Anyone fasting (no caloric intake) on alternate days wants a buddy?

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Anyone fasting (no caloric intake) on alternate days wants a buddy?

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  • So LONG, Moody! Hello, Steady! Though I hope Steady isn’t broken as I have to tap quite hard for him to turn on. Like I almost have to jump on it? I hope that’s normal.

    Afte a pretty huge OMAD that included 1/2 of a watermelon, Steady showed me 183.5, 4 times in a row. That’s remarkable. Moody went immediately into Steady’s box.

    I think that overall Moody was right and my weight after fasting should be 178ish, exactly what Moody and I have worked out. So I’m not disappointed by 183.5. I installed a new weight tracking app which I like much better and I started a new journey with Steady with 183.5 as my baseline.

    P.S. I could have totally ate less today.

    @rabbette: YAY for 148. You are doing AMAZING.

    After my OMAD I started a 42h fast into Friday morning. I’m back in the ADF game with trusted Steady (Steedy? I’ll have to figure out!) at my side.

    July 25, 18h into my 42h fast, Steedy showed 178.5. And last night before bed it got down to 182.5lb, which made sense, as I knew 183 was very much influenced by having JUST eaten. So I think my estimate that I was around 178 while fasted was pretty accurate. Now that I have Steedy I don’t have to fight for this estimate. I will have cold hard numbers in the mornings!

    I did a 55 minute run this morning, felt great. It was a slow run where I maintained a conversational speed and even talked to myself a little. Next run will be a more challenging intervals run.

    I’m going out with a friend later today, but will only get tea. I’m very determined not to break this fast until tomorrow!

    Now that I have My Steedy and my long July fast has been achieved, I’m ready for go DOWN from 178! Here is to 168lb by the end of August!

    @rabbette: So you put cottage cheese INTO the tuna salad insteadof mayo? Hm…That’s an adjustment. Does it really “save” a lot of calories? I put a tablespoon of mayo in mine and I love the taste. I hardly ever eat mayo though. I only use it for tuna or egg salad. I don’t think I’m ready for the cottage cheese transition yet!

    Bubly Strawberry is my favourite out of Bubly. Perier Green Apple–wow tha was awful. The first sip is great and very flavourful, then it stayes with you as though you had soap in your mouth. And I thought I’d love it,a s I love green-apple everyting. I think I’ll be majorly diluting it, I still have 5 bottles left. Yuck. They were out of peach, which was a disappointment.

    I haven’t bought any thing flavoured with lemon or ginger yet as I make those at home with you know, real lemon and ginger. Not zero calories, but very little and all “real stuff”.

    July 25: Well, I broke my fast and started a new one. I was out in a lovely little restaurant with a good friend, and just having black tea seemed punitive. I’m not into punitive. I had a mushroom-avocado wrap and a coffee with cream and creme-brule for dessert.

    That was my OMAD and I’m very sure it was well under my TDEE so consistent with my weight loss plan. If I had skipped the creme brule and went easier on the cream in the coffee this could have been my “under 800 calories fast”. I should start skipping creme brules! It was too sweet and not as satisfying as I imagined. But creme brules are my childhood weakness ha ha.

    I’m proud of myself for making this day a true OMAD. I came home and made a delicious supper for the kids and I only inhaled! Ha.

    I am not sure whether tomorrow should be another OMAD or a fasting day. I’ll decide on the spot, I guess.

    July 26, 177lb! Yay! Steedy and I are doing just great!

    I haven’t decided yet whether this will be an OMAD or a fast yet, ha. I’m really winging today. Either way, it will be just fine.

    July 26/148.2/FD

    Yesterday was going to be a FD but turned into a CD (I suppose after 3 FDs in a row my mind/body was ready for a break) I was making pasta salad for my SO lunch and what was going to be just enough for them for lunch for 2 days….. turned into me chopping and adding veggies to it until it became enough for an 8 person garden party. Then it turned into a 7 person garden party as I ate a serving. I was good and stopped myself from OVER doing it thank goodness. Mr. Particular let me know that my behavior yesterday was not going to be rewarded.

    Lately the scale readings have been interesting – I used to be that when I would be water fasting through the morning if I checked in the after noon I would have gone done about 1/2 lb to sometimes a whole pound. But not this last two weeks.. Nope the readings are pretty much the same throughout the whole day. *the blistering heat may have something to do with it*

    @165gw – yes I put cottage cheese into the tuna salad instead of mayo to reduce the calories. Funny enough I was NEVER a cottage cheese fan until maybe 2 years ago. I’m still not jumping on a cottage cheese wagon, but I at least like it now. Mayo is better tho, so don’t go changing your ways. I’ve just been experimenting. Since I do still want tuna salad but need to workout the happy balance of enjoying it and still losing weight, actually just had and idea of using my hot&sweet pickle juice…. I’ll try that next and let you know.

    Green Apple Perrier – I’ve not tried it, but from your description I should stay far away from it. I felt like that from this one brand that tried to make a Cola and they made it taste like “diet” cola instead of just a cola with no sugar. I’m all about not wasting things but did not make myself drink that b/c it was gross. If you are having any fruit juice you might do what my sweetheart and I do and make what we call Fizz juice. I use like 1:4 or 1:3 juice:fizz drink

    I totally know what you mean about a childhood weakness. I do it with chips sometimes. I think I will like them, I buy a certain brand from what I remember as a kid and then think Wow, why did I eat that? I find most desserts to be too sweet, you are not alone. I was just chatting earlier with the July group and told them how I make Vegan ganache – and for the colors – I use a finely grated veggie (for example for the chocolate orange ganache – the inside is a beautiful orange color from grated carrots) The outside a thin layer of dark chocolate. Its raved about when I take it to parties *and it has veggies in the dessert* and its not too sweet. Ok must stop talking about ganache or else I’ll be making some this weekend.

    And Woot Woot on that 177!

    @rabbette: I’ll have to experiment more with cottage cheese! I do like it quite a lot, but just plain and not in anything.

    The heat is affecting everything, for sure, including weight. Weird.

    I’m feeling a bit hungry but it is past my usual eating hour, so I won’t eat too early. I’m going to drink my favorite Peach Perrier–it was on sale and I bought a lot. It is only 3 h to bedtime, and I know I’ll be so much happier having an unresricted day yesterday with all the fruits and veggies and dips that I got today, than with eating a small meal today.

    So I’m pleased with holding a fasting day today and looking forward (a lot!) to my fruits and a HUGE salad and some other things.

    July 27: 175lb at a 42h fasted. Today is an eating day, so I know the weight will go up tomorrow as part of the pattern, but YAY! I’m getting there! It also makes sense to have a bit of a whoosh because I’ve been at 178ish for about 3.5 weeks now.

    Last night holding the fast was a bit more challenging than usual, and yet it has become such a routine that it wasn’t a big deal. I knew I could eat the following morning and all was well. And true to my experience, if a fasting evening is challenging, the weight loss seems to be more in the morning.

    Today for lunch I ate lots of fruits and veggies, hummus + celery, 1.5 bagels, half a cup of egg salad, 1/4 cup of fish salad, yogurt with crackers (didn’t finish the yogurt), and a handful of nuts. It wasn’t too much and it was all light yet nourishing. I might have more fruits later today, or it might be my OMAD with a similar OMAD tomorrow. I don’t want to restric myself on my eating days, as that’s part of the deal. As long as I’m making good choices and not overeating, I’m doing great. However, I have to say I’m attracted to having a larger meal, like the above, than several smaller ones.

    It is a hot day here, but the evening is supposed to be cool, so I’m planning my run for the evening. If I could retain 175lb by July 31 and not go up, I’ll be super pleased, but I also won’t do anything “special” for this–I’ll continue how I’ve been fasting and eating.

    I had a late night snack–the first in a long time, and that’s a life lesson. I wasn’t hungry, I wasn’t even CRAVING this snack. I almost made myself have it? That was weird. It was a perfect day of nutrition and food that I enjoyed and I practically sabotaged myself in the evening and absolutely for nothing. Never again. If I were craving something, that’s one thing, and that’s okay. But not like this. And of course now I’m not feeling that great because eating late at night never agreed with me.

    I really regret this, but hopefully that’s a life lesson that I’ll remember for a while.

    Day 28/145.0/NFD

    you see that?!!! finally some movement downward! Maybe my body was waiting on you to hit 175! haha You were right tho, The woosh happened. It was tiny but it happened yay!

    It ended up that yesterday I only ate basically a can of tuna with Sweet & Hot peppers (and some of the juice from the jar) mixed into the tuna. It WAS awesome! Loved it and will do again. Then later that night it was a friend of mines B-Day party. I was surprisingly not tempted at all by ALL the wonderful food they had prepared for the party. Its a really cool party too, once a year 4 frineds get together and have an outdoor party with live music and all kinds of food (healthy and junky foods) But I didn’t even eat the healty foods as I was not acutally hungry and had to remind myself that was ok. Instead I super enjoyed my cocktail which ended up being bloodorange moonshine on the rocks. I realized I didn’t even drink that much and it had no carbs since it was just straight on the rocks!

    Woke up and thats whey I weighed myself and was like WHAT – I dropped 2 lbs! sweeeet.

    So today there will be a nice grilled salmon and I’ve not really thought yet what to pair with it. Maybe some grilled zucchini.

    @165gw – don’t fret too much about that snack adventure. I’ve totally done that, espeically walking by the snacks when I’ve put them out for my sweetheart to take to work. I won’t be hungry or craving. It will be purely that I just WANT IT! and my brain fights with me like – WELL WHY CANT YOU! and i’m like I don’t need it. I try and reason, but really if it happens there is no reasoning. I’ve noticed I do tend to have weird snacking when I’m worried. Like when I have a sick kitty. I will immediatly just want to chew on someting. Next time you fast will be a great reset. You got this! (sometimes having a mental plan of action helps if that train should show up again) Hugs.

    July 28: 178.5! Well, that’s still the same fluctuation and it was pretty expected after the late night snacking. That’s okay. Today was a fasting day, though I had two cups of chicke broth. I ended up doing a lot of physical work in the sun and kept feeling hungry, so the broth felt like the right choice. I’m breaking the fast tomorrow morning 34-36 hours.

    I’m feeling a bit hungry tonight, despite the broth, so hopefully this will again show a nice reduction tomorrow. Fruits and veggies tomorrow–this is what I always crave on my fasting days. Which is kind of nice! I’m also not going to buy that snack for a while now. None of us in the house really “need” it.

    I think overall it was a good day–some tiring physical activity; some broth; and some will power when I kept feeling a bit hungry after the broth.

    @Rabbette–omg, HUGE CONGRATS on the 145!!! Awesome! And most importantly on the development of the new habits of not feeling like we need to devour all the food in sight! The party with music and all kind of food sounds delightful!

    I’m not sure what is the “latest” on tuna, but I remember reading some years ago that we should limit tuna to once a week or so, due to the mercury content. If I had never read this, I would be eating it way more, as I love it so much. So that’s just heads-up regarding your tuna love. Let me know what you find out!

    July 29/147.2/FD

    Salmon dinner was fab! I treated myself to a Mamaw’s Mean Cobbler beer! *which I knew could set me back a little, but NFD are about not depriving. The good thing is I only had 1 and the funny/amazing thing. It did me in completely, I fell asleep while watching a show. Like I just passed out on the couch. My SO was so sweet they cleaned up everything and even did the upstairs Sunday chores (which I usually do) and they made the kitchen all tidy! I was like (who is this person?!) ha So Mr. Particular let me know, Mamaw’s is not the most awesome decision, but it wasn’t too bad. I’m excited to still see a 7 at the end instead of an 8 like the last 3 weeks.

    I forgot to pause my CSA box for this week… So I have tons of different kinds of peppers and tomatoes showing up! Ha… Wish I had some lettuce in the dang thing. So must get creative with my peppers tomato dishes… any ideas?

    I’m toying with Tomato, pepper & apple salad. I’m not a huge fan of vinegar tho and avoid most salads that call for a vinegar type of dressing. Wish I loved it… (pickles are fine tho and actually just started to LOVE pickles and pickle juice *which is vinegar*) Maybe a orange citrus dressing….

    As for the tuna (I will admit I’ve been on a slight kick) reflecting, I have only opened up about 1 can a week. Most of the time if I make a tuna salad, I make it so big from only one can that it last several days and its weird I don’t usually eat this much tuna. Most of the time I ‘might’ have tuna about 1 time a month. It is good to know tho about the mercury, eeeeew will need to be pro-active and give myself a tuna break. Wonder what to eat … (as I stare at my peppers and tomatoes…) Ba.

    Good noticing the hunger pangs chime in when there is about the be a drop. I will need to pay attention. Really I have always been a big believer in broth. If I were trying to do a 5 day water fast, that might be the only time I don’t have it, just because potentially b/c of the protein it would cause a stall in the whole autophagy process. Otherwise I find broth (of any kind) to be very nourishing. Good for you.

    Keep on getting up that hill, we are getting close to the top! (So to speak)

    July 29. 178.5. What?? Okay. I’ve never weight not shift after a 42h fast. I’ll assume that this is all part of some weird water weight shifting and I won’t panic. I’m ready for 174 though!!

    Today is an eating day, tomorrow is fastig or OMAD.

    My hip has been slightly sore, which is a huge diappointment. I’ve been so focused on knees and so happy they haven’t bothered me while running, and now I’m hit with hip pain. I think I won’t run today, and hopefully the hip will improve with some rest.

    July 30. In an act of defiance I didn’t even step on the scale. Yesterday was not the best eating day. I randomly ate lots of things I could have gone without. Today I am fasting (until tomorrow morning) as per schedule.

    My hip is still sensitive but I went on a super slow 30 min jog on a narrow trail in the woods–very slow because of the terrain. It was great and I felt back on track and energized.

    July 31: 178lb at 40h fasted. Well, that’s been remarkbly steady! I want to see that 175lb again!

    I’m happy with my goals for July. I did lose that minimum 4lb–I’m moving in the right direction. But I’m also a little bit disappointed–I’ve fasted alternate days, inlcluding an extended fast. I even added several lower calorie days after my fasting days. I ate at my TDEE on most of my eating days, except two days when I possibly ate over. I haven’t counted calories every time, so maybe I’m wrong on this, though. And all I lost was 4lb?? It is still progress, but it seems I should have lost more with that much work.

    I haven’t planked in the last week as my hip has been sore, but other than that I’ve been very consistent with planking and running.

    Well, tomorrow is a new month and a new beginning! I have my Gray Motivational Jeans and My Wonderful Motivational Skirt to look forward to. Both I can zip up and they fit okay, but I’m waiting for a Perfect Fit.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~GOALS FOR AUGUST~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~GOALS FOR AUGUST~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~GOALS FOR AUGUST~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    1. Goal A: 169lb (-9lb, just over 2lb a week)
    2. Goal B: 174lb (-4lb)
    3. Be gentle with my running and heal my hip. I hope I can contnue running!!
    4. Continue with planking and upper body exercises.

    July 31/148.2/FD

    Well I was thinking that I prob had a low loss for this month, but it turns out – it was a solid medium range of a nice loss – officially I’ll chime in numbers/figures tomorrow. (ha never realized the correlation of figure with figures…)

    @165gw – Do take care of your hip. If it is sore it needs rest. Does your hip hurt in plank? Otherwise I would say skip the run for now and just do some plank sets as this should be less strain on your hip (you know with my Dr. degree and all ha) ooooo maybe go back to sit-ups for a bit, that could prove to be a good workout and still strengthen the abs.

    I’ve noticed these past 2 FDs at the evening meal afterwards I’ve been snack-y and well I have some fresh farmed fruit. I ate a peach the first evening and was finally satisfied with dinner/what I ate. Yesterday I split a mango after dinner and same thing, was finally satisfied. And a little loss when I woke. 146.8 this morning, but now I’m 148.2….

    Oh and my theory is proving to be correct. Last 2-3 weeks I’ve had the worst time trying to drink my water in the Morning/afternoon on FDs. I don’t know why, b/c I’m not having anything else…. But the last 3 weeks I’ve been on a little stall with my weight. So yesterday I really made a hard effort to up my water (and the scale showed a loss) AND continued the loss for today. GOT to get more WATER! I think having enough water in my body helps my body process the fat – then I can let it go!

    Oh remember I usually have a big loss month followed by a little loss month… and we are getting closer to goal so our bodies are probably like, isn’t this the weight you want to be. I know 140-145ish has been my lowest adult weight. So if my body is stalling its probably just trying to figure out this unfamiliar territory. Just stay steady on the path. It will happen, it just may really take some effort to get those last stubborn lbs down.

    We are doing it!

    Goals and numbers later or tomorrow.


    August 1: 177.5!

    @rabbette, thank you for the reminder to drink more water!

    It seems we have both stalled a bit at about the same range. You are right, 172-177 has been my lowest after the kids and now the lowest in 8-9 years, so my body probably doesn’t even remember “life before kids” ha.

    We are doing it and we are on the right track. August is going to be AMAZING!! We will conquer the last 20lb, yes we will!!

    I might experiment with a very short run today as the hip is doing better and the weather is cooler. I will continue with the planking as it doesn’t bother my hip. It’s been just so hot and I skipped several planking days. Not good.

    I am not sure whether I’ll break my fast later today at 20h with a salad (low calories day) or will fast until tomorrow morning as planned. I am going with the flow.

    Aug 1/144.8/FD

    new ATL 144.8 – and guess what I tested my theory. I drank around 70 or a dash more of water yesterday… and the scales showed it this morning.

    This morning I ran out of water teaching my 2nd class and when I got home for a quick weigh/check in my weight was up a dash and I think it is b/c its hot and I didn’t drink enough water, my body won’t let go of the water. Lesson – drink your water and include a dash of pink salt under the tongue once in a while. The salt is especially helpful for jump starting a nice round of chugging some water.

    Yes be mindful running with the hip. I have a hip that gets very sore from receptive moment. Like if I teach or take a lot of vinyasa style yoga classes.

    Today I just got the CSA box – tons of different peppers and tomatoes, I guess its time to see what I can make from that. Sounds like anything Mexican will be great!

    @rabbette: 144!!!! Congratulations!!! That’s simply awesome.

    I’ve never had hip issues, so I’m disappointed with my old age and I’m taking it easy. I did go for a 30 minute run today and kept all of the run at moderate to high effort. The hip did fine, but is a bit sensitive now. I also did my knee exercises, planks, and upper body.

    Today ended up being a fast, as planned, which I’m going to end tomorrow morning. The day was full of temptations and yummy foods given to me and eaten in front of me, so I’m proud of myself for keeping the fast.

    At this point I’m VERY curious about my weight tomorrow. It better not jump up to 178 again. 178 is cursed lol I’m done with 178!!

    August 2: 175lb at 34h fasted. I’ve had the 175-178-175-178 jumps already and all I can think this is water weigh as those 3lb variations don’t make much sense. I’ve been eating within my TDEE 90% of the time, so I know I must be losing fat no matter what. I don’t want to see 178 again tomorrow though lol

    My hip is a little tender. I need to figure out what is going on and how to fix it.

    Eating day today. So far I had celery, a cup of coffee with cream, 2 bananas, a large baby romaine salad with 3 table spoons of blue cheese dressing and cherry tomatoes, and an apple. Feeling great and Looking forward to dinner!

    August 3: 177lb (after an eating day). Well, at least it is not 178!

    I intended to have a usual water fast, but ended up having a lower calorie day instead. I had raw cauliflower, carrots, and broccoli with a yogurt dip; a coffee with cream and a cashew + date bar (no sugar added); and several peaches. My guess is that it was all about 1000 calories. My frist meal was at 18h, so I guess it was a “fast”, but after being used to 40h fasts 18 hours feels pretty tame.

    I went for a 30 minute run late in the evening, as my hip was doing better after the stretches yesterday. It was my fastest so far and it gave me confidence that I can achieve my goal of running a 5K (3.1 miles) in 30 minutes. Right now I can run 5K in 34 minutes, but since I’m still new to running this kind of improvement is possible. It is also a moderate effort pace, which seems like a lot, but definitely not my “race pace” where I’d give it all. My hip is a bit tender, but there is an improvement overall, so I’m optimistic.

    Tomorrow will either be another raw fruit and veggie day, or a fast. I’m leaning towards a lower calories raw day, as they have been going quite well and I’m not over-eating or tempted to over-eat. Also maybe my body needs a bit more variety to move away from this plateau. So a lower calorie day tomorrow, then a TDEE day after tomorrow and then a water fast seems like a good plan, but I’ll remain flexible.

    Lots of people have been commenting on me losing weight. Sometimes it is quite annoying and awkward. I’ve had women I barely know look me up and down and stare at me and ask me how much weiht I lost. I don’t like talking about fasting to people I barely know, especially to those people who would look at me this way and ask about my weight. I don’t like attention drawn to me, especially to the way I look.

    On the positive side, I’ve been wearing shorts and skorts and I noticed that my legs, especially above and around my knees are much slimmer.

    I was at a thrift store today and tried on several jeans–I fit into size 12! Yay! And all the size 14 that I bought in the beginning of the summer is sliding off! I didn’t buy any jeans as none were perfect, but size 12 is definitely my size now. I’m really looking forward to 165lb and then 155.

    August 4: 176.5 after a light eating day. I’m excited to see the progress! Today was a regular eating day–lots of raw veggies and hummus, fruits, tea with cookies and dark chocolate, a small salad with cheese, chicken, arugula and tomatoes.

    I started a 44 hour water fast that will end Tuesday afternoon.

    Aug 3/146.6/FD

    The scale did read 148.4 this morning after a 2 NFDs that I wouldn’t say I went crazy with, I didn’t give into the loads of chips that were available at one of my employers parties this weekend. I opted instead for lettuce, tomato and guacamole loved it so much I went back for seconds. Yay better choices. Then I made homemade very spicy guacamole. Oh my gosh… Well it does slow you down from just scarfing down the whole thing.

    I’m over 1/2 way, even my stretch goal of 117. That means -27lbs to go. Whew we are getting there.

    Feeling like I can not get enough water in me this morning so I opted for broth with carrots in it for lunch, to get me absorbing more water. Feeling slightly guilty on my FD after eating the broth and 2 carrots which was probably about 60 calories *why on earth do I feel guilty?.?.

    @165gw – I think I am also just getting toward a size 12…We are the fasting twins. Its a little tricky for me to know I don’t have any women’s pants that size, I know that my dance pants which are guys range from 34 to 31s *wearing them at the hip* (I can fit easily in the size 34) and I think when I wore them I would have been about size 14 women.

    Started my fast Sunday evening I’ll continue will Thursday or Friday evening.

    Keep taking care of that hip and knee.

    August 6: 177lb. Today ended up a 24h fast rather than 44, as planned. My best 36+h fasts happen when I start the fast at 4 to 6pm, so that 24h fast hits me 3-4h before bedtime. This time the 24h happened at noon and I wasn’t motivated for this to be a 40h fast. I decided I want my fasts to be enjoyable and on my terms.

    I’m now all set and well prepped for a 40h fast.

    Yesterday I was set on starting Keto for 2 weeks. Well, that was a failure! I ate keto yesterday, including a Fat Bomb that I made in May… Today we had peaches, watermelon and a massive salad. The reason for keto was to break the plateau, however I have to be realistic–keto is a winter thing, at least for me. I’ll have a keto month or two starting November. We finally have local peaches on sale here and I’m NOT missing them “just” to lose weight. I’m losing the weight quite okay anyway, so I’ll continue with how I’ve been doing, even if it is slow right now. I’ve been naturally leaning towards plant-based meals, and even though my weight is not going down rapidly, I’m still quite certain that my FAT is melting, as I’ve been staying under my TDEE. I just need to be patient.

    Yesterday I went for a long 4.5miles slow run (1h 5min), and later in the day I walked for 1.5h–slow pace, but hey, it is still walking. So today at 24h I felt quite ravenous and all I wanted was greens with blue cheese + yogurt dressing and peaches! I did eat some eggs + bacon later and lots of watermelon and lots of roasted sugar snap peas. Possibly over my TDEE, but I feel nourished and ready for the fast.

    @rabbette: I’m cheering for you on your extended fast! Awesome!! I think I’ll do one in the second half of August. We must get through this plateau!!

    We are doing it. Yay for being half way!! That’s pretty impressive. You’ll need new dancing pants very soon!!!

    Aug 7/143.8/FD

    Whiddeling down. A light hearted comment from one of my students was – wow you’re gonna blow away next time I see you… I said I’m wait’n.

    Today was so hungry, usually the 3rd day I’m ok, but hormones are in flux since Aunt Flo came to visit. Tired and hungry all I want to do is lay around.

    @165gw – oh my gosh eat the dang peaches… I’m not one to promote eating food, if someone is on a weight loss journey I know its a tough road. However, like you said they are only in season once a year, so enjoy. If you do so mindfully you will still lose, just maybe a little bit slower. I remind myself that with the seasonal things we have come through. I did realize I’ve not had a pineapple all season. AND I LOVE pineapple, must have one before they are gone.

    Ha Fat Bombs – speaking of fat bombs and pineapple, a recipe was just delivered to my inbox “Pineapple frosting bombs” seriously… These may just have to get made. Coconut butter, cream cheese, erythritol, Pineapple juice or crushed pineapple. Ummm yes…

    I’ll consider it. Right now I’m having a square of 95% cacao chocolate and its Devine super low sugar. Mmmm my hormones thank me.

    You are right I will probably need new dancing pants. Maybe I can just take them in a little bit… I think I can at least for the next 15-20lbs that last 7lbs may make them look ridiculous if I keep them and don’t find new ones.

    I’m ready for ridiculous.

    @rabbette: 143!! This is SO inspiring!!! You GO girl!!!

    I’m stalling at 178ish. I did NOT fast today, despite the plan. I didn’t overeat, but didn’t fast either. It was a good day with lots of green beans roasted, PEACHES, coffee, and some ham and cheese, eggs…garden-greens salad. A little bit of everything and it was good.

    The peaches are the end of me, as they are SO tempting. I’m also at this very dangerous spot where I look like I’ve lost weight, I look slimmer, I feel great, and I tend to lose my motivation. Things are actually better this time around as I’m VERY motivated to get to 155lb, especially for my running. So after several days of 18:6 / 22:2 / random eating I need to get back to ADF. I think the several days of not-fasting were good for me, and maybe it will be a bit of a re-set for my body as well. I can’t even say that I gained weight–I’ve been around this darn 178 for a month! Ha!

    I ate late today so I’m sure my weight will be 178 or higher tomorrow, but that’s okay.

    The break is over, back to ADF. @rabbette: I’m SUPER inspired by your 143 low!!!! Thank you for not letting me just become “okay” with 178!!!

    August 8: 180lb. I hope it is mostly water weight and weight fluctuations from eating late at night and hormonal. I think I’m still 178ish! Well, I’m mentally ready to be back to ADF with no excuses (I got my fill of peaches, so all is good!), bring it on! I still have 3 weeks of August left and 172 is my goal, and things are getting serious. Enough of the 178ISH.

    I just ran my best 5K run, pushed myself really hard. I’m still pathetically slow , but my pace improved a LOT, but most importantly, I feel like it was a really good effort physically and mentally. I ran it in just under 36 minutes, which is 2 minutes faster than a month ago. My goal of running it in under 35 minutes, which I now think is definitely possible.

    August started slowly, mentally and physically, but maybe I needed this break. Now I feel I have this good energy in me to push the weight loss into the low 170s, because I’m ready to for 168!!

    August 9, evening: I made it! I wans’t hungry for most of the day, and just kept myself busy, but the late supper that I made for the family was assaulting me with the aromas, which was a bit of a challenge. I also made it up completely from scratch and mixed things I haven’t combined before, so it was very tempting to try my creation.

    Now that the supper is over I know that I made it, and this is the first overnight fast in probably a week. I’m back to feeling empowered and motivated after the short break. I hope my body agrees with me that 175lb is my actual weight ha ha.

    August 10: 177lb after a 34h fast. Okay, we are getting somewhere! This is more like the stability of the last month. Would be nice to stabilize around 175 by August 17.

    I think I’ll end the fast at about 36h or later as I am not even hungry now.

    August 11: I didn’t even step on the scale. Yesterday was not a good eating day. A family member who stresses me out was visiting for the day. She brought a lot of food with her, and I cooked a bunch as well. That was not a good combination. It was all healthy choices–green salads, beans + pork in tomatoe sauce, etc. My usual fair. But way too much and I allowed it to be a long window too. It was a relief when she finally left, but it was late evening!

    I’ve been fasting today, and will break the fast tomorrow morning. I’m feeling peckish, but the challenging part of the day is over.

    I went for a slow 30 minutes run–it was in the morning so I wasn’t even in fasted state, but the heat and the humidity made for a difficult run. The first ten minutes I felt just awful, but then I got into my rhythm and it got better.

    I already figured out my meals for tomorrow. Bacon and eggs for the late breakfast, with coffee and cream. And a rather carby pear, roasted chicken, dried craberries, roasted walntus, spinach and feta salad for later in the day. I saw the recipee on FB and got excited about it.

    I’m predicting a 178 tomorrow. I shouldn’t have eating days like yesterday too often!

    August 12: 177.5 after a 36h fast. I’m pleased it is nt 178!

    I’m determined not to go past the feeling of “almost full” when I finish eating, because this feeling turns int0 “very full” within minutes.

    I was h0ping f0r a relaxing day t0day but my keyb0ard is n0t fully functinal AND the same family member is c0ming t0 spend the day AGAIN. This will be tricky.

    L0ts 0f c00king, kitchne time etc, and I wish I had my kitchen t0 myself t0day.

    I think if I stick t0 my Bac0n and Eggs brekky and the Carby salad for dinner, I should be okay. Ha, my letter “o” has finally warmed up and is working again. At least THIS aspect of my day has improved.

    We had company this weekend and I must say I think I did well. We wanted to take her out to different local restaurants. One of them is only a dessert place! So we all ate a small late lunch of spiralized zucchini with a homemade avocado garlic sauce. We saved room and calories for this thing called a Goodie Bag – handmade dark chocolate bag filled with raspberries, strawberries, chocolate mousse and almond cake!

    Well scales went up yesterday but came back down today. And not a terrible hike. it went 147 for a moment but this morning read 145.8 So doing well.

    @165gw man your keyboad IS being special. At least it did pick something similar to replace all the o’s with makes me giggle.

    got to go teach – it has been a very busy week subbing for other teachers.

    August 14: 176lb at 42h fasting (while 197.5 yesterday after an eating day.)

    I’m finally free from the pesky visitor and I’m hoping today will be a good day! I’m also feeling particularly great and I feel like this week I’ll be able to hold the 176lb and start moving downwards. I am not hungry at all and I will keep my fast until 46 hours at least–this is finally the return of this feeling when the second day of the fast feels really great, so I’m excited about it.

    I went for a run last night. It was a difficult run–felt difficult, but it was a short 30 min slow run. I’m glad I went through it without stopping. My knees have been absolutely great, and my hip pain has drastically reduced, to the point that I think running possibly helps it? I’m not sure yet, as it does get worse after the run, but each time the “worse” is less. I’m going to see a chiropractor when I’m 155-165lb as I think I’ll benefit most from the adjustments when I’m as close as possible to my ideal weight. So 10-20 more pounds, depending how my body looks / feels.

    @rabbette: I had to re-read the Goody Bag concept several times. Very enticing! Haha.

    The scales going up and down like this–I’m sure it is carb intake and water retention. I think I’m going through the same. I think that’s okay. We are doing great! Seems like this weight is where our bodies are getting a bit more stubborn and want to maintain. Well NO. We are NOT maintaining at this weight, we have better goals than that.

    I did go through a bit more complacent stage where I was like, wow, I look great (well, much better than before!), I’ve achieved so much, my clothes fit better, I can relax. Now that I’m excited to lose another 10lb and then, finally, “the last 10lb”–I think my body and mind will cooperate!!

    Aug 14/142.6/FD

    Can I say WOW! New ATL 142.6 yeah buddies even after a Goodie BAG this weekend AND… I actually had the leftover last night on a FD I had only had Beets and garlic roasted Brussel sprouts so maybe 100 or so cal… then of course the little bit of goodie bag which if I had to guess it was probably a 200-300 cal portion. And yet the scales still went down this morning.

    I’m still having days where I just can’t seem to drink enough water. I’m having to just drink my canister by certain time periods. Like telling myself ok make sure you drink this all before you get home (after teaching my morning class). Its odd to feel so thirsty, It may be the first time in my life I have ever noticed being thirsty for water. Which I’m kinda celebrating.

    In other news I tried to update my Fitbit app to say my new goal of 117lbs instead of 125 and it (re-calculated) saying instead of the fact that I’ve lost 41 lbs since Feb – it started from today saying I have 26 more lbs… dang it! I was like what!!! I worked hard since Feb you poot! luckily I have another app that is also recording my weightless journey so there is some mental reward.

    @165gw – I have days were I feel way more sluggish like I’m trying to teach yoga while trapped in mud. Hope it was just an off kind of day, maybe after the NFD you will feel better.

    I had the same thing happen a little bit with feeling almost complacent because I’ve hit the size where all my old clothes fit. However I can tell that I think I will FEEL better at a little bit smaller size and I’m excited to at least try it.

    Tried out a new lunch of Beets with fresh 1/2 an orange squeezed on it. Simple and tasty. I started eating it b/c its good for folks who have a hard time absorbing iron. As a bonus it seems that, that is what I ate yesterday and lost a good .5 lb over night (I’ll take it 😉 I had it again today b/c well I had more beets and I really didn’t know what else I wanted – except for that lovely mango thats in the fridge. YUM. Maybe tomorrow for mango.

    EEEEEEEEP so excited for us. I’ll be super busy this weekend don’t think that I forgot about you, we are packing for a 3 week road trip. I will try and at least write a couple little blurbs while on the road.


    @rabbette:WOW YOU ARE ROCKING IT!!!! So incredibly exciting!!! 142!!!!! WOOOHO!!! YAY!!! You are so close to 139, like an entire level down!!!! I’m so very excited for you!

    I love beets!! Boiled, roasted, on their own, in a salad. Love Beets. Note to self. Need to buy beets.

    Booo on your fitbit re-calculating, not fun at all!!

    Yesterday I held my fast for 50 hours (50h by 6pm) and could have easily went overnight as I wasn’t hungry, but I had a plan to go out for sushi with one of my kiddos and that’s what we did. I had a lot of sushi, but not too much (luckily, as it was almost too much lol); followed by a mini icecream on a stick. Then later in the evening I had a small icecream again and a bunch of local tomatos (yum!!!). Though could have skipped the ice cream. My estimate in calories is definitely under 2000, which with ADF should keep me in the losing range! And yet??

    Since I ate late last night my scale predictably showed 179 (which is my weight after carb late in the evening.) But boo, that’s enough. I need to break the plateau.

    This morning I went on my longest run yet–1.5 hours. It was just so perfect. I was running my usual trail and then explored a side trail, which was beautiful. It was a very slow run, i.e. I would have been able to maintain a conversation, which is how long runs are supposed to be. I stopped twice to pick wild blueberries. I ate 4 handful of wild blueberries, even if today is my fasting day. But who can resist wild blueberries on a trail??

    At lunch one of my kids didn’t finish their mango that I cubed for them and it is staring at me. I started considering having a fruit / berry day, but then your post encouraged me to keep with the fast. I can put the mango in the fridge and enjoy it tomorrow. I’m not even that tempted and definitely not hungry, so I should not eat it just because I love mango.

    I’m feeling really great with this fasting day today, so no need to break it, especially as I so want to break the plateau! I am doing really well mentally with the fasting, after a bit of a struggle, so maybe that’s a sign that my body is ready to go to a new low soon.

    What is interesting, that in the last 6-8 weeks I haven’t increased calories on my eating days, but I increased the physical activity, and where is my loss?

    I think my plan should be 1. Have a light (800ish calories) day after a fasting day a couple of times. 2 Have a keto week when I have no fruits in the house.

    Evening of August 15: Staying strong and motivated despite kids’ leaving yummy food on their plates and a slight case of munchies. I really hope to be “rewarded” by the scale tomorrow. I’m breaking my fast at some point tomorrow, and the time might be determined by convenience, as I have errands to run.

    Thank you for motivating me, Rabbette!

    August 15: I spoke too soon. I ended my fast early, at 20 hours. I’m happy with my decision though. This is what so great about IF–flexibility.

    My oldest kid who is a driver now (still new), came home and proudly placed on the table blueberries that she bought on some random farm on her way home. She was so proud and excited to treat me. I was proud and excited and enjoyed the blueberries.

    Then I decided to just have an OMAD day. The kids’ left-overs would be a bit stale tomorrow, and I decided to just eat them today. It was a light mostly plant-based meal and some peaches and mango.

    Eating late in the evening is never the best idea for me, but the meal was light, delicious, and so be it.

    I know the morning weight-in is not going to be exciting, but my weight should still be going down, so it is all good.

    I started a new fast immediately after. Tomorow will either be another OMAD or an over-night fast, depending how the day unfolds.

    I think this evening meal delayed my progress a little, but my attitude is still strong. I also won’t let fasting be in the way of things like when my kids buy me blueberries!

    August 19 , 175lb at 34h fasted. Yesterday, 178lb at 16h fasted (which tells me that a lot of it is water weight variations.)

    The last several days have been all over the place. I still fasted, but I had several 24h fasts, meaning I broke my fasts early to…have a meal? Life was really getting in the way and I was in search for my “perfect” fasting timing, as I don’t like starting my fast early in the day.

    My weight remained steady at 178ish.

    I went for an easy long run yesterday–1h 5 min, 5 miles. And to shake things up went for a short easy run this morning–30 min, 2 miles. I’m trying to do things to shake my body off the 178lb spot!

    I have been trying to commit to keto for a week or two and I’m being really bad about it. Sushi is our go-to going out routine with many of my friends and even though in the past I had the resolve to go out for sushi and stoicly eat chicken and beef taryaki only, this time around I really want the actual sushi. Many friends in town and it is fun to go out for a change.

    I will try for an egg, bacon, cheese day today and this is what I have at home. I should be able to keto to at least Friday? lol

    I hope this time around the 175lb is here to stay, I’m tired of seeing 178! Does Steedy know he can show me 176 as well?? Or even 174??

    How are you doing, @rabbette?

    Aug 19/148.6/FD

    Whew what a weekend – still packing/getting things ready for our trip! Did hit another new ATL this weekend of 141.8 so its getting there. I know this 148.6 is a lot of water b/c its been hard for me to drink water. As soon as I start drinking the water, it starts letting go of the extra. @165gw, you are so right, I’m about to drop to another level! Ha I just had a moment where I feel like I was playing a video game and almost beat the level – got to keep trying!

    Yay for beets! Yeah I love them roasted! I’ve never had them raw before and was surprised how much I really liked them and boy I think they were helping me shift some weight last week. Well I’ve got one more left to make and I’ll prob make that today for late lunch.

    @165gw the ice-cream will make me not lose. Even after a good fast, as too much cheese will also do it, even if I’m all KETO I can not eat the massive amounts of cheese and still lose, nope. I don’t really gain (so yay) but I sure don’t lose. I think it must be milk fat is LOVED by my body and it wants to keep it. Keep a little note about the ice-cream or cheese or any heavy dairy and the numbers on the scale and see if it is a culprit for you.

    AND wow 1.5 hour run, nice job! I’d be scared to pick and eat wild blueberries, I’m sure I’d pick the wrong thing and end up needed to dig a hole in the woods later haha. Otherwise if I knew for sure Heck Yeah I’d have blueberries on the run (just hopefully not the “runs”)

    OH my I could not say no to FRESH brought home to me blueberries. IF is flexible thank the gods/goddesses/universe/source/whatever is out there! OMAD may be what I do while I’m away for 3 weeks. I will give it my best tho to drink at much water as possible, its challenging on the road b/c I don’t want to stop and pee so much, but I’m telling myself – too bad – drink your water, it is healthy, eating a bunch of JUNK is not!

    There will always be delays and blueberries. The important thing is to be mindful. If it’s not an everyday occourance and it was AWESOME then have it – it was like my “Goodie Bag” Oh my GOSH! It was decadent and lovely and rich and may not have it for 6 or more months from now (they only do specialty items like that one once ever 6 months or so thank goodness) but life is to be enjoyed AND offer us challenges (its a matter of balancing the two that can make it GREAT!)

    Hugs – you got this! Hold on to the wagon (so to speak) while I’m gone for a bit. Hope to sneak at least one more post in on the road.

    Have the MOST WONDERFUL trip, Rabbette!

    OMG 141! You’re going to come back here in 3 weeks in the 130s!!!

    I had to laugh as I imagined myself holding (barely!) to the wagon! I will have to hold the fort all on my own. I hope to stay strong. It was a full eating day today, all out day. I’m going to do a short run and a fast tomorrow, as planned.

    I’d know wild blueberries anywhere! Yum!

    Hopefully I’ll be reporting 169 when you are back!

    “See” you back here when you are back!

    August 20: 176lb after an eating day! Yay, that’s a break through! My weight didn’t jump to 178. I hope this means 178 is history and I’m going to see new lows!

    I went for a short 30 min, medium to high effort run this morning. Feeling accomplished. The stars are aligning to be successful at my fast today–I will break it tomorrow morning, at 36 hours.

    Mentally it is getting harder–very temping to “decide” to do a 20h fast and to just do an OMAD today. But it is not even because I’m hungry. Just because I am close to my weight goal and a bit stressed. This is a decent maintenance strategy, and mentally I’m ready for maintenance. However, I still have at least 10, but possibly 20lb to lose and I won’t just “settle.”

    August 21: 179lb after a late night carby meal. Yesterday was an OMAD, after a 20h fast. A friend who was in town for just three days invited me for sushi–isn’t it always sushi. I don’t think my calories were over the TDEE, but the meal was at 8pm–way too late for me.

    Today it was VERY tempting to have another OMAD, but I need to get back into the 36h fasts which I vastly prefer. Today I rode my bike around the neighbourhood and pick a couple of handffuls of wild raspberries, which would be okay on a fast. But after I ate them, it became really difficult mentally. I tried to rationalize eating a sqaure of 97% dark chocolate, but then I made myself NOT agree to this logic.

    I really don’t enjoy having a late night meal and not making it a 36+h fast. So today I’m staying strong. I’m posting here to help me stay strong.

    The plan for tomorrow morning is to go for an easy 30 min run and then have a lovely breakfast.

    Quick Check in: I won’t really have a scale so here’s to being mindful. Oh boy! no Mr Particular to keep an eye on me is a bit challenging. Ha

    Stay strong. I totally know that feeling… the it’s only this, or this. Drink water (oh and the dash of salt) is the thing that usually keeps me honest.

    We are on the road! Eeeeeep! I can try and keep tabs till about Saturday-ish then phone service/network is pretty much off-line. So I’ll try and keep an eye on you. I’m with you, you are not alone and we can do this. Cheers!

    August 23: 179.5 at 16h fasted. I’m fasting until 40ish hours tomorrow.

    See, Rabbette, you do need to keep an eye on me! I have no clue what is happening here without you! 179.5?? I have been eating the same as before on the eating days, and fasting as usual. Why am I not losing weight?

    My theories are as follows:

    1. My body has adjusted to me running 3-4 times a week and I no longer consume the “extra” 200 calories that being moderately active has allowed me.

    2. I’m eating more calories than I think.

    My Solutions are:

    1. No more 2000 calories TDEE. It is back to 1800, and 1700 for good measure.
    2. I need to actually count calories for several days.

    I had a GREAT day today. I ran for 1h in the morning; I went for a shortt bike ride in the evening. It was a fasting day and I’ve been feeling awesome.

    The most immediate goal for tommorrow is to stay under 1700 calories. I really need for the weight to go back to 175lb and then down from there!

    @rabbette: Have the awesomest trip!! Don’t cheat on Mr. Particular.

    August 25: At 20h fasted, braking it tomorrow late morning. Didn’t step on the scale today. I’m boycotting my weight ha ha!

    Yesterday was a so and so eating day. It started great with various delicious salads…It ended with an ice cream, coffee, pita bread and cheese. I’m set on a light salad day tomorrow–that salad that I made for yesterday was absolutely delicious! Red cabbage, two types of apples (sweet and tart), roasted walnuts and pumpkin seeds, chopped prunes, and some kimchi! I totally made it up and improvised, and it turned out awesome.

    I went for a challenging run today. 5K and I wanted to give it all, rather than do an easy run. I really pushed myself and it felt great. I still hit a wall at the 4th km and need to slow down–this can be related to the terrain, I’ll have to test it out at some other day. But I was able to increase my speed for the last km after running slower for a bit. 34 min 50 sec–this is my personal best so far.

    Tomorrow should be a good, light eating day. Yes, I should put more effort into weight loss, I’m so close to my goal.

    August 27:175.5 while 20h fasted.
    August 26: 175.5 5 hours after the OMADish (22:2).

    I went for a slow 1h run this morning–colder weather and it felt great.

    Yesterday was a semi successful OMAD-ish. I ate a bit more calories than I wanted, but I didn’t overeat–even left some of my yummy salad for tomorrow.

    So I was happy that I didn’t eat mindlessly. But I could have also eaten a bit less–but those creame cheese pancakes I made for the kids proved to be too tempting.

    I’m happy with keeping 175.5 for two days in a row! Maybe I’m finally over the plateau. 174 will be super exciting to see!

    Today will be challenging. I’m already feeling peckish. My 24h will be at 3pm, and I really prefer to be at 24h at 6-7pm (which I mentally re-frame as “close to bed time.”) I want to stay strong and persevere. Might drink some pickle juice though!

    August 28: 175lb at 42h fasted. Yay! Three days in a row without the weight jumping up to 178. Maybe I’m getting somewhere! If I reach 174lb by the end of August, I’d reach my 4lb weight loss goal haha.

    I also tried my Motivational Skirt–there are some changes in my waist, which hasn’t happened for some weeks.

    I’m extra motivated to have a good Eating Day today and staying at my TDEE.

    August 28: Today’s eating day turned into a 2h eating window. My biggest struggle is STILL the eating days. I still go into a FAST or FEAST mode. The feast mode definitely helps me mentally with the fasting, and eating at TDEE is what I’d like to do for the eating days, but I have to make sure I don’t regularly go OVER.

    I’m getting much better at limiting the feast to a shorter and shorter window. Ideally it should reduce my calories as well so that I don’t go over my TDEE.

    I hiked for 1.5h and rode my bike for 5km (which is not much, but a fun little ride. I wish I had a safe and easy longer route to ride my bike.) But I did fit in some exercise on my non-running day.

    I had quite a full brunch today, and that was it. I’m very curious about my weight tomorrow. I should be up at 20h fasted. Tomorrow will be either a 24h fast, or a 42h fast.

    August 29: 176.5 at 20h fasted. I was somewhat discouraged when I saw the number. I never thought I’d be affected by this, but today I was. Luckily, the feeling passed quickly. I went for a short run in the rain and felt uplifted agian. I’m stronger and fitter than ever. I’m closer to my goal weight than ever. A bit of a platea is not the end of the world.

    Then I decided that maybe my body needs to know that food is not scarse, so I didn’t do a 44h fast, but instead had a large eating window after breaking the fast at 22h. I also showed my body that fats were plentiful by eating cheeses and bacon. Like totally, we are not lacking food. We are just trying to lose weight. All is fine. There is no need to panic.

    August 30: 177.5 at 16h fasted. Entirely expected, since I spent all day yesterday convincing my body food is abundant.

    I shall find out soon whether the strategy worked. I’m fasting until tomorrow afternoon (38-42h).

    September is about to start and I need to figure out which strategy will work and what I’m willing to do to accomplish my goals. I have a suspicion that Keto for 4 weeks could work, but this is the time of fruit and farm veggies. I’m also very into plan based lately, and I belive it is good for my body at the moment.

    I think the plan for now is to continue with ADF, and make sure i am 200 calories below my TDEE on my eating days. This should work.

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