Who wants to join me? Summer pledge

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Who wants to join me? Summer pledge

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  • Morning Everyone
    How are you all today? Well 2 consecutive fast days wasnt as bad as I was expecting. On Monday I had 457 Calories and yesterday 554 so not really bad. I started to wobble and bit and almost ate my emergency banana half way through the day but another glass of water helped.

    Mica-D – its very doable I’m a newbie here but its nice to have people to share with, it makes a fast day and normal day actually easier to get through.

    Bootsy – I feel like a bouncy goat this morning, I’m not usually an early bird but have been recently.

    Its a non fast day for me today I’m feeling quite good as the last 2 fast days have been relatively easy lets hope that carries on all day. Tell me do you write down your food for your non fast days or just your fast days?
    I only do the fast days I’m quite strict on it and everything has to be planned, would it help me more if I wrote everything down?

    Oh well have lovely days everyone, the sun is shining in Mauritius oh how I wish I was at home enjoying it rather than looking out of the office window, roll on the weekend
    Take care everyone and happy fasting xx

    Good Morning all!

    Well done on your fast. Can I join in the bouncing Emmap? I feel a bit like my mums Jack Russel terrier this morning. Bouncy, sleek and full of feisty determination! Watch out world! 😀

    Had a good fast day yesterday and am down to 62.4kg today. Having a ‘normal’ day today so will do my best to keep to within my TDEE (1700 cal I think). That way I might bounce across the 62kg line by Friday morning weigh in. Woohoo!

    Good luck today all fasters and keep it going!

    Lotta xx

    Morning all .. Venting here .. Then will run away and start the day … I gained 2 lbs from one plate of food yesterday! I know it was that since it’s all I ate lol. I knew the plate felt heavy with all that cabbage, potato, carrots and meat but dang! And I know it will go away as soon as I hit the potty lol but still DANG!! Double DANG!!

    And I haven’t slept in two days more than 3 hours each night and those were in my recliner rather than in bed … Hubs hs been snoring so I haven’t been able to stay in bed when I finally could go in….. I am exhausted and headachey and cranky .. So I decided to make tomorrow fast day and today a regular day … Especially since I have that thing at the library today … Which I’m thinking why oh why at this point ….

    Another reason to love this W.O.E. I can adjust the days …

    Everyone have a great day …
    Man I just want to stand under a hot shower and go to bed … At least there is no cooking tonight .. Leftovers .. So only need to do veggies …. And if I feel like this when I come home I’m napping I swear!

    You haven’t gained two pounds of fat from one meal. Weight fluctuates day to day and hour to hour and is to do with water more than anything. What you eat won’t determine what you weigh for several days – sometimes more than a week. That’s why I’m not a big fan of daily or weekly weighing – you get some meaningless numbers that ruin your day. Chuck your scales out if they’re going to have this sort of hold over you.

    I don’t count calories AT ALL on non-fast days and the fat is still melting away cheerfully. Several people have now commented that I’ve lost weight, which is nice – that means more to me than some arbitrary numbers on some flat, battery-powered floor-dwelling jumped-up calculator little Hitler machine!

    Oh, Charliebear, hope you’re feeling better.

    Hi Lotta et al, would it be okay if I join you?

    I’m getting married in June this year (10 weeks away, eek!) and have been following the 5:2 since September (well, dabbling more like). I’ve lost 10lbs since then but ideally like to lose another 7 or so before my wedding & extended honeymoon.

    Need the encouragement!

    Hi there,
    At 67 I only decided to start the diet today having just read the book….which is quite inspirational.My short term aim is to lose 8lbs by the end of April…I know that’s fairly short and sweet but I have to start somewhere and the period I have chosen also includes a holiday in Northumberland and a few days in Scotland, so at least I will be getting some exercise.If I am successful…..I will hopefully lose the other 8lbs AND feel better all round. Love the recipes, lots of things I like to eat 🙂
    Enjoyed reading loads of positive comments on here. No doubt I’ll be posting again for one reason or another.

    Just spent some time reading thru this thread. What an inspiring and fun group you are! Is there room for one more?

    I’m in Pennsylvania in the US where we’re just struggling to come out from under a terrible winter. Now they tell us that we may have some snow on Friday, the first day of Spring! WHAT???? Sometimes I think I won’t make it thru!

    I’ve been doing 5:2 since January 4th, but only down 3 lbs or so. I do a lot of exercise, so I try to go more by how I look and my waist measurement which is down at least 3 inches. I do have a bit of an issue with eating too much on weekends, so I’m working on that. I have added a couple 1,000 calorie days to my week in order to get things moving. I was not new to dieting when I started 5:2 which I think can make a difference in how quickly you lose. I’ve been about this same weight for almost 2 years(after losing 33 lbs) so I have the maintaining thing down. The only problem is that I’m still 30 lbs overweight!

    I’m in the middle of a fast day and drinking green tea to keep myself going. Hope you are all doing well!

    Hello all from Hawaii,
    2nd fast day today, supposed to be tomorrow but social event in the evening that I want to enjoy!
    Have break-fast planned at 2pm or so and dinner at 6:30p; should come in around 510 cals if all goes well.

    Have a good day all.

    Hi all not been on for a while great to see so many people joining in the thread. I’ve had a great holiday and put 6lb back on! I lose it fast but put it back on much faster. Back to 5:2 this week a seemed to get back into it ok which is great as I when I first did this was cold and had headaches.
    Weigh day Saturday so fingers crossed.

    Hi Manchesterlass, no worries, I put on about the same in less than a week away, already 2lb down. I too found it easy to get back into the swing, did a back 2 back fast straightaway. Bodes well for managing this WOL longterm, so feeling good about the Summer target. Hope all are doing well.

    Just started today and saw this summer challenge – and reading it inspires me, so thanks for the inspiration people! I have had a green smoothie with green protein powder this afternoon. And plan to use up the rest of my 500 calories with a piece of fish and some broth if I feel hungry. So far so good though. Rearranged breakfast plans Friday morning since that will be a fast day…I plan to do the 4:3 so that I can lose a bit faster. I need to and have put this off long enough. I learned about this a year ago and did it for a few weeks with great results. So I’m back after my doc told me lose weight or else I’m putting you on diabetes medication. I’ve been hovering and have finally tipped the scale – though he said losing weight should reverse it – and help the fatty liver they apparently discovered. I want to lose 50 pounds by July. That’s my goal. I think I can do it! One (fast) day at a time…

    Hello everyone and welcome to all the newbies!

    We have loads of space for you all, the more the merrier! We are a friendly supportive bunch and it’s great to hear all your stories. For those of you who thrive on goals (short, mid and long term) it’s great to see them too. For those of you who prefer to take one day at a time without the pressure of a set deadline that’s great too.

    I’ve been in both minds during my year long FD journey; First no goals at all – take each day as it comes. Then long term goals – fit into the smaller size swimsuit by last summer. And now short term goals, ie get below 62kg before Easter. Then lose the remaining 2kg before end of May. I can do it!

    This is why I think the FD way of life work for so many people:
    It’s flexible and fits in with the demands of modern life.
    It teaches us how to listen to our bodies and be ok with being hungry. These days I almost relish this feeling as I know it’s doing me good to not be full and bloated all the time.
    It gives us strength when we achieve what we set out to do – just doing one FD is better than doing nothing. And we feel “good” when we manage it.
    It gives us leeway when we don’t quite reach our calorie target with every new day a potential new Fast Day. There is never failure, just keep going towards better health.

    Right – that was quite a long post. Better get back to work 🙂

    Good luck all fellow Thursday fasters! I’m heading out into the London “smog-zone” to get my 187 calorie prawn salad for lunch.

    All the best!
    Lotta xx

    All of your stories are very inspiring. Congratulations to all of you for your success! I would like to join you 🙂 I am a 30 year old female weighing 180 pounds and would like to lose 50 pounds. I know this will take more time than just summer, but I look forward to seeing my summer results. This is day ONE for me! I stumbled across this site yesterday while researching the health benefits of fasting. I have decided to start this! I am doing a 4:3 for the first week to see what happens. I have been having stomach problems recently and I was originally researching fasting as a way of cleansing and healing the body, and I am excited to discover there is more to it than that!! Today is my first fasting day. My weeks are running from Wednesday to Tuesday since I wanted to start right away and it was the middle of the week. I plan to have a 350 calorie dinner tonight, a banana for lunch today, and drink plenty of water all day. Here I go!

    Morning all … Lori. They are saying that blasted snow for us too .. 2-4 inches of snow in the forecast as of this morning .. I keep telling myself it will melt fast … But dang we were just seeing the grass …. Remind me when I’m complaining about summer heat and humidity (no air conditioning here) how miserable the winter was ..

    Mogs I know it isn’t actual weight put on .. But I was still amazed … The scale hasn’t got much of a hold over me .. I do weigh daily mainly because I want to be able to look back at the trends when I meet goal .. I actually don’t care if I weigh this when I’m in a size 12 lol. But I will bitch about things like that and also plateaus just to warn you heheheh

    Fast how did the dd go yesterday?

    Debating fasting today or tomorrow .. Maybe today since leftover corned beef is on the menu and it is a fast dinner after knitting group tonight ..

    Have a super day

    Edited to add I swear I posted here yesterday evening but don’t see it lol

    Good Morning!

    I’m in a terrific mood as the sun is shining, I had a good boot camp workout, and the scale was down this morning! It’s about time!!

    My fast day yesterday was a struggle from start to finish. I ended up with about 800 calories instead of 500, but no matter, the scale did not care! Today I’m aiming for a “half-fast” of 1,000 calories. Shouldn’t be a problem. Tomorrow I look forward to eating a bit more.

    Rho…misery loves company, so we’ll have to check in tomorrow with our snow totals! 😉 This is truly the Winter that wouldn’t die!

    Have a great day everyone!

    gypsybaker-what is in the green smoothie/green protein powder?
    Ajax 726-good luck! I’m aiming for 4:3 most weeks when schedule allows. Only early in the process for me but 2 successful fast days this week achieved.
    Lori and rho-sorry to hear about your snow forecast. Don’t hate me-heading out for a round of golf here in sunny Hawaii!

    Good luck to all fasting today-you can do it!

    Hello Everybod!

    Just a quick pop-in to say hello to all friends old and new. (And new ones here but old ones from other threads – You Know Who You Are, Lori_PA :-D)

    I had a good FD yesterday – demanding but enjoyable. I had a few difficult moments late morning. To help me through, I visualised all these people, all at different times of the day and in different countries, who were at that moment fasting with me. Strength thoughts, indeed!

    Lotta, I loved your summary of the flexibility of 5:2 – so true. It’s a Big Tent*, where everyone can get their needs met. * But not a big tent, like those tee shirts I used to try and hide myself in, teehee.

    Speaking strictly for myself, am totally with ya, mogs, on defying the tyranny of the scales.

    Good wishes to all,
    Bootsy B.

    Hi all
    Sorry not been on a few days for obvious reasons. Lovely to see so many new people here – welcome!
    So my fast didn’t happen on Tuesday as I needed to take my painkillers and needed to take them with food. However i’ve fasted today and am amazed at much easier it is now to fast than in the beginning. My hubby has joined me this week in this WOL as he has been telling everyone how amazed he is at how well I have been doing. Its a great support to be trying to do family meals now on fast days with him joining in.
    I’ve begun to walk a little more normally and the pain is reducing which is great. I’ve been referred for an MRI scan so waiting for that appointment. However once everything has calmed down I’m going to try pilates which is supposed to be very good for your back but hopefully might start the toning process :o)
    Enough of an update from me – hope you all have had a good day x

    I’m at 391 and I’m calling it for today ….. It was leftover corned beef an cabbage so salt will hit probably lol

    Fast .. Only a little jealous of your weather right now .. Just wait till tomorrow night though Hehehehe. Lori i keep repeating “it won’t last it won’t last”.

    Hi Bootsy

    Charliebear hope you keep feeling better and yay for the hubs joining you I wish mine would

    Hi everyone,

    Inspired by your enthusiasm and stories – I’d like to join too! I’m 35 years old female and I’ve been doing IF for 14 weeks and lost 10kg so far. I am fasting 3 consecutive days: Mon-Tue-Wed. And I can’t wait to see my goal presumably in a year or so. 🙂


    Hi All
    Great that you are feeling better Charliebear and well done for getting your husband on your side! It must be a great help. Mine still keeps saying ‘I could never do it’ without actually trying…. hmmm. Still, he’s supportive but just not in an active way 🙂

    I was so sure I would break through the magic number but as of this morning I am still 62.2kg… 🙁
    I know it doesn’t matter in the long run but it feels so boring sometimes to keep going up then down, then up then down etc, etc. I’ve been yo-you’ing since end of December. Will try to get some proper exercise this weekend to see if that makes a difference.

    Never mind – new fast week next week, maybe it will shift then.

    Good luck all Friday fasters and have a good weekend all!
    Lotta xx

    As promised, the snow started about 6AM. I’m looking out my office window at steady snowfall. 3-5 inches is the prediction. Just shoot me now. 🙁

    Sure doesn’t look much like the first day of Spring! All I want is to get back out on the golf course. Is that too much to ask? Sigh……….someday.

    Scale bounced up a pound this morning, but I think its a bit of water retention from muscle soreness. We used dumbbells a lot at boot camp yesterday. Today is an eating day, so I won’t see a loss tomorrow either. No worries, the trend is down…that’s what matters.

    Have a good Friday!

    Hello everyone, happy Friday!

    I survived FD 1 yesterday. I finished with 595 calories, a bit higher than I was aiming for, but they were all healthy calories and I am pleased. It was not hard at all because I kept thinking ‘I can have that tomorrow’ when i wanted something bad. I am even more pleased that tomorrow is here and I don’t want it now 🙂

    My goal is to eventually get to where I can have one FD per week where I don’t eat anything at all besides water. The health benefits for doing this seem outstanding. I am just amazed that something so simple can do so much good for our bodies, inside and out!

    I love reading all the posts on this thread. you are all amazing and inspiring 🙂

    Hello everyone!

    Hope everyone is having a good day, FD or not.

    I’ve done my 2 x FDs for this week and hoorah I’ve broken through the first stone :o) 15lbs off to be precise. Oh and I had my first comment today…”have you lost weight… you’re looking really well” double :o) :o)
    I haven’t been an angel and I’ve had the odd wobble. I only consciously count calories on FD the other days I just try to make healthy choices. The absolute key for me is not putting a time pressure on myself. It’s making the world of difference and I’m thoroughly enjoying this way of eating.

    I hope everyone else is feeling positive and strong?

    Have a good weekend all xx

    Aloha Friday! Charliebear-Pilates is awesome for your back and your entire Core. But do wait until you are fully recovered. I find it can be hard on my back when it’s acting up.
    Mac-nice to get those comments!
    Will be doing a 3rd Fast day tomorrow, don’t expect any issues. Reading through the threads reinforces my thinking and leaves me with positive thoughts to reflect upon.

    Our snow started around 2 in the afternoon .. I think it is done now .. Now to hope the promised sleet doesn’t happen … Really don’t want power outages .. Looks like between 3-4 maybe looking out in the night ..

    Today wasn’t a fast day but worked out to be a half fast .. 973 without trying …so I had 2 ½ fasts this week ..

    Look at all you real exercisers .. I do steps and they are all done walking and jogging in front of the TV lol m


    Well done MAC2015 to losing a stone! That is a fab achievement. Big congrats!
    Thanks Botsy – that’s what worked for me. I love your Tent analogy! I have kept a couple of mine just so I can look at them and scare myself never to go back to that state again. 🙂

    I really like getting the weather from all ‘corners’ of the world on here. I feel for you rho1640 and Lori_PA about the fresh snow. Hope it melts soon.

    Yesterday was cold here in London and we had the solar eclipse in the morning but as it was so cloudy there was nothing to see really. The afternoon was lovely and sunny and it did feel a little bit like spring.

    Now I rarely post on a Saturday because I almost always let go a bit on the Friday and I never weigh myself on a Saturday either.
    But I had a really busy day yesterday and although I went out in the evening and had a great night I didn’t drink or eat much.

    So feeling sleek and just to check this morning I braved the scales… and lo and behold – I am 61.8kg! Woooo hooo!!! I know it’s not a big difference but the numbers are what keeps me going at the moment.

    Have a fab weekend all!
    Lotta xx

    Good Morning!

    The scale was up a bit this morning, but I expected it as I had a yummy dinner last night and of course it is still making its way thru my system! I had broiled seafood, wine and even ate a wheat roll with my salad as it looked(and was) so good.

    I’m planning a half-fast today and hoping to hold off eating anything at all until lunch time. Lots of coffee & water this morning.

    Have a great weekend!

    Is anyone like me and you don’t feel you’ve really lost anything until you hit a magic number – for me it is 20lbs ….after that number I don’t stress numbers at all until I’m a lb away from the next decade of numbers … Now overall I’ve lost 58.5 lbs since my highest weight but I’m at 14.5 lbs lost since I started back … I will be interested in seeing the inches lost on the first .. I think I’ve done well with inches this month ..

    We are still under a winter storm warning until around 9 am and its below freezing still .. Hope the sun works it’s way out quickly and the melt starts .. But the end of the week it will be in the mid to high 50’s (F of course lol. Otherwise yikes…)

    Yay Mac on the stone lost!

    I track my food everyday .. Does anyone else … I eat what I want on my nonfast days but I still track it in LoseIt..I’m finding it is rare that I actually get up to my TDEE and if I do it is a time where we have gone out .. Normally it seems to be between 900-1400 calories .. The 900 isnt all that often but it does fall in between that range – So how the heck did I end up at this weight? I’m probably not eating the junk at night since I have also made a “no eating after 8” as a general rule but that was for acid at night not weight loss …

    Oh well it’s interesting .. And I will track foods and daily weights just because I think I have the heart of a researcher and I want to see trends over the long run. I LOVE not having to track foods and obsess about them other than 2 days a week … WW is a wonderful plan for people but not this people … I totally and truly obsessed about every thing that I ate on that .. I was making myself sick with it and when the scalable barely moved it ruined my day even my week … Now I have a momentary thought of damn I wish it were more but it doesn’t stick with me .. I only count my monthly weighin and measurements even though I weigh daily ..

    Lori the sun came out in the afternoon and we had a lot of melt yay! Hope it did for you too ..

    I’m doing my darndest to eat more calories today and have been planning my food for tomorrow so it is better too .. Even adding another TBs of my french dressing to my salad .. So I’m thinking if I can do 4:3 or 5:2 And Have it be 2 days of normal for me eating and 2 of trying to eat more …… Does that make any sense to anyone? I can’t believe the hardest thing for me is eating more calories lol

    Hi Everybod!

    Result, Lotta! It must be so encouraging psychologically for you to see the numbers drop after your long, long plateau. And 400g is nearly 1lb, in ‘old money’.

    Charliebear – good to hear from you. I hope the scan gives useful info for the right treatment. Pilates sounds good (when you are better). You might be interested in the Alexander Technique, too. Glad you have now got an FD buddy at home!

    MAC2015 – hooray for passing your (mile)stone! I’ve taken the same approach as you about timescales. At first I set some targets eg ‘Size 14 by (last) Xmas’. Looking back, they were unrealistic. Now I am equally interested in fasting as a WOL and at the sense of self esteem around food which it gives me, so I am happy as long as the scales go down – however gradually. As I’ve prob posted before, I weigh myself very rarely, so I avoid seeing most of the ups and downs which no doubt happen. I just don’t trust myself not to get obsessed if I weighed more often. Rho1640, I couldn’t keep that attitude of being a ‘researcher’ on myself, though it clearly works for you.

    I’m still not at that damned size 14 (US size 10)! BUT, I weighed myself yesterday, for the first time since end January, and I was 168 lb or 12 stone 🙂 For me, that’s a ‘magic number’ 🙂 and one I’ve not seen since the last millennium 🙂 It means that, since early September last year, I’ve lost 23 lb. I worked out that’s about 3lb per month which, these days, I feel very happy with.

    rho1640, my experience with logging food is: I count cals on FDs; try and count to my goal weight TDEE for a couple of non FDs; try and eat sensibly for 2 days but without counting cals and then – let myself have one day a week where it’s eat what I like. Today happened to be that day! Burger (sadly, not a very good quality one), chips, shortbread, lattes.

    Just wanted to post some thoughts on my FDs. They still vary enormously in difficulty. My first this week was a breeze but my second, yesterday, was much more demanding. What helped was knowing that I have 6 months of experience of fasting: I’ve had tough days before and got through them and felt glad the next day, so I could rely on that happening again. It felt like I’d built up good ‘fasting muscles’!

    It’s been a bright but chilly Spring day here in the West Country in England. Very invigorating! I do hope yours comes soon, too, all friends in North America.

    Bootsy x

    yes, I log every day on My Fitness Pal. I will until I get to where I want to be then will be comfortable not logging.

    Hi all,
    It’s been awhile since my last log-in.
    I’ve been continuously doing 5:2 even though I’m hardly seeing results at the moment.
    Very frustrating to Br stucked in 70 kg and not breaking the 60iesh number. Seems like I’m just maintaining my wait. Thinking of doing 4:3. But then I know that 4:3 is much more restricting and demanding for me. Won’t feel like a lifestyle anymore. But if that’s what helps?????
    I’m not really overeating at non FD. Sometimes I exceed my 1700 cal and mostly eat around 1500 cal.

    Bootsy I know what you mean some FD are super easy and others take more work for sure .. I’ve only been doing this for a few months and I find that already … Thanks for the reminder of that

    Fast diet I’m hoping that logging becomes such a habit I don’t feel right if I don’t do it lol.

    Sunflower maybe do 4:3 for a few weeks only to shake things up

    What gets me confused is … It says not to worry on your non fast days and eat normally .. But then people say we NEED to eat our TDEE on non Fast days .. From logging everyday I find I don’t eat anywhere near my TDEE on a normal day .. So do I act like I don’t log and just eat what I want even if it is less than my TDEE or do I force myself to eat more … I SOOO don’t want to force myself to eat more .. I did that untill I was 20 to maintain my too skinny weight then I got really really sick and when I was well I stated gaining weigh and have struggled ever since…. I want this to be a comfortable way to live and eat for the next 20 or more years I have left

    Hi rho and welcome:

    There is no need to eat to your TDEE on non diet days. You can eat less with no danger to your weight loss. Remember, the basic rule is the less you eat, the more you lose.

    Some people that believe you must eat to your TDEE on your non diet days believe in the ‘starvation mode’ theory. That theory is a myth – it is totally wrong. See the FAQ at the top of this page, or this post by Dr. M: https://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/food-thought-fast-day-starvation-mode/

    Good Luck!

    doesnt you body get used to eating too little so that your wait loss become moderate?

    Hi sunflower:

    No. The less you eat, the more you lose.

    Good Luck!

    Hi guys, can I join your thread? Hi to Lotta and Bootsy, was just checking out our other thread for a catch up and thought I’d pop over here 🙂 I haven’t been on the forum for last few weeks, went through a bit of a low point with the fast days but still stuck to them as I’m not giving in now.

    For those who don’t know me, Hi, I’m a 41 (day before yesterday so still getting over it! !!) Year old mother of two, I started the 5:2 after some friends of mine went on it and found success. 12 th January was day one of my new eating habits and although I found the fast days hard I stuck to it and once the scales started going down I found more and more motivation to keep going. I started at 11 stone although I upgraded my scales half way in which put me 2lbs heavier which started me on a slight ‘downer’ period where I didn’t look forward to fast days and thought about food all the time. Anyway, a couple of weeks later I was still losing weight and my spirit lifted when I realised I could take my work trousers off without undoing the zip and buttons 🙂 so I’m now into a size 10 trousers and currently sitting at 9st 12lbs. No one ever said ‘dieting’ is easy some days are tough but I’m treating this as a new way of life now, and I’m still counting and weighing all cals on a non fast day because it keeps my mind busy and I feel I’m in control of my food for a change instead of it being the other way round!

    I hope everyone on this forum is doing well and I’m looking forward to reading and joining in with your posts 🙂

    Shaza 🙂

    Hey Shaza!

    Delighted to hear from you. Was a bit worried you’d lost heart as you had seemed a bit down in your last few posts on the ‘old’ thread. A big well done on your loss and great respect for your perseverance. I reckon you are now officially a Role Model 🙂

    Good luck for the week ahead to Everybod!


    Hi Bootsy, a role model! Been called a lot of things but that’s a new one! 😉

    I do feel much better now, both mind and body are in the same right place for a change, just had a wee blip there for a couple of weeks. Currently playing with the idea of doing a 4:3 this week as had three quite calorific days in a row this weekend so wanted to start the week afresh again. Feel really strong just now.

    How are things going with you, haven’t had time to read all the posts on this thread yet 🙂

    Shaza 🙂

    Thanks Sim … I’ve been rereading the book to refresh my memory on it but I’ve been stressing about it … I feel much better now … Can you tell I was making myself crazy over this lol

    I normally fast on Monday but today just worked out to be a low cal day that ended on 459 .. So I may make today my fd … One of those days where people were In and out all day and never got a chance to eat …and made homemade baked beans that ended up being dinner on toast ..plus tomorrow my BIL is having a hip replacement so we may end up going in to see him and see how he is doing tomorrow night ..which could be take out or restaurant so it works out good I think

    I’d like to join you on your Summer Pledge. I’ve been trying FD since Christmas and have lost a very slow 2kg. I think I must eat more sensibly on my 5 days, common sense really but I’ve been kidding myself I know. Now with Spring in the air and clocks changing next week, the time has come my new friends to knuckle down. Here I go, after reading your posts this morning I now know that you are out there with the same aims.

    Hello all

    Welcome all new FD’ers and posters – great to hear from you!

    Hello Shaza – fab to see you on this thread! Sorry to hear it’s been a difficult time for you, hope you feel better. I can sympathise fully. These low patches seems to sneak up on me too sometimes.

    Yay Bootsy! Well done on the weight loss and hitting the magic number!

    I went to a lovely Afternoon Tea event at a hotel by the Thames yesterday as a treat for a friends birthday and totally pigged out! We had cakes, scones, cream, jam, yummy sandwiches and chocolate fondue… oh and bubbly too. Eeek! So this week will be focused on balancing out the weekend.
    I did finally manage to fit in some exercise at home over the weekend so will try to keep that up going forward.

    I will only be doing one FD this week as I have things going on most days but will do more exercise and closely monitor my non FD days instead.

    All the best fab FD’ers and have a good week!
    Lotta xx

    Hello everyone, old and new!

    Lotta – well done for breaking through that 62kg!!

    rho & Lori – I hope you’re both snow free now?

    Sunflower – how long have you been stuck? Must be really frustrating, well done for keeping it going!

    Well, after my triumphant post on Friday I did a complete 180 and had a total blow out over the weekend! I don’t binge as such, but I do like to graze, so a nice steady flow suits me lol Well, let’s just say it flowed!! I did feel guilty (old habits die hard) but I had a word with myself and accepted that letting go for a couple of days and then getting back on it afterwards is going to be key to my success. This is something I’ve never been able to master.

    Today though, I am indeed back on it, and doing my first FD of the week. Who’d have thought it :o)

    How was everyone else’s weekend? xx

    Yes, we are pretty much snow free now, but still cold! I want the mornings to warm up so I can alternate going out for a run/walk with my boot camp workouts. I’m trying to be patient with this weather, but it’s not easy! I’m aching to get out on the golf course too!

    Fast day Monday for me. Not sure if my 2nd will be Wednesday or Thursday, but I’m thinking it’ll be Thursday. We’re leaving on Friday to go away for the weekend, so that will entail eating out quite a lot, so I best have a repair day directly before we go!

    Keep reminding myself to drink lots of water. I slack off on that on the weekends so I must get back into my 72 oz. plus goal for the day.

    Ok everyone……glasses up……drink! Water, of course!! 😉

    Yes the snow is going yay! Still chilly like Lori said but sky is semi blue today and hopefully it will warm up a bit more as the day goes on..

    Had an unintended fast day yesterday just because it was a crazy day .. I’m thinking I could do a b2b today ..

    It’s spring a time of rebirth .. It’s our time! We can do it!

    Hello everyone, I dropped off for a few days haven’t felt particularly great, had a nagging headache/migraine since Thursday thank fully feels better today.

    So how is everyone?

    I weighed in today and even after a bit of a foodie weekend I am pleased to say that a kilo has gone plus centimetres off my bust, waist and hips

    1st fast day of the week tomorrow and I’ve found a nice sausage casserole recipe http://www.52recipes.co.uk/2013/02/20/sausage-casserole/ I think I am going to adjust it further and use veggie sausages. I am vegan on a Tuesday so with spicy veggie sausages I think this will be lovely. It helps give me more focus if I make something new for my fast days and I really really look forward to eating it.
    I don’t think I will do consecutive days this week, it was easier last week as there was a purpose and my week was unbelievable busy so it was fairly easy. This week I think it will be Tuesday and Thursday.

    Oh well I hope everyone is well and have enjoyed Monday, congrats everyone on your journey so far.

    Today is a fast day after a fun but not killer weekend. I actually was silly enough to run 3 miles this am pushing a stroller. I just ate my lunch and will have broth for dinner- I hope the running doesn’t come back to haunt me. So far so good. Ps- this is about month 2 of fasting 2 days a week. Getting much easier and not starving the day after like I used too. Guess you gotta find your groove no matter what it is you’re doing. Reading everyone’s struggles and successes does help. Keep on keeping on everybody!

    Bootsy, I too think I’m developing “fast muscles” – I’m definitely finding it easier as time goes on. Today I’ve barely even thought about it.

    And on from that, I hear ya rho1640 – obsessive regimes get me down. I did Slimming World and while it’s great for a lot of people, I found it an absolute chore. I *hated* going to the meetings, I couldn’t see the point of them. Many people find the support really helpful, I just found it a drag. Bunch of fat folks sitting around with lips wobbling because they’d been “naughty” and had a piece of toast, and then some bore dribbling on for ages reading out their FAScinating food diary. And then we’d all “analyse” what wrong for them, and yet at NO POINT did someone observe, “well, it turns out I’m a greedy b****** and I just really fancied a cake”. </rant>

    Resented paying for it too – I figure that not eating anything is free! 5:2 has had the unlooked-for but most welcome side effect of saving me a few quid a week. I’m gaining pounds hahahahhhahah </wit>

    Don’t know what I weigh at the moment, but found a top in the back of the wardrobe at the weekend and lo! what once was clingy is now loose. Booyah.

    hi All,

    quick question. I am on a FD today and have been noticing lately that I get nauseous, cold and tired on FD’s…does anyone else seem to feel this way? It’s almost like a hangover feeling…the nausea I mean…

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