July 2017 31 Day Challenge

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July 2017 31 Day Challenge

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  • Hello!

    I have volunteered to host the July 2017 challenge. These challenges started May 2016 by yours truly and have been running every month since. People from all over the world have benefited enormously from the generous and invaluable support given each day from our global community. There is always someone close by to offer advice, support, laugh or cry with you. We have members who since joining these challenges have reached their goal and are maintaining. I am so grateful to them for remaining on these challenges to offer support to those still on their own journey to fulfill a dream.

    A previous host developed a spreadsheet on which monthly members are added and progress tracked on a daily basis. The regular accountability is a huge motivation – much like attending a regular slimming club, you check yourself in and the best bit is, unlike a slimming club, its free. It was adapted so that every member can update their own details. You do not have to use the spreadsheet of course. I will (she says hopefully) provide the spreadsheet link in due course.

    The way this forum works is to start your post with the following details:

    Day – ie. July 1st = Day 1. The day of the month is always the day of the challenge

    Country – it’s helpful/interesting for members to know. Put your city/town too if you wish.

    What type of day you are following – ie. FD = Fast Day, NFD = Non Fast Day. There are variations such as CD = controlled day but you’ll pick those up as we go along.
    My header for July 1st will be: Day 1, UK Co Down , NFD

    If you wish, give a quick intro about yourself in your first post or complete your profile – this helps folks get to know each other. This thread is about so much more than weight loss. @pissupoosa summed this up brilliantly:

    “You can add any comments/questions/moans/whinges/triumphs… or any thing you feel like you want to share with the rest of the forum. We’ll all have good days and bad days, days we fall off the wagon and days when we hang in there for dear life… so if you want to share it – post it. Recipes, tips, tricks and questions can also be shared – most of us are logged on at one time or another can clarify things, offer advice, support etc when needed – this is the great thing about this global forum, there’s always someone online”

    If you sign up and see the month through, a virtual medal will be awarded (don’t get too excited) just for a bit of fun. It is just for 31 days – you can do anything for 31 days and who knows where this may lead?

    If you have any questions please ask.

    Best wishes Coda x

    Well, shall I be the first to sign up? More in hope than recent experience!!

    Welcome @ciren2

    A word of warning here and apologies for shouting but just wanted to get the message out there.
    You do not fail if you don’t give up, things may not go to plan but what is important you dust yourself down and get back up to try again.

    Please count me in!
    Thank you very much!

    @coda, thanks for taking up the baton.

    Well, I’ll sign up too, even though I’ll be away on my hols for 2 whole weeks of July!!! I’ll be hoping to maintain wherever I land at the end of June.

    I’ll step up for the 1st 2 weeks (I might eradicate some fat, pre-hols too!!), then join for the last 2 days…………. this should keep the gorging on holidays to a minimum……….. Well, I live in hope!!!

    Hi @coda

    I’m signing up for July – I found the monthly challenge in November 2016 and have not looked back since!
    It helped me to get off that final plateau that I lingered on for some 3 months before finding the November challenge and then to stay in maintenance since reaching my target.

    A big THANK YOU for starting these challenges in May 2016 and for the continued support (💐for you)

    Hi. I’m in – after 5 months of steady weight loss I think I need to make this my happy weight, so would like to stay with the challenges as I work out how maintenance is going to work for me. Checking in daily keeps me mindful and I still need to be on top of my calorie counting and food diary to keep myself balanced.

    I’m in! Thanks @coda for hosting. I have really come to value this global community and I look forward to hanging out and sharing with you in July.

    @coda, count me in and thanks for doing this. Welcome back home!

    Count me in! Thanks for hosting Coda.

    Time to be brave and sign up. I started on 22nd May and have posted a couple of times but mainly been lurking and trying to find my feet.

    I will get around to updating my profile, but as a start, I’m 42, based in Woking in the UK, started at 18st 5lbs and am down 8.7lbs at 5 and a half weeks in.

    My next milestone is to get under 17st again (I haven’t been there since August last year). I know that’s unrealistic for a July target, so I just want to make as much progress as I can. Ultimate target is to get to 11st 2lbs which is the top end of healthy BMI for my height (5’6″).

    Looking forward to seeing what we can all achieve!

    @coda thank you for hosting this! lol I finally got the right thread haha!!

    Count me in… June hasn’t been my month thanks to my holiday but I hope to make July one to remember.

    Here are my stats:
    Started: 15/05/2017 at 72.2kg
    Target Weight = below 68kg (not decided on the exact number yet)

    Loss so far = -3.4kg (holiday in June meant I pretty much only lost -0.9kg for the month)

    Target weight end of July = 68kg (being realistic)

    Good luck everyone!!

    I’m in too! I haven’t done a monthly challenge before, but I started in late April, have lost 12lb so far and would like to maintain motivation as I still have 20lb more to lose.

    Welcome to
    @at – thank you
    @liathanail – oh I am staying for a few days in Woking in July as I am going to a wedding nearby! You have to start somewhere so good for you being brave – you will be glad you did.

    Signing up again this month. Am now in a ‘normal’ weight for height, but once I hit the big 6-0 my waist disappeared and is now languishing under several layers of lumpy fat. Nice. So the focus of my challenge is to re-discover it. If May and June are anything to go by it seems to take 1kg weight loss to achieve 2cm waist loss. Thanks @coda for hosting.

    I’m in again. These challenges have been an important part of my journey since I first joined in Feb. Hopefully this will be the month I reach a healthy weight. Thanks for hosting again Coda.

    Welcome also to
    @xrox – glad you found the right challenge lol you may have been waiting quite a while waiting on a response.
    @lynned – what have you to lose by joining this challenge, except lbs – you meet like minded people, some who have been there and got the tee shirt and can offer advice or offer a hug if needed. We are a very supportive bunch.

    Also another shout sorry but just to get your ATTENTION we have found sometimes the way we talk to ourselves can have a knock on effect. What words we use – for instance While we want to lose lbs we don’t want to find them again but if we lose something we generally want to find it again, I have lost my keys, I have lost my purse – so think about other words you can use to replace how many lbs you have lost or want to lose – you may want to purge, eliminate, or exterminate. Also treat yourself the way you would treat others. Sometimes our inner voice says things you would never say to anyone else. Be kind to yourself – you deserve it.

    Hi Coda,
    I am in for July. Thank you very much for hosting.🌺🌻🌼
    I fell off the wagon this last week (celebrating that I almost had reached my June goal) and have to refocus. I feel so much better when I follow this WOL, mentally and physically!
    Onwards and downwards!!! 😊😊😊

    Welcome back to
    @fatrabbit – looking forward to another month of interesting stories.

    Hi @redrockgirl302 – we have all done that lol – welcome to another challenge month.

    Count me in Coda. Thanks for taking on July.

    @coda – count me in!!! thanks for hosting & creating the monthly challenges. I started them in May 2017, last month was challenging but still managed to eliminate 1.5 lbs which goes to prove this WOL works! 🎯 for July is 145lbs & 28 inch waist – same as June but this time I’ll do it!!!!!

    Count me in. Just reached my goal this morning! 125!!! Next step is learn how to maintain this month. I don’t want to ever go back! Thanks for hosting. You are helping so many people!

    @coda – I’m in, still on maintenance! YEAH for these peeps keeping me accountable and not gaining! Will do my profile on July 1.

    I’m in Coda, thank you for hosting. This forum has been so helpful in keeping me accountable. I’m in maintenance and this has helped tremendously.
    I was at an all inclusive for vacation in June and while I did pig out on food and alcohol, I was able to put the brakes on and get back on schedule when I returned, which is new for me.
    This WOL works, I’m a testament to how effective it’s been.looking forward to July. Make today awesome friends!

    Hi Coda

    I’d like to join. I started a post [Confessions of a Booze Hound] when I started back on 5:2 on 5 July 2017. But it’s always good to have like-minded posters to help keep me / everyone on track so hello to you all!

    So far I’m down 3 kilos which I’m happy with as I’ve not been perfectly “good”! At least the scales are moving in the right direction. I’d like to drop 20 kilos by the end of the year.

    My FDs are usually Mondays and Thursdays. I’m not a breakfast eater (tho I do need my caffeine hit to start the day) so I’m beginning to dabble in restricted time eating on my NFDs from about 1130 – 1930. Too early to see if that’s having an effect.

    Thanks Coda. Initiating is huge. I am so into this and cant wait to see where I land after the month 🙂

    Welcome to
    Welcome back familiar friends and good to note a few more of you are now maintaining – well done! And welcome to our new friend @penz – are you sure about that date you put in lol? Going by the thread you started you sound like a candidate for our own pocket winos – more details about that group later lol.

    Hi Coda
    New to forum, I began the diet last week so perfect time to join the July challenge. I aim to drop 21 pounds and am setting myself a target of shifting 6 of them by the end of July. Looking forward to having some company to keep me motivated, please count me in.

    Welcome to
    @sudha – that is what I like – enthusiasm! Remember this feeling when you are at the middle of the month.
    @missybear – perfect timing indeed

    Hi everyone! I’d like to join this challenge. I have about 6 more pounds to expunge/exterminate/evict/send packing/make scarce, etc. until maintenance, and even though 6 pounds is a lot for one month I’m going to try to make that my July goal.

    Hi, Coda,
    This is great since I keep trying to “start”, but give up around my second or third FD. I look forward to the company and motivation.

    Please count me in @coda. Looking forward to the challenge and thank you for being our host.

    Hi @coda,
    Please count me in. I have never shared with a forum before but I am desperate to get healthy and hoping this challenge will help.

    Thanks for hosting, Coda! Please count me in. I’m enjoying the June challenge and look forward to another month of losing!

    count me in. thanks a lot! challenge for me for July is 2.5 kg.

    Thanks Coda. Got to budge my plateau and move those number in scale to the left 🙂

    @coda I started 5:2 diet almost 3 weeks ago. I would like to join the challenge. I would like to lose 5 lbs this month.

    I would like to join in the July challenge too. I started two weeks ago and it would be nice to be in a challenge: I didn’t sign up for any of the ones in progress and like others I do better with accountability and support.

    Looking forward to July!


    Ha ha – yes, I’m not coming from the future. That SHOULD have read I started on 5 June. Getting a little ahead of myself. Pocket-winos does sound like my kind of thing! I look forward to learning more and meeting some kindred spirits.

    Count me in started today with lots to exterminate. Looking forward to the challenge

    Thanks Coda, I am from North Wales. I have completed 5 fast days so far. Unfortunately I had to have a week off between them. Hoping to be more consistent now as I really want to lose between 1.5 and 2 stones. I have been inspired by the book. I have lost weight before but it has always gone back on. I am viewing this as a life style change and intend to fast for life one or two days a week. Looking forward to being part of the challenge. 😀

    @coda: It is not even July yet but I already had some good giggles! 😅😅😅 Laughing is definitely a good therapy. Also bought salads, fruit, so mindful eating is on except my birthday is coming up. 😄😄😄 A year older! I have to turn it around and say I made it that far! 😆😆😆

    Hello just checking in b4 I retire and would like to welcome
    @keetseel – aim for the moon!
    @ziggyb1 – I had never joined or posted in a forum either.
    @molij – that is the best way is to look at this, as a way of life (wol). That way there is no end, you Just keep on keeping on. It follows the way we use to eat, famine and feast, before big companies fooled us. It is amazing how we tune into our bodies more. We recognise how better we feel (or how crap we feel when we over indulge). Doesn’t stop us mind you lol but we are aware as we know how much better we can feel. If that makes sense?

    @redrockgirl302 so what date is the birthday?

    @coda: July 15


    Hi @coda.
    Please count me in for the July challenge and thanks for leading us next month.
    I started with the April challenge and so far have dispatched just over 6 Kg. I aim to be more mindful in July and will set target after final June weigh in on Saturday. My holiday this month, a week of all inclusive Med cruising (think pocket wino/ pocket cocktail drinker etc etc! ) led to a bit of a setback in June in spite of all my good intentions. But determined to make a good effort in July and get under 10 stone for the first time in years.

    Please add me to the July challenge. Thanks for hosting @coda 🙂

    Good morning
    To our July challenge

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