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  • Thank you @Mitchelinme for hosting a lively May thread.

    31 days of wonderful support.

    Finished at the weight I started but that’s better than I thought in Birthday month.

    Downwards next month


    Day 31 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Yes, @arelkade it is still the 31st here! Happy for your success this month! ANY loss in my book is a success – it’s not a gain!

    See you all over on the June board, I hope.

    Thanks so much @michelinme for being there for all of us in May.

    Onward and downward!

    Day 31 – UK – CD

    Another hot day up here and a rather humid one at that but thankfully none of the bad weather some places further down south have been experiencing – we had some rain last night but nothing today.

    I cannot believe that this challenge is already at an end – May has not been my easiest month in maintenance but I’m sure I’ll come in still under the top of my target range when I weigh in tomorrow……

    My struggle this month has been with eating more “rubbish” food and overindulgence of 🥂🍷therefore ending up with way too many feast days……I need to make sure that my choices are healthy ones for June and that will be my main focus for that month!

    After yesterday’s successful FD (365cals), today was a very controlled day coming in around 1000cals and I also fitted in an hour aerobic class this morning and an evening hour of pilates with lots of core work and drank over 2L of water so a good way to end the challenge!

    @sarahbob – Happy birthday for today – good to hear that you had a fab day x
    @coda – great to hear that you have rediscovered your mojo in May and that you are making a downward progress once more and thank you I’ll keep pushing through x
    @flourbaby – I’m with you for June
    @fatfingers – great job on eradicating those 5lbs and getting closer to your target
    @lorky35 – welcome back – I remember you were last with us in September – I follow a 16:8 eating pattern every day and on FD it is a 23:1 – I never eat on waking and break my fast late morning or lunchtime on NFD and on FD I save my calories for an evening meal apart from some skimmed milk in tea during the day. Looking forward to having you join us in the June Challenge
    @shinything – thank you xx
    @emma1202 – your trip for your FIL memorial sounds just the thing sharing memories and the love and warmth of family reunions are just what makes it so special 🤗
    @annemarilyn – thank you – I’m sure I will as I’m never going back to where I was……
    @merryapple – keep at it – remember sometimes we have to be a bit selfish and ensure that we have some “ME” time xx
    @daffodil2010 – so much common sense in your Day 31 post – loving it
    @penz – your post resonated – let us make June a good one!
    @emma1202 – any loss is great and 3.5lbs is not shabby – great job!
    @michelinme – what a horrible day – hope you feel better soon and I think you need one of these 🤗
    Thank you for your kind words and for being such a great host during the May challenge – these are for you 🤗💐

    I’m also starting our June Challenge with a FD tomorrow – I see that @rainbowsmile has started a Pocket list so I’m adding those who have stated an intention to fast as TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER
    @rainbowsmile – 1st of 3 B2B2B and monthly pocket wino challenger

    I have been reminding myself of this “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

    Final Post

    Start May weight- 130.5lbs
    Goal – loss 5lbs
    End May weight – 125.5lbs
    Result – loss 5lbs

    Yay 💃🏁🏍

    May has been a good month. I have finally seen 8 stone on the scale (OK, also with a 13.5 at the end of it 🤗), but as someone said here recently, I think it was you @shinything, once it’s been spotted once it will become more familiar ….or something like that 😄

    Just half a pound away from ultimate goal and bottom end of my Acceptable Weight Range (AWR – hey we need another 3 letter acronym don’t we?…. 😀)

    Have a super Friday.

    Final Day London ?FD or ?very controlled CD

    It feels like exam results day! I give myself B+ and a could do better!

    Weight lost this month 3.3kg and now in a new weight range. I thought I would be whoop whoop whooping but I feel quite flat, maybe the length of the journey is just dawning. Can’t decide whether to go for another FD today to consolidate on the 0.3 kg that has pushed me below.

    Definitely whoop whooping A* pupil @daffodil2010.

    I’m sure as the day goes on more will be reporting back and I’m sure there will be many more happy stories to be told as well as a few commiserations required. We are all winners really as we recognise the importance of the journey and sharing that travel together, we have to learn and grow from our mistakes, our success’ and from each other, otherwise this WOL will never be assimilated into normal life and that’s the ultimate goal, weight loss is the bonus, well that’s what I’m telling myself and I think I believe it!

    @arelkade – glad you popped in.

    @stoic and @ktcaroline – hope your final push has put a smile on your face this morning.

    @snowflake56 – I’ve never ‘forgotten’ cheese either but it can sit in my fridge and be ignored more successfully than chocolate, don’t know who is better off, cheese or chocolate?

    @michelinme – What an awful day you had yesterday, hope you’ve woken up restored. Thank you for all the energy you gave us, always feel a bit guilty reading your posts as you are such an incredibly busy person and yet you found time for all of us – THANK YOU, you’ve been a star and an inspiration, such a shame the whoosh never happened for you this month, it must be round the corner. Take care xxx

    Thanks everyone. x

    Final post

    Start May weight 55.5 kg
    End May weight 55.4 kg

    Stayed the same, can live with it. Made healthier choices this month but seem to think, I can eat more, when the food is healthy. Have to work on that.

    @michelinme hope today will be a better day!

    @daffodil2010 I’m so pleased you almost met your goal, well done!

    @dingping when eating cheese I have the illusion I’m eating healthy proteins and I need fat every day. It’s also a childhood thing, we had to eat a slice of bread with something healthy, before we could have something sweet on the next slice.

    Last Post, Cornwall, UK

    Well, all your lovely people, this is my last post and I can report a 1.9kg loss for the month, down to 77.1kg. Its been busy and weird and too much beer but it has not mattered! I am so pleased to be keeping the momentum going and gradually getting to my goal. And 2cm each off my waist and hips.

    Thanks everyone for keeping me going!

    And a big thanks to @michelinme for keeping us all going. I still havn’t made the Elderflower Champagne yet – will post more on the equipment and recipe in the June Challenge!

    Final Weigh-In Day, London, UK

    Well, I had thought about fudging my May results, but I’m amongst friends, so here it is …………………. There has been a re-acquirement of 3lbs!!! (2 of them just last night!!!) So, I’m back in the 160’s having eradicated then reacquired throughout May, I had a 4lb whoosh during the 2nd week of the challenge, then everything went to pot and here I am!!! My increased exercise has been great for toning so I’m 2 inches down all over, I guess I’m happy with the visual shrinkage and the number on the scale is just that…………….. a number on a scale ……………………. And as Shakira said “My hips don’t lie!!!!!!!!!”

    Thanks for hosting this month @michelinme, you might need to omit my results from the spreadsheet …………… nobody need to see a +lbs!!!!

    Anywho, I’m off to Pilates, see you all in June’s challenge!!!

    Day 31 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    End of May challenge final post…..and end of my first month of 5:2 maintenance during which I learnt to accept a fluctuating weight range around my goal weight of 133 lbs, thanks to @dykask and @molij and @at for drawing my attention to the ‘range’ concept when I flew into a panic at the sight of 135 on the scales. I’m still undecided what my acceptable range will be so this will be a work in progress for a while. I began May at 132.8 lbs and today weigh 132.2 lbs so I can declare May a success 👍

    Now to keep on keeping on, so I will ‘see’ all you lovely people in the June challenge 🤗

    Final weight 54kg this morning so maintaining OK despite this being my first month since reaching maintenance in December 2016 that I have not felt in control and have made poor food choices!

    Thank you for hosting this month @michelinme – see you and hopefully many others in the June Challenge and I’m certainly aiming for a more healthy June 😇

    Final Day Feedback

    Despite my epic B2B2B2B to finish the month, today’s weigh in was only back down to where i’d visited 2 wks ago! As things slow down I’m ncreasingly mindful that we visit weights a few times before Claiming Them as our own 🙂

    Over 5 weeks and with an epic 13 FDs I’ve lost a respectable 3lbs and 0.5″ each from bust, waist & hips and thighs. One thing I’ve not measured before is the fat pad over my stomach, neatly nestled between waist & hip measurements. After this week’s B2B2B2B I can see a difference so measured today and will keep track of what happens. (The pad only arrived with hormone changes a couple of years ago, so I’ve no experience to fall back on – another adventure!)

    Although not massively smaller I definitely feel thinner, my clothes are either fitting better or are now so big they swim on me and I can’t wear them! Some have gone to friends, family or charity shop and some set aside for my friend to alter when she visits in July. I’ll also give myself the gift of time and go charity-shop-shopping for an hour each week this month – my favourite way of clothes shopping 🙂

    @arelkade well done in that 600g! It all counts 🙂
    @missybear what a brilliant start to maintenance – well done 🙂
    @flourbaby – yay for honesty! I’m with you on the mid-month whoosh, and have taken the last 2 weeks to get back there. Your toning-shrinkage sounds absolutely amazing!!! Hope June continues as well as May has finished 🙂
    @cornish-jane great job on your 1.9kg & 2cm. Amazing how you have managed to continue losing despite the ups and downs this month. Just shows there’s always room for a little beer 🙂 Looking forward to hearing more about your business activities. I’ve just made elderflower cordial -tart rather than sweet – and torn between cordial or champagne, while leaving plenty for autumn berries 🙂
    @snowflake thank you for showing that sometimes the gains are in insight rather than kg 🙂
    @rainbowsmile well done in not gaining despite birthday month – onwards & downwards!
    @at thank you for sharing your learning and insight on the journey ahead. It seems that weight loss is one stage, tranistioning to maintenance a second, and longterm maintenance a third. Very glad of your mindfulness and willingness to share the ups and downs of this WOL.
    @daffodil2010 congratulations on your epic achievement! Glad to read your bedtime post yesterday too – there’s no such thing as too early for bedtime – and really glad i copied you 🙂
    @kerryn73 thank you – and well done on your B2B 🙂
    @dingping 3.3kg is an amazing result, well done! The journeys are all long if we look at them overall, but setting small goals & milestones keeps us motivated and moving in the right direction. A marathon begins with a single step…. Please don’t’ feel guilty! We all juggle work projects, social/family/voluntary work/health/exercise. I’ve got no idea how long things take and tend to take on too much, think *out loud* to get myself organised and eventually catch up with deadlines. I may learn, one day 🙂

    Last thoughts…

    I’m really glad to have stepped up to host the May challenge. It was lovely to make the group a focus each day and spend time reading and responding to people’s posts. By paying closer attention I feel as tho i’ve got to know people better, and perhaps spoken up more freely than I would generally do.

    This WOL – these wonderful challenge groups, losing weight, taking control and responsibility for my food and my choices – have affected me in ways I couldn’t have imagined. Not least in boosting my confidence to speak out when I have something to say. It feels miraculous to have gone from the place I was in in November to where I am now – accountable, responsible, advising and leading, growing in confidence of my voice and ability, and taking far more leaps of faith. Thank you all for this journey together xx

    Thank you so so much @michelinme for hosting this month! Thank you for sharing a bit of yourself and being so genuine. I really appreciated your support and your posts.

    Final May post

    Thank you @michelinme for hosting May, awesome job keeping up with all the posts; really hard to do.

    May was middling for me, I kept gaining and losing the same three pounds which was frustrating but I acquired some much needed self control and I lost inches. My clothes fit beautifully and I have filled out in certain areas I wanted to.

    the journey continues…

    Day 31 – USA – NFD

    Forgot to post yesterday…May was not a stellar month for me as far as number of pounds dispatched (.6), but other areas of life are getting better and more stable. I so appreciate this forum as one of the factors making that possible!

    Final May post

    Sorry to say my final weigh-in lets me know that I’ve temporarily added 5 lbs. I started the month at 203 and headed downward to just the other side of onederland one day. This last part of the month I’ve enjoyed a lot of retirement celebrations. 208 lbs is the result.

    It’s still been great to be part of this forum. On to June.

    Final post

    Starting weight May 1st: 83.0kg
    End weight June 1st: 78.8kg

    One of my main goals for May was to have a steady and balanced month… well that did not happen! I had a good, moderately disciplined first week, then a second week+ of EFS and finally pulled myself together on the 20th and have been very, very diligent for the past 10 days. So I managed to reach my goal weight for the month, but it seems that I cannot finish a whole month without at least one week of “holiday eating” which means I have to work much harder when I get back from my imaginary culinary vacation😅
    Obviously my goal for June will be moderation😇

    @michelinme – thanks again for doing such great job as a host🌼

    Now over to the June challenge, hope to see you all there!

    Day 31 +1 2nd post

    @emma1202 thank you 🙂
    @basyjames gaining self-control and losing inches definitely counts as progress! If we weighed the same but shrank two sizes we’d count that as healthier 🙂
    @annemarilyn it’s a small slip in a big journey, onwards & downwards 🙂

    @borealis congratulations on your 4.2 kg! I’m truly in awe. If that’s a month when a couple of weeks went off piste, I can only imagine what a whole month of 5:2 would do! I usually aim to have weeks with 2 FD, 4CD (comfortably inside TDEE) and 1 feast day. On a feast day I relax and have a few treats, and don’t worry if i’m a bit over TDEE. It feels like a party day, and gives me something to aim for during the week if i’m feeling in need of it. Amazingly i don’t often feel the need these days but it’s good to know that i can if I want/need to. It all becomes about balance, and not feeling deprived or as tho we are constantly denying ourselves. The mind is a curious thing 🙂
    My heartfelt thanks to you for your kind words – and more particularly for your conscientious and able spreadsheeting. It’s been a good bit of team work, and I’m very grateful xxx

    Final post for May

    Stating weight: 54kg
    Final weight: 43kg , my goal weight! 💃 💃

    I know its late (been hectic at work) but I just wanted to make my final post here and announce that I reached my May goal, really happy about that 😀 . I know 1 kg might not seem much to many but slow and steady is the right speed for me 🙂 🐢

    @daffodil2010 – “but as someone said here recently, I think it was you @shinything, once it’s been spotted once it will become more familiar ….or something like that 😄 ” – it was me yes 😀 – “once you see it it will become new normal soon.” And I really believe that 😀

    Once again, thank you so much for hosting this month’s challenge @michelinme 💐

    Hi everyone
    June Day 2 NSW Australia NFD
    Special request:

    Just wondering if our link for June has been made available yet – I’ve been through a few days worth of posts and seem to have missed it! Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for any assistance in advance.

    Had a wonderful day, yesterday, with my brother for his birthday, OH, sister, other brother, nephew, and father. We all enjoyed just being together!

    Enjoy whatever you are getting up to and bye for now!

    Good morning @arelkade missed your early posts! How nice you celebrated your brother’s birthday yesterday. Is he getting any therapy?

    The link to the June Challenge:

    Bye for now!

    Hi @snowflake56

    So sorry I’ve been a bit slack in posting lately.

    My brother’s specialists met yesterday in conference, on his birthday, to discuss any viable potential treatment – we are still waiting for the outcome of the meeting – thank you so much for asking. We are hoping for a miracle against all the odds!

    Thank you so much for the link – very much appreciated.
    Looking forward to better results in June! Bye for now xx

    End +2

    @smowflake thank you for clarifying your weight loss was 1kg and not 11kg – I almost fell off my chair! Great result, congratulations on reaching your goal!!!

    Thank you too for posting the link to June challenge, 2 posts above this one.

    Well done everyone! Let’s move on to June and summer…

    @michelinme – haha, that is the thing, even after seven months I still haven’t managed a whole month of 5:2, I usually do a condensed turbo-version at the end of each month in an attempt to make up for my previous sins 🙈☺️ Thank you for your kind words and your sensible advice – I will make it my main aim for June to follow it, now it isn’t about the speed anymore (admit that at the beginning I wanted to lose the excess weight as quickly as possible) but about making this a sustainable WOL 🙂 And it has been a pleasure to assist with the spreadsheet, we should team up again sometime, maybe May next year 🙂

    Day 2 – USA – NFD

    Good FD yesterday, 559 cals.

    Final post

    Been abit slack towards the end of the month, but not as terrible as I usually would.
    Start weight for May- 233lb
    End weight for May- 222lb
    Achieved weightloss- 11lb.

    I am happy with my results, I’m not quite at the stage where I’m managing to be consistently good yet but it will come in time. Well done to everybody else for completing May.

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