Anyone fasting (no caloric intake) on alternate days wants a buddy?

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Anyone fasting (no caloric intake) on alternate days wants a buddy?

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  • December 13: Fasting until tomorow morning ( 36-40 hours). I’m currently at 21h fasted. I’ve reduced my fasting days slightly, and I think my body is in maintenance. Which is not awful…and I don’t want to ever stop loving fasting, but every other day is a bit too much right now, after almost a YEAR!! I do need to adjust my eating so that I do lose the last 10lbs! This is in the works.

    @rabbette: I’m so glad you are back! Yay!

    Congrats on the 4 day pre-Thanksgiving fast. Wonderful.

    I get it–I never got into the traditional Thankgiving or Christmas food either. I ususally just make up my own stuff! I’m sorry to say, but canned string beans sound rather pathetic… This said, I do have my own “pathetic” holiday meals that come from childhood that still taste good–like canned peas! lol But only in a potato salad.

    Hovering between 129-131 is amazing! Congratulations!!

    The motivational skirt IS the floor length one! I will send you pics via the app! I now also have 3 pairs of fancy motivational jeans. All zip up, but all give me a muffin top. But wow, so close!!

    The raw veggies addiction is real! I just bought cauliflower, broccoli, bell peppers, cucumbers (finally went from $3.49 per one English cucumber to 99 cents!), turnips (I’m in love with raw turnips!), celery, carrots and my favourite apples, of course. SO looking forward to the veggie feast tomorrow. That’s really all I want, with hummus and maybe some other dips, but plain is awesme as well.

    The under 165lb weight has not stayed, but I’m okay with this, as I know it is coming. I’m hovering 165-168lb.

    I like your idea of just a keto DAY, instead of a keto week. I think my body and mind should be able to do this.

    I am really inspired with how you are super motivated! Whereas when my weight loss slowed down close to the goal, I relaxed my fasting schedules and settled into maintenance lol. Please go ahead and kick my still fat butt!!! I still have fat to lose!!!

    I haven’t developed my love for fast days in a row…I feel really great at 36-40h. I should consciously try a longer fast. Otherwise I set myself up for 36hours, and if I overshoot and reach 40-44, I feel like I achieved enough.

    My biggest issue is missing food, not the hunger. So I know this is very mental, all in my head, and there is room for improvement.

    Dec 16/133.6/FD

    Up a bit after the weekend, but feeling ok that I can work with this and bring it back down. ADF for this week… Have a closing party I’m attending while I don’t suspect drinks will be there (I’m a sucker for a good cocktail) There may be sweets, I’m usually pretty good with sweets tho unless they are homemade. WHICH reminds me I got some ingredients to make the keto chocolate triple layer cake again… Must ponder what day to make this…. Hummmmm

    @165gw I know all about the muffin top. 3 pair of fancy motivational jeans well you go girl!

    I’ve never bought motivational clothes until this time losing weight. And I still buy really close to my size (maybe just a bit snug) which sounds like what you do as well. I find that I do possibly want the option of wearing the item (match it with a loose fitting top to hide spare tire) but will appreciate when it fits better. So far I have 1 pair of jeans like that, they actually have a high waist so not quite a muffin top from these but more like I would need to strategically sit in order to breathe… this has created a very funny mental image in my head right now.

    And YES to veggies! Oh my gosh yes veggies yes. I have veggies I will be eating today! Carrots and Brussels. Mmmmm have really been loving Brussels.

    Fasting fatigue is real! I’m proud of you keeping steady doing the straight WFD – I think if I lived by myself that would be no big deal, but my SO loves having a meal together. I adjusted by having my fasting meal of either roasted veggies (have been loving this lately) OR a homemade soup. I’m wanting to make a south African sweet potato and peanut soup. I think if you transitioned to maybe a broth soup or something similar on your WFD that might work (keeping the low calorie meal to liquids might help with staying satisfied and not burnt out from fasting.

    I have also (like you) let myself be in kind of a maintenance stage. I was reading that some of our other fasters did that, where they stayed for a while at a lower weight then set out on their mission to lose a bit more.

    Cheers through the adventure of holiday foods!

    Hello @Rabette and @165gw may I join you? I used to participate in the monthly challenges but lately have had trouble staying motivated and recently realized that I may need a smaller group for accountability.

    I want to commit to ADF, starting with mindful eating and then working my way up to no caloric intake on fast days for the autophagy benefits. Recent stresses in my family life have led to huge fall off the wagon eating and I am ready to rein it all in.

    I am not sure how much weight I want to lose, because I have not stepped on a scale in a while. However I do know that I am tried of indiscriminately stuffing my face with whatever happens to be available to me.

    I plan to post every day as well to stay accountable.

    Today is a 500 (or less) calorie day. I broke my fast at noon with an apple, 15 almonds and 3 pieces of dove chocolate. I plan to eat a hardboiled egg when I get home and that will total 388 calories for the day, which is a start. I have two Christmas parties tomorrow, but plan to be mindful with my choices.

    @165gw I am very impressed with how consistent you have been since February, that is very inspiring. Thank you for keeping this thread going even when you were the only person posting 🙂

    Dec 17/163.8/NFD

    I was able to stick to the plan yesterday. My total was 453 calories for the day. I also completed an intense workout in addition to my early morning 30 minute elliptical; the only part of my plan that I did not stick to was my 30 minute swim, I am saving that for this evening instead after a water aerobics class I .

    I summoned up the courage to step on the scale and it actually was not as bad as I thought – 163.8

    Christmas brunch was fun, I had a crab and swiss omelet with a giant hotcake. I plan to enjoy myself but will aim for restraint this evening as well.

    @basyjames: Hi there, welcome! This sounds like a really nice and gradual plan to get to ADF and autophagy. Totally doable. Knowing the benefits of autophagy is really motivating for me–for example I’m now at almost 24h fasted and feeling the munchies, but 500 calories is not an option (based on how I set myself up for today).

    I’ll look forward to your daily accountability posts, especially now I feel like I need a bit of extra motivation. It’s been almost a year–I started fasting in January. I’m practically at my goal weight. It is so easy to just relax into this and ignore the last 15lbs. However I do want to lose those last 15lb–I’ll be so happy in the spring when I start running more with my lower weight. Plus a completely flat tummy is feasible and so close! I have all the reasons to stop hovering at around 168lb and just GO for 155.

    @rabbette:Oh no, YOU are not allowed to relax! You are my motivation to go ALL THE WAY!!! lol

    However it does seem that psychologically I needed a bit of a break–not from fasting, this is still my favourite, but from “losing weight.” If I maintain until the end of December, I think I will be ready to lose more starting January 1st–nothing like a January 1st for a kick in the butt.

    I had two eating days in a row and I also have a cold–nothing major, but just feeling under the weather. In retrospect I should really, really stop eating things I don’t fully enjoy. Like some random icecream? If it isn’t my favorite creme caramel, it is not even tasty. I’m getting there, though.

    I’m fasting until tomorrow morning, will break the fast at around 38 hours.

    I haven’t stepped on the scale in several days, and the last two weigh-ins were 167 and 168. I hope tomorrow I’ll hover around there as well, though who knows with TTOM lurking.

    Dec 19/131.0/FD

    @basyjames sure you can join us. @165gw and I love friendly motivation and very laid back competition. We tend to banter on about veggies and pants that almost fit (motivational clothes)

    I’m back toward ADF it’s been good for me to change up my FDs (either the <500 or less) or LFD or WFDs. I’ll stay <500 or less for now as I am still liking greens or carrots for lunch. Mmmm might even make roasted carrots for lunch tomorrow.

    Had a NFDs on a Tuesday!.. I found that I had to remind myself that yes I’m going to have breakfast and lunch (and dinner?) I actually did contemplate not having dinner as I was pleasantly satisfied, but then as I got home the idea of dinner sounded good. (Still learning that really I could have skipped dinner and that would have been fine)

    However my SO and I made and had dinner AND remember that Keto triple layer chocolate cake well yes I had a slice of that too.

    Then yesterday as I nervously got on the scale…. it read I was down a 1/2 lb more! I may have to see if Mr. Particular is doing ok? This morning tho may be different even tho it was a successful FD on all calorie counts. I do wonder if this morning will show repercussions from two days ago.

    Oh well not gonna fret till I see the battle. No point in getting all worried.

    @165gw – don’t fret I’m going all the way too and I also have been excited about a flat-ish tummy! It’s not there yet but I do feel like the last few lbs would be the key.

    Oh my gosh don’t eat that sucky ice cream. I know what you mean tho. I have a bag of chips I bought when I still ate chips and really I don’t like them anymore. But I feel bad wasting money/food. Yet I know I’m growing and changing and that good decisions are not always at the forefront.

    On another note I made my own homemade chocolate dessert hummas. And I’ve got to say with carrots or sliced red peppers it is so good.

    Keep on keeping on!

    December 19: ending my 40h fast in half an hour. 166lb this morning! Very happy about it after two eating days prior to this fast, and after several days of really high calories in the last 7 days or so. I think that TOM week is to blame, and some really nice desserts that I at least enjoyed. So all in all, 166? YAY!!

    @rabbette: This is the best quote ever, “We tend to banter on about veggies and pants that almost fit.” !!! The BEST!!!

    We have to make a pact about no sucky ice cream. Gosh, like totally. Why was I even eating it??

    I’m still learning that it is okay not to eat certain things or skip a meal.

    I shall see how today evolves–I should simply eat less today.
    Looking forward to veggies and fruits and also bacon and eggs for breakfast.

    I’m still a bit sick with the cold–I don’t feel like eating, but I feel a bit weak and out of it.

    Dec 20/131.6/FD or CD

    I’m going for an FD but its Friday, sometimes they go off the edge. Ha. 131.6 after my NFD I did have 2 thick slices of homemade pumpkin bread (it was not made by me tho) So it was a regular dense loaf made with regular flour I’m sure. I got to see what will make me gain weight easily tho. Its seems to be wheat! if I manage to stay away from the bread stuff I might be alight.

    Mmmmm bacon and eggs for breakfast sounds yummy. I had tomato, avocado, and an egg. It was pretty on point. Lunch was some homemade chicken broth soup and veggies.

    @165gw – get your warm liquids and vitamin C to kick that colds butt!

    @basyjames – got to enjoy the NFDs or else it can feel a bit daunting on the FDs. You got this keep going!

    December 23: I’m still sick. It’s been one of the worst colds since forever. But I’m also a wimp when it comes to colds.

    I had 2 or 3 eating days in a row–this should tell you about my mental state haha. I have no clue if it was 2 or 3 and I don’t even feel like looking it up on the app. All I know that I thought I should be eating fruits and veggies and tea with honey, and I did eat. I regret eating–it was chaotic and I didn’t enjoy it, due to being sick.

    I’m fasting until tomorrow afternoon–it will be 40 hours. Since eating didn’t help, maybe fasting will. It’s been 7 days and I’m done with this experience!

    December 25. I had a great 40 h fast which I broke yesterday with a small amount of sushi and 3 large slices of various pies. 168lb that morning after the fast. So I am hovering 166-168 and maintaining well. Ready for weight loss in January, though.

    I am sick with the cold and don’t have much appetite. I started the fast yesterday and will break it tomorrow at around 40 hours.

    I am pleased with my fasting. Not pleased with being sick. Hopefully better in a couple of days.

    December 26. 166.5lb. Am breaking the fast at 40h at a Christmas party haha. Still no appetite due to cold so I think there is no danger of eating too much.

    Dec 26/137/FD

    Funny that 137 reading is only after 2 NFDs. While I didn’t eat excessively I bet it was more or less the egg nog! Thank goodness that is only available once a year.

    I always like the after holiday feeling in the air. It feels so much calmer.

    @165gw – oh my goodness I sure hope your cold has finally left you alone and if not I hope if nothing else it has made FDs a little more manageable.

    Excited about soup for supper. YUM.

    December 27: Fasting to either 18h or to 40, to be determined!

    Still no appetite, but the house is full of goodies and I’m entertaining my sick self with detective shows and tea, but thinking whether I shouldn’t add some yummies. Though logically I should save the yummies until I feel better so that I actually enjoy them haha. But why do I feel like chewing? I can’t even smell / taste properly!

    What I would want is roasted beets and squash, but hubby won’t make those for me (he’s done lots of cooking while I’ve been sick, so I get him wanting to rest) and I’m still feeling weak to get up and cook. I did make family breakfast, but went to bed right after, as I want to make sure I feel better tomorrow for a planned outing.

    @rabbette: It is all water weight–mine fluctuates a lot like this too, and I think that’s normal. I’m sure you clothes fit the same.

    My “calmer” won’t happen until January, as I have some kids’ birthdays coming up still in December, and it still feels hectic. I get what you are saying, and I can’t wait for “calmer.”

    December 27: Update

    I ended up fasting for 20h and broke the fast with a large bowl of raw broccoli, turnip, bell pepper, carrots, and 1 apple with a bit of a dip. Then this healthy bounty was followed by who knows how many home-baked (not by me) goodies. This was emotionally fulfilling, even if physiologically questionable.

    I’m fasting now for 18 hours until a planned meal in a restaurant, most likely fish and chips.

    After that, a 36h fast.

    December 30.The last 3 days were all 18h fasts and boy do I feel ready for a 40h one if not longer! I also feel emotionally ready to start making an effort to lose the last 15-18lb. GW149!! I’ve maintained for about 4 months, and I think all systems are a go for the last stretch.

    I still have a bit of the cold, but I’m also looking forward to running more when I am feeling 100% well. I’ve been missing running and the weather has been really good (well, good for winter running, I mean haha). But due to being sick and some other commitments before my running was on hold. It’s been about 6 weeks break, and I know I will need to start slowly, but I’m excited to be back to where I was by April–I started running last April.

    December 31. Well, yesterday I decided to break the fast at 20h. I didn’t really have to, but was in a crappy mood and the food that I made for the family was just so appealing. Overall, I didn’t feel well, but that was expected I’m definitely fasting into tomorrow.

    It was a good year in many ways, but I’m looking forward to 2020–more clarity, and being more grounded.

    January 1. The holidays weren’t my thing–173lb and feeling bleh. Definitely back in track and motivated, though. I hope it is mostly water weight and I’ll be back to 168 and then I can start counting true progress from there.

    I restarted my weight tracking up today for the new weight loss game and a fresh start. I went for a short run–only 15 min but didn’t want to push it after being sick for over 2 weeks.

    I had my OMAD after a 39h fast and started a new 39-40h fast right away.

    Honestly, I don’t like Christmas. Some family birthdays also fall between Xmas and New Years and it is all stressful. I was sick and stressed out and miserable and ate too much out almost out of soote5, without even enjoying my food. I am always depressed over Xmas, even if I really try to fight it. Maybe next year I’ll do better. I am relieved it is over and it is January. Going for a run definitely helped.

    I took some motivational photos in my too-tight jeans and my goal for them to fit perfect by April.

    149gw–I am half thinking to start a new username and a new thread lol

    Even with the current gain I do feel that 165 was achieved this year.

    January 2nd: The fast today (until tomorrow morning) is demonstrating once again how eating and over overeating for several days in a row is not my thing anymore. I am feeling so much better fasting and I’m not hungry at all–my body is working on all the supplies it recently got shoved into it. I didn’t want to step on the scale as I when I do I want to see 168 at the very least. I felt bloated and heavy in the morning. My tights felt a little bit tighter–I didn’t like this at all! I also felt bloated and heavy falling asleep–what a contrast to falling asleep fasted and light and with a tinge of “hunger” / emptiness (which I grew to love!)

    It was a good lesson and a good reminder and I’m happy to be back on track. Maybe I needed to stray a little in order to appreciate what I’ve got.

    Even if I wasn’t hungry today, I had a very strong case of munchies. I just wanted to have something in my mouth. Such a weird craving! Not for food, but for a sensation in my mouth, and it was very, very strong. I am proud of myself for persevering–somehow the need to have something in my mouth, something cruncy and textured, was more difficult than fighting hunger.

    This said, I spent all day cooking–several different meals, from bacon and eggs, to baked fish, to chicken wings, to sausages and pasta. Everything smelled delicious. I still have chicken wings baking in the oven.

    I’m really looking forward to feeling lighter in every way in the next couple of weeks as I establish the alternate day fasting again–turns out this is the schedule that works well for me and after the holidays I don’t feel tired of it at all.

    January 3: 172, which is 1 lb down from the last fast, so I’m happy with the progress, but I won’t lie–frustrating that I caused this to happen the way I did. 5lb gain in a week? Insane! I’m being kind to myself, though. Things happen and I’m moving on.

    I’m at 41h fasted and I have zero hunger, so I have decided to continue with the fast at least until evening. I had a cup of tea and a cup of coffee and the trick for me now is not to succumb to wanting something in my mouth just for the texture of it.

    If I feel the same in the evening, i.e. no hunger, I really should fight the temptation to eat for no reason and I should continue the fast. I should only eat when hungry. It would be logical to extend the fast until Saturday morning, 60 h.

    Since I have been struggling with the emotional side of fasting in the last weeks, I’m likely to write it all up here several times a day, to take my mind of mindless eating. It helps to just put it all out.

    I’m focusing on the benefits of fasting for my body and soul. My body is clearly telling me that I should fast.

    January 3: 44 hours fasted. Still not at all hungry, and trying to distract myself from eating out of habit. I made myself a large pot of tea and went for a short run. I’m getting back into running after 3 weeks break (and it has tapered off in November and December quite significantly) so I’m taking it easy. But today’s run was longer than 2 days ago, so that’s progress!

    My other mental trick was to tell myself that it will be much more fun to have an eating day yesterday. I’m out most of the day and I will have my prepared sandwiches and veggies with me, but I will be able to get a coffee or two while out. So not only it will be fun, it will also be easy, as I won’t be in my kitchen all day! And if I eat tonight, I will have to fast tomorrow and then I can only black coffee, and the only black coffee that I like is the one I make myself.

    I will also be so proud of myself tomorrow, having fasted for 60h! I haven’t done a 60h in a very long time and only a couple of times as it is. I’m glad my body is recogning that I definitely don’t need food now. Yay for good balance and for listening to my body after several days of ignoring what it has been telling me.

    January 3, 48 hours. Now I’m feeling it–a bit hungry. Luckily it is almost time for me to go to bed, an early bed time would be nice. I have been stressed and going to bed at 3am which hasn’t been working super well haha. An early bedtime will be a great re-set. I’m cooking still, to make sure my family has food when I’m away tomorrow. This is both distracting and tempting! I’m entertaining myself with planning for all the foods that I’ll pack for myself for tomorrow.

    Roasted squash. Tuna salad with eggs, potatoes and pickles. Sauted cabbage. Tomato and feta salad. Red cabbage, apple and carrot salad with cashews. Celery sticks with almond butter. All of those will be really small portions and I will have a great variety to satisfy me.

    It is tempting to just be done at 48h, but then I would not be having so much fun tomorrow. I also haven’t gone to bed on “empty” for a while, and I do sleep so much better when empty. And if I eat now, even if this is a longer than typical fast, I won’t be as proud tomorrow.

    I had a pinch of pink salt and am drinking more tea.

    January 4th. 169.5 lb after a 59.5h fast. I am feeling proud, accomplished and motivated!

    I woke up a bit earlier this morning and ended up eating most of my carefully crafted tiny salads for breakfast with coffee before leaving home. I am not sure if this will be my OMAD, but right now I am feeling awesome and happy.

    I know my non-fasted weight will be over 170 again, but I am definitely in the right track and it was good to see 169.5 instead of the 173 a couple of days ago.

    January 5: Yesterday could have been an OMAD but I decided to treat myself in the evening and I had more salads and also some cookies and chocolate. Still super proud of my almost 60h fast!

    I didn’t step on the scale this morning as I rushed to go for a run! I ran just over 3 miles and it felt really great.

    I’m fasting today and am at 18 hours. I’ve been drinking lots of tea, but the yesterday’s salads are calling me. I haven’t decided yet whether this would be a shorter (18-20h) or a regular 36h fast. I noticed that when I don’t make a really firm decision about a longer fast, I end up doing a shorter fast.

    I’m feeling a bit hungry and the food is tempting.

    I need to find a way to stay committed to the longer fast and break it tomorrow morning.

    One idea is to have a mini food reward. For breakfast tomorrow I’m going to have coffee with rye toast, cream cheese and lox, and a soft boiled egg. If I eat the same now, I won’t enjoy it as much. If I wait until tomorrow, this would be such a perfect start of the day!

    Jan 6/134.4/FD

    Did not post over the holidays because really I just didn’t even sit down at the computer much. Yay no computer gazing.

    Did manage to get to 131.8 on Jan 1st. So I’m hovering and after a Dec. Actually did pretty good for not counting any calories or being super mindful. I think I only was able to squeeze in about 1 FD a week (but I did do a couple of OMADs or keto lunch with regular supper) So it is good to note that routine somewhat keeps me in maintenance. (Although I should note that I did have more treats than usual, so overall I guess it wasn’t too terrible)

    Feeling more motivated to lose that last 15-20lbs! Must stay on top of drinking my water. Lately I have taught myself how to make chicken broth in a pressure cooker. I have never cooked chicken before as I could not eat it (gives me the same symptoms as if I were lactose intolerant) However, I have noticed that I could always have chicken broth. So I wanted to finally make my own delicious (much more nutrient filled) broth/stock. I love it, I get a whole organic chicken cut into pieces (bones and all) go into the pot with a cut up onion and garlic and cook under pressure for about 20 minutes (then I let slow cook for about an hour) and wow best chicken stock I’ve ever had, with nice chunks of chicken pieces too boot!

    In other news, I have noticed that when I have a pain flare up FDs are quite challenging. I will be keeping the fresh homemade stock on hand and ready for such occasions as it is comforting. I have also noticed that I do like crunching things so fresh raw carrots have also been helpful.

    @165gw – you are so right about the water weight, clothes fit the same. I bought 2 more pair of jeans (from the thrift store) 3 bucks each, figured it would give me a nice change from the yoga pants I usually live in daily.

    And my gosh that cold really hung on. I’m so sorry it took so long to get over that dang thing. I was totally thinking about you.

    Yay for Jan 4th seeing that 169.5 again! I’m going to be looking for my 129 again too! Oooo looks like we are neck and neck on the weight from December. Looking again at ADF too… I totally love your mental tricks especially reminding yourself that yes tomorrow you can have an eating day if you have a good FD today! *I use that one too!

    Cooking is distracting and tempting you said it! I don’t usually mind cooking even on an FD. I do find that I am someone who will nibble on the things that they are cooking when not on an FD (like cutting up carrots I eat a pieces as I’m prepping them!) this is a habit I would like to break as it makes me over eat on my NFDs!

    Good luck and I’m here even if I’m not posing as often!

    January 6th: Yesterday my mental trick didn’t work and I broke my fast a 20hours and had my OMAD. It was lots of food, including desert. Today I was tempted to break my fast at 20h again, but I was more successful and I’m all set to break my fast tomorrow morning, at at least 36 hours. I feel accomplished. Now I’m just feeling the usual evening munchies, which are manageable and I know will go away very soon.

    Earlier, though, I was hungry for a couple of hours, but then black tea did help. For a bit I almost convinced myself that if I only had celery, carrots and apples (and that was what I was craving!) it could be a modified under 500 calories day. But then I gave up on that idea, and I’m glad I did. I will start tomorrow with celery, apples and carrots!

    @rabbette: so good to see an update from you. And so awesome you were away from your computer for the holidays. I feel being away from the devices makes my brain relax lol

    I make my own bone broth in my Instant Pot, but I’m sure it has way more calories than storebought. But hopefully more nutrition as well! And so delicious.

    Thank you for thinking about me, the cold is finally GONE.

    I love thrift store finds like this! Awesome! I took a photo in my too-tight jeans, and I hope to look great in them very soon. This motivates me on days like this. Yesterday though–not sure what happened. I was set to fast, and I did my usual tricks and was feeling well overall, and yet something inside me convinced me break it. No regrets, as long as this doesn’t become a habit.

    January 13. I am at 24h fasted, will break the fast tomorrow.

    I ended up feeling stressed and depressed all week. I slept poorly and ate way too much on my eating days. Most of the days were eating days. I finally feel it in my clothes–I gained some weight. In cowardly fashion I avoided the scale.

    One good thing, I went for a walk with kids every day, in all weather, and it was rather great.

    I am feeling better today and I am meditating on the concept of not overeating tomorrow. This should be easy, but lately it hasn’t been.

    I hope I find motivation, inspiration and mental and emotional energy to sustain my body healthily on about 1600 calories tomorrow, which is beyond plenty.

    Jan 15/134.0/NFD (kept influenced day)

    Hopefully a NFD without the indulgence of chocolate covered pretzels! Last week, had achey joints for 1/2 the week I did my FDs but then on Thurs I went chocolate crazy (this is not typical of me, even when I crave chocolate I usually just have one piece and I’m like Yay that was great) This time nope I wanted all the chocolate things in the house. Which meant a couple of truffles (luckily only 2 *each NFD) but then also all the chocolate covered pretzels I could eat and tire of in a sitting. And hot chocolate and chocolate martini. Seriously wow. I did start TOM yesterday which would explain the chocolate craving, but I will reel that in next time.

    So that meant the start of this week I tipped in at 137.8!!! Was great motivation for my 2 x FDs at the start of this week. Lost 3.8 in that time tho and to keep it going (hopefully) todays NFD will be a keto inspired food day and then an FD tomorrow.

    @165gw – oh my gosh you are so describing me stressed, depressed and EFS the past week. I also had more eating days than FDs so we need to turn this train around. I have found maintenance is at lest 2 FDs (and at least 1 OMAD for the week)

    I’m really tuning into my water intake and it has not been up to par which has made Fasting so much harder.

    Hugs to you I’m here even when I don’t post often – we can do this!

    January 15: I am at my second ADF day, at 30h, and definite pushing it into tomorrow! Yesterday my eating day was finally decent and mostly under control. I didn’t restrict calories but I also didn’t overeat. I hope that’s a breakthrough for my eating days. I am feeling accomplished today and happy with my progress. It seems I am back on track. Finding my current jeans tighter was a motivator! But they still fit well. Though my really tight steetchy Old Navy jeans? The ones that I wore all day on December 23 and they were comfy, even if they created a muffin top? The ones I took a Before Photo in the beginning of the month and they still looked okay?? Too tight!! I am annoyed. But onwards! That was enough of a break. I am so wearing the old navy jeans on my birthday!

    @rabbette: hugs. Must we be twinnies even at the not so great times??? I so get the chocolate obsession! All of a sudden I went through one too and I am not a chocolate lover! Though I do love truffles. I went overboard with sweets at Christmas and after. The sad part waa that it wasn’t even that great. It was all because I have been feeling out of sorts…I am doing better now, I think. And I hope that you are too.

    January 17: I’m fasting until tomorrow morning (36 hours). Yesterday was a pretty good eating day again. I didn’t count calories, I had some treats, but I didn’t over-eat, and that’s my goal. I’m back on track these last 2 eating days and it feels great.

    I’m proud of myself today! I had a stressful day, and it was VERY tempting to do a 20h fast / OMAD. I was craving veggies and I started rationalizing that I could just have a carrot and an apple and some celery and it would be a low calorie day. But I realized I wasn’t truly hungry–just upset, and restless. I convinced myself to have my veggies tomorrow. I’m so glad I didn’t break my fast.

    This is my third true alternate day fast with 2 pretty good eating days in between, and I’m feeling accomplished. I feel that with the right attitude I will lose what I gained quite quickly and will continue to lose weight to my goal. That’s a good feeling to be oouot of the slump.

    Jan 20/136.4/FD

    I’m on the fence of a 5 day WF? Only had Black coffee and water so far, but feeling kinda icky like I have a tiny sick-thing trying to creep in. So I think I’ll have my bone broth for lunch.

    @165gw – Yes that is how I have been making my own Bone Broth – the Instant Pot. I love it. Although I’m getting tempted to make a Beef bone broth, I’ve not done that one yet.

    And what is the deal with this chocolate obsession?! Like I too am not really a chocolate lover, I mean I like it, but I just appreciate it enough to have a piece and typically I’m good. So this is new for me.

    Good job on talking yourself out of the veggies that you didn’t really need. I know how that feels for what ever reason you just want to EAT something. Its a weird thing to realize that we don’t NEED to eat, we just WANT to eat.

    For me it is the right attitude AND getting enough water (like liquids in general) I feel that I still struggle with getting my liquids in me and when I’ve had 2 or 3 NFDs in a row I get really out of sync with drinking water and/or keeping up with my (good/healthy) liquid intake.

    January 24. 173 lb. I just finished a 44h fast this morning and had 2 eggs, some bacon, coffee with milk, and my fill of carrots, apples and bananas.

    This week was mostly OMADs, but I am pleased as I wasn’t overeating.

    Yesterday I went for a 2 miles run at 24 h fasted and it felt great and empowering.

    I started January at 173lb. I think I then gained more and now lost it and I am back at 173 haha. A bit disappointed, but also very grateful for catching this early, for learning my lesson, and for fasting life style.

    162 by March 8!! That’s a very serious goal as I will be presenting on stage and I want to look great! I think with my new motivation and with my body being over the slump, this is a realistic goal.

    Rabbette: How are you feeling?

    Bone broths are so healing!

    January 25: I’m at 22h fast today, breaking it at some point tomorrow.

    Yesterday ended up being also a sushi and pie day, and it was great. I was tempted this morning to do another omad, but I told myself that the rest of the month is a total ADF month and February as well. And guess what–I’m not hungry and not even peckish.

    It is incredible how much eating is out of habit, and this is a lesson that I’m learning very slowly. I know the theory, I mean. But the practice is coming slowly to me. Motivation is the key.

    January 29. I’m at 24h of a 38h fast that I will break tomorrow.
    The last two days in a row were eating days–life just happened.

    I’m trying not to be disappointed and I’m looking at this positively. I’m getting myself together for a productive February. I’m on track. All is good.

    The fact that I gained 5lb is frustrating, but I haven’t gained more and I’m going to lose it and some. Maybe my body needed a bit of stasis.

    January 30: 171lb. I’m pleased the weight is going down. I startted January at 173 and didn’t feel there was any progress. But 2lb is 2lb.

    I had a very stressful January and it turns out the next couple of months will be stressful too. I’m emotional over some family issues. Nothing inherently bad, I’m affected nevertheless. I’ll e okay and it will be okay, but right now my goal is not to overeat! Ha.

    Jan 31/132.8/CD

    Still hovering, became complacent in my eating habits. ((NOTE: further down I think I had an epiphany.)) The FDs are still below <500 but barely which is not helpful for me losing. It has been helpful for me maintaining. So there is that lesson (of what it looks like to maintain).

    So its time to buckle down as they say (who ever they are… haha)

    @gw165 – oh my gosh seriously we are hover twins too! What is this are we somehow metabolically connected, maybe we are distant cousins. I mean we both have a soft spot for truffles too (which is really suspicious… this leads me to believe we are fraternal twins separated at birth… bum bum bummmmmmm) ok enough story writing for me. I do think its great how much we have in common, if we ever do get a chance to hang out in person I know we will get along because we have so many similar interest!

    What is the deal with our eating habits?! We have got to get organized. I think that is a little bit of my issue (and I accidentally had a CSA box delivered) All good veggies tho but feels a little overwhelming like *I must eat them all.

    Sushi and pie day, sounds like a holiday that should be on everyones calendar.

    January was somewhat of a bust for me too. If we go strictly numbers on this weight deal I’ve started the month at 131.8 and today 132.8 +1 up (scaly wag). However I tipped the scales at 137 in the month and brought it back down so there is some part of me, gripping the FDs with all their might.

    @165gw – it is good to recognize the emotional eater. I am noticing “greedy” thoughts like I want more of _______ in my bowl on a NFD. Like I’m feeling privileged to over eat on the NFD b/c I did a “good” fast the day before. I think I need to go back to the 4 FDs in a row to get my body out this privileged mode.

    I also have a bad snack while cooking habit (which I don’t snack on FDs (usually, although lately I’ve ate a carrot while heating up my broth) none the less I want to rid of that habit once in for all.

    We can do this – lets get back to it!

    @Rabbette–Greetings, my Cosmic Twin! It is insane how much we have in common AND that we are seemingly following exceptionally similar paths!

    We need to focus. February is our month!

    I’m at 24h today, finishing tomorrow. Yesterday was an eating day. I could have eaten less, but thank goodness I didn’t eat too too much. I’m a bit of a mess emotionally, maybe it is TOM coming? Earl menopause? I don’t even know. I’m emotional and stressed out over rather minor things. I admit to myself that they are minor, but emotionally they feel huge and life altering, and I don’t like how overwhelmed I am. I can stay strong and committed, and I should. Fasting should be my focus and it should guide me to more emotional balance.

    Before the eating day yesterday I fasted for 40hours. But before that I had two eating days in a row. No more! ADF until I reach my goals. I will be running more in late March-April and I really need to be 165 AGAIN.

    What is really BAD is that my new awesome wonderful bras have gotten tight in the band. I am not buying new bras and I don’t want any more discomfort.

    When I broke my fast yesterday I could have easily continued. I wasnt hungry and I felt great. But I met up with a friend and the salad in the cafe looked AMAZING. And we both got salads and sandwich–so good. And then what I should not have done was snacking at home.

    I’m feeling great about today’s fast and might try to last a bit longer, especially as I NEED to get back to 165 and I have such a great and rather easy, proven way to accomplish this. I’m annooyed with myself.

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