If your clothes are looser but the scales are the same, read on

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If your clothes are looser but the scales are the same, read on

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  • How are you all? Quiet here lately!
    The weekend put some challenges my way but Iโ€™m back on track now without any damage AND I got my vaccination ๐Ÿ’‰
    Iโ€™m at work day still doing flexible furlough but next month full time working returns. Iโ€™m not looking forward to it I must admit – I love being off but do miss the interaction with people.
    Iโ€™m using a Fasting app now, so every day I record at least 12 hours of fasting and I think itโ€™s helping me stay on track and accountable and the FB group is very active too. Update on the scale on Friday ๐Ÿคž
    Hope to hear from you soon


    Work has been bonkers and food options have been very difficult. Carb heavy and lots of the sweet stuff, which has been very difficult. So I am just going with it until Friday when it is the end of term.

    Excellent news on the vaccination, Iona. I feel less worried now that I have had my first. I do yearn for a time when I can meet friends in a coffee shop without face coverings, but I doubt that will be anytime soon.

    I have found that its great to be out of the house and to have things to do, its also lovely to see people again and post vaccination I do feel much less anxious. Fasting app sounds interesting. I have given up this week ๐Ÿ™

    The plan is to get x2 24 hour fasts in each week for the next 3 weeks. The boy is going back to work on the 12th, so I will be able to make better choices at home from then onwards too.

    However, I can see changes to the body and the clothes despite the sweet stuff. I would really like to see what difference x6 24 hour fasts are going to make too.

    How are you MM?

    Good to hear from you all!

    I’ve had a bit of a wobble this week. The class I was teaching came to an end last Thursday and my next one started Monday. Plus I had an article submitted for publication that needed revision by last Friday. So I’ve been working non-stop and feeling quite exhausted, so much so that I was having dizzy spells. So I decided not to fast till things calmed down a bit. I’ve still been managing 12-16 hour fasts each day, but nothing longer and, like you, Annette, a bit too many carbs and sweets in the evening.

    The scale has gone up, but only a pound, so I don’t feel too bad about that. I am still noticing a real improvement in how my clothes fit and little things like my rings are looser and I now have defined cheekbones in my face. Also new wrinkles on my neck. ๐Ÿ™

    Congratulations, Iona, on getting your first jab. I’m still not eligible in my state, and probably won’t be for another month. It’s hard to wait, especially when friends and colleagues who live in other states are reporting their vaccines on FB.

    Iona, I think you’ll like being back at work. I certainly do, just wish there were a wee bit less of it!


    Iโ€™m sure you are right about work MM. I think once I get back in the routine it will be better. I will miss my long dog walks but shift work means I will be able to go out some mornings. There is talk of shift time changing to 6am which Iโ€™m dreading but at least I would be home by 14:30. Even the possibility of night shifts next year, which I didnโ€™t like when I was younger…..๐Ÿ‘ต๐Ÿผ
    I was trying for 18 hours from dinner last night but I have an awful headache so Iโ€™m having some breakfast at 15 hours. See what tomorrow brings ~ scale day!!

    Last day of term today which is lovely. I will brave the scales tomorrow, but I am not expecting good news, however, the tape measure is moving in the right direction and my clothes are looking better.

    MM they say that after 50 you have to choose between your face and your rear! Great to hear about your rings and your clothes. I am delighted to have a waist and no longer the profile of an Easter Egg ๐Ÿ™‚

    Iona. I hated working nights when I was a nurse, partly because I didn’t sleep very well during the day. Hopefully the new shifts will be fine with the longer days and hopefully warmer days.

    I am staggered. Just weighed and measured and despite everything, I am shrinking ๐Ÿ™‚

    The scales have shifted by only a lb, but there is an inch less of me on my hips and my waist! I have reduced the fat percentage now to 34%, which is 10% less from July. The charity skirt that I have never been able to wear, I can now do the zip up to the top, it isn’t comfortable but another mini goal reached ๐Ÿ™‚ That skirt(a favourite denim) that I couldn’t get on in July, now looks fabulous and is comfortable. So delighted to see the difference in my clothes.

    My plan for next week is to do do 2 24hour fasts. How is everyone doing today?

    Great results Annette, I too, lost a pound this week which I am happy with. Iโ€™m really pleased how Fasting is giving me results, slow and steady is fine and I feel it is something I can sustain long term, tweaking as necessary. Itโ€™s the first time in a long while that I feel that I can actually achieve my goal. 14 pounds to get rid of as it stands today.
    My great niece is 2 today so Iโ€™ve been promised a piece of cake~ my weekend treat!

    Thanks Iona and well done to you too. Enjoy the cake ๐Ÿ™‚

    I feel the same as you Iona, about fasting. I have been skipping a meal here and there when I feel full and that was something that I wouldn’t have considered before. Although term is finished, I am in for 3 days which will be a day each week. I will get lunch, so no good for a FD.

    I am in work tomorrow just for the day this week, so next week will be Tuesday and Friday as FD. I am hoping that despite Easter, I will be able to see more positive changes after x6 longer fast days.

    My plan is to review the clothes that I have put aside for charity to see what I think of them now and also have a grand try on of loads of summer clothes to see what they look like and if any can be worn. The adage of if you haven’t worn it in a year get rid of it is all well and good, but if you have been too big to wear any of them, you have to wait until you can, before you decide that you no longer like it or will wear it.

    How are you getting on MM?

    You two are doing so well! I’ve been on a plateau the last few weeks but am starting again today to make a push to lose a few more pounds, with a 20 hour fast today and Thursday.

    I read somewhere that once you lose 10% of your body weight you body starts to fight back and I seem to be at that point. Now I get so hungry, much more than I did in the previous months. So I may be at a point where all I can do in maintain for a bit.

    On the plus side, I tried on some clothes this weekend and they mostly all fit! When I look in the mirror I look taller and pretty good these days. I suppose I could just accept the weight I’m at, but I’d really like to lose at least 5 more pounds (10 for my goal weight, but I’ll take 5).

    We’ll see what this week’s fasts do to jar the scale loose.

    If you didn’t have any scales at all, but simply looked at how you look in your clothes, would you be happy where you are now? It sounds like you are happy, so perhaps the goal now shifts away from a number on the scales, to what you look like and how your clothes fit?

    I have been thinking about maintaining too. I am pretty happy where I am now. I would like to whittle the waist a bit more, but I think that my goal for a while is simply to stay where I am for now.

    The drive to eat more is because you have lost weight and your body is desperate to maintain the status quo through homeostasis. That is not any failure on your part, but simply biology.

    If I look at my weight loss since July it amounts to 19lb in 9 months which is hardly stellar, but an average of 2 lb a month. However, that may help me to maintain my weight as the losses have been slow over those months.

    If I look at shrinking my waist by 4 inches, however, then my achievements are extraordinary and so much healthier. I don’t want to look thin or gaunt and I would like to retain some of my curves.

    Thanks, Annette. I’m happy with everything but my waist. It’s still above the “healthy” zone. Seems like that’s the last place to slim down. So I’m still hoping to lose another inch there and another 5 lbs. Like you, I don’t want to lose my curves. Just my belly!!

    I think 19 lbs. in 9 months is stellar! And, perhaps, we both need to settle into maintenance for a while. Let our bodies get used to where we are now.

    I had a great 23 hour fast day on Monday. Probably because I was teaching and was super busy, I wasn’t hungry at all, even once I got home. I will fast again on Saturday.

    I get my first Covid jab this afternoon!

    Hi All,
    Like you MM I am aiming to lose more off the waistline. In my head another 2 inches to 34 inches seems quite reasonable and more healthy than I am now. But I also imagine that I am looking at after the summer and perhaps into the autumn to get there. In the interim I will bask at the 4 inches lost so far.

    It is Easter tomorrow and there are chocolate eggs and a large roast. My boy that moved out is in our support bubble and is staying for the weekend. Its lovely to see him and the youngest is enjoying his company and advice. The youngest is back to work either this week or next, when I can get back to longer fasting again. I have done 20 hours and haven’t bothered since this week as I knew what was coming in the form of food.

    Rather sad that I haven’t seen number 3 in a year now and he only lives an hour away on the train but he is in Wales and the rules are different. Hopefully we can meet up when it is his birthday in May. He would always come home at Easter but thankfully he has friends that he can spend the day with.

    Glad that you have had the Covid jab MM. Did you feel ok afterwards? I am due the second one in mid May and will feel invincible then. When I look at the situation in many other countries, I feel very grateful.

    My one year anniversary is early May. Its going to be interesting to see where I am then and how those summer skirts will fit.

    Have a lovely Easter break.

    Morning All,
    I am guessing that you are struggling too as it has been very quiet on here.

    I stood on the scales after several weeks and its not good news. Hardly surprising after the chocolate and large dinner. I seem to have slipped back into eating bread and there is ice cream in the freezer once again. I can’t remember when I fasted last.

    So after the scales this morning, I have ditched breakfast. I shall see if I can push lunch back and then make sure that I do 2 FD next week too.

    How is everyone?

    Hello everyone, it has been quiet lately! I have struggled since Easter, didn’t have much chocolate or large meals but just felt out of sorts. I think it is linked with going back to work as I have really enjoyed my furlough time. I have become all morose and miserable. I have still fasted for some part of each day although 18 hours has become 12 hours and biscuits are sneaking in again.
    On the plus side – I have finally met up with my daughter and her new puppy for the first time this year for a short outside visit, it was hard to see her go again.
    We reached another step in the Covid roadmap today in England, but so far not much difference to me, I have no desire to go shopping or to the pub yet. I am very much looking forward to a hair cut in the coming weeks though, I look a state.
    Scale is up 2 pounds but trousers feel loose – go figure!!!!
    Talk soon, hope you are all doing ok??

    Hi all!

    I’ve been just swamped at work lately. We’re in our last week of this condensed term, so things are finally letting up a bit while the students do presentations, then will come days of grading. I’m also giving a lecture in the Philippines this week. It’s in the morning for them, but from 9 pm to midnight for me!

    The scale is up one pound and sitting there, so neither good nor all that bad. I did manage to fast today for 21 hours, so perhaps that will give it a nudge.

    Hang in there, everyone.

    Hello All,
    Lovely to hear from you both. I hope that the lecture went well at midnight MM. It sounds like you are doing well. Iona, I too am looking forward to a hair cut but will have several weeks to wait yet. You are doing fasting for some part of each day. I think that going back to work after such a long time has been tough all around.

    The boy has gone back to work and although he was very worried(he is a bar man in a restaurant) now that he has worked a couple of shifts, had a hair cut and been to the gym) he is much happier. we will eat together around his shifts. I need to get back to fasting again, so baby steps are my way back in on the days that he is working and not home for dinner.

    Today I have skipped breakfast and will go out for a walk shortly and then treat myself to a small fish and chip lunch. The plan is then to skip dinner this evening and then have breakfast or skip that too tomorrow. I will let you know how that goes:)

    The scales are up a couple of pounds and the tape measure is holding steady, but my jeans fit and are not tight. I am back into work on Friday and I know that there are biscuits in the drawer and a chocolate Easter egg from my line manager. Ho hum. Back to work next week for another 6 week term.

    The walk ended up being 8.5 miles on a sunny spring morning through lovely countryside. The fish and chips were a small portion and apart from some toast on the evening, that was all I had to eat that day.

    Getting back to feeding myself is an odd experience and I do feel out of practice. Several meals of prawns or fish with salad, should help offset the Easter egg :).

    Life is beginning to move towards normal, we went out to eat yesterday with my sister and her husband. Scampi and chips in the pub garden, lovely to get out and socialise again but not so good for weight loss. I have avoided the scale today! I am working all weekend so that’s always good for fasting, and I want to make a big effort next week…….watch this space.
    Our holiday to the wedding in Spain in June is still on at the moment, so I need to be beach ready – hahahaha!!!

    Hi Iona,
    I have a wedding in mid August in Devon and I don’t feel comfortable going at the moment. It was originally in Rome a year ago.

    The whole notion of beach body ready has always baffled me. Just put on swim wear and your ready ๐Ÿ™‚.

    I am aiming for a smaller waist for the 1 year anniversary in early May. We shall see if the gods decide to grant that or not.

    Hi Iona and Annette! I made it to the end of this block of teaching. I’d pretty much given myself a pass on fasting because I was feeling so tired these last two weeks. I’m not sure if it was a reaction to my first vaccination or just my crazy teaching and speaking schedule. I still have a lot of grading to do, and two talks next week, so things won’t lighten up quite yet, but it’s still a relief to not be thinking about teaching three hours every day!

    The midnight lecture. It turns out we had all miscalculated the change in time zones by two hours. So there I was lounging about the house in an old sweatshirt at 7 pm thinking I still had two hours when I get an email asking “Where are you? We are waiting.” I made myself presentable in 5 minutes and drove to my office in another 5 (glad the police weren’t around!). The talk actually went quite well after that unfortunate start. And I was happily home by 10:30.

    Congratulations on the 8.5 mile walk, Annette! I walk with a friend on weekends. We usually do four miles. I don’t know if I could manage 8. I’d like to work up to 5 as the weather improves.

    Iona, scampi and chips in a pub garden sounds heavenly! It’s still too cold to eat outside here and since I haven’t had my second jab, I’m not ready to go inside a restaurant yet. But it will seem like such a treat when we finally can.

    Take care you two. Onward and downward!

    Brilliant MM!I love the saga of the lecture. So glad that it went well and you got home earlier than you expected. I think that you were wise to ditch fasting when you are so busy. I walk 2 miles up a hill to work so my walk to and fro is 4 miles Mon-Fri and then I usually go out and walk for an hour and so on each day at the weekend. My poor little legs were rather tired after 8.5 miles ๐Ÿ™‚

    We can’t go out to eat here, unless it is outside. I will get my second jab in 4 weeks but hair cut in 3 weeks which are both exciting ๐Ÿ™‚

    Term starts tomorrow.

    Itโ€™s tough being back at work full time! Finding it hard to fit everything in. Still doing daily fasting but they seem to get shorter and scale is at a plateau!
    Hope you guys are ok and things are going well?

    Hi all! I’m fasting today. Didn’t intend to, but I have a meeting over the lunch hour and I forgot to bring my lunch! So fasting it will be. It’s nice to see and upside to such omissions these days.

    I get my second jab today. Hooray! Haircut in two weeks.

    The scale has plateaued with 5 or 6 pounds to go. Well, eight if I go for my original goal. But I’ve revised that goal upwards a bit. I’ve always said my goal is to stop when my thighs stop rubbing together. Getting there. They still rub, but only a bit at the top. I think another 5 or 6 lbs, and more walking as the weather warms, should do it.

    So thankful to have reached the end of my term. I still have a lot of administrative work to do, and writing to finish, but it’s wonderful not to be teaching for 3 hours every day.


    Hello All,
    Its been a tough few weeks at work with food available at work. Rather than lunch offered indoors with choices, we now have to collect lunch in a box outside without any choice with a range of crisps and chocolate freely available. Added to which, the boy has a new job which is great for him but I now find myself at a loss when I have to feed myself. I haven’t been making the best choices. I have stood on the scales and the numbers are going in the wrong direction, so I am skipping breakfast this morning.

    MM sounds like its all going well. I have another week until a haircut and 2 until the second jab. So exciting. My thighs no longer rub and I only noticed when the swishing noise had stopped :). There are another 5 weeks until half term. I am going to have to make big changes to what I am eating ๐Ÿ™

    How is it going Iona?

    Happy May everyone, hopefully the weather will warm up and I can get some planting done in the garden.
    I got my haircut last Thursday, what a relief, I’ve gone short to compensate and I love it.
    I have just been saying to my husband how my bad habits are starting to creeping back in, particularly the biscuits, and desserts, so I am going to make a big effort to stop that. Fasting has dropped off too, instead of 20-22 hours a few days a week I’m struggling to do 12-14 each day. It is something I must not get complacent about because when things are going well I feel so much better, mentally and physically.
    We are still waiting to see if we are able to go to Ibiza in June, I feel quite stressed about it as I feel I should be shopping for some summer clothes and a wedding outfit but don’t want to if we can’t go! It will be a last minute panic if we are able to travel. Also we need to have our second jab before we go which is due early June but no firm appointment date yet.
    Hope you are having a good weekend, I’m off work but just catching up at home!

    Hi all. I’ve finally nudged the scale out if it’s long snooze and gotten it moving again, albeit very sluggishly. I’m inching down a quarter of a pound at a time and almost back to where I was last October (seven pounds above my goal). This certainly is a slow process and it gets a bit disheartening, till I remember that before this I was gaining every winter. Which I did this year as well, but at least it’s coming off again fairly easily.

    I got out my summer clothes over the weekend. Most of them fit, though a few are still too small. Some shirts and jackets will never fit again–my boobs seem to be in a race to see which one can get to my waist first and the darts are now in all the wrong places. UU these days ๐Ÿ™

    For the first two days after my second jab I felt like I had the hangover from hell–fever, chills, aches, headache. Now I’m just sleepy. Off to take a nap.


    Hello All,
    I have put on 4 lbs and sugar is back in my life on a daily basis. I am not sure what has happened but I am back to incremental gains ๐Ÿ™ I ditched breakfast on Saturday and had lunch and a light supper.

    Work has been tough as I have been bored and surrounded by crisps and sugary stuff at lunch. I am going to aim to go back to a sugar free lunch and to limit the biscuit intake to 2 a day.

    I have had my hair chopped and bought new underwear. I still have abs which is great, just need to get that sugar monkey off my back again ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hope that you feel better MM. My second jab is on Saturday morning. I did chuckle at the your tale of the boobs. It inspired me to get new bras and that has made a big difference ๐Ÿ™‚

    How are you doing Iona?

    Hi all! Annette, it was good to hear from you today. I was debating fasting today, since it’s Monday, and now you’ve given me the impetus to do it! It’s actually harder for me now that work is done, since I’m now writing all day at the dining room table, which is far too close to the kitchen. At work all I had to do was fail to take in a lunch and there was no food available. Maybe I need to start going back to the office even when I don’t have to.

    Sorry about the 4 lbs. but they’ll come off fairly easily. I find it’s the lbs. that have been there a long time that are the hard ones to shift. Which is where I’m at, trying to get rid of those last 7 or so that have been there for years.

    Today I found a new bra calculator on-line and tried it out. It said I’m totally wearing the wrong size, which I had suspected. Mostly I haven’t worn a bra, but I’m starting to think I should these days. I find them so uncomfortable!

    How are things going, Iona?

    Hi MM,
    Maybe you could try a bralette? I used to wear one when I used to go to a Pilates class. It had taken many hours of trying on bras to identify what is the correct size and the right style. But now that I know, it takes minutes and feels much better. It is said that most women are wearing the wrong bra.

    Iโ€™m doing ok thanks, not making any progress just stuck on this plateau ~ which I realise is my own doing as I have not been as focused as I could be these last few weeks. Back to work has its benefits as, like you MM, if I donโ€™t take anything with me there is nothing available to eat. I would rather be at home but find temptation there difficult at the moment.
    Our trip to Ibiza has finally been postponed to sometime late in 2022, plenty of time to shed the weight!
    Iโ€™m fasting today, currently at 18 hours and aiming for 22, wish me luck!

    Friday weigh day!
    Had to share my excitement โ€”2 pounds down this week, and a male colleague, who has no idea about my efforts, said my face looks thinner!! Iโ€™m over the moon ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

    How is your week going ladies?

    Congratulations, Iona! It feels so good to see that scale move in the right direction!

    Mine moved up two pounds. I wasn’t exactly surprised, given that I had not fasted for two weeks. I did get in one 22 hour fast this week, and a few days at 17. So we’ll see what the scale has to say next week. I’m finding it harder to stay motivated now that I’m down to the last 5-8 lbs.

    I did take a walk with two colleagues I hadn’t seen in months and one of them did say “You look fantastic!” when we first met. Doesn’t it feel good? I think that sort of feedback is more motivating than anything.

    I got my first professional haircut in a year last week!

    Hello All,
    I haven’t been in touch because I am at a loss to know what to say. I am struggling and I have no idea why.

    Food choices have been Ok or not great and I have yet to fast. What is the matter with me?

    Don’t be hard on yourself, Annette. That’s exactly where I was a few weeks ago–for quite a long time! I think we all reach a plateau from time to time and just need to lighten up with our diet and focus on other stuff.

    After that long hiatus, I managed to fast once last week for 22 hours and yesterday for 24! Longest I’ve ever gone! And it wasn’t all that hard, because I was busy. Just had to get past the lunch hour and I stopped feeling hungry. I’m hoping to fast again on Friday then check with Mr. Scale over the weekend.


    Mr Scale was very rude to me today.
    Iโ€™m just going to focus on other things for a few days.
    I went to donate blood this week but my haemoglobin was too low๐Ÿคจ Iโ€™m wondering if this is due to fasting??
    We are having a family garden party tomorrow so Iโ€™m looking forward to that – but the weather is more like November!!
    Donโ€™t fret Annette – life is too short, better luck next week.

    Hello All,
    Its been a hectic few weeks at work but a week off now for half term which is wonderful. I have had a student live with me for the past 3 years who is lovely but his university degree is now finished and he is moving back home today. I am looking forward to one less adult in the house and a spare room.

    Food at work has been a complete disaster. Its always rice or pasta or potatoes in a box with something else in a box. There have always been crisps and chocolate as part of the offer, which have often leapt into my hands too.

    My plan for next week is two long FD. Its going to be fine as furniture needs to be moved into the new spare room and probably mine as woodwork needs painting as the old carpet is going and there is new carpet going down and then the furniture goes back
    in again. I am also going to get going on a further declutter and sort out.

    I tried on some skinny rib short sleeved jumpers that looked dreadful last year, but look great now. A wonderful revelation when I was feeling a bit glum about the scales. Some of my trousers are going to need altering.

    Looking forward to the remaining 5 weeks of term, the plan is to take in my own packed lunch for 2 days each week on a Monday and a Thursday when I will skip breakfast.That feels very doable.

    How is everyone getting on?

    Things have gone to pot this week for me but I canโ€™t explain why. Scale going up unsurprisingly. I am working all weekend so Iโ€™m hoping to make more concrete plans for next week. What and when Iโ€™m eating/fasting. I certainly feel better when I eat less.
    Had my second jab on Tuesday, felt pretty yucky on Wednesday but ok now despite my swollen knee from too much gardening – hate this getting older!

    My plan is to skip breakfast tomorrow and paint the woodwork in the spare room. Carpet due Thursday morning.

    I can’t remember the last time that I fasted, so start small. Anyone going to join me?

    Painting wood work this morning has been brilliant for keeping me busy. It looks so much better now. Cuttings planted up and hopefully they will grow. I managed to wait until lunchtime and it was fine.

    Off out for afternoon tea tomorrow afternoon to celebrate two of us becoming 60. It’s been such a long time since we have all been out together, November.

    Hope all is well.

    Hi all.

    My scale has been inching up these last few weeks as well. Yesterday I managed 18 hours, but then had scones and jam for tea, and pasta for dinner, so may have undone the good that was accomplished.

    Glad skipping breakfast went well for you, Annette. I find I can usually skip breakfast, but then I do have to be careful not to eat too much in the evening. I’ve set a hard limit of 7 pm for not eating afterwards, except when I have company.

    It feels strange to be out and about more these days. Yesterday was the first day I walked into our co-op store without a mask (actually just forgot it).

    Hi MM,
    I feel less anxious having had both jabs and it is lovely to be able to do more. It’s still face coverings and social distancing inside, but I hope that won’t be for too much longer.

    I can see that the tape measure has been moving in the wrong direction but I know that it can be recovered.

    Onwards and downwards fast friends…

    Well I have had a clothes try on and I need to up my game. I was reading on twitter about Dr David Unwin and how he reduced carbs which then also improved arthritis. Very interesting.

    Still eating with the boy twice a week. Need to make smarter choices on the other days. Starts tomorrow.

    So today it begins. The numbers are creeping up on the scales and the tape measure. I have been eating more sugar than I should be and meals at school are high processed carbs.

    I skipped breakfast this morning and had a lunch without a carbohydrate in sight. That’s also my plan for dinner this evening. Protein and salad.

    How are you getting tying on?

    I had carbohydrate free weekend and now fasting until lunchtime, when I will be having salmon and salad.

    Fasting is fine, just wish was busy at work.

    Hi all.

    My diet has slipped quite a bit recently so I’m once again avoiding the scale. Here in Minnesota Covid cases are way down and vaccination rates quite high. So everyone is going back to normal, or more than normal as far as social events. This week I had a birthday dinner with friends yesterday, an out of town guest tonight, and dinners with friends Wednesday and Thursday! I know this will calm down once we’ve all seen one another after this long year and a half, but for now it certainly plays havoc with sane eating and drinking!

    So I had blueberry cake for breakfast . . .

    I’ve been out to a restaurant (outside) once and really didn’t enjoy it. Had fish and chips. Fun the first few hot bites, then way too greasy. That gives me some hope that my preferences have changed (except for the blueberry cake, of course).

    I’ve fasted once last week, and will try to fast tomorrow, in between social days. Hope that will help.

    Hang in there, everyone.

    I am holding steady at an ok number but want to get lower this year. Like you say MM socialising is causing havoc! Iโ€™m still doing some fasting but not long enough to make any changes and not being so careful in between. I need to get into a better mindset. I have a family wedding in August and will be looking for a new dress soon, so hopefully that will help my focus.

    Have a great weekend ~ stay strong my friends!

    Hi All,
    Sounds like we are adjusting to a new normal. I have made some better choices on the food front and I have no idea what has driven that decision either. But I Know that I make better decisions when I am not scoffing the sweet stuff.
    Sadly some summer skirts are no nearer being done up so I am going to have to decide if I let them go or keep them, but perhaps not now.

    Work is not very busy so it’s always harder for me to avoid the biscuits when I have time on my hands but just 3 weeks until the end of term and then I can get back to long fasts twice a week.

    Fully intended to stand on the scales and get the tape measure out this morning but remembered after breakfast!

    Hi all! Well, last week was a social whirl and I didn’t fast at all. This week it’s back to work with a book review and paper to write and no dinners or guests. So I’m trying to get back on a Monday-Thursday fast schedule with my first day today.

    Annette, I agree that it does seem the more carbs and sugar I eat the hungrier I get. I made a strawberry tart with fresh local strawberries this last week. It was delicious, but I ate far too much of it! It’s gone now, so time to recalibrate and get off the sweet stuff. I tell myself, once a season one just has to celebrate those berries.

    But the thighs rub together again . . . ๐Ÿ™

    Good luck everyone. Iona, I hope the prospect of a new dress can be a good motivator to drop just a bit more.


    Iโ€™m doing ok at the moment scale holding steady this morning! Trying to use portion control and not nibble in the evenings. However ~~ I have just lifted a tray of flapjack from the oven, just had the urge to make (and eat) it. ๐Ÿ˜ตโ€๐Ÿ’ซ
    Good to hear from you both, keep going!

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