Anyone fasting (no caloric intake) on alternate days wants a buddy?

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Anyone fasting (no caloric intake) on alternate days wants a buddy?

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  • A friend of mine and I were doing 4:3 for a while, eating 500 calories on fasting days, and I lost some the weight and was happy about it. We were supporoting each other every day and it was great, to have this encouragement and support.

    Recently things have changed with my friend. I learned about the benefits of fasting (no calories) and I tried it out. I realized it was not harder than 500 calories and I got really excited. Since I put it into my head that fasting had all of those great benefits in addition to weight loss, I started to really enjoy my fasting days.

    In a way I find them easy and I look forward to them. But if you are fasting, and you are still new to it, you know how it is–it is easy, and it is not. I’ve been fasting every other day since January 4th, and some days are harder than others. Some evenings are harder than others (I do a 36 hour fast.)

    My friend can’t fast due to a medication that she is taking, and while at first she was supportive, now she is not. I don’t have a scale, so other than losing some inches, I dont’ know how much I lost. I have at least 40lb to lose, though. I know I’ve lost some inches, as my clothes fit better.

    Whenever I reach out to my friend (via text, as we used to) that I’m having a hard moment during a fast she now tells me that I’m starving myself and I should eat. She seems to be jealous of my alleged weight loss (alleged as I don’t even know how much I lost, but she just assumes that I lost more than her). I recently told her that I didn’t find any changes in how my jeans fit in the last week and was a bit discouraged, and she again said that I’m starving myself and am in the starvation mode.

    This is a bit discouraging. I also don’t want to discourage her from her 5:2 and her 500 days and I want to keep on supporting her and her progress. So right now talking to her about my fasting is counterproductive.

    All this said, anyone wants a fasting buddy for support on fasting days?

    I’m a stay at home mom, 43 years old, 6 feet tall with about 40lb to lose, have no scale, Canadian. My goal is to fast on alternate days for weight loss and health reasons until I reach 170lb (I will eventually get a scale! I might also have an option to weigh myself on Mondays, which would be great). At that point I would transition to 5:2 or 6:1 if I’m struggling with alternate days at that time. I hope to maintain the weight for several months and then do alternate days again until I reach my final weight goal of 165lb. I hope this makes sense.

    My somewhat possibly unrealistic goal is to go down one size and get new clothes for my birthday at the end of March! I have 8 weeks to go!

    I’m finishing my fasting day today. I had a cup of black tea around 3pm and I wans’t hungry all day. Not hungry now either, but I just cooked supper for my family and had some moments of feeling like I needed to snack on something or taste what I made for the kids, but it passed. Sipping miniral water now and getting ready for an early bedtime as I have to get up early tomorrow morning.

    Whenever I feel I’m tempted to eat something in the evening of the fast day and turn it into a 24 h fast instead of a 36, I remind myself how great I feel in the morning / afternoon after the fast.

    And a little reward today–my shirt fits a little bit better.

    Hi there

    I am in!

    No food on fasting days is best for me. I also think it does effect the autophagy benefits. I am working on not giving in to the less than 500 cal thing on my fast days. It can be hard to break this HABIT. I get it. I hope you don’t mind I join!


    Hi!! I’m so happy you are here! Thank you for joining. I thought I’d be talking to myself here for months haha

    I find that one some days it is really tempting to go back to thinking that “500 calories is good enough”–it is still a very low calory day and is still good. However, I also find that my goal is to fast and not to consume 500 calories, the moment I make this concession I’m very tempted to allow myself to just not have a fasting day.

    Which on some day is not the worst idea–I do love the flexibility and if a fasting day is REALLY not working out, hey there’s always tommorrow.

    We will make it, michellelemm2!

    But on the other hand, I feel so good about myself and so empowered emotionally after I accomplish a fast, and I feel so good physically, that I am learning not to give in. It is worth it for me.

    I used to think that 500 calories was impossible, never mind actual fasting. I first posted on this forum asking whether I could DRIVE on a 500 calories day. HA HA. I was that nervouos about eating less. I think I was conditioned that I would literally weaken and faint without regular food consumption.

    So for me, personally, a fasting day is an amazing victory. This might souond cheesy, but I feel super human. And I like it.

    Today was a normal eating day for me. From noon today to 7pm, I had two coffees with cream and no sugar, a home-made burger without the bun with cheese, veggies and avocado, a large salad (cucumber, tomato, arugula, olive oil) and a large cup of raspberry kefir. Before fasting this would be half of what I would normally eat per day. Now? I feel so good and full! It was all healthy and tasty and I’m not tempted to overeat.

    Tomorrow is my fasting day. It will be a stressful day (not due to fasting!), and I need to get up earlier than normal. I hope it will be a good, reasonably easy fasting day for me.

    My small reward today? My jeans are fitting a little tiny bit better than last week. My small disappointment? I saw myself in the full length mirror in Walmart and darn it, I am not as slim as I imagine myself with all my clothes fitting better ha ha. Still a long way to go.

    We will continue and we will keep on feeling good about fasting and about ourselves, michelelemm1!

    Okay, so that’s me again, talking to myself. I’m fasting today (which included black tea, which suppoosedly helps with autophagy). I just finished cooking the yummiest stirfry for my kids and am feeling hungry. Sipping my tea and hoping the feeling will pass.

    Looking forward to tomorrow–from experience I know that I won’t be hungry until about noon, which will feel great. So basically I will enjoy my meal in about 19 hours!

    I find fasting both easy and difficult and at the moment it feels difficult.

    I’ back to supporting myself through my updates. I went for a 1h walk and felt great. Feeling a bit hungry now, but going to bed pretty soon and I sleep well on the empty stomach.

    Patting myself on my back for a good fasting day, despite of struggling a little mid-day.

    I have lots of veggies for a fresh salad tomorrow–really looking forward to my huge, HUGE, arugula, cucumber, red pepper, cherry tomatoes, and avocado salad.

    I feel I lost some inches on my thighs, but the belly area has remained about the same for a while (just based on my jeans). It is actually quite liberating not to have a scale!

    Feeling strong at the end of the day!

    @165gw I’m impressed that you are keeping up with a 36h water fast every other day!!! The starvation mode talk is basically non-sense. However doing what you are doing should result in fat loss, even if you overeat a bit on your eating days.

    I only fast 2 days a week now but typically I do 36h+ water fast. Normally it isn’t that hard but my wife doesn’t understand it. I’m not really trying to lose weight at this point and I’m mostly fasting for the health benefits. Also I enjoy eating a lot, maybe too much on my non-fast days.

    I find that my weakest point of a fast is about 20 hours in. I used to carefully monitor my blood sugar and would see a good drop around then that would last for about 90 minutes. I assume that is why that is my trouble spot.

    I once fasted for 7 days. After the 3rd day my blood sugar dropped much lower than even in the water fasting. In fact it was running about 60% of what is considered normal. However I felt fine. It basically stayed a those low levels until I broke my fast.

    I’m trying to build more body strength. In that regard I find the limited fasting, (two 36h water fasts a week) to be very helpful.

    @dykask Thank you for stopping in! I read your posts about fasting when I was reading the forums to keep myself motivated and to stay strong on fasting days. Your 7 days fast inspired me. I definitely want to try this in the summer. Again, it is one of those things that seem impossible, and yet, I used to think that a 24 and a 36 (today I ended a 40h!) fast were impossible.

    Tomorrow it will be a month since my alternate day fasting. I’m kinda impressed with myself! I’ll continue as long as it keeps feeling right, and I do hope it will continue feeling right until the end of March.

    I think two days a week is a really good alternative, when I’m closer to my weight goal. I don’t ever want to be tired of fasting. It does get hard when others don’t understand, especially if it is wife / husband, and if they get worried.

    I don’t monitor my blood sugar, but it seems my weakest is between lunch and dinner, and evenings are easier. So it does seem around 18h into the fast. Yesterday I went for a 1h walk with my kids and the sensation of hunger just disappeared and I felt great.

    7 more weeks until the end of March and I hope that I stay motivated and continue feeling great and empowered. At the end of March I will reevaluate how many days a week I will fast.

    Yesterday I probably ate above my TDE. My temptationos is to eat a little bit of everything, as I’m unable to decide what to choose. I had fresh bagels and cream cheese in the house and wanted to eat a bagel while it was still bakery-fresh. I eat very little grains, but it is tempting to treat myself on feeding days. So in addition to the huge big salad that is all healthy and I love it, I ate the bagel, and a mini-cake with tea, and yougurt, and fruits. It was a huge meal. Most of it was healthy. I enjoyed all of it. I kept an eating window–I everythin between 1pm and 4pm. Wasn’t hungry at all after all of that! lol

    Fasting today. Feeling great. Making dinner for the kids now, so there is a bit of temptation, but I’m getting better and better at not wanting to eat at on Fasting days.

    Looking forward to my salad tomorrow.

    Almost bed time. I did it again! The kids are snacking on fresh croissants and fruits–and I’d love some of this, for sure. But I’m staying strong and waiting UTILL TOMORROW! For my own portion of fruits and by then not so fresh croissants haha

    Hi 165gw! Well done on supporting yourself, it can be hard enough making any lifestyle change without other people’s negative attitudes – I hope your friend comes around and starts supporting you more. I’m only just starting 5:2 with 500 cal days but happy to be supportive in any way I can 🙂

    Hi GracieMae!

    Congrats on starting! I did the 500 calorie days for over a year and lost a good amount of weight (sorry, I have no scale, so this sounds pretty lame! When I read OTHER people weight loss stories I love seeing the actual numbers, so I do realize I’m not being sufficiently motivating ha ha).

    It is an amazing approach to eating and there are many success stories.

    Today should be my “feeding” day but I’m experimenting whether I can actually fast for longer than 36ish hours. I woke up not feeling hungry and made my kids breakfast without feeling peckish.

    It is a stay-at-home day for us, so this simplifies things greatly. I’m on my second cup of tea and I will eat when I feel like it.

    Thanks, haha I have no scales either so I get it! Although I am aiming for weight loss I know my body well enough to recognise any changes so I’m sure I’ll realise if it’s working.

    Let me know how you get on with the increased fasting hours – I was reading some other posts about people doing 7 day fasts etc which seems further than I probably want to go but it certainly sounds like an interesting challenge…

    I’m sure it must be much harder when you have to prepare food for others so well done, I’m just avoiding temptation on fast days at the moment (e.g. making sure I don’t need to go to the supermarket or anything) until I get a bit more used to it.

    Grace x


    Yesterday my fast finishd at 40 hours. Even then I felt I could have gone longer, but all the wonderful food was staring at me. And since I didn’t have a goal of a longer fast, I ended the fast with fruits and salad.

    It is the second non-fasting day that I felt like eating a lot–the previous ones I noticed that I ate less than normal. However, I also didn’t feel like eating in the evening. I broke my fast at 4 pm with fruits and salada and then had a large meal at around 6pm and that was it. I was pleased about that– I didn’t have any cravings after.

    Today is my fasting day and It has been 21 hours. I’m on my second cup of black tea and I’m feeling great.

    I need to learn how to pace myself better tomorrow–I should NOT be sampling everything we have in the fridge, as that was my pitfall in the last two non-fasting days. I haven’t been coounting calories, but maybe tomorrow I should.

    I think if I plan my day with what I’m going to eat and pre-count caloories, I’m unlikely to go past my TDE. Enough of that “I can eat whatever I want attitude” at least until the end of March.

    I’m actually quite intrigued by a 7 day fast and I want to try it as a personal challenge in the summer. I will probably try a couple of 48 h fasts in the spring when we have warmer and brighter days, and when I’m comfortable with that, I’ll attempt an even longer fast.

    How are your 500 calorie days going?

    Just completed my first 46 hour fast! It felt great. Though I do admit–I am not sure I could have lasted to 48 hours. Well, maybe if I wasn’t home with all the temptations around me.

    I broke the fast with a salad (onion, small potato, 1/4 of chicken breast cucumber, Lots of greens, tomatoes, peppers, pickles, olive oil) and a fruit salad (mango, banana, apple, blueberries) and a handful of nuts. Darn! I just realized I forgot to add avocado to my salad.

    Drinking tea now and enjoying my fasting achievement!

    I just calculated my calories for the two salads and the nuts (AFTER I ate lol) and it is just under 2000, which is right at my TDEE. So I guess it is good that I didn’t add an avocado!

    I did really awesome, I guess–the longest fast ever yet, and kept it withint the TDEE.

    Tomorrow is my wild card day. I’m not planning anything other than to stay under my TDEE. It will be a busy day with lots of driving and many errands to run. With all the people that we will be visiting I might be fed ha ha. I’m open to this, but also open to a 21 hour mini-fast, which means I will keep my eating window closed until 3pm tomorrow.

    Yesterday was my eating day, and I stayed under my TDEE–a bowl of chilli, two cups of coffee with cream and cheese and fruits.

    Fasting today–I really don’t like Mondays as I have quite a lot of errands to do in the evenings, when it is dark and cold. When I’m cold I tend to want to eat comfort foods.

    I hope the evening passes quickly for me and it will be tomorrow morning before I know it.

    I fasted for 45 hours, ended the fast today. Had my usual large salad (maybe a little bit too large? I need to work on regulating my salads!)

    The fast went really well, I was also very active this time and didn’t feel weak or tired.

    A rewarding moment this morning–the zipper on my stretch jeans closed without me needing to pull it together at all. That’s good 7cm lost right there! And I there is space around the waist too! Huge progress. I’m very encouraged. Especially as I fit into them AFTER AN EATING DAY! Especially after eating quite late in the evening.

    So my next step…I unearthed a pair of my motivational jeans that I never wore, got them on a huge sale, but they’ve always been too small. I can put them on but can’t zip at all and way too tight in my thighs and hips.

    I would be very happy to fit into them in 50 days. Maybe it is possible if I continue with fasting? I hope so!

    I’m fasting today. Baked a all kind of cookies for the kids this morning…The smells are killing me lol

    From January 18 to February 13 (today)–7cm of belly fat burned!

    I need 7cm more GONE by April 13 (and I should be able to fit into my Motivational Jeans!)

    I’ll see if there is a change in how they fit next Friday, February 22.

    Today’s fast seems to be a little bit harder that the several recent ones. Maybe it is because the weather is so gloomy, or because I made my kids some of my favourite meals. Feeling a bit hungry. Luckily I’m by now accustomed to this to some extent, and even though I’m hungry I’m not tempted to just start grabbing at food. I already know that I’ll feel really good tomorrow morning.

    I do hope that the fasting days will start feeling easier, meaning I won’t have this low point of feeling hungry and kind of bleh. Maybe I need to find things to do break this pattern. But it is gloomy and dark and I don’t really feel like doing anything super active or involving.

    I find it a little bit hard that I can’t talk to anyone irl about my fasting, as I know my family and friends will think that this is unhealthy and dangerous.

    Hi 165gw

    I just wanted to send you some encouragement. You are doing great!! FDs do get easier but every now and then I still find one more difficult than usual. Yesterday I was feeling ‘meh’ about the whole thing but I just soldiered on and got through it. Today I feel great.

    I understand what you are saying about talking to people in real life about this WOE. I have had mixed reactions and have had to work hard not to let some people’s negative comments get me down. Information about fasting is becoming more readily available and the media is reporting on it more often nowadays. I hope you can bring this up with someone in RL and they will be supportive. Until then, we will be here!
    Maybe you could join one of the groups so you can have more like minded people to talk to about it. You could still continue this one too 🙂

    Good luck 🙂

    Thank you, Quacka. It helps to hear your experiences. I am also finding that today’s fast is easier again, so I’m encouraged. I didn’t even feel pecking until about 4pm, and at that time I made meals for the kids and it was still okay.

    My husband just “came out” as supportive and he wants to try too, so this is great! But he is not that great at support lol. I will be able to also weigh myself once a week starting March, so my updates will be more entertaining. (I love reading people’s progress with weight updates!)

    I will try to join the groups! And for now I will continue updating the Universe and whoever will listen ha ha.

    The weekend was odd. I felt a bit chaotic and had the munchies all the time, which hasn’t happened in a while. So I decided to just go with the flow. I was expecting an easy fasting day today, after all that eating ono Saturday and Sunday, and yet today was / is hard again.

    While normally I’m not even hungry until 4-5 pm on fasting days, today I felt hungryish by 10 am! That was unexpected and hard!

    I persevered! The day is not over yet, but I’m determined not to break the fast until tomorrow morning. I’m thinking of food more than usual–already planning my breakfast.

    Next Monday will be my first weigh-in. Since I didn’t know my pre-fasting weight, this is not too exciting, but it will be a good starting point for recording the progress. In terms of inches lost–no significant differences that I can notice from last week.

    I hope I’m continuing to lose weight! I haven’t observed anything drastic in how my clothes fit since last week.

    My goal right now is to make sure I don’t overeat on eating days–while at first I was eating actually less than “average” on eating days, the last week was challengin.

    The good news is today’s fast is going well and I haven’t felt peckish until after 3pm, despite of my son eating all kind of lovely smelling snacks in the car, like jerky and then oranges. Hopefully the day will continue going easy.

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