If your clothes are looser but the scales are the same, read on

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If your clothes are looser but the scales are the same, read on

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  • I am half a stone heavier and my jeans are tight ๐Ÿ™

    Just 5 days to go and then I am going to be a paragon of virtue for 2 days a week ๐Ÿ™‚

    How are you getting on?

    Term has ended and a box of chocolates has been put in the cupboard to re-gift. Quite relieved that it’s all over for a while.

    I don’t need to get the tape measure out or stand on the scales to know that there is more of me. Jeans are tight and so are bras!

    I am planning to do a couple of long fasts twice a week for 4 weeks to see what the result is. I have a wedding in mid August and currently dresses that I own do not look good.

    How are you getting on?

    Tomorrow morning will beat weigh and measure to see what the damage is. The current plan is to see how much lard I can shift by the end of July with 2 24 hour FD each week.

    How is everyone?

    Morning All,

    Well the denial has been brilliant as the readings on the tape measure and scales are very grim. I have packed on the pounds and inches over the last couple of months due to the lunch time rubbish available, delusion that I can eat it without any repercussions and neither standing on the scales/tape measure and no fasting.

    I have a wedding in 5 weeks an currently nothing to wear. Its quite an incentive to shift some lard and get back to fasting starting with today. The plan is to get back to 2 24 hour fasts each week, and ditch the rubbish on the the rest of the week.

    I am really cross with myself that here I am again ๐Ÿ™

    Who is with me ?

    Just back from a weekend away with friends and ready to get back to sensible eating and a more active lifestyle.
    37 working days before early retirement ~ I canโ€™t wait!!!!

    So jealous Iona. Retirement is not an option for me until state pension at almost 67, so almost 7 years to go:(

    Fast is going fine but a got cuppa to keep me going until 6pm. I have just been fed up all day, disappointed with where l find myself yet again and very aware that I need to get my act together over the summer.

    There are plenty of projects that need sorting but I lack the will or energy to get them done. Perhaps a list might help.

    How are you MM?

    I’m with you both!

    I just got back from a week at a cabin on Lake Superior. It was lovely to get out of the house after a year and a half, but no fasting. We only had two meals a day, but pie with cream every night. I haven’t had the heart to stand on the scale, but I can tell from the way my thighs rub together again that several of the pounds are back.

    The one redeeming feature is that my face still has definition when I look in the mirror–so I know they are not all back. It’s disheartening how quickly the pounds return when we stop our vigilance.

    On Wednesday I head to Slovenia for ten days to give a couple of talks at universities there and renew my EU work permit. I’m a little nervous about travel, though fully vaccinated. It will be a different experience.

    Congratulations on the early retirement, Iona! I have two or three more years to go. The hard part is that most of my friends and close colleagues were a bit older than I and have already retired. Work is a more lonely place than it was.

    Anyway, I’m with you today, Annette, fasting before the next trip. We do what we can.


    Hello MM
    A cabin on Lake Superior sounds very glamorous. I have never been to Slovenia either. Have a great time.

    Not nearly so glamorous but I am painting walls and paintwork now that term has ended, for new carpet in 2 bedrooms. Also trying to construct a dress out of a charity shop duvet cover as a test run. I may have to make a dress for this wedding if I can’t fit into a dress ๐Ÿ™
    This was the wedding that was supposed to be over a year ago in Rome when I couldn’t fit my round body into anything.

    Did 24 hours yesterday and will again tomorrow. Perhaps skip breakfast on Friday. Then measure and scales Saturday morning.

    Morning All,
    I couldn’t wait until Saturday and am delighted to report that there are 3 lbs less of me. It’s not been difficult to do 2 24 hour fasts or ditch the bread/rice/pasta for most of the week. I think I will eat those things with the boy for 2 days a week on his day off when we have dinner together.

    I am having kebabs and salad for lunch and salmon and salad for dinner. Hot weather is certainly helping.

    How are you doing today?

    Hi there,

    I’m a returner to this forum, and sadly just can’t seem to get into the fast days, but am hoping to nail it from Monday. I lost about 15 Ibs on my first attempt, but that was in my pre-menopause stage and have read that the body clings on to fat cells, as it is where the oestrogen is stored ๐Ÿ™„ . Lock down has meant work from home, so am trying to get in the steps, and also do yoga, lift weights and dance. I feel so annoyed with myself for another summer looking ‘chubby’ in clothes that cover rather than flatter..:)Anyway here we go! Am hoping for inspiration.

    Hello and welcome,
    Top tips are to reduce the frequency of pasta/bread/rice and potatoes. Aim for whole foods that are unprocessed and avoid anything that is low fat as it’s usually full of sugar.

    In my experience the thought of skipping breakfast is once than actually doing it. Measure you vital stats and try on clothes once a week.

    Hi everyone,

    Am fasting today, so far ok, last meal was at 7:30pm yest, and intend to eat at around 5 pm-ish..if I eat too early I start wanting to eat, so leaving it as late as possible.

    I’ve recorded what I’m going to eat in Net Dairy and so far 630 cals, with a little leeway if I get desperate, I’m going for 800.

    I generally try to drink loads of water, some black coffee, and the odd sachet of miso soup (100 cals)

    will eat aubergine, tofu, watercress, slice of cheese, some lentils, cherry toms, yoghurt and some protein powder…(helps with hunger pangs)

    will repeat on thurs..

    Hope everyone is doing ok..

    Hi everyone,

    I managed 2 fast days, which were ‘relatively’ easy due to hot weather, and I was busy. No weight loss, but that’s ok, I’m pleased to have got the days done, as was not happening over the last few weeks. They were both 24hrs. I tend to lose in a big ‘woosh’ after about 4 fast days, and cos of weather am probably holding on to water, that’s my theory ๐Ÿ˜‰ Only about another 21 fast days to go!, but am breaking them up into mini-goals, so will pause after 6 FDs, to see the results so far..and then continue. I am supposedly going away at the beginning of October..

    Have a good weekend!

    Hello All,

    I have really struggled with the heat and have ate rubbish too. Ho hum. Thankfully it’s much cooler, so I an fasting in my tight jeans to remind myself what went wrong ๐Ÿ™‚

    Looking forward,there is a smart casual wedding in a few weeks and I have clothes that are both comfortable and fit the brief. Hopefully there will be less of me by then.

    Onwards and downwards Fast Friends.

    Hi FF,

    I’ve done 4 FDs and have not lost anything, feeling a bit let down,๐Ÿ˜ตโ€๐Ÿ’ซ but won’t let it deter me. I know the pattern, If I give up after these 4 days all the hard work would be lost. On a plus side I feel ‘lighter’ if you know what I mean, and in the mirror can see some loss, so it’s definitely worth it, I will do another 4 FDs and check the results..hopefully by then there will be some visible loss on the scales. I have an under-active thyroid and am on medication, but have noticed others (my sis for example) always lose weight on FD much more quickly ๐Ÿ™„ My general diet is pretty much ok, with some treats here and there, but less sugar, no bread/pasta/pizza more veg and salad, proteins, such as plain yoghurt, tuna, eggs lentils and tofu, and healthy fats walnuts, and avocados.. I also use protein powder.

    Hope everyone is ok!

    Out of the blue I have been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease after routine โ€œwell womanโ€ checks. This has really knocked my sideways, I feel absolutely fine and had no idea about any kidney issue. I have a follow up appointment next week to get more information and to discuss the way forward. Iโ€™m not even sure if fasting will be something I can continue with. I will check back next week with an update โ˜น๏ธ

    Hi all!

    Iona, I’m so sorry to hear of your diagnosis. I’m afraid I have had a similar setback–got diagnosed as prediabetic a few weeks ago. That has given me a renewed impetus to lose a few pounds and cut back on the sugar and carbs, both of which were creeping back into my diet with the lovely summer fruits beguiling me to make pies, cakes, etc.

    After a week with my friend at a cabin on Lake Superior and then ten days in Slovenia, the scale was not my friend. I put back on seven of the fifteen pounds I had so painstakingly lost. It’s disheartening how much easier it is to gain than to lose. Though I’ve been pretty careful this week and fasted my two days, I’ve only lost half a pound so far. Oh well, at least the scale is back to going in the right direction, if slowly.

    Welcome Amiya. I hope your scale will kick in and head down as well.


    Hi everyone,

    Sorry to hear about the various diagnoses, it’s always really worrying ;-/

    Feel disappointed as did 6 FDs with no changes on scale nor as far as I can see anywhere on body, someone did say my face looked slimmer though. Anyway I had a week off as felt my metabolism would benefit.

    When I originally started fasting 6 yrs ago, I lost a lot of weight but of course was younger, and I always did 500 cals. I’m now on 800. I’m going to return to 500 and see if it makes a difference.

    I know my diet is pretty sound on NFDs but even nutritious food can be over eaten, I need to keep a track of what I eat more, I think they say it’s always 30% more than one thinks..๐Ÿ™„

    My life is much more sedentary, I teach, and haven’t gone back to the classroom. I need to think of making some adjustments to bring in more activity, 10, 000 steps used to be enough but alas no longer..

    Have a good week

    oops realised I still have my old account! so Beldyboop is me amiya..

    Hey guys good to hear from you. Welcome Amiya , itโ€™s hard work getting older I agree!
    MM have you looked at Jason Fung on YouTube he is an advocate of reversing pre-diabetes. Iโ€™m worried that may also be the cause of my kidney disease so Iโ€™m trying to fast more and avoid carbs atm until I have more tests and information.
    How are you Annette? Are you out there?

    Hello Everyone!
    I have been out and about. Stayed with my sister for 5 days, which was lovely but not great for the waistline. I am away for a few days and staying in a hotel with a wedding this afternoon. It should have been in Rome 18 month’s ago.

    I have been rather fed up. Put on 2 inches on my waist:(

    Sorry to hear about the recent diagnosis

    Welcome Beldyboop.

    Hi all. Well, I decided to take the bull by the horns and do a five day fast. I’ve thought about it before but it seemed kind of radical and not really necessary. But now I want to really kick things into high gear and thought this might be a good start.

    I’m using Prolon, a fasting mimicking diet by Valter Longo. It’s supposed to be good at reducing both cholesterol and blood glucose. I’m on day two. And hungry. If nothing else it’s already told me I’ve been underestimating how many calories I’ve been ingesting each day, as the first day is 1150 kc and I thought that would be similar to what I often eat. I’ll let you know how it goes.

    Hang in there everyone.

    @minnesotamiss – I would be really interested in how you get on with Prolon – look forward to your progress reports

    How is the fast going?

    I know that I need to get back into the groove. There has been lots of food staying away and rather a lot of alcohol for someone who rarely drinks.

    My trousers are tight and uncomfortable. I have several inches to shift off my waistline.

    The current plan is to do a full measure and weigh at the weekend and to start with skipping breakfast one day. Then I will plan what I am going to do

    Hi there!

    buuu! just lost a post. My question was also the same, how is the Prolon going?
    It made me look up some 5 day fasting regimes, this guy is pretty interesting and at the end he gives some useful apps and stuff..https://www.mrdbourke.com/5-day-fast/. He is however very lean, not a blob of fat in sight.

    Also reminded me of the Jason Fung article…scroll down to Controlling Hunger, it’s good to be reminded.https://drjasonfung.medium.com/?p=5cca7562b8fe

    I feel like I just can’t get this weight off, and read the body lays down fat to preserve oestrogen in perimenopause. Will have a look at the various fasting regimes..

    Onwards and upwards!

    Hi all!

    I’m on day four and it’s been ok. The first day you’re allowed about 1000 calories, so that day didn’t seem all that different, but on day two I was hungry, tired, and a little “hangry.” Day three I woke up full of energy, really clear headed, which lasted all day and I wasn’t hungry at all. The interesting thing is that the small amounts I’m allowed to eat are starting to feel normal. I’m drinking a ton of cold herbal tea and a glycerol drink they give you, which I think keeps you from being very hungry. Anyway, so far, so good.

    I’ve lost one pound so far. Not spectacular, but nice to see the scale shift after two weeks of it not budging one ounce, even with fast days. With two more fasting days to go and a very modest day six, I’m hoping to lose a few more. I’ve scaled my expectations down and will be very happy with a 3 or 4 lb loss. Most folks on-line say they lost more than that. Some say they see the loss on day 6 or 7, so I have hopes.

    I’ll let you know how the next few days go. All in all, this is easier than I had expected (especially on day 2 when I wasn’t at all sure I would continue). The hardest part is when I open the refrigerator for the dog’s food and see all the food waiting for me. ๐Ÿ™‚


    It sounds interesting but not something that I would be able to maintain. Try on clothes afterwards.

    I thought that I was doing well by skipping lunch and having a nap :). We tried something new for dinner and it was completely uninspiring but I shared out the rubbish yesterday from my mini break, so there isn’t any ๐Ÿ™

    I am back at work next week and the boy is moving out in a few weeks so its all change here, but I will have freedom to plan meals when I am on my own. Taking up sewing to get me through the cooler days and keep my hands occupied and out of the kitchen.

    Morning Everyone

    Just stood on the scales and measured bust/waist/hips. The results are grim and very disappointing.

    I am planning to shift the lard by Christmas which seems a reasonable goal. I am out for a meal this evening so will fast on Saturday.

    How is everyone?

    How did it go MM?

    Iโ€™m in the middle of a weekend of birthday parties and a wedding so Iโ€™m not going near the scale for a few days. More test next week then a lifestyle plan drawn up to manage my kidney disease. Iโ€™m still bewildered by the diagnosis and the implications, retirement is now looking rather different to what I imagined.

    Have fun Iona.

    What are the implications for retirement?

    Hi all.

    Well, the five day fasting-mimicking diet is done. It actually wasn’t that hard after the first two days, and by day six, when I was allowed to eat real food again I wasn’t particularly hungry, so ate lightly. I lost a total of 2.5 lbs, which was a bit disappointing since they said people lose an average of 5, but I guess someone needs to be below average. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m hoping I lost less water weight than others do since I’d been doing 16:8 before I did the five days.

    So I still need to shift 10 lbs. and 2.5 inches from my waist. The fast got me drinking more water, and less wine. I’m also hoping to stick with a more plant based diet now. Determined not to put those pounds back on and to send some of their companions packing as well.

    Will I do a five day fast again? Maybe. It did get me off the plateau I seemed stranded on. So if I plateau again, I probably will.


    Gosh MM, sounds very impressive, but I also know that I wouldn’t manage it.Focus on the inches, the pounds will look after themselves ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have been back at work and its either been very dull or hassle. Back to a hot meal provided indoors again on an actual plate with proper cutlery. Really tough as puddings are available again.

    I am not sleeping very well-menopausal which is making me very vulnerable to the sweet stuff in daylight and there is a birthday meal next week too….

    I need to have a weigh and measure at the weekend, but there is loads of lard to shift ๐Ÿ™

    Hello Everyone,
    Its been ver quiet so either its all going very well or badly ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have lost an inch off my waist by skipping the odd meal and being a little bit mindful of the sweet stuff. I do love ice cream and that is one of my failures.I haven’t done any actual fasting as such, its been very stressful here.

    I have a week and a half to go and then the final chick moves out. I am very excited and also looking forward to having more control over what I eat in the evenings. Better choices hopefully.

    I hope that you are all well.

    With my health in mind I have made better choices lately which has resulted in a 2 pound loss. Next week I’m cutting carbs as much as I can to see how I get on. Still fasting most days for 12-14 hours, basically skipping breakfast or delaying lunch.
    I’ve worked my last day now and I am on holiday until the end of the month when I will officially retire. Everyone has been so kind, and generous with their praise so I’m feeling pretty good!
    I hope everybody is well and living life to the full as I intend to!!

    Well Done Iona! You sound very positive and I admire that.

    I am biding my time until chick number 4 departs next weekend. School has been very busy, in part, because its very tiring seeing so many people again. I will see what this coming week brings in terms of food and then start skipping breakfast twice a week to start with.

    MM. How are you?

    Hi all! Sorry I haven’t been posting for awhile. Our term began two weeks ago and I had a major talk to give last Friday, so it’s just been one big rush.

    Haven’t done much on the fasting front except now that I’m in the office, and teaching over the lunch hour three days a week, on those days I skip breakfast and grab a fiber bar before class. I haven’t gotten on the scale for a few weeks but my clothes tell me that I’m probably in a holding pattern, neither gaining or losing. I’m hoping to do the five day fast again, but it’s hard to find five days in a row without any social commitments. I may do better by doing as Iona, and doing time-restricted eating almost every day. Annette, you seem to be moving in that direction as well?

    Congratulations on the approaching retirement, Iona! I’ve been considering when to retire and decided just a few weeks ago not to apply for a sabbatical semester for next year, since that would compel me to return the following year. I have the feeling two more years (and maybe some part time teaching after that) will be enough.

    Take care, everybody.

    Hello Everyone,
    Well the chick and most of his stuff moved out yesterday for a new start in a different city far away. I have been waiting for him to go for ages. I was both sad and delighted yesterday but he needs to stand on his own two feet and I now have my space to sort out.

    Now I can focus on food just for me and I am under no illusions that potatoes/pasta/rice/bread all need to be reduced. Biscuits had started creeping in again at work.

    I stood on the scales this morning and whipped out the tape measure. The numbers are grim, but that shouldn’t be a surprise as my trousers are tight. So, I am skipping breakfast this morning for the first time in a very long time. I have taken a portion of salmon out of the freezer for tea.

    Good to hear from you MM. Sounds like a good plan looking towards retirement. I shall have to keep going for the foreseeable ๐Ÿ™

    I am thinking about what might be reasonable in terms of body resculpture by the end of the year and how I can maintain that. What are your thoughts? I will let you know what the difference is next weekend.

    Hello All,
    I have bitten the bullet and weighed/measured and put the numbers into the tracker. Its very clear that in order to get back to where I was in the spring, I need to shift around 4 inches on my waist/hips/bust which seems to eqate to around 10lbs.

    I am starting again with skipping breakfast on 2 mornings and then a longer fast at the weekend. There are 4 weeks until half term, so that is my goal, to see what differemce I can make between now and then.

    How are you all doing?

    Hi all!

    I haven’t gotten on the scale for weeks. But I think being back at work is working for me. I notice little things like more definition in my legs and a dress that used to be a little tight that now fits like a glove. Looking in the mirror this morning I thought “Not bad. Maybe five more pounds?” I’m on my feet all day and have generally skipped breakfast Monday-Thursday and had just a piece of fruit and a fiber bar for lunch. Then whatever I want for dinner so long as I am done eating by 8. Seems to be working. But we’ll see what the scale says one of these days.

    Our fall break begins for me on Friday and my love and I are going to the shore of Lake Superior for five days. We generally only eat two meals–brunch and dinner, but we do have wine and dessert each day when on holiday so I might undo some of the progress. We used to walk it all off hiking the trails, but he’s older and not so steady on his feet anymore. I’m trying to plan some healthy meals. . . and some fun ones.

    Hope you’re all doing well.

    Good to hear from you.
    I’m doing ok, just managing to maintain, although I really need to lose! I’ve noticed a few biscuits creeping in with coffee lately so I will stop that now and be more careful with the meal planning.
    Hope you are doing ok on your own Annette, no one to tempt you with forbidden fruit!!
    The trip to the Lake sounds great MM, have fun.
    We had a weekend away with friends which was great but it did mean we made a visit to the pub a couple of times, but its nice to let your hair down once in a a while especially after the pandemic. It’s just a small matter of finding the right balance!
    Have a good week, onwards and downwards.

    How are you?
    We had a trip to London last week, went to the Royal Albert Hall for the first time and had such a good few days away. These last few days though Iโ€™ve been full of cold (thankfully not covid) and feeling pretty rough. I guess mixing with lots of people again has its drawbacks.
    The scale and tape measure are holding steady but I am aware that old habits are creeping in so Iโ€™m making a big effort to get back to low carb and IF. I have lots to do in the garden when I feel a bit more perky so that will keep me away from the kitchen!
    Iโ€™ve been watching a few videos on YouTube about pre-diabetes, and it is quite scary. Iโ€™m still waiting for further tests with my GP to determine the extent of my kidney disease and the way forward – but blood tests are not available at the moment due to the shortage of bottles.
    Hope things are okay with you all, check in if you get a chance.

    Hi there

    Hope everyone is doing ok. I’m fasting today, 20/4 so it might be a long day. I’m going to try 3 fasts this week, and then the rest of the time use recipes from the 800, which I find quick and really healthy.

    I’m using a tracking App (it’s free, but there is a paid version) which is quite helpful, it just counts the hours for you so makes it a bit more bearable..:) and there are a few useful insights.

    Onwards and upwards!

    Morning All,

    Apologies for not being present here, but I have had rather a lot going on at home. I have been in denial about the increasing girth, but the scales have confirmed the state of affairs this morning. I was out for a birthday meal last night and out for lunch with my son today. Next week I am hosting a meal and my sister is planning to stay for a few days, then I am back at work.

    I have been diagnosed with arthritis in my foot, so less lard to haul around makes sense plus my trousers are tight.It has also been suggested that less sugar and processed food may well be linked with flare ups.

    I have had a look at my diet and the sugary stuff has crept back in and ready meals as I am adjusting to living alone. I need to make better food choices and get back to skipping meals.

    My plan is to do the best that I can next week and then I have a 6 week term until we break. That seems a good chunk of time to see what changes I can implement and what the results are.My current goal is to shift 4 inches off my waist and 14lbs without a time frame, although I am hoping to halve my current goal by the end of term.

    Wishing everyone a lovely Christmas.

    I will be back to 5-2 after the festive food has been eaten.

    My goal is June 1st to see how many inches I can shift off the waist/hips/bust. I am aiming for 4 inches off each of them.

    Anyone free to join me?

    Seasons Greetings to one and all!
    Annette – good to hear from you, I will also be back to fasting very soon. Not too much damage so far thankfully but food is bursting out of every cupboard and my family depart today ๐Ÿ˜ฑ
    I canโ€™t wait for Springโ€ฆโ€ฆ. and salad!!

    Hi Iona,
    Good to hear from you.
    The good news is that I have managed to lose an inch off bust/waist/hips but I can’t do up my black trousers. One of my first goals is to be able to do up the zip and breathe:)

    Boys have all left and the mission is to offload any festive food onto friends and neighbors. I am now on my own again, so plan to to weigh and measure on Saturday.

    I decided to step on the scales this morning out of curiosity. How is it possible that I have put on almost exactly a stone since the start of term in September?

    Fasting this morning until lunchtime ๐Ÿ˜.

    My first mini goal is to shift 3 lbs to get me exactly the stone:( but my tight trousers are a constant reminder:)

    That is why I step on the scale most mornings. Iโ€™ve been down the denial route before and donโ€™t want to have to do that recovery again!!
    Sending good fasting vibes to you!!

    Wise words, Iona.

    My plan is to weigh and measure bust/waist/hips every weekend. I can see that I have another 2 inches to shift off each to get back to where I was. I am rather cross with myself.

    Going forward the fridge is filled with fish and salad, which is what I like to eat. I am avoiding carbs and hope to see some improvement next week.

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