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  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Hi FBBs Hope all is well with you. Xxxx

    Still very iffy weather here very dark and quite chilly today.

    The fields and walkways are under water again.. Water tubs in the garden overflowing too.

    H H Very well done on another pound off again. Thats brilliant news. Those 800 3 days are really working for you.

    These four legged friends are really just like children with their moods. lol Sometimes Piper will stand and wait for me off the lead .. another time he will absolutely ignore me and keep going. It soo funny because if I say STAY low voiced and in a loving way he will stay .. If I shout in a high voice Pip will you STAY I have no chance. lolol

    Well scales stayed the same this week .. ok as yesterday I didn’t fast I went straight to the Garden centre after walking without food and ended with a big McDonalds on the way back. .. Only Tues Fast this week. Plus I have been hungry being chilly.

    Good luck anyone else weighing today. Take care all and stay safe

    We have three choices in life, Give up, give in or give it our all. Xxxx

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Neil, I’m thinking of you. It sounds like you are working out the culprits. I do remember that you didn’t ramp up your exercise regime until your weight loss was well under way. I know you’ve said that you don’t want to discuss your wife’s health here and of course everyone completely respects that – but if it is the cause of your stress, or even if it isn’t, I hope there’s someone in whom you feel able to confide.

    Cinque, oh no, a mothers and babies GP doesn’t sound quite the ticket. But yeah for getting a ‘flu shot. I had one for the first time ever last autumn but also wondered why I was bothering considering I didn’t come close enough to a living soul to catch it. I think I did it by way of registering with the NHS. I think you are sensible to wear a mask even if no one else does.

    CalifD, I’m with you on outdoor dining feeling safest. But the weather has been really rubbish. I’m still in my thermals! When we had our hair cut the other day, we had an outdoor pub lunch and the heavens opened. The huge sun umbrellas kept all the rain off us and our food but it was funny that all the diners were eating outside in torrential rain. Although the evenings are still light well after 8pm, it’s just too cold to eat dinner outside.

    DD is coming to spend the night on her way to a surgery course in London next week. She’s dropping off some paint and other boating supplies we ordered online and her visit coincides with the date that pubs open indoors as well as overnight stays in another household being allowed. It will seem like all our Christmases have come at once. The main issue of concern now is the Indian variant.

    Hello everyone not mentioned, I ran out of time.

  • May 2021 5th Anniversary Challenge

    Day 14 – USA/GA – NFD

    Thanks, everyone for your words of support and congratulations!

    Let’s all do this!

    Today’s weigh-in: STILL at 222, even after yesterday’s regular lunchbox meal, the very late night supper with the chamber, and a night of very little sleep. I’m surprised! I had a larger than normal bowl of oatmeal yesterday morning. I attribute a lot of my maintenance on NFDs to satisfying oats in the morning; not 100% sure why unless it is curbing the snacking, not too high in calories, and adding lots of fiber?

    Anyway, running late again! Thankfully, it’s a half day Friday.

    Good luck to everyone!

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Morning all!
    Jean- hope the cottage pie is nice, good to support local things but the waist might suffer! Hope the new paint covers the egg okay, sounds like you could do with a splash back or did it go over the top?
    Dave- hope the new bowls are lucky 😉
    Glad Heidi’s still enjoying her walks…
    Steve- enjoy your breakfast today- what are you having?
    Nana- poor Poppy- & poor daughter with the vets bills! We had a black cat who had alot of skin problems, I’m sure tge vet said black ones were more prone to that, wonder if it’s the same with dogs? Good the melon plant is okay- I potted on some courgette plants, one looked really wilty but seems to have rallied round today! Hope the weigh in is good!
    Hemmy- enjoying your words of wisdom every day thanks!
    Gem- what days are you fasting? Hope it gets easier & you can get in the zone again!
    Minols- you’ve been very quiet, hope everything’s okay x
    Kev- are you weighing today?
    I’ve lost a pound this week, so pleased, but it’ll probably go straight back on as I’m having a cheat day from keto! We have bought scones & clotted cream, plus I’ve made a kinder blondies recipe a friend gave me 😱
    Took Xena to the park- she gets so excited she just can’t heel, she was trying to, it was funny! She’s been playing up when hubby takes her in the afternoon, running off to pester other people, he says he won’t take her again!! Seeing mum this afternoon, hopefully going to a garden centre, I offer to take her & she doesn’t want to go, then acouple of days later asks if I’ll take her- this dementia is hard work! My sister’s away this weekend, so will have to see her tomorrow too…
    Have a good Friday everyone!

  • May 2021 5th Anniversary Challenge

    Day 14 – Canada – FD

    Just a quick check-in to stay accountable. Life has just become busy but I’m trying to stay on track.

    Thanks @snowflake56 for adding me to the pocket list 🙂

    Good luck to all.

  • May 2021 5th Anniversary Challenge

    Day 14 – UK – BMR day

    Have not managed a FD yet this week despite all my good intentions when I last posted on Monday 🤭My fasting mojo has gone AWOL for a bit but I’m sure it’s just lurking around trying to find it’s way back to me 🤞

    Had a lovely walk on Tuesday and managed a wander through the formal gardens at Rydal Hall where there is currently an exhibition of outdoor sculptors by the Cumbrian Sculptors Group and the flowers are also starting to look fabulous there. Baked a pavlova base using the left over egg whites from that egg custard tart I made over the weekend – left it to cool down in the oven overnight to finish off the next day

    On Wednesday met up with DD and did 3 x 1hr dog walks before we had a well deserved picnic sitting out by the sea, just the two of us ❤️ love our mother/daughter time! Driving back home it started to rain and did not stop until late afternoon then more sunshine – Pavlova was covered with a mixture of cream and yogurt and topped with mixed berries, kiwi fruit and passion fruit (very Australian of me?)

    Yesterday did my usual 7am Broga followed by a 9am Happy Hour session then met up with an old friend who is up here on holiday – was lovely to catch up sitting in a lovely cafe garden whilst enjoying coffee and cake!

    Today is overcast with a light breeze but should stay dry so planning on getting out for good walk and hoping for a BMR day as I know I don’t have a FD in me today……

    @wacm – your cycling trip covered a lot of ground – scenery must have have been fab – wish we could see the photos
    @basyjames – sorry to hear that your DH has been laid off – 🤞something good comes up for him and Re your elbow pain – might it be tennis elbow? which tends to cause pain and tenderness on the outside of your elbow
    @snowflake56 – I’m also with you – no shop bought sweet treats in the house, if it’s there I’ll eat it all as OH does not indulge but he likes a homemade dessert/cake – thinking of you and your friend 🤗
    @brewster – don’t feel bad – I too had planned to post daily this month but have not managed to do so
    @litprof – kudos to you for sticking to your plan and it seems to be working for you too
    @timetochange – I use MFP (the free version) to help me keep an eye on my calories – Re:- TDEE/BMR -The calculator on here says that my TDEE is 1547 and my BMR is 1125 if I choose the lightly active activity level – in real life I think I am moderately active but choose the lower option to help keep me in maintenance so not many calories to play around with….Current BMI is just below 21 and I feel good at this weight so aiming to stay here – Happy 27th Anniversary to you and your DH today 💑
    @lizchangus – great advice from @basyjames
    @daffodil2010 – heel pain does not sound like plantar fasciitis which usually presents with sharp pain between your arch and heel, feels worse when you start walking and better when resting, difficulty raising toes off floor??? Have a fab weekend away in your camper van 🤞on the weather for you
    @i-hate-lettuce – shame about the tap but great that you have the skills to deal with it yourself – OH and I would have to call in someone 🤭 I hate to admit it but we are both useless with any form of DIY and I would hate to check the cupboard under my sink – might need to include that in my next round of cleaning!! and what a lovely treat to look forward to next week, seeing the family and enjoying a holiday in the Cairngorm National Park
    @northgeorgia – Happy 1st anniversary on 5:2 and great job on shedding those 47lbs/57lbs – a great start to your weight loss journey – you can do it!
    @emma Taylor – good to hear from you – the vision of you jumping off the scales really quickly, before they changed their mind made me smile – whoever on one of our challenges named the scales Cruella was right 🤣🤣 Well done on avoiding alcohol! I wish I could, I know when I drink I eat more but I do enjoy my wine so trying to only drink on 2/3 days of the week and that seems to generally work for me, well most of the time 😉
    @stitchincarol – thanks for sharing the link – I checked out your hymn fest video this morning – fab choir in good form and Happy Anniversary to you and your DH for yesterday 💑

    Aiming for a better last 2 weeks of this May 2021 5th Anniversary Challenge as I want to start my birthday month in a good place weight wise i.e below 57kg ideally giving me some wiggle room – so Monday 17th WILL be a FD and no wine until my birthday in June (except for Friday 21st when we have a special meal delivery) and getting back to twice weekly FDs

    “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Hi all. I’m at the end of a very long day, and I’m pooped. We had a day off one set of grandchildren(SIL doing a home admin day for his business and took them) but I then got an SOS call from my DIL who’d been called into work, asking us to have the 3 year old. I adore her …but my heart sank.

    Neil, I really feel for you. But….follow the program. You know it will work. Five days up to your TDEE, and two days of 800. If you weight is being stubborn, perhaps drop your calories on your non-fast days, or inject a third fast day. You can do this.

    Success overnight – we caught a second rat. But triumph was followed quickly by disappointment ….I just switched on the lights on the back verandah, and saw a a long grey tail disappearing over the edge. More rat traps tomorrow.

    LJ we haven’t had a death in the ceiling …yet. But I have a downlight just above my bed, and the light dropped out the other day, and OH can’t get the frame back in. The space is, I think, rat sized. Cinque, Neil, I hadn’t realised rats weren’t uncommon. Cinque your experience sounds horrid, and Neil how did you even nod off knowing there were rats and mice afoot. I hesitated even to mention it on here …so was heartened to know it’s not just a problem unique to me (although it feels it). We’ve had recent evidence of a few (gnawed water pipes, desiccated rat in the garden) and I think it’s because of all the renovation/clearing of the block next door. The neighbours must have put down poison, I guess, because that’s what drives rats to water.

    Cinque, it looks like your search for a good GP continues. Yes, look for a young one. They tend to keep up with latest research (not to diss older doctors), and hopefully will see us out (eventually).

    And no, Cinque, no hail on the bees. Actually here it was just driving rain, but the hive is well covered with corrugated iron which provides shade and shelter, so they were tucked up. I am amazed how busy they are – I can see them buzzing away from the verandah, which is quite a distance. But only putting down winter supplies, not honey for us.

    My oven is buzzing. After a pretty rigorous regime of fast800 soups for dinner, I’m making a roast chicken and vegetables for my ever patient OH.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  • If your clothes are looser but the scales are the same, read on

    Friday weigh day!
    Had to share my excitement —2 pounds down this week, and a male colleague, who has no idea about my efforts, said my face looks thinner!! I’m over the moon 😃

    How is your week going ladies?

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Hi all, very quick post as Mr Gday and I are heading out to the Indian restaurant for dinner in a moment and I wanted to respond to Neils post.

    Neil, I would also suggest that your elevated cortisol levels due to poor sleep and stress are definitely a factor in your current weight struggles. As part of my Cert III in Fitness studies I learnt that excess exercise also raises cortisol levels because exercise yields the body’s stress response and when cortisol levels aren’t in homeostasis (maintaining a stable internal environment within the body), regular, high levels of exercise can cause cortisol levels to remain constantly high. Worth some consideration given you appear to be doing all the right things in terms of eating etc. Maybe trialling a reduction in the intensity, duration and frequency of exercise for a few weeks may help…..Just a thought.

    Will try and post again over the weekend when I have more time. Happy Friday everyone.

  • May 2021 5th Anniversary Challenge

    Day 14 – Lake District UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Steady FD yesterday, weekly weigh in OK just 1 lb over my lowest so good week maintaining, happy to be ‘stable’!

    Despite being a cool morning, the plants that were evicted from the greenhouse have been sheltered and will be hardened off enough to be planted out for summer now. The frogs and birds will have to do their bit protecting them from any slugs.

    Take care all

  • May 2021 5th Anniversary Challenge

    Day 14 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Sunny Friday yay! Straight after work, I get home,have a shower, then into the camper van and heading Northwest for a couple of nights. First time all year that we can do this, restrictions banning movement lifted, so we are outta here.

    Have a great weekend.

  • May 2021 5th Anniversary Challenge

    Day 14, Emden Germany, FD

    Good morning everyone!

    @stitchincarol Happy Anniversary, that must have been a lovely busy day!

    @timetochange Happy Anniversary!

    Pocket list day 14

    Have a nice day everyone!

  • May 2021 5th Anniversary Challenge

    Day 14 – Ireland – CD 🚫 ✅ 🏋️‍♀️ 🤸🏻‍♀️

    Wow!!! Happy anniversary @stitchincarol!!! That rally was a busy day 32 years ago!!

    Happy anniversary too to @timetochange!
    May is clearly a popular month for marriage 💕

    @basyjames it sounds like you and your DH have lots of plans – that is so great to be able to get to things that have been put on the long finger… like many here my house needs a good bit of work but I seem to
    always find something else to do… 🙄

    Well done @litprof 👏

    Have a happy day all. I’m up early for a pre-work sunny cycle🚴 . First week in a long time that I’ve checked in regularly – it feels good!

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

  • May 2021 5th Anniversary Challenge

    Day 14 AUS FD800

    Quick morning check in here for accountability.

    Today I put on a pair of work pants that didn’t zip up a couple of months ago, and they fit comfortably!

    Weighed myself at the gym this morning and I’m another 0.8k down from Monday. I’m doing FD800s Monday to Friday, and allowing myself to eat to BMR on the weekends – mostly that means I can have a few drinks with friends or a meal out.

    I’m now just over 2k from goal weight – closet I’ve been since before the pandemic.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Hello friends,

    I had an excellent Wednesday fast day, and a no hassle flu injection.

    I saw the doctor yesterday and she explained that she mostly sees mums and children and is going on maternity leave in September. She didn’t have much understanding of chronic illnesses, had a good go at doing my application for renewal of my accessibility parking ticket, but it is all online now and the computer said No. She said she would try again when she had time between patients so I hope I hear from her today.

    Lately I have been pretty much the only one wearing a mask in shops. It is interesting reading how you assess risk, Thin. Nice work.

    Neil, does keeping close to your 2000 limit mean you don’t have quite enough leeway for those oops days?
    Good song!

    Lindsay, ooh preschool child minding, delivery and aftercare is massive. Well done, and hooray that it means your daughter has been able to do her teaching experience. Congrats to you all.
    Did it hail on your bees?

    I had rats once when I lived in the Dandenong Ranges. Horrible! That’s why I roll my eyes when people complain about a mouse in the house. They got into my underwear drawer and shredded everything in it and ate through plastic lids in the pantry. Luckily a huge rat trap killed one and the rest of the family gave up and moved out.

    On the other hand, when I was living in a student house on the outskirts of Bendigo we had native rats who lived in the roof, caused us no trouble, but lived on snails from the garden, which I loved! If we poked our heads up into the roof, the area was strewn with thousands of empty snail shells.

    LJoyce, I saw that piece on Australia’s handling of the pandemic too!
    Hooray for your assessment, and that you have recovered from the dusty mouldy day.

    Cali, thanks. After thinking a bit more I have decided to give skipping a miss for as long as I can. I am breathing okay at the moment, so the trick will be to do enough walking and other aerobic activity to maintain that. I went for a (comparatively) brisk walk around the block on Wednesday. I need to do it a few times to get a sense how it works. So many variables when trying to do a scientific experiment on one!
    Cheers to you, Mr Cali and Crickets getting out and about some more.

    I’m off to have a good veggie rich day, and I might get outside for a bit before the cold front comes through. Best wishes all.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Morning all,

    Cali, I do track my food, that’s how I know I’m averaging 2,000 a day. The only thing I can think of is high cortisol levels. I don’t sleep well, drink a fair bit of caffeine and have a bit of stress which all raise cortisol levels, and high cortisol levels are linked to weight gain. I’m trying to cut back on the caffeine, switching to green tea and rooibus rather than coffee and energy drinks, I’ve started taking some tart cherry and magnesium suppliments to try and improve my sleep. Hopefully I can turn things around soon because I worked so hard to get down to where I was, I don’t want to balloon back up again.

    It must feel pretty good to be getting out and about now that you’re vaccinated.

    Ljoyce, great news about the infection clearing up. Have fun babysitting.

    Lindsay, it’s the worst hearing a rat scurrying around. I’ve spent many a night in tramper’s huts out in the wilderness that were infested with mice and rats. You hear them all night and you have to keep getting up in the night to shoo them out of your packs or they’ll eat and spoil all your food.

    Well I had another decent gym session today and I had a good fast day yesterday. Hopefully I can keep away from temptation in the weekend and have a win on the scales next week.

    Have a great day everyone.

    p.s. I’m listening to Shawn James at work at the moment, if you haven’t heard anything from him you should check him out. He’s a soul singer with an amazing voice. He does both originals and spine tingling covers of other people’s songs. This is an acoustic version of one of his songs

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Bowls of sweets more my thing too…easy fast meal always the best 😀

    Getting some lucky bowls…my dad had some lovely shiny ones in a lovely case…hope they are nice 😀

    Kitchen closed..weigh in tomorrow

    Jean x

  • Coffee with artificial sweeteners yes or no

    Start drinking coffee without any additives. If the coffee is good, then you will not need any additives.

  • May 2021 5th Anniversary Challenge

    Hi everyone. NFD today. Not too bad but possibly too many carbs. Planning a third fast this week, maybe tomorrow or Saturday. The two fasts this week have been okay. Scales showing a loss this morning. Had a lovely run in the woods before a day at my desk and soooo much work. 27 years married tomorrow – not quite sure where all those years have gone. Have a good day tomorrow one and all.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Heidi is out for the count, the last walk must have been to much for her. I’m going to buy some proper old bowls(woods) made of lignum vitae. Got to drive to Blackburn tonight to get them. Denise is coming with me.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Evening all

    Fast day for me today so have just eaten my beans on two slices of wholemeal toast and I must admit it was very good.

    The only bowls I’m usually interested in are filled with sweets or crisps not the most sporty and doesn’t burn alot of calories either.

    Have a great evening everyone and remember if you’re fasting it’s only for one day and tomorrow we can eat normally.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Afternoon All…
    Village walk this morning..the weather is beautiful hot and blue a tee shirt when walking no coat….
    I met up with Ivy for my second walk of the day, we tried to get a coffee out but closed so I went back to her house, she was saying how she is enjoying walking and meeting up, we have just a couple of hours, it is nice.
    Third walk of the day done, waiting in for some baking being delivered which is hard on a fast day. Fay my boules partner has just started baking in the village for one day a week, I feel I have to support her, a cottage pie and 4 scones’s only a small amount…chicken and ham pie in a white wine sauce last week was delicious but bought too many almond tarts.

    My weight has moved down a bit after the shock of getting on after the weekend….three fasts completed this week.

    The kick boxing sounds different hobby for your daughter, at least it will help to look after herself at a later date….keep strong and positive..

    Like the sound of baggy trousers bites the dust..well done it’s a nice feeling unless they are your favourites 😂’s so easy to fall into dog walking clothes, I never seem to be really tidy…I have to try sometimes if I am visiting…
    I won’t be buying biscuits for a while….

    As long as you are enjoying bowls that’s the takes a long time to catch up with the others who have been playing ages..

    Just bought some paint blocker a job in the next few days….I am surprised at the melon, photos please before you eat it…
    Chicken salad sounds good for tonight..hope you soon warm up..

    I am in East Yorkshire not far from Goole in a small village…it’s hard if you are on medication but keep with it, it works..hard working on a sunny day…

    The cows are out now until November then it will be lovely and muddy!!..still the hard frosts were good for walking…..
    Strange on Xena eating strange stuff, ours are eating soil at the park and sugar beet which the deer are bringing off the fields…so odd.
    Shame on the HS family will you catch then another time…

    Feeling hungry I was having eggs again but I am wondering what size the cottage pie will be, I could have it on its own…I don’t think it will be very big….

    Jean x

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Afternoon everyone a FD for me today and not going too bad but I’m very cold and the weathers not helping as it’s dull and been raining on and off. Taking into account my planned evening meal of a grilled chicken breast and salad my calories in total for today are 680.
    Hedgehogs Poppy is losing weight slowly bless her and her skin irritation is easing but she may have to be on tablets permanently. Checked my melon plant this morning and it’s still okay.
    Hope everyone else is keeping okay and staying safe and sound.
    Weigh in tomorrow morning so will post the result on here.
    Nana x

  • May 2021 5th Anniversary Challenge

    Day 13 USA – NFD

    Yesterday’s “DayAfterFastDay” wasn’t too awful. Out to dinner did include some lovely creme brulee for dessert. But MFP says the whole ramekin is 230 calories, and DH and I split it, so not too bad.

    @stitchincarol – thanks so much for the link to your hymn fest! I have a ZOOM meeting of 100 Women Who Care at 6:30, but ought to be able to catch at least part of the program. Excited to hear you all!

    Onward and downward.

  • May 2021 5th Anniversary Challenge

    Day 13 North Canton OH NFD

    Deep cleaning day for me today as I wait for the results of our audit to come in. My house is going to be sparkling by the time I am done with it.

    Onward and downward my friends

  • May 2021 5th Anniversary Challenge

    Day 13 – Rural Nebraska, USA

    Thirty-two years ago today at this moment, I was dressing for my college graduation at ten o’clock in the morning. By noon I was dressing for my wedding at seven o’clock in the evening.

    It was a busy day. 👰🤵💒💍🥂🎓👩‍🎓💑💐💕💞

    Okay, enough emojis, LOL!!

    Today is the hymnfest and I think I and my choir are ready. And if we’re not, oh well, right?

    The scale even was down below 150 again, so it didn’t look quite so awful as it did yesterday, AND I’m finding I truly do care, so I’ll be ready for that reset button on Monday. @northgeorgia, I just saw you were at 222; such lovely news!

    Should anyone want to listen, I’m throwing caution and anonymity to the wind, and giving you the link (you don’t have to be a member of facebook to listen): It’s at 7pm, but you can also listen after the fact because the live broadcast will be posted as a video. And if no one does listen, that is absolutely okay, LOL!

    Tomorrow morning? I’ll get to read all the posts I’ve missed!

  • Apps that add calories from exercise

    Hi can anyone answer this for me. I use an app that adds additional calories to my calorie allowance (it’s actually specifically for the 5:2diet!) so if I do a 5km wal it adds on to my daily allowance the 200 odd calories that I’ve burned off for example. Would you eat these calories or just stick to the 500?
    Thank you!

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Gem- nice to have you with us! Steroids & hypothyroid- that’s rough, very hard to lose with that…I’m from Suffolk- think we have way more northerners than southerners on here now!
    Kevin- glad you’re still with us! Glad yiur daughter liked the kickboxing, great exercise! I had to give it up as I have neck trouble, my son went with me, he’s still keen though.
    Jean- hope the extra FD helps, good to keep an eye on things…shame about your walk, there are cows on one of ours too so can’t go to that heath…
    Hemmy- I am very scruffy now, definitely slob about when I’m at home, have bought some things online though. Are you planning a shopping trip?
    Nana- surprised about the melon! Would’ve thought it would need to be warmer…nice to have stayed outside & warm when you saw Karen. How’s Poppy, is she better & losing weight?
    Dave- you take care of yourself, difficult time, hope Denise’s scan is okay…
    Steve- beans on toast is a good FD meal, if you’re not on keto like me 😞
    Hope it dries up for you!
    Was very busy in the garden yesterday so kept my mind off food! Today’s busy too- HomeStart call cancelled so have done a good kitchen clean, & had our Asda delivery. Xena’s having a naughty day- eating bracken so back on the lead, then pulling so we came home early! Then I found her eating the compost out of the tub I’d planted up yesterday! Why??!! Seeing Mum shortly.
    Fadting’s going okay ☺

  • HELP! All ladies of a 'certain age'-please respond

    Hi, I have done 5:2 in the past and lost the weight I wanted to.

    However covid and other things (lack of self control) have assisted in me being at my heaviest for a long time. Now I am 58 I am finding the weight loss really slow. So I was relieved to read some of the posts above and will continue to keep going.

    FYI, I don’t eat after 7.00 pm and try not to eat before 1.00 p.m., I count all my calories and on FD I try to just eat 300 calories and 1300 the rest of the time. I also do the fast exercise, as mentally I can do that, as it is only about 6 minutes at home I also go to the gym every other day.

    Keep going everyone, it will eventually come off!!

  • May 2021 5th Anniversary Challenge

    Day 13 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 222 lbs. Going to be a tough day at work: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. schedule with a working dinner. Whew. May do a 4:3 next week.

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Hi all, another day another dollar!!

    So wanted to introduce myself, I’m Gemma, I am 33 and live in West Yorkshire.

    I’ve had weight issues my whole life, I am n steroids and have an underactive thyroid which doesn’t help.

    Lately all I seem to do is eat, I have tried fasting and I do loose weight doing it but I can never seem to stick with it!

    I need to try and break myself in gently.

    Hope your all having a good day, I am at work 🙁

  • May 2021 5th Anniversary Challenge

    Day 13 – Ireland – CD 🚫 ✅ 🏋️‍♀️ 🤸🏻‍♀️

    Hi all!
    I’m sooo tired today… very hard to motivate myself to work but work I must!! Sometimes it’s hard when you are at home… I’m going to try for another CD today.
    @dvw I’m stuck too… Hopefully I’ll see a drop soon 🤞and @brightonbelle yes! Big efforts required! 💪

    @northerndawn I hope you enjoyed your haircut! I have mine booked for Monday – I can’t wait and it is badly needed!!!

    @brewster I have a wetsuit as thought I might swim in the winter but I never go around to it… next winter maybe 🤔

    @daffodil2010 the FB group is great.. sometimes just soo much info and it can be daunting but…knowledge is power 💪. The ladies who set it up and emailed Joe to start the discussion are just amazing 😇.
    The programme last night was very good and for many a lot of the information would have been quite shocking 😮.

    @i-hate-lettuce I’m envious of your Scottish break! I’m dying to get over to my my pals over there. Your reunion with your family will be very very special 💕

    @fivetwofan5252 migraine is just so debilitating and painful… I hope you are on the mend.

    So many comments to make but running out of time 🙄great to see everyone here and checking in to say hello …Better go focus on work..

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Good morning.A dull day here, not sleeping well at the moment 🥱Time to take Heidi out and then take Denise for her mammogram 😲

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Neil, my best wishes to your wife for a quick recovery.
    My only thoughts on the unexpected weight gain when you seem to be doing the right things, is that sometimes extra calories sneak in without us realizing. How about using an app for keeping a journal for a week or two of everything you eat and measuring or weighing all the food? Over time it’s easy to forget calorie contents or underestimate how much of a certain food we’re eating.

    Cinque, maybe doing something like walking fast instead of skipping, like thin suggested would improve your breathing without making your CFS worse. I do know that lung capacity can increase pretty quickly with fast walking. Many years back when I spent a lot of time on a treadmill and carefully kept track of time and speed, I saw the improvement even in a week as I got used to walking faster and longer. I’m pretty sure now that I’m older it would take longer to see improvement, but I believe it would still be beneficial. I don’t know how that would affect CFS, but maybe starting at a lower intensity would be easier on your body.

    Anzac, so happy to hear you are getting a cleaner, especially with your long hours at work. It’s been years since we’ve had a cleaner but it was very helpful when we did. We didn’t clean before she arrived except to put things away that she might misplace so we wouldn’t have to spend time looking for them. In one of our previous houses we had a dark chocolate brown carpeting with fairly high pile, installed throughout most of the house that looked beautiful when it was freshly vacuumed. But every piece of lint, crumbs of food and cat hair showed up on it. It seemed that within a day of having the cleaner in, the house began to look messy again just because of that carpet. We learned our lesson. It’s so much easier to care for hard surface flooring like tile or wood!

    LJ, I’m sorry to hear you had the lung infection back again. I bet it was the dust from helping your aunt go through all those old clothes. It’s amazing how quickly dust accumulates, especially in dry weather.
    I notice too that we don’t hear a lot on our news about Australia’s success with the Covid pandemic. I sometimes think they’re embarrassed that other countries can’t follow such straightforward rules like closing borders and staying in place during breakouts. Aus and NZ have been very successful at keeping cases to a bare minimum and haven’t destroyed their economies doing so. Most other countries have paid a tremendous price for their failure to contain it, especially in this country.

    Lindsay, I hope your lung infection is clearing by now. The beginning of winter always seems to be a time for colds and flu-like symptoms. I think the change from warm to cold weather is tougher than the other way around. We’re going from warm to hotter weather these past couple weeks and flowers and greenery is filling in everywhere. We’ve had to start the sprinklers and drip system again because it’s been so dry.

    Thin, happy to hear that you’re getting out with friends more these days. I feel more comfortable in grocery stores but still feel nervous about restaurants, even though we’re fully vaccinated. After being very cautious and having lockdowns for over a year, it’s hard to change my mindset. And while things have improved a lot, there are still many daily cases. But I think we will be going to outdoor seating in restaurants soon. We really need to get out.

    Take care everyone. And get vaccinated when you can!

  • Over eat on a fast day!

    Day 3 of extended fasting. I took a long walk last night. I weighed myself and was a little frustrated, but I did not cave in. I cannot fall into sleep, maybe because I had drunk coffee yesterday morning. It has been long time since the last time I drank coffee. I am fasting for spiritual reason and weight issue. I can feel a little euphoria at this early morning. That is a good thing. I will be strong and go through this fasting and there are so much that I want to do.

  • May 2021 5th Anniversary Challenge

    Day 13 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    I had planned to an FD but I have just had a boiled egg, kefir, and an orange for a (rare) breakfast, so that’s a chunk of calories gone from the day. My body was telling me I needed vitamin C and some protein, so I listened ☺️

    Salmon salad for lunch, and I know I will have food this evening so an NFD it is. Next week so for FD.

    Something is working for my poor left foot…grounding patch, time, I don’t know, but the door is definitely getting better and I could walk without limping yesterday. It’s still sore but not excruciating, yay!

    @EmmaTaylor, I had a few weeks off booze when I had the appendicitis but I still stayed the same weight so I am back to DTF again. And it’s thanks to you that I have the grounding patches. My grounding sheet also going well.

    @jaifaim, thank you so much for the FB group, I joined yesterday and it really is a mine of information. And since Joe Duffy the voices are louder. I will try to listen to the podcasts over the weekend. And DH recorðd the Davina programme for me so will watch that this evening. Thanks again 👍

    Have a lovely Thursday all.

  • May 2021 5th Anniversary Challenge

    Day 13 – Lake District UK – FD

    Good morning everyone

    FD today for me, this time next week will be heading off to see ‘the kids’ first time we will have met up since Christmas 2019 … and an awful lot gone on since then so can imagine its going to be fabulous. After we’ve had our visit with them we head off for a weeks walking break in the Cairngorm National Park, Scotland have now lifted many of the restrictions so we will be able to do our own thing as we have in the past, including visiting some really nice restaurants, which we’ve already booked!

    Lovely morning here again, yesterdays fishing trip was slow, not a lot moving, but the wildlife made up for the lack of interest from the fish. Cuckoo’s calling on the fellside, squirrels bouncing around in amongst the trees and numerous birds in full song, so a good morning.

    Take care all

    Day 13 pocket list

  • May 2021 5th Anniversary Challenge

    Day 13, Emden Germany, NFD

    Good morning everyone!

    Inspired through @i-hate-lettuce’s kitchen cupboard experience, I started cleaning the ones in our kitchen. It took me 3 hours to go though all the spices, oils, balsamic vinegars and other things. Lots of it was out of date so easy to throw away. I threw everything I know we’ll never use out too. It looks well organized now but I know this won’t last long as my DH does have another order to put things in. But that’s fine as he does most of the cooking. It’s interesting most of us seem to have the same thing going on with our cleaning cupboard, I’m glad I’m not the only one!

    @daffodil2010 It’s interesting you respond so well on the grounding patches, I hope it will have a lasting effect. I only weigh once a week as I know my weight fluctuates.

    @fivetwofan5252 I hope you’re feeling better today!

    @jaifaim Everything seems to be on hold at the moment because of the pandemic. It’s difficult to make any plans as you don’t know when things go back to normal again.

    @emma-taylor Hi! Well done on avoiding alcohol! How are you and your DH getting on without any travelling at the moment?

    @dvw Yes, snacking is a problem. I try to stick to two or three meals only, without any snacking in between. I know that when I start, a chain of bad choices may follow.

    @stitchincarol Enjoy your the hymn fest today and try to get in a rhythm from next Monday on.

    @songbirdme Being busy is the best way for me to make FDs easy, when time flies I don’t even think about eating. FDs without any plans tend to make me eat more because I go to the kitchen more often, no really to get something to eat but to just look what’s there I could eat when not on a FD. Does this make any sense, when I write it down it just sounds weird?

    @basyjames I loved your positive post, we often forget to be thankful for the things we have.

    @brewster You’re doing well, unplanned FDs are the best!

    @notherndawn I hope your haircut was a success!

    @penz How can you plan what to eat when you have a breakfast meeting and a work lunch? Why do so many things at work include food nowadays?

    Have a nice day everyone!

  • May 2021 5th Anniversary Challenge

    Day 13, NFD, Aus

    I had a breakfast meeting with the team, then a work lunch. So you can imagine what that has done to my usual Thursday FD routine!! I am seriously going to have to do OMADs as a regular thing. When I was a teenager I only ever ate dinner. And hey, what worked for 16 yo me has gotta still work now, right?!

    I feel behind in posts but everyone seems super busy with lots going on. Thinking of you all and sending out mental support thoughts to those who need a little pick me up.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Good afternoon all.

    Neil, I am sorry that your weight continues to rise. If you are staying under TDEE it shouldn’t be happening unless you are also retaining more fluid. Are you doing any FDs. Eating around 2000cals a day might require a couple of FDs as well, to get your weight moving in the other direction. Lindsay’s suggestion would also help and would probably be faster.
    Did you keep records of what you ate when you first came to 5:2. If you have the records for the last 10kg you lost, that should be the weight range you are in now and would be a very useful reference for you. If you know something has worked well for you in the past when you were that weight then it should work again. It’s the positive side of the saying “don’t keep repeating the same things and expecting a different result”, although in this case when it’s a positive result it’s worth repeating.

    Lindsay, you have my sympathy with the rats. It was a continual problem for me when I lived in the hills. I spent time bashing ceilings to disrupt their scratching too. The worst thing was when one died up there. The room that they were decomposing above was uninhabitable for a week. It seemed to happen regularly in summer, probably due to the extreme temperatures in the ceiling space. Thankfully they remain outside the house here and just raid my veggie patch.

    Thin, it’s wonderful that you are able to be out and about without the level of heightened fear any more. I hope you can explore the areas when you moor a bit further now.

    Cali, I think I have told you before that I usually watch the PBS News Hour each day. I got a shock yesterday as they had a long piece on Australia and how we had handled covid. It’s rather rare that we get a mention.

    Good news on the health front. My lung infection seems to be over. I had my biannual hospital clinic appointment yesterday to be assessed for continued access to my RA treatment infusions. Thankfully I passed all the requirements, so I have access for a further 24 weeks. It’s always a relief when I get through another one of those.

    Must go, I want to do a little grocery shopping before I head off to babysitting duties.

    Have a nice day all.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Morning. A quick post, before I head off to pre-school sitting and delivery (my DD is doing the prac component of her masters in education so we do before and after school care). We are in our fourth week – then only two days next week. It has been a huge commitment …but worth it.

    We have had a night of rats and rain. We caught one that we spotted scampering across the back verandah, helping itself to Rosy’s dry food. They look so menacing on the move, but very vulnerable in the trap. (sorry for the image). Then we saw its pal doing the same thing, but it is smart and has eluded the trap and of course we won’t bait. Now, with three nights of heavy rain, it’s taken up residence in our roof, where I can hear it scrabbling around above my bed. Most disconcerting. We flick the light on, and OH bangs on the wall, but all we do is wake the dog. sigh.

    Thin how good for you that things are feeling more normal in the UK. Here, borders are staying closed until well into next year. There is very little covid in the community and we have been extremely lucky …Vic I think had it the hardest. My OH catches a bus to a writing group ….he still wears a mask although it’s not mandatory. Few people seem to, though, when out and about.

    Neil, please don’t give up. Your body has done it once before, and will do it again. You know this program works …just give it time, as Cinque says. No consolation I know, but my loss has slowed right down, and I am finding it very difficult to shift my last few kilos. I’m trying eating more (too long on 800 daily perhaps) but haven’t found the right formula yet. Can you give yourself a fortnight of Fast800, and then move to 5:2 again?

    LJ I’m so sorry the lung infection has returned. Perhaps too much exertion too soon, without full recovery from the last bout. Do take care of yourself, while you are taking care of others.

    Thin re cleaners ….we had one for years when we both worked big jobs. But we had a cleaning day ritual. ‘cleaning up for the cleaners.’ My OH used to despair at the stupidity of it.

    How did you go with your new doctor Cinque? And ‘flu shot done and dusted for another year?

    OK time to go. I pop back to collect Rosy after DD has left (electronic gate … Rosy would shoot out in seconds) and she has a play with DD’s dog, then she walks them to school. The little kids love her and it’s a lovely thing to do in the mornings.

    Enjoy your day all.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Hi all

    Thin, the fact that I’ve gone out a couple of notches on my belt and I’m struggling to fit into my shirts shows my scales aren’t lying. I just don’t know why it’s happening. I wont give up yet, but I’m really going to be depressed if it keeps going up and I hit the triple digits again.

    I had a decent session on the treadmill this morning. I did a solid 30 minutes and ran 6kms. If I’m going to stay at a higher weight I may as well try to keep my fitness level up. I’m trying to do four 30-40 minute sessions a week, enough to get a sweat on but nothing too excessive.

  • Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

    Neil, I’m so sorry for your frustrations with your efforts seemingly not paying off. Have you considered new batteries for your scales? I’m not being flippant, it’s a genuine query. Please don’t give up.

    Anzac, wow, you’ve arrived! A cleaner. I’ve never had one, I think I’d be too embarrassed and have to spend a day cleaning before they arrived. As for how I can fast during a social event, I don’t really know how I do it either – all I can think of is that I like being slim more than I like eating. It took me many decades to arrive at this point. IF seems to suit my personality type, I’m not a ‘grey areas’ person. Yes, Cinque, hurray for 5:2.

    Cinque, I hope you liked your new doc. I expect with your condition, it’s especially important to gel with your GP. I was very grateful to have found my Perth GP, empathetic with my weight drama.

    Lindsay, those were happy mother’s day memories created for you.

    LJ, I hope you feel better soon. What a lot of clothes to get rid of – were they your uncle’s?

    Things are starting to feel different here. There’s always the nagging uncertainty of new variants but OH and I feel more confident about tackling things – we went on public transport for the first time yesterday so that we could get into a town for haircuts (5 months since our last). It’s all done using covid-precautions of course. I don’t feel quite as freaked out by grocery shopping as I did a year ago. We can assess potential risk by age and other factors which gives clues as to how wide a berth we need to give people. Many boaters our age are now declaring that they’re ‘double jabbed’ as a sort of safety net.

    CalifD, how are you getting on? Hi Betsy, & everyone else.

  • May 2021 5th Anniversary Challenge

    Hi All – second FD today and it’s been okay. I’m going for just one meal on my FD as I recall from previously fasting, that I get more hungry and find the whole things much harder if I eat another meal. I measure skimmed milk for my tea and also drink a lot of water and both get me through. So far, so good. I had what I can suppose was a water weight loss after my fast on Monday. I will be happy to just see a downward trend over time.

    @northerndawn I had my hair cut and sorted a couple of weeks ago and boy did it make me feel better!
    @brightonbelle yes I too will be watching the Davina programme. My brain fog at times is just dreadful. It makes the thinking that I need to do in work, much tougher at times.

    Second run of the week planned for tomorrow morning in the woods again. Looking forward to it.

    Have a good day tomorrow one and all.

  • May 2021 5th Anniversary Challenge

    Day 12 MN/USA FD800

    @northgeorgia – We will do better today! Or maybe tomorrow, but either way, we hang in there!

    @dafffodiol2010 – You always put a positive spin on things. I hope your foot problems resolve before long.

    @stitchincarol – Best of luck (doubt you need luck) on your hymn fest tomorrow! I am sure it will be beautiful and inspirational.

    @basyjames – I was glad for your DH to be done with a job that he felt relieved to be out of. That really says something. I hope the next leg of your journey will be all you could hope for!

    @i-hate-lettuce – Yep, my closet and shelves of cleaning supplies look just like yours. Mine might even have a cobweb or two.

    @emma-taylor – Good job to have given up all alcohol. I did it for lent and saw much better results, also, felt much better with better sleep and energy. I wonder why I think it’s a treat on the weekends, then

    Pocket list day 12
    @northgeorgia (ZBC)

    Good luck everyone! Off to get a hair cut, finally! She will have a lot of “fixing” to do after my self-barbering.

  • May 2021 5th Anniversary Challenge

    @basyjames. No problem. I think I may have deleted it instead of editing! Digital interference or FFS( fat finger syndrome)!

    Day 12, UK – NFD which has turned into a FD.

    Yesterday almost turned into a FD as I missed lunch. I don’t do breakfast. I was out and about with work all day and missed the opportunity to eat. By 4pm I was starving so stopped off en route home and grabbed a sandwich and a bottle of water with added electrolytes as I hadn’t drunk enough either and was feeling a little light headed.

    Today was pretty much the same so I have decided to make it a FD instead of tomorrow when I’ll be working from home.

    @jaifaim. You’re so brave swimming in the see at this time of year. We often used to take the kids on holiday to South Wales at this time of the year and the water was always freezing. So much so that I bought myself a wetsuit for swimming! Come July/August it’s much more civilised.

    @stitchincarol. Hope your hymn fest goes well and you don’t have to press the reset button to hard.

    @emmataylor. Drinking alcohol is my main problem with regards to weight loss too. You’ve done incredibly well to give it up altogether.

    @daffodil2010. Completely agree about happy feet, happy body. Sore feet make you miserable.

    @brightonbelle. I’ll be watching the Devina menopause documentary too. Heard her talking about it on the radio yesterday. I had no idea that joint pain was a common symptom!

    @ihatelettuce. Yep, my cleaning cupboard is just the same. Oh the irony!

    @fivetwofan5252. Hope the migraine wears off soon.

    I’ve added myself to today’s pocket list. Have a good day all.

    Pocket list day 12
    @northgeorgia (ZBC)

  • May 2021 5th Anniversary Challenge

    oops @brewster I missed your post

    updated Pocket list day 12
    @northgeorgia (ZBC)

  • May 2021 5th Anniversary Challenge

    Day 12 North Canton OH FD

    I have a running word document on which I write my posts and then copy and paste onto the forum. I started this document on the first of January last year, and it is very interesting to read through the posts over the last year, the struggles and triumphs etc etc. IF has truly become a way of life for me, I am thankful for it, thankful for the members of this forum and just generally thankful.

    @lizchangus what you are describing sounds like a vicious cycle, and having been where you are, I would like to encourage you to step away from the extended water fasts and try something more sustainable. Sometimes less is more; instead of trying to waterfast your body into submission, how about a 500 calorie for 36 hours followed by eating to BMR for 36hrs and then another 500 calorie fast for 36 hours. Try this for a full week, then another and then another until it becomes a routine. You may find that helps you step off the binge-fast-binge cycle and then you will begin to make some progress. The best regime for anyone is one that is sustainable over the long term.

    @snowflake56 thank you for adding me to the list. And yes, it is nice. He showed me a list this morning that he made to get all the house projects fixed up and taken care of. Stuff he has been putting off for some time because he just could not get to it. I am very thankful for my dear OH, and learning to appreciate who he is and what we have, instead of yearning for what we do not. Losing half of our income means that we have to discuss purchases and coordinate more than we used to and that feels very nice.

    @EmmaTaylor congratulations! and LOL at jumping off the scales before it changes its mind

    @stitchincarol you are very stressed at the moment and that tends to summon the EFS dragon. Monday will be here soon enough and you can push that reset button

    @songbird I am with you on that BMI; when mine dropped to 24 last month, I felt like my face became too angular and of course I lost most of my chest. A decade ago, my BMI was 23 and I looked fine – this must have something to do with getting older. Someone had a great quote about choosing between your face and your figure, the first time I saw that quote, I wondered why – but now I get it.

    Onward- and downward!

    Pocket list day 12
    @northgeorgia (ZBC)

  • May 2021 5th Anniversary Challenge

    Day 12, UK – NFD which has turned into a FD.

    Yesterday almost turned into a FD as I missed lunch. I don’t do breakfast. I was out and about with work all day and missed the opportunity to eat. By 4pm I was starving so stopped off en route home and grabbed a sandwich and a bottle of water with added electrolytes as I hadn’t drunk enough either and was feeling a little light headed.

    Today was pretty much the same so I have decided to make it a FD instead of tomorrow when I’ll be working from home.

    @jaifaim. You’re so brave swimming in the see at this time of year. We often used to take the kids on holiday to South Wales at this time of the year and the water was always freezing. So much so that I bought myself a wetsuit for swimming! Come July/August it’s much more civilised.

    @stitchincarol. Hope your hymn fest goes well and you don’t have to press the reset button to hard.

    @emmataylor. Drinking alcohol is my main problem with regards to weight loss too. You’ve done incredibly well to give it up altogether.

    @daffodil2010. Completely agree about happy feet, happy body. Sore feet make you miserable.

    @brightonbelle. I’ll be watching the Devina menopause documentary too. Heard her talking about it on the radio yesterday. I had no idea that joint pain was a common symptom!

    @ihatelettuce. Yep, my cleaning cupboard is just the same. Oh the irony!

    @fivetwofan5252. Hope the migraine wears off soon.

    I’ve added myself to today’s pocket list. Have a good day all.

    Pocket list day 12
    @northgeorgia (ZBC)

  • Fat Busting Brits!!

    Afternoon everyone surprisingly it’s been a lovely sunny day here which was fortunate as we went to visit our daughter and son in law not forgetting Poppy this morning and for once it was nice sitting in the garden without being cold.
    Hedgehogs and Jean the melon plants had been in the greenhouse prior to being planted outside. According to the instructions plant out when all risk of frost has passed so 🤞.
    Jean what a nuisance about the egg.
    Dave good that speedway is coming back and also your coming along with the bowls even if you lose.
    Am having a salmon fillet and salad for my evening meal today and then another FD planned for tomorrow.
    Enjoy the rest of your day everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

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