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  • Hello @michelinme
    Thank you for hosting the challenge for May – anniversary of these monthly challenges that was started by @coda in May 2016!
    Count me in for May – I’m back in the UK from my month in Australia on Friday 4/5 so will be joining the forum in earnest…….

    Huffing and Puffing……Damn, I made it.

    I’m still in the gapping whole but at least the rocks have finally stopped falling in on me!

    Okay, so……I’m in a hole one that I created…… by the way!

    5:2 has been my way of eating for….well since Nov. 2016!
    Yup! It still is my WOL…… I’m a lifer with real life issues!
    Is that stopping me…..NO! It won’t stop you either!
    I’ve pulled up my big girl pants!

    Since Nov. 2016, I’ve lost and kept off about 35lbs, would have been more but Matilda and I are having some issues….. we are working on them…..
    My lowest weight was 127 but I now sit at 130.

    I live in Florida, work full time, I’m a Design Consultant but that’s a changing soon as I will be moving into my new job with in the same company…. Oh my I just realized i don’t have a job title ….. well anyways, I’ll be working with the builders and the business end of the business……. oh my word, I’m the butt of the company…….
    Give me a minute here……I’m laughing at my own stupid joke…..LMAO

    I’m also a mom of a 22 yr old and 19 yr old…… They are mine and I love them!
    The husband and I have been married for 20 or so years….I would tell you the exact number of years but that would require me waking him up and I don’t think he’d appreciate that. I’m horrible with dates, birthdays, holidays and crap like that…. I could imagine life with out him….. I’m crazy and he loves me, what else could a girl ask for!

    Okay well that’s it……..

    Oh one thing…….. the hubby and I are heading home Thurs. or Fri for a week. We’re staying at our camp in the middle of no where with no cell or internet service, no tv either…… unless I go into town…..So, I may be MIA for those days….. I don’t plan on going into town…. but I will touch base as soon as I can or we get back…..

    Oh my I need an ending…….

    Count me in for the May Challenge. I started 5:2 in July 2017 and joined these challenges a few months later.

    I’m approaching 2/3rds through my weight loss marathon. Down 27kgs to 79kgs and another approx 15kgs to go. I hope to reach the finish line by the end of the year. Will target 2kgs this month and just keep going.

    And i have rashly committed myself to following a plant based mediterranean diet, which i have been working on for several months. It has been a social and cooking challenge but surprisingly good! My indigestion is gone and my blood pressure is down from ‘sort-of-ok’ to something to be proud of.

    Thanks @michelinme for hosting!

    Thanks @michelinme for hosting!

    I have added myself to the spreadsheet for May!

    April was a weird month – I call it the month of fluctuations! I was down to my end of April goal by the 3rd week of April – then I went away for a few days and ate EVERYTHING IN SIGHT! – This is where I learned the true meaning of ‘water weight’ as the scales shot up by 7 pounds – taking me back to where I was at the end of March!

    After a few days of exercise, FDs and eating normally I lost 5/6 pounds of this water weight and have not weighed myself since. I will be weighing on Friday/Saturday to get my May start weight – as I started late in April.

    What I have learned whilst starting this WOL since March is that weight fluctuates but as long as it is going down overall – then that’s the main thing.
    I have tried to not get too obsessed with the number on the scale – and also focus on my general fitness levels and overall diet.

    I have become even more active since starting fasting and also have more control over my eating habits – which to me means more than any number on the scales.

    I have lost a total of 9/10 pounds since March and 2-3 inches around my waist, legs and bust – so I am overall very happy.

    I am looking for another woosh this month – but as long as I focus on my healthy lifestyle – the numbers should drop without much effort.

    Good luck for May everyone! And welcome and good luck to all Newbies!

    Thanks for hosting @michelinme will be taking part for my 5th month of maintenance.

    Thankyou for the welcome @michelinme.

    Hello @michelinme and everyone else. I’d like to join May’s challenge and pledge to do better in May than I did in April. Onwards and downwards …

    Hi @michelinme please count me in for the May challenge and Thank you for hosting.

    I am really pleased with my results from the April challenge and I look forward to dropping some more pounds in time for my birthday at the end of the month.

    You truly are all a lovely bunch of strong, supportive people and I look forward to checking in with you all again tomorrow. 😁

    Hi @michelinme, please count me in for the May Challenge, what a star you are for putting yourself forward to host – you always sound so so busy when I read your posts, so thanks for adding us all to your list of jobs!

    Hello and welcome to anyone just starting out and hi to the old crowd from previous challenges. Looking forward to really getting this 5:2 ‘ing ingrained and brain fully reset!

    Good luck everyone.
    Ta x

    Day 0 UK FD

    Welcome to the May Challenge more of the wonderfully wise April gang:

    @arelkade good to have your thoughts from Oz to connect us & start our days
    @at looking forward to having you back from your marvellous month in Oz
    @bert1802 yay! well done for getting back on the waggon
    @cornish-jane such an epic journey you’ve made! & looking forward to hearing more about your plant-based Med diet
    @nelly89 sounds like you’ve made a great start
    @molij good to hear about WOL settled in maintenance
    @ktcaroline well done hitting the reset button
    @sarahbob glad of your enthusiasm and energy
    @dingping we all have plenty to do and plenty to share – maybe i’m learning what full means!

    Sometimes when we pick up something we also need to remember to let go of something else, or it’s not sustainable or good for us. This WOL seems to bring up other things – our relationships with food and with ourselves, how we practice self-care, and more 🙂 I’m fascinated to hear more about @cornish-jane ‘s plant-based mediterranean diet – sounds right up my street

    Do think about sharing your goals for the month, both 5:2 and to support this WOL. Are you keen to try Dry til Fri? Starting couch to 5K? It’s great to root for each other and you may just inspire someone else to join you 🙂

    Looking forward to making progress together in this month’s challenge! Have a good day zero – see you tomorrow 🙂

    @michelinme I am in for May.

    I am looking forward to getting back into maintenance range this month; which translates into an 8-10 pound loss.

    May 2017 was the date I officially met my goal, so I feel really nostalgic about this month; I saw a number on the scale I thought I would never see again.

    I would also like to commit to eating more of a plant based Mediterranean diet as well, limiting cakes, pastries and alcohol to Saturdays and remaining mindful of the way that I feel.

    See you all tomorrow 🙂

    Michelinme thanks for hosting the May challenge. Can you please add me?

    Have a great day everyone.

    hi, please can i join, i had my first fast today. I am doing this mostly to lose weight, but appreciate the health benefits. I am female, 5ft 7 and currently weigh 13st 10lb, my highest weight ever. Not a happy bunny with myself. I have tried to do Weightwatchers but really struggle to keep on it all day every day, i am hoping 5:2 is the solution! Could someone let me know how to add my name to the spreadsheet? do i just insert a row?
    thank you x

    Sorry I have no clue on how to do the spreadsheet? Many thanksx

    Hi! I am a 53-year old artist from San Francisco, CA. I had hit a plateau on my weightless goals and was delighted to find the Fast Diet/5:2. I started here last month with the April Monthly Challenge. My goal was 10 lbs and I lost 11.8!! I also lost 4.5 inches. My goal for this May challenge l is to lose another 8lbs. Thanks for hosting!

    Hello! I look forward to the May challenge as I’m nearing my goal, inch by inch literally…I lost 25+ inches overall and 33 lbs. since February 2017 with almost no restrictions except low carbs, healthy fats and moderate protein. I’ve learned a lot about tweaking recipes to reflect the LCHF lifestyle and I am never hungry. I will be 64 in August, 5’4″ and presently 160 lbs. I work from home part-time and love my retired life…not enough hours in the day. This WOE and WOL has helped me more than all of the weight plans I have been on in my life (and paid dearly for! It’s a joy to sit at my computer each morning with a cup of tea and “talk” to all my dear international friends on 5:2.

    Count me in @michelinme and thank you for hosting.

    We had a fantastic April 2018 and i was able to reach my goal weight for April, now looking forward to join you all in May, I have been Intermittent Fasting since Mid January and have lost 15 pounds so far, The credit goes to all the people here who inspire and motivate one another

    Hi, I am 44 year old female with a 2 1/2 year old toddler. I started this WOL maybe 3 weeks ago and in need of the support to stay on track. I weigh 180 Lbs and would like to get to 150 LBs. Waist is the problem area and measuring at 45 in.. Yikes🤔.
    I live in Chicago, USA and my FD days are Tuesday & Thursday’s.. Perfect timing to start with this group🤗

    Day 0 second post

    Welcome to more friends fresh from April’s challenge
    @basyjames @anna6 @shimmera @metatauta @mishty

    and welcome to new folk springing up for May
    @floridafun @smiley2

    @floridafun @abi73 You can add yourself to the spreadsheet by adding a row, or simply add your name etc in at the bottom. And no worries if the spreadsheet isn’t your thing – @borealis will be happy to add you to the May spreadsheet and line us all up in alphabetical order 🙂

    If you’re new do have a read of the original post, and ask away if any questions

    Here’s to a successful May Challenge. Together we are stronger!

    Newbie from Ireland

    Can I join this challenge too please?

    I have just completed my third fast day. I have found reading posts on here very helpful so I decided to register an account and join in.
    Hoping to see some weight loss over the month of May.


    Day 1 Auckland NFD

    Greetings one and all from the lands of the new day!
    Great to see so many new people as well as the ‘usual roundup’. Everybody’s journey is an inspiration. Often it is the people with the hardest struggles that provide the most inspiration.

    I started 5:2 for my 2018 New Years resolution. The first month I only lost 700g but I was living on a dairy farm with lots of temptations! Since then I’ve averaged around a 2.5kg monthly loss. I’m down 2.7kg for April. These monthly challenges are fantastic because you get an opportunity to refocus and recommit or close off a bad month.

    I’ve just turned the big 60 which is the new 40! We’re doing a house renovation – not making it any larger, just dealing with issues of age in a 100 yr old house that last had a face lift in the 1960s. We should be back in this month. Then I will have the job of decluttering and sorting out everything…

    So let’s welcome in the new month and stay strong!

    Day 1 Auckland NZ NFD

    Greetings one and all from the lands of the new day!
    Welcome to all the new people and hi to the usual round up!

    Just lost my post and have to keep going now. I’m down 2.7kg for the month. Yeah! Congrats to everyone!

    Cheers and stay strong!

    hi @michelinme, please can i rejoin. did a couple of months last year with results, stress took over due to health scare and i lost sight of this wol. still under the care of local hospital with results looking good and i am going to be a grandparent in july so really need to get back on track. thank you for hosting and thank you if you let me back. i am from sussex, england. i shall be doing 500-800 cals on fast days and tdee on the rest. M

    Day 0 third post 🙂

    @matron65 welcome back. The challenge is here for anyone who wants to join – we’re here to encourage each other on this journey to better health – make yourself at home

    Sorry to hear about your health issues last year and glad that things are looking better now. Congratulations on expecting your grandchild! what wonderful motivation to want to be a healthier weight 🙂

    Day 1 – Japan – NFD 79.3kg

    Just finished my 29th water fast in 2018. This one I physically pushed really hard, ~4200 calories burned during the fast. That is a little hard on the muscles but I’m trying to put pressure on my visceral fat reserves. I think I have a couple kg more visceral fat that I don’t really need. Right now I think I have more visceral fat than subcutaneous fat (under the skin).

    Goals for this month:
    * Keep diet cola very limited. (I haven’t had any for several weeks)
    * 500 pushups / week, 700 floors of stairs / week, with bouts of HIIT and up to running twice a week.
    * See my belly get below 88cm. Currently my waist line is about 81cm.

    Day 1 – UK (currently in Australia on holidays) NFD

    Thank you @michelinme for hosting this anniversary month and special thanks to @coda 🤗💐for starting these monthly challenges – little did you know what you started back in May 2016 and how many people you would inspire and change their lives for the better xx

    I am so looking forward to getting to know those new to these monthly challenges and of course hearing from the many great cyber friends from all over the world who continue on these monthly challenges……

    I’d like to share my story to encourage anyone new to this WOL to let you know that it works if you see it as a permanent way of life (WOL)
    I am a 59 y.o. Female (60 next month!!) – married with a grown up daughter
    Height = 163cm/5ft 4in
    *January 4 2014 = BMI: 28.2 Wt: 75kg/165.3lbs – retired and moved to Cumbria so started fell walking and being more mindful about what I ate. Lost my darling mum in the September so flew back to Australia a couple of times spending several weeks there over 2 visits that year
    *January 3 2016 = BMI: 25.9 Wt: 68.8kg/151.7lbs – for health reasons started 5:2 WOL on my own
    *October 30 2016 = BMI: 22.4 Wt: 59.5kg/131.2lbs – had plateaued for last 3 months so decided to join the Nov Challenge = best decision I ever made!!!
    *December 1 2016 = BMI: 20.8 Wt: 55.3k/121.9lbs – so near to that target of 55kg! I achieved it a week later on 7/12/16!!! and have maintained below that since!!!
    *May 1 2018 – BMI: 20.2 Wt:53.5kg/117.9lbs – happily maintained in April despite being on holidays in Australia, enjoying good food and wine and only managing 2 x FDs – Day 2 – around 400cals
    Day 13 – around 800cals

    Health improvement markers since starting this WOL:-
    1. Total weight loss = 22kg/3st 7lbs
    2. Lots of energy!!!
    3. Mental health changes = sleeping well, waking up feeling good in myself and happy with my life☺
    4. My Asthma no longer requires any treatment inhalers
    5. My blood cholesterol has improved to just above normal over the past 2 years (on no medication) am hoping for normal limits at the end of this year!

    I love living in Cumbria and enjoy walking on the fells and doing Pilates and Yoga. I still do 2 x FDs each week for the long term health benefits. I follow mainly a Mediterranean style diet with a 16:8 eating pattern daily – no breakfast ever as I never feel hungry on waking. This WOL has allowed me to lose weight and maintain my weight even when on holidays, without giving up on the pleasures of good food, cake 🍰and wine🍷🥂! However I no longer indulge everyday or in the same quantities as before but it means that I do appreciate it all the more!!!

    My personal motto for this WOL is “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

    Day 1 Spain NFD

    Hello everyone. Very new to this WOL. Yesterday was my 2nd fast, not as good and probably had nearer 650 calories. It was only when I added up all the details of my salad meal I realised the total ! Will need to lose salad dressing obviously!

    What would be a sensible target for the month? Should I go for weight loss or measurement ? I’m 157 tall, 59 years old and currently 70kg. ( was 70.8 before first fast ).

    Any pointers or advice welcomed!

    @at – Inspiring story! I’m just curious why you decided to go all the way down to a ultra slim weight of 55kg, BMI of ~20? Still I’m glad you succeeded.

    For me, that low of a BMI isn’t even an option. If I lost 100% of my body fat (besides being dead) my BMI would still be over 21! To get to a BMI of 23.5 I have to get my body fat down to 10%. That isn’t something that is sustainable. On the other hand I do wonder if having the extra muscle is really that healthy. I don’t even have that much muscle compared to body builders. (This morning I was at 79.4kg BMI 25.9, my goal weight range is 75kg to 77kg.) Personally I think BMI is a bit of a ripoff for guys. 😀 My body fast is currently in the 16% to 18% range. Mostly around my middle. 🙁

    Day 1, Cornwall UK, NFD

    Good fast yesterday. I’m skipping breakfast to extend my fast a bit into a second day and off to my 2 hr yoga class this morning. I started yoga a year ago at over 100kgs and its helped change my life. I really wanted to be more comfortable in my own body. I wanted to like my body instead of hate it. I nearly gave up and didn’t commit to go regularly until 3 months later. I felt ashamed to be the fatest and least fit person there! I am sharing this because it was one of my 1st steps to getting healthier and i so nearly tripped up and never got going. If you are thinking about doing something to improve your health, just do it. I’m good at reading, thinking and talking about being healthy. But DOING it is my real challenge!

    Here is a little info on plant based mediterranean diet, since a couple of you asked! I read the PREDIMED study done in spain and then dr longo’s work plus some of the advice from the whole-food-plant-based doctors and do a blend!

    – the base foods are unprocessed whole grains, fruit and veg, nuts, seeds, beans and chickpeas. A little whole grain bread and red wine. Thats the basics!
    – No meat or dairy. A little fish or sheep milk cheese such as pecorino (ref dr longo) seems ok but i’ve not wanted them yet
    – Some olive oil but not too much as its very calorie dense. And some think oils are inflammatory – but the experts can’t agree on it!
    -I have a few treats eg vegan cake!, poppadoms (i love curry), beer, etc but my challenge is to restrict them and i don’t always succeed!
    – a vitamen b12 supplement.

    I know its not for everyone. But I know there are lots of us out there following variations on this theme! @michelinme has some great recipes. My family are suspicious but not hostile and my OH is my partner in crime!

    Day 1 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Hello everyone and welcome to a new day and a new month!
    So I start May at the exact same weight as I started April. It had been a fairly hectic month socially with every weekend tied up with things that involved eating and drinking. So I don’t mind staying the same weight, it’s good, and as I am only about 2kilos away from ultimate goal I recognise that it’s going to be slow going from now.

    But, after taking all my monthly measurements I am very pleased to note another half inch lost from my waist. Everything else stayed the same but the waist is the important one for health, isn’t it? I now squeak just below the accepted healthy waist guideline for females 🤗

    That’s 11.5 inches gone from the waist in 9 months. Woo hoo.
    BMI at 23.9

    @at I love your inspirational story. I plan to try to be like you in maintenance ☺️
    @dykask I laughed at your description of getting to BMI 21 😆 You too are in inspiration on this forum.

    Right, starting May with an FD. Who would like to join?

    Day 1 Pocket Fasters – Together we are stronger

    Day 1 UK NFD

    I had a successful 8 pound loss in April and I am hoping to lose another 7-8 pounds in May. But I would be happy with a 5 pound loss. It is my birthday at the end of the month and I am hoping to be able to treat myself to some smaller sized clothes. 🤞

    Start weight: 130 pounds
    May target: 122 pounds

    Day 1, Emden Germany (but I’m Dutch), FD

    Last month has been a struggle, retirement and maintenance is a challenge. I needed to do too much FD’s to stay under my set highest goal weight.

    Starting weight: 55,5 kg, BMI 20.9

    @dykask just like @at I’m also 163cm/5ft 4in and I can asure you I’m not ultra slim, just slim. I don’t want to be under an BMI of 20, I have no idea of the fat percentage I have, but I still have enough fat left to look good.

    Day 1 Pocket Fasters – Together we are stronger

    Have a good day everyone!

    Day 1 London NFD

    Morning all, positive, positive is my mantra for May and what a beautiful blue sky day it is to start May’s Challenge – a beautiful positive start.
    I’ve been 5:2ing since Feb this year. With a good head wind I breezed through Feb, then stalled in March and in April I hit a lot of choppy waters but I battened down the hatches and got through it (2.4kg loss) and now looking for some plain sailing.
    Mine will be a slow journey so hoping May makes this WOL habit forming and normal for me. Mindful eating has become more natural, rarely stuff myself these days, thank goodness!!
    Feels spring has finally sprung so I’ll dust of my Fitbit and get some miles under my feet.
    Wishing everyone a jolly and successful month.
    Ta x

    Day 1 Ireland NFD

    Hi all.

    I’m new to this. Completed my first week and have decided to sign up to the forums and join this challenge.
    I had my 3rd fast day yesterday. I find it easier to keep all of my calories for a meal in the evening.
    I’m finding myself less hungry on NFD already. I’m trying to be more mindful of only eating when I am truly hungry.
    Hoping that helps the weight loss.

    I am tall for a female at 5ft 10 which means I can get away with carrying extra weight without people realising I am actually in the obese BMI range! So it’s finally time to lose some pounds/kilos and turn my diet around and get healthy. Wish me luck.

    It’s very inspiring reading all the success stories here.

    Good luck for May everyone.

    Ps can I get added to the spreadsheet please?

    Day 1, Amsterdam, NFD

    Hi everyone- I’m a 30 year old Brit living in Amsterdam with my Dutch boyfriend and a hyperactive cat. Been doing 5:2 since February this year, and have lost about 4kg so far – gone from 68.8 to bouncing just below the 65kg mark. I’ve been at 65kg before so I’m hoping for a ‘whoosh’ (as these ladies say) this week to get me under – that will be the first time in about 10 years I think that I’ve weighed under 64.5. I am EXCITED!

    My goal is for 56kg by autumn – let’s see if I can do it. The one issue I have is that my boyfriend (a very tall/big Dutchy) is completely content with my figure as it is and says he will be sad to see the curves go! What to do with that? I know that I personally am unhappy with them, so I’m just going to see where I end up and see how he feels… Does that make sense? My BMI is around 23.6 now but I want it to be around 21.5 ideally. Let’s see how we go, maybe he will like the new me!

    I struggled at first with the NFDs I think – going from ‘meh’ FDs to over-compensating on my NFDs. That is my main piece of advice to newbies – I know Michael says that it’s OK to eat whatever you want on NFDs, but it’s not really… If you eat above your TDEE, you’re going to put the weight you lost from your FD right back on and you will continue to yoyo. Also the content of your meals matters! Carbs are a big no-no for me in the evenings (my weight just shoots right back up the next day) – though of course I indulge every now and then.

    I’m hoping for a proper loss this month and let’s see how I can go – lots of trips in March and April caused me to stall a bit and I want to reduce by 2.5kg this month properly.

    My other goals are to exercise and eat well! I will continue to do my hot yoga (favourite) and go for a few runs as well as the wonderful spinning classes I used to do…

    Thank you for your excellent hosting of April, @shinything! And thanks very much to @michelinme for doing the same with May – bet of luck everyone – stay accountable!


    Day 1 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    May Day and the day I begin maintenance! It feels new and exciting today but I suspect this is where the real work begins….and the point at which I’ve lost the plot in the past. However I have never reached my current weight before and never followed a diet that doesn’t seem like a diet before, so I know this time will be different.

    To the newbies here, welcome. I have participated in the monthly challenges since July 2017 when I weighed 159 lbs, this morning I weigh 132.8 lbs so have reached my target of 133. I am 59, 5ft 5 tall, waist 27 inches and bmi 22.1. I am at the lowest weight of my entire adult life so don’t believe ladies of a certain age can’t lose weight. I eat a Mediterranean diet every day and ‘fast’ on Monday and Thursday allowing up to 800 calories (Michael Mosley’s Blood Sugar Diet). Weight loss has been slow and steady and relatively easy as I enjoy the taste of food so much more than on my previous low fat diet. It has taken me 4 months to lose the last 5 lbs so I expect I will need to continue with my current eating plan to maintain so I will stick with the challenges and my 2 days a week FDs.

    Happy May everyone 😊

    Day 1, Newcastle UK, FD

    Please count me in @michelinme – thanks so much for hosting this month.

    I started 5:2 in February 2017 at 147lbs. Reached a low of 133.5lbs in July 2017 and haven’t seen it again since. With a healthy BMI and waist to height ratio at my current weight, I’m starting my first month in maintenance.

    Weight 138.4lbs
    BMI 23
    Height 5’5″

    @simcoluv – I hope you’re pleased to hear that I am abandoning any variations on the basic 5:2 plan as well as not setting any specific goals to limit alcohol. Setting restrictions just backfires on me. The only thing I shall continue to do is to weigh every day. That is helping me stay focussed on remaining in 9 stoneland and in the healthy BMI range for my height and age.

    When I started 5:2 I would fast on Monday & Tuesday and found that worked well for me. So starting today on an FD – and re-reading

    The following quote seems quite apt for me this morning.

    “I have NOT failed, I’ve just FOUND 10,000 ways that won’t work.” – Thomas Edison

    Day 1…NSW Australia…NFD

    Hi everyone

    My introduction is at bottom of page 1 yesterday as worked today and didn’t think I’d get it in today.

    Looking forward to being more accountable and mindful in May!
    Will enjoy reading all your motivational and inspiring posts filled with so much informative experiences!

    Very happy with this WOL. Would never have survived on a rigid diet plan. Now 6kg lighter than 6 months ago – slow is best for me!

    Welcome to all the new 5:2’s – enjoy the flexibility this WOE has to offer! There are many very experienced fellow 5:2’s who are more than willing to share their knowledge with us – thank you each one of you!

    Enjoy whatever you are getting up to and bye for now!

    1/5/18 London, First FD!

    Hi all, please add me in for May – my first proper go at joining this WoL. I ultimately need to lose 30kg, but that’s too big a number to contemplate, so aiming for 11kg first, which would be 10% of my total weight. Doctors seem to class a 10% loss as a significant health achievement, so let’s go for that!!

    Day 1 UK FD

    Hi I have been following these forums since March last year. I did well starting at 70.6 Kg and lost around 11.5 Kg then fell off the wagon in October and put back on just over 5 Kg! Grrrrr.
    However, back on track again in April and have so far lost 2.6 Kg again. So starting May at 61.8 Kg.

    Following the forum has been instrumental in me sticking with 5:2 and fully intend to lose the rest of the regained weight and possibly more.
    It’s so long since I’ve been at that lower weight that I need to see what it looks like and take it from there! Also I feel so much fitter and less sluggish.

    My goal for May will be 1.5 Kg which is quite optimistic as I will be heading to Perth Australia before the end of the month for 6 weeks for the birth of my first grandchild! Will check in and follow the forum from there!

    Good luck to everyone for a successful May.

    Day 1 – Iceland – FD

    Again, many thanks to @michelinme for hosting this challenge, which will be my 7th month of 5:2. Had a good fast yesterday and starting the month with hopefully another good FD, not going to make the same mistake as last month, i.e. eating as if I were on a holiday the first week… Instead I aim for a steady and balanced month 🙂

    @floridafun @smiley2 @matron65 @ripple and @rhubarbbutnocustard – welcome to the challenge! You are added to the spreadsheet!
    @abi73 – the spreadsheet is very easy to fill in, you don’t even have to log in. You can choose to write your starting weight in either column C/D and then your goal for the month in column M. Then you can use the “calendar” to plan your fast days and non-fast days. At the end of the month you can fill in your end weight and the spreadsheet will show you your loss as well as the total loss of all members this month! Of course you do not have to fill in anything if you don’t want to, but for many of us the spreadsheet is an extra motivation 🙂 Good luck!
    @shimmera – Congratulations on a great start! Well done!

    I’m with you on a good May start @daffodil2010 !

    Day 1 Pocket Fasters – Together we are stronger

Wish all of you a happy and successful May! 🌸

    A link to the spreadsheet once more:

    Day 1, London, UK, FD (1st of B2B2B)

    Well here we go again!!! Another monthly challenge for oldies & newbies (welcome) alike!!!!

    Once again I’m not setting a numerical target this month (but I would love to settle below that elusive 11st mark), just aiming to get tighter control of that carb/sugar/treat dragon, by drowning him in copious amounts of cool clear water!!!!!

    So, May aims –
    • Up my water intake (2L per day MINIMUM),
    • Limit my red wine intake (2L per day MAXIMUM ………………. JOKE!!! – Arid April was the reason I eradicated 7lbs last month!)
    • Move more,
    • Eat more Med style and limit sugar …………………… sugar begets sugar, carbs, binging snacking & all that is BAD in the world, my drug of choice has got to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • DO NOT bounce around the scales, slow steady loss is the aim!!

    As a fully-fledged member of the tortoise club I can only say that joining these monthly forums in February 2017 was simply the BEST DECISION EVER!!!!!!!

    Thank you @michelinme for hosting this month, it’s the time to get ready for summer (in this hemisphere anyway!!!) so the shorts are calling for a little less to cover, that’s the incentive here, tighten & tone!!!

    Good luck everyone, onward & downwards we go!!!!

    Day 1 – UK – Reading – CD

    I had a good FD yesterday, and undid some of the damage I did over the weekend. I was miles off my goal for April, so let’s see if I can do better in May. I’m joining @flourbaby in max 2l of any colour wine per day. Discipline is the name of the game. CD today, as I try and do FDs back to back and it all goes pear shaped. Very impressed with how slim some of you are – it’s quite inspiring. Onwards and downwards.

    I started the May challenge yesterday as I was eager to start. yesterday was my FD and it wasn’t as difficult as I thought and I ended the day with a few calories left from my limit of 500. I also started a yoga programme (30 days of yoga with Adriene)which I will complete mainly on my FDs rather than more intense cardio.

    Yesterday consisted of lots of water, green tea, cuppa soup, tinned soup, 2 egg omelette and a snack cucumber. I felt ok but today I do feel really tired (not sure if that’s the yoga).

    Today is a NFD and I am so excited to be able to eat more food. looking forward to sweet potatoes for my tea. not looking forward to working out. I will either go for a 5km job outdoors or on treadmill. I want to start a FitnessBlender programme but I am suffering with a sore back atm so giving it a miss for now. Hoping the yoga will tone my midriff and legs!

    Happy May everyone and good luck xx

    Very useful comments about what feels like the right weight/size for you. I now think I am at about the right size for my height. I am 5’11” and a size 14. That actually feels ok. I’m unlikely to ever look sensational in a swimsuit again ( that’s a joke) but in clothes, I think I look ok. And I don’t want my face to get lined by being too thin for my height. Which does seem to have happened slightly…. grrrr.

    So I’m keeping on going, but not really aiming to lose much more weight.

    @EmmaTaylor – I’m a similar height to you (I’m just half an inch shorter) and my overall goal is to be a very comfortable size 14 in trousers. Snap!

    Day 1, Essex, UK, NFD.

    Good morning all, todays got a real spring feel about it, which is perfect for the 1st of May.

    I love the thought of doing a Mediterranean diet, it is definitely one of the ones I would like to try but I am not in the right frame of mind mentally yet to try it. I am still tackling my sugar monster, I have been doing so well lately but on Sunday night it got me good. Made yesterdays (Monday’s) fast truly hard.

    I am trying to be mindful of what I eat today, I woke up super hungry and so tired still, I guess that comes from being awake numerous times in the night with a baby and then being climbed and jumped over from 6am by my eldest two, then being woken up by my partner before my alarm has even had a chance to go off or for me to ignore it and click snooze atleast once. The temptation to eat sugary junk is strong today.

    Good luck all those who are fasting today, I will be doing my first one in May tomorrow. Have a good day all.

    Hello all Day 1 NI healthy eating day

    Hello to all the oldies – meant in the best possible way and hello to some of the new names I see.

    Started yesterday with the first fast of the week. I have started back to yoga, squash and my c25k running plan. The surgeon signed me off but recommended another course of physio for my foot. Just shows 6/7 months of no exercise at all and week one of running was tough – I felt so stiff and off course carrying those extra lbs since my op has not helped my knees – but am determined to stay focused for the whole of this month – no more play acting and signing up for challenges but not following through – this is serious. I pledge full commitment for myself. Some kind soul had me as highlighted green in the spreadsheet (which I assume still means in maintenance – wishful thinking lol). Duly amended and feel firmly back on the wagon – long may it last.

    Thanks to @michelinme for taking care of us this month (2nd anniversary – who would have believed it) of these challenges.

    2nd post

    @emma taylor did you ever finish your bikini? I bought one, looks fine, just a bit of loose skin on the belly, but who cares. I just wear it in the garden, for swimming I have a competition swimsuit with legs. Retirement really is a challenge, my husband does the shopping and tends to buy too much vegetables and fruit. We try to make a plan for the week but often decide to eat something different. We’re working on it.

    Day 1, USA, CD

    Good morning everyone! It’s great to see you all in May. It has been hugely inspiring to read about your plans and goals.

    April was about getting started on this WOE and settling into a sustainable plan. I also focused on getting rid of all of my faded, frumpy clothes or anything I didn’t enjoy wearing. I am happy to report that I wore neat, well fitting clothes every day.

    My May goals are to reach 253 on the scale, get involved tracking my movements with my Fitbit, and pay more consistent attention to other beauty regimes. In May I will use body lotion every day, take my makeup off every night and actually use the various skincare and haircare products that have arrived as samples or that I’ve bought and neglected. I’m going to keep my manicure/pedicure in order and my hair cut and highlighted.

    Onward and downward!

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