July 2017 31 Day Challenge

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July 2017 31 Day Challenge

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  • @coda – thanks so much for hosting this month and beginning all of this more than a year ago. I plan on posting my final weight for the month tomorrow morning.

    second post
    Day 31 turned into a NFD
    Had a carb fuelled excessive day . Ate bread and pasta like there was no tomorrow.
    ?? eating due to tiredness as not getting more than about 4-5 hours sleep at present.
    Scales up 700 gms in 24 hours! Ended the month 2 kgs UP.
    But of course there IS a tomorrow.
    So starting the August challenge with more determination .
    Catch those of you staying tomorrow!!

    Hi Coda, I guess it is the 1st August here and I meant to try and get online yesterday, but I had a wash out after a few days of searching my entire house for my iPad. I eventually found it yesterday in the bottom of the big recycling wheelie bin. I also planted out 3 trees and slept for a couple of hours as I was awake all the night before, ruminating over what I could possibly have done with the iPad. anyway, yesterday was the first true FD of the month and I had actually climbed all the way up to 119.1 kgs and was feeling very down on myself, but this morning I weighed in at 116.5 kgs. That’s up 2 kgs for the month. I actually feel really invigorated this morning, black coffee in front of me and an apple cider vinegar in mineral water, so I’ll see how long the fast lasts. I have a funeral to go to this morning. The mother of a best friend of mine died last Thursday after a drawn out time in palliative care. Thanks for the support the thread gave when I got down to reading it this month. I’ve been sitting a lot and it is giving me a lot of back pain. So my goals for this month are to give up games on my phone and get outside a lot more. I’ll cross over to the August challenge and see how it is shaping up. You are a legend. And so are the others on the thread. I just can’t seem to get a handle on things at all but really feel more like when I first started out today so keep your fingers crossed for me. Big hugs, Heather xx

    Day 31 – UAE – FD
    Day 30 – UAE – NFD
    Day 29 – UAE – NFD
    Day 28 – UAE – NFD (78.5kg, 0.5kg UP from last week)
    Day 27 – UAE – NFD
    Day 26 – UAE – NFD
    Day 25 – UAE – NFD
    Day 24 – UAE – FD
    Day 23 – UAE – NFDD
    Day 22 – UAE – NFD
    I have not posted for a while now, but I was fasting as I planned busy with the work family and of course the newborn Jana. I gain 0.5 kg from the last weigh in, but within my limit.
    @sirisan, @at and @rainbowsmile Thanks so much for thinking of me. Jana is doing well.

    I have 10 pages of posting to read, I am not sure I will be able to do it, but just want to say think you all and hope everyone is doing well and met their plans.
    @code thank you for the hosting and will see you in next month challenge.

    @Targa, great to see you again! Glad to hear that the lovely Jana is doing well. Hope you are managing to get some sleep!

    See you over in the August Challenge!

    Final post 🌈 Thanks for hosting Coda 💐💐💐 1lb down, I will take that considering all the birthdays, and other celebrations I’ve been attending this month.

    Well done everyone, whether u lost, maintained, put on but still trying! Off to the August challenge see u all there xxx

    End of challenge 👍

    I started the month on 86kg and this morning I weigh 83.5kg. I had hoped for more, but it is what it is.

    Thanks @coda for hosting! See you all over on the August thread.

    @bigviking that’s 2.5kg seems great to me!


    Day 31 +1 – Cumbria UK

    Well the end of another challenge month @coda – thanks so much for hosting this month and beginning all of this more than a year ago.

    Another successful month of maintenance – weight today 54kg still below my 55kg 💃

    Congratulations to those who met their target be it in dispatching some kgs or happily maintaining

    To those who have not lost what they wanted or have gained some weight – ““We can do anything we want as long as we stick to it long enough.” ~Helen Keller

    Thank everyone for the friendship over the past month and for the support, advice and laughter TOGETHER WE ARE DEFINITELY STRONGER – see you in the August Challenge

    Thanks to all especially @coda. Yesterday’s fast day was very successful 😀. Can’t weigh until a week today, so won’t know exactly how much I lost for the month. Joining the August challenge so hope to see you there.

    Firstly a big thank you to @coda for hosting a very positive month.
    Well here are the stats finally
    Weight 156.5 (up 0.75lb)
    Waist 35″ (down 1″)
    And I saw that 10 stone anything even if it was just for half a day!

    So 2 out of 3 goals met and I’m happy with that.😍

    Hear hear, @bert1802!Great motivational words.

    To all of those who have despatched those pounds, lost those inches…🤗🤗🎉 a big well done to you all. For those who are on that plateau, remember, you can’t immediately measure the benefits that this WOL does for your health, but they are surely there! 👍
    So see you all hopefully in August, and remember….TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER!

    Checking in at the end of July Challenge. 1.7kg weight and 1.5cm gone from the waist. Not quite the 2cm I was looking for but a bit of a surprise given the almost daily flapjack snacking of the past couple of weeks. Am wondering whether 16:8 has helped, or maybe they’re just false figures following my FD yesterday!

    Anyway, onwards to August. Thank you @coda for hosting this month, and to @debster251 for hosting August. And finally, thanks to everyone else, it really does help to have such great virtual support from all around the world.

    Final weight 1lb down, now 147.5, waist the same 28.5.

    I did see sub 10 & a half stone for the first time in a decade however my awful cold which seems to last forever derailed my efforts!!!

    I intend to enjoy my hols 🍷☀️ & return to our WOL late August! Thanks again @coda! Good luck everyone for Aug you’re in very good hands with @debster251

    Checking out of the July challenge weighing 3.5lbs less than at the start, not met my target of 6lbs but I do feel well and I am enjoying food more on 5:2 than I did on my previous low fat diet. As a newbie I’ve learnt so much from you all this month so thanks for sharing your experiences and knowledge and thank you @coda for inventing these challenges and hosting this month. I also had a target to see the July challenge through to the end to give 5:2 a fair trial – well here I am, looking forward to your company in the August Challenge.

    Last day of July, thank you @coda for hosting us all so well. Popping across to August to check in. Well done to anyone that has made it this far. I’ll be giving end of month figures/ new month starting numbers later in the week. Need a couple of days to get back on track.

    See you all over in August.

    Final post for July

    Started 134.7lbs
    Goal 132lbs
    Result 136.7lbs

    Final post for July

    Had set a target to dispatch 2kg or as near as. Final loss 1.3 kg/ just under 3 lb so not quite there but quite happy to have lost! Weight now 62.7 kg /138 lb. Many thanks again to @coda for leading this month’s challenge. See you all over in August!

    Hi all I’m new here. I’m from Australia and wanting to adapt this WOL. I have attempted the fasting in the past and have failed. So here I am dusting myself down and having another go. Over the past 10 years 15 kilos have snuggled in and it’s making me feel miserable.
    I don’t know how these challenges work but I’m willing to have ago.

    Welcome @burnt amber lovely to see another Australian. We’ve moved on to the August challenge
    Have a read of @debster our host’s post at the top of page 1 on the August challenge. This is a wonderful and supportive global forum. Lots of support.

    Final July round-up.

    Thanks for hosting this month @coda, I had hoped to finish in a more positive frame of mind, but life, as usual, got in the way.

    I think I need to join the August challenge, even if I don’t post daily as I feel like I’m heading down THAT slippery slope we call comfort eating!!!

    I’ve gained weight on holiday, I guess daily red wine consumption will do that, I expect to be more controlled and back to a routine following the funeral next week, so I’m heading over to August to putter along for a week or so, then knuckle down to this WOL, minus the excuses and red wine!!!xxxx

    Last day was fd and i ended up 1lb heavier than the beginning of the month oops, however still down in inches. Weighed friday and had lost 2.8lbs but regained 1.4lb – transit maybe but tmi!! Thanks @coda now scooting to august challenge, post when home from work.

    Final post for July
    Start 82.2kg
    End 78.7kg

    @coda – for some reason I couldn’t put my results in on the spreadsheet so I hope this works just as well. Thanks again for hosting!

    Final post for July

    Thanks to @coda…… another splendid job of keeping us all in line!

    The month of July was big! I was pulled off of plateau mountain, ended the month at 137.8lbs. Not a huge loss, but large enough to break the funk. So, I’m taking my 2.2lb loss and heading over to Aug. Hope to see you all there!

    Day 31, Belfast, NFD
    Day 30, Belfast, NFD
    Day 29, Belfast, NFD

    Had a few blip days…my dad is stable and seems better, for now. Thanks you so much @debster251 @foodfreedomgirl @Strawberriesandcream @at for your messages.

    @coda thanks again for hosting July…it was a strange month but the habit of logging in is a good one 🙂

    @flourbaby – so sorry to hear your sad news. Sending virtual hugs.

    @rainbowsmile – thinking of you…don’t be too hard on yourself. Take care. Glad you’re joining August’s challenge.

    Well, final weigh-in of 11st 13lbs. I was quite surprised I kind of stayed at that weight even though I had abandoned a few FDs.

    Good luck everyone, thanks, and see you in August.

    Day 31+1 – Finland – (FD)
    Day 31 – NFD
    Day 30 – NFD
    Day 29 – NFD

    I had about 470 kcal on Thursday’s fast, but after that I’ve fallen into a hole of massive overeating. I’m not feeling too great and feel like I’m not doing myself any favors, but I guess sometimes these things happen and you have to strive to learn something from them. I suppose one of the things I was reminded of this month is that I should not store anything sweet in the house – not only sweets, but also cookies and ice cream. I’m unable to hold myself back from eating just one a day.

    I will report in 59.8 kg from last Friday as my final weight for the month. A 0.2 kg gain, but at least it’s better than what would have been had there been no fasts whatsoever.

    Thank you very much for starting these monthly challenges and especially for hosting the challenge this month, @coda.

    Final post for July

    @coda thank you so much for leading the July-challenge and for starting the challenges, without those challenges a lot of us would be lost (I would).

    Starting weight July 1st: 52,9 kg
    Final weight today: 52,8 kg

    Staying stable under 54 kg, so it’s going well. Because of work I wasn’t able to read and post this month, just too tired.

    Thanks to everyone for the supporting words, the recipes, the stories, the funny ones and the sad ones. Hope to “see” all of you at the August challenge.

    Final Post for July
    I started the month at 150 and my goal was to loose 1 pound per week. I lost 2 pounds the first week but put them back on. I end the month again at 150.
    I’m discouraged but unwilling to give up. I will see you all in August.
    Thank you @coda for leading the July challenge!

    Final post for July.

    I finished out the month at 138.2 or 62.7 kg. I started at 144. So I surpassed my 5 pound goal for the month and ended up with a 5.8 pound or 2.6 kg loss.

    Final post for July

    I haven’t posted for a few days now but have been fasting and doing the steps quietly in the background. Didnt quite make the intended 8lb drop but did manage to lose 6.2 lbs over the month . As might have been predicted, now i am getting nearer and nearer my goal weight it is getting more difficult to lose the weight without increasing the number of steps or fasting more . August may be a tricky month as it is son’s wedding next week and i feel that should be a day to enjoy ….. well at least it’s not going to be on a normal fast day . Well done to all . Going to have a short break from the challenge and perhaps back in September. Good luck all.

    Last post – ended the month at 203.6 lbs; about the same as where I stsrted the month. Looking to better things in August.
    Thanks Coda.

    Day 28 | Cork, Ireland | NFD
    Day 29 | Cork, Ireland | NFD
    Day 30 | Cork, Ireland | NFD
    Day 31 | Cork, Ireland | NFD

    Not a great end to the month. Family celebration events over the weekend threw me off track and I didn’t even manage a FD Monday. At any rate, new month, new start, see you all on the August thread 🙂



    I would like to present the above medal to
    Belmc – although you joined at the end of the challenge as you have signed up for August I am giving you a medal too – just keep on keeping on
    Coda – me
    Ellie Rainbow
    Emma Taylor
    Penz – I see you too signed up for August even though I didn’t see a recent post from you in July
    Xrox – I have you as a last post 28th July and nothing since but you deserve a medal.

    To all who signed up to a 31 day challenge and saw it through to the end.

    If for some reason I have missed your name please let me know – I have tried to be as accurate as possible but I am human lol

    Well done everyone – You did it!! Congratulations July challenge completed now on to August. x

    Thank you @coda for hosting – not sure on the protocol now the challenge is over… But final weight in is 152lb *does little dance for joy*

    Final weigh in – 143. Maintained all month. I appreciate your hard work, coda, and all the support given.

    And LOVE the medal !

    Hi @coda,

    Just popped back into July and saw the “Medals List”. So nice to see the month long faithful, who keep the site so vibrant. Thanks for the “Medal”. I love it.

    On to the new month now. Your May 2016 tradition lives on!

    @coda…..thank you so much for my medal! Dumb question, but what is a shilling C.D.M.?

    @metatauta Ha ha a shilling is what we in UK used before decimals, about 5 new pence or 5p. now I am showing my age. and CDM could be civil defence medal but I remember years ago Cadbury chocolate in advertisements awarded people their cdm medal. Cadbury Dairy Milk. Just a bit of fun and perhaps ironic I award members a chocolate medal but at least it can’t be eaten!

    Thank you for my medal @coda – I don’t know that I ever earned a medal. Just proves it’s never too late lol!! Onwards & downwards xx

    @coda I was not on your list for receiving a medal. I completed August although I gained 1/2 pound

    Day 1 Chicago, Illinois USA – NFD
    Day 2 – NFD
    Day 3 – NFD

    Oh no how could I??

    Apologies @chitowngal


    and a little something to make up for my error


    Do you know btw you have posted August in July’s challenge?

    Thanks Coda 🌈👊🏻🎈💜

    @coda Thank you so much!!

    sorry I went under, I had a chest infection which I caught last week so have been terribly unwell and off work. Today is my first day back. I would like to join the August challenge although I have not been able to do the diet this week as I have been on antibiotics. I will look for the august challenge thread to see if I can find it!!

    Day 4 Chicago, Illinois USA – FD

    @chitowngal – you are still posting in the wrong challenge thread – we are now in August lol follow this link but I will whatsapp you to make sure you find us. x


    @coda, thank you Liz!!! I don’t have the link to the August. I see everyone posting August here. Send me the links. Thanks again Coda. Hope you and

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