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The Maintenance Chatbox… come and share your success with us!

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  • I suspect lots of us are in similar positions: we were incredibly lucky with the grandchildren, who grew up about 15 miles from us, and spent a lot of time with us. However, things change and move on – quire rightly: those grandchildren, and their families, live in this country, but a good drive away in different directions, so we see much less of the ggchildren than we’d like Our offspring, now in their 50s, live scattered around the UK and Spain. But it’s less about distance than the sheer demands of modern working and living: not all drive, not one does a ‘normal’ 9-5 job – all work hugely long hours, with on-call duties both weeknights and weekends; and we no longer drive huge distances without an overnight stay – which in turn is complicated by health problems (he needs his special bed) and a bank account which is far from bottomless. I remind myself regularly that we brought them up to have wings, as well as roots, and that I wouldn’t dream of wanting them not to spread them, but…..We managed to get (almost) everyone together to keep last Christmas on January 15th; some we saw two weeks after Easter, and some, we haven’t seen since last summer. As for Mothering Sunday – they all phoned and sent messages etc, but I actually saw one of them a month after the event, while another combined it with the post-Easter visitation, and one hasn’t made it yet! That’s not a moan or a criticism: none of that was through choice or indifference, we’re in regular contact with multiple daily messages, and nobody complains of feeling unloved. And I know I have it easier than those of you with children overseas.. It’s tough in so many ways – but I guess the balance is that I’m proud of the people they’ve all become, and the positive things they’re doing, which I don’t think they would have been, or could have done, if they’d stayed round the corner.
    Carolann, you have a real dilemma, and there’s no one right answer – I know what my decision would be, but I’m not you, so I shan’t tell you!! . All love and luck to you as you go on pondering it. X

    Hi All!

    Lovely surprise to check in and find old friends chatting!

    I don’t have children, but I’m very aware that I live a long way from family and my closest friends are scattered too. It’s definitely a regret that I don’t get to spend as much face to face time with them as I’d like.

    Weight maintenance a problem for me at the moment, in that I can’t keep it on – I’m recovering from surgery and currently struggling to eat enough. That’s never happened before… 😂

    Hi, Fast and Happy.

    I like the wings reminder. Happy, I hope you’re getting support after your surgery and that you will feel better soon.


    Hi Happy
    Sorry to hear about your surgery. Hopefully it has been successful and you’ll soon be eating normal again.
    Keep happy. 🙂🙂 P

    Thanks Pol and Purple,

    The surgery went better than expected, but recovery is rougher than I expected/ hoped! I am being well supported, which is good as I’m pretty much still at the baby bird stage of helplessness.

    Take care, baby bird. X

    crimino mushrtoom

    Hi Happy – lots of good wishes for a swift and uneventful recovery – and a return of good appetite. Xx

    Speedy recovery Happy! Take it slowly, healing after surgery often takes longer than we expect. 💐

    Thanks everyone. This is actually my second surgery/ recovery having been opened up at the start of March and then closed (with innards intact) as it was more complex than the surgeon/ hospital could cope with. This surgery apparently went well, but it’s been hard coming so soon after the first, and obviously a lot of stress on the body.

    Probably the only positive about the recovery period is all the extra calories the body needs to heal! I know it won’t be sustainable when I’m recovered, but just for now I can eat cake and ice cream every day without gaining weight 😂

    Possibly not an ideal weight loss idea though, Happy. Hopefully you are on the mend now. P

    No indeed! I wouldn’t recommend major surgery for weight loss 😂

    It’s been rough, but fingers crossed I’m over the worst of it 🤞

    Enjoy every mouthful, Happy, and get well soon x

    It sounds like you’ve been through the mill, poor darling. Take care and be kind to yourself. X P

    I will repeat that I wish there was a quick method of responding to posts on this site. I second all that’s been said to you, Happy. You’ve been through the mill over the last few years. Take care.

    Absolutely lovely day on Saturday for the wedding. Daughter and now son-in-law in raptures and loads of their close friends there. Otherwise just husband, me, Scott’s mother and son, plus my niece, who counts as daughter’s friend anyway. Sunday was also lovey, we took them out for a lovely lunch in the garden of an independent Italian restaurant. Calories well over TDEE, of course.

    Fabulous Polly! Glad to hear it went so well. 🙂🙂 P

    Sounds lovely Polly!

    It’s been months since I peeped above the parapet. It’s not been a great year, but fingers crossed, the corners have been turned.

    After months without work, I was finally hit with a very big book translation job from my biggest client. Coinciding with a day before beginning, I was struck down with appendicitis. Bless them, my friends in Germany were very sympathetic and reassured me the work could wait.

    Fortunately, our local docs were quickly on the case I was treated within 48 hours, my first-ever time spent in hospital, the op was relatively easy, with no dramatic pain nor queasiness, but to the disgust of one particular female surgeon who played no part in my op, I couldn’t stand the sight of food, and by orders I was kept in until I accepted tea and ginger biscuits and the very occasional banana. Thankfully, the nursing staff were superb, skilled, supportive and fun.

    Even now, eight weeks later, I mostly live on sandwiches with carefully-chosen, healthy fillings. Himself took good care of me but he believes that when ill one must eat in order to recover. As a result, a lot of domestic effing and blinding was exchanged when I disagreed.

    Of course, having been 5:2-ing for 10 1/2 years and still stuck with 4 undesired kilos, this has finally led from a revolting 84K to a delightful 56K and BMI 23. Good enough for me. And even old misery guts seems to be pleased.

    I forgot to mention, 10 days before the appendectomy I’d had one cataract dealt with at the same hospital – a 15-minute outpatient op under sedation then straight home – the satisfying result was 100% by the following day. The still less troublesome eye is still to be dealt with.

    Thanks for listening to me and my ramblings and whinging.

    Oh Herm! What a tough time you’ve had! It’s a mixed blessing that the end result was weight loss.🙂
    I too, after over 10 years, can’t understand how upset people get about the “need to eat” as if a few hours without stuffing your mouth will kill you.
    Don’t get me wrong…I still ADORE good food. But I DO know I don’t NEED anything like as much as I’d love to eat. 😏
    Are you managing to do the translation now? Don’t push yourself too hard as it does take significant time to fully recover in our “later years”.
    Wishing you all the best.
    Purple 🙂

    Sorry you’ve been experiencing difficulties with work and your health hermaj, but as they say ‘every cloud has etc……’ and a BMI of 23 must be making you feel pretty happy. Speedy recovery.😊

    How lovely to receive good wishes from kind Australian friends.
    In reply to both, I’ve been extremely lucky with the job, which is all about tree houses.
    The kindly clients encouraged me to start work very gently, which I did, and slowly but surely delivering batches I got right up to date last week. Plus the first invoice has been paid.
    Sadly, the most important piece, the German introduction to be translated both by me and the French translator, has been somewhat underrated and the author has been ordered to go away, behave himself and don’t write rubbish. So here I am twiddling my thumbs.
    Again, the controlling editor, a very kind and sensible lady I’ve often worked alongside, has reassured me there will be plenty of time to deal with the entire book.

    🤣🤣Fun and games in the world of publishing! P

    Yes, it does have it’s moments, Purple. These guys also step in when an author starts throwing toys out of the pram and screaming that my English translation provided so far is appalling.
    This did happen once and of course I was glad to see the back of him but nonetheless somewhat scared. The publishing editor very swiftly consoled me. My work was absolutely fine but the complaining so-and-so often appeared on German TV as critic of a variety of art forms who never failed to talk unadulterated crap. 🙂

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