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  • Day 1 – Dubai – FD#10

    Greetings from the Middle East. Thank you @michelinme for taking up the hosting duties for May, count me in.

    I started this journey at the beginning of April – during the month I lost 6 pounds – not as much as I wanted but honestly being 55+–when losing weight seems to take FOREVER–I’m thrilled with the outcome. This month I would like to lose 8 pounds, might as well aim high! My ultimate goal is to be slim and trim at 125 pounds by the end of August. My weekly plan is to keep it simple with 2 FDs and 5 NFDs along with regular exercise – tennis, circuits and walking. Good luck to everybody.

    Thank you for all your incredibly inspirational stories. They give me such hope. @at – you’re my hero . Yes, together we are stronger!

    “Three months from now, you’ll thank yourself.”

    Hello I am fairly new to the 5:2 WOL, I started about 6 weeks ago and I don’t think I have lost a single pound!! I am gutted and feeling quite low as my FD seem hard still and I am starting to wonder what is the point. However I did this diet about 4 years ago and it worked. I exercised a lot more though. I am 49 female and have young children, I am really busy with walking dogs but it doesn’t seem to be enough. I am 70 Kg but want to be 63kg. My goal is to lose about half a stone by July when off on holiday the swim suit comes out. I want to feel happy about my body.

    Day 1-London-NFD

    Hello, I am joining the monthly challenge as I am entering my 4th week of this wol. So far, my weight has gone down but extremely slowly (-1.5kg), which is somehow a bit frustrating. I need to get additional motivation!
    I am at 68.2kg this morning (no lose last week) and my weight goal is 61kg, which is my pre-pregnancy weight (8years ago…). I am 45 now and I can see loosing weight is a lot more work than before!
    I have always been active and kept my weight under control (I have always been on the curvy side but healthy) with jogging and swimming. That’s something that has nearly disappeared of my routine since I had my children. Hence re-introducing exercise every day this month!

    good luck to everybody!

    Day 1 North Canton OH FD

    I love May! warm weather, graduations, the promise of summer…what’s not to love. Around this time last year I met my weight loss goal, I was in maintenance for about a year, then we bought a new home, sold our old home and moved for the first time since we got married almost 19 years ago. I put on about 10 pounds that I am looking to lose and I believe my head is in the right place.

    I plan to follow a plant-based Mediterranean diet and to lose slowly and steadily till I get back into maintenance range.
    I had a stomach bug yesterday evening so I am not quite up to my usual energy levels, but I am here and ready to make the day happen.

    It’s great to see old friends and a hearty welcome to all the newbies joining us. Thank you @michelinme for hosting May, I love your intro 🙂

    Day 1 Belfast NFD

    A bit about me –
    I am a 63 year old retired primary school teacher. Weight: 150.25lbs. BMI. 24.: Waist:34
    I am in the tortoise club. I’ve been doing this WOL for 2 years and have lost 2stone, mainly because my weekends get in the way! But, being a cup half full gal, it’s been slowly down all the way and I can attribute that to the wonderful support from this great international forum. I’m headed for maintenance and my main consideration is my waist diameter, which is too big. I am a self confessed sugar addict, which is my biggest demon, although I am partial to the odd G&T at the weekend.

    @Mmjrbcd44 I read tour April post and I’m with ya! I hope you’ve got long arms ‘cos I might need some pulling!
    @diwantsthin – I have a Fitbit, and it keeps you moving for sure. However, 10000 steps aren’t the end all and be all. I swim, do yoga, Pilates, (I’m a big fan of these for strength and flexibility) and walk 2-3miles a day with the puppy. I do like to feel that buzz on my wrist though, when I’ve reached that magic number!

    My goals are this:

    Fast on Monday and Thursdays
    Follow 16:8 daily
    Reduce sugar and refined carbs
    Exercise the willpower muscle
    Keep going at my varied exercise routine

    Remember: Even if you lose 1/2 a pound a week, you’ll lose 26 lbs in a year.


    Day 1 Adelaide South Australia NFD

    I’m a 49yo woman, mother of a 10yo girl, live with my partner of 20 years and work 4 days a week as a social policy officer in a government department. I started 5:2 two and a half weeks ago on advice from my doctor when I told her I want to lose weight and reduce my waist measurement. I was 72kg (now 71kg) and 90cm waist. After reading up everything I could find about the 5:2 I decided it was worth a try – particularly with the hope of a mental reset about how much food I’ve been eating and how much junk! Luckily my partner is going on it with me. First two weeks were quite easy but yesterday I struggled on my first FD for the week so I thought joining the monthly challenge would help me to stick to it. I hope to lose 3 – 4kg this month. So glad this forum and this monthly challenge group exists!

    Day 1. USA. FD. I am more productive at work on my FD’s I find. Good luck to all today!

    Day 1 London(work)/Kent(live), UK NFD

    I had my first FD yesterday which went well, i am trying to keep to below TDEE, mine is currently 1833 cals which i think is quite high?! I am aiming for around 1600. I have done well so far today, eggs for breakfast, Asda prepared salad for lunch (already had in the fridge) and tonight i will be having pan fried cod wrapped in pancetta with new potatoes and green beans. Snacks wise my biggest problem is chocolate, i had 4 chunks of dairy milk from a bar shared with a colleague, but i am going to try and restrict any chocolate until the weekend, I dont want to cut it out completely because i know i wont be able to do this as i will feel deprived and fall of the wagon, so am trying to cut down bit by bit and not have some everyday. I also enjoy full fat coke! i only have one can a day (bad i know) so i have cut this down to a small can (150ml) a day, hoping/aiming to completely cut this out though. Trying to change my mindset that i am not, ‘not allowed’ to have certain foods i am simply choosing not to fuel my body with food that is not nutritious and full of sugar (this is taking a while to sink in!).

    hope you all had a good day today, i was planning on doing a Tuesday and Thursday, as i work these days and find it far easier on working days to complete but i thought i read somewhere that too close days is not very good? i wonder if someone could clarify. thank you

    Day 1 North Wales NFD

    I am a retired 62 (today) year old teacher who had been struggling with excess weight for years. I started this way of life a year ago and have been doing the challenges for 11 months. I am now starting my 5th month of maintenance. I still fast 2 days a week mainly for health reasons. I don’t post very often, but I visit the forum every day to keep me motivated. I love this way of life and the support this forum gives. Hope everyone has a successful month.

    2nd post

    Many happy returns @molij, hope you’re having a lovely day.

    NFD. Today. I was surprised that this morning I wasn’t very hungry after fasting yesterday. I still had a small breakfast.
    @floridafun My fast days are Monday Thursday. So far this has been working for me.
    Got to get back to my painting. Trying to save my flamigo painting. Hope everyone has a great afternoon.

    2nd post
    @molij HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    2nd post

    @floridafun Regarding your current TDEE of 1800, a great piece of advice is to work out the TDEE of the weight you aim for, and eat to that TDEE. It works for me ☺️
    I also often do two FD’s one after the other (or back to back – B2B) and it’s not usually a problem. When I started 5:2 last summer I experimented with different times for eating, length of time between meals etc until I found what worked for me. Best of luck on your journey 🤗

    @molij Happy birthday 🍾🎂

    Day 1, UK, NFD

    A bit about myself: I’m 51 year old female, used to live off fast/processed unhealthy food, until I had a bit of a health scare. Not immediately but slowly I started to be aware of just how much I wasn’t helping my body. I’m surprised really that it functioned as well as it did and stayed healthy so far, no thanks to myself. I also put over a stone after my health problem. So I started researching into healthy eating and nutrition. Along the way, I bumped into 5:2 and this forum. One of the best thing that happened to me in a long time 🙂
    I am now following this WOL, but not only that, I try to make it into an enjoyable affair and WOE. I haven’t got a lot of weight to lose but this little bit is very stubborn, and due to me not wanting to diet its taking a long time. I don’t mind, I enjoy the journey and joined the Club Tortoise 🐢
    For all who are new to this, remember,there is many ways to treat yourself apart from food 😉

    @lolabelle don’t be disheartened if you haven’t seen any loss yet, keep going and it will happen 🙂

    @malteserhead welcome to our friendly forum 😀 , my advice is, set a goal, we all do and its a good thing, but be kind to yourself as well. Endurance and creating a new routine and WOE is more important than the numbers, as long as you are going in the right direction. I lose around 1kg a month, proud member of Club Tortoise here 😀 , but the way I see it I’m 1 kg lighter than I would have been if I didn’t try 🙂 . Good luck!

    @floridafun I cut out sugar, vegetable oil and processed food not long ago, and although its a quite big change I find it easier now, it feels like after a while of my body not being exposed to sugar/processed food it got used to better things and now I don’t even like the smell of take away and alike, which I never thought possible! As for fasting days, the beauty of this WOL is flexibility and adjusting our fasting/eating the way it suits us, so whatever works best for you is just fine 🙂

    Happy Birthday @molij :flowers: , hope you have a great :dance:

    Have a great day/evening everyone 🤗

    Hey guys looking for a bit of motivation! Had a very slow week last week losing only 1kg! I’m hoping I can continue to drop but scared to step on the scales and see my weight go up! I feel like this diet is my last resort as I have tried everything else 😫 anyone else had similar experiences I would love to hear them!

    Day 1 Stevensville Maryland USA CNFD

    My plan this month is to do 16:8 every day with one B2B each week. No time to read posts today. Hope everyone is doing okay. I will update the spreadsheet later.

    Today my heart is filled with sadness as by brother is struggling today.

    3rd post

    @molij Happy Birthday!

    @onlyhermes you were amazing last month, you lost 17lbs and @shimmera 11lbs well done!

    @diana123 I’m so sorry, any results yet?

    @lolabelle just keep doing 5:2, you’ll lose weight, we all did, some of us fast, some a bit slower.

    @claireinspain, @malteserhead and @floridafun I agree with @daffodil2010 and @shinything you have to set a goal weight for yourself and change your habits, not easy, but doable and you get used to your new habits. I like to do FD’s on Monday and Tuesday, I want do have them done and enjoy the rest of the week. I don’t weigh myself often, I have a dress I want to fit in, I try it once in a while and I go by looking in the mirror. Just try what suits you best. Sometimes you’ll fail but nobody is perfect, just try again next day.

    @snowflake56 – hi! No, haven’t managed to finish the bikini. The top fits just fine, but I haven’t managed to finish the bottoms. Don’t think I’ll hit the beach just wearing the top…. I have a few long length swimsuits
    (long in the body – I have long body, stumpy legs….) so they will have to do. I’ve made a few dresses though, and went a bit bonkers in Berwick Street Cloth Shop this afternoon and bought some Japanese cotton in burnt orange. Long dress coming up.

    Day 1 2nd post Stevensville Maryland USA CNFD

    @snowflake56 My brother is in stage 5 kidney failure due to his recent diagnose of Multiple Myeloma cancer not sure which stage that is yet. Bone Marrow biopsy this week along with Chemo once a week and dialysis three times a week, in hopes to bring his kidney functions up.

    I lost my other brother when I was 15 and he was 10 to cancer, along with my mother 17yrs ago. Another reason I began this WOL in hopes for a long and healthy life.

    Day 1 UK CD

    Hi everyone and hello to the month of May!

    I’m 52, 5’6″ tall and have various health issues causing pain, energy,and mobility problems. I’ve been vegetarian for 30 years, gluten-free for 4, low carb and wheat-free for the last year. I took up adapted yoga 5 years ago and have made steady but significant progress.

    I put on weight over 20 years through illness restricting movement, medication, post-surgeries, stopping smoking and bc hormones. Weight continued to creep up, it hit 179lbs in November last year. I decided it was a crossroads – continue down the path or take action.

    I joined the December 2017 challenge and haven’t looked back. Over the last 5 months I’ve seen a slow but steady 23lb loss, along with significant fat suit shrinkage of 4″bust, 5″waist, 5″ hips and 2″ thighs. First goal weight is 140lbs and I’ll review when I get there.

    This month’s goals are to:
    Get comfortably below the magic 11 stone/70kg milestone – not seen since 2006!
    Continue Mon/Thurs FD, plus lower carb and lower sugar intake – that’s been much better this last month and I can feel the benefit.
    Re-establish gentle daily morning practice of adapted yoga & meditation.
    Do a reasonable job of hosting this challenge! Not so good today – too many calls – but we have a wonderful wide group who share wisdom generously

    I need to zip off now for v late & quick supper and get ready for an early start tomorrow. I’ve cancelled the difficult meeting tomorrow afternoon – so many people dropped out it stopped being worth it, yay! – but still have to be in town first thing for other meetings.

    Welcome to newcomers @lolabelle @mychoice7 and @malterserhead

    @molij happy birthday!

    @diana123 I’m sorry your brother is struggling today, and hope that he gets some good rest and helpful results

    Do put headers on your posts if you remember – eg Day 1 UK FD, 2nd post etc. It makes it easier to read through when there are lots of us posting, otherwise some people may get lost in the crowd 🙁

    Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can

    Day 1 second post

    NB There are some really helpful resources across the forum and the site – it’s worth reading around

    the FAQs are a mine of information

    and some amusing posts make v useful points eg this one on 5:2 side effects

    Day 2…NSW Australia…CD
    7.40am Wednesday

    Hi everyone!
    So many wonderful, inspiring posts to read – thank you all for sharing.
    I’m off to yoga this morning – enjoy the benefits so much.

    Happy to join Club Tortoise 🐢
    – makes life so much easier as “slow and steady wins the race”!

    Very warm welcome to all the newbies.

    Enjoy whatever you are getting up to and bye for now!

    hi @michelinme, thank you for your post. have managed Fd today and off to bed shortly. @at – inspirational post, happy birthday @molij. reading all the posts today has really helped me get through, thanks all.

    Day 1 – Ireland – NFD

    Thanks so much for hosting Michelinme. I am still off the rails but planning to get back on track later in May after a 10 day holiday which starts tomorrow. I hope I can get back into the healthy way of life I enjoyed at the beginning of the year. I have added myself back on to the spreadsheet so that I can update it regularly to help me stay on the straight and narrow.

    also @diana123, sorry to hear of your worries with your brother, truly hope he receives some better news with health soon

    ccco USA Day 1 NFD

    Just quickly checking in! I read everyone’s posts and wish everyone the very best in May! 🙂

    Day 1 NFD Oregon USA

    Hello hello and happy May!

    A little about me…I’m 53. I’m the mom to four boys (men), work three days a week in my real job and four days a week (kidding, sort of) trying to launch a new business that’s all mine. 🙂

    Technically I started my first challenge in November 2016. And proceeded to lose 10 pounds fairly quickly but have pretty much been stagnant since January. Well that was until April when I managed to gain 1.5 pounds back.

    So…I’m diving into May and trying a LCHF approach combined with fasting days.
    Today I baked my first loaf of “keto” bread.
    Happily, I am not a huge sweets person, and not too bad about bread…HOWEVER…
    potatoes,rice, CHIPS, popcorn…yeah I like my carbs, but clearly they don’t like me.

    @debster251 and anyone else who wants to tackle it, consider us the first “pocket” for May? My goal is 40g or carbs or less a day. Obviously easy on FD’s. Will be tracking it for NFD’s. To that end, I’ve downloaded the Atkins Carb tracker.
    I know @metatauta and some others try to stick to LCHF.

    Welcome newbies and hello old friends. Happy to see you @coda and of course all the other lovely Brit’s.

    Looking forward to sharing some real PROGRESS this month.

    Here we go!

    Day 1 USA (visiting Utah) NFD

    Welcome to all the newbies! A bit about me – I started 5:2 March 2016 and over the next 9 months lost about 35 pounds. I’ve stayed on these monthly challenges just to keep at maintenance. And it has worked! For me it meant doing 6:1 with careful judiciously watching calories on My Fitness Pal.

    I will be 70 on May 2 (tomorrow) with just enough fat to keep from looking too wrinkly. I am far from skinny, but feel good. I take no medication (just my vitamins and supplements), try to workout 2-3 times a week at Silver Sneakers. When I am here in Utah visiting our daughter, I also try to do water aerobics once a week. She’s a single mom, so I help with the 2 granddaughters too. But she is engaged and the wedding is planned for July 21!

    I hope to be able to support and offer any encouragement I can. This is truly a marvelous forum of international people who really care about each other.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 2 – Japan – NFD 82.4kg

    I’m having a slow and sluggish day.

    Still day 1 – hanging on to 2nd day of LFD.

    @songbirdme – have a wonderful 70th birthday tomorrow! I hope to be at goal and maintaining by the time I get to that birthday as well.

    Welcome to all the new people! This is a really supportive group of people here.

    I’m having trouble at the moment of posts from the month of May. Hopefully they’ll start arriving in my email box again.

    @diana123, we are fasting for the same reasons, hoping for a long and healthy life. I can’t really understand the stress you are under with your brother’s cancer given that you have already lost a young brother and mother to cancer. Still we each have our stresses. Six years ago I felt like I was ready to die, now I feel like living. Fasting has helped me realize how wonderful life and even eating are.

    Day 2 – 3rd follow up …

    @cutegirl365 you might what to read Brad Pilon’s view on weight.

    Weight is highly variable. Sometimes it is better to look to other markers of success, like what cloths you can now wear. Good luck!

    Day 2 – UK (currently in Australia on holidays) NFD

    Good Morning from an overcast and cool Melbourne atm but a top of 23 and sunshine promised…….my last full day here – I fly out of Melbourne at 1800hrs tomorrow – looking forward to being back home now and seeing my OH and DD 👨‍👩‍👧

    @dykask – I did not decide to go “all the way down to a ultra slim weight of 55kg, BMI of ~20″ – I am only 5’4” and my weight just seemed to eventually stabilised nearer to 54kg. I mainly eat healthy Mediterranean types of food and enjoy a slice of cake with a coffee a couple of times a week and drink wine with my meals on 3-4 times a week. I don’t have a dessert at home but indulge when out. I do 16:8 days every day and fast one or two days each week but rarely do a water fast! I normally eat around 400cals on my FDs. @snowflake56 – I too have no idea what my body fat percentage is and like you I don’t think that I am too skinny as I definitely have spare fat still around…….I don’t do strenuous exercise but when at home my weekly exercise schedule involves 3hrs yoga, 1hr pilates, 1hr aerobics and I go hiking at least twice a week for 2hrs at a time – I am full of energy and sleep well normally.
    @cornish-jane – I’m with you regarding yoga, it changed my life too – I started 2.5years ago and just love it for both the mental and physical benefits it has given me 🧘‍♀️
    @daffodil2010 @stoic @matron65 – 🤗
    @missybear – welcome to maintenance and vigilance is the key and not complacency – For me 5:2 is a WOL and a permanent one if I am not to regress to where I used to be……
    @Strawberriesandcream – I totally agree that setting restrictions just backfires on me too…..
    @coda – welcome to a positive May and we will help you stay on that wagon xx
    @molij – Hope you had a fab day yesterday celebrating your 62nd 💐🥂🎈🎁
    @cutegirl365 – 1kg lost in a week is a good one 💃 celebrate it with a happy dance – hope you find my little section below for those new to this WOL useful x
    @diana123 – just 🤗

    To all those new to this WOL I would advise that you set your TDEE for the weight you want to be and don’t overestimate your exercise level!!!!!!!! This allows you to lose weight faster and gets you used to what you should be eating when you reach your target. Also stick to the basic 5:2 for the first month i.e. eating 500cals or less on your FD and sticking to your TDEE on the NFDs – it works!!!!!
    If you are unsure of how much you are consuming keep a strict calorie count of everything you are consuming for a week and you may surprise yourself at how big your “normal” portions are in fact and how many calories you are actually eating. I certainly learnt that what I considered to be normal was in fact not the case……..The free MFP app is very useful if you have not used it before.
    As to the question when to weigh yourself – just be consistent – choose a day or time of the day – e.g. for me my official weekly weigh day is the day after my 2nd FD as I think that this will hopefully be my lowest weight for the week 😇 Sometimes having a pair of trousers or a skirt/dress you aspire to fit into once more is a great marker of your weight loss…..
    If you do no exercise at all just start by going for a daily walk and you will soon feel the mental benefits of being out in the fresh air and doing some light exercise – GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR JOURNEY

    To lose the weight and keep it off we cannot go back to doing what we did before when we gained the weight! “IT’S NOT JUST ABOUT LOSING THE WEIGHT; IT’S ABOUT LOSING THE LIFESTYLE AND MINDSET THAT GOT YOU THERE” Steve Maraboli

    Day 1 Sarasota, Florida CD @michelinme Thanks for hosting. This is the first time my name has disappeared from the spreadsheet. I do not know how to add it. I am on maintenance and I do want to stay accountable to the group (almost a year now.) Welcome to any newcomers- thus WOL works!

    Hi everyone!
    Is anyone else from Canada? I’m in B.C., the west coast of Canada.
    So far I feel well with this WOL. I follow the old Weight Watcher’s point system, so today was a morning of Oatmeal with almond milk, some veg soup, then a fast from 6 a.m. until 5 p.m. where I only drank veggie stock and ate an apple, some celery, and some carrot sticks. I had a serving of fish and loads of plain steamed veges for my evening meal. It totaled 18 points.
    I find I get a little growly in the tummy, but I remember to drink water or tea when that happens, or I nibble a few apple slices. I’m getting used to it.
    I feel like I’m off to a good start. I hope to lose 5 pounds by the end of May. I don’t mind a slow weight loss, as long as it’s happening. I am encouraged! Oh yes–I am 62 years old, 5 feet 6 and one-half inches tall. My long-term goal is 148 pounds.
    Eat well! Feel well!

    Day 2, Cornwall UK, NFD

    I made a terrible supper last night of sweetcorn fritters and threw it away! I blame the recipe – which perhaps I didn’t follow 100%! My lovely OH finished his which was very loyal of him. I ate his homemade bread and sun-dried tomato hummus instead.

    Yoga was lovely and i slept like a log. I’ve been affected by early waking since starting 5:2 – eg 4 or 5am! But it has been improving slowly, especially if I eat some carbs for supper.

    @cutegirl365 – losing 1kg a week is really good! It adds to a lot of weight loss over the weeks and months. I average just over 0.5kgs a week on standard 5:2 but then I don’t restrict calories much on non-fast days. I go for the enjoyable/long-term-success approach! Thats the plan anyway.

    Day 2 – Ireland 🇮🇪 -NFD

    Finished 2 of my FD’s for the week and looking forward to my midweek NFD before tomorrow’s final FD. I have been doing 4:3 since the beginning and will continue until I get to goal. I plan to switch then to 5:2 in maintenance and @at I really take note of your watchout that vigilance is key in maintaining. That’s where I went wrong before, but I am confident this way of life will now keep me on track.

    @diana123 and @dykask I too have continued with 5:2 for its health benefits due to family illness. I lost my darling mother to a heart attack when she was only 53 (and I was just in my 20’s). My Dad had a triple bypass 10 years ago, one of my brothers has Type 2 Diabetes, various other health issues with other siblings (there are 8 of us!). When I git to the stage that I was out of breath walking, pain in my arms and chest, I realised I could follow my mothers path if I did not do something. I have never been healthier. I took the cardio tests and I am good heart wise. This lifestyle is truly a life changer.

    I virtually hug you too @diana123, I lost a brother in a road accident 20 years ago. I have no idea how you are feeling now but I can only imagine it’s so hard…….we stand strong behind you.

    Have a good day everyone.

    Hello, I’m new to the club too. Based in Liverpool UK aim trying to reduce weight due to high blood pressure and want to avoid medication if I can. Dr giving me a month to make lifestyle changes . My weight is 70k and my BMI is 26. Have completed on FD but today is a NFD

    Day 2- UK – Reading FD

    FD hasn’t started well as OH’s son stayed over last night and I made porridge for everyone this morning. Yummy, but I believe porridge also contains calories. Bummer. So today may turn into a CD.

    Day 2, Amsterdam – NFD

    Was going to try attempt a CD today but now the boyfriend and I are going to the cinema after work (to see LadyBird) and so reckon it won’t be possible for that!

    Had a lovely evening at hot yoga last night, tomorrow is a FD and spinning after work!

    Hi my name is Dena from UK 52 yrs old day 4 NFD. I have a lot of weight to shift following months of endometriosis and a full hysterectomy. All is good food and I don’t get on well as I never eat enough so the fasting days are a breeze for me. I am struggling with non fast days I am eating about 1200 calories a day which is massive for me is this enough food or do I need more xx

    Day 2, Gozo Malta, fd

    Yesterday I didn’t post but arrived from Sicily in good weather. It’s a windy day here in Gozo and Malta.

    I weighted at 68.9 kilos this morning and aiming to lose at least 4 kilos before maintaining. I’ve been on this wol from June 2016 and I got to my target weight but gain some kilos again due to feasting.

    Today I’m babysitting my granddaughter and grandson.

    I made corn fed chicken broth and I’m going to cook duck breast with cherry sauce and roasted potatoes for my son who doesn’t like to eat corn fed chicken and broth.

    Have a great Wednesday everyone, onwards and downwards.

    Day 2, London, UK, FD (2nd of B2B2B)

    Yesterdays FD was a little over, nearer the 800cal mark, but that’s ok, it was all good healthy stuff!!!

    @borealis, Who knew??? But I’m with you on that 1st week thing, having completed Arid April, the red wine dragon is calling me, luckily May started on a Tuesday (work day & FD) otherwise I would have been cracking a bottle open & calling it breakfast!!!! The relief of completing a challenge month does lead to that holiday feeling the 1st week of the new month ……………………………… lightbulb moment, I must remember this!!!!!

    Happy belated Birthday @molij & Happy maintenance …………………………one day I’ll join you!!!!

    @diana123, thinking of you and your brother, Praying & sending healing vibes his way.

    @songbirdme, Happy, Happy Birthday to you!!!!! – I wouldn’t dare sing YOU a song (2nd year in a row too!!), but you can sing one to yourself …………….. from me(?), that does make sense!!!!

    @diwantsthin, Welcome!!! I too make sure that ½ inch is made clear, at 5ft 2 ½” I need ALL the help I can get!!!!!

    @cornish-jane, I’ve had a couple of anxiety induced disturbed nights recently, so I took my own fabulous advise(!!) and spritzed magnesium oil on the soles of my feet whilst lying in bed, the rubbed them together using my feet to massage each other up to the ankles……………………… et voila!!!!! Back to waking in the same position as I went to sleep in!!! I CANNOT stress enough the fabulousness(?) of magnesium oil!!!!

    @ktcaroline, are you sure about the porridge???? Surely it’s in the zero calorie category with, biscuits, crisps, potatoes, nuts and chocolate!!!! Hhmm – That magnesium oil is miraculous ……………………………………..I may still be asleep!!!!

    Happy fasting everyone, surprisingly, it really isn’t that difficult to just NOT eat for a little while!!!!!

    Hello day 2 from NI Fast day

    Small glass of kefir to start the day – thinking of what good it will do my insides. So far so good (lol its only day 2).

    Happy birthday @songbirdme – I remembered you share the same birth date as my eldest son. Have a good day everyone and hugs to those who need one.

    Day 2, Newcastle UK, NFD

    Thinking of you and your brother @diana123.
    Happy birthday @songbirdme – a fellow Taurean – yay!

    Yesterday’s FD started well and ended badly. I was in a strange mood all day and leftover cheese and wine from Sunday was calling my name. Common sense has returned this morning. I’ll have an FD on Saturday to compensate.

    Welcome to all the newbies and hello to fellow veterans.

    Day 2 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    @songbirdme wishing you a very Happy Birthday!

    Day 2 UK FD

    Fasting again today as really feel in the mood for a weight loss!
    Happy Birthday @songbirdme! Hope you have a great day. Belated birthday wishes to @molij.
    @coda, lovely to see you back on the forum! After all you are the architect of all these challenges!
    Onwards and downwards!

    Day 2 London FD

    Positive spin on a disaster and lesson learnt yesterday! The truth is I have no self monitoring when I’m tired and start eating late – mindful eating isn’t going to happen!!!! It was a busy day yesterday with no time to eat, very tired and hungry by 8pm so 30 minutes later I’d demolished 1/2 a 12″ pizza, a green salad and 1/2 bag of chip shop chips (yes I know…what was I thinking, clearly I wasn’t!!). Worst was yet to come as OH opened a box of chocolates he had been given that day and we demolished a significant amount.
    Note to self better to go to bed early and turn the day into a unplanned FD than run the gauntlet of unchecked hunger. I just need to grow up about this and take responsibility!
    FD today.
    Hope everyone else has got off to a better start!

    @merryapple – hope you are home soon and congrats for your 2.7kg loss.

    @at – thanks, that keeps me going.

    @missybear maintenance, fantastic and good luck with your continuing journey.

    @rhubarbbutnocustard – I’m similar to you. I have an imagined ultimate goal weight but at the moment I’m happy just working on getting the basics of this WOL properly under my belt. I started strong in Feb with good results but have struggled since, mostly due to self sabotage. I have had an unhealthy relationship with food most of my life and I think it takes time to work out how to do this your way as it is not a ‘diet’.

    @floridafun, @cutegirl365, @mychoice7 – Sticking to the basic 5:2 works but a lot of fellow challengers do variants of a fasting diet and also mix and match other dietary advice, its finding what works for you but I would agree with a lot of them that reducing carbs, mainly sugar and white carbs helps, especially as these are the foods that you are also likely to find hard to eat in a controlled way, unless you have goodwill power, which I don’t, hence pizza and chocolate issues last night!

    @abop – good luck with your first FD.

    @molij – belated birthday wishes for yesterday and @songbirdme happy birthday today xxx.

    @diana123 – awful and stressful times, sounds like you are hanging in there with this WOL, well done. Sending positive, positive wishes and thoughts for you and your brother.

    Pocket Fasters – can someone explain the etiquette of the pocket fasting list? Should you add names of those who have said they are fasting but haven’t started a pocket list? I’ve seen people do it but didn’t want to start a pocket list and then offend by adding or not adding!

    Ta x

    FD Pocket List

    Day 2 – Dubai – NFD

    Just checking in to say hi. Happy Birthday @molij.

    @floridafun, my fast days are Sun and Tues (they are work days) and it seems to work for me. I like to get them out of the way at the beginning of the week.

    “Three months from now, you’ll thank yourself.”

    Day 2 UK FD

    Hi Everyone! Back again! Please can I join for May – I’ve taken the liberty of adding myself to the spreadsheet!

    Thank you to @michelinme for hosting and @shinything for last month.

    Sad to say I really lost my mojo in the middle of last month and dipped out of the forum for about 10 days – my loss! I’m pleased to report that even though I didn’t have the month I planned for, hoped for, or expected I did lose 1.4lbs in April. I had hoped to be at my goal weight by now but hey ho!

    I have been 5:2ing since November last year (at 188lbs) with more success than anything I’ve tried in the past – and the small weight loss in April – even though I was faffing around for most of it – is testament to this WOL.

    I leave for holiday on the 16th of May so set myself an interesting target of being at goal by then…. it’s the big 60 towards the end of May so I really want to go away with room to spare in the holiday wardrobe!!

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