July 2017 31 Day Challenge

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July 2017 31 Day Challenge

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  • Hi Coda,

    Thanks for hosting. I started the fasting diet on May 22nd and am combining it with my fitbit walking goals… so trying to get my calorie deficit two ways… reducing calorie intake and moderate exercise. In the last 5 weeks I have dropped from 170.4 lbs to 155lbs so far, which I am really pleased with but I have worked at it.

    Am pleased to say that I now have clothes which are too large … I’ve discovered my hip bones again and two days ago i had to tighten the strap on my fitbit!!! Also my BMI hit 25 yesterday so am now officially at a healthy weight so next general goal ( not July’s) is to reach my midrange BMI which is 133lbs and then just continue with a maintenance way of life…. or maybe weigh of life !!!! 😉

    I joined the June challenge and will be weighing in for that tomorrow morning ( July 1st) which of course will be my starting weight for the July challenge. I have found the camaraderie on this forum really helpful especially at plateauing times or days when you feel a bit fed up with exerting self control on fast days. Also really lovely to hear everyones’ fasting and family news ! I personally enjoy using the spreadsheet but understand that it’s not everyone’s thing !!!!

    Nice to see some familiar names already down on the starter sheet ….See you all on the next bit of the journey starting tomorrow.


    Sign me up, these forums and challenges are the best thing for me. Start weight for July 210 lbs – target weight 208 lbs. We’re off on a cruise on 22nd so hoping that I’ll properly eradicate a couple of pounds, misplace a few more then find the misplaced ones the last week of the month. Still we all know what happens to the best laid plans.

    Onwards fellow fasters.

    Welcome @saffy420 big incentive to keep on the straight and narrow until your cruise.

    Happy to sign up again for another challenge. Thank you Coda.

    Hi There… wrote a long post introducing self and progress and it seems to have got lost in the ether…..cant face writing it all over again as have schedule to keep …. might try again later… please add me to the July challenge !! Thanks for hosting Coda

    Hi Coda, it’s time to batten down the hatches and get back on track. Will sign up properly tomorrow with date, place etc. As you know, I have been on a big slippery slope. I’ve now pulled the parachute cord. I’m looking for a gentle landing. Off to have big drink of water. Talk soon. 🇦🇺

    Please count me in too! Another pocket wino/gourmet (with skinny OH sigh). Have been watching you all from afar for the last month, experimenting with my FDs, low GI and low carbs … and am down 4.3 Kg yippee! BMI now at 28.5, so still have a way to go. I’ll be on hols for last part of July on a wifi-free mountain top so I know I won’t get the gold start but hey. I live in France, but originally from UK.

    Hello welcome to
    @safarigirl – sometimes especially if I have written a long post I will copy it b4 I submitt and if it doesn’t post I still have a copy. Or I type it on a word or notepad document and copy it from there. And sometimes if you press the back arrow you can be lucky enough to retrieve your post.
    @fuvvie – delighted to have you back in the fold!
    @laurealice – as you have given heads up that due to a holiday you won’t be here at the end of the month, if you are still here by the time you leave you will still earn your gold star and medal. Well done so far! x

    I have found lots of people sigh up to challenges never to post again. Some post for a week or 2 and then disappear. If you sign up and decide this is not for you please say goodbye. No questions asked tho we will be sorry to see you go. It is only for 31 days and if you commit, it may change your life. Some have found this has been the first thing they have ever stuck with. You are in touch with people all over the world, the support is second to none, you will learn lots about everything and it only costs a little time.
    It used to be we asked you to post daily and while I believe that will give you the best results. I understand everybody has busy lives and may not have time to read everything. This can be a busy thread. Please don’t let that stop you or put you off – do what you can. So to qualify for a gold star or a top of the range (virtual) medal lol you must check in at least once a week. At the end of the day this is a challenge. Are you up for it? Believe me if you want change, you have to be prepared to change. Only you can do it – so commit and see it through 31 days.

    @coda – hello and please count me in for the July challenge. Thanks so much for hosting!

    Hi to all the familiar posters and hello to any new people taking up July’s challenge.

    Just a quick intro: I’m 42, 5ft 9, currently hovering around 12 stone (STILL!!!!), 25BMI. I started the 5:2 around 3 years ago after watching the TV doc and reading the Fast Diet book. I did well, getting down to around 11 and a half stone. But a change of role in work, getting complacent …it all piled on again. So I started again at the end of March 2017- not only to just lose weight but to hopefully reap in the other benefits (mental and physical). My brother has diabetes as did my granda so I’d like to reduce my risk of this (along with other illnesses).

    I just feel that this way of eating/way of life suits me. I love my food, good wine, cold beers – I am Irish 😉 – eating with family and friends but there has to be a balance. And I’m working on that.

    I started March 2017 at around 175lbs (12 and a half stone). My overall aim is to get to 147lbs (10 and a half stone). I’ve no strict time frame, but these monthly challenges are enabling me to set achievable monthly targets. And checking in every day, especially on Fast Days (FDs) really keeps me motivated.

    So that’s me. Good luck everyone!! See you in July!

    Thanks for hosting @coda
    Looking forward to starting the challenge on the 1st!

    @coda count me in please ,not a very good month June, so will be putting it behind me and starting afresh tomorrow

    @fuvvie – lovely to see you back

    Welcome to
    @brightonbelle – lovely to have you both on this July challenge.
    Nice thing about this WOL is there is always a reset button, daily, weekly, or monthly – if things are not going your way or the way you like, look, re-focus and reset – simples!

    The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails. W. A. Ward
    Maybe we just have to get real?

    Love the quote Coda, getting ready to hoist my sails and looking forward to positive results in July.

    Please add me to the July challenge.

    I’d love to join in July, @coda! Thank you for hosting!

    @dlar98 – consider yourself added
    Welcome @metatauta

    Count me in @coda.

    I’d love to say that July will be the month I reach my target weight, but suspect that after tomorrow’s weigh-in it’ll be August that will be the target month. Still, be good to get the hard yards out of the way in July.

    Many thanks to Coda for taking over the reigns from Strawberriesandcream, who did an admirable job keeping this crew in check! Welcome to all those familiar faces and those embarking for the first time. No better place for support, a shoulder to cry on, an ear to bend and some laughs on the way. This is truly an international forum.

    A summary of my journey:
    I lost 20 lbs last year, then travelling and Christmas got in the way. After being in the doldrums for months, (although I was maintaining) my morning weigh in showed a 3 lb loss for June. So I’m well and truly on the wagon and holdin’ tight! Today, I’m at my lowest weight for 25 years, which is heartening. My ultimate goal is a stone off, which I would like by Christmas.
    So my goals for July:
    ** Reduce my waist size
    ** keep working on eradicating sugar from my diet
    2 FDs per week, usually on Monday and Thursday
    Drink 2 litres of water per day, (work in progress)
    During my frequent caravanning trips, keep the gin and tonics/wine in control!
    Keep up my exercise regime and include some weights and strength exercise.

    So onward we go. Good luck to everyone

    Hi Coda, count me in!!

    It’s still 30 June in my time zone but I’m thinking of all of you ahead of the international date line and wishing you the best of luck as you kick of July. Remember your inner strength – the mere fact you are here shows you are strong and can do this!! And collectively we’re all here to support. Good luck and I look forward to sharing our collective progress.

    Coda – would it be possible to measure the total amount of weight we shed in July? It could be tonnes!

    @awilson – have you both signed up – you have been committed!!!

    To any one out there please do not think for one moment that anything you do with regards to eating and food is something that only you do. We have all been there done that and guilty as charged. Does this one sound familiar – putting any sweet/candy wrappers deep down in the bin (cus they don’t count as no one else knows they are there)? Feel free to join us – we do not judge but what this group does so well is offer support. It is only 31 days, sometimes we can look too far ahead, so take one day at a time – why not give it a go?

    Just as a bit of fun I saw this link on another thread http://modelmydiet.com/
    Try it and see what the new you would look like at goal.

    @penz once I get the spreadsheet up and running for July if we all put our total loss in at the end of the month it should be easy enough to calculate.

    I’m Rachel and I started the 5:2 on the 31st January at 86 kilos. As of today I’m 75.3 and my ultimate goal is 70 kilos.
    This month I will only be able to participate till the 16th July as we leave for a 3 week vacation BUT I intend to do 3 FD a week for the next two weeks, and I’ll try my best to be mindful the last two weeks. I won’t be able to fast as such but I’ll be happy if I can maintain my current weight whilst away.
    Thanks for hosting Coda!

    Day 1 Sunshine Coast Qld Australia FD: everyone else is still asleep here. I’m planning my day and month. Goal is to shed 2 kgs, use my fast diet exercise app and reduce intake of carbs. I’ve yet to hop on the scales. Will also use the tracker, which will get a big shock when I input measurements etc but so be it. It’s all part of getting real. Thanks BrightonBelle and Coda. It’s good to be back🤗

    Welcome @rachel – i have you signed in and have noted your up coming holidays.

    Yeah @fuvvie you are the first to be checked in on day 1 of the July challenge – go you!

    Can I join the challenge, even though I don’t know what it is. Just started 5:2,

    Thanks for hosting! Count me in.
    Did you try the noodles? I am curious to see what you think. I wanted to comment yesterday, but I wanted you to try them first. I finally found them at my grocery store last month and gave them a try. How were they

    Day 30 – USA – NFD

    2nd post: @fatteacher, I was supposed to fast on the 28th, but it was a bust. I never tried the noodles that day. I didn’t comment about the noodles on the wrong day (29th was a NFD). I corrected the spreadsheet. Sorry, all!

    I will make a concerted effort to have them on my next FD (Saturday) for dinner and write my comments.

    Day 30 – USA – NFD

    My goodness, I’m all screwed up….@fatteacher, I’m sure you get the gist of what I was trying to say, but just in case I garbled it again – I did not comment about the noodles on the blown FD, but the next day, which was a NFD. No idea why. Need to proof my posts more.

    @fatteacher I have already signed you in.

    @metatauta have you been drinking lol?

    @snacksiddent – welcome, read my first post on page one but the idea is you commit to 31 days of July. Posting daily if possible but at least weekly.

    Is there a spreadsheet for July? If so, how do I find it?

    @califdreamer no spreadsheet as yet as soon as i have one for July ill post the link here

    Hello @coda, Please count me in for the July challenge. I am just starting out again with the 5:2

    I will be here, bight and early tomorrow with all my stats.

    But I so couldn’t resist and let you know my official ending for July! I’m soooooo excited!

    At any given time, the urge to sing ” the Lion sleeps tonight”, is just a whim away, whim away, whim away, whim away!

    Day 1/NFD/Perth Australia ( holiday)

    Very happy to be here with all the inspirational challengers. Many thanks to all the wonderful hosts and thanks @coda. I was here when you started last May!

    A little about myself. I began 5:2 in September 2014 weighing 74.3kg with the aim to improve my health. By April 2015 I’d reached my goal weight of 59kg. I’ve been under goal since and maintain around my happy weight of 56 – 57 kg. Usually when I reach goal weight I revert to the style of eating that caused weight gain, I self sabotage and my weight rebounds. Not with 5:2. Fasting, combined with a healthy Mediterranean style of low carb eating and watching portion sizes has proved a very sustainable WOL. I am very, very grateful to have found this WOE.

    @coda and familiar faces, second month of challenge lost 3 kg last month (was after 4 but hey not too shabby)

    Have already lost 20 kg and have 8 kg to go.

    This may be the month I cease to be overweight.

    My goal this month is 2 Kg as I am in for a tough divorce hearing on 10 11 July 2017. So will need lots of great stories from @rabbit and @debster.

    Thanks to @strawberriesandcream for last month.

    Day 1, Guildford UK, FD

    Start weight 67.4 Kg aim 65.7 Kg

    It’s a dress I want to wear for my sister’s birthday party on August 28 2017.

    And I have a couple of pairs of jeans I am desperate to get in.

    Count me in … goal would just be to get my weight below 82kg.

    Day 1 – Tokyo Japan – NFD 82kg

    Weight is low because I just broke a 36 hour fast. Weight was 83.9kg at start of fast. I dehydrate a lot while fasting, drinking doesn’t seem to slow that down much.

    Side effect today — over active gut — Way too much gas being produced. This happens to me sometimes. It is probably related to eating a little too much fruit.

    Secondary side effect — food tastes so good after fasting! It is a delicious side effect.

    I would like to join, not sure how, I’m new 🙂 I’ve only done fasting for one day. I’m about to start a new job so unsure how things will go this month. I have GI issues and the day of fasting seemed to help a bunch, just gave my stomach the day off — but gosh I was moody and ended up quite sad and crying buckets out of the blue. Husband thought I was just gone bonkers. Would like to make friends too, I’m a bit of a homebody and boring ;-P *cheers*

    Day 1 * Germany * NFD
    Starting with 97,9 kg (yesterday)😊

    Day 1 in Phuket for July NFD

    @coda thank you so much for hosting. Good to see some familiar names from June and some new names too. I had a great June 5:2-wise – helped greatly by the group’s messages, tips and motivational stories. My June goal was to lose 1.5kg and I managed over 2kg. Going to take the measurements today. I am setting a modest 1kg loss goal for July.

    My problem will be trying to resist the tasty food on my doorstep, the chilled Beer Singha and the hot weather which makes exercise tough. But, it would be churlish to complain about any of that! So I will be aiming to head out at first light, doing Couch to 5k (again) and trying to keep up with the program when my two 20-something kids arrive.

    My last weigh-in was 64kg – but now I am using different scales and have just had a hectic last few days of a school term (much wine was consumed …). Won’t get weighed until after my 2 FDs this week. Will try to follow @at ‘s advice about keeping busy.

    Congratulations @rainbowsmile – it is a great incentive to get out of the “overweight” label on BMI. Hope you can find strength to draw on with the divorce hearing.

    @onahealthyhigh – your brief weight history is inspirational. I started in February at 73kg and am down to 64. I too have an “ideal” of about 58kg. Great to hear that it can be achieved and maintained. I am so nervous about even writing here that 5:2 is a WOL for me – I wonder how long you need to do something for it to become embedded? I fear, particularly during this holiday, that I will slip into bad habits. So I will be checking in often!

    Day1 FD Ireland
    Need to start journey to shed 42 lbs and manage my sugar cravings.
    I’m hopeful.

    Day 1 NFD Huntingdon UK

    This post is a copy of the one that I have posted as end of June challenge just for those that are new to the July challenge. I wanted to share my history so far and what I managed to achieve in my first monthly challenge in June.

    “Pleased to report that I started to fast in combination with walking on May 22nd and my start weight then was 170.4 lbs. my start weight for the June challenge was 166.4lbs and my weight this morning was 154.2 lbs. My June goal was lose 10lbs. Since May I have lost 16.2lbs and during the June challenge I have lost 12.2 lbs. I am just so happy.

    In the last week I have had to tighten the strap on my fitbit, I now have some very lose fitting and baggy clothes and I have discovered my hip bones once more !!! I have had some problems with my own body image for a few years and the new me that is emerging is more confident, energised and happier than before.

    I have put in a lot of work to achieve this but it was not alone. I would like to thank everyone on the forum for their posts which have been a great inspiration, also to Strawberries and Cream for keeping us all in order, on the right track and offering support to all and last but not least to my partner who has walked many miles with me and reduced his own calorie intake on my fasting days.”

    For July my goal will be to lose 8lbs. This is less than my last goal because as my weight has reduced it means when I walk I am carrying less weight and therefore the calories burnt will be less. My only other alternative would be to carry weight while i walk and I don’t want to do that as I enjoy the freedom of walking unencumbered!!

    So picking up on the quote that was provided in last months challenge…..

    The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails. W. A. Ward

    Am looking forward to sailing along with the new crew…… let’s set sail and adjust as we need to !

    The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails. W. A. Ward

    Day 1 UK NFD

    start weight 174lbs, 78.9kg
    goal for July 76kg, just under 12 stone, 168lbs.
    current BMI is 26.1.
    dropping under a BMI of 25 would be nice but is a bit too ambitious, I think I am more likely to get to that in August. but getting down to just over the 25 will be good.

    start measurements:
    waist 30 inches, displacing another inch this month would be good
    hips/bust 39 inches, again another inch would be good

    I started doing ADF last November when I had reached the point that moving was far too difficult and painful. I was finding getting my work done nearly impossible and realised that I had to change things. I must have been 250 lbs then, mens XXXL trousers with a 44 inch waist were too tight. My BMI was about 39. I have lost 76 lbs since then and now wear mens 32 inch waist trousers comfortably. I have so much more energy, so much less pain and am never going back to the way I was because I have learned so much on this journey. I lost ten pounds a month up until June when it slowed down to 6lbs. I think making a transition towards maintenance is a good idea so I don’t want to lose any more than that this month either. I need to learn how to be less extreme and moderate my food intake as all or nothing is not a long term solution. I find an eating window very useful and normally only eat in a six hour window starting no earlier than noon which prevents me from eating too much on NFDs and gives me a nice long fast every day letting me work while I have that nice empty feeling instead of fighting the fatigue brought on by trying to work while the body is busy digesting. I am trying to scale back to just two fast days but the temptation to do more is often there and then I find myself over compensating the next day. I want to even things out over the week and do a more standard version of five two this month.

    I am still fatrabbit, but not for much longer. Next month I will be unfatrabbit:) But I have to get through this last fat month first, which I will with the support available here, these challenges have been a valuable part of my journey contributing a lot to my success so far. Together we are Stronger!

    Day 1, UK, NFD

    Weight this morning = 86.0kg. Target for month is my ultimate target of 79.5kg / 12.5 stone / 175 lb.

    Day 1 Belfast NFD

    I finished the June challenge 3.75lbs down, with which I am delighted. Today’s weight is up 1lb so I am starting this challenge @ 155.25lb, BMI 24.9. Waist still 35.5″ but I’ve lost weight above and below my waist. I’m just left with the bloop in the middle!

    @onahealthyhigh and @fatrabbit your stories are inspirational. Thank you for sharing!
    Good to see you again @fuvvie
    @rainbowsmile – a great loss and one to celebrate! I’ll be holding your hand on those scary dates, Rainbow.
    @7hunters – you have just joined! Lots of friendly faces and support here! Good luck
    Keep sailing @safarigirl. Great success so far!
    @Benedict123 welcome. You’re in the right place for lots of success. You only have to read the inspirational stories to know that this WOL is very do-able. Good luck on your journey.

    ‘If I quit now I will soon be back to where I started, and when I started I was desperate to get where I am now.’
    Today is the first of a new month. TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER!

    Day1 UK NFD

    Thanks to @coda for hosting this month and @strawberriesandcream for brilliantly supporting us all last month. Just a bit about me, I started on 5:2 in February and managed a month on my own but was getting very discouraged then I found this forum, signed up for March and haven’t looked back. So far I’ve lost 32lbs and my target for June is another 2. Truthfully I’ve got about 50 to go but these challenges allow me to keep it realistic and breaks my ultimate goal down to achievable chunks.

    I’ve lost, gained, plateaus in the last 4 months but got through each month with the support of this forum. It’s great and when I’m tempted I’m accountable to this group – hate to let anyone down!

    I like a glass of wine or two or several, and in this wol I’ve found a way to eat and drink the thinks I like without the guilt that comes form trying “normal diets”.

    @coda I’m one of the ones who doesn’t really use the spreadsheet. I’m tracking my weight on mfp and Fitbit so no need to put me down but I will be trying to post 3/4 times each week.

    Day 1, Northumberland UK, NFD

    Start weight 74.7kg. Waist 74cm, hips 98cm, bust 88cm

    Goal for July – maintenance and muscle tone. I don’t want or expect the measurements to change much, and I’m aiming to keep my weight between 73 and 76kg which are comfortably in the lealthy BMI range for my height (5’11″/180cm).

    My journey – I’ve never taken too much notice of my weight but it had been creeping higher than I was comfortable with after having kids and hit 100kg in January. Having read the blood sugar diet i started a calorie restricted diet, with lower carb and sugar and increased protein, in February with an initial target of getting back to 90kg which was my stable weight in my mid-20’s, I turn 39 next month. This was achieved in March, at which point I had found the 5:2 information and decided to switch as the calorie restriction was always about seeing progress to maintain my motivation as I’ve never been mentally in the right space to sustain a ‘diet’ previously. Since then my weight has contined to drop steadily, and inches have been eradicated including from places I didn’t realise were carrying fat. I have dropped 2 dress sizes and based on clothes kept for sentimental reasons I am now smaller than I was at 22. I decided towards the end of last month’s challenge that I really don’t need to lose any more and am now working out maintenance.

    I’m staying with the challenge as I still need to keep on top of my calorie count and food diary to stop old bad habits creeping in. 25kg have been burned and I want them gone for good.

    DAY 1 – UK – NFD
    Starting weight 10st. 02lb. 140.02lb.

    Coda thanks for hosting again. On reflection last month was soo difficult for me – maintaining when I was hoping to lose knocked my confidence….but when I look back on the months past, I have at least stayed more or less the same weight despite all sorts of treats. Summer is always more difficult…..but…..here I still am, and by December hope to achieve my goal of losing 7 lbs. which would be wonderful. I was 70 yesterday, which sounds soooooo old, but still feel like an 18 yr old.! (Hopefully I don’t act like one). 9st. 7lbs. would be a v. good weight for me – I have never been below 9st. as an adult. (I’m 5ft. 5 1/2″)and is probably unrealistic at my age, but I am going to give it a go, and see if I can make it and maintain for ever and ever…….. Yesterday had a wonderful meal in London and had Champagne etc. at the Royal Opera House -went to see La Traviata, a wonderful treat from my daughter, to-day my son is downstairs preparing a picnic and then bbq for later – he brought all the weekend food with him…including a huge Chocolate cake made by his wife…..what more could a Mother ask. So no fasting for me this weekend….and then lots of lunches out with friends next week – but from the following week I intend to “get down to business” and hope to lose 1-2 lb by the end of the month. A bit of a ramble – sorry folks – but cathartic to get my thoughts reasons and intentions down. Good luck to all in July and thanks to all for the continuing support.

    Day 1 North Wales NFD.
    I am 61 I started the 5:2 about three weeks ago. I did it for a week, went on holiday for a week and then started it agin. I currently weigh 151 pounds and have a BMI OF 26.7. I had been worrying about my increasing weight for some time especially the increasing weight around the middle. I hate diets and have only dieted properly once, but put on all the weight and more after. I had heard of the 5:2 and decided to do some reasearch. I bought both the book and the audiobook and read and listened to them all the way through, some bits more than once I like the fact that it was backed up by scientific studies and I felt inspired.
    I see this not as a diet but as a way to get my eating habits back in control and as a way to eat to live, not live to eat. Portion control is my difficulty. I haven’t really thought about a goal for this month. Any weight loss will be a bonus. I have a wardrobe of clothes waiting for me to get back into.
    If you are supposed to set a goal I would like to lose 6 pounds. I really hope we all do well on this challenge and I look forward to your support and I hope I can support all of you.

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