Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

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  • Hi everyone,
    My husband wanted to watch the doco the other night, we were so impressed by the results we are giving it a go. We are on day 3. We are in Adelaide. I hope to lose 10-15 kilos and hubby is aiming for 6-10 kilos. Can’t wait for the sugar withdrawal head aches to pass.

    Welcome Allez4!
    I too suffered from the headaches but they did pass so don’t give up. And you can take pain relief!
    I had been on this diet for about 7-8 weeks before I saw the doco. I had heard about it and did some online research and thought I could stick to it (which hasn’t been too hard so far), but after seeing the documentary I am even more determined to make it a new way of life in the long term. The health benefits are incredible!
    My weight loss has been slow and steady, roughly 500gms a week. I plateaued for a couple of weeks (see earlier post) but seem to have moved passed that now. Yay!
    So welcome, this forum is great, lots of information and huge amounts of encouragement. Well done for taking the path to a trimmer and healthier you, and hubby. Your bodies will love you for it!
    Sue 🙂

    Morning Southies, I hope you all managed well this week. I’m a bit blown away this morning. After last weeks gain, I thought I’d lost some weight, but was amazed to see a loss of 1.3kgs!! That’s 4 kgs in 7 weeks, and I’m back into the 50’s for the first time in 10 years!! Only 3 kgs to go..Bring on the 50th – I’ll be looking fab 🙂
    Cheers all, Ali

    Welcome to all the newbies!
    Plenty of help and inspiration here; it’s the Aussie way!

    Alimax…wow, well done!
    I can’t believe you are aiming for 50kgs!

    And to me, 3 weeks in and I’ve lost 5kgs!
    Five more to go and I’ll look at resetting my goal, after consultation with my GP.
    At my age, I’m losing fat and gaining wrinkles haha!

    Great work Aussie, 5kg in 3 weeks – that’s fabulous !!
    Not 50 – I’d look shocking, but 56 would be great.
    Not one person (BF or OH) has noticed so far! ( husband seemed quite surprised when I told him this morning), so I have to brag to you guys.
    I must have been clever with my clothes ;).

    First fast down and i felt really great about it – only water or tea from 8pm the previous night to 6pm last night.. came home to hubby heating up a cheesecake shop queche and bought a cheesecake as a “congrats on fasting”.. yes i went over the 500cals. but i am not going to let that stop me

    Hi everyone 🙂

    There are lots of “very well done”s today! Aussienow and Alimax, great results, you will both be looking fab very soon, and to all the newbies, congrats on getting through your first fasts and continuing on the journey 😀

    Aussienow, that loss is very spectacular in the time, especially given you don’t have that much to lose. Alimax, given you can’t have been overweight before, either, it may not be surprising that others haven’t noticed – one can disguise 3-4kg quite easily, I have found!! My hubby didn’t notice my weight loss until it was much more than 4 kg…. Hopefully yours will be more aware now, and in the meanwhile, and whenever, of course brag away to us !!

    Welcome clovia – managing 22 hours of no eating is pretty amazing for your first fast day (I can’t do this length of time without food even after 7 months!!). Not surprised you celebrated with quiche and cheesecake… Perhaps with time and weight loss on 5:2 you may decide to celebrate in other ways tho??!! 😀 😀

    I think there are earlier posts I wanted to comment on, but the way my iPad displays the posts makes it difficult to look at earlier posts without running the risk of losing what I am typing. So, will leave this post at that for the moment, apart from saying that I am fasting today after 2 days of over-indulgence at a conference…

    Good wishes to all for the day and weekend ahead 🙂

    Hi Everyone

    I saw the doco on SBS last year (and the repeat last week). A friend at work started the diet earlier this year – she has lost weight and, more importantly, significantly reduced her cholesterol levels.

    I made a bit of a start a few weeks ago, then got disrupted and lost momentum. Life is getting back to a more normal setting, so i’m going to start again on Monday. Good to see so many others having a go – we can share tips and help to maintain each other’s enthusiasm!

    Hi everybody. I moved from Sydney to Singapore with my young family for work and started fasting two weeks ago not long afte I saw the BBC doco on a flight. The new and key goal I have is massive and daunting but it’s my health as a Dad which motivates me to reach get my waist from 116cms to under 94cms. I think I’ll need this forum for at least six months. I’ve lost about three kegs but have noticed I feel calmer about eating and I don’t mind fasting Mondays & Tuesday’s because I’m busy and distracted by work. Any tips on exercise? I’m thinking of just walking on those days but I don’t want to risk feeling too hungry.

    Welcome Allan!
    It’s good to see a bloke here 🙂
    Plenty of support and motivation here for you.

    I can’t help with the exercise tips, as I only walk the dog on the beach 2x a week.
    There are others who will help out, I’m sure!

    One day at a time and little steps to your goal.
    Hang in there, it DOES work!

    Do something that works for you and you will find that just cos you are not eating much, doesn’t mean you won’t have any energy. Some have said quite the opposite.
    I like jumping on the trampoline and I walk the dog if no one else has or I want some r&r but the trampoline I try to do at least 10 mins a day.

    So if walking is your thing and you can do it daily…do it,
    Welcome and congrats on starting!

    Thanks dumpling. I’ll take a long walk tonight and a short brisk walk in the morning and see how different it feels. It is so steamy up here all the time I hope th combination works out at a faster loss rate. I decided to focus on the waist measurement rather than weight. The weight measuring is such an emotional roller coaster and I’m already finding I feel just like the book says; I’m giving my body a break. Good to read all the comments on this thread. Good luck to everyone!

    I was in Singapore for 3 nights last march ( stayed at traders)
    Oh my goodness. How any one survives is beyond me.
    We went to the gardens….it was like being in a steam room.

    Sorry, but I would just be lying down under a tree all the time if I lived there.

    Yes, measure…cos you will shrink in the heat

    Hi Allan, welcome & congrats on starting this. It does feel challenging at first, but you’ll soon find it’s so liberating!
    Been to singers a few times – my only tip for excercising is to get up early. Really early! By 7am its all over – I remember how balmy (and chaotically busy) it all was still at 10pm!
    On the up side, the produce is wonderful, fresh and imported from everywhere. Great stuff ( maybe avoid the jamon from Iberica)
    Good luck tomorrow – remember we’re here if you need us. Of course, you are the only male on the site. Perhaps you should be afraid. Very……

    Hi everyone, it’s been great reading all the posts and support! I saw the doco last week and was inspired to finally do something I really think I can stick with and achieve the results I want and need. I’m 45, 5ft8 and have let my weight creep up to 90 kgs! Ugh. Was always pretty slim (58kgs at 18 and 62kg when I married at 23) until my mum died in my mid-20s and then seemed to discover the world of comfort eating. Weight prob stabilised around 75-80kgs (after 2 kids) for a few years and seemed to be around 85 for a few years, but after acknowledging weight gain, I finally bought scales again and realised that I really need to do something about this NOW. It horrifies me to think that I weigh 50% more now than I did when I got married. So, anyway, today is my first fast day. It was supposed to be tomorrow, Tuesday, but something came up last night, so had to swap at the last minute. Prob good not to have too much time to think about it, although I haven’t really sorted out my meals for the day yet. Haven’t eaten anything yet, but that’s pretty much usual for me on any day at this time. I’m just going to gauge my hunger and prob just eat a small brunch around 11 and then dinner around 8. Am looking forward to this and while I’m a little nervous about fasting and how I’ll cope, am looking forward to feeling hungry and telling myself that’s how I know my body is burning fat. I am looking forward to feeling good about myself again as well as the very important health benefits.

    Good Morning All..I was just wondering how many calories people burn during a normal day/fast day or do most people just opt for 30 mins a day

    Hi everyone..been away for a week, but stayed on track thank goodness.
    Entering my 3rd week and 2.5kg down! but most importantly is I feel happier in myself and a sense of control that I feel really good about.
    It is the first time in my life that I DON’T feel like I am on a DIET..and I just love that feeling.

    Because of YEARS of yoyo dieting I have a pretty good idea of calories, so I have decided to go by Sassys thoughts and not weigh my salads etc.
    My reason for that being ONCE I have to start weighing EVERYTHING it becomes a DIET! and I don’t see this as a diet and I don’t want to start getting thoughts that this is becoming a hassle??

    I know all the veges that are sooo lo cal and they are normally the ones that come up on FREE LISTS all the time..so with this in mind I only carefully work out the protein etc and enjoy a lovely fresh salad with all the lo cal veges etc..lettuce, baby spinach leaves, rocket, capsicum, carrot, radish, sno peas, zucchini, cucumber, cherry tomatoes etc.
    The more variety the better..if I had to weigh each of them individually I probably wouldn’t last doing this.
    Same with cooked veges..if you have a lovely big plate of lots of different cooked veges and the right amount of protein etc, you will NOT feel hungry.

    These are just MY THOUGHTS and it works for me and keeps me more than happy to carry on for as long as EVER!!

    Ah, dragonfly2510, I echo your sentiments exactly!
    Fancy that..lol!
    Well done on the weight loss 🙂

    Hi All,
    Today is my first fast day. I saw the program last week and bought the books. I recently had some blood tests done so I know I need to decrease my cholesterol. I am hoping to report in each week.

    I need to lose 38kgs
    Starting @ 104.9 kg
    Body fat @50.2
    BMI @ 38.5
    HDL@ 1.31
    LDL @ 4.6
    Chol@ 7.0
    Tric @ 2.3

    Fingers crossed.

    Hello Melbourne Girl!,
    Well done on being so organised to get all your stats done. Its 1.40pm over there now – how have you gone so far? Do you have your dinner planned out?
    Remember the pangs come and go and water is your best friend today.

    Good luck!

    Hi – I’m in Sydney and this is my first day on the fast diet. I’ve decided that Mondays and Wednesdays will be my fast days. So far so good and I’m pleased to see that there are plenty of people on the forum from the Southern Hemisphere so that I can have a read and stay motivated when I’m needing a bit of a push. 🙂

    Hi Everyone,
    Another Melbournite here. I didn’t see the program that was on SBS the other night but had recently come across a reference to this diet on Calorie King, then a guy I know was talking about having started this diet. Mentioned it to the hubby as I thought this might be easier for him to follow. No interest. Then late last week he comes in and talks about how this sounds like it could be good (where he got that from I wasn’t going to ask). So I suggested that we could give it a go.

    So tomorrow will be our first fasting day. Weekends wouldn’t work for us, and I think Tuesdays and Thursdays will be easier for us to manage.
    I’ve put together two eating plans 600 cals for him and 500 for me and we are going to see how we go.

    We both need to shift a few kilos (me 10 – 15 kilos – hubby about 20 – I’ll get him onto the scales tomorrow morning and lasoo him with a tape measure). Really don’t know how I am going to go with this, and keeping hubby committed and motivated will be a challenge. Hopefully the shopping trip on the weekend where he was told he needed a larger neck on his shirts than he previously had been buying will help get him committed. My BMI of 29 is all the kick up the behind that I need.

    It’s nice that there is a mix of experienced and new 5:2ers on this thread. It’s been great reading the posts and I am feeling a sense that this is achievable.

    Now fingers crossed for tomorrow.

    Hi everyone – hubby and I are in Adelaide and we have started our 5:2 today – although tomorrow is our first fast day. We saw the program a little while ago – and hubby saw it again recently. He is wanting to lose about 10-12kgs so we decided to both take the journey together (easier when someone is doing it with you!). I am hoping to lose about 4-5kgs.

    I have downloaded the recipe book and have bought the Fast Diet book so i feel prepared. I have mapped out our meals for our 2 fast days for the week (Tuesday and Thursday) but we wont fast on those days every week, Mondays will also work for us.

    I forgot to do measurements this morning, so will do that tonight, but our starting weights are 92kg for hubby and 61kg for me.

    msxjsds – good luck for tomorrow!
    Will be interesting to compare notes post day 1.

    Thanks for the welcome!
    So far so good. I am following the books suggested menu (porridge/berries and chicken stir fry tonight).
    I am not actually feeling hungry now. I think it will be a little more challenging in a minute when the kids come home from school and later when getting the families’ meal. I have already cooked their pasta sauce and will just need to cook spaghetti for them. Then I will cook my dinner.

    Welcome to all the newbies (hope you don’t mind this term, but we do tend to use it…) 🙂

    You all sound very organised, and great for those of you starting as a husband and wife team – perhaps a bit of healthy competition??!

    There is so much info available on this forum, do have a good look around and use the search facility if you are after something specific. Lots of info in particular about surviving fast days, and ensuring you stay on track on other days – and what to do if you don’t! (Tho that one is easy, just start again the next day.)

    If you can’t find out what you want to know, after checking the faqs and doing a search, then start a new topic with your question – that is probably the best way to get an answer. Sometimes if you post a question in an existing topic, it can get missed, as there are now so many people posting (tho you can try asking it in an active topic, such as this one).

    Very best wishes as you embark on this WOL / WOE (Way of Life/ Eating). 😀

    Hi everyone I guess I’m a newbie too. I’m in suburban Sydney and have just completed my first week on 5:2. Have lost 2kg this week. Yey!!!! However my current BMI is 38.4 so I have around 36 kgs to go until my BMI is down to the top end of normal.
    Nice to see some Aussies on the site.

    Hi all, I’m from south of Sydney, almost a week into my new life of fasting and I can’t believe how easy it is! I’m trying to get hubbie along for the ride but no go so far….
    I’m doing 4:3 to kick start me as I’m in desperate need of an ” overhaul” lol. I’m surprised at my lack of hunger, today I actually went a full 24 hrs without food! I had coffee & lots of water and even managed a half hour ride on the bike.
    Usually I live to eat, not eat to live. I’ve got a massive 25 kg to go with 12kg lost on my own before.
    I just can’t get over the simplicity of it. Once I understood the concept & theory behind it, it just makes perfect sense.

    Loving the forums too!

    Good Morning Everyone.

    Good Luck to the people who are fasting today!!!!

    I have my carrot sticks and i even spluged on a yummy black tea for during the work day and then a chicken salad for dinner as today and thursday are my fast days. It doesn’t hurt that its going to be a balmy 30 degrees in Hobart today so i wont feel like munching on carbs tonight.


    30 degrees in Hobart??? The folks in Qld & Nsw are freezing! What’s going on with this country?
    Have a great day 🙂

    Hi clovia – don’t think it is going to make it to 30 today – still in the low twenties and overcast. But we certainly have been having the full range of “normal” spring weather!!

    Good luck with the carrot sticks and black tea, etc, sounds very much like the menu I had yesterday!

    First day done and we are both feeling great although hubby feels abit tired. Loved our recipes – we ate breaky at about 6:45am and dinner between 7.30-8pm.

    Looking forward to thursday – next fast day. We did measurements last night…….how often does everyone weigh / measure? I am thinking weekly but not sure that is long enough to see any change.

    Clovia – carrot sticks & black tea? Is that all you had? Wow! We had scrambled eggs (1 for me and 2 for hubby) with spinach and mushrooms for breakfast and Pho, salmon, roast tomatoes and beans for dinner. About 450 cal for me and about 550 for hubby and we are FULL……lol

    Hello everyone, I have just finished my first week and finished with a 2.4 kg loss, hubby hasn’t weighed yet. Today was my most successful fast so far keeping the calories under 500. So today felt like my first true fast. Evenings are still a struggle as I’ve been strong and not indulging in comfort eating activities.

    This past year I put on all the weight I lost (13kg) the year before will doing a shake replacement diet. This woe is so much better than relying on an artificial supplement.

    Bring on breakfast!!

    Hi All – did my first day of fasting yesterday – and it was strangely easy … hoping this continues. Not sure what will happen in the rush towards Christmas but overall feel that 5:2 is achievable and the forum posts are definitely encouraging.

    I’m in Melbourne and am very pleased to see a Southern Hemispherites Forum – thank you!

    Hi all,
    Good to hear the positives of those who have just started. Yesterday was my first “fast” day. Pretty boring food wise, I need to get imaginative. 🙂
    I stayed within my 500 calories, I wont say easily but it was simpler than I had thought.

    Hubby was a bit over his calorie limit – which I can only really blame myself for, he was so uncertain about it felt that he had to have some emergency snacks. He, of course, ate the emergency extras. When I checked his TDEE however it was only slightly more than what a 1/4 of his daily dietry requirement is in theory so I wasn’t that bad letting him get to just over 700 calories rather than the 600 rule of thumb for men. He isn’t committed to this as yet, but as long as I stand firm he will probably stick with it.

    I think I am so going to need these forums to stay on track. I weighed myself yesterday morning and this morning and quite frankly I don’t really believe the difference on the scales.

    When do people here weigh in? The morning after a fast day or a couple of days after?
    I started being serious about my fitness and weight 5 weeks ago and have been recording my weight on Saturday mornings – and measuring once a month. If the weight change I saw this morning sticks this Saturday’s weigh in is going to be a ripper. 🙂

    Enjoy it, cos by tonight..it will be back, but I find 2 days after a fast I can be lower!!
    So just see what happens with you, but if it goes back up..that’s ok, cos by Saturday you will probably be a bit lower than last Saturday and THaTS what you are aiming for, a steady decline.

    But hey…enjoy the gloating today!!

    Great to hear from so many new starters 🙂

    I weigh once a week after a fast day, first thing in the morning after shower and ideally after other ablutions… My scales give me body fat and water measures too, which I find very useful. Providing I don’t overeat on a non-fast day, I don’t think my weight is any higher after a non-fast day, providing I weigh myself in the same situation. But the main thing I am tracking is weight loss, not so much absolute weight.

    I do other body measurements about every month.

    Best of luck for everyone starting (or continuing with) this WOL – do use this forum to seek and provide support. There is lots of useful info to be found by exploring different topics. 😀

    Hi Everyone. 🙂

    Today will be my second fast day. As advised (and expected) some of that astronomical weight loss has gone back on. I’m having fun watching the scales go up and down.

    My scales show both weight and body fat percentage – but the body fat is totally frustrating. I’ve been hitting the gym for the past five weeks and I KNOW I have built some muscle tone (3 weights sessions a week will do that for you), and during that time I’ve dropped 2 kilos but my body fat is still fluctuating between 40 and 42%. I’ve sworn that I will not look at the body fat % but as it flashes kilos and body fat alternatively it is hard not to see it.

    I’m expecting today to be a bit of a rougher ride than my first “fast” day as I actually woke up hungry and that was after dinner out at a Greek restaurant last night!

    Now to see what the day brings.

    Those scales re fat % are out.
    Muscle does not weight more…a kilo of muscle is not heavier than a kilo of fat, so maybe they are not very accurate. ( obviously not accurate)
    I would ignore the fat % and just watch yourself shrink.
    An 80kilo woman made up of all muscle and an 80 kilo woman made up of 50% fat will look 5 times bigger, cos a kilo of muscle is the same weight, but it is 5 times smaller.

    You go girl…you enjoy those weight drops and ups…but over all after a certain time, it will be less than today.

    Do focus on whatever measurement gives you the best results!! 🙂

    I convert the % body fat and water into kg and monitor these – % of course depends on what it is a percent of and sometimes %bf can go up a bit but if weight has gone down then amount of fat may have gone down too.

    But as dumpling infers, the scales we use at home are not accurate, there is variability in our body composition by a kg here and there depending on the time of day, food eaten, exercise just done, etc, and it is the trend over time that is the most important.

    Certainly how you look and feel can be the best measures, so try not to get hung up by the actual measurements (says someone who stresses over what the scales show as a 300g gain when I feel fine…!!!!)

    There are lots of posts in this forum describing people’s fasting experiences – these are very varied but you are bound to find someone who has similar to you. Fast days have helped give me back control over my eating on all days for almost all the time now, and for that I am EXTREMELY grateful. So the hunger pangs are definitely worth it. 😀 😀

    So much for the promise of summer for Hobart…..!

    First fast day went well (carrot sticks, cups of tea, and chicken and salad for dinner).

    The crayfish season opened last weekend, and my son has given us one from his catch. We are having it for dinner tonight and, being a fast day for me, it will be accompanied by lots of salad, seasoned with lemon juice and pepper. With this on the menu, somehow fasting doesn’t seem so hard!

    The total weight, % bodyfat issue can get confusing. Lots of gym work will build some muscle, which is more dense than body fat (ie you may not lose any grams, but you will lose centimetres). It can get hard ro monitor exactly if you are building more muscle through exercise at the same time as you are losing weight through calorie reduction. The scales can be helpful, but as the other posters have said, how you feel is more important. If you have lost something around the girth (and your waistbands and belts are a bit looser), then the scales are less important.

    I’m sure that many of us are following the diet to lose weight, but one of the key messages I got from the doco was that the intermittent fasting has a significant impact on a range of other indicators that go to long term health. And these are even more important than weight.

    Yum, lobster!!!

    Yes Susannah i think Summer for Hobart is looking further away, Just got saturated walking at lunch!!

    2nd day of fasting for me.. and only 1 tea so far. but tonight is shopping night so i hope i will hold out for morrocan chicken and salad for dinner.

    The scales read that i have lost 3kgs so far but i would like to know where as i dont feel any diffrent.

    continute to have a lovely day peoples 🙂

    Hi guys,

    Sorry i haven’t posted before this – a fairly crappy and very busy day at work. Grrr.
    Anyway as today is a fast day for most of us, let’s check in in the morning with all our fabulous results for the week :))
    ps. what’s happened to my Perthites? You’ve all been a bit too quiet…………

    Hey Alimax, I am still here and trying to catch up with all the new Aussie members… Welcome to you all!

    I’ve been sick for a week so decided to miss my fast today as I’ve not really eaten much all week and have dropped 2kg whilst laying on the couch as a result. I’m hoping to get good test results back tomorrow and see a huge improvement in my health over the weekend and I will be back on track for Monday’s fast.

    Hello from Adelaide
    Its that time of year when all the sweet food comes out.Today got home from work and realised how terrible i feel.
    The feeling that you have had a real sugar overload. Just thinking about it a while and thought I would give this a try.
    I need to drop a good 10 kgs.A while back I was really looking at the foods that I was eating…..more fruit and veg and I felt really really well and full of energy.
    Now with a back injury the diet has slipped and I just feel blah…really really blah.
    I have tried doing 1200 cal one day and 800 cal the next this was really hard.5:2 seems to make more sense to me and I am encouraged by the forums.
    Have nothing to lose and hopefully more to gain.!

    I’m in Perth and have been on the diet since around March. I weighed 95kg and have now lost 15kg. I would like to lose another 5kg at meat. Mondays and Thursdays work best for me. I’ve become used to the routine and the way I think about food has changed. I feel full much quicker and snack much less during normal days. I have lots more energy and would strongly recommend combining exercise with the diet.

    Welcome to you both, great to have you join us!!!

    Welcome to our newer members!

    Weigh in day for me, but I was a bit miffed at only 100gms, which is neither here nor there.Maybe I’ll try again, later in the day 🙂

    I do have trouble eating my evening meal after abstaining all day.
    Last night it was chicken breast and lots of cooked vegetables, which I just could not finish, and even then felt uncomfortable.
    Does anyone else have a problem?

    Until next week..

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