If your clothes are looser but the scales are the same, read on

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If your clothes are looser but the scales are the same, read on

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  • I feel your pain Annette. I am in a phase of grazing, I just can’t seem to stop eating between meals and it’s not even good stuff I’m having 😡
    I’m really not happy with myself and must get my act together before I get overwhelmed.

    Hi Iona,
    I am back at work, so food choices have not always been easy. My aim is to have breakfast and lunch but skip an evening meal or have something light.

    Really struggling to lose any weight but I have lost an inch off my hips and another off my waist. Hopefully I can trim more off now that I am walking too and from work again.

    The current aim is a stone by the end of the year. Seems reasonable and impossible 🙁

    Hi Annette and Iona!

    Sorry to have been away for so long. I’ve just been discouraged, and a little ashamed to say that I’m right back where I started. Sigh. I went to the doctor’s for my annual checkup and there was the weight, as well as elevated cholesterol and blood pressure. I promised him I would do what I could do lose the weight again, which should help the other markers, and check in with him in six months.

    So my goal is pretty much like yours, Annette. I’d like to lose about a stone by New Years, and then another half stone by the end of February. Like you, I’m walking more now that I have a new dog–2 to 3 miles a day. And cutting back on carbs, wine, and my addiction–cheese. You seem to have had good results with skipping the evening meal, while I’ve been skipping breakfast. I may try your route instead.

    Take care, everyone.

    Hi MM,
    Lovely to hear from you. I feel your pain regarding weight.

    I don’t think that it matters if you miss breakfast or an evening meal, it is simply a reduction in the amount that you eat. I find skipping the evening easier but if lunch wasn’t great then I eat then as well.

    I still have that voice that trys to persuade me to buy the crisps and chocolate when I am in a shop or even at home. I ignore it almost always but when I do give in, I don’t really enjoy it.

    I am back to taking the bus up the hill. My foot is very sore otherwise. That leaves me with an hour walk each work day.

    I am about to wear the raincoat that I couldn’t get on or do up in January. I try to remind myself of where I am now and where I want to be

    As we slide into autumn, I just have to keep eating less and cheering myself up by getting outside for a walk.

    Keep saying no to bad choices, MM and you will be on the way.

    Hi all,

    I’ve managed to maintain my weight but totally relate to what you said annette. My problem are the ‘treats’ I think I deserve, so need to figure some non-food treats. I did read something yesterday that said you can have quite a lot of fat on your body, let’s say BMI of 30, and still be healthy, but you won’t be healthy forever. That worried me because I’ve spent quite a long time stuck. starting a new fast today and will keep you posted!

    Onwards and upwards!

    Hello everyone, good to hear from you.
    I got a nasty shock the other day. I was reading the stuff my Practise Nurse referred me to about my kidney disease and there was a link to calculate your heart age and CVD risk.
    My heart age is currently 7 years more than my actual age which really gave me a jolt. However if I enter my weight as 5kg less, it brings the heart age down. That has given me an incentive to be mindful of how much I am eating and to actually make more of an effort to lose some weight.

    Hello All,
    Yep, me too Iona. I was supposed to loss another half a stone over the summer which I failed to do and have blood pressure readings to submit. Its too high and I need to shift half a stone and reduce the cups of tea and the caffeine. Its all rather miserable 🙁

    Iona and Annette, it looks like we’re all in the same boat. My blood pressure and cholesterol readings were up and I promised to get them down by the new year. I’ve been good about walking for an hour a day, but I can’t say my diet has been all that great. Yesterday my students brought crisps to class. I thought I could avoid them, but ended up snarfing down a small bag after class was done. 🙁

    Oh well, always we begin again . . .


    I was so miserable about the lack of weight loss on Saturday that I bought and ate a huge bag of crisps and a large bar of chocolate!

    My plan for the rest of the week is to carry on walking an hour each day, to reduce the number of cups of tea and to make better food decisions.

    I just seem to be stuck at a weight that seems quite impossible to get below for months and months. I have a goal of 3 lb to shift to get me below that number but in reality an added 14lb.

    Anyone got any bright ideas?

    I need to lose an inch to have a healthy waist for a man! Blood pressure is too high. Going to chuck in a few fasts at the weekends then several in half term.

    I seem to be stuck at a weight I don’t like too Annette, seems so easy to put it on and impossible to get rid of afterwards.
    I have joined the gym again, I won’t be doing a load of cardio but I think it will be good to do some strength training again. Everything is looking too floppy!!! Will it help with the weight loss, probably not, but at least I can blame it on increased muscle!
    16 hour Fast today and try to eat low carb, is anyone making any progress?

    Hi Annette and Iona. I think I’m making a little progress. I haven’t gotten on the scale, but I can feel a difference in my clothes and my tummy lies flatter when I’m in bed and on my back. I’ll get on the scale one of these days.

    I attribute it mostly to being back on campus, where I have longish walks from building to building. And on my new dog, who gets at least a mile every morning and sometimes more, then at least two more half-mile walks. So I think I’m walking about 3 miles a day. Also trying to increase my veg intake, which is pretty easy with all the fresh stuff that’s in season now. I have neighbors with big gardens so am getting a lot of free tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers.

    But now I start two weeks of travel to give talks, then two more talks in November so we’ll see if I can keep it off while eating at restaurants, etc.

    Best of luck to you both. I agree with the sad fact that it’s so much easier to put those pounds back on than to take them off.


    I have had a stinking cold and have been eating cakes and biscuits. They are lovely but not helping to shift any lard:(

    Just 3 weeks to go until half term, when I can plan every meal for 2 weeks. I am not hopeful that I will make any headway before that. It’s cold and grey and I really struggle in the autumn and winter.

    I have had to abandon the walking to and from work as my foot was sore. So walking for an hour each day at the weekend, but not much on the other days.

    I just need to get the inches shrinking again and it just feels like an impossible task at the moment. How is everyone doing?

    Trousers are tight, so going biscuit free this week. Just 12 weeks left before year end, can I shift 7lb???

    I think you can Annette!
    Wondered if anyone wants to ‘join forces’ and do a weekly weigh in or measure in? I’ve got about 15 Lbs to lose before Jan, and need some accountability.
    I find FDs harder in my ‘old age’ (just hit 60) so for me it’s about finding some kind of balance which isn’t too harsh on my body.

    Anyone fancy choosing a day of the week when we all check in?

    Have a good w/e everyone!

    Hi Amiya, Sorry for the delay. I only get very occasional notifications for this forum for some reason. I am happy to check in each Friday as I always step on the scale before the weekend!! Yesterday I was delighted to be a pound down after being stuck for ages! I’m still skipping breakfast most days and trying not to eat between meals and be aware of portion size. Good luck on your journey to January 👍🏼

    Friday check in

    Surprisingly my weight remains the same this week despite very little fasting. I’m not really being sensible in my choices at the moment but not sure why that is. I’m cooking meals from scratch but also eating desserts, I need to put a stop to that, I’m struggling to rein in my sweet tooth. My sister has recently started counting calories on My Fitness Pal and has suggested I do the same. As much as I would like to support her I really can’t be bothered trying to work out everything I cook.
    I have been enjoying going to the gym again and getting out walking every day it’s been a lovely mild week with lots of autumn colours in the trees.
    Hope everyone is doing ok, drop in and keep us posted.

    Hello All,
    I have been ill with a head cold and then thoroughly fed up. Boy 4 has moved back home probably for the foreseeable future and I have 2 PhD student renting rooms.

    Half term for 2 weeks now, so I am going to see if I can finally chip away at some lard. I skipped breakfast this morning, so that is one step forward. The boy wants to eat in the evening so I can try skipping lunch as well a couple of days each week.

    I am feeling so cross with myself that I have been stick at the same weight and inches for months.

    MM how are you doing?

    Morning All,
    Woman on a mission is back. I have skipped breakfast and plan to skip lunch today and then eat with the boy this evening. Boy 2 is coming for lunch tomorrow so I may well skip breakfast then too.
    I really want to shift another 7lb before the festive season but have been stuck for months at the same number on the scales and inches on the tape measure.
    I shall take each day at a time but hope to see a difference at the weekend.

    How is everyone doing?

    Hi All,
    I managed 19 hours before I caved in, but still very pleased with fast today.

    Morning All,
    Hungry this mornin, so breakfast eaten. Son number 2 coming for lunch so I will have a meal with dessert and then not much or nothing this evening to fast the other end of the day. I had forgotten about a birthday meal out Thursday evening so will make a decision then about which meal I will skip.

    How is everyone doing today?

    Feeling good today. Also had breakfast but will be mindful of portion size in my other meals! I have signed up for the IF Study via the Zoe App with Tim Spector so I will have to be focused!

    Hi Iona,
    That sounds interesting. What does it involve?

    Friday check in (on Saturday)

    No change to scale but tape down half an inch and trousers feel better!
    Annette – it’s just recording a few things on the app each day, mood, hunger, eating window; next week it’s a 14 hour fast each day and recording again how you feel etc I’m looking forward to the challenge but no milk in drinks is allowed during the fasting window I will find the difficult!
    Hope you are all better than the weather, it is miserable here today.

    Well done Iona. My turn tomorrow but I am not very hopeful that there will be any change. I have skipped meals, been out to dinner and just ate twice rather than 3 times some days.

    I wont be joining you if I can’t have milk in tea. That is non negotiable. I gave up sugar a few years ago which was huge after 40 years. I am really interested to hear how it goes though.

    How is everyone doing?

    Hello Everyone,
    Sorry that I haven’t been in touch but life has been rather miserable and I lost my mojo. I officially have high blood pressure and have started BP tablets which have made me feel old.

    Christmas guests leave in another couple of days and then I can stand on the scales/measure the body and survey the damage. My foot is still sore with arthritis so any weight loss is going to help with that too.

    My goal now is to shift some lard before a trip to Rome at Easter. Hopefully that will help…

    How is everyone?

    Morning All,
    Well the damage is rather worse than I had hoped but I am glad that I did it before NYD and then been miserable all day.

    I have weighed in pounds/kilos/stones and measured bust/waist/hips. The goal is to shift 2 inches off the hips, 3 inches off the bust and 4 off the waist.

    Today I am skipping breakfast and planning to walk to the supermarket to buy some fish and salad for dinner. The plan is to eat at dinner and not before

    How is everyone doing today?

    Very pleased with today. Skipped breakfast and lunch today and managed 24 hours fasting. It was quite easy until the last hour.

    Eating with the boy tomorrow evening and an to get more fasts in before term starts.

    The plan is to see some difference by the end of January.

    Happy new year X the number that I’ve been absent.
    New year, new intentions.
    I may be inspired to know why fasting now is so much more difficult than it was for me in August 2012.
    August 2012 to July 2014 was so easy – fittest I had been in my whole life.
    I am going to simulate the work commute – which used to be: brisk walk to the station; train journey; brisk walk to work; work – then in reverse: walk; train; walk.
    Those walks used to be at my top speed, rather than at a sustainable social stroll speed.
    So am doing a half hour walk blast before work and another after work.
    Results are already like in 2012, with, comparably, huge differences in weight loss and a lovely buzz from endorphins – trousers are loose already. In 2012 I did not yoyo, I maintained the fasting with no problem – I did get to a BMI plateau, but TBH being stuck at 13st7lb then seemed ok, I think the BMI said that I should be 12st13lb – don’t think that that would have been healthy – basically, not worried about the weight coming back on, so long as I maintain fasting and “commuting”.
    Since relocating in 2014, I’ve not had the forced opportunity of the lucky health benefits of the power commute walks – having a longer, slower walk after work has been difficult for me to maintain and that means I’ve been discouraged too many times and I can see why I’ve not maintained fasting/exercising for long periods.
    Will see how long I can pretend that I am commuting to work from home – and as I do not work on Friday – not sure whether to “commute” on that day?
    Good to see you still here @annette52

    HNY everyone.
    I’m quite pleased that I’ve only gained a couple of pounds over the holidays. I have still been missing breakfast most days or having Brunch and don’t eat (snack) in the evenings after about 8pm at the latest.
    My sister has commented that I don’t eat much so I think I’ve finally made progress with portion control.
    Looking forward to getting back in the groove and trying to shift a bit more lard this year.
    I dislocated my finger just before Christmas so that is limiting what I can do in the gym to mostly cardio when I would prefer weights. I got an Apple Watch gifted from my husband so I’m now addicted to fitness numbers and data!!
    Keep strong we can do it! 💪🏼 Onwards and downwards ⬇️

    Hello Snedger and Iona,
    I am soon to be 62 and am overweight for my height. I have high blood pressure and arthritis in my foot which can be jolly sore.

    I used to run regularly and go dancing several times a week and walk 90 minutes a day to and from work up a very steep hill. My foot has stopped the running, dancing and walking to and from work.

    I have been very low about the change in my lifestyle and cakes have brought me happiness. Sadly also piled on the lard as a result.

    Going forward, my plan is to compromise and get the bus up the steep hill but walk home which is 45 minutes. I really miss walking, but less lard may make that possible again. Trying to avoid cake and biscuits at work is going to be a challenge because it’s become a habit.

    I have booked Rome at Easter with my sister so if I could lose 12 lb in 12 weeks I would be very happy. That is my short time goal. The long-term goal is to lose another 14lb before the end of the summer and then to maintain.

    I am hopeful that shifting the lard will allow me to walk more with less soreness and perhaps nolonget need the blood pressure tablets too.

    That was a bit thoughtlessly self indulgent of me.
    Hope you get to your goal.

    Just thought, if there are 7 hills in Rome, then there must be valleys, I’d go there if I was you.

    It’s been great to hear from you again Snedger. My sister had never been to Italy and we have never been away together so it’s a bit of a risk on many levels 😉.

    We have booked a small hotel in the centre of Rome, close to the tourist sights. No hills Snedger:)

    It’s good for me to have a goal, really helpful.

    Hello Annette, Iona, and Snedger!

    A happy New Year to everyone. Sorry to have been silent for so long. I got discouraged. Was doing 16:8 every day and very little sweets, no junk, but still bounced right back to the weight I had been before I started. I decided that was simply the weight my body intends to be. It’s not huge, but is 15-20 lbs above where I was most of my life. Sigh.

    There’s little low hanging fruit to eliminate from my diet, so I’ve decided to add instead. I’m now making sure I get two fruits and at least four veggies a day and beans/lentils/etc. at least four days a week. In other words, eat healthier and not pay much attention to the weight. I’ll let you know how it goes.

    Rome sounds like a great goal! I’ll be on your side of the pond three times this coming spring, as I, too, have reached those 60s and am starting a phased retirement. So I’m not teaching this coming semester. Just writing and speaking stuff. Looking forward to the lighter schedule.

    We’re getting buried under snow. About 8″ so far yesterday and today and still coming down. I feel like I’m in the movie Dr. Zhivago! It is beautiful and I’m thankful that I don’t have drive in it till the plows come.


    Hi MM,
    Great to hear from you. I can understand your despondency, it’s hard to keep going with these older bodies that seem determined to cling onto the lbs.

    It’s a great approach to add to your diet. I have started to add a meal that doesn’t contain bread, pasta or chips plus make sure that I get out for at least an hour walking each day.

    Very jealous of the phased retirement, I will have to keep going until I am 67,but I do work term time in a stress free job with lovely people.

    Where are you going to in the spring? The UK comes to complete halt if there is an inch of snow:)

    How is everyone doing?

    I have been struggling with eating less. There have been several days of feeling hungry all of the time plus torrential rain has meant that it’s been difficult to get out to walk a d distract myself.

    I stood on the scales this morning and there is very little change, so I am feeling quite demoralized. But itsa new day so just a cuppa this morning. My plan is to skip breakfast and possibly lunch. Back to work tomorrow.

    Morning All
    Last Saturday if a 24 hour fast and the plan is to do another today. I have tried to cut down on the sweet stuff but I find it hard mostly from habit. Walking home from work has been scuppered by treacherous ice and a very sore foot too.
    Just had a weigh/measure. Inches are the same but I have lost 2lb, which is thrilling and really cheered me up.
    How is everyone?

    Hello Annette
    I’m struggling to get back into routine and also eating too many empty calories. Scales haven’t moved in a few weeks and I measured the fattest part of me yesterday and no change but I feel like I’m on the brink of a downward spiral so I really need to get my act together!
    Hopefully the weather is a little milder now and we can get out and about more.
    Keep in touch👍🏼

    It is difficult with the cold grey days isn’t it? I can’t face going outside, it’s so chilly and grey. I have been decluttering stuff, much of which isn’t mine.

    Off to Rome at Easter with walking trousers that I can just do up. The plan is to shift an inch off my waist by the end of February but knowing my luckig will come off my thighs;)

    I’ve had a terrible week for eating.
    I must get back on track.
    I will never give up!

    Me too, Iona. I skipped breakfast this morning and pushed lunch back until 2pm. Trail mix for tea:)

    I am skipping lunch today and then will eat this evening. The plan for next week is to have breakfast and lunch only. Hopefully that will help shrink the waist.

    What are your plans this week?

    Well I will certainly be eating a lot less for sure!
    I plan to miss breakfast, have a light meal at midday, main meal about 6pm then only water or milk free drinks until lunch the next day. A good 18 hour fast each day if I can manage it. I’ll let you know how it goes 🤞

    I skipped breakfast on Sunday and pushed lunch back until 2pm. The scales are the same this morning but I have lost an inch off the waist and half an inch off the bust. Very pleased.

    Great to hear Annette.
    I’ve just had some salad and fruit to break my 16 hour fast. I’m going to make some parsnip soup for later.
    Feeling positive.

    We both know that it may take several weeks to see any difference in the body after the Denial. Just keep the faith.

    My goal is another inch off the waist by the end of the month. I am going to ditch evening meal for the rest of the week and then see what difference that makes at the weekend.

    Morning everyone,
    The week has been a bit of a struggle. It’s been so cold and grey that biscuits have been a comfort. Weight is the same, but my neck is smaller and so is the under bust, but really struggling with a fasting this morning. I have skipped breakfast but will have lunch.

    It’s odd how some days I can fast all day and it’s fine but others it’s a complete struggle and I have no idea why.

    How is everyone getting on?

    Hello everyone
    Here we are again -Sunday afternoon – vowing to do better next week. BST has begun, Spring is on the way, time to get more focussed!

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