If your clothes are looser but the scales are the same, read on

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If your clothes are looser but the scales are the same, read on

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  • tomtommum,

    You and I are in the same boat, going down a chocolate river!! I did so well in the first 9 weeks, and have really struggled the last 7 weeks. It’s like two steps forward and 1 1/2 steps backwards.

    So excited and very successful in the beginning, and felt so good. Don’t honestly know what is going on, but maybe both of us knowing we are not alone, might get us through today…..

    thanks TidyChick ! so good to have a hand to hold in the ether ! what is it about chocolate…. the devil’s food!

    exactly the same boat – first 5 weeks have been great, and now i just can’t find the motivation.

    I think it didn’t help that having lost the best part of 10lbs and feeling so pleased with myself it seems absolutely no-one has noticed other than my 10 year old son, who admitted last week that “you have gone down a bit, Mum” as if i were a deflating balloon (which is pretty much how i was feeling at the time !!).

    anyway, onwards and upwards, i have a friend coming for supper who is coeliac and eats like a sparrow anyway, and spends all evening talking about herself, so that will be a good distraction !!

    hang in there TidyChick, the chocolate river may not dry up, but I reckon we are a pretty good crew on our boatride to slimness & good health !!

    Hello Everyone,
    First fast day this week, splitting headache no idea why but sort of managed it..mostly. Today is the 2nd fast day which is going ok so far and I do feel more motivated than Tuesday and no idea why.

    If it’s any consolation, I had friends who didn’t notice that I’d lost 20 lbs!!!!!But they also have a weight issue so I think that might be about perspective.

    I love chocolate too and it is indeed work of the devil.

    I am away for a weekend of dancing(Ceroc) with a slender work colleague, so I intend to see what she eats and copy her.I may just slip onto the scales tomorrow to see if there is any impact, but if there isn’t then I will wait until next week!

    Lets see what we can lose in inches/lbs/dress sizes by Christmas? It’s just over 10 weeks to go. Any targets? Mine is for the scales to start with a 9.

    Now the weather has finally turned chilly I tried on my cardigans(which were rather tight with buttons pulling)…they are all hanging off me(size 14), so sadly I will have to go shopping soon probably for size 10. Keep going everyone, we can do it. It may be tough sometimes, but it is so worth it.


    Ha ha, you made me smile! I hope you’re having a nice dinner in spite of your self absorbed friend. I know, feed her a load of chocolate! ! 😉

    I keep telling myself, this too shall pass. So we won’t give up this time, chocolate and all!

    Well y’all, I’ve struggled this week. It’s that time of the month for me & I’m bloated & yuck feeling. Today should’ve been a fast day for me, but I do an intense workout on Tuesdays & Thursdays plus I had a team tennis match tonight. I decided with all that, it probably wasn’t a good fast day! So I decided I would do it Saturday…& now I just remembered we’re celebrating my mother-in-law’s birthday Saturday!!! Oh my. Just another frustration for the week. Oh well!!

    Truly, I enjoy these posts from everyone!! It keeps me motivated!! And I too enjoyed the friend story from @tomtommum. But I’m afraid I sound like your friend tonight!!! Ha! It’s all about ME!! Ha.

    Here’s hoping everyone has a fantastic Friday!!

    Hope this helps re the chocolate. From FasterEFT, a tapping approach which includes a lot of neurolinguistic programming (NLP) to release overeating specific foods.

    This first NLP one I’ll mention doesn’t actually include tapping. Close your eyes and think about someone you first shared chocolate with, perhaps regularly. Or perhaps whoever gave it to you. Was it someone in your family? A best friend? Whoever it was, picture them in your mind’s eye and see yourself enjoying it with them. Notice the good feelings. Now, just decide to mentally put the chocolate aside and send the loving feelings you’ve felt for it to the person you remembered. Wait a couple of seconds for them to “receive it” and then imagine they’re sending that love back to you. You’re likely to notice that it wasn’t the chocolate you “loved”, it was the person. Somehow the cravings for chocolate change. (I wrote a list and over time I gradually worked on everything I over ate including roast potatoes, hot chips, pasta and ice cream. It really set me free.)

    My love of potato crisps was sorted differently in a class. I had an unopened packet in front of me and followed the process of imagining to smelling the crisps, tapping, then eventually smelling and tasting them, as explained in the links below. Soon after I went to buy some but put them back on the shelf. The buying was a habit, but I just didn’t want them after all. I only remembered why later, which was interesting.

    Here are some links for interest:
    Short – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knz-iO8j5Zc
    Medium – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVZFBFXk5pg
    Longer – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlb4Y4OP1s8

    I’m on the 5:2 because I needed an eating strategy that really works. I find the semi fasting two days a week brilliant and without cravings my non-fast days are easy. Let’s know how you go.


    oh, that chocolate gremlin! are y’all of an age to be dealing with hormone fluctuations that could make resisting chocolate harder? I had a lot more difficulty when I was younger(going to be 61 next week) I think one thing that seems to be helping me resist is the idea that I’m not on a “diet”.

    you are all doing so well. be patient with yourselves and you WILL get there!

    Annette, good for you! lovely warm new sweaters! my goal is to wear those size ten trousers I have hanging in my closet. that would make me really happy.

    Heather, thanks for sharing the tapping, and visualization techniques. going to check them out more closely.

    fasting day for me. hope everyone is having a great day.

    Hey Heather – glad you brought up the NLP thingy. Long before it was called NLP I was given some ‘self talk’ tips to help me with a few problems I was having. Nightmares; being chased and not able to get away, falling falling, that sort of thing. Lots of adolescents and teenagers go through it and some people never learn strategies to deal with it and suffer anxiety all their lives.

    My ‘self talk’, which even worked while I was dreaming, was to imagine turning around and facing up to the thing chasing me. Like a cartoon character, if the thing chasing me was big, I made myself bigger. If it was ugly and smelly I made myself uglier and smellier and much much nastier. Like in the best cartoons by effort of will I could always defeat the monster chasing me. I could be Road Runner and make a coyote out of my fears.

    After being overweight for a long time, and setting out on the 5:2 journey, I unconsciously started a ‘self talk’ and I employ it at those moments when I’m about to eat the thing I know is not going to help. “you don’t need that; look away”. I’ve made a ‘monster’ out of the food conglomerates lacing processed food with sugars and salts and other crap, and I am bigger and cleverer and much much nastier than them.

    ” I’ve made a ‘monster’ out of the food conglomerates lacing processed food with sugars and salts and other crap, and I am bigger and cleverer and much much nastier than them.”

    Or you could just visualize worms and roaches and fleas coming out of that food, getting bigger and bigger, until you really have to turn away, sickened.

    Once is probably enough, but just to make sure…

    Oh Rocky nooooooooooo. That way lies some nasty eating disorder. I don’t want to get all American Psycho about my food. I LOVE food. What I want to do is eat less (a lot less) of really good food. I just want the mental equipment to be able to resist the temptation to eat crap.

    “resist the temptation to eat crap.”

    You can choose what that would be.

    Keep the good stuff.

    Hello All,
    I did step on the scales before the weekend to find that I had lost 2 lbs and an inch! Back yesterday from a dancing weekend…a total of 12 hours dancing in 2 days. I am shattered.

    I am fasting today and it seems to be going OK. I have got my MoJo back, no idea where it went or how it came back, but I am back in the zone.

    I have no desire to do any NLP or imagining horrid things coming out of food.I just want to eat a reasonable amount of food and enjoy it, no guilt at all.I want to be healthy and a reasonable weight/shape for my height.

    There is no way that I would have had the stamina to dance all weekend if I hadn’t started the 5:2 in January. I wish that I had started it sooner, but i am pleased that I gave it a go in the first place.

    I hope that you are all doing well today.

    “a dancing weekend…a total of 12 hours dancing in 2 days. ”

    That’s remarkable and interesting.

    How often do you do that?

    started fasting diet with aim of losing weight 2wks. ago deciding monday and wednesday to be my fasting days.Fasting days to eat nothing and drink only water, black coffee and tea. Initial weight 11st. Weight on the thursday of the first week after fasting 10st 10lbs. great. Weight on the monday of 2nd. week back to 11st. Weight on the thursday of 2nd. week after fasting 10st.10lbs. Its now the start of the 3rd. week and guess what? got in in 1 yes i’m back to 11st. Is there any point to this , am I wasting my time?

    I have never been to a Ceroc weekend before.

    The dancing was a mixture of workshops(classes to learn new styles-blues and tango for example) and freestyle-you turn up and either ask someone to dance or they ask you.

    There were approx 1000 people there.

    samalandog you are not losing weight if you are not eating anything because your body thinks there is a famine.Look at the page and see what your TDEE is and eat up to those calories on the non fast day, then on your fast day eat 600 cals if male and 500 if female. I would suggest that you take measurements of chest/bust, waist, hips, thighs and upper arms once a week and weigh yourself once a week too.

    Do read the FAQ’s, that will answer lots of queries.

    Hi Annette, good you! wow, the dancing sounds like so much fun. glad you found your mojo, I knew you would.

    Hi samalandog, welcome. I agree with Annette, you would probably do better eating some of your allowed calories. try adding a little healthy foods to your fast days and give it a little time. let us know how you are doing.

    Oooo a ceroc weekend sounds great – where did you do that? I used to go to a Jive class (it wasn’t really a class exactly but we all had a good boogie) once or twice a week in my old hometown but there’s nothing like it near me now. I miss jive, it was definitely more of a workout than an aerobics class and you got to wear heels 😀

    Annette52, bravo on getting back your mojo!!!! Woohoo! And on the weight loss!!!

    I confess that last week I too had lost my mojo. Chock it up to hormones or whatever, but this week I seem to be back on track. I had gained back 2 lbs but this morning I’m back down a 1lb. Meaning despite only 1 fast day last week & the horrendous hormonal issues I had going on, I only gained a pound.

    AND YET…my body is changing. Despite regaining a pound. I workout 5 days a week, and play tennis on top of that. I recently started doing barre classes. And I think barre plus the 5:2 lifestyle is reshaping my body. I only have 11 pounds to lose to hit my goal weight, but I am more concerned with how I look & feel. And today while doing barre & staring at myself in the mirror I too could see a bit of the difference that others are seeing!!!! And my trusty black yoga pants were a tad bit roomier today. That alone is major cause for celebration!

    I had considered fasting more than 2 days this week. However, 3 days a week I do pretty intense HIIT. Those aren’t good fast days for me!! So I’m sticking with my 5:2 & hoping that extra pound sheds off this week.

    Good luck to all!!!

    MountainMyst the dancing was great fun but my legs were very sore for a couple of days. I think that the whole Mojo thing is linked to just adjusting to the physical changes and allowing the brain to catch up.How are you?

    TracyJ the Ceroc weekend was in the SW. I now have dancing shoes and black top with a diamante sparkly bit on it and some vibrant red dancing trousers(split chiffon over the trousers which fly out when I spin). I would never have bought them in January!

    mommabear I may have my Mojo but I ate loads of cake crisps etc when away….so I may well have put the lbs back on and then some. I am trying to focus on inches off the waist and hope to lose 2 more before Christmas. I need goals.
    It is the weirdest thing to finally notice that the body is changing shape isn’t it? The yoga pants are proof of that too.The increase in weight may be more muscle.I have attempted more than 2 days a couple of times, but it’s not for me.

    Even my husband was commenting tonight on how different I look in my favorite yoga pants. So I got out the trusty tape measure. And lo & behold I’ve lost almost 1.5 inches in my hips!!! {That’s my major trouble area!!} I am beyond thrilled!! And just had to share…. Last time I measured was about a week & a half ago. So not too shabby!!! Yay!!

    One other thing, I noticed this week it was much easier fasting on my fast days. This is my 6th week & I’m not ravenous anymore! Did anyone else notice this?

    Hello annette52 and others writing here. I’ve decided the reason I visit this topic is that what I look like in clothes really matters to me. That’s a bit odd because I’m not much into fashion and I hate going shopping for clothes.

    After some rumination I decided that I like the ‘feel’ of some things, like a swirly skirt or a soft fabric, and it gives me happiness when buttons sit nicely instead of gaping across my bosom, and I really hate a tight waist band.

    Certainly my favourite way to harden my fasting resolve is to pop on one of my old Laura Ashley print dresses from the ’80s and just potter about the house in it. When it fits me as well as it did when I was 25 I will know that I’ve reached the right weight.

    Hey mommabear FANTASTIC! You must be thrilled to have much smaller hips. Well done you are doing very very well.

    RoBa I am amazed that you still have anything to wear from the 80’s! Great idea to see how they fit though.You may find that you will develop an interest in clothes as you shrink and the body changes shape.I have spent decades with tight buttons and a gouging waist band, but no more.It is really important how clothes fit. I am also learning what shapes fit the new me and rather than just wear the same old stuff, I have to buy new clothes(which have mainly been charity shop finds). This has made me think about what I like and what suits me. I am much more discerning as I have had to learn that what I buy may only fit me for weeks rather than years.

    I have no desire to be skinny, but healthy and strong with the curves-just less of them.I used to be a nurse and somewhere there is a belt that I wore at 22 with a silver buckle that my parents bought me when I qualified. I came across it a few years ago and couldn’t believe the tiny waist that I must have had. I shall make it my mission to try and find it. It would be interesting to see how my waist compares now.Larger, I know.

    Hi all, so glad to hear that everyone is doing so well! I’m really impressed by you all.

    I’m doing pretty good myself. as of Monday I have lost 11.8 lbs, some of them the week before I officially started 5:2. I started playing with the concept and discovered I really didn’t need to eat breakfast in spite of what the experts say. And I stopped drinking my calories, I had recently discovered iced tea and lemonade(Half and half, called an Arnold Palmer) and loved it in the hot weather. I’ve also lost 8 inches over all. Can you tell I’m thrilled?? LOL.

    yesterday was my 61st birthday. my family made a lovely meal, including my husbands homemade bread. I enjoyed it a lot, ate 1 and 1/2 slices of bread. I didn’t think I over ate, but I sure felt like it most of the night. LOL. going to have to avoid bread I think.

    Annette, I was a nurse too. I’m looking forward to you finding and fitting into that belt. hope everyone is having good day or night. fast day tomorrow, actually looking forward to it.

    Woohoo @mountainmyst!!! Congrats!! That’s awesome!!!

    I love the stories of clothes from the 80s & Annette’s belt. I still have clothes from college (mid 90s) that I hope to fit into again!! Some I wore up until having kids. One pair of shorts I can get in…just not comfortably {or attractively!!! Lol!!} In other words, I can’t zip them. Ha!! But I have no real desire to be the same size I was in college. But the clothes are a good gauge.

    In fact, I think I’ll go try on my favorite dress I saved from college. Haven’t worn it in over 10 years!!!!

    I lied. I’m not doing well at all. I did lose 10kg and I’m proud of that but I’ve been going nowhere for the last few weeks because I’m only pretending to be fasting. Bad girl. Naughty Ro.

    Good on you for coming clean RoBa! Nothing like being honest as a way to clear one’s integrity for a re-set! Good luck with your next (proper!) fast day!!
    I have a pair of shorts from when I was about 15 (I’m 27 now) that I would love to fit again. I might be dreaming though so it’s not a goal :p My actual goal is a pair if NZ size 8 jeans which I bought in March 2012 (when I was super duper fit). I wish I had an 80’s Laura Ashley dress to dance around in – that sounds like much more fun!!

    ” I did lose 10kg and I’m proud of that but I’ve been going nowhere for the last few weeks ”

    I’ve on a steady weight plateau also.

    Since my wife are on different fast schedules, she will forget my schedule and bring dinner for us on my fast day. I wont resist it and will dine with her. Our relationship is more important.

    I’m considering having my iPads flash a continuous screen message reminding our household about this.

    〰 fasting zone 〰 fasting zone 〰

    It would be a bit funny.

    *Like* hehe

    Hi all, love the stories of the older clothing. I don’t have anything that I have saved. had pretty much resigned myself to being that little old round lady. LOL. I do have some size tens left from a few years back, so I’m hoping to get back into them.

    oh, Mommabear, know what you mean about shorts! I’m just impressed that you can get into shorts you wore years ago, even if you wouldn’t wear them out. sounds like you are well on your way to wearing what ever you want.

    RoBa, I love the sound of the Laura Ashley dresses! you are going to get past the sort of fasting days. you have done really well and have the weight loss to prove it! looking forward to hearing how well your next fast day goes. Bah on plateau’s ! AND you are not naughty, just human.

    Iwant2Bincontrol, size 8’s?? now that is a great goal! I’m sure you will reach it.

    RockyRomero, LOVE the flashing sign idea. boy, having dinner delivered by someone who cares enough to bring it to you, darned difficult to resist. here’s to the end of plateau’s!!

    hope everyone is have a wonderful day!

    I’m sticking with this thread because I am finding the clothes thing working for me better than the scales as a motivator. I’ve got a big bum and thunder thighs. Looking good in a pair of jeans this summer (it is spring here in Hobart) would be more important than having bragging rights to being under 70kg.

    So, reminding myself that this is a lifestyle, and that fasting is easy and makes me feel great, and that drinking wine every night is just a bad habit, I am back on the fasting wagon properly as of today.

    Today I’m taking 20 people out in wooden rowing boats for a Seniors Week expediton based on the Swallows & Amazons books by Arthur Ransome. I will feed them a campfire lunch like the ones in the book, full of mashed potato and corned beef and beans. But not one tasty morsel shall pass these lips.

    Hello Everyone.
    It sounds like everyone is doing well.
    RoBa don’t beat yourself up-it achieves nothing and many of us have been there too!I share your sentiments about the jeans.My new ones look awful and I am aiming for a comfortable fit without muffin top for Christmas.

    I have fallen out of love with the scales and tape measure-the numbers go up and down, but no progress lately. Went out for a run after a month with my son this morning. We were not as shabby as we thought that we were going to be.

    Stood there in my running shorts and enjoyed the fact that the legs had a gap all the way around them and that I clearly had a waist in my running top.It is a joy and I forget to remind myself how far I have come. I would be much kinder to someone else, so I gave myself a pat on the back.

    The trip out in the wooden rowing boats sounds terrific fun. How did the fasting go?

    Hi RoBa, how did the outing go? like you, I think I feel so much better on this plan, I would do it even if I never got on scales again. just not having heartburn is a wonderful thing for me. I’ll bet you will being looking good in those jeans this summer.

    Hi Annette, legs with a gap all round? boy, I would love to see that when I look in the mirror. good for you! yes, you would be kinder to someone else, glad you gave yourself an “attagirl” for all your hard work.

    I think this new lifestyle MIGHT be helping my M.E./CFS. I seem to have maybe an extra hour a day that I can do things. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot, but I was down to only a couple of hrs a day that I could be up and about and accomplish things. I hoping this trend continues, heck, I might even be able to clean my house one of these days.:)

    I must tell y’all this…. I’m sitting in the theatre with my 4 year old daughter, waiting for the curtain to go up on Beauty & the Beast. I had the most difficult time getting dressed today. Because all my Fall clothes are too big!! I’m wearing a size 12 pencil skirt & it is so big around the waist!!! I. Am. Ecstatic!!!!!

    Almost as ecstatic as my daughter to see Belle on stage. Ha!!! My husband is excited for me & told me to go buy new clothes. But until I’m finished losing I don’t want to!!

    Just had to share. 😉 Enjoy your weekend!


    what a nice problem 2 have!

    wooooooooo hooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

    Hello all. My boating day went very well, thanks. You would think I’d sleep like a top after a day out in little wooden dinghies on a gusty day but I was awake at 4am this morning, drinking tea and on the net. It was easy to fast yesterday because I was so busy, right up until the last guest left and someone cracked open a few bevvies. I wanted a beer so much I ached. The thing that stopped me was the drive home rather than the fast. When I got home Beloved poured me a glass of wine and brought me a very healthy stir fry beef and vegies.

    I’ve no idea if I stayed under 500 calories, but probably very close. I do know I burned a lot!

    Hi Mommabear, wow, good for you! won’t be long before you have to go shopping, or you will be streaking. LOL ( I know, you aren’t old enough to remember streaking, 🙂 )

    Hi RoBa, I’ll bet you used up enough calories on your day out. so glad you had a good day and resisted the bevvies. then you could really enjoy your glass of wine and lovely stir fry, and didn’t have to worry about getting home safely. good job of resisting temptation. I swear I think this way of life builds self control.

    I could have sworn I posted this yesterday. Must have forgotten to hit submit. :/ gee, I miss my brain. hope you are having a great weekend.

    MountainMyst sounds fantastic to have an improvement in the ME, but don’t sqandor it on housework, do something that gives you joy.

    mommabear I am thrilled for you that the clothes are too big. Get yourself to as many charity shops as you can and kit yourself out for the next couple of months. Then when you weight/size are right, you can spend money on what you would like to wear long term.

    RoBa Well done.

    My plan for the next fortnight is to swim on both fast days.I have started running again-no choice a 10K in 4 weeks time.

    Good Luck everyone.

    My teenage daughter has to have her tonsils out in five weeks time. I’m going to fast with her in sympathy after the op.

    Hi RoBa
    It is really important that she eats post-op, to make sure that the scab on the tonsil site does not come off when she does and then bleeds.If it does, she may well end up back in surgery.

    It might be more useful to think about all the things that she likes to eat and plan to cook those for the first couple of days until she is eating normally.It makes more sense for you to eat with her and encourage her post-op.

    Why not fast for the next 5 weeks and see where you are then?

    G’day annette52. Thanks for the advice. All I’ll need to do on fast days from now on is to think of tonsils and scabs and I won’t feel hungry.

    I’m losing again, slowly, but back on that gentle downward trajectory. Just a tiny bit more resolve required and I was back on track. I can feel that size 12 red dress in the back of the wardrobe calling out to me “pick me, pick me”.

    G’day RoBa,
    I meant to say that if you and her approach the op and post-op recovery on a positive note with the expectation that her throat may be a bit sore, but that she can have analgesics…and that she will be able to eat. It is likely that she will have a good recovery.

    Also the goal of 5 weeks to the op may spur you onto see what you can achieve by then. I have discovered that goals work well for me.I am on a mission to look good in the new size 10 jeans by Christmas, they are a tad tight but size 12’s are much too big.

    Shall we see if you will be wearing that red size 12 dress and I can look good in the jeans in 5 weeks time?

    Hi Annette, well done for being an inspiration to everyone on here! I’m so glad I have just read all these comments before finishing at the office for my Fast day 1. I was worrying how I’d cope later with only a 300 cal meal for dinner tonight but I’m going to log on here if I feel hunger and be inspired and motivated not to give in. I have 3 stone to lose and have put dieting off for 3 years because of the dread of having no wine and feeling hungry. Now I can still have what I like 5 days a week.

    If anyone has any tips for some warm/filling evening meals for 300 cals please shout out. I can easy cope during the day with my 200 cal tuna salad but I’m used to having quite a large evening meal.

    Well done to you all and thanks so much for motivating me to cope with later!

    Hi vickimummy,
    What a sweet thing to say.Thank You.

    I had a tin of Leek and Potato soup for lunch on Monday which was warming and filling at 180 cals.Have you had a look at the cookery book? Loads of ideas in there and I am fussy.

    Thanks Annette, I think I’ll have to invest in the recipe book!

    Make sure that you get the one on this page by Mimi Spencer. There are several in the bookshops/online, but not as good as this one.

    I rather like a salmon fillet(180 cals) with some chilli flakes sprinkled over and cooked in a foil parcel for approx 18 mins with green beans.

    The basic philosophy is to eat protein and leaves on fast days.

    I always have food that I love in a fast day. I like fish and prawns and my chaps don’t. I cook them things like chilli, which I don’t care for either.

    I hope that helps.

    Annette52, your comment about “falling out of love with the scales & tape measure” sure hits home this week. Despite having looser clothes, which is absolutely awesome, the tape measure & scales aren’t budging. I fasted yesterday & weighed this morning: only a 1 pound difference, which will be back in the morning after having a normal day today. Also no change on the tape measure. I wouldn’t mind so much except that I have a dr’s appt coming up soon. I wanted to show a lower weight when they weigh me!! Grr!!!!!!

    But this morning at the gym my instructor said she could tell a difference in my body. So something is working, despite the very slow process. I think I’m going to have to really start counting calories on my normal eating days. Perhaps that’s the key.

    Hope everyone else is doing well!!!!!

    Hello this thread (my favourite). Just back from a trip to my aged mother who, these days, eats like a canary and is very frail. However, the biggest complement she can give of a woman is to say “She keeps her tins full.” This means that the woman bakes regularly so as to have cakes and biscuits for visitors who drop by. Ah, the simple country life.

    So I’m not going near the scales or the tape for another week or two because I visited a few good women on this trip and I helped to deplete a few tins. Still, I’m confident that my 5:2 lifestyle accommodates, and the Christmas target is still achievable.

    Hi Everyone,

    I have often thought when reading the posts of people who have only been on the 5:2 for 1 to 4 weeks and are really excited and planning to lose X lbs. in a short time, that they are in for a disappointment. I too had a fairly large and quick loss of weight at that time. Avg. 2 lbs a week. Around week 7, the weight loss had really dropped off and I now avg. about 2 lbs. a month. The large weight loss is not sustainable it seems for most of us. We hit plateaus and even gain some weight back. What I have found is that if you just stick to your plan at the end of a month you are lighter than at the beginning.

    I started 1/2 year ago and I have lost 13 lbs. and 3 inches from my waist. BTW, loss of inches seems to have gone the way of the Dodo too.

    OTOH, this morning a man that I work with and who had no idea that I am doing 5:2 said “you have lost weight, haven’t you?” Hurrah, hurrah, this is so great to hear. I have known for awhile that for most people no one else notices your weight loss until it is at least 10 lbs. So don’t despair if no one mentions that you look thinner. It just takes time.

    Here is a tip that someone on this forum gave me a few weeks ago. A hot drink will make you feel fuller for longer than a cold one. It seems to be that way for me. Now on a fast day when I still have an hour or 2 before dinner, I have a cup of tea and it does seem to do the trick better than just water.

    Good luck to you all and may you soon have you own Hurrah moment.


    Hello All,
    I have to remind myself that I didn’t get fat in a week,that sometimes the tape measure or the scales don’t move but that clothes are looser/fit better/can now do up that skirt that I couldn’t a week ago.I had a mass try on last night and found that two skirts that I couldn’t do up, I now can. I can’t breathe or sit down in them, but the zip now goes to the top!

    I am on the second fast day today this week and about to hit the pool for a few lengths, followed by painting walls, woodwork etc.

    When other people notice a change it is rather great isn’t it?I too have found that a cup of tea helps hugely. I always start my fast day with one.

    My average weight loss has always been 1 lb a week. I remember when I started this I was quite demoralized hearing about these large weight losses(hence this thread)and wondered what I was doing wrong.What kept me going was a woman who wrote on this forum that she hadn’t lost any weight in 3 months BUT had dropped 4 dress sizes!!!!!!

    Met an ex work colleague yesterday who I haven’t seen for 3 months, who said ” you look fabulous”.

    I love the idea of keeping tins full. Mine are empty and will stay that way until tomorrow. I am a devil if I know that there are cakes. Their siren call usually wins!!

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