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  • I don’t know about you but somewhere between 2PM and 5 i’ve got a bell that seems to go off in my brain saying snack!

    So these days, that is usually an apple and a raw almond or two. And a glass of water. This is usually enough to quell any further hunger pangs.

    At other times I am out and about, running errands and I really don’t have time to have a sit down meal. And I’m still pretty much at a loss as to what i can eat outside of my own home that won’t drive me off the cliff! Its pretty precarious out here in France with all kinds of pastries, delicious breads, charcuteries…on every corner!

    So I always have a tangerine or something in my bag. But have to say, It is all getting pretty boring!!!!!

    What are your healthy snacks ? How do you quell that rumbling stomach?

    -Trying Harder

    I don’t snack as it IMHO is a recipe for disaster. We have all been habitualised into eating at the first sign of hunger, but it is not necessary to do so as they are not constant but come and go. I have a glass of water, and if I can I follow it up with a hot drink. If I am out and about I concentrate on something else. It is about mind over matter and not allowing yourself to give in.

    Good luck.

    That’s why you go by the name of “Amazon” and me “Trying Harder” !

    Kidding aside, of course it is a question of “mind over matter” and “not giving in”.

    But I’m in favor of trying to develop eating/meal/even snack strategies that don’t involve beating yourself up ! Nor mind control on the most drastic level. I’m not talking about eating something/anything at the first sign of a hunger pang. I’m talking about trying to develop some better habits in general. Adding to the choice available.

    Because this kind of diet seems to me to be one that I will continue on for the rest of my life.

    I’m in the last part of my life. Not the beginnings or even middle of of adulthood.

    At some point I’d like to express/live the compassion that I feel for this body of mine, having treated it poorly over the years. Yoyoing between starvation and eating it all ! Without enough exercise and moving about to compensate that eating !!

    At any rate back to the subject of snacking.

    Fennel. Chunks of raw fennel. Slightly sweet. A lot of fiber. Crunchy. I’m liking fennel as a snack !

    – Trying Harder !

    Actually it is because I don’t believe that we need to eat snacks between meals, especially when trying to change poor lifelong eating habits.

    IMHO there is a huge difference between beating yourself up and exercising some willpower which would assist in weight loss and treating one’s body with compassion.

    I know I’m a bit late to this thread but thought I’d mention that I have done well eating a bunch of snacks and only one real meal, whereas the times I failed, I didn’t give myself snacks. My mother always said I preferred as a child to ‘graze’ rather than eat meals (and I was a slim child and younger person so dealing with this middle age spread is a shock)

    I found the following to be good snacks, although maybe not super portable unless you took a small thermos: Instant miso soup (30 cal), decaf with 2 tbs of half and half (40 cal), Gherkins (5 cal for 3), a few slices of salami (roughly 40 calories for 3 slices). I’m afraid to eat fruit as a snack since as a child I could never eat sugar without a terrible blood sugar crash.

    My father is 72 and looks the best I’ve seen in decades from doing this diet.

    If you really must snack, which I prefer not to, olives are the perfect answer. Savoury, tasty and low calorie. About 4 calories each, depending on variety and size.

    Healthy air popped popcorn, but like amazon points to. I try not to make it a regular habit.
    However if I do snack more than my calorie limit. Popcorn usually keeps me from grazing on to full meals worth of calories. Popcorn is actually an unprocessed whole grain . It’s the shell of kernel that is healthy. Not so much the fluffy part , but the parts that get stuck in our teeth. Full of fiber and polyphenols.

    Sometimes I flavor with unsweetened dark chocolate powder for the resveratrol.

    While the benefits are questionable, there very little evidence that it harmful.

    I do try my level best to have three meals on feed days , and two on fast days.
    But when I find myself grazing on other people’s foods, I’ll go for the popcorn and try to feel sated.
    Where as like amazon points. , the fruits sometimes uncork my hunger genie on a fast day. So if it’s a 3rd fast day of the week, I tread lightly on anything . However on feed days. , popcorn is my thing!

    Olives – inspired thank you. GL

    My goal is to avoid snacks, but there are phases in my life, where I simply snack. In these moments I try to snack on the following:

    Cucumber with different salts is a delicious snack. Or garlic powder slightly sprinkled over them. Try discover your spice cabinet!

    Raw kohlrabi with salt.

    Cherry tomatoes. They are so sweet.

    A slice of ham. (not exactly my favorite, because it requires control to stick to one slice)

    Another snack (but not for anyone avoiding carbs), when I really crave for potato chips: rice cracker that are seasoned with BBQ-flavour or sour creme and onion flavour.

    Also I like to drink hot cocoa, when I crave for sth sweet and filling.

    Interested to hear more ideas.

    I buy a bunch of different berries and mix them in small containers and put in fridge. Pretty good snack that takes you a couple of minutes to finish at least 🙂

    Do you always take healthy snacks with you to avoid buying sth thoughtlessly?

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