June 2017 30 Day Challenge

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June 2017 30 Day Challenge

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  • Day 30–ABQ, NM–CD

    Congratulations to everyone for persevering. We are getting a little healthier/smaller/smarter (if fasting does create new neurons) every day!

    @awilson –I can imagine your relief! Hooray!

    Final weigh-in this morning shows that I am safely below (+/- .5 lb) goal weight for June. Thanks for everyone’s support; together we ARE stronger.

    Heading off to LA now for a long weekend of fun and not-too-hot weather.

    See you in July, wherever you may be!

    Day 30 – SW WA USA – NFD

    Enjoying the ocean!

    @strawberriesandcream – I’m planning a weight in when I get home, Monday morning.

    Day 30 Oregon USA FD
    So many successful

    I didn’t reach my goal for June but I’m looking forward to a great July challenge.

    All who lost are an inspiration to me. I approach the July challenge with new enthusiasm.

    @yolina – Thank you for the kind words and I wish you good luck with your maintenance during July. See you again in August.

    @coda – Thank you for the link, what a great visual.

    @annemarilyn @califdreamer @at @Strawberriesandcream @debster251 @metatauta @keetseel – Thank you for the kind words. 🌺🌼

    Thank you @strawberriesandcream for leading the June challenge. 🌸

    Day 30 California USA FD – June challenge goal met 5:2

    Congratulations to everyone who met their goal this month and also to those who hung in there for the month and are on their way to their perfect weight. And a big Thank You to Strawberriesandcream for hosting this challenge for all of us.

    I wanted to lose 6 pounds this month, to put me at 144 pounds and I weighed in at 144.2 – 65.4 kg this morning, so I’m going to call it a goal met. That means I’ve lost 11.6 pounds since I started the 5:2 plan on May 10. I’m on the fourth day of antibiotics for a UTI and it doesn’t feel like it’s all gone yet. I was traveling this week which made it too difficult to fast so I did a FD yesterday and will try to do a B2B today. I want to get my 2 days in this week and I want to be able to eat tomorrow, which is Saturday, so I’m hoping to tough it out today with these fast buddies:

    Pocket List for June 30

    @chitown gal

    @europabug (Anna) Congratulations!
    @coda:In my eyes (only), a proper FD is all done in one day, not over two!

    @ciren2 – even more curious can you give me an example of when you would start a fast and finish it and if you eat anything in between?

    Day 30- Montreal – NFD

    Finishing the month at 75.3 kg 🎉🍾🎉

    (31st January :86 kilos)

    Well done everybody and see you in June. Thank you for hosting @strawberriesandcream


    Is this the finished doc? I don’t see any of my info except a couple of days. Maybe I’m reading it wrong…

    Day 30, Germany, NFD

    Final weight 52,9 kg/116.6lbs. BMI 19.9. Measurements stayed the same. Up 0,8 kg, that’s fine, was a bit too low with my weight, staying comfortable below 54 kg without FD’s lately.Plan to stay at this weight, feeling fine with it.

    Thanks to @strawberriesandcream for doing such a huge job keeping us all on track.

    Hi @coda:
    I used to be able to fast all day with 500 cals (or less) in a single day, that would be a total success for me. However I just had what I call a sort of success by fasting from about 11am yesterday till breakfast of porridge at 6am, then eating my usual amounts from 1.30pm today, after returning from work. That’s why I call it a partial success, it’s over two days. It’s ok, but not all on the same day!

    2nd post,

    @ciren2, it sounds like a fabulously successful FD if as you say……..

    “From about 11am yesterday till about 1.30pm today, I only ate a bowl of porridge (for breakfast). So that 26 hours”

    If from 11am yesterday to at least 11am today you only consumed 1 bowl of porridge, then unless the bowl was Papa-bear sized, then that’s a bog standard FD!!!!

    500 calories consumed within any 24hr period is a FD you can extend it as I do for convenience………. I count my FDs as 7pm(day 1) to 7pm(day2), so in theory, I could eat anything I wanted after 7pm(day 2); thats 24hrs, but I don’t. and just head to bed, meaning I only consume 500cals over 40hrs when I ‘break my fast at 11:30am(day 3). I hope this makes sense!!!!

    Final weigh-in & post tomorrow a.m.

    3rd post

    @-Rachel- – I’ve taken a quick look at the spreadsheet and indeed I only see your info for days 7/6 to 12/6. I take it from your query that you entered all the other days and it has now disappeared? If that is the case, then I can only apologise and ask you to re-enter or give me a list of your days and I’ll do it for you.

    Last month the spreadsheet was further developed to be interactive, allowing people to input their own data – should they wish to do so. Some people didn’t find that necessary – hence the empty lines alongside some names. All I can think is that your data has been removed in error when someone was entering their’s. I guess that’s the downside of a shared document. If I can be of help, please ask.

    4th post

    Thank you for the many kind comments regarding my role of host this month. You are all more than welcome. We are part of something very special and long may it last.

    Congratulations on the many successes whether that be eradicating lbs, maintaining goals, dealing with life events, overcoming personal obstacles, continuing to work through obstacles and probably most important of all – staying the course – dedicating some of your precious time to yourselves because you recognise your own self worth and value to friends and family. And finally your hugely generous support of your fellow challengers.

    I’ll do a final tally tomorrow, but to date I believe around 62 of the original starters have completed the June challenge. I’ve come to this by combining lines of completed data on the spreadsheet and names of people posting regularly and into the last week. Well done all!!!! xxxx And many thanks to @coda for leading us onwards and downwards into July.

    Day 29 Massachusetts USA FD Successful FD, no wine no sweets. Made it to 1 hour yoga class. I did have a minuscule lunch today as I was very hungry. Protein (lean pork, weighed on my food scale at 4oz.) and 3 different vegetables for dinner. Nothing at all with my evening tea, very unusual for me.
    Day 30 NFD Thorougly enjoyed my BLT on a bagel for lunch (had an orange and a bite of chocolate for breakfast.) I have to record calories now so I don’t go over TDEE at dinner. Weighed in today at 122 pounds- a two pound loss for June, better than May! If I lose 2 in July and 2 in August, I’ll be at my goal of 118 pounds. Ordered a pair of pants in “my size” and had to send them back. They were way too big. I give all the credit to @Strawberriesandcream!

    Day 30 FD

    Final fast day of 5! Hoping to undo holiday damage at weigh in tomorrow. Looking forward to the July challenge.
    Many thanks to @strawberriesand cream for hosting the June challenge and looking after and encouraging us so well.
    See you all in July!

    Day 30 USA FD
    I am glad I was able to continue for another month.
    Thanks Strawberries!

    Did you try the noodles? I am curious to see what you think. I wanted to comment yesterday, but I wanted you to try them first. I finally found them at my grocery store last month and gave them a try. How were they?


    I’ll just leave it as it is, as it doesn’t really change anything.
    My starting weight was 78 kilos, finishing at 75.3, so a 2.7 kilo loss for the final record.

    @ciren2 I agree with @flourbaby you didn’t just sort of fasted – you completed a 24hr+ fast. I just wonder as you don’t count calories and therefore don’t know how many you are actually consuming. Could it be, that, as in your eyes, you were not completing fast days you tried again and again. Stressing more and more. As we all now know that a low calorie diet doesn’t work and your body lowers metabolism to compensate. Added with stress, could this be why you have been going backwards? And why when on holidays with eating and not fasting and feeling more relaxed you lost weight? My understanding as to why fasting works in loosing weight is the feast and famine so your metabolism remains high but total calories are reduced. It fools your body.
    I looked up a 24 hour fasting protocol in ‘the complete guide to fasting’. It says you can fast from lunch one day to lunch the next (which is what you did) or dinner one day to dinner the next. For instance you have dinner on Sunday 6 pm, sleep, skip breakfast and skip lunch and have dinner Monday at 6 pm. Dr M found you can consume a meal/snack of quarter tdee or approx 500 cals without any adverse effect. Do you make you porridge with milk or water, do you add fruit or yogurt? Do you have a rough idea of how many cals?
    Why don’t you try your ‘sort’ of fasts 2 or 3 times a week, eating healthily the rest of the days and see how that goes. Don’t force things but rather than beat yourself up, accept this way for a while and go with the flow. You never know you may be able to extend little by little as to when you eat. I also wonder if the daylight saving knocked you out of your rhythm, you felt it was about March time you started having difficulties? Maybe a co-incidence?

    Day 28, Guildford UK, FD
    Day 29, Guildford UK, CFD (1200)
    Day 30, Guildford UK, CFD (1200)

    Suffering with real stress as my divorce hearing approaches. Working very hard to get the document files completed.

    The results:3 kg down was looking for 4 kg

    I will take what I can get


    @strawberriesandcream thank you

    Lovely weight losses, New baby on the way and good health news.

    See you all in the July challenger!

    I broke my fast at about 36 hours. I guess my goal for June was just to let work stop dominating my life. In that line of thought I’ve started some alternate revenue generation. It is kind like getting one’s body in shape, you just have to keep plugging away at it. Each day there seems to be little progress but over months or years the changes can be amazing.

    Congrats to the many that achieve their June goals here! 🙂

    End day weigh in for June challenge Last post Huntingdon UK

    Pleased to report that I started to fast in combination with walking on May 22nd and my start weight then was 170.4 lbs. my start weight for the June challenge was 166.4lbs and my weight this morning was 154.2 lbs. My June goal was lose 10lbs. Since May I have lost 16.2lbs and during the June challenge I have lost 12.2 lbs. I am just so happy.

    In the last week I have had to tighten the strap on my fitbit, I now have some very lose fitting and baggy clothes and I have discovered my hip bones once more !!! I have had some problems with my own body image for a few years and the new me that is emerging is more confident, energised and happier than before.

    I have put in a lot of work to achieve this but it was not alone. I would like to thank everyone on the forum for their posts which have been a great inspiration, also to Strawberries and Cream for keeping us all in order, on the right track and offering support to all and last but not least to my partner who has walked many miles with me and reduced his own calorie intake on my fasting days.

    Congratulations to everyone who has reached their goals and onwards and upwards for everyone who had barriers to achieving theirs.

    I still have an ultimate goal to reach 133 lbs ( mid range BMI weight) so I am going to keep on keeping on….. Hoping to see many of you guys in the July challenge!

    End of challenge weigh-in. My first weigh-in for the month was on June 2nd and I was 92.2kg. I set a target of 6.4kg/1 stone. This morning I weigh 96.0kg, so a loss of 6.2kg in 29 days. So close to target!

    Thank you @strawberriesandcream for hosting. Now off to July challenge.

    July 1st – end of June challenge

    Balderdash! If only I’d called my end of June weight yesterday I’d have been 0.7lb from both my May and June goal of 133lbs. However, I had a lovely lunch yesterday with my very first childhood friend and whilst we only had one course and coffee – it was a lot of food. A few glasses of red wine last night – slowly for once haha – and this morning’s result on the scale is 134.7lbs. So there we go, 0.3lbs total weight eradication in two months. But you know what? That means I have successfully maintained at a decent weight for two months despite a two week cruise, friends visiting last week and the fairly regular huge blips. I am HAPPY! And really excited about July. I’m empathising with you @redrockgirl302 – but we both know we can do this. Enjoy all your birthday celebrations guilt free and do let us know the actual day.

    I’m reading more great results for @yolina, @keetseel, @debster251, @mogaman (I really don’t think I can take credit for your pants being too big lol), @bigviking, @safarigirl, @rainbowsmile (uggh – know how that feels – we’re holding on tight to you x) and @dykask for a achieving a different but equally important goal. Apologies if I’ve missed anybody else – I’ll catch up with you in July challenge.

    DAY 30 – UK – NFD

    Thank you Strawberriesandcream et al for your patience this month Been a lousy poster
    and gone slightly off the rails. Hayfever, lots and lots of treats due to holidays etc. etc. and a v. big birthday yesterday hasn’t helped. But, here I am still hanging in and raring to go in July again. Reading this board has more of less kept me inspired and I have ended June by gaining only 1lb. So looking back that is excellent in my book.

    So 30 JUNE weigh in 10st. 02 lb. Thanks to all. July here we come.

    July 1

    Final June weight 64kg. Only net loss of 0.4 kg but taking this as a win as I had a good gain at the end of my all too indulgent holiday! So my 5 day fast this week has cancelled that out and actually achieved a small eradication of weight this month. I am happy! Getting to wear clothes which have been mouldering in the wardrobe far too long and getting rid of the ones which are too big now. I have always kept these” just in case” but no more. I am hopefully never going back this time!
    Onwards and downwards in July.

    Sorry I haven’t really done the challenge on here this month as in logging days. I’m going to join. The July so I can really shift some weight for my holiday in August.
    I’ve lost 4 lbs in June which has finally put me back in the 10 stone something, which really feels good.

    Just reading the forums has helped me a lot

    Thanks for just being there

    July 1 NFD
    Edinburgh – the sun is back thank goodness

    Morning all, thanks for all the June support. My net loss was zero but I did drop 2lb at some points!

    Thanks for hosting @strawberriesandcream and all the rest of you who kept me going mid month.

    July will be tough – I’m off to Italy for a week then the USA so I am not convinced I will be doing a lot of FD but I am committed to this experiment now and will do my best.

    Wishing you all a super July, off to join in that challenge now. Even managed to suss out the spreadsheet earlier.

    You are an awesome forum xx

    July 1

    Thanks you strawberries and cream…. not only for being our host but also updating my space on the spread sheet. I am officially the same as I started…. 140lbs.
    If I was in maintenance mode, I would be doing one hell of a good job!

    One thing, I did discover this month, is why I’m still in this lovely plateau camp site, my hopes for next month, is to put it into practice and break into the 130’s.

    AT, fat rabbit, Coda, gosh, I wish I could name each nad everyone of you individually…..Thank you for your support, great stories and the laughs. I’m so happy to be on this never ending, sight seeing, adventure having, trip around the world ride with all of you!

    One last time for good measure……

    Kung-fu fighting? Surely, NOT everyone is doing it!

    End of June round-up,

    Well, just back from an early hairdressers appointment and I’ve finally weighed in for June.
    It hasn’t been the stellar month I had hoped for, but I have achieved my goal to eradicate 4lbs+. I started June at 168.2lbs, and today the scales are showing 163.2, so 5lbs GONE!!!! I’m happy with the results considering the mediocre -2.4lbs in May and the April …….. (whisper it)…..gain! However, I am kicking myself, because I saw 162.2 over 2 weeks ago…….. I could blame the battery in the scales or the uneven bathroom floor…………..but we all know it was the red wine blip!!!!!

    Anyway, onwards and downwards we go, I WILL drink the 3L+ water/ day; I WILL continue with ADF, I WILL do more exercise to eliminate those wobbly bits!!!!

    Countless thanks to @strawberriesandcream for sticking by me this month, since starting these challenges in Feb, I’ve come to enjoy and look forward to reading posts and offering my tuppence worth, but I’ve also felt the presence of each host, giving a gentle prod, so again, many thanks @strawberriesandcream.
    I’ll see everyone for the best part of July, then I’m off on my hols!!!!

    1st July

    Farewell to the June 2017 30 Day Challenge and looking forward to the July Challenge with hopefully a lot you joining @coda for the next month!

    Weight this morning = 53.7kg/118.4lbs – 300gms less than yesterday! despite a meal out with plenty of 🍷last night with friends before going to see the local amateur dramatic society performing – good company and plenty of laughter – best medicine in the world ☺️

    Thank you for the great stories, laughs and especially for sharing your life with us so freely on this forum where there is no judgement just understanding and plenty of support. Hoping to “see” a lot of familiar names on the July 2017 31 Day Challenge – a BIG THANK YOU to @Strawberriesandcream for herding us this month 💐👏

    I leave this June Challenge with one of my favourite quotes

    1st July
    I entered my final stats in the spreadsheet. I did not meet my goal of weight loss for June, but did lose 2 pounds and some inches. Given the unexpected 3 Day stay in the hospital intensive care unit, some severe seizures, and adjusting now to consuming a lot more salt than I ever have before, I’ll take it! Thanks @strawbberriesandcream for hosting June and helping us stay on track! Onward and downward into July!

    Day 30, Mountaintop PA USA, NFD

    I am ending June with my goal achieved, 2.2 pounds gone and a final weight of 145.7 lb/66.7 kg. I find it easier to lose/maintain in the spring summer months with all of the outdoor activities available. I walk four miles a day, prepare, plant, maintain and eventually harvest my vegetable garden, enjoy regular golf rounds and breath in the fresh air.

    I have been on the Fast 5:2 for 7 months and have bid adieu to 12 pounds. I am four pounds below my original goal weight and am at my lowest in 47 years since my oldest daughter was born.

    Clothes that I love and kept throughout the years in smaller sizes are fun to wear and others I take to the seamstress for fitting. There are new acquisitions too. Styles do change. It is amazing how our bodies respond to this WOL. Two days a week of 700 to 800 calories is the plan for me.

    Thank you @strawberriesandcream for the interactive spreadsheet and for your encouragement to all members. I use is throughout the month and noting the 2 pound loss for June is thrilling.

    I will continue in July and see where this goes. My energy is over the top.With a total loss of 45 pounds over the last 3.5 years there is much less of me. I don’t post often but enjoy hearing all the stories from forum members. There truly is strength in a shared experience for all of us. On to July!

    Day 1 Massachusetts USA NFD My grandchildren are here and they started the day with locally made apple cider donuts. I had 1/2 of one and felt sick. I think it’s because I’ve had a much purer diet. @steffieagle Congratulations on losing 12 pounds in 7 months! You must feel great below your target. I’m not there yet but I hope to be by September. I already feel “more myself”- it’s never fun when your clothes don’t fit. Welcome to all fellow Fasters for July and thank you @coda for hosting.

    Interested in joining us in July?
    Follow this link

    Just wanted to stop by and big farewell to our June challenge, shall see you on the July one! Thanks to strawberriesandcream for being such a gracious hostess.

    My starting weight in June was 142, my goal was maintenance,

    my ending weight in June was 142. How funny….

    Thanks, again.

    Final post

    155 people signed up to the June challenge and 71 completed. I have taken my numbers from completed lines on the spreadsheet and also from regular posters (who didn’t use the spreadsheet).

    @jarbia, @mia139, @slogan15, @hotchoc, @bert1802, @flourbaby, @at, @krisnia, @steffieagle and @lindasue – all the best for July – see you there 🙂 xx

    My final weigh-in for June was 176.4 with an additional few inches lost all over. I’m so happy with this WOL and thanks, @strawberriesandcream for patient hosting and encouragement. See you all in the July challenge!

    @strawberriesandcream thanks for the link!!

    @strawberriesandcream – I wasn’t able to weigh-in until this morning. Final #203 lbs. Not the best number but better than certain points in the month. Hopefully July will give better results. Thank you for your shepherding us!

    Phew! Just read all the posts. I fell by the wayside. I’ve just caught up with posts over the last few days – which has helped me to fast once again. I’m in the thick of my first fast since 22/6 today, and I know I’ll get through. Famous last words… but I do have that quiet ‘knowing’ today which has been with me for past successful fasts. I’m posting here because as kind and wise and wonderful a host I know @coda would be, keeping up with the July Challenge might be a bit too much for me – as I found the June Challenge, this time around. I did want to say a few things to the Junesters though, belated though it might be.

    @Strawberriesandcream, thanks for hosting – a big job!

    @okeydokey, my name (way back when you asked!) is, for me, about not thinking of the future as some faraway thing, but as what I’m continually becoming a part of. Procrastination with managing my weight (and other areas of life!) can be a problem for me. I have dreamed so much, for decades, of how I’ll lose weight and keep it off, and it all happens in the future. ‘Next week, tomorrow, later today I’ll eat less and move more.’ Well, I’m in the future now, and due to my actions on too many of yesterday’s todays, I still weigh way more than I want to. I want to remind myself that today is yesterday’s future, etc. I like what my name meant for you – about when we calmly connect to our calm, flowing energy and inner wisdom, we are already on our way to solutions/our most beneficial future, one way or another!
    Also, there’s a lovely happy quirky little song of the same name by Dave Graney which flew into my head when I was joining the forum.

    @steve toon taxi driver, I like your idea of using the tracker for helpful little notes, and also I laughed at your ‘stay away from BLOODY chip shops’ story. You and many others gave constant positive encouragement.

    @schatziii, I wish for a peaceful world, too.
    I seem to have that oral neediness thing happening too, which is why I tend to drink heaps on fast days. On NFDs too, I sip a lot of hot drinks, but especially FDs. It doesn’t harm me! A long time ago I was a regular smoker and it took me 10 years to quit – I chewed nicotene chewing gum for 10 whole years, and weaned myself off that eventually with normal chewing gum and cinnamon sticks and toothpicks, pen lids, etc. I now find smoking to be truly foul, but I still want to put too much of the ‘wrong’ things in my mouth too often! Anyway, I hope that you (and whoever needs it) can look at and work on whatever else is going on in your psyche that makes not overeating difficult sometimes. I am working on my own stuff.

    @dykask, thanks for telling us about how you started off so slowly, and how difficult it was before it became more of a habit. Also, I too find it helpful to think of my fast days as not so much dieting/restricting, but a kind of medicine/therapy that only lasts a day. (‘The one-day diet’ someone said.) I’ve never been good with diets. It’s the idea of restricting what I can eat that’s so hard for me. I know it sounds like I have the most appalling will-power in that regard (I have! – sometimes), but… we all come from different places.

    Thanks again to everyone for sharing so much of your ups, downs and sidewayses. Your stories, tips and tricks, quotes and encouragements were great. Although I wasn’t so much a part of things, I’ve greatly appreciated the posts from real, imperfect people, in real time. They have helped and will keep helping me. I won’t continue with the challenges for a while – I found the volume of posts too overwhelming. I’m not happy with just dipping in and out when I have time – I don’t want to miss anything – call me obsessive! Also, life is too busy atm ‘cos I’m going on a trip-of-a-lifetime to Europe and U.K. and I gotta get organised. It’s all so far away (in distance but not time…) that I’m making the most of it and am taking 4 months!! Doing it very cheaply mind you. I’ll be back around December. Good luck in all your journeys.

    I did some heavy lifting this morning – I walked up a hill.
    Onwards and downwards, and upwards in spirit. 🙂

    @i aminthefuture now – you are very welcome – enjoy your grand tour – look forward to hearing about it in December.

    Hi all, is this monthly challenge thing still active? Looks like there aren’t any posts since May/June 2017?

    I’d like to join the next one, if this is still going!

    Hi LRBA123,
    Yes it is! Look for the September 2018 challenge. https://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/september-2018-monthly-challenge/page/13/#post-265887

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