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  • Mel g welcome,
    did the sis in law lose weight?

    Cheesecake..nom nom nom!! ( home made..baked too!)

    hahaha it was the lamb and pumpkin soup that got my attention not the cheesecake!

    Sassy, I used to drink a glass or two of wine nearly every night and was happy to give it away throughout the week but I always planned to have a few on weekends, I’m really surprised at how bad I felt this weekend as it has only been two weeks and I did have a few last weekend. Has anyone else noticed that they can’t handle alcohol like they previously could? Funny enough I asked the same question of the Facebook group and I’ve had about 60 replies, mostly agreeing with me.

    The essays are almost done. One is completely finished and ready to go and I’ve just got home now so will work madly on the last one while my kids cook and eat tacos for their dinner. I’ll have soup from my freezer in a little while 🙂

    If you fasted today, especially if you are new to this tell us how you got on? I’m doing my 4th today and no trouble at all today. I had coffee before work, tuna and salad for lunch and just a bottle of sparkling water after work… all good 🙂

    Hi KimG..I had my first fast day yesterday and could see no problems at all heading into it! BUT!! I struggled ALL DAY?
    I am not a big breakfast eater and yet I woke up starving and all I could think about was food ALL DAY?
    I had a low cal soup at 11am and then an apple at 1pm and drank water until dinner when I had slim noodles with vege stirfry and fresh Tuna steak..THEN I was satisfied and stopped thinking foodie wise?

    I know I can do this, but yesterday was a real challenge, so I will better prepare myself for Thursday.
    If there wasn’t this wonderful forum to browse through and read all the motivation that I cam immerse myself in, then I think I would have fobbed it off and put it in the “no can do box”.

    Thanks to you all for all the wonderful feedback, as it REALLY helps us beginners to keep going.

    Hiya Dragonfly. I think that was your subconscious having some fun with you! There’s not too many people on here who didn’t struggle on their first day one way or another. But keep reading and you’ll see that it does become easier. Every journey starts with the first step. You’ve made yours – congratulations and don’t give up! We’re here if you need us. Ali

    Hi MelG, welcome! 🙂
    How long have you been following this WOE? Good to hear that the weight is shifting, even if slowly. (I have heard that slow weight loss is more likely to be permanent weight loss 😀 Tho of course on this WOE it will be permanent anyway!!) Do you have much that you want to lose? Good to have your sister-in-law for support, is she on the forum too?
    Good luck with it 🙂
    NB I note there are a few of you in Perth.

    I think several of us were posting at the same time! 🙂
    Good to hear all your updates 😀
    I know how you feel dragonfly2510!! With fast days, I am finding it very variable how well I cope with them. Today is a fast day, and I am struggling. Probably something to do with me doing ADF for the last week – not my intention, but is how it is working out in order to make up for my indulgences due to having been out to dinner and 3 more such outings in the next week, and to ensure I will fit into that dress in 2 weeks.
    I am now into my eighth month of this WOE, close to my goal weight, and not able to exercise much since the knee op a month ago, which are also relevant factors (my TDEE is only 1400), so even on non-fast days I can feel hungry.
    I don’t mean to put anyone off – I am sure I must have already said in this topic that I have been amazed at how relatively easily and quickly this WOE has been for losing weight, and I recommend the WOE strongly to anyone wishing to lose weight. Virtually everyone else I have read about who is at goal seems to have adapted well to the less calories, so I think my issue is that it is only recently that I have had to shift to such a low TDEE, so it is hard to get used to.
    Anyway, I am lucky that I always feel great after a fast day, so I know I will feel better tomorrow, and I will find myself some tasty low-cal food for dinner 🙂
    Best wishes to all 😀

    I might be moving to Perth after my OE finishes!!
    Dragonfly, it does get easier!! I’m only in my fourth week, but things have much improved since starting. I now make one meal <500cal, and eat some at around 4:30, and the rest at dinner time about four hours later if I want it.
    All the best!!

    Confusion?? After coming off a fast day, is your TDEE count what you are meant to aim for if you were keeping an eye on calorie intake?? Mine is 1714 but I thought it should be 1200? I want to get this right as a lifestyle change..so if anyone can steer me in the right direction! Please help!!

    Hi all, this is my 3rd week, and I am enjoying this new way of eating.
    I lost close to 2kg my first week and maybe a half a kilo my second, so my weight is definitely headed in the right direction!! With results like that I have the motivation to continue!!
    I have found it quite easy to fast, maybe it’s the willpower as you know it is only 1 day at a time and you can eat more tomorrow.
    I am a shift worker and I think this helps as I am able to be busy or sleeping ect instead of eating at ‘normal’ mealtimes.
    Anyways, I am in SA and I know of co workers that have also had good results with this WOE, good luck all, my goal is to get to 63kg which is a BMI of 25/26, only 18kg to go!!

    Welcome BarossaChick, sounds like things have started very well for you. 😀 Very glad to hear that you are enjoying this way of eating, and great that you know others who are doing this successfully. This forum is great for sharing stories and seeking help and support. Best wishes for attaining your goal 🙂

    dragonfly2510 – the TDEE is the total daily energy expenditure needed on average per day for someone of your age, sex, height, weight and activity level to sustain that weight. Note that it is an average, so won’t necessarily apply to you, eg someone with more muscle will need more cals than someone with less, if all the other characteristics are the same. However, it does give you an indication of how much to eat on non-fast days.

    One of the premises of 5:2 is that you can eat the TDEE allowance on non-fast days, ie eat what you normally eat, assuming you were at a stable weight, so that you don’t feel deprived doing this WOE. On the fast days you eat 25% of your TDEE.

    If your TDEE is really 1700 and you are only eating 1200, you are likely to feel hungry and may find it hard to stick with this WOE. That being said, some people do manage to sustain 5:2 with reduced cals on non-fast days, but the idea is ‘supposed’ to be that you eat the TDEE amount on non-fast days (or just a little less).

    When you calculate your TDEE, you should probably underestimate your activity level – and make sure your height is the correct measurement.

    Also, as you lose weight, you need of recalculate your TDEE, as obviously you need to eat less to maintain a lower weight.

    Does that help at all??

    Sassy 😀

    Hi Barossa Chick & welcome! what a gorgeous part of the country you hail from :))

    Sassy – it’s so wonderful having you on this forum with your words of advice. You’re a wise old owl now having been doing this for so many months. I love your nurturing style.

    So, fast and weigh day tomorrow, and only 12 more fasts until xmas and the dreaded 50th. I’m trying to be a bit good today to make up for the weekend of indiscretion – so hopefully there’s a few grams less – not expecting too much this week. Good luck to all x

    Thanks Alimax! 😀 😀
    I need a bit of support myself today. Weighed in this morning, and after 4 fast days in the last 8 (ADF) I had put on weight – and it was fat, not water or muscle 🙁 Not a lot (300g) but still!!!!
    I know I had that sumptuous anniversary dinner, but the rest of the time I thought I was doing ok… Oh well, I am trying not to worry too much about it and see what next week brings. I am trying 16:8 this week, but will only do 1 fast day, I think, as I was fed up of feeling hungry every day!!!
    Hopefully all will be ok, as I do still have that v tight fitting dress to fit into in 2 weeks…
    Enjoy your fast tomorrow 🙂
    Dinner is ready now; gotta go!

    Morning fellow fasting friends 🙂 I hope the day is going well so far.
    I was a bit gutted this morning. Knew I shouldn’t have stepped on the scales having had a big weekend, but didn’t really expect to see a 700gm increase 🙁
    BUT then I saw a new article about 5:2 and it’s benefits against Alzheimers and remembered that there are many good reasons why I’m doing this – not just for my vanity. So I’ve filled my glass up again (metaphorically!!) and am looking forward to some good juicy hunger pains later! Let us know how you’re all doing. Cheers, Ali

    Ooow. Sad, but hey, maybe tomorrow!?
    In a week ( my first week)
    1 kilo ( 2.2 lbs off)

    Alimax, I saw that article also and think that’s an even better reason to stick with it!
    Hunger pains hit me around 3-4pm, so I have a protein breakfast and suck on jasmine tea until our evening meal.

    Dumpling, well done!
    I too have lost around 3kg in my 3 weeks.
    Nothing showing less on the tape around the middle, but definitely looser skin!

    Owww, looser skin. Nice!!!
    Well done on 3 kg.
    I am experimenting to see how I go in the next 3 weeks, cos then I’m travelling and can’t (uuuummmhhhh, won’t) do it
    So in 4 weeks, I want too see if I lose.

    Then I know it works.

    Hi Everyone,
    Hope your days on and off food are going well. Just thought I would check in and say how cool this Style of Eating is for me. I only fasted one day this week because of the long weekend. How nice to be able to maintain your weight until you are ready to go losing again, its just so empowering.
    Cheers and happy fast days!

    Thanks so much for that wonderfully detailed TDEE you gave Sassy:) I want to do this properly as it is something I want both hubby and I to maintain permanently, so it is important for me to get it RIGHT from the very beginning.

    Does everyone meticulously weigh out your salad and vegetables to a tee? or do you use common sense with what we call FREE LIST ones..being the real low cal ones like lettuce, tomato, cucumber etc? and spinach, zucchini, carrots etc?

    I know I ask a lot but!! that is what is going to make me successful in the long run..thanks to you guys:)

    Sassy..I printed out that great info on TDEE so that if I have one of those DOH!! moments of forgetfulness I have it in black and white to refer too:)

    I weigh out everything. I have those old fashion scales with the weights and they have to be even ..to be balanced.
    So I throw the different weights I need on, weigh all the food for the day ( salad in one bowl, stir fry stuff In Another, boysenberries straight into the blender, even if I am not having them for a few hours.)

    Meat I weigh and bag and then Freeze, vermicelli the same..weigh a load and bag up and throw in a cupboard for when I need it, but veg, definitely weigh.
    But I don’t count cals on the other 5 days, I only weigh on fast days.
    It would drive me insane to weigh food everyday of my life.

    Hello everyone I’m new and had my first fast day yesterday. It was easier than what I thought it would be. I live in NSW I’m 61yrs young, have been overweight most off my life, but a year ago I gave up smoking and have gained 10kg. I feel depressed and so unhealthy. I have tried lots of diets but I am sure I can stick to this one. I work in aged care and with the extra weight I find it hard to walk all day. This will be great being able to talk to others, get help and ideas. Thankyou x

    Good morning everyone,

    I havent posted in a week as I wanted to do one full week to see how I went. I did fast day last Fri/Sat and found it reasonably easy to achieve. I then tried Wed/Thurs as Im trying to get a Mon/Thurs pattern happening. I work full time shift work and chose Wed/Thurs to do another 2 fast days. Wed is a very long day for me as I am a mentor at an evening interest group. Both Wed and Thursday was very difficult. I went over the 500 on Wed (700) but was close with 550ish Thursday. I count calories through http://www.myfitnesspal.com and find that a god send. Dont weigh my food as I have a pretty good idea of amounts. I stick to 1200 -1400 calories on my non fast days, with one day 1800 (which is a tad over my TDEE) The reason for this is I did another diet which did 1200 calories and a lot more exercise and I lost 8kgs in 12 weeks doing that. I did put on 3kgs over the course of the following year as I got very lazy and disheartened when I injured my knee.

    With this diet, I am finding 2 things. The first is the strict 500 calories is very hard to achieve for me – I can do it if I can do 600. The other is, I have found I am very nervous eating “what I want” on my non fast diet as I don’t want to put on weight. This part is a mindshift for me. I don’t have food issues and until recently – the big menopause – never had weight issues either.

    So…. outcome after the week is a loss of 1kgs. Happy with that. Going forward Ill be a bit more loosely wrapped with my fast days and will do 600 cals and do a range of 1400 -1500 on not fast days. TDEE is 1755 with a category of light exercise.

    Lets see what happens 🙂

    Welcome Caylene.

    Thanks for the reply re weighing, Dumpling.
    I asked that at another forum and got no answers.

    I find that 100gms of each veg,especially cooked ones, way too much for me to eat!
    Salads are fine, but I sometimes struggle with that too.

    Ditto with the meat/fish re freezing them.
    Much easier and less messy than trying to do it after it’s cooked.
    I can remember WW saying that the weight was raw, not cooked.

    Just weighed myself and have shed another 600gms!
    Wow, it really does work and is so much easier than any other program I’ve tried 🙂

    RandomCat — I started off at 600cals and found it do-able, then as I got used to it, dropped to 500.
    Sometimes, it’s just the difference between food choice or quantity that makes all the difference.

    I think the real benefit is not the ‘diet’ but changing the way you think of food and the need for it.
    In my case it’s habit and the clock, but I’m changing all that now!
    Hang in there 🙂

    Salad is just nuts.
    Too much, but hey..if 8 cals is 100 grams celery..I will eat 100 grams!! ( rather than 50 grams to save 4 cals)
    I have lettuce, carrot, celery, mushrooms, tomato, cucumber all 100 grams.
    and 50 grams courgette. Makes a huge bowl
    Drizzle with red wine vinegar .

    Sounds very healthy dumpling!
    My favourite meal at the moment is Indian Scrambled Eggs. 2 Eggs – thin out with a little water. A smidge of garlic and ginger & half a chilli (optional obviously), a heaped teaspoon of your favourite curry powder, a small diced tomato, some red onion and a handful of coriander. Fry off the spices in a tiny bit of oil, add the tomato & onion for a few seconds, slide it over to the side of the pan and add the eggs. Start to incorporate, add a bit of salt & pepper & the coriander. Takes 5 minutes tops and is (in my humble opinion) delicious!!
    About 300 cals I reckon. Let me know what you think if you try it.

    If you replaced the 2 eggs you could have 8 egg whites for the same cals!! ( 2 egg whites = 34 cals)

    I like BIG.
    But sounds yum.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Very much like my night time stir fry, chili, ginger, morrocan seasoning , dill, s&p etc. I like flavour.
    Comes to about 290 cals
    Vermicelli, soaked in hot water, ( 25 grams dried makes quite a lot as it is light, comes to 86 cals, but so worth having ) 80 grams chook boob, 50 grams shrimp or prawns, 25 grams kidney beans, then a load of veg 100 grams cabbage, bok choy, mushrooms, celery, spinach, and half the courgette from salad and half the grated carrot from the salad . Fry in a little red wine vinegar with the seasonings

    Mix some chook stock and throw it all on. Like a Thai soup, but not too runny. Unbelievable,
    Let simmer for 5 mins so the noodles / shrimp and boob, soak up the stock
    Makes 2 massive plates full.
    I’m stuffed after the 2 plates!

    8 egg whites??? No wonder you’re making baked cheesecakes – what else are you going to do with all those yolks?
    Stir fry sounds good, although I couldn’t manage 2 plates I don’t think.
    After yesterday’s fast (which was a bit of a struggle) I’m .6kg down, so in all only a 100gm gain for the week. Will aim to be much better behaved this weekend 🙂

    That’s why I can’t just eat egg whites, I can’t throw the yolks away and there are only so many things you can do with them
    And not out on weight.

    The loss is great!!! Well done

    Not put on weight I meant.
    ( when you eat 8 yolks on your non fast days..in the form of cheesecake!)

    Hi everyone, I’m new to this forum and just found this thread and its brilliant! You guys are fabulous the way you support each other and share your triumphs and concerns. I just HAD to comment.
    I too live in Perth (Booragoon) and I have been doing 5:2 for about two months. My weight loss is slow, but steady, I’ve lost around 4kg since I started, usually about 500gms a week. In the last two weeks though my weight loss has stalled 🙁 I’m hoping its just my body going through another adjustment to this diet as its still early days. When I first started this WOE I would get extremely tired on my fast days (Mon/Thurs) and I would usually be in bed by 8pm! This appears to have eased off now as I was fine on my last three fast days. Also, a few weeks in, I would get a dull headache around 3-4pm on my fast days, this too seems to have stopped. So I am hoping that the weight loss stall is also an adjustment. I’ll keep you posted! Has anyone else experienced this?
    On my fast days I try to avoid carbs, I find that if I have a little bit of carbs I want a LOT more. I usually have one poached egg for breakfast, skip lunch, and have half a salmon fillet with salad for dinner. This seems to work quite well for me. My hubby has just joined in with me, he’s about 2 weeks in and I’ve noticed he too seems to be tired on fast days!
    One thing I did want to ask you guys is, does it matter if you eat less than your 500cal on your fast days? Sometimes I’m under and I was wondering if this has contributed to my stall?!
    Oh, and in regards to egg whites and using up the yolks, I buy frozen egg whites and use them for my omelettes. They are great and there are no wasted yolks!

    Welcome suerocks! Great name!!

    Hi suerocks666 and also welcome – we seem to have quite a Perth contingent!!

    Your experience over your first 2 months seems pretty typical – your weight loss is the average expected, and plateauing is quite common – depends on all sorts of factors. The general advice seems to be to keep sticking with the regime, and the weight should start to drop again. If it is really refusing to budge, you can try 4:3 and/or 16:8 – different people have different experiences with these, and they don’t work for everyone – but always worth a try! 🙂 But I would give 5:2 a bit longer first.

    It is fine to eat less than the 500 cals on fast days. I don’t think that contributes to plateauing, but everyone’s bodies are different, and may react differently to a given stimulus. Some people don’t eat anything at all on fast days, as they find that is easier than starting to eat – that just makes them hungrier! In theory, fast days should be no more than one quarter of your TDEE – have you calculated what yours is?

    Your experience with white carbs/ added sugar foods/ etc reflects that of so many – once you start, you don’t want to stop! (But sometimes you really do want carbs, and that is fine – this way of eating is not about depriving yourself – but over time many people are finding that they don’t want the less healthy foods so much.)

    Great that your hubby is joining you – mutual support and perhaps a little, but not too much, healthy competition to help you both keep on track!

    Headaches and tiredness seem to be common experiences when fasting is first done but, again, these effects seem to lessen with time, as you are finding. Make sure you keep up with your clear non-sweetened fluids – on all days 🙂 Your fast day food sounds good. If you hunt around this forum, there are lots of suggestions for fast day foods – soups and non-fat stir fries are good too, using lots of the lower-cal veggies.

    Best wishes as you continue on this journey 🙂

    NB I will be posting replies to some of the earlier queries but am running out of time today…

    Back again, after another night of indulgence – 5 course dinner… Oh well.

    Dragonfly2510 – glad that the TDEE info was helpful. If you haven’t already, do read the info on the TDEE which can be found under the ‘how?’ tab. 🙂

    I am the opposite of dumpling and don’t weigh any of my food. Too lazy… I basically make the assumption that green vegetables have negligible calories, that red and orange ones have some, and that potatoes and similar have quite a few, and make a rough guess that the salads and dinner veggies that I put together (lots of green, some red, little spud) have around 50-100 cals altogether. For protein, at some stage I did work out roughly how much 100cal of fish / chicken is, so know how much of that to serve. I do have a rough idea of the calorific value of most the foods I eat, so make an estimate of the quantity and do a rough calc of actual calories. When I first started this WOE I didn’t bother to calc non-fast day cals, but over time I have become more aware of what I am eating and started doing very rough calcs to see how close to TDEE I am – especially of late given my TDEE is so low due to inability to exercise, and cos I am close to my goal weight. I probably do underestimate tho, and try to be mindful of this and give myself a bit of a buffer.

    RandomCat – thanks for that update – lots of interesting info. A loss of 1 kg in a week is great 😀 There is another topic where there has been discussion of being fearful of over-eating on non-fast days, I will see if I can find it. I think many of us suffer from this, and are envious of those who seem to be more relaxed about it – I think MM is one of those?

    Re you having trouble sticking to less than 600 cal on fast days. If you are able to lose the weight you want and eat that amount on fast days, then that is great. However, if you find that your loss is not as much as you would like, see if you can find foods that you find satisfying but total less than 500 cals (the 5:2 theory is that you only eat 25% of your TDEE on fast days – your amount would be 440 or so). The right amount of protein and lots of lower cal veggies in soups and non-fat stir fries can help you feel more satisfied (you might be having these already of course). Part of the thing about fast days is that you do feel hungry, and learn to appreciate (or at least live with!!) that and hopefully feel really good in both mind and body the next day. I have found that if have more than the recommended fast day cals, I don’t feel so good the next day. Of course, if your reason for eating 600 cals is that you really don’t feel well, or have some other negative side effects that are caused by eating too little, then stick with the 600 cal. I notice that you are eating less than your TDEE on non-fast days. If this is working for you, then great 🙂 but I am sure you are also aware that another premise of 5:2 is that you eat normally (ie your TDEE) on non-fast days, to reduce the risk of feeling deprived/ getting cravings. But as I inferred, in the end what works for you is the most important thing, and there are many variations that people do. Good luck with it 😀

    Good result too Aussienow, though as you say one of the key benefits is changing habits! 🙂

    And lots of yummy recipes! I really must overcome my laziness and try some… 😀

    Another freezing day In Melbourne… Am siting here with a rug over me refusing to turn up the heating… We did have a couple of lovely days at the start of the week, but you would never know it now. But we have had some much needed rain (I like the rain, just don’t like grey skies and cold – yes, I know, why do I chose to live in Melbourne then?!)

    Best wishes to all for the week ahead 😀

    Hi all Australians who need revision
    Don’t forget EAT FAST AND LIVE LONGER is on SBS1 Monday night at 8.30pm.
    Sassy, it’s even colder and wetter in Hobart at the moment!

    Evening all 😉 & welcome suerocks , it’s terrific to have another perthie on board !! A stinking hot day here today, unlike Melbourne & Hobart – 37degress. Yuk!! It didn’t stop me from having roast lamb for dinner though. Looking forward to tomorrow to undo the excesses of the weekend. . Hope you all have a great day 🙂
    Thanks for the reminder Vicki. I haven’t seen the program yet, so am very much looking forward to it.
    Sassy, as always, thanks x
    cheers, Ali

    Good morning all,
    I have a function tonight at a posh dining establishment, so have opted to change my fast day to Tuesday.
    Not that you get a large portion of anything at theses places, but I’d rather choose for myself.

    Wrapped the tape round my girth yesterday and was pleased to see I’ve lost 4cm!
    Dumb me was looking for the SBS program last night, but will make a physical note that it is TONIGHT!

    Weather wise here, north of Brissie, we are in for a week of storms, but last night’s effort was barely enough to wet the dust 🙁
    However, south of the city copped a beating.

    Monday fasters,go to it!

    Hi all!

    Am fasting as well today, weekly weigh-in tomorrow…. Feel like I have been fasting (well, eating not much) most of the week tho, to try to make up for the 5 course meal the other night… I will be glad once the year 12 graduation function is out of the way so that I no longer have to worry about fitting into “that” dress… (Bit sad to be wishing for special events to be out of the way tho…).

    So DO enjoy your posh dining experience tonight Aussienow! Those 4cm off your waist will help you fit into something special, and /or give you breathing room for a bit of tummy expansion tonight!! I am out tonight too (nothing so interesting) but means I will miss the SBS program – will have to remember to watch on the catch-up facility – tho think it is available on youtube – I am sure USA will have provided a link in her Info for newbies topic.

    Roast lamb – yum, Alimax 🙂 are you fasting today too??

    Not sure any of us across the country are happy with our current weather… It is a bit brighter here today, but windy – we have had lots of windy days this spring. Storms, not good for Brissy, and still high fire risk in NSW I understand? And v hot in Perth too! whereas Hobart and Melb still cool. Don’t think Adelaide is much better either…

    Have a good week everyone 😀

    Hey Sassy,

    Indeed I am. Sitting here at work sipping on my water and determinedly not looking at the coffee shop outside my window. My work colleague has decided to start today also, so it’s a nice thing to have company, but I’m thinking I’ll have to increase my bottled water supplies!

    I hope the rest of you are all doing well – do share your ups and downs(hopefully that’s your ups because of your weight downs!). I’ll let you know how I went this week on Friday – after last week’s “hiccup” I’m not checking the scales till then!!
    Salad and 1 (or 2?) big tiger prawns for dinner in a mere 6 hours 🙂

    Fast day here too…shrimps for me, although I think prawns and de veining might be quicker!
    Wasn’t hungry till 3.30, and then not starving, so had my boysenberrys / ice and / water smoothie. Very red!!
    Nice and refreshing,
    4.30 3/4 of the salad… Can’t finish it, will leave it for tomorrow on a non fast day to have in a sandwich

    Had ‘ dinner’ at 6 only cos if I don’t eat it I will be shovelling it in at 9
    I can’t finish it all…so will have the rest at 9 I think!
    I’m up to 437 cals,


    It’s only 6.30pm so I might use those credits before bed, the rest of the salad, crackers and cottage cheese..maybe,
    That brings it to 501

    Fast day again on Wednesday.

    So nice to know I have 2 days where I am in control. Usually I graze all day, it’s a shocker…so this way I am at least in control, feel great and a great detox.

    Wow! there seems to be a whole bunch of newbies from down under on the forums today after watching the doco last night. If you’re one of them, I think you’ll find after trawling through some of the forum threads that there are a whole lot of really nice people out there who do nothing but encourage and confirm, and it’s a warm fuzzy feeling having a bunch of friends travelling with you. You’ll also find some wise old sages who have been on this way of life now for many months and they’re always generous with their hard won knowledge.
    So, Welcome!, and best of luck to you all. Cheers, Ali

    Fast day for me after the posh meal out, that really wasn’t all that posh!
    I hate little serves of food on a huge plate, dribbled with whatever!
    As far as portions went,they were hardly generous and I probably could have stuck to my fast anyway.
    Oh well, hind sight is wonderful 🙂

    What do you do when you are feeling decidedly off colour?
    I all but threw in the sponge earlier, as I am really tired and have a frightful headache, which I can’t get rid of.

    I’m drinking plenty of water, but have pangs of ‘hunger’ and not sure how to cope.
    Good thing I have a laptop and a great support from this forum 🙂

    Re the SBS program, I found it most interesting, more for the health side effects than actual weight loss,which is a bonus, there is no doubt.
    I’m hoping to lose 10kgs, so I can flick the blood pressure tabs, as well as the reflux ones.
    Don’t know how realistic that will be, but I’m certainly prepared to give it a go.

    Thanks for your continued support…

    Aussie, take a panadol – you’re allowed to and be kind to yourself. Got any soup in the house? – it could be hunger, or you might be coming down with something. Remember this is meant to be flexible. If it doesn’t work today, feed yourself and try again tomorrow or the next day.

    Alimax, thanks 🙂
    I woke with the headache and did take something stronger, but it persisted.
    Gone now, thank goodness and I’ve had 2 herbal teas.
    Perhaps the hot drinks kills the pangs, here’s hoping!

    Shopping day tomorrow, so I’ll be adding those clear packet soups to my list.
    It’s hot and windy here and the humidity is not helping either.

    Hi Aussie,
    I also suffered from headaches and tiredness after being on this diet for 4-5 weeks. But now I’m 8 weeks in and I haven’t had a headache for the last 3-4 fast days. Maybe your body is just adjusting? My hubby started this WOE about two weeks ago and is struggling with the tiredness. I have encouraged him to stick with it as it should pass, and to just go to bed earlier.
    Alimax has some wise advice, be kind to yourself. This WOE is flexible, it’s one of the cool things about it. If today isn’t working for you, try again tomorrow.
    As far as the hunger pangs go, I find they don’t last too long and distraction and water helps a lot. It also helps me to remember that tomorrow I can have a lovely big breakfast. I haven’t given in on a fast day – yet- but I have come close. I just keep telling myself that it’s only one day and tomorrow I can eat again properly (I also know that I would be really disappointed in myself if I did give in as this is by far the longest I have ever stuck with a new WOE).
    I hope your headache eases off and the tension lifts.

    Suerocks, my headaches are pre-existing,but intermittent.

    I discovered the taste of 1/2 tsp of Vegeta in hot water..yay!
    The hardest time for me is mid afternoon, but it’s getting easier.

    I’ve re-assessed my monthly menu and am happy with the outcome.
    I neeeeed an early kick start, so have chosen eggs,cottage cheese and baked beans… not all together of course!

    When I said I was going to throw in the sponge, I meant to eat something, even a banana, but I’m glad I didn’t succumb!

    Feeling much better now that I’ve had my dinner and will be on track for Thursday 🙂
    Thanks all, for the encouragement, it means a lot!

    Hi all, I’m from the Central Coast. Have been on the 5:2 for 5 weeks now, have lost about 2.5 kilos but clothes wise it feels great! I want to lose another 6 kilos to get around 64kg so I think it’s a slow road for me now since I’m back in the healthy range (just), but I’m not going to give up.

    I think this diet alone is not going to work now but maybe need to boost it with more exercise at this point of my weight loss, has anyone else found this?

    I’m finding that I am making better food choices on my non-fast diet days too now.

    Good luck all, hearing some great stories.:)

    Welcome jojomac!!

    Hello Everyone, I’m in Tasmania and i have just joined this and this is my first fast day…heres to a new lifestyle and hopefully loosing 15kgs

    My first fast day today.
    I’m in Wellington, NZ.
    I hope to loose 3-4kg.
    Looking forward to learning more about it.

    Welcome everyone! I have loved seeing the influx of Aussies after the doco showing the other night – fantastic!!
    Good luck to everyone notnew and new 🙂 🙂

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