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  • Well I stuck to the blood sugar diet for just over three weeks and got off my plateau and well under 200 lbs but this week it hasn’t gone well. I felt much hungrier from Monday when I nearly wavered through until Wednesday when I fell flat on my face and had a bit of a binge eating some of the things I had bought for other people as Easter treats. Interestingly it was not the chocolate I went for but sesame snaps, peanut brittle and plantain chips and then to finish it off rye bread and cheese. So several thousand calories over:(( I felt ill, had a splitting headache and couldn’t sleep which I thoroughly deserved. What I didn’t deserve was that I still lost weight and was down to 89kg the next morning!! I suspect it may just be a delayed effect though and that if I had weighed this morning it would have been up again. I fasted yesterday but am having a day off today although sticking to my four hour eating window if I can. Maybe going back to ADF for a while will make a repeat of Weds less likely. I will see how it goes through next week. I don’t want to be stuck on another plateau.

    Yeah, happens every now and then, these binges, more hungry times etc. But the good thing is they come and also go. It would be terrible to feel like that all the time. Great you still lost weight regardless! I did gain after my last binge, but within a week I was down again, so it was not too bad.

    What I noticed over the recent period is that I lost hardly any weight shortly before the full moon, despite doing everything right. After one fast day I lost 100g, which was ridiculous. I carried on regardless, and after the full moon I noticed a big drop. I must keep an eye on that on the next full moon period. Have you ever noticed a connection like that?

    I am down to 57,2 which makes it a loss of 9kg so far.55kg was my long term weight in my 30s and 40s, so I am getting very close now.

    Hope you are enjoying a nice Easter time, fatrabbit. It is cold, windy and rainy in Germany, even snow with us on 800m hight. Yuk, crap weather.But I don’t mind so much because I am working in the women’s shelter anyway and have time off after Easter.

    Hi there fatrabbit,

    Thanks for keeping this journal.. ive been reading through and i really appreciate your candour.. im also coming back to fasting, after having let myself get all out of shape… it’s challenging getting started again, but i know fasting is what works for me… i’m going to follow your good example by starting a journal to keep track of my progress…


    @poggyvegan funnily enough I had a blip upwards on the full moon this month, not huge but upwards and then the next day I was incredibly hungry and had my binge. Aside from that I have been weighing more regularly as you suggested. There are fewer and smaller blips on the BSD than ADF and so far none of those soul destroying setbacks like in March. I am seeing a steady loss of around half a pound a day. Even the cake and icecream and vegetable chips I had on Easter Sunday didn’t derail this. I am now under 14 stone and I am wearing the size 34 trousers comfortably. I am glad to hear you are nearing your goal.

    @zenhamster I love that username:)) I am glad you found the journal useful:)) I hope yours helps you on your journey. The monthly challenges are great too.

    Just noticed I was still talking about switching back to ADF in my previous post. I tried to do a non-fast day but wasn’t hungry enough to eat more than 800 calories! Fickle things bodies! So I am going to stick to the BSD. Maybe that extra hunger was down to my having had a couple of days only eating veg and no beans or cheese. I will try to mix the food types a bit more and see if that helps. I have made sure to eat either beans or cheese each day since and have been less hungry. I had cake on Easter Sunday but only to stop my son from eating the while thing. I had no excuse for the entire bag of vegetable chips though! Amazingly that didn’t stop me losing weight although it did give me a horrendous headache and a fiercely complaining stomach and my energy levels the next day were greatly reduced leaving me groggy and lethargic. The good news is that my son has agreed to try fasting. He started ADF on Monday and has already lost 4lbs and an inch from his waist!! Today is his second fast day. I think he really wants to do this which makes me even more pleased that I have done this as without seeing my weightloss I doubt he would have believed in it.

    I have been using the tracker on here for three months today. I have dropped from 230lbs to 194lbs in that time and gone from a 39 inch waist to 33 inch one. My BMI has dropped from 34.5 to 29 and my waist to height ratio from 0.57 to 0.48 both indicators of reduced risks to my health. I feel so much better:)) This really works:)) My trouser size has dropped by 5 sizes. My jumpers look as if two of me would fit in them. I had already lost a significant amount before I started using this site so I have lost over fifty pounds since November, less than 6 months.

    The strange thing is that I now look the way I thought I looked before. I must have been really in denial about how big I was. I look at my fat belly and other wobbly bits and they don’t seem different to my usual self image. But I had been avoiding looking in mirrors or having my photo taken for years. It took getting to the point that moving was incredibly uncomfortable before I finally took action. I regret not doing it sooner but at least I have started now. I have set my final goal at the 140lbs I was when I got married. Admittedly I never stayed at that weight but I know it is possible. So I still have a long way to go. Another 54 lbs. But I will do it:)) I have shown that it is possible to lose fifty pounds in less than six months so I hope to do it by the end of the year. Watch this space…

    You have done so I credibly well, fatrabbit you are a shining inspiration for every obese person, proving that it is possible to loose weight if you put your mind to it.
    Great news that your son is joining you now. It must be more fun to work at it together and inspire each other.
    For me it was rather the other way round. My daughter has inspired me to do something about my poggyness.Well, again, we do inspire each other. She is now super slim, but still has to have a watchful eye not to put weight on. I think once you have a tendency to gain, you have to be careful for life.

    I am not getting forward very much at the moment. I am oscillating between 57.7kg and 57.2kg. It is just my tummy that is not entirely flat yet, but I can hide that little bulge quite well under some hanging clothes, so I can come across very slim, without really having got there. My body resists going further down, so I guess I need to give it time to accept the new normal.

    I have never had trouble with digestion, but felt constipated of recent, after I spent some time on a low carb diet. I gave that up after a couple of weeks, but my digestion is not recovering. I do eat natural probiotic foods like sauerkraut and yogourt, but I have bought a probiotic supplement now to try and get things moving better again. Any ideas on that subject?

    I have now swapped back to ADF. Today was my first NFD in a month (except for two failed fast days) and I really enjoyed it. I had lashings of yoghurt on both lunch and dinner which was a lovely enhancement. I haven’t had that for years. I don’t like sweet yogurt but on savoury food I do like the plain stuff. Trying the vegan version put me off as it has an aftertaste that I don’t like, although mum and my sister eat huge quantities of it.

    I swapped back as I had a mishap with a piece of brie on Saturday and then a completely failed fast day on Sunday. The fast days every day had started to feel like deprivation rather than as something doable as they did at first when 800 calories felt quite generous after being used to 500 on fast days. So now I can once more tell myself I can eat that tomorrow to get me through a sticky patch. Which I had to do several times on Monday, and I doubt I would have completed the fast without that comfort. Especially as my sister was busily dipping nuts in chocolate and making the kitchen into a temptation zone. But I resisted! And was rewarded with my lowest weight yet this morning 191.8 lbs, 87 kg. And half an inch off my measurements. My waist is now 32.5, my waist to height ratio is 0.47 and my BMI is 28.7. So much better:))

    @poggy-vegan I suspect properly flat tummies are very hard to achieve later in life. I don’t hope to ever have one however much weight I lose as my children stretched both the skin and the muscles badly. I am just starting to be able to tighten the muscles
    . after them being useless for twenty plus years. I had assumed that constipation was a problem veggies and vegans don’t get as I never have. I am a great fan of pre and probiotics for when the rabbits are unwell. When their guts go wrong they really suffer and a dose of their fibre plex paste is the quickest way to sort them out. I have wondered if I should try it! But our gut flora is probably quite different as we don’t ferment our food the way they do, thank goodness. Coprophagy is not an appealing process although they show every sign of enjoying it. There are a lot of positive things said about kefir and I am debating trying it except it does see to involve quite a bit of faffing about which I am not a fan of. There is a water based version available apparently which can be made to taste like ginger beer if desired.

    I have now been doing intermittent fasting for six months and have probably lost at least sixty pounds. (I had no scales for the first six weeks but dropped two sizes and have consistently lost ten pounds a month since then so it seems a reasonable extrapolation.)

    I feel so much better in so many ways. I am so glad to have started this. I have learned so much and am now able to share it with other people, particularly my son, who I hope will have made similar progress when he makes it to the six month mark.

    I still have lots of weight to lose. At least another forty to fifty pounds so I will carry on, which is no hardship as I have discovered how ill too much food makes me feel. In fact I wonder how I will go back to eating more as all the horrible symptoms might return. The pain, the fatigue, the asthma, the bloat, the anxiety… No thanks! Certainly quite a limited eating window will need to be part of maintenance when I get there. The four hour one I have now has worked really well, especially avoiding working hours. Still there a few months to go until I need to worry about that. I will do it!

    You must be so proud of yourself fatrabbit. I am always cheered to hear how well you are doing.
    I have been doing pretty well too. Sometimes it’s a struggle, sometimes it flows well.I am down to 65.5kg now and apart from a little tummy looking quite slim. I found a pair of jeans in the depth of my cupboard that fits me perfectly,and I feel good about my looks for the first time in a long while.
    Also have cured my constipation since I resurrected my kefir from the freezer. I read an interesting bit of information that yogourt feeds the beneficial colon bacteria, but kefir can actually create new bacteria. And it’s true, since I take kefir my digestion is back to normal. I grow it in homemade almond milk and it works a treat, not as fast as milk, it takes 2 days and then it’s pleasantly sour and a yummy drink.Sometimes I blend it with frozen berries and that is also rather nice.
    I got constipated after trying out a low carb diet with eating more fat, and I did not go back to normal even when I stopped that way of eating. I read an article talking about an experiment where mice lost a huge amount of beneficial bacteria after a low carb diet.I think that might have happened to me too. I seem to poop like a mouse, haha.
    At the moment I read the book wheat belly. Have you read that by chance? Puts you off wheat for good.I never got on with wheat very well without having a wheat intolerance as such. But I observed quite quick weight gain and an increase of cravings after wheat meals.
    Spring takes a long time coming this year, but our onions are already sprouting.
    My daughter is coming from Thailand at the end of next week for 3 weeks and we will go to Croatia for a holiday.Looking forward to that!Enjoy the spring too!

    I have now been tracking my weight and measurements for four months using the tracker. I have a very nice downwards line for my weight with a remarkably consistent gradient until now. It seems to be predicting a big loss within the next few days. Is that right or is it going to level out after forty six pounds in four months. It would be nice if it keeps going but it has to slow down at some point or I will float away. Not that there is much fear of that just yet. I am constantly bemused by how I can have shifted so much and still have this belly:( I really had become enormous:( Still it spurred me to action. So alls well etc etc.

    I am still struggling to put in a really low calorie fast day. I had one that was probably 500 this week but the others have been 800 or even higher, ending around 1000. Today was probably 800 – yoghurt and wilted salad with chili and seeds at two and then broccoli with left over bean stew at five, and lots of it. I manage to do a 20 hour intermittent fast most days, just eating within the four hour window. And I am keeping it healthy, carbs only in veg and the occasional tablespoon of rice. Between 5 and ten different veg a day. Good fats cooking with either olive or coconut oil, eating avocado, full fat yoghurt and cheese and seeds. Lots of different sorts of beans and other legumes for protein and fibre –
    the bean stew had 7 different ones (tinned chick peas, kidney beans, butter beans, black eyed beans and black beans and frozen broad beans and petit pois) plus onion, fennel, pepper, tomatoes and pineapple. I have never eaten so well before. Long may it continue. At some point I want to see if eating well like this in the short window will do by itself without trying to limit calories explicitly. Maybe when I reach a healthy BMI, which is at 167 lbs. I might even continue to lose eating that way, and eventually get to my target of 140. But 167 is probably a couple of months off still. Onwards…

    I have now been fasting for seven months and have lost about 70lbs. Everyone notices now, despite my wearing my usual clothes, apart from the old trousers which are so unbelievably big that I could stuff a pillow down them and they would still fall down. Even the ones I was so pleased to fit into not that long ago are ridiculously big now. I have gone from 42s being too tight to bend over in to 32s being comfortable. I could stuff a pillow up my shirts and jumpers too but as they can’t fall down it isn’t a problem. I like loose clothes. I also hate shopping and always wear the same thing, cargo trousers and a golf shirt with a fleece or two when it’s cold.

    I seem to have hit another plateau and my weight is going up and down around 180lbs. But my measurements have decreased after staying the same throughout May, so progress still. I think it may be time to slow down and try and find a balance, eat well but still fast two days and use an eating window and see if I can maintain. I have achieved what I wanted which is to be able to move more easily and have more energy. Looks are not important. Hopefully I can gradually lose more weight and progress towards a healthy BMI while learning how to eat well in a sustainable way. Losing ten pounds a month is not sustainable clearly. I need to keep burning fat to keep the inflammation under control so I shouldn’t be in too much of a rush to get rid of it all at once as I am not keen on eating extra fat to supply it. Except cheese of course. I am not willing to give up veg to maintain ketosis, there are so many important nutrients in veg. This may be a load of nonsense but burning fat clearly suits me and is more important than looking thin so I am trying to get my head around how to keep it up long term.

    So my current plan going forward into month 8 is to keep to 20/4 daily intermittent fasting and do 2 fast days with just one meal under 800 calories a week, while sticking with LCHF food, mainly veg. I at least want to know how my body responds to this even if I change it later. Today is a fast day and I ate mashed beans, chilis mangetout, sugar snaps, avocado, and feta cheese topped with yoghurt, a few nuts and seeds, and an apricot at half past two. That will do me until tomorrow afternoon, apart from water, teas (I am drinking peppermint tea while typing this) and black coffee in the morning. I will probably fast Tuesday and Thursday next week as those are nice busy days. I am weighing daily now so will note changes from what I was doing before. Which has lately been a rather skewed version of ADF that I was trying to make fit my work days, but didn’t really work as it broke the pattern that makes ADF easier to follow. You need to be able to tell yourself that you can eat tomorrow. And your body just falls into the rhythm.

    I have now been tracking my weight and measurements on the tracker here for five months. I have gone from 230 pounds to down under 180. My hips now measure what my waist did at the start and my waist to height ratio has fallen to a healthy 0.46. My BMI has fallen from 34.5 to 26.5. There is not far to go to get into the healthy range on that measure too.

    The rate of weight loss has slowed substantially this month as I get closer to a healthy weight. I am trying to get my approach to alter too. I think an increased focus on toning up some of the flabby bits would be a good idea although I am quite active already. The biggest negative to the weight loss is turning out to be that sitting and lying down is increasingly painful as my broken tailbone has lost its protection. Improving muscle tone might help but is made difficult by my being unable to do sit ups or other exercises done lying down. I am going to try and maintain my weight at close to where I am now and try to tighten things up. If my weight goes down a bit more, fine. But I am not going to let it go back up.

    I now haven’t needed an inhaler for several months so that is another big plus:))

    Hi @fatrabbit. I know you from the June 30 Day Challenge board. You are on a positive place with this WOL. You have analyzed your daily input and the results. 50 pounds in 5 months is amazing and sustainable. I am older than you, 70 last count. Lost 32 pounds from consistent walking for nearly 3 yrs. Found IF 5:2 7 months ago and another 13 pounds gone. Slow and steady is the winner.

    You are a Superstar poster on your “I will do it this time” blog and the June and previous months challenge. Thank you for your honesty and enthuisiam. We live day to day and the rewards are vitality, and empowerment.

    I know you are very physical at your farm with the animals, but a steady walk every day, whatever is comfortable for you is amazing. And it all adds in to the healthy vitality we all crave.

    Hi Steffieagle, I am very impressed with your walking and the good effect it has had on your weight loss. 5000 miles is quite a significant distance. I know I should go for walks but walking without a dog seems very strange to me without somewhere particular as a destination. We have a dog but he has very particular ideas about where he wants to go that my sister has let him get away with for too long for me to face the challenge of retraining him. He also pulls horribly and vanishes if you let him off the lead. Walking him would be no fun at all. My sister spoiled him, she can deal with him. This is silly because I actually really like walking, and there are lots of paths around through woods and fields. Time is an issue too, and sore feet. I am prone to plantar fasciitis. I get at least 5000 steps a day just letting the animals out, doing their water and putting them away again. And on busy days I get close to 10000 without going anywhere else anyway.

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