If your clothes are looser but the scales are the same, read on

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If your clothes are looser but the scales are the same, read on

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  • hello again to all – I just love this thread ! you are all so inspiring, and I just would loved to have gone ceroc dancing and for a Swallows & Amazons day out. Beats the office /doing a 10 year old’s homework / watching hours of football on a wet autumn morning any day….

    my weight loss has slowed, i fear i might be over doing my intake on non-fast days, so really shouldn’t be too surprised. But overall I am very pleased, despite having had a couple of weeks of desperate struggle – was rather stressed out and that is when normally i reach for those comfort foods.

    Anyway, 2 things this week have inspired me back on track. Firstly I took my jeans off without undoing them !!! they just slipped over my hips… wooooohoooo !! and so this morning i measured myself and I am down 3 ” on my waist and 2″ on my hips. No-one seems to have noticed any difference (except my dear mum!) but one day, hopefully in the not so far off future, I will have the courage to go out with my friends in something slinky and shock them all !

    Fantastic about the inches and the jeans.Well done! Enjoy that feeling.I think that Christmas is the perfect time to shock friends in something slinky, BUT don’t buy it until the week before or it will be too big!

    I found that when my weight loss slowed that my body was changing shape. I also found that a couple of sessions in the swimming pool helped to get things moving again.

    As you lose weight, you will have to adjust your TDEE as well. Maybe a week of counting calories will help you to check that you are not undoing all your good work.

    It takes ages for folk to notice the weight loss…. but they will.

    I remember slipping a skirt that I was sick of and had worn for years over my hips with the zip done up. It is a wonderful moment to cherish and remember when life gets stressful.

    Well done Tomtommom and Annette52.

    I did wear a couple of pairs of jeans that I couldn’t fit into last year and will probably try on my “Test Pants” at the end of the month.

    Next month, I’m taking a weeks vacation and I don’t plan to fast. Perhaps I’ll add an extra fast day next week to counter act the vacation in advance.


    Thanks Quick.Congratulations on the jeans.I love the idea of ‘test pants’ and let us know what the verdict is.

    Enjoy your vacation.

    I just bought a couple of pairs of jeans online – really unsure what size to get.
    Tried on 4 pairs of trousers in bedroom to gauge size – 3 pairs “same” size – fit went from a tiny bit loose, to no way to stay up without a very pulled in belt – fourth pair. 2 inches slimmer, maybe a bit too perfect a fit.
    According to the tape measure – the trousers are between 3 to 5 inches smaller than my waist! But, there is absolutely no problem in pulling them on – I don’t even have to unbutton the bigger size! What the heck is going on?
    Basically, I have lost inches – but I must be changed in shape, so that clothes cannot fit me anymore.
    Thank goodness for flexible belts!

    Hi Snedger,

    It might be your body shape but most likely it is the pants. Different mfgs. have different size clothes. IOWS, a size 12 made by X could be a size 10 if Y makes it. This has been the way it is for years now.

    I go to a store and try on pants find ones that fit and make sure that I buy that size from that mfg. It’s sad but the internet really is not the best place to figure out new sizes of clothing.

    Good luck in your quest.


    Very true Quick.

    Snedger when you lose weight and inches clothes do indeed ‘sit’ differently. Some shops sizes are larger than others, I believe it’s called vanity sizing. The only way that I have found is to pick a day when you have the time and the patience and just try on loads of clothes.Different styles fit differently and may also have been made in different countries so inconsistent sizing is another problem.

    I recommend that you buy clothes from charity shops because it will save you vast amounts of money as you lose weight and your shape changes, clothes may fit you for weeks rather than months. I really like wearing something different to everyone else too.I buy something wear it for a while and then gift it when it’s too big.

    Good Luck.

    Hello All,
    Well the scales are moving again and so is the tape measure. If I continue to lose at a lb a week then I should reach my own goal loss of 28 lb just before Christmas.The plan is to see what the waist measurement is then and make a decision to continue the 5:2 or to switch to maintenance.The last week in January 2013 is also the light bulb moment when I started this way of life, because I could no longer force my fat self into my very tight size 12 jeans.Those same jeans are too big but I wear them sometimes just to see how far I have come…and the excess material rubs my thighs.

    Eight full weeks before Christmas week. Who is with me for the final push before we are surrounded by all that food?It will be really interesting to see how much we eat before we are full.

    Are you saying wait 8 weeks? Oops! Just had 3 slices of Waitrose Millionaire Shortbread cheesecake – was delicious though πŸ™‚
    Yeah, I’ve been trying to up my walking – disastarous lazy day yesterday.
    Since discovering that the free Waitrose Mocha coffee is 299 cals, I’ve sucessfully changed my fasting days to true 0 cals and not assume that having the odd milky tea/coffee should be ok.
    So, yes am with you! I’m going to look to lose 4 lbs by Xmas.
    Today, just need to brave the wind and rain – don’t fancy it much though πŸ™

    No, I’m not saying wait 8 weeks. But how about that as a target to see what can be achieved? The cheesecake sounds lovely.

    Just got soaked popping to the shops. Sky is getting rather dark and will have to get out and run this afternoon(10K looming). Think how much better you will feel after you have been out, even if you need a shower when you get back.

    Hi Annette,

    We are with you on this one, husband and I……….. 28 lbs each before Christmas. Just a bit more to go but it’s now going slowly.

    To loose now 4 lbs for Hubby and 5 lbs for me! …..he always wins but I am keeping up.

    We started 1 st July, three weeks healthy eating before we changed to the 5.2.

    Going out for a Birthday meal on Tuesday, I am going out in a slinky black number, fits like a dream ( no big knickers either) hoping people notice. Husband definitely has……..it could be a good night!

    Hi symba7
    Gosh you have both done very well. You are both very welcome to join the challenge.

    Love the slinky black number(without the big knickers). Have a fantastic time…sounds like you will too!

    8 weeks is a good target. If I were really successful I could reach my goal by then, but I will be happy if I am just closer πŸ™‚

    Bring it on!!

    Get yourself to the south coast (England) for your run!
    I am flipping exhausted – walking into the wind along Worthing promendade just now, was incredibly intense – watched a young woman have to get off her bike ‘cos it was too much!
    And this is just a taster for the Sunday night/Monday morning storm.
    That must be a couple of ounces at least towards my 4 lbs ?
    Time for a snooze.

    brilliant to see people really benefiting and happy from their hard work!

    like the cautious any-success-is-good optimism !

    I think what I really must do is get “dress making” lessons from my mum – semi retired tailoress – and basically make clothes fit me. I’ve never had to wear a belt before – I reckon jeans shapes have changed and they no longer taper at the waist i.e. they are straight all the way down. And it’s possible that, even though I’ve been stable for 10 months at my reduced size, I’m worried about gaining weight and so am erring on buying clothes with a view to room.

    On another website (5:2 tracker) I put my hand up to lose 3.5 kilos by Christmas and achieve an interim 60k target. The posts of Annette52 were the first that I read on here and I have found them very fair & inspirational so I am putting my hand up for a loss for Christmas on here too. 3.5 kilos may be a bit of an ask, I’m not sure if it’s a bit too much but giving it a go!
    This weighing thing can be a bit odd at times…weight loss, then inch loss, then plateau, back to inch loss and the scales get stuck again….hmmmm.
    As Iwnt2Bincontrol said……’bring it on!!’

    Thanks Snedger,

    We are both really happy! Like of lots of people on here.
    Slowly slowly we will all get to where we want to be! ….another bag of clothes to the charity shop today!

    Weather sounds really bad on the south coast, some nice weather to look forward to! Take Care.

    Just back from a 5k run in the windy SW. Tried on all my running kit, 1 expensive running top that I bought for the winter last year is hanging off me. My long running trousers are going to be too big and shimmying over the hips by Christmas(hopefully). I wore a thin running top just now and was much too hot, because I can run faster and have more muscle now. So despite the wind and rain predicted for tomorrow, I will be in shorts and a vest top.
    Auriga give yourself a goal that you can achieve easily. I think that it is important to do well and feel good about yourself, rather than be miserable and beat yourself up if you don’t get to the magic number.After all, how we look in clothes is not a result of the number on the scales, but the inches/cms lost.
    Iwant2Beincontrol lets just see what we can achieve in the coming 8 weeks and be very proud of whether we reach our goal or come a step nearer.

    I love that charity shops benefit from our weight loss, true recycling.If I had a relative that could sew, I would have roped them in weeks ago!

    I am aiming for a 7 lb loss and hopefully 2 inches off my waist before Christmas.

    First off… RoBa, I loved your comment, β€œShe keeps her tins full.” We don’t say that in the US, but I’m going to use it! Ha!!

    I’m in for the Christmas challenge. My husband’s Christmas party is the first week of December. The skirt I wore last year is too big… I too am thinking slinky black number!!

    I lost a pound this week. Oddly enough, my weigh in days are Fridays and then this morning (Saturday), I was up 2 pounds…& I ate very low calorie yesterday. Even fasting dinner. Have mercy!!!! But I only count my Friday weigh ins.

    Losing that pound brought me down 6 lbs lost in 7 weeks. Sadly, those 6 pounds were pounds I gained in July & August…celebrating my beloved summer too much!!! So I’m back down to my June weight. And now I have 10 lbs to lose to goal weight. But I care much more about my size. So for the 8 week Christmas challenge I’ll be thrilled with a 5 pound loss.

    Wishing everyone lots of luck!! We’re having a chili cook-off for church tomorrow. I’m off to start cooking!


    Everyone is doing so well.

    Simba: How wonderful that you can wear your dresses. It wasn’t that long ago that you posted that as a goal.

    Annette52: I’ve never enjoyed running but good for you for going ahead in the rain & wind. I don’t mind walking in that kind of weather.

    I will go for the Xmas challenge. I will lose between 3 to 4 lbs by then. It is about the rate of loss that I have been having and though slower than many others on the forum suits me. As long as the weight is less at the end of the month and I’ve been successful on Fast days I’m happy.

    still trying to increase my NEAT but have no way to measure it. Back in the 80’s there was a Dr. that called it “perpetual motion”. So even if you just tap your toes, drum your fingers or stand instead of sit, you burn more calories.

    Hopefully I’ll be into my “test pants” by next May when I will have been doing 5:2 for a year.

    Off to shop for some ingredients for a Crockpot soup. It’s supposed to be colder next week.


    Hi All. Have had a chest infection for the past 2 weeks and have not been fasting or doing my usual exercise. Starting to feel physically better but frustrated to be “off plan”. Am hoping to get organised with food shopping tomorrow (Sun) in readiness for Fast Day and gym on Monday. Would like to join in with you all please – I’d find it really helpful to have something to work towards and as extra motivation and mutual support. Will weigh on Monday (guessing 4lbs gain?)and post with a target then. Good luck to all πŸ™‚

    Time4change You are most welcome to join, everyone is.Sorry to hear that you have been ill, but maybe leave the gym this week and go for a walk instead until you have recovered?Don’t forget to do your measurements when you weigh!
    Quick I wouldn’t say that I enjoy running, but I do enjoy the improvement in my fitness and changing shape.My motivation has been raising money for a charity close to my heart by running the half in September.Now it is all about keeping that level of fitness and getting faster so that I can improve my personal best.I never enjoy the wind and the rain but that goes with the territory in the UK!
    mommabear if your weigh in days are Fridays, how do you know that you have gone up 2 lbs on Saturday? Ignore it and see what your weight and measurements will be next week.I too am in the process of shedding the 4 lb that i put on pre and post half, but if you saw how much i was eating then you’d be amazed that it was so little!

    Onwards and upwards everyone.Don’t forget to measure when you weigh.
    What does everyone think about me making a list of lbs/kgs and inches/cms off before Christmas?

    Great idea annette52 to make a list…..still giving the 3.5k loss for Christmas a go as I don’t beat myself up much when I fail at things: I have trouble trying to catch myself!
    I am doing ‘sunny brain’ training too http://www.rainybrainsunnybrain.com/bbc-horizon/ making myself optimistic about my goals I hope πŸ™‚
    Dr Mosley has a lot to answer for……I would give him a great big hug!

    Auriga I had to convert kgs to lbs! Which seems to be 7lb 1oz?I’m off out for a run in the sun before the storm hits. I will have a look at the link later. Thanks for that and if everyone else is happy, will make a list.

    List if fine for me!
    Wind is about double today, average 36kts,gusting at 56kts and this going to get at least twice as bad. That was a close as I’ve come to not being physically able to keep walking, legs are so fatigued. Another few ounces off.

    You caught me!!! Lol! Fridays are my weigh in days where I record it. But I do sneak a peek on other days. I just don’t consider it “official”. Ha. Obviously on days after fasting my weight is lower than days I eat normally. But typically by Friday it has all averaged out. What I found interesting about my weight on Saturday was that I was up 2 pounds but I had fasted dinner the night before. I had expected my same weight as he day before. Oh well!! I’m a pound away from being down into the next tens…or however that should be phrased!!! Ha!!!

    But my sneak peeks are getting less frequent, simply because I am watching my body dwindle!!

    Thanks for the advice re exercise. I walked to the supermarket and back today, about 40 mins. Took longer than usual but feel ok. Will play it by ear tomorrow regarding gym. Am happy to be on the list. Thanks for doing this. I’m a real list-person, am keeping a tracker for myself and my son, a great reminder of progress/motivation if things are tough. What measurements should I take? Do we stick to our own weigh days or all post on the same day each week? Happy whatever way. Feeling quite excited and keen to get back to making healthier choices again, Will post stats tomorrow, Monday.Cheery bye for now. x

    Time4change The measurements that I take are bust, under bust,waist, hips, thighs and calves. Sadly I never took the upper arm measurements, so don’t make that mistake!

    Why not post your results on your usual weigh/measure day with notes of the weight/inch loss? I could then update the list on a Sunday evening or if anyone has a better idea, then happy to hear that too.

    mommabear step away from the scales for a week!It is quite possible to gain and lose 10 lb in a day. No point in looking back….just look forward.

    snedger wind is getting up here too. Glad that I went out for the run in the sun this morning.

    Can you all just check that my figures and names are all correct please?

    annette52 7 lb
    snedger 4 lb
    symba7 5 lb hubby 4 lb
    quick 3-4 lb
    Auriga 3.5kg/7 lb 1 oz
    mommabear 5 lb

    Time4change to post stats tomorrow.

    Have I forgotten anyone?

    Me! ;-(

    I had started another thread saying I wanted to lose a stone by Xmas but am 2lbs down and I think another 12lbs is unrealistic…. But I am hoping a lb a week is doable, which means 8 weeks to go & 8lbs. I am optimistic but do all tell me if that’s a crazy plan!

    Happy with those figures for me annette. Thank you:)and the wind is really blowing now!

    I don’t yet have a number to commit to for my Christmas goal as I haven’t had a weigh and measure update yet to get a realistic target.
    If I were to lose 9lbs from when I started two weeks ago that would be fantastic and an exciting goal to aim for πŸ™‚ I have never stuck to a eating plan before so if I stick to this and lose a bit each week, I will accept whatever the number shall be come Christmas.

    OK. Will do. Thanks Annette. πŸ™‚

    Oops sorry tomtommum another 12 lb seems a tad ambitious, but 8 lb in 8 weeks is very doable.
    1want2Bincontrol Ok let me know if/when you have a figure.Remember that inch/cms loss is just as important, perhaps more so.

    Good luck all of those fasting tomorrow. I am expecting my sister to stay for a few days, storm dependent, so my fast days will be at the end of the week.

    Keep going everyone and batten down the hatches!

    Hi Annette52,

    4 to 5 lbs. is good for me. That should be doable. I’m not too far from my goal weight but that is not what is important to me. I am hoping for better cholesterol numbers and I will get re-tested in Jan. But I AM loving the drop on the scales and the new/old wardrobe.

    Tomtommom: I think you are wise to go for 8lbs. much more realistic. We have all learned that the weight drop slows down the longer we are doing the plan.

    The wind really picked up this afternoon and it is supposed to rain about 3am. I have a chicken vegetable bean soup going in the Crockpot for tomorrow.

    I spent the day putting together a metal cabinet that I took apart and painted. I now realize why people just throw old stuff out and buy new. It turned into a much larger project than I was expecting. Well, it’s almost done now. I just have to put the doors and the top back on.

    Watching the World Series now so happy fasting this week.


    Hi Quick,
    Thank you.The drop in the scales/new wardrobe are rather fabulous too. I have become very ‘tight’ about buying clothes because I know that what ever I buy has a short lifespan in my wardrobe. I think that my change of attitude to clothes may be a permanent shift and that I will buy less from mainstream shops and more in sh charity shops where I can. I love wearing things that are not in the shops. Been very devilish wearing white jeans in the autumn,but only bought them a couple of months ago. I have never owned white jeans before, they always looked dreadful….and now they don’t. Result.

    Back to the frantic cleaning before my sister arrives.

    Weights right for us, thanks Annette.

    Panic week for me, a weeks holiday in Dubai, but will try …..a bit difficult when someone else in charge of kitchen and lots of takeaways. I don’t do takeaways usually.

    I wiill try and get some walking/swimming in when they are at work! Depending on heat.

    And leaving hubby in charge of his own food and excerise!

    So weigh in for us a week on Friday.

    Hi Annette,
    Hope you’re having a good day.
    Weighed today after being off track/ill for 2 weeks and have put on 8lbs. Think a lot is fluid as clothes feel fine and I dont look different. Today is effectively Day 1 and from experience that extra weight would usually go in a couple of weeks. But a target loss of 12lbs although do-able looks too ambitious. How about a target of 8lbs lost and can see how I go from there? Have recorded my measurements. Assume you don’t need our actual weight/measurements just the changes each week?
    Will weigh/measure again on Saturday and let you know any changes.
    PS Fast has gone well and I enjoyed the gym and 45 minute walk home. Feeling proud and motivated to keep going.

    Hi all, so good to see everyone. I’m having a serious brain fog week, so haven’t been posting, can’t get my words right.

    hope everyone is safe from the nasty weather across the pond.

    so good to see how everyone is doing. still keeping on even during disappointing weigh in results. I really love the can do attitude everyone has. will try to post again in a few days. One less pound of me this week, very happy.

    good fasting all.


    So good to hear from you! I’ve been wondering about you. Was about to send a shout out to you. So I’m glad you posted! Hang in there!!!!


    like this name better

    welcome back

    thanks mommabear, I have been reading the thread, just couldn’t post. glad things are going so well for you. I have found that when I feel a little better physically, I try to do all those things that need doing. that, in turn, causes more brain fog. seems I can either do physical or mental exertion, but not both. LOL.

    think my next “good” day, I’m going to take Annette’s advice and do something fun that brings me joy.

    today is a low cal day for us, hope you are having a good day.

    Hello Everyone,
    Hi time4change, just differences in cms/inches would be great.Remember it is very easy to gain or lose in a day a number of lbs.8lbs sounds very doable.
    Mountainmyst hope that you are feeling better today.Congrats on the 1 lb less but how are the measurements? Have you done something lovely?

    Storm has been and gone, no real damage here.

    Off out for a meal now with my sister…and my chaps.

    Does my bum look big in this? Honestly? You would tell me.

    Oh well, just pull my shirt down lower and show a little bit of cleavage. At least I’ve lost inches off my boobs.

    Hi Annette52 and everyone else who joined in the reporting of weight loss between this week and Xmas.

    I am down 1 lb. from last Friday morning’s weight-in. Hope I can hang on to this loss next week.

    Didn’t do my measurements but feel thinner this am. Ha, ha.

    How is everyone else doing?


    Hi Quick

    Well done. Why haven’t you measured?
    I’ll let you know tomorrow.

    Congrats Quick πŸ™‚
    I still haven’t done a weigh measure update…. But…. The father of the family I am living with came home last night (he works away from home during the week, so I last saw him on Sunday) and he said something like ‘well, you’ve lost weight, having you?!’ I actually jumped up and down as he didn’t know that I have been trying. YAAAAAAAAY!!!! I am so super stoked that I am getting visible results after 2.5 weeks πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    So, no numbers yet but progress is being made!!!

    Wow! I’d LOVE to have someone say that to me! Well done you!

    Hey y’all!! It’s been a good week for me. All week I have just felt…thinner. Sounds odd to say, but true! My husband walked in the other day & said it was very obvious. (Always great motivation!!!) I even noticed yesterday at the gym, staring into all the mirrors in class, that my legs look thinner & have more definition. I work out 5 days a week, love doing it, & always push myself very hard. This is the first time since having kids that I’ve had this kind of definition in my legs!!! Amazing. Even my former personal trainer didn’t get these results.

    Last night was Halloween in the States, & while I didn’t eat any candy (I’m not a sweet eater) I did have 2 slices of pizza & a big Coke before taking the kids out. And this morning for my weigh in I was still down 0.6 pounds!!

    May not sound like much, but I’ll take it!! Was hoping for a full pound, which would put me 9 lbs from my goal weight & into the next “tens”. But I’m thrilled with the loss.

    Have a great weekend, y’all!

    Hi all
    Your positivity is catching πŸ™‚
    They say a week is a long time in politics and it seems the same can be said for this WOL. At my last weighin, after 2 weeks illness and off the “fast track” & exercise I had put on 8lbs. Felt really flat and although I knew on one level it would be largely fluid it felt like a huge setback. I set 8lbs as my target to Christmas. However I just got right back on the horse, built up my activity levels and tried 4:3 this week. Wellbeing returning.Just weighed&measured. Delighted to be 6lbs down and lost 13 inches overall. Yay! I’ve learned a valuable lesson for me not to panic and just get back on track. One less source of anxiety in my life and removing something to beat myself up with.Huge.
    Annette, I think another 6lbs from now on is reasonable. What do you think? Sorry to be a pest re changing things. all the best to everyone, πŸ™‚

    Hi Annette52,

    You are right, the body change with the fast diet, and the changes are not always apparent on the scale.

    From myself, i am doing the 5:2 diet since one month and I did not lose any weight. But i lost 1 inch from the waist, and my clothes fits a lot better !

    Thank you very much for your insight

    Best regards,

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