Stress, Migraine and fasting

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  • Hi all
    I was going to do a FD today but have had a very stressful week (friend died) and am feeling pre-migrainous. I don’t want to look for excuses to not fast/lose weight but I also don’t want to be in bed for two days with a migraine. Does anyone have any experience of this?

    I have had far fewer migraines since I started fasting. It is more likely to improve it than not. I got auras a couple of times but didn’t want to take painkillers on an empty stomach but no pain developed. Stress is harder though. I found I just didn’t lose weight while stressed from arguments and resisting temptation was harder but later when things had calmed down I would get a whoosh and so get belated benefit from the fasting, so it is worth trying to carry on. But don’t be hard on yourself if you slip up. Persistence not perfection is what is called for.

    Hi, thanks, I am only two weeks in to 5/2 but already feeling generally better, but also don’t want to trigger a migraine by being rigid about fasting. I decided to eat but also since starting 5/2 I am much more thirsty so will keep up fluids too as not drinking enough can lead to a migraine for me too.

    Has anyone of you tried cannabis for migraines? I came across this website about different strains of cannabis and their medicinal purpose. I found out that this strain is the most effective strain for migraines.

    Hi, sorry I am a new member and have not tried that for my migraine treatment. I mostly popped in here to see what to do re: fasting when feeling a migraine might be incoming.

    I take beta blockers to reduce my migraines and I also find codeine helps when the pain gets very bad (however the side effects of that can be very unpleasant itself).

    I have had migraines for many years now. I have the ones with Aura and they are brutal. I started a new medication called Aimovig which is a once a month injection. Prior to this I was having multiple migraines per month sometimes multiples in just a few days. I took the first injection on October 26th and another on November 23 and I haven’t had any migraines, not even headaches since starting it.

    I am now starting the 5:2 diet to try and help lose some weight even though I don’t have much to lose but was informed I was getting fatty liver disease and I needed to drop some weight. I’m 64 years old.

    Hi I’m a migraine sufferer too-I’m only into week 2 of the 5:2 diet and I triggered a bad one today after yesterday fast day. I feel myself going downhill about 4pm on each fast day so far
    -extremely lethargic, foggy, cant concentrate, nauseous and by bed it hit.
    Can anyone who has experienced a lifetime of migraines(not headaches as there is a difference!) give some advice on how to manage this better? I don’t want to give up so soon.

    And yes I drink heaps of water and have an allowed snack by 4pm

    Hi Annelt
    It’s a year on from my original post. I would say make sure you eat well the day before a fast day, get plenty of sleep and drink plenty on the fast day and on the day after. I would also say protein or fruit and raw veg works best for me as snacks. Sometimes I don’t stick rigidly to the FD calorie allowance if I feel like I need more (but the downside is that I haven’t had as great weight loss as I’d like). Also fast days have to go at a more measured pace than normal days.
    I can’t take any of the things people have recommended here. If I catch a migraine in it’s very earliest stages i take 3 dispersible aspirin, otherwise paracetamol & ibuprofen together. I’ve found generally since I started 5:2 I am taking better care of myself and that helps reduce my migraines.

    Hi there,

    I too suffer from chronic migraines, and they do flare up more during my fast days. As some people have suggested talk to your doctor to take preventive medication to avoid getting them as taking heavy duty medication while fasting will make you very loopy. I would suggest probably not do a water fast, make sure you are eating something and plenty of fluids. Of course, if you can get more rest, this will definitely help.

    If none works, make sure you eat so you can take your medication. My migraines can linger for days, and 1 fast day is just not worth it.

    Thanks KiizzyD. It’s good to hear from someone further on down the track. I’m only into my 3rd week. I don’t do a water fast as there’s no benefit. I drink plenty of water. My husband calls me a waterholic!-especially as its been a long hot summer.
    I took another migraineur 5:2 dieters advice and now fast from evening meal(250cal) 6:30 pmish ,no breakfast just a black tea, then lunch is at about 12ish (250cal). This has helped immensely in not feeling the premigraine/low sugar level slump, and I do snack on carrots celery -which taste wonderful!
    I’ve noticed great results already on the scales, and some pants are definitely not as tight.
    I won’t go to the gym from now on ,on the fast days-that doesn’t help me at all.

    Fasting Headache Symptoms
    The headache pain is typically mild to moderate in intensity. It is located at the forehead, and it does not throb. So a fasting headache feels more like a tension headache than a migraine. Still, fasting can induce a migraine in people who have migraine headaches.

    listen to your body , if you need to stay in bed, please stay!
    sympathize with your situation , really sorry

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