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  • The only way I have ever been able to lose weight is by fasting.As soon as I eat I want more. It has always been that way. Only I didn’t have a proper method before. I lost fairly large amounts of weight before but put it back on again, usually when I was pregnant as then I felt sick on an empty stomach and hungry as soon as I ate. So I ate… I lost the pregnancy weight again after my first two children (breastfeeding helped) but never shifted the weight gained in a pregnancy that ended in miscarriage and then added to it again with the next one. And there I stayed for twenty years, 100kg:(( Everytime I tried to lose weight I got hungrier and ate more. But my set point stayed the same and I would return to it, probably because my diet isn’t actually very bad. I’m vegetarian and prefer savory to sweet and don’t drink anything but water and black coffee. But I was so big:( Always:(
    I have always had asthma that makes exercising uncomfortable and I have had fibromyalgia for the last ten years after some very stressful life events and sleep deprivation. I was able to be more active for a while when I was given a stronger inhaler and tramadol for the pain but the side effects became so bad I had to stop taking it. This meant I was suddenly less able to be active and the weight started creeping up. It got to the point that the tasks I had no choice about doing felt like huge challenges to be tackled. I managed to manage the pain by learning to shift my focus to concentrate elsewhere but the physical restrictions caused by the weight can’t be worked around. One day I realised enough was enough. I was lucky enough to know someone who had been vry successful on the 5:2 and so began to read. And read and read; I spent most of the night reading. I began the next day on ADF.

    That was two months ago. I haven’t missed a fast day since. Luckily Christmas fell on an off day. I was rather disappointed with myself about how much and what I ate around Christmas but the fast days held. I am now back to my usual 100kg and my clothes are loose. Further weight loss will be into territory not visited for over twenty years.

    I find I am still thinking about food a lot but I am channelling it into planning what to cook. As a consequence I am cooking healthier tastier food. I cook a great big pot a few times a week and just have one bowl if it is a fast day, then more for lunch the next day. I cram in as many veggies as possible and various sorts of beans. I have also stopped eating bread and pasta and anything sweet. I find that sugar cravings go away after a couple of weeks. Luckily I had already done this prior to starting to fast so I didn’t have to face those on fast days except for a few after eating a couple of puddings at Christmas. I really haven’t had problems with hunger since the first week. Psychological desire for food is stronger and is what gets me on non fast days. Eating as an activity is what I miss. I have come to realise that food often makes me feel unwell, especially bread etc and that I need to allow myself time for digestion rather than try to work with a full stomach. The one time I got dizzy was when I ate a big lunch on a fast day, went straight back to work and nearly passed out several times when I stood up from kneeling down. I now know that I feel much better when I don’t eat, so if I have physical work to do I put eating off until I have finished the work, or if it is extended eat only very lightly. Because of this I sometimes struggle to eat enough on non fast days which I think is important both to keep up your metabolism and ensure you get sufficient nutrients. Working on fast days is not a problem although I do sometimes get a bit grumpy towards the end of the day when I eat my single small meal. I have had some headaches, but I always get headaches so it is hard to know if these are different or just the usual ones. And some digestive upset as is to be expected with a change in diet.

    The benefits I have seen so far are loose clothing, much less inflammation and pain in my arthritic fingers and an increase in my ability to use them – I was struggling to write before as my index finger is deformed and was very tender and lumpy but I can now use it a bit. I have also been far less anxious and life feels more hopeful. Despite the state of the world and the backward steps being taken! I think the fibromyalgia is better too, although I had already been managing it better beforehand. The test will be will I be able to do more as the days get longer again (I work outside). I think I am already doing more than before and feeling less pain afterwards. I wasn’t able to do any gardening last year and I planted a lot of bulbs this week, I hope I will have the strength to do more. The worst part of coming off the painkillers was giving up on the garden.

    I am not weighing myself, but doing a few measurements and observing the fit of my clothes. A pair of pyjamas fell down the other day which was nice:) Fortunately no one saw, or it wouldn’t have been nice at all! I don’t want to obsess about the scales and anyway they don’t seem to give a consistent reading, weight can’t change by 8kg because one drank a glass of water!

    I will try to keep this up as a log for ongoing motivation and to be able to look back later hopefully after lots more good outcomes.

    You’ve clearly done a lot of thinking about this as well as taking action — it’s a winning combination. It’s an excellent idea to keep a record of your progress and I wish you all the success on your new path. May all your clothes continue to fall down!

    Right I bought the fast exercise book, cleaned my son’s room so I could get at his exercise bike (a workout in itself!!) and actually did some deliberate exercise which I would normally avoid at all costs. I intend to do that three times a week – the exercise, not the cleaning, although that may turn out to be necessary too:~ I carried on on the bike after the intense bit and did a couple of kilometres. I could have done more but thought I had better see how I feel tomorrow. I have quite a bit of physical work that I need to do and it is going to be really cold so I don’t want to be in extra pain.

    The strength exercises made me hurt just looking at them. I will leave those for now but I have taken to dancing about intensely and energeticly for a few minutes when I feed the pigs as there is room in the barn and no one can see me except the astonished looking piggies. I always have music playing to focus away from the pain so I may as well get some extra benefit from it. I have been doing that for a while but maybe it counts as fast exercise. I certainly can’t keep it up for long, but probably longer than before I started fasting. It certainly gets my heart rate up!

    Hello fatrabbit,

    Thanks for your posts. How is your exercise coming along? thanks for your post. I am trying to incorporate exercise during my fasting days. I feel much better when I exercise.

    I haven’t used the exercise bike again yet as I have had a very active week otherwise and was already hurting too much. I am hoping to get into the swing of it next week. We had visitors so I had to get a lot of work done before they came and my fibromyalgia reared its ugly head and told me that I had overstretched myself. But it would have been worse before I started fasting. I couldn’t have done my work outside and then cleaned the house and then cooked a meal the way I did yesterday a few months ago. And it was a fast day which I kept to despite being so active.

    It does feel good to be more active. I have done an awful lot of sitting since I stopped taking pain meds. In some ways the rest did me a lot of good and I made good use of the time by learning several new languages but the weight I gained was making everything more difficult in a vicious cycle that needed to be broken which fasting has done.

    It’s really great to hear that you have been active even without being on the bike. One thing for me is that I am learning how important recovery is. it is just as important as exercise. I tend to do things in extreme and there was a time when I would exercise 3-4 times a day 7 days a week. this would just totally sabotage my goals. I just learned and come to understand that recovery is where we lose fat and helps move us along in the direction that we want to go.

    there are many studies that showed burning fat (as we do when fasting ) is more efficient at giving us more sustained energy.

    I loved reading your post about getting the bike out.

    The way I feel when fasting has been a huge surprise to me. That rubbish about feeling weak if you don’t eat is so widespread and easy to believe. I work longer and harder when I haven’t eaten and feel better while doing it. I now realise how much digesting food takes out of you and how it affects your ability to work while doing it.

    I am an extremist too. I never do anything by half but I need to be sensible and not sabotage myself by overdoing it. The temptation to turn every day into a fast day is one I need to resist.

    Today’s fast is a bit challenging as I ate early with the visitors. I have extra time to get through this evening and for some reason I am hungrier today. But tomorrow will come soon enough and I can eat then.

    Well the extra exercising has not gone well, or at all actually. Hopefully because of my having a tummy bug and feeling lethargic because of that rather than because I just can’t do it. I also think that I overdid it at the start. I do tend to do that.

    I really struggled not to eat again after the visitors left. I had to really fight myself and count myself towards midnight. When it came luckily I was tired enough that I went to sleep instead of opting to eat. I had given myself that option in order to hold out at all. But in the morning I still felt really hungry and had breakfast as I hardly ever do as it always makes me hungrier for the rest of the day. So not only did I have three full meals but I snacked on a bag of nuts which I polished off entirely. Then I spent the night in the bathroom being sick. Overeating doesn’t usually make me sick so maybe it was a coincidence, I also felt hot and then cold and slept most of the next day as if I had a temperature too. But I think it might help me not eat so much again. I certainly am not going to want cashews or hallami again in the near future. But I am left with less energy and more pain and the time of the month is contributing to making me feel rubbish:( But I am NOT giving up. I can’t. I have too much work to do to stay such a lump. For now I need to concentrate on getting through today which feels as though it will be a more difficult fast day. One day at a time. I can eat tomorrow…

    I’m not sure where to start as it’s my first read of the 5:2 model….i have a friend who has had great success with this, so I have been heartened by that. I maintain a great weight for many years and I’m able to shed a few kilo here and there but inevitably I go back to the same old weight….
    So….I hope to get through m first week….first 2 fast days without problems. Fingers crossed 🙂

    It is such a great help when you know someone for whom it has worked. Knowing it works from having seen the weight disappear from someone you know well and hearing them talk about has helped me tremendously. I have been telling lots of people about it and hopefully soon the results on will demonstrate that it works. I really look forward to it being obvious. For now I’m still within my normal range but I will move on to uncharted territory at some point soonish.

    The fasts do get easier after the first week or two and you can always tell yourself that you can eat tomorrow. There is always that. It helps so much not having the future grim and lacking in food in front of you like on a normal diet.

    I thought today was going to be a difficult one, but it is fine. I ate my mashed beans, feta, sweetcorn and salad at 4pm and was completely satisfied. I am now enjoying a nice cup of peppermint tea. Strangely before fasting I didn’t much like it but now it is delicious. An added bonus of fasting is that things taste better in general:)

    Well my experiment with the exercise bike was an abject failure. I only did it the once. Hopeless!! But I did always despise exercise for the sake of it. I would rather be doing something useful. This morning I spent several hours pottering about accomplishing things instead which suits me much better. Despite the icy morning I did a bit of gardening, clearing debris so we can see the snowdrops better. They have multiplied really well and seem to like it here as do the helebores. I wasn’t expecting them to flower as I only put them in last year but quite a few of them are and there are a few primroses out too and lots of other bulbs poking up, plus the viburnum and the mahonia which have been in bloom for ages. I did some weeding too but stopped after I got my fingers stung trying to pull out a stinging nettle. I should have dug out some gardening gloves instead of carrying on in my fingerles ones:~ Oh well stinging nettles are supposed to be good for arthritis… I love the evry early spring when the hidden treasures start to become apparent:)

    Working without eating first is suiting me so well. I didn’t eat until half past two yesterday despite it being a non fast day. Listening to an audio book while I worked helped me not think about food. Oh except I had a cup of marmite with a few bits of dried seaweed in it, only about six shriveled tiny bits but which swelled up to nearly fill the cup! Tasty and satisfying.

    I was doing so well with exercise last week but my eating go derailed and that ultimately affects my exercise. when I over eat and over eat on starches, I also notice, I do not want to exercise. I saw a video that said, when one eats “junk food” even though your body is full technical, you body still thinks it is starving so it shuts down desire to move around – to conserver energy. this makes sense, as when I binge on junk food, I hate the thought of exercise. It tires me out.

    fatrabbit – you are right, exercise for the sake of exercise is not good. and being active doing what you like which will be more sustainable is better. I used to hate exercise and there was a time when I wished that I loved exercise, and wished that i was one of those people who loved it. Now, i am one those people.e… LOL It’s funny to write this… I do believe that as I wish today I had control over my eating and food will no longer by a central part of my day, some day just like my wish to love exercise have come to fruition… I suspect that I will have control over my weight and issues with food will be gone…

    I am feeling more cheerful this morning as when I weighed the number is actually down for the week despite the big bounce upwards and the way I have been feeling. I am convinced that my belly feels bigger. Perhaps it is because of the way the rolls are redistributing themselves as they shrink? I have also been drinking much higher quantities of hot drinks which make me feel very full. I really expected this morning’s measurement to be higher as I ate a really big meal late in the evening yesterday and was very uncomfortable afterwards. Tortellini again. It is my downfall:( But I didn’t put any of those on the shopping order this week which is a step in the right direction, although there is still some in the freezer.

    And the magic number this week is 220lbs. I have reached the 100kg mark, my floor through which I must pass. (I would really like to switch the scales to kg but they are the awkwardest things to use, even my son (computer science student) can’t work out how to do it.)

    I felt rather unwell again yesterday evening with more pain but I did work all day and threw in some more gardening at the end as I didn’t want to sit down before I could put the animals away at dusk as I would have needed to change to do so. I couldn’t have done that last year. Then I was struggling to finish my work at all as the pain was so bad and my stamina so low. Every day still feels like a battle but I am accomplishing much more and am more hopeful that it will continue to improve.

    I can’t imagine ever actually enjoying exercise for the sake of it, but then I couldn’t have imagined enjoying not eating which I do sometimes now. Not always, but sometimes. And I actually enjoy eating more when I do less of it and feel so much better. I would still like to add in more exercise. The idea of the quick benefits of HIT are very appealing, but I do need to be careful. It took me a long time to learn that I needed to rest enough to manage my fibromyalgia, I can’t just ignore that and I need to not just jump in wildly and jeopardise my chances of making it into a routine. The exercise bike still has good potential if I watch something or listen to an audiobook while I do it. I find I can’t just sit and listen to an audio book or I go to sleep so perhaps that will appeal to my need to multitask, but only if I can concentrate enough to follow the story. I listen in other languages that I am learning so it takes quite a bit of mental effort.

    Just to add on this three month anniversary of starting to fast that the family all say I look thinner. My son says that I look much narrower, which could explain why my belly feels bigger – it is less spread out sideways.

    I also decided to try on the purple trousers that I had to put away last year as there was no way they would go on anymore and they fit again! In fact the legs are looser than they were when I bought them! Yay:) Furthermore they are in danger of being too big in the near future.

    I feel awash with tea, otherwise today’s fast is going well. I have kept to just two cups of coffee in hopes of sleeping better. I have kept to no sugar all through the three months except for Christmas and my birthday so I ought to be able to reduce my coffee intake. I have never drunk regular tea as I can’t stand the stuff but lately I have discovered that I can drink a few of the special flavoured ones. Cinnamon is nice as is Peppermint – this tastes like chocolate to me because of the strong association between the flavours! I put fennel ones on the shopping order so I’ll see if I can drink that one too. Hot drinks seem far more satisfying than cold water which is all I normally drink besides coffee.

    Hallo fatrabbit, I just started to read your thread, very brave of you to start such a journey. I am eager to hear about your progress.
    I have nevery been obese as such,but always felt a bit too heavy than I would have liked. After menopause my weight krept up to 66kg, which feels a lot om my short frame.I lost that and got back down to 58 kg, but over the course of the last 4 years I have put it all back on, so when I passed the 66 mark again, I knew I had to take action.
    I started doing IF and haven’t looked back really. I am very aware of what I, eat,
    that’s why I am vegan, and I think diet plays a big role in how well we age. I am aiming at a ripe old age, trying to stay as fit and healthy as I can. However,I must do one more year in an office job, which means I do not get as much exercise as I would like. I have lost 6 kg since November and my aim is 52kg.About 8 kg to go.
    It must feel great to fit back I to those purple trouthers, fatrabbit, good luck on your journey…

    @fatrabbit – thanks for the sharing your progress. I love tea and have so many varieties. I gave green tea with jasmine, bedtime blend that has chamomile,lavendar and some other stuff. I also read bood called Prime and it suggested fennel, coriander, cumin tea. Tumeric and citrus is also good.

    I find that green tea helps with appetite and not as strong as coffee. Although, I have developed a taste for coffee with heavy cream or butter. the bulletproof. I try to not drink that concoction too much as it starts my appetite sometimes.

    I have paused my exercise regimen at the moment. I think I need to focus on getting my fasting routine down. Well, I mean high intensity type. I will do more gentle walks, leisurely types when I can focus on peace.

    Poggy-Vegan, thanks for wishing me luck:) IF is such a powerful tool isn’t it? Everyone ought to know about it. I’m glad it is helping you too.

    Menopause is toying with me at the moment, I go for months without a period and then have several months with one every three weeks. Last year I went about six months without and really thought it was all over, but no. I think that could have had something to do with the increasing rate of gaining that has made me so determined to remedy the situation. But I have been been big most of my life. I’m tall too so I carried it fairly well until this last year, but now I just can’t put up with it anymore.

    I have been vegetarian or vegan most of the time since I was sixteen. I probably was thinner while vegan although as that coincided with my heavy gardening phase it was probably as much the extra work as the diet. That ended when the doctor decided that she didn’t want me using so much tramadol (after suggesting I use it in the first place) and I became disillusioned with the whole painkiller thing and went cold turkey off the horrible things and I was suddenly unable to do a fraction as much as previously. My poor garden:( My poor body:(I didn’t even have the stamina to stand and cook and so started eating cheese as it meant I could eat faster food like pizza and and tortellini. Nothing could induce me to eat a corpse though. I would try to go back to being vegan but I think eliminating carbs is more important right now.

    I would hate to work in an office. I am outside every day,moving around and seeing the seasons change. I work longer hours in the summer as my day is dictated by the day light. Hopefully by the time summer comes I will have lost more weight and may be able to do something with the garden again, although I am not going to set my sights too high as a failure would not be good for my motivation. So I am not going to try to resurrect the allotment, but I will try to have a go at the main garden.

    ADF12kgless : some of those flavours sound nice, I’ll look out for them. I have only ever liked black coffee, I love its bitterness. I can’t imagine putting fat in it, although I have now read about that in several places. I think you are right to concentrate on the fasting first. We can be our own worst enemies when we get carried away. Do you think that perhaps trying to do 23/1 everyday might be too much too? It seems to me that you might struggle to eat enough in that window of time to keep your body from reducing your metabolic rate to compensate for the reduction in calories. I am trying to keep eating on nfds to a window of about six hours, but not be too rigid about it. Rigidity risks breaking everything I think. I hope you day goes well.

    @fatrabbit – yes let me know if any of them sounds pleasing enough to try. I have been drinking dandelion root tea. it has a very dark and roasted and earthy taste. It reminds me of barely and corn tea my mom makes. yes, you bring up a good point. I don’t count calories (I think that would be put too much pressure on me) but I am pretty sure I get pretty close to my TDEE. I don’t have a lot, maybe 1200 – 1300. Especially, if I am not exercising and I have sedentary job. but to your point, I was thinking I could incorporate 2 meal day over long feeding window. If I just say I will have longer feeding window – like 11 – 5, I think I see that as opening to continuously eat the whole time. 🙁

    so saying 2 meals over longer period, I can get make sure to reefed myself right.

    I tried vegan for little while and I love it for many reasons but I decided to try more ketogentic type of eating because I think my hormones were off. I am also nearing menopause and I wonder if I am perimenopausal. my doctor says no but you never know. I need the fat and more protein and I do feel that I can control my appetite with that type of diet as oppose to limiting my fat and protein intake. it is a working in progress

    adf12kgless, I have also started to eat more ketogenic after reading about the benefits of coconut fat.I make my own coconut bisquits now that are very yummy and free of stuff I don’t want in it. I can combine keto and vegan.I just think plant based is the most healthy diet, and that’s what I am after. I also love animals too much and cant imagine eating them.
    I stay away from carbs from grains, but I look forward to eat more carbs again when I reach my goal waight.I love bread but have not touched it for months.
    At the moment I am unwell with a cold and stopped fasting. My weight has crept up a bit but not much, 60.1 kg. I will try to eat below today to get back under 60 kg.I was happening to have achieved that.
    fatrabbit, I work in an office, but it is within a women’s shelter. I do get out and about quite a bit,but not as much as I would like. I have a huge vegetable garden, but my hubbie looks mostly after it. I do work in it in the summer at weekends though.
    Happy fasting everyone.I can’t wait to get back in there and push those numbers down!

    Pogg_Vegan – Wow I would love to hear about your ketogenic-vegan diet. I don’t want to eat processed food. I have a hard time controlling my intake with those type of foods. I don’t have any issues with others (well exception cheese). I used to be able to control my cravings/intake of breads and such but I don’t know why but in the several years, I have had so much issues. it is very encouraging to hear about your plant based eating with keto infused. Thanks for sharing.

    adf12kgless, I mostly eat fruit, veggies and beans, often in form of tofu.I normally like bread and pasta, but gave up on those until I reach my goal weight.I make my own flax crackers that take the place of bread and crisps. Crisps are one unhealthy item that I can be hooked on, so flax crackers are a great replacement for that. I pack in lots of healthy stuff like chia seeds and turmeric and some chilli or cayenne, which helps burning fat.
    As a bisquits replacement I make some coconut bisquits, just out of coconut raspel, coconut fat and some flax to hold it together.I use stevia to sweeten it.
    On the fast days I use konjac noodles or algae noodles. I find them very satisfying for about 30 kcal worth. You must try them if you don’t know them.
    I am sure I am not 100% keto, I just mix and match things how I think it’s best for me.

    @Poggy_Vegan – thanks for the tips. I am trying to stay more on whole foods. I find myself more risk of overeating/binging on cracker and things like that. Even if they are healthy, it would not be healthy if I ate a pound or whole LOT of it. I do eat a big bowl of salad – mixed greens, herbs, celery, cucumber, scallions, parsley and cilantro. I used to stay away from fatty dressing and not have any dressing but now I don’t shy away from dressing. Although, i make sure I have dressing with real olive oil or make my own with avocado oil. I am reading this book called Deep Nutrition where it talks about negative effects of vegetable oil.
    yes, i have cut out bread, pasta, crackers, …etc but I do find that my sleeping pattern is disrupted when I don’t have carbs and I have to be able to manage that because lack of proper sleep starts the intense craving for carbs.

    I have not had experience with algae noodles. I have bought konrad noodles but I never used it. I should try it again but maybe have a recipe in mind.

    @fatrabbbit – I hope all is well with you!

    I’m fine apart from an aching back and being chilled through from alternating between sitting bent over in an unheated room with the door continually being opened and closed and going outside to fetch more animals to groom. I think this is the worst weather for getting cold, just above freezing but with the air full of damp so it gets right into your bones. Once it goes below freezing it gets drier and I am far more comfortable with it.

    It was a very busy day so I didn’t eat until three even though it isn’t a fast day. Not sure how I will make myself eat enough today actually. But isn’t that a great problem to have!

    I have just bought some coconut oil too having read about the benefits. So far I have only used it in a coconut curry but my sister spreads it on toast and makes nasty looking microwave cakes with it even though she is supposed to be losing weight too. I bought avocados too but then didn’t fancy them and let them go off so I’m wary of wasting more. They used to be a big favourite of mine so not quite sure why that happened. I hope I’m going into ketosis on fast days. There seem to be mixed views about how long it takes. I think trying too hard to concentrate on doing that would be counter productive though as I have made so many changes already. But it is one reason I don’t want to cut out cheese again. The fat in that helps with satıety and helps me avoid wanting carbs. But I’m not going to go mad avoiding carbs. The ones in beans are fine by me, and those in veg. I have never been much of a fruit eater so that isn’t an issue. I just won’t start and the last time I ate a banana I bloated really badly, the exception being when we have fruit in the garden. I enjoy apples straight off the tree, and red currants and gooseberries. And cherries if the pigeons don’t get there first.

    I know what you mean,adf12kgless/,the crackers are indeed very morish, but I manage to be disciplined enough around them. I only eat them on non FD, though.

    fatrabbit,the carbs in veg and beans are surely fine. I know what you mean by eating cheese. We make our own vegan cheeses for the same reason.
    We also hate the damp cold weather, nothing worse than freezing fog.We get a lot of that in Germany.At the moment we have bright sunny cold winter weather with a lot of snow about to make the landscape pretty. Hubby and I went for a lovely walk today.

    Oh, are you German? I have been learning German for a few years now. But I’m not confident about using it the way you are using English. But I much prefer watching tv series in German to in English and I listen to lots of German musıc and audio books.

    I have tried vegan cheese but find it quite revolting. I would try those crackers but have no will power with that sort of thing and would polish them off in no time. I find it far easier to say no to the first than to the tenth:~

    Yes, I am German and my husband is British. We have lived in the UK for over 20 years, that’s why my englisch is pretty good. We live since 10 years in Germany though and hubby is struggling with the language 😬

    OMG! @fatrabbit – I look forward to the days when I am busy to make myself eat enough 🙂 What a great problem you have.

    Well, I ended up having some bread and cookies yesterday but I was very good. My daughter is in Girl Scouts and they are selling Girl Scout cookies. i bought some boxes for them and of course they were calling on me to eat them. But I was really good and normal. I didn’t eat the whole box!. I would like to improve on my limiting my intake even more but I only had 8 cookies and 4 pieces of bread. This may seem a lot to normal person but it is very good for me. This was a victory of momentum for me. One day, i shall be writing here that I don’t care for cookies and bread and but until then, I will keep making progress.

    I would love to visit Germany someday. I hear it is beautiful.

    Well done resisting those cookies. That would be a good number for me too. I have rarely managed to eat a packet of biscuits without finishing it. And girl guide cookies are very nice. I remember from when I got my arm twisted into buying some when I was in the states. They did not last a day:( I haven’t eaten a biscuit since before I started fasting. And I intend staying well away from them.

    I ended up eating too much after all yesterday when I got derailed by not being able to eat properly when I wanted to and ended up having an extra meal because I grabbed something quickly. Planning really helps, but the unforseen happens and we slip up. C’est la vie! You have been doing really well overcoming difficulties lately. Resilience like that is invaluable. Well done!

    I’m swimming in tea but peeing even more than that can account for. Of course being out in the cold has contributed but I am hoping some of it is water weight as I felt really bloated this morning and I have been reading about fat cells taking up water once their fuel has been depleted before letting it go and reducing size properly. I almost watched my belly reinflate itself after having seemed smaller than usual. I also read more about hormones affecting weight loss and am even more convinced that eating enough on nfds is as important as eating little on fds is. 23/1 everyday just wouldn’t work for me but it is possible that as I am tall my tdee is higher than that of people who find it doable. The thought of eating over 2000 calories in an hour sickens even the greediest part of me.

    I couldn’t resist measuring again despite resolutions. But hey, I would rather break this resolution than break the fast! And the weight confirms that I have broken the 100kg barrier:) This evening I am 99kg and this after having eaten so I feel safe saying I am really there. And I can now suck my waist in to less than half my height. It isn’t really there yet as I do of course need to breathe but that healthy marker is in view. Oddly my hip measuement has gone up but I put that down to gravity resettling my ever changing belly. And the purple trousers I was so pleased to fit into are now loose:) I have another pair a size smaller that I may try soon. And luckily the bras I bought last year but which were too small (buying bras online is so hit and miss) had not yet been given away so I retrieved them as the ones that did fit are getting increasingly loose.

    Today’s fast has gone smoothely, more belly rumbling than usual, but tonight I don’t even want tea. Cold water is hitting the spot nicely. Mashed beans with a little feta and salad for tea, and although waiting until half five is more difficult it is doable. I didn’t even finish the bag of salad as I was full.

    I am having a hard time today. I have been really good with one meal and today I’ve noticed that I am tempted to eat more. It started with coming into work – a reminder of stressful Friday. I drank my coffee with butter (earlier than normal around 9:00 am and I think that started my appetite. I also brought in breakfast tacos to make up for missing a co-workers birthday gig on Friday (I was not planning on eating it but did anyway). I ended up eating the insides of 6 tacos (eggs and 1 piece of bacon and bits of ham. I didn’t eat the tortilla. except for the 1 bean and cheese taco. I ate the whole taco on that one.
    I then had some nuts about the size of my palm and then whipped heavy cream with strawberries and 2 girl scout cookies and 5 small chocolate truffles. I can feel the momentum of urge rising and not sure how to stop the train except to write it down here.

    I don’t want to feel bad about it but do. My intention was to have a FD today and it turned out opposite. I have not been able to get back to my normal eating since I started to allow myself more carbs.(popcorn, cookies, and bread). I am also sleepy and tired from not sleeping too well over the weekend. Even as I write setback, I can see that I have done pretty good considering this is the time. If I can just make it to end of today and not eat anymore. I am full but something pulling me to eat. I think it is more that I am tired.

    I will try as best as I can.

    Oh dear, what a bad day. But those tacos were bound to be problematic weren’t they? I doubt I could have resisted the veggie ones. Put bringing those in on your bad ideas list and move on.

    I suspect the sugar you have eaten is responsible for the strong desire to eat. I have to give sugar the Holy Grail treatment — None shall pass! Maybe give yourself permission to eat whatever non sugary and non carbfull food you want while you get that back under control. Then fasting should be much easier. I had done that before I began although I had a minor wobble at Christmas when I allowed myself cheesecake for pudding. I always find it easier to say no to the first sweet thing than subsequent ones. I try to remember to remind myself that however many I eat it won’t feel like enough so having none is the only way to feel good.

    adf12kgless, ok, a bad day, but keep it in perspective. You have only eaten what others gobble up all the time, no questions asked. But for you it marks one of your less good days, hopefully followed by better days again soon.

    I can eat a bit of sweet stuff without falling off the waggon, fatrabbit. My weak point is being at work and getting bored. I have been known to eat more than I should then. My next fast day is on Thursday.I have not fasted for a while because of being unwell, but no more excuse now.I hope to get under 60 kg again. That’s my mini goal. Good luck during the next few days everyone!

    Thank you so much for your support @fatrabbit and @poggy-vegan. I am doing better and no more sweets and I feel stronger having rode the wave of craving. The day is still young but I do feel as though the craving train has slowed down a bit. I suspect I will have few more battles to overcome but I am hopeful.

    I agree wholeheartedly – the tacos were a problem. I actually was feeling so resentful with myself when I was getting them. I really talked myself into getting them as I really didn’t want to but I had already committed to it Friday since I skipped out on the ice cream party. I have to just quietly not participate in these social gathering at work and most of all, not feel so guilty about not participating. I don’t need to make a big deal and I don’t owe anyone any explanation. It really just comes down to me feeling ok not socializing in that way. it comes down to me allowing myself to feel good and not needing approval, validation or self worth from others. and reminding myself that connecting with people do not have to involve food.

    I am still proud of taking a different path today but writing here. that is a start of breaking the chain of habit.

    SO true for me as well – I just need to not start at all. yes, I am going to give sugar the Holy Grail treatment as well. “I have to give sugar the Holy Grail treatment — None shall pass!”

    Poggy-Vegan you are lucky if you can stop at a little. I wish I could. That is probably why I am fatter than you. sigh. I am much happier when I just stay away from it. I can even watch people eat chocolate without wanting any when I haven’t had any for a while, and I love chocolate.

    Boredom is another difficult problem. I have come closer to breaking my fasts from boredom than from hunger. That’s where language learning helps me. Reading or watching Netflix in another language takes more concentration and stops my cravings taking over. I often listen to audiobooks while I’m working too.

    Adf12kgless it is great that posting redirected you:) Trial and error does get you closer and closer to where you want to be, it is not a disaster when you don’t get it spot on. Life is too complicated for perfection. All you can do is your best, live and learn! Oh dear I’m using lots of cliches but I hope you get the gist. I’m not a very social person and completely understand your feelings of awkwardness. It certainly seems reasonable to me that they should accommodate your needs in something like this that is so important for your well-being rather than expect you to comply with social niceties to do with food. I’m odd enough that no one expects me to comply with anything! It has its advantages…

    @fatrabbit thank you for all the clichés. It helps a lot. I went to the gym this afternoon and ran for a bit and I felt much better. I can see how much my tolerance for sugar and carbs have diminished in the last couple of years. I think the trick for me is to not dwell on the idea of having to stay away. that only make me want it more. I need to just redirect my thoughts.

    I think the key for me to is to just be quiet and politely decline. I just need to excuse myself without making any kind of big deal. I used to declare to people what I am doing thinking that people will be supportive ( I know it sounds so naïve since I am over 40) but I am learning that not everyone wants you to succeed or are supportive. In fact people are opposite. Not intentionally mean or doing it out of malice. just people have their own motives and it is best to not get caught up in others web. better to just quietly plug along and find your tribe.

    thanks for the support today.

    adf12kgless, I find the social gatherings difficult as well, but the work gatherings can not be avoided.I would never eat meat at such gatherings, but being vegetarien is bad enough, I find it too bothersome to insist on vegan food just for me, so then I eat a pizza or quiche without wanting to. Quite often I then even overeat on those things and feel stupid afterwards.So yea, I have not sussed that one out yet.

    Well done both of you to attempt to stay away from sugar. I have not had comercial sugar products for many many years. I always make my own sweets with better choices like birch sugar (xilitol)or stevia or similar. So when there is cakes and suchlike going round, I always decline and tell people I don’t eat ordinary sugar.Actually, I have a weird thing going on, because in former years I had accidents when I ate candy bars. Every time. It took me quite a while to make this connection, but I know without a doubt now that I must not have ordinary sugar, otherwise there will be an accident again. I have not had accidents for years now.The very first car accident I had was not my fault and the guy who drove into me was called Brian Sugar.The next accident was my fault and I was eating a candy bar at the time. And it went from there until I kicked the habit. I literally had no choice. I don’t tell that story very often because people think I am crackers, or at least deluded. But you just know what you know, isn’t it? I thought I tell you the story because it might inspire you in your struggles.I think for me, sugar would have seriously undermined my health, so it went way beyond weight problems with me.

    It is strange how things like that happen, but happen they do. Only this morning I was telling someone how I can’t name the new rabbit Snowdrop because every time I use that name something bad happens to the recipient. Must dash a cat is hassling the rabbits.

    I believe you Poggy-Vegan. I do not doubt yours or fatrabbits experience. Yes, sometimes what we know is all that matters. Thank you for sharing your stories.

    I am having a better day today and also realize and rejoicing in yesterday and really last weeks outcome. I was thinking that I am very happy over the events even though it may not have been perfect, I feel that this week has been going much better. I want to focus on the wins/positives to get the momentum rolling along. I did not eat anything after what I had posted and having gone to do a little run was a great bonus.

    I noticed that I need more improvement in recognizing the move forward and capitalizing on those rather than dwelling on the losses. I am on my way and this recognition is a great first few steps.

    Again – (this is more a note to myself) NOT even starting on the first bite
    of sugar is best. Much easier stop when you don’t start! Right, @fatrabbit? I know that is what you have been saying. 🙂

    I hope you all are having a great day. It started out raining and gray this morning but the sun is shining now with clear blue sky!


    go map su me da (thank you in Korean. I am a Korean immigrant living in US)

    The scales are being very nice to me this morning showing a 2.5kg loss for the week. I knew it was going well but not that well! I am dead chuffed. I will do this! Finally. It helps that my head is in a much better place than it has been for probably all the time I have been overweight too. I have made an effort to step back and not worry about things I can’t control and not worry about what other people think about that. Whenever I catch myself starting with those thoughts I redirect myself and I concentrate on achieving good things instead, things I want for me. I really can’t be of use to anyone else unless I sort myself out first. I am convinced that my fibromyalgia was a physical symptom of the mental pain I was in. It hasn’t gone – I hurt quite a bit yesterday – but it is much reduced, and I cope with it easily. I used to dream about being tortured because I hurt so much at night. That hasn’t happened since I started fasting.

    Ho hum that went a bit of course…

    Fatrabbit that is excellent news. 2.5 is quite an achievement, and your illness reducing is even better, isn’t it? Great you are feeling up and positive.
    I have my first fast day today since about 2 weeks. I am very glad I did not gain during that time, still maintained my 6 kg weight loss. I am hoping to get well under 60 kg. by tomorrow.
    My daughter gave me a tip about using silken tofu to make a dressing and cream up my meal, and that is really great I find. I had salad with a dressing of silken tofu, cyder vinegar and bell pepper blended.Lovely.And I used the other bit of silken tofu to cream up my veg and algae noodle dish for lunch. That was the best 250 kcal dish so far. The silken tofu is only 45 kcal for 100g, and 100 g is quite a bit.
    adf12kgless, you seem to be doing well too, that is great. Looks like we are all bouncing along.
    The notion of not giving any room to negative thoughts is the best thing one can do. Many years ago I had to give up smoking, and I managed that after several attempts by not allowing myself to entertain any thoughts of temptation.You know, that ,little voice that says you have done so well, now you can have a little…I used to consciously turn away and do something else.Using that method I was free after 1 week! It must be similarge with food. No thoughts allowed…
    It is true, Germany is beautiful and if you ever travel here, we must meet up.

    Thanks Poggy-Vegan. I have actually got some tofu in the fridge so I may try that. I usually use it in lasagna but our oven is broken so I was wondering what to do with it. Although I usually eat salad without dressing. My favourite way to replace cheese in cooking is with mashed chick peas, olive oil, lots of salt, chili powder and a little soya milk. This cooks really nicely on top of things in the oven or can even be used to make quiches. You can add what ever veg youj like best to those. I also fry it up with sweet corn, peppers and coriander as a topping for chili.

    You did well not gaining for those two weeks without fasting. I made sure to be pleased even when I wasn’t losing as at least I had broken the steady upward trend. I have now realised that I will probably always need to fast just to stop that inexorable rise. But it isn’t so bad. And I enjoy the food I do eat more than the food I ate before when I didn’t appreciate it as much.

    ADF12kgless I hope you are doing alright today. Did you put the Korean for I’m not hungry on the Feb thread?

    Dear fatrabbit, that is a good recipie, thanks for that. I must try that quiche for sure.
    The tofu has to be silken tofu. I have tried to blend firm tofu before and it came out horrible.
    I feel the same like you, I know I will have to continue fasting some times when I am in maintenance. Meanwhile I prefer that way of eating like you say, on the NF days I can eat a lot more relaxed and don’t have to worry about the calories and possible weight gain. It took me several years to get the resolve together to do something about loosing weight (again) and all the while the weight kept creeping up slowly. When I finally make the move, I can be really disciplined and have no problem sticking at it.I am so glad I know now how to loose weight and how to maintain it.
    Great you got below the 100 kg barrier, fatrabbit! You ARE going to do it!
    How is your exercise coming on? Are you still dancing for the piglets?😊
    I have a stand bike and I use it on the weekends for half hour, but I could not do it without hearing music through my headphones. The music inspires me to go for it, it makes me feel alive and makes me want to move as an expression of joy. I also thought I don’t like deliberate exercise and rather do something useful, but I had to admit to myself that it wasn’t going to happen, especially in the winter, I turn rather into a couch potatoe I am afraid to say. Hubby and I hate the feeling of being so weak in the spring when the outside work starts up again, so now we try to keep our muscles going through the winter. Also with age it is really important to work against muscle loss. It’s different for you because you have the kids to look after. I am sure they keep you moving!
    I had a good fast day on Thursday and went down to 59.5kg next day. That is my watershed,60kg. Below that I feel reasonable, above that I feel aweful.

    Well done getting below your watershed. That must feel so good:) I’ll have to read the label on the tofu more carefully but I suspect it may just be firm if there is more than one type. It is the only one the supermarket sells.

    I have been dancing in front of the bemused Meerschweinen again. I can make it a form of HIT by really throwing myself around. It ıs fortunate no one but the piggies can see me! Although for a few days I had a dance partner in the form of a very agressive rabbit who thought I ought not be behaving like that in his space. He kept charging at me and standing up on his back legs boxing at me. It was hilarious! Part of me wanted to keep him living in there just to be able to keep dancing with him, but that wouldn’t be fair as they are very social creatures so now he has a lovbun to dance with instead. And he doesn’t try to bite her.

    Today I got hungrier than I have before on a fast day. I simply had to eat something even though it wasn’t a good time. That could have been my first failed fast but luckily I thought of having a cup of marmite with a few bits of seaweed in it and that did the trick. Never has seaweed tasted so good! I then held out until I had put all the animals away before having leftover sprout curry and salad. I don’t think I had drunk enough earlier in the day. I was grooming and smothered in fluff and reluctant to shed it all over the kitchen in order to get a hot drink. I’ll not make that mistake again.

    My children are all adult. Only youngest son lives here still and he is 23 and so doesn’t take much physical effort to look after. The sanctuary animals do keep me active though.

    I’m back to do this again. I successfully lost weight a year or so ago on this plan. Once I got into it I found it was easy One day after 2 months I noticed my clothes were baggy! I stopped because major life events detoured my enthusiasm I then tried weight watchers which just has never really worked for me Suddenly today I remembered the fast diet! And how this website and group postings were so helpful and motivating! So I am back to do it again! This week Tuesday and Thursday. But Monday’s and Wednesdays probably after. Good luck everyone!

    The baggy clothes thing is great isn’t it:)) Someone remarked on my baggy trousers yesterday:))

    And it is easy. You can always eat tomorrow, no need to get depressed by the monotony and deprivation of eat little every day.

    Welcome back:))

    Thank you so much fatrabbit. PS I used to have a rabbit, I loved her so much. She lived in my living room in a great set up, hay everywhere but I didn’t care! Even the cats got used to her. She passed away a few years ago and wow, I still miss that happy bunny.
    Anyway, yes Tuesday , this Tuesday I will start! Gearing up for plan! Thanks for the support

    @fatrabbit you made a good point about “no need to get depressed by the monotony and deprivation of eat little every day.” That is so true! I found myself constantly aware of the points points points ( Weight Watchers) , which is a good plan for so many people , but I was not flowing easily with it and rebelling all the time. I stopped wearing my fit bit too, because all this monitoring of my daily life was making me nuts!

    Welcome Opal Shine, good you give loosing weight another go. For me the fast diet is the best, if not only way to come to grips with my weight issues. Fatrabbit nailed it with what she said. It is so much easier to be very disciplined to days a week and not to have to worry and deprive oneself on the other days. Of course I have to take care not to overdo it on nonfastdays, but still, it is nice to be more relaxed and not worry about every calorie.
    Loose trouthers are nice indeed, however I am a bit sorry that my two favorite trouthers will be too baggy for me soon.
    What is your target weight and how far are you from it? Good luck and a good start into the weightloss journey.

    Fatrabbit, I love reading your stories about you and your animals.Great to have an animal sanctuary. It must surely keep you busy.
    I have made your recipe today, veg topped with chickpea cheese, it was very yummy, thank you. I left out the oil because I try to use as little as I can, apart from coconut oil, and I added some nutritional yeast to make it even more cheesy. My hubby loved it, it was so good.
    Thanks also for the tip with the miso and seaweed.I must make sure I have some at hand for emergency hunger pangs…
    Fast day tomorrow, looking forward to Tuesday’s eating already.

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