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  • Yep, me Wednesday night, put some back in the fridge.
    I might eat half at lunch then half at dinner with a chicken salad if hungry at 4 from next week,
    I eat way more fibre on my fast days!!
    Massive big mixing bowl of salad with 80 grams chicken, massive big mixing bowl size as a stir fry,
    I don’t eat that much normally…but I eat more cals cos I have some peas, lots of meat and spuds or rice.
    Fast days it’s not that diet!!!
    I weighed 3 hrs later and lost 300 grams from the morning weigh in.
    So try again later…

    I took that greater loss over the 8 am weigh in.
    Meant I then lost 2 kg in 3 weeks.

    @ dumpling
    Hmmm… I think I’ll have split my meals too, having half at lunch and the rest at night, or just cut back, period.
    I find I’m eating less on normal days as well. Maybe my stomach is shrinking..lol

    I’m having ‘retail therapy’ today, so will be otherwise occupied, even though it’s a day off 😀

    Maybe our tummies are shrinking!??

    I only have 430 cals In the day …maybe 501 if I have left over salad , cottage cheese and cruskets. Before bed, if I’m hungry, haven’t really Been Hungry as yet, My usually non fast says are 3000 cals probably! I dont count…don’t care.

    I’m worried that if I start eating at lunchtime I will be really hungry then.
    I can go till 1 and have a smoothie , water and boysenberries and then Salad from 3.30/ 4 and then Stir fry about 6 that’s where I start getting ‘ full’ on my 437 cals!!! Crazy.

    Anyway another thing, do you find 2 days after a fast your weight is lower than the day after the fast? Mine is by about 400 grams. Nearly half a kilo people…
    It’s usually less anyway after a fast, but a big drop the day after 2


    Hi everyone and welcome to all the newbies 😀 😀

    We have quite a large forum now so it does make it difficult to keep in touch with everyone, but at least someone generally manages to respond to each new post, which is good!

    Can’t comment on the recent query re how weight changes over course of the day or over a couple of days – I only weigh myself once a week. If you can, try not to worry too much about the inevitable variability that happens with weight over short period of time – try to focus on the longer term trend. 🙂

    Retail therapy can be good Aussienow – hope you are buying something nice 🙂

    And unfortunately I don’t seem to ever feel full on fast days, and can always eat everything I have prepared (and I do have lots of veggies), but generally I do enjoy the feeling of not being full – much better that the bloated tummy I can end up with on other days…!!!

    To all the new starters, do have a good look through topics of interest – those created by newbies can contain useful replies. There is lots to learn from the experiences of others. 🙂 It’s always useful to review the faqs too.

    Take all your measurements, take a photo, find some clothing that is too tight now but you plan to fit into, take a good look in the mirror (!) and draw on all these, or whichever suits you best, to measure your progress.

    Seek and provide help and support through this forum – it can really help keep you motivated. 🙂 🙂

    Tonight is the Year 12 graduation of my younger son, and some of you know that I need to fit into ‘that dress’ I bought a few weeks ago – it is very close fitting and I could only just sit down …!!! I think I should be ok, have managed to keep the weight reasonably constant since I bought it. I will try to eat very little today… Normally I would have had a fast day yesterday, but I changed it to Wed because I had a very large meal with friends on Tues night and needed to clear the system… Had planned to keep the cals down yesterday, but older son really wanted a roast so we had beef with Yorkshire pudding. Oh dear! I couldn’t resist having an extra serve, it was so yummy as we haven’t had such a meal in ages… Oh well! I have been doing 16:8 for the last 2 weeks and that really seems to be working for me – much better than when I tried 4:3, as I felt hungry too often then.

    Anyway, off to do some shopping now. We are going away for the weekend to the high country with our new off-road caravan, meeting up with others who have the same brand of van. It’s only our second time venturing out with the van, and first time off road. Am looking forward to it! 🙂

    Good wishes to all for fast and non-fast days and the weekend 🙂
    Catch you later!
    Sassy 😀

    Hi Sassy,
    You have intrigued me. What is the 16:8?

    Hey Melbourne Girl, from what I have picked up from different threads 16:8 is where you only allow yourself to eat in an 8 hour window during the day. Say 10:00am through to 6:00pm, and therefore fasting the rest of the day. 8 hours of your choice. 🙂

    Had a great fast day yesterday! Am finding that breakfast and then nothing till dinner seems to work for me. Although I often find that I have to deliberately turn myself away from food – I go looking for it habitually.
    I know this is only my first week but I have been finding so far that I am a lot more disciplined with my eating on my normal days. I think it is because the fasting days are difficult and I don’t want all that effort to go to waste.

    I am really intrigued as to how the following weeks will go for me.

    Hello fast buddies, welcome to Friday. Yay!!

    Sassy – I’m sure you’ll look simply sensational in your dress tonight – congratulations for getting so far. your son will be mighty proud! Have a great night and then go off and relax in your camper 😉

    hey Kim, sorry to hear that you’ve been unwell – a good weight loss, but really not to way to do it ;(. i hope the test results were okay today.

    Welcome to all the newbies. Stick with us. It’s pretty fun and empowering. I managed a 0.8kg loss this week – that’s now 5 kgs in 8 weeks and am thinking that I might need some new clothes soon – I think I binned all my skinny ones years ago. Maybe then someone will notice?!!

    cheers all, enjoy a tipple tonight and a great weekend. Chat Monday. Ali x

    @ dumpling
    Yay! Weighed this morning and loss shows 600gms for the week!
    You were right about waiting that extra day 🙂
    Even after a nice lunch of fish and chips and a light evening meal yesterday.

    What day does everyone else weigh on?
    Sunday – end of week or Saturday, end of fast days?

    I’m looking good and feeling even better!
    Oddly, no-one has commented on my appearance 🙁

    Have a great weekend all!

    Sassy, let us know how your evening went and how fabulous you looked in your dress 😀

    Over half a kilo…whoaaa!
    I’m kind of keeping track come Thursdays, as I started on a Thursday, but I weigh daily!
    Just write down the Thursday and Fridays weights, as Friday is lower…2 days after a fast.
    I fast Monday and Wednesday or thurs, but have done a Sunday, as had a girls lunch at mine Monday.
    So I swap the days around, but do find you need to sort the days you are going to do before the week starts, or you are all over the place….and running out of days and a back to back is not fun.

    Hope you had a nice night sassy.

    Wow you look fantastic Aussienow!! You’ve lost weight, haven’t you?!! 😀

    @iwant2bincontrol … Thank you 🙂
    You have no idea how good that makes me feel xx

    By no-one, I mean friends and neighbours.
    My husband and daughters are supportive, but the girls live away, so have not seen me.
    I think DH sees it as ‘another diet’ and not really looking at me.
    Maybe it’s a man thing 🙂

    You have a super day too!

    HI Everyone.

    Aussienow and Dumpling – congrats on your weight loss.
    I’ve got to say this diet rocks. I know that first weeks often give the best results but boy I did not see this one coming for me. I have to admit that I don’t quite trust it but I burned 3kilos.

    Put on a pair of jeans that I had been wearing just last week and they are big around the waist. Tried on a pair of jeans that I couldn’t even get the button done up on a few weeks ago and found that I can get the button done up – but not the zip. At the moment I’m in a state of denial – but hoping that this sticks. Hubby didn’t have the same loss – he only got a 100 gram loss but broke out of the fast day and has done zero exercise over the week. He is still going to give it another try this week. I’ll just have to be harder on him.

    I don’t expect to have the same spectacular loss next week – but I’ll be highly disgruntled if I have a gain.

    Wow ghost girl, you drop those kilos!!! Well done, and if you stick with it and don’t binge the other 5 days you may get a 2 kilo loss, so 5 kilos in 2 weeks ain’t bad. Just tell yourself that’s what you want to see on the scales please.
    ( did you see the meditation I shared on pops thread? You listen to it at night. 22 mins. Will re program your brain to release the weight)

    The jeans measurement sounds accurate…so the scales and jeans ..it must be true.

    Aussienow, now I see you from behind, you can really tell you are shrinking, yay!!!!

    Thanks Dumpling.
    I’m a bit amazed at the effect that this has had on my view of food so far.
    Normally I’m the type of girl who can buy a big bag of chips and eat them in one sitting. Bought a bag on Friday and actually thought no – I’ll just eat one serve. So weighed it out and enjoyed it. A little bit later thought I wouldn’t mind some more and again just weighed out a serve and the balance of the bag is sitting in the pantry. Bought chicken and chips for a slack lunch today and didn’t accept the travelling home chips my hubby was wanting to hand me, then actually stopped eating when I’d had enough of my quarter of chicken and share of chips. Haven’t pigged out on anything since starting on the 5:2.
    Something really strange is going on here – I think I’ve been substituted by aliens.

    ghostgirl, hang in there, you are doing just fine!

    dumpling, you’re priceless!

    I hear ya re the chips..potato and hot!
    Do you think once you embark on this way of eating your body gets on board with it cos you are making it healthy ( the weight is a side affect) and unconsciously stops you from sabotaging it!???
    Cos a lot of people have experienced the same thing…food doesn’t freak them out anymore, it’s not leaving the planet, you ‘ can have it tomorrow’
    And when tomorrow comes we don’t eat the whole bag, we have ‘ a bit’
    Which has never happened before!?????

    Or we actually pass on some things….

    Like we are in ‘ health mode’ but our bodies put us in that mode…and we have no control!

    Good Morning all and welcome to another week, this week i am more determined as during my weekly weigh in i found i actually put on 1kg!! 🙁 so back to the drawning board i go

    Good morning to you!
    Lol, I did too when I weighed myself last night, just for fun!
    I think I need to look at what I’m eating on the ‘other’ days and cut back the quantity/calories, which I have not been doing so far.
    Have good day!
    I’m de-cluttering, so my mind is elsewhere 🙂

    I’m packing so my mind has leaked out my ear.

    Is a drawning board something that involves crayons?

    First week down and both hubby and I have a nice loss so far. Me: down to 59.4kg and hubby: down to 90.4 (loss of 1.6kg!!). We have found we both feel better, feel more ‘self control and understanding’ about what we are eating. We indulged on Sat night and boy did we enjoy it… 🙂 but that was our one and only serious ‘fat feast’! (Roast pork, mash potatoes & peas, gravy YUM)

    Looking forward to our second week, we are kicking week 2 off with a fast day today as we have our daughters Year 12 Graduation tomorrow night (3 course meal etc). How did everyone else track over the weekend, they are our non-fast days as we could not fast on a weekend. Does anyone fast on the weekends? How do you find that – i guess it depends on your work/lifestyle.

    My Monday fast day and was feeling rumbly tummy around 1pm..so made a soup with 2 cups of chicken stock, 2 tsp red curry paste, 3 cubes frozen spinach, 1 pkt slim me Rice and a threw a handful of fresh baby rainbow chard silverbeet leaves from the garden in just before eating it.
    It definitely cured the rumbly tummy..BUT!I think there may have been a bit TOO much greenery in there!!
    Oh well!! at least I am not constipated anymore lol.

    Hmmm. Thanks for that dragonfly! 🙂

    Happy monday fasting team – I hope it’s going well for everyone 🙂

    I am going to aim to lose another 3kgs before my 50th in 5 weeks – but as I will be on holidays for 2 of those weeks it could be tricky!! I have to learn better self control – especially on the weekends. Bread, cheese and wine are my nemesises. Bad Ali!

    It’s a month today until xmas. Have you made some plans or promises to yourselves? Share them if you like and we can then all try to keep each other on track.


    My name is Nat and hailing from Adelaide! I came across Michael Mosley’s programme about the 5:2 diet on TV a month or so ago and found it to be quite intriguing. Pounds have been slowly but surely creeping up on me in the last year (menopause is rearing it’s ugly head…) and thought I’d give it a go. My first fast day was yesterday and I was genuinely surprised at how much I could still eat (200 calories @ breakfast and 300 calories for dinner…MEGA veggie salad with a little chicken)and it’s called “fasting”! Here’s to a new lifestyle 🙂 Cheers all!

    I know, who knew that you could eat a load of salad stuff, and various veggies and it was ok!

    Frozen mixed veg, with dinner is now only 5 nights a week.
    The other 2 I actually chop things up !

    With the price of fruit/veggies being so horrendous in this country (well, at least in SA and it could possibly get worse if the federal government decides to add on GST to fresh foods to close up it’s budget black hole…),I’ve figured out a way to still pile them on my plate and not kill my grocery budget:

    Most supermarkets have a “reduced to clear” section or trolley, with bundles/bags of fruits and veggies (even meats and dairy) that are still good to eat for a day or 2 and at 50% or more off 🙂



    Hi All,

    I thought i would post this as a little motervation for everyone…God knows i need it today.

    It takes 4 weeks for YOU to see your body changing
    It takes 8 weeks for your FRIENDS AND FAMILY
    It takes 12 weeks for the REST OF THE WORLD
    so all in all KEEP GOING!!!!

    its my fast day today and i am running on only a couple of hours sleep due to one of the furbabies warding off unwanted cats in the yard between midnight and 4am!!!. to top it off my boss is back from leave so work is busy and hubbys home business is in christmas runout stage so hes at home but busy with international suppliers.
    Anyway thats enough for me hope everyone has a super day!!

    Wow! What an amazing supportive bunch you all are! I have just spent an hour reading through every single post and am very grateful to have found this thread.

    I’m from sunny Melbourne! (lol) I have started the 5:2 way of eating 1 week ago so have only completed 2 fasts. They were HARD! I have gained 8 kgs in the last 12 months after coming off a very low carb diet and firing my personal trainer. I am now desperate to lose those 8 plus 2-4 more as I am getting married in may 2014 and need to fit into a gorgeous wedding dress.

    I actually didnt lose any weight during my first week :(( and am now wondering if 10-12 kgs in 6 months may be a little unrealistic… Hope not!

    Welcome and congrats on the up coming nuptials
    Very exciting!

    You might find you do lose 4 kgs every 6 weeks, but 3 of them happen in one week. You won’t know for a few weeks probably,
    Just track it each week…and hopefully it will start to go south.
    But I’m no expert, only started a few weeks ago and the bar of chocolate I ate today, probably isn’t helping my cause!!!

    Hi everyone 🙂

    Am checking in after my weekend away – there has been lots to catch up on, so I won’t attempt to comment on what I have read – except to say welcome to all the new starters :D, keep up the good work (everyone), and to ms_nk that losing 12kg in 6 months is possible (and that I am a Melbournite too 🙂 ). For those of you who don’t know, I have been on 5:2 for 7 months and have lost 17kg and am now BMI 21.

    For the newbies – do read thru the posts in various topics in this forum as these reveal the wide range of experiences of those following this Way Of Eating – so you are very likely to find someone who has similar experiences and issues to you, which can be of help to you on your journey. Best wishes for this!

    An update on me, for those who asked: The year 12 graduation went well – the dress did fit and looked pretty good, if I say so myself!! The weekend away (on the Howqua) was great 🙂 am loving our new caravan 😀 And despite a week where I ate out, ate well, and ate lots (tho perhaps not quite as much as I may have in the past) on 3 evenings, I did not put on any weight – tho I was pretty careful for the rest of the time. I have been observing 16:8 for a couple of weeks, and think that helped too. (Ate out again tonight – it’s that time of year!!)

    Alimax asked about plans for Christmas. I am aiming to maintain my weight from now thru the festive season, but will still do two fast days a week to help compensate for the extra eating that is bound to happen. Fast days won’t be so easy when away on holidays for 3 weeks, but will do 16:8 when possible (I am finding that skipping brekkie is quite easy, tho I am a bit concerned that I am not getting enough calcium as brekkie was the only time I had milk.)

    Enough on me! Is past my bedtime so will sign off for now.
    Cheers 🙂

    So glad you had a good night!

    I get my calcium from chocolate.

    Hello from Lismore, North Coast of NSW! Just having a web surf & found this forum – and My wife & I started the “regime” as we call it (such a nicer word than “diet”) – and the French use it too – at the start of July 2013. I weighed 98 Kg after a very nice eating & drink trip to Perth & I set a target of 85 Kgs. I’m now 88.5 Kg & my wife has lost 10Kg – and looks sensational! As we’re 66 & 59 (& 3/4) respectively, we’re both pleased with the result, but we seem to have “plateaud” for the last couple of weeks. Now to do some excercise too! Great to catch this thread, very encouraging!

    Hello from Sydney, I have been on the fast diet for nearly 7 months since seeing the SBS version of Michael Mosleys documentary and then buying the e-book. Starting at 63 kgs, I lost 4kgs in the first 3 months then continued with fasting (Mon & Thurs)but not being so diligent with calorie counting but still achieving about 11hours of fast between breakfast & dinner. I have lost nearly 3kgs more and importantly 4 inches off my waist in total. My goal is 8 kgs in total, but I’m not too hung up about getting there fast ( ‘scuse the pun!) I only weigh myself every few weeks now and consider this a way of eating rather than diet as I am all for the aging health benefits that the 5:2 diet promotes. I had my ‘bloods’ done recently and all are in a great healthy range, so re-affirms the need to keep going for the long-term benefits as well as the weight loss. Good luck to everyone

    Hello everyone! I can’t call some of you recent additions newbies as some of you have been doing this for quite some time. Thanks for finding us and sharing your success stories – hearing good revitalises all of us!

    ms_nk – you’re gonna have to get an easier moniker – shall we call you nik? – 10-12kgs is very doable in 6 months. Trust in yourself. One word of advise from a bride way back when is not to get your dress too early. fast diet or not, all brides lose weight in the last week or two just from the stress of it alone – your dressmaker will not be thanking you!

    Hot today in Perth. Foolishly left my lunch at home focusing too much on the barrage of kids activities for the last week of school – but a little mini-fast today won’t hurt the cause at all. Ali

    It’s so encouraging to hear everyone’s success stories! Today was my official weigh in and I actually lost 1/2 a kilo!! Yippee!!!!

    Today is fast number 4 for me. Am still tossing up on wether I do 5:2 or 4:3. Thoughts??

    I think I cope better not eating any solids on fast days. I have been sipping herbal tea today and had some homemade chicken broth for lunch. Am saving the bulk of my calories for dinner. My version of low cal Pho. Yum!

    Really good advise on the wedding dress Ali. My dress maker is not taking measurements until march but she is happy for me to keep losing right up until the second last fitting.

    Jen8 sounds like you are a shorty like me. I am only 5 feet tall so these extra kilos I have put on dont have far to spread over!! 🙁

    Sassy, 17 kgs in 7 months is an incredible result!!! You are my new inspiration!! Nik 🙂

    Hi ms_nk, spot on I am 5ft 2, so a kg either way is obvious. I haven’t tried the 4:3 but maybe start on 5:2 and once you are more used to the fasting and if you are not getting the results you want them maybe switch to 4:3 and see if it is doable and gets you over the line.

    I lost 16kg in 6 months on 5:2. Then tried 4:3 to help with last bit of weight, but I just felt hungry and like I was fasting all the time. However, that may be just me – I know of a number of people who manage 4:3 as their WOL. 16:8 has worked better for me, still with 5:2.

    I would suggest sticking with 5:2 for at least a number of weeks first, before trying alternatives. Try to also reduce the white/sugar carbs and eat as little processed food as possible – fill up on veggies and appropriate amount of protein. That being said, this WOE is not about depriving yourself of less healthy foods you enjoy, so you can still make room for these if you want to – and lots of people following this WOL find that they either do not crave these so much over time, or are able to not give in to the cravings (and have yet another cup of herbal tea instead!!)

    Plateaus seem to be quite common in this WOE – and in many weight loss regimes. Sometimes weight may plateau, but body fat reduces, or inches drop off. Persevering seems to be the most common advice, but making changes to exercise routines, fasting regime, or changing when and what you eat may all help get the weight shifting again.

    (And Nik, some of the others know that I recently tried on my wedding dress after 22 years of marriage and not being able to fit into it for the last 21 years – and it fits me more easily now than it did then 🙂 🙂 I am sure you will look and feel stunning in yours 😀 AND you know about this WOL at a young age so you never need put on all the kgs that most of us have over the years… )

    Hello, I’m another one from Melbourne.

    Have posted elsewhere a few times, but thought I’d chip in here too. As I don’t follow 5:2 to the letter, it’s harder to contribute sometimes. I combine 5:2 with Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) and the results in almost 5 months are amazing. I subscribe to the Diet Doctor’s newsletter which I heard about in one of these posts. I’m down to an Aussie size 10 from a 16.

    I gave up weighing myself earlier this year (long before I heard of intermittent fasting in July) because I finally realised my obsession with it was ridiculous and it threw me off course for decades. I may weigh myself in Dec, but regardless of what the scale shows I am just thrilled to have found an eating strategy that is so flexible, so doable and that gets such results. This is for life for me.

    Nik, even though I can’t provide proof with actual kilos lost, I know you’re definitely on the best strategy to achieve your wedding day dreams.

    Jen8 – I’m 5 2 and a bit (not to be forgotten) so I identify completely.


    Just wanted to say hello, I am also in Perth (emigrated from the UK 5 years ago). I have just discovered the 5:2 Diet and will start my first fast day tomorrow. I lost 10kgs earlier this year following The Harcombe Diet (LCHF) which worked really well but find it hard to stick to 100% and have put on a few kilos. I don’t have much to lose – only about 6kg so hoping that 5:2 can get me back on track. Off to Florida in April and would love to be 55kg by then – I am only 5ft tall!!

    Looking forward to getting to know you all and getting lots of fab advice 🙂

    Wow, lot of hobbits in oz.
    I thought we had the monopoly on that one, but I see we don’t!

    Hi all,
    Great to know everyone is doing so well. I’ve just started and so far so good. I figure if I can lose weight in the lead up to Christmas, this really will be the best diet EVER! I’m in Melbourne, have to young kids and I’m trying to lose at least 5 hopefully 10 kilos. And although my login name is Hungry Mama, I haven’t found it too bad so far. But I’m a bit hungover today and it’s a fast day – so that could be interesting!

    ba ha ha hobbits! Love it!

    Am a newbie in northern NSW – only in my 3rd week and have just lost cms not weight but am quite buoyed by those results – my body composition is changing for the better! Very confronting to get on your scales and be advised you are comprised of nearly 50% fat.

    You guys are great – have enjoyed reading through this forum; keep it up!

    Hi everyone, am having my first coffee on my usual Thursday fast day – taking a break from the chores (hmm… looking for distractions…) Am wondering if I will have lunch or wait til dinner. Not at all hungry yet. Recently started having the packet miso soups – these are great, low cal and not too many additives. (I know that making my own soups would be better, and I do from time to time…)

    Yesterday was a normal eating day, after so many days of eating out. It was good to just have a normal day 😀 (much as the eating out has been lovely).

    Very grey here in Melbourne, but we did have a few very nice and warm days and we do now need some rain. But after the washing is dry on the line please 🙂

    Nice and quiet at home – hubby at work, younger son at schoolies and other son still asleep in bed…which he will be for hours. Will be a shock for him from next week when he starts his full-time holiday job…

    And welcome to the latest group of new starters! 😀 Glad you are finding the forum useful – reading about everyone’s experiences and all the support that is given has certainly helped me maintain this WOL. 🙂

    Morning fasters! Well, it’s still morning here on the west coast 🙂

    Oh Sassy, giving up my morning lattes on fast days has been the hardest thing to do. Food’s been the easy part! But as my hubbie (who does the shopping) will only buy full cream milk and I do have to have a teaspoon of sugar I have decided that on fast days my beloved coffee machine must be avoided. Boy am I gagging for it by friday morning!!

    Gee there’s a big bunch of you from melbourne now – (you are going to overtake sydney’s pop apparantly). Could be time to start thinking about a get together?

    Okay team – only 8 more fasts till xmas – make them count!! 🙂 Ali x

    I guess I am fortunate that since my uni years I have always had black tea and coffee, and never had added sugar (thanks mum!). I have weak coffee too (so really am not a proper coffee drinker!) but means I can have 2 a day no probs. 🙂

    Would love to have a Melb get together in the New Year 😀

    Hi all, I’m having a super day of washing, ironing and deciding whether to take more darts in my pants, or just flick them and wear the size 14s I have…oooh aaah!

    Re coffee, I still have a little milk in my one cup-in-the-morning, as I don’t get much calcium, and I have chicken stock in the afternoon (in boiling water..lol)
    Actually, I prefer cold water 🙂

    Are there any Brissie-ites here?
    I’m 1 1/2 hrs north, but closer to Sunshine Coast.

    Have a great day all!

    Unless they’re Armani – flick ’em!

    Lol @ hobits!! Haha if I had hairy feet I could probably pass as one!

    Definitely wear the size 14s!! I have jeans ranging in sizes 10 through to 14!! It will be fun to start going downwards again.

    I soooooooo miss my cappuccino on fast days! Would prefer to go without then drink instant or coffee I won’t enjoy. (yes, I’m a typical melbournite coffee snob)

    Have been finding the day after fasting I am particularly tired. Is anyone else experiencing this? I’m back to work tomorrow after 2 weeks off and I am trying to figure out which days I should fast as I work 4 long days a week and have 3 off.. Am also on my feet most of the day and dealing with people. Thinking if I fast on my days off I will be super tired the next day whilst at work. Guess I will experiment and see what works…. 🙂

    Hi Everyone
    Aussienow, when you say more darts in your trousers it means that it is time to say they’ve been good value and put them aside. Start wearing your smaller size trousers. A big congrats on the downsizing.

    Coffee for me is a non negotiable part of getting up in the morning I gladly use the calories for the milk in my coffee. I’ve been finding that I am running on 400 cals on my fast days. I originally calculated out to have a 100 cal snack at lunch time but I feel paranoid about eating it as I am afraid that I would then want to eat EVERYTHING in the house. But I know I CAN have a snack if I need it which keeps me going.
    Today has been a tough fast – probably because I didn’t get a good nights sleep last night.

    Just waiting on hubby to get home now so that we can eat dinner together. (currently 6:43pm) I am getting better with accepting the feeling of being hungry.

    Looking forward to our weigh day on Saturday – I think he will have lost weight this week which should motivate him to keep on going.

    Hi All,
    so just joined the forum and thought I would say hi. Some great posts through here. I started on Tuesday and am doing my 2nd fast day today. Havent really done huge amounts of research into this before starting and so far so good. (have ordered the book so hopefully it will arrive soon) But I figure how complicated can eating below 500 cal for the day be. And that’s prob why this has appealed to me so much. I’m an all or nothing person which means that I burn out on a diet before too long. This way its all in for a day, then off for a couple of days.
    The fast days are not easy as such – but nor would I call them hard. Knowing that I can eat “that” tomorrow makes a huge difference to my mental state. My best friend and I are doing this together and will try to fast on the same days – so that makes it easier.
    I do however have a question for everyone – in many diets there are considered “free” vegi’s. How does everyone count the calories in their veg…? or do you…? I assume that I should – but just interested in what others are doing.
    Looking forward to seeing how I progress and feel but so far I’m feeling pretty positive rather then dreading the new “diet”

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