Who wants to join me? Summer pledge

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Who wants to join me? Summer pledge

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  • Hello Everybod!

    Welcome to all who have posted for the first time on here today. Hope you’ll keep in touch. Reading people’s successes inspires me; and reading their struggles confirms I’m not the only one who has tough times.

    IMHO (or do I really mean IMArrogantO?!!) I reckon Mer8maid has got the aims business about right. Set a target loss and date if that motivates you; but then just be glad if you’re losing, even if you don’t quite reach your goal in the time. You will still have lost far more by doing something, than you would have by doing nothing. The chances are, you’ll also have made some interesting new discoveries about yourself in relation to food and hunger.

    My next change which I want to introduce is, as well as 2 FDs a week, to eat to my TDEE for my goal weight 2 days a week (about 1700 cals). I know some people are super motivated about keeping to their TDEE 5 days per week but for me it will be another corner turned. I did it last week and actually found calorie counting on those 2 days quite a relief, rather than tiresome as I thought it might be. It stopped me having the ‘shall I eat this or shan’t I?’ battles. I also found it made my cooking more creative as I tried to prepare tasty food within the limit I had set myself. What do other people do on their eating days?

    Well done on the loss, Charliebear (shakin’ my booty to celebrate with you!) Glad you’re feeling better.

    Yup, Mogs and MAC2015, I know just what you mean about the tendency of ‘All or Nothing’ thinking. I can’t say I’ve entirely escaped its grip – it’s such an old habit and it’s dying hard – but 5:2 certainly helps.

    Lotta, I think you posted that you are fasting tomorrow, tues? I’ve decided to as well. I feel a bit uncertain that I shall manage it, so I shall think of you and hope it will shore me up if I’m flagging. I fasted on Saturday and it turned into one of those ‘Whoo hoo, I’m on a roll with this’ sort of FDs. I maybe feel a bit mistrustful that I could possibly have 2 easy FDs in a row. If I’m struggling, I’ll probably check in here during the day.

    Take care
    Bootsy x

    Morning all!

    Congrats on 18lbs off Charliebear. No wonder you’re dancing around the room!

    rho1640 – where are you that you have so much snow? :-/ Can totally understand comfort eating when it’s that cold!

    Had an awesome FD yesterday πŸ™‚ I prefer to not eat until tea time as having breakfast seems to wake the beast and a FD is so much easier for me if it’s sleeping! Made a lush chicken noodle soup and just followed it with a few grapes so will have been well under 500 cals.

    12lbs down in total this morning – get in! It’s a “normal” day for me today and feeling goooooood πŸ™‚

    How’s everyone else doing?

    Hi everyone
    It’s great reading all the motivational posts here and so glad people are sharing their ups and downs.

    I had neglected to weigh myself for a whole week so got a rude awakening this morning. I had gotten a bit blasΓ© about my weight loss as I feel quite comfortable as I am now… But I had put on 2lb over the last week so now I am in super motivated mood!!

    Bootsy – yes I’m fasting today and it should be ok but then I always find the first FD of the week ok. Hope you are doing well so far?
    The crunch will come on Thursday for me when I will have to strengthen my resolve. I’m meeting up with some really good friends on Friday night (with hubby – very unusual) so that will be a very foody and boozy evening…
    I have – like you – been thinking of trying to count calories on my ‘off’ days again. I did this a year ago but stopped after a while. I think it helps immensely! Well done for getting there – it’s a bit of a revelation. πŸ™‚

    All the best of luck everyone who is fasting today – if you feel yourself cracking under pressure use the old mantra “I can have it tomorrow. I can have it tomorrow.” πŸ™‚

    Lotta xx

    Hi all, what an inspiring bunch you all are ! great job on all the losses hope i can be one of those by the end of june with a big loss. Just starting my second week fast day today. 3 pounds down my first week and wanting to lose another 25. Would love to be down another 15 by June if not more but trying to be realistic. Been a cold winter here in Canada ate way to much comfort food this year and i’m at my heaviest i have ever been 160 as of yesterday.

    Going to try and fast all day on liquid till my evening meal so going to try and keep myself busy..
    have a great day !

    I’d like to join. 1.65m, 70.9kg (lost 3 kg already with 5:2 in 1 month). Not the fastest but getting there. Feely mainly “ugly” with my current wait. Seldom want to show myself. Goal is 60-63kg. So 7-10 kg more to go.
    I hope to be at 65 this June for beach holidays.
    More is of course welcome πŸ™‚

    Hello Everybod!

    Welcome socr8v and sunflower-ph πŸ™‚ Well done MAC2015, such a good feeling, innit? Commiserations, Lotta but I’m sure you’ll get there.

    So far so good with my FD. Just having my 2nd cup of tea, with milk. “It’s my only vice, you know” πŸ˜‰ I’m a ‘stave off until evening woman’, too, MAC2015. I’m having my version of chicken soup: homemade stock, leeks, squash, garlic, herbs. A sprinkling of parmesan -lots of flavour bang to your calorie buck in that cheese. Maybe a little roast chicken and a raw carrot if any allowance left.

    Thanks for that comment about the 2nd FD of the week often being harder, Lotta. That chimed with me, too. I shall remember that and add it to my stock of awareness about how I behave – and then I might be able to find a way to act differently. Knowledge is Power . . . oh, I reckon I could be one of those self-help gurus if I carry on like this, don’t you? πŸ˜‰

    Peace out, not pig out!

    Bootsy x

    Hi first fast of the week went well .. Mainly because I got too busy to eat lunch lol. So I ended the day with 336 calories … Have my steel cut oatmeal cooking in my rice cooker for lunch today .. The sun is working on being out and snow is melting yay!

    I’m way out on the eastern end of Long Island in New York… In “The Hamptons”. Nope not the rich and famous just the working class folks .. And retired at that so the really poor senior citizens lol.

    Trying to figure something to have for dinner .. Maybe meatloaf – poor hubs hates meatloaf but I love it so once or twice a year he is subjected to it .. I’m thinking I could make two small and freeze one for when he is away .. And salad and roasted fingerling potatoes … Yep today is happy food day heheh

    I’m also thinking I might be able to get 4:3 in this week since hubs has a big show this weekend and will be taking inventory up to display it Friday night .. So I don’t need to worry about dinner for him .. Not that it is a worry but I does make it easier on me when I don’t have to think about what to feed him

    1.5lb lost at the weigh in on Friday. Sorry to be so late posting this but not been on for a few days. I am exercising Monday to Friday, either swimming or in the gym and usually go walking at the weekend. I find the 5:2 so easy as I don’t worry about calories, just know what I can eat on fast days and eat what I want on other days. Good luck everyone on your Summer pledge.

    Congrats pamton. πŸ™‚

    Mwhahaha Bootsy! “Peace out, not pig out” That’s brilliant! πŸ˜€

    I’m looking forward to having my Waitrose cannelloni low cal pasta dish soon. I’ve had my second fruit tea today and am getting a bit sloshy πŸ˜‰

    L x

    Have a good day everyone! Stay positive πŸ˜€

    Having a fast day today and struggling with the hunger a bit. Don’t usually feel this bad – got a bit of a headache etc as well. Have got myself some fizzy water to lap at, and had a couple of hot drinks to keep me going. Staying away from the food dish by reminding myself how much fat I must be burning!

    4-weekly weigh-in on Friday. Paws crossed something has shifted. My jeans are definitely getting saggier.

    Noodles for tea – looking forward to it.

    Mogs – lots of strength thoughts coming your way. Be strong and stick to it. Saggy jeans is a great measure of re-shaping so fingers crossed for you on Friday for your weigh in.

    Pamton – well done on your success. That’s great to hear.

    I am back down to 63kg today (I usually shift 1kg on my first FD of the week) and am keeping an eye on my food intake today even if it’s a non-FD.
    I would really, really like to break the 62kg barrier on Friday morning when I weigh in after my Thursday fast so feeling motivated.

    Good luck everyone.
    Lotta x

    One thing I have discovered through doing 5:2 is how much of my eating is down to boredom, or a sense of treating myself. I’ve also re-discovered that hunger truly is the best sauce – I’d lost how it feels to really look forward to a meal because you’re hungry and anticipate it, then enjoy tucking in. I seem to stuff then graze and pay no attention to what I’m eating, it’s just to break up time.

    Apologies for a momentary attempt at philosophy. Normal silly service will now resume. Ooh look, a kitten!

    Mogs, I predict you would sell zillions of self-help books, should you decide to go for that career change and become a guru. Happy to act as your agent, for 15%.

    (Aah, a little fluffy tabby one …)

    So today one of my parents at school said to “we were looking at your bottom yesterday and noticed you seem to have a lost a lot of weight”
    Sort of pleased that they noticed and also slightly freaked out that my bottom is talk of the playground!

    Good morning everyone!

    lol Charliebear – enjoy the attention your bottom’s getting!

    Mogs I can totally relate to mindless eating through boredom/habbit and how much nicer food tastes when you’re actually hungry and anticipating it. That’s my biggest issue.

    Hope you break the 62kg barrier on Friday Lotta!

    I’m on my second FD of the week and am starving already. This is really unusual and I’m wondering if it’s because I’ve been doing a LOT of walking this week so maybe I genuinely have worked off everything I’ve eaten and I need more. Anyway, filling up on water & green tea and hoping it passes. Thankfully I’m at work with nothing to hand so I have no choice but to abstain until at least 2.30pm

    Will need to dig deep tonight though, I’m baking cupcakes with my 5 year old after school ready of Comic Relief tomorrow!!

    How’s everyone doing this week?

    Had a tough FD yesterday myself – however, i felt great when I went to bed, knowing that I’d taken it on and beaten it. Yay me! I don’t *have* to be a ravenous Jabba-like beast, I can conquer adversity etc etc. I think it might have been extra tough for me yesterday as I only had one normal day between that and the last FD, so maybe there wasn’t enough in the system to keep me going? Just a thought.

    Going to weigh in tomorrow morning – not that weight matters that much. It’s more to check that I’m going in the right direction. I’d rather be a lead pencil than a helium balloon!

    Pretend the cupcakes are poison. Or go vegan for a day – that’s what I do. It really helps me resist temptation.

    Yesterday was a tough FD .. Came in at 617. I’ll take it though … Will try for a little lower cal day today to make up but Monday’s fast was less that 500 … I’m so so trying to not obsess about a “DIET”. And making this just the way to live naturally… Hopefully it will come as I go along the journey and get to goal or closer to goal but that is a long long way away …

    Fully with you. Trying to not obsessed with 5:2 as a diet either. It’s not easy I can tell but it should be the best way to incorporate it into life.
    Had one of the better FD today. We had fantastic sunny weather so went for a long what helped with my hunger. I figured after so many weeks that’s it’s best to eat a proper meal around 3/4 pm. And not splitt my daily consumption too much.
    Can’t wait for my weight day.
    Unfortunately I’m not the fastest in loosing weight. πŸ™

    Down another 0.4% body fat at weigh-in today, and down a couple of pounds from last month. Quite pleased with that. It’s going in the right direction – sunflower, I’m nt the fastest weight loser in the west either, but then again it’s not a race =)

    Have promised myself a new pair of jeans when i can comfortably buy the next size down. That’s my next mini-goal. My last pair (bought in January) are now all saggy and baggy!

    Hi all,

    Haven’t posted in awhile. I have only achieved one fast day this week! I made other attempts but seemed to have been sabotaged each day. Also, started this Pilates class and was absolutely starving the nights after the class! Couldn’t stop eating carbs! Ugh. So today in going to try hard to drink only liquids u til healthy dinner. It’s hard because many times we have social business meals at work whih arms to ruin everything. If I get invited today I will need to say I have an upset stomach or something! Otherwise it would need to be my only meal at lunch which is scary for me. Rather starve all day and know can eat later. Yikes! Ps ended up binging on my kids Japanese chewy candies last night and ten couple handfuls chocolate chips. Feeling blue:( but will feel good fasting today!

    @sunflower. I get the whole losing slowly thing for sure … And I am so angry at myself for gaining and now having to re-lose a good portion of the weight I need to get to goal. I do lots of self talk that it was a necessary learning experience so that when I make it to goal I will stay there .. But man having to lose 50 lbs that I lost once before just blows. I caught it before it went back to where I started but gaining half back stinks big time.

    I’m making adjustments to try to lose faster .. Don’t we all … And one adjustment may be giving up carbs again .. Other than one day a week … I’m not quite ready to do it but I do think it is coming … I lost the 115 lbs doing low carb originally but I hated limiting my foods … But maybe it is time to combine LC and 5:2 … Other than pizza day .. Homemade pizza …

    I really would like to get to goal and be able to enjoy it

    Hello everyone!

    Well done to those who are losing. A big pat on the back!!

    Commiserations and strength thoughts to those of you who are struggling, finding it hard, gaining weight back and feeling guilty!!

    Like many of the posts say it’s a long term lifestyle change with this ‘diet’ and rather than replacing one food with another or with replacement shakes etc it helps us understand how much / little food we need to ‘survive’. That knowledge sometimes makes it harder to Fast because we know we can survive on such a small amount of food. At least that’s what it feels like for me sometimes. I now know having eaten more than I should that I am un-doing all the good work I have done during a Fast day.
    But then I think that every new day is a potential fast day and I can re-start again tomorrow, and that takes the edge off the feeling of ‘failing’.

    I had hoped to reach my short term goal of getting below 62kg today but I came in at 62.3kg.
    This week I will however NOT ruin all that hard work by stuffing my greedy face over the weekend… oh, hang on – I’m going out tonight AND it’s Mothers Day on Sunday… ah well… There is always next week πŸ˜€

    Good luck all the fasters today and have a good weekend everyone.
    Lotta xx

    Hi everyone, hope your weekend has started well. I will admit to being a daily weigher as I find it helps me stay in control so although I’ve stuck with it this week, the scales have not moved a jot and I have a big girls night out tonight and mothers day lunch and treats tomorrow so I know the scales will only go up on Monday my weigh in day. So felt a little fed up all week…..
    However today I measured and low and behold the inches are moving. I also decided to buy a new top for tonight and had to go down a dress size, so went for it and tried new underwear (you will remember my whole bikini discussion earlier in the thread) and yes you guessed down a size and a cup size!
    So thought I’d share for others who may also be feeling fed up that sometimes the scales don’t show the full picture.
    Loving having the support and banter on here, it’s kept me going this week when I felt low x

    Hi all – rainy day here but I’m thrilled cause maybe all the snow will be gone by monday .. Apparently we are in mud season now for awhile Hehehehe

    Did good with 4:3 last week I may try doing that for awhile .. We do an annual long weekend with friends in April and I would love to lose as much as I can before that .. Luckily I will still be able to do 5:2 that week and the week after I may be able to do 4:3 … To mitigate any damage done while away and eating and drinking way too much … Laughter burns lots of calories though right?

    We have a wedding to go to next August (2016) in Alaska – (if I can save the money up for the trip lol) and I want to be as close to goal as I can by then if not AT goal and maintaining..

    As I’ve said so many times and will keep saying till you all are so so tired of it ….. This way of eating makes so much sense to me .. I swear it is how we ate when I was a kid (back in the days of dinosaurs) no diet foods (were there even any before the soft drink TAB came out) no junk foods other than as a treat and full fat full sugar full goodness foods …. I’m beginning to wonder if the invention of all the low everything foods wasn’t the beginning of the massive obesity epidemic. And if I’m not hungry I’m not eating just because it Is breakfast or lunch or snack time whatever! If I’m peckish I’m having something small .. Instead of a whole meal – I’m keeping a half dozen boiled eggs in the fridge cause lots of times one of them with some yellow mustard is really all I need .. And I have dill pickles and olives at hand all the time …I’ve found that sometimes my brain is saying you need chocolate when actually a dill pickle with crunch and salty brine takes care of the craving…

    I want to work up a few menus for fasting days that I will keep in a notebook so I can just look thru it and see something to have that both hubs and I love and I can know exactly how much to measure out to fit in the plan ..

    I swear I have never been a breakfast person other than coffee and then way back in the day I went to weight watchers and they stressed you must must MUST eat 3 meals a day and two snacks … I probably had 15 lbs to lose back then and thought I was massive … I fell for that line completely and look where I am now .. Lost 56 lbs and need to lose 88 more … So I’m going with what I did all my life when I needed to gain weight to be on the you should weigh this page – and I’m listening to my body from now on along with this ….

    Dang … That was a book …. Sorry

    Hi everyone!

    Have had a busy weekend so haven’t been on. Had a fairly major alcohol blow out on Friday night but I’m totally o.k. with it. I had great fun with some friends I’ve not seen in a while and I refuse to feel guilty about that. Back to normal Saturday & Sunday and then first FD of the week today :o) It’s worth mentioning that this is a significant turning point for me. Prior to 5:2, having “blown it” on Friday night I would have continued to scoff for the rest of the weekend. Eureka!!!

    rho1640 I totally agree with the introduction of the low fat/low sugar stuff being the beginning of the end!! I refuse to buy any of it now and eat real butter, full fat yogurts etc. I just eat them in moderation. It’s a much more wholesome and natural way of eating.

    Well done on the new undies Charliebear πŸ˜‰

    Let’s hope we all have a couple of easy/decent FDs this week xx

    Hi Everyone hope you are all well. I’ve been reading through your posts today I should be working but my mind is drifting, I think it’s the Monday blues Bootsy Badger suggested I should take a look and join the thread. I really like the way you all chat and help each other through patches of hunger, I live in Mauritius so I’m just coming to the end of my summer and going into winter but I am going to a wedding in the UK in August so will still aim to have dropped 2 dress sizes by then so I am working in the same season as you all.
    I started 5:2 a while ago and was successful but then stopped and all the good I had achieved disappeared so it’s time to start again and fingers crossed stick to it this time. I started at the beginning of February and have lost around 3.5Kg in total so far, some weeks I have stuck religiously to the 2 days but others haven’t quite been so good. So today is my first fast day of the week and I am considering doing tomorrow as number 2 as I am struggling to fit in a day after that so wish me luck. Am not too obsessed by food today but I am looking forward to my courgette lasagne for dinner tonight πŸ˜‰
    I look forward to hearing from and contributing support to everyone in the group so that we can all achieve our goals. I know I need help getting there 

    Take Care

    Lost 0.25lb at my weigh in on Friday, not much but better than a gain. Will try to do better this week. On a fast day today and have just had a plate of salad and a sugar free jelly. I was at the gym this morning and have been drinking water and black coffee. Tonight I will be having roast beef and vegetables.

    Enmap please join the thread … It took me a week of reading before I did and I wish I had done it earlier …

    Fast day today .. Struggling a little bit ..just made a cup of coffee and did 2000 steps to get over the hump I hope lol.

    Sorry for that first mistake full post .. Ipad seems to have a mind of its own today

    I read all your posts and sometimes wish I was in your time zone when I stillnhave the day to go and you all are almost done with a fast day lol.

    Mac. Yay on the time spent with friends … I figure we are doing this for life not just to get to a goal (although that will be GREAT). So learning to have fun and live life and get back on and continue is key ….. Eureka is right for doing the fd and continuing on today!

    I think my time zone and working hours are an advantage for this. I start work at 12 and finish 9pm so by the time I get home I’m exhausted. I feed the hungry dogs and then there is very little time to think about food before I go to bed.

    Having a “good” fast day today, in that it seems fairly easy and I’m quite happy with my modest weight loss &c. Birthday cake and fizz at work later, but will just stand at the back and nod and smile and pass on that – most people here know I’m doing 5:2 so I just say it’s a fast day and nobody presses me, really.

    Got a holiday coming up in about 5 or 6 weeks. Not expecting to be Kate Moss by then, but it would be nice to shift a few more pounds of fat by then. I’m between sizes at the moment (why isn’t there a size 15?) so would be nice to be comfortably in the size below. Paws crossed, and we shall see what happens. Not going to stress about it.

    Had much cheese over the weekend, and wine. Loved it. No regrets, not even a scrap of guilt =)

    Hi all
    No loss for me this week but major weekend of fun/alcohol and treats and as I’ve had to start buying clothes in the next size down I’m not too worried as I know its shifting.
    Unfortunately spent the morning in hospital after fainting first thing from chronic pain in my hip. So lots of xrays and painkillers and a return visit to the consultant in a couple of days so not overly concerned about what I’m eating today as I have to get my painkillers done on a full stomach . Hoping to feel more human tomorrow.
    Hope everyone is having a good day x

    Hello Everybod

    Charliebear, sorry to hear that you have to deal with chronic pain in your hip. Eat, take painkillers, look after yourself. Glad you had a good weekend (as did MAC2015, by the sound of it!) and that you’re keeping it in perspective – clothes size is as important an indicator as numbers on a scale (imho/imarroganto)

    Rho1640, thanks for sharing – it’s great to get to know people better. August 2016 sounds an excellent deadline – long enough to break into chunks/ mini-goals but still near enough to keep on the horizon. I’m with you and MAC on how great it is to learn a whole new approach to eating, through 5:2, rather than simply being sucked back into the same old ‘All or Nothing’ diet approach.

    Hey emmap! Thanks for joining us! Was wondering how you’ve been getting on. Don’t want to discourage you from your aim of 2 FDs in a row; but just be aware it’s pretty demanding. I imagine it is, anyway, as I’ve never attempted it πŸ˜‰ I know my limits! Good luck with it though – you might take to it like a duck to water. Keep us posted with how you get on.

    Happy for you, pamton. It’s still going in the right direction.

    Mogs – if you do find size 15 (or a unicorn hehe!) – LET ME KNOW! Doris (my tortoiseshell feline) could slip into the waistband of my size 16s with me, but when I try on a pair of 14s, it’s muffin-top time!

    Best wishes to us all!

    Joining the group and adding another time zone-Hawaii. Current weight is 160; goal is 145. 5’5″, 57 y.o. female (original weight when I kicked myself in the butt for again gaining previously lost weight: 167)
    DH and I have done IF on and off for weight loss-successfully; 10 – 20 pounds. Only to gain it back over time when we strayed. Now viewing it as both a weight loss strategy and maintenance program (probably 1 fast day a week, but we’ll see when I get there). Came back after losing about 7 pounds on LCHF eating which I love (butter, avocado, macadamia nuts etc). But have been stalled for 2 months so I think the ol’ metabolism has reregulated itself again, sigh. Anyway, my goal is to lose the remaining 15 pounds, specifically at a pound a week. I’ll be doing Mon and Thurs generally plus a Saturday thrown in when schedule permits. On non Fast days will be eating 1500 cals. First day today; breaking fast in 65 minutes (not that I’m counting!). Not too bad, certainly less onerous than I remember!

    Ended up being a decent fast day at 561 .. And walked some bonus calories worth 108 calories .. I go by the total but have to admit loving seeing the bonus take away from the total lol.

    Charliebear .. Take care of you thatnis scary for sure .. And feel better quickly

    Hawaii … Have you always lived there or are you a lucky transplant .. At one point our Alaska wedding was discussed as a hawaii wedding .. After our east coast snow that was sounding pretty good lol.

    Sign me up for a unicorn too

    Morning everyone, well fast day went well yesterday so I’ve decided to take the tough challenge of doing my second day today. I’m watching Eastenders waiting for my breakfast to cook, I woke up with gusto this morning I’ve even done a bit of exercise.
    Charliebear hope your hip isn’t so sore today, hello to fastdiet1115 from another hemisphere, rho1648 well done with the bonus walk
    Mogs and Bootsy I would love to find the inbetween size and the unicorn
    Have fantastic days everyone

    Hiya all. Sort of new to this have never really left a comment before. Id like to say iv tried this diet but always failed after the first fast diet and could never get my head round to trying again until weeks later when i put even more weight on!! I dont know what is wrong with that i cant fast for a whole day! I fast yesterday and could only make it 24 hour fast cause i know you should fast for 36 hours. Any tips please. Thanks

    Hi everyone I would love to join this group really need some encouragement, do manage the fast days OK and count caloriea on non fast days so as not to go over my TDEE. Had hip replacement in Dec but now back on treadmill and doing more walking. This is my sixth week and only lost 2lb but an inch off my waist and 1 in off one leg, this was food as it was fatter than the other one!!! Would like to shift 2 stone but each half stone is by aim.

    Hi Mogs, we are a bit the same.I tried some trousers from my ‘slimmer days’ trousers on managed to pull them up but no chance of fastening them so I have hung them at the front on my wardrobe to give me some incentive. Only seen 2lb weight loss in 5 wks but lost an inch off my waist and one of my legs, luckily it was fatter than the other lol!!!

    WOW this really is turning into a global thread!! Hello to everyone, especially those that have joined recently.

    Fastdiet1115 – the weather is pretty grey here in the UK and since reading your post I’ve been dreaming of Hawaiian sunshine! Hopefully it won’t be long before the sun shines here!

    Charliebear I hope the pain is under control now. Sounds awful πŸ™

    Fitzy999 – When you say you can only make 24 hours fasting what do you mean by that? Are you eating at all or going 24 hours without food? It may be you just need to tweak the plan to suit your preferences. Give us a typical FD…

    I had a great FD yesterday, seemed to fly by with little effort and came in under 500 cals – so chuffed with that. I love those days! I’m working towards my first stone, only 2 lbs to go so hoping it won’t be long now. That said, it is what it is, and if it takes me another month then so be it. This way of eating makes so much sense to me. I’ve battled with food my entire adult life and I feel liberated from that with 5:2.

    Have a great day everyone xx

    rho1640-we moved here about 8 years ago; love it. Only downside is we’re a long way from family and we have a granddaughter now (4 this coming summer) so we do spend more time traveling, generally leave for most of the summer to see family and spend some time in Europe.
    Glad to join an active thread. Seems most of the threads burn out quickly. I found a few that I’ve joined that I hope to get inspiration from and to provide encouragement when I can.
    First FD yesterday went well: 18 hour fast followed by 511 calories. Felt fine. Not hungry this morning. Hope you all have a good one-sending warm weather your way MAC2015!

    Hello Everybod and welcome all new posters

    fitzy999, I’m with MAC2015 – give us a bit more detail on a typical fast day cal consumption for you and the chances are some of us will have some helpful tips. Take it as a steady process. At first, limiting my calories to 500 in a 36 hour period seemed a huge ask. After support and advice from other posters on this forum, I ‘allowed’ myself up to 600 for the first few weeks. I looked on it as a ‘warm up’. It was such a major change in my approach to food that, looking back, no wonder I couldn’t plunge straight into it. Approx 6 months in, I can comfortably enjoy 500 cals. It also took me time to work out the best value foods to eat for enjoyment and feeling satisfied within the 500 limit. I think the book suggests giving it a couple of months, without focusing too much on weight – just on changing habits. Easier said than done, of course, for us humans. Good luck and keep in touch.

    Hope the 2nd FD went well, emmap. You sounded as bouncy as a baby goat πŸ˜‰ this morning! Boingg!

    So glad your FD went smoothly, MAC2015. Everything falls into place on days like that. Deni1952 – I’m a big fan of measuring, too. Glad your legs now match, lol. Fastdiet1115 – good luck with the last 15 lb. You sound in a good place to tackle it.

    I planned to fast on Mon, then as the day turned out more demanding than I thought, turned it into an ‘ordinary’ day. So tomoz is first FD of week. I feel a bit disorganised – not a good sign, as I prefer to have a fairly clear idea of what I will eat by the evening before. I find that structure helps, even if I end up tweaking it as the day goes on. Only thing I’m sure of is that carrots will be involved. They are covered in genuine organic soil at moment so that must be good! Wish me luck, will pop in if I’m struggling – it always helps me.

    Hope we all get in the groove this evening and tomorrow. x

    Hi evereryone,
    Big welcome all newbies and great to see all the regulars!

    Love that this has turned into to such a global thread! When us in the northern hemisphere go to bed you who live in the southern one take over! And vice versa… πŸ˜‰

    I’ve had a truly calorific weekend while out with friends on Friday (wine and steak – scoff) and lot’s of treats for Mothers day on Sunday (cakes, profiteroles, bubbly… The list goes on). So yet again when I weighed myself this morning I had put back 1.2 kg since Friday… But it was worth it!
    So motivation for this week is high!

    First fast day today as usual. No breakfast or lunch as too busy at work so got to have a more sustantial meal this evening which was nice.
    Now pining for the doughnuts in the cupboard downstairs… I even looked at the cal contents to see if I could have one… Mwhahahaha! πŸ˜€

    Keep strong everyone who is fasting today and keep all the amazing stories coming.

    Lotta xx

    So my normal FD’s ar monday and Wednesday .. Have been doing either another fd or a low cal day on Friday and it seems to be working for me ….. Today was cooking the corned beef and cabbage for dinner so it was simmering away .. And a friend stopped over and stayed chatting for 4 hours … Sooo coffee for breakfast and no lunch .. Then had a customer stop by for another half hour and many phone calls so had dinner only … Omg I ate too much first of all!! I am stuffed .. Calorie wise I had around 600 (mainly because of meat and horseradish sauce) so all great right …. But my steps have suffered big time today I will have to really work to get to my 10,000 steps for the day … So I’m not counting it as a fast – if I had been smarter and quicker have eaten a little less so it did qualify – not to mention I wouldn’t feel like I was going to explode lol. Tomorrow I will do my normal fast .. And will struggle because I’m going to a program at the library at noon and it is artisanal chocolate and you get to taste it … I think in I’ll bring a Baggie to put mine in for thursday

    Fitzy what did you eat on your fast day .. That will be a help for the experts to be able to help you … I don’t think about the hours I fast – I am done dinner by 7 and I don’t eat after dinner so I go to morning when I have my coffee (I’ve never been much for breakfast so I’m good with coffee usually) for lunch if I’m hungry I have a hard boiled egg with mustard on it and a dill pickle … And dinner is whatever we ware having but I do try to be sure to have salad and more veggies so I can have enough of them to fill up with whatever meat I’m having weighed out … So I average pretty close to 500-600 on a fast day slowly getting more consistent about it being near 500.. I’ve also had the salad I would have with dinner at lunch if I was absolutely starving and cut my egg into it …. Then I just have veggies and meat for dinner …

    Sounds like everyone had a good Mother’s Day … So glad to see that ours isn’t for awhile her but not something I have to worry about we weren’t able to have kids and no parents around anymore …

    Fast diet I’m sure you do travel a lot now to see family and grands but grands make it all worth it for sure!
    A guy I went to high school with lives in Hawaii now too and loves it! Finally the snow is going away here .. Now if the “possible” snow they are forecasting for Friday turns into rain I will be really happy …. Enough is enough … The wind is howling now and it is getting colder think I will be hanging the blanket over the front door again tonight though

    Sorry for any typing errors .. My iPad keyboard is acting a little more funky than usual even .. I try to catch most of it but I miss some all the time … Plus add in some dyslexia to the mix and I can come up with super creative words lol

    Right now I am at 237, I was at 227 before being snowed in made me not care. I car again, I would like to get below 220 by summer. It’s doable . My mom is fasting as well , but the more the merrier!

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