32 – glad you’re back and feeling better
    @helen285 – sometimes plateaus seem to happen for no reason, but it seems that the measurements change during this time. Sometimes its tom, even though you are of a certain age. It might be worth checking your calorie intake, just in case you under estimating portions etc.
    @molij – some days are like that, be kind to yourself and go with the flow today. Tomorrow you can start again.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Well I did it! A fd achieved! And probably around 500 cals although dont know for sure as Neil tends to underestimate the amount of oil/butter he

    Not sure what to do today, maybe a potter in the garden, start to pull some weeds up and work out whats coming up from last year. Dont suppose I will be buying many plants anytime soon! Apart from what I can from our local shop!

    Up late playing lara croft on the xbox….how old am I?? Bed about 3am but still awake at 4.30am 😵
    Awake again at 7.30am but luckily did go back to sleep for an hour about 9.
    I think its the lack of routine for me.

    Going to try and have a controlled NFD day. Neil is just off to work and wont be back until 10 or 11pm, so if overeat I cant blame him.
    I was going to make the biscuits but I dont trust myself, so will wait until next week.

    HH Good luck on the asda order and hope your mum is ok this afternoon.

    Jean, so glad that Steve is feeling up to pottering a bit.

    Sunny here but a bit breezy, not sure its warm enough to sit outside with my book, maybe tomorrow.

    Minols and Typhoo, hope you both are ok.

    Kay x

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    My biggest problem is seedlings getting too hot!!!
    They have asked for no one to travel from home here. We have hundreds (possibly thousands) of grey nomads who travel constantly arooud Australia. They are being told to return home and forbidden from stopping in regional towns. The state borders are closed and many of them don’t have a home to go to, as they have rented it out or sold it! We see large caravans being towed along the highway nearby and wonder if they are coming home. It is SO important not to take the virus into rural and regional areas, spreading this dreadful disease and putting strain on health facilities. I wish people could just think. P

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    I have 2 electric propagators, essential to get tomato, cucumber and chilli seeds, etc started early and for other seeds that need warmer conditions to germinate. Couldn’t be without mine! Don’t forget P that at this time of year our daily temperatures can often be in the range 0-10 degrees! And while it’s (sometimes 🤣) warmer than that in the house the seeds and seedlings benefit from a more constant temperature.


    I’m glad to hear your friend can send you seeds. I meant to look in town today to see what was available here with a view to sending you a seed parcel if needbe – gardening will be a great way to pass the time!

    The weather isn’t that great here today, supposed to be really nice tomorrow though. It will be interesting to see if people head out in droves. I did see one camper van on the motorway yesterday (one of my walks takes me over it), going hell for leather in the direction of the north lakes or Scotland. Hope they got pulled over…!!

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Morning all!
    Up early & out in the fog with Xena, she doesn’t like it when it gets too warm so it was better for her. Then cooked breakfast for youngest as he did a 12 hour day yesterday & will do a 10hr one today. Got to tackle my Asda order 😨…the list is huge. Probably no jobs done off my list today, I’m seeing mum this afternoon.
    Have a good day all!

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Oh Jean – sit outside with a cuppa and my book. Simple pleasures but so sweet.
    Glad Steve is feeling a bit chipper, nice he wants to do stuff.
    I am trying to work up to some Fast Days but so look forward to my wine in the evening.

  • April 2020 Monthly Challenge

    Day 4 North Wales NFD

    Finding it hard to motivate myself today. Have a good day everyone.

  • April 2020 Monthly Challenge

    Day 4 UK NFD
    I had a FD yesterday which went well.
    Went on the scales this morning for my usual weekly weigh-in but no change. The scales haven’t budged for 2 weeks and I’m trying to keep it in context. I’ve lost 8 pounds since starting at the beginning of March.
    I’m 53 and a WOACA (woman of a certain age). Has anyone experienced anything similar? Any tips to get through this plateau?

  • April 2020 Monthly Challenge

    Day 4 UK NFD

    Scales were kind this morning, proof that being firm with the fasting does work. However, as had very little to eat all day, I did manage a small glass of white last night!

    Good luck to everyone today. Stay safe..

  • April 2020 Monthly Challenge

    Day 4 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @betsylee – I saw they finally disembarked the passengers on the HAL ships. After spending 15 years working for Carnival & Holland America, I can only imagine what it’s been like for the crew members. They’ll be at home now, with no income & no idea if/when they’ll work again. I was on a ship once with a really bad norovirus outbreak, & that was bad enough! In addition to working our regular jobs, we had to spend hours sanitizing the ship & serving food to passengers on the Lido. Great fun 😳 I’m guessing it will be cheaper than ever to cruise once this nightmare is over. People will be wary about spending a couple of hours on a plane, never mind a few days on a ship!

    Have a good weekend everyone

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)


    I bought it in order to get an early start to a few things so I could plant them on my veg plot the minute it was warm enough.

    I may as well use it to give everything a quick start.

    I have mentally written this year off so the return to whatever the new normal is any time sooner will be a bonus.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Morning All…
    What a beautiful morning…a later walk for us, finish my cuppa and go…

    Three lots of washing to go in and maybe an outside work day….Steve feels like going in his garage, he’s feeling much better after getting some sleep and he looks quite well…

    Everybody get outside and get some vitamin D, it will do us all good…maybe a sit outside tomorrow with a book ..😀..🍷

    Have a good weekend…

    Jean x

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    Amazon, an electric propogator? I have little mini “glass” (plastic) houses (trays). They work well here, but maybe it is colder at your place.
    Just bid goodbye to the last sunset of summertime 😒 It will be August before the weather turns again. Hopefully this d**n virus is sorted by then. P

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    Yes, P, am considering reviving the sourdough, now that we are both home during the day. So a little bit of flour in our futures 🙂

    No luck with the seed suppliers online yet, will try again tomorrow but they may not be considered essential, apart from commercial growers. There was a heartbreaking item on the news tonight of flower growers having to destroy their crops, will likely go bankrupt as a result of no markets open. 🙁

  • April 2020 Monthly Challenge

    Day 4 – Ireland – NFD
    Hi all I had another good and controlled day yesterday eating lots of fresh produce – cooking from scratch all the time like many others now. My siblings are dropping shopping to me.. 😇
    I’ve also just managed to order my first online shopping delivery… whoo hoo!

    I’ve been working so hard and can’t believe I’ve been WFH for three weeks now… it has passed in a flash!
    The last person I actually saw was my brother on Monday but lots of virtual catchups with pals and I “see” lots of people in work..

    This weekend I’m going to focus on my home and garden – looking forward to that ✅
    @betsylee I saw that they finally let the cruise ships dock… thank god!!! Those poor people! I was due to cruise later in the year 🚢 .. We won’t be going – what seemed like a luxury holiday doesn’t seem so luxury anymore… 😢
    Arid April continues 🚫
    Planking is also back on the agenda for me too …
    Welcome back @emerald32! Glad to hear you are well and ready to get back on track..
    Stay safe all and have a good day whatever you do..
    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

  • April 2020 Monthly Challenge

    Day 4 – Lake District UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    @flourbaby – the shopping list, we very much do the same, list it all after the weekly delivery, then adjust when we remember things. Then the evening before delivery, go and remove the stuff we don’t need, luckily I’m savoury rather than sweet but still tempted when in the shops. Online really is helping in so many ways at the moment.

    @suki2 – Hope you kept the ‘Warthog’ on a short leash last night, I’m going to have to be careful tomorrow, planning a BBQ and had a beer delivery Thursday!

    @ccco – Sounds familiar, counting calories which allows for the odd glass of wine. I’ve recently come across a calorie counting APP which I’d forgotten about, saves all the bits of paper as I record everything. Only way I can manage to be honest, I only have to look away for a short while and the ‘Inner Warthog’ is out of his cage and running amok !

    Lovely morning again here, forecast is frost free for the next couple of weeks, so going to head out on a MOAM walk this morning, then into the greenhouse, all the herbaceous perennials I split and grew on in pots went outside a few days ago, they can be planted out anytime. Then a big session potting on all the summer stuff, there’s more room for it all now, it was getting rather crowded in there!

    Take care all.

  • April 2020 Monthly Challenge

    Day 4 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Quick check in. We decided to wait until next weekend, the Easter weekend, to have our night “away” in the camper van as we are both off work. It’s just so busy in work that tiredness is a real thing every day…..hence next weekend will get better.

    Mission this weekend is to source compost, lots of it, and repot plants, top dress my blueberry bushes, sow seeds……garden is not waiting for Covid19 to be over 😀

    Which, let’s face it, will be here for a long time yet, the surge is only starting, let’s adapt and live the best lives we can in this new world order.

    Face masks… know, they are next to impossible to get here in Ireland. Face masks are great when outdoor to stop you touching your face if you touch some surface that might be infected etc. A great alternative is cover your mouth and nose with a scarf or bandana when out shopping etc.

    Great to see you back @emerald32,

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Hi everyone, checking in before the evening news, though I’ve gradually been watching less. It can become overwhelming.

    GDayfromSA, wonderful to hear from you, though I’m sorry you’ve been having such a hard time. Don’t regret your study; nothing is ever wasted, but it’s good that your cert IVs are more interesting. I was really pleased to read that you’ll be able to pay off your mortgage. I did that a few years ago, once I had access to my super, and it was such a releasing feeling to know my home was now mine and not the bank’s. Re work, you should be eligible for the $1100 Jobseeker amount, shouldn’t you, with your OH’s intermittent work situation? Don’t be proud. Accept what’s available in this time, knowing that things will change in the future. Whatever, it’s great to have you back on this forum and ready to gradually move into a healthier space.

    Neilithicman, What a lovely idea and visit you had with your parents, and I’m sure they were happy seeing your boys, too. Now I’m retired, like you I have to do something to make the days different, so usually Saturdays are a TDEE or NFD while I do home chores, and Sunday is my relax day when there’s church in the morning (now online) and I read and relax for the rest of the day. Still walk every day and get in my 8000+ steps, but avoid doing chores. Used to like visiting the shops on Sunday afternoons and meeting up with a friend, but that’s on hold for the moment. We catch up by phone instead.

    @ljoyce, good to hear from you. What a brilliant way to visit your aunt, and I’m sure she really appreciated it. Good to read, too, that you feel your NFDs are under better control. I ate too much earlier today, unhealthy food, too, so guess who won’t be eating this evening?! Just at my TDEE so can’t afford any more calories. And, only lost 400 gms this past week. Measurements down a bit, though, so I’ll be thankful for small mercies 🙂

    LindsayL, I’ll look up the blue banded bee; sounds interesting. You need to up your step count around the home, not just depend on when you take the dogs out. It’s possible to do, truly. I’m at 9070 steps at 5:40 p.m. and I haven’t stepped outside my front door as it’s so cold outside. If I can do it, anyone can.

    CalifDreamer, I’ve been very sad to read of the situation in the States. It seems that not enough was done early enough, and now it’s really hard to catch up. The news from New York is horrific. My brother, nieces and families are in Arizona (Phoenix), and I’m very concerned for them, as though Arizona doesn’t seem to be one of the current Covid-19 “hotspots”, that could change quickly. Re my housewalking, I try to have one “set” last more than 30 minutes, as that gets the endorphins moving, and it certainly helps the moods.

    Okay, time to close. Wilbur is going curled up on my lap, so will be upset to be disturbed, but it’s nearly time for the news, plus I have to do my 250 steps for this hour, before 6 p.m. Keep well, all.

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    Morning/evening all,

    It’s a beautiful morning here and the forecast for the next few days is good.
    The government have urged people not to be tempted out into the sunshine but to stay home.

    I called my friend and she is going to send me some seeds so I’ve been continuing with my preparation. I got the ladder out and ventured into the loft to retrieve my electric propogator which is set up and ready to go.

    Stay safe everyone 😜

  • April 2020 Monthly Challenge

    Day 4, Emden Germany, FD

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    The time will come 😉😉😉

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Hi all
    Oh dear Gday – I’m really sorry to hear you’ve not been travelling too well, and on a lot of different fronts. As Neil says, paying off the mortgage will be a big weight off your shoulders, and hopefully there will be some government support to help you through. Don’t worry too much about your weight at this time. Yes, starting again on Monday with renewed focus will be great. But there is too much going on in our lives at the moment to try to fight on all fronts. (I’ve been drawn in by eating too much, at too many meals, and much higher carb, too, and it’s showing. But I can’t control everything all at once). Focus on your health and well-being. Glad you are back on the forum, where you can get plenty of support.

    LJ your drive up into the hills to sit with your aunt sounds like a lovely thing for you both, and safe too. How good to have this type of workaround arrangement, where you can see each other, while observing physical isolation – particularly now your uncle is in care.

    I’m having a little stew here today, about people who won’t listen to the social isolating advice. It’s little miss’s 4th birthday, and we of course can’t see her. But her other grandmother invited herself to the little party DD,partner and the two little ones were having at home. DD’s mother in law actually said, flippantly, that it was better to die of the virus than of boredom. How utterly stupid! Nothing could dissuade her from calling in. My DD is an essential worker so still has to go in to work, but all staff now have to report who they’ve been in contact with. Now, she’ll have to report the visit. And Cali, what about the church in Sacramento? Why are they even holding church services with physical congregations?

    Betsy good you can get some exercise and fresh air without leaving your property. My step count yesterday was just over 3,000. Diabolical. We are on Day 13, so by Monday we will drive to the local fields and let Rosy have a run, while we walk and walk and walk. It’s a huge open area with bush and little creeks and although there can be quite a few people and dogs there at weekends, there is so much room we can easily avoid every other walker by metres.

    Neil, I like hearing about your bike rides, because after having been in Dunedin recently, I can picture you riding over the hills. What part of the city do you live in? And great to visit your parents, while all staying safe. How is your Mum doing?

  • April 2020 Monthly Challenge

    Day 4 Melb Aust TDEE

    Day 3 turned into a 800-1000 cals day. I’d forgotten I had some cooked vegetables which needed to be eaten, and once I eat – just can’t do under 500 cals. Sigh! And the scales weren’t kind today either, just the 100 gms down since Tuesday. Oh well, glad to read of everyone’s strategies to fight the cabin fever. So glad that passengers are gradually being disembarked from cruise liners and able to return home.

    Keep well everyone!

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    Sorry to hear that, P. 🙁 No floury food (yet!)

  • April 2020 Monthly Challenge

    Day 4 – Japan – NFD

    Water fast was very easy.

    There is more and more comments from doctors on youtube that the people with the worse outcomes from Covid-19 tend to be obese. Here is an example video:

    My feeling is that fasting isn’t harmful in this pandemic. (I’m not a doctor, just willing to listen to people that know what they are talking about …)

    A few months ago I injured my left central groin area. This is a common area for men to hurt themselves. It just didn’t seem to be healing. I tried a lot of things without success. However after I started taking a multi-vitamin for vitamin D and zinc it started healing. I can’t be sure if it is related but maybe I was short on something else. I’m not a fan of multi-vitamins, but on the other hand fasting probably puts some stress on our water soluble vitamins and minerals. Maybe it was just time too, not sure. I guess there is little harm in taking a multi-vitamin as long as I don’t over do it.

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    I was hoping the time change tonight will help, B. I am back to terrible sleep patterns too. Awake really early, then fall asleep when it’s time to get up. But with our world thrown completely haywire, and time being only a social construct, we should simply embrace it and go with the flow!
    My seeds have sprouted, so there is new life ahead. 🙂 You could probably order seeds online, Barata.
    I’m just eating anything that grabs my imagination. 2 meals a day. Lots of veg, but an increase in flour based foods, too. 😒
    Very strong winds here today after torrential rain all night. Windy, but sunny so we ventured out into the world for a 4km walk…very quiet out today.
    Keep safe all. P

  • April 2020 Monthly Challenge

    Day 3 Ohio, US — FD

    All OK today.

    @michelinme When I read about your shepherd’s pie, I did a double take, since I had just been watching a movie in which the lead was a Swede. I had to look up the term and I think that your swede is what I’m used to calling a rutabaga. Did the vegetable originally come to the UK via Sweden?

    @ccco When I went for a walk this evening, I decided against wearing a mask, since I almost never cross paths with other walkers on my usual path. But tonight as I was walking along the path on the right-hand side some guy walking his dog rounded the corner and came right along the same side as I was on. While there was enough room on the left for him and his dog (a Yorkie), there wasn’t enough room for me to go on the left and maintain distancing. So I had to go out into the street to avoid him. So I guess I’ll be wearing the mask from now on. A little further on I walked by a pond/park. Ahead of me on the left side of the path, there was another guy walking in my direction and between us was the local mallard drake. When the drake saw the other guy, it waddled as fast as it could toward the pond, and I thought, “Even the ducks know how to do social distancing!” 

    Just to round out the pocket list:

    Pocket List – Day 3 🍏
    @dykask WFD
    @basyjames WFD

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    Hi all

    This is the link to the programme about my nephew’s coffee-growing enterprise:

    Chugging along here, eating well – although the scales don’t reflect that! Two simple meals yesterday, up 1kg. I know, I know, long-term average, but disappointing after a good (teasing) drop yesterday morning. Still two meals, low carb (but have made some more muesli, oats nuts and seeds, to have some days with kefir and Greek yoghurt). Sleep is s**t, awake from 1-3 then from 5 this morning, so five hours. 🙁 I am trying reading a book before bed, then no screen or bright light when I wake up in the wee smalls. Melatonin bottle is back out to re-try in a day or so if this doesn’t work.

    Clocks back tonight, which won’t help.

    A week ago I was making a visit to a small room at 1am, banged my face on the edge of the door (in a strange, dark house). Beautiful black / purple bruise!

    Unfortunately seeds and seedlings are not essential, so cannot be ordered to be delivered!

    Time for a walk now. I will take my phone, show proof! 🙂

    Stay well, all.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Morning all, well almost afternoon here. The days sort of merge in to each other with this stay at home situation so since this is officially the weekend I’m going to try to make it different by not doing any work around the house. Last week I managed to stay on top of the regular chores of laundry dishes and cleaning and also get the outside work done. I’ve been getting out for regular rides and I’ve now ridden over 1700 kilometres this year. I should hit 2020 by the end of April. I’ve been taking the boys for walks every day and I’ve been round to see my parents a few times. They stand on their back porch and we stand on the other side of their hedge so we’ve got a good 5 meters of distance between us.

    Gday, sorry to hear about your unemployment, although having your mortgage paid off will put you in a decent position. I’m the same with eating at the moment. Mine is through boredom mostly. It’s tough to keep away from sugary and starchy snacks when they’re sitting in the cupboards calling to you and you’re sitting in the house listening. Hopefully things pick up for you soon on both fronts.

    I’m going to make up some cordials today with some of our frozen fruit. We still have some red currants, black currants and gooseberries in the freezer, and since our cranberries are almost ready we’ll need to make some room.

    We’ll have a great weekend everyone and stay safe.

  • April 2020 Monthly Challenge

    Day 3 UK FD

    Good FD today. As usual busy at work and fasted till dinner. Kept calories under 500.
    Will catch up with all the posts tomorrow.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Hi everyone. Hunkered down and not much going on around here. My weight has stayed about the same because I haven’t been eating much during the day and the evening meals, while certainly not all low calorie, aren’t enough to make me gain. Anxiety is still causing the lack of appetite. I will begin fasting again if I gain, or if my appetite improves.

    The numbers here are horrible and I wonder when things will level off. California was one of the first to go on lockdown, so hopefully we will see some improvement soon. The problem is that there are still people out there thinking it’s only the flu and rules don’t apply to them. A church in Sacramento held services and 71 congregants came down with the virus, including the pastor who had to be hospitalized. One thing that is positive is that the number of recovered people is starting to increase. There are over 228,000 recovered people in the world as of a while ago.

    Neil, glad you got your scales figured out. We have one that is supposed to measure fat but it never seemed to work right. I just use it for weight. I can figure out if I’m gaining too much fat by the pinch test and how my clothes fit.

    LJ, what a wonderful way to visit with your aunt. I’m sure it was good for her to have you there, while still being safe. And good for you as things can get pretty mundane after a couple weeks of lockdown. Someone posted on today that their car is getting 3 weeks to the gallon in gas mileage!

    Cinque, happy to hear that you found that little repair kit for your glasses. I often buy little things like that and then forget that I have them. How lucky you we’re organizing right at the time when you needed the little screwdriver.

    Lindsay, that blue banded bee is really pretty. I don’t think we have them here. Good luck on harvesting more honey.

    Betsy, housewalking or walking on your property is a great way to get exercise. I need to do more of that. It’s good for the mental attitude as well as the body.

    Anzac, Maxx must be getting really spoiled by now, having you WFH everyday.

    Take care everyone, Hunker down and stay safe.

  • April 2020 Monthly Challenge

    Day 3 FD Donegal

    Hi folks, sorry I was awol for a while, I had a cold & touch of flu way back in March and really felt unwell for a while after it. Of course that was the start of Covid 19 here so I self isolated for few a weeks after. I lost track of the thread and tried to get back on the wagon but just couldn’t. So today is my first fast day in ages & its been grand. In the past once I broke a diet that was it, gone, so its something of a minor miracle that I’m fasting today, a real breakthrough.

    Nice to see familiar faces so to speak & welcome to all new members. I haven’t really caught up properly yet. Hope everyone is coping with the isolation though I’m kinda used to it. Not exactly a hub of activity around here at the best of times.

    Thanks for hosting April @suki2 one of my favourite months
    Thanks for hosting March @michelinme & apologies for dropping out

    I live in the North West of Ireland on the Donegal / Leitrim border. I’m retired and rescued two Shih Tsu in Sept 2018.

    I joined the group in January 2020 weighing in or around 16 stone. I had always been fairly slim most of my adult life but had to really work at it. In 2015 I had a severe mental health crisis followed closely by the menopause, thyroid problems….& the biggest thing of all was I just didn’t care anymore and the weight just kept piling on.

    Starting April ’20 at 15.2st, I gained a few pounds during my hiatus! When I eventually got to the shop lets just say I bought a few treats which are well gone. I try to do from scratch cooking and avoid processed & sweet foods. Read some books & blogs recommended by the group and find them very motivational as is the group itself. My goal for April is to loose 4lbs doing 2 fast days a week, maybe one control day (1200)at the weekend to try and keep it in check. Just taking it slowly and easing myself back into it.

    Have a nice weekend everyone & stay safe

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Good Morning all. I have returned from being MIA – have no idea how long I’ve been missing for but it does seem like quite a few months. Just read the last page of posts as a quick catch up as I haven’t been lurking either.

    Today is a milestone – my first day of being unemployed in my 51 years of existence and it’s not a good feeling. Have applied for so many jobs over the last 6 weeks and only managed to gain one interview and wasn’t successful there. It’s depressing and fills me with a sense of being worthless when I know I am more than qualified for the positions. I’ve resorted to applying for jobs that I don’t want, cleaning, fruit picking etc – anything to get some $$. I did receive a voluntary redundancy but will be using that, along with some money from OH’s super to pay off the home loan so we can be debt free and at least in these uncertain times will only need to worry about paying utilities and putting food on the table. OH’s workplace has already laid off many staff and those that are left have had their hours reduced by half so not looking good there either.

    Earlier this week I completed my last unit of my Diploma study and received word yesterday that I have passed so that’s one thing out of the way. Unfortunately now that I no longer work for government the Diploma is completely useless – 2 half years of study for nothing. I did manage to get my department to pay for 2 short TAFE courses as part of my redundancy so I have just commenced the first one and it is so much more enjoyable than the Diploma study which was quite boring stuff.

    Health wise – well no improvement there unfortunately. My weight is still increasing by the day, so much that the fitbit scales think I am OH as I am now only a few kilos lighter than him. OH has easily been maintaining weight which is depressing me even further. The iron and vitamin B tablets I’ve been taking for the last 3 months haven’t improved my energy levels at all. I still feel so tired, aching etc. My sleep, which has always been good, is now patchy and often I wake at 2am unable to go back to sleep, leaving me feeling even more drained that I am have been. You may remember that blood tests earlier this year indicated many issues which 2 different Drs dismissed as being of no concern whereas the nutritionist I’ve been seeing did see them as a concern. I received a letter from my original Dr a few weeks back saying he needed to see me about the blood tests. Apparently the test clinic were concerned with one of the markers that they ran further tests which took a while to come back. I’m unable to get an appointment with the Dr at the moment to go over the results as he is only seeing the most urgent of patients. There is a severe Dr shortage here with 3 surgeries having one Dr and the other one has 2. So that’s 5 Drs for all the surgeries and the hospital to service a region of about 17,000 people.

    I will be honest and say that I have been struggling to keep away from carb foods lately. I think it comes from feeling depressed and the pressures I’m feeling at the moment. A creamy pasta or risotto beats a green salad anyday for comfort food. I have been eating healthy but with the added carb hit every few days. Exercise is non existent too. I’m going to try really hard to make this weekend my last hooraah for bad food choices and being physically un-motivated. Start afresh on Monday – a morning walk, some HIT on the treadmill and light weight work – will build exercise up slowly so I don’t put more stresses on my body. Create a healthy meal plan for the week with minimum carbs. Spend time outdoors in the garden and get back into yoga, which I have missed so much. I really need to res-set my mind and my body and not worry about the things I can’t change. Now that I have no work or study pressures I need to concentrate on my health and wellbeing as I feel like I’ve been on such a very slippery slope that if I keep going this way much longer it will become near impossible to climb back up.

    Still lots of chores to do a home to finish off our renovations and landscaping. A few weeks ago we purchased the rest of the materials for the main big jobs. If the retail shops end up closing down then at least we will have what we need to keep working. Last weekend we planted the vines and creepers that will cover the new structure in the back yard which OH and I built ourselves – quite proud we are too of our efforts. Today will plant 2 avocado trees and a pomegranate which I have had in a pot for a few months waiting to go in the ground. Have relocated some of our citrus trees so the orchard section of the garden in a bit more organised and is better placed to have permanent watering connections to the rainwater tanks. Were putting everything on watering systems to reduce work and it has worked a treat with the vegie patch – regular consistent watering is the key. Picked the last of the zucchini last weekend as well as all of the pumpkins – 28 in total so we won’t have to worry about buying pumpkins for quite awhile. The tomatoes are just about at the end of their growing season and I now have jars and jars of sundried tomatoes which is great. Today will also be spent rejuvenating the vegie patch soil and planting out the winter crop.

    Looking forward to checking in daily from now on and getting up to speed with everyone’s lives once again. Hoping everyone is safe and well in these uncertain times. Take care x

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Your time for being busy, lots done. You make me feel guilty ..knee much better must make an effort tomorrow ..
    Lovely your son busy and enjoying it all, it’s nice when they are…lots of ups and down with Steve I suppose its there when you don’t realise it…he seems a lot better these last two days, a courtesy call from our doctor tonight, I thought it was nice speaking for 10 mins, telling him to contact him if he needs anything.
    Chips, ham and egg not quite haddock and chips but they were nice, 🍷🍷too..chocolate later…
    Hope mum has been alright and she’s got through the day..she’s a worry…

    Have a good weekend..

    Jean x

  • April 2020 Monthly Challenge

    Day 3. NFD. London

    Looking forward to April’s challenge. I turn 63 this year, all being well, if the CV doesn’t get me first. Finally getting back into fasting, after a year of too many holidays and not getting my act together. This lock down suits me just fine, I have to say. And I’ve told my OH that, if this is ever over, fasting will continue two days a week, holidays or not. Otherwise I’m stuffed…..

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Minols- saw on TV that Minecraft are doing some educational games now, might be helpful for son- after the holidays!
    Jean- that’s so annoying, people being to close! Start coughing, maybe they’ll keep away?! I am feeling like getting stuff done, Cakey’s inspired me! Shown me how lazy I’ve been through winter! You’re usually busy, & you’re looking after Steve right now, so relax when you can. How were the chips?
    Son finally home at 7pm, he should’ve finished at 4pm…he can’t keep away, he’s the happiest he’s been in ages, loving being so busy! He did actually remember a couple of bits for us too.
    Sitting down now, I’m done!

  • April 2020 Monthly Challenge

    Day 3–Colorado, USA 16/8

    Another exciting day at home. So glad that Joe Wicks was mentioned on this board. I hadn’t heard of him, so looked him up. Just did PE with Joe. He made me out of breath (my excuse is that I live at 8000 feet elevation 😉).I like his high energy and it is the right length of time for me. I think that I will add Joe to my busy schedule. And I also enjoyed, that like this board, he is reaching people all over the world.

    It’s currently 21 F (-6 C) outside, so I’m planning another day of relaxing at home. That always leads to lots of cooking and eating.

    On day three, still maintaining Arid April, although I might do the modification of weekends off, especially with some virtual cocktail parties coming up tonight and tomorrow. Got to have some fun!

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Evening All…
    Walk finished I am not happy the way people are not moving out the way, I am climbing down the bank then back up it a few times, a couple walked to me he walked down the bank she stayed at top, I held my hands out and said where do you want me to go?..I told them I wanted a 10’ space, I climbed down and went between them but not really good enough!..

    Good 1/2 pound off you deserve some movement you really work at it….Charlie has been a bag of wind too..very busy you put me to shame, I think about it and that’s it…

    You seem colder than us….flapjacks had treacle and golden syrup for a change…only a dozen made….

    Jean x

  • April 2020 Monthly Challenge

    Day 3 UK CD

    Yesterday’s FD wasn’t. I forgot about the supermarket delivery which included icecream – now all gone. Note to self: don’t fast on delivery day unless they become routine. ATM they are like gold dust so it felt like a celebration.

    Still weighed in at 154lb this morning so no overnight sugar puffing – yet! Going for a OMAD 800 calories but it doesn’t feel like a FD. I’m making shepherds pie with mashed swede, lots of peas and vegan mince – enough ingredietnts to make two and freeze one. Plenty of lovely veg to eat over the weekend too. Some dark chocolate still in the fridge but that doesn’t seem to cause cravings.

    Big test now – baking gf loaf for a friend’s DH to pick up in a couple of hours, but not baking one for myself. I don’t Need bread, no matter what my brain is trying to tell me!

    Here’s to a mindful and balanced weekend. Grateful for the calm of this challenge corner amidst the chaos out there. Start where you are, use what you have and do what you can x

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Sarah- glad your son’s improving, must be a big worry off your mind…
    Minols- hope your son is enjoying being free of homeschooling! He sounds very amenable, can’t imagine my 2 ever settling down to do much at that age, even with threats & bribery!
    Jean- enjoy your flapjack, I’m envious!
    A couple of small jobs ticked off my list, as fast as they get ticked off I think of more though! Will keep me going through 3 months of lockdown at least!

  • April 2020 Monthly Challenge

    USA Day 3 FD

    I am doing only 5:2 these days, as I have been in isolation for some weeks now and am beginning to turn into a real grump. I am alone, so think I need a little comfort food around and a glass of wine at night. I am journaling my calories, so I can support the wine by calculating it in. I have a personal trainer, so I have incorporated the exercises into my daily routine. I also go out for walks but sometimes that is turning into a challenge. Children are out playing and they don’t understand that they can’t approach people. I saw some grandparents come to visit our community (not allowed!) and they were outside hugging and kissing their grandchildren. Parents aren’t telling their children what they should be doing and we are only allowed to walk with family members, while others are supposed to keep the 6 ft. distance, but there are still people not doing this. I guess they are also refusing to see that they are a threat to everyone!

    Welcome to all the newcomers. We have quite a few this month! Stay safe!

    Adding myself to the pocket list,

    Pocket List – Day 3 🍏
    @dykask WFD
    @basyjames WFD

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Oh how exciting, HH – must be all that piglet chasing!

    Survivng without food pretty well just now – probably won’t qualify as a fd as having takeaway tonight, but don’t mind. I just needed to not fall prey to the biscuit stash at work!

    It’s really cold up here today, so I’m in my study with a lap quilt over my knees and wishing I’d brought my fingerless gloves home that I made when it was really winter for using down at the church! Probably going to find over the next wee while that things are in the ‘wrong’ office, but when I go back by myself on Sunday I’ll maybe do a proper tidy up and bring some bits and pieces up the road.

    Just remembered, I made stock last night…must get a pot of chorizo soup made up this evening…always works well for me.


    Jean – jsut caught the last line of your post…flapjacks – YUM!

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Turned cold as soon as I got out in the garden! Potted up the runner beans to harden them up, they’re flimsy & leggy, not had that trouble before, courgettes like that too & some have died, still early enough to try some more I guess. Sowed some lettuce in a big pot as well. Xena was a pain so got sent in!
    I was naughty before my teenie lunched & sneaked a peek at the scales- another half pound off so only half a pound to go to goal 🎉

  • April 2020 Monthly Challenge

    Day 3 North Canton OH WFD

    Well I am going for it, I feel ready to take on a water fast and I am sure I can do it – just keep swimming 🙂

    @therese19 that is a great idea and additional motivation to stick with your new WOL; I am sure there will be a positive difference in your appearance and I am excited for you. Good on you, you are doing something for your health and it is not a decision you will regret

    As I completed my beachbody workout this morning, I was thinking that this is a great opportunity to really work on self-care and self-improvement. I remember how exhausting life was before we were forced to slow down and live simpler; now we have no excuse not to do the things we have been putting off for some time. Rather than mourn what we have lost, let’s celebrate what we have gained; a chance to focus inwards and extend a helping hand to those around us

    @laird3000 welcome to the group!

    @cavanya hope your little one feels better

    Tomorrow is yard day! I will mulch, trim and weed to my heart’s content and my garden is going to be spectacular!!! Watch out.

    Keep the faith and take it a minute at a time- gotta go for my run

    Pocket List – Day 3 🍏
    @dykask WFD
    @basyjames WFD

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Afternoon All…

    Struggling with two pieces of river on my jigsaw..all done barring two pieces and no way will they fit!!…

    Chips cut for tonight, haddock and chips ☹️… Charlie’s veg all cut in the pan, all done to cook later….shopping’s all go 😂

    The shoppings working delivery…I ring up for what I want, only parsnips I couldn’t get, so I got a turnip. She rings back to say how much and when she will come, usually within the hour. I tell her what cash I will put in envelope and she brings the change or I can do a bank transfer…I have spent £42 this week so good for her too….I am quite liking this, you are not buying extra bits. When it’s all over might consider Tesco as she may not do it then…her prices are better then I would have thought.

    Lovely school finished early, very hard to keep going for all mums..enjoy your cycle home…

    Glad you got a slot well worth the late going to bed …interesting about the bread buns, nearly did them for lunch reviews put me bread with butter and jam 😂

    Brownie points to you, hubby and the piglets ….still having lovely walks, I miss the park…maybe mum just wants to be on her own with memories…chilly here no car wash…flapjacks are calling to be made’s Friday ….

    Jean x

  • April 2020 Monthly Challenge

    Day 3, Bavaria (Germany), FD

    Last FD for this week. Kinda happy about that because my mom makes Kaiserschmarrn (Austrian dish; basically scrambled pancakes, but somehow tastier) on weekends.
    Did my workout for today. In the evening, I’ll do a social distancing walk with a friend, as I have done the last few days. It’s beautiful to lay down at the lake and gaze at the stars.
    In other news—I might not have classes this semester. It’s absolutely crazy to think about, but apparently my university contemplates doing everything online. I’m wondering how they’re gonna handle our grades, though. Quite a lot of students (including me) haven’t had all their written exams from last semester yet. My brother has to write lots of essays instead, but that method isn’t suitable for all subjects.
    Fantastic day to you all!

    Pocket List – Day 3 🍏
    @dykask WFD

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Hello everyone

    Just back from walking Gretel but missed the sun unfortunately which has just come out here but looks a lovely afternoon. Spinach bed prepped and sowed (me) and the last bit of heavy digging (OH). Will transfer to work in garden now as can’t put other stuff out in allotment just yet. Have potted the sweetcorn etc which are now in summerhouse. If the weather gets very nice I might have a couple of hours with Wolf Hall in the garden…

    Yesterday’s fast was fine, still not completely in the zone (mackerel pitta and small (ish) piece of shortbread for lunch) tonight, veg and bean stew from freezer with pesto tonight and have some rock hard pears which I may poach. But I know I will succumb to wine tonight. Still doing better and feeling more motivated after my stern talking to. I’ve fiddled around a bit now and I’m not like some of you peeps who are maintaining or close to I still have a stone to go. Hopefully at some stage I will join the maintenance (ish) crew soon. I know I’ll have to stick with 2 FDs though.

    HH hilarious with the pigs…how public spirited of you too. Son is saying chest pressure feels less today and not much breathlessness so hopefully turning the corner. Sad for your mum. Goodness this is horrid for so many people.

    Jean, glad you are both sleeping better and you feel less sore too.

    Nana well done on your tesco slot, must have been so infuriating before. Im fasting too.

    Kay go girl!

  • April 2020 Monthly Challenge

    Day 3 – Ireland – CD
    Hi all, early spin within my 2K radius which was nice although I’m not great at going over the same route /loop so this may wear thin..Followed by Joe Wicks workout – just love him and what he’s doing for the children right now… followed by Work … today I must do some yoga and meditation…
    I’m with others on keeping this WOL quiet… As not everybody understands it and I prefer not to get into it with people… i’m eating well at home and I’m waiting for the scales to reflect that… But can feel it in my body
    Have a safe and sane day all!!! Three weeks in now….
    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

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