Who wants to join me? Summer pledge

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Who wants to join me? Summer pledge

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  • Hello all you fab FD’ers,

    There is a group of us who have been following a thread from last year where we pledged to reach certain goals by Christmas. It has been a great, supportive and above all ‘nice’ thread.
    However, as we are now heading into spring (here in the UK) we thought a new thread would be inspiring and supportive… to boldly go forward towards summer. 🙂

    So – do you have a goal you would like to reach for the summer? Or do you have your eye on a special swimsuit or bikini or maybe a dress you’d love to fit into?
    Join us here to offer support and help or if you need someone to encourage you by sharing your 5:2 journey so far.

    I am a mum of 2, living in London, who have so far lost 22kg (48lb) since I started this way of life in January 2014. I love the FD way and only have a few kg to go until I reach my summer goal of 60kg (132lb) by the beginning of June. I seem to have stalled lately and need a bit of focus to keep me going. 😉

    All the best

    I’d really like to be a size 14 for a wedding I’m going to in July.

    Am at a tricky stage whereby the initial excitement of a new plan has worn off, yet I’m not seeing any amazing results as yet. Need a bit of a boost!

    Hi Lotta,

    I’ll join you. I found the site almost by accident and yours was the first post I saw so I thought I’d join the forum.
    48lbs lost! That is fantastic. Well done you. It has made me think that this could be a good diet.
    I am only on my second week of fasting and today is a fast day. I hope it gets easier.
    Can I ask a question, do you have a favourite quick recipe? By the time I get home I don’t want to spend long cooking.


    Hi – Would love to join. I am plugging away but losing a bit of motivation having stayed the same for 2 weeks. I would like to lose another 7lbs by June/July just so I feel better in my summer clothes and can perhaps (perhaps!) brave a bikini! I have lost 8lbs so far since beginning of January.

    I’ve found the fasting got easier once I worked out my own style – I now have less to eat during the day and more in the evening of a fast day, and drink more liquids as well. Other people do well on one big meal.

    For fast days, my fave quick dinner is low-fast instant noodles. I put them in a large bowl and add loads of water, then add some curry powder for flavour. Very satisfying, and quick to make.

    ^Janey, it sounds like we are pretty much in the same boat. Here – have a paddle – this creek doesn’t smell so good.

    Thanks Mogs, I’ll bear that in mind.
    I forgot to say that my summer goal is to loose 2stone before my holidays in August. Seems like a daunting task right now but I’m up for it.

    Would like to lose 7or8lbs by the summer. I’ve already lost almost 2stone on this diet. My fast days are Monday and Thursday, I get weighed on Friday. I weigh 9st 5lb now.

    Hey guys! I’ll join you on this – I am new to fasting. Have tried a few times before but always lose heart and give up. This is the first time I’ve joined a weight loss forum and I’m hoping it will keep me accountable and encourage me to keep going! I’m always starting diets and giving up after losing half a stone or so… This time I’m aiming to lose around a stone by August (which is when I go on holiday).

    Fast days are Monday and Thursday – weighed myself this morning and I’m 142lbs. Planning on weighing myself once a week on a Monday and if I have lost a pound I am going to buy myself a little beauty treat as a sort of incentive to keep going!

    Just had my dinner and the post food elation has worn off – please tell me it gets easier?!

    Hi Everyone!
    Wow, what a response! Welcome all to this thread. 🙂
    So exciting that you’ve all joined, some new fasters and others “old pro’s”.

    I love hearing about all the goals for the summer.

    Well done if you have been / are losing weight & inches/cm!

    if you, like me, are stuck on a bit of a plateau… keep it going and hopefully the weight will start coming off soon again.

    I have realised I need to get back into exercise again to lose the last bit of weight but also watch what
    I eat on non fast days.

    Catch up soon!
    Lotta x

    Gianna – I’m with you! The post meal hunger is the hardest. I always drink lots of carbonated water or fruit tea until it settles. Great idea with the mini incentives! Good luck!

    Hi all summer pledgers! I’m in too -big 50 in July -..so want to keep on track I’ve lost 12 lbs since nov14..want to be looking good!!

    Hi all, I am 47 and started the fast diet last August. Starting weight was 13 st 8 lbs, I am now 12 st 5 lbs. I would like to get down to 11 st by the school summer holidays which is around 20th July here.

    Hi everyone
    i would love to join in too. I started 2nd week in January and am 16lbs down. Off on holiday in August and want to be really brave and wear a bikini – not done that for over 10 years!!!! Also never found one that is big enough for my ample assets if you know what I mean ;o)
    Main goal would be 25lbs off for the summer minimum but next mini goal is to see those scales display 10 not 11.

    hi all
    I’d love to join.
    I’ve just started this week, and been a bit up and down. taken me to start it to realise how much I do actually eat.
    but – nothing ventured nothing gained, so I’m going to do this properly.
    my goal for july2nd (our scottish summer hols here) is to lose 2 and a half stone. I have more than that to lose, but if I can lose that I will feel on top of the world.

    all your info on how much weight you’ve already lost cheers me on, so – here goes – my fast day is tomorrow !! 🙂


    Great work starting this Summer Thread, Lotta. Welcome to all friends, old and new. Well done on all your losses so far. And if, like me, you’re on a plateau at the moment – keep in touch here until you get your mojo back!

    My story is: I ‘dabbled’ with 5:2 for a couple of years until last September when I got serious and started thinking of it as a Way of Eating, rather than a diet.

    My starting weight was 13 st 9lb/BMI 30.8
    By end January this year, I was down to 12st 6lb/BMI 28.
    My ultimate aim is to get to 11st/BMI 24.9 – so another 20lb to go.
    As we all seem to be in goal setting mode, I’d better get myself to a set of scales, find out where I’m starting from and then set some sensible short term goals.

    I’m also keen on getting my waist measurement to be half my height, as that is a very good indicator of long term health. (I’m 60 next year, so no time to hang about!)

    I had a rubbish week last week (no FDs and massive overeating). So this week I am setting very short term goals, day by day. My aim for today was simply to eat within my current TDEE (about 1800 cals). Happy to report that I achieved that. Tomorrow, I shall fast but allow myself 600 cals. Gently does it for me this week!

    Looking forward to travelling towards Summer with you all.
    Bootsy 🙂

    Hi, I started in January, hoping to reach goal by Christmas, maybe even this Christmas!!!! So hoping to be halfway there by the summer.

    Planning a driving holiday from Edinburgh to Rome, meandering through France, we have a wee red two seater sports car, and it would be lovely to have the roof down without having to put it back up every few miles.

    Ideally I would love to be thiiiin, and not stand out among the very skinny french, and wear pretty clothes.

    But frankly if I could be thin enough to fit comfortably in the bloody car I would be a happy bunny!!!!!

    Wow, reading all of these posts is very inspirational! I just started- today!!! I had thought my fast days were going to be Tuesday and Thursday, however, already a blip for tomorrow. Have to go out to eat for dinner! So, this week only will switch fast days to Thursday and Saturday. (Don’t think I can do back to back days yet!)
    You are all so encouraging and look forward to your success stories! (and hopefully my own!)

    Nobody is up in my house yet but had to share……
    Today I have an important visitor at work so wanted to look uber smart. Am thrilled to be able to wear a dress I bought 2 years ago and havent been able to wear as its very clingy and today I dont look like a pound of oranges stuffed into a pair of tights so was feeling a little smug twirling infront of the mirror. I then put on my jacket – also brand new before Christmas, never worn and it swamps me! It looks ridiculous! So i thought right try on the other jacket, the one thats a size too small and it fits!!!!!!!!
    So excited and fresh motivation to keep going.
    Hope you all have a good day, its a manic fast day for me and wont sit down till 9.30 ish tonight so hoping it shows on the scales next week :o)

    Hi all something I’m not doing correctly with this posting as I write them and thenThey disappear! Try again.
    I’m 47 years old BMI 34.3 when I started mid jan. I’ve lost 14lbs so far and finding the fast days not too difficult. Took me a while to realise feast days are not of Roman banquet standard you do need to stick to the TDEE and I’m seeing good results. Would love to lose 21ilbs by end of June. 16 weeks to hols.
    Great to hear everybody’s stories.

    Well done Charliebear – isn’t that the best feeling ever when you put on clothes that didn’t fit before and now look fab (or too big)? Good luck with the scales but it doesn’t sound like they will disappoint!

    Hello everyone who has joined from other threads! Great to see you here. 🙂

    Manchesterlass – sometimes the post fairy eats my posts too 😉 But like with the FD we don’t give up, try and try again. Well done on your weight loss!

    I’ve got a fast day today – I usually do Tuesdays and Thursdays – and it feels a bit routine now as I almost always eat the same thing on my FD’s.

    ZippyAl – to sort of answer your question from yesterday… I don’t cook a lot on my fast days. My fall-back is usually a low cal salad from Waitrose at lunch and a cheese omelette for dinner. Do you have any good FD easy cook meals? All tips welcome!

    Mogs – noodles sounds good. For me it has to be quick to cook on FD’s.

    Good luck everyone who is fasting today. It’s going to be a hectic few days at work for me so will catch up later in the week.

    All the best!
    Lotta x

    Can I join in the fun? I’ve been doing 5:2 for 6 weeks today and have lost 11lbs so far. I’m thrilled and have to say it’s been pretty painless.

    I’ve struggled for as long as I can remember with weight and controlling my constant cravings. I’m loving this plan as I only have to control those cravings 2 days a week, tomorrow is always another day 🙂

    I don’t want to set myself any goals as I’m terrible for setting unrealistic targets and then getting cheesed off when I don’t reach them!! It’s only taken me 45 years to work that out!!

    Looking forward to getting to know you all x

    Hi all please can I join? Am 50 , have an arthritic hip so think if I can shed some bulk, it has got to help!!! Really looking forward to summer but not looking forward to not fitting into lovely summer clothes. Would love to lose a stone by Aug but probably 10 lbs is more realistic. Have reached a plateau for the past few months and nothing seems to be shifting. Am going to try to follow some recipes from 5 . 2 diet book. Good luck everyone.

    I had a good fast day yesterday. Didn’t eat anything until lunch time and then had home made soup followed by a sugar-free jelly. Lots of black coffee, water and low calorie drinks in the afternoon and then fish with veg at tea time. A pear an orange and another sugar-free jelly in the evening and then an Options Hot Chocolate. I don’t actually count calories on this diet which is why I think it works so well for me. I do lots of exercise either swimming or to the gym Monday to Friday and on some days I also do classes, Body Combat or Aqua Aerobics. I walk to and from the Sports Centre which is about 2.5 miles from where I live and also on some days go for a walk with my husband. I have a pedometer and so far today I have done 15840 steps and this morning I swam 80 lengths of the pool. (25m lengths).

    Anyone who’s been IFing for a while now, do you find your weight/fat loss stalls if your fasting days are too close together, or too far apart? I can’t work out if a Monday-Wednesday pattern or a Monday-Thursday pattern would be better, or if it doesn’t matter.

    MAC2015, I’m like that with goals – it works out better for me (in terms of not going doo-lally) if I just keep plodding on and see where it gets me rather than keeping my eyes on the prize the whole time. Reason being, if I ever have an off-week where I don’t seem to lose much it sends me into a right downward spiral for days. In a way, I suppose, my “goal” is to be more accepting of the ups-and-downs and take 5:2 on as a way of life, not just a diet.

    (in small quiet voice…still want to be a size 12 though…)

    Don’t we all??lol!!

    Yell it from the rooftops when you get there!!!!!!

    yes, I just want to look better in summer clothes. I find that during this cold weather i just want to eat, eat, eat. any one else have that problem??? I fall off the wagon once (or twice) in a while but keep on keepin’ on towards summer.

    Hello Everybod!

    Great to hear some more tales from posters old (Hi, Katser12!) and new. Hope Shaza joins us soon, though

    Thanks, mogs and MAC2015, you’ve confirmed that, for me, it isn’t necessary to set specific goals. Yesterday – because of wanting to join in – I said I would weigh myself soon and set a short term goal. Nope, I just want to keep my final aims in mind (about 11st/ UK size 12/ waist measurement half my height) but take it a day at a time. If I set targets and then fail to meet them, I do the same as you described and let myself get totally derailed.

    I have enjoyed my fast today. By giving myself permission to have 600 cals, it has been easier to keep to 500. Mind games on myself!

    Fifi Diana, if you are in England, I hear the weather is going to turn milder in later this week. If you are in the US – brrrrr!

    Take care, All
    Bootsy x

    A bit more from me . . .

    Just read your post meggiemae. Well done for venturing!

    It sounds like you’re going through what I (and others?) did in the early stages ie a learning process of how much less food we need, compared with what we habitually eat. I’m finding that, gradually, eating less becomes a more comfortable, enjoyable habit (with the odd detour of course!)

    I really hope you won’t take the following as me being discouraging but please be aware that the average weight loss works out at about 1lb a week. That could help you work out your likely weight loss between now and 2nd July. Many people lose more in the first month but it then, on average, evens out to 1lb/week. I would hate you to unwittingly set yourself up to fail. You can read more on this thread:

    I hope you had a good first fast day today
    Bootsy x

    Hi mogs – I don’t think there is any evidence (yet, anyway) that the spacing of FDs affects weight/fat loss. In the Fast Diet book, ‘the sainted Dr M’ 😉 didn’t suggest there was.

    Bootsy x

    Hi Bootsy!
    Great to see you on this thread! How cold is it where you are today?
    We had 1 degree in London this morning but with the windchill it felt like -5… bring on spring I say. 🙂

    I can relate to what you say about not setting goals. That was the approach I took when I started FD last year. I’ve found that if set myself goals which I then fail to reach, I would feel guilty for failing.
    So this time last year I just got on with it without having a goal.
    When I could see that it was working I decided to try to focus a bit.
    It helped when I reached those dreaded Plateaus (I’m currently on my 4th in 14 months so I know they pass).
    So I agree that this is a lifestyle change that you need to make your own. The 600 cal instead of 500 is a great example. It’s the flexibility of it that appeals to me.

    Today I’ve decided to do a 2nd FD in a row (which is very unusual for me) because it fits in with my week. I usually leave at least a day between fast days as I find I have a tendency to pig out on normal days otherwise. But this week I will try to rein myself in and do some exercise on Friday too.

    Good luck all Fast Dieters and keep those posts coming. It’s so inspirational!

    Lotta xx

    Hi Katser, welcome to the thread!
    I’ve also reached a plateau (I lose weight, I put it back on, I lose weight, I put it back on) which I’ve been on for a month now. 🙁
    I am hoping this new thread and thoughts of summer and nice weather will focus me to keep it off going forward.
    Take care and all the best with the FD.
    Lotta x

    It’s sunny today and I saw a daffodil, therefore it is SPRING (even though the temperature is arctic but ignore that).

    This means summer dresses adorned with bingo wings and chub-rub are looming. To not look like so much sausage meat squeezed into a flowery tube is not so much a goal as a desperate hope, but it’s effective motivation nonetheless!

    Would also like my waist to be half my height, but I calculate that means I should be about 7 foot 8. Have I misunderstood? 😉

    Charliebear, have you tried Bravissimo or Brastop for -ahem- more accommodating bikini tops? They do proper sizes, but I find Bravissimo are a bit pricey.

    Thanks Mogs, the problem is I think thats where a lot of my weight has gone from so now don’t know my size. Wouldn’t normally be a problem but I live in Guernsey so I could be ordering about 5 just to find my size. Going to the UK for a big shopping trip in May. Hoping by then my weight should be more settled and I can go mad!!!!!!
    Have lost my voice today so could be posting a lot as I can’t talk to anyone and its driving me mad ;o)

    Hey Charliebear – I’ve found that even though when I measure my bust and underbust the measurements haven’t changed, my bras are definitely a bit roomier than they were. I must be losing something from somewhere! Don’t want to spend much on posh lingerie while I’m still doing 5:2 for weight loss, because as you say, when your weight isn’t settled it means you’re spending on something that might not fit in a month or two.

    I dream of the day I can go into a high street store and buy a “normal” bra!

    Hello Everybod

    Lotta, I’m in Bristol. It’s bright but there’s a biting wind. The forecasters keep promising milder weather ‘later in the week’. It’s now thursday – we’re running out of week, Chaps (sounds like me and my fast days!) How did your back to back FDs go? I go ‘all unnecessary’ at the mere thought!

    I went to ‘chaperone’, as we call it, my friends’ 2 boys Now aged 11 and 13 – they are too grown up to call it ‘babysitting’. Dad had bought the family a Wii-fit and I tried it out with the lads. So I did end up weighing myself, despite all my previous blather! I was 12 st 4, so no change from the end Jan, last time I weighed myself. Def on a plateau. So what did I do? Instead of admitting my slight disappointment, I came home and mindlessly ate half a packet of biscuits. Oh well, today I pick myself up and move forward. The wii-fit did tell me I was in ‘good condition for my age’, based on the bit of exercise I did on it. Not taking any of it as gospel, though.

    Charliebear – I found my bust reduced fairly quickly too, especially in relation to other areas. I am a bit of an old hippy/feminist, so I don’t wear a bra if I can get away with it! In winter, I wear so many layers and thick jumpers that I’m well-covered anyway. Solves the problem of having to trek round the shops,or to keep returning internet items. I’ll have to sort something out for summer wear, mind you. I picture you and mogs going crazy in Victoria’s Secrets later in the Spring!
    I hope your voice gets better soon.

    Mogs, my current waist measurement means I must be an Amazon, too!

    Have a good ‘un,
    Bootsy x

    I’m new to the site, and have been following the 5:2 plan for three weeks now.

    I’m 49, male, and have found my weight creeping up every winter for the past few years. Part of the problem is that I almost got to my old goal weight a few times, but then went on extended vacations where there was just too much eating involved. I find that if I eat too much for a couple of weeks, I tend to keep doing it.

    Anyway, this time I decided to go with the 5:2 plan. I started at 175lbs and weighed in at 168 this morning. My goal is to lose 1.5lbs/week until I get to my goal weight of 138lbs. Why 138? I’m an avid recreational cyclist, and that’s my recommended race weight.

    I got down to 152 last summer, and I noticed that it made a huge difference to my cycling. Those 35mph sprints were doable, and I just had much more energy overall.

    This year’s vacation will be in a mountainous area, and 7000 ft above sea level, so I want to be in the best shape possible before I get there.

    Apart from cycling, I go to the gym when the weather sucks (a lot, this winter) and do HIT workouts on the Stairmaster (the escalator-style one) and a Marpo Kinetics rope machine.

    I find that I have much less of an appetite after being at the gym, so my fast days are the two days of the week that I usually can’t do much due to schedule conflicts (Monday and Thursday). This has really helped with weight loss, and I still eat pretty much what I always do on the other five days of the week.

    The fast days are not bad now that I’ve figured out when to eat. Being an early riser, I have found that eating 300 cals at 7am and 300 at noon works best for me. I can ignore the hunger pangs after that! I feel cold on fast days, but with the winter we’re having (another 8″ of snow today), that’s not surprising. I expect it’ll be easier once it warms up a bit.

    It’ll be interesting to follow people’s progress here. Good luck to all, and remember, it’s all calories in vs calories out. Stick to it, and it’ll work for you!

    Hi everyone
    Sorry not been on a few days but then almost couldn’t find the thread either – guess we’ve all being hibernating!
    I gave in on Thursday and went to the doctors and have laryngitis and trachitus which apparently if you have both together give you adult croup! So given in and rested for a few days. Its not been the best food week although I haven’t gone mad but discovered roasted almonds so goodness knows what effect I will see tomorrow for weigh in (eek)
    Hope you are all in much better health than me x

    Hi everyone and welcome Dave!
    Great to hear about your goals and journey so far. It sounds like you’ve got this FD way of life sussed. All the best of luck!

    Hope you get better soon Charliebear! It’s always hard when illenss strikes.

    I had planned a fast day on Thusday but I ended up working from home and that very rarely works as a fast day. So combined with a few meals out this weekend I feel like the scales aren’t going be very forgiving this week.

    But it doesn’t matter. On Tuesday I will do a new fast day and hopefully Thursday too and be back on track.
    The difference from now and before I started the FD is that if I had a week where I ate too much then I would just continue overeating. Now I know I can get back on track because my fast days work to curb the overeating as well as lower my weight.

    Have a good Sunday all and all the best for the coming week.
    Lotta x

    Hello Everybod!

    I have just been a victim of the dreaded ‘disappearing post’ 🙁

    It’s way past my bedtime so I really can’t write it all again!

    Suffice to say: I hope we all have a positive, croup-free (!) week


    Hi all,

    Really like this thread. 🙂 I’ve been doing 5-2 since early January. while I originally thought easier to fast during the work week I now feel one of the weekend days can be good. On the weekend I get up later. Exercise and am pretty busy all day. I save up the calories to eat dinner with the family and isn’t so bad. Seems more difficult when I have work lunches…it’s tough for me to use up the calories at lunch and get nothing later. Have noticed I tend to be most hungry from about 3 to 5 pm but then passes…eggwhite omelettes with lots of veggies and some cheese and salsa make a good dinner. 🙂

    Optimistically tried on a pair of jeans in a size smaller at the weekend, and couldn’t get them on, let alone done up. Oh well, I’ll try again in a few weeks, see if there’s a difference.

    Measurements still aren’t moving much, but clothes are definitely a bit looser, so *something* is happening.

    Will have a weigh-in this weekend and report back. Paws crossed.

    Hello there, I hope you don’t mind me joining in this thread. I love reading how everyone is getting on, all the ups and downs (especially the downs in weight!), its really inspiring.

    My target is 1 st by May 31st when I go on holiday. It is our 20th wedding anniversary and this is a second honeymoon. I would really like to feel more confident when I go, able to wear all the lovely summer clothes I have in my wardrobe. So I am currently 12 st 10, and I am aiming to be below 11 st 10 in 11 weeks. It’s going to be a lot of work, but worth it when I wear the lovely dress I bought last summer for a wedding but didn’t quite manage to slip down into. I will wear that dress this summer.

    I’d really love to join this thread, everyone seems so friendly and supportive 🙂 I’m a little disheartened at the moment after being the same weight for weeks, and then this morning gaining?! I need some motivation!

    I really want to have lost 28lbs by the summer July/August. That seems so far away, I keep saying a day at a time! Slow and steady wins the race.

    I’m fasting Mondays/Thursdays 🙂

    Hope everyone has a good day x

    Got the first 20lbs off, decided 20lbs for my summer pledge between now and 22 June, holiday starts around then, hopefully enough to fit in the car comfortably, so pretty much on course with you Dragon Fly.

    Hope today is the start of a good week for all!

    I am beginning the Fast Diet lifestyle in earnest. I would like to lose
    at least 30 lbs by summer. It’s a tall order, and I’ll be happy if I don’t quite get there, as long as I’m losing weight. Thanks for starting the summer pledge conversation!

    Afternoon all!

    I haven’t been on for a few days but I’ve just spent some time catching up on what’s been happening.

    Charlie bear – I hope you’re feeling better?

    Mogs – your posts do make me laugh. I dread the summer, in some respects. I’ve not worn a t-shirt in public for years and would love to get rid of my bingo wings! I’m there, secretly boiling but always answering “no I’m fine” when people ask “aren’t you hot in that?” :-/

    Hello to everyone else 🙂

    As for me, my fast days are Mondays and Thursdays and I feel like I’ve had a bit of an epiphany. I’ve always been an all or nothing type, but on this plan, I’m able to accept that I don’t have to be “good” 100% of the time. Life happens, and if I want to eat a bit more one day then I can easily adjust the next day. There are no hard and fast rules for me to break, or points to go over. Therefore I can’t “blow it” and therefore the downward spiral doesn’t get triggered. I know this is common sense to most people but to me it’s a real turning point and it makes me very optimistic about the future!

    Good luck everyone, I hope you all have a positive week x

    Great goals everyone! Keep ’em coming.

    Mogs – I have quite a few pairs of trousers and some dresses like that. The ones I aim to get into…. at some point… I think it’s good to have a carrot / stick to use when the “un-focus fairy” comes to visit. 😉

    Good luck this week all! 5:2 rocks!

    Lotta x

    Can I join in? Last weeks double digit snow storm totally blew me off track and I didn’t do my wednesday fast and went nutso with comfort food. Keep your fingers and toes crossed that the weather they see for this weekend is rain not snow (forecasters are fighting over that one). The sky is almost blue today and the sun is melting the snow yay! So feeling optimistic again. ….

    My goal for the summer is to lose enough to not have chafing and heat rash….

    Ah, yes, the thrill of the chafe. It would be nice not to feel like I’m starting a fire with friction every time I walk somewhere in a skirt.

    I’ve got a couple of pairs of trousers that I’m trying on every now and again. I’m not expecting to fit into them straight away, but it’s a good measure of how I’m doing – each time they’re a little more comfortable/easier to get on.

    Yes, MAC2015 – that’s one of things I like about 5:2 that I don’t get with other weight-loss schemes. The fact that I can’t blow the whole diet by having a biscuit or a cheese sandwich – what I call the phuket moment. Because you’ve already broken your diet for the day, phuket, you might as well stuff your face. But with 5:2, even if you somehow forgot you were on a fast day and had something to eat, you can just start again the next day and call THAT your fast day. No harm done.

    Woo hoo in fact double woo hoo
    Firstly I am starting to feel better and my voice is returning :o)

    Secondly 2.5lbs off! So thats 18 in total so far for me *dances round the room *

    Hope everyone else is doing well x

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