How to use the The Fast Diet forums

Welcome to The Fast Diet forums! We’ve put together a short guide on how to use the forums.

Finding answers to questions

Many people come to the forums looking for answers to questions they have about the diet. Have a browse around the forums, looking at the topics and discussions and see if any answer your questions. If they don’t, you can either reply to a relevant topic or start a new one of your own. Please be aware of our posting guidelines.

The forums list can be found here – if you post a topic, it will help people find it if you put it in the appropriate place. For example, a topic called “Help me, I get hungry at 2pm” will get more attention in the forum Coping strategies for hunger than in Announcements.

Navigating around the forums

There are many ways to navigate the forums. At the top of each forum page are a set of links with explanations as shown below

Top forum links

If you like to keep up regularly with what people are discussing, use the active topics or recent comments links.

Keeping up with what you wrote and topics that interest you

You have the ability to “Favorite” topics.

User favourites

When you click the link, the thread is automatically added to the “Favorites” tab in your user profile.

You can also receive follow-up replies via email if you tick the “” box when you reply to a topic.


You can manage your favorites and subscriptions by going to the link at the top of each page which says “Your profile and forum activity”.

User profile

Once you’re in your user profile, you can see what topics you’ve started, what replies you’ve made, your list of favorite topics and any topics you’re following via email. All of these are public, so you can also browse other people’s posts, favorites and subscriptions – especially helpful when you know what great advice they give!

User profile

You can also find out more about other forum members by clicking on their name beside their posts. This takes you to their user profile page.

User meta


And that’s about it! If you have anything to add to this page or anything that would be helpful, please let us know on How to use the forums? in the forum or email us at