Anyone fasting (no caloric intake) on alternate days wants a buddy?

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Anyone fasting (no caloric intake) on alternate days wants a buddy?

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  • @Rabette: You can do it, you if you set your mind to it! It is doable. I like that the end of the fast will be in the morning–I find fasting overnight much easier, i.e. when a fast ends in the morning. I need to plan for this.

    What has been happening, I’d wake up not hungry and would try to use this opportunity to fast for longer, and then a 72h fast would end in the evening, and at least for me this is more difficult.

    Think of all the benefits of a longer fast and how great and accomplished you’ll feel Friday morning. You can do it!

    Another option is a 48 h fast which is great in itself! And then you can decide whether you want to continue.

    Whatever you decide or however it will end up flowing–you can totally do it!

    @165gw Oh dear frying potatoes! You are a trooper. I think my husband takes lessons from your kids (how can we get her goat today) As he says “I’m hungry what should I eat…” “I’m like anything you want dear, you can eat the whole house without any repercussions”

    Thank you for the encouragement. Well my fast starts now… Monday night and we will see where it goes! If I do make it to Friday Morning It will be 83ish hours. Because at 72 hours will be in the evening, and boy oh boy. It sounds like we are on the same train. If I eat that night I could accidentally eat WAY to much. So I think I will try and wait till the morning.

    Here goes nothing. (at least eating wise for the next day or so!). It could be rather life changing, actually it already is, even if I don’t make it to 72 hours. This whole journey has been super exciting with food. I feel like I’m finally building a solid relationship with food. (ahem… even during a water fast.)

    I’m ready, water, lime seltzer, tea and maybe a cup of broth if it gets dicy after 24 hours!

    My kids, except the oldest, don’t even know I am fasting lol. I find fasting vs dieting is easier for me when they cook, as I am so set on fasting. With dieting it is so easy for me to play games and decide to eat something while promissing to myself to skip food later.

    But there are moments when the aromas are killing me lol

    So…from what I’ve been reading. Day 2 and 3 are tough, day 4 and 5 are the best. No hunger and great energy. So what I am saying…lol…if you make it past 72h you are in a great spot for a 5-7 day fast!!

    200.2 after the 42 h fast! I am getting there, that’s for sure. The trend is downwards!!

    It seems that I lost 10lb since March 8, which is kind of insane and more than I expected. I think since I was weighing myself in the evenings of my fasting days in March, before I brought the scale home, this is not super consistent. But it is the same scale, at least. Possibly an 8lb loss is more correct.

    This is super motivational for me. So glad I brought the scale home instead of checking the weight once or twice a week. Today is my eating day and I am motivated to skip breakfast (as I am not hungry) because what is the point of eating when not hungry! I am seeing results!!

    By may 12th, mother’s day, will I reach 192lb? That would make me happy and accomplished! But I am prepared / accepting for the rate of weight loss to slow down, so 195 is a very decent and hopefully doable goal.

    @rabbette, how is the fasting going? How many hours are you in?

    I came to a realization this morning–I haven’t really counted calories on my eating day this month, and there were days when I had cake, or “too much”, while I mostly ate healthy. The biggest issue was my perceived “too much” based on feeling overly full. BUT…I have lost close to 2lb a week, and during my THIRD month of4:3 fasting. So maybe I’m doing okay.

    This morning I had left over sweet potatoe baked fries from yesterday, and I do love day old sweet potato fries. So I thought and thought and didn’t want to toss them as it would be wasting good food. And obviously no one else here would eat them lol. And I just thought you know what, I can eat them and enjoy. And hush browns with eggs for breakfast. And lots of fruits. And coffee with a handful of nuts instead of chocolate or something sweet. Yes, feeling full but ovoerall good and *when the snow melts* I’ll be more into salads, but I think I’m doing just fine.

    @165gw: Great progress on your weight loss. I understand not saying anything or feel like explaining to the kids that you are fasting. Fasting does feel different than dieting and rightly so, it is different. I’ve not told any friends yet, but I’ve also not lost quite enough for folks to say anything. Besides I’ll feel more ready to discuss my eating habits once I’m good and steady with this lifestyle. Oh and BTW – you deserve to eat those dang sweet potato fries! Eat them and enjoy them. Now if you were just eating them so as to not waste them, thats different, but you like them so have at it. All those breakfast items sound delicious.

    I’m only at hour 18 but doing good, no complaints (well maybe just one, washing the dishes for someone else who has eaten) I said that out loud to my sweetheart they replied back “I loooooove you” and then when they were done cooking for lunch, they washed their dishes. Yay!

    I’m happy to say I began the morning with lots of water (and have enjoyed it) most days water taste metallic to me. Today tho, it has been so nice that I’ve not even added a slice of citrus like I usually do. No cravings, and feeling pretty good. Enough that I’ll sneak in some hooping, that always gets my heart rate!

    @rabbette: You go girl!! You can do it!! And koodos to your SO for getting the clue and washing the dishes (and cooking!)

    I love hooping and used to do it a lot, and I even have two awesome custom made hoops–one smaller for “exercice” and one large for “tricks / dance”. But the last time I tried it again, which was last spring, I somehow managed to hurt my lower back…Which upset me, as I love hooping. And then I read that it is not great for the spine? My hoops are not exactly weighted, but they do have some weight to them as they are made out of tubing and wrapped in fabric.

    I’ll try again, as I see everyone here is into hooping. We moved since then so I can only do it outside due to the lack of space inside. I do love hooping outside! I can go forever (now that I said this ha ha)…and with the large one I used to be able to lift it up onto my hands which was fun (though did hurt my wrists).

    I’m not ready to discuss fasting with friends either–I really don’t want to deal with negative reactions at the moment. Like you, when I am solidly into fasting, maybe over a year, and have results t show for it, both physical and mental, then I might, if asked. EVERYONE around me is doing Keto. But… I just found out that my uncle has been fasting for the last 3 years and cured his fatty liver disease.

    The creepy thing–the very old woman who walks by our house for exercise every day told me last week that she sees I lost weight. This made me think about how much she must be watching me, which creeped me out a little, as I’ve been wearing the same winter clothes around the farm, which are baggy and hide my body. She’s seen me outside doing some chores a couple of times and mostly getting in and out of the car–how would she know? I have to make sure I have my curtains drawn in the bedroom! There is no houses on that side of the house, just the woods and the road, and I love clear windows with no drapes. But something tells me someone has been watching. Yikes!! Not only she said that I lost weight,but she actually added that I’ve been losing it all winter. HOW. DOES. SHE. KNOW?? My kids think that they have binoculars instead of TV and watch us for fun.

    Back to you and your fast–keep it up and you can so totally do it!!! We’ll be fasting together tomorrow, I guess. My tomorrow starts in 16 hours from now.

    WFD-B2B (I guess officially it is a LFD almost WFD actually today is WFD yesterday *story explained below would be LFD)

    @165gw – I’m still going 41hours and counting… chug chug chug dat High quality H2O. (Surprisingly the only calories I had were Tues morning when my Sweetheart made me my coffee, I was still doing 1/4 cup of Almond milk which is 10 calories in my coffee) and he already frothed the milk and I said ok instead of having an Americano (a style that has no milk no calories just espresso and I like it and my brain wanted that yesterday… So must leave post it note on coffee to say such request, b/c I know I will forget tomorrow. (The note was a good idea so I did that already!)

    Today at lunch is better than yesterday at lunch as far as temporary craving (but I realize sometime that if I can’t figure out what I want, that may be the whole reason I DONT NEED IT. Oh man, so many realizations. Focus is so much better. Jeeez you have been holding out on these benefits! Actually I also realize that I guess I did start to feel them, from when the shorter fast were working. I guess the body really does remember patterns! This could be why it is helpful to change the fasting pattern. Because then the body from a primal sense has to go “hey what happened to that meal? Hummmmmm ok we need to just think on it for a bit and see”

    Oh my – you have a HOOOP!!!!! And its one that was made for you… Thats what mine is… Its not weighted, but it has some weight… its a Standard PSI 100 – 38 inches ID (inside diameter) taped hoop. But I like that its not super heavy. I tried one of those oh my gosh TOOOOO much for me.

    Your creepy story made me laugh “HOW. DOES. SHE. KNOW??”. First thing I would assume is that the old lady actually just pays attention to things while she walks and she’s not stuck to her phone like our younger generation (maybe even some of us too) So if she even sees just a glimpse of your face when you say hi it would be enough to see once about 15-20lbs are gone. I actually notice folks who lose weight in the face first. I can tell, but I never know when I should say something. Bc for me its not like I want that person to think that they need to be smaller to be who they are (which make me question why I care, but I’m starting to feel the difference so I’m learning why I care)

    Today is very pretty outside with a high of 72 degrees. I already did my 10 minutes of hooping and went for another 2 just because I felt like it. I’ve been trying to discipline myself to just mastering keeping it around the waist and I have improved. So far from yesterday I kept it up 4.5 minutes today it was just over 6 minutes before I lost the rhythm! It’s a bit more exciting now.

    OK got to go and add more tips/tricks to the hoop thread. Such as how to buy your first hoop.


    You must be close to 48h right now! Wonderful. This is great!

    I can’t get used to coffee with no cream. I never take sugar or any sweatener, but I’ve tried it without cream and I’m just not a fan. I’d rather have tea. But if you like Americano that’s simply awesome!

    I’m totally the same way–some days I can’t figure out what I want and that’s a sure sign I don’t need it.

    Focus…I actually don’t think I get better focus. I keep reading about it and I keep waiting for it. My focus is a bit worse, actually. Or maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about. Tell me what you mean by focus and how it was better for you?

    I’m not sure how big my hoops are, all I know I have a small one and a large one! Yes, some weight to them due to the materials.

    Maybe she did notice in my face ha ha. I shouldn’t assume she is crawling in the bushes with binoculars. I also feel a bit awkward saying something about weightloss as well. I do notice, because I think we notice more of what we are focused on, and since I’m focused on my own weight loss, I do notice it in others. I also don’t know what to say when someone tells ME that I’ve lost weight. I say thanks, I guess. But I feel I should add something to the thanks, and this makes it awkward for me. Especially when someone says I lost weight when I didn’t! At least now I’ve lost some weight ha ha.

    I can’t wait for nicer and warmer weather. We had the prettiest snowflakes this morning, really magical. And yet…I was not exactly rejoicing.

    I’m fasting today. Yesterday I ate. It was a crazy day. After breakfast I wasn’t hungry, and yet some thing tempted me and I ate. And ATE. I actually finished eating at 1am. Really dark chocolates. And olives, and some really nice cheese. And coffee. No wonder I couldn’t sleep until late and am now feeling sleep deprived.

    6 minutes is great! And it is a good way to time it. I used to count the revolutions, but then I couldnt zone out and think about other things. Next time I hoop I’ll time myself. NOT hooping in the snow.

    My weight was up by 4lb this morning! But considering how late I ate and how early I got up, I’m not discouraged. I knew it would be up. But the dark chocolate is good for something, right? Metabolism? Maybe.

    Today was very busy as we are expecting company tonight and until Monday. I thought I was ready, but all the last minute preparations took forever.I’m also trying to cook a bit ahead. I’m not sure at all if I can do a water fast on Friday, considering we will be heaving meals together and I don’t want to talk about fasting. I’ll aim for 500 calories–salads. This can be challenging as I’m cooking all kind of yummy things. And going out for sushi on Saturday.

    I read that it is good to keep our bodies guessing how many calories we will be eating or not eating, so that we don’t plateau. So maybe this week will be beneficial for my body. Surprise! No water fasting! Surprise! 500 calories this time! Haha.

    Keep fasting, Rabbetter! You can do it! I love that you are having better focus already and seeing the benefits.

    @165gw – I’m close I’m 46 hours I got up and got some more water… as I can feel my mind wander to the kitchen and soon I know my sweetheart will be home and be like whats for supper. Luckily Meal Planning does have its advantages… I just looked on the calendar to see what they could make. Gnocchi & artichokes and then what ever other veggies they want. (its actually one of my favorites but for some reason I’m ok with not eating it.)

    Focus – Well it might almost be an over focus. I find that I want to accomplish more of my list (anything, house chores, finishing writing up my workshops, getting my business stuff organized) now the other part of that focus is that sometimes I feel like I want to do ALL the things at once. so yes I see your dilemma.

    Oh my gosh that sounds like me, I eat something but then I’m like oh I don’t know that did’t do it so what do I want? and then I graze and eat a little bit of EV-RE-THING. So theres no grazing while fasting. yay!

    As for the eating with family and cooking for them I’d op for water all through the morning till it was time for the main meal and then I would set aside my portion/salad (I also really like soup (and I found that I can easily give other more veggies/whatevers in the soup and I have mostly broth in my bowl. That is one of my best ways to conceal that I’m not having a lot of calories and the broth is so yummy… ooooh I best change the subject – I hear the kitchen calling with broth hahah.

    hope your fasting day went well. Here its 72 and I do miss the snowflakes. We don’t get that many.

    @rabbette: how is it going?

    I am continuing my fast for at least another 4h which should get me to 36h. I had no chance to weigh myself this morning and probably not until Monday morning due to house guests.

    LFD B2B2B

    Hi @165gw – I was a little bit weak this morning, I made some miso broth and that helped me feel better -hence the change to a LFD. I found some info that I may have just needed to put a little salt (either under my tongue or in a glass of warm water) I’m armed and ready with pink salt should this weak feeling return. Otherwise I’m good to go. 3rd day and 64hours in, not toooo shabby. I feel like I “might” want some more broth, but I’m going to just try some warm water and see how I feel afterwards.

    My SO was worried about my extended fast and rightly so. I had an eating disorder of which I ate very little every other day or so for about 6-7 years of my life. I told them this is different, I feel in control and this morning when I felt weak I was not opposed to having broth or doing something about it. In the past I would have pushed through until I could get back to my bed and sleep for a bit, to gain some strength and/or avoid the feelings.

    How is the company going? Do the best you can with the food. And remember that you can always do an awesome fast when they leave. Keep in mind a healthy positive outlook toward all the food that you will be around and give yourself permission to have a sensible portion of some of the sweeter indulgences.

    LFD 4xB2B

    @165gw – it is hour 95 and I’m pleasantly surprised that the 4th day does get easier! I mean wow. This morning I did a bit of pink salt (like 1/8 tsp) on my tongue and then chugged a glass of water and it was pretty awesome as well as welcoming a bit uplifting feeling. It is very helpful. Especially if you start feeling kinda meh.

    Today I even went to take a yoga class. I usually just feel to tired or self conscious to take a yoga class lately (even tho I teach yoga!) It was nice to just go do it and let go of those feeling.

    I would keep going until tomorrow, but we are going over to a friends house and I will need my body to have recovered a bit. I read you should introduce foods slowly like just having broth with veggies. I’ll do that tonight so that I can eat breakfast in the morning and have a nice eating day.

    @rabbette. Wow. Awesome. So inspiring. You are rocking it!! I am impressed and proud of you.

    I had a crazy week and didnt fast at all for the first time since January. It was ODD. I was more hungry and more tired and ate way more. Are a tonne of chocolate too. Didnt eat a lot of junk but the days were busy, disorganized, out of the house for hours and hours and food was everywhere. Mindless snacking. And had no access to the scale. I am a bit nervous to step on the scale lol. I’ll weigh-in Tuesday morning after the Monday fast.

    Other than this I am excited about re-starting and continuing. I wish I had resolved to fast this week, as then I would have done it. So much of it is attitude and mental plan. But I allowed myself to eat and it was really good for nothing lol

    You’ve inspired me to try a longer fast sooner rather than later! Thank you.

    @165gw – I must inquire ODD? is this Over Did it Day?

    Its ok. It’s much harder to fast when you are being pulled into a lot of different directions. If you gained a little, it will be ok, I like this WOL because you can just go (well now lets have a fasting day) and bam you are back into it. Its not like when I have fallen off the wagon with other diets. This one feel and seems to be way more forgiving.

    Somethings to note about this past 96ish hour fast. It did get easier after the 3rd day. It also was easier if I remembered to do a bit of pink salt once in a while and I did have a bigger drop in weight. I would be curious to see if I did it again, if the weight drop would be similar. I think I would like to try this again and really I feel excited to try it again this week. Starting tonight and go all the way through to Friday and/or Saturday morning. I noticed that my knees and legs hurt less. (I suffer from restless leg syndrome) and while my legs still ached a bit at night in bed, they did not ache as much in the day.

    Hope you had fun this week and don’t worry about the fact you didn’t fast you can get on that train tomorrow or the next day. Luckily that train is always waiting for us!

    Thank you, Rabbette!

    An ODD day? I just put way too much emphasis on “odd.” But I guess it was an overdiditday as well. I just thought it was rather odd that I felt hungry in the mornings, while normally I’m not hungry until lunch…

    I also feel that this WOL is different than a “diet” and this is why I feel so positive about it. Looking forward to fasting tomorrow.

    This is such great news about your knees and legs hurting less and that you felt it was easier on day 4. You are giving me courage to try a longer fast!

    If I were to start now, which is Sunday evening…I’d be at 36h on Tuesday morning (Goal 1.A) 60 hours on Wednesday morning, 84h on Thursday morning…So basically if I’m motivated and can handle a fast until Wednesday night, I can transition to the “past 72 hours” and hopefully find it easier on Thursday. Hm…that’s an interesting challenge! I think if I step on the scale tomorrow morning I’ll be plenty motivated ha ha

    WFD – (going to try again for 4or5 B2B days.)

    @165gw – You are welcome. ah yes feeling odd. I finally noticed I feel more hungry in the morning if I had sugar or chips or cocktail later in the evening the night before. Like say even after 7pm, way more hungry in the morning.

    Day by day is nice when doing an extended fast. -and if you happen to wake feeling crummy/nauseous try chugging an 8oz of water (with a dash of salt on the tongue is extra helpful!)

    My total loss stayed at about -2.5 lbs. I had a total of -7.4 right after the 4xB2B (but I did have a ton more cocktails this weekend than I normally would) so all my gain was purely me just having a blast. I suspect that if I would have just had 2 “normal” eating days I would have prob maybe had total -3 or more… but its ok, I had fun and that counts for a lot!

    WFD for me too! I’ll see if I am able to keep up with you 😉 I’ll be taking it day by day. Thank you for the salt tips. I’ll get some pink salt later today.

    Congrats on your loss! 2.5lb is amazing in itself.

    My weight this morning was 204lb and that’s without the fasting, so I think I haven’t gained too much (my baseline has always been after a 36h fast at least).

    I think enjoying food and oneself and having fun is super important in this WOL. It is not about just weight loss. It is about the benefits of fasting, physical and mental, and also the benefits of having fun and enjoying both fasting and eating, for different reasons.

    I read on reddit that a severely obese man sustained a 5-day water fasting, 2 days of OMAD eating, for a year. It seems that you are sort of trying this out? For me what was most amazing in his achievement was not the 5 day fasting but a an OMAD on weekends lol

    Okay, I’m counting on your expertise and moral support this week! lol You’ve BTDT already and I’m still nervous about a 3+ day fast.

    @rabbette, hold on with that support, Rabbette. I broke my WF at 36h. I wasn’t ready to go for more. Awful weather too. I will go back to my regular 3 days a week water fasting for a week or two before doing a longer fast.

    How is your b2b x forever going??

    @165gw still going. It’s 50 hours in. I may just go 108 hrs that’s will mean I’ll break the fast at Friday evening. I’ll have to see if I get that heightened feeling on day 4 & 5 it must be what runners get when they get the runners high. I’ve tried running a couple different times. (Looks like slow jogging when I do it ) but i never really felt good doing it. I would rather swim or dance or have my nails removed one by one. Mmmmmm u get what I’m saying.

    None-the-less i do like the 5 FDs once in a while. I am enjoying broth today. I like the broth it’s very nice and I realized my veggie broth only has 5 calories per cup . Besides I don’t want to give myself a headache by being to depleted from nutritional food.

    I’m here if you need support- fasting or not. I’m tired tonight so if I wake in the middle of the night I’ll write more. Cheers.


    @165gw – Today the 3rd day, I’ve actually already reached the heightened affect. I was surprised by this and I suppose the way I would describe it, would be like a sense of lightness, like not being burdened by life/food/job. It feels almost foreign to feel like this and yet, I feel like this should be part of our natural state of being. ((beware inner yoga teacher is coming out, hopefully I don’t spill over into spiritual enlightenment ;-))

    I think next week I’ll go back to 4:3 just to give my body a break, and to enjoy some food with my sweetheart. They miss eating dinner with me. I never realized how social eating is for folks and really is should not be a surprise, when we have gatherings we nearly always have FOOD! I’m trying to even think of a social gathering where there was not (even just a small amount of food/refreshments available)

    It has made me re-consider what are some good “rewards” or ways to “celebrate” a mile-stone without food. Maybe a night out dancing? (I like dancing and should go out more to dance) Oh that reminds me, I need to do the hoop.

    Hope your day is going well, chat with you soon!


    @rabbette: You are doing SO amazing! How neat that you got that feeling on day 3 already. It is very interesting and motivational to read about your experiences.

    I’m water fasting today, so far so good. I feel I’m getting back to my natural fasting rhythm and I’m happy about it.

    Food IS such an integral part of celebrations and of relationships. I find it is VERY hard for me to just sit and talk–when I have a friend over I almost need to be at least drinking coffee or tea. And usually munching on something. I’ve thought about this before–that I almost don’t know what to do with myself, even if the conversation is great. At first I thought that this could be me feeling uncomfortable with someone and needing to distract myself, but I feel the same with friends too, with very good friends. It is maybe a habit or a conditioned reflex by now ha ha. Ironically it is easier in a cafe–I don’t keep ordering more and more cake! I can sit with an empty coffee cup and plate. But at home I both feel that I have to offer more to my guest (and to much on the offerings myself.)

    Board games are pretty great for food-less socializing. Dancing souonds fun too haha!

    I’ll see if I’ll have a lighter eating day tomorroow. It will depend if I’m staying in or going out for most of the day.

    Today seems to be harder than other WFDs. It could be because I went to bed super late and woke up way earlier than intended. Or because I just made yummy wraps for the kids. But it is not even bedtime and I’m feeling hungry and restless and looking forward to FOOD tomorrow.

    I’m also feeling a little bit down that due to the no-fasting week I’m still not yet under 200lb…I was so close, and then the weight went down. I know that this shouldn’t bother me, but it does, a little. It is only a number blah blah blah and I did do my abs today and I’m back on track with fasting. Normally the number doesn’t bother me, but today I’m feeling whiney. At least by now I know that I can totally finish the 36h fast and tomorrow is a new day!

    End of the vent-into-the-universe lol

    FD <500 cal (since I ate a couple springs of baby arugula)

    @165gw – Today I feel sluggish, part of it for me is hormonal I know my cycle will soon be here and my body is adjusting/preparing for such adventures. I feel sluggish on my WFD too sometimes, usually I need salt and a glass of water. I also did a tiny bit of this stuff called CALM its magnesium. I thought I would add in some extra minerals into my fasting. This morning woke and wanted broth. Have you tried broth? its not a lot of calories and may give you a boost in how you are feeling so that it’s easer to get through the end of the fast.

    I’m considering adding veggies to my broth tonight for supper, I just feel like I need the nutrients.

    I know what its like looming at or around the same number on the scale. I go down & back up. I think having a more CD (controlled day) would be helpful. I just want to eat ALLLLL the chips tho when I’m not fasting. However, I did have a breakthrough (and a helpful plan from this past weekend). When we went to hang out with some friends, we made guacamole and the friends brought chips. Well I also cut up 3 carrots (fresh organic carrots taste way better than already chopped baby carrots fyi) Not only me this weekend, but our friends demolished the carrots too with the guacamole!

    So fresh cut veggies are going on my list as a snack food along with arugula.

    I’m sorry you are feeling sluggish. I am glad you are helping your body with a bit of arugula. I hope you will find a good balance soon.

    I agree, a controlled day needs to enter my week and be planned and expected. It is not even about hunger for me but about wanting to try all the yummy things lol. I made awesome wraps for the kids yesterday and now want to try then myself.

    Veggies with dips are a great idea, I like this better than chips. I have had broth in the past, but not as a part of fasting. I am more attracted to miso soup for fasting. I have a jar in my fridge of organic double fermented miso.

    I am at 41h today and might continue until tonight or tomorrow morning. I have a bunch of food that I want to eat lol but waiting until tomorrow also sounds appealing. Fasting until tomorrow will actually work great as then I will be able to eat out with my son tomorrow, which is a pleasure.

    I have a long day out and hopefully I’ll be distracted enough and content enough to keep my fast!

    This morning I was at 84hrs and then had some springs of arugula.

    I’m at hour 90 in the fast if I keep under 500cal today, which I shouldn’t have any issues doing that. I’m planning a light supper with arugula and lighter shrimp almost scampi dish that uses less oil and a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime juice to cook em.

    I’m still feeling sluggish and I can tell its not the fasting, its my cycle. I’m so down hearted right now, I went to the store to get some more arugula… I’m now sitting here with the back open (like a bag of chips) just eating it dry out of the bag. AND I LIKE IT! yeah talk about changing poor habits. I did not even give into buying pretzels.

    And even tho I’m chowing down on some arugula, I don’t feel bad about it – heck on the bag it says 2 cups is 20 calories – I’ll be lucky to probably get up to 1 cup worth in me.

    I feel ya on wanting to eat the food you make for others. Especially when they are singing the praises of the food and how yummy it is. I’m also learning to buy less food at the store. Like I love veggies so its been an adjustment to buy veggies only for 1 b/c while my SO eats them, they are also a bit lazy when it comes to preparing veggies and its best if I already have them chopped. They are getting a good dose of what it is like to prepare more complicated dinners for themselves which has been eye opening for them.

    Planning out what I’m going to eat is helpful for not EATING EVERYTHING. I plan out what is the thing I want to eat the most one my fast is complete and I make that a priority.

    You can do it – the day is nearing end and then maybe some restful sleep.

    90 hours is amazing, Rabette! Congratulations! I hear you on feeling sluggish during that time of the month.

    Did you eat arugula just plain? I haven’t tried it plain, I usually add a couple of cherry tomatoes, raw pumpkin and sunflower seeds, and olive oil+ vinegar (or just olive oil.)

    I’m also learning to buy less. It is an adjustment. I also realized that the kids don’t eat as many veggies as I assumed ha ha. Turns out I’ve been eating 90% of them. Gotta fix that.

    The sweet potato + spices are gone–DH loved it! I loved the smell!

    I’ve tried planning! I failed. I’d literally start snacking on this and that, despite the plan. Somehow I have this wonderful self control or whatever it is about fasting, but not yet about eating. I don’t think I over-eat, which is good. But it is a bit disorganized for sure. I need to think more about it. I know the theory, but my practice has been less than optimal.

    I successfully continued with the fast today, though. I should be at 60h tomorrow morning. I bought some smoked cheese and I know I will really want it for breakfast, with coffee or tea. Also got smoked fish. Yep, want that too. I don’t think I’m ready for a controlled day yet! lol

    Eating Day. Darn it, because it could have been EASILY a fasting day #3. I wasn’t hungry and felt great. But I promissed my kids a Chinese buffet lunch, and though I could have technically not eaten, I ate, as I wanted to join in the fun day. I had assumed that I wouold be really hungry, hence the all you can eat buffet. I won’t plan anything like this for a potential WFD #3, because chances are it might work really well to continue the fast.

    I was feeling so well and the fast lasted until 5pm, so 68 hours. It would have been so easy to go until tomorrow morning, I am a little bit kicking myself. But had a GREAT time with the kids. I should have convinced them to go to a not all you can eat place, then I could have had just tea.

    The weight this morning, after a 60h fast was just under 200! YAY, very happy about it.

    How are you doing, Rabbette??


    165gw – ahhhhh you are experiencing the more easeful parts of an extented fast… Yes realizing that you are not actually hungry yet. That was a big realization for me and only really happens for ME on the 3-4 day fast.

    Chinese buffet would be hard to sit through tho. We don’t have as many Chinese buffet places here, and if we do I’m not as aware of them as I was in my hometown growing up. We had at least 3 different places there and my parents and I would go at least once every two weeks. Its funny to think about that now… because I think my SO and I only go out to dinner once a month maybe three times if you count buying take-out twice in the month.

    Yay, just under 200!!! happy dance for you.

    I’m getting there, I’m trying to get under 160. (That I think is MY 200 mark, since i’m a shorty)

    comparing the two fast: LRW (lowest recorded weight)
    After 1st 95hr fast LRW 162.2 Total loss -7.4lbs (after flux about 1.5lbs loss) I thought it was 2.5 bad math
    after 2nd 108hr fast LRW 162.2 Total loss – 6.2lbs (still waiting on total flux, however the weight is not just flying back on like it did after the first fast

    Will know more once I have data from this weekend. I’m getting close tho, so I’m excited. I’m still hovering around -20lbs total since I started so that is exciting. AND clothes fit WAY better and even had to purchase a couple of smaller tops for teaching yoga.

    Oh and the arugula I ate plain. NOTHING on it. just piled some into a cup and ate each piece like I was having a potato chip. LOVED it and did it again yesterday. I think its my new thing… at least for now. You may try it with different greens to see which one might entertain you for a bit. AND it might be that none of them do, but I found it kind of exciting to like it just plain. I also like uncooked collard green leaves. I eat raw collard wraps.

    hope you getting along good.

    WFD today!

    Rabbette, you ARE getting there!!! Wooohoo! It is very exciting to need to get smaller size clothes. I find your experiments with the longer fasts very interesting and inspiring. You are doing amazing. It seems like your weight loss on the second extended fast will stabilize with more total loss.

    Yeah, for the Chinese buffet I have the mentality of gotta eat lots to justify the expense lol. And of course the variety of different things to try. I didn’t overeat, and it wasn’t really easy to start eating, but I enjoyed everything. I did feel very full.

    I think I would totally enjoy plain arugula! My thing to eat like chips is sauerkraut! Also very low in calories and the benefits of fermentation. I’ll try arugula as well.

    I’m very curious what my weight will be tomorrow morning, after the 36h fast. I’ll also see how I feel about continuing the fast tomorrow. I noticed it really works for me when I’m running around with errands and am not home on Day 2. And when I’m home I’m more tempted to eat. Tomorrow I’m supposed to be home, so things might be challenging.

    I went for an hour walk today, and during the walk I uploaded a couch to 5K app and did a 20 min work out, which was 6 min of running lol. I have terrible knees so I don’t know if I can continue, but I want to try. I tried several years ago with my oldest and the pain in the knees became too much, despite of all my stretching and strengthening. Now I’ll try this with my younger two, they are excited.

    When I work out my appetite goes down. I’m at 24 hours fasting today—I thought that maybe it will be just a 24h fast this time as I’m cooking my favourite stew…but I’m not tempted. So 36 it is.

    I hope your weekend is going great. Let me know how your weight settles in!

    Oh gosh, feeling hungry! I didn’t expect this, as I felt s full yesterday, which was 26 hours ago! Hungry and cold. Possibly because it was a carb overload.

    I have stayed strong since January 6th and never interrupted a fast before 36 hours, so today won’t be an exception! I’ll have another cup of tea and will go to bed early. I can do this!

    End of positive self talk / whining ha ha. I need to do those mini posts too stay motivated. Please ignore.

    Try a dash of salt on the tongue. Even regular table salt if u don’t have the pink salt yet. Then a glass of water.

    Little post are great for reaching out when u need to let it go!

    @rabbette: Thank you, you are SO sweet! I forgot about the salt so went for my go-to hot tea and also remembered to do something productive–washed the dishes lol. Feeling warm and the hunger has passed.

    I’m used to “writing to the Universe” in this thread, as no one was replied for ages! lol It was so nice that you actually replied!

    I’ll get some nice pink salt this week as my new go-to.

    Have a wonderful weekend! Thank you for being my fasting buddy!

    2 Week Goals for May 5th:
    – Realistic goal -3lb
    – Less realistic goal -5lb
    – Couch to 5k level 1 2-3 times a week without pain
    – At least one 72h fast

    I hope my “weight gain” today is because of “that time of the month” and I’ll see a corresponding drop next week.

    Yesterday I was so happy to see 199.2 after my previouos fast and I thought that after hovering at 202 I was finally into 199s. This morning? 202?? After a 36h fast?? And after the most intense work out in a while? How on earth! lol I’ll chuck this to some weird water retention due to the period.

    I didn’t go to bed early last night and I paid for it–I got hungrier as the night progressed and falling asleep was a bit challenging.

    I’m going to eat lots of veggies today but will also have some stew and eggs.

    I have a question, can someone reply?

    Nice post, i want to get more info about it, dc to ac converter.

    NFD, (usually its a fasting day today)

    @165gw – Take a deep breath, its ok – this is something that has happened to everyone on this forum. When it has happened to me… I’ve noticed that after my next fast, I usually read a lower weight.

    So my weight that I topped out at after the longer fast 165lbs Which you were right, it settled at a lower number.

    Today was the first time I changed a FD into a NFD – I suppose it counted as a CD, since I’m still under about 800calories, but does not count for me as a fasting day, b/c I know my metabolism is a bit slow. None the less I really wanted some grilled foods. It was a nice day and I had been hungry all day. It is also TOM too for me. How on earth are we synced from so far away (haha)

    Tomorrow will be the FD. Yup. got to make that magic happen.

    As for the knees, running is tough on the body. I would say if you could instead do a good paced walk that might help. Sometimes the body needs a bit of time to acclimate to new activities. Also get some topical stuff to rub over the knees to take down the inflammation (like icyhot, tiger balm, lidocaine). Which ever one works for you. lidocaine does not work on my body, but icyhot and tiger balm do (meaning don’t give up if one of them has not worked for you in the past, try a different kind.) Those are the 3 kinds I know of right off hand. Kinds meaning lidocaine based, camphor/menthol based, or capsicum based.

    Don’t let the horse buck you off – just get back on, and show’em who’s boss!

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