If your clothes are looser but the scales are the same, read on

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If your clothes are looser but the scales are the same, read on

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  • Congratulations on another 24 hour fast, Annette! Way to go!

    I’m almost up to 21 hours and will probably quit there. It does help to be really busy, doesn’t it? I was working on my book all day and found that hunger sort of came and went. When it would come and I could hear all sorts of foods calling my name from the kitchen behind me it helped to remember I’d told you I was fasting and you were too.

    By the way, the book I’m writing is on artificial intelligence and authentic relationships. I’m looking at whether we can have an authentic relationship with an AI (no) and then what all the hidden AI programs in our world do to our human-human relationships. Right now I’m writing about how the mind is essentially embodied.


    Thank you. Another on Thursday, will you join me?

    How did you get on MM?

    Great to be busy and it was fine. Cellar looks amazing too. I very nearly turned round and walked away when I looked at it! No idea what I am going to line up for Thursday.

    Book sounds fascinating but what are the hidden AI programs in our world?

    MM I forgot to comment on your slimmer face and legs, and looser rings. I log stats on the graph and was a bit annoyed about measuring my neck. The tape measure reduced on my neck and my legs looked slimmer before there was any change to waist/hips/bust.

    What I know to be true is that I have to keep the faith that Intermittent fasting will make a change. Usually never as quickly as I think is reasonable,but it’s just the way it is.

    I bought a lovely summer skirt several years ago from a charity shop that I have never been able to wear. At the start I couldn’t get it on at all and now I can do the zip most of the way. My plan is to wear it as the weather warms up and I will know what a huge achievement it will be.

    Keep going fast friends.

    Keep up the good work ladies! I seem to staggering from crisis to crisis! I have started counting calories today to shock myself into realising just what I am consuming. Fasting is so difficult when I am at home with hubby all day, he just grazes constantly. I need to get myself in a better frame of mind and just bloody well get on with it.
    My friend has just booked a Spa weekend in July for 6 of us, no idea if we will be allowed such things by then, but the thought of wearing swimwear!!!!!

    I think that getting through this pandemic the best way we can, is quite an achievement, Iona.

    I have bought loads of food this morning, to get us through the expected snow next week. A couple of desserts leapt into my basket but I have decided that the only joy is food at the moment. I had a very low day yesterday and despite forcing myself out for yet another walk on my own, and an hour pottering and planning in the garden, I never really felt happy.

    Today I am fasting with the plan to get to 24 hours again. Its lashing down with rain, so it might be touch and go. Having been out walking/shopping this morning I am hoping that I can get out again this afternoon to fill up some time.

    I did get the tape measure out this morning and there seems to be less of me but not on my waist, sadly. Ho hum.

    Hi Annette and Iona!

    This morning a friend sent me this article which I found really helpful. It seems we’re all hitting the “pandemic wall” these days. We’ve been under stress for a year and the end isn’t quite in sight yet. I had a really bad day yesterday and ended up yelling expletives at the dog when she had an accident on the carpet and then feeling like rubbish as she slunk off with her tail between her legs. We’re all struggling right now. Even the dog.

    Annette, if it helps you get though these last few hours, I’m fasting today too. I’m trying for a Monday Thursday schedule. Today the scale was down another 2 tenths of a pound. Not a big win, but I’ll take it. On the other hand, I know what you both mean about how food seems like the only fun thing these days. I’m doing much more baking than I usually do, simply because it’s something to do (and I’ve got to stop watching old episodes of Bake Off!)

    Here it’s going to be about 20C below these next few days, so walking isn’t really in the cards, except on the treadmill. I try to walk two or three miles a day, reading while on the treadmill, but it’s pretty boring.

    Anyway, hang in there, friends. We will get through this somehow.

    Well that is another 24 hours in the bag. There was a slice of lemon tart at dinner but I enjoyed every morsel. Yes, every Monday and Thursday are my FD. Do join me.

    Interesting article, thank you. I do feel as if my battery has run out which in a sense it has. I am limiting any news updates and spent the afternoon watching 2 films as the rain lashed down outside. I watched The Dig and I do love Erin Brokovitch. Both very good.

    I have joined a beginners Macrame group on FB and have ordered more cord as there are some interesting videos that look possible for a complete novice. I love gardening and find it totally immersive and that is how I am finding the Macrame bag. I have to concentrate and it is calming.

    I can’t imagine those temperatures!!!

    My plan tomorrow is to fill lots of seed trays and then bring them indoors for me to plant up and keep indoors until the spring. It will give me something to do and something tangible to look forward to as well.

    Tomorrow its scales and tape measure. The skirt is about an inch off the zip going all of the way up.

    Very pleased with the results of x4 24 hour fasts. I have lost 4lb, which brings me to a total of 13.4lb to get to goal. Its debatable whether there is less of me, rather depends on which bit the tape measure is on but my fat percentage has also gone down a smidgen too.

    Been out walking for 3 hours this morning. The first part I got soaked in a very heavy shower but then blue skies and sunshine, which helped to lift my mood further.

    Onwards and downwards fast friends.

    Congratulations on the 4 lbs, Annette! That’s great! I’m sure all the walking is helping, as well as the 24 hour fasts.

    I made it through 20 hours yesterday. My scale inched down another .2 today, so I’m happy. Back below the BMI line for overweight, barely. I’m trying for a hour on the treadmill each day, but often can’t mentally manage more than 45 minutes. It’s -14C right now with a stiff N wind. Even the dog does not want to walk today!

    I’m exactly 10 lbs. from my goal, so we’re in the same ballpark (though I have to admit that I’d be satisfied with 7-8 lbs, which puts me at the weight I was all through my 50s). I’m not dropping the weight as fast as you are. I finish this term in mid-April so hope to be near my goal then.

    Thank you but I think that I am losing faster than you simply because I am heavier than you.

    Well done on the fasting and scales. Treadmill is deadly dull, so I would always walk but as its so cold by you that isn’t an option. Have you had a look at any you tube videos for Pilates? That might be a welcome change.

    A mini goal of 10lbs to lose is in my sights but I am guessing that might be in March and then just 7lb to lose in April would make me deliriously happy.

    Its baby steps. I am struggling now, and feeding the boy and me each evening with food that we both enjoy is challenging. I have splashed out with pre-prepared food and a dessert each evening. Its just the way it is at the moment and I accept that.

    Annette -4 pounds is a great result, well done!
    I’m logging calories on my fitness pal and it’s really helping. I am determined to do some fasting next week even if its only missing breakfast to begin with.
    I’ve been moving snowdrops in the garden and feel so much better when I’m out there working or just checking out what’s going on, bulbs, buds, birds etc
    I am also doing some decorating – which I’m not enjoying – but it needs doing so I’m just getting on with it!
    Have a good weekend, cold, snowy weather is forecast here.

    Thanks Iona, that’s for 2 weeks and x4 24 hour fasts. I have been trying to lose that pesky 3lb that went on over Christmas.

    I started fasting again by skipping breakfast and I think that was a good way to start. Then I pushed lunch back do got to 20 hours. The following week I just decided that I was doing 24 hours and filled the days to keep me occupied.

    I decorated the entire house last March. I have sorted all cupboards etc. Now the cellar is organized too.

    I love being in the garden,my happy pla e. I have a stash of seeds,so will start planting indoors on Monday.

    It sounds like a chilly week ahead with snow forecast, nothing like Minnesota! For that I am very grateful!

    The wind is howling and it’s very cold. Currently skipped breakfast and aiming to skip Lunch too. So much easier to do when the weather is warm.

    How is everyone doing today?

    Well, no howling wind, but it was -28 yesterday when I got up. This morning, a wee bit warmer, but still -23. I went out to fill all the bird feeders. I feel so sorry for them in this weather. The dog, too, comes in shaking when she goes out to do her business.

    I’m fasting today and agree, Annette, that it isn’t easy in this cold. I think there’s something atavistic about feeling the need to eat when it’s cold out. But it really does help to know you’re fasting on Mondays too.

    Yesterday I was just hungry all day. Ended the day with a plate of nachos, I think because it was our American Super Bowl football day and one sees adds for snack food everywhere. So the scale was not kind this morning, but I’m assuming much of it is salt-water.

    Carry on, everyone and stay warm.

    We have had a snowy few days and more to come. My dog loves it!
    I’m still counting calories and doing ok, skipped breakfast today and maybe lunch, let’s see how it goes!

    Time to confess, its not going well. Feeling very low and struggling now. The bitterly cold winds and grey days have tipped me from being Okay to sliding into gloom. Been out walking this morning which has helped my mood and filled up the morning.

    Mondays FD managed to get to 20 hours and then I caved in. I will have another go on Thursday and see how far I can get.

    MM your winter temperatures are too cold and the summer looks far too hot. I shall have to visit in the spring! We heard about the super bowl over here. I think you are right about the drive to eat when its so cold, makes sense.

    Iona, sounds like all is going well. I shall have to think about you and MM to carry me through on Thursday.

    Being housebound isn’t doing a lot for my mood either these days. My week is full of meetings for the university and virtual attendance at a conference which means sitting in front of the computer all day. The only good thing is the meetings do make it easier to fast.

    The scale was kind this morning. Yesterday’s fast took care of the rest of the Christmas weight. I’ll be fasting again on Thursday. I only manage 20 hours on my fast days, Annette. I end the fast with a late tea and fiber bar. Yesterday I tried on a dress that has not fit well for a long time. It wasn’t a perfect fit but it was much improved. Another five pounds and I think it will be fit for public wear again.

    The time to visit Minnesota is autumn. It’s all lakes and woods here. The trees are just gorgeous in October and the mosquitoes are gone. We joke here that there are two seasons–winter and mosquito.

    Hang in there, everyone. We’re in the winter/pandemic doldrums. And stay healthy!

    Sounds glorious in the autumn MM.

    Excellent news on the dress. I can see how meetings can fill the time on a FD even if they are dull and you are sat at a computer for hours. I find those online meetings hard as I never know whose turn it is next.

    I hadn’t realised how important those many social interactions were in a day and just how difficult it is to communicate with someone when half their face is covered. Drama teacher said that it made us 40% deaf, which really doesn’t surprise me.

    I am going to get back to listening to podcasts and try a free online course. I am finding reading a book hard to concentrate on, so that might be a compromise.

    I can’t see me going back to school anytime soon, but its such a waste when its far too cold to be out in the garden. Another day most of the way through…

    How’s it going, everyone? Annette, you making it through Thursday? I’m 15 hours into my fast day and struggling. But I think I can make it through another five hours. We’ll see.

    The continued below zero (Fahrenheit) temperatures and turmoil at school are getting me down. As is the painfully slow vaccination rate here. I tell myself February is always a low month. It helps a little.

    Take care everyone.

    Hi MM,
    You are doing well, keep going.

    I woke at 4 am and couldn’t get back to sleep, was frozen by the morning and decided to swap the FD for either tomorrow or the weekend when the temperature gets above 0C. I might skip breakfast on both days. I will make the decision in the morning.

    Food is proving a challenge with the boy. Food that we both enjoy is carb heavy and puddings have crept in every day too. He has had several that he thought were wonderful in his memory but are not quite so fabulous now that he is 24. I suspect that the puddings will not feature after the weekend when we have finished what we have. We are both on furlough and struggling with the uncertainty.

    I went out for a walk this morning and it was perishing in the wind. The good news is that my sister got has been jabbed before she thought that she would be, which is a relief as she is vulnerable. She had a phone call to see if she could be there in half an hour. I suspect that there had been cancellations due to snow, so she was offered and could get there.

    I think that until we get to March, its tough. I am seeing each day as a victory, even if I am watching rather more TV than I would otherwise.

    Let us know how you have got on. I will report in when I have fasted too.
    How are you doing Iona?

    As promised, it was a real struggle but I managed 18 hours. I have been hungry all morning and food obsessed. Its still perishing with a wicked wind chill. Weight is steady.

    On the plus side, I am 7kg lighter than I was in May and waist is 3 inches smaller with 2 inches less on both the bust and the hips. Neck is an inch smaller and is at goal, hurrah.

    I had a clothes try on this morning and everything looks so much better. My summer trousers that I couldn’t get on are now looking a bit baggy over the thighs.

    The plan is to get some longer fasts in next week. We will finish the desserts tomorrow and then its been agreed that we will move to fresh fruit, so that should certainly help.

    February goal was 4 lb and I have lost 2 with 2 weeks to go. Should be possible without desserts and hot cross buns! How are you doing?

    Well done, Annette! You’re making great progress toward your goals.

    I, too, have lost 2 lbs. in the last three weeks and finally lost 1″ on the waist (hooray!). My waist is still 2″ above being half my height–I’m a real apple. So while I don’t have that many lbs to lose, they’re all on the waist.

    I have noticed some real improvement in my legs. I didn’t measure, but as I slide out of bed I can see some muscle definition in both calf and thigh. Looking in the mirror, things look a lot better.

    I’ve had trouble with the desserts too. I think the cold weather really triggers something that makes us crave carbs. Of course, watching Bake Off doesn’t help. 🙂

    I’ll be fasting again on Monday. Hang in there, everyone.

    Thank you MM. I was feeling a bit of a failure earlier but had to remind myself that maintaining after a loss is a win in these difficult times.

    You are doing well. Congratulations!

    My legs too are slimmer all over and I am enjoying the muscular definition too. The tape measure just doesn’t capture the slimmer and trimmer ankles and thighs.

    I think that the desire for sweet things and more carbs is linked to cold weather, a primeval urge to keep us alive, I suspect. Or perhaps an excuse!

    I am so bored and one of the things to occupy me is what we are going to eat each day. All of the Easter goods are in the shops and once we have got past Valentines day tomorrow it is shops full of chocolate to navigate.

    Who is joining me for a FD today?
    I have skipped breakfast and off out for a walk soon to fill in time this morning. I am planning to skip lunch and eat at dinner this evening.

    I seem to be stuck in a revolving door of the same 3lbs that I have been gaining and losing for several months now. Clearly the recent desserts and hot cross buns haven’t helped either but we are having fruit now and no buns.

    With 4 more fast days until the end of the month, my goal is to shift 2lb. This will finally give me a weight that hasn’t been seen in a very long time and that also seems possible.

    Longer term goals are simply 4lb loss each month and another 2 inches off the waist, as well as maintaining intermittent fasting as simply a way of life going forward.

    I am with you today Annette! I am hoping to fast until dinner this evening, I feel fine atm not hungry at all. I have been thinking about all my good work before Christmas and now I’m drifting back to the old ways. Not good! I need to get back to regular fasting and as you say, make it a way of life, not just a hit and miss fad.
    My weight has been static for weeks now, so I’m taking the positive from that, I am not gaining.
    A 4 pound loss each month would be fantastic, I really want to try and achieve that now.
    The snow has completely gone overnight! I’ve been out walking this morning and will go again later today, I even got back to doing my stretches before bed last night. Things are looking up.
    Have a good week everyone, talk soon.

    Hi Iona and Annette! I’m fasting with you both also, though six hours behind. I’m trying hard to stay on a M-Th schedule and it’s worked for the last few weeks. I’m just starting my day, so have about 7 hours to go for the 20 hours I usually fast.

    But . . . this morning I put on a pair of black jeans and a tight black top I bought at Mango years ago and looked in the mirror and was stunned. I looked years younger, and much more like my old self. That gave me a much needed boost and the impetus to do the fast today, despite it being -28 outside. Brrrrrr!

    I find it takes at least 3 fast days for me to lose a pound. I did the math, and being small, I just don’t need that many calories each day. So I hope to lose maybe another pound and a half this month but will settle for a pound. Like you, Annette, I’ve somehow got to get 2″ off the waist. I know I’ll never get back to the 28″ waist I used to have (menopause, darn it!) but I do want a healthy waist measurement.

    Ok, time to get to work. I have a conference with a few folks on your side of the pond in an hour. My heart goes out to you both on furlough. I’d be lost without my job right now.

    Hang in there,

    Thanks MM. I managed 18.5 hours today and after a long walk had to eat a banana as I was very hungry. My husband has finally come around to the fact that we both eat too much so is on board to try and cut carbs and portion sizes and increase the veg. I will fast again on Wed to get me back in the swing of it.

    Hello All,

    I managed 24 hours today. I was out walking for 2 hours this morning without a hat and gloves. Then I spent the afternoon in the garden without a coat and its been fabulous. As usual, the last 3 hours were difficult and it took a film and every distraction that I could think of not to cave in.

    MM you must be on the home straight now. How wonderful to hear about the jeans and top. Makes such a difference when clothes look good, doesn’t it? I must fish out some clothes that looked very dowdy when I was much larger, it will be interesting to see how I look now. That is a very slender waist MM.I am at 37″ and now the healthy waist measurement of a man, sadly I am a short woman!!!

    Its pretty tricky thinking of things to fill the day with MM. I am quite happy to go out walking for an hour or two, but I do need a purpose and the temperature above freezing. Retirement doesn’t look great anymore.

    Iona, well done! That all sounds very positive. Great to have support from your husband.

    How did you get on MM?

    Congratulations all! We all had a good day. I managed 20 hours, and just broke my fast with the fiber bar. Now I’ll wait another three hours for dinner, passing an hour of that on the treadmill. It’s waaaaay too cold to get any further than the end of the driveway outside. But they say it will warm up slowly starting tomorrow.

    Iona, so glad your husband is on board. That will make it so much easier to cook healthy.

    Annette, I’m only 5’2″ and small framed. So I should get my waist down to 31″ for it to be half my height (and to get back into half my clothes). Yeah, I used to be really slender. Won’t ever be that again, but really do want to get rid of those last 2″ on the waist. I’ve got 8.5 lbs. to go to get to my target weight of 125, which seems like the home stretch, but it gets harder and harder to lose as I get lighter. I’m sure it will be another three months before I get there. At least I don’t cringe now every time I pass a mirror.

    Next fast day on Thursday.


    Hi MM,
    I am an inch shorter than you! IF I can get down to a 34″ inch waist and knock another 2 inches off the bust and hips then that will be completely wonderful and I will be very happy. My goal is 140lbs and then I will see what I look like and whether I want to lose more or maintain.

    Its rather fabulous not to cringe when you pass a mirror isn’t it? My beach ball body has been replaced by a waist. So delighted and its all been worth the changes that have been made.

    I’ve had another reasonable day, no breakfast, light lunch and a few pancakes for Shrove Tuesday at 6pm. That’s it! Fasting now until dinner tomorrow evening, think it’s going to be more difficult than Monday. Hmmm🤔

    Good luck, Iona. Sometimes I find it easy and sometimes it’s hard. No idea what factors make the difference.

    I have had a dress try on and can’t quite do up to the zip of a favourite dress and several others look okay if I hold my breath 😉

    I am hoping that ditching desserts and hot cross buns plus 4 FD are going to improve the dress situation. I may do Friday as a FD this week as I am out walking with a friend on Friday and Thursday looks very wet.

    Iona, I hope your fast is going well. You will be into those last hard hours.

    Your mention of Shrove Tuesday reminded me that today is Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent. So I am fasting with you today, just beginning (well, what with sleeping I’m 14 hours in, which sounds hopeful).

    Good luck with the dress, Annette. I tried on a few skirts over the weekend. One I could do up the zip, but it was tight (though it is denim, which does stretch as you wear it). Another, the zip only came up half way and I thought “wow, did I ever fit into this?”

    The biggest factor I have found for making fasting easier is keeping really busy. And out of the kitchen!

    Hi MM,
    I hope all is going well for both of you fasting today. I think that its going to take another month or so before I can do that dress up and breathe and if I can so up the zip to the top of that cute skirt then, I will be thrilled.

    Keeping busy and out of the kitchen is key on a FD. I have to admit to struggling to fill the time as I am at home all of the time.

    Weather looks rather wet and windy, but I am grateful that below 0C is currently no more. The boy and I have just menu planned the next few days, so I may fast either tomorrow or Friday.

    I hope all went well, Iona and MM.

    I stood on the scales this am out of curiosity and was very disappointed that the scales haven’t moved, however, the fat percentage is now a smidgen lower which is pleasing. I tried on several dresses and some that I literally couldn’t get on, I now can.

    I have been toying with the idea of skipping breakfast today and tomorrow, but I will see how I go today. Its a real challenge shopping when I am trying to buy for several days at a time and then find myself with lots of short date food to eat at a time as i forgot to take my reading glasses.

    Yesterday’s fast was fairly easy. I was hoping to do 20 hours. However my daily walk with my daughter could only be done then due to her work load. So at 19.5 hours I broke the fast with carrot and hummus! I was mindful with my evening meal, added extra veg to replace potatoes and nothing to nibble on in the evening which was becoming a bit of a habit. I have missed breakfast today and will aim to do the same tomorrow before weigh day on Saturday.
    I have been getting all my groceries delivered in lockdown Annette, so I’m at the mercy of the pickers with sell by dates. Generally speaking though it has been fine.
    I may try on some dresses next week or may wait until March when hopefully it won’t be quite so depressing!

    I made it 20.5 hours yesterday, so not that much more than you, Iona. This morning the scale had crept down .2 of a pound. Two fast days in a week seems to amount to half a pound loss for me, which is agonizingly slow. But I tell myself slow and steady wins the race and it’s far better than creeping up a half pound a week as it did over the holidays.

    I’m trying to stop eating dessert after dinner. We’ll see if I can make that last.

    I, too, have been getting my groceries delivered since our local store is not enforcing the mask mandate. I do go into the co-op once a month but have otherwise tried to stay out of stores.

    It’s snowing again this morning. The combination of pandemic and winter blues is really getting me down. Hope you two are coping.

    I woke at 6am due to the torrential rain and decided to skip breakfast with the full intention of having lunch. I managed to fill the morning with emptying and cleaning all of the bird feeders and then refilling them. Then in the chilly back garden I filled 2 sacks of plant pruning for collection tomorrow. That got me to 12 noon when a hot cup of tea managed to delay lunch until 2pm, so 20 hours in the bag. How I am going to fill the time next week?

    MM its really hard, isn’t it? I limit my exposure to anything covid related to the news in the morning only. I have also been taking a vitamin D tablet for the first time ever through the autumn and winter and I think its helped lift my mood. If it is the placebo effect, I don’t care either. I was reading something about helping lift the mood in the pandemic and one of the suggestions was to listen to podcasts to distract the mind. I usually listen to them when I walk to an from work which is 45 minutes each way and is both distracting and often very interesting. Can I recommend ‘Fortunately’ with Fi and Jane. Very amusing and you could get it via itunes. I was also reading on Twitter from Dr David Unwin about the link between depression and sweet foods. I certainly feel better without the desserts.

    Well done Iona. I broke my fast with crusty bread and brie, it was gorgeous but might also be holding me back. We are eating all sorts of carbohydrates which isn’t ideal but it is the only meal that the boy is eating. I am trying to give him more than me to sort of compensate but I am hoping for some movement on the scales too.

    Thanks for the suggestions, Annette. I take vitamin D in the winter too, since even if I get outside I’m bundled up from head to toe. But I often forget to take it so will try to be more regular.

    I’m getting an extra fast in today. I had a filling come loose so had to go to the dentist this morning. Now my mouth is too numb to eat properly, so I decided why not just go for another fast day.

    The sun is finally shining here and the temperature is above 0F. Amazing what that does for the mood.

    Hope you have a good weekend.

    Oh no MM. The dentist fills me with dread. Great idea to fast again. Sunshine and temperature above zero, makes the world of difference. Poor souls in Texas.

    Its my first year of taking vitamin D over the winter. I keep the packet on top of my water by the bed. I take the tablet as soon as I wake up, before I do anything else as I was struggling to remember to take it.

    I shall get on the scales in the morning but I am not hopeful for any change, even though I put the hot cross buns back on the shelf this afternoon after a 3 hour walk this morning when I was starving.

    We have moved onto fresh fruit salad here now too.

    Morning All,

    Well as predicted, I am stuck at a weight and inch loss that seems impossible to shift further. I have been here before and know that sometimes its just the way it is. Sadly, I can’t remember what happened in the past to get things moving again.

    On the plus side, I am still 17lb lighter which is quite an achievement in these difficult times. I shall have to see what changes I can make to what I am eating after the current meal planning which has been dictated by use by dates for most of next week.

    It is rather annoying that I put the hot cross buns back and didn’t go in the fish and chip shop for a small portion. I could have enjoyed both!

    Onwards and downwards fast friends.

    Good morning,

    After three fast days this week my weight also has not shifted, so I share your frustration, Annette. After my holiday gain right I’m back to where I was in October. On the other hand, as you point out, I am 13 lbs lighter than last year at this time. I find that often the scale just doesn’t move for a week or two and then it suddenly takes a 1 or 2 lb jump down. In the meantime recall that dress you were able to zip and think of how different we’ll look in our spring clothes, once spring comes.

    Good for you putting the hot cross buns back. Perhaps you could save them for an Easter treat.

    Carry on everyone!

    Well I don’t mean to gloat but ~ 2 pounds down this morning! I feel like I’ve made a big effort this week, I just hope I can keep the momentum going. I have fasted and cut back on portion size and I have been watching Youtube videos to get me back in the mind set.
    We have booked our flights for Ibiza in the summer for a wedding – no idea if we will be allowed to travel but at least its something to aim for!!
    I’m going back to work part time in March so fasting will be easier then. I must get myself organised and plan meals ahead, may do some batch cooking for the freezer tomorrow.
    Enjoy the weekend guys

    Talk soon

    Hi MM,
    I love hot cross buns, the original with dried fruit and spices. Sadly, I am the only one that likes them, so its always a pack of 4 just for me. My halo was glowing when I put them back on the shelf. They are high in sugar, which is the only number that I look for but I will take your advice and leave them for Easter.

    I have found that the scales can be very demoralising when in fact, changes that can’t be measured by them are ignored. I have several summer dresses that would look better if there was less of me, I feel they currently look ‘matronly’ but my legs are slimmer and more shapely. I tried on my leggings that I wore to Pilates. I had stopped wearing them for a very long time because they looked dreadful and now they don’t.

    I have been thinking about what I can do to shrink my waist. So back to ditching the lunchtime toast and something, to fish and salad over the weekend and then back to a FD again on Monday.

    Well done Iona!

    I hope to have some good news next weekend.

    Congratulations, Iona! Portion sizes really matter, don’t they. I’m going to try to cut back on the carbs for a few weeks to see if I can get off this plateau.

    I start teaching again on Monday so that should help. I have a standing desk in my office so will be on my feet much more of the day. Will also be away from the kitchen 🙂

    I tried on jeans today. My white ones were a little tight, but I could wear them. The denims I could zip up, but couldn’t move! The black ones–don’t know if I’ll ever fit in them again. It may be expecting too much from this post-menopausal body. So I’ll focus on the white ones fitting comfortably by summer.

    We’re doing well, ladies!

    Inspired by your comments, MM, I dug out summer shorts that I haven’t been able to wear for a very long time(unable to pull them up at all), to see what the situation is now. Well, I can get them on and do them up but they are a bit tight. So, over the coming months, these will also be a measure of success. I too have a pair of denim jeans that are a bit tight and summer trousers that are now very wearable.

    Lucky you being back at work, away from the kitchen and with a standing desk. I shall have to channel you on FD next week! I can fill some time out in the garden when the weather is not wet but its so much harder when its vile.

    Iona, going back to work in March part time sounds good. I love having some structure to my day and have missed that being on furlough. I will have to wait and see what Boris says tomorrow although I am not expecting very much change until the majority have been vaccinated.

    FD for me Monday and Thursday.

    What lovely weather we have had today, springlike indeed. I have been out moving my snowdrops around the garden and then trying to finish painting the bedroom!
    I will be fasting on Monday too, and then Wednesday. I am hoping to do 24 hours this week!
    I forgot to say that a few years ago I started taking Vit D from Oct to March, in line with daylight saving. Mainly as I had heard it helps with psoriasis and I had a few small patchy outbreaks. I’m pleased to report that these have now completely cleared – coincidence perhaps, but I will continue to take it for the other benefits.

    Have a good week ladies ~ we can do this!

    Sounds lovely Iona. Sadly it rained for most of the day in the SW, so I didn’t get much time in the garden and now its raining again today. I am fasting today and planning to get to dinner this evening making it 24 hours.

    Now that schools are opening in 2 weeks, that means I can do x4 24 hour fasts before I go back. Feeling rather anxious and I am hoping that I will get my first vaccination before then but who knows?

    Onwards and downwards fast friends.

    I am at 19 hours and feel full on energy. Another lovely day so I’ve been cutting down a hazel tree today! Pretty exhausted now though!
    Will try and hold off with dinner until I pass 24 hours 🤞
    Keep going fast friends.

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