Really – No Weight Loss?

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  • As I have been doing 5:2 for a little while now, I decided to go into the nether regions of my closet to retrieve a pair of trousers I banished there a few years ago when they became a bit too snug. I felt that since I have been 5:2ing, they might provide a little more service to me.

    You can imagine my dismay when, after properly buttoning them, I watched them fall to the floor and gather around my ankles. I mean, these were good, well made trousers that had much useful life remaining in them.

    I am miffed.

    This disaster has caused me to reflect on the 5:2 WOE, as it is called. I have refrained from saying much bad about 5:2 for some time now. But losing my trousers is the last straw. As this forum seems to allow negative comments about this 5:2 thing, I think it is time for me to vent. I am thinking about all of the negative posts I could have, and now feel I should have, made. So here are the posts I should have made, but did not. The numbers are accurate, and I thought of each and every comment along the way. I’m sorry in advance for the negative vibes, but I think people exploring 5:2 should know about these things before they go forward.

    Day 1: Hello. Here I am. I’ve heard about this 5:2 thing and am interested. Nothing has worked for me yet, but given what I have heard I hope this is the answer! (Thinking – why am I doing this? It is just another fad diet.)

    Week 1: Hi again. I think I did everything right, but I did not lose any weight at all! I’m wondering if this really works? But I’ve heard about this TDEE thing and I’ll investigate. (Thinking – why am I doing this. It does not work.)

    Week 2: I have been starving myself for two weeks and I have not lost one ounce!! I figured out the TDEE thing and have been doing it correctly. Why, oh why, am I not losing weight?! (Thinking – you idiot, why are you even here?)

    Week 3: Wow, I lost two pounds. It is about time! (Thinking, probably just water weight.)

    Week 4: Lost another pound (total of 3). God, this is slow. I read that maybe not weighing myself this often may be a good thing. I think I’ll chuck the scales for awhile. (Thinking, this is really probably not worth it.)

    Week 8: Hmmm. Lost 6 more pounds, total of 9 in 8 weeks. It is about time! But I am a male of above average height that weighs a lot and is active, with a reasonably high TDEE. I should be losing more weight – at least 2 pounds a week! What is wrong??? (Thinking, god this is slow, why am I putting myself through all of this?)

    Week 9: (When the scales say good things, scales come back into favor.) 0 weight loss. What happened? What did I do wrong?? This is awful.

    Week 10: (Hoping scales redeem themselves.) 0 weight loss. Clearly something wrong here. I’m doing everything right and not losing weight. But I have to lose weight, don’t I? (Thinking, I think this might all be a sham. It has to be.)

    Week 11: (On my knees praying before I get on the scales.) 0 weight loss. I am despondent and in despair. HELP!! What should I do. This clearly does not work! Should I do paleo? How about Atkins? Grapefruit? How about if I just stop eating altogether? 5:2 does not work, I have to do something!!!! (Thinking, What the hell am I saying. It is just another diet that does not work. Go look for something else that will work better.)

    Week 12: Down 2 pounds, total of 11. I really, really should be losing faster. And I certainly should be going down in a consistently straight line (like jumping off a cliff with no wings). This 5:2 thing just does not deliver what I want and expect. And it takes so long. I’m not sure this is for me. (Thinking, god, this takes a long time. There must be a faster way.)

    Week 13: Down 3 pounds, total 14. Lost my trousers today. I’ve had it!

    All of you new people need to understand that if you do 5:2 right, all it will get you is frustratingly slow, inconsistent weight loss that will constantly cause you doubt and uneasy feelings.

    And you may lose your trousers. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hi simcoeluv, well done. A similar thing happened to me with a suit I had bought last year. Re the trouser thing (I like the humour). Remember to do it in private and when you are alone. This prevents certain things happening. 1) Done in a public place you will get arrested. 2)Do it when alone. This prevents howls of laughter when your under wear (and possibly other things) are visible to friends or close family and loved ones. 3) Prevents similar laughter when posing in front of mirror thinking (like I do) that we are well on the way to having a figure like a highly toned athlete.
    Well done, keep up with the humour and the 5:2.

    Great post. I haven’t got on my scales since I started.

    Love your humour Simcoelove!
    I haven’t let my trousers get to the falling down stage, but have demonstrated to family and friends that I can remove them without undoing anything. This has led to vast expense – apart from new (smaller) trousers – I have had to invest in prettier underwear to enable me to continue to amaze anyone who lets me preach about 5:2!

    Hilarious!!! Thank you. I have thought of doing a similar spoof myself but it wouldn’t have been as good as that ๐Ÿ˜€

    I only have 2 pairs of trousers from my original wardrobe left and I have had to dust off a belt (and drill a new hole in it) in order to still wear them. But I am tight and this 5:2 thing is expensive (wardrobe wise). ๐Ÿ˜‰

    HA HA HA HA …pause to catch my breath…HA HA HA. and so on and so on

    Love your story!

    Thank you thank you thank you Simcoeluv! – this is just what I needed to read after 3 weeks of no weight loss!! I think this will keep me smiling for the rest of the day! PS Lindyw – I do that pulling trousers down without undoing them trick – although only in front of my husband. I will invest in nicer underwear and go and impress work colleagues!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Mrs Manic – You really must have a nice workplace!

    Go for it Mrs Manic! Prettier panties do wonders for your own self image too!
    Love you poster with a good sense of humour!

    Hehe…good one! Yes what a terrible thing to lose your pants. Think about how costly this way of life is…now you need to get new trousers!

    wellllll I have an opposite experience.. I am now wearing my fav lee jeans from many years ago again… <BIGGEST POSSIBLE CHEESY GRIN> I am also wearing a host of other clothes that have kept thinking I might never wear them again… am totally delighted… I will be even more so when I’m into my silk combats….

    Great post simcoeluv

    Yes this diet is terrible. I think my husband will divorce me if I run through the house chuckling and yelling “they fit . they fit” one more time.
    Mind you this morning he was grumbling about baggy jeans and being able to remove his jeans without undoing them . so I think he secretly understands.

    Just starting my third fast day this week, under 1400 on other two days as well. No weight loss so far. Been to the gym every day both classes and workouts. If only I knew the secret to regular weight loss when you try so hard and follow all the rules. Oh well press on.
    I am going to lose at least one pound tomorrow, I deserve it and am going to get it.

    Let’s hope this positve mantra pays of tomorrow on the scales!

    At least my social life is improving one night badminton, one night bowling, one night dancing another at rock choir, another at reading group, it all gets me away from the telly and moving.

    Poor dogs are fed up with me, after their walk I am never in for more than ten minutes. I wonder if my husband misses me, no, silly he is always asleep in his chair, you wouldn’t think he was my toy boy would you?


    Sounds like you are doing fine.

    All of your exercise is probably causing you to gain water weight, masking your weight loss in fat. This will explain:

    Good Luck!

    jojo58 – when you say ‘under 1400 calories on other two days as well’ – you are still making sure you eat OVER your BMR number though right?

    If not – DO! You will get yourself in terrible trouble if you slip into starvation mode. you need to be between your BMR and your TDEE on non-fastdays.

    As simcoeluv says, you’re doing fine – it’s not magic, you won’t instantly lose 10lb. Make sure you’re doing everything correctly (eating between BMR & TDEE on non-fastdays and sticking to your fastday allocation on fastdays) and just disregard the scales until they start moving or your trousers start falling down, whichever comes first.


    Research on the ‘starvation mode’ has been pretty fixed since 1950. It shows that people put on diets that are 50% of their TDEE for six months lose weight consistently until they reach about 5% body fat. At that point, their metabolisms slow down about 40%, but they still continue to lose weight – just at a slower rate.

    While I don’t appreciate the language in the following article, it gives an accurate outline of the issue:

    Despite the inadvertent giggles I find myself wondering if I should just combine a 500~ calorie diet full of protein and veg and multivitamins with 3 sessions of weights and 2 of cardio a week.

    OMG! I can hardly wait for that terrible, awful pants-falling-off thing to happen to me! It will be a darn shame…and I’ll stand in that puddle proudly!

    Thanks for making me smile.

    I love your post, sim. I’m on week 4 of the 5:2 plan. I’ve added four cardio workouts per week to my 5:2 plan, as I’ve grown a bit sedentary over the cold winter months in Midwest USA. Now, after a month, I noticed my slacks/pants had some ‘play’ or room in the bottoms and thigh areas. Not so much on the waist, but that will come. I know myself, and I don’t like weighing daily or even weekly. This appears to be a plan I can live with. And it doesn’t cost a penny! Thanks for your humorous and helpful words.

    Wow that is exactly how it was for me last year. Well said and thanks for sharing Simcoeluv. I’m down 32lbs ๐Ÿ™‚ 5lbs from my start in 2014 on 4:3 with jumping rope, and still eat most of my favorite foods on non fasting days armed with TDEE.

    I like this image.

    This is the blog I got it from.

    That has made me smile Simcoeluv. I start my first “Fast day” tomorrow Monday 7th Aptril , wish me luck everyone

    A fantastic post….no more a slave to the scales. I feel lighter and my clothes feel looser..that’s enough for me xxx good luck everyone

    I lost initially and then nothing for the next two weeks. I re-read the instructions and found on my fast days that even though I was sticking to the 500 calories, I was spreading them out in the day. So I adjusted to 100 calories first thing in the morning (protein) and then 400 calories around 4p.m.. It worked!!! Lost another 2 1/2 pounds. Success and hope to go on.

    I do not do 5:2 when I travel, and I travel quite a bit. In March, I returned after several months away and had no new travel scheduled. So I decided to perform a personal experiment on 5:2 and exercise.

    I decided to do what many people do, especially after the holidays, when they make a New Year’s resolution to go on a diet and get in shape by starting to exercise more than they have been. Statistics show that most that go through this ritual do not last more than two or three months before they end both their diets and their exercise programs.

    My experiment was simple and unscientific. As I had not been on a diet for quite awhile, I was starting a new diet. As for exercise, for years I have normally walked about a half an hour, three times a week (over and above my normal activities). As I have no interest in running a marathon or becoming ‘ripped’, I decided walking was just fine, but I would substantially increase it. I ended up going from an average of 12 minutes a day (360 minutes a month/number of days in a month) to a consistent average from the start of 45 minutes a day. So I increased my exercise level by about 375%.

    I know that when I do 5:2, I average losing about a pound a week, so I started without any doubts about whether or not 5:2 works as a weight loss diet for me. I suspected that with the added exercise I would not lose as much at the start, or might even gain a little, but had no idea really of what would happen.

    Here is what happened (in cumulative rounded pounds):

    Start 0
    Week 1 +1
    Week 2 0
    Week 3 -1
    Week 4 0
    Week 5 -1
    Week 6 -1
    Week 7 -1

    Here is when a lot of people give up. After all, 7 weeks on a diet with a lot more exercise than usual and lose only 1 pound? The diet obviously does not work, I’m hungry, tired and am quitting. Well not really, because I knew 5:2 worked – but I was wondering when.

    Week 8 -3 (finally)
    Week 9 -7 (wow)
    Week 10 -7
    Week 11 -9
    Week 12 -12
    Week 13 -12
    Week 14 -12
    Week 15 -16

    So the experiment is over (because its time to travel), but it was interesting. I lost about a pound a week, despite increasing my exercise. My ‘numbers’ indicate I should have lost about 7 pounds more than I did. But I do not count calories and while I know my diet days were done correctly (I don’t eat, so I don’t go over), I may very well have eaten slightly more on my non diet days because the exercise made me more hungry. As my exercise level continued at the higher level, I may still be building muscles and retaining water. I don’t know.

    So take it for what it is worth – everyone is different. But if you decide to start 5:2 and begin exercising, too, don’t expect to get off to a booming weight loss start (although I hope you do). And if you expect routine, consistent weight loss on 5:2, think again.

    BUT DON’T GIVE UP – I’m 16 pounds lighter because I didn’t.

    Good Luck!

    I started my diet as a new years resolution on about January 3. I am still on it. Haven’t slipped up yet. I’ve only just stated on 5:2 though. I don’t expect to slip any time soon either. My weightloss is forever.

    This time i decide not to make exercise a formal or essential part of the plan. It’s made a pretty big difference.

    Normally i lose weight easily with exercise (because i do a lot of it and control my intake) but then i give up for this or that reason. And i end up back where i started somewhat like you described but not for the same reasons.

    I’ve just taken up pottery. I know its not really cardio but its reasonable vigorous when you sit and throw a pot. Especially when you are as green as i am.

    Iโ€™ve been on the 5:2 since 12 July, and Iโ€™ve just stopped losing any weight after 4 weeks, and in fact Iโ€™ve put weight on.

    Anyone else in a similar situation??

    This is REALLY dishearteningโ€ฆโ€ฆ

    Yes BookishCat I’ve been doing 5-2 since July with a couple of weeks off for ‘family events’ and haven’t lost more than a couple of pounds. I did feel a little better around my back although the bits I’d measured hadn’t shrunk and I can just do up a pair of shorts although breathing and moving would be uncomfortable. I do have days when I wonder if it’s worth it but hope that as I didn’t put it on in just 2 months but over years it will work and if I keep going until a holiday in December I might be able to take the shorts and move. Then after a holiday and Christmas it will be a New Years resolution to start again. I have stopped measuring and weighing until December.
    Keep chatting to me if it helps, we can commiserate together.

    Great to hear there are other non losers and weight gainers out there. However now that I have read more of the comments I gather this is normal and I will not be down-hearted about it. On other diets I would have given up at this negative stage but don’t feel I need to on this one. I will just stick it out. Didn’t weigh myself either to start with and that was a good thing as i could just feel it in my clothes and this week though I took off only 100g (after adding 200g last week) I feel that my clothes are looser and that’s all the support I need

    I’ve been doing the 5-2 for the last 6 weeks. I lost 2lb the first 3 weeks then 3lb the following 2 weeks. I was a bit disappointed to find out I’d put on almost a 1lb this week. It has been good to see that others have struggled in the same way. So I will continue to stick to it. I have found it the easiest diet I’ve ever done and up until this week have been so encouraged by my result I won’t let one set back deter me.

    So glad I read this! I am in week 2 of IF, lost a stunning 9 pounds the first week but I KNOW that’s insane and expect my loss to stall and/or reverse, which is the point at which I typically get discouraged. So i needed to read this, to remember that fits and starts and stalls and what-the-hells are normal. Thanks!

    Hi all i am on week 2 and have lost a total of 2kg, got another 7 to go, hopefully loose it before my cruise in April.

    I fast on Mondays and Thursdays and try to stick to 1200 calories on non fast days.
    Good luck to everyone

    Wow! this is just inspirational. I just started my 5:2 diet… literally i looked into it yesterday downloaded the app and am on my first fast day. I have to say i struggled a little bit this morning but instead of eating i did further reading and research into the diet which gave me the inspiration to stick to it! I’m excited for what the next few weeks will bring. I haven’t weighed myself in a long long time but will go by my clothes! I can’t wait for those Jeans to be not so snug/muffin top creating anymore!

    …Maybe it takes a while for your metabolism to adjust?? I’m hoping that the more steady the weight loss is, the less likely it is to go back on again.
    simcoeluv – your post really made me laugh. Personally I can’t wait for my trousers to fall down! It would make a change from having to shoe-horn myself in to them every morning and then spend an agonising amount of time finding a top that adequately covers the splurgy bits heeheeee!!

    You’ve made me feel much better – thank you.

    I’m glad I found this post as I’m feeling down. I’m on week 3.

    Week 1: increased exercise – I do a walk 3 out of 5 lunchtimes (about 30 mins). I also started a ‘learn to run’ club on Tues & Fris. Not a lot of running as we are just starting out. 2-3 times a week I go to bootcamp (have been doing this for 3 years). On my 500 days I usually ate 700 cals ๐Ÿ™ kept going over accidentally but wasn’t too worried as I thought it would even itself out. Wrong. Put on 3lbs. Unheard of. Very upset. However – not giving up!

    Week 2: I tried harder to keep to 500, (513 & 715). Exercised as week 1. Took more notice of what I ate on my non-fast days using My Fitness Pal (1402, 1512, 1960, 1486, 1557). Lost the 3lbs, so back to starting weight. Ok … Good – I think! (But I HATE counting cals every day, but feel I ought to be more ‘aware’).

    Week 3: (this week) Have read about TDEE (again) and have worked out my numbers: BMR is 1338 and TDEE is 1840. However I KNOW WHAT I’M LIKE …. I am scared to eat 1840! If I don’t count the cals I will probs eat loads more than 1840! Surely I should eat 1200 on my non fast days. Oh dear … I am so confused.

    Even though I’m not doing this woe anymore, I still feel a connection to the group here, and like to check in from time to time.

    Cathina: My advise is for you to stop! your obsession with all of this baby genius mathematical equations, fractions (ugh!), and whatnot, and take your goal weight and eat the amount of calories allotted to maintain THAT weight and donate the “other” stuff to charity.

    Peace out!

    Etherial… Could you explain

    Ok… Got it. Work out my BMR and TDEE for my goal weight and stick to that.
    … And stop stressing… ๐Ÿ™‚

    Yes! That’s exactly what I was referring to. Eat as if you’ve already reached your goal weight.

    Good luck to you.

    Hi Cathina and welcome:

    I would suggest that you focus on eating 500 or fewer calories on your diet days twice a week. Once you have completed about 16 successful diet days (two months), you can reevaluate and decide what you want to do on your non diet days.

    If you can’t do the diet days correctly, then worrying about the non diet days just makes it harder. Just focus on your diet days. You might find that after you master your diet days, other things may start to fall into place!

    Good Luck!

    Thanks Simcoeluv.

    Awesome post. Love it!

    Every newbie needs to read this!

    Hi simcoeluv

    What a great post. I have been reading your valuable insight on 5:2 with great interest and it has encouraged me to carry on regardless of bumps in the road. Thank you so much. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hi Serenity:

    You are welcome!

    Good Luck!

    That made me laugh! Perfect pair of trousers gone

    Hi – and thanks simcoeluv, because I was worried. I’m in my 3rd week now and I seem to have lost only 700 grams. Another 13 kilos to go… this week I added fast-exercise to my normal exercise which is not very fast… and my dear husband joined me in my fasting days, which makes it more fun. It is really good for the mood, in spite of the slowness of our weight loss.
    I am fasting patiently again, until I fit in my 2nd wardrobe of 1 size less again…
    let the pants drop!

    Hi Simcoluv, this is the best post on the forum I’ve found.

    Congratulations on your lost pounds.

    I’ve only just stsrted 5:ing, but I know there will be weeks when I don’t lose, and the biggest demotivator for me is not losing any weight. I know I will come back to this post over and over.

    Great, thank you all for this post. I’m just joining the 5:2 family and today is my second fasting day – 500 cals yesterday and today then tomorrow I should be trying to eat my TDEE for the next 5 days?! I’m hoping this is correct … wish me luck and thanks again for the post. I feel more at ease now (waiting for my book to hit the letterbox).

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