Anyone fasting (no caloric intake) on alternate days wants a buddy?

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Anyone fasting (no caloric intake) on alternate days wants a buddy?

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  • Sept 16. 170lb at breaking my fast at 46h.

    Lots of carrots and salads and some chicken and lots of organically integrated cross-fit e.i. work on the farm haha.

    oct 17. 172lb after an eating day and a late night meal. I just noticed I wrote Sept for my previous post. I guess I’m still in denial. And the weather has been very nice.

    Even at 172lb the trend downwards is evident! Yay!

    I went for a short run today (30 min), after a 6 day break. It really felt great. I am grateful I decided to go, despite of not feeling it in the beginning.

    I’m fasting for 36ish hours, will break it tomorrow morning. I’m feeling empty and peckish after the run, but also energetic and content. A strange combination.

    Oct 17/133.8/FD

    Its been a slow trickle downward on the scale this week, and that would be because I’ve not been as straight and narrow. I’m still under 500 calories per evening this week. However last night and the night before I ate right up to the max, so I am happy that when I wake it is still downward even if It’s just .2 lbs. better than upward.

    Shoulder is finally getting more play time out of the sling. I really only need to sling it if I’m not using it (as in not moving it) Even typing seems to be ok b/c I have my arms out and I suppose they seem slightly engaged.

    @165gw – Yes I totally agree that the app is cumbersome to message in and if you wanted to exchange numbers so that we could txt using a different app (the app of course would be a better place to exchange numbers b/c at least it is private) I’d be happy to do that, to continue to just keep in touch no matter where are journey takes us. You have been such a great inspiration and well quite frankly an awesome friend.

    Oh and no worries I knew that Canadian Thanksgiving was earlier than the american one. I followed Oh She Glows for years and remember her posting about it. England also has Mothers day typically in March, although the history for that says its because it was “Mothering Sunday” observed on the 4th Sunday of Lent. And on the subject of Lent it seems that people would fast for the 40 days of lent. Well thats one way to do it, All at once for the year, which apparently isn’t that bad (according to a book I’m listening to by Dr Fung on fasting) of course you should keep up with your vitamins if you are not eating any food. I love his light hearted and humorous approach of “basically you can fast until you get the results you want”

    And heck yeah not creeping up too much after a wonderful holiday meal. I’ve got my fingers crossed for that too – I have over a month before ours takes place. I wonder what the in-laws will say when they see me! Oooooop I’ve not seen them since last year.

    I think I feel ya on the fasting… which is probably why this week I’ve ate up to the 500 calorie mark. The two week prior were really easy. This week started tough, got a little better, but still really having to keep my eye on the prize (so to speak)

    Oooooo and you did it – Black Coffee! Its awesome, I actually feel a bit fancy drinking my coffee black now or any coffee beverage without the milk. I actually added a little sprinkle of nutmeg to my espresso shot the other day and can I say wow. So simple, so fab!

    I’ll be having a good week next week for fasting as I am making a pot roast and cabbage soup for this weekend. That dinner is around 250 calories and soooooo dang good!

    oct 18: 169lb after a 36h fast, which is an ATL! YAY!! I broke my fast at almost 40h. I’m so close to my first GW–it is surreal!

    I broke my fast with huge pile of grated carrots and apples, 3 eggs, hummus with green peppers, carrots and cucumber, rye thins with tuna. And coffee, this time with milk, but no sugar. A hadful of nuts. After this OMAD I started my timer for my next 40h fast.

    @rabbette: You progress is amazing! I’m very impressed with your perseverance with 500calories per day for weeks at a time. This is a great phase to kick start things!

    You are doing all the right things about your shoulder–slow and steady.

    I’d love to keep in touch! I’ll get to giving you my number for texting!! You’ve been a great support and inspiration / motivation as well and I’ve been enjoying our interactions and mutual support very much. It is a long journey, and we will do it!!

    I have the Oh She Glows book–I love it. It seems like at some point everyone I knew had a copy lol.

    Speaking of Lent–I was just recently thinking about seasonal fasting / feasting. My thoughts were that I’ll be transitioning soon to more meats as the winter starts, and that despite the cold dampness of the winter, seasonally it would make sense to attempt a longer fast when the “meat supplies get low” (for the first people, you know lol). My hubby thinks it should be in the spring / Lent, because of the tradition, but I think if we speak in terms of hunting, mid to late winter? I’ll have to think about it some more. I was thinking to attempt a 7 day water fast just before the Winter Solstice, and break it at solstice. This would make sense to me, but I do tend to get cold when fasting, so I will have to experiment. We are hoping to mostly use wood heat this winter, and this means that we get colder periods in the house.

    I wonder if eating keto (as per plan) will make me less cold? If this all part of a bigger pattern of seasonal eating, maybe this will work out. For now I’m still crazy attracted to plant based nutrition, so this is what I’ve been doing.

    I mean to read more of Dr. Fung. I feel he is one of the greatest authorities on fasting.

    Yay for a great moment with the in-laws! I hope they are the kind of people who will be warm and supportive and positive about all the wonderful and health-ful changes in your life.

    I’m with you about feeling fancy drinking black coffee! Ha! Simplifying things throughout.

    I should make a cabbage soup too, or at least cabbage stew. I have a head of cabbage that is calling me. It somehow didn’t make it into my salad.

    We are doing it, Rabbette! Our goals are very close. And there is no way in h*ll we won’t maintain. I don’t want to gain any more weight. I’ll see how I feel and look at 150lb, and I think maintaining at 148-155lb for life is my goal.

    oct 19: 169lb at 19h fasted (after an eating day). This was a really nice surprise, as I normally gain some water weight (?) after an eating day. However, I started this fast relatively early in the day (3ish), while normally I eat my last meal 6ish, so this could have affected the morning weigh-in. In any case, I was excited and motivated!!

    Today was a harder fasting day–still is a harder fasting day, as the day keeps on going. I prefer to start my fasts 6ish in the evening, this way I don’t feel like I’m fasting for 2 days “for the price of one” lol. But I’m inspired by the 169 and I will persevere.

    I went for a 5k run, slow and pleasant, in the cooler weather. I’m drinking hot tea and watching Doc Martin and I really plan to go to bed early. I made roasted chickpeas + squash for the family and I have a portion marinating for me to roast tomorrow. In short, I’m looking forward to at least 169lb (preferably 168.5) and all the glorious carb-y autumn food, like roasted butternut squash. Yum.

    I hope you are having a lovely weekend, Rabbette.

    Oct 20. 166.5lb. ATL and 2.5 lb down from yesterday so I don’t even know where it came from. Yesterday was a hard fast, I was hungry and for the first time ever I dreamt of eating lol

    Broke my fast at 42h this morning with a carrot and a slice of apple–leftovers from yesterday’s kids snack on the table. So delicious. More food coming! l

    Oct 21/132.8/NFD

    Yesterday I went down 131.2 an ATL yay. I also make a Keto Death by Chocolate Cake – it is a 3 layer (6in diameter) cake with this awesome I happened to change it to (vegan cream cheese icing) The cake was dense but super good. My sweetheart loved it and I think they said it was the best cake I’ve made. (Although they don’t have a lot of cake to compare it to b/c I don’t usually make cake) none the less had another slice today for dessert at lunch. The scales are still kind (I think it being keto helps)

    Today I decided to enjoy a NFD. Since I accidentally had an FD on Saturday. Then on Sunday I was still under 800 calories b/c the cake is Keto and low in sugar. I’ve not had a real NFD in a week. I really haven’t cared if I had one and today I am excited to eat more, so I’ll take it.

    @165gw – ╚»★«╝ ★ 166.5 ★ ╚»★«╝ !!! You made it… you have 1.5 more lbs to first goal! I’ve got 6 more to first goal! Wow how dang exciting! Maybe the day before was a hard fast because it was burning up what you don’t need. Burning up that 2.5lbs!

    My FDs will start tomorrow, tonight I had Chinese take out. Mmmmm YUM. That is my junk food. Veggie Lo-mein, Kung Pao Shrimp, Dumplings and an egg roll. I was looking online to get a guess-t-mate about how many calories my meal was and it looks like between 900-1000 wow! My lunch was only about 300-400 so thats actually my TDEE 1400. I wonder if I’ll be able to stay with eating that daily? Oh well if not at least there is fasting! That means I could eat Chinese take out every night! Haha

    I love British TV shows. I can’t watch Dr. Martin right now tho… I really miss my Death in Paradise, it just expired on Netflix. I was sad as I was only on season 4… dang it. Re-watching the IT crowd.


    Oct 22. 168.5lb at 40 h fasted. I am actually very excited. I did a little happy dance when I saw it. After 66.5 I had 170lb the next day, which to me says insane water fluctuations. But being 169lb for two days in a row and then 168.5 today actually shows a reliable downward trend for October with at least 5lb lost this month which is amazing. I am super happy.

    I will write another update / reply when I have a bit more time. I just wanted to quickly document my progress today. I had an eating day today (18:6) and I am fasting for 41ish hours until Thursday morning

    oct 23–169lb after an eating day. Yep, that’s more like it and I’m happy with it.

    However I broke my fast today at 20ish hours. It was damp, windy, stormy and cold. I really felt like eating. I’m not sure about the calories, but it was not too little and not too much. I didn’t overeat (going by feel) even if I grazed, and that’s what is important.

    I did go for a 35 minute run. I basically forced myself to go and then forced myself to apply myself for the last 7 minutes of it. It was hard and challenging and the wind was in my face, and it was raining too. I ran faster than ever. That’s pretty much what my son told me when I complained that I had only shorts to run in–“Run faster, Mom!” he said. Yeah. At first I ran faster because the wind was in my back. Then I ran faster because I pushed myself to run faster.

    My body is still feeling it. It feels great to be able to challenge myself and then be pleasantly tired.

    I’m not sure if it will be anther 20h fast, or I might extend into 40ish. Going by feel.

    oct 24: I ended my fast at 20h today again, but compared to yesterday, today was a controlled omad. I had some sauted cabbage with onion and mushrooms, a cup of bone broth with bone marrow, and half a raw turnip for the crunchy snack. I have my timer started for the next fast–either 30 or 40h, I will decide, depending on how tomorrow unfolds. I didn’t have a chance to step on the scale in the morning, so no weight updates.


    Your keto cake sounds amazing! I think it will be my Winter Pleasure. For when I’m actually ding keto.

    Congrats on the ATL!! You are so close to the 120s–amazing!!

    I think I’m more like 4lb to my first goal, but it is amazing to me. I can’t believe how far I’ve come. And sadly, how fat I was without even realizing it.

    I do love Chinese! Haven’t had anything good in a while, as our Chinese options are really not that great. When I lived in Ontario–wow, that was heaven for Chinese!

    I looked up Death in Paradise–sounds so fun. I need to find a way to watch it. I’m back to Season 3 of Doc Martin and the new episodes of the current season are still coming. Fun. I’ve also watched and liked Stella; Foyle’s War; Midsommer Murders; Call the Midwife; Wire in the Blood (in my blood?); Shakespear and Hathaway. British TV shows are my favourite. Some Australian ones too.

    I think I wrote you a PM in the Life app. I mean, I know I wrote it, but I think you should get it. I find myself randomly tapping on all the options in that app until I find something. It is not super intuitive to me.

    I hope your toe and your shoulder are on the mend.

    I can’t wait until you hit 129!!! That’s such a milestone!

    Oct 24/129.8/MFD

    Holy flip – I made it under 130 today! Tipping in at 129.8 this morning was soooooo dang cool! I had already said to my SO yesterday that I would have a slice of the keto cake today with them, now I even have MORE to celebrate besides for just wanting to eat Chocolate Cake b/c ummmm yeah it’s an awesome dessert.

    I woke wanting breakfast again (something that has been a bit different for me is feeling when I want to eat *like really eat, not just EAT b/c it’s what we do 3 times a day *** or All Day Long as I did before this WOL! Ha!

    I started with a glorious and sensible breakfast and there is salad followed by cake for lunch. Hence the reason it will more than likely be a MFD (modified fasting I think is the 800 or less FD) and CD (I think CD is your TDEE or less) none the less loose target of remaining under 1000ish calories.

    I’ll start with breakfast this morning – yum.
    100 = 1 scrambled egg
    180 = 2 slices thick cut bacon
    20 = 1 sliced tomato

    Interesting discoveries: The feeling of FULL IS REAL! Oh my gosh its finally real. I felt full with 1 slice of tomato and bacon left (but I was a bit naughty and ate it) next time I have a game plan. 1st if it is still on my plate, to be ok with getting up and saving it for a future dish. *Bacon is always good to add to something for a bit of flair. OR I’ll just put 1 slice of bacon on my plate to begin with (and cut it into 4 slices) **the bacon is thick cut so its not puny. Each slice is like 2 slices so cutting it into 4 pieces won’t be as small as it sounds.

    @165gw – keeping below that 170 after an eating day is GREAT! If you wanted to stay with your fast on the damp, windy, stormy cold day (whew even typing that makes me want some comfort food) You could try my go-to now a days if I’m feeling cold and heat up some broth maybe even some fresh cut veggies added. If its under 200 calories I noticed I still have Mr. Particular sing praises the next morning.

    Woah good on you and your run! Love what your son told you “Run faster, Mom!” What a great solution!

    Speaking on clothes – I totally fit the UK size 12 dance pants! With room to spare! Now the I can try them on, I have to hem them up they are super long. Folks in the UK must be super tall?! Ha. Or these pants were suppose to be for models.

    In class I’ve noticed that if I have to take off my longsleeve shirt and I’m just in my tank top *some classes have the heat cranking and I just can’t teach all hot and sweaty ugh* Students are like “woah! Where did your body go! Wow – look at you, you’re doing it!” Its exciting!

    Finally working on some arm strength. Toe is still recovering and probably not be able to even try and use it till the entire 6 weeks (I’m at week 3 yay 1/2 way there)

    Good going by feel for your Fasting – I’m trying to do that for my eating (while I’m fasting since I fast several days in a row, I don’t want it to feel like punishment, but just more like… you will know when its time to break the fast.) I’m getting there (in my mind).

    October 26: 168.5 (My scale only gives me 0.5 gradations! lol)

    @rabbette: Congratulations!!! It is happening! You are doing it!!!! Super!!! Perfect to celebrate with keto cake!! YAY for the size 12 UK pants! Are those the ones you NEVER fit into?? Fantastic!!

    And how nice that your students have been noticing! You are such an inspiration to them, I’m sure, of someone who has such a great respect for their body, no matter what weight / size.

    It seems your body is telling you it needs breakfast, and it is really good that you are listening. Perfect.

    I found the fast difficult again–I was hungry last evening before going to bed and maybe even a little weak.

    I’m inspired by your glorious keto breakfast for when I start keto! Today I broke my fast at 42 hours with one cup of kefir and 2 scrambled eggs.

    This was followed by 3 apples and 2 carrots that I munched on for good 20 minutes as I drove haha–I had it all pre-cut and ready for me to munch on.

    Then when I arrived to my destination 1h later, I ate the following:

    A HUGE arugula + garden greens salad with 1/3 cup of feta, a table spoon of caesar dressing (not enough for that amount of greens, but that was all that I had left in the jar)and a handful of red grapes.

    1.75 cups of cabbage stew (cabbage, potato, turnip, lean pork)

    1.5 cups of roasted beets and 1/3 of chicken breast. So that was my OMAD, more or less. I could not finish the beets. That was a lot of food and I really wanted it. I think I could have eaten a bit less…however I am still in the mindset that if I fast for 40h, I feast the next day. At the back of my mind I really do not want to be hungry on eating days. I eat a lot and then I’m set for the rest of the day. I don’t want another meal of snack. So this is a bit of a mental issue. However, it is all very healthy and nourishing and I do like big meals, so right now I think it is working for me.

    I love reading your updates on being more and more in control about not needing to finish if you are full. I think I need more time for this process, and I find your updates inspiring.

    I like your advice on how to stay lower calories and yet have the fulfillment of a nourishing meal on cold damp days, and I think some days can be like this. Some days I feel I need to look at food as a celebration / affirmation rather than just fuel. I guess I need a bit of celebration at times!

    However I’m starting to see that I’m not far from being able to do OMAD (when I reach 150ish lb, as maintenance), rather than ADF, at least for a period of time. I used to worry that I’d continue eating as on ADF feast days on OMAD, due to my love of big portions. I feel now that if I know my next meal is in 24h rather than at 42, I’m VERY happy with smaller portions. That’s a big progress.

    I think when I reach my real GW I am going to have OMAD with only one 44h fast a week and with regular 72h fast. But I’m just going with the flow for now.

    I think today is my MFD–I had a square of dark chocolate (120 calories) and two cups of coffee–one with cream and one with milk. I had a choice of not starting my fast until after the last coffee, but I decided it will be one of the “under 500 calories” fasts instead of a water fast. It just made more sense. So I’m fasting until Monday morning.

    I was given a bunch of turnips, which I grew to love eating raw; and I think Monday will be again my mostly veggie day. I wonder when my body will start feeling like it needs keto?? My body is really craving carrots, apples, turnips, roasted beets and sauted cabbage with mushrooms those days. Very interesting.

    While the weight for October stayed 169-168 (with that 166.5 dip wich didn’t stay), I feel significantly slimmer. Maybe just an illusion, but maybe my body is adjusting itself to the new lows. I was very happy wiht the 168.5 this morning!!

    Oct 27. 168lb after practically an OMAD eating day yesterday.

    I walked for about 8.5 miles today, which was really great and I am a bit sore.

    It is not even 3pm yet. I hope I fast successfully until tomorrow morning.

    Oct 28. 166lb at 46h fasted. Getting there! I still expect to fluctuate a bit, but definitely in the right direction!! So exciting!! Ate a bunch of veggies today!!! Love my eating days!

    Oct 29/131.0/FD

    Was thinking bout doing 5 WFDs inspired by reading The complete guide to fasting. However inspecting the fridge (after making my sweetheart breakfast) I realized that I have a boat load of veggies to eat and alghtohg I can make my SO a bunch of Veggie meals, I will need to still help in the endeavor.

    Mr. Particular was probably a little disappointed that I did not drink enough water before bed and there for didn’t quite reach that 130sih number I was (fingers crossing) for this morning.

    @165gw – ooooooooooooo I’m so excited bout your 166lb sooooo freaking close to 1st goal! And YES to veggies! Hope your fall days are really nice. What are your temps now a days. We are holding steady around 75 F day and 50-60s F at night.

    Love dark chocolate – I usually will eat bakers 100% cacao chocolate b/c I like it that dark (and there are some very interning benefits to eating very dark chocolate)

    Heck if you are doing great at regular veggie goodness you can probably put off keto style for a while.

    And I’m still wondering what maintenance will look like. I do think it may look a bit more like OMAD for FDs (maybe only 1 or 2 FDs needed a week) instead of the 4 FDs I do currently which I like this rhythm so it doesn’t bother me having the 4FDs because it is always easier after the first day and can just keep going.

    cheers – off to make my Sweetheart some lunch. Will see what I come up with to use up these veggies!

    Love your thread entertaining and inspiring.

    Oct 30: 168lb! I swear my scale doesn’t have a 167?? It’s all good–also the first day of that TOM, so I’m expecting fluctuations. Today was my eating day. It started really well–with black coffee and apple slices.

    Then it was pretty much free for all–lots of food. One of those days…I felt tired, bloated, crampy, grumpy…Had to be in the town 1.5h away from home at 7:30 am and was told the traffic would be terrible. Instead there was no traffic, I was there an hour earlier and everything was closed. When I got back home yesterday’s cream cheese and squash pancakes all 8 of them, were amazing. And other stuff. Don’t they say to keep the body guessing about the amount of food? I played this game exceptionally well today!I’m really looking forward to fasting tomorrow! After all, it is calories per WEEK, not calories per DAY that matter.

    @lindsosa: Awesome! I’m happy to be entertaining and inspiring! That’s the whole point, isn’t it? And for my own entertainment, of course!

    @rabbette: I totally get the Not Wanting to Lose the Greens thing! Some eating days I’d have huge green salads because I’d buy them at 50% off and then I worry they’ll go bad in 2 days haha. Well, low calories and very healthy.

    We are at around 55F for days, which is amazing for late October. It’s been one of the nicest Octobers in YEARS. It’s gone as low as 35F at night though.

    I’m very curious if I’d be craving keto in winter?

    I really think fasting will be a huge part of how I eat at maintenance, I can’t go back on that. I believe in its goodness too much ha ha. So some kind of fasting, and I do want to transition to 72h fasts. I will have to figure out the frequency. I hope to be at my “ideal” weight by April, so 150lb, and then I can start playing with maintenance. It feels very safe and not scary, in terms of re-gaining. With diet, when I ate High Fat Low Carb / South Beach and lost weight to 172lb, I did eventually regain. I regained half of it, lost it, and then regained all of it. Due to over-eating, plain and simple. And I think if I were doing just keto or just paleo or just plant-based, I’d be nervous about not being able to keep the same diet and regaining the weight. With fasting I’m so confident that I simply won’t. It is such a powerful tool.

    I feel I can experiment with keto if I am drawn to it; I can continue with plant-based; I can give in to my cravings (which I don’t have that many or that frequently); I can eat really large meals occassionally…and it is all actually GOOD for my body. AND I can lose weight and maintain. Isn’t it amazing??

    Oct 31.

    I didn’t step on the scale today. After a Huge Feasting Day yesterday, today was a great fasting day. I wasn’t hungry at all–which was expected ha ha.

    I’ll count yesterday’s weight for my October Weight Loss–from 173lb to 168lb, 5lb lost. I’m happy about it!

    Goals for November….Another 5lb? That would make me happy. And what about 8lb (160lb) as a stretch goal? Sounds doable.

    Several of my favorite pieces of clothing that I bought when I was 180ish lb are getting too big. A really cute wool Gap sweater that I got from the thrift store…It is size M, but I’m guessing it is an “older” size M…back from when size M was way bigger than it is now lol

    However this M sweater getting too big made me too cocky and I got a pair of size M tights (from the thrift store) without trying them on. One in Merino wool, another some wool blend. I thought they’d be perfect for running in winter. And…They are TOO SMALL! lol So now I have two pairs of motivational tights. I’m particularly keen on that merino tights. I did wear them under my jeans when hiking on the beach and I could barely pull them up my butt.

    So my butt is definitely not M and might not even get there, but it is good to have Motivational Merino Tights!

    I actually need to get a bunch of new clothes as nothing fits right. My bras are too big. All of my tshirts are way too big. My last pair of jeans is hangs on my butt–but still looking quite presentable so I’m going to wear them for a while, I hope, as I like everything else about them.

    I really want to raid my favourite thrift store and get cute tops and sweaters but I’m determined to wait to my birthday (and hoping to be 150 by then too! I have 4 more months, so losing 18lb / 4.5lb a month should be doable.)

    @Rabbette–I messaged you on the Life App. It keeps telling me that I got a new message, presumably from you? But I can’t find it. I just keep seeing the notification alert.

    Nov 1/130.8/CD

    I dropped down to see 129.8 again yesterday morning. However I forgot that my sweetheart and a friend of ours was going out later yesterday evening, so there was pizza! Eeeep. Put me up 1lb this morning. Even with all the dancing. <sigh> pizza I know is not something I eat or even want that often. I mean I rather have sushi or a fancy flash fried fish. So I’m still about 5 lbs away from 1st goal… I see you Mr. Particular I see what you are doing… don’t judge me and my pizza eating. Haha

    @lindsosa – So glad you like our banter/comradery we like expressing ourselves and the ups and downs and to realize that we are not alone in this WOL or life journey in general.

    @165gw – oh my gosh at least go get 1 outfit from the thrift store. 18 more lbs is quite a ways with nothing fitting right now. Trust me I had it happen and my students were getting weirded out. I got way more comments of “are you alight” anytime I would wear something too baggy / ill fitting. So at the very least maybe 1 pair of jeans and 2 shirts would tide you over. Besides its the season of travel and seeing folks and it would be nice to have something so you don’t have to scramble or feel frumpy in the baggy clothes.

    I have a really great thrift store right beside one of the classes I teach and I go look through every week and get ONLY the things that FEEL and Fit well (and that are under 3 dollars) In essence I get maybe 2 items a week. and thats 8 items in a month which has been extremely helpful. Now I am knee deep in sorting what is too big and ready to give away quite a few things back to the thrift store!

    And oh my gosh yes TOM visited me 2 days ago and yes that was exactly how my FD turned into a CD b/c I wanted(((NEEDED!)) chocolate. Which also explains the hover around 130 and not really letting go of much weight this week. Its ok TOM might win this round, but I’ll be back next week to kick butt! Haha

    I also wrote you @165gw a reply in life app (I saw your # and also sent you an invite in discord app) You’ll see what I write in reply **inside the life app

    Getting so close. Toying with the idea of the 5 or 7 day WF this month (got to finish up veggies/leftovers and then I think the 2nd week of Nov I can settle into a nice extended water fast! Maybe it will help move those pesky 5lbs to get to first goal. I won’t count my chickens before they hatch tho. Just going to keep the eye on the prize.

    You are so close to first goal – I thought for sure you would beat me (this round!) haha but maybe I got time to “catch down to you” after all.

    November 3: Today was an Eating day after a 36h fast. I ate mostly vegetables, but also a cheeese danish and 3 bite-sized Coffee Crisps (Mom Tax, apparently, as per my kids ha ha). I feel I ate 2000 calories of cabbage, beets, turnip, carrots and apples. I’m fasting until Tuesday morning. I won’t talk to Steedy for a couple of days–I feel I need a break from numbers.

    I’m stubbornly just doing what I have been doing–eating what I want, even if past my TDEE and then fasting haha. It has gotten me far, and I believe it will continue to get me places ha ha. I could have lived without the sweets today, but then on the other hand all the veggies must do me plenty of good. I’m sure I’ll see 165 soon, even if I gotten on a bit of a detour.

    You are getting there! 129 must be so amazing to see! You just have to remember that it is not 1lb of fat. It is 1 lb of water, and that’s okay. You are so close to your first goal. It was 125, right? The last time I checked in with Steedy I was 169 haha. It is possible we are approaching the goals in a dance-like unison!

    You are right, I will need to get at least a sweater and some t-shirts. Maybe holding on is a silly idea lol. My rule that at least either the top or the bottom should fit well, then it could be a style ha ha.

    Your thrift store seems like SO much fun! And so close. I have to drive for about 1h to get to one and the prices recently went up. Nothing under $3. But I can still make a trip and find a couple of items.

    I’m looking forward to my fast and my run tomorrow.

    November 4th. No Scale Day. Fasting Day too. I will break the fast tomorrow at 36 or more hours.

    My hubby got me an early Cristmas present–all terrain, waterproof running shoes. I tested them today on a short 2 miles run and they felt great! I was a bit unsure about ordering online, but they were 50% off, which was an amazing deal, and we decided to risk it. I will save them for the actual snow / cold, but the test run was great. I ran through some dense wet grass and my feet remained dry.

    Then I went for a 50 minutes fast-speed walk later in the day. I was aiming for 2h and was excited about it, but then I had to cut it short to meet up with a friend. I do feel sufficiently “worked-out” though!

    @Rabbette–I did some thrift shopping at a cheaper thrift store and I’m so pleased! Thank you for nudging me!! First, I pair of size 10 jeans! I NEVER had size 10 jeans lol. Ironically, I was smaller than this in my early twenties, and I was size 12. The sizing did change. And my current jeans are size 14, from the days when someone donated them to a thrift store decades ago! lol However…I’ll take it!! Size 10 it is!

    Got a simple gray tshirt that is not HUGE on me, a cardigan, an LLBean soft and fuzzy shirt and a top which is sort of like a dress that goes over jeans? Not sure how to describe, but I LOVE IT. And I spent under $30 on all of this, which was great. Done shopping until I hit 150lb! lol

    Nov 5/130.6/FD

    I had my both and veggies at lunch yesterday and a fantastic bowl of cooked greens with some cut up onions, carrots, brocollie and bacon all sautéed together. I accidentally made my portion a little larger than I thought (once I poured it into the bowl I could see if was more than I had intended) it was a tough battle to ponder taking the extra bit of it out before I sat down with it. Then I thought well maybe I’ll stop before I eat it all. HA, what a silly gal for me to think that, no I ate it all. I did not feel overly full, but could tell I would have done better if I had stopped at the 3/4 of the bowl. I also prob could have done with out snacking on the raw carrots before my dinner! *still learning, no snacking while cooking* sigh one step/ one lb at a time.

    I felt like I had ate so much that I blew my FD however Mr. Particular must had been happy with the choice of foods because even tho I ate at lunch AND had a little bit big portion at dinner, I was still down one lb from the day before. Heck Yeah!

    @165gw – Oh my gosh new shoes! Yay, new shoes can really help with running. I’m so proud of you! I’m so glad you went shopping and size 10 jeans! Yeah buddies! Yes the UK size is size 12 that I fit in (which apparently in USA size that is a 9/10 size) we are both the same size pant… If I borrowed yours tho I would have to roll them up (and mine would fit you like capris) haha. Glad you went and at least picked up a couple of things. It will make the journey better instead of waiting and your sweetheart is sure to notice how fit you look in your new shoes and outfits! Good job. Part of this journey is taking care of ourself not only on the inside, but the outside too. Besides think of all the money you save not eating everyday heck I’m sure you saved enough to purchase an outfit.

    Cheers! Soon to goal!

    November 6: A No Scale Day; Fasting until tomorrow morning (32-36hours).

    You are doing amazing, Rabbette! All the veggies and smaller portions (not getting stuffed) AND shedding pounds!! I should really think about smaller veggie portions. I just sauted cabbage and mushrooms and roasted beets for tomorrow. I also have insane amount of my favorite Cortland apples which I will enjoy. I’m not sure how the smaller portions will work out ha ha.

    Yay for being the same size! WE are doing it!

    You are so right–taking care of ourselves, which included looking good or at least wearing clothes that fit well and are flattering! I really didn’t want to spend because even if I AM saving so much money by fasting, money is tight right now. However, I really spent very little and got really nice and fun outfits and make me look good. It is not worth it to look frumpy.

    I think I’m stalling at 168ish, but I’m okay with it. As long as I’m eating healthy and not gaining, all is well. But I think not every eating day should be my Feast Day. I think I’ll try to alternate Feast Days with Controlled Days.

    This is what I’m getting over still, emotionally–I really don’t want to be hungry on my eating days NOR on my Fasting days, so I think I tend to stuff myself to make sure I’m not hungry the following day. Which works. I don’t feel hungry on Fasting days at all, except maybe some short-lived twinges in the evenings, which I’m used to by now. Yeah, it is all apples and veggies, and yet, I don’t have to stuff myself. Sometimes it feels good, sometimes not so good, but most importantly, this is not a habit I want to have!

    I will try to have a controlled day tomorrow and if I feel hungry on my next Fasting Day, I can deal with it either by persevering, or by eating some apples and having a modified fast of under 500.

    So my goal for tomorrow is to eat under 1700 calories and not to stuff myself! lol

    November 7; No Scale Day. I broke my fast at 34h and started a new one within 3 hours. This way I’m not eating all day. I had a really good meal, including some sweets, but I didn’t overeat and enough of this eating all day nonsense!


    Nov 8/130.0/NFD

    I thought I might just see 128.? this morning since yesterday was a FD (I did go over the 500cal and racked up a whopping 800 cal) but instead of the downward trend from 129.0 the day before I went up 1lb oh Mr. Particular was like yeah you know that was not your usual FD.

    So looks like we are both at a stall of the 8/9 in our almost 1st goal! Ha what a tease! Well I’m thinking next week, true WFDs for 5 days! Just feeling feisty the only event is ambassador appreciation event on Monday evening and really I don’t usually indulge in their treats. I should be fine with just water or a delicious cup of tea!

    @165gw – totally agree with the sorting out what should be the correct amount on a NFD. Trust me I’m still struggling as I still dish out into my bowl the portion I used to eat, even tho I know I’m feeling full sooner. I just get big eyes to want to eat all the things! Trying to realize it is just as nice to enjoy a small amount *and if I enjoy a small amount at that time, maybe I can enjoy another small amount later* Its hard tho.

    Good for you and the no scale days. I have finally broken myself of running up to weigh myself mid day. I only weigh first thing in the morning. Yay freedom from the numbers (but I know I will still need to stay mindful) so for now I need to remind myself 1st thing every morning to keep focus on my health and eating choices. Maybe after I develop better portion habits I can move toward weighing in only once a week.

    Celebrating with dancing – we have come a long way. Together we are learning and growing (actually shrinking in size, growing in healthy habits!) Yay.

    November 8: No Scale Day; 30h into my fast now, will break tomorrow at 44ish hours. Plan for tomorrow–unlimited apples and turnips, a naked arugula salad, and possibly a couple of soft boiled eggs. In other words, an eating day, not a feasting day. Aiming at 1500 calories or less. I’m still not ready for keto.

    I almost broke my fast at 24h today for no particular reason. I wasn’t even hungry! But I felt like eating / tasting. It felt like it was time to eat just because the fasted time seemed so long, after starting my fast early in the day yesterday. So instead I went for my run and then brushed my teeth with an electric toothbrush–nice gum massage to satisfy the “my mouth is bored” feeling.

    My 40 minute run at 27h fasted was AMAZING. I’m not even sure why I didn’t hit a personal best, as I felt great energy and I felt I was running faster than usual. I think slowing down and half-walking around the GREAT PUDDLES slowed me down overall.

    @rabbette: I’m sure this is all water weight and you will experience a whoosh and downwards to 128 soon enough! Seeing 130 again must be a bit frustrating–I dislike to be “stuck” on those “transitional” numbers! So I’m much more pleased to be stuck at 168lb compared to 170, for example. Silly psychological tricks, I guess.

    I definitely feel full sooner as well and it is just the IDEA of wanting to eat more, rather than actually wanting to eat more. I do like the idea of big meals so I need to keep adjusting what “big” is–a smaller meal can also be “big!” It is a process.

    About my No Scale Days–I really didn’t want to be seeing 168 (even if I prefer 168 to 170!) And with a couple of Feast Days I felt like my weight wasn’t moving downwards. I really just want to see 164 and I think I will continue with the No Scale Days until I feel I’m 164. I’m possibly being passive-aggressive around my Goal Weight. 165 has been my goal weight for a while, it even made it to my username. I just want to be UNDER it and to keep on going. So rather than fasting more, I’m avoiding looking at the scale. How great of a strategy is it? HA ha.

    Yes, growing in healthy habits! I guess I celebrated with my amazing run today. It is literally a new me! Slimmer, fitter, more determined. I’m kinda impressed with myself!

    If it wasn’t for running and for your encouragement and inspiration I would have stopped with my current weight–I do look pretty good in clothes and I’m at a good weight. But naked is another issue–yep, I see where there is still this extra fat on my tummy and thighs that needs to go because I want to be at a better weight in the spring. I’m really excited about this!

    We ARE doing it!

    November 10: No Scale Day. I’m at 24h fasted tonight and will break my fast tomorrow morning at around 36 hours.

    Yesterday I didn’t count calories and I had two meals. First I had a very light meal of a plain green salad, apples and beets + cabbage to break my fast at noon. Then in the evening I had a slice of cake (ended up being way too sweet and I regretted it), coffee and a coffee crisp bar (not all of it!) and a glass of wine with cheese.

    Today wasn’t a clean fast. I had a coffee with cream and half a bottle of kombucha. This should be under 100 calories.

    I also went for a 2h hike.

    November 11: A No Scale Day. I broke my fast at 37h with an OMAD of a small omellette, large (very large) arugula and roasted beets salad, fried feta slices, more cheese and coffee. Then I ate 4 apples sliced and sprinkled with cinnamon for desert and I’m done for today. I restarted by Life Timer but I’m not sure if it will be a short 24h fast or a longer fast intoo 40s. It will depend how I feel.

    The plan today is to go for a run in a couple of hours. It is sunny so I’m looking forward to the run and I hope I make it before the rain starts.

    I’m curios about the scale but will wait a couple more days! But maybe I should turn the experience into a NO SCALE NOVEMBER??

    Nov 12/132.2/WFD

    Target is set on 5 WFDs. 1st reason is for health! 2nd I’ve got to get my water % up. I can tell I’m lower in water % even without the fancy scale readings b/c my lips and the bottom of my feet are dry.

    I’ve felt the thirst today my goodness. I’d say the only trouble is trying to keep up with it in this weather. It is wet snow today 33 degrees.

    Yesterday went to an appreciation party and they had one of my favorite things to eat Veggie Dumplings! However, I reasonably chatted in my head about the fact that its a large gathering of folks and that you would only be allowed 2 of them and that is just not going to fit the bill. So I drank my water and didn’t even feel deprived because only having 2 of them would have left me feeling so hungry and then I would have snacked on a bunch of other things that I didn’t want. So I’ll wait for dumplings later maybe I’ll make some this weekend.

    @165gw – Isn’t it a bummer when the slice of dessert you eat ins’t worth the calories! I typically get almost mad now if that happens to me… only I could get upset at dessert. Speaking of I was watching the Great British Baking show (yes just pure torture while on a 5xWFDs) As they were making their desserts my sweetheart said mmmm I want ganache. Well they will have to wait till the weekend and then maybe I’ll make a vegan blueberry lavender or vegan orange ganache. I like the vegan ones because I can control the sweetness better.

    Arugula and roasted beets sounds so delicious – I’m impressed you ate 4 apples! I’m not sure I could fit 4 apples in my belly and I’m sure I would have gas too from that many apples. No scale November ay? I’d say as long as you keep up with what you need to do and what not no scale would be fine, besides you are over the hump of the thanksgiving holiday so that is at least one hurdle you don’t have to jump. I’m contemplating what to take with me to my sweethearts moms house during the thanksgiving holiday visit. I know I’ll be fasting at some point and maybe just having some broth and carrots on hand will be good enough. Mmmm broth and carrots sounds so good right now. Ha, now I know I’ve got the 2nd day fasting cravings. Teehehe

    @rabbette: You go! 5d water fast will be amazing for your shoulder and toe!

    Impressive for not eating any of the dumplings! That’s the spirit!

    I’m on my second eating day in a row. It just felt right and I don’t want fasting to become a chore, so I’m surprising my body with eating! So far so good.

    I think when it comes to fruits my stomach is infinitely flexible haha. I loe apples and can have 6 in one go, easily haha.

    I’ going to have some apples now!

    November 14: A No Scale Eating Day. I almost decided that today would be a fasting day but it simply didn’t work out–my morning was hectic and the decision was made: Eating Day. I think this is a my 3d eating day in a row? The first two days I also had snacks late in the evening and did NOT feel well in the morning. Lesson that I learn very slowly? But no regrets and no guilt.

    Today was also pizza and apple shtrudel day. Delicious and in a lovely company as well. It is so nice to enjoy my eating days. And what is really great, now I really crave a fasting day. And it is not because I feel I must have gained weight or haven’t lost as much as I would’ve if I fasted–it is simply because I love the simple, grounding fasting days.

    I started my fast right after the pizza and am fasting until Saturday morning or afternoon.

    The only regret today–I didn’t have time to go for a run. It was already too dark when I got home and even though yeah, I can put on a reflectiv vest and a head lamp I guess I’m not THAT committed to winter running. Tomorrow, then!

    November 15: No Scale Day; Fasting day, currently at 25h, fasting until 40h tomorrow morning.

    I had a busy day and when I came home I went for a 40 min run. It was really nice to be motivated to go!

    Another very busy day tomorrow, I’ll be out of the house all day. I’m planning to make salads and apple slices to take with me to eat at lunch when I’m out.

    Greens, feta, olives, roasted beets–that will be my Huge Salad for tomorrow. And apples with cinnamon for snacks.

    I might have eggs and bacon before leaving the house in the morning.

    A little victory–I have a really nice sports bra that I bought years ago, I think after I got in shape after my second child. Up until now it has been too tight in the band. I’ve been trying it on periodically hoping that it would fit, as I currently run in two ill-fitting bras that I wear one on top of the other and it sort of works. Well, today it fit!! That was very exciting and I felt quite bad-ass.

    @Rabbette–how’s your extended fast going??

    November 17: No Scale Day. Fasting Day after an eating day yesterday.

    Yesterday I broke my fast with a cup of coffee with milk and half a slice of a home made pizza. Later in the day I had my huge salad with greens, olives, feta, and apples. The second meal was sauted cabbage with roasted beets and mushrooms.

    This could have been it…but after spending all day in the cold, I came home and really wanted to endulge. I had a large croissant, a small creme brule dessert, and some chicken. I really enjoyed it all, so no regrets.

    This had me thinking about the purpose of food. I don’t think I can ever look at food as just fuel. Food does bring pleasure and I want to enjoy this pleasure. As long as my overall eating and fasting patterns are balanced and most of my food is healthy.

    I am also getting mentally and emotionally ready to do a low carb phase. I’m on the verge of making my mind that my low carb phase should be from tomorrow to the winter solstice. This sort of makes sense to me.

    November 17. It is official! The next 5 weeks are going to be low carb / high fat (lazy keto, I guess). The idea is that I won’t be having any sugar, including from fruits. I’m going to have only low carb veggies, and my main meals will be chicken, beef, eggs, cheese, greek yogurt. I’ve done this before, so I know what to expect.

    I’m excited about this being my official Solstice Fast this year and it has started! I’m starting it with a 40h fast until Tuesday morning.

    I had a huge feast today. I really ate a bit of everything, including lots of carbs and lots of protein and lots of fats–my body is not sure what to make out of it, but my mind knows that this all makes sense and we are on the Solstice Fast now, after marking the end and the beginning with this feast.

    This is going to be a change and I think today’s / tomorrow’s fast will be challenging, but I will make it work.

    I’m not going to step on the scale until December 1st. I’m assuming my weight right now is 168ish. I’m curious what my weight will be on Dec 1 and then on Dec 22nd.

    November 20: No Scale November still in session!
    Day 3 of my Solstice Keto Experience!

    Yesterday was my first keto day. For my first meal I had two chicken thighs and a huge spinach salad with eggs, tuna, pickles, and green olives. For dessert–plain green yogurt with 3 strawberries. Yum! For the second meal I had all kind of cheese! Cheese was in the evening and I should have / could have skipped it, but decided to endulge.

    Today I’m fasting until tomorrow. I am at 16 hours now. I will break the fast at 38 hours tomorrow morning.

    I feel like I gained weight! I feel more blooated maybe? But clothes feel the same? Scale day in two weeks, to let the keto diet work its magic, hopefully!

    Nov 20/129.8/FD

    The 3rd day of WF – I had an incredibly high keto reading and broke my WF with a regular FD I had broth and veggies for lunch. I was nervous with this reading, and I think my breath analyzer must be a bit sensitive and while get some urine strips to verify the readings next time I decide to do this fast. ALSO I felt like I wanted to have some electrolytes (so I’ll look into get a good electrolyte supplement before another 5 day WF)

    @165gw – I Feel like I’ve been away for ever sorry about that… In current news:
    I’ve been wiped out and had a Dr appointment Monday (it was scheduled a month ago) for my RLS symptoms and finally a Dr who understands. I have some nerve damage and a neurological disorder. I’ll be excited to try some alternative methods for the pains in my legs. Yay soon some acupuncture will be in my future.

    Other Intersting observance that I went down 1 lb since yesterday was a CD (not sure if I have ever dropped a pound after a day that I didn’t fast) I’ll reflect on what I ate and see if that gives me some clues?…
    Water till late
    2 Eggs
    1 oz cheese
    1 oz of vegan chocolate dessert

    5oz salmon
    1/2 c quinoa
    1/4 c corn
    8oz IPA Beer 8.3% alcohol
    2 oz of vegan chocolate dessert

    I’ve not been to the store yet so I had no green veggie things to cook with dinner, so corn had to due. Its not exactly a low cab dinner so I’m excited, but puzzled .

    Sleeping was challenging (I think partly the beer, caused a bit of feeling like hot flashes when I first laid down) Then I went to sleep but woke at 4am and could not fall back asleep. I would have gotten up, but our kitties are trained to sleep at night when we do, so if I get up, they wake up and WANT FOOD! Which at 4 am they won’t be getting anything till 7:30. Needless to say it makes them run around the house like crazy.

    Got to go get some greens I’m craving some arugula!

    Oh and BTW @165gw look at you going LCHF. Yogurt makes me exceptionally hungry I can not really have it, unless I’m doing a NFD. However I would love the eggs, tuna, pickles and green olives (sounds like a fancy tuna salad to me).

    Isn’t it nice to WANT to FAST… who knew that would be a thing?

    @rabbette: I’m so glad your appointment went well and you are getting good answers. Nerve pain is hard to deal with.

    It seems you are doing just AMAZING with the fasting!! You go!!

    Day 4 of Solstice Fast for me, day 2 of actually eating.
    Yesterday was a fasting day and I felt hungrier than ever. From about 20h and on, which was until about 10pm when I fell sleep, which was about the total of 6 hours feeling hungry and not in waves. It was just difficult and unpleasant. I slept well and woke up feeling great, though. No hunger in the morning. In the last several weeks of eating plant based I’d wake up absolutely ravenous. So interesting changes.

    I had a really huge / massive OMAD–omelete with chicken and cheese, quite a lot of bacon, a whole avocado, some slices of cheese with tea etc. But I felt absolutely great after. I cheated a bit re my no sugar rule with having some kombucha, but I figured this will be okay for the next several days, while I still have kombucha in the house. It is really not sweet at all, but of course has some sugars in it. I’m also planning to buy some 92% chocolate to have on hand!

    I think I’m going to call this fast low carb/ no sugar rather than keto, as I really don’t want to count macros. I also realized I can have slices of turnip instead of apples–I love both, and this will satisfy my “fruit-n-crunch” craving. Still no cravings though!

    I’m fasting to Saturday morning–40’ish hours.

    @rabbette: I messaged you on the app, btw!

    November 21: A little victory, while I’m not stepping on the scale. I have a pair of 30″ waist Levy’s jeans that my kid bought for herself but hates them. Well, I could zip them up and sit down haha in decent comfort haha. They actually look quite good. I will definitely be able to wear them at -10lb.

    Nov 22/129.2/NFD

    I see a new hover number of 129. Heck I’ll take it – I’ve never been below the 130s in my whole adult life so if I hover at this magical number I’ll roll with it for a bit. I was hoping to just touch on my magical first goal sometime this month, but we’ll see.

    FDs this week have been interesting. I did a 45hr fast on Mon then started tues evening Fasted Wednesday then Thur was somewhat a CD/FD as it was under 700 cal but not under 500 I had a lot more pain yesterday and had started TOM on Tues so between all that I was ready to eat for comfort and pain relief apparently. So officially 2 FDs this week and 2 CDs. Which I guess in a round about way probably equals my usual 3FDs.

    @165gw – that is super cool you fit into the 30” waist NICE… I’ll have to see if I can squeeze my butt into my sweethearts jeans they are 30”. (Maybe not this week tho… as I’m a bit bloated from TOM) I always liked the way guy jeans fit through the waist as I would let it drop down on the hips and their pockets are so much better than ladies jeans what is the deal with that? We carry more stuff then they do – don’t they think we would want more pockets?

    November 24: 6 days until Scale Day!

    This morning I broke my fast at 37 hours. I could have stayed with OMAD today as I wasn’t hungry after a large morning meal (lots of low carb veggies and a cheese omelette) but I did have a snack in the evening–a couple of slices of chicken and some nori with cream cheese.

    I’m fasting until Tuesday morning!

    Yesterday’s fast was very easy. Today’s eating made me feel energetic and satiated.

    Funny story. I kind of decided not to do strict keto, but more like no sugar, low carb. I decided that while I would not have any grains, fruits, or added sugar, I’m okay with non-sweet things that have a bit of sugar content. Therefore I had 2 teaspoons of 2% milk in my coffee and chia seeds in water to have my digestion in check, and a small probiotic yogurt in the mornings of the eating days. They have a plain and strawberry versions, and a pack is $40 since it is all live culture and “medicinal.” I only buy it half price and I prefer the plain one, but this time the strawberry one was 50% off so I got it. The sugar is minimal.

    Anyway, I was just drinking some kombucha, wondering if I should drink half a bottle or the whole bottle and I dropped it and broke the cup and lost most of my kombucha! lol I thikn the universe decided I had enough sugar today and made the decision for me!

    My proud moment was when I went out for tea with hubby to this place that has most amazing pies. And I just had tea. However, I’m fully planning to go there and have pie after Solstice!

    @rabbette: Wow, 129!! Congratulations!!! That’s such a milestone!!!

    We are synchronised re TOM again lol. The 92% dark chocolate was my salvation this time. I’m all for eating for comfort. Food is comfort. We need comfort.

    Funny how we are the same size at 35-40lbs apart! I’m assuming I’m between 165-169 at the moment. I definitely hope to be UNDER 165 on December 1st though.

    November 26. Almost at the end of my No Scale November. My running shorts are definitely too big! Yay! I was wearing them over tights, and even the tighest pull on the waist string still has them too loose. But over the tights it was still okay. Winter running, ha ha!

    Today was my first run in over a week and it was a short 30 min. It was a challenge, but felt great. I also ran it 40h fasted.

    Today is my eating day. So far I had brocolli (half a bunch), bell peppers (2 small ones), cherry tomatoes (small container), avocado (2 small ones) and feta salad. Then an omelette of 2 eggs, green yogurt, cheese and some chicken on the side. Tea with 92% dark chocolate. Feeling full, content, and energetic.

    I think I’m on the verge of tweaking ADF a bit. I think it will be 36-44h fast—-eating day—-a 18-24h fast—-eating day—36-44h fast and so on. 36h fasts are becoming harder at the 20h mark. If I persevere, I’m fine the next morning and not hungry. Like today–I even went for a run and ate 4 hours after waking up. But the evenings are more challenging than usual, and maybe that’s a sign that now that I’m at the middle of my weight range I need to fast a bit less. Well, I’ll play it by ear.

    I’m very happy about finding the time for a run today! I’m also very pleased at how energetic I feel. This low carb, no sugar Solstice Fast is going well. I can’t wait to step on the scale, especially with how those shorts were fitting! Ha!

    November 26: an OMAD day, with the only meal at noon. After a large OMAD of about 2000-2200 calories I’m not hungry until the next morning. A large OMAD only works for weight loss only if it averages out with the fasting days.

    However, I like to start my fasts at around 6pm so that I hit 36 hours in the morning.

    So I will play with the idea of having an eating day tomorrow, which would start after about 20-24h of fasting (around noon tomorrow) and will end with a meal at around 6pm. Tomorrow evening I will start a 36h fast. So I think I’m figuring out my cycle of fasts.

    Even though I can can probably do, with relative ease, another 40h fast after today’s OMAD, psychologically I like to have a day where I eat more than one meal, at least this is what I think now. Today I’m not hungry as my OMAD was so high in calories, and tomorrow my first meal will be lighter, to allow an evening meal.

    I think this will be my new routine. I’m just posting here to make it all clear to myself haha.

    November 28. I had a normal eating day yesterday, with two meals–one, mostly low carb veggies, as I broke my fast; and the second one 6 hours later. I should actually learn not to eat a high fat meal late in the evening. I wasn’t exactly miserable, but I could have been much more comfortable.

    Fasting today until tomorrow morning.

    I’ve been reading about carb cycling, as I’m really tempted to have more fruits tomorrow. Mainly my favourite apples. I still wouldn’t have any added sugars, but I might have an apple and carrot day tomorrow, in addition to other veggies. So far I’ve been Low Carb High Fat for 9 days.

    The Motivational Skirt that I keep trying to zip up from time to time finally zipped up perfect, but it could be just less water weight due to LCHF. I also discovered, to my great delight, that the skirt fits on the LARGEST cloosure. I never knew there were more, as they are quite hidden in the fabric. This means that the skirt will fit even if I lose 2 more inches, which I hope to lose. I absolutely love this skirt and I’m so happy I never tossed it in despair some years ago. It will be perfect this summer.

    I got this skirt at a thrift store when I thought I’d fit after I lost another 5lb. The skirt is home made by someone very skilled and it looks like it was made for me. It is floor length, in my favourite colours, and is just the most perfect. I will have to figure out what kind of tops will coordinate the best. I think short and form fitting, as the skirt is full body and floor length…It will be a fun outfit for the spring/ summer.

    @rabbette: Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    November 30. Last day of the No Scale November! It’s been really nice not to check my weight but I’m excited to re-start the daily practice of ups and downs!

    I have 3 weeks (22 days) left in my Solstice Low Carb Fast and things are going well. I did have a carb day yesterday, and I absolutely loved it, and I think this is the most perfect balance for me. I had lots of apples, carrots, raw broccoli, bell peppers, arugula and avocado. I also had rye bread toasted with a bit of olive oil. I felt fantastic! Great energy and no slump at all! I was worried a bit about a carb slump and it is great that it didn’t happen. Didn’t feel bloated either, even if I ate quite late in the evening.

    Even though I ate mostly fruits and veggies, in my usual fashion it was a lot of fruits so it wasn’t a low calorie day, but I didn’t go over my TDEE by much 😉

    I think I will repeat a carb / fruit day again in 7-10 days.

    I’m fasting today until tomorrow morning–36-38 hours, and tomorrow is back to Low Carb High Fat. Hubby just came from a bakery…Freshly baked pies, loaves, and what not. Is this a special kind of test? Still no added sugars for me until Solstice!!

    I don’t think I lost much weight in November, but hopefully 3-4lb? I’m happy with this rate at this time. I hope to see 163-165 on the scale tomorrow!

    December 1: 163.5lb I’m happy about the weight.

    I also calculated my monthly average weight for the last several months:

    August: 177lb
    September: 174lb
    October: 170lb
    November, assumed: 166lb

    I think I am going to calculate averages from now on. It gives me a better and more objective picture, especially as with doing ADF-ish my daily fluctuations are often 2-4lb!

    The progress is slow, but I’m losing weight at a consistent and visble rate! At this point I’m certainly very happy with this rate. I guess I should not expect an 8lb a month looss anymoore, UNLESS I change up things, and at the moment I’m very happy with my eating and fasting pattern so I’m not planning to change, aside from what I’m changing / tweaking to actually fast LESS. Well, I’m always willing to cut sugar out for 4-6 weeks at a time, so maybe December will be a slightly bigger loss.

    155lb by March seems like a reasonable goal.

    I’m about to break my fast 39 hours and have a nice low carb breakfast!

    December 3: I had a good eating day yesterday, though I did add a bit more carbs than originally planned. It is all good, though. Back on track tomorrow. Today is a fasting day, and I’m going to break it tomorrow morning.

    My least meal lastt night was rather late, so I’m feeling full / not hungry and have good energy. I’m forgotten to step on the scale today ha ha! I’ll try to remember tomorrow.

    I’m not sure low carb agrees with me as much–I can feel I’m starting to be having the digestive issues again, i.e. constipation. Even if I’m eating a lot of raw veggies and fiber. I’m not sure yet what is the factor that messes with my system! I’m much more aware this time, and if needed will be adding fruits again. For now I’m drinking lots of fluids and enjoying my Solstice Project.

    December 4: 167lb. The weight went up, but my clothes fit the same, so I’m assuming this is again water fluctuations, and not the actual fat. The last two eating days were quite carby, so that was expected.

    I had a really good fasting day yesterday–comfortable and not tempted to eat; I’m now at 40 hours and not hungry. I’m going to eat a bit later today, not sure when yet.

    I put on a pair of my New Motivational Jeans and even took a photo, to compare later. They are stretch, so I can technically zip them up, but I won’t wear them out until the zipper is in neutral. Hopefully they’ll fit when I’m 158ish lbs.

    December 8. I am fasting until tomorrow morning, 38 hours.

    The last 2 days have been a bit of a mess–lots of travel,lots of eating out and eating when at home. Maybe it was even 3 days–3 eating days in a row. Some over indulgencies too. All pleasant, though.

    While I am still limiting added sugar until Solstice, I am not eating low carb anymore. First of all my digestive issues came back, which surprised me as I thought I would be over this. Second, I was not happy limiting myself. While this sounded like a worthwhile experiment at first, being both crampy AND constipated while also psychologically unhappy with the limitations pretty much sealed the deal for me. I am back to eating how I was eating before–no restrictions on carbs or fats, but still no added sugars. This is a good compromise. IF is not a diet but a life sty3, so this need to be completely sustainable.

    I do feel that despite my clothes fitting as before, my weight might be up due to eating carbs again, so I didn’t step on the scale. Haha. But whatever works to make me happy, right?

    This lifestyle has worked super well for me, even if my weight loss has slowed down, so I am continuing with it.

    December 9: I woke up at 36 h fasted and wasn’t even a little bit hungry. I guess my body was like whoah, we had lots of food just recently! We don’t need food!

    I went for a short and slow run, which felt great.

    I’m not at 42h fasted. And here is the issue. I’m not hungry and I’m feeling great, but I really feel like eating something! It is weird. I’m drinking tea for now and I will see how the day will flow. I’m open to all options.

    Dec 9/131.8/FD

    Got locked out of my account for a hot minute…

    Alright lets catch up. My SO and I traveled for the T-giving break so when we are away I don’t have a computer to sit and type at and while I did have Internet I just really didn’t get that much free time to type anything.

    I fasted for 4 days before the holiday and then it was T-gving. I had an epiphany that I’m not really into traditional american thanksgiving food. I really would love to create my own thanksgiving tradition with maybe just a friend or two over and call it a day. However it is one of the only times we have enough days in a row off from work to travel and see the family. Since I was not really into the food I ate really small portions of the sad excuse of veggies (corn and string beans from a can…) and basically over the 3 days split a whole pumpkin pie between me and my SO. First time I’ve ever even really liked pumpkin pie. None the less the scales let me know when I got home topping me out at 135.6 (wooooooo wee!)

    When I got home tho I got on track and 4 FDs later 129 was on the scale again. This weekend after 2 NFDs I’m back to
    131.8 but thats not really a bad hike.

    @165gw – reading and responding to your post in order… so be prepared for consecutive responses. The Motivational Skirt sounds interesting with more than one closure?! That is quite cool. Who know we would need clothes with smaller closures instead of bigger ones. Ha (First time in my life I’ve ever had it happen) is this motivational skirt the floor length one. I love homemade clothes from the thrift store. They can be so interesting!

    Thank you for the T-giving wishes!

    I too have been addicted to carrots, broccoli and bell peppers, augural and avocado (really I’m just missing the apples) need a good apple orchard to fetch them from otherwise store-bought can leave a bit to be desired.

    Oh my that is a special test! Pies and Loaves! Seriously if fresh baked walked in the door it would be a challenge. However if it was just fetched from the grocery store – meh. I like that I’m picky it keeps me from eating as crappy. I mean I could still eat terrible foods, but at least I’m picky with my sweets.

    @165gw oh my gosh you made it!!!!!!! (You beat me to first goal you sly gal! Haha)
    163.5 woot woot!

    Look at you and Motivational Jeans too describing when you reach 158ish oooooop!

    Totally agree on the making this WOL work for you and the best way to sustain it. I find that I can not just do a strict keto – I tend to keep the keto part toward the last FD (since lately I’ve been doing 4 FDs in a row) but then transition to 1 full day of keto-ish diet then 2 days of what ever I want to eat. Otherwise yes I too will feel over restricted.

    My weight loss slowed way down as I’ve gotten closer to goal and may have to change up the 4 FDs in a row and then 3 NFDs in a row (may have to go back to ADF!) To get this body guessing again.

    Its just a little hard b/c I love the FDs all in a row they get easier after the 2nd day. Maybe now that I have electrolytes I should take on that WFDs again maybe next week? Oooo I’ll look at the calendar see if we have obligations or visiting.

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