If your clothes are looser but the scales are the same, read on

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If your clothes are looser but the scales are the same, read on

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  • If your clothes are looser but the scales are staying the same…Well Done!
    When I started this in January I was completely obsessed with numbers on the scales moving weekly downwards. If there was no loss in weight I was fed up and demoralized.
    If I could give you any advice it would be this;
    Weigh yourself once a week, same day and same time and write it down.
    On the same day, measure your bust/chest, waist(around the navel), hips, thighs, calves and upper arms and write it down.
    Try on clothes at the same time and see how the fit changes until they are hanging off and no longer wearable.
    There have been weeks when I have lost 2 lb, but it was usually 1 lb and sometimes I seemed to put on, and sometimes there was no change in the scales at all.In 28 weeks I lost 23 lb, but also 4″ off my waist, 4″ off the hips,3.5″ off each thigh,2″ off the bust(mainly back fat), 1.5″ off each calf.
    BUT I kept shrinking and my psoriasis cleared up completely.Please be patient,watch your body change over the weeks-the muffin top and back fat disappear, the thighs stop rubbing together and even a gap between them appear,sleeves loose in tops and dresses, trousers slide down.
    I swim twice a week, run once and go dancing once a week. I don’t own a car so walk to work(45 mins each way).
    If you increase your exercise you will make more muscle which will burn more calories, but which also weighs more than fat.
    Finally, it is a marathon and not a sprint! It takes time to get fat and time to get slim, be patient. This is a way of life that retrains eating habits.

    I found this a very wise helpful post.In recent times I’ve found some on the forum have come in with unrealistic expectations.
    Your post was realistic, wise and you are right we want to keep the weight off and change our habits so we’re in it for life. Thanks.

    Thank you Beavergong.

    wonderful post,well done, so much of what you say i can relate to, this is a life long change in habbits formed over years, not a quick fix fad diet, xx

    Thank you fast for life.

    I just felt that there were some rather unrealistic expectations on the forum.

    A brilliant post! Well put! My aim was to get into pair of tight across the tummy trousers which are now baggy! I weigh myself once a week and it doesn’t bother me if doesn’t go down every week! I am enjoying feeling happy about being me!

    Thank you tickatape.
    Well done on the trousers!

    I am shopping in charity shops now to keep pace with my changing size and figure.

    The up side of this is that clothes that I’ve worn for years and I am sick of the sight of, fall down over my hips and have been dispatched to charity.I am changing my image with clothes that are not massed produced and at low cost. If they become too big and no-longer fit then there has been a low investment and they can go back to charity again!

    I feel better than I have in years(size 10/12)….no matter what number the scales say!!!!

    Thanks Annette , I posted on this very subject yesterday – on the ‘welcome to the forum’ section. In summary been on the diet for 6 weeks: clothes much looser, body a different (better) shape, waist 5cm smaller, weight more or less unchanged. Happy with everything except the lack of weight loss which doesn’t quite seem to stack up – so a change of mind set needed.

    Encouraged that it’s not just me and will continue. Thanks for the responses and encouragement from people who have been doing this far longer than I have.

    Best wishes to everyone


    Thank you Vivian.
    When I began on this way of life in January, the forum was much much quieter with far fewer postings. Now it is a challenge to keep up if you make yourself a cup of tea!
    I know it’s weird but I have grown to accept that sometimes my body changes shape and sometimes I lose a few lbs, but they have never both happen at the same time.You will look much better and I expect feel much better too.
    A change in weight confirms that change is occurring, but a change on the tape measure is just as important, perhaps more so. I am focusing on a waist that is less than half my height rather than getting too hung up about BMI. I have a pesky 5 lb that I am struggling to shift…but I am still shrinking. I would rather have less of me than the scales move.Anyway, you don’t get to choose…so just embrace the shrinking you and put the scales away for a month.

    I am giving up the 5:2 for a few weeks. I am running a half marathon in 3.5 weeks and do not want to compromise training, as I am raising money for charity.

    So Good Luck everyone and looking forward to catching up with you afterwards.

    I’ve been doing 5:2 for 5 weeks, I have lost 6lbs, which is nowhere near as much as some others but I am DELIGHTED. I have noticed that my clothes are looser, I am getting into smaller sizes and I think I look as though I have lost far more that 6lbs (thanks for tip about trying on clothes Annette 52 – it is very motivating) I have both type 2 diabetes and an underactive thyroid so losing weight has been difficult for me in the past, the thought of giving up favourite foods, or being constantly hungry for months on end feels like hell to me but I can manage 2 days a week, it is MAGIC!

    Great news Beth5.
    I am glad that you have found trying on clothes valuable too.But 6 lb is almost half a stone and it will have a big impact on how clothes fit.

    Don’t fall into the trap of feeling a failure as you haven’t lost as much weight as others, I think it has a lot to do with how much weight there is in the first place and how much exercise is taken.

    6lb is a great result. Well done.

    I am putting on weight in the form of muscle for the half.Although I had decided not to fast in the weeks leading up to the run, I still find myself choosing fast day salad lunch!

    I am thrilled for you that despite your under active thyroid and type 2 diabetes, you are losing weight. Well done. No wonder you are delighted.

    For the last month my weight has gone up a little and down a little, but refuses to shift the remaining 5 lb. Even 3lb would give me great joy just to get under 10 stone. I had lost a mighty 16″/41cms along with 23lb.

    Today I am still 10st 2lb(for 3 weeks)but I have now lost a staggering 21″/54cms!!!
    The biggest difference is to my thighs and calves, a whopping 3″ off each thigh=6″ and another 1.5″=3″ of the calves.I so regret not measuring my upper arms at the start.

    I imagine this is because I am training for a half marathon in 3 weeks, so have been running and swimming…….but even so.

    How is everyone getting on?

    I have just weighed and 1lb has gone on (never mind slow but sure).Busy week ahead with visitors meals out, alcohol etc. But it’s so easy to get straight back into the swing of things. Annette you are an inspiration to us all, good luck with your training and goal.

    Annette your posts are so inspiring. I’m really only at the beginning of my journey, only 17 days. BUT I have lost 3kg, I think I may have said it was only 2kg in another post somewhere but it’s definitely 3. I measured myself when I started and again yesterday. 1″ gone from my waist already. My niece has been following the 5:2 for a few months and she has lost 2 stones and quite a lot of inches, it was talking to her that led me to view Michael’s documentary and read the book. Thank you for your posts and good luck with the half marathon 🙂

    Thanks for your post, Annette!
    I have lost some kilos and inches over the last 9 weeks which I’m really happy about.
    What I’m finding a bit strange is where I’m losing the weight… It is going from my hips, bottom and thighs.
    I’m not losing anything from my waist as I would have expected to. What have others found..?

    hi everyone, my fat loss seems to be from my bottom and legs mostly 5 inches off each leg now, hips 3 inches< waist 3 inches, bust 1 1/2 inches, 3lbs to go for the 3 stone bench mark id set myself,
    ive dropped from a dress size 24 to an 18, and jeans size from 20 to now buying size 14s. keep posting its lovely to hear all your results xx

    Hello Everyone!
    I just wanted you all to know that my journey on the 5:2 remains up and down but that the trajectory is definitely down with both weight and inches, so don’t give up or feel like you have failed.If I had told you that I had been doing this for 30 weeks and had lost 23 lb, then you may will think that was a bit rubbish, but if you add in the 21″….it is so much more impressive.
    I have lost 2″ bust, 2″ under bust, 4″ waist, 4″hips, 6″ thighs and 3″ calves=21″!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Jennifer4 never mind,it’s a new week.Just start again. Thank you for your kind comments.
    anian -thank you and well done!
    Lulutiger – just enjoy the fact that the hips, thighs and bottom are shrinking! You can’t choose where it goes from. The waist will happen and look out for the disappearance of the back fat too, best noticed by clothes i found.
    fast for life -well done on both inches lost and the amazing weight loss. You must be thrilled with the drop in dress sizes too. Fantastic.
    Thank you for the lovely comments.I only fasted on Monday and then decided to stop until after the half. I am working on both speed and distance. I ran 27 miles in total last week and am aiming for 21 miles this week and next, then just 8miles and then rest for that week before the 13.1!
    If there are any more changes then I’ll keep you posted.
    Well done everyone.

    Thank you for all your great posts annette52.
    My scales do not like me at the moment but this time that doesn’t matter! I have taken measurements but my stomach seems the same, yet ………
    I had a clothes trying on session this morning again! I have a couple of trousers/jeans and a pair of shorts that for such a long time I could put on but couldn’t do up, so I am now pleased to say that they fit comfortably, one pair is even loose. Another pair of long shorts were more forgiving but now I have to wear these with a belt and even put the belt on the next hole!
    At least you can have a break from 5:2 and know it is easy to start again. Good luck with the marathon. 🙂

    Thank you Serenity.
    I always have a weekly try on of clothes(not many clothes left…)and often find that there are clearly visible changes that may not be apparent on the scales or the tape measure.Sometimes it is just a case of not measuring in the right place, one week there seemed to be no difference anywhere….but my calves were smaller by 1″ and I hadn’t measured them since January.

    That is fantastic about the shorts/trousers.My goal size 12 jeans have been sliding down.I tried on a new pair of 12’s yesterday, but they were too big on the waist and the legs. Tried on the 10’s, perfect fit on the rear and legs but a bit tight on the waist.Shall i keep them and wait for the body to fit them?It is a conundrum!

    Thanks for the good luck. I will need it despite the huge bag of jelly beans on order!

    I have been buying clothes in charity shops for the past few weeks and then take mine back when they are too big. I have decided that I am going to reinvent my wardrobe to complement the new body and attitude to food.

    Dear Anette:

    Thank you for these wise words. I have been on 5:2 for 16 weeks and have lost about 12 pounds…actually 16 but when I weighed Saturday it said I was up 4 pounds. Granted – I did go to Florida for a week and did not follow the diet. I was shocked to have gained and have been in kind of a tailspin over it. I actually cried!
    I see that you have been on for about 7 months. You are still going strong and you are awesome! You inspire me. I probably need to be on 5:2 for a year and just relax and let it happen. As you said… it is not a sprint. There are other ways to see progress that do not include a scale.
    For me, the weight itself is the end product of a lifelong relationship to food that is unhealthy. My mom put me on diets as a kid and it’s like I’ve been hungry ever since. She denied me anything that tasted good so I ate junk food in secret. When I saw my friend’s parents giving them treats, it seemed like a form of love that I was steadfastly denied. I need to recognize that I can withstand feelings of hunger and not immediately comfort myself with food and that this is progress. Just getting through fast days is an achievement because I have discovered that hunger won’t destroy me or drive me crazy – and I used to that think it would. So onward and upward! I am making progress and I see that thanks to your insights.

    Dear moonglow4ver,
    Well done on the 12 lb.How many inches have you lost?Do you also have a pile of clothes on your bedroom floor that are just too big now?

    I have been doing this for 8 months.I too have cried over gains in the past, but it’s the lost inches that affect how clothes fit.
    Remember that you can gain 10 lb in a day, so don’t beat yourself up about it. Just keep going and watch your body shrink and change shape.

    Glad that you have found the posts helpful and thank you for the kind words.

    Lots of us have an unhealthy relationship with food. I love to bake and cook so that is a challenge too.

    Find something else to treat yourself with that isn’t food.I currently have a small handbag collection. Fast days become less of a challenge….after all, it’s only food.
    Keep us posted and let us know how it is going for you.

    Dear Annette52:

    Thanks for replying. You are super-sweet! I have to keep in my mind always that I AM NOT ALONE in this endevour. People like you and all the folks who post on this site are a community. We need each other’s support and kind sentiments. I am in Tennessee and this is a region known for unhealthy eating – fried food, Bar-B-Q, heavy carbs. It seems that 5:2 has caught on in the UK but is still kind of a new concept in the states. Reading posts and telling my story here makes me feel like part of a group and this is essential to my success.
    My clothes are much looser and I appreciate you for reminding me to notice this. My legs and arms look more supple. I still have about 20 lbs to lose and am determined to see this through. I have had the best success on weeks when I was very strict on my fast days and ate three high protein meals on my regular days.
    I have started to collect samples of exotic perfume as a treat – a sensual pleasure that has no calories. Again, thanks for your support.

    Dear moonglow4ever I hadn’t thought of perfume-genius idea.

    2 weeks until the half. Weight is exactly the same, but another 2″ lost.

    I have stopped fasting 3 fasts ago for the half, ran 13.2 miles yesterday and ate rather a lot of jelly beans just to get round.

    Since January I have lost 23 lb and now 23″/59cms.

    How are you all getting on?

    Hi all, congratulations on your progress. I’m really impressed! annette52, good luck on your race, sounds like you are well on your way to finishing that half.

    Hi moonglow4ever, I am in Tennesse also. I grew up on the southern country cooking in a family where my Mom and Aunts were always on a diet. I started dieting at age 13 when I was 5’2 and weighed 103 lbs and thought I was fat. I’m sorry you were taught about dieting the hard way as a child. it’s amazing the things that parents do with good intentions that have really bad after effects.

    I think this way of life is going to be good for us all. I am starting officially tomorrow, along with my husband and daughter. I have spent this week paying extra attention to what I eat, and how I feel after. I find that I don’t really get hungry until 3 or so in the afternoon, unless I eat something in the morning. : )

    thank you all for being so willing to share your progress. it’s really helpful to everyone who reads it, at least I know it is to me. blessings

    Good luck MountainMyst!

    Thanks StephB. I’m looking forward to this new adventure.

    I have plateaued for a couple of weeks but think today’s fast is going to crack it… however, there are things to celebrate.
    1. My wedding ring is loose.
    2. I don’t feel like ripping off my bra in the early evening because it’s too tight – I pretty much forget I’m wearing one!
    3. My jeans are baggy round the arse and thighs.
    4. I feel thinner
    5. Zips do up more easily
    6. My face has emerged (not that it was very blubbery, but it was less well shaped/defined)
    But I still feel ravenous at 4pm on a fast day. Supper will be 5.30pm today latest – so lucky I work from home.

    Hi Humphrey, good for you!!!! that is seriously impressive! We usually eat early around here, I have for years needed several hours prior to bedtime. have had really bad reflux. since I started trying out the 5:2 plan, I haven’t had reflux at all. just started officially today, so no results to speak of, but a week of trying out fasting until after lunch seems to have helped at least one thing. hope you had a great supper and enjoyed every bit.

    MountainMyst Thanks for the good wishes I think that they will be needed. Ran 13.2 miles on Saturday..and felt dreadful at the end.But I couldn’t have run 2 miles when I started.I am glad that you find my journey useful. I used to read lots of others and find it amazing that they had all of this change and couldn’t believe that I would too!
    Good to hear that the reflux has disappeared.

    Humprey Congratulations on that list.

    I can now do up a dress that was tight and breathe!

    Guess who’s choosing salad for tea even though she isn’t fasting?

    Hi Annette52, you ran 13.2miles!! heck, I wouldn’t think a person would feel too good after that. LOL. actually I mean physically, emotionally I think you should be really proud of your self. you are doing amazing things.

    I can’t really exercise(M.E./CFS) my workout consists of trying to clean my house and cook a meal. LOL. Still, I’m going for it. I expect only good things.

    hope your salad was great, and you get to wear that dress soon.

    I had to go to bed and sleep for a couple of hours after a shower, cup of tea and some toast.But was much better later and went out for an evening of dancing!

    Half marathon number has just arrived…very scary.

    Exercise is simply moving the body, so what ever you can do will help.

    Wore the dress dancing. Whoop whoop!

    Wow! Your running and body size achievements must be such an affirmatory assist to keep on doing what is so clearly working for you.

    Regarding BMI – I hope you get to yours – I did make it my healthy BMI, but I have been stuck exactly at the top of healthy BMI since January. I wanted to have a half stone BMI contingency, so that natural weight seesawing wouldn’t ever matter, but it’s just not happening. But I do know that a bit more exercising is required and I need to stop having so many, “oh well, it doesn’t matter” days.
    There’s usually a perfectly simple explanation 🙂

    Good luck on your run and happy dancing!

    Thanks snedger. I never realized that the BMI concept was something created by the insurance industry. Did you? So I am going to focus on the waist measurement being less than half my height as recommended by Micheal.

    But what is your waist measurement like?

    I have lost 4″ and need to lose another 4″ to make the grade. I am resigned to continuing the 5:2 until Christmas and then hopefully maintenance forever.

    Why not make a goal to help with your focus? I have found it very valuable and it has really helped me to keep me going.

    Well done, everyone! I have done six fasts so far (I’m keeping a fasting journal) and feeling so positive and empowered. I weigh again tomorrow, so that should be interesting. But the first two weeks I lost 4.4 pounds and 1/2″ around both my neck and my waist!!! I didn’t even think it was possible to lose 1/2″ around my neck (maybe I measured it wonky the first time! Who knows?).

    I have had two people tell me they can tell I’ve lost weight.

    And tomorrow will be fast day number 7.

    Onwards and downwards!


    Well done Melinda, looking forward to hear how the weight is….but more interested in hearing how much you are shrinking.

    Annette52, I’m so thrilled for you!! going dancing and wearing your skinny dress to boot!! You are going to make that marathon in style. I agree about the moving your body bit, I do thing in 5 to 10 minute bursts, sit down for a bit and go again. unfortunately, my house refuses to clean it’s self. LOL.

    snedger, congratulations on reaching your ideal BMI, that’s great!

    Melinda, sounds like you are doing great! interesting that you lost in your neck, that’s one measurement I didn’t take, going to have to do that.

    hope everyone is having a great day.

    Thanks for the gratz.

    I’ve not measured anywhere – my mirror shows me a thinner person that I don’t really recognise (also maybe due to being outdoors a lot for the last 4 months and having a very deep peasant’s tan). I now need a to wear a pulled in belt on all my trousers – need to rewardrobe really – luckily when I went on holiday it was a feed day and the newer nearer fitting shorts I was wearing just about clung on when I took my belt off for going through security.
    However, I will get the tape measure out – if only to help with rewardrobing, but setting a goal is a good idea.
    Toning is not that easy for me and without toning a number of soft inches remain. Dodgy back means that situps will eventually cause a problem, as does running. Been putting off buying a Slendertone abs belt for a while – the cheap one from Argos was useless.
    I was thinking about your comment about going on to a maintenance regime – like Michael Mosley and I’ve realised that, since my weight has not changed since January, that maintenance for me, is actually the full thing. Perhaps if I up my exercise and enjoy myself less often on feed days then, so long as I am still happy, things may move. But, I’m mainly ADFing for the cell repair benefits. I would go on to maintenance if I lost too much weight – not very likely 🙂
    Oops! Need to get ready – 12 hour slot for delivery of a treadmill starts in 10 minutes and I do not want to get delivery carded for that.

    UGHHHHH!!!! I gained 1.4 pounds this week! I didn’t go completely overboard on my non-fast days, either. Maybe it’s because my period started on Tuesday (today is Thursday)?

    Well, I’m not giving up. In fact, today is my second fast day of the week. I’ll just keep on going.

    Everyone places sooooo much importance on weight…but is there a difference in your measurements? Why not check them on Saturday?

    Don’t be demoralised. Remember it is possible to gain 10 lb in a day, heaven knows what you can gain with a period!!!!

    Well done and keep going.

    I lost 15 pounds to reach my goal weight of 130 two months ago and my weight stayed there for the past two months though I’ve continued fasting for the health benefits. HOWEVER, within the last two weeks,my weight is slowly going down again. And my two brand new pairs of pants are hanging off me. My sister gave up after 3 weeks because of no change in her weight – she needs to lose at least 100 to 125 lbs. My niece gave up after 4 weeks because her weight stayed the same. I told them that maybe their bodies were taking care of some things that were preparatory to losing weight. We just don’t know everything that’s going on inside us.

    Thanks Annette and others….I did measure myself yesterday, and there was bloating (period, I suspect), so nothing good on that end, either.

    However, I am not giving up and am going to persevere.

    Oh, speaking of measurements: I decided I would only try to measure myself once a month, and weigh myself weekly.

    Yesterday was fine. No problems other than a bit cranky (I find myself more short-tempered on fast days. My poor kids.). It is now hour 36 and I’m going to try to wait a bit before eating this morning, as I’m not starving. A cup of tea with milk and a tiny bit of sugar–THAT’S what I miss most on fast days. So that’s the first item on my agenda!



    Can I suggest that you weigh yourself once a week and at the same time measure bust, waist,hips, thighs, calves and upper arms….and try on your clothes.

    I have learned that when the scales don’t budge…that I am shrinking and not always where I measure.There are clothes that I have slimmed down to wear and then missed the week before they were then hanging off me!

    Don’t give up, keep going and you will see the difference whether the scales tell you of change..or not.

    Half marathon completed last weekend.I had a break for 3 weeks but feel sluggish with all that I’ve consumed over the past week especially.

    Tomorrow will be weigh in and measure.Looking forward to fasting on Monday….a phrase I never thought that I would utter!

    How are you all getting on?

    Hi Annette52,

    Congratulations on the half marathon completed!!!

    I would like to say that I have found this site and forum so inspirational!! I grew up with the belief that fasting would make you gain fat and that eating 6 smaller meals a day was the ideal thing to do, but after reading Michael’s book and seeing the science behind it I definitely believe that 5:2 is the way to go.

    I have only been fasting for 2 weeks (unfortunately the second week I had fallen sick with the flu and that time of the month arrived for me)I have not lost much weight only 300gms (not even 1lbs) but I feel so much better, before I started fasting I was feeling so bloated – I just got married and had put on 4 kilos (8lbs)in about 6 months, there are factors involved (depression due work place bullying), I have since left that work found another job that is a much nicer environment!

    I went to a naturopath that charged me over $200 to give me herbs to help, damn I wish I had read Michael’s book before that, what a waste of $200!! Since fasting even though it has been only 2 weeks I no longer feel bloated and even after the first fast was amazed at how I did not feel hungry at all, it was amazing and I actually looked forward to fasting, I love the fact that I don’t have to plan cooking (even though I still cook for my husband) and the what will I have for lunch question always trying to think of healthy options.

    I love reading everyone’s comments, t think this just such an amazing community and am glad to be part of this. I am not looking for a fast solution this time just a healthy lifestyle, I love reading everyone’s progress and can not wait to start posting some of my own achievements. I feel so positive about this life style change and am looking forward to the changes in my body, goodbye jelly belly

    Thank you. I can hardly believe it myself. It just goes to show what 6 months training for a non-sporty person can do.

    Great to hear that work is much better and don’t beat yourself up about the past. It is pointless. I wish that I had found out about this years ago…..

    Do make sure that you measure bust/chest, waist, hips, thighs and upper arms along with a weekly weigh in and a grand try on of clothes. I have found that sometimes the scales don’t move but that I still continue to shrink.If I was just using the scales as a measure of improvement then I would have been very demoralized and perhaps given up.

    My measurements have stayed the same and I have put on 2 lb. Quite amazing really with the amount of food I have eaten.My plan is to re-start the 5:2 on Monday and see where I am at Christmas.I was completely driven by weight,but the goal is to have a waist measurement less than half my height….so that is 4″ to go.

    Well done on completing your half marathon, Annette! I really am impressed and you put me to shame – I feel very self-congratulatory when I can be bothered to drag myself off to the pool for a half hour’s swim, which is pathetic really! Apart from the 4″ loss in waistline, what’s your next challenge?

    Hi StephB Thank you. How are you? How has it been going while I have been away?

    The half marathon in March was purely to see if we could get round uninjured, my longstanding goal was to get as much sponsorship money as we could for a charity very close to my heart by doing the half last week. That was the push to start the training and keep it up.It’s far easier doing the training with someone else, they make you do it when left to my own devices my excuses may have been good enough!
    My son and I are about to embark on a running winter training schedule to build up speed so that means x5 10K(6 mile) races over the winter months until March when we will have another bash at the local half marathon that left us broken last time.In March we were both a stone heavier and ran it in 2.56,last week we ran it in 2.36 (we had hoped for 2.30, but my boy was unwell). I have a goal of wanting to run a half marathon in 1.59.Not based on any logic but just less than 2 hours.
    My other goal is to get the scales starting with the figure 9 by Christmas-currently 10st 4lb. Another 4″ loss of the waist seems a tad ambitious, but my most immediate goal is to stop scoffing the chocolate digestives! I never buy them usually but fancied some chocolate after my 5 hour trip taking my other boy back to uni.
    I am wondering whether to take the size 10 jeans back (the size 12’s were the goal but fall down now!) and just make do and see what size I am in December.

    congratulations Annette!!! way to go! I do believe that you can reach any goal you want. Keep the jeans and enjoy them for a bit and before they are too big. take care

    Thank you MountainMsyst.

    How are you getting on? Do you have any goals?

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