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  • Nice to hear from you @strawberriesandcream. I hope your fasting and dry January are going well. I was finding posting on the other forum was making me think too much about what I was eating and highlighting that I am finding full fast days just about impossible. I think I need to find a balance as I get a bit overly focused on things. After a whole year focusing on food I need to wean myself off thinking about it so much. I am trying not to constantly think about my weight. I achieved what I set out to achieve and need to break the habit of losing or it could get unhealthy. I was getting alot of satisfaction from my success and I need to find another source for that. Weighing myself everyday and recording it and routinely posting was a good use of time before but not anymore. With my aspergers I am prone to get stuck in routines and need to keep repetitive behaviour in check. I am channelling my focus into updating the charity website at the moment and am in danger of getting over obsessed with that, but it needed sorting, so it is a good displacement activity. Anyone missing my rabbit stories can have a look: http://www.hopperhaven.org.uk/wp. I will be back on the January thread at the end to update it but I am not going to weigh myself again until then. I will just follow the way of eating that I have discovered that works and see if that leaves me at a steady healthy weight. It includes intermittent fasting but not separate fast days and stays away from foods that don’t suit me.

    Hi @fatrabbit, I’ve just looked at your new website, great to see the bunnies and little pigs- the site is looking great 👍 and its good to hear things are going well with your maintenance…..I’m not quite there yet but I suspect that I will find it harder than the losing!
    Take care.

    Hi Missy Bear, glad you liked the website, although I have since moved it elsewhere as that host was using an outofdate version of the software which was causing me headaches. I will hook it up to the domain name once I have copied all the material from the old site.

    Maintenance is surprisingly difficult. I find it difficult to do without the pleasurable feelings of success that weight loss provided. Strange how the mind works isn’t it? I am only going to allow myself to weigh myself once a month from now on and focus on other things.

    Today I allowed myself to weigh myself for the first time in a while and am pleased to say that I have hit my target almost exactly at 140.2 pounds, a smidge over ten stone. I now have a waist measrement of 26.5 inches and hips and bust of 35 inches. Even my aspirational clothes are falling off! I definitely don’t need to lose more weight.

    But I do still need to follow the way of eating that I have discovered suits me. That is not eating until I have finished working, strictly staying away from grains and sugar and eating a wide variety of vegetables and nuts. The biggest question I have is whether or not to go entirely vegan. I love cheese and yogurt but they do cause inflammation and I have quite bad arthritis in my hands as well as asthma, although not as badly as before, which along with ethical concerns pushes me in that direction, but I can’t quite get there. The cheese cravings are my bugbear.

    My energy levels and ability to cope with stress has been fantastic this last couple of weeks. And they have been stressful weeks. I feel as though I have found the fountain of youth! When I think back to the plodding miserable pain ridden me who only wanted to hide from everyone and everything prior to discovering intermittent fasting even I can’t quite believe how far I have come.

    Hi @fatrabbit – Well done! I’ve missed you on the monthly challeng thread. Great to see you are doing so well in maintenance!

    Hi @fatrabbit – I finally got to look at your website – it’s lovely to put some images to the stories you told.
    Well done on your latest achievements – hope all is well. You are certainly missed on the challenge thread as are many of the friends we had last year.
    I’ve broken a metatarsal so that’s curbing my exercise for the next 6-8 weeks. Just about to calculate my new TDEE for NFDs – it’s going to be low.
    All the best and look forward to you popping in at the end of February to keep us posted on your maintenance.

    I too am waiting to hear your monthly post fatrabbit! Reading about your epic weight loss last year really helped me. And your interest in going entirely plant-based with your eating. I’m only half way through my marathon but I started on the Mediterranean Diet, then went mostly plant based and a month ago went fully onto whole-food-plant-based. I found giving up milk in tea and cheese the most difficult. How is it going for you and your family? My OH and I are doing this together, which is a massive help. I’m hoping the rest of the family will follow!

    Hi BigViking, Strawberriesandcream and Cornish-Jane thanks for stopping by:) Sorry to hear about your foot Strawberries, I hope it is better by now. I am glad you liked seeing the website. I am still working on the new one, on word press now because I was struggling with the technical side in my own hosted space. http://www.hopperhaven.blog is the new temporary domain. We still haven’t worked out how to ask people for money so haven’t pointed the main domain at it yet. I am so unbusinesslike it is ridiculous, but fortunately we have enough people that really like what we do that we squeak by. Our priority is our work not fund raising. Well done going all plant based Cornish-Jane. I am still struggling with the cheese. My son has gone below 200lbs and is looking great and is eating much better albeit with a few blips. Things have been extra challenging since his brother came home but he is quite determined to keep going. Said brother has lost weight since coming home too as he is eating better too and can fit in his interview suit again. I am pleased that he hasn’t insisted on eating meat at all but eats what I cook most of the time although he is a bit fussy about spices, not liking fennel or coriander seeds which I put in many things.

    I haven’t weighed myself for a month now in a bid to reach a stable weight without obsessing about the numbers. It is really difficult as food is such an intrinsic issue, all bound up with self image and emotions. I have felt as if I ate far too much this month and really thought that my weight might have gone up a lot, but I have only gained a kg which leaves me at a very acceptable weight of ten stone two pounds, or 64.5 kgs. I was pleased at first but I can already feel a tinge of disappointment creeping in that it went up at all. But considering how much I have eaten I got away lightly. The cold weather may have helped me burn some of it off! İ have been wearing so many clothes that İ still look as if I am as big as I was last year, in fact they are the same clothes which make very good layers and are far more comfortable to work in now they aren’t tight. I would say the cold has made me eat more but it really hasn’t been about appetite but more about availability and indulging cravings. I have now learned that dried cranberries need to be taboo too. I have become more anxious again since over indulging on them, and have had more pain. They definitely contain too much sugar. I wouldn’t buy them but not eating them when they have been given to me has proven a challenge too far. I need to be strong and pass them on to someone else when they come my way, even though they are so tasty.

    I am going to stay away from the scales again and report in next month. I just want to aim to be less greedy but stick to the basic plan which does seem to be working, that is no food until my work is finished and no sugar or grains.

    Oh I want to record this: I had a bad experience that I think was a reaction to lectins (the bad proteins talked about in the plant paradox) that was quite interesting. I am usually fine eating fresh peppers and beans cooked with tinned tomatoes, but now I have had a horrendous reaction after using fresh tomatoes. A dreadful headache and the return of the fibromyalgia pain as if I had eaten grains (which I firmly believe were the cause of my fibromyalgia as well as my obesity). I realised that maybe the difference was that the tinned tomatoes have their skins removed. I always use tinned beans too which have obviously been soaking for ages which has to be better for removal of lectins, and I always rinse them. It goes to show that preparation is everything. I can enjoy these vegetables that I am so fond of as long as they are properly prepared to remove as much of the lectins as possible. As my fibromyalgia has all but dissappeared while I ate lots and lots of beans and peppers it shows that they can be ok. I am not overly fond of tomatoes anyway but they are useful for sauces but I will stick to tins in future. So I am pleased to report that it is quite possible to be a vegetarian or a vegan while still avoiding inflammation from lectins. The plant paradox doesn’t mean a plant based diet isn’t still the healthiest choice.

    Hi @fatrabbit. I was just thinking of you and missing your stories so I thought I’d drop in to see how you’re doing – you’re obviously thriving. I really enjoyed your website. It’s very informative and looks very professional. My mum spent her last days just outside Kidderminster, so it’s an area of the country that is close to my heart. What great work you are doing. I guess that if you get your funding right, it will make a if difference to the way you operate. Good luck with that, and like others posting here, looking forward to your February post.

    Hi Debster, nice to hear from you, interesting that you know the area, one of our volunteers lives in Kiddeminster. Funnily enough she us the one who can usually get here in weather like today as long as the buses are running. But today wasn’t her day. I just fed and watered all the animals and am exhausted. That was harder work than I was expecting. The water bowls were all frozen solid. It takes quite a lot of effort to chip ice out even with watering cans of hot water to help. It took an awful lot of hot water. I wouldn’t want to have to do jt during a powercut.

    I couldn’t have done that at all before I lost the weight. In fact it was the thought of what would happen to the animals if we got weather like this that really made me get on with it. And I did it. Operation cold weather successful. Well round one with the cold is over. Round two is the snow which is coming down quite hard now. Eek the wind just sucked my window open and showered me with snow! To help make my point! I am so glad the rabbits are all tucked in safely munching on their nice juicy pears and I don’t have to go out again until tomorrow.

    Great to hear things are going well fatrabbit. I too fell into the arms of dried cranberries! A kind gift but they are just tasty sugar-bombs, and how many of us can only eat ‘a few’ at a time? I checked out your website on my phone and it looks great. Have you tried crowd funding for your charity – you seem to have built up a lot of goodwill.

    Good to hear your family are doing well. My mum lost 2 stone last year and she inspired me. Other family members are now involved for the better. Sometime I think excess weight is a ‘family’ issue rather than an entirely individual one.

    Best wishes for your maintenance.

    Another month of maintenance under my belt but the belt now needs to be let out a notch:(

    It has been a very stressful month and I have been comfort eating in a big way and put on another four pounds so I am now six pounds over where I would like to be. I need to get a grip on this before I end up back where I was before (over 250 lbs). I think perhaps the monthly challenge is called for again.

    As of today weight 146lbs, waist 28 inches.

    Sorry to hear you’ve had a stressful month @fatrabbit – but delighted that we will see you back on the monthly challenge.

    Onwards & downwards!!

    Well joining the challenge didn’t work as events kept getting more challenging so the challenge fell my the wayside and my attempts to limit my intake did too. Result – weight up a bit more to 147.5 lbs, and hip and bust measurements up to 36 inches from 35, waist still 28 inches.

    Still, putting it in perspective, my BMI is still 22 which is fine and I have only eaten healthy food, no processed carbs or any grains at all. My hands are better as I swapped dairy yoghurt for vegan yoghurt (Sojade make a really nice one). Although I am still getting tempted by cheese it doesn’t seem to have as strong an effect on the swelling in my arthritic hands. But my fibromyalgia pain is back either directly due to the stress or because I am eating more frequently. Fasting was what got rid of it before. And I have taken to eating more frequently, even breakfast sometimes, which is pleasant but doesn’t suit me. Thankfully there is no sign of the fatigue returning.

    I am not going to put pressure on myself to get my weight back down this month with all this stress, but I will try to curb the breakfast habit and go back to the extended overnight fast.

    Good morning @fatrabbit – I hope this new month calms down for you and you can say goodbye to some/all the stressful situations of April. At a BMI of 22 and a waist at 28″, it sounds to me like you are at a very healthy weight for your height – I seem to recall 5’9?? Given you’ve eaten healthily for the month – maybe your body has settled at what it feels is the most healthy point for you. All the best x

    Hi @fatrabbit – glad to hear you are doing OK. Sorry things are stressful, so hope it doesn’t tempt you into a retreat. I’m still chasing down the kgs to get to BMI 25 but getting there slowly and I’m determined to make it. I know that keeping the weight off is another challenge to follow but it seems a long way off. Would be great to hear more about your rabbits!

    After just about six months of maintenance I am a few pounds over my lowest weight at 65kg or 144 lbs I but have managed to halt the upwards trend that looked like setting in a few months ago. I went back to not eating breakfast and fasting until as last as possible in the day as I feel better that way. I have discovered a few more foods that don’t suit me – fresh legumes and sunflower seeds and am discovering more ways to cook with vegetables that make them more satisfying. I wasn’t making enough use of carrots before. Root veg are a good substitute for the place in the diet usually filled these days by rice or pasta or bread. Basically as the padding that fills you up. And I am making an effort to eat more greens. I use fried cabbage or spinach as a topping for most meals these days if they aren’t already an ingredient. By combining several types the texture can be varied and of course different spices can be added. I haven’t been eating much fruit but that is likely to change soon as the garden will soon be dripping with it at least it will be if the birds don’t eat it all while it is still green!
    Things have calmed down after a few difficult months which makes it easier not to stress eat. The psychological cravings are far worse than the physical ones. Food is a pleasant comforting activity but using it that way actually makes you feel worse, I don’t know how many times I need to learn that lesson. I wish it would sink in properly, but old habits die hard and all that…still as I say better this month.
    The animals and I are enjoying the warmer weather. There are lots of sunbathing rabbits to be seen lazing around and we got the guinea pigs moved outside into their wonderful new accommodation. For a few days I thought we had wasted all that effort as they were too nervous to use their runs but now they come straight out when I open the hatch in the morning and do their share of sunbathing. If you want to read more about what goes on with the animals at the Sanctuary the blog about it can be found at http://www.hopperhaven.blog.

    Oh dear, another month gone by and movement in the wrong direction again. Up to 147 lbs again. And measurements up too. I do eat too much, I know I do. And too much dairy and nuts. It isn’t what I eat, it is the quantity…

    I actually had thought I was doing well. My muscle tone is improving and the skin on my belly is tightening up. I have been walking a lot and am generally staying more active as I feel so much better when I stay on my feet. But when I am more active I get hungrier. And muscle weighs more. I may be fooling myself but I think this is part of it. The measurements increasing might be because weight distribution is changing. The position of the widest part of my hips has changed this month. The place that used to be widest is the same as it was before but the measurement is bigger where I have gained muscle. And my belly measurement is down but that doesn’t get recorded. All in all I am happier with my body, which is more important than the number. I am still carrying extra weight in excess skin so my BMI is probably higher than it would be as a measure of my actual body condition. And 22 is fine anyway. My posture is also improving. I am literally holding my head higher!

    It could be that my weight has jumped a bit at the end of the month as there was yet another family crisis, this time caused by my sons. Humans are so difficult! It seems to have fizzled out again for now, but I did do a bit too much comfort eating this last week. And stopped walking so regularly.

    I came across a picture of me when I was so big while going through the photos of the rabbits for the website. So I do have a before picture. It doesn’t horrify me nearly as much now it is in the past. I don’t look like that anymore:) My self image and actual self match now except perhaps for the age thing. I feel so much younger these days that I do get surprised by how old I look. My hair is getting very silver and there are lines around my mouth. Still it is infinitely preferable to the way I used to look young and feel old. I remember saying I felt as if I was sixty when I was only twenty four. Now I am fifty three and feel as if I am twenty three.

    Hello @fatrabbit. I was reminding myself to look out for your monthly post to see how you are doing and here you are. So glad you are feeling good about life and things are going well.

    I remember you helping me along when i went under 200lbs. And I’m now 166lbs and still going – its a long journey!

    Keep posting as its lovely to hear how your life is changing for the better.

    Hello Cornish Jane, great to hear how well you are doing:) Congratulations!

    I had a quick look at the monthly challenge and it seems as if there is a lot less of quite a few people, which is brilliant. Well done everyone.

    @fatrabbit. What sort of nuts do you eat? Nuts are known to increase your metabolic rate. Is it peanuts? They are not a nut but a legume. Nuts like almonds, walnuts and brazil nuts should all help to increase your metabolic rate.

    I suppose its the other things that you are eating too much of that are the problem? Good luck with it.

    @cj. Awesome effort with the weight loss.

    It is strange but although my weight is only a pound down on last month I feel fine about it even though I was moaning about it in last month’s post. The important thing for me is that I seem to have found a balance. I am not putting the weight back on despite eating quite a lot. And I am getting stronger. My measurements went down a bit to a place I would be happy for them to stay.(waist 27.5 in, Hips and bust 36 in, waist to height ratio 0.4, BMI 21.8) My body is fine as it is now, except my skin could be tighter, but I think only time will improve that, and considering how big I was it is almost miraculous how much it has shrunk. I grabbed a pair of my old trousers the other day and pulled them on because they were the same colour as the pair I was looking for. I could have fit in them twice and I still remember vividly the day they first fit me again having been too small! I have come a long way! And over six months in maintenance now:)

    @bigbooty I usually eat nut mixes without peanuts although I do occasionally binge on a jar of good quality organic peanut butter and a head of celery when I don’t feel up to cooking. But I only buy it when it is on sale which limits the frequency of succumbing to this temptation. I seem incapable of eating it in moderate quantities, especially as it doesn’t seem to have any negative impact on the way I feel or even on my weight. I think my metabolism is significantly faster than it used to be.

    Speaking of temptation, I succumbed to a special offer on sourdough bread while checking out my online grocery delivery and so ended up eating bread for the first time in at least a year. It was gorgeous and I ate half the loaf straight off. But it was so not worth it. The effect it had was profound. My anxiety came crashing back down and I had a sleepless night with lights flashing in my head imagining all sort of things that could go wrong and remembering lots of things that I should have done to prevent other catastrophes from occurring. I used to think those flashing lights were because of the pain killers I used to take for my fibromyalgia but the bread triggered them all by itself. The next couple of days were unpleasant too especially as cravings set in and I gave in and had more bread and an even worse night. And to think I once spent a year baking bread every day and eating masses of it. No wonder I was a wreck! It is so hard to separate all the symptoms and attribute them to what you eat when most of what you eat is what is causing the problems. I ate bread and/or pasta or rice everyday without fail. I am so much better off without them. I have come up with delicious ways to make vegetables filling and know I can get by without the padding provided by the grain based carbs. My reactions to them are on the extreme end of the spectrum but I suspect most people would feel better without them.

    Mornin’ to you. I was thinking about you this morning, wondering how you are doing and then I saw you’d posted. You’re doing so well. What a journey this WOL is. I’m now in maintenance, a little heavier than I originally planned, but I don’t want to look to scrawny! Good luck and keep on keeping on!

    Good morning to you too. It is geat to hear you are in maintenance now. I think to some extent once we get close to our goals we need to let our bodies decide what our weight should be. I thought mine would be lower when I went under ten stone but it wasn’t to be. C’est la vie. Qué será será…

    I miss taking part in the forums and have had a poke around to catch up a bit with all my friends here but life is really busy and I really can’t commit to the time required every day. I am sitting here now with yet another carrier full of bonding rabbits. We now have 96 of the wee beasties after taking in 9 last friday from a breeder that was giving up selling them for meat. Five of them are still babies. We haven’t had babies here for ages so it is rather nice, although soon they will start spraying each other with urine as their hormones arrive and turn yellow instead of white and not be so attractive. Two of the females we took in feel pregnant so we may have more than our fill of baby rabbits by the end of this. There will be white rabbits everywhere! The poor does are in horrible condition with respiratory infections and sore feet as is the big buck. And this was not a particularly bad set up for a breeder. The standard of welfare for meat production has a very low bar. Wire floors are standard. Even the babies already have misshapen feet from standing on them and from lack of room to move. I greatly look forward to watching them blossom as they get to live proper lives. Here are the babies in one of our stables embarking on their new life https://youtu.be/l1KaegNfsls and it will only get better from here on out. Their mums are already looking brighter too and have learned to negotiate their much bigger hutches and are enjoying tasting lots of new foods.

    @fatrabbit. Way to go. That BMI is pretty awesome. Mine is 22.1. I too seem to have come to rest at that point. If I dip under I seem to gravitate back to that point. If I go over I just have to be more mindful for the week and it drops down again. The more I read about processed grains the more convinced I am that grains are complete crap. Funny how much resistance there is to that concept. Some will defend it to the death. To them I say, just try living without grains for a few months and see if the situation improves. If it does great, if it makes no difference at least you 100% know.

    Hi fatrabbit,

    First of all congratulations! What a wonderful achievement. Well done you .

    I’ve just been reading your description of eating bread again and the subsequent reaction.I don’t know if you’ve done any reading on this type of reaction, but I recognise the pattern. I’d suggest you are wheat intolerant, possibly gluten intolerant. I havent read your whole list, just bits on the last page, so hope I’m giving you some relevant information.

    This type of intolerance has a time factor and a range of reactions, followed by a craving for the food not tolerated. Also most people know about gluten allergy, Ceoliac Disease, but not gluten intolerance.

    After eating the food a time interval elapses where there’s no problem,(for me it’s usually 2hrs), then one or more of a range of nasty symptoms starts and can last up to days (5 days for me). During the time the adverse reactions occur there is an intense craving to eat the food again. If you eat it again you’ll get the time period with no reaction, then the reactions and craving start again.

    This type of intolerance isn’t well known, but is reasonably common in people with AdDD or ADHD. Mine is related to my ADHD. While Aspergers is not on the ADD continuim, the 2 spectrums lie fairly close together, and I’d suggest that it’s possible your intolerance reaction might have some relationship to your Aspergers. The only way to live symptom/reaction free is to live without the food altogether.

    Hope this helps explain things a bit more.

    How interesting, Merryme. My husband used to have a wheat protein intolerance, but not any more.

    fat rabbit, glad you and the bunnies are doing so well. They get plumper, you get slimmer.

    Hi @fatrabbit – saw that you had posted and thought I would drop in and say hello. So good to see/read that you are continuing your journey and still rescuing bunnies. Do drop into our August challenge and say hello to everyone and inspire the newbies starting out on this journey that it can be done. Best wishes x

    August seems to have flown by! But I have been really busy. I have done a better job of avoiding things I know I shouldn’t eat this month and feel better for it although I did make the mistake of buying cheap tinned beans and chick peas that included a firming agent that gave me a couple of days of splitting headaches. I think it was the CaCl that did it. I had been buying organic beans but decided they were just too expensive and ended up paying in a different way. I think the better plan is to use fewer of them in my cooking and keep the cost down that way. Although with vegetables being so expensive using more to compensate for fewer beans probably won’t save much overall. Sigh. Still, good health is valuable enough to be worth paying for. I am not going back to cheap old pasta, bread and rice as fillers that is certain. The price of that way of eating was far too high. I have been thinking a lot lately about how little I used to be able to do before feeling completely drained. What used to take me all day and leave me virtually collapsed I can now get done in a couple of hours and then carry on for the rest of the day. I used to say I needed another me to get all the work done; it is as if I got my wish! So good food is certainly worth paying for.

    My weight is 145 lbs this morning, (10st, 5, BMI 21.7) down a little on last month. I am quite happy with this. I seem to be maintaining around this weight quite well now. Looking back at my tracker I can see I have been at a healthy weight for over a year now although a year ago I was about 15 pounds heavier than I am now, but my BMI had gone under 25 for the first time in years. I think I have seen it mentioned that maintaining gets easier after a year. It would be nice not to have to be so vigilant all the time. I actually do think I have found resisting temptations easier this month, at least for the things I know I react badly to. But I did still inhale a couple of bags of vegetable crisps (they were on offer…) and a whole bag of nuts in one sitting and altogether too much cheese which just won’t sit quietly in the fridge but keeps calling out to me until it is all gone, and my portion sizes are still enormous so I am far from perfect and can’t afford to drop my guard completely.

    I mentioned the ex meat stock rabbits we took in last month I think. Well two of them turned out to be pregnant and produced seventeen babies between them! So I am surrounded by sweetness at the moment. They are three weeks old and at peak cuteness. I have posted lots of videos on my website http://www.hopperhaven.org.uk if anyone wants a peek. There are some of my recipes there too.

    thanks for dropping in @coda, @fasting-me, @bigbooty and @merryme 🙂

    @merryme there are lots of digestive issues experienced by people on the autistic spectrum. In fact a ketogenic diet is known to be helpful. I looked at it years ago for my severely autistic son but concluded it was too extreme. Now I am wishing I had given it a go when he was younger. As he is now in a care home it is out of my hands now. But my youngest son who has Aspergers too I am still working on although he refuses to give up bread entirely and has recently gained some of the weight he had lost back. My middle son who I am sure has ADD also refuses to give up bread and cake and shouts at me if I try to talk to him about it. He has his father’s temper sadly:( Who also has ADD. As does my sister. I think the two sprectrums do lie quite close together. My sister is feeling better from eating my food but also refuses to give up bread and always complains about feeling exhausted. And my mother would live on toast if I wasn’t around to cook. As it is she still has a pile of it for lunch every day and yet wonders why she has become so fat and why she has always had to battle a lack of energy. People are so attached to bread!! It just doesn’t seem to work telling them how much better they would feel without it. I suspect the intolerance is quite common but because it is so embedded in people’s lives it is never absent so isolating it’s effects from the everyday isn’t easy. I never imagined the effect it was having on me. I used to say I could eat anything! But I had constant headaches and had no energy but they just seemed normal and I didn’t blame my food.

    It was two years ago today that I started intermittent fasting.It was a turning point. I had reached a weight that was seriously compromising my ability to function. I either had to give up the things I wanted to do or I had to radically change the way I ate. I chose to give up the poor eating habits and the poor food and I sorted myself out gaining even more benefits than I anticipated. It turned out that my fatigue and pain were caused by my diet. It wasn’t just my fat belly getting in my way that was the problem, although having to plan how to pick up a dropped item because of it was a substantial problem in and of itself.

    I lost a hundred pounds in the first year and have kept that and a bit more off since. I feel at least twenty years younger. I don’t miss my old eating habits although I do give in to the occasional chocolate binge and regret it afterwards. It doesn’t impact my weight but I feel dreadful for days afterwards so I don’t do it often. I am no longer worried about my weight, it is now quite stable and I haven’t weighed myself for over a month since the battery on the scales died but I know it hasn’t gone up because of the way my clothes fit. I am now wearing women’s clothes again after having only worn men’s for years. I am a UK size 12 as opposed to the men’s size 44in I needed two years ago.

    I stand by the saying nothing tastes as good as thin feels. I feel wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. It just isn’t about how I look. It is all about how I feel. I am so much less anxious, less depressed, more outgoing, less self conscious. I am more focused, more rational, less grumpy, more patient. It is all good. And the foods that made me so unwell and ungainly don’t even taste good anymore. Except chocolate perhaps. But it doesn’t have the hold over me it used to. The dreadful strong cravings are gone. I still eat a lot but when it is all vegetables that is ok. I am more active and I suspect my metabolism has speeded up again too. I actually like getting exercise now. I used to hate it because I got out of breath and felt so uncomfortable and had so much pain. Changing the food needed to come before adding exercise for me and for many others I suspect. The key is to sort out the basics. If you feel better you will want to move more. Pushing people to exercise when it is downright unpleasant isn’t going to work plus if you are still eating the wrong food you just eat even more to compen because exercise makes you hungrier.

    So my main tips are: give up brown and white carbohydrates, make sure to eat a minimum of five veg a day even when fasting to keep up nutrient levels and embrace intermittent fasting as a life style.

    Hey @fatrabbit – I’m so glad you’re doing so well. Your journey is a true inspiration to us all and I regularly quote your ‘ Nothings tastes as good as thin feels’ and it totally true. I too am a U.K. size 12. My weight is stable around the 146lbs but I do need to reduce my waist size. I have a dilemma in that I don’t need to lose any more weight from anywhere else. I’m still battling the sugar cravings but like it all, it’s work in progress and I’m getting there. And you’re right, the health benefits are so important and this is a way of life that enables us to maintain that. Good luck xo

    There are finally batteries in the scales again. Unfortunately my weight has increased in the meantime up over 150lbs and my measurements are all up by an inch too. So I am ten pounds up on last year. Not what I wanted to happen:( All the more concerning because I have realised that I have and have had lipoedema since I was a teenager. The mismatch between my upper and lower body became more obvious as I lost weight. My legs remain thick and padded while my upper body shows every rib and muscle detail and the weins on my arms stand out because there is no fat to mask them. I had never heard of this and am dismayed by the progressve nature of it and by how bad it can get. I am glad I didn’t know about it before I lost the weight because it would have introduced doubt as everything says it can’t go away and yet my legs are substantially smaller than they were despite the remaining areas of abnormal fat. These areas feel odd and painful with a grainy texture like beans under the skin with indentations and a rubbery feel. They explain the pain I still have in my legs and the numbness and the heaviness. I am so much fitter than I was amd my stamina much better but I simply couldn’t run. I just am not sure enough on my feet.

    Despite this I am generally feeling better largely due to a SAD lamp. It cheers me up so much. I can feel my brain reset itself when I turn it on just like a sunny day makes everything better. And the actual days are getting longer so I am not as rushed. There are still many challenges that I am not dealing with particularly well but I am not falling apart because of them which is an achievement in itself.

    I need to decide what to do about this extra weight. It needs to come down again now before it goes further. Do I try to do 5:2 or ADF again? I have maintained my restricted eating version of intermittent fasting but a bit more seems to be necessary. I am not very successful with restricting portion sizes as once I am eating I just want more. I have shown it is possible to eat only veg and still gain weight. Although probably it has more to do with the nuts, seeds, cheese and oil than with the veg. I do need to restrict the cheese because of inflammation anyway. And I tried to reintroduce tomatoes which inflamed my fingers and gave me headaches. So they have to go again. I am never going to have an easy relationship with food!

    Sorry to hear about your Lipoedema @fatrabbit. Hope you find your way back to fasting. I eat a plant-based diet and I too find it very easy to gain weight on it. Peanut butter and soughdough bread are my probs! And i know which biscuits are vegan….

    I also have a problem with portion sizes as i am used to eating for a 105kg body when i should be eating for a 72kg body. Easily a 300 cals a day difference. I’ve not sorted this out yet. Maybe i should get smaller dinner plates?!

    I look out for your posts so hope to hear how you get on.

    Peanutbutter is a problem for me too. Half a jar is not the recommended serving size but once I start dipping sticks of celery into it…

    I have made enough progress in the past few days that I am less upset with myself. The day I discovered the increase I was really down and ate even more as a result. It is always the psychological aspect that is most difficult! Eating a whole bag of nuts and a whole block of cheese was not a good way to start but I am now only two pounds over my acceptable maintenance weight and without even one full days fast. (I tried that but failed and ended up eating a second and third helping of dinner). I went back to my one meal a day regime and cooked only vegetables for the first couple of days but added lentils yesterday. I let myself eat as much of the dinner as I wanted but nothing else except fruit if I was desperate. No cheese, no nuts. I won’t leave those out long term as they have valuable nutrients but just until I am back under target and then I will attempt a bit more moderation with them. It is ok to eat lots of veg but I need to be more careful with the denser food.

    I weighed 147.2lbs this morning, not too far outside my acceptable maintenance range of between 140 and 145. Getting there again:)

    Knowing about the lipoedema helps actually as I was getting tempted to go back and try and lose even more weight but I am already a healthy weight and am more likely to damage my health trying to shift an imoveable object. It is unsightly but no one sees my legs anyway, I have never been able to wear shorts and I am tall enough that I now look pretty good in clothes despite my thunder thighs. And anyway I didn’t lose the weight for the sake of appearance but because I needed to be able to function and I feel so much better in my target range. I find it is the fat on my belly that most impacts how I feel. Even these few pounds up make a difference. Everything radiates from the core.

    I weighed myself for the first time in ages this morning as I wanted to measure myself because I think my belly skin is finally shrinking. I thought I might have lost inches if not weight. Well I certainly haven’t lost weight in fact I have put on quite a bit and am almost eleven stone. So much for maintaining at ten stone seven… But my BMI is 22.7 which is fine so I will try not to panic and my belly is smaller captured by my largest hip measurement travelling downwards even further. It is now 37″ at the tops of my legs. Waist 28″ , bust 36″. Definitely pear shaped. But the skin is still shrinking, which is a relief as I really don’t want to wear my old fat suit forever.

    I still use intermittent fasting to stop myself eating non stop. I feel so dreadful if I eat breakfast that not eating until I have finished working is the best option. Then all my energy can go to digesting. I feel so much better in a fasted state. But I love food so no worries about becoming anorexic. I still eat mostly vegetables and fruit with beans, nuts, seeds, and a bit of cheese and chocolate. I wish I could eat yoghurt but it aggravates my arthritis. Vegan yogurt gives me migraines so it is no good as a substitute. I think it is the nuts that have made me put on weight recently.

    I have to regard the upwards trend of my weight as a readjustment rather than a disaster. All my post weightloss clothes still fit. I still eat a very healthy diet, I haven’t gone back to my previous bad habits and I am still far fitter than I was before although it is disappointing that progress stalled. I still have to remind myself not to pay attention to the pain or it threatens to take over. The pain is always there lurking but at least the fatigue stays away while I am not eating. It would probably do me good to do an extended fast but I am such a creature of habit I doubt I could manage it. And nutrients are important. I have gone through all of this never missing my five veg a day. That is a habit I don’t want to break.

    This is just a note to keep things up to date. I can’t go back to regular measuring or I get too obsessed by it.

    I think my body has changed to post menopause mode and that my waist wants to thicken. I intend to fight that change because nothing feels as good as having a slender core area. She says with a bulge hanging over her waistband:( I have accepted that there is nothing I can do about my fat legs because of the lipoedaema but I want to keep my waist.

    Maintenance is hard! I have mastered intermittent fasting but need to master the urge to stuff myself during my eating window. I have been eating so much that I get uncomfortable and my blood sugar shoots up and then crashes leaving me feeling dreadful and unable to function. The problem is that dreadful physiological desire for food above what is necessary. Greed basically:( I need to limit myself to a more reasonable amount of food at a time that won’t trigger the spike in bloodsugar. It seems to me that once I eat too much the cravings get stronger and then a binge is inevitable.

    The good news is that although I was convinced I had put on more weight this month I actually didn’t. My BMI is still healthy despite the way my lower body looks. 22.6. So it is my feelings around food that need to be addressed and I can do it without panicking about my weight.

    Having been through another few stressful months I was a bit nervous to step back on the scales but my weight is roughly the same as the last time. It does seem to have stabilised. My bmi is 22.7 this morning, waist to height ratio 0.41. I am successfully maintaining:)

    Life sidestepped the issue of my having multiple helpings when I cook so that I feel like a pig by taking my access to a proper kitchen away so I am eating mostly raw food and tinned beans. Lots of nuts, cheese, salad and beans. I continue to fast while I work but am trying not to eat as much late in the day as I think it stops my sleeping well. I am trying to decrease my coffee intake for the same reason. I have taken to eating a small amount of chocolate with my nuts which improves my mood and sense of well being. As it is summer the garden is full of fruit so I have eaten loads of berries and the apples are ready now. I am eating a bag of salad a day and raw carrots and peppers to make sure I get my five a day.

    I discovered the hard way that I can’t eat dried fruit. I let it creep into my diet and my anxiety levels went through the roof:( I feel much better now that I have not eaten any for a while. The only way I seem to be able to tolerate sugar is in chocolate. Anything else with sugar or that converts to sugar makes me miserable and leaves me with a hangover but chocolate suits me. That discovery probably accounts for why my weight is stable rather than falling. And the nuts…but I am controling how many I eat better. I can stop after 100g as long as the bag isn’t nearby so I measure out my portion into a cup with a few chocolate buttons and eat it with salad and raw veg for lunch or dinner. I have gone back to two meals to try to stop the crashes that were happening when I ate too much at once. It works better when I am working alone and can take a lunch break and sit and digest it before carrying on working. With other people around I can’t relax and so don’t eat until they leave.

    Well I messed up with the chocolate too and ate too much of that too often and too many nuts. I seem to have undone a lot of the good work I did with my proper fasts even though I have strictly stuck to using 16:8. It simply isn’t enough to keep up the anti-inflammatory benefits of longer forms of intermittent fasting. My anxiety is back, my panic attacks are back, my asthma is back and the fatigue is creeping up again so everything feels like hard work. I had so much more energy when I was eating less. My weight has crept up too and is about to go over the eleven stone mark which is a stone over the weight I achieved two years ago when I enetered maintenance. 70kg, whichever way you look at it this is going the wrong way and it is time to fix it again. I feel almost as bad as I did when I embarked on my intermittent fasting journey three years ago, and this time I have no enormous belly to blame for it feeling like too much hard work to even bend over sometimes.

    So the plan is to join the monthly challenge for November and go back to the every other day fasting that suited me so well and left me feeling so much better and so much smaller. The rhythm of it seemed to suit my body, and being able to say I can eat tomorrow makes getting through the fast so much easier. I do plan on eating up to 800 calories on fast days as it worked before and I think getting enough veggies in is important nutritionally.

    I started yesterday by just eating one plate of the vegetable gratin casserole I made. Not having seconds was difficult as it was very delicious but I did it. I weighed this morning and was 153.6lbs, just short of the dreaded eleven stone that I never wanted to reach again. I would like to get back down to ten stone but my main priority for the moment is my asthma as I am struggling to sleep as I can’t breathe when I lie flat. The inhalers ramp up my anxiety so they aren’t good for me at all and I want not to need them again as I went several years without needing them so I know it is possible.

    Today I have eaten a lot more. More of that lovely gratin (I call it that despite it not having cheese because the sliced layers of veg are a bit reminiscent of the potato gratins I used to make. But the flavour is so much better. I discovered that using a layer of pickled beetroot along with the swede used for most layers adds a wonderful new depth. And I put in three sorts of greens and peppers and mushrooms and some chickpeas on too for a crisper too. Lots of spices – nutmeg, fennel, cloves, allspice, mustard seeds, coriander and lashings of olive oil. Gorgeous. And then a good helping of today’s dinner too. A sweet potato and bean Moroccan type stew with kale and peppers. It left the other one in the dust. I meant it more for tomorrow than today as I won’t have time to cook as there is so much work to get done but it is calling me to have seconds…I am such a bottomless pit! I like eating too much! And tomorrow I am only allowed one helping:( I recognise the brain process. I am going to have more although I shouldn’t. But I will be good tomorrow! I know I can do this.

    Another year since I posted! I haven’t returned to my previous enormous size but my hips and legs are steadily getting bigger and my clothes are tight again. I don’t know if this is because I am eating too many calories or simply because my lipoedema is progressing. In either case I suspect the culprit is the corn meal porridge that I have been eating every day. I fell in love with the stuff having got fed up with a life without stodge. I can’t tolerate wheat or rice or even barley, even seeds give me headaches but corn meal is relatively benign. But probably the effects are simply less immediate:( But I crave it. Sigh. Been here before!

    I am struggling against my asthma again too. The prescribed inhallers give me dreadful palpitations and angina. So I have bought an air filter, a salt pipe and studiously avoid dietary triggers like dairy and nuts. I wouldn’t know if I had covid as I constantly have all the symptoms. And it predates the epidemic so it isn’t long covid. The fatigue was terrible earlier in the year but has improved since I added engevita to my diet. I have become rather addicted to the stuff. It definitely is an aquired taste but I have certainly benefited from a steady source of B12 and vit D. But that goes on my corn porridge contributing to that problem. 3 steps forward and 2 back….or the other way around:~

    I would fast again if I had the will power. I only recently stopped fasting until afternoon every day because I was cramming in too much food in a short window that it couldn’t have been healthy. I probably do feel better eating breakfast but it. as always means I eat more over all.Long dark lonely evenings make eating even more attractive…
    This may not be the time to be too hard on myself re the corn porridge particularly as it does successfully curb other cravings for worse foods. It sits very nicely in my belly where veg only would leave me hungry…

    It is a pity I don’t know my weight but is possibly for the best as it might upset me and thus send me into a cycle of more severe cravings and depression. I hold on to the fact that if I were to regain a serious amount of weight I could deal with it again. Losing weight is easy, maintaining it is the trick I haven’t quite mastered.

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