Anyone fasting (no caloric intake) on alternate days wants a buddy?

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Anyone fasting (no caloric intake) on alternate days wants a buddy?

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  • WFD #3

    I do think that 165 is a very good goal and I’m totally fine not getting lower. But somehow with the fasting I think I can. We’ll see. Maybe being older and saggier it will be impossible.
    Think more like Easter Europe-ish.

    Gosh, your English is excellent! Dyslexia is just one way of being and processing the information and it does mean that you are a talented, creative thinker. Schools, unfortunately, still make many dyslectic children feel like failures, while in reality, if you approach it right, it is an asset. Academics are overrated as it is, especially with universities going down the drain with their level of education nowadays. I’ve been thinking outside the box about education for years now.

    As for Spanish and other languages—look up the Michel Thomas method. It is all done orally (CDs) with no writing and it is an amazing program (if not the best) for achieving fluency. You’ll be speaking basic Spanish within weeks, I’m not kidding you.

    Ha ha, I didn’t even look up the price. I just knew it would be way more than I was willing to spend on a scale! I’ll remain loyal to Moody until it dies, or loses its mind entirely.

    I do feel full when I eat. I can eat past feeling full when the food is yummy. Yuck! Working on it. An issue is that I always hope the kids and husband will eat more of what I cook, and if it is a “miss” and they don’t eat as much, I end up with a bowl of “good, healthy food” that will otherwise go to waste. I’m learning to cook smaller portions.

    Stats on reddit:

    F43,6’, WF, SW215 CW 195 GW 155. Something like this, I think. I might have forgotten something. I like when people here add their montly goals and how they are going, how many lbs lost. AND the number of your fast. Which means I need to go through all of my posts and count how many times I said I was fasting! Because I haven’t kept track anywhere else. But when I read other people’s posts, I love being able to easily see their progress.

    I ended up extending my fast to 92h! At 91 hours now. I’m not hungry, and honestly I can go until tomorrow. Hm…I might go until tomorrow (the thinking out loud has started lol) This is kind of very interesting. I was about to break it in one hour, but if I fast for another 3 hours, and it will be evening and I normally do well in the evenings. Wow, I’m kinda impressed with myself. I’ll really see how I feel.

    I normally end my fasts the following morning–has been easy so far to just go to bed,even if I’m a bit hungry, because I typically feel GREAT the next morning. However I read one’s person experiences, and she was saying that if you break your fast in the evening you will end up eating less—which is potentially true. Her point was that you don’t have the whole day for eating. I feel it is a bit odd to end in the evening, I haven’t tried it yet. So I will either try it today, or will break tomorrow morning.

    How is your fasting going?

    @165gw – You might break your fast with a light meal first. Like broth with a few cut up veggies. B/c otherwise it could be upsetting to the tummy since all you had was water. It’s important for an extended fast to break it gently.

    @ Rabbette

    Broke the fast at 94 hours.

    This light meal concept is not working out for me. I know this is absoluely the right thinking and the right approach. I want to be doing it. I think I need to start doing a very light meal with shorter fasts first to get used to this idea. I also read that this is more important if the fast is over 7 days? I hope so.

    So this is what happened. I felt I could go overnight. I even extended the fast on the app and stared at it for a minute. Then brought the numbers back down. I have a busy day tomorrow, with possibly no time for breakfast, and I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel tomorrow driving around all day with no breakfast.

    This is the first time I broke the fast in the evening. The moment I started eating the quinoa salad with sweet potatoes and beets I became batshit ravenous. Like almost to the point of shakey. I ate the salad with some chicken on top; added a small tin of sardines; an apple that I cut up for the kids in the morning; some cheese and salami; a cup of yogurt with a slice of quinoa and seeds bread. Then I made myself a cup of tea and drank it with 2 no-bake date squares (dates, seeds, nuts, hemp hearts, gogi berries etc) with the melted dark chocolate on top. I made them yesterday and they tasted great out of the freezer! I’m guessing the squares pushed it into over 2000 calories! lol

    I think I would have been just FINE if I had a bowl of broth. But my mental prep waasn’t there yet. Small steps.

    However, I do not feel stuffed. I feel very content and happy. My stomach doesn’t seem to be offended.

    So I fasted Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and most of today, but technically today is my NFD / Eating day. So technically tomorrow is my Fasting Day. Hm… this will be an interesting experiment. On the one hand it feels (emotionally, mentally) like tomorrow should be an eating day, but in reality it is back to Fasting, and I think physically I’d feel like fasting.

    So I should turn on the fasting app now, basically and start a new fast? Maybe!

    Thank you for trying to keep me in check with the light meal idea! I’ll be working on it.

    @165gw – it’s ok. You can go for it. I just usually end up in the loo if I try and have a regular meal or ravenous meal. You did just fast for 94 hours. You may want to have another eating day. Broth and veggies can work for breakfast too. Don’t feel like you have to fast because it usually is your fasting day. Allow yourself breaks or you could end up feeling deprived.

    You did awesome tho no doubt. Cheers!

    @rabbette — Thank you!

    I am sure it is less than ideal to eat a normal large meal after a 94h fast… In terms of blood sugar and what not. I just need to adjut my thinking about it.

    Surprising not feeling deprived, at least not yet. This feels like a normal 36h fast in its beginning. I’ll see how it feels tonight and might have some miso and fruits if feeling deprived.

    It did take me a bit longer than usual to fall asleep, but I was also thinking about a bunch of things, so the thoughts kept me awake. I certainly prefer going to bed on an empty stomach.

    I’m already trying to figure out the best days for my next 102 hours fast, as I want to make sure my day 5, in the morning of which I’ll break fast, is a day I’m at home in the morning.

    You are at 60h! Yay! How is it going?


    @165gw – I’m glad you are ok after that awesome meal you described. I have had those days of exactly what you just did, except I do it at lunch, I just put EVERYTHING into my bowl and keep eating it. It all seems to be what I want and I have NO idea why.

    Today I decided to have breakfast with my sweetheart and oddly enough I feel hungry NOW only 2 hours later. What is the deal with that? I drank another glass of water, because frankly it doesn’t make any sense. Why is my body telling me to eat some more… I can only wonder if it is trigger by a certain food. Like maybe the english muffin (carbs?) I’m eyeballing this keto bread in a mug thing… but like I said I just ate 2 hours ago.

    I think the only other thing keeping me from going into the dang kitchen are my cats. Yes my little fur babies. I know as soon as I walk into the kitchen they will also want to be fed. They are given 3 meals a day, bc i have one kitty who would just eat until she couldn’t walk. I tried giving her just 2 meals a day, but she gorged the 2nd meal and could never keep it down, so 3 meals a day for these kitties. Now the funny part is, is that my hungry kitty always knows when it is lunch time. Like about 30 minutes b4 noon shes coming up and rubbing and reminding me “hey its lunch time, in case you forgot”

    I read that someone recommened about 2 hand full of nuts when breaking an extended fast (especially if you end up in the loo like I do sometimes) especially if I am not mindful about what I eat after just having water, when ever I have had a bit of broth tho, I don’t recall having such an issue. So I may start adding that into the very end of the fast. If I plan on break the fast at dinner, I’ll have some broth at possibly lunch time and see if that helps. I also added psyllium husk to my things to drink at the end of my fast. (The addition of psyllium husk to my diet, makes me feel every bit of getting close to middle aged haha) I may not look like I’m getting toward middle aged, but my body does like to remind me with it’s darling little glitches.

    On an upside. I notice restless leg syndrom is a little less and my bones in my lower legs are less (sore) feeling. I mean its still there a little bit, but I can sometimes now fall asleep without putting Icyhot on my legs. Typicially I’m lathering it all over my lower legs. My SO and I laugh about what it takes to get ready for bed now vs when were were in our 20s… where getting ready for bed meant you SHOULD try and brush your teeth and if you felt really motivated you actually changed into PJs. bahahahahaha

    Be mindful I found that I didn’t want to water fast too much too often because if you lose weight too quickly you have the loose skin thing to deal with and thats no fun. I also felt more tired of doing the fast the 2nd go round of over 90 hours. Like I felt clarity because I wasn’t bogged down and sluggish, but I felt like I was water saturated.

    I like keeping tabs with you on the app. its cool! cheers.

    It is such a treat to share a meal, isn’t it? Especially after fasting and eating on separate schedules. I’m glad you had this experience this morning.

    Our bodies are weird this way, aren’t they? Some days we can go for days with no food feeling perfectly fine, and then bam, 2 hours after a meal. I wish I could know when it was “for real” or just in the head. I wish I could be s attuned and aware to know the difference and act or not act on this. I certainly have trigger foods, and for me it is not even the carbs. I used to do low carb and there is this awesome recipe where you combined eggs, veggies, sausage or bacon crumbs, some cheese, sauted onions and put into large muffin forms and bake into “muffins.” They can be frozen and kept for a bit.

    Obviously very nutritious, very low carb, and obviously one should be enough for breakfast. Well, if I eat one of those, I eat all 6. Either right away, or 2 hours later, but they trigger insane hunger! And it is the taste, I’m sure, not the carb vs protein content

    Your kitties sound sweet! My friend couldn’t keep her cat from becoming obese as the kitty kept overeating. It is a challenge. Good that you are mindful and avoiding the kitchen! Anything helps!

    Nuts sounds like a good plan. They are filling and can be eaten one by one (hopefully! Haha) I agree that adding broth and liquids towards the end of the fast. Maybe I’ll call it transition or something like that, as I think this will help me to include it and thus have a more sensible first meal.

    This is incredible that you are noticing changes in your health!! Absolutely amazing!!

    I also want to get to the regular 36 hour fasts, with longer water fasts every 6 to 8 weeks. Maybe even every 12 weeks. I do want to do a 7 day water fast in the beginning of the summer when it gets warm (could be the middle of the summer!) and then a 14 day fast (omg, this sounds IMPOSSIBLE!!!) in the late fall. Well, 7 days is my goal for this summer for sure, and 14? I don’t know yet ha ha.

    I am at the end of the day and I think I’ll continue fasting until tomorrow morning, 36 hours. This makes more sense to me. I’m not very hungry and feeling fine, and going to bed after eating wasn’t as great as after fasting.
    Tomorrow, though—feast. I did groceries today and have arugula, baby tomatoes, cucumber, bell peppers etc for salad. Bacon and eggs for breakfast, and I’m making prune bars with dark chocolate.


    @165gw – I made Friday a NFD and stepped on the scale this morning and to my surprize I still went down from the morning before (which I weighed after my fasting day) down a 1/2 lb which I’m very happy about after a feeding day.

    I was hungry soon after breakfast yesterday and thought I might be doomed… but I instead went in had a handful of nuts (pastasios so I had to also break them open) More work means I have to slow down. then some water and felt fine for two more hours. Actually was so good that I didn’t make lunch till 12:30 and I was making homemade guacamole, which always feels like a labor of love. I made 2.5 avocados worth and I know I ate at least 1 avocado servring of it. But i didn’t feel bad about it I ate it with some chips, but mostly just to have something to scoop the guac. I stopped eating it… which was good bc in the past I know I would have ate the whole thing.

    HOpe your fasting is going well. I’ll prob go back to regular fasting (FD <500 cal tomorrow. Possibly just FD with water to start it out and a low calorie meal at the end of the day. I’ll see how I feel.

    NFD (just finished a 39h water fast)

    @rabbette: Yay for the loss after a feeding day! This used to happen to me when I as doing the regular 5:2 a couple of years ago. I attributed this to the improved metabolism. I would actually lose the most after a an eating day where I ate past my TDEE! But those were very, very rare, and it was all healthy food, no junk. Hasn’t happened in the last 4 months, but my Moody is Moody, so maybe i had this happen to some small extent and it failed to inform me.

    My eating day today is going SO WELL! Maybe I found a solution. I woke up all stressed out–had an unpleasant dream of needig to call 911 and forgeting the town name. Which is I guess already an improvement within my 911 dreams–I actually dieled the number, and I remembered my civic address. Right after waking up I turned the phone on and I got a text from my oldest, who is a new driver, that she was stuck in a ditch. I jumped up, all freaked out, but the car was in the driveway and she was still asleep, so I realized that was the text I never got 4 days ago. And back then she wasn’t actually in a ditch, just on a very muddy shoulder, so she figured out how to get out of there, after realizing that I wouldn’t know what to do anyway. She is way more resourcefull than I am!

    So…my adrenalin was high. Clue number one. This can be achieved, to some extent, by a cold shower or at least washing my face with very cold water. I already read some time ago that high adrenalin makes us less hungry. This is how I did my first ever fast that was longer than 36 hours–I overslept, jumped up, and started running like crazy, as I was late for an important appointment. Wasnt’ hungry that day at all, even if it was my second water fasting day. Good lesson here.

    Second, the first thing I ate was fermented cabbage A large bowl, maybe 15 calories. And a large herbal tea. And half a cup of plain yogurt (probiotics, but also because the kids didn’t finish it yesterday).

    Clue number two. Maybe, just maybe, fermented is the key for me. I’ll try this again. It was great for my stomach health, filling and tasty.

    After that I was not feeling like I needed to taste everything in the fridge. Was NOT dying for bacon and eggs. Made the family bacon and eggs and didn’t want any myself–I was still planning to have mine later, after the breakfast read aloud. There was no this craziness that I had to have it.

    I boiled myself two eggs and had a slice of baked bacon after they were done with the breakfast and reading–which was nice. I have all of those yummies I got yeterday, and I am not craving their immediate consumption! Score!

    I do want to let my body feast on the nutrients, though! So I just had a small handful of nuts. I find that salted mixed nuts with coffee or tea satisfy my craving to have tea with a cookie / chocolae. They are crunchy and don’t miss the sweetness, especially as I find most commercially prepared sweets too cloying. Another score–didn’t crave coffee with cream. Enjoyed the fragrant lose leaf black tea.

    Also had two small oranges, a banana and an apple all cut up in a salad.

    Making black beans, baked sweet potatoes and chicken for dinner. Have a tonne of cherry tomatoes that were on sale and arugula. Not sure where I’ll fit the salad as I’m feeling so full, but I’ll have a salad. I’m focused on veggies, fruits, nuts and protein today.

    I’m so glad about not feeling needy with food after my long fast and an immediate 39 h fast (overslept, so extended the fast ha ha).

    My weight today was between 95 and 96 lbs, I believe. I think this time I’m firmly under 200, even if I expect it to fluctuate a little. 190 soon!

    Oh, and my kids took a photo of me walking my friend’s dog and I was very pleasantly surprised how slim I looked! Granted, I had my new spring jacket on, so you can’t really see my figure, and the jacket is an XL, but it fit me really well and I looked way better than expected. I was both excited and also a little bit frustrated with myself for thinking that 195lb is slim! lol

    My Motivational Jeans fit me much better over my legs and thighs, though still not a good “going out fit”, especially when I sit down!

    NFD – went to French food festival

    @165gw Right after the post I sent this morning I went to a French Food Festival. My SO and I got a dish (we were hungry as we had not had breakfast) but I must say, I learned something. 1st thing I noticed is that I wish we had just gotten one main dish to share, as I did not want the whole thing – I wanted to save room for dessert. My friend joined us and we all got in line for a beer and I was going to skip it (the selection was ok, but luckily I’m a bit of a beer snob *keeps me from drinking just anything haha*). But for what ever reason once my SO was at the front I said to get me one. 2nd thing I noticed was that I finally feel like it would have been ok NOT to have it. I was already content with a dessert we shared so I realize I didn’t need that beer. Now I know its ok just say no. Its not like I was pressured (but something in me felt pressured) like I wanted to be social with my beer too… but i realize now, it just wasn’t what I wanted and thats ok. (mental progress) yay.

    I’ve read fermented foods and probiotics can be helpful after a long fast. That might be your key! Good job!

    I don’t know if I would want to up my adrenalin, that sounds too stressful for me, even if its just cold water on my face. I’d go with the fermented foods first. Heck of a dream tho (and txt to see later ha – I would have felt like I was in a movie with that much drama)

    Ahhhh seeing yourself are you -20lbs? or somewhere about that… it is different and you should be proud. I know it is a bit frustrating to think how could I/you/me let ourselves get that far, but life happened and our brains said eat to deal with it. So take a moment and celebrate the thinner you.

    195-196 sweeeeeeeet – even if it creeps up a bit, I think you did make it! Yay. I’m eyeballing that 159 hard core. I’m 163.0 this morning. I’m like come on body, you can do it!

    I would like to work up to maybe a 7 day water fast, but I think that might be my most days I would do. I’ve read too many stories about how uncomfortable/tired folks get after day 10 and how miserable day 12-14 can be. I rather myself have 7 days and if I want to do another 7 in a month that might be what I do. Mostly I want to be slow and steady weight loss I think that might be better for my body. *and keeping gall stones away too… don’t want those, they sound painful.

    Motivational Jeans! Yay, I suppose I have some motivation pants, my dance pants. I don’t think I’m quite there yet, but maybe at 150ish I can try them.

    We are getting there!

    French food! What did you get? Sounds like fun.

    Congrats on the mental progress. It is a balance of both boundaries and flexibility and flow, and we are getting to the point of more control. That’s a great feeling.

    I certainly don’t want to wake up all frazzled, but I do enjoy cold water on my face when I remember to do it. I don’t enjoy it WHILE doing it, but I feel so refreshed and positive right after.

    I think I must have lost more than 20lb. Which is both exciting and terrifying lol. I lost 10 lb this month, and this is my 4th month of IFWF, and usually the weight loss slows down. The first month is usually the biggest loss and in the past when I would switch to low carb, I’d lose about 8lb in the first month. So conservatively speaking I must have lost about 8lb in the first month, and at least 5lb in the next two months. This is practically 30lb total. How on earth I didn’t notice so much weight gain? How do we get this way? Well, I’m glad I caught it in time. You are right—life happens and we somehow deal. And now life happening in a different way and I’m more mindful about what I eat and about myself.

    I’m taking better care of myself, which is refreshing. Yes, celebrating progress, and onwards! When it gets warmer and I have to wear shorts and tshirs, I’m sure I won’t look as slimmed down ha ha. So there is quite a way to go. I’ll get there. You’ll get there.

    159!!! You are soooooooo close.

    I think 7 days is within the realm of healthy and definitely achievable! You went for 5 days already, and I practically did 4 days. I really think it will depend on how we feel. I read many accounts that after day 4 it is way easier, so some decide it is better to continue to 14, instead of restarting and going through the struggle of the first 3-4 days. However, maybe those people are not doing 36-48 hours regularly? I find my first day and the second day relatively easy.

    I think slow and steady is the best…though fast is tempting and exciting! However, what is fast is relative. My calculator shows 10lb loss in April and 15lb since March 4th. Objectively speaking this is crazy fast. I didn’t expect more than 4-5lb a month, and it averages to 7.5lb. I’m very happy with this. There was a week in April when I didn’t fast, but also a week where I did my extended fast. It balanced out really well.

    I think that as long as I’m not overdoing it, whatever weight loss is happening is natural and healthy. I feel very comfortable with my 36h fasts—they feel good, natural, easy. I just make sure I nourish my body on my eating days. I think today I might have gone slightly over the TDEE again, but boy, today was the best eating day yet. No cravings, no insanity, but lots of good, healthy, nutritious food. I’ve never had a low calorie controlled day, and I probably go to slighlty over TDEE, and yet the weight loss has been amazing. So I think what I’m doing is good for my body, at least for now. I feel more energy, my digestion is great, I sleep better.

    Your dance pants certainly must possess some motivation! You’ll fit into them soon enough!

    I started the timer for tomorrow’s fast. In a strange way, I look forward both to the fasting days and to the eating days. Adds a bit of spice to my life! I think with the horrid rains I’m a bit overly focused on both fasting and eating as I’m stuck in the house. I hope that in the later spring and summer this will be secondary to my you know, OTHER stuff that I’m doing with my life.

    I’m off to a thrift store tomorrow morning to get some clothes for myself and the kids as they are having a sale. I don’t want to get too many summer clothes for me as I truly hope to be at least 8lb lighter by the end of May, and who I’m kidding, we are not having any summer till at least the middle of June. O M G That could mean that I’m in the 180s by then, like 189ish?

    I remember the moment how I started gaining weight for the first time after losing it all after baby #3. I realized I was up to 182lb that day, which shocked me because I hadn’t noticed! I told my friend that I gained 12lb. She said, wow, I can’t see this at all, you are lucky to be tall. And truly, I couldn’t see it myself either. So I sort of relaxed. I told myself that I looked fine, felt fine, and after all 182lb was the upper end of healthy weight for my height. Where was the wiser, older me who would tell me not to relax and to spend a couple of months and get back to mid 1960s?

    This time I have a different attitude! I want to get to that 182 and down that 12 lbs. It seems so achievable now.

    Maybe I’ll buy a pair of motivational shorts! I definitely need t-shirts. All my last summer’s XL t-shirts looks HUGE on me. In some of them I look fine, as I do like lose t-shirts for hiking and just being around the house, but some of them, due to their style, look “too big” and I don’t like that.

    Have a great Sunday, Rabbette! Thank you for being there for me. We can do it! We are getting their with an amazing speed and better attitudes.

    Seeing myself in the dressing room mirror was a great reminder that i am far from slim! I was very pleased with how i look in my current jeans, though.

    I fit into a smaller size! I got a pair of capris that fit and are a bit lose (super comfy) in case we have a hot day, and 2 pairs that are a bit tight (super cute and destined for June).

    I am at about 24h now and feeling hungry a bit more than typical. Hm… i hope it passes soon and that tomorrow will be a good eating day.


    I responded to your other post but I sure don’t see it now? … so here it is again. Or a new version of it.

    The French food entree we got was, Bretagne: Coquille St. Jacques– Creamed scallops, shrimp, and crabmeat served in a French pastry crust. The sauce and pastry crust was good, however, the chef did not use high quality seafood, it was imitation crab meat *and a mystery fish that was not listed (that was quite fishy tasting) we suspect that b/c this was serving a big crowd the “mystery fish” was used as filler. We considered it a miss for us. Meaning, it didn’t make the mark.

    The crepes tho. They made up for it – AND the fresh made cream puffs! Now I know why I love this WOL because I can have my cream puff and eat it too haha. Just not every day 😉

    Wow u lost over 20 prob close to 30!!! Good job. As much as I was scared to look at the number on the scale – I did it b/c I needed to know where am I starting from. I’m still hanging on to -20lbs lighter. Trying to get it to be -25lbs.

    A 7 day water fast seems do able. I’m almost tempted to do the <500ish extended fast as OMAD for a week and see how I do with the weight loss. I mean if that were to work then getting back to feeding days probably would not be as harsh on my digestive system.

    You lost 10lbs in April good job! You will be looking sharp in shorts b4 u know it!

    As a curvy yoga teacher it’s always a challenge to find comfortable shorts to teach in, it’s like the don’t make the legs long enough.

    I love thrift stores! I recently picked up some new (to me) shirts b/c I didn’t have any that were flattering. Got 4 shirts on sale I think total was $5.50 woot woot. My scale cost more than my shirts. That puts things into perspective.

    Oooooo yeah capris those are good for spring! I feel better about my image especially in my jeans. I’ve still got a bit of belly to work on, but we’re doing it!

    Drink you water (don’t forget the salt) and helpful if u had a dash of hunger. I know I sound like a broken record but the salt is very important especially if you want to do longer fast. Because our bodies flush out so many minerals when we water fast and if we don’t replace the salt it can cause an electrolyte imbalance.

    “Some common signs of electrolyte deficiencies include:
    Headaches, dizziness, confusion
    Exhaustion, tiredness, fatigue
    Muscle cramps, spasms, twitches
    Increased thirst and hunger
    Heart palpitations and irregular heartbeats, Elevated heart rate or blood pressure”
    So you see it’s important- I want my fasting buddy healthy!

    I did a reg FD Sunday as I had a small dinner. I restarted my fast in the app to start from the small dinner to reflect the WFD which I’ll start Tomorrow I’ll be back to water and aiming for a 2 days. Then feeding on Wed. Thursday my Birthday and travel day. Can’t quite decide how to treat that day. Usually it’s easy I fast on travel days. But because it’s my birthday I’m not sure if I should be open to celebrate?!?

    Oh, sorry to hear about the disappointing French Food experience! We had a similar one at a French bakery–it looks so appetizing but the taste and textures were off. Maybe I’m not into French food. Crepes, I love.

    I regret not stepping on the scale when I started, but at that time I didn’t have the scale. I would have loved to know the number. I think I estimated okay, though.

    20 lb lighter is AMAZING! However, the numbers are not everything. Today Moody said 1 lb UP. BUT…my jeans have never fitted so well. There was a huge difference between two days ago and today. I actually never felt such a big difference in how they fit ever.

    I was also thinking that I spoke too soon about how easy fasting was and how much weight was melting off. I have to remember that I stalled at 210 lb for two weeks in March. April weight loss has been almost magical (10+??? Like how? This is what the app displays I even wonder if it is off somehow? But at the first glance seems legit), but yesterday’s fast was difficult! Right now 7 days water seems like impossible again! But I’ll definitely persevere. Even if May brings slower weight loss, it is still okay. I just shouldn’t expect to lose 10lb in a month again. I think our bodies have their own rhythm.

    I was thinking that maybe I shouldn’t shake things up a bit if my weight loss stalls and maybe try 500 calories OMAD for 3 days. So we are thinking alike! Though I normally find 500 calories the same in terms of how I feel on zero calories. But maybe my body will appreciate the change? I remember reading that the body should always be guessing.

    I love thrift stores!! I do buy new things at times, but overall I feel it is such a waste of money and material. I love the bargains at thrift stores and I love the idea that I wear some one elses’s discards. This probably sounds weird lol. I love the continuity though. Great finds on those shirts!

    I seem to be okay with my belly, especially as most of my loss came off there—no more overhang! Lol It is not very flat yet, but getting there. I am very fortunate not to have any stretchmarks on my belly and it is probably my favorite body part now lol. However it is my thighs and legs from the knees up. I don’t have a full length mirror and usually the thighs don’t affect jean fit, so I haven’t paid good attention (most likely for years!) but I noticed them for real yesterday and can’t deny this anymore. I need to tone down my thighs. I have unflattering fat bulges and I don’t like how they look! So what are my options? Squats? I can do them if very carefully not to bother my knees. Going to do some when I finish this.

    Thank you for reminding me about the electrolytes. I will be more mindful. I haven’t had any of the symptoms mentioned, but extra electrolytes will be good. Maybe I was in the begining of this.

    Aw, definitely celebrate! However sometimes celebrating could be fasting? Do whatever feels as MOST celebratory for you. Celebrations don’t always include food but they certainly can!

    Today is my Eating day. I will fast Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. This seems like a good pattern for me. Getting mentally ready for the two day fast!!

    – Started a 65 h fast on the app but will reassess at 36h, as usual.

    – Did 50 squats and felt it all in the right places, so i think this will help with my general lower body strength and thigh appearance. The 30 day challenge is my goal for May.

    – took my “before” photos to make comparisons on June 27th.

    – feeling positive!

    WFD–at 22 hours.

    My weight is actually up to 98lb this morning. That’s up over a pound! And that’s after an almost 18 h fast? I think my loyalty for Moody is fading. This is a betrayal. The Motivational Jeans still fit the best yet, so I’m just not going to talk to Moody until the end of the week. I think I’m stuck in those normal flactuations again.

    I did a tiny intermittent walk / jog for 20 min. Feeling accomplished.

    I’m also making bone broth for either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. I think I reconciled in my mind that I can fast on broth–a different type of fast, but a fast nevertheless, and healing in a different way. This was very important for me to realize.

    !!!!!!Progress Report!!!!!!!

    Starting Weight: 225lb; Current Weight 196lb; Goal Weight: 165lb

    – 47 water fasting days in 2019 –

    Most of the fasts were 36-40 hours fasts. But also a 60h, 68h, 94h, as my longer fasts. Not a single fast under 36 hours.

    On February 13, about the time I started this thread, I was 212 lb. I wasn’t able to zip up my Motivational Jeans–I could barely pull them up over my thighs and butt. On March 1st I could zip them up, but barely. On March 23 I could zip them up, but the fit was awful. On April 8 they fit decent around the waist, but were tight around butt and thighs. On April 28 they were not tight around my thighs anymore and fit around my butt significantly better. I can wear them out without looking like a ridiculous sausage and without the horrible muffin top. Goal Achieved!!! I was hoping to achieve this goal by April 11, but I’m not too far off.

    From 212 lb on February 13 to 196lb at the end of April, 16 lb lost and these jeans fit they way they are supposed to.

    31lb more to go to my goal of 165lb!!!! My next Realistic Goal is to get to 185lb by June 28. My Super Optimistic Goal is to get to get to 180lb by June 28.

    WFD – maybe FD later, not sure.

    Feeling much better about my WFD today. Yesterday I was hungry ALL day, I eventually did eat a small delicious meal last night.

    50 squats! Wow. I’m not a fan of squats, but then again – I’m not a fan of most exercise… Hummm although I do like arm balances… Which reminds me (today, I cued a side crow arm balance in yoga) I usually just begin to demo it and then come out so that I can peak around the room (or go stand next to someone to guide them better into their pose) I have also avoided doing it, b/c I have hurt my wrist and then after that I injured my shoulder (injuries unrelated to yoga, I know how to hurt myself on my OWN TIME haha) but I’ve not had the strength after I recovered *until today!* I was demoing and just kept going and Popped right into it!

    I took some photos earlier this month. Not flattering but I think that is probably the point haha

    Total LOL at this line “I think my loyalty for Moody is fading. This is a betrayal.” I will say – I have had that happen. Don’t give up! I need a name for my scale. I’ll ponder this. I dig talking with the jeans tho. They won’t lie.

    Again LOL – “without looking like a ridiculous sausage” that is exactly how I describe what skirts with elastic waist look like on me! Maybe they once I’m closer to gw!

    Most go check my Monthly stats will get back soon!

    That’s great that you knew to eat yesterday. Some days it is a tough call for me, to distinguish real hunger from “maybe I should eat” hunger. I’m have a challenging day today–I started my fast pretty early in the day yesterday. So while normally I hit 24h of WFD in the evening before going to bed, I’m now almost at 26 hours and I still have about 5 hours before bed! (Actually writing this down helped a bit, as 5 doesn’t seem like a long time.

    I’m pretty sure I’m doing broth fasting tomorrow. I want to be always excited about the new energy (emotional and physical) of water fasting, and if I’m not, it is better too augment. I think I might not be excited about water fasting tomorrow. My bone broth smells divine!

    I’m not a fan of exercise, and it shows ha ha. I do try, though. I like the 30 day challenges as they keep me on track with one type of exercise for a bit. Not exactly a workout, but definitely better than nothing. I need to tone my thighs! lol I also think that having stronger thighs will help me with knee pain, though apparently the newest theories don’t support this. Hm…I’ll still try!

    I’m not anywhere fit enough to do an arm balance. I just can’t imagine. Maybe a year from now! (Goals?)

    Sorry to hear about your injuries. I had foot injuries “in my spare time” and hurting one body part affects the entire body and throws me out of alignment. YAY for getting your strength back!!!

    My non flatering photos are very motivating! I actually made a collage out of them and look at it from time to time ha ha.

    You need to name your scale and then your scale needs to give a talking to my scale via their own ephemeral channels. Cause 2lb up after FASTING is just NOT. DONE.

    At GW no more sausaging! We’ll be rocking those skirts!

    Broth Fasting Today!

    I finished my Water Fast this morning at 44 hours and immediately drank a large cup of bone broth. Deliciuos! I have 3 more cups made, so today is my first Broth Fasting.

    Tomorrow morning–veggies and fruits.

    197lb today, down from 198lb yesterday. I hope I get back to 196 soon, as I thought that was my new spring weight lol

    NFD (ended fasting at 60hours)

    Was going to keep going with my fasting, but since I sometimes have the “need to run to the loo” effect from extended fasting I thought I would have today as a NFD. We travel tomorrow by plane and do not need the “loo” effects happening while on a plane. Oh My Gosh – have already had that experience on my way home from Peru, 24 hours of flying 3 flights.

    Tomorrow is also my B-day 😉 42 rocking the bod of a 32 yo (year old) well at lest feeling a bit younger.

    Stats from April
    170.6 lbs.. April 1st
    162 lbs….. May 1st
    -8.6lbs….. Total loss

    Stats from Jan 29th (well say February)
    184 lbs ….. Feb 1st
    162 lbs…… May 1st
    -22 lbs ….. Total loss

    how exciting! -8 lbs down for the month. I will still be excited for any kind of weight loss for May. I don’t want to set myself up for disappointment any amount under what I start for the month in my book is a WIN!

    Feeling EPIC!

    Good to transition to bone broth today and YUM your body will need the salt to keep you balanced and healthy!

    Remember my 1st extended fast – I was down to 162.2, but my body didn’t stay that way (my weekend did not help that situation), but none the less it actually took a while to get back down-ish… which 162.0 is now my lowest for the end of the month of April (and I just did 3 moderate fasting days where I had small meals at the end, but was still losing, so I kept at it.) I suppose I didn’t realize it, but I just did OMAD or 20:4 (I made myself a dessert one night!) yeah buddies. But still showed a loss the next morning when I got on the scale! Yeah talk about a win!

    I’m thinking of naming my scale Myriad due to the countless times I use it and the idea of how we (as a society) place such emphasis on a number that when it comes down to brass tax it doesn’t mean anything. OR
    Mr. Particular. Our cat Birdie loves to mimic us so now she steps on the scale b/c she has seen me do it every evening and morning. But Mr. Particular does not respond.

    Which do you think? I’ll have to ponder a bit more.

    if I don’t write much tomorrow or this coming up weekend it’s due to traveling. I’ll be back on Monday, I think I will still try and drop a line or two while I’m away. Cheers!

    Have the most Wonderful trip! I’ll wish you a VERY HAPPY Birthday now, as you might be too busy to see it tomorrow. I’m 1 year and about 6 weeks older than you! ha ha. My body at the moment is firmly at 43. But give me some time. In my head, though? Yeah, 32 lol

    Congrats on the amazing loss in April! You got it!!

    So I wanted my Birthday Post to be a separate one lol

    Now to my brothing update.

    I had 2 l of very rich bone broth today. One cup of herbal tea. One cup of cold brew coffee. Quite a lot of sauerkraut. Yum!

    I think it is sort of a fast, or at least a lower calorie day.

    Went for a mini interrmittent jog. I felt a little bit more stamina than yesterday.

    Not hungry. Feeling pretty well. Normal eating day tomorrow. Though the coffee probably killed all the benefits of broth!

    I’m super curious what Moody will say tomorrow. Mr. Particular sounds like fun! Myriad is almost like giving too much credit to the scale, such a beautiful and meaninful name. lol

    Eating day.

    Well, my weight didn NOT budge. 197lb again? After two days of fasting? Okay, Moody, we need to talk.

    I decided to focus on carbs today–both healhty and not so, because in the past I’ve broken through plateaus after a good carb day. And if I end up gaining, at least I’ve had my crepes with cream cheese and jam.

    So My Eating Day today was a good Re-start for me. It’s been 4 months, and a couple of days ago I was worried I was loosing steam. Today though I feel re-energized and have motivated to treat the next two months as the Nest Stage.

    I did two sets of mini runs today–which is the total of 12 minutes of running over 45 minutes, so it is barely anything, but I could already feel my stamina improving. Plus 3km walking on top of that. I have to be really careful about my oold knee and foot injuries. My “bad” foot is a bit sore. But my body is feeling awesome! My mind is doing great too.

    I just started my Water Fast that will last until Saturday morning. I’m feeling refreshed and optimistic.

    My next goal is for June 29, which is 9 weeks from now. My goal is to lose at least 13lb by then, but my optimistic goal is 20lb!

    MAY 3 / CW198lb / WFD #1 (for May-June)/ GW180 by June 28

    I felt positive and energetic all day. Now, at 24 hours, feeling a bit peckish, but not hungry at all.

    MAY 4 / -0.2lb / WFD #2 (b2b)/ GW180 by June 28

    My weight loss this morning after 36 hours of Water Fasting was either zero or -0.2lb. I’m choosing to go with -0.2lb.

    I went for my Cto5K mini run, and I definitely feel my stamina improving. Did biceps and triceps with free weights and stretches.

    I’m aiming for a 58 hour fast–breaking it tomorrow morning. If I don’t think about all the food that I bought yesterday, fasting is going well. I’m not hungry. Though the moment I posted about not being hungry last night, I got really hungry and the chicken baking in the oven was just about killing me.

    MAy 4-mini evening update.

    I’m not sure why, but today has been my easiest fast ever! I’m at 48 hours, just about to go to bed, and I haven’t even felt peckish today! Despite cooking for a couple of hours and frying burgers for the family. I wish I could replicate today in the future!

    So this is how it went. I woke up and went for a little run without even drinking anything beforehand. After the run I sipped cold brew coffee while cooking. Had some mineral water throughout the day.

    I wish all fasting days were so easy.

    MAY 3 / CW196lb (-2lb) / GW180 by June 28

    Finishedy water fast at 63.5 hours. Definitely not a keto day– cauliflower and cheese patties and lentil burgers, avocado, tomatoes, strawberries, an orange and an apple. Going out for coffee and pastry. No sugar in my coffee, but the pastry is supposed to be very good at that place, so i will definitely try.

    20:4 OMAD? I guess. It’s what has been natural.

    @165gw good job on your water fasting days – isn’t it great when they are easy. I don’t know why it happens but I would surely prep if I knew what made some fasting days (a piece of cake haha)
    And look at you slowly upping your fitness, I’m so proud of you. Especially all of that in the face of Moody challenging you. Don’t fret. The stall always happens. I found that I had to switch my WFDs to mostly water at the beginning and then a bowl of soup at night. And for what ever reason that boost of nutrients helped. So it may mean switching it up. Keep the body guessing.

    Updates for me. Oddly enough this past week I have slipped into a routine of OMAD, with drinking and LOVING water. We (SO and I) did have to go purchase some spring water. My friend has good tap water at her house, but I think because I’m not from CO and don’t live anywhere near this side of the country – i found that i could not happily and easily drink the water. Like i felt like i was forcing myself to drink it. And really it’s not that expensive to just buy a gallon of water. Water intake improved dramatically once we got it. So it’s good to note.

    A cool update on my step count for this weekend. I have a tiny Fitbit (it’s the minimal info one it’s the flex2 i bought it for myself around the beginning of the year!) I got it so that I could see how much movement I was getting throughout the day. It was a good eye opener, starting week in Jan I was only about 3,000 steps per day (SPD) then I set a goal of 5,000 SPD and started meeting that goal several times a week. I like noticing when I go to a show tho I would get many more steps. I was trying to beat my past record of 22,000 SPD. Not quite but close. I did manage 8,200 on my Birthday Thursday travel day (that’s including sitting on a plane for 7+hours)
    17,600+ on Friday
    20,300+ Saturday

    I miss my scale (I think I will be going with Mr. Particular it is cute and not too serious) however I did have an unexpected measurement.

    It was late after we got home for the show and I had my jeans on and went to change out of them to hop into the shower. And I took them down without undoing the button (I had forgotten I was wearing the jeans) the rest of my pants I have with me are the kind that do slip on and off (up/down over the hips) but my jeans were not that kind. My brain was like O_o !

    Hope you are having a fabulous day!

    We are on a red eye flight tonight. (I miss my kitty cats)

    @rabbette: It is great that you were able to flow into a new fasting routine while travelling!

    Wow, awesome progress on your steps! I used to have a flex, and it stopped working after 8 months, and after that it would break every couple of months and then I gave up on the quality. I loved having it though.

    I think Mr Particular chatted via his channels with Moody. Several days in a row Moody gives me only one weight, no matter how many times I hop on and off. Weird!!

    WOW WOW WOW about your jeans slipping off!

    It was late after we got home for the show and I had my jeans on and went to change out of them to hop into the shower. And I took them down without undoing the button (I had forgotten I was wearing the jeans) the rest of my pants I have with me

    I hope you are home by now with your kitties.

    I had a great day yesterday–met up with a good friend and it was finally sunny and warm. However it was my wake up call about carbs. I need a break. I’m going low carb for 8 weeks and then re-introducing carbs back. At dinner with the friend we ended up sharing a meal, even if I had already eaten. Then we shared a dessert–I loved the texture, but it was too sweet.

    When I came home I felt sluggish and my joints were achy. I’m not impressed!

    So doing a carb re-start. I don’t want to be low carb forever (I want to have a fasting life style forever!) but I think it will do me some good.

    I don’t even want to step on the scale today–I still feel bloated and off, and I probably lost my fasting loss. But hopefully the trend is still going down!

    MAY 6 / C25K Level 1, Day 4 / Water Fasting.

    I’ve repeated day 2 and 3 so today was Day 4 for the first time, which is the total of 10 min of running, and three 2 min intervals. I was surprised how easy it was. My knees have been doing well as well, fingers crossed! I also ran slower, as oon a trail in the woods and was careful about the uneven terrain, but it was the best running workout yet. Can’t wait to gain more stamina.

    Weight. Ugh. It went up, but that was expected, and I hope it will all even out with a downwards trend by the end of the week or next week. I’m still on the right track with eating and fasting.

    I’ll try to repeat the steps to The Easiest Fast today and tomorrow morning–a jog, black coffee…and see if my second day fast will be easy. After all the carbs yesterday, I might have a very difficult fast, as the say keto is better. Or it can be a 40h fast.

    MAY 6 / Water fasting / At almost 30h tonight

    Today I started the day with my C25K and then cold brewed coffee. It was an easy day, with no hunger.

    Unfortunately I somehow hurt my back! It hasn’t bothered me in months, and today as I was stretching after the run I moved awkwardly. The last 30 minutes of the drive home tonight were a struggle. I hope it is better tomoorrow, or at least that it wont’ affect my run.

    I want to try the same game plan tomorrow and see whether my appetie will be suppressed again: run and coffee! haha

    I also made plans and bought groceries so that I could sustain a low carb diet for the next week. I’m kina excited about it. I love LOVE fruits, but I can take a little break and enjoy more fats and proteins! Yum!

    NFD – travel home day (it was a red-eye flight so travel was a bit challenging for eating) usually I’m not hungry for eating, but I think b/c I was so tired I was hungry and sleepy.

    Had a meeting with Mr. Particular and after 5 days of vacation and OMAD approach (just kind of fell into that rythem) he said only .2 increase. Pretty excited to not have gained weight over my Birthday and Vacation!

    @165gw – this is tooooo funny. I’ve not said a word about this, but I recently purchased and read two books on keto. I transitioned even some of our dinners to keto, unbeknown to my SO – although they loved the bacon avacado balls I made. Who wouldn’t? I think they also do better without as many carbs in their life. I also have achy joints especially my lower legs (its not necessarily my knees, for me its my shins) I’m starting to think we are related 🙂 Good luck on the Keto I have found it is helpful. I also found this woman Leanne Vogel who has 5 different kinds of Keto influenced diets (she believes that some folks do better with a bit more carbs) and encourages YOU the reader to work with your own body and cravings.

    so a run and then coffee sounds like a plan.


    MAY 7 / 196.4 /-1.5lb from the beginning of the month/ 45h into my water fast, aiming at 62-66hours.

    Yay at the Mr. Particular’s assessment! I’m glad you had a great time and OMAD fell nicely into your rhythm. Perfect!

    So funny about Keto! Well, I haven’t looked into Keto specifically, I’m just calling it Keto, but the first time I gained weight (ha ha) I lost it with the South Beach diet, which is LCHF. There are too many “fake spiritual / “omg life coaches” ” people around me doing Keto lol, so I have a bad association with the name. BUT…I know what I am to do from my previous low carb experiences. I won’t count carbs, but I’m very familiar with this way of eating.

    So today was an interesting day. I had to be near a hiking trail this morning, so instead of C25K I decided to go for a walk, at a brisk pace. I had 2 hours before I needed to pick up a friend nearby and my goal was a 1.5h walk.

    Long story short, and some trails being unmarked and some marked trails being not finished, and I walked briskly for 3 hours until I finally made it back to the car. I had no water with me even! All the while on adrenalin, and some of it half-jogging because I knew I’d be late!

    By the last 15 minutes I could feel I needed hydration. I only had iced coffee in the thermos in the car, and only drank black coffee in the morning. I stopped at a coffe place on the drive home and begged for a large cup of water! lol

    This has been the most physical activity while fasting so far, and I’m feeling a bit like a super human. I felt great and energetic (but need to have water with me on a regular basis now as the weather is getting warmer). I am not hungry now either and definitely continuing the fast until tomorrow.

    MAY 8 / 195 lb / ended my 64h water fast with broth

    Feeling really good this morning. I hope that the broth will delay my yummy keto meal until late lunch lol

    Moody has been crazy consistent lately. Maybe turning it off and on and shifting to lb to kg and back helped him out.

    195lb–I’ve been there just a couple of weeks ago, and then it hovered between 98 and 96. Hopefully this time I’m more into the 195lb range, even if this weight is after a 64h fast.

    I’m happy about how the fast went, including the long hike and I’m feeling energetic and positive!

    May 8/ 162lbs / NFD

    @165gw – Look at those numbers! I think you met your goal of being below 200 before mothers day!

    In need of an extended WFD, I think I will pencil it in for Tomorrow & Friday (going either till Friday evening or Saturday morning) Which shouldn’t be tooo challenging since we don’t have anything planned this weekend.

    Good for you on the hike, but scary no water! lesson learned – find an easy thermos to carry. I like the ones with some kind of loop (or make a little bag that has a loop) to easily carry the thermos full of water. I always have one with me, but being a yoga teacher you always need water because your cueing/talking for hours at a time. *also if you plan on hiking more, carry a small head lamp incase the sun goes down and you get lost. (much better than depending on your phone and using that light. Better to have the phone to hopefully call for help.)

    I too am very reluctant to a temporary(fad) diet. I do like the benefits of lowering inflammation in the body. Which is what made me look into it. My mother-in-law gave me this book years ago called “The Autoimmune Solution” and I finally bought the digital version and realized that it is a lot like Keto. I really just bought the other two books out of curiosity and for new food ideas. I think they may be helpful when coming out of an extended fast.

    None the less need to get on the fasting train again. Although I did not gain weight, I didn’t lose either. So need to shake up the system! I got 40lbs to go!

    Thank you! Wow, I think I did reachy mother’s day goal! I keep setting mini goals and forgetting which one is for which date lol. Focused on June 28 now. When i reach 184lb i officially won’t be overweight anymore! Maybe i can do this by June 28.

    I am usually good at bringing water with me, but it was the first warm day and i wasn’t adjusted to spring / summer yet lol. And also expected a shorter walk. It wasn’t wilderness for goodness sake! A trail park! Pretty woods and pretty trails and no one there but me.

    I think after a week of OMAD you will love the water fast! You will be fasting regularly before you know is good to change things around. That you didn’t gain any weight on OMAD in vacation is absolutely great. We both have 40lb to go, thoughy first goal is 30lb. We can do this.

    I am with you re keto and the anti inflammatory potential. I just like calling it LCHF and not keto lol even if it is one and the same. I like the low carb part, and not the crowd that jumped onto the keto bandwagon lol. Maybe i am a tad hypocritical, but i won’t utter “keto” irl haha. I am old school with LCHF crowd.

    I can feel the inflammation in my body after sugary foods if my baseline was low carb. So it is real and can be avoided.

    Finished week 1 of the c25k. I installed the c25k app instead of the running app i had before. So instead of 60 sec walking it gave us 90 sec to walk and 60 sec to run. That made a huge difference and my kids finished it with me this time. With 60 sec walk and 60 sec run intervals they were getting out of breath. So today was the first run all of us finished which made me happy. Week 2 will be more challenging than my old running app, so we will see. My main goals are 1. so that my kids run with me and get more fit and enjoy it and 2. That my knees handle the runs. So we might be repeating week one if needed.

    Also did stretches and free weights for the upper body.

    I am all geared toward a 10lb loss by june 28!!! LCHF to the rescue!! My oldest asked me if I wanted chocolate for mother’s day. I told her I wanted nuts lol

    MAY 9/ 196.7 /-1.2lb from the beginning of the month/ 17h into my 40hwater fast

    Well, it is good that I like fasting! Because the weight is not going down. Mind you, I haven’t given LCHF enough chance, but would be nice to see a drop again. My only guess is that I gained some meager amounts of muscle.

    So this is the last two weeks. I typed it up in hopes to see something positive, but all I see that I really didn’t lose any weight in the last 13 days!

    If I look at the weight on the day after a longer fast, I lost .8 lb.
    Conversely, If I look on the in-between weights, possibly 1.3 lb? With fasting almost every other day, and eating sensibly on all except one of those days, and doing cardio and free weights. No noticeable change in my Motivational Jeans either. I’ve been feeling energetic and great most of the time, so that’s good.

    April 27 195.8 ended 39h fast
    April 29, 196.1 ended 40h fast
    April 30, 198
    May 1st, 197 ended 43h fast
    May 2nd, 197
    May 3rd 198
    May 4th 197.8
    May 5th 196.2 ended 63h fast
    May 7, 196.4
    May 8, 195 ended 63h fst
    May 9, 196.7

    So my immediate goals right now is to be eating LCHF and tracking calories to make sure I’m at my TDEE on my eating days.

    At this rate my goal of 10lb by end of June is not going anywhere lol

    May 9/ 161.8 / 22hrs into 55hr maybe 72hr water fast (depends on how I feel)

    (Now you see that number up there?! 161 – it is the first time I have broke below 162!)

    BUT if we are going straight numbers look at this… *and I LOVE my new scale so sometimes I weigh myself more than once in the day BECAUSE I get curious if I see a higher number…

    I was not weighing myself while I was gone so here are the dates and times.

    NOTES at the bottom to give clearer chart of weight progression.
    Any days without time noted, were recorded usually around 7:30am

    162.0 – May 1 (WF till dinner LCHF OMAD)
    000.0 – May 2 (WF till 8pm dessert 1st tiramisu, Thai dinner)*1*
    000.0 – May 3 (OMAD brunch, 1 White Claw, WF rest of day)
    000.0 – May 4 (OMAD brunch, 1 White Claw, WF rest of day)
    000.0 – May 5 (NFD, travel day, red eye flight, was hungry)*2*
    163.6 – May 6 09:15am (OMAD dinner, freak’n Chinese food)*3*
    162.2 – May 6 05:45pm (OMAD dinner, freak’n Chinese food)*3*
    165.0 – May 7 (WF till dinner LCHF OMAD)
    164.2 – May 8 (NFD, LCHF Breakfast, Chinese leftovers Lunch, WF…)*4*
    162.2 – May 9 07:40am (WFD cont from night before)
    161.8 – May 9 11:45am (WFD cont.)

    *1* ONLY Veggies b/c they forgot my rice, little did they know I would not have eaten that much of it anyway. BIRTHDAY – also had about a 1/3 of a bottle of KetleOne Vodka w/seltzer and lime.
    *2* found LCHF (2 hard boiled eggs, ham pieces, almonds, and cheese) also had 2 mixed drinks at sky bar *ginger whiskey lime* I was quite hungry I think because I was tired and anxious. Usually I don’t have any issues Fasting on travel days, but I just couldn’t and I wasn’t about to beat myself up over it. I did HUNT down and I mean HUNT in the most urban form, going from store to store to store, b/c all restaurants were closed expect for Macdonald’s (gross) and Pizza Hut (hello carbs!) Had the mixed drinks to drown my sorrows about not finding a good restaurant to eat a better LCHF meal, but did make due.
    *3* Was not LC dinner, its Chinese food (its like fast food for Chinese people!) it was loMein, curry rice noodles w/seitan, dumplings, and Sichuan beef (prob the only thing even close to low carb, but I know the sauce would officially rule that out!) AND b/c I had not really had any alcohol except for B-Day I had a dirty martini with dinner. Hence the 165 lbs the next morning…
    *4* Decided to have Breakfast and Lunch AND there was ice-cream!!!! But started WF after lunch till next morning continue water fasting

    Now it is interesting to look at the numbers and line up the types of meals I ate the day before.

    Don’t get discouraged by the numbers! YOU are more than just a NUMBER!

    Do take into consideration maybe changing up what or how often you are fasting/eating. It could be that your body has become used to the extended fasting. It may be time to really consider transitioning to LCHF meals or OMAD if you feel comfortable about NOT over eating that OMAD. I was super scared at first to do it, b/c I thought for sure I was going to go overboard, but instead just started out with in the morning WF till supper then had a LCHF supper. Didn’t really put much into it (and actually looked like I had started to GAIN at first, but didn’t worry) I just kept going.

    I’m here for you – you can do this, you are getting stronger and healthier even if Moody is not letting you know with good numbers.

    @rabbette: 161.8!!! Congratulations!!! You inspire me!!

    Thank you for your post and the suppoort, Rabbette. I should be recording my meals better. But while reading yours, I remembered (doh!) that I had 2 very high Carb days which were also high calories! One of them was me deciding to try a high carb day, to see if it would help. Ha ha, it didn’t! But now I have an explanation for not losing much weight. I feel a bit like an idiot. But I guess it was a good experiment to try.

    I’ve been thinking about OMAD, and it has been helpful hearing your experiences and success.

    I don’t think I’m mentally ready yet. Yes, I’m worried about overeating during the transition. I’m also still loving the fasts. I would like to give LCHF a bit more chance before declaring that my body needs an adjustment from fasting.

    I was feeling a bit frustrated today, and also hungry, and thouht to break the fast tonight at 24h. But then I read your post, remembered the pink salt and water, and I am encouraged to continue. Feeling much better now, actually.

    The last 2 fasts were ridiculously easy, so I should not give up when it is a little bit harder, like today. Hm. I should make a cup of coffee.

    I ate LCHF yesterday (8h eating window), which I closed 25h ago. According to theory fasting should be easier aftter “keto” as I’m supposed to be still in ketosis. But I’m having a rather challenging day. I’ve been hungry on and off and right now it is on. I drank tea (maybe cold brewed coffee would have been better, but I haven’t premade it). I went for a walk. I did some weight lifting. I read. I cooked. Still mostly hungry. Why am I not fitting into the theory? Annoying.

    I hope to go to bed early and have a nice keto breakfast before the busy day.

    May 9/ 160.8 / 29hrs into 55hr maybe 72hr water fast (depends on how I feel)

    You could still be burning off carbs from a day or two before. OR stress or hormones. Although the hormones have about 8 more days-ish by my record. However we do get all out of wack from stress. It could also be an adjustment to the exercise OR you are lacking a mineral! Do another dab of salt. I was worried at first about taking in more salt, but if you know you are drinking LOTS of water, then you might need a bit more salt.

    May 10/ 160.2 / 45hrs into 55hr maybe 72hr water fast

    @165gw – Some days are WAY harder than others for fasting.

    Don’t laugh, but I am thinking of doing an egg fast. I like experimenting and I like eggs too. I’m not sure if I should put it into the app tho? I mean I will be limited to just eggs, butter, and apparently cheese. Its such a weird fast that I almost feel like I have to try it for 3 or 5 days just to see what the heck my body does. If I lose weight, I’ll keep hard boiled eggs on hand and maybe include them in my future fasting days.

    I will say this WOL has prompted me to try new things, be it food or food combinations or no food and just water (and now finally loving water) I appreciate all that I am learning and experimenting with this adventure.

    Now its time to go do my hoop, my SO gave me a challenge of 15 mins, instead of my usual 10 mins.

    Look at you steadily moving into the 150’s zone!

    Thank you so much for the encouragement and support last night, it helped a lot. It was a hard evening, but I was rewarded this morning with 193.8!!

    Super interesting about an egg fast! It sounds like a variation of LCHF. I go through phases when it feels like a restriction would help and make it more fun, so I get where you are coming from. I did a cabbage fast / diet for a 3-4 days at some point. Cabbage soups, mainly.

    I had a really nice keto breakfast at 10am (eggs, bacon, cauliflower and cheese patties, coffee with cream) and when I got home at 5 I wasn’t hungry. Not even a little bit. However…strawberries and blueberries were on a huge sale (99 cents per box vs the usual $4-6 and I did buy lots! Told the kids the next too days are berry days. We live in the boonies, over an hour from a grocery store, so when you have berries, you eat berries. I ate quite a lot, with ricotta. Yum. Then I had some cheese and salami. So definitely not light day, but a rather low carb day. I do expect my weight tomorrow to be up, but hopefully I will be seeing 194 more often in the next week or so.

    Tomatoes were 47c/lb instead of $2.99 so I got a lot too. I’m going to make eggs, cheese, ham, sauted onion / tomato/ bell pepper morning “muffins” and freeze them. They ARE my LCHF weakness, but having a bunch frozen will simplify meals.

    Also since I saved so much on the berries lol I got expensive cocoa nibs, stevia, more coconut oil, and organic almond butter and more coconut flakes to make coconut butter–my “fat bombs” supplies.

    Fasting tomorrow (while making my breakfast “muffins” and the fat bombs! lol)

    May 10/159.8/55hr ended fasting

    I made it! 159.8 wow. It happened! Tomorrow NFD so same as you i know it will go up. But it’s nice to know it can happen! That would be a total of -24lbs whew almost half way. I’m 1/2 at 30lbs. I can’t believe I had 60lbs to lose. I already feel better in my body and clothes. It’s so exciting!

    Berries! Yum! I’ve never really at them with cheese before. Sounds good tho.

    I made a dessert… it was called Keto Peanut Butter Tagalong Bars! I like them bunches. My SO said they would like them a tad bit sweeter, but I thought they were great! I want more of them….. there are more in my fridge. I must not give in, nope stop calling my name. I can’t hear you Tagalongs.

    Back to this Egg Fast. Yes I think I might have a go at it maybe starting Sunday or Monday and do it for 3 or 5 days. I think I’ll just see as I go along. Got to get the weight moving downward.

    Tomorrow will be a challenge and I may over indulge due to a special peach cobbler beer being released tomorrow. Wish me luck.

    You have your work cut out for you making fat bombs while fasting. That is what I did today too. I made dessert while I was still fasting. It was a tiny challenge.

    YOU MADE IT!! It doesn’t matter that it will go up, the important thing you are steadily reducing and this is exceptionally motivating! Isn’t it insane how those pounds crept up without us noticing or doing anything about it? I go through the same thinking sometimes. Why didn’t we do anything at 5lb? Well, the important thing is that we are on the right track and practically half way, and already feeling and looking significantly better.

    It was supposed to be ricotta and berries, which is way more keto than berries with ricotta.

    Those Keto PB tagalong bars look amazing! I might try them next time. Or later today lol.

    I’m very excited about your Egg Experiment. Can’t wait to hear about it, and might try it myself when I feel like a restriction will be fun and beneficial. I LOVE eggs. And even more so that now I’m buying our neighbour’s free run eggs.

    How’s that beer going? Peach cobbler? Wow. I’m so behind in beer. Maybe that will be my summer seduction.

    So yesterday I ended up overeating again, and I think that’s the last time, because NOT FUN. I ate too late in the day, and when I wasn’t hungry. I think I’m actually within my TDEE, but the whole experience has started teaching me a lesson of not doing it. All of those natural consequences are the most impressive one (as in they are finally getting impressed on my brain.) So all is good.

    I’m at 17h water/ coffee fast today. Just finished my W2D1 C25K and some upper body free weights. The running was way easier than I thought, I just hope my knees keep on behaving. Didn’t even step on the scale, I hope Moody is not upset. I don’t want to see my weight going up from that 193.8 ha ha. Hopefully tomorrow, fasted, it will settle at 195lb. That would make me happy.

    I’m going to engage in the little challenge of cooking and backing my favourite keto foods…while fasted. I think I can do this. Coffee to the rescue. THe keto bombs don’t sound tempting, but the cheese egg muffins–oy.

    I would really like to extend my fast until Monday morning, as it is easier if Monday is my eating day, but I’ll see how it goes. I actually have a busy day tomorrow, but not celebrating just yet, so no food involved. Might be easy to fast while busy and outdoors.

    At 24h fasting. The day went well, but had some peckish moments in the evening but I just rolled through them. Overall, feeling well.

    I made fat bombs–I altered the recipee a bit. I always do ha ha. My big revelation was to make coconut butter out of coconut flakes! My blender worked for this just fine, even if the recipee said a food processor would be better. I think I’ll like the texture.

    The layers are: 1. coconut oil + cocoa powder + stevia + a pinch of salt; 2. coconut butter; 3. almond butter with unsweetened cocoa bits and almonds slivers; 4. same as the first. I hope there is at least a touch of sweetness in this lol. I have 6 large ones, I will probaby be able to eat only a half at a time.

    I also made my Breakfast “muffins”–sauted onion, garlic, tomato, spinach, bell peppers, cubed sausage and some bacon crumbs + eggs and grated cheese. I have 20 of them, and plan to freeze some for later.

    At the moment I feel that I really want breakfast! lol If I end up having it, it will be an OMAD.

    195 today! Looking forward to that 193…I am optimistic and excited.

    I had my very keto breakfast to break ny 36 h fast–3 eggs, small slice bacon, some ham (yay, only ate half of the piece!!), one egg/cheese muffin (had to tryy yesterday’s creation!) half a bell pepper, coffee with cream and a small fat bomb.

    Feeling awesome and immediately started the next fast on the app. It will most likely be an OMAD /30h.

    My knees aren’t sore at all (touch wood), so i am looking forward for the run tomorrow. Most likely will repeat W1D3 as my kids need a bit more time to adjust to W2. They didn’t finish yesterday. While their 43 yo mom did, and didn’t really get out of breath! Ha!

    194.4! The app shows almost 4lb loss in May, which looks good, this being the middle of May. The app forgets that if I look at April 27 as a starting point the numbers are not nearly as impressive lol

    At 24h water fasting today. It was very unsual for me to start the timer in the morning. I’m aiming at OMAD.

    Last evening was unusually difficult. I had this large keto meal at 9 am and fell content and full for hours and hours. Then BAM felt hungry! I remembered to dilute half a tea spoon of Natural Calm Magnesium in a bit of warm water, and had some pink salt, and the hunger was GONE immediately. I should have remembered earlier! Thank you @rabbette for setting me on the right track. I’m slow, but eventually I do remember ha ha. I even already had the Natural Calm.

    Not hungry now, but the energy is maybe at 80%. I’ll see how I feel after my W2D2 run. The kids are a bit sick so they won’t run with me, and this means I can do W2 again, rather than stepping back to W1. I better do my run before I get what they’ve got ha ha.

    Have you started a water fast or an egg fast??

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