Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

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  • Happy fasting day to all below the lapband. It occurred to me that I’m often hunting around the forum sites for some encouraging words on a Monday or Thursday afternoon and most of the forum bloggers are still in the land of nod at that time. When they start I’m already thinking about my post fast morning latte and getting ready for bed! So this is for us in Aussie time if you need to say hello or get a pep talk. As for me, this is week 5 and I’m the classic text book case so far. A gentle, reliable 0.5kg off each week. So I’m 2.5 down and hoping to lose another 3 or 4 before my big 50(yuk)birthday at xmas. Cheers!

    Hi Alimax,

    I’m in Perth, Western Australia so right now I’m enjoying my 100 calorie soup for lunch. This is only my 3rd fast day so I’m hesitant to say that the weight loss I’ve seen this week is permanent but I’m quietly optimistic. I too am fasting on Mondays and Thursday so am curious to see if there are others like us. Where are you located?


    Hi Alimax 🙂
    Sounds like a great start to 5:2 for you 🙂 Fantastic!
    I think there are quite a few of us from the Southern Hemisphere in this forum – there is certainly a strong NZ contingent!
    I have been doing this WOE for almost 7 months and have been amazed by the results. I have lost 16kg and my BMI is now comfortably in the healthy range. I think I may even be able to fit into my wedding dress – I plan to try that on, on my wedding anniversary in 2 days time. Still hoping for a few more kgs, to give me some wiggle room for all the holidays we are planning now that I have stopped paid work 😀 😀
    I am curious to know about how Aussies heard about 5:2. I read about it in a UK magazine while at the hairdresser’s but have not seen any other reference to it apart from when I Googled it, of course (which is how I found the forum, which only happened a couple of months ago).
    So Aussies, pls let me know how you found out about 5:2.
    According to my 18yo son, I am obsessive about this forum, and spend far too much time reading and posting….!!! I am recovering from a knee reconstruction, so am supposed to keep my leg elevated for a lot of the time – so that is a good excuse to visit the forum (and not do the many other things I could be doing………)
    So I am always up for a chat 🙂
    Best wishes
    PS I am in Melbourne
    PPS Turning 50 is okay! Buy yourself something really nice to wear for the slimmer you 😀
    PPPS I normally fast Mon and Thurs, but am doing 4:3 (Mon, Wed, Fri) for a couple of weeks to ensure I can sit down in the beautiful dress I have bought for son’s high school graduation!!

    Hi guys,

    thanks for the replies! I’m also in Perth and pleased to say it’s a much kinder day here today that yesterdays 38 degree stinker!! I’ve found it easier in the last couple of weeks to just have water during the day and a nice little meal in the evening, so I’m here at work quietly sipping away. It’s sometimes not so easy as my desk looks out on the coffee shop on the other side of the street and there is a constant stream of people exiting with food! Still I have managed the fast days easily and always feel so damn righteous the day after!
    Yes, Mondays and Thursdays for me also Kim. Sassy, my husband emailed me a newspaper article about it- I think it was in the SMH. re pps – I’m thinking red.

    Hi Sassy and others
    I have been doing 5:2 since late January, gone from 90.8kg to 73.0 yesterday (40 weeks). Lost 9kg the first 12 weeks, then stabilised while muscle developed (1 hour crosstrainer or 2 hours swimming a day). Water only fast twice a week, because it suits me better than eating a little bit. I’m 63 and in Hobart.
    Aiming for 70kg by Christmas (summer might have arrived in Hobart by then and I can buy a new dress) and ultimately 65kg.
    I heard of it from an article in the Weekend Australian magazine by Mimi in midJanuary, thought I could do that, and 2 weeks later when my new doctor threatened me with type 2 if I didn’t lose “a few kilos” ordered the book from UK and started. My doctor is now VERY pleased with me!
    There was a good thread called “Hello from Australia” which started in June and died in July after about 70 posts.

    Sassy, I saw the eat, fast, live longer documentary on Foxtel a couple of weeks ago and it appealed to me right away because I have been a long time believer that the eat less/move more theory is not the simple answer to health and weight loss. I straight away bought the 5:2 ebook for my Kindle and couldn’t wait to get started.

    Do you all have anyone doing this with you? At the moment I’m on my own… my husband is interested but I don’t feel he is committed enough just yet and he has absolutely NO CLUE about calories 😉 I will get him on board soon but I suspect he will be more inclined to join me when I start to show results.

    well, we’ll have to make a concerted effort to keep the aussie tail wagging 🙂 those kiwis seem to have managed an active support forum.
    No Kim, I’m doing this on my own although my husband is very supportive. So supportive in fact that he has kindly offered to drink my glass of bubbles for me tonight at the school music concert. Sweet, huh! And my brother has just arrived with a hot barbeque chicken for his lunch. What a guy!

    Hi again
    EAT FAST AND LIVE LONGER is scheduled on SBS1 on Monday 11 November at 8.30pm

    Oh dear a hot chicken at this time of day… I think that would be torture because it would smell so good! I think your husband is very caring and supportive, how nice of him to offer to drink your bubbles 😉

    Thanks Vicki for posting that. I think anyone who hasn’t seen it should really watch, it is very interesting!

    Thanks Vicki for that info re screening of doco – it might be worth posting as a topic so that all Aussies are aware it’s on. Like you, my first thought after hearing about 5:2 was “I can do this”.
    And thanks everyone else for info on how you found out.
    I am also doing this on my own, and until I found this forum had been doing it totally on my own, ie just working from what I could recall from the UK article. So this forum has been great for me, especially as I found it at a time when my resolve was weakening. I didn’t even tell anyone I was doing 5:2 until about that time – hubby was barely aware that I had many any changes to my eating…!!! He did eventually realise I had lost weight… (But hubby and sons HAVE noticed the amount of time I spend on this forum!)
    Am soon going to watch Part 2 of the Catalyst special.

    Just had a read through of the older topic from Aussies that Vicki mentioned. It was a lovely steam but it stopped pretty abruptly. I also saw that the initial contributors have not posted since then – hope they are going ok. I guess life is too busy for many people to spend a lot of time on a forum like this, especially those who are working and have young children.

    Just wanted to say hi,
    No…I’m not in oz any more but I went to primary school in Sydney then high school in England…as you do ..NOT
    Who immigrates there!??

    But I’m now living in nz, but go to oz for some r&r every 6 -12 mths, I love it!
    Son is studying in Perth, at uni, other 4 kids here.
    Here is a link to eat fast live longer, I’ve seen it twice, once here, once in England when I was there for a week.
    I’m a sahm , 47 yrs old.
    50…I hear ya, arggghhhh!!!
    Good luck ladies ( or gents?!!)

    Hi Dumpling. Good to have you on board!
    Well, I turned a blind eye to the cheese and bikkies at the concert and just had water despite my husbands urgings to the contrary. Then managed to somehow ignore the cauldron of lollies that my daughter collected from the neighbours. In all, not the easiest fast day so far, but feel vindicated this morning as have now lost 3 kgs in 5 weeks. AND, there’s a nice bottle of chardie waiting for this evening:)) Have a great weekend everyone and chat on Monday. Cheers Ali

    Oh well done on resisting all that temptation. Personally the cheese, bikkies and even the lollies wouldn’t have been too bad but the bubbles would have been taunting me 🙂 I think I might have a couple of glasses of wine tonight too.

    I am desperate to start seeing some weight change (or I’d even be happy with centimetres) but alas I think I’ll have to wait a few more days for the hormones from hell to settle. Even after a fast day I’m feeling bloated today. Drinking heaps, eating normally and hoping for the best.

    Have a great weekend 🙂

    Great news Alimax 🙂 commiserations KimG, but hopefully results soon. When did you start and how much are you hoping to lose? I am sure you have read in this forum that for some people it can take several weeks before a change is noticed. Keep up the new routine, but enjoy the wine tonight. 🙂
    After 3 fasting days this week, I am looking forward to the long weekend. Wedding anniversary tomorrow (22 years), and I just tried on my wedding dress. Fits more comfortably today than it did then 😀 😀
    Have a good weekend everyone! 🙂

    Thanks Sassy, I have only done three fasting days and for the week or so before that I was seriously watching my food intake so I did see results last week. It is only this week that I haven’t had any change as yet but I know my hormones wreak havoc and I do expect it to show soon. I am positive that this will work for me! I’ve only got about 10kg to lose so I accept that it may not be fast… any change in the right direction will be good 🙂 I am also one of those obsessive people who weighs every day, always have been and likely always will… I don’t really let it get me down, just use it keep myself conscious and in check.

    I will definitely enjoy the wine tonight and I hope you have a great weekend too x

    Hello 🙂 Im in Sydney. I made a half hearted attempt but have decided to give it another go. Today is my first fast day. Im going to do non consecutive fast days til I get stronger at the fast.

    I have 10kgs to lose and my BMI is 27.
    Sarah 🙂

    Thanks for the welcome and well done sassy on the wedding dress…wow, brilliant!
    My grandmother at her golden , and wore hers…
    I too would like to lose 10 ish.
    My bmi is 28

    10 seems like nothing, but after 20 yrs of gaining a kilo a year It was time to buck the trend.
    So far 5 kilos off since April ( but that’s from just giving up sugar and potato chips for 3 mths)
    And would like to lose a bit more. 10 would rock, 15 I don’t think will happen, but we will see!!

    Good luck randomcat, how did your day go?
    Next fast for me is Sunday.

    Thanks for the info everyone 🙂 it is early days for you, and 5:2 and it’s variants should get you there. 😀
    I started with BMI of 27.5, now is 21.3 after almost 7 months – and 16kg lost, as mentioned earlier. I am 55yo, well past menopause, still have 18yo and 20yo sons at home (late starter!!) so house is always full of less healthy food… Hubby and sons are slim. I was overweight during my late teens, ok during my 20s tho prob around 24-5 BMI, lost weight prior to marriage and then post kids put it on, have lost it a couple of times since thru extreme exercise, and it went back on once exercise stopped, and since retirement had been stacking it on.
    So I am sure your goals are achievable 🙂 🙂 good luck!

    Dumpling – your grandmother can be a role model for us 🙂

    Congratulations Sassy!!! What an awesome accomplishment – I bet you felt fantastic doing it up!!

    Hi Dumpling 🙂

    I was never overweight til I hit menopause. But I also got lazy too. I did another program and lost 10kgs and became quite fit but I injured my right knee. Ive put back 3.5kgs over the year. This too is because I got lazy with my nutrition.

    Today has been easy.(I probably wont often say that!) I found a product called Slim Pasta that is very low in calories and I’ve had that for dinner with some pasta sauce and mushrooms. Id be interested to see how things go with weight loss and this program. I’m attracted to this program for the health benefits.


    Menopause is heading my way, I’m 47
    If this helps it and the 15 kilos disappears before it attacks me…bring on the 5:2 program!
    No symptoms as yet, but I am sure it isn’t too far away

    Yes, go gran!

    My sister, a size 8 wore it for her wedding 2 yrs ago.
    I’m a size 14/16 but would like to wear a size 12 jeans. That’s my goal.

    Thanks Iwant2Beincontriol 😀 it certainly did feel good when the dress was easy to do up (hubby had to do that as has lots of little buttons). I almost felt like a princess again, which was how I felt on my wedding day 🙂 (the dress is a very conventional white, sequins and beads, full skirt with hoops, puffy sleeves – just so NOT me who has always lived in casual clothes, no make-up etc, not at all a girly-girl – I loved how surprised many of our guests were at the wedding!! Apologies for going on about it….)

    Sarah – other suggestions I have seen for pasta substitutes include lightly cooked thinly sliced white cabbage or zucchini strips. Cauli and broccoli also used as rice substitutes – steamed and mashed. Good luck with program 🙂

    Dumpling – size 12 jeans sounds very doable for you if you are only 14/16 now. Go for it! 🙂

    Better head for bed now.

    Oh I can only dream of ever fitting into my wedding dress… I suspect it would look a lot better on my 16 year old daughter than it ever will on me again. When I got married I was pretty much underweight at 57kg (I’m 5’8″ tall). Now I’m 75kg and in my life have only ever been 4kg heavier than this when pregnant with my first child. My goal now is only to get to about 65kg but of course if I ever get there I’ll reassess whether more is possible….

    Good luck to all of you. This is a tough gig but we can do it if we stick together…

    Alimax, I meant to ask where in Perth are you? I’m in Rockingham….

    Hi KimG, maybe I am ‘lucky’ that I have never been on the small size??!! It made fitting into the wedding dress possible. I was older when I got married too,
    Your goal should be achievable, especially since you have set a realistic one. As I have inferred in this topic, and said elsewhere (tho I am forgetting where I say what!) for many this WOE seems to be truly remarkable in how relatively easy it is to lose weight in a reasonable amount of time. Hopefully that will happen for you. I do remember in my early months being impatient for results, and frustrated when I had plateaus, but now that time has passed – which it does all too quickly really – I am virtually at my goal weight. So try to think 6 months ahead of how things should be, and try not to worry too much on the way 🙂
    I also set an interim goal, which I have revised a couple of times. So doing that’s a good idea I think.
    I only joined the forum several months into my journey, but reading and contributing has helped tremendously with my motivation – so I hope that also works for you 🙂 There are lots of ideas and thoughts from others that can really assist.
    Best wishes

    Woohoo! I ate normally all day yesterday, drank wine last night and got the best surprise this morning when I stepped on the scales, I’m down to 74 – nearly a kilo in a week! Happy dance happening here and looking forward to Monday 🙂

    Fantastic! 😀 keep happy dancing, you’ll lose more weight!!

    Morning All!,
    Had to stop in at work briefly and v.happy to see you’re keeping the thread running. You all sound like you’re doing fabulously well. I over did it last night – start drinking bubbles at 5pm will do that to do. Oh, well – I refuse to beat myself up about it. Onwards and downwards I say! I, too, have my 18yr old wedding dress packed away from the days when I was 55kgs – now my 15 yr looks stunning in it – but you never know – maybe for the 20th anniversary??
    Kim – I’m up in Mount Lawley. Have a great weekend everyone x

    Hi everyone! I have JUST bought the book today and thought I would browse the forum to try and get as much info as possible, was so very happy to find an Aussie forum.
    I have talked my husband into starting this with me and see how we go. If I do the background work he is more likely to stick to it as then he doesn’t have to think too hard!! Typical Guy..lol.
    I am glad there are some people who have recently started as I don’t feel so behind everyone..I seriously NEED and WANT to make lifestyle changes for both of us and I am really looking forward to giving and getting back info along the way.
    I definitely feel inspired from reading all your comments so far..THANK YOU!

    Hi,I am in Melbourne and have just done 2 weeks.I’ve lost 2 kg.and found it easier to do on my work days.My BMI is 26 and I weigh 73kg currently.I would like to be 65kg.Tomorrow is a fast day,but I meet a friend for a quick Japanese meal every Sunday.I nay have to have miso soup only!

    Hello DragonFly

    Congrats on starting! This is only my second day and yesterday I didn’t think I could do 2 fasting days in a row. But I found one day easy so am doing consecutive this week. Will have to try a few variations with work to see how i cope.

    Good luck 🙂

    Welcome dragon and gilly
    Well done for making a lifestyle change.
    We are all in this together!!
    New changes for a few of us.

    Thanks RandomCat and dumpling, I am looking forward to the fast day tomorrow, still working out whether to alternate or ??
    I am not really a early morning eater, where as my husband has to eat as soon as he gets up?
    I was thinking of having a Brunch and then Dinner at night as I think it would work that way for me?
    Don’t think I could do consecutive days? but who knows?
    Be interesting to see how you went RandomCat?

    A late Lunch and dinner is me.
    I can skip breakfast..or at least hold off, cos once I start eating, can’t stop!

    I find I have so much to do in the mornings that it is past 10am anyway by the time I get around to be able to sit back a bit..so…it just seems the obvious choice to skip Breakfast..OTHER THAN A BLACK COFFEE???

    Hi everyone 🙂
    dragonfly2510 – there are always new people starting, which is fantastic! Great that your hubby is joining you in this Way Of Eating 🙂
    For those who have started v recently, I asked earlier how people found out about 5:2, and would still be interested to know.
    There is so much info in this forum, so do have a good look around if you haven’t already – although I think it is now almost impossible to keep up with it all! Someone suggested that it is easiest to just stick to a few topics, but even that can take a lot of time.

    Aliimax – as long as you enjoyed the bubbles and whatever else you chose to have 🙂 Glad to hear that you are not beating yourself up about it. Do keep aiming to fit in that dress in 2 years time 🙂 (I over indulged when we went out to dinner last night, but that was intentional and the food was wonderful 😀 Am fasting today tho.)

    How’s your fast going gillygilly? Hopefully you found more than miso soup on the Japanese menu that was low cal!

    dumpling – like you, on fast days I tend to have lunch as late as I can make it and dinner. Occasionally I can last til tea time before eating, then treat myself to 2 courses 😀
    The only time I have managed consecutive fast days is when I have been ill, so will also be interested to see how RandomCat has gone.

    I am looking forward to normal eating tomorrow, as I have had 4 fast days in the past 7 (4:3 became ADF because of dinner last night…)
    Hope the weekend is going well for you all 🙂
    PS We are at Point Lonsdale for a couple of days, have left the ‘boys’ at home. They are busy studying for exams…and are happier when we are not around to fuss…

    Enjoy your break!! How wonderful.
    Yay exams.!!

    I went 21 hrs today.
    Had my boysenberry smoothie ( with just water and ice!, I miss ice cream and milk)
    And then Couldn’t finish the salad and a couple hours later I made my stir fry and again, it was 2 big plate fulls!!???
    I Would have thought I had miscalculated again, but i have been Over the cals a million times and I know it was only about 270
    Pick your veg carefully people! You can have a lot if you stick with 100 grams of Celery, spinach, mushrooms, courgettes, bok choy , cabbage, etc and leave out corn, and potato, and spread your 1 carrot ( 100 grams) through your salad and your stir fries

    And the protein was kidney beans ( 25 grams) shrimps ( 50 grams) chook boob ( 80 grams) vermicelli noodles 25 grams ( 86 cals, but ohhhh so worth it!)
    Morrocan seasoning, stock, and ginger and chili.
    Oh my, like a Thai soup. But 2 huge bowlfuls, not to mention the salad earlier which was 102 cals. Again 100 grams each, is quite a lot of salad

    Anyway, very pleased…will be going to bed on a hugely bloated stomach.
    I made the kids a baked cheesecake for dinner, so I have that ready for breakfast tomorrow.
    Tomorrow I will be having breakfast!!!

    I will be fasting tomorrow and am quite looking forward to it. I’ve had a busy weekend finishing off my last two assignments for uni that get handed in on Tuesday. I had a huge overindulge on Friday night when I knocked off the entire bottle of wine that I opened. I don’t do that often but normally if I did I would feel fine the next day, yesterday however I felt revolting all day. I had to go out again last night to meet a friend from uni who has also just finished so I had to do the social thing and have two glasses of champagne with her 🙂 Once again I feel pretty average today so I’m wondering if it is possible already that my tolerance to alcohol could have diminished?? That isn’t such a bad thing because right now I couldn’t care if I never have another drink again!

    Well I’ve had my 10 minute break so it is back to the essays. Enjoy what’s left of your weekend 🙂

    Another Aussie here. Still reading through the book and I have to admit not fully started. Have the odd day here and there. Trying to work out what will be my best days, when I know I really should just do it, I can spend too much time trying to work out the best way of doing anything that nothing gets done/started 😉

    Ha ha , true

    Hi everyone again 🙂

    I got through the 2 fast days but by the end of the 2nd fast day I had a splitting headache so bad I had to take 2 panadeine forte! I rarely get headaches. Im surmising my body was having a reaction to the lack of calories. I was drinking water so much i was peeing more than every hour! so it wasnt a lack of water. I have fasted completely for spiritual reasons and find if I dont eat at all, it doesnt stimulate my appetite so on this diet my plan is to eat late morning breakfast, then an early dinner say around 5 of a little fish and salad or veggies. I think thats doable.

    I couldnt help myself – I weighed in after 4 days and lost half a kilo already. Perhaps this was only fluid but I cracked into the 69’s which has eluded me for many months. So I feel more inspired now.

    As long as I behave myself on my non fasting days(Im using my fitnespal website to count my calories as close to 1200 as possible) Im sure the weight will come off. It will take me longer to feel the health benefits probably.

    Now my next challenge is to work out when to do the fast days. Do most of you do consecutive or split? If split are you getting good results?

    1200, that’s low.
    Your body will be holding those. I would have thought to lose weight you need min 1800
    And 1800 from unprocessed foods. Not 5 Mars bars.

    I have split it so far.
    Early days though, so won’t know if it is even working for a few weeks.
    I too can fast 24 hrs no food or drink ( as a religion we do it once a month and give the money we would have spent on two meals to the poor) but I think 2 days with hardly any food would do my head in and i’ld quit so 2 different days works for me.

    Morning All!,

    I hope you all had good weekends. Mine was hectic, indulgent and really tiring. Always knew it was going to be a big one and glad it’s over. Today I’m tired, seedy, have my period and am being thoroughly un-productive at work. Guzzled 2 lattes this morning, but have just sipped on water since. Should be able to manage the day and maybe poach a couple of eggs for dinner. Got a nice, quiet week planned! Hope you’re all doing well.
    Random Cat – eat a bit more, and don’t do consecutive days. It’s not a sprint!
    As my dear old mum used to say “softly, softly catch ye monkey”

    Hi Everyone,

    Just saying “hi” from Brisbane. I’m new to this site and the forums but I’ve been doing the diet since September. I’m not doing as well as others in terms of weight loss (only 2 kilos so far), but I feel better and to me that’s huge deal as I hadn’t been very well for some time. This diet has really improved my general well being YAY! 🙂

    Hello from another “near Brisbane-ite”
    I’ve been looking at the LOACA forum, but not really getting much from it.

    This is my 3rd week and I’m not exactly sure of the weight loss, as I had a gastro bout the day before I planned to start!

    I’ve chosen the Mon/Thur option and am finding it suits me.
    I have breakfast and can miss lunch, but do get the cravings around 4pm.
    Herbal tea is a boon!
    Weigh day tomorrow, before a Melbourne Cup buffet at the local!

    @ Qvo Vadis, I too, am feeling so much better in myself – have more energy, sleep better and am even thinking my IBS may desert me…if only!

    Thanks for all the positive feedback, it’s certainly helping 🙂

    Hi Qvo, and all Southies!
    I am from north tassie and a nice slow loser too. It has taken me 22 weeks to lose 10 ish kgs. But I do enjoy my regular days. My rest days are now a part of life for me and I feel funny not having one today but today is a holiday here so I am thinking I will go and get myself a nice glass of wine. Cheers!

    Hi everyone
    Am enjoying my day of eating (hope you are too, dumpling), after lots of fasts in the last week 🙂 this week I am attempting to do 16:8 rather than quite so many fasts, will be interested in how this goes.

    Welcome Qvo Vadis, feeling well is probably more important than weight loss, so it’s great that your general well being has improved 🙂 And not everyone loses weight quickly, there are many factors that influence rate of loss. Do you have much to lose? How you manage your fast and non-fast days may impact too. Let us know if you have any questions about this WOE. Best wishes as you continue 🙂

    Alimax, wishing you a speedy recovery from your weekend; hope you enjoyed it even if it was tiring and hectic. Quiet week should help 🙂

    RandomCat, congrats on breaking a weight barrier! Your plan for fast days sounds ok – what will you have for brekkie? I don’t do consecutive fast days by choice, one is hard enough!! Have you calculated your TDEE – I agree with Dumpling that 1200 is very low for non-fast days. One of the beauties of this WOE is that you don’t have to deprive yourself on non-fast days (of course can’t go overboard, need to stay around your TDEE) – that’s what makes it doable on a long term basis for so many. Over time you will probably find that you gradually replace less healthy foods for more healthy ones (tho not everyone does) which helps with health and well being, and weight loss, but initially it is fine not to make many changes to what you eat on non fast days. But you need to work out what works best for you. Good luck 🙂

    Astrid – welcome – and just start! When I started, all I had to go by was a short article I read in a UK magazine, I didn’t know there was a book or anything. I just thought that this was something I could do, decided that I would fast on Mon and Thurs (tho I vary these as necessary), worked out roughly what I would eat on those days, didn’t change what I ate on non-fast days (to start), took all my measurements (I weigh weekly, I monitor body fat and water as well, use tape measure monthly), and off I went. Didn’t find this forum until months into this WOE, but have found it v useful for keeping me motivated.

    KimG, trust the essays got done! 🙂 No idea re the reduced tolerance to alcohol, guess it is possible, and if you are happy with this, then 😀 (tho I have noticed that others find alcohol is the one thing they find hard to give up!!)

    Best wishes to all
    Sassy 🙂

    Oh yes, the non fast day is going very well!!
    Had a bunch of old biddies over for a Christmas craft morning and lunch, everyone had to share a craft …and the food ones we ate, it was fantastic thanks!!
    Lunch was a lot of homemade bread and lamb and pumpkin morrocan soup.
    Nom nom

    Cheesecake for supper!!

    Dumpling, do you mind???? That’s far too much deliciousness for those of us not on a feast day. Mentioning cheesecake was just cruel 🙂

    Hello everyone I’m in Perth and my sister in law introduced me to this new way of eating. I haven’t really lost a lot of weight, but it is coming off slowly but surely.

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