Anyone fasting (no caloric intake) on alternate days wants a buddy?

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Anyone fasting (no caloric intake) on alternate days wants a buddy?

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  • Fast day today. How come I always end up doing groceries and cooking on fast days? Lol maybe I do this to test own limits lol.

    Motivational Jeans Update.

    They are fitting a bit better today! I still would not wear them out, but the progress since the last time is obvious. Still too tight but I can zip them up much easier.

    Next Jeans Update on March 22. Lol

    Weight update on March 18.usually mondays are a fast days but I think this week it will have to be a lower calorie day. The kids are baking Monday and want me to have some of their cakes at dinner.

    So I am trying to plan for the weekend. Today, Friday, I am fasting. I can’t fast on Sunday and Monday due to social things. I will try to have a lower calorie day tomorrow, normal day on Sunday and lower to normal Monday and Tuesday. Back to regular fasting schedule on Wednesday.

    Finishing my fasting day, will break it tomorrow morning. I made a chia seeds pudding that should be ready tomorrow. I mixed my strawberry meal replacement, a cup of frozen berries, vanilla protein powder, green powder, organic gelatin, cocoa powder and instant coffee (now thinking maybe I should have just gone with berry flavour lol, instead of mocha) and a banana. Added whole blueberrries and chia seeds. This made two 600 ml containers. I will have one of them with me when I’m out today. Hopefully it is a yummy concoction.

    Today made the yummiest chilli that the entire family is enjoying. I’m looking forward to my bowl tomorrow at supper!

    Such a great idea getting a pair of jeans for motivation. I have thought about buying an item of clothing for this as I think it is a better indication of body satisfaction than the number on the scale or a measuring tape! I admire your will power with the fasting.

    @greenpink Yes I have fun trying on my motivational jeans!

    Yesterday was my eating day. Around 2300 calories. The kids baked the pies. They were good! I am fasting today.

    So tomorrow will be a light day with kefir, berries and fruits and a salad. Normal eating on Tuesday.

    And then to fasting on Wednesday. I’d rather do this and keep my Monday, Wednesday and Friday as regular fast days.

    Weigh-in tomorrow evening!!

    March 5:
    211 lb (95.6kg);(in the morning after a 36h fast)
    Goal weight 165 lb, top range for my height: 176 lb.
    April 10 goal weight: 203lb

    March 11:
    211 lb (95.6kg)in the evening of the fasting day, so about 20 h of fasting.

    March 18:

    209.4 (95 kg). In the evening but after an eating day. Last meal was around noon and was a large lunch. 2500 calories.

    So let’s say a 1.5 to be 2 lb loss, maybe? Would be totally awesome if i didnt mistakingly calculate it as a 3.3 lb loss which gave me an hour of delightful happiness and a sense of accomplishment. Lol

    I’ll take 2lb. It is above average and if I could sustain this rate I can be cloae6to my goal of 203 lb by April 10th. Though I am really really hoping for 199 lol

    Omg I am really bad at math today. 600g lost. Just over a pound. Darn it. Still hoping that since my previous weigh in was after fasting today’s result is closer to 2lb.

    Congrats on the weight loss it is so motivating to keep going especially when you see results.

    Thank youo, Greenpink!

    I’m absolutely motivated to keep going.

    So Monday and Tuesday were my normal eating days. I ate sensibly.

    Fasting today and I already feel this will be hard. It is morning and I am already hungry, while In the last weeks I wouldn’t be feeling peckish until 2 or 3pm.

    It is really tempting to make it an eating day, especially as we are delayed by 2 hours near one of my favourite cafes. I will try to fast though. This might be the day when I post 5 times about miseries here Haha.

    I made it to almost 4pm. Doing okay. There were harder moments, but overall I kept myself busy and no real hunger. I have a couple of busy hours left, and then I think I can count this as a success.

    Almost bedtime! I made it. Luckily I find it easy to go to bed on an empty stomach. As long as i make it to bedtime, I’m good. Challenging today, but I did it.

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