If your clothes are looser but the scales are the same, read on

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If your clothes are looser but the scales are the same, read on

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  • I shall join you when I get back from holiday. I didn’t lose what I had hoped for before I went away and choices are limited now.

    My plan is to get back into the groove after the Easter weekend.

    Happy Easter 🐰🐣

    Home from Rome which was glorious. A houseful over the weekend and then Tuesday I will be skipping breakfast and possibly lunch too after I have stood on the scales and measured. I am dreading the numbers ;(

    How are you doing?

    I hope everyone has had a good holiday weekend.
    I’ve made a start in the garden! Still lots to do before it’s looking presentable!
    I too will be getting on the scales tomorrow- it will not be pretty I’m sure.
    I will be fasting until at least lunch time tomorrow…….as soon as this glass of wine is finished!
    Must get back on track, got a trip to the south of France in 5 weeks. EEEEK

    South of France is quite an incentive, Iona.

    I have just done the scales and tape measure and the numbers are not good. Currently skipping breakfast this morning, perhaps lunch.

    How is everyone doing?

    I did 24 hours yesterday which was fine. Today I am thinking about what I am eating…

    I’ve had a good week, fasted everyday for at least 16 hours, except Sunday when I enjoyed toast for breakfast. The scales haven’t moved much but I feel a lot better and will endeavour to do the same next week.
    Well done on 24 hours Annette that’s quite an achievement.

    Very impressive Iona. I always find that my body takes several weeks to show any changes. It’s often clothes that show me any difference.

    I am going to avoid biscuits and cake Thursday this week. It’s such an automatic thing for me, it’s going to be tough.

    Hope you had a successful Thursday Annette??
    I’ve had another good week, some days fasts have been a little shorter but that’s ok. I’m eating lots of salad and avoiding chocolate so see what the scales show after the weekend. Enjoy the bank holiday – the weather is miserable here today, drizzle and overcast but I’ve been out walking for an hour👍🏻
    Stay strong and keep in touch.

    Hi Iona
    It’s been a disaster. Work is grim with people leaving and the rest of us thoroughly fed up. But I did lose a lb due to the 24 hour fast.

    Arthritis in my foot is also very sore. I am struggling to walk some days so very limited to what I can do. It’s miserable but the weight is not helping either.

    I imagine that you are all doing well but I am not. It’s been a complete disaster my diet has gone to pot and so has my weight and inches.

    I skipped breakfast and had a late light lunch today and a sensible dinner. The plan for the coming week is to reduce the sugar and focus on protein and salad. Hopefully it will be more positive next Saturday.

    Hi Annette
    Sorry to hear your woes, hopefully you can get back on track, you don’t seem like the giving up type!!
    I’ve had 2 holidays recently and thankfully I’ve managed maintain. I’m going to a wedding in 2 weeks and have a dress that just fits so I need to be mindful of what/when/how much I’m eating! I’m finding it quite routine now to skip breakfast so my next target is to sort out portion control and occasional days of longer fasts.
    Look forward to hearing how your week progresses.

    Thanks Iona,
    I have been miserable at work and eating 2 meals plus breakfast as I am feeding the boy. Then the biscuits at work plus cake Thursday and the cake and ice cream at home. Unsurprisingly I have put on weight.

    I forgot to buy yoghurt yesterday, so will be skipping breakfast this morning and avoiding all things sweet each day.

    The boy and I will be eating different food for a few days this week which I also hope will help.

    The first goal is to shift the 4 lb and inch around my waist that has gone on in a month. So fed up but just 3 weeks left of term and then I can plan each meal.

    Morning All,
    I haven’t been a paragon of virtue but I have lost 2 lbs, half an inch of my waist and half an inch off my bust, so rather delighted.

    Two weeks left of term, so the goal is to lose 4 lb before we break up for the summer.

    How is everyone doing today?

    Hi everyone, how are you all?
    Annette, are you on summer holidays yet?
    I have good news to report! After 3 holidays and a wedding (dress was comfortable thankfully) I went for my annual check with the Doctor last week. I was thrilled to hear that my BMI is now in the normal range, only just at 24.8! All my other tests came back ok, BP very slightly elevated but cholesterol slightly better than last year so I was relieved to hear that. I’ve set myself a target of losing 5 pounds by the end of August. It feels good to get back to fasting, I think this could be a lifelong way of life for me now.

    Well, I didn’t lose 4lb before we broke up. I didn’t lose any lbs or inches. We have now broken up and despite skipping Breakfast several times and fasting until an evening meal, I am really struggling to see any difference with my body. I would really like to lose 14lb before term starts in September but that seems impossible 😕. Skipping Breakfast this morning, perhaps lunch too.

    Well done Iona. That is fantastic. I will use your news for inspiration and keep fasting.

    Hi All,
    Just to update you all.
    In 5 weeks of IF I have lost 4.4lb which was disappointing but I have lost a. Inch off both my hips and waist. Just skipping breakfast 3 times a week and trying for longer at the weekend.

    Just got to keep going ..

    Hi Annette
    Nearly a pound a week is good and sustainable.
    Yes, keep going!

    I would be very happy with a pound a week! Currently plodding along maintaining but really want to get back to loosing, ideal 5 pounds by the end of August. I need to re-evaluate my strategy.

    Thanks snedger.
    My goal too, Iona.
    I am struggling both with the sweet stuff and fasting. I can only manage fasting until lunchtime because I am very hungry.

    I have 2 birthday events this week and going away the following weekend, which will be challenging.

    Weight and inches are the same and I feel thoroughly deflated. I can’t seem to find the drive and self control.

    Any thoughts?

    @annette52 late reply, but, I’ve cut out carbs (sort of) since May, for me, that makes fasting super easy.
    Thought that I would miss bread, but I don’t at all.
    I fall down when socialising – tried skinny beach (mispelt) cocktails – vodka and soda, but when in full ketosis there is no glycogen in the liver, without that barrier, it goes straight to my legs, very odd not being able to walk straight when the brain is totally sober.
    So I drink lager, of course that destroys the ketosis state. I don’t miss carbs, but when I have carbs my body wants more, it is really hard to drink lager slowly. I have looked at soft drinks, but the amount of carbs is surprisingly high, soda water is the only real drink, pubs aren’t happy with people ordering a free pint of soda water.
    What I managed was to lose 16lbs in the first 6 weeks and since then I have maintained the same weight.
    Did you have a good break?

    Hi Snedger,
    Thank you for your reply. I have been in total denial about the body and the weight until I attempted to put on Pilates clothes. I was totally shocked and then completely devastated when I stood on the scales and measured the body.

    I fasted for 22 hours on Saturday and have been visiting the salad bar at work but eating with the boy in the evening which should reduce the carbs. Cooked lunch today with crumble so salad and fish for me this evening but a carb meal for the boy.

    I am planning another 22-24 hour fast on Saturday, and hopefully the scales will move in the right direction.

    My goal is to shift 9lbs by the year end and then keep going until the summer. I am hopeful that this is the way forward for me and the boy. I will keep you posted at the weekend if my new way of eating is helping.

    @annette52 some positivity in your post, that’s great.
    I’m travelling to Sussex tomorrow to see Brighton’s first European football game,stopping off on the way to pay respects to my mum, her birthday tomorrow, might be quite an emotional day tomorrow.
    Eating will be interesting, might have to just eat bunless burgers.

    I hope that all went well Snedger.

    Despite my improved food choices, I have managed to put on a lb which is very disappointing. Vital statistics are exactly the same.

    The plan today is to fast for 24 hours, go out for 2 walks and have a light evening meal this evening. Next week I am going to avoid anything sweet and hopefully see a decrease somewhere.

    Couldn’t have gone more smoothly.
    Really didn’t want to come back, sun was out, why did I leave?
    Anyway, having my first ever £7 pint at The John Betjeman, St Pancras.
    Threw my diet in the bin, full English breakfast yesterday and a triple Dave in Wendy’s earlier.
    I am a happy bunny, a full happy bunny.

    Good to see posts on this thread again. I’m doing okay at the moment, managing to keep off the few pounds I lost over summer. Running around after my Granddaughter has probably helped! Planning to get back to more prolonged fasting next week to try and get rid of 5 more pounds before Christmas. Good luck on your journey guys, keep the faith and let us know how you are doing.

    Sounds like you had fun, Snedger.

    Hi Iona, good to hear from you. I am aiming for 9lb by the end of the year. I managed the 24 hour fast and then a light evening meal. Today has been protein and salad for lunch and then a roast this evening.

    Back to the salad bar next week.

    Morning all,
    Well I have lost a lb.

    I need a re set to change what I eat while I feed the boy. Fasting for 24 hours today and off to the supermarket to get food for the week. Hopefully I can see more change by the end of next week.

    How is everyone else getting on?

    So that’s another 24 hour fast done with mindful eating. The plan is to eat lightly at lunchtime at work and then do the same in the evening depending on what the offer is at work. Also avoid cake Thursday and the biscuits, but choose fruit instead.

    I really want to see a decrease next Saturday.

    Morning All,
    Well the scales have moved a little bit down but I have lost an inch off my waist and half an inch off my bust. I know that my waist measurement doesn’t decrease for ages. Plan this week is another 24 hour fast today with a light meal this evening and then to eat salad next week at school and eat lightly in the evening. Hopefully there will be a significant move on the scale as I am hoping for 7 lb by the end of the year.

    How is everyone doing?

    Weight is not going down.
    But can see that I’m diminishing.
    Wearing a shirt today that was too snug when I bought it online a few months ago.
    Didn’t notice how thick it is, am feeling way too warm.
    Keep at it!

    Great news snedger. As long As there is less of you…

    The scales are going in the right direction but only very slowly. Just next week at school with limited food options plus feeding the boy in the evening too.

    Half term plan is to skip breakfast several times a week.

    How is everyone doing?

    Hi Guys
    I am also seeing the scales going in the right direction but oh so very very slowly. But I have noticed my shape changing too. I bought new jeans last week I appear to be between sizes, not really happy with either size!
    Trying to cut down on biscuits as they have crept back into my life, and I’m trying to extend the overnight fasting where I can.
    Keep going and stay strong!

    The sweet stuff is always a challenge for me and although it was never my intention to cut it out completely, frequency and amount has also crept up too.

    My plan is to do my best next week as there is also a birthday meal out which will possibly include sticky toffee pudding and ice cream or lemon posset. Ho hum.

    Onwards and downwards fast friends.

    Well, the buddha belly is back as a result of poor choices creeping back as a result of the boy moving back in who is now a gym rat. The one meal that we share in the evening has been to accommodate him but at the detriment of me.

    So I am now looking at shifting lots of inches and 28lbs. I have arthritis in my foot which limits walking to an hour a day. I hate the gym and will not go, so any additional exercise must be doable at home, apart from the Pilates class that I go to once a week.

    I started yesterday with a 24 hour fast and plan to do the same again today. My current plan is eat differently from the boy every day so that we can both focus on more protein and vegetables or salad. Plus lots of small changes of habits that have crept in too.

    Easter is 7 weeks away. The goal is to shift 7lb or several inches. Hopefully a combination of both. I am aiming to lose a total of 14lb by the end of June. That should reduce the buddha belly significanlty.

    Well as usual the scales are not showing much difference but the tape measure is. I have lost half an inch off the bust, waist and neck, plus a whole inch off my waist.

    Lots of inches to shift to get to a healthier size but very pleased with the progress so far. Plan is to have breakfast, a light lunch and then dinner with the boy this evening. Then do a 24 hour fast on Sunday.

    Hi Annette
    Good to hear from you and pleased you are getting back in the groove.
    I’m finally getting over Covid after 2 months and feeling ready to start some fasting again.
    The scales are fairly static I need to get them moving down again.
    I’m out of the habit of having breakfast now and I was doing well with not snacking after dinner but that habit is creeping back in. I also must drink more water.
    Good luck on the journey 👍🏼

    Hi Iona,
    Sorry to hear about Covid. I have been dodging illness at school since September.

    Back to work tomorrow for 5 weeks until Easter. Its so much easier to fast when I am not in school but my plan is to do a 24 hour fast every weekend and try to be mindful every day.

    I am delighted about an inch off my hips but I also know that my waist is the last to shrink and the scales often seem broken, but I hope to see real progress by Easter.

    Look forward to hearing your updates. I wonder how MM is getting on.

    @iona72 glad that you are getting over COVID.
    @annette52 sounds like good progress.

    Carnivore diet is still working well for me, body is definitely shrinking – wore a vintage football shirt yesterday that used to be tight, but now fits slightly loose.
    Comedy festival on at the moment and I’m going out far too many times, so that will probably set me back, but I’ll catch up after the 25th.

    Hi Snedger

    I managed 13 hour fast today, which is pathetic, but it’s a step in the right direction!

    Hey, I couldn’t count the number of times that I’ve abandoned a fast since relocating 10 years ago.
    When your head tells you to quit a fast, I say, don’t fight it, try again on another day, 13 hours is pretty good for a quit day.
    This might work, noticed that Alexa, in response to a YouTube video, had added a Rustler’s Chicken Burger to my Amazon shopping basket, I wasn’t intending on fasting today, just happens that I haven’t eaten yet, the thought of microwavable chicken burger in a bun has destroyed my appetite.
    Ironically I’m binge watching Bob’s Burgers

    Hello Annette, Iona, and Snedger!

    I dropped off of this site about two years ago? I got within 5 lbs. of my goal weight and lightened up on fasting and everything else. So guess what! Yup, over the last year and a half it all came back. So, here I am again, with at least 15 lbs. I’d love to lose. And now those stubborn pounds seem harder than ever to shift.

    This time I’m taking the approach of adding rather than subtracting. I’m walking an hour a day, eating high-fiber musli for breakfast, and have shifted dinner to an earlier hour so that I’m fasting at least 15 hours overnight.

    I’m afraid of my scale right now, so don’t know if it’s working. The walking is getting easier (especially on the uphill) so at least I know I’m getting into better shape. Once I get up enough gumption to get on that darned scale again I’ll let you know.

    Hang in there, everybody.

    Hey great to hear from you MM. it’s so tough isn’t it but at least we are not giving up. I lost about 6 pounds over Christmas and NY ironically, I was poorly with Covid. Now I’m worried about putting it back on again! I haven’t fasted at all this year until this week but I aim to get back in the groove next week.
    Keep in touch 👍🏼

    Saturday morning and I’m skipping breakfast! I’ve done myself an injury moving furniture for a new carpet, I’m struggling to walk properly 😢 so my daily walks are very short atm.

    Morning everyone!

    Great to hear from you all.

    Well the scales haven’t moved or the tape measure from last week but I know that I just have to keep going.

    I am experimenting with fasting for 17 hours, breaking with some fruit and then skipping lunch and then nothing until dinner this evening.

    It seems more doable as it’s chilly here today and I am off out for a walk with a friend this afternoon.

    Do any of you lift weights? I think that it might be good to start at home to build some muscle and tone up.

    Re: weights.
    I stumbled across a weights routine on YouTube, from the early 20th century, by a chap named Eugen Sandow.
    You only use 2lb weights, many reps are required and you’re supposed to squeeze the weight hard as it is raised.
    I tried it with 3kg weights, but ran out of steam, so now I’m doing 1kg weights.
    It won’t make me Arnie, I don’t want that anyway.
    I’m just about to watch Wicked Little Letters at the cinema, let me know if you would like a link to routine YouTube?

    Thanks snedger but I am following several folk and jst started with 3 KG weights and building up slowly.

    Its been a rough week. My sister has been very unwell and I have been looking after her and eating rubbish but despite that I seem to have lost a smidgen and maintained the loss of half inches here and there.

    fasting this morning and see how long I go. Snow on the ground which is quite unexpected and rather stopped my menu planning but hopefully it will melt and I can get to the shops.

    Hoping to see the same film this weekend.

    How is everyone doing?

    I have dropped everything and jumped on and off trains to see my sister who was taken into hospital. She has now had surgery which I hope will make her better. I have been living off microwave meals and rubbish.

    very surprising to see that my waist is an inch smaller although the pounds haven’t shifted. Just 2 more weeks of term and then I can get more fasting in before Easter.

    How is everyone doing?

    @annette52 hope your sis is comfortable.
    The whole healthy diet/fasting is a mystery to me – a few weeks ago ago I did a 77 hour fast – very littlevl help.
    Put your feet up while you can 🙂

    Thanks snedger. She finally came out of hospital yesterday and her son is staying with her. She is starting to improve and eat so that’s really encouraging.

    The scales have moved down a smidge and my neck by a quarter of an inch. So that’s progress but I am going to try a 24 hour fast today and see how I go.

    Off out of the door as it’s finally stopped raining to get food for the week. How is everyone doing?

    Morning All,
    Well my sister is so much better now and planning to downsize to a retirement village which is a good decision. Being so ill as really made her want to move asap.

    I have had a rotten cold for the last 3 weeks and finally feel well. My plan is to get back to lifting some hand weights and avoiding anything with sugar in for the next 2 months to start shrinking the inches.

    Off to help my sister pack, sort and de clutter for a few days before I go back to work. Hopefully she will be able to move in the next couple of months.

    How is everyone doing?

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