Who wants to join me? Summer pledge

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Who wants to join me? Summer pledge

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  • desperate-I feel cold but not nauseous.
    Fast day today after a piggie day yesterday, but I did golf 18 holes so all in all not bad. Did 3 fast days last week and aiming for that again this week. Hope all who are fasting today stay strong!

    Hi there, I have sometimes felt like this during a fast day and also find it extremely cold, I’ve sat on the couch before with about 4 layers on then a fleece blanket wrapped around me. I think the key thing is to drink plenty fluids. I drink water but sometimes get bored with that so switch to a little 250ml diet iron bru bottle. Generality I find I lack energy so I tend to not do any exercise and keep housework tasks to a minimum as the last time I ran round the house with a mop and hoover I almost conked out!!!

    Shaza πŸ™‚

    Desperate .. Try drinking more water or a cup of tea or broth and maybe a dill pickle .. I do find I freeze on fast days I tell myself it means it’s working and if I have felt off I do the dill pickle trick with water and it seems to help me

    I will end up with around 567 -570 today and will take it with no guilt since yesterday’s unplanned fast was below 500. How funny I say with no guilt and I don’t feel it at all … It really is just a phrase in this case lol. … Now in life I feel guilt every single minute heheheh

    Hello everyone πŸ™‚

    Lotta, I was so happy to see the new thread today! 5:2 has been on the backburner for me lately, but the 2 weeks until Spring Break (going to Mexico) made me want to shape up!!

    A little about myself… I am a 36 year old mom living in the midwest of USA. I started 5:2 last October and lost 10 lbs. quickly. I started to slack off around January and have only been occasionally doing a 500 calorie day. For the past month, I’ve been very focused on my fitness and it has payed off in my increased endurance and strength, but I have put on a few lbs. as well…

    I’m not sure why I can’t balance the whole 5:2 + exercise thing. I love to workout, but it seems to go along with erratic eating habits and slight weight gain. If anyone has found a balance, I’d love to hear your story!

    So I am in for the summer pledge! So happy to hear from the Christmas pledgers… You are an inspiration to me :), so happy for your success!!! Please give me some time to catch up πŸ™‚

    My first goal is to lose the bloated feeling I have before Easter. Long term goal… Not so sure yet, maybe 8 lbs… I was afraid to step on the scale today, but will face my fears tomorrow morning.

    Fast day today — meal bar for lunch, coffee, green tea and frozen meal for dinner. I’m still feeling the “difficulty” of starting again, so I need to keep it simple. Good luck / Congrats to those fasting today! I think Wednesday will be my next fast day. Anyone have advice for doing 4:3 the next 2 weeks, want to join me ;)?

    Have a good one,

    Hi EM … You can do it!

    Well today ended up being 475 .. When I was guesstimating what I would eat for dinner I way under estimated what it actually amounted to.. When I was measuring it out I realized what I had planned would be way way to much …

    Hi all. I too feel the cold on fast days. Hot fruit teas and plenty of blankets, I tell myself that’s the FDs working. Have lost 6 of the 7lb I put on while on holiday. That must have been the sangria sloshing about! What to lose another 14lb by summer hols end of June.
    Fast Day tomorrow and Thursday and see what the scales say on Saturday. Great to hear everyone’s stories. Good luck.

    New to this, but need to do something and so impressed by your successes. Would like to lose a stone by my birthday In June.

    Morning All or afternoon or evening the group is very global now.
    I always feel cold on a fast day which is weird in such a hot climate. Welcome everyone that has just started reading the posts on the group
    I hope you all have a good day fasting or not enjoy

    Hi desperate but driven, yes you’re not alone in that. I frequently feel cold on fast days. I did used to get nauseous & tired but that passed after a few weeks for me, but I still get the cold feeling. Nothing seems to help it, other than a nice warm bath.

    Think its something to do with your body converting fat – if there’s not a lot of food going in then it needs to start converting fat to fuel. Though maybe someone else can explain it better than me πŸ™‚

    I’m doing my fasts back to back this week. Normally its Monday & Wednesday but yesterday was fiancΓ©s birthday. So, today & tomorrow it is. Fingers crossed for a good one.

    Hello everyone (I wish we had a little smiley emoticon with a waving hand)

    Mogs – Your description of Slimming World meetings made me lol That’s exactly how I felt about them, hated going with a passion. Same with WW.

    Desperate but driven – how many FDs have you done so far, is it early days? I have noticed feeling a little colder on FDs but never nauseous. Do you eat a.m. and then p.m. or save it all for one larger meal?

    emmap – I’ve printed off that sausage casserole recipe, looks delish!

    Well after my FD yesterday I’m back in the zone. I’m going to try and have a decent week as I’m off on holiday Mon-Fri next week and I want to be able to relax and not obsess about food. Unlikely to have any weight loss now until next month but I’m cool with that :o)

    Have a good day everyone x

    I am aiming for hot-pants. I have good legs and I wish so much that I’d worn hot-pants at 17 but I just didn’t have the confidence. I am now 37 and have the confidence but not the legs! I have decided that if I can get down to 64kg which ought to be a UK size 10 on me then I am buying some hot pants and wearing the little sods. I will have legs waxed and spray tanned in advance!
    I started mid Jan at 76kg. I am a smidge under 70kg today and have started working on cardio and strength training at home to tone up what I have. I am still doing 5:2 and my food tastes have changed as much as my bum size!

    I put on an old little jacket from my wardrobe last week. I knew I hadn’t been able to fit in it for some time so was surprised to find I could do up the buttons. Was even more surprised to find a train ticket in the pocket from 2008!
    I have also had to buy new pants in a size smaller.

    Soon it will be a new wardrobe!.

    My goal is to be 64kg by my birthday – 20th August.

    dear All,

    I have been on 5-2 since Jan 2. I have been fairly regular with fasting 2 days per week. A few times I even did 3! I have only lost about 7 pounds, but to be honest, I only wanted to lose 12 when I started. I’m currently 5″4 and 134 pounds. I was super thin about a year ago when I was 124 but I would be thrilled just to drop to 120’s…I had some health issues and in my mid 40’s so things have changed! ugh…but eventhough it’s been a bit slow, I am hoping I can live by this WOL…

    Hi everyone,

    I’ve been catching up with your posts, I’ve never been to WW or slimming world but never been interested to pay to get weighed in front of strangers and then sit and moan about where I’m going wrong – in the past I’ve known exactly where I’ve gone wrong – I eat too much!! I have to say though that these forums are a great encouragement to anyone on the 5:2 whether things are going well or you are just looking for a bit of support as we are all in the same boat with the same goal!

    Today I’m getting through my 1st fast day off the week, getting over a calorific weekend due to it being my birthday. On Sunday I decided to eat all my remaining ferrero rochers to get them finished and out of the week but then realised still had some chocolate cake left so divvied it out to the husband and kids. But in Monday night, a lovely friend of mine turned up on my doorstep with homemade chocolate cake so just had to sample a slice of that too!

    Today, only had a yoghurt and plain biscuit so far as saving the majority of my cals for my dinner which will be cod loin, mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower, some potatoes and a light drizzle of cheese sauce. Roll on 6pm because the leftovers of my chocolate cake keep calling out to me… but I am strong πŸ™‚

    Shaza πŸ™‚

    Haha Shaza – great description of slimming clubs!

    Shaza, Happy Belated B-day!

    My scale looked pretty good this morning, taking a few weeks off 5:2 didn’t hurt me too much. I do think if I buckle down and 4:3 before my vacation in two weeks I will be proud to put on my swimsuit ;). I may even have to get a new one… So, that means 5 more fasts until Easter.

    I will be checking in here – the forum is a huge part of 5:2 success for me.

    Enjoying my non-fast day today, I will exercise tonight. Fast day tomorrow and Saturday.


    Good going Emily! I’m sure you’ll look smashing in that new swimsuit!

    Me again – still banging on about slimming clubs πŸ˜‰ Yep, mogs, I so agree: I hate that ‘I’ve been naughty’ attitude around food, which they tend to foster. Keeps people in a child-like state (and so coming back every week with their money in their hand). 5:2 seems to me much more about getting in touch with our ‘inner adult’ with food.

    rho- glad you’ve stopped stressing, though I think it is a good idea to check back in with the book now and then. Probably due for a quick reread myself. TDEE is useful for people (like me) who tend to overeat – but sounds like you’re generally well below – so happy days!

    desp-but-driven hope the advice from everyone has helped. I don’t have the nausea prob and hope you can get on top of that. But EVERY FD, I catch myself humming that song from ‘Grease’ (there’s one for The Teenagers, lol!) “I got chills, they’re multiplying …” Take it easy, though, sounds like you are a pretty healthy bmi already. I expect you know, another useful indicator of health is that your waist measurement (around the bellybutton) should be 0.5 of your height. All the best, anywyay.

    Hi again, emilyashen. Glad you’ve joined us at our ‘summer camp’ πŸ™‚

    To be honest, I’m feeling rather demotivated this week – various reasons, including feeling blinking tired! I did cycle 25 miles on Sat, so that has something to do with it. Also a bit fed up, though nothing major. I’m away for a couple of days from tomorrow, so will hang up my ‘fasting boots’ until the weekend.

    I hope you all get what you need from this week.
    Catch y’all later,
    Bootsy x

    Have been puttering with 5:2 –ahem– intermittently since Nov 2014 & browse the website for inspiration. Nice thread here! I would love to join you!!

    Have lost & kept off 10#–thirty to go. This past year+ is the most stable my weight has ever been. That’s brilliant in my corner of the world!

    My goal is to continue working the plan and let the results fall where they may. Would love to hear more about what’s working as well as your pitfalls.

    Yes, I’ll join you for 4:3! Looks like you probably started already…

    Fasting day today, #2 of 3 planned for this week. We leave home for a 5 1/2 month trip next week and I’m trying to get my head around how it will all go. Lots of planning has gone in to it so far so it’s not the logistics but more how will the fasting go? Some times we’ll be staying in houses/apartments so that works out fine. Other times tho’ we’re in hotels which means eating in restaurants, having drinks/wine etc. We usually go away for about 3 months during the summer and I always gain. This year is an especially long trip so I’m determined not to gain and in fact plan on losing, even if it is slowly (well, it will be slow, I’ve accepted that).

    Hi fast – so you are off to visit the family you can do it with this plan on your FD’s maybe try just having coffee for breakfast and one meal .. Or may being having. A salad with dressing on the side to dip into to keep from having a ton on it .l. This is doable and you will prove it to everyone! Above all have fun!

    Fast1115: have a wonderful trip! Routine while travelling is tricky. There are lots of tinned /’pouches’ of ready foods (salmon, tuna, chicken) on store shelves for emergencies. Sigh. Not glamorous, I know. Summer’s great for fresh foods & salads, teamed with a petite sirloin, or simply prepared chicken / grilled seafood…it may be easier to keep fast day limits than it seems.

    On fast days eating one ‘slow’ meal between 2-4pm-ish works for me. Any later, I keep nibbling. Too early, I crave another meal. Send your other half down for breakfast alone & out for quick food on their own for dinner. Planning evening busy-ness away from temptation on fast nights could be it’s own reward, say a concert, romantic stroll, massage….

    Otherwise, make friends with a restaurateur/maitre d’, ask for what you need, lavish profuse praise & tip generously πŸ™‚ Before you leave, make a reservation w/meal request for the next fast day. You’ll have a tasty meal set up & will be warmly welcomed and remembered when you return! Always nice when travelling. Since you’ll probably only eat one meal that day, find someone who cooks glorious food. (Since your request is really being honored by the kitchen, leave an encouraging gratuity for them early on, not just the server or maitre d’.)

    Can you tell I’m hungry & thinking about food? It’s fast day, so sorry. Grin. Anyway, stay in touch with the thread; keep us posted. Above all — Enjoy your trip!

    Thanks guys for the tips! Hubby is on his own version of IF so that will be a help. I definitely don’t have a problem asking for specific things at restaurants-I think they are so used to so many customers on so many different eating plans that they know they have to accommodate or lose them to somewhere that will.

    Good FD today, 2nd of the week, just over 500 cals in.

    Good luck if you are fasting Thursday, remember if you’re feeling tempted, Friday will be right around the corner!

    Great!! After weeks of no weight loss, suddenly things are on the move and the scales went down almost 2 kg, I have to admit I had to check at least three times and check the battery in my scales, this was yesterday. After another FD yesterday I’m down another.4 today. I fully expected the scales to be up again today. I’ m over the moon. Just goes to show never give up—plod on it’s worth it. I’m on Cloud 9 this morning. Glorious day not a cloud in the sky, I’m out for lunch but will choose very carefully today, I’m sure that’s where I’ve been going wrong, when they say eat normally on none FD days isn’t my normal. I’m going to be really careful this week, I don’t want to spoil things now do I ?

    Cath. You brought back me,memories for me … I wore hot pants the first time they came around … Yes I am that old heheheh I had two favorite outfits. Both were leather lace up hot pans with long long leather vests one was brown and one was blue… I’m trying to remember if there was fringe too but I can’t remember that

    I agree on the WW comment (don’t know slimming world but assume it is similar) I just could not do the whole people route either and I lose slowly so if I didn’t lose what they thought I should they assumed I was cheating which made me angry because I Hadn’t

    This week has been so much better for me when I am not stressing about the calorie numbers on non fast days I’m finding that I eat lower calories most days but once a week I may have a day near my TDEE or I have a day that would be around 13-1400 calories .. I decided even if it takes longer as some folks seem to think it will I am happy with that since I’m not stressing over “what to eat what to eat to get my calories up” I want this to be a doable for the rest of my life plan and stressing was bringing me right back to the old WW days and mindset

    Who knows maybe I will get back to the normal way of eating I had the first third of my life where I had to eat extra to maintain my weight .. I got very sick at 20 for a year and gained some weight and that was the beginning of my downfall .. I started WW and lost but it was the beginning of gain lose – gain more – lose – gain – lose and each time I gained my loss never got me back to where I was .. I wish I was as fat as I thought I was back then lol.

    I’m thinking I may hit that next decade of numbers this weekend yay!

    Fast do you do most of the contiguous states in your travel or is it confined to a specific coast

    Hello all!!
    I would love to join the summer pledge!
    I started fasting in February, but after a few successful weeks, got out of the pattern and have gained some weight back. REALLY want to get back into the pattern, ad it made me feel fabulous!
    Any tips for breaking the habit of making it through a fasting day and then totally blowing your whole day of work with a giant binge?
    I have tried NOT eating anything for breakfast, eating half my cals for breakfast or something very small. No matter what I do, I seem to be stuck in this pattern.
    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    Trying (my THIRD) attempt at fasting again today. You are all so inspiring! Lots of luck and look forward to motivating one another for summer weight goals!
    I would like to lose 15-20 pounds.

    Thanks for reading! πŸ™‚

    Welcome new ones. Everyone seems to be doing well. Had a good month lost 4 lbs.

    Aug 14 13 st 8 lbs
    Dec 14 12 st 8 lbs
    5 Jan 15 12 st 10 lbs
    Jan 15 12 st 7 lbs
    Feb 15 12 st 5 lbs
    March 15 12 st 1 lbs

    Hope to lose another stone by summer, fingers crossed. Fay only advice I have is to keep busy and when that little voice starts just tell it you’ll wait another half hour and then another. Slowly you will get there and once you get into the routine it’ll be fine.

    Awh, Fayfayfay, that must be gutting – to get so far through the day then have a wobble.

    I must admit I’m often tempted to do that, but I just try to keep busy (I have an evening class on one of my fast days, so that helps), get an early night, and just repeat the ole’ mantra: I can have it tomorrow, I can have it tomorrow.

    I sometimes get a real sense of satisfaction when I get through a tough fast day. And knowing tomorrow you won’t feel this way really helps me.

    Welcome newbies (she says as a relative newbie herself!).
    Rho-we spend a lot of time with/near family on the East coast and then about 6 weeks in Europe then more time back on the East coast and finish the trip with a month in the California wine country before heading back to Hawaii. We are truly spoiled and blessed.
    Fay, I read this somewhere recently and really liked it (I’m paraphrasing) “Don’t lose focus on what you want in the long run by focusing on what you want right now”. Hope that resonates with you in those moments-we all have them.

    I’m here to pledge! Do I need a Duster

    Welcome JayeGirl, no dusting required or any other housework for that matter – it’s all girl power and focus on us and how we can keep each other motivated. I find this thread very helpful during weak moments.

    Fastdiet1115 – I love that phrase you wrote on your last post, and it has helped me get through my fast day today – I may even write it on a post it note and stick it on my sweetie cupboard door for additional strength!

    Shaza πŸ™‚

    Jess from the uk
    Hope all doing well !

    First week of 4:3 started Monday
    I already feel great on fast day but not so good non fast my tdee 1600 so great and easy but when eating that much I don’t feel too nice within myself not so much guilt but bloat n body sluggish like it prefers fast days lol so far it’s working and I’m very pleased
    No side effects at all . If anything more happier due to loss feeling lighter and cleaner .

    I’m hoping my last 16lb will be gone the next two months for June ! July maybe . But yes looking forward to the finish line x

    Well I obviously made the mistake of putting a smiley in because only the first line of my post – posted!

    Pledge Polish, I was making a play on words lol

    I’m 48 years old 5’5 inches, my start weight was a massive 18.2lbs, a size 26/28. I’m now 16.11lbs. I started fasting on 16th March 2015. I’ve lost 19lbs in 6 week, so averaging about 3lbs a week. I fast Monday/Wednesday and the last two weeks also Fridays. I fast for 24 hrs, from 8pm/8pm. It suites me not to eat in the day and I manage on just soda water. On none fast days I try to eat within my TDEE. I let my hair down on Saturdays when I go out and drink and have dinner. A whole bottle of Prosecco just for me lol.

    I’m going on holiday June 11th, if I lose 2lbs a week untill then I’ll have lost another 22lbs. That’s being optimistic but I would rather have something to work towards. Ive a couple of dresses that are too small and too tight. If I lose 22lbs they might be too big lol. But for now I enjoy trying them on weekly and seeing how much better they are fitting.

    I also have problems with mobility. Had two back surgeries, have a long standing injury that left me taking most of my weight on one leg. This has lead years on to arthritis and scoliosis of the spine and arthritis in my knees and hips. After just losing these 19lbs though I am already able to walk and stand for longer. I’ve spent the last year driving to where I need to go hoping to get a seat asap, so my social life has revolved around coffee shops, restaurants, cinema etc. None of which has helped with my ever increasing weight!

    For the first time in a long time I am happy, in control, not craving, eating sensibly, eating only when I am hungry and without too much difficulty I can fast for 24 hrs! I was a complete carboholic!!! Who knew fasting would give me all that. Sticking to this for life should see me getting and staying to a comfortable size forever once I get to my goal weight.

    Good luck everyone may those 2lbs drop for you weekly and without too much hardship. I look forward to joining in with this thread.


    Hi all glad to hear housework is optional with the pledge

    Ah the posting gremlins have been at it again and only sent the first line!
    Have lost 3lb this week that’s the last if the weight I put on on holiday and 2lb into the stone I want to lose by the end of June.
    Good luck everyone.

    Hi everyone – pleased to read all your posts in this positive thread since my last entry!

    My weight loss is going well so far. πŸ™‚ I lost 1.4 kg since last week. This week, I also tried keeping a food diary. I am curious to see whether the awareness of what I eat will make a difference. I think alongside of calorie counting, my food diary will reveal my eating patterns and perhaps outline my wrong habits.

    Hope you’re all having a great weekend!

    Jaye, you are doing great, and you sound very motivated. I look forward to reading more of your posts on your journey. Was just counting my fast hours as know some people are fasting different lengths of time. My last food would be around 8pm the Monday evening then wouldn’t eat anything until about 8.30am on the Wednesday morning before going off to work so I make that fasting for about 36.5 ish hours which isn’t bad. I then watch what I eat during the day, cereal for breakfast, ham salad with coleslaw and yoghurt for lunch, perhaps a chocolate bar treat for afternoon the dinner at night. Having said that, I’ve been allowing far far far too many treats recently so was most pleasantly surprised when I stood on the scales this morning to find I’d lost half a pound. It’s beginning to come off the boobs now though which I can I’ll afford so think time to get some toning done instead of concentrating on the weight loss πŸ˜‰

    Shaza πŸ™‚

    Panettone314, keeping a food diary is a great idea. I have kept one since starting the 5:2 in January, and when I feel like eating something naughty I just have a look at how good I’ve been doing with food and instead of having that naughty chocolate bar it just makes me think twice about it although the odd treat it great and very doable on the 5:2. Previously I weighed in just once a week but now weigh myself every morning just to keep an eye on things and if I do put on I can refer back to the diary to see if there’s a pattern. Slightly obsessive I know but it works for me.

    Shaza πŸ™‚

    Hello to you all! I’d love to join in. I’m getting married in July and would like to loose 10lbs. I’ve been off and on the FD before but would really like to loose this weight & keep it off!!!


    Fast if you get out near The Hamptons let me know we could meet for coffee or something!

    ugh, spent the day flat on my back yesterday with flare up of old back injury, gotta get over it before Wednesday and the 9 hour flight….good fast day yesterday though.

    rho-that would be fun. Not on the itinerary for this year but you never know!!

    Having a really tough, stressful day which is having the slight upside in that I cannot even contemplate food because I’m so stressed out. Er…yay?

    Had my 4-weekly measuring session this weekend. No shift in arm size, waist size or rib cage measurement, but have lost a couple of inches off my boobs (HURRAH! Farewell, ridiculous bazoongers, hello reasonably priced over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders. Well, soon anyway), and quarter inches off my thighs, knees and calves. That’ll do me, quite happy with that.

    Of course I now resemble an orange with two cocktail sticks sticking out for legs and two cocktail sausages for arms. But eventually, I’m trusting, it will start to come off elsewhere too.

    Hi everyone, sorry I haven’t posted in a while but been super busy at work – but now off for two weeks yeah!

    Catching up on the thread – yep I freeze on fasting days during the day so plan for it now and wear extra clothes. I also agree with the comments about ww although only dabbled with sw. I love this way of looking after my body as I don’t get over obsessed and I find if I do go a little over the top it doesn’t derail me and Leave me wracked with guilt.

    So the last three have been slow with weight loss on average a lb a week so at least its still coming off, and tomorrow I am expecting a delivery of new clothes which are all 1 and even 2 sizes smaller than when I started which is exciting – lets just hope they fit. My poor next courier is back and forwards with orders and returns as the last 2 deliveries were all too large!

    I have the date for my MRI but its not for another 4 weeks so still have to wait to find out what is up with my hip. The pain is less now but plays up if I do too much.

    My brother and nephews are due out to visit me this week, the first time since we left the UK five years ago so I’m super excited but know it will be heavy food and drink days so I’m back to back fasting today and tomorrow to try to limit the damage…

    Hope you’re all having a good start to the week x

    Hello all

    This sounds like just the way of eating for me. Am 5ft 9inches weighing 13stone, target 11stone! Since having my children, oldest now 15 I have “struggled” with my weight. I exercise regularly but then allowed myself to eat! Kidding myself.

    Started last week and on 2nd FD, significantly easier than 1st day. I think I may have finally clicked with the difference between hunger and habit.

    My pledge is by 20th July 2015 – my thighs will no longer rub together .

    May just manage with all the support on here!


    Afternoon guys,

    @mogs, thanks for the laughs. We are ‘apples’ darling lol. You sound like you have my shape though I’m all back with a 44B/C lol. Slim arms and legs but I can see a big difference in my HUGE hips and tummy after dropping 24lbs since 16th Feb.

    I did a completely STUPID thing Saturday. Had fasted 3 days, Friday being the final one. On Saurday I had an apple for breakfast and at 2pm had a bacon and porched egg sarnie, but nothing else to eat before I went out. I wasn’t hungry so didn’t eat and intended to eat around 9.30/10 but didn’t get to the restaurant as we were all chatting. I usually drink Prosecco on Saturdays which is about 9% (I usually get nicely merry on a bottle) compared to a white wine around 12/13%. Anyway, I had 3 glasses of Chardonnay, started a 4th and then… Just got totally drunk in a nano second!!! My friends say I was fine one second and the next I had my head in my hands saying I felt sick and needed to leave. A friend took me home in a cab and stayed over with me. Not been ill like that since… Well a decade or two lol. The good news is I’ve lost another 3lbs since Saturday morning. Although I wont record it untill tomorrow as its probably dehydration. The bad, I still feel crap! And still can’t eat well and water tastes poo. So guys and gals…. Beware of drinking on an empty stomach following a fast day!

    Not fasting today as think it would be dangerous, that said I’ve only had a slice of toast with a teaspoon of peanut butter and a banana on it. Thought it would give me energy but I just feel ….ugggg

    Keep up the good work everyone.


    Hello and thank you for starting this challenge. Today is my first day on 5:2 so this is perfect for me, finding some support. I’m 45 yrs old, stand 5’5″ and weight 184 lb. By August 1st, I’d be thrilled to have lost 24 of those lb.

    I’m starting out with just fasting Mon. and Wed., to incorporate more exercise after 30 days. It’s important for me to not make too many changes all at once…while it’s tempting, history has proven it’s not a successful approach for me.

    I’ll admit I’m a bit nervous. Having an under-active thyroid, losing weight has become more difficult. But I keep reminding myself the health benefits here are well beyond losing a few pounds and that this is a new lifestyle, not a quick-fix.

    Cheers to everyone and good luck!

    Welcome newcomers,
    Jayegirl-I find it takes much less to get my happy buzz on feed days! Sorry you still feel crappy but you do need to rehydrate.

    Back is no better…doc calling in some muscle relaxants which I hope will do the trick!

    @jayegirl, just saw your post and thank you for the words of warning! I’d forgotten how horrible (and persistent) a hangover can be when drinking on an empty stomach. Ugh. I’ve decided to lower my (rather robust) intake of alcohol to only Fridays and Saturdays (and, okay…Sunday’s a wild card ;)) My fasting days will be Mon. and Wed.

    If you suspect dehydration and water tastes bad, maybe try a cuppa full-sodium broth? I recall when I was on Atkins that one cup would cure my hang-overs pretty well. The theory being, you’re already losing water and salts due to the diet (5:2 as well). I’d feel better within an hour after drinking it. Just a thought. Feel better soon!

    @fastdiet1115, sorry to hear about your back. Few things are worse than back pain πŸ™ Keeping a candle lit that you’ll feel better very soon.

    Hi everyone, today was my first fast day and I found it reasonably ok. Found a great deal of support already here in the forums, everyone is really encouraging.

    I realised today just how many posters are around enticing us to eat food! They are everywhere. Eaten just under 500 calories today so may tweak my food for my fast days. Looking forward to seeing some results. My current BMI is 33. I have tried loads of diets but always end up putting it back on. This feels more like a lifestyle change than a faddy diet so I am very positive. Drunk lots of water and black sugarless coffee too.

    Please can I join you on your summer journey, I would love to have lost at least a stone by July. I do have a long way to my ultimate goal though.

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