Anyone fasting (no caloric intake) on alternate days wants a buddy?

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Anyone fasting (no caloric intake) on alternate days wants a buddy?

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  • Hi folks,

    Jumping in here, do you sleep on fasting days having not eat eaten anything all day?

    @delayedgratification: Hi there! I’m not sure what is your question? I’ll try to answer though lol

    If you mean whether I sleep / nap during the fasting day, like during the day? No, I don’t. I do go to bed a little earlier, so that “the morning comes sooner”, especially if I’m feeling peckish. I don’t have any issues with falling asleep, as I don’t really feel hungry. Peckish? Yes, but it comes and goes, and it is not a big deal. I don’t feel hungry in the mornings after a fast and I usually have a late breakfast / early lunch or even a late lunch.

    If you mean whether I sleep well at night? Yes, I do! I do wake up a bit earlier, but I love it! I sleep well and I get enough sleep.

    I hope this answers your question? 🙂

    August 31: 174lb after a fast; a full eating day with a long eating window
    September 1: a full eating day with a long eating window
    September 2: My fast will end tomorrow at 36ish hours.

    I went for a 50 min long run this morning, felt great. At around 5pm I was ready to give up and eat, thus ending my fast at 22h. However I waited a bit, and then I stopped feeling peckish and my resolve to continue with my planned fast returned. I drank black tea and water.

    It is possible that I felt hungry because it was not a true water fast today. When I was running on the trails I had 1 handful of blueberries, one handful of raspberrie and one handful of blackberries. I do believe that a pure water fast is better for my body, but on the other hand there is something very special about wild berries while running on a new trail by the ocean.

    I’m about to go to bed and not at all hungry, which is great. I have so many peaches, a watermelon, oranges, apples, broccoli–really looking forward to the fruits and veggies tomorrow.

    So to sum up, I just had two days in a row during which I had three meals and snacks. After the first experimental day like this (followed by the fast) my weight dropped to 174, ATL!

    Two days in a row–my best friend’s birthday on day 1, and then my hubby’s birthday on day 2. I wanted to see whether not keeping a short window would actually help my body to start losing weight again. I will find out tomorrow and in the next couple of days, I guess.

    However, with 174 on the last day of August, my weight loss for August was 4lb! I’m excited that I did reach my bare minimum, even if I’m thinking my weight might be up again tomorrow. (I haven’t stepped on the scale since the 174).

    Goals for September? Adding one running day a week; 6-8lb weight loss?? I’d really like to see 168 in September!!

    Sept 3: 176lb after breaking my fast at 36h. It went up from 174, but least I’m not stuck on 178 anymore. This is progress! I’m also convinced it is water weight fluctuations, so all is good. Good bye 178, though!!! I don’t want to see that number again. NOT on my “after-the-fast” weigh-ins.

    I’m fasting now until Thursday morning (40ish).

    Last night, for the first time in ages, I felt hungry before bed. But it wasn’t too awful and certainly didn’t prevent me from falling asleep.

    Eating day today went reasonably well. I didn’t count calories and didn’t restrict. Had chilli, cheeses, lots of peaches, some watermelon, nuts. Lots of cabbage salad. I didn’t stuff myself, kept a long-ish eating window, and felt well / happy and full, but not too full.

    In the evening I went for an unplanned spontaneous 5K run. I just felt like running! I took a different route than typically (didn’t want to run through the woods in the dark!). I started slowly and without any purpose, as I just felt like going for a short and easy “extra” run. I also slowed down and jogged on the spot as I chattted with a neighbor for 30-60 seconds or so. But after about 5 min I decided to run “my PR” (personal record) attempt. I increased my speed and focus. The first 18min were easy and somewhat downhill. Then I turned around and started making it back. I had to really focus on not slowing down. I think I persisted longer than ever, but still had to reduce my speed for 4-5 minutes. Then I made myself to pick it up and to just run as fast as I could. Which is very slow, but hey, I’m competing only with myself.

    When I was glancing at my phone app there were stretches that I ran at 9min / mile; I really thought I could rund 5k in under 33 minutest this time, beating my previous PR. I was disappointed that after giving it all I didn’t even beat my previous PR. Glancing at the phone didn’t help, I should have had the app’s voice cues turned on. When I realized I wasn’t making it under 35 min I did slow down for the last minute of the run. But I did my best overall, and I think my splits this time for mile 2 and 3 are way more encouraging / faster and more consisent than ever. After staring at my splits and comparing them with the previous PR, I think that when I try it again in the end of September I should be able to run the 5K in under 33 minutes. Meanwhile, I should be running intervals twice a week. I’m finally inspired to run intervals–the weather is cooler, and I see the light at the end of the tunnel in terms of being able to run at under 10min/ mile at least for some stretches of my run.

    PR: 34:50. Today’s run: 35:12. I guess this tells me what my “give it all” run is. 35ish. I think that if I wasn’t glancing at my app and kept better focus at the very end of the run (it being not pitch dark would have helped too!) I might have actually beat my PR. Good to know.

    Sept 4: 176.5 Continuing my fast until tomorrow morning, as planned.

    There was an hour or so during which I was very tempted to eat, but then I got myself busy and before I knew it was was 8pm. After 7pm I’m usually good–i.e. not tempted to eat as in my head I “made it” to the next day. So that’s great.

    I had quarter of a cup of combucha (about 20 calories) and ACV in a cup with electrolytes, but then resisted having any berrries on my walk in the woods.

    Overall I’m very pleased as I didn’t give in to temptation.

    Tomorrow I’m going to make a huge salad! Broccolli, carrot, apple, onion, dried cranberries salad with yogurt / mayo dressing. Bacon and eggs.

    I’m going to saute cabbage and onions to have a side dish, and liver for the meats. I love liver ha ha.

    Oranges are also in the menu–oranges and apples and grapefruit for dessert and maybe a handful of nuts.

    I’m NOT going to have coffee with cream–this used to be my “go to” low carb treat, but I haven’t been enjoying it lately, so what’s the point of adding all those calories. Black tea is more my thing now. I might also skip the nuts, and this should “save” me a good chunk of calories on my typical eating day, without feeling deprived. Ready to see 174 again soon and DOWNWARDS!!

    Sept 3/144.9

    Today has been snacky – road Trip travels I always get a bit more snacks. I decided I couldn’t want till I was home to weigh in after a week in the desert and eating was all over the place. From small meals to enjoying nuts and bacon. And after a week (with clothes on – obviously since it was at a truck stop haha) 144.9 basically what I weighed when I left for vacation. I’ll take it since I’ve not been focused on fasting. It was just so hot and tiring in the desert heat. I wanted salty stuff and water.

    @165gw – yay downward trend. I’m pretty much the same numbers (but hey after 3 weeks not keeping super strict it’s ok!)

    Keep going. I’m not quite home yet. Still several more days of travel. Cheers.

    165g I’ve only just spotted your post thank you!

    I have always struggled with sleep if I don’t eat much before bed – so it’ interesting you sleep well.

    Well done on finding something that works for you. I am finding TRE helpful and am considering this.

    @delayedgratification: Yeah, I actually sleep much better when I don’t eat before bed. What is TRE?

    Time restricted eating 😀

    Sept 9/144.6/FD

    First real FD in 3 weeks. Weight has been pretty much the same. I had a little loss and got down to 143.0 right before we left, but 144 has been the steady number. Coming back to fasting tho.

    Heating up broth for lunch, I have in mind to have soup with a few veggies for supper tonight.

    Still washing clothes from our adventures.

    Time to get going and go teach.

    @165gw – keep going – we got this!

    Sept 10/143.2/FD

    Getting back down. I’m still in awe over just touching 141.8 – its ok tho, 3 weeks of not really Fasting! Whaaaat! About 1/3 of the Days were OMAD. So All in all the numbers are the day of leaving 143.0 and came back to 144.6 – and then after 1st FD I’m at 143.2 again, I’ll take it. I was not super strict at all, I made better choices but I did still indulge in some chips (My arch nemesis haha.)

    @165gw – a good week of calorie counting can be super helpful. I find that I recalibrate by calorie counting once in a while for a good week or two. Especially when making a salad (egg salad or cabbage salad) those were eye opening to see how many calories were in that and to help me take a smaller portion OR make something different that helped me be more full.

    Hope you are feeling ok and that your knees/hips are doing ok from the running. Enjoy the fruits and veggies, KETO will be there for you in the winter and when winter comes if you change your mind and keep eating vegetarian that is ok too.

    Feeling snacks again. So for lunch I’m having tuna with carrots and jalapeños seems to be doing the trick and its like only 150cal then soup for supper.

    Sept 12: 36h fasted and might go for longer.

    @rabbette: happy to have you back! I hope it was an amazing trip. You have maintained really well and that touching of 141 is a motivation and inspiration.


    We just got power 38 hours ago after not having power for 4 days after a storm and that was mentally challenging. Eating while bored? Check. Eating for no power party? Check. Eating for we got power party? Check. Eating at every hour of day and night? While playing board games? While not playing board games? Eating to empty the fridge? Eating all the boiled eggs and canned fish? Check, check, check. Check.

    I felt bloated and bleh. Even though no power seemed like a perfect time to fast it just didn’t feel right / good for me. It was also the TOM. Hence I haven’t even stepped on the scale since my last weigh in. I also haven’t been able to run as there was no shower for after the run. I did go for walks though.

    I started my fast the moment we got power! This might or might not have been right after consuming a stick of salami.

    I felt no hunger at all yesterday and had a busy day doing meetings. Still not hungry and am ready to go for a short run.

    Yesterday: Buying a swimming suit off season to go to the pool was an eye opening experience. All that was available were speedo one piece. No tummy reinforcement and barely any boob support. I am in size 14. It is the most unflattering garment I’ve ever put on. I might return it. But I am working near a pool with a sauna tomorrow morning and it is a cheap admission on Friday mornings. Mind you, not so cheap if I count the ugly garment and goggles. But if I manage to go at least 5 times a year it would make it worth. It is the closest pool and over 1h away. I might not be able to go there in Fridays for 8 am haha. This will be the decision I make today.

    I will check with my weight keeper Steedy in 10 days.

    Great to have you back and on track, Rabbette. We are unstoppable and we can do it. We will do it.

    Sept 13: Still didn’t step on the scale as I don’t want to be dissappointed after the Hurricane Week. However, I also hope that the 4-5 days of eating / not fasting acted as a reset and now I’m in the sweet spot again for weight loss.

    I went for a swim this morning and the swimming suit wasn’t so upsetting–it fit well, and I didn’t stare in the mirrors so all went well. I loved the sauna. I think I can make this a monthly deal, and maybe some months even twice a month.

    I’m posting here so that I don’t eat out of boredom. Seriously. What’s up with that? It is not that I’m bored as in Nothing To Do. I have things to do. But I feel peckish and want to grab something while I’m doing those things. I’m not feeling any hunger; I’m feeling great, in fact.

    But I just cooked a lasagna for the family and it smells delicious. It will wait for me, though.

    Tomorrow morning I’ll braking my fast between 38 and 40 hours. I’m looking forward to my morning run! Hooray for showers!!!

    How are you doing, Rabbette?

    September 14: I can’t deny this anymore–too many carbs make me sick. After the storm I had two 36-40h fasts and two re-feeds. Both refeeds I ate sensibly, but way more carbs and sugar (even if mostly fruits) than usual, and both days I felt like a tonne of bricks fell on me. I’ve had those days in the past, occasionally; 4-5 times a year, mostly carb related. Extreme and overwhelming fatigue. In the past I’d close by eyes and fall asleep immediately.

    This time, though, I did fight it. Especially today. I went for a run. (During the other fatigue episode I made myself to persevere through a board game haha.)

    I am so proud of myself. I felt so fatigued, and I went for a run! YAY ME!! And even though part of my body felt like I was running under water AND under a tonne of bricks at the same time, the other part of my body maintained a very good pace, and I would have finished 5K under 35 minutes, if I suddenly didn’t need to go to the bathroom, so I stopped at at 31 minutes and just under 3 miles… Turns out running on a full stomach is also not a good idea. Overall though, I’m very pleased with my run and the mere fact that I did go for it.

    I’ve got this fasting thing down pat. I still haven’t gotten the eating thing down pat. That’s ridiculous! I need to focus on the eating part.

    I also baked two cakes today. I’m not sure if I should force myself a slice now–I feel full and nauseated and tired, but really want to see how it turned out…Or save a slice for Monday lol. I think I’ll be sick if I eat some now, but I know I’ll be craving it tomorrow.

    September 16: 174.5 at 36h fast, post run. Not as bad as I expected.

    Today is a 500 calorie day. I’m extending my fast for as long as I can, to 40-42h, and will have a light keto meal early evening. I have sour crout and miso paste all ready, and a couple of eggs. I really don’t want to feel sick / fatigued today, so I’m being super careful.

    Tomorrow is a full day out–breakfast at a favourite bakery 2h from home; hikes on beaches; lunch with friends; more exploring; supper at a fish and chips place and then the 2h drive home late at night.

    Sept 16/144.4/FD

    Whew must had been one heck of a weekend! Up 4.4 lbs I will prevail tho, so I actually feel less flustered by the number. Now if I had been fasting and saw it went up I’d be livid to say the least.

    AND seriously I have to wonder how did we stay pretty much 30lbs apart? I think we started 30lbs apart and I think our final weight will be prob about 30lbs apart (we really do some kind of interesting connection – fasting twins!)

    I go away again for nearly a week so you may again have radio silence from me. Tomorrow I’ve got to load up the van/pack and then I’m traveling with a friend of mine to PA Wed-Mon.

    In other news I’ve seen some friends I had not seen in about a year and got the best/funniest compliment from one of them. Now you have to picture the whole thing being said straight thru without me really able to get a word in b/c at the are you sick question I shake my head no… and then they continue which I just burst into laugher… here is what they said.
    “hey so great to see you, wait, you lost weight, you look great!, were you trying? Wait, are you ok? You’re not sick?, Ok good, do you need a hamburger? Just checking, but for real do you need a hamburger? I have a 1/2 of a taco in the car…”

    That has got to be hands down the best reaction I’ve gotten so far. It was hilarious.

    @165gw – oh my gosh I feel that way from too many carbs like I’m walking in water perfect description. Mmmmm fresh baked cake thats a tough one. Otherwise if I waited I’m not as inclined. However, I’m a cake snob. Like really it must be super fancy cake – carrot cake is a good one that gets me. Otherwise I just wait till we go to shyndigs (which I’ve described their cake before to you)

    I started out way better observing my FDs more than my NFDs. I say what got me was really taking a moment on my NFDs to say (in my head) if I eat this how hard will I need to work to burn it back off? 1 FD? 2 FDs… that has put more things into perspective. And while I was on Vacation with (I still can’t believe no real FDs for 3 weeks) I did do the OMAD and did my best to MAKE better choices. Or eat less of something that was a not so great choice. Which is still challenging b/c I want to eat a huge portion but I’m learning.

    Have fun on your adventure day out for breakfast sounds super fun! Details when you get back! Cheers!

    @Rabbette–fasting twins for real! What a fun journey we are on!

    Half a taco in their car! OMG I laughed! That was hilarious.

    You’ve done really well OMAD-ing on your trip, so I’m sure you’ll do great on your next trip as well.

    Today ended up being a true keto day, rather than a low calorie day. I decided to see if eating keto will help with my energy levels, and yes, it did! I had normal energy and a great day with no bricks-under-water effect. As I was contemplating miso soup, I read an article about the 30 days bacon experiment, so bacon it was. Bacon, eggs, chicken left overs, some wild mushrooms fried in butter (yeah, I risked my life), and coffee with a slice of really cold butter. Which was really nice! I’m not ready for 30 days of 1lb of bacon per day ha ha, but today was a good expriment.

    Tomorrow my breakfast WILL be a bagel with cream cheese and lox and coffee. That’s tradition! But I’ll order half a bagel rather than the whole bagel, and it will be still lower on carbs.

    We are doing it, Rabbette! By the end of October–138 for you, 168 for me–AT LEAST!!! lol No giving up!!
    I’ll report on Wednesday about weight and bagels!

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