Anyone fasting (no caloric intake) on alternate days wants a buddy?

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Anyone fasting (no caloric intake) on alternate days wants a buddy?

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  • Fast day today. How come I always end up doing groceries and cooking on fast days? Lol maybe I do this to test own limits lol.

    Motivational Jeans Update.

    They are fitting a bit better today! I still would not wear them out, but the progress since the last time is obvious. Still too tight but I can zip them up much easier.

    Next Jeans Update on March 22. Lol

    Weight update on March 18.usually mondays are a fast days but I think this week it will have to be a lower calorie day. The kids are baking Monday and want me to have some of their cakes at dinner.

    So I am trying to plan for the weekend. Today, Friday, I am fasting. I can’t fast on Sunday and Monday due to social things. I will try to have a lower calorie day tomorrow, normal day on Sunday and lower to normal Monday and Tuesday. Back to regular fasting schedule on Wednesday.

    Finishing my fasting day, will break it tomorrow morning. I made a chia seeds pudding that should be ready tomorrow. I mixed my strawberry meal replacement, a cup of frozen berries, vanilla protein powder, green powder, organic gelatin, cocoa powder and instant coffee (now thinking maybe I should have just gone with berry flavour lol, instead of mocha) and a banana. Added whole blueberrries and chia seeds. This made two 600 ml containers. I will have one of them with me when I’m out today. Hopefully it is a yummy concoction.

    Today made the yummiest chilli that the entire family is enjoying. I’m looking forward to my bowl tomorrow at supper!

    Such a great idea getting a pair of jeans for motivation. I have thought about buying an item of clothing for this as I think it is a better indication of body satisfaction than the number on the scale or a measuring tape! I admire your will power with the fasting.

    @greenpink Yes I have fun trying on my motivational jeans!

    Yesterday was my eating day. Around 2300 calories. The kids baked the pies. They were good! I am fasting today.

    So tomorrow will be a light day with kefir, berries and fruits and a salad. Normal eating on Tuesday.

    And then to fasting on Wednesday. I’d rather do this and keep my Monday, Wednesday and Friday as regular fast days.

    Weigh-in tomorrow evening!!

    March 5:
    211 lb (95.6kg);(in the morning after a 36h fast)
    Goal weight 165 lb, top range for my height: 176 lb.
    April 10 goal weight: 203lb

    March 11:
    211 lb (95.6kg)in the evening of the fasting day, so about 20 h of fasting.

    March 18:

    209.4 (95 kg). In the evening but after an eating day. Last meal was around noon and was a large lunch. 2500 calories.

    So let’s say a 1.5 to be 2 lb loss, maybe? Would be totally awesome if i didnt mistakingly calculate it as a 3.3 lb loss which gave me an hour of delightful happiness and a sense of accomplishment. Lol

    I’ll take 2lb. It is above average and if I could sustain this rate I can be cloae6to my goal of 203 lb by April 10th. Though I am really really hoping for 199 lol

    Omg I am really bad at math today. 600g lost. Just over a pound. Darn it. Still hoping that since my previous weigh in was after fasting today’s result is closer to 2lb.

    Congrats on the weight loss it is so motivating to keep going especially when you see results.

    Thank youo, Greenpink!

    I’m absolutely motivated to keep going.

    So Monday and Tuesday were my normal eating days. I ate sensibly.

    Fasting today and I already feel this will be hard. It is morning and I am already hungry, while In the last weeks I wouldn’t be feeling peckish until 2 or 3pm.

    It is really tempting to make it an eating day, especially as we are delayed by 2 hours near one of my favourite cafes. I will try to fast though. This might be the day when I post 5 times about miseries here Haha.

    I made it to almost 4pm. Doing okay. There were harder moments, but overall I kept myself busy and no real hunger. I have a couple of busy hours left, and then I think I can count this as a success.

    Almost bedtime! I made it. Luckily I find it easy to go to bed on an empty stomach. As long as i make it to bedtime, I’m good. Challenging today, but I did it.

    I am fasting today.

    I’m not sure about my calories yesterday. I had quinoa and mushroooms and a tomatoe-apple salad for lunch and a small cheesecake (went out with a friend) later on, and coffee with cream. Luckily it was a very small cheesecake, about 7cm in diameter and 2cm tall.

    Had a small sandwich with avocado, chicken breast and tomatoes–more like half a sandwich if not 1/3.

    And for supper it was two boiled potatoes with a can of sprats and onion. One oof my favourite simple meals!

    I’m feeling peckish now, especially after listing all of the food I ate yesterday! Note to self–list the food at the end of the eating day, not in the middle of the fast day!

    Most of the day has passed and I did fine. I went for an hour long walk in the rain, which was nice but I got quite chilled.

    I think I’ll make it to bedtime, but I’m looking forward to breakfast tomorrow! I always tend to cook on my fasting days–there is a big pot of minestrone in the pot. It will have to wait for tomorrow for me (the rest of the family will have it tonight, obviously).

    Somehow today was the toughest day yet. Maybe because I got chilled at the rainy walk, or maybe because this is one of those days. I’ve been fasting 3-4 times a week since January 6.

    I’m feeling hungry and a bit off. It is close to bedtime, and there is no way I would break the fast now–no point, and I do feel sleepy. I know I’ll feel great tomorrow morning if I continue to fast to 36h.

    I do hope to see some good results on Mondays weigh-in, or I will be disappointed. I guess when it is “easy” to fast I’m all aboout “health” and “it doesn’t matter if I lose weight”. But when it is hard, I’m like, “I better lose another 2lb!” ha ha.

    I really have to make sure i’m staying withing my TDEE on eating days. Which is harder on cold rainy days for some reason.

    I made it!! Yesterday was hard but I persevered.

    Motivational Jean’s Update:

    Yay, they zip up much better! The difference is very clear. They fit better in the thighs too. Still tight and still mufflin top, but I could definitely wear them if I had to (like if all my other jeans got destroyed or something lol). The last time I tried them on they were too tight to comfortably wear.

    So that’s progress!!!!

    Saturday and Sunday were eating days. I didn’t count calories. Fasting today.

    I was looking forward to the weigh-in tonight, but I won’t be “visiting my scale” today.

    I’ve been doing a 30 day crunches challenge, and I can see my stomach is a bit flatter. The Motivational Jeans fit even better today, but still not the most flattering fit YET.

    Well done 165gw, I admire your perseverance on such a tough regime.
    I’m fasting today too, hoping to do 3 FDs this week, as only had 1 last wk and family gathering with long wkend of party food.
    Your motivational jeans is a great idea. I find the scales can be demotivating – going to focus on a dress I want to fit properly.
    Thanks for sharing.

    FD – Today.

    165gw – I was reading through your story – Great thread, I’m glad you are sharing your journey. My first intention was to just to a 4:3 water fasting days. I personally like the control of fasting days. I also like not having to figure out what to eat. However, I quickly learned that my sweetheart was a mess trying to figure out what to eat on my fasting days and they felt bad eating in front of me at dinner time.

    So I worked up a little meal planning schedule. I use google calendar and loosely plan out meals for the week. (work up the plan on a NFD b/c of my gosh food porn is real on a FD!) I plan a light meal on FD and if I feel extra hungry I eat my light meal. I really like fresh greens (arugula, spinach, kale etc) with a squeeze of lemon, lime, or an orange and a dash of salt that seems to do me good when I’m super hungry *and its only like 30-40 calories depending on the greens you used. *mustard makes a great “dressing” too.. I like the bite of it.

    Great job at your food choices – I like the tomato and avocado with a. lentil burger that sounds YUMMMY!

    @brambleberry, Thank you! It doesn’t seem like a very tough regime, but maybe it is. I find it easier or at the very least identical to eat zero calories vs 500. How did your fast go?

    @rabbette, how did your FD go?
    It is harder when your sweetheart is stressing over this. Mine started fasting with me, which I didn’t expect! But he works away from home a lot, so this wasn’t affecting me much anyway.

    I love the arugula and other greenes as a salad munchies for a low calorie but feeling meal. Celery could be a nice crunch in there too! I have some arugula in the fridge now, waiting for me tomorrow lol

    I am fasting today. I didn’t count calories yesterday, but I ate sensibly. Whether it was really sensibly or I only think it was sensibly–this I will find out on Monoday when I do my weigh-in. All I know I had really healthy choices; Lentil stew and baked sweet potato fries, a small omellete with veggies and mushrooms. Rye bread. But since I’m not counting calories it is quite possible I’m going above my TDEE. I think I’ll start counting calories on Eating Days when it finally gets warmer. I am sure I will have many salad days… At least my comfort food is lentil stew lol

    This is what usually happens on my eating days, which are after a 36 to 40 h fast. I wake up feeling great and light and not hungry. Then I make my kids bacon and eggs and… I make myself bacon and eggs…because wow, smells so good and don’t I deserve to indulge? Small portion, but still, I am eating while not hungry.

    This morning I am making porridge for the kids!! They love it, but it doesn’t tempt me. Haha, I win. Though now they’d want bacon and eggs on my fast day tomorrow? Oy.

    Hi 165gw, you’re doing great. That’s a long run on 4:3.
    I’m like you – easier to do complete fast than keep to a set nr of calories. I’m finding the challenge of 3rd FD in week tough – feel great afterwards though! Similar with cooking for the family.
    Love hearing your progress. All the best, Brambleberry.

    FD – Today.

    165gw – fasting day went great! FDs are Sun, T, Th (my sweetheart picked the schedule) I prob would have went MWF but they wanted me to be able to go out Friday evening for a show and have a cocktail or a beloved Stout. The Bacon and Eggs deal oh my gosh. I would just have to say they could have them on my NFDs b/c jeez it would drive me a bit mad. AND there are not many foods I feel I have to have. Like most foods I can just say to my brain “hey we can eat that tomorrow *if you still even want that tomorrow!” and I’m good to go. So maybe try and get the kids in on your schedule (that way they also feel like they are helping you out!) — if the kids are hung up on it, then maybe try a new treat for breakfast (like chocolate chip pancakes, or healthy oat cookies) and then maybe they will forget all about bacon *at least for a day.

    Brambleberry – have you tried some warm broth? I find that very comforting on FD and the vegetable one I found only has 10 calories per cup. So 20 calories and a warm tummy is my go to… and adding a chopped carrot and/or peas for only 20 more calories to bring it to 40 total is my (dare i say treat!) but its so divine.

    have a beautiful day, Rabbette

    @brambleberry: thank you!! The moment I got into the rhythm it was not harder than 5:2, but I was also aiming at alternate day, and this is NOT working out. Since I want to have my fasts on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and I am no managing to fast two days in a row. I’m sure it is all psychological and I could if I set my mind to it, but right now I’m happy with 4:3.

    @rabbette: Yes, bacon and eggs is one of those foods that is really heard to resist! lol The kids are actually pretty easy going and either have oatmeal or eggs, so it is up to me. I sometimes don’t plan and then end up torturing myself lol

    Well, Yesterday was a bad day. It was my eating day, and I managed to skip breakfast, as I intended. Then I think my mistake was to have the day focused on carbs. My lunch (after 42h of fasting) was really healthy and delicious carbs–buckwheat (instead of rice) topped with veggies, mushrooms and a little bit of chicken. But then I was at my friend’s and there we usually drink coffee with cream and this time she had cake! It looked very tempting and delicious, but ended up being too sweet and the texture wasnt’ quite right. But I was in the mood of “Treating myself” and had a large slice. And I didn’t even enjoy it! I felt off after the cake for the rest of the day. I came home and had some egg salad and chicken as I was craving protein.

    I don’t think the calorie count was that awful, but I didn’t feel well. And yes, I know why! I also felt like I was coming down with a cold and had sore throat.

    Fasting today and doing well. Before the fasting, I would be so nervous about not eating when feeling sick. I grew up with the idea that one had to eat highly nutritious foods when sick. Now I knew better–that fasting is probably better for the body and I’m giving my body a chance to heal itself.

    I’m feeling quite decent–still a bit off, but better than last night. Eating day tomorrow. I need to get rid of the idea of “treating myself” ha ha. Maybe once a week, but not every eating day.

    NFD – but for some reason I feel like it is a FD? o_O

    @165gw, the “treat” idea is quite strong. I know my brain does it too. I’m working on re-thinking and telling myself instead of a treat I can try a small slice/portion at first and then more if I do want another (if it was cake) I’m not a huge fan of cake *thank the goddesses!* ha but I will have a piece when offered and in the past I would always opt for a larger piece even tho I typically didn’t want it (talk about not listening to one’s brain or gut!!!). Hope you are feeling better and if it was a cold I hope it is all gone now.
    *I had to count calories on my NDF for a couple weeks to get an idea of how much I ate and what really was tipping the scales (so to speak) and the sneaky things were crisp and stouts! So now I know and I’m more mindful, I still drink my stouts, but I also pause a bit and enjoy them more slowly.

    @rabbette: NFD-no food day or not fasting day? I’m getting confused with the terminology, I need to catch up!

    I was offered cake yesterday and I refused, so I felt good about it! Yesterda I had a peanut butter + seeds ball that I was given, a slice of pizza, 1/3 of a pepsi can and a bowl of sauted cabbage with some sausage in it.

    Fasting today, and also weighing in later today. I’m going to borrow that scale and have it at home, as I’d like to weigh myself in more regularly. I think it will keep me more on track in general, and I know that fluctuations don’t upset me, as long as I’m consistent to weigh myself regularly.

    So staring tomorrow morning I’m going to check in here with my weight as well!

    FD=fasting day. What should be used for regular day? NFD or ED (eating day?) CD is a controlled eating day?

    I want to get organized!!! 😀

    @165gw: oh NFD – Non Fasting Day. I’m usually bad at abbreviations/acronyms I did find this list in the April Challenge here is part of the list. It was rather long so I didn’t want to bog you with it here, but if you want to see the whole thing its on the 2nd page of the April Challenge post.

    FD Fast Day (500 cals)
    MFD Modified Fast Day (800 cals)
    WFD Water Fast Day (Water only)
    CFD Controlled Fast Day (1200 cals)
    NFD Non Fast Day
    LFD Liquid Fast Day (liquids only)

    I noticed that all the FD (means the same thing Fast Day) so then all you need to do is figure out the first letter. Hope that helps.

    I’m not sure I ever have a CFD unless i’m just doing a FD then I control otherwise I usually just eat and try not to just go hog wild. Oh My!

    Good Job refusing the cake – way to go! best to save yourself for something more special and/or healthy 🙂 OR maybe even a Healthy Special something oh yeah!

    2.9 lb (1.3 kg) down since March 18. Very happy about it.

    4.4 lb down in the last 4 weeks due to a plateau in the first weeks of March.

    41.3 lb to go!! I should be close to my goal weight in September and this make me happy and motivated.

    I am guessing I lost at least 15-20 lb since January 6 when I started water fasting 3 days a week.

    Goal for April? I want to lose 6lb and be under 200lb on May 1st. Now that I will have the scale at home I can keep a closer eye. We have company coming for 5 days in April so fasting might be a challenge, but I will try my best.

    I woke up this morning and decided to weigh myself (as I used to years ago, in the mornings.) Yesterday evening it was 206lb, today it was 204! So while this is obviously scale and body variations, I feel motivated and encouraged! The “under 200” goal seems much closer.

    Today was super busy and I didn’t feel hungry for breakfast or lunch, so decided to extend my fast. I’m at 44 hours right now and only now starting to feel peckish. I’m DEFINITELY going to 48 hours, if not for the 56.

    I’ve also been productive and busy all day, so I’m feeling positive emotionally and physically. What a great day. And finally sunny!

    April 2nd – LFD (liquid fasting day)

    @165gw: oh my gosh what great news to read on the scale!

    I’m so cold I’m having tea and vegetable broth right now. You are my inspiration.
    I have 45.6 lbs to go too! I’ll race ya (hahaha) *but really we’ll get there when we do, but it’s nice keeping tabs on each other!

    April 2nd–WFD (but more like tea fasting day!

    @Rabbette–the challenge is on! Yes, totally our own journeys and pace, but as you said, a little element of healthy “competition” is motivational and adds some fun too! The important thing is not to give up too early. I’m not a perfectionist and it is very easy for me to be quite okay with how I look when I’m 185lb (I’m tall). And then of course the weight creeps back as I stop paying attention. But this time I told myself that I’m going all the way. ALL THE WAY!!! lol And 4:3 / 5:2 for LIFE!!

    We can do it! And thank you for the kind words–if I’m someone’s inspiration, I gotta keep the high standards and not give up 😉

    Yes seeing the lower weight on the scale made me happy and motivated. And I already know not to get upset if it is up again for no apparent reason. The important thing that the trend is downwards.

    I also tend to feel colder on fasting days, and the fact that we are using woodstove for heat and trying not to use too much oil (expensive!) is not helping. It is relatively “warm” outside so the wood stove won’t even burn well, but this makes for a chilly house. I can’t wait for summer!

    I have a sushi dinner to go to on Thursday and it is all you can eat, and I LOVE sushi. So I will try to have a controlled day tomorrow–I’ll see how it goes. I’ll either make sure I’m not above my TDEE…or if I’m not starving in the morning I’ll do an 800 calorie fast to compensate for the sushi time.

    I’ve never done a 56 hour fast, so I have no clue how I’ll be feeling tomorrow! From what I read, some find day 3 really hard and some find it easy…

    April 3. Eating day, after a 60h water/ tea fast. Weight this morning 202.5. Definitely love the morning weigh-ins lol. 2 lbs down from yesterday. It is probably not accurate, but at least I do know–some of it did go down!

    Woke up today to freezing rain and snow, which continued for the entire day. Okay, that’s my excuse for endulging. I started really well with bacon and eggs and then with a beat salad. But then the kids shared their chocolate with me and then I had some brie, some fries (that the kids made from scratch, yay, yum. I love when they cook!), several oranges…Anyway, I’m either slightly over TDEE or more than slightly ha ha. Those dark gloomy rainy cold days are he worst. I crave comfort.

    Tomorrow is the Sushi Day lol. I think I should manage a 24 hour fast as the sushi dinner won’t happen until 24 hours from now. Better than nothing, I guess.

    April 5: Fast Day

    Yesterday was Sushi Day. I decided not to step on the scale this morning–my weigh in days will be always after a 36h+ fast, for consistency and motivation!

    I’m up to 110 crunches! And planning to add more specific exercises in the next weeks.

    I also bought a sport top that I really liked on sale–it fits, but doesn’t flatter (yet.) In addition to my motivational jeans, I have now a motivational top. Looking forward to being and looking more trim and fit for Mother’s Day (May 12).

    I also decided on the Big Reward–when I am 15 lb to my goal (180lb), I will schedule massage and chiropractic appointment. This is 25 lb away and if I lose 5lb a month–early September.

    And another goal–giving up sugar other than fruits. I used to be sugar free and low carb, for months. I can totally be sugar free. On 4:3 I have developed a mindset of “it is okay to treat myself because I’m omg FASTING.” No. That’s not okay, because my goal is also to be the healthiest I can be, reduce inflammation and help with arthritis that everyone tells me I’ll be getting in all my previously broken bones. I don’t even enjoy sweet things that much. I’m going to get a jar of nuts–I enjoy them much more for a little endulging treat.

    @rabbette, what are your goals and plans? 😉

    Ahh, 165, you’re killing it!
    I, on the other hand, had fallen way, way off the wagon. FL trip plus moving plus back to back colds threw me for a loop in March! I didn’t really work out or fast AT ALL. And I felt pretty bad about it. Since April has rolled around and life is a little quieter…I’m finally able to get back at it. Eating this week still hasn’t been great. Been keeping a 6-8 hr eating window each day. Today though, I’m going for only one meal tonight.
    I’ve decided I need to include more coconut oil and green tea for successfully fasting. Goal is either fast Sunday or Monday and shoot for 36+ hours. Then again Wednesday or Thursday.
    I have reinstated workouts this week. Worked out Tuesday, Thursday, and getting ready for today’s. Goal is 5-6 days per week starting next week. I think I can do it!
    Despite falling off for almost 4 weeks, my weight is still 10 lbs. within goal weight…surprisingly! I know that it’s going to start creeping up though, if I don’t get back on track now!!
    It’s good to be back!

    NFD april 5th (-15)

    @165gw: yay friendly competition (I’m not very competitive) however I do like/love friendly competition. For example it was really hard for me to play a sport because I just wanted to play. I do not have that drive to WANT to win. I mean I like winning don’t get me wrong, but I wanted to just play and if I and/or the team won, great! If we lost, great. To me I like playing to play. So lets PLAY!

    I just did a weigh in too this morning, I was -1.6lbs lighter Yay. I had done a 48hour fast! I found a free fasting app called Life and I like it, it shows when the body is going through different stages for the fast and how these different stages repair the body. None the less I didn’t even know my fast was 48hours till I looked at the app, the extra 12 hours were a bonus to my 36 hour fast 🙂 yay. The fasting app doesn’t do much, but I kinda like seeing where I’m at for different stages AND it has a bunch of info/articles on fasting and science research. *while I’m fasting for the day I will look at the app for inspiration to keep going if I’m feeling weak (such as husband whom is underweight) sits down and opens a bag of crisps – I LOVE crisps! [immediately look at app and see where I’m at in my fasting phase, get reassurance that this is for me don’t worry about him or the crisps that I’m gawking at O-O ]

    I gotta watch my nuts! I will mindlessly snack on anything, I’ll snack on nuts till my jaw hurts and then still keep going! O_o yup I know I have issues with snacking. SO the fasting is great because I get out of the habit of snacking! and then on a NFD I eat and snack a whole lot less. I also started the habit if I want the snack I have to drink an 8oz glass of water first! Then I put my snack into a small bowl, if i finish and want more that means I have to get up and go get it (AND I have to also have another 8oz glass of water before I make the next bowl of snacks) so far I don’t feel restricted although sometimes I get my own “I don’t want to do it” <insert pouty face here> in my head.

    and can I say wow 110 crunches! Reminds me of my friend who said in order for him to be accepted into the military he had to do 75 situps in under 2 minutes. I pondered to myself if that was even possible. I tried it back in the day only got to 40… but I practiced till I got to 85 in under 2 minutes. huh wonder what I would get to now…. let me go see. (ok then so someone is going to be sore tomorrow) I just did 50 arms crossed infront chest all the way sit ups. I laughed at myself as I started counting out loud once i got to 40 waiting for my phone timer to go off.

    Over all goals. Well I have a big goal of, dare I say 125 lbs I’m a little on the short side of 5’4″ and the ideal weight range is 108-146. I chose somewhat in the middle-ish range. Other goals would be doing more arm balances (I teach yoga) and while I do teach some arm balances I’d love to offer more of them. I’m working on arm strength. My arms are tiny even for a well rounded woman tehehe. Like I don’t know if my fitbit will fit If I reach my goal weight and if I were to reach the 108 *its an auspicious number in yoga haha not trying for that (yet as I type it I feel like that could be a “stretch goal” oh dear me I’m full of puns)

    @165gw – I take it your goal is 165, do you have other goals?

    ps LOVE this as a WOL really the idea of fasting a couple days a week for the rest of my life seems so much more grounding and do able than worrying about food and not feeling comfortable in my body!

    @mimtek: Glad you are back!!

    Thank you! I’m really working on staying motivated!

    You are doing GREAT. Despite all the business and stress associated with vacationos and moving, and colds–you haven’t gained! This is really great. Don’t be so hard on yourself, we can get ahead so much futher when we are kind to ourselves. Celebrate little things and start making changes when you are ready, and you already have!

    I’ve just been reading that green tea, especially cold brewed, is really helpful for fasting. Anything that helps should be used!

    You’ve set up manageable and reasonable goals. You can do it!!!


    Congrats on the 1.6lb loss and on the 48 h. fast! I’m going to upload this app you mentioned, thank you for recommending. When I hit a tough spot I come to this forum or google fasting, but having an app will be fun too.

    I just uploaded a weight tracking app. I think it is called Simple Weight Tracker? It just gives you stats. I entered my weights since I started tracking in March, and it tells me that my trend is 1.7lb down per week, and the total loss is 8.2 lb, with 3.8 this month and 6.7 this week–it is a bit screwed up as there is not enough data, but I like seeing the trend and the graph.

    I love the idea of PLAY!! That’s exactly what is motivating and fun. I’m not very competitive in general, but I do have my moments. I used to play tennis as a kid and I really didn’t care how I placed overall, but within a match I did fight for every point. But then I was equally happy to be 2n or 3rd or 4th lol. Outside of sports–not competitive at all.

    I also want to expand onto longer than 36h fasts. The 56 h went REALLY well and I think I cuold do 48 to my benefit, i.e. not overeating on my not fasting days. I already got lots of greens and arugula for my evening (hopefully lol) salad tomorrow. Didnt get the nuts though, as I didn’t get to go to the store where they are at a more decent price.

    I have the same nut issue! lol Yeah, I can snack on them non-stop! I also do the same tricks–small portions, making myself to get up and drink water. And sometimes, when I’m extra motivated, I tell myself I’ll take a 15 minutes to organize a drawer or wash something before the snack. Sometimes after the little clean up I don’t feel like snacking anymore. Then I congratulate myself!

    Wow, 50 with no prep! You are rocking it! I have been building up to 110 for over a week. My back is my weak spot (my back and knees) so I don’t do full sit ups, I do very slow and careful crunches, making sure my neck is relaxed and I’m all “aligned” lol My daughter tells me I should be doing planking instead. I think I’ll graduate to planking when I get to 135 crunchs!

    You inspire me with Yoga.

    yes, 165lb is in the middle of my ideal weight for my height (6 feet). This was my weight for year, until I was 26 and had my first kid. Then I rebalanced to 172, had two more kids and then gained weight “for real.” The lowest I’ve been was 150-155, but that was when I worked night shifts in a homeless shelter and was running there non-stop. I don’t want to get that low.

    As other goals–want to be more disciplined and stronger and more flexible and maybe do yoga one day! What kind of yoga do you teach?

    Yes, I absolutely love fasting as WOL. I also think that it is very grounding and something that I like doing and want to do more.

    Not sure what kind of day today–either a 48 h fast or a 56. Lots to do around the house so being busy will help.

    Stepping on the scale this morning was motivational–after two days of eating and a 36h fast it was 205, up from 202. Motivational in terms of motivating me not to gorge today! Lol 202 was nice to see, but I do know that realistically I am closer to 205, which is a good progress too. It seems that if I fast for 56 h my weight will fluctuate more and this is probably normal and expected and reflects empty gut etc.

    Overall I am feeling positive and motivated. 130 crunches this morning.

    Looking forward to my salad today or tomorrow–have lovely greens and even some cucumbers! They have almost doubled in price lately so I was happy to see them on sale. Got 3!

    At 44 hours and doing well. Atm thinking that will do a 56. This is the problem–not feeling hungry, just a bit peckish (just as on day 1 at times), but mentally want a salad lol.

    NFD – (I totally want to put B2B right there, because it is back to back eating days) I find sometimes those are getting more challenging *in a different way* I think the challenge of respecting food.

    @165gw: Ba (thats an expression my sweetheart and I use as in the beginning of “Ba Hum Bug” OR can be almost a bit funny/sarcastic-ish as in the meaning of bursting out laughing Bahahahahahaha)
    Ok back to —- Ba, to the fact, that I do the same thing, I shop on FD! I also do my meal planning/calendar for the week typically on a FD! looking up recipes for the menu for the week and then shopping for the stuff. Since today is NFD I’m going to do the menu planning right after this post.

    In other news – Woot Woot! cheering you on for your fast!

    I peaked in the Life app and saw that somewhere around 48hours your growth hormone level is up to 5 times a high as when you started! yay increasing cell breakdown and creating new cells!

    If you happen to be using the Life app – remember you can modify the start time. (as in I always forget to start the app when I finished with my last meal the day before)… all you do is start the fast and then once it has begun you click under the start time listed on the left hand side where it says edit.

    I always have about a 2-3 lb increase after the two day of eating as well but when I fast on Sundays it usually (usually being the optative word there) goes back to where I was before the fast. So remain calm and Fast On!

    @rabbette: I just wrote a lenghty post and it all disappeared. Well, maybe that’s for the best, as now I’ll try to summarize. (Ba!)

    Thank you so much for the support and letting me know at all the benefits at 48h–I’m extra motivated to fast until tomorrow now (I was almost ready to give up at 48h, but your words encouraged me!)

    I wasn’t able to install the Life app, will try again.

    I hope your meal planning goes well!!!

    @165gw: Ba! I have had that happen with a post or two. I now write my post in a blank txt document (or word or notes if using the phone) and then select all and copy and paste!!!

    Bugger on the Life app wonder why it’s being pesky!
    I’ll give you a breakdown so you can see the timing. Then you can follow along just by looking at the clock and seeing how many hours you are at for the stages.


    This is from an article titled: The 5 stages of Intermittent Fasting by Paige Jarreau
    The article is pretty cool if you want to read more details on each stage.

    12 hours – metabolic state called Ketosis
    18 hours – fat burning mode and generating significant ketones
    24 hours – recycling old components & breaking down misfolded proteins linked to Alzheimers’
    48 hours – growth hormone level is up to five times as high from when you began (this helps lean muscle mass) and reduces fat tissue accumulation.
    58 hours – insulin has dropped to its lowest level (increasing insulin-sensitivity)
    Increased insulin-sensitivity is actually a good thing will give more details below
    72 hours – body breaks down old immune cells and is generating new ones!

    *Increased insulin-sensitivity is what happens when we lower our insulin levels (which reduces inflammation and/or less insulin resistant, which is especially a good thing if you have a high risk of developing diabetes) and protects you from chronic diseases of again including cancer. (Wow)

    @rabbette: super helpful to have it all in one spot! Thank you!

    I’ve also been reading that 72 h is the best for the immune system. Something to build up to!

    That’s a good habit of writing the posts in another app or program–I sometimes do this, but I often think that I’ll be terribly succint and NO WAY my post will dissappear ha ha.

    I’ve approached an almost 48h mark (47.5) and I’m definitely fasting till tomorrow morning! Thank you!! What you said (and I read it right at the right time) did help a lot. This is my second “2 day” fast and I’m so excited and empowered that I can actually achieve those!

    61 hours WF and doing well. Since I am generally not hungry in the mornings, I am going to go with the flow and delay food until later today. The plan is to have one large healthy meal. Amazing how mindsets change–i used to think that I would literally be sick /weak/ faint unless I ate every 4h!

    Weigh in at 202.2 lb(down from 202.5 after the last 56 h fast). Every little bit counts! I am also annoyed with myself about how I got so negligent and got to this weight. Maybe this happens when all the focus is on the kids–i stopped paying attention to myself and got used to being heavier and didnt think much of it. I also happily gained 50-60lb each pregnancy (and then lost it
    easily, except the last baby who is 11 lol) because i thought that this was best for them while in utero. Now as they are older i don’t want them to have a fat /unfit mom.

    I won’t be doing back2back eating days this week so hopefully my weight will not be up by so much after the eating days.

    My ambitious of being 200lb or slightly under by April 11 might actually happen, but at any rate I am close and happy about it. My more saner goal of 203 by April 11 has been achieved.

    I haven’t tried on my motivational Jean’s in a while, but will try them on at 199lb!

    Broke my 63 hour fast. Next time–SMALLER PORTIONS! I do get too excited about trying different dishes after a fast. I do think that this will settle itself down in the next month or so.

    I had a bowl of Scandinavian style beet salad with sprats, a large of bowl of green salad with just a little bit of chicken in it, and I should have stopped there.

    However I’ve been making beef with mushrooms for over a week now for the kids, on my FASTING DAYS, which meant I wasnt’ getting any of my favourite meal. So I had some beef with mushrooms and sweet potatoes. I’m really full, too full. Oy.

    Also had two apples and two oranges, a sqare of a 90% dark chocolate, and a cup of coffee with cream.

    This was way too much food…That was my On Meal A Day for today. Fasting tomorrow, as per schedule.

    Darn, bad at math! That was a 68 hour fast! 68!!! lol

    @165gw Oh my gosh yay 68! Woot woot! I’ll be back a bit later but wanted to check in.

    Thank you Rabbette!!

    Fasting day!!

    Weight this morning, after an OMAD eating day that left me super full (still feeling full 19 h later)–202.6! It is 0.4 lb up but I think the trend is that I’ve reached the 202ish range and I should see a drop tomorrow after today’s fast, or at least Thursday, after the Wednesday fast! Yay! Getting there!!

    Now the motivational Jeans. Tried them on. They fit really well around my waist but still tight around my butt and hips. Overall the fit is visibly better but I need to lose some butt fat now lol.


    You are doing good. After my eating extravaganza 2 day weekend and then Fasting yesterday. I am up a little .8lb but usually after this Tuesdays fast it usually goes back down. (its the two day eating window that usually kills my lbs lost) I would fast on Saturdays, but I do think that would kill my motivation throughout the week. I think I could pull off a 72hr fast & then one extra 36hr fast easier than giving up Saturday.

    I know all about the mind games of missing out on favorite meal on a FD and then eating the hell out of it on a NFD even if you don’t really feel truly hungry for it. That is something I need to work on too. I have started setting aside a smaller portion of meals that I might want to taste later. and then have it as a “side” dish on NFD – it has worked better that way instead of me just eating a huge portion b/c I “missed out”

    All things to work on, its good that we can see where our downfalls are at so that we can work toward creating a better eat rhythm.

    Contemplating where to fit in a longer fast this week!

    ps – I also read somewhere that having a smaller lighter meal of cooked veggies at first (to break your fast) can be helpful. The cooked veggies can be easier to digest and help rebalance the body of lost minerals. *might also be helpful for not gorging (as I am sometimes guilty of doing after a fast) I will be trying this. If its breakfast I’ll just have veggies and possibly put an egg with it. Just to make it more breakfast-ish.


    I know what you mean about Saturdays! I’m hoping to have one of the weekend days as an 800 calorie day to keep it more under control. You are right, it is about a rhythm.

    I really hope I will relax a bit and won’t feel I have to “catch up” on the meals lol. I like the idea of setting smaller portions aside.

    Technically my beat salad was my cooked vergies lol. Well, kinda. Not really.

    Contemplating where to fit in a longer fast this week!

    I’m at 23.5h as I ate earlier yesterday, and I can see this could be an issue when I do a random number as 68 hours! I should’ve waited to 72!! Now the kids are frying potatoes and the smell, the smell! I think from now on, a 36h or a 72. Hitting 24 hours so early in the day is tricky! At least hopefully I’ll see a good result on the scale tomorrow morning.

    @Rabbette–one of the lines from your post ended up in mine. I am not really contemplating where to fit a longer fast this week lol. By the time I have breakfast tomorrow morning it will be a 42h fast. I want to keep it mostly at 36h for the next couple of weeks, and then tacke a 72h.

    @165gw: I was like wow you are a BEAST! lol

    I’m trying to see if I could work it out from Tonight till Friday Morning that will be just over 72 hours. I’m not sure I’m brave enough yet. But I at least know it’s do able.


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