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  • July 2020 Monthly Challenge

    Day 11, Boston, MA – MFD, Hike, maybe run

    I’m back after not being on for a while – a combination of lack of computer and heightening of stress. I’ve eaten my way through the week, and also not done much running. Running really keeps my brain in the right place, so that’s bad.


    – Sleep deprivation leads to terrible decision-making. Cumulative sleep deprivation makes for even worse ones. I definitely need to prioritize sleep.

    – I’ve had to plan a bridal shower this week (the hike today), and I find event-planning extremely anxiety-inducing. Group social activities are like that in general, but having to be responsible for something like a bridal shower makes me even more stressed. In this case I actually don’t know that bride or any of her friends all that well, but I’m her future SIL, so I’m planning. I am also really unsentimental, so I have a hard time imagining what someone might actually enjoy. I would have been happy to forego the shower AND the wedding, but most people are not me!

    – Anxiety makes me eat lots of salty, greasy food.

    Hopefully I will be able to get this back on track after today’s shower is DONE. Also, maybe I need to work on better coping skills.

  • July 2020 Monthly Challenge

    Day 11 – USA/GA – NFD

    Negotiations were ugly this morning. The scales wanted everything and more back — requesting the old flat-lined plateau of 257 lbs. I pitched a fit and said it was unacceptable to ask for two pounds back in a day. We have settled on the 256 lb. compromise, and hope I’ll be vindicated on that settlement for the weekend. I’ll show those scales for sure who’s boss next week after two more FDs! It’s not the middle of the month just yet!

    To be continued…

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    Brilliant, Amazon. I’m glad you enjoyed the haircut and the outing. Life IS to be lived, don’t forget. 🙂
    We had our first indoor meal with relatives in 4 months this week. Very carefully distancing and not staying too long. We all appreciated how good it was and how important it was to enjoy it with due caution.
    The reminder came the very next day when another friend became ill and hospitalised, suspected COVID patient. Thankfully, despite being very ill, the testing proved negative. Still very scary though. None of us can do anything but take this virus very, very seriously. No risks, but that doesn’t mean we can’t also enjoy life, carefully.
    I seem to have jumped back on the fasting wagon quite comfortably and am hoping I reap the rewards. Cheers P

  • drinking alcohol

    Hi all. Just come across this thread. Wondering if any of you guys still posting as u seem right up my street. A lovely thread with no judgements. So refreshing. I started 5 2 last week in the hope to lose weight but also to cut down on alcohol. I love wine & gin! Nothing I love more is to hear the pop of a cork! The goal is to have no alcohol on fast days and maybe cut back a bit on the other days but baby steps. I managed one alcohol fast day but by the time the next one came round I changed to 16 8 basically so I could have a drink. I’m not getting pissed just a few to relax. So this week I’m planning on 2 alcohol free fast days. Wish me luck! Love to hear from u guys x

  • July 2020 Monthly Challenge


    I have a lot planned for myself today…..The hubby is away for a couple weeks and there are so many projects, I want to get done before he gets back. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem doing them while he is here…… except one or two things happen….. I get commentary from the peanut gallery…… or he ends up taking over the project. And well, sometimes, I just want to do it all the way through on my terms.
    Example, in the garden, for those who don’t know me….. we grow 75 % of our veg. Year round. I want to lay straw down, to help keep the moisture in during this very hot days of summer……. he thinks it’s not a sound idea. Plus, we have this thyme plant that decided to run wild and it is not useable anymore does smell fantastic but it’s all
    Inter twined in the fence…… he wanted to leave it……I spent a hour pulling it yesterday.
    Wow got off on a tangent there for a minute…….
    So, anyways……I’m going to busy most of the day with projects….

    I am not walking this weekend, I’m thinking garden work is going to be plenty of exercise

    Food wise……. I do have an NFD planned only because I will be out gathering supplies and then spending a good hour or so waiting in a very long line to gather a purchase. Debating whether I should mention what it is or not, only because some people are totally against it, some believe as I do it’s our right. So, I’m going to let you use your imagination. So, more than likely….. I’ll just stop off for food. I will choose healthier options.

    @dykask……… I read your post and became concerned with your Charlie horse after your liquid fast. You say you sweat a lot, it may not be dehydration that caused the Charlie horse but rather salt. Or lack of. Sweating decreases the salt in our body….. so although we can get plenty of fluids in us such as water……Water has a very low salt count so it’s unable to replenish what we lose. One of the first symptoms of a salt defiance in our body is cramping. So, may I recommend adding one or two drinks high in sodium during your liquid fasts, especially on days your sweating.
    Also, you should have your potassium levels checked. Low potassium can cause cramping in our arms and legs….. also chest pain. Low potassium is extremely dangerous can have lasting effects such as short term memory loss, confusion, etc. things that can not be reversed.

    Okay…. well it’s time to begin my day……

    Have a great day! Make good choices!

    I’m totally lacking the zip-a-dee part of my doo-dah day!

  • July 2020 Monthly Challenge

    Day 10 Oxon, UK NFD
    Day 11 Oxon, UK NFD
    Long walk Friday – 12km, kept to TDEE just.
    Hair cut today, yay. DD & partner coming for a visit so trying a new vegan recipe of sweet potato and spinach chilli. I’ll let you know if it’s a good one. Planning on skipping lunch so I can enjoy the evening. Had late breakfast anyway due to yoga class first. Hoping it will all come together.

  • July 2020 Monthly Challenge

    Day 11 UK, NFD

    Had a good couple of FDs in the week with the other days keeping well under TDEE. I’ve also been walking with Ms Sansone, let’s hope I’m getting back on track this month. Today we’re going to friends for a meal. As the last couple of times has been outside BBQs, we’re eating inside. We’re having a roast turkey dinner. Yes it’s Christmas in Cheshire today. One friend is taking starters and I’ve done dessert – I’ve made trifles. – individual ones. I have a cunning plan to leave mine behind, as I know I will be too full. I’m driving, so no alcohol for me. This should be all I eat today so hopefully not too much damage.

    @emma Taylor, I’m jealous of your pub outing, we have a table booked in our local for next week.
    @jaifaim, what a shame the restaurant experience was marred by a few idiots. You’re right, it’s not just youngsters, yesterday at the hospital where I work I saw a nurse speaking to a group of elderly people who had pulled together a couple of tables in the coffee shop. They weren’t wearing masks and one of them was on a bloomin’ drip!
    @annabelle48, we used to call the scales Cruella, as she takes great delight in torturing us. Looking at it logically, you’re taking in fewer calories than you’re using. The loss will come but our bodies can take time to behave logically.

    Have a great weekend everyone.

  • Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

    Hi everyone,

    This week has been a fast day free zone and if there is a remote chance I’ve lost weight it’s due to the fact over 50% of my hair was cut off yesterday 😆

    tbh honest I simply don’t care. I saw my best friend yesterday for the first time in 4 months and I feel WONDERFUL 🤩

    We had the best time together, a long walk in a beautiful park followed by coffee and cake in a nearby café.

    I treated myself to an Indian takeaway last night and the portions were so generous I’ll be having the leftovers for dinner tonight with a few added veggies.

    Sunshine and warmer weather is returning to London for the next 2 weeks and I intend to make the most of it with lots of time out in the fresh air and plenty of walking.
    To accompany the fine weather there will be lots of healthy salads and hopefully some shrinking of the lockdown belly 😆

    Have a good one everybody 😜

  • Alcohol

    Hi bee,

    Sorry to hear about your parents and mother in law.

    Have you had bereavement counselling?
    I realise this is a very personal question and I don’t expect you to answer as I’m trying to offer support and I hope my doing so doesn’t offend.
    If you haven’t it might be an idea to start there as it should enable you to deal with your grief and the issues that have arisen from it. Counselling was an immense help to me when my Mum died as it enabled me to understand my thoughts and actions and helped me to learn how to deal with everything in a positive manner.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Good morning.Aloe Vera not working so it must be something else.Git an appointment on Thursday but the latest message says you surgery appointment so not sure if it’s at the surgery or over the phone again. The surgery is locked up when I go past it with Heidi. Got aches and pains all over, think I need putting down 😁.A light day food wise yesterday, lamb for dinner tonight, will try not to have any dinner again. The sun is out so I will take Heidi out when it’s lunch at the cricket.

  • July 2020 Monthly Challenge

    Day 11 OMAD London UK

    @dykask – I had to look up charlie horse. I have never heard that term before, so I’ve learned something new today and it’s only 10.30. Sounds painful.
    OMAD still going fine – so far so good. We actually went to the beach yesterday! West Wittering in West Sussex. We walked from East Wittering – the guys had fish and chips which looked fantastic, but for me, knowing I can have nothing except between 5 and 10pm works fine, cos I’m not tempted to just have a little bit. The beach was lovely – pebbles turning to the most beautiful clean white sand. ( sorry – getting a bit carried away – you can tell it’s a while since we’ve been to the beach). Then we went to the PUB!!!!!!! in Chichester on the way back. It was an old church which had become a pub, so lots of space and very well organised, so it was a great day, with a six mile walk in the middle. Have a great weekend all.

  • July 2020 Monthly Challenge

    2nd post.
    This predictive text really annoys me at times. I definitely typed pasta and also I, 8 is on the same key and it does that sometimes but that’s not the fault of predictive text. Moral is read through before submitting!!!

  • July 2020 Monthly Challenge

    Day 11 NFD UK

    Was a bit fed up yesterdAy so thought blow it (not the word I used), I am not planning anything so I had spaghetti (white as all 8 had), pastor and pine nuts with strawberries and ice cream for my dinner.
    Thought I would check damage done and lo and behold half a pound off and back to my original 1 lb loss.
    Very nice but I’m banjaxed.

    @missy Bear I am taking your very sound advice not to fret about minor ups and downs. I also think I had sort of lost the plot by trying to concentrate too much on each day. It’s supposed to be a way of life and I was cutting out the good bits by worrying about them and being on a diet all the time.

    @judyjudes. I hope you enjoyed your trip to the hairdressers. I too hate the back wash as it hurts my neck but I get them to pad out the rim of the basin with a foam pad they have plus a towel and this helps with the pressure. Thank you very much for the information re Fast800 offer. I had a look on the website at some of the meals and they looked nice. I have to say I can’t be bothered with too much faffing about with preparation or with a long list of ingredients but the batch curry sauce sounds good so may try that.
    I will also investigate further today, only had a quick look last night. Offer is on for another week I see.

    I plan to have a relaxed weekend not worrying about food and start refreshed on Monday.
    I wish you all a good weekend also.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Evening all,

    I had a good few days away and returned home to snow. The week off has gone too fast and now I’m starting to come down with a cold. I feel like crap so I’m going to try to sleep through tomorrow and hopefully I’ll be feeling well enough to go to work. It would look pretty bad if I just finished a week of holiday and then called in sick on Monday.

    I missed my weigh in so I’m just skipping that week and I’ll weigh in next Wednesday. The week was up and down food-wise. Had fish and chips for my boy’s birthday and plenty of biscuits and snacks for the first three days, but the last three days I’ve eaten well and exercised for an hour a day at the gym, so hopefully it balances out.

    Have a good one everyone

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Morning everyone,
    Well the day I thought would never come has and I can say “going on holiday today”.
    My half hearted attempts at fast days have had a result although I didn’t do as many as I optimistically planned. I am back to my pre lockdown weight, five pounds above that ever elusive target. Think this holiday will do some damage as I want lots of treats!

    Well HH you are home today, hope the holiday lived up to expectations, although I think the weather could have been better.
    Nana so sorry about your cousin, I gather it was unexpected. No wonder you are a bit down.
    Dave how are you? Is the Aloe Vera not working?
    Endellion and Minols, how are things? I have never been to a Center Parcs. Will want a full report!
    Endellion how is the anxiety, have you decided to keep with your therapist. Worth any money if it you can manage it and it helps.

    Lastly a big cheer for Charlie on his 2lb. What an inspiration that dog is 😘!

  • July 2020 Monthly Challenge

    Day 11 – Ireland – CD

    What a busy week but went out with friends last night… no drink as I’m on meds but lovely to be out In a restaurant BUT it was also quite stressful – There are still people who just don’t understand the concept of staying away from others… People popping over to say hello and hovering over you and the like… maybe I’m just over sensitive to my space now…

    It will take time before I’m comfortable in busy places I’m sure!

    @betsylee and others who are locked down again – I hope you’re doing ok! I can see this happening in Ireland as people seem to just think we’ve got through and are on the other side. It is so frustrating to witness the stupidity of people… it’s not just the youngsters either… 🙄

    Enjoy your visit to the salon @judyjudes! I had mine done last week and it was great to see my hairdresser who is a pal but like you my neck gets really sore at the basins so not my favourite pampering treat…

    Good luck with the surprise @brightonbelle!! Isn’t it great that you can celebrate now – I hope you have fun! 🎉 We have missed many big birthdays this year with my friends group. There will be one big hoolie when we finally come out of this ✅ 🎈🎉

    @stitchincarol i had a rough week too and have no idea why my body/mind acts up With cravings or stubbornness when I am pretty committed to the WOL … but come on…. Don’t give up… one good decision at a time… we’ll get there 👍👍👍
    One of my very good friends who I met last night has lost over 50lbs which has given me a kick up the bum to keep going… she is not active and honestly you would not have thought she had it to lose…. So I’m inspired and focused again….. from Monday! I will celebrate the end of two weeks of antibiotic tomorrow night with a drink or two 🍻🍻

    @basyjames I’m so glad to hear you are in a better place now and I’m hoping that you can work through this with your loved one. Nothing in life is straightforward or easy…. (with the exceptIon maybe of putting on weight 🤔) and we are living through extraordinary pressures but let yourself be supported through this tough time. I was in a similar position this time last year and it’s great to have the support of this group along with dear friends…

    Have a lovely Saturday everybody!
    @daffodil2010 enjoy your trip! I ♥️ the southwest.

    Hello to absent friends. Please say hello if you are out there? 👋

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

  • Alcohol

    Hi there I must admit I joined this group once I decided to start my journey fir support and it really is amazing real reason to start 5:2 – if I’m honest – was to cut down on drinking ..after loosing both my parents and my mother in law to cancer within 5 months in 2019 – now that really was a crappy year – I hit the bottle …a lot..mainly to sleep and stop myself crying ..but it obviously back fired and I developed this big bloated belly – so I thought right that is it I’m NOT buying bigger clothes so here I am. 6 weeks in ive lost 12llbs and my stomach is way smaller and not as’s really working ..I don’t drink any booze in the week but weekends I can’t seem to control it very well (5 double gins last night) and my question is even though I’m loosing on average 2llbs a week how can I get a grip on my weekend booze binges..I am actually fed up of hangovers now ….any suggestions please ?

  • July 2020 Monthly Challenge

    Day 11 – UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Most time consuming part of kitchen finished, the tiling, but wow it does look good!

    Now more cleaning and polishing before painting, not going to get finished on time, but never mind, looking good so far.

    Going out for a BBQ at friends house this evening, walk round so a few drinks and a nice change, will stop us working too long today!

    Take care all.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Morning All..
    A beautiful day here, feeling up beat about jobs..

    Bed stripped and made, Washer on, hand washing soaking…play date for Charlie at the park at 8.30, feeling organised…
    Grass to cut when dries out…car to wash and vac needs freshening of dog!

    Roast beef dinner tonight…

    Safe journey home, after a good relax and holiday…

    All quiet on here….

    Jean x

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Good afternoon, hope you are all having a lovely weekend that isn’t being dampened too much by the amount of rain about.

    Lindsay, glad you’ve arrived safely at the island. I hope it’s a relaxing break.
    Well done on the weight loss.
    I haven’t read any of Julia’s books. My only experience with her as an interviewer in on the Drum and I’m afraid her reliance on “what do you make of that” as her most frequent question really irritates me. While there is a place for open non-biased questions that allow for a non-directed response, I also want to see some thoughtful and insightful questioning. Of those interviewers I watch frequently at the moment, my favourite is actually an American – Judy Woodruff on PBS Newshour.

    Turn, congratulations on the weight loss. Also glad you finally have some blue sky, although an early start to the day does not sound wise, 3C is definitely to be avoided.

    Anzac, I had renewed withdrawal symptoms when you mentioned having data analyse – enjoy it it for us both!
    I saw that there were a few community covid cases popping up in NSW. Hopefully it will be caught before it’s spreads further.

    Betsy, happy to hear that you are covid negative and that the allergic response on your arm has improved. Hopefully the pneumococcal vaccine can now do its job.

    Cinque, I am impressed with your dabbling into African cuisine. If you find some excellent recipies please post them. I have been trying to make a little room by planning most meals from it’s contents, but it never seems to get any emptier – how does that happen?

    I spent the morning making a birthday cake.
    I was rather please that a red velvet cake has been requested as I’ve always wanted the excuse to attempt one of those but not had the occasion before. The cake crumb is more red brick coloured than a true red – I think I’ll need powdered food colour rather than gel next time. In my opinion, the cream cheese frosting is the best bit – there was a bit of finger licking going on after I’d finished that job! Thankfully it’s a NFD.

    Apart from the bit of cream cheese frosting it’s been a good NFD so far. Fasting tomorrow.

  • If your clothes are looser but the scales are the same, read on

    Morning All,
    Good news, there is half an inch less of my neck, and inch off both my hips and calves.I have lost the pound on the scales that I was hoping for, but the really big news is that I have lost a good % of fat which all makes sense.

    Certainly inspires me to do another 24 hour fast next week along with a usual FD.

    Have a good weekend.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Good afternoon friends, from a grey and drizzly Sydney

    I’m sorry to see the worsening situation in Victoria Betsy and Cinque. Please stay safe

    Thanks for your kind words Cinque, I do hope I’m not overpaid! I love cooking African meals too – always so full of flavour and spice. I haven’t made one for ages so you are inspiring me to try soon – maybe tomorrow. Mr A is cooking tonight and we are having eye fillet with a mushroom and peppercorn sauce. I’m having a salad and he is having an evil hot green vegetable of some description.

    I’ve just finished a big few hours of gruelling housework and whilst feeling tired I’m so glad to have a clean-ish house. As soon as I finished Maxx bounced up to me, all waggy, and wanted play time. Then Mr A came to the rescue and put the Rugby League on so of course Maxx hopped up on the couch next to him to watch. Hooray!! Peace and quiet for me and a moment to catch up with you all. Not that I don’t love playing with him but I am beat!

    My latest test results show a slight infection somewhere so yep, I need to have a colonoscopy. I’ve never had one and not looking forward to it but what must be done must be done. It will be in a few weeks

    Lindsay, life on your island sounds so relaxing and idyllic and you and I share a love of reading I see. However I read novels as I feel like I read enough ‘non fiction’ at work so I love to get lost in a really good story.

    So glad about your negative test Betsy and that your arm is feeling better. Well done with the pruning and don’t worry about the EFS, they happen and that’s the beauty of this WOL. One or two FD’s will knock it on the head

    We had a positive covid test in the suburb next to ours yesterday which is a bit scary. A Victorian visiting NSW apparently. There is also one in the Blue Mountains where my sister and nieces live. I just hope they don’t slam the visitor numbers down again before I can get up there to see them all and meet my great-nephew next Sunday.

    LJ, dining out is almost impossible – I know I can never resist whatever catches my eye. I’m very glad we hardly ever go out; even pre-covid. I hope you enjoyed your day off yesterday.

    Have a lovely rest of the weekend all and hi to everyone I haven’t mentioned

  • July 2020 Monthly Challenge

    Day 11 – Japan – NFD

    My water fast went well enough, but today I’m somewhat dehydrated. I drinking a lot of water so I should be just fine. The worst part is I’ve had 3 charlie horses today, although one was very mild. I seem to be prone to dehydration. Part of it is when I exercise I tend to sweat a lot. Hmmmm …

    Otherwise I’m just fine! I’m deeply concerned about the horrible situation in the USA. My family is okay so far but it is large and spread out all over the US. By large I mean I even had two 2nd cousins that started dating before they found out one of their grandmothers (my great aunt) was also the other one’s great aunt. Maybe still legal some places but it didn’t sit well for them.

    @judy good luck with the hairdresser. When my son made it Japan he looked like a 60’s hippy. Wisps of beard, almost a goatee and hair well over his eyes. He could have started making a pony tail or at least a samurai top knot. When he had his hair cut he said the barber slipped on all the hair!

  • July 2020 Monthly Challenge

    Day 11 – UK – NFD

    Hi Everyone

    Yesterday I ended up doing a FD. I used recipes from MM Fast800 Online plan, really nice they were too and kept me satisfied. Gearing up for Monday’s official start. It will be interesting to see how much progress I make on the 12 week course.

    Today is Hairdresser day 💇‍♀️. I have to arrive in a mask 😷 which is fine. Interestingly I don’t have greys (nearer 60 than 50) and my hair is growing through darker than its ever been. Its only grown about 2.5 inches which doesn’t seem a lot 🤷‍♀️. It will feel nice to have a hairstyle again but going to the hairdressers is never my favourite activity as the enforced sitting and hair back-wash can prove painful. Needs must though.

    Have a great Saturday!

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Good morning. Where are you all this morning? Doing something lovely, I hope (even in lockdown).
    We were up at 5.15, ready to leave at 6.45 for the drive over town to the barge. Most of our packing was done – just the cold food, OH’s tea and toast – essential before he could possibly step out of the house (and my coffee)and Rosy to load in the car. I made a batch of oat and fruit muffins for us to have with DD etc, once we arrived. And even had time to stop for thyme, as DD had texted me before we left to grab a bunch from the garden for a chicken she’s roasting tonight ….but I didn’t see the text until we had stopped for petrol. They’ve headed off for a gorge walk and an icecream (OH’s feet still not up to an hour walk), but we were happy just to unpack, and generally oozle about. I have Julia Baird’s ‘Victoria’ which is such a tome, but I should be able to keep it propped upright if I get into one of the super comfy chairs on the verandah – assuming of course that I don’t nod off.
    Anzac what a wonderful life you lead ….I love how you (and LJ) love data. I laughed at ‘focs’.
    I was delighted to see my .9 loss from my FD didn’t translate into a gain after a NFD (but under my calorie limit). If I can hold that til my next FD on Monday, I’ll be happy. I’ve given up the wild targets and after 3 years on this WOL, have finally come to the conclusion that .5 kilo will do just nicely (and yes, I am a slow learner).
    Cinque, your cooking sounds amazing …. how adventurous you are.
    Has anyone read Julia Baird’s latest book, Phosphorescence? I have just ordered it for DD from Booktopia. I like Julia Baird a lot – considered and compassionate, I think.
    OK off to the verandah.
    (Betsy, not designer in the sense that that were branded ….but pretty cool nevertheless, and too nice to end up in a dog’s mouth).

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Good morning this cold grey Saturday,

    Anzac, I am so glad I chose roses for you 🙂 I love roses too (infact my daughter’s name is Rose).

    What a shocker of a week you have had, in terms of your time and energy, and hard for your health. But I don’t know that it is possible that you are overpaid. Good work! The management should know your worth. Enjoy that analysis.

    Special congratulations for limiting stress eating. Such a powerful, and difficult, thing to do.

    Betsy, sigh, yes, and another big number today. And, so sadly, another death.
    I am glad that mask wearing is being encouraged. I didn’t make mine, I got them from here: but I see they are sold out again. I recommend the style though.

    Dauntingly, our high number of cases this week is what the U.S. is getting every 10 minutes.

    Hooray to get that pruning done. You’ll enjoy their blossom soon, and hopefully their fruit, later on.

    I’m girding up for a fasty fast day tomorrow. Cheers to anyone fasting today.

  • July 2020 Monthly Challenge

    Day 10 UK NFD

    Very sorry , not had chance to check in today, been super busy preparing a birthday surprise for a friends 60th , hope to catch up tomorrow, if not definitely Sunday Have a good weekend all x

  • July 2020 Monthly Challenge

    Day 10 UK FD

    Very busy day at work so easy to fast! Reckon the calorie intake today came in at around 650 so happy with that. Will relax a bit at the weekend…

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    So sorry on your bad news…we are getting to that age it’s quite frightening…

    Glad you had a good day with your friends, enjoy your self while you can…it makes you think….hugs to you.

    Jean x

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Evening everyone , scales showed no loss but I’m okay with that. Met up with our friends again this evening which was nice. Came home to find a message on our answer phone to say that my cousin passed away this afternoon bit of a shock as he’s not much older than me and I was a bridesmaid at his wedding.
    Feeling a bit down now.
    Nana x

  • July 2020 Monthly Challenge

    2nd Post

    @annabelle48 MM Fast800 is on offer at the moment, so a good time to join. I’ve contemplated joining a few times previously myself but thought I’d be able to do it myself. I really need to shift this last stone as it’s hung around too long. Plus my waist size is going up.

    I officially start a Monday but I’ve been trying some meals this week to get into the habit of following recipes without going off piste or pimping them up! So far so good, they are filling and nutritious 😋.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Haddock and chips for us, really nice..will have a glass of red shortly, our day off.

    You won’t recognise Denise after her hair cut tomorrow ..mine next Friday..

    Hoping MIL picks up if she’s under the weather…

    Jean x

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Good evening, been to mother in law’s then Sainsbury’s for shopping.No queues at Sainsbury’s.Mother in law has not been well today but was in good spirits. Not had much to eat today, no dinner or breakfast.For tea I had haddock goujons six chips and mushy peas.Didnt enjoy the fish so it went in the bin.

  • July 2020 Monthly Challenge

    Day 10 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    Thanks to my fellow DTF listers this week… I have stayed dry, and now it’s Friday 😁🥂 Cheers 🍻

    @annabelle48 my advice is not to fret about the natural day to day fluctuations, maybe weigh yourself less often or only record your end of week or end of month weight so that you are seeing the actual trend which will hopefully be downwards. When I began 5:2 I was jumping on the scales daily and seeing fluctuations of up to 5 pounds and that made me feel demotivated. Now I just weigh and record on the last Friday of each month. I also find the feeling of my waistline a better indicator of when I need to be more disciplined. Be cautious of going too low cal on NFDs, as you say that isn’t 5:2 and in my experience basic vanilla 5:2 does the job in an enjoyable and sustainable way.

    Page has turned, was it @penz who painted the picture of @ihatelettuce doing kitchen renovations in his too big posh tweed jacket 😂 love it, up there with my mental picture of @flourbaby pushing a trolley around Tesco wearing a ball gown. Seriously, frequently try on those clothes you think are too small. This WOE really works. I missed out on wearing size 14s hidden at the back of the wardrobe as I seemed to drop suddenly from a 16 to 12 🙂

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone. See you Monday, my regular FD.

  • July 2020 Monthly Challenge

    Day 10 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Good Silver Sneakers this morning, not quite as hot as the last several days. Had an excellent rain last evening. Yesterday’s FD came in about 650 calories (so I could still eat supper with DH) but happy enough on the scale this morning.

    @lilymartin – I had to laugh about the cats bellowing at your singing a high part for Zoom! You’re adorable. 🙂

    Onward and downward.

  • If your clothes are looser but the scales are the same, read on

    Thanks Iona. I haven’t done one for ages either. I had been thinking about it but lacked confidence. I watched Jason Fung on You Tube who both explains why fasting is a good idea and also really plays it down. That was enough to give me the shove and the belief that all would be fine. It was, several mugs of tea saw me through although the last hour was the worst when I had run out of things to do to distract me.

    I am just avoiding any rubbish. I have never been able to just have one.

    I have the grand weigh in tomorrow. I don’t think that the tape measure has moved either, but I really hope that there is less fat on these fancy scales.I read somewhere that it takes 10 weeks to see any difference from fasting. I am hoping that I will see some evidence before!

    I have had a big clothes sort out and reorganise this afternoon. I will have a whole new wardrobe that wont have cost me a penny, when I have shifted the lard.I have found clothes that I had forgotten that I owned.

  • Very Low blood pressure

    My GP told me I was dehydrated and to up my water intake and salt.

    I rarely get problems now more at the beginning …I have been fasting for 6 years..

  • July 2020 Monthly Challenge

    Day 10 North Canton OH CD

    What an amazing nugget of wisdom “The halo does not have to slip far to become a noose” so true. I may carve that on a plaque or better still put in on a refrigerator magnet.

    I broke my liquid fast at 90 hours, I still haven’t stepped on scale but I did look leaner in the mirror this morning.

    It was so humid this morning and that made running especially difficult, so I mostly walked with short running bursts to bring my heart rate up up, then completed my lower body workout. Today was a bit of a mental struggle though.

    True @stitchincarol some days are a breeze while others are way more challenging.

    @northgeorgia that was a hilarious post, still wiping my eyes 😂

    I will miss the safety and security of being on the pocket list but NFD are important otherwise this becomes a low calorie diet which is not as fun or effective

    Have a fun Friday everyone.

  • July 2020 Monthly Challenge

    Day 10 – Ireland – NFD

    Still feeling rubbish… on 2nd antibiotic for tooth/gum and really sinusy this week… that along with busy times at work makes for a very dull time here in my world 🙄
    Looking forward to the weekend and catching up on posts… I’m reading them but nothing is sticking in my brain…

    Have a good day all and @michelinme and @ciren2 You’re on my mind I hope you are ok.

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

  • July 2020 Monthly Challenge

    Day 10 Canada NFD

    Running out the door for an early work start- have a great day all!

  • July 2020 Monthly Challenge

    Day 10 – USA/GA – NFD

    Good morning. In the ongoing weight negotiations with my scale, it generously offered me the deal of 255 lbs. I argued that with a NFD yesterday, that I would happily accept 256 lbs. After several moments of going back and forth (that’s me getting on and off the scales, repositioning myself, alternating between standing on the heels, on the ball of the foot, and in the dead center because I’m not fully awake), I accepted the 255 lb. deal when the scales informed me that I had forgotten to eat supper last night, having had a few light snacks instead due to a late business meeting. With the conclusion of talks for the day, I report 255 lbs. for this Friday, knowing that 256 will likely return as a possibility at the negotiating table before Monday’s FD.

    In other news, I learned to how to more accurately measure my neck size, resulting in a loss of half an inch, and it appears another 1/4 inch of waist has disappeared into thin air (you know, water and CO2, scientifically speaking). In fashion news, I am donning an old shirt (it’s Friday, just a casual work uniform shirt someone gave me) that I couldn’t wear a few months ago. In sports and weather, I hope to go for a nice walk or swim today if a thunderstorm doesn’t pop up this evening. Household cleaning may be on the agenda.

    And let’s take a look now at the Pocket List of champions for today:

    Pocket List – Day 10

  • Initial 4-day fast?

    I notice a lot of posts refer to will power. I find that I lack this, as do most people. I have always found that:

    It’s easy to say “no” to something good when you’ve got a stronger “yes” to something better.

    In this case, saying no to a calorie-laden taste bud tittilator is easier when you have a stronger yes to great health and less weight to slow you down and tire you out.

    I have a backpack with milk jugs filled with water equal to the weight I’ve lost. I wear it when I go out for training walks. it reminds me what carrying useless weight did to my ability to just get on with living a high-energy life.

  • July 2020 Monthly Challenge

    Day 10 RJ Brazil NFD

    @northgeorgia Thanks! I’ve been charting my daily weighings , here it is:

    That post was very helpful. I also believe that the scale doesn’t say everything. I have measured my waist and lost a few centimeters, but I still find it difficult when the weight doesn’t drop.

    Thanks! I will do my best

    Exactly! I’m going to wait a while before I change my approach.

    It’s true, we eat a lot more than we realize. Recording calories is boring, but it’s very helpful.

    Thanks for the advice, guys.I’m gonna wait until next week to see if I’ll break through the plateau. If not, I’ll reduce the NFD calories.

  • If your clothes are looser but the scales are the same, read on

    Well done Annette it is a long time since I did a 24hour fast.
    I’m struggling this week, possibly because I know it’s my last week on furlough??
    My daughter brought me a box of chocs last night – I intended to put them away but OH was straight in so I did have a couple and now they are just tempting me all the time.
    I will definitely get back to 18:6 tomorrow and report back in a few days.
    Oh forgot to say, scale down slightly this morning but tape measure the same 😤

  • July 2020 Monthly Challenge

    Day 10, London UK, NFD,

    I skipped yesterday’s soup but I had a babybel cheese & a handful of baby plum tomatoes, so not a LFD, but at <100cals, it was a successful FD!! Thank you @missybear 🙏, it was your post that helped immensely ……………………….. “I can do anything for one day…….and I can have wine tomorrow😉” ……………………. I definitely DESERVE wine today ………………. But I WILL abstain!!!

    @brightonbelle, I know those types of FDs where you can’t help but inhale your single solitary meal in about 30 seconds😟 ……………. Mindful eating is the key ……………………. Apparently!!! I’ll have my lentil & bacon soup🍜 today for ‘breakfast’ at about 3pm, and I will chew very, very slowly!!!

    @stitchincarol, I hope your FD went well yesterday, the members of the lengthy pocket list were all with you!!! Keep the faith, it WILL happen!!! 🤗

    @penz…………………. Stop!!!…………. Reread your post ………… Paragraph 1 full of positivity & resolve & PFDS!!! 😇 …………………… Paragraph 7, that resolve is racing for the booze 🍷!!??? Can you see me wagging my finger???? No, No, NO!!!!!! 😂😆

    @lilymartin, 💪 never in the history of the ‘chocolate almond’ has one single solitary chocolate almond been enjoyed soooo much and lasted sooooo long, no doubt you sniffed it & licked it & savoured the taste😜 …………………….. now, there’s a thought, if I had just one wine gum, could I lick it every 5-10 minutes until it disappeared, or would that be the purest form of torture????

    @annabelle48, I’m guessing those steroids are doing a number on you!!! The science & the numbers don’t/can’t lie, CICO (calories in, calories out) is set in stone!!! You are in a calorie deficit just by sticking between BMR & TDEE and having 2 FDs, you will lose weight!!! We’ve all been on a somewhat baffling plateau😱, gained when the numbers absolutely guarantee a loss😟, the key???? DO NOT GIVE UP, sometimes our bodies, miracle machines that they are, do crazy things to thwart our efforts, ‘cause they really don’t like change. The steroids combined with your body panicking over receiving so few calories might delay the inevitable………………………. Weight loss!! Keep the faith, we’ve ALL👨👩👦 been there!!! Stick with us, we’ve got you!!!! 🤗

    This resonates at the moment!!!……………………

    “It’s going to be hard, but hard is not impossible.” Chuck Palahniuk

  • July 2020 Monthly Challenge

    Day 10….. Florida……. NFD

    So, yesterday morning, I did my 30 min walk before work but let me tell you I’m feeling it this morning. I am soo very stiff and sore. Damn, I’m getting old! So, I’m for going the morning walk and going to do it later in the evening.

    I’m thinking on FD morning, I’ll walk but on NFD, I’ll walk at night, try and keep my hands out of the cookie jar….. so to speak.

    I am a bit behind in posts as the beginning of the week was a bit hectic but everything is falling into place, so I should be able to catch up later today or tomorrow.

    Oh, yesterday, I heard something really great so I’m going to start adding it to my endings……

    Have a great day and make good choices!

    I’m totally lacking the zip-a-dee part of my doo-dah day!

  • July 2020 Monthly Challenge

    Pocket List – Day 10 🍇
    @ annabelle48

    Day 10 FD UK

    Sorry the list is at the beginning. I had typed out my post ready to add myself to the pocket list when the post disappeared. I can’t be fagged to write all that again so here is a short synopsis.

    Yesterday NFD not very successful as gained another 4 oz so that is now of the 1 lb lost a half a pound is back on. I calculated 1100 calories and my BMR is 1091 with TDEE 1309 so in theory if I keep between those 2 I should maintain. It may be the steroids, in fact probably is, but I think I will have to keep below 1000 on NFD, which rather defeats the object of eating normally on 5 days. Any advice?

    @judyjudes I have thought about MMFast 800 but not got round to opening my purse yet. I will very interested to hear how you find it

    As a result of above have started day a bit down but don’t usually stay there long so hopefully will bounce back soon.

    Have a good weekend all.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Good evening all.

    Yikes for Melbourne’s Covid-19 numbers – the highest they’ve ever been, with the authorities expecting things to get worse before they improve. We’re now even being encouraged to wear a mask when out and unable to socially distance. Cinque, you’ll be pleased about that, as you’re already ahead of the pack with the mask you made and wear when out.

    Something more positive – as expected my Covid-19 test was negative, result phoned to me this morning by my doctor, so I can now go out again for necessary errands (which won’t be till next Tuesday). And, the upper-arm redness and inflammation has faded to virtually nothing, so no problems there now.

    In fact, managed to prune 2 peach trees and 2 apple trees this afternoon. I’d let the apple trees grow too much (didn’t prune them last year) so even had to saw off a couple of branches. No more room now in my green bin, so no more pruning now for at least a week. One peach tree and 3 rose bushes still to be done. Satisfying to have done so much already, though.

    Anzac65, you seem to have been crazy busy, but have fun now with the data analysis.

    LindsayL, have a wonderful time at the island.

    Cinque, I admire your creativity with your cooking. It all sounds wonderful.

    LJoyce, glad that all is well with you, and your silence was just due to a very busy week. I’m with you in finding NFDs more difficult. My NFD (supposedly TDEE) day yesterday morphed into an EFS day, sigh. Today’s FD has been fine, even with all the hard work outside. Not sure the scales will be particularly kind to me tomorrow morning. Hope yours are kinder.

    Keep well everyone!

    Oh LindsayL and Anzac65, your furchildren do cause some unneeded expenses, don’t they? Hope neither pair of sunglasses were designer!

  • July 2020 Monthly Challenge

    Day 10 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @penz – my fast day was… a breeze! I clocked up 12,000 steps too. To echo @stitchincarol, “Isn’t it funny how some days are a snap and others challenge every last bit of discipline and determination we have?”. And according to the scales this morning, I got off lightly – no pun intended – after Wednesday evening’s EFS.

    @lilymartin – never heard that before, ‘your halo doesn’t have to fall far to become a noose’. So true!

    @champinator – as others have already said, you’re most likely underestimating your NFD calories. Even doing 3 FDs per week, I didn’t reach my goal until I started logging the calories. Using an app such as myfitnesspal or fatsecret really takes the hassle out of it. 5 lbs in four weeks is great! But if you really want to shake things up, take charge of the ‘feast days’.

    @saffy420 – I have to agree, ‘World Peanut Day’! Every day should be peanut day; except FDs of course!

    and hooray – it’s Friday! No DTF List required. Cheers, fellow fasters! 🍷

    Pocket List – Day 10 🍇

  • July 2020 Monthly Challenge

    Day 10 Melb Aust FD

    Yesterday’s TDEE followed @funshipfreddie‘s pattern of Wednesday, and like him yesterday, today I’m having a FD, so far successful. If I start feeling cold, some hot water will do wonders.

    Pocket List Day 10

    Have a good Friday everyone!

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