reversing type 2 diabetes & the fastday lifestyle

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reversing type 2 diabetes & the fastday lifestyle

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  • Speedy,
    I am feeling the pain that you are having in not being able to get the engine started again.

    The analogy of the gastric band operation is not far from reality. Fr. Fung saw that after bypass or other such stomach surgery, diabetes would go away. He thought, why go through the surgery, just fast.

    The unfortunate thing, it seems to me, is that one has to have DETERMINATION to emulate the surgery’s effects.

    The other day, I noticed that something was wrong in my program, so I reviewed it (reread the book) in order to “get things straight in my head” This was effective to rev up my motors and drive straight again.
    Can you find a way to get started again?
    We are all here for you to push the car so you can start it.(i.e. give support)
    Good luck!

    Hi PJBR, I am sure I’m getting there. I have to stop waiting for everything else (house and life) to be finished first! Thank you though. Reading here is very useful. xx

    Hi PJBR:

    I am curious.

    Since you have been posting on this site you have mentioned a couple of times that your doctor was not really supportive of your fasting/dieting efforts. Now that you have stopped using insulin after over 30 years of having diabetes, has your doctor changed his/her mind, or does he/she think it is some kind of magic?

    we will see after my next A1C at the end of December.
    I still have a long way to go as my blood sugar goes up with any carbohydrate or any food at all.

    Hi PJBR

    I really slowed down so I decided to have a break, that is a break on non fast days. So I fasted on 3 days a week but had what I wanted on non fast days. It was my choice to do this.

    A health trainer is someone who monitors your weight and waist measurement. They can also give advice on nutrition and exercise. I know what I should eat and he is not convinced that 5:2 is a good way but encourages me regardless. He did say that I may put weight on when I stop. I can’t see me ever stopping, maybe cutting down to two fast days. I said that putting on weight issue would be the same regardless of what diet or eating plan I was on, if I stopped and went back to old ways. I have lost the most of all of his clients. This is through the NHS and I attend at my doctors surgery, they do hold sessions in community centres as well. It is free, you just need to be overweight to attend.

    Yes I agree about the eating healthy but it is nice to eat things that aren’t so good in moderation. I am one of the lucky ones who don’t have diabetes here but I can understand how difficult it can be. I have lots of family and friends who have it.

    Next year I will be happy to lose two stone in the whole year. I can manage this I think and if I only lose one that will also be good. I like to start with a target as I need something to aim towards.

    How are you doing?


    Yes, it is nice to have not healthy foods occasionally. But I have found that most that I have tried are just not worth it, in that they just do not taste as good as I remember them tasting. There are a few exceptions though. For your sake I will not even mention them to you as I know how tempting the thought of certain foods can be.
    Last night we went to a Christmas party and there were LOADS of sweets. Yes I tried a few – some were worth it i.e.. tasted good but the cookie or cakey types were really just sweet with no other taste.
    Then this morning I am paying the price – excessive thirst, weight gain of 1.5 pounds since last week, fuzzy headedness, tiredness and feeling generally unwell. Oh yes and of course my fasting blood sugar is up.
    Is it worth it? I think not, especially when experience tells me that the offending foods just do not have that wonderful flavour I expected it to have.

    But it is a festive time of year and a few exceptions to the rules will prevent the feelings of deprivation, and there is always fasting to counteract the the negative effects.

    Some time ago you asked whether my doctor had come around to accepting my fasting. Just to add – still do not know but it does not look likely to be positive at the end of this month when I visit with him.
    My weight really has not budged since May. My blood sugars have been dickering around too and not decreasing substantially. The director of the IDM program informs me that I just have SO severe a case of diabetes that this is to be expected and I really must fast longer. (I have been having a difficult time doing this)
    But my husband, who has diabetes, and had his diabetes reversed very quickly compared to me, went to see the doctor recently, and was told his markers and his weight were down so much that he should just “keep doing what you have been doing”. So he MUST know that my husband would be doing the same as me, so I am hopeful. Certainly, he will see that my markers are no worse than they were, and in fact somewhat better than they were with insulin and all the other drugs, so I am hopeful.
    My fear is that my A1C will not be lower and he thinks it is the gold standard test for the progress of the disease so……..we will see. Will let you know his thinking.

    Hi PJBR:

    Thank you for the update. I’m sorry you have been having trouble progressing more, but you have progressed quite a bit from where you started. I’m going from memory, but I think you posted you have been suffering from Type 2 for decades. It does take longer to reverse it after that length of time.

    Fasting and otherwise maintaining low insulin levels is critical. I assume you have been following a very low carb, low red meat protein, high fat diet. As for fasting ‘more’, have you tried one day water fasting? While hard to imagine initially, once you do it a couple of times it becomes a non event. It might be a way to fast ‘more’ without adding fasting days.

    Good Luck!

    Since starting this, I have been studying, studying, studying, fasting and low carb high fat diets. That is just who I am – I am a slow but very thorough learner. So now I think I am equipped to do this successfully.

    Recently, I have realized a fundamental truth – it is all about the fasting. Boy what a relief! That is now my focus. It is the fasting which reduces the insulin levels and that is what reverses the diabetes! So I have to get serious about fasting – how much, how often – for me specifically.

    I have (had) trouble with an overwhelming desire to eat around suppertime. So I was having consecutive 24 hour fasts. – Doesn’t works for me at this time.
    I recently came across the course materials for a course I took years ago (21 years) (I have been looking for that material for almost all of those 21 years too) (just turned up on the dining room table somehow????????) It was a course for a quick fix for psychological problems such as phobias, post traumatic stress, etc. Since then, this technique has been found to be effective for many, many things including many physical things. It like fasting is not usually accepted as a treatment mode by the majority of people. (Especially my family)
    I thought” It may help with the hunger and urge to eat while I am fasting” On Sunday, I started a 6 day fast. When suppertime came and I felt overwhelmed with the urge to eat, I did the technique and got through that tough time. Last night, the second day (the first day is the hardest) the urge was not overwhelming. I am now on the third day and we will see.

    2 down, 4 more to go.

    Thank God for that psychological technique. Thank God for fasting and how beneficial it is. Thank God for Dr. Jason Fung and for Dr. Michael Mosley both of whom are working to help the people get through the diseases of obesity and DM2.

    Hi PJBR:

    The first day is only the hardest for those that have not done it before. If you have done it before, and are looking at a 6 day fast, the hardest days are 3 and 4, which corresponds to the time period when the body is changing from depending on sugar to operate to operating on ketones. A concern you must watch for at all times after the first day is fainting. Your blood pressure drops considerably, and you can faint either after standing up quickly, or after a period of even normal activity. If you feel funny – sit or lay down immediately! After day four, it is ‘easy’, as you don’t get hungry – just bored with not eating. I just finished a 10 day fast and am thankful I can just eat again. Not because of hunger, but because I like to eat and I just missed the physical act of eating.

    Here is a video that will tell you what to expect as you go forward with your fast. You can fast forward if you want to the 16 minute mark of the video to get into the ‘meat’ of the information – but the whole video is informative.

    I believe fasting is the key to getting rid of the diabetes as quickly as possible. Dr. Atkins reported reversing the diabetes of over 5000 of his patients with his ketogenic diet – but it took quite a bit of time. Dr. Goldhamer (the video I just recommended) usually gets rid of the diabetes for most people with fasting only in a 40 day time period or less. Dr. Fung, knowingly or not, combines the two approaches and has a program that is more doable by the average person as most people just can’t stop eating for 40 days.

    I believe the key to getting rid of diabetes quickly is to reduce insulin levels to the lowest possible level for some period(s) of time. The ketogenic diet approach works slowly because you eat every day so insulin enters the bloodstream every day to handle the food being eaten – even if the food does not raise insulin levels much. That is what was going on with your 24 hour fasts – you were eating every day and the fasting was not being as effective as it could have been. If the food you were eating included carbs, that made it even less effective.

    I wish you luck on your first multi day fast. If it does not work the first time, don’t give up. Your body gets used to it. I started with two day fasts, went to three, then four and now 10 is no problem. You just have to have the time!

    Good Luck!

    Thank you so much for your post.

    Over the time ,reading your posts, I have developed an understanding of two of your outstanding traits.
    1. You are EXTREMELY knowledgeable about this way of living!!!!!!
    2. You are a VERY caring person who goes out of your way to help others!!!!!!

    Thank you for being who you are. you are amazing!

    This is not my first long fast. My first one was in March when I started with Dr. Fung. It was followed by other fasts – alternate day fasts and eating only 1 meal on eating days. I did other longer fasts but not as long as the first one ( 7 days) but I cannot remember that time (did I forget as one forgets the pain of childbirth) Then I got to the difficult time of not pushing through that 1st day of fasting. Through all this of course we were also working through difficulties with blood sugars.
    At any rate I believe I have got this locomotive back onto the tracks and look forward to the results.

    I plan, in the new year, when all this hoopla of the “holidays” is over, to do a long fast monthly, until the diabetes is gone. Maybe I will be able to push through a 10 day fast like you if I need to, to get rid of this disease. I will need luck and a prayer or two would not go amiss.

    Thank you Simcoe for all you do.


    You are very kind. You are welcome.

    Your perseverance is amazing and I have no doubt you will win your war against your diabetes.

    Take care.

    from USA hi all & ruthy!!!! it’s been a superlong time since i started this post and will be away again thought u would like 2 c what was happening here is a pic w/ lost weight wish all of u a greeeeeaaaate year, enclosed is a letter i sent to dr fung on what i have finally concluded and what i’m going to do in feb 2016 and c if finally it will GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!

    hi dr fung,

    finally sleeping well
    i loss on that dr longo but did not reverse the type2


    so here i am 59 makeupfree still have a double chin but not has much i feel good except the TYPE2 UGH

    i have finally made a decisive decision just like when i went cold turkey on smoking since the 90’s

    i have great will power and based all my research and ur blogs which have been very comforting

    i’m going to be doing a 40 day fast water only hate water but somehow seltzer water which has no salt just carbonation taste good

    if i remember hunger last 10 minutes just like a nicotine need

    i’m tired of the 5/2 4/3 atf longo the high fat etc
    my body does not lose as much as others or does anything for type2 still the same w/ high blood pressure and metf
    they r not reversing the type2

    so in feb i will do a 40 day i know i can do it i have done so many fasts it’s like training for the big one
    dec i took ur advice went holiday crazy and have a nice holiday w/ sis in jan thus feb

    i got a new dr (waiting for medical results) she was very supportive of this fast
    she will c me @ the end of march which surprised me i thought she would want to monitor more closely

    anyway i will email when done

    i really just want that 1 gram of pancreas fat to be gone
    and back to a nontype2 yay

    if i lose more weight yay but really it is this type2 that is the disaster

    wish u,
    always for unlimited years allot of success and everything that will help u and ur family become the best they can be

    take care

    ps if there is any nonmedical advice u can add or vids links to this 40 days

    i would welcome it

    thanks in advance

    Hi wiltldnrUSA, welcome back:

    Here is a video that will let you know what to expect on a long term water fast: The whole video is informative, but the description of fasting ‘symptoms’ starts around minute 16. I found it useful.

    Good Luck!

    simcoeluv hi

    i remember all ur great responses

    i will definitely look @ vid soon

    i hope he says that i can have once a month lemon water

    water is so boring but again it is the reversing that is key

    how long have u fasted? i have fasted 1 week the the dr longo i guess a kind of wkly alternative weekly fast awf

    i know i’m ready

    anything u have given has always been helpful

    take care and hny!!


    wiltldnrUSA – Glad to see you are back on the thread. You left just when I came on. I have thought about you often and wondered about how you are doing. I did think you left because you had reversed the disease. Sorry to hear that you had not. Good luck this time.

    Krishna – were you successful in our quest? Have not heard from you for ages. Dr. Fung has trained a doctor in India to do the same as he does. He has also trained a few in Canada, but they all seem to be in Ontario.

    Old age brain appearing so I cannot remember the name of a doctor (in California?) (something like Sabo but not that). He has recently come on board and advises his patients 5 days fasting at a time.
    He is starting a clinic in 2016.

    Dr. Fung’s last blog is about a man who saw his material and began fasting for 5 days each week and lost a lot of weight.

    I have been at this for 10 months now ( I was once told that I am a slow but thorough learner) and have recently realized that it is all about the fasting. It is the fasting which has all the benefits. It is the (excuse the pun) fastest way to get benefits that we all want to see.
    I have been off all medications for diabetes since the spring except for one (which I will not name) and I am blaming it for my, what appears to be rapid, hair loss for the last 2 months. So I need to get off that medication too.
    To do this my plan is to do weekly 5 days fast. — 5:2 in reverse.

    I have also started a HIIT exercise program as per Dr. Moseley’s book on fast exercise. I hate exercise but quite like this because it is over fast (He He).

    To everyone on this thread, I wish you all a very SUCCESSFUL 2016 !

    Hi wiltldnr:

    I have done several 4/5 day fasts and my longest has been for 10 days. I really have no need to do longer ones except for my curiosity.

    Here is a well written article about long term fasting. The author ended up doing one for about 19 days, but gives some information on 40 day and longer fasts. If you remember some of my posts, you will remember the longest documented medically supervised water fast lasted for a little over 54 weeks. And some people feel that not eating for a day is impossible!

    Also, here is a clinical study showing long term fasting reduces high blood pressure. I offer it not because of the study results, but because it outlines how the researchers do 40 day fasts – what they do before, during and after.

    Good Luck!

    Happy new year all. I have had 5 weeks of overindulging and so I am now back on the wagon. All I can say is that goodness I don’t drink!!


    Happy New Year diabetes reversers!

    Just a quick report. We have just come home after 2 months overseas travel during the Christmas / New Year period. We did very few full fasts in that time, but skipped many breakfasts and always ate with an awareness we didn’t have before we climbed on this wagon nearly 3 years ago.

    Mr P, who reversed his insulin dependent Type 2 diabetes on standard 5:2, has gained only 1.5kg and, apart from 2 days of slightly elevated blood sugar readings, has stayed well within the healthy range.

    Interestingly we ate much more carb based foods and included cider that would normally cause issues. The one thing he found that seemed to consistently give lower readings was fish. Even if this was in Cullen Skink (a tasty Scottish fish soup that includes the usually avoided potatoes!) Mr P is now convinced that (small portions of) Cullen Skink works magic on blood sugar.

    For the record, I gained no weight and enjoyed all manner of tastey foods. I simply think mire about the big picture, total consumption whenever I eat.

    You are right,PJBR, the fast is the trick. It doesn’t seem to have to be a long one though. Regular normal fasts, or even half day fasts, are incredibly effective in kick starting the insulin response.

    All the best for your journeys towards health in 2016. PVE

    I hope you and Mr. P had a great long holiday. I am sure you did. What I love about this fasting is that it fits so wonderfully into holidays. By fasting except for 1 or 2 meals daily keeps the holiday costs down and keeps you feeling better than stuffing yourself full with 3 meals AND you have more time to do the fun stuff!

    Well done in the keeping the weight off during the holiday! That is unusual. Must make you feel good to be in such control, without much effort.

    And keeping blood sugars in good control. This really says that you have found the right thing to keep the disease from rearing its ugly head.

    Who would have thought fish to lower Blood sugars?

    Nice to have you back. Not such an active thread at the moment.

    Hopefully the lack of activity means people are on track (I hope ) 😊 P

    Hi WiltldnrUSA, so good to see you back. Sorry you still have problems but I have every confidence in you and your efforts to get healthy again. Your plans for a 40 day fast is unusual but I am pleased you have a supportive Doctor on board. My main concern for you is that you must have some one around to keep a weather eye on you, both for support and for health reasons while you do this fast. I only visit the forum rarely now just to see what is happening so it is good to see you around.
    Keep in touch, give us a running commentary when you start and stay safe.
    Good luck.

    Finally , the peeling of the weight seems to be apparent ! My fat % has gone down by 2% this week.
    I am doing more fast days at the moment and am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
    I do have a goal weight and have only 27 lbs to go, but, will the diabetes be cured by then? Like Shakespeare said “that is the question”.
    It has been exactly 1 year since I began this journey (right after a visit with the diabetic nurse, when I told her the accepted approach was not working and was to vague to be much use – I cancelled my next appointment and began 5:2) I lost a few pounds that first month then began the more rigorous program with Dr. Fung’s method. As of today I have lost 35 lbs – over half way. Will it take another year to make it to my goal? We will see.
    I did have a few hurdles that I had to get over which halted the progress. One was with medication, one was stress from neighbours interference, and of course the Christmas “season” which I observe is lasting longer as the years pass. Smaller blips, like birthdays and other life events happen along, thank goodness fasting afterward can deal with them easily.
    Hopefully, I am on the downward slope of the mountain now and hopefully gaining speed till the end.

    hi couscous & all who r still on here

    couscous what a pleasure 2 c u respond.thanks 4 making me feel cared 4 ur email was very helpful

    no one really believes me however, the proof will be in actions and words 2 solidify my goals

    i have started feb the 2nd 2016 it is amazing that i have not had any hunger @ all
    no i don’t have someone w/ me but my boss and family r aware i guess i’m & my stomach r really prepared 4 this doing mini water fasting i’ve done many
    if’s 5/2 -7/7 @ 500 and mentally (is really the key) i really want this type2 to reverse this

    type2 is scarier than the fasting

    started getting rheumatoid arthritis i also found out that when i was pretty sick when i was on this forum it was my meds that were messing me up big time i’m not really caring about the weight not looking @ scale (i guess i should take measurements.

    i was sad my pic did not show up here thought people would like to c where i got to in terms of weight still have a slight double chin the moderator said that i have to find a software that does it. does anybody know how 2 insert pics???

    i also decided that when my type2 is gone i will start dating but have to find someone who lets me read for hours and cocoon 2gether or alone i really love that part of my life. so i guess i will have to do research/read on how to proactively seek a great person
    they deserve it
    usa 2 u ♥♥♥♥♫♫ ☺

    2 PJBR

    glad 2know u reverse it ty 4 the luck

    2 simcoeluv

    wow thanks so much 4 ur links articles vids it really helps keep them coming i avidly appreciate them also realized on a site allaboutfasting it has a section about how to break the fast that it is super important 2 know so more research to do
    when i did water fast b4 i did not do that i guess for the 40dys i should

    ty a lot

    please everyone how do i insert pics on this thread help

    all good luck in reversing

    Good luck with the water fast USA.

    thanks all thanks PJBR

    day 6 water fast

    all those other fastings have not reversed the diabetes weight yes

    the moses way

    the if way

    the fasting mimicking diet dr longo a little

    the 800 newcastle way lowered it a little but NOT ALL THE WAY

    this must b the right way because i just don’t have any cravings

    i can not wait 4 my medical exam where she says you no longer have type 2

    who hoo

    decided to do 6 wks which is 42 days it is easier to think about
    so far i have never been hungry which i’m totally surprised
    i’m not going to weigh myself until the end yay

    i’m wondering when will i b hungry?

    i have been trying to find out a basic question researching in library google scholar everywhere forums dr’s

    how much weight do you need to lose to lose 1% of pancreas fat

    no answer so far


    all good luck in reversing

    Hi WiltidnrUSA, thanks for the update. Sorry to hear that the Newcastle diet did not work as well as it could for you. Stop talking-thinking about hunger stick to the positives. I recall in my grey matter seeing something on British Television in the not to distant past something about pancreas fat, not sure if it was actually a Michael Mosley tv show. I will do a bit of research myself to see if I can find it.
    Good luck.

    Hi WiltldnrUSA, re your quest to be diabetes free and my last response to your question re Pancreatic fat loss. The research led me back again to Prof Roy Taylor at Newcastle University. I visited If you find this mention is made of a Daily Express (British Newspaper article) about the research.Basically the answer to your question re how much weight do you need to lose to lose 1% of Pancreas fat is….A lot. Also it is not 1% but seems to be 1 gram unless that is, among all the info mistakes have been made re the amount. To get the above I simply Googled “1 gram of fat removal from Pancreas” on AOL. I hope this info is of some help if only for information in your search for a healthy body.
    Good luck.

    Hi coscous thanks so much for this info
    I thought I saw that article and it told me the one gram of pancreas but never how much weight I had to lose to get that so I’m going to be looking forward to this article and seeing the answer that will determine how long on the water fast I will keep going on the water fast until it’s done thank you so much for taking the time in researching and you’re right it is 1 gram also You’re right I should not think about when the hunger will start I’m just happy it hasn’t started at all yay
    I am on my cell phone voice typing so you now do not have the type of writing that I usually do E E Cummings

    Will google alert your actual question on Google luv the alerts

    So far really happy with this type of fasting I’m also not having all the problems I had last year or was that 2 years ago on the Newcastle I think that was the medication not Newcastle it did go lower the AC 1 so I’m sure it will eventually reverse it
    amazing what one article about 1 gram of pancreas fat got me to start a water fast it was probably all meant to be this 5 2 and all the other fasting diets
    ty couscous

    it is day 11 waterfast still no hunger


    however super bored w/ water so this time i put a teaspoon of squeezed lemon in a 1.5 lt bottle when i had off

    2morrow i’m going to try hot water since it has been snowing and snowing

    one thing that is really weird is my mouth taste terrible very weird so i brush teeth and tongue w/ a drop of apple vinegar and baking soda still fowl i know this is 1 of the side effects

    i was reading an article that i should be breathing/exhaling because the fat that is burning needs 2b exhaled
    i started looking for this vhs tape i had it in the 90’s when i was looking 4
    an exercise tape that was all about breathing it really worked then & i lost inches muscle/body became well toned if i could figure out to insert pics i could show those past results

    could not find it went to utube and found it yay its russian subtitled but they have all kinds of her vhs tapes
    when i watched it i remembered my boyfriend laughing @ me because it was weird however it worked

    we all should b exhaling this body fat

    hope this helps

    this one shows step by step the breathing

    this is the whole tape give a min to really start

    all have a great fasting week

    Message for WiltldnrlUSA. How has your water diet been going?. I hope you have seen some significant improvements in your health and weight. Remember to give an update. By the way, and just for research information only, a new book out on healthy eating to prevent disease and live a healthier life. (I know there are loads out there but this was in a national newspaper recently and may be of interest). “How not To Die: Discover the foods scientifically proven to prevent and reverse disease” Dr Michael Greger and Gene Stone. (Macmillan publishing.)
    Good luck to all you 5:2ers out there.

    Pardon my lurking, PJBR, but I am very interested in the science of fasting and how it reverses Type2 diabetes. You mentioned that you had taken a course that taught you how to persevere in longer fasts. I presume you completed your long fast. I have never been able to go past 65 hours or so. I know I have enough fat to sustain me, and I am a fat-burner (lchf for 8 months). Can you share some of the techniques you learned to get you through the longer fast?

    Thank you so much, I have lost 50lbs, and on my last 20-25. I know fasting is the way to get there 🙂

    Hello All,

    Coming back after looooong time. So, its been more than a year that I’ve reduced weight and reversed my Type II Diabetes, and till now, there’s no change in my weight. Its the same. And my blood sugar is completely under control. The only change is I moved from India to Australia 🙂

    Hope you’re all rocking.


    Hi Krishna

    That is some move! I’m glad you have it all under control. I hope you really like your new home, winter there now I suppose.

    Do you think you needed to lose more?


    Hi Ginette,

    Glad to see your reply so soon. Yeah, Winters approaching 🙂

    All this 1 – 1.5 years I’ve been experimenting to see how my body reacts to the food and also started helping my friends/colleagues to loose some extra kilos. Here are my findings.

    1) I was eating a very high fat, medium-to-high carb diet and still didn’t put any weight. Ofcourse all my carbs are never taken alone but always clubbed with fats though.

    2) My recent experiment, of feeding on fruits alone, did increase my waistline 🙂 to couple of inches. I was feeding on green/red grapes to about 1/2 kilo/day (along with my routine high fat food) and this intake of fructose did really had effected me and my waist line is increased. I know, 0.5 kgs of grapes/day is insane 😉

    3) Back to my IF now and yes, am planning to lose another 10-12 kilos again. So, started doing IF from last week. This time am goanna make sure to reduce my tummy fat completely.

    4) I’ve been involved in low-medium exercise 2-3 times/week. I just walk/jog, but nothing more. I typically have a desk job sitting before the computer all day (and some night too)

    Hoz things at your end.


    Hi Ravi

    Not too bad thanks. I put on 10lbs over the Christmas and then reached a plateau where I couldn’t lose it. I have now lost about 8lbs thanks to the fast beach diet, I did this last year as well.

    The FBD is really only 5:2 with NFDs pretty strict, cur diwn on carbs, no refined carbs, no alcohol and maybe add another fast day.

    I have fruit as my first meal now most days, oranges, strawberries, melon or an apple. I don’t have any blood sugar problems thankfully. I have lost over four and a half stone and have about four to lose. Thankfully FBD seems to have helped break the plateau and I am gradually losing.

    I am happy to lose a couple of stone a year as I am not in a desperate hurry to lose and I want my body to adjust on the way down. I want to avoid a big loose skin situation but I am sure I will have some. I now need to start exercising, I am decorating at the moment so enough exercise in that at the moment and I don’t want to get sidetracked.

    Nice to hear that you are doing well. Have you looked at the blood sugar diet, I have the book I am sure the details are available on the Internet.


    Well done Ravi and welcome to Aus!!

    Just popping in with some feedback re cider vinegar. My husband, who reversed his insulin dependent Type 2 over 2 years ago with fasting 5:2 style, has followed Dr Fung’s advice (The Obesity Code) and has a couple of dessertsppons of cv before eating, if he knows he will be in a social siuation where only carb based foods are on offer. It works like a charm.
    We attended a party last night, wine, carby buffet foods. He had cv before we went and this morning his bloodsugar is 4.9. Very nice!

    CV is not an alternative to eating properly and having regular fasts, but is great to avoid spikes when you aren’t in control of the food available.
    Thanks Dr F!! ☺ Purple

    hi, couscous
    how r u?

    usa here hi everyone!

    have not reversed but have gone down from 7.1 to 5.8 Yaaaay! but still doc was impressed last time

    15 more lbs 2 go 2 ideal weight but again the most important is reversing t2 and i think finally there is a light @ the end of this exploring tunnel

    i lasted 16 days on the water fast had to stop because of nausea
    however, it is because i did it all wrong
    did tap water no sea salted bone broth for electrolytes
    which i found a podcast of dr fung with the co-writer for a new book in nov 2016

    The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting
    by Jimmy Moore, Dr. Jason Fung

    the best way 2 water fast is 4 me
    smart water it has electrolytes
    bottles 1,3 lb both totaling 2.6 liters a day
    i save when i’m low carbing all the chicken bones in freezer
    add apple cider vinegar of course turmeric ginger garlic and hot cayenne red
    pepper sea salt simmer all night
    and then strain it twice i only drink that on wknds
    u can every day but it makes me want more than a gallon of bone broth
    way easier water-only fasting

    i also found his recent best seller in the library

    The Obesity Code: Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss Kindle Edition
    by Jason Fung (Author),
    still a great book

    also found an audio there 2 of

    The 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet: How to Beat Diabetes Fast (and Stay Off Medication)
    by Michael Mosley (Author)

    i think waterfasting is the best way 4 me it is so much easier (never thought i would say that)

    i’m now on another wf it is the 7th day
    will b lasting until dr appt the 20th

    then im sure i will finally reverse it to the great number of 5.1

    the more i read i realize that im a super insulin resistant girl and also have super-metabolic syndrome

    so i think every month i will do a 7day wf while the other weeks will be high fat low protein low carb
    hmm i wonder how 2 abbreviate that?

    eat whatever i like on holidays or good friends who invite me 2 dinner they r far away so it will b infrequent anyway

    thanks 4 the book will definitely read it “How not To Die: Discover the foods scientifically proven to prevent and reverse disease” Dr Michael Greger and Gene Stone. (Macmillan publishing.)

    if u want 2 c a pic of me i just changed my hair cut it and it is the color of wine it also has an old pic w/ the long hair when i was actively involved w/ this forum will have full body 1’s when i reverse

    i’m now on this facebook group known as bklbov
    because i could not figure out how to put pics
    on this forum ugh

    Fung Shweigh inspired by Dr. Jason Fung

    they all talk about fasting have many drs they admire dr moses dr fung

    as u already know 5:2 4:3 or adf 800 cal did not reverse or lower t2 4 me

    however, im so grateful in c ing dr moses video then reading his books and especially this great forum all of u were a breath of fresh air

    helped me so much how 2 fast that it was all meant 2 b

    so chaaaaarge! i’m a super-wf

    thank you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hi usa-good to hear of your progress. I have been reading most of the books you mentioned, and have tried ketogenic (jimmy Moore). I immediately began losing, but the high fat is hard for me.
    I also have 15 lbs to go.
    I looked for your photo on Fung Shweigh but which one is you?
    I still think 5:2 is the most long term do-able.

    Hi Wilt, great to hear from you. As usual your dedication to your weight loss and your fight against the dreaded big D2 is awesome. You are a one woman scientific project and you simply do not give up.
    I on the other hand sadly came off 5:2 and let my weight creep up. At the moment I am mentally prepping myself to start again so hearing from you and your success is wonderful. I will get the Obesity Code on Kindle and give it my full attention.
    Keep us all updated on your progress.
    Best wishes.

    congrats on u!!!! mulville

    the high fat was hard 2 do 2 especially low protein

    now i just eat fat like if i want pop corn i measure coconut oil sprinkle salt and garlic and eat it w/ a tea spoon no popcorn of course no popcorn was included

    or eat olives w/ herbs and cheese

    im making noooodles by marinating it w/ goat cheese

    it is my site

    im known as

    Bklbov Stf

    if u like crunchy delicious stuff ask ur butcher it is usually free 4 pork skin u can bake or microwave
    this is addictive it is called cracklins

    concerning books 4 fat fast

    that is why 4 me water fasting is so easier

    free and no cooking
    hmm i wonder if i put garlic powder in my water will it feel like eating garlicky food something 2 try

    i just left and article on this forum about fasting in the science section about
    Fasting for three days can regenerate entire immune system, study finds
    and a more scientific one for our science techies

    hope this helps u

    my 15lbs-2-go-twin

    wish success c u on facebook

    must study 4 exam
    as usual im on a forum ugh that is why i got off 2 much fun and all of u have been so helpful u don’t want 2 b rude

    also couscous my suscriber and alert was off this topic so really did not ignore u hope all of u understand
    take care


    it turns out that my fung facebook is not an extended w fasting

    Information posted is regarding Dr Fung’s articles, videos and webinars on the subjects of Intermittent Fasting(IF) and eating healthy, wholesome, natural, whole foods….. and adding in healthy fats and low carb complex carbs.

    ( we do not recommend extended fasts, water only fasts) Please consult your doctor.

    so this group is more along ur thinking still luv the fast diet group

    however on both groups i prefer 2 have a life if i loved 2 type or write may b when i get a new laptop i will make sure that it has bluetooth andd it could type 4 me while im doing hiitt on my bed

    this my 11th day wf & the weight is on a plateau ugh
    well when it’s the 20th 4 lab and 28th 4 dr it just reverses completely still would b nice 2 lose it all for once

    happy fasting all


    of what i remember u r not a t2 and very healthy

    so just do a 6/1 @ 500


    500 Under 500: From 100-Calorie Snacks to 500 Calorie Entrees – 500 Balanced and Healthy Recipes the Whole Family Will Love Kindle Edition
    by Lynette Rohrer Shirk (Author), Nicole Cormier RD LDN (Author)

    not free

    Everyday Food: Light: The Quickest and Easiest Recipes, All Under 500 Calories
    and take a walk

    i actually luv walking in a library up/down the stairs
    any bldng that has a/c

    wish u sucess on ur if journey

    t care

    also couscous my suscriber and alert was off this topic so really did not ignore u hope all of u understand
    take care

    Hi USA thanks for the info and update. You remember well, I am not T2 but I take an active interest in the subject and in your journey to defeat it.
    I have just had some treatment for a lower back problem from a BOWEN practitioner and she suggested I visit a private nutritionalist which she feels will help with my health issues. By the way I have just downloaded “The Obesity Code” by Jason Fung which you have previously mentioned. It is difficult to change over 40 yrs of bad eating habits but I keep trying.
    Keep us all updated.
    Good luck.

    couscous and AAAAALLLL!

    it has finally happened i’m no longer a type 2 yaaay
    i’m now a pre-diabetic my a1c is 6 my goal is
    5.7 below but being in the high 8’s and slowly going down the last 2 water fast one in june for 16 days and
    this july for 12 days
    each time i stopped was due to nausea
    but now i know what the nausea is

    my doc is thrilled this was w/out taking medication since feb 2016 and no longer will b taking them
    Laboratory test finding
    07/20/2016 Hemoglobin A1c 6.0 % of total Hgb High <5.7

    however, the reason 4 the nausea is i have verrrryyyyy high blood pressure she was very concerned so now i’m taking
    Hydrochlorothiazide 07/28/2016 Active Tablets 25mg 30tabs 1 by mouth every day
    2day it is @ 120 so phew she was ready 2 put me in an emergency room ugh
    Vital Signs
    Date Vital Result Comment
    07/28/2016 BP Systolic 162 mmHg
    BP Diastolic 110 mmHg
    Heart Rate 88 /min
    so i think in august i will do a 14 day water fast w/ the hbprssr pill and get to below 5.7 a1c then it will b completely gone yhe dreaded word diabetes yaAAY!

    THAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANKS!!!!! DR MOSES DR FUNG my white coat angels
    O:) O:)

    how r u doing couscous? and all?

    Hi USA

    Congratulations!! What brilliant news, all down to your hard work though, credit where it is due.

    I’m following your results, it will inspire others to do the same. I too suffer from high blood pressure, I have lost more than 5 stone a out 74lbs in total. It still hasn’t reduced. My cardiologist thinks it’s from stress and I just have to find a way to deal with it. I am currently listening to a hypnosis CD to try and help it.

    I hope you get yours under control.


    Hi USA, what can I say?. All the superlatives seem not to be enough so I will simply say “Well Done”. You have been on this road for so very long I bet many thought you would never get there. The important message is to stick with it until your final goal is reached and more importantly maintained over time. Your high blood pressure is also a concern to me. Please do not get too carried away with your main goal to the extent that your blood pressure is negatively affected. Remember that when you reach your final goal your diet, health and way of life has to be adjusted in such a way that you become comfortable within your self and enjoy your life.
    Best wishes and good luck. Keep us all updated.

    hi coucous and ginette thanks

    how high is ur blood pressure ginette ? congrats on ur goals

    meditation i heard is a big key 4 the heart have u both done that it is very hard to do.

    coucous i will make sure i take my hbp meds because somehow even eating right
    have not had junk food chocolate any fried foods just healthy low carb high fat foods and fasting but my whole family genes r very prone to heart disease

    so instead of having sea salt added to on fasting water days no salt will be added i have not taken my high blood pressure meds since feb thinking i could reverse that 2 i guess not the meds r helping tremendously i used to not have salt @ all and one doc said i was to low in sodium so changed guess that was not good either still that high i’m going to cut completely

    i luv hot spicy foods more garlic the better so will not miss salt
    i’m lucky to be alive never understood high blood pressure
    i guess i should b relieved they have invented pills 2 lower it

    so more research and more goals
    u r right coucous do not lose sight

    i will be doing for the rest of my life a healthy lifestyle
    only holidays w/ family will b whatever i want

    my next labs r in october hopefully it will b a1c -5.7 i know it will
    in 3 wks i have a test for the heart they said they have to monitor that more closely

    wish u both healthy hearts and healthy bods
    i wish u right back success

    Hi USA

    It was more than 200/100. Doctor gave me the wrong vitamin D as I cannot take the capsules. I have now got the tablets. I scratch all day and night with whatever is in the capsules.

    Thank you still about another 50lbs to go. The problem that caused the stress led me to this way of life and without it I probably would have never lost the weight.

    I am not diabetic, I know that I was the type of person that was heading for it. I know many people with serious problems who are though. I like to support others and I’m interested that it can be reversible.

    I have a friend who is borderline and has 5 stone to lose, that is 71lbs. So she is looking at diets but won’t consider 5:2. She thinks it is too harsh.

    I’m so pleased for you though.

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