If your clothes are looser but the scales are the same, read on

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If your clothes are looser but the scales are the same, read on

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  • I am having a wobble. So cuppa out in the garden in the sunshine, busy pruning plants. Just 2 hours to go.

    I’m with you both. In the office now till 5 pm, so there’s nothing to eat. 😊 Drinking lots of tea, though. I’m heading for 23 hours today.

    Well done MM.

    I am on the last hour and 15 minutes and the sun has gone in and the garden is chilly again.

    Time for some TV distraction.

    24 hours in the bag. Whoop whoop.

    Excellent work A, I was a little bit short of that but happy with what I managed.
    Hope you are doing ok too MM?


    I have just had a look and its only 3pm in Minnesota, so a little while to go yet for MM.

    Last night I had a trousers try on inspired by my jeans which were loose and kept sliding down. I am very pleased how my trousers fit(I have loads that I wear both home and at work) and look by and large, although some of them are looking a bit big on the thighs. I also found my city shorts which look good now and some linen trousers that I haven’t worn for years because I couldn’t actually pull them on, but I could now wear and breathe.

    This morning I stepped on the scales out of curiosity and have been delighted that I seem to have got off this plateau and lost another 2 lb. The power of less carbs but mainly no sugary desserts!

    I am very very happy this morning and finally feel that a smaller waist is possible. Another FD on Thursday for me.

    Good to hear Annette! 😃
    I feel full of energy this morning, dog got me up early so we’ve had a long walk, really pushed myself to a fast pace up all the hills! My Fitbit strap snapped yesterday and I feel lost without it (awaiting a replacement) so I could not check my heart rate.
    Another fast day planned for Wednesday.
    Glad to report no after effects of cutting down the hazel yesterday, not even a twinge! I’ve moved more snowdrops today that were almost invading the lawn to a spot where there were none -so all looking a lot better. Can’t wait for spring 🌱 🪴

    Good work, everyone! I managed 23 hours yesterday. Back at work, I hardly noticed the fast at all. Which was the good part of the day. Teaching 3 hours was exhausting and standing from 9:30 till 4:30 made my feet ache. Got to get used to it all over again.

    Congratulations on the 2 lbs. Annette! That’s great!

    I envy you both the advent of spring. And flowers! Still a long way off for us.

    Fasting again on Thursday. Hoping the scale will go down a bit after that one.

    Thank you! I stood on the scales 3 times just to make sure. I have eaten loads today but have just realised that I forgot to buy the yoghurt for my breakfast, so looks like I am skipping breakfast tomorrow. I have chucked out 2 pairs of falling down jeans too.

    I spent a very windy couple of hours out in a sunny but cool garden this afternoon. It was lovely to look/plant/move and ponder. I have some little plants on order and really need to decide where they are going to go.

    MM the rain has been near constant. Its a wonder that we haven’t got webbed feet! It must be exhausting back teaching and standing again.

    There are no flowers yet in the back garden, but hellebores, snowdrops and primroses in the front garden. I have lots of narcissus in pots which are growing well but my guess is that it will be several weeks before they flower.

    Well that’s another 18 hours in the bag as I skipped breakfast due to lack of yoghurt.

    FD for me tomorrow. How is it going Iona?

    It’s going really well thanks. Had another successful fasting day yesterday and feeling good. I’ve been out walking this morning and have loads of energy still! The sun is shining so I’m off to pull out some weeds before much gets established in the borders.
    I will be skipping breakfast tomorrow and may do the scales instead of Saturday.
    A couple of years ago I bought a pair of jeans in a size smaller, they were reduced to £3 I loved them and that was the only size left. Needless to say they have never seen the light of day since!! However I am making them my goal so I’ll dust them off and try on in the morning!

    Well done Iona. How exciting to try on the jeans.

    I am having a bit of a wobble on the fasting front. Just had another cuppa. Going to get out in the garden for some pottering and time filling.

    I spent the afternoon in the garden moving pots and pruning plus quite a lot of pondering which got me through until late afternoon. I have another 24 hours in the bag today, so I am hoping that the same 2 lb is not fiction when I stand on the scales tomorrow.

    How is it going MM?

    Hi all. Well done, both of you. Iona, I hope those jeans fit. I did the same thing with a pair of black jeans. Not sure if I’ll ever fit them, but I do hope.

    I’m at 17 hours right now, but start teaching in a half hour, for the next three hours, so should easily get to 21 hours before I’m home and tempted. I’ll be happy with that.

    Scales were kind this morning. Down half a pound.

    That 2 lb is not fiction, hurrah. Measurements are exactly the same but fat percentage has shimmied down again.

    Just had a little try on of cotton skirts that I haven’t been able to wear for years because I was too big. There are several that I can do up and some that are close to being able to do up, which is completely thrilling.

    These skirts are going to be another measure. I hope that I can see improvement at Easter.

    How did it go MM?

    How were the jeans Iona?

    I have not ventured to the darkest depths of the wardrobe yet, maybe over the weekend?? However the scale was down 2 pounds this morning ~ Hallelujah!!! Hoping I’m not going to mess things up over the weekend. I have got Tuesday and Thursday earmarked for fast days next week. Back to work on Tuesday for phased return to work….mixed feelings, I could happily not go back!
    I’ve joined a local litter picking group! At the moment it is solitary picking but when lockdown ends we are hoping for some group meetings to tackle difficult areas. It’s amazing how many cans and bottles are out there. Doing my bit for the planet.

    Well done, Iona. You must be thrilled.

    I too have very mixed feelings about going back to work. I am back on the 8th with all of the students so its going to be weird, but its only for 3 weeks until we break up for Easter and then 3 weeks off. I ordered lots of little plants from a nursery and I am hoping that they will arrive this week. There are trays of seedlings which I hope will grow too.

    I have never done litter picking, but there are groups round here that seem very well supported. I am planting up a little pathway behind our gardens. My neighbours are not gardeners and I am trying to help the pollinators by adding flowering plants to a small border with duplicates from my garden. Every little helps.

    I am going to do Monday and Thursday FD next week. Not quite sure what to do when I am back at work, perhaps a skipped breakfast and a longer fast at the weekend. Not sure yet.

    Hi Annette and Iona! I’ve been back at work a week now. Teaching a 3 hour class each day has been just exhausting. One week down, seven more to go. It does make fasting easier, however. I find if I just skip breakfast and go to the office I’m so busy I don’t even think about food till it’s 4:30 or 5 and time to go home. I’m hoping to knock off 5 or 6 lbs in the next 7 weeks, though I seem to only lose half a pound a week with two fast days, so it might be only 3 or 4. That’s ok.

    We finally got a bit above 0C for our high! Spring won’t come till April but it’s sure an improvement on -20.

    Fasting Monday and Thursday next week. Congratulations of the 2 lbs, Iona!

    Hi MM,
    Sounds like fasting and being back at work is working well, even if you are shattered. My weight loss has really slowed right down to up 2lb a month, so my focus is shifting to decreasing fat percentage which was 44% and now 34.1%.I have my eye on getting to 34%. Any decrease is a win and I can now wear and be comfortable in the smaller denim jeans. Very pleased.

    Temperature wise it is barely above 0C when I wake up and my get up to 6-8C. My back garden is south-facing but doesn’t get any sun until the afternoon at the moment.

    The best news is that I had the Covid jab yesterday afternoon. Very efficient and organised, didn’t feel anything and feel fine today. I gather that immunity takes up to 4 weeks, so I will be protected when we break up for Easter in 4 weeks , which is very exciting.

    Annette, what good news that you got your jab! It looks like I won’t get it till late April or May, though with a third vaccine now approved maybe that will speed up a bit.

    The scale jumped down a pound today! I assume it will inch back up a bit in the next few days, but it sure felt good to finally see a new number.

    Now back to grading.

    Hi MM,
    Very pleased to have been jabbed on Saturday. It feels such a positive action going forward and I feel very grateful. I really didn’t expect to get it before the summer but it looks like I will be able to get the second one in 12 weeks.

    Losing 19 lbs also helps me feel less vulnerable from Covid too. The boy who was quite low has really perked up with the hope of a new normal on the horizon and is hoping to move out in the autumn with a friend. Fingers crossed that happens too.

    Well done on the 1 lb lost, how wonderful to see a new number. I am reducing my expectations in terms of the pace of losing lbs. It has really slowed down which isn’t a surprise so I am hoping to lose 2 lbs in March, another .1% off the body fat percentage and any inch loss would be welcome.

    I am planning 2 more 24 hour FD this week before I am back to school next week. How is it going Iona?

    Onwards and downwards fast friends.

    Good afternoon
    Great news on the vaccination A, I’m hoping to hear about mine soon being in the 50’s age group.
    I tried the jeans on, and several other trousers I had forgotten I had. I can get them all fastened but some look awful, causing a big roll to spill out around the middle! But it’s progress from last time I tried. So I’m spurred on to lose enough to make them comfortable.
    I fasted for 15 hours until lunch (salad) today. Tomorrow I am back at work so will do 20+ hours of fasting.
    Goal for March is to shed 5 pounds.
    Stay strong and keep in touch.

    How did the fasting go today, everyone? I’m at 21 hours and struggling. Hoping to make it to 23 hours but those last two are hard, aren’t they! It is easier to do at work. I’m taking a break from the three hour class right now and know once we’re back in session these last two hours will fly by.

    Iona, I had the same result with my blue jeans. Got them on, but barely and had quite the “muffin” on top. But hey, we got them on, which I couldn’t have come close to 16 lbs. ago.

    Annette, as you know, my weight loss has slowed down too. The lighter we get the harder it is to lose those last ten. My goal is about the same as yours. 2 lbs down in each of March and April will put me just one pound above what I weighed for most of my 40s. My doctor said at that time that I was 5-8 lbs. overweight. Still, I was comfortable there so I might move to maintenance. Or take a run at those last five. We’ll see.

    We’re doing well!

    Hello All,
    After the jab on Saturday afternoon, apart from a tender injection site, I felt fine all morning so pottered in the garden. By lunch time I just felt very tired and struggled to keep my eyes open so did very little. I was in bed by 7 and must have fallen asleep not long after as I was awake at 4am on Monday and couldn’t go back to sleep. Decided not to fast but planned to do it an Tuesday. Then I bought food that needed to be eaten shortly. The current plan is to do Thursday and one day at the weekend.

    How did you both get on?

    I had a good day yesterday -just one meal after 23 hour fast. Didn’t feel hungry at any time during the day but had a sore throat for a couple of days. Missing breakfast today and fasting again tomorrow. Sneaky peak at the scale this morning- no change, happy with that for now.
    Weather looks just like yesterday foggy and low clouds all day. I’m just about to go for my walk but would enjoy it much more if the sun was shining!

    Very impressive, Iona.
    Its been such a grey and chilly day that I have struggled to fill it. Went out morning and afternoon for a long walk and then planted some cuttings and moved plants from the back garden to the new front garden borders. I have no idea how to fill tomorrow as its a FD.

    I tried the tape measure this morning out of curiosity and there is some further shrinkage which is very pleasing and somehow encourages me to fast. So Thursday and another fast at the weekend is the plan. I have opted for lunch to be provided at work and I have idea what that might be, but its only 3 weeks before we break up for Easter. I shall probably skip breakfast twice a week and perhaps a longer fast at the weekend. I shall make a decision at the time.

    How are you doing MM?

    Morning Fast Friends,

    Looking down the barrel of fasting all day on a chilly grey day with not a lot to do. Clothes all ready for back to school. So I got out the tape measure to compare where I was in July and where I am now. The results are quite staggering and have spurred me onto fast as long as I can today.

    Total inch loss is 20 inches! I have lost 3 inches off my bust/under bust/hips/waist. An inch off my neck, plus an inch off each calf and 2 inches off each thigh. As I am 19lbs in weight less, it seems to me that the scales and tape measure seem to mirror each other.

    I expect that I could do some cleaning if I really looked!

    Wow, Annette, those are great results! It was good that you measured all those places back in July. I only measured bust, waist, and hips so have mostly been going by how my clothes fit.

    I hope the fast day went well. By now you should be almost done. I’m also fasting today. 15 hours down.


    Hi MM,
    Hanging on by my fingertips, just got 45 minutes to go and another 24 hours in the bag.
    Its been a long cold and grey day. I have done loads of cleaning and been out for a walk too.

    Its extraordinary how many inches are no more. I always wished that I had measured my upper arms, but I always forget. Its been very helpful to have a measure that isn’t the scales even though there are clothes that no longer fit and have since been discarded.

    Keep going MM. How is going Iona?

    Well done you two on your fast days. I’m doing dinner today until dinner tomorrow🤞🏼
    Annette you can come do my cleaning anytime ~ I hate it. All that spring cleaning in the first lockdown all needs doing again now. This weekend we start on our bathroom update. I will be filling fast days with painting.
    If I can’t get in the garden I would much rather be knitting/reading/colouring all while listening to YouTube!!

    Iona, that’s what I’m doing today–dinner to dinner. It doesn’t come to exactly 24 hours, but should be somewhere between 22 and 23. Right now I’m at 21 hours.

    And I’m with you on the cleaning. I live in a log house and wiped down the tops of all the logs (for the first time in years!) last spring when we first locked down. Just the other day I noticed they’re all dusty again. Sigh.

    I hate cleaning too. The very fact that I cleaned the kitchen floor on my hands and knees gives you some idea how desperate I was to fill the time. Shower screen is also sparkling-desperate times!!!

    I decorated most of the house a year ago and have cleared out every drawer and cupboard, so if I can’t get out in the garden, its going to be cleaning to keep me busy. Thing is, no one has noticed :(.

    Walking with a friend yesterday who was rather surprised at the 19lb loss. She said that most people are going back to work heavier. All clothes washed and put away for back to school. Really looking forward to catching up with colleagues.

    I will get on the scales over the weekend to see what the numbers are before I go back to work to lunch provided. My thoughts are to skip breakfast twice a week and see how that goes for a week.

    How did it go MM?

    Hi all. I made it 23 hours yesterday and was gratified to see the scale tick down a bit this morning (though some of that could be water). Today I skipped breakfast and had a light lunch at my desk, so am looking forward to a real dinner.


    Well done MM!

    You must be delighted. You are a woman on a mission.

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