Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

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  • Hi friends

    How can we already be halfway through Autumn? I must say, after a cold start, the weather has been mild and lovely lately. I’m still in short sleeves although the early morning dog walk now requires a fleece for the first 10 minutes until you warm up

    I was sorry to read about your ongoing foot problems Thin, I have been thinking about that and kept forgetting to ask. I’m glad you managed to get in to see the orthopaedic doctor

    I only knew one grandparent, my paternal grandmother, and she lived next door to Mum and Dad all their married life (well until she passed away). She was not a very nice person and gave my poor Mum hell but she put up with it out of love for my Dad. When Mr Anzac and I got engaged, Nana was in a home and not doing well. My Mum said “your [bleeping] grandmother will die just before your wedding just to spite me” Guess what? She did. A year later and 8 days before the wedding we had a funeral to arrange that was 2 days before the wedding. It actually worked out well because the relatives coming from other parts of NSW were able to attend both without returning home. Anyway, I can’t remember much about what she cooked but as a fussy eater child I remember thinking ‘yuck, more stewy stuff’. Ha ha

    Weight has crept up a bit this week, must be more mindful.

    Cinque I hope your grogginess was fleeting? You asked about work, it is up and down but not too crazy thankfully. Yet. That part is coming

    Take care all

    Anzac, oh my goodness, that story sounds like the makings of a comedy movie. “A Wedding And A Funeral”.

    Thin, it was a frantic, fraught time of course but both funeral and wedding went well (apart from my bridesmaidzilla…..for another story)

    Hi all just wanted to post and let you know I am still here. Today I finally cleared out the house. All my furniture has now gone into storage and I’ve rented a separate storage unit so that I can access clothes etc. so so stressful and costing me a small fortune. I have been living in a budget hotel for the past three nights, how life changes. Saturday I will transfer to a hotel at the airport as my flight leaves at 6am Sunday. With what has happened in Dubai I’m anxious as that is my first port of call before Istanbul. On my return I have booked into a motel for 3 weeks while I try to find somewhere to live. I’m still leaning towards Goulburn as the rents seem more reasonable there. I can’t believe I am homeless. I am totally exhausted and any thought of eating healthy is not going to happen until I return. I have know idea of my weight but can only imagine it has skyrocketed with all the stress and not being able to plan. Anyway I will post again when i get back from Turkey. Think about me on Anzac Day as I will be at the dawn service at Gallipoli. Have to leave the hotel at 1.30am. It will be a very emotional long day. Take care everyone x

    Have a safe trip, Intesha. It’s virtually an Aussie rite of passage to attend the Gallipoli dawn service. I can totally empathise about the storage locker and the absurd cost associated with it. Ours is now the cost of a small mortgage payment and we try not to think about it too much. At the time, it was the most practical solution (and a quarter of what we’re now paying) but, of course, we never thought it would stretch to close on five years. Thank goodness for all the junk that I managed to dispose of.

    Now, with the cost of housing in Perth, we joke about moving in to the storage locker ourselves if/when we return. I wonder whether you’ve considered house/pet-sitting as a means of giving you a bit of time to look for suitable housing? If it’s something that might appeal to you, I can give you the name of the company I’ve been using for years. It’s also a good way of exploring a specific area while living like a local. The sits can be a matter of days or months.

    Anzac, I’m sure it was a very distressing time for the young bride to be. Relatives, eh? Looking forward to the bridesmaid story.

    I’ve just returned here because I have a memory of someone saying that they were scheduled to have a colonoscopy that we have all forgotten to enquire about. Did I imagine that? I thought it was you, Anzac. I can’t find it now.

    Yes that was me Thin, I had one a few weeks ago. Great news – everything was fine and he was most impressed with my ability to manage the diverticulitis; only one hospital visit and two minor flare-ups in three years. I have pouches on both sides of the colon whereas most sufferers have them only on the left. So my never-wavering daily intake of fibre has done the trick.

    Now why can’t I have that level of focus and will power on the rest of my diet? Therein ponders the big question. Sigh

    I’m sorry to hear about your housing situation Intesha. I hope you find somewhere asap when you return from Turkey and I hope you have a wonderful holiday. I will be thinking of you on Anzac day

    Hi all
    Nothing to report – which I guess in a way is good news.
    My weight is not at all stable. I’m living with a lot of stress at the moment, and I do think that affects it. I also have less control, as I try to live with other stuff. Looking after the little girl on the school holidays and she fell out of a tree, and broke her wrist. We got her to medical care very quickly, but my daughter is very upset with me for not phoning her until we got home from the emergency clinic. I’ve never had a falling out with my DD before, and it has shattered me, to be honest. I thought we’d done the right thing.
    We are going for a week-long beach holiday next Saturday week. I’m so looking forward to the freedom of it. We’ll put the dogs into the kennel and although I adore them, I am looking forward to the freedom of being able to walk out the door without a leash in hand.
    I will come back to everyone’s posts – I just wanted to say hello, conscious I’ve been MIA for a little while.

    I’ll write properly tomorrow.
    But Lindsay, just have to say how much I feel for you going through this with your daughter. I can imagine the distress. But I also know she will just have felt shock and distress and taken it out on you in extremis. I do hope the chasm closes easily and soon.

    Hello everyone,
    It is a beautiful day in Melbourne, so I hope to get out and do some things in the garden. But first, coffee and chat.

    I’m going okay, but still not quite knocking off the extra inch or so around my tum. Every day is a new day and today is going well.

    Anzac I do hope that this might be your last ever work EOFY, and that it is a (comparatively) easy one.

    So glad your colonsocopy results were so good. Excellent management.

    Intesha, good to hear from you and so much sympathy for your homeless state. You have done so well storing everything and organizing what you will do when you get back from Turkey. I hope you can enjoy every minute travelling.

    Oh dear, I can remember being in my twenties when that situation wouldn’t have bothered me at all.

    Nowadays, ringing my doctor and getting a message that the number is no longer connected was enough to give me conniptions. (Their phone was down for a day). (I had to work out how to spell ‘conniptions’ and then look up what it actually meant).

    Lindsay, sympathy about that up and down weight in stressful times. What can we do but the best we can. I do hope your beach holiday will be a wonderful stress free week.

    I hope granddaughter’s wrist is healing well.

    Looking forward to hearing more from you.

    Hi Thin, Neil, Gday, Turn and anyone else reading.

    I’m off to see what good things I can do in my little garden. I wonder if I will see any broadbean shoots.

    Best wishes, I hope everyone has a day without too much stress, and enough energy to do all the good things,


    Good morning,

    Anzac, good news on the colonoscopy. I meant to ask before, then forgot. Posts are less frequent these days which in some ways is easier to follow than the frenetic posting of previous years but I’m afraid I lose track of my own time, let alone that of others’ so I’m sorry I neglected to ask before.

    Cinque, I hope you have a productive day in the garden. Or a pleasant one at least.

    Lindsay, that’s sad about the rift. I can appreciate both sides of that situation. But your DD has entrusted you with her precious daughter’s care and, with that, comes acceptance of your judgement to carry out the task as you see fit. Hopefully, she’ll come to appreciate that you were only acting in the best interests of all concerned. And that she’s very fortunate to have you to depend upon for child-minding.

    We are slowly travelling north on the Oxford Canal, a section of stunning scenery that we’ve cruised four times before but always with a deadline to get somewhere else. After 45 minutes of cruising, we became so cold that we moored just short of a picturesque lock and went for a long walk. On return, my day took a significant upturn when, across the canal, I spotted two otters swimming, diving for shellfish and enjoying a meal out of them from within a watery den. Their teeth are huge! One then swam to the lock, climbed out, lumbered along the towpath, rolled in the grass, took a look at me and then disappeared into the hedgerow. Otters are notoriously shy and sightings are rare so I was very excited.

    I put the camera trap out but we’ll be lucky to see them again as their territories extend 40 km and there’s a river adjacent to the canal. Of course, I’m keeping a keen lookout and telling no one.

    Day after FD and I didn’t make the 59s which is annoying.

    Good afternoon. I thought it was time I let you know I haven’t fallen off the perch!

    I have been without a functioning laptop and I hate posting on my phone – the text is too small to see easily and when I expand it I can’t see whole sentences to check them and editing is difficult. I decided to delay buying a new laptop until the end of FY sales – usually the cheapest time to buy tech items. While I can still do most things on my phone, i really dislike the tiny screen for some things like internet searches, emails (especially with attachments) and posting here.

    Not having laptop access means I also don’t have access to my meal planning spreadsheet. That really worried me initially, but my weight has been stable without any meal planning/monitoring. It reinforces what my dietitian said at our last appointment- that I have learned a healthy response to balancing food intake that is now instinctual. She actually suggested that I didn’t need to see her anymore. I decided to just see her annually and will review that decision next year. Amazing to reflect on the type of disordered eating behaviour i lived with for decades.

    It seemed to switch from warm to cool weather almost overnight here. I have accordingly switched from salads to soups and have been on a soup making spree in recent days. My freezer is groaning with the new additions.

    Take care all.

    Morning all, sorry I haven’t posted for a while, but I’ve been really hectic.

    We’ve been keeping an eye on property listings at the moment, because my wife is struggling with her health a bit and wants a house with a flatter smaller section. We aren’t seriously looking until our younger boy finishes school in 2 1/2 years, by which time our mortgage should be almost paid off. But if something perfect came up in the meantime we were going to pull the trigger. Something perfect did come up so I’ve been running around getting appraisals on our house, contacting the bank trying to organise finance, and starting to do some renovations so our house would be ready to go on the market if our offer was accepted. Well, our bank was ridiculous, even though out mortgage is only $40k and we were offering $450k on the house we wanted, they wouldn’t give bridging finance for a few weeks so we could get our house sold, that meant that we had to put in an offer conditional on selling our house. Unfortunately, that meant that our offer was turned down because there was a slightly lower cash offer on the table, and they went for that.

    The whole situation has prompted me to get our house all in order, so if we do find something else, we can pull the trigger and get it on the market straight away. I’ll also go through a mortgage broker to see if we can find another bank to lend us the money. I didn’t do that this time, because we needed to get the offer in straight away, so I didn’t really have time to look at other banks. But we’ve started wallpapering the tired looking walls in the hall and two of the bedrooms, changing curtains, fixing up all the little things I’ve been putting off doing for ages.

    That led to a bit of stress eating and I gained a kilo over the last two weeks. I’m hoping that now that the house stuff is no longer as urgent that I can settle back into my normal eating/exercise routine.

    Hello everyone,

    Thin, I can’t tell you how much I enjoy hearing your tales of wildlife around you. Cheers to those sharp-teethed otters. Not long ago I watched Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s wild west series and was sorry to finish it. Your posts are as delightful.

    Hope it is this week for the 59s.

    LJoyce, I have been thinking of you, and kept meaning to do a call out to see how you were going.
    How frustrating to be without laptop access, the EOFY sales seem too long away (from my point of view, I like to have lots of posts from you).
    I do agree with the difficulty of doing much on the phone, I find them too fiddly and hard to see too. Oh the frustration of not being young and quick anymore!

    But hooray at how being without your spreadsheet let you know you have good set instincts now for meal planning. And hooray for graduating to annual appointments with your dietitian https://c8.alamy.com/comp/BBC049/university-student-in-graduation-robe-cheering-BBC049.jpg

    I want good set instincts for my small sized meals and stopping once I have eaten them without thinking ‘a little more should be okay’. But I am gradually learning. And feeling the better for it.

    I’ve made soup too! A really delicious one. And I have realised it makes the best end-of-day meal for me, so I am set for the next while.
    Also I am swapping my wardrobes, getting out my boiled wool jackets in many colours and my winter woollies and boots instead of sandals.

    Neil, what a roller coaster couple of weeks, and so frustrating to have the sale fall through after everything you did. But hooray for you to get the next plan going. Big cheers for being the sort of person who can do all the renovations, it gives you so much advantage. Be proud.
    And as you say, you will be ready when the next perfect house comes along. (Boo hiss to your bank by the way).
    Fingers crossed for a bit of normality before the next stress point comes along.

    I am still car sharing with my daughter, and I have the car today so I will do a little op shop outing as well as going to the library and buying some lemons.

    Sending best wishes to everyone for a lovely day, with small delightful meals or a wonderful 5:2 fast, and all good things.

    Intesha, how was Gallipoli?

    Hi everyone, long time no post again – my apologies!

    Intesha, I watched the Dawn Service in Gallipoli and thought of you. It was so moving and I’m sure it was a most amazing experience for you

    How absolutely frustrating and maddening Neil. I’m sorry you lost out on a chance to purchase the new home and I hope next time things go more smoothly. Stupid Bank

    I’m so glad your small meals are working out well for you Cinque, I really have to watch my portion sizes as I live with a man-mountain who eats ENORMOUS portions so even if mine looks so much smaller than Mr A’s it can still be way too much

    Sorry to hear about your laptop LJ, I also hate trying to use my phone. I am all thumbs when it comes to typing on the little screen. Such good news about no longer needing regular appointments with your dietician; that to me signals that you are ‘there’ 🙂

    I’m really sorry about your stress levels Lindsay and the accident with you granddaughter. I hope you and your daughter have been able to ease the rift as I’m sure she was just reacting to the shock. How was your week at the beach?

    How awesome to see two otters Thin, I would love that. Thanks for the nice words re the colonoscopy, what a relief it was especially given the PTSD about Mr A’s bowel cancer nightmare in 2022/2023

    So I only lost 200g in nearly two weeks and decided enough was enough. I bought a gorgeous jacket years ago for the 2019 trip but it came from England and their sizes must be way out as it was too small and I had to go and buy another one even though I lost 15kg. It is still too small (clearly) so I have this week embarked on operation speedy weight loss as it is perfect for the next trip in November. Yesterday and today I got up even earlier than normal and went for a 3km walk around our hilly suburb. Small portion of Mr A’s home-made muesli for breakfast, warm meat salad for lunch and a normal dinner but significant watch on portion size. I lost 300g overnight so whilst I know that velocity can’t be maintained I think it is a step in the right direction

    Must run, work hollers. Take care everyone

    Hi all, checking in from Turkey. What an amazing beautiful country. The people are lovely and so friendly. Gallipoli was very moving and so much more than I expected. After the dawn service there are two other services, one at Lone Pine for the Australians and another at the site where most New Zealanders were. I did the trek to Lone Pine which was 3.2km and a very steep climb equivalent to 33 flights of stairs. It was not by choice as there were shuttles but our guide initially said we would walk it and after I had nearly killed myself doing the climb and being asked by an Australian official if I was okay I found out that half of the group had taken the shuttle. My body has not thanked me and I’ve been struggling with my knees ever since. I did it and that was an achievement. So much history here, Troy was another amazing site. The Romans have left so much for us to admire and wonder at their architecture and skills. Stadiums, aqueducts that still stand. Currently in Antalya, the Turkish riviera. Very hot but the brilliance of the Mediterranean is breathtaking. Arrive in Cappadocia if a few days and that will be mind blowing. All the hotels are built into the mountains and the rooms are in caves. I will also be doing a hot air balloon flight.
    That’s it from me and I hope you are all doing well.

    Hello all.

    Intesha your holiday sounds amazing, so glad you are having a great time.

    Cinque yes I enjoyed HFW Wild West series, I love all of his tv work and have quite a few of his cookbooks to. One of my bucket list items is to go to River Cottage as well as his cafe in Axminster. He is so down to earth and genuine.

    Neil I don’t envy you with a house move. I’m a bit of a hoarder so it would be a nightmare for me. I hope it goes well for you and you find the perfect house for the family.

    LJoyce Miss GDay was only saying a few weeks ago that we went from full on summer of 40deg and aircon every day to cold weather, snuggling under the blankets, there’s been no in between weather at all. I’ve been wearing track pants, jumper and socks every day for the last 2 weeks, unheard of for this time of year in my region. And struggling to get out of bed in the morning because it’s too cold. I get your laptop woes, I dropped mine off yesterday for repairs, it keeps freezing or shutting down with no warning, the best case senario is a issue with a windows update – the worst is a stuffed hard drive so fingers crossed it’s the former.

    Landscaping of the back yard is progressing, the boarders and lawn is laid and I’ve made a separate caged in lawn area so the guinea pigs to have a safe outdoor run. It’s been backbreaking work, the concrete retaining wall bricks for the edges, 5 cubic meters of soil and the lawn all wheelbarrowed from the spare black as there is no vehicle access to the back yard. But so pleased with the end result so far. I’ve relocated 3 large fruit trees (crossing fingers they survive the replant), demolished some fences, relocated the rotary clothes line and put up some new fencing. Waiting on new pavers to arrive so I can do the pathways around the main yard and to the clothesline. I have a lot of used pavers but will use those for the less visible areas of the yard such as the side of the house etc. That will finish the main section and from there I have other areas if the back yard to landscape so it’s going to take awhile to get it all completed.

    Plus we are repainting and laying new carpet tiles in the office/gym. As usual I always take on too much at once.

    As a reward to Miss GDay for her help with the yardwork and painting, Im taking her to Adelaide next week to see one of her favourite bands who are touring from England. Were staying a couple of extra days for shopping in Rundle Mall – her favourite place and to eat at our favourite haunts plus I have a huge click and collect order from Bunnings, including a lawnmower, gates and other bits and pieces for the landscaping work.

    Weight is steady but still a few kilos heavier than my goal weight but my BMI has returned to the normal range so pleased with that. Haven’t been fussed about fasting the last few weeks as with all the heavy work I’ve been doing I figured my body didn’t need the stress of fasting, plus with the Adelaide trip next week I’ll be eating a lot of no no foods so will deal with that with regular fasts when we get back.

    Apologies for not responding to everyone, I’m using my very old tiny iPad for this and I dare not scroll up the page for fear of losing my post.

    Must dash, washing to hang up and coffee time. All the best everyone.

    Good evening everyone.
    I did a very strict FD today. Just one plum at lunchtime and a spinach salad with a small amount of grilled chicken. I have a rule of waiting until 5pm for dinner on FDs. I didn’t quite it make it today, I was too hungry. I think it was the 8km walk I did this afternoon.

    Intesha, thanks for sharing your reflections on Turkey. It really does sound lovely. Definitely somewhere I want to go.

    I have been busy with walking tours in recent days. It’s history month in Adelaide and I always sign up to a range of walking tours. I get some exercise, learn some history and enjoy a walk somewhere new. There really is no downside, although I’m not sure my feet would agree tonight.

    Hello to everyone who’s reading/posting.

    Good morning everyone,
    It is cold and grey in Melbourne and I was a bit optimistic about settling down my re-inflamed esophagus, so I have started back on the meds to see if that can help me get on top of it.

    Anzac, all power to you in your new tactics. How are they going?
    It would be so lovely to wear that jacket away. But even more important it would be excellent to be that bit lighter and have all the new habits so that those excess grams don’t even think about coming back.

    Intesha, I am so glad you managed to check in. What a wonderful trip you are having. I am so glad! Finally!

    Hello Gday, wouldn’t it be a treat to eat at River Cottage. And the other one!
    It sounds like your yard renovations are coming along wonderfully.
    I hope you have a wonderful time in Adelaide!

    LJoyce, stellar fast day!
    How nice to be doing those walks. Autumn is my favourite season, and especially for walking. I do hope your feet had a good rest overnight and are ready for the next one.

    Sending out best wishes to everyone for the week ahead.

    After quite a famine, we’ve had a feast of posts.

    Turn, how are you getting along? Lindsay?

    Day after FD for me, I branched out from my ‘chicken something’ to White Bean & Turkey Chilli. Like you, LJ, I don’t eat until 5pm. Still 60kg, I want to be 59kg.

    We’re moored opposite a farm with lambs skipping and leaping into the air, they seem so happy to be alive. Two enormous hares are romping and chasing each other across the field like playful puppies. Canada Geese parents followed us from the last mooring with their five goslings. Curlew are hovering above and gliding down to their nests on the ground. Swans protect their huge waterside nests but we’ve not seen cygnets yet. Moorhens have produced the tiniest, black fluffy balls of life and there are no end of ducks with their bobbing mass of ducklings ranging from two to ten. There are warblers in the towpath hedge.

    It’s very remote countryside and I appreciate the peacefulness. I’ve planted my colourful flowers, chilli peppers and lettuce. I could happily stay here for weeks but we’re going to push on while it’s warm and sunny (19C) with the anticipation of meeting our DD one week from today. We can’t wait to get her back safely and give her a huge hug.

    Hello Everyone,
    Melbourne is still cold and grey plus it rained a lot overnight (which the garden is VERY pleased about).

    I have got coffee on the stove (which I am VERY pleased about) having waited a good time after breakfast according to my LPR management.

    Thin, a delicious sounding branching out to bean and turkey chili!
    What lovely wildlife, and also, so exciting that you will be catching up with DD. Does modern communication mean you have heard all her adventures already so it will be very much the delight of being in the same place, and being able to hug?

    I made a jar of mixed grains: brown and black rice and millet, and it has made a very yummy accompaniment to my red kidney bean chili, along with some greens. I made a nice batch of ready meals. But I wouldn’t have minded some turkey in my chili too.

    Can’t think of other news, just wanted to touch base and say hello, and also send out good wishes to everyone.

    Morning all

    Sorry I’m not posting as regularly, but I’ve been pretty busy recently, we had 3 of our team of 8 away sick last week and the rest of us have been having to pick up the slack, on top of that I’m continuing with the reno at home as well.

    I dropped just over half a kilo of the kilo I gained the pervious two weeks, hoping that will continue on the downward trend.

    Neil, good to hear from you. Well done with the weight loss. It sounds like there’s a lot of activity both at your house and at work.

    Cinque, you’ve been busy too. It’s such a good feeling to have ready made meals. One day I will have a decent sized fridge again and not have to play tetris whenever we go shopping. I hope you enjoyed the coffee.

    Yes, backpacking today is very different from when you and I were moving around the globe and communication was carried out the old-fashioned way. DD has been super at keeping in touch daily except when she was wild camping in Patagonia or on a days-long hike somewhere remote. We also follow along on instagram, have a peek if you’re interested: https://www.instagram.com/the.stray.vet/

    I really feel for those poor Perth parents who’ve lost both their sons in Mexico to such futile violence. For us, there are too many connections to that story, having lived in Perth and San Diego, spent many happy times camping in Baja California and countless trips to Ensenada where they were murdered along with their American friend. Not to mention having our own daughter of a similar age travelling in Mexico. As we discovered, itt’s a very different place now. Three more sleeps until I get my girl home safely.

    It’s 23C! We have been varnishing, scraping, painting, repairing. We ate our dinner outside on the towpath for the first time last evening. Some passing walkers commented, ‘Oooh, that looks healthy!’.

    Hi all, here we are Monday again. The weekends melt away so quickly

    Weight is not budging, mostly due to me spoiling a good week with a bad weekend. So I’m doing a proper FD today to give it all a bit of a kick

    Thin, 23 degrees wow! How lovely to dine outdoors again and that your meal was deemed healthy by passing strangers. It must be such a worry when your daughter is travelling alone in Mexico and previously South America but thank goodness she is coming back (or already back?) to the UK

    Yay for the loss of half a kilo and I hear you re Work Neil, I’m crazy busy again and it is simply driving me nuts. Always a sign that a break is needed and in 24 sleeps we head to our gorgeous Magnetic Island for a week in the warmth

    It has been raining practically non-stop for 2 weeks and I read that we exceeded our May average rainfall on the 10th May. Thankfully the forecast is no more rain from tomorrow

    We are finally getting new flooring in our upstairs. They came and poured the leveller last Wednesday and now Mr A is madly painting before they come back to lay the hybrid floating floor this Wednesday. I am a terrible painter so am not allowed to do any (Mr A is a perfectionist) so I washed the walls then moved into a dog minder and catering role

    I hope the gloomy weather has improved in Melbourne Cinque and your mixed grain concoction sounds very nice. I hope the horrible reflux is settling

    Hi to everyone else, must dash to a meeting

    Anzac please send some rain my way. My 6 tanks are all empty, in the last 6 months we’ve had one day with a couple of hours of light rain only – that’s all.

    Oh no G’day, that is just terrible; If only I could 🙁

    Doing a rain dance for you right now

    Morning all

    Well last week was a bit better. I dropped a kilo so now below what I was a month ago.

    Work situation is still off and on. One of my workmates is having mental health issues, so has been granted a few weeks off to sort things out, another one is getting eye surgery, so the workload is still high.

    Gday, that is a long time without rain, I’ll try to send some from here for you.

    Anzac, I had a look at pictures of Magnetic Island, it looks wonderful. I hope you enjoy it there.

    Thin, 23 sounds pretty good right now. We had our first frost last week when a polar blast brought us -4 morning temperatures. It’s been a bit warmer the last couple of days, but definitely letting us know that winter isn’t too far away

    We had a beautiful display of the Aurora Australis from the solar storm last week. It was visible to the naked eye and was an amazing array of greens, reds, pinks and purples. Needless to say Facebook was crowded with pictures of it.

    Well I hope everyone is doing well.
    Have a good one everyone

    Hi, I’m Heather from New Zealand. We have done alot of research on fasting and I’ve decided to try one.

    I’m 72hrs into a 5 day water/herbal tea fast. I’m feeling amazing mentally, my body feels a bit weak but I’m confused by my blood ketones.

    My level this morning was 3.5mmol/l and all I have done is drink water today and peppermint tea, zero cal. But I’ve checked again tonight and it was up over 5.

    Yet all the research I find says I’ve got acidosis or some Diabetic ketoacidosis, based on blood counts I’m received. Can any help me please.

    Google says normal ketones in the blood are .6 below – mine were never that low, even when I started, the first blood test was 3.9 mmol/l


    Hi Heather, what part of NZ are you from? I’m from Dunedin.

    I don’t know much about ketones, except your levels rise when you’re fasting because you put yourself into ketosis (body switching from burning glycogen for your energy source to burning your body fat) the first few days when your body is switching you get what they term the “keto flu” where you can get symptoms like brain fog, increased body temperature, fatigue, nausea, and many other nasty little symptoms, but once you’re in ketosis they all go away.


    Bit quiet in here. I had a decent weekend, I managed to finish off wallpapering our hallway, next job is sealing the floorboards I sanded down a couple of weeks ago. Eating went ok apart from a bit of a carb binge on Friday night where I had a couple of pieces of toast after work, a venison burger for dinner, some chips and popcorn while watching movies with the kids, and a couple of rum and cokes. Saturday and Sunday were pretty good though, hopefully the Friday slip hasn’t affected my weigh in too much this week.

    Anyone else have a weekend of note, or all pretty quiet?

    Hello Neil and everyone,

    It has been quiet here!

    I had been meaning to write and say what a good reply you gave to Heather (my mind just went to ‘talk to your doctor before starting a fast – which didn’t seem very helpful)

    Sympathy for that carb binge. Just be glad it was only one night. That is the only solace I get, that they gradually get shorter and further apart.

    Well done on all the house stuff.

    I’ve been very unbingey, as my LPR dictates and things have settled down well. (touch wood and whistle).

    Thin, yes those terrible murders in Mexico were just heart breaking. You will have hugged DD now. Lovely.

    Anzac I cheered for you when Sydney got a break from the rain. I am so glad you have a holiday in view.

    Gday, sending good rain wishes for you. Gentle rain that fills your tanks and waters your plants.

    Heather, are you still reading here? Welcome. How are you going now?

    Best wishes to everyone

    Morning all, from MIA Lindsay.

    All good (reasonably) here. Life seems to move so quikly, while we do not much at all.

    OH has just come from the opthalmologist, about his failing eyesight. It’s tough, but he is so resilient and cheerful. What a blessing this man is.

    My weight had gone through the roof – up to where I started the fast 800 + a two kilos – but I am back on the bike, and have lost the two kilos and a little bit more. I am setting small goals – whereas it used to be in 5 kilo blocks, now it is in one, but I am getting there, and will keep going.

    I find I don’t post when my weight is increasing, but feel less guilty when I am following the plan, and losing, so hopefully that will become the pattern.

    Thin you must be so happy to have DD back with you. And yes, a tragedy, those three lovely young men being murdered in Mexico. And for what? some tyres? I can’t imagine how their friends and family are coping.

    Cinque looking at Melbourne’s weather – brrrr. Hope you are toasty warm.

    We are heading to Melbourne for a few days in July. I love a blast of cold weather – but prefer Brisbane’s 23 and sunny today.

    Are you on Magnetic Anzac?

    Neil, I always remember a line from one of OH’s favourite series, ‘When the Boat Comes In, which goes something like, ‘hard work never killed anyone, but it hurt a canny few.’ It fitted the character so well. Does anyone remember that series? Hope you and Anzac can find a better work/life balance – though hard when colleagues are unwell and you are the default.

    Apologies to all I’ve not mentioned – I’ll do better when I am back in the swing.

    Hooray, a burst of activity 😉

    Lindsay, I hear you, I’m not quite back to where I was when I started fasting, but certainly managed to get halfway back to where I was. It doesn’t help that I seem to be a stress eater, and I’m under a fair amount of stress at the moment. I actually sent an email to our manager about it last night.

    Most of us finish around 4pm, but one task we have to do, we legally have to stay until 5pm to enter requests into the system. I will always stay until 5pm to enter them when rostered on, but some people just take off at their normal time and just assume someone else will take over. The one co-worker that stays until 5pm is often swamped with other work, so I so often find myself having to stay to help her out when the person rostered onto the task has swanned off home, and I’m sick of being the doormat.

    Cinque, I guess there’s a silver lining to every cloud, It can’t be pleasant having the LPR, but reducing your binges is a pretty handy upside.

    Well, I hope something comes out of the email I sent, my younger boy just tested positive for covid again, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens if I get it, whether someone else will step up to help, or whether the 5pm finisher gets completely swamped.

    Weigh-in today, no change from last week. Not moving down, but at least I managed to consolidate the loss of 1.5 kilos I had over the last two weeks.

    Good consolidation Neil …. no change can be fine rather than the up/down cycle. I often think that’s it’s a time when our bodies are adjusting to the weight loss. Hoping a good result comes your way again at your next weigh-in.

    Sorry to hear about your son’s Covid, and also about the pressures of your work. I hope both resolve well in a very short time (and that you don’t get another bout).

    The one high spot in my life at the moment (not that it’s bad …just a bit of anxiety going on) is my lovely dogs. I honestly don’t know where I would be without them. For such walloping great things, they have such empathy and know when things aren’t going right. So to give you all a laugh, I have posted a pic of my Rosy and her Puppy (Scarlett, btw, is as tall as Rosy now, and weighs more). I call this image ‘Rosy the fringe dweller’.

    Good morning everyone.

    Lindsay I totally relate to your description of time. The older I get the more it moves like that.

    Hello to Mr Lindsay, and sympathy for that failing sight. It is such a precious sense and I am panicked and frustrated at just getting a bit worse.

    Sympathy for that weight gain. It is so demoralising, even when we know there are good reasons and our bodies are only trying to help us.

    So all fingers crossed that you are on a good run now. Remember to make goals small and achievable. Not only will it be good for your weight, but we will get you here more!

    And that photo! Laughed out loud! Thanks for sharing it. Pats to Rosy and Scarlett from me.

    Neil, yikes, work seems like a terrible squeeze at the moment. I do hope your boss is able to sort something out quickly.
    I also hope your son is recovering quickly from covid and that no-one else comes down with it.

    You are right that there is a silver lining with my LPR. Not that it cancels my binge/stress/comfort eating but it certainly minimizes it hugely. And now that I have a clearer idea of how it (inflamed esophagus) comes on (gradually and then quickly) I have a better idea of how strict I need to be… always and every day.

    Yay for consolidating your loss. Best wishes to you this week.

    A big call out to everyone reading and not posting. If it is because you aren’t going well with fast 5:2 or whatever you are doing, then I am sending best wishes and hoping you can make goals smaller and more achievable so we can have the pleasure of your company.

    If it is because you are on holiday… Woot! Have a great time.

    I have already managed to do some sorting in the spare room today. Hooray. I’m off to see if I can do some more. Just three things!

    Cheers and all good things

    Hi everyone

    Lindsay, what a gorgeous pic! Whilst Maxx is a Peter Pan dog (never grew up) and continues to plague us with naughtiness, we adore him and he is such a sweet dog and so gentle. I am so sorry about your OH’s eyesight

    I hope your management do something about the lopsided workload Neil. I hope you son gets better quickly

    Cinque we had a big sort and clean out when we had to move all our furniture to clear the space for the new floor. It is such a nice feeling to get rid of ‘stuff’ that hasn’t been used or looked at for years. Our upstairs is looking lovely with the gorgeous new floor and paint job.

    I’ve been having physio on my back and knee and have been able to resume my big walks. Yay! I do at least 3k and yesterday I managed 4k – all before work. It makes an enormous difference to my ability to lose weight

    Take care everyone, hi to everyone else

    Hello friends,

    I’ve read everything between here and my last post but I won’t remember well enough to comment. Neil, rats to co-workers slacking off and covid. I learned some valuable lessons in my first ever professional job, one of which was that the most efficient and willing employees are rewarded with more tasks. Anzac, great to get walking before sitting down to the PC, I bet the new floor looks terrific. Lindsay, I couldn’t open the imgur, sorry about your OH’s declining vision, you didn’t mention whether your daughter has forgiven you, and Cinque, yay for cleaning out cluttered spaces and handling challenges with health. Welcome Heather, I’m afraid your questions are well beyond my comprehension.

    OH and I have just spent ten precious days with DD on the boat. We met her at Warwick train station and I was surprised that she looked so clean and wholesome after 16 months of backpacking in LatAm. She said I look too thin. I spent much of my adulthood struggling with my weight and such descriptions are not those I ever expect to hear. It was fun to have the extra crew and tackle some challenging lock flights together. We enjoyed the quiet countryside, newborn wildlife and some decent weather for walks and towpath dinners. Ultimately, we arrived in Birmingham under gloomy skies and it was fittingly bleak as we saw her off at another train station in pouring rain and a miserable 14C. It wasn’t so awful saying goodbye this time though as she’ll soon have a company car and be back to visit – albeit for shorter stays.

    I’m back to 6:1. I’d still rather be 59kg than 60kg but I guess I’m doing alright.

    Have a great weekend all.

    Hello all. I’m on my old tiny iPad again as I still don’t have my laptop back from the repairer yet. I was going to reply to Heather about ketones but as there are no further posts from her i assume she has left the group so won’t bother.

    We had a wonderful time in Adelaide, the concert was amazing. The downside was Miss GDay came back home with a virus and ended up on antibiotics. She was really crook for a couple of weeks the poor thing. Then when she was finally on the mend I got it, not as severe as her but I was fairly run down for a week and didn’t get much done.

    Illness meant the 4 weeks we had to clear out the office/gym, pull up the carpet and paint turned into one week to get the job done. The walls were a dark fawn colour and we are re painting white so the walls need 2 coats of undercoat and 3 coats of topcoat so the original colour is covered and the new white actually looks white. The room is 6 x 9 metres so a huge job.

    Plus for some unknown reason the guy who laid the original carpet used copulos amounts of liquid nails as well as nails to secure the edge beading that the carpet was attached to. So what should have been a simple, easy job to pull up the beading was an absolute nightmare. I had to use a hammer and metal brick bolster, while being so careful not to chip the concrete floor. Once I got the beading up I had to repeat the process again to remove all the stuck on bits of liquid nails. So frustrating but that part is done now so just the painting to get done before Wednesday.

    Were getting office grade carpet tiles instead of carpet (hence removing the beading) as they are more robust and hard wearing for a gym floor, plus we don’t have to completely empty the room of all the heavy gym equipment for them to be laid, we can just move (or rather slide) equipment around the room as each section is laid.

    Weight is still steady (no gains) but still wanting to lose the last few kilos to get back to under 60kg but with being away, illness and flat out with chores I haven’t fasted in ages.

    I bought a new book while in Adelaide, The Fast 800 Treats recipe book by Dr MM’s wife Dr Clare Bailey. I haven’t had time to try any of the recipes yet but I’ve read through and there’s some great stuff. Also on my want to buy list is Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall’s new book How to Eat 30 Plants a Week.

    Hope everyone is going well. Time for a cuppa and snuggle into bed (it’s cold) and watch a bit of telly before sleep.

    Good afternoon everyone.

    I am unhappily still confined to mobile devices. I’m waiting impatiently for the EOFY sales so I can get a new laptop. I’m still experiencing spreadsheet withdrawal symptoms. I plan or track so many things that way.

    My weight has remained stable within the 79-81kg range since February. I’m comfortable with that for now.
    A troubling development has been pain in my left knee, especially when walking. I fear it means that the need for another knee replacement is fast approaching. I will ask for an X-ray at my next GP appointment. I know the long term results are very good, but the rehab process is incredibly long as my body responds with an excessive inflammatory response. I also have to go off of my RA treatment for 2 months to have the surgery. This means months of the disease flaring and the struggle to get it back under control again once I can recommence treatment.

    The other news is that I am unlikely to travel anywhere for at least 18months. I had planned to spend some money on the house in the next few months and I’ve just doubled the budget (at least) by deciding to install solar panels. All of that spending comes my discretionary savings which I normally use for travel. On the plus side, it would be a perfect opportunity to get the knee replacement done as I know from past experience that it will take a year to get my health and fitness back to an acceptable level.

    We have had a dry time of it here, but it brings the advantage of cold weather sun. I am keeping an eye on my recently planted winter veg, looking for signs of shoots or growth. I was very late getting the beds prepared and planted. I’m hoping the late autumn sun will give the plants a little growth boost. I have planted sugar snap peas, broad beans and parsnips all from seed. I have put in spinach seedlings and for the first time ever I planted seed potatoes. I didn’t plant spring veg last year so it’s very nice to finally have something in the veg patch again – my rhubarb plants have looked a bit lonely.

    To add to the pet stories, Sylvie my cat has developed a couple of new tricks.
    She has figured out how to get up onto the ledge of the high strip window in the study, isn’t confident about getting down again. Which means dragging out the ladder to help her.
    She likes to wander out to the screen porch whenever the mood takes her. In cold weather I keep that door closed so she sits there and complains until I get up and let her out. On cold mornings she’s been sticking her nose and then changing her mind about braving the cold. By the time I’ve shut the door she has jumped onto my recently vacated chair and settled herself into the warm spot!

    I hope you are all having a good day. Take care. 🤗

    Morning all, well another weekend of work. After I finished the wallpapering in the hall last week, this week I decided to turn my attention to the floor. When we pulled up the carpet, we found we had beautiful Rimu floorboards (a native giant redwood). I spent the weekend finishing off sanding back the boards, and then coating them with polyurethane to protect them. It turned out really well, and I’m really happy with the colour and finish.


    I can add to the pet stories too, our poor cat has been losing fights again and ended up with a big abscess on her neck that we had to take her to the vet for. She got a haircut, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, and a $200 bill. She’s a 6 kilogram tank, I wish she’d start winning some fights, rather than sitting and taking a beating like a little creampuff.

    I hope everyone is doing well. I’ll likely be fasting for the next two days, so if anyone else want to join me in hunger let me know.

    Hello there! What’s on your mind today?

    Good morning,
    It is a pretty Melbourne day with clear sky and gentle sun, but I have hardly been outside. Soon I hope.
    I have a big pot of soup on the stove, and it is smelling good.

    Anzac, I am so glad your back is so much better and to hear about the wonderful walking you have been able to do.
    Yay to have had the big clear out. I have done a little bit more. (There are only so many silk scarves and pashmina shawls I need). (But some of them will make lovely presents).

    Thin, what a treat to have those 10 days with DD. Is she working at a vet practice again, but a different one? (I’m no good with instagram).

    Haha yes I think you are probably doing alright at 60k, balanced nicely between the scales are tracking you a tiny bit too heavy and DD tracking you a tiny bit too light. All power to the 6:1.

    Gday, I am so glad you had a wonderful time in Adelaide and you have done so much inspite of what sounds like a dreadful virus.
    Yay for keeping your weight steady, and hopefully you will get a chance soon to shed a couple more kilos.

    The new books sound fun.

    What is it with South Australians stuck on unsuitable devices! Haha. Well EOFY is nearly here, so hopefully you will be sorted soon LJoyce.

    But damn, your turn to have knee pain and it sounds nasty. And complicated to sort. Best wishes. How philosophical you are with losing a holiday, but giving yourself rehab time. And I am guessing that investing in the solar panels will mean you will have more holiday money in the future, when power bills go way down. Hooray.

    Hello to your garden!
    Hello to cheeky Sylvie, Queen of her domain.

    Hi Neil, hello and sympathy to your cat. It must be one nasty neighbour/feral to beat her up.

    I love all that beautiful wood in your house!

    I am losing waist weight slowly. I fit into most of my waist bands but a couple are still tight (this is after over eating several months ago which added a couple of inches to my waist as well as inflaming my throat).

    I am in slow land with health. None of this big workout or marathon walks, or days with hardly any food.

    But luckily the patient eating properly for LPR and good health (which does mean I am quite hungry for the hour or so before a meal, and in the evenings) means both my poor esophagus and my waist measurement re gradually getting healthier. And ofcourse, I enjoy every mouthful of my meal when it is mealtime.

    Hoping your regime is doing the trick, your stress levels get a bit of a break, the pets give you their lovingness and the birds and nature outside fill your soul.


    Morning all, I didn’t get my weigh-in this morning. We had to clear everything out of the hall cupboard when I was sealing the floorboards, and I don’t know where my wife put it. I’ll have to track it down and weigh myself tomorrow morning. I’m expecting a rise because I’ve felt really bloated the last couple of days. I think I’ve been eating a bit too much bread recently.

    Did you find your scales Neil? Fingers crossed the bloating had settled and the number was a good one.

    Found the scales, not a good number though. I’ll have to up my fruit intake and lower my bread intake this week.

    Good morning friends

    I hear you Neil, I only have to look at a piece of bread sideways and I put on weight

    I’m so sorry about your knee LJ, that sounds like a long and painful recovery. Good luck with the renovations – it all sounds great

    I have now bunged my other knee and can’t exercise which has done a lot of harm to my weight loss both both physically and mentally. It is a double-edged sword because I need to lose weight to take the pressure off my knees and I need to exercise to lose weight but that aggravates them. Gah! Last physio appointment today before he goes away (he is one of the physio’s for the Australian Junior Socceroo’s and goes everywhere with them)

    I’m so glad your strategies are working Cinque and you are losing weight slowly (best way) and your poor esophagus is doing ok

    Lovely to read about your 10 days with DD Thin. Has she taken a new vet job?

    Sorry to read about your illnesses G’day and that floor sounds like a nightmare!

    7 more sleeps until our beautiful trip to Magnetic Island. It’s very cold in the morning and at night now so we will enjoy the summery temps up there. Days here are still nice, low twenties mainly but today a lovely 24 so we have all the windows open and it is gorgeous

    Work is crazy so I will pause here and try to come back later

    Good morning,

    Good luck for the next week Neil and Anzac.

    Danger points:
    big serves
    just a little bit more
    a snack between meals
    anything after the evening meal
    not enough water
    mindless eating

    Hope you can avoid all the danger points and have a really good week.
    You can lose weight without exercising! It doesn’t make as much difference as you think with burning calories… but I must admit it is a good distraction!

    Lindsay, thinking of you when I heard this news item: https://sloveniatimes.com/40517/australian-bee-foundation-wins-golden-bee-award
    Do you still have your bees?

    Have you managed to find a place to live Intesha?

    I’m ironing! Lol, all those gorgeous linen trousers I find at op shops. Not many tops to iron (in fact none!) as we are well into woolly season in Melbourne.

    Best wishes to everyone.

    Neil, that’s funny that you lost your scales. I was interested to read about your new flooring project. Sanding and polishing hardwood floors is a huge job; my OH did ours when we first bought our last house. It’s a very dusty affair.

    I’m disappointed not be able to view your imgur image for some reason but can’t be bothered looking into it – here the law requires that web sites must present users with long lists of ‘cookie’ settings to wade through and accept or reject. Even worse in Australia I guess where you aren’t even made aware of who’s tracking your movements. Not sure which system is more annoying.

    Cinque, I liked your danger points (I can add alcohol to the list) and agree about exercise and weight loss. I definitely feel better and happier when I get a good, long hike in every single day. But it makes not one bit of difference to my weight. I hate to think of all the money I wasted on gym memberships years ago. Maybe it made me stronger but I doubt it as I’ve always hated lifting weights. I probably should start using the canned goods and theraband to improve my strength. Then again, these lock paddles and gates provide a pretty good workout. We’ve done three flights of twenty one locks recently. My OH is 78 and still does 50 pushups. I can’t do one.

    Anzac, I’m with you on bread. Not worth the pain. I probably eat less than a loaf a year, sadly. Same goes for rice, pasta, etc. Have a super time on Magnetic Island. Any other big plans coming up? Our DD returned to the mixed vet job she left before going travelling. She negotiated a much better package including a three day work week plus on call shifts, housing allowance, car, phone. It’s only for the summer.

    LJ, I’m the same with ‘devices’. I can’t use my phone for typing, my thumbs are too big. I refuse to upgrade anything until it breaks – consequently, I have an iPhone 7 and my MacBook Pro is 14 years old!

    Just concluded Season Three of Clarkson’s Farm. It’s on Amazon Prime if anyone is looking for some fun entertainment. Our winter mooring was a short bus ride away from Diddly Squat Farm in Oxfordshire.

    The weather is atrocious. At least it’s finally stopped raining but it’s still gloomy. Almost June and we’re still lighting the fire most mornings and evenings.

    Good morning all

    Only one more sleep until our beautiful sojourn to Far North Queensland. It is only 5 days into Winter officially and I’m sick of it already. I do so hate the cold

    Thin we are currently watching Clarkson’s farm and it is hilarious. It does prove that idiotic bureaucracy exists the world over. My sister and BIL are in London on the last day of a 5 week trip. She said the weather has been awful and so cold for this time of year. London is the first time they have been in short sleeves, albeit briefly

    Thank you for the tips/reminders Cinque. It really is so simple yet so important to be vigilant. I never eat after the evening meal but every single other one is me to a tee when I let my head go

    My knee is much better thanks to my wizard of a physio. We will definitely be able to do some of the lighter walks we intended on Magnetic

    I have a million tasks to do before we fly tomorrow so I must be away to do them. Take care everyone

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