July 2017 31 Day Challenge

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July 2017 31 Day Challenge

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  • Day 1 – UK – NFS
    weight 63.8 kg, bust 99 cm, waist 90 cm, hips 100 cm

    hi everyone, first time i have joined a challenge like this. have done 5:2 before and got down to around 60-61 so wanting to do same and a bit more this time. target for this month is under 62 kg. i really hate with a passion counting calories, so my approach on a fasting day is a boiled egg for breakfast (which i have everyday anyway), miss lunch (miso around 2 as comfort food), then whatever my husband cooks for dinner. seems to be working ok …. just got back on the wagon about two weeks ago after putting some weight back on during stressful and neglectful couple of years. but on a mission now and enjoying so far.

    not sure where the spreadsheet is??? all the best everyone

    July 1, Newcastle UK, NFD

    Good morning @coda – please count me in for July – thanks again for hosting.

    Start July weight 134.7lbs
    End July goal weight 132lbs

    Brief intro about me for all our new challengers: I started 5:2 with two FD’s on the last two days of January at 147lbs. Found The February challenge and signed up. I’ve had an interesting, mostly enjoyable, journey with some huge blips. Today I weigh 134.7lbs and I honestly would not be where I am had it not been for the February and subsequent monthly challenges. The kind and generous support given by our fellow challengers is second to none and I’ve been helped up from some low places at times. The accountability of reporting in regularly keeps us on our toes – not to mention that it’s absolutely free, and lovely to feel part of a very special international group of people. I’ve been taking the scenic route and that is working for me (in other words, slowly!).

    Welcome to all our new challengers and hello to familiar names. I’m so looking forward to another interesting, challenging, entertaining and educational month. @bert1802 – you are truly nuts in the most wonderful way – love, love, love your new ending 🙂 xx

    Onwards and downwards – together we are stronger.

    Day 1 – UK – NFD

    Signing in for July, current weight 71.5kg down 7kg since joining the May and June challenges. My July goal is to maintain this weight as I am travelling and on holidays for most of the month. As a serial yoyo dieter I hoping that with the tools I have learned from everyone on this forum I should be able to end the month at same weight. I’m here for the long term, I still have quite a bit to loose so happy to take the scenic route and adopt this as a way of life. I am only 5ft 1 so should be at least 60kg to get to a healthy BMI but will just keep going and enjoy the journey as I’m feeling so much better already.

    @coda – I loved your advice and I am going to imagine my little virtual friends sitting on my shoulder helping me to make good choices as often as possible lol.
    @debster251 – thank you for your faith in me, I will try my best.

    Welcome back to all the regulars and welcome to all the newcomers, this really is a lovely bunch of people. Newcomers, if you have time and want some motivation, try reading through some of the previous months challenges, there is some great advice on here.

    Have a great weekend everyone🤗

    Day 1 Newcastle UK NFD.
    Hi Coda thanks for hosting count me in the July challenge please.
    W 186lbs. H 38″. W 37″. C 40″. N 15.5″.
    Nothing to extreme this month two fasts a week mindful eating on the other five days. Need to shift this last 4lb although I would ideally like to float between 12.5 and 13 stone that’s the aim anyway.
    Good luck everyone keep focused have a great weekend.

    2nd post

    Happy Birthday dear @jarbia for yesterday and hope the sun shines and you have a lovely BBQ today xx

    Day 1 NFD

    Hi @coda

    Count me in for the July challenge.

    Aiming to lose whatever I can, holidays this month and staying the same would be a win too to be honest.

    Best wishes July crew x

    Slogan15 NFD London UK

    Yes please again!! Thanks @coda

    I’m signing up again this month I’ve lost 15lbs since starting on the May challenge which is amazing in 2 months. I’m really pleased. July was only 4 lbs but when I add it to May. I’ve only just properly added the figure up! And I’m now feeling very pleased.

    I’ve been doing 4 3 don’t know if that is too much?

    When the spreadsheet is up and running I will add to it, and try and keep up with posts here, it really helped in May and I want to lose another 7 lbs in July to put me at my lowest for over 2years.

    I’m out for dinner tonight but will try and be good all day so not to do too much damage.

    Onwards and downwards (in weight)

    Thanks all and good luck

    Day 1 NFD UK

    Hi I started in mid March just trying to lose weight and was 70.6 Kg /155 pounds. I joined the challenges at the beginning of April and since mid March I have dispatched 6.6 Kg / 14.5 pounds. So @coda, my starting weight for July is 64Kg. The support of this group has been a major factor in achieving that loss as you no longer feel that you’re battling alone.

    I am setting an ambitious target for July of 2 Kg which would bring me to a weight I haven’t seen in many years! So great to get into the smaller clothes which have been languishing in the wardrobe for so long. I also really don’t know what my final goal will be as it’s a long time since I’ve been anywhere near this weight. Despite the loss there seems to be still a bit of flab jiggling about!! My BMI is now 24, so just in the middle of the healthy range. So good luck to everyone in July, onwards and downwards. !

    Will post every day and fill in the spreadsheet when available, and really commit to this month

    Day 1 SW France, NFD
    You’re an amazing bunch, I love your stories and thank you for inspiring me for the last month while I shyly sat backstage.
    I’m 58, weigh 89.3 kg, aiming for 75. Never had a weight problem before hitting the five oh, then it started piling on. Sedentary job and back problems didn’t help. Lost quite a bit with ww a few years ago (again helped by a wonderful group of friends) but put a lot back on through sheer gutsiness.
    Hope to lose 2 kg this month … and maintain while on hols.
    Happy Saturday to all x

    Day 1, Wales UK, NFD
    Target for July 6lbs. Already finding it helpful to read all your posts so feeling optimistic. I’ve added my profile and updated tracker now off for a long brisk walk in the sunshine.
    Hope you all enjoy Day 1 x

    Day 1 – UK – NFD

    Goal last month was to lose 1kg and 2cm from waist. Missed the waist goal by 0.5cm as only lost 1.5cm. Not sure if that was down to the holiday and lack of toning exercise, or just a general slowing down.

    Opening stats – weight 54.2kg; waist 74.5cm.

    Ideally I’d like to get my waist down to 70cm (which would still be 10cm larger than it used to be – but short of liposuction I won’t see that number again).

    Goal is the same again – lose 1kg weight and 2cm from waist.

    Have a good weekend everyone.

    Hello day 1 uk Co Down nfd
    Welcome to our newbies and to familiar names
    @jarbia – happy birthday hope you enjoy your weekend x
    Hot choc

    I’m working on gettig the spreadsheet up amd running so its NOT available yet but fingers crossed.

    @molij – no goal is needed and I have learnt i don’t like setting a weight goal. Yes I would like to loose x amount but for me seeing a challenge through to the end is the main objective and continuing on with this way of life.

    Day 1 – Woking, UK – NFD

    Starting July at 250.6lbs/17st 12lb/113.6kg
    Other stats:
    Height 5’6″/167cm
    Bust 47.5″/120.6cm
    Waist 41.5″/105.4cm
    Hips 49″/124.6cm
    Age 42

    Ultimate target is to get down to 11st 2lbs/70.7kg which I’m fully expecting to take me until May 2019.

    I started 5:2 on 22nd May and as of this morning am lighter by 7.2lbs which I’m pretty happy with. My aim for July is to get as close to 17st as I can. Usual fast days are Mondays and Wednesdays.

    Here’s hoping we all find our way to where we want to be over the course of the month!

    Day 1……Florida…..NFD

    I got to get this out before I exploded……..sorry I got to yell!

    @fuvvie……. YOUR BACK! IM SOOO HAPPY! you were so missed! I’m hugging you so tight right now!

    Okay, I’m done! I promise I won’t yell any more!

    For the newbies…. welcome!

    I’ve been with this group, since Nov. challenge. I have terminated 25lbs of a combination of fat, self destruction, self pity and self hate but mostly fat from my body and unfortunately that not subject to rehire.

    Right now, I’m camping on plateau mountain. I’ve been here for a couple months now. I’m really considering descending down the mountain some time this month. Started the long climb down last month but realized I forgot my camping gear had to climb back up.

    I have set the lofty goal of a half pound this month. Apparently, the 130’s are locked in the pokie and my arse has devised a plan and I’m breaking them out! I got my spark and I’m not afraid to use it!

    Start weight….140lb…… Gosh, I really hate that number!

    Okay…. well….. I think I’m off to do something productive or not!

    At any given time, the urge to sing “The Lion sleeps tonight”, is just a whim away, whim away, whim away, whim away!

    Day 1 UK NFD Braved the scales this morning and in addition to the 3lbs I gained on Holiday managed to gain another 2lbs in June so back up to 10st 9lb Obviously I want to lose weight but my first goal is to get back to sensible eating I need to cut out all those “treats” I’ve become accustomed to Going for a sensible weekend and then fasting Monday Hope July is a good month for us all

    I’d like to join for the first time please?

    Start weight today 205 pounds. Goal 2 pounds off this month.

    UK based (Oxford)

    Been 5:2 since mid Jan for new way of lifestyle and also to shift a few pounds. Wanted to shift 10 pounds specifically for friends wedding in August. 8 down, 2 to go but man, they are NOT going quietly.

    Fasting days generally Monday and Wednesday. Occasionally sneak in an extra on a Friday.

    Drink lots of water, no alcohol, but on some migraine meds that sloooooooow my metabolism down some. But I’m getting there slow but sure.

    Thanks for letting me join you all x

    Day 1, London, UK, NFD
    (but super controlled!! – CD)

    I have some rather simple aims for July, 2 weeks ADF (alternate Day Fasting), exercise to tighten the wobbly bits, 3l+ water/ day and mindful controlled NFDs!!!! I’m off on holiday on the 13th, so I plan to forge ahead to eradicate as much as possible before I go, then I hope to maintain throughout my hols…… here’s hoping!!! Julys starting weight – 163.2lbs. So a total of 31.2lbs down since Nov 1st start.

    Had an early hairdressers appointment, so between that and catching up and posting on the June challenge, then catching up here, I’ve just had coffee and water so far, I could make this a FD but I have a small baguette and soup planned, so although below TDEE, it’s above my FD limit!!!

    @bert1802……………. Loving Julys ending!!!!!

    @fuvvie, welcome back, the wagon always has a free seat!!!!

    Thanks @coda, for hosting this months’ challenge, it must seem like deja-vu to you LOL!!! I’m feeling a bit nervous about NFDs throughout my hols, but keeping you guys and this challenge in mind means I WILL NOT disappear off the wagon permanently……………..’cause I just MUST, must, must have a medal!!!!

    Day 1 – Cumbria UK – NFD

    I’m starting this July Challenge with one of my favourite motivating quotes that I left the June Challenge with:- “ONLY I CAN CHANGE MY LIFE. NO ONE CAN DO IT FOR ME” Carol Burnett

    Welcome to those new to this WOL and to the monthly challenges and so lovely to see so many regulars from the previous challenges.
    @fuvvie so nice to see you back – I remember your support in the March Challenge and hope I can repay and support you “getting back on track” 🤗
    @jarbia – Happy Birthday for yesterday 🎂💐🍾🎈

    What a glorious sunny and hot summer’s day here in Cumbria to start this July Challenge on ☀️

    I would like to share a brief summary of my journey for those new to the challenges: I’m a 59y.o. female – 5’4″/163cm tall.
    *January 2 2015 = BMI: 27.9 Wt: 75kg/165.3lbs (retired from a stressful although enjoyable job, moved to the beautiful Lake District; started walking and being more mindful about what I ate)
    *January 3 2016 = BMI: 25.6 Wt: 68.8kg/151.7lbs (started 5:2 WOL on my own for health reasons)
    *October 30 2016 = BMI: 22.1 Wt: 59.5kg/131.2lbs (had plateaued for 3 months previously so decided to joined the November Challenge – Best decision I ever made! and I have joined every challenge since then!)
    *December 7 2016 = BMI: 20.3 Wt: 54.7k/120.6lbs (55kg was my target)
    *June 1 2017 = BMI: 20.1 Wt: 54kg/119lbs
    *July 1 2017= BMI: 20 Wt: 53.7kg/118.4lbs
    *This will be the start of my 8th month in maintenance 💃 so losing weight and maintaining can be done on this WOL = it does work!

    My FD are usually Monday and Friday but I do vary these to fit in with my social life and I also follow a 16:8 pattern of eating omitting breakfast daily – never been a breakfast person truth be told!

    I love living here and enjoy walking on the fells and doing Pilates and Yoga. This WOL has allowed me to lose weight and maintain without giving up on the pleasures of good food and wine! I just no longer indulge everyday or in the same quantities as before but it means that I do appreciate it all the more!!!

    I look forward to getting to know those new to these monthly challenges and of course hearing from the great cyber friends made during this amazing journey – I am so looking forward to another month of laughter, friendship and reading interesting, entertaining and educational posts.

    5:2 Is Not A Diet, It’s A Lifestyle Change!

    Day 1 USA-WA FD
    Hello July challengers! As someone who lives on the west coast of the USA, I’m part of the gang that are posting near the end of the day for you U.K. folk! I began this challenges in March, and have lost 22 ponds since I started. I was camped on the plateau for awhile with other friends in this group, and recently became much more intentional about reducing carbs (again, with great advice and support from some in this group), and that has helped me to move along my downward journey again.

    For July, my goal is to lose 2-3 pounds and then enter into maintenance (a happy place to plateau, I would think!).

    Yesterday my husband and I celebrated 27 years of marriage. We had a modestly indulgent dessert to celebrate, but we kept it simple, since he is supporting my low carb WOL.

    I live with epilepsy, so the low carb plan is also very helpful for keeping seizures away, which is an added bonus and reason to stick to it! Fasting also supports a clearer, calmer brain for me.

    Day 1 (USA) – NFD

    Hello long time friends, and welcome to the newbies! This is a marvelous place for friendship, camaraderie, and learning. I feel fortunate to have met @coda and @chitowngal in Chicago and @redrockgirl in Utah. These are truly wonderful and supportive people here!

    I began our WOL (Way of Life, this is not a “diet!”) on March 15, 2016 at 193 pounds, 5’6″ tall, BMI at 31. I found this website shortly and joined @coda in the May 2016 challenge and have been in every one since then. The weight gradually came off, about a pound a week, and I got to my goal of 160 in November. I’ve maintained, even lost a couple pounds since then, and BMI is 25.

    I am 69, so a few extra pounds allows my wrinkles to be puffed. Hence I am not anxious to lose more. I’ve lost count of the compliments I’ve received on my new physique, and it seems for each one, I have bought a new pair of trousers or shorts! Even my doctor at my annual physical wanted to know my secret. I have shared with dozens of people our WOL, and a few have even joined in and lost weight!

    Fascinating that we have so any real musicians and music lovers here! I’m a retired school music teacher who still directs our townspeople choir, church music, and a few private piano students.

    @fuvvie – glad to see you back!

    Pocketwinos – we’re in this together.

    Enough for now — this month will be terrific. Onward and downward!

    Day 1, Mountaintop PA USA, NFD
    Weight 145.2 lbs

    A brand new July 2017 challenge. I am 70 years old, 5’3″ and am thrilled with the day to day flow of the Fast 5:2. I started this WOL in November 2016 with my husband, who needed to address is belly fat and have participated in the monthly challenges since January. Total lost so far 12 pounds.
    DH is down 22 and struggling on a plateau.

    I lost 32 pounds from walking daily with my Fitbit for the previous three years. So my program is slow and steady. I am amazed at how fast the younger members can get to their goals within months. We all have a different rhythm.

    A big thank you to all of the monthly hosts that take the time to offer so much encouragement to forum members and celebrate our achievements.

    I don’t know that I have a further weight goal as I am at my lowest in 47 years. I will continue the Fast 5:2 and see how it goes. Maintenance is a wonderful thing too.

    Day 1 UK FD 🌈

    Please count me in. Signing up again, been a member since November 2016. I’m certainly a tortoise in weight loss but it’s going. Since November and with this forum I have definitely implemented a few changes and look and feel much better and healthier. So it’s working for me.

    I like to do the standard 5 2, with a few pocket challenges to myself to shake up the month.

    Increase water intake- drown the water dragon 🐉
    Eat healthier – reduce the hunger dragon 🐉
    Increase fitness/exercise more – beat the lazy dragon 🐉
    Keep on checking in – dissolve the self sabotage dragon 🐉

    June was a too many treats for me month, so July going to start with a FD.

    Thanks Coda for hosting 💐hello all my friends and welcome all new friends. 👭👬👭👫

    Now need to think up my new motivational quote for the month. 🤔👊🏻🤘🏻

    Day 1 – USA – FD

    @coda, an astute observation and I guess it’s residual, lol…note to self, “Do not post at night after having a few beers”…

    @Rainbowsmiles, I feel for you…it’s very difficult going through a divorce. I’m hoping all works out for you.

    Day 1, USA, OREGON COAST – Non-Fast-Day
    WEEK 1 of 5:2

    Heading out for a 5K Trail Run this morning *waves* 😀

    Day 1, Rocky Mountains, US, CD

    Hello old and new friends!!!

    I cannot believe 6 months are gone of 2017! Time goes too fast for sure.
    Now after the almost June weight goal celebration, I have to get rid of the same 4 pounds. I should be able to do this. A fresh start, a new month. Just a few obstacles in the way: 4th of July, my birthday Mid-July and Pioneer Day, July 24th! Oh boy!

    I want to say that I am happy to have met @songbirdme and we will meet again this summer. I also have a dream of having a 5:2 convention every other year in a different location with all of us. Let the fun begin!!! 😊😊😊

    Onwards and downwards!!! 🌺🌻🌼

    Day1 Birmingham, UK NFD
    Weight 83kg with 45 inch waist. Struggling to keep up with my daughter and probably pre-diabetes status now (have health check next week). I am nervous about my first FD as I am constantly thinking about and craving food. Would be great to hear your tips. Also would be great to hear what kind of things you eat on NFD and also the types of exercise you undertake and on what schedule.
    My goal is to banish a couple of inches off my waist for a start, that would be great. Also to make fasting a WOL. All the best everyone!

    @7hunters: Welcome! You are not so far away from where I am, relatively speaking. Where on the Oregon coast? I have lovely memories of Cannon Beach!!!

    Day 1 – SW WA USA – NFD

    At the ocean for a short vacation. Will weigh when I get home to know where I start the month.

    Happy 150th birthday Canada! I’m a Canadian living in the USA.

    Day 1 California, USA FD
    My goal for July is just to stick with it. I have started fasting about 5 times and give up around the third FD and definitely overindulge on NFD. I am hopeful that this forum will help my motivation. My weight is 203 pounds with 39 inch waist.

    @ziggyb1 – the main tip is something zero or very low cal to drink whenever hunger calls. On this forum you will see plenty of reference to dragon drowning. Whichever dragon plagues you (mine is late evening snacking on junk) lots of water usually helps it go away. I tend to go for fizzy water, or black coffee whenever, and I now drink a lot more daily, probably 3 litres plus.

    Day 1 McMinnville Oregon USA FD

    I started 5:2 with the June challenge. I didn’t loose any weight but I didn’t gain any either. I’m starting to get a feel for this WOL and what I need to do to eradicate weight….manage my NFD with controlled eating.
    I’m more determined heading into this months challenge. I’m starting at 150 lbs and my goal for July is to obliterate 1 lb each week.
    I commit to updating my weight status each week and let you all know how I’m doing, plus daily check in’s to reap the benefits of this encouraging group.

    @jarbia – Happy 70th 🥂 I’m 69 and I relate to your feeling 18. I’m very motivated to arrive at my 70th birthday (next March) at my goal weight.

    @redrockgirl302 – Love your “convention” idea.

    Day 1, USA : Kansas, NFD
    Start Weight: 295 lb (134 kg approximately, I think.)
    Goal for July: To aim for a 2 kg loss

    I’m having a difficult time not being painfully shy or hiding myself in shame over the fact that I am one of, if not the heaviest person in the challenge. I only get on the scale or do measurements on Friday mornings, so most days won’t have a weight update for me because otherwise I freak out over every fluctuation I see and obsess. It’s just better for my mental health to get my weight once a week and run with it.

    I know 2 kg might not happen (4.4 lbs according to my conversion), but when you’re as heavy as I am weight does come off faster sometimes and I’m hoping that’s the case with me. I’m doing 5:2 and choosing my fast days based off my family schedule and trying to eat mindfully on NFDs. I’m also drinking a great deal of water and being more active a few days per week.

    I’m a diabetic but even with my slow and steady loss (all time heaviest was 327) my glucose levels are responding wonderfully and I am back in the prediabetic range. That is why I’m going to continue on this journey to get healthier and trust that slow and steady will make me a winner.

    2nd Post
    @lisalily82 – So glad you are doing the July challenge. This group is very supportive and a safe place to be.

    Day 1 Akron OH, maintenance is the name of the game baby!
    I’m starting July at 152.4lbs, with a bmi of 23. Was able to maintain that even after a visit to an all inclusive at Cancun.
    I’m thankful for all the members of this group and welcome all the newbies.
    Make this month awesome y’all!

    @lisalily82 I totally get where you are coming from but there are others of us over 200lbs in the challenge. I agree it’s a bit daunting when you see so many people starting the challenge in the 130-150lb range, but we will get there.

    It’s taken me a while to make peace with the fact that it’s probably going to take at least a couple of years to get back to a healthy weight (and when I say back to, I haven’t been a healthy weight for over 15 years). But, 5:2 feels like a change in my habits that’s sustainable so I know now that I’ll reach that goal given time and some determination.

    I’m pretty new to all this as I only started on 22nd May but from what I’ve seen everyone here seems very supportive so let’s be brave together and go for it! 🙂

    Day 1,Gloucestershire, UK: NFD
    Will try to do better this month!
    @lisalily82: I think it’s fantastic that you’ve already managed to get from diabetic to PRE-diabetic range. What a boost for you!

    2nd post

    @liathanail @lisalily82

    I started on this forum weighing over 240 lbs and it was only last month that I actually said how much I weighed. This forum is so accepting of all of us and so supportive of everyone that there’s no need to worry. We’re all making changes and getting healthy. So more power to your elbow, you’re on board the 5:2 wagon and are sitting in the middle of a worldwide support group. People would pay a lot of money for what we have here.

    Late beginner 🙂
    Day 1 NFD North-Israel!
    So I just opened this site looking for a life line to help me out of the down spiral I have been experiencing in the last few extremely stressful months in my life. The weight has been going up and my well-being down down down.. So this challenge is exactly what I needed.
    I weigh 64 kg and aiming for 58 kg eventually.
    Still need to plan out my fasting days for this week as kids are on school break and things are generally CRAZY over here.
    Good luck everybody and thanks so much for this group 🙂

    Just a quick note……

    Dont be afraid of who you are! Dr. Suess said it best….. Today, you are YOU, that is truer than true. There is NO ONE alive that is You’re than YOU!

    No one here will judge you, nor make fun of you for any reason! We all love and support each other!

    It’s the only reason why we all are here.


    @Imrenfey thanks so much for replying and for the useful tips on taming the dragon.

    Day 1 California USA NFD

    Looking forward to a brand new monthly challenge with both familiar and new friends here. My goal will be 5 pounds or 2.3 kg. My present weight (after a 2 day fast) is 144 or 65.3 kg.

    I started the 5:2 plan on May 10 of this year at 155.8 or 70.7 kg so I’ve lost 5.3 kg so far or 11.8 pounds. My overall goal is 128 pounds or 58 kg. I count calories carefully on FD and just try to be mindful on NFD. But I don’t eliminate my favorite foods, just try to eat less of them.

    This forum and the friends I’ve made here have been a tremendous support. I see all those people who have reached their maintenance goals and are still sticking with the 5:2 as a way of life. I can’t wait to join them!

    Thank you for all being here and a special thanks to Coda for setting up and monitoring July 2017. Let’s make this our best month yet!

    Hi Coda, may i join July challenge too and if so thank you. Read some amazingly inspirational comments on here.
    I started on 23rd May, 2017 at 195lbs, omg, H 5ft 9, 51yo. Too many inches!!! Today weight is 180.8lbs with 4 inch loss from abdo so happy.
    Live near Brighton, uk.
    @Rainbowsmiles – good luck with your current situation, hope settles for you quickly.
    Good luck to all and i hope to post good numbers soon.

    How do I join the challenge?

    @pamelaid you just did!

    @lisalily82 I started 45 lbs heavier just under 90kg so we all start somewhere!

    Yes of course 145lbs sounds low, it did to me but here I am looking for 65 kilos at end of July!

    It’s all doable and takes time.

    Day 2, Guildford UK, FD 2

    Pocket group b2b


    Yesterday 100 cals over budget but did body pump and spin with 16k steps.

    Day 1, USA, NFD

    Tell me more about the pocket winos! I think I am one…. I’ve got a long 4-day weekend here and while Mondays are usually my fast day I’m not sure how I’ll remain disciplined. Maybe I’ll compromise and just have a restricted hour eating period instead. Maybe I’ll turn here for help in being strong.

    Well done Safarigirl for discovering your hips again! I am looking forward to having that experience my self.

    I’ve amended my goal. I wanted to drop 20 kilos by the end of the year but I think for this challenge I’ll aim for a reduction of 5kg. Who was it (Coda?) who said “loss” is a dangerous word to use because we always want to find or recover whatever it is we lose. I saw a t-shirt recently (worn by a runner) which said “exercise would be so much more rewarding if calories screamed when they burned!” So I revise my goal to say I will BURN 5 kilos this month. Burn, baby, burn!

    Day 1 – USA – NFD

    Decided to change my FDS this month (sorry, @fatteacher)…switching from Wed/Sat to Wed/Fri; perhaps a one-week ADF will help shake things up a bit. My stats: started 5:2 in earnest on 1/7/17; joined this forum on 2/9/17; overall weight arrested so far: 14.2 lbs in 5 months, which is about 2.9 lbs. per month or .7 lbs. per week. And that’s with blowing quite a few FDs and not a heck of a lot of formal exercise.

    @mirandash, a hearty welcome to you! You have found a very good place here among supportive and helpful people with experience and enthusiasm. @ziggyb1, may I recommend pursuing a low-carb, healthy fat, moderate protein approach which will definitely fight off any hunger dragons and cravings. @basyjames, welcome back! @lisalily82, welcome and don’t be shy! What is said on the forum stays on the forum! @steffieagle, way to go!

    Hello 2nd post
    @mirandash, @matron65 and @pamelad

    @flourbaby – I have a medal with your name on it ready and waiting. Keep that in mind on your jollies!

    @lisalily82 – it is a personal preference as to whether you weigh once a day or once a week or not at all. Pick an item of clothing with a fixed waistband that you can’t button or is very tight. Try on weekly – this method can be more rewarding than the scales which can fluctuate for many reasons.
    Whether you have 10 lbs or 100 lbs the issues we face are exactly the same, which is what brings us here x

    @ciren2 – no try, you WILL. did you see my last post to you in June?

    @rainbowsmiles – you are getting in early for day 2 lol

    @penz – love it – burn baby burn!

    Would like to join July challenge, please. For the past few months I’ve been doing 700-800 cal on my fast day but I haven’t been as successful as I have in the past when I did 500. Feel like I plateaued. Helpful suggestions anyone? My husband thinks I’ve damaged my metabolism with fasting. I think he’s wrong and that I eat too much on my NFD. Could use some encouragement please!!!!

    Welcome @lisalily82. I find that fasting helps me to eat better on NFDs (non-fast days). Mostly it helps me recognize when I’m hungry versus bored or eating because it’s “lunchtime” even when I’m not hungry. Oddly enough I also don’t obsess as much about food as I would on a “conventional” diet.

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