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  • I have just read a table comparing our C-19 deaths and cases with Australian states and territories, and we sit well down, only outdone by NSW (who had the cruise ship passengers) and Tasmania (one group in a rest home, results skewered by the very low population. Half of our 16 deaths are from one rest home, and lots of the cases are from social groups pre-lockdown.

    We had a wonderful dowsing of rain on Tuesday, and there’s another downpour now, pleased I got out in the garden this morning. No lifting of watering restrictions yet though.

    Interestingly, crunching the numbers, Australia’s death rate from COVID-19, as of today, is .29 per 100,000 population. NZ has .33 per 100,000. The UK has 27.2 per 100,000, and unlike Aus and NZ, the UK does not count Care Home deaths!! It is absolutely terrible how much risk some Government’s responses have been. I didn’t add the US. We all know the problem there.
    Keep safe our UK friends. P

    Good to see that ScoMo is talking about a transTasman bubble for travel. At least we could visit the grandchildren.

    Yes. I think it is the future!!!

    Am I going to be able to post.

    I’ve just lost another long post and the will to live! πŸ€ͺ

    You need to let JJ know. Spam filter has been overactive. 😜

    Have you got this sorted, Polly? So frustrating for you!

    We are on the last day of level 4 lockdown today (Monday, public holiday in lieu of Anzac Day). We seem to be on track to eliminate the disease (not eradicate, which will be impossible, particularly when we open our borders again to the wide world – probably not this year!)

    Stay safe, everyone.

    How do I contact JJ? We’re very impressed with the way New Zealand has handle the virus. I suspect, though, that there’d have been reluctance to cancel important rugby games if I was in season. We can see no end to our lock down, or at least to advice for over 70s to stay in. We’re both fit. Have to report that OH is rapidly regrowing his beer belly. Every hard gardening session is rewarded with a beer and big orders have meant no room to freeze bread, so we’ve had a sandwich too often, to enjoy the fresh bread.

    Did an online quiz with my sister and family yesterday. Met her future daughter-in-law. But the wedding on 6th of June had to be cancelled.

    I’m crossing my fingers for this post. πŸ˜„

    Yay, success, Polly. Can’t advise about JJ, never had to contact – him?

    Life – and rugby competitions – will have changed forever before all this is over. And we were at the start of our season.

    Any time there is an issue, spam on the thread, blocked out, I natter to JJ.
    You can simply click on Report Post and send a message.
    We didn’t get a Public Holiday today for ANZAC Day, as a Government, years ago, decided when April 25 was during the weekend, that was it. Pity. They often say we are unlikely to become a Republic if we were to lose the Queen’s Birthday long weekend!!!
    Things are moving forward here with a tracing app released last night and talk of schools gradually starting face to face teaching in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, grandparents still can’t see their grandies πŸ˜’
    I know one thing, we will be very fit with all our walking and paddling!!! πŸ™‚

    We have only in the last few years Monday-ised Anzac Day. Waitangi Day stands where it lands.

    I have to encourage OH to take walks – they don’t happen daily! We have not been able to drive far to exercise, but I am looking forward to exploring the closest nice beach to our new home.

    We can move within our local govt area or about 15km to exercise. We are lucky to have water and bushland nearby, as well as pretty quiet streets. Any beaches in Sydney get full of yobbos who don’t seem to understand the restrictions. Luckily not near us!! 😏

    In south Australia we didn’t have such severe restrictions as some other states or New Zealand. We’ve done well with low infection rate and low deaths. Our domestic borders were closed very quickly which probably assisted greatly, with most of our cases being linked to people returning to SA from interstate or overseas with most of the cases being linked to cruise ships. Not sure how that industry will fare in the future 😳. I’m watching the ABC news now where they’re discussing wether we went into lockdown too quickly and too severely which of course has affected our economy dramatically.

    No idea what the future holds for us. Government is saying we may never stop social distancing. I think this problem has raised awareness amongst us about how disease and infection spread can be minimized. On a positive note, our flu rates are very low, due to social distancing and I think everyone is more knowledgeable re the benefits of hand washing etc.

    There’s talk of lifting restrictions, but when and what is still unknown. I turn 70 early May so not only will there be no celebration I’m also joining the group being encouraged to stay at home ☹️. I don’t actually see myself at risk, being a generally healthy person, but there you go! 😊

    Stay well everyone.

    Mr P is the same age, Carol. He’s been a bit annoyed that Coles, the supermarket he prefers, wasn’t doing home deliveries for under 70s. His birthday is later in the year!
    When you think about it, we didn’t used to hug people when we met so much in the past. In fact, women didn’t even shake hands! Let’s get back to the simple nod and smile. πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

    Oh, yes, hugs and kisses for all and sundry. We’ve had discussions about this. My family were not at all tactile and I find it difficult. One lovely friend does the hug and kiss at every greeting and farewell. Then our other good friend and I never touch! Keep hugs for special occasions!

    Youre lucky to be able to drive in your government area. We’re stuck. 5 minutes up the road and we’re in the beautiful Clwydian Range. All car parks closed, though, so parking would have to be a lane. Ok if one or two cars do it, once started everyone could feel able to do so. 15 minutes away we could be on the coast and the Wales Coastal Park. Again car parks closed. Just walks around the town and gawping at gardens.

    Yes, I do think we will come out of this with some new practices Purple!

    I couldn’t find Clwydian Range on my very tatty A-Z, Polly. What’s your nearest town?

    As a professional I have developed a handshaking habit – might have to un-learn it πŸ™‚ .

    OH was 70 in January (had a lovely family gathering on the Gold Coast). They keep saying ‘over-seventies’ – we assume he falls into that category, but he said the other day he feels 40, so we go with that!

    Ha ha. Good attitude Mr B!
    I realised, last night, that it is almost 7 weeks since I have touched any other human being, other than Mr P. It must be terrible for people who are completely alone. Amazing how just a smile and a wave when passing someone, on the street or water, becomes a special form of human contact. Keep it up everyone. P

    We have ‘met’ all our new neighbours – five houses on our lane. Often we are spied by the dogwalkers from the end two homes as we sit on the patio supping tea or coffee – lots of that happening πŸ™‚ .

    Next door neighbour kindly mowed our lawn again on Friday, and I’m afraid the social distance was rather short. He and OH discussed points of the mower, and OH tried it out. We are having to buy a ride-on for our 3,000 sq.m., but of course have not been able to, or get a contractor in, during level 4. We were going to buy the vendor’s when we moved in, but it conked out just before settlement. But we know next door and his wife have been isolated as we have, so pretty safe by now. And he’s off to work, with the easing of the restrictions today.

    I fasted yesterday as I woke up to a kg loss and wanted to lock it in. Up 800 gm this morning! Bah, humbug. I know it will show on the scales tomorrow, but only back to yesterday’s reading!

    I have had a better night, slept til 6.30am. I had woken to hear the clock chime 5am, but OH tells me I was definitely asleep again – audible evidence πŸ™

    During SI I’ve done a lot of video watching and came across this lady.

    I thought you may/ may not be interested. I find her reasonably basic but still watch sometimes just to see what she has to say. I wasn’t pleased to hear her say in this video you shouldn’t be having milk in your tea if you’re fasting. I do, always have done and won’t be stopping.

    So provided audible evidence of sleep, Barata! Love it. Light at the end of the tunnel in New Zealand, too. Brilliant.

    I know we shouldn’t have milk in our drinks when fasting, but I can’t do without it in coffee. I only like herb teas, anyway, but not in the morning as I need the caffeine.

    If you use google maps, the Clwydian Range can been found between Ruthin and Mold, where we live. Both are market towns, serving outlying villages, although Mold was part of the North Wales coalfield. It’s a great area to live.

    OH says (a) he was awake anyway and (b) he nodded off afterwards anyway, so no guilt!!

    I grew up on a dairy farm, didn’t know then but obvious now that I had raw milk for my first 16 years. Didn’t seem to have done any harm – alternatives considered πŸ™‚

    We drink black coffee, so no milk during fasts! πŸ™‚
    I see where you are, Polly. My grandmother came from Heswell. Not far from you.

    Polly, we were in the area when we last travelled to the NH in 2013. Just west of Ruthin is a spot called Llanfwrog, where my 4 x great grandparents Peter and Margaret Mathews were baptising their children. I spent some time in the records office in Ruthin before scrambling around the graveyard looking for evidence, but to no avail. For some reason I thought you were further west πŸ™‚ . Perhaps we are all related, Polly and P!

    And remember, I had a Kiwi grandfather, B. Way back, I guess we all are. πŸ˜‰

    No, I know all my Kiwi ancestors, P. I’m thinking pre-1760 from the north Wales area πŸ™‚

    Wow! Small world, eh! I’m from South Wales originally, the Rhondda Valley. We came here when OH went yo work at Vauxhall’s in Ellesmere Port. It was with them that he had a month at Holden’s in Melbourne in 1996. He was asked to stay there, but it was difficult for me and the kids. He’s always wanted to go back to Australia.

    Heswall is a nice place on the Wirral. We did look at a property there all those years ago when we moved up.

    Our diet this week is based on what was in the freezer. Somebody didn’t close it properly so we’ve had a problem. 😲

    Sounds familiar Polly! I keep finding food at the back of the fridge that ended up back there when home deliveries arrived. I have to come up with brilliant recipes to use food that is “on the way out” 😏

    All is quiet on the thread. I trust you are all safe and well, bearing up with the Covid restrictions. Our lockdown eases again tonight, with a move from level 3 to level 2, which will mean I can go shopping, visiting, travelling (domestically) and dining out – all with restraint and social distancing still though. We had no new infections reported yesterday or today, any recent cases have all been linked to known cases or are returning Kiwis. These folks get put into managed quarantine as they come back into the country, so no transmission can occur.

    I have another ancestor, the Master Mariner, who hailed from SW Wales, one of the isolated valleys down that way.

    My passport expires on Friday! I thought it would last til June, until I checked. So I am having to wait until tomorrow to get a photo for it. At least the next one will be for ten years, the government has removed the five-year limit, just after we got our last ones πŸ™ And it’s not likely I am going to need it for a while!

    I’d renewed my passport at the beginning of the year for our planned big trip in September. Waste of money…along with the HUGE losses to cancel the already booked trip! At least the planning was fun πŸ˜’
    Thursday, fast day, here, with cold and rain predicted. I always find it so much harder when the sun isn’t shining and we can’t get out and walk.
    My weight has dropped a little after each of the fasts in the past fortnight. Excellent feedback. πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

    We’re still waiting for our refund Purple. Our booking was done through an agent, don’t know if that makes it better or worse!

    I celebrated(?) my 70th birthday last week. I hadn’t been planning anything big but not quite as small as it was πŸ˜‚. It was actually really lovely though,. The day before the big day I had a catch-up in the park with 2 friends who bought bubbly and cake. On the actual day 5 friends called in at various times of the day, lots of phone calls, a few deliveries, many cards. I made scones for afternoon tea and we had takeaway from a very nice restaurant for our tea. Then the next day it was drinks and nibbles at another friends house. So all in all I had a really nice celebration.

    On the food front – I’m baking, making comfort food, trying not to eat it but failing at times. Bingeing on the chocolate left over from Easter that was meant for the Canadian family.

    Exercise wise – my husband and I walk each day 45-60 minutes to relieve the ISO. He’s lost 5kg, Iβ€˜Ve lost nothing! πŸ˜‚ On the bright side I’m not gaining which is a surprise considering what I’m eating!

    We’re still mainly staying at home. I don’t go out just for something to do, only to go to shops if I need something and that’s a quick trip into the supermarket or fruit and veg and out again.

    I’m waiting for the second wave!

    I hope everyone is going ok and that your families are all safe as well. We’ve been relatively lucky here in Aus but other countries are not faring so well.

    Happy birthday for last week, Carol. You are just over a year ahead of me!

    It is just as well we were prevaricating about a big holiday later this year. I think we had pretty well put it on the back burner, what with the move to our new home, OH’s 70th earlier in the year, mine and our big wedding anniversary next year.

    Congratulations Carol on reaching the age when you get home deliveries!!! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ Mr P and I are not quite there yet. It sounds as if you ended up having a lovely intimate series of get togethers. They often mean you get to speak for longer to people than at a large party, really.
    We had also booked through an agent, and cancelled mid March, as soon as we realised this was going to be a problem for travel, long term, but before they were restricting flights. We didn’t want to wait until there was a rush and companies potentially went bankrupt. We were offered flights in 12 months, but wisely decided to take what money they were offering. We received our partial refund within 10 days. Mr P will just have to settle for a trip on the Manly Ferry for his 70th!
    We try to do 6 or 7km walking every day. The weather is now too cool for kayaking, but bushwalks are just as strenuous. Our fitness (and injuries πŸ€”) has increased, I’m sure. I’m fasting twice weekly to try to eat away at the excess I have gained from being a slacker. The results are good enough for me to keep going.
    Keep safe all…especially our UK mates. P

    Hello, everyone. Good to hear that we’re all ticking over, in spite of the limitations of the time. It sounds like a pretty good birthday anyway, Carol. Bubbly and cake sound good. I’m impressed with your walks. We’ve been quite idle, really, as we can only exercise locally. Walking round streets, however beautiful the gardens, gets tedious. OH walks down the hill into town if we want something that’s not heavy. The weather has turned very cold again, so nothing much done in the garden either. Garden centres have reopened, so we while go to the small local one this afternoon.

    Luckily, like Purple, we didn’t book a holiday since we went on an unplanned or budgeted for trip to help with the boys in February. We’d hoped to do Niagara and Boston in September. Thank goodness we hadn’t booked. People are expected to pay the full price and accept bookings for next year.

    I’ve been very disciplined this week, two FDs and managed to get below my top wriggle room, just. As I’m so used to daily 16:8 I’ve had to have just one meal on FDs. Body is unused again, so transition problems. But the ice cream habit was becoming regular. Even had some flowers and chocolates From son for Mothers Day, American, and stashed the chocolate in the fridge.

    Thank goodness for technology to keep in touch, especially zoom. Take care, everyone.

    Please forgive me ladies (and gentlemen). I only ever show up on here when I have reason to whinge. I must stop it and just be sociable.

    It’s good to hear how you’re all managing to stay afloat, happy and healthy and doing nice things, despite the dreaded bug. Both of us are thankfully in good shape, but really missing family and friends. What follows is not so much a whinge as a very loud rant.

    I’m a freelance translator specialising in Arts & Media and, after a madly busy 10 months or so, I’ve had no work and hence no earnings since mid-February. I’m not alone. The clientele we arty-farties tend to attract are museums, art exhibition organisers, publishers of art books, as well as glossy magazines that often include articles on the fine and applied arts. All of these are having a rough time, among them the big German publishers who more or less adopted me over the last year. Which is why us lot are twiddling our thumbs.

    Our inadequate apology for a government promised to provide financial support to the self-employed and freelance workers who had no or fewer customers due to Covid-19. I have now been told I do not qualify because my pension income, which is recorded in my tax returns is “sufficient to live on”.

    Him Indoors didn’t even try because his earnings have crept downwards as several of his Tai Chi groups based in leisure centres have been disbanded because of too low attendance and now, quite rightly, the centres remain closed for the foreseeable future.

    In my middle years after much messing about, trying various careers -journalism, odd jobs in mainland Europe, banking, going to uni as a mature student, then teaching, I finally found my niche as a translator, which is a wonderful job that can be continued into an even riper age than mine. It is also a feast or famine business. This prompted me to take out additional private pensions paying out alongside the state pension.

    The Boris Brigade’s decision would be fair enough if these were bringing in megabucks, but their dubious principle that what works out to Β£240 a week (i.e. below the minimum wage for a 5-day week at 7 hours a day), is enough to live on I find downright insulting.

    I feel I’m being punished for being responsible enough to attempt to ensure that I have enough to keep me in a reasonably civilised state if and when I’m too old and doddery to work. Fortunately, I’m not a big spender and a fairly effective saver, but I think the government criteria stink!

    Right, rant over! It’s a lovely sunny day, Cambridge is in blossom, and I’ve found something new for today’s fast day dinner.

    Stay safe and well, 5:2 buddies.

    Dear Herm, you should do some writing, too. Vent and submit to the Guardian. My tai chi teacher is using zoom. But he will not take any payment! We all want to pay him for his skills and his trouble. Strangely the online classes seem more intense!

    Dear Herm, you should do some writing, too. Vent and submit to the Guardian. My tai chi teacher is using zoom. But he will not take any payment! We all want to pay him for his skills and his trouble. Strangely the online classes seem more intense!

    Sadly, Polly, we HAD booked a very expensive trip for Mr P’s special birthday. We lost thousands of dollars in cancelling. We figured it was better than catching COVID and dying.πŸ˜’πŸ™„

    Sorry to hear you are struggling, Herm. We too have had a sharp cut in income, with no Govt support. Fortunately our lifestyle expenses have too.πŸ˜” 3 of our kids, luckily work in fields that have continued, but our musician/composer has no work at all and no assistance as he was a freelance, self employed artist. A son in law is getting some Govt assistance as his work, tied to travel, was eligible. This event is not resulting in equitable stress.

    Polly, I only ever eat once on fast days. I can’t control my eating if I have anything, so I go 24 hours between “meals”, twice a week. Good on you for managing to stay in your wriggle room. I’m fasting my way back to it. πŸ€”πŸ˜ P

    Oh, I’m sorry to hear that, P. This is such a worrying time

    I don’t know why my last post was repeated. πŸ€”.

    It was I, Polly, who reported that we are in the fortunate position of not having to apply for travel refunds, as we had not yet booked!

    I can understand your frustration, Hermaj. Those who save are penalised for forethought. Although we in NZ are outliers – the rest of the world saves pre-taxed income and the resulting drawdowns in retirement are taxed, while we have our savings deducted from taxed income but the subsequent income from personal superannuation is not added to taxable income.

    Covid timing was fortunate for us as we had both got to the retirement point as it started. All our youngsters in Aus are working, and truck-driving son in Wellington is doing essential delivery work to help keep the economy ticking over, so all gainfully employed still.

    There are always expenses on moving into a new home – both the electrician and plumber have been called in once we had moved to level 3, and OH has his ride-on lawnmower! We had our first dinner out on Friday, supporting the local businesses. Off to the farmers’ market now, newly re-opened so it will be interesting to see how many stallholders have turned up. We know my nephew will be there selling coffee, hot and beans!

    Oh, Barata, a meal out! Wonderful. Hope you enjoyed the farmers market. Oh, yes, Holidays. you’re like us, and for us it’s rare that we have poised and lacked for the off. We were heading to Scandinavia this time last year. Thankfully there’s not a couple of thousand or so tied up.

    We had to have a plumber in yesterday, to replace a radiator which had started to leak. Are you doing lots of improvements in your new house?

    I’m really fed up with this. Now the NHS is not overrun, I think I’m prepared to take some risk, as this is no way to live. Not seen daughter since 30th January, not seen friends since 13th February. Zoom is good but doesn’t really cut it. My poor nephew has had to cancel his wedding.

    Take care, everyone.

    We had our first sit down cafe meal with a friend yesterday. It was lovely. I particularly enjoyed the latte. We can also meet up in a group of 10 and sit down, in parks now. We could have 5 guests at home, but we are avoiding having any inside just yet. Mind you, Polly, our daily infection rates are in single figures, and all easily traceable, so with careful distancing, we are pretty safe. I’m very thankful that I am Australian.

    Oh, I’m envious. I just want to walk into the Glasfryn, local pub, or Prezzo, a chain Italian restaurant, be greeted and relax. Well, family quiz tonight and chat with friends In Melbourne on Wednesday.

    Polly, you are better off hunkering down until they can get control of the infection rate.
    Enjoy your family virtual get together. P

    Polly, the farmers’ market was almost back to full strength. The usual fresh veggies (don’t need fruit, apples and mandarins from our estate, anyone?), eggs, and of course, coffee at nephew’s cart. He and his wife will come to lunch next Sunday after the market πŸ™‚

    We have come to realise that the previous owners were CHEAP! When a leak had apparently occurred in the cold water feed from the lane, they laid a pipe on the surface down the drive, around the back of the separate single garage, and into the house from the back. So the cold water will always be warm, and in summer, hot! The plumber talked of legionnaire’s disease risk! We refrained from mentioning to him that previous owner was, allegedly, a plumber and gasfitter πŸ™ . He will give a price for laying the pipe 30cm below the ground. I am happy to do it myself, but will probably be overruled.

    One of the points I raised with the plumber was the inability to simmer my stock on the gas element all day, or to slow-cook jams and relishes. Response – cheap cooktop. And the badly flushing toilet? – cheap pan. We can live with the pan, but the cooktop might get to really bug me!

    Every time I look at the Metservice rain radar I can see some showers blowing our way. Makes it difficult to take OH for a walk. I think we will be tending our acres tomorrow, weather looks a little more hopeful.

    Stay safe, everyone. πŸ™‚

    Barata, I am suffering from acute envy! Your estate! πŸ˜„. Love it.

    Oh, for some reason, I’m having a hunger Morning. Third coffee has not done the trick.

    Pol, your message no doubt appeared twice because of its proximity to yours truly who is death to things technological, especially IT. πŸ™‚

    I’m considering writing a rant to the Guardian or Independent. It also so happens that I’ll shortly be starting a 7-week online course with Cambridge Uni’s Institute of Continuing Education in writing for kids.

    And while I’m earning nothing from commissioned translations, I’m having a go at some short stories by a German author – quite a lady, imprisoned for high treason by the Nazi’s which, provided translation rights are available, I will present one or maybe two stories to a UK publisher, who might like them enough to commission a few for an anthology. This may, or may not happen, but at least it’s helping to bring the idle brain in gear.

    Thank you all, Pol, Purple and Barata, for your sympathy. I’ve calmed down somewhat but am still far from being a happy bunny. πŸ™

    anyone else doing the same as me – creeping slowly but surely up the weight scale? 😧

    Absolutely!!! I’ve given up on 16:8 and gone back to 5:2. 😐 I figure, there is an advantage…I’m not quite as cold this winter with the extra “padding ” πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ 4deg this morning. πŸ₯Ά
    I blame the weight on COVID overeating. P

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