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The Maintenance Chatbox… come and share your success with us!

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  • It’s nice to be able to share something positive rather than my constant whingeing about failing to drop below BMI 25.

    Barata, I can see why you are annoyed with all the advice they ladle out when you and I – and no doubt millions of others – have been there, done that and don’t need to be told what to do. I guess I’m so chuffed to know that I’m getting things right.

    They do have the grace to say that weight management is “no issue” for the likes of us, but then they spoil it by continuing to waffle on about 5 pieces of fruit and other things we are well aware of.

    I’m considering altering my target and wriggle room up a bit, after reading Herm’s link. At 132lbs it’s gives me a BMI of 23 which is fine. Moreover, I can allow myself the odd treat.

    One of my problems is that when eating out I have do little choice and end up with either a veggie burger or veg chilli, both of which can be boring. I treat myself to a dessert then, of course. Left to me, we would always go to a good gastro pub, but we have to fit in with friends. OH doesn’t like driving in the dark now, neither do I for that matter.

    Afternoon all!
    We increasingly eat out in places within walking distance, Purple. Does that limit our options, and make us boring old gits? I guess so, sometimes. But it solves the driving problem -he no longer drives, and I, like you, don’t much like it after dark, (plus, on my last birthday, celebrated in a great place 25 miles from home, I realised that of the dozen people there I was the only one who couldn’t have a glass of wine!) – and we can kid ourselves that we walk off the calories on the way home! If we want to go further afield, we try to opt for lunch, and then limit what we eat in the evening.
    I’m in two minds about the SBMI, herm. I appreciate the science, especially the implications of fat to muscle ratios and inherent body build, and I’m convinced it’s correct, and I’m equally sure that a little covering, and a bit less rigidity, are both physically and emotionally better for us as we age. But I did wonder a bit about our personal,results when I tried it: I got a telling off, with dire warnings of disaster, for being
    Underweight (I’m bang on target, and no, I haven’t become obsessive or anorexic!) and DH, who has put on 8kg during lockdowns – back to where he was before we started 5:2 – and rising, and has a worrying tyre of fat around his belly and the back of his waist, got an assurance that with a BMI of 28.5, he’s fine. It’s not about aesthetics,but he has serious and chronic back problems, and he’d recently decided that the extra weight wasn’t helping and had to go: now he feels he’s been given a free pass! So, as with most things, I guess the conclusion has to include elements such as self knowledge – most of us know what weight feels healthy and comfortable for us – and the proverbial pinch of salt!

    I still fit in most of my clothes, but do not like the extra around the middle, while other areas are boney.😒
    We are careful to only eat out at places with outdoor areas. Otherwise, I’d rather prepare food at home. Luckily, here, especially in summer, most places have outdoor areas. No way we’d risk eating indoors!
    The weather has settled to beautiful summer days and evenings. Just perfect for swimming, but not too hot for walking. Evening walks, with the full moon, have been gorgeous this week. Enjoy life, girls. It is so wonderful, while it lasts. 🙂🙂🙂 P

    Hi everyone, I’ve basically come on here for a whinge ☹️
    Before I start, how is everyone? Everyone still going ok? Husband and I are both still managing to run the gauntlet although it’s inevitable I think that the virus will catch us one day.

    Now for the whinge! I’m still doing 16:8 but know I’m not putting in 100% effort. I’ve added another half a kilo and most of it seems to have gone to the back of my hips so I can hardly pull my jeans on these days 🤦‍♀️
    I haven’t felt really well for a while so went to doctor and have been diagnosed with having the coleaic gene which means I need to be gluten free. For some reason hearing that has translated in my brain to : you can eat bread as long as it’s GF ~ duh! So this may be part of the reason for weight gain. However, I find I’ve really lost my mojo as far as IF is concerned. I’m just over being so careful about what I eat all the time, berating myself and feeling guilty because I ate an icecream. The whole point of doing 5:2 was so I wouldn’t feel like that. I’m asking myself if I have the incentive to get back on track and every time I try to put on jeans I have the motivation, but then it disappears again ☹️

    If you’ve read this far, thank you for listening. 🙏🏻

    Oh Carol, join the club. 😪 I’m SO over thinking about food all the time. I gave up and bought the next, half size, pants. I was still fasting twice weekly and eating reasonably healthy food, but clearly not fanatical enough.
    I actually prefer the healthy food, but get sucked into joining others eating less desirable, high carb foods. Afterwards, I wonder why?
    Life seems to keep throwing stressful, curve balls at us, doesn’t it? I guess the old adage, you can’t control the world, but you can control your reaction, applies here. Easier said than done, I know.
    It is amazing how many coeliacs go all out finding as many GF products as they can, when we know they should just drop the carbs.
    I enjoyed Michael’s latest show and the recipes Clare suggested. It has steered me back to vegetarian low carb tasty meals again (mostly)
    I’m currently battling an injury and having to eat breakfast to take painkillers. Mr P tends to make me bread based, when I should have an egg or berries and yoghurt. It’s hard when relying on another to prepare my meals.
    I doubt this has helped, Carol, but remember, you aren’t alone.
    Cheers P

    Actually Purple, it is very helpful Thankyou ~ reassuring to know I’m not the only one. And you’re right ~ we have to be fanatical and I’m so over it! Like you I eat very healthily but think perhaps my serve size is too big. I’ve swapped to a smaller bowl to have my salad for lunch and trying to reduce my meat portion at night. I’ve cut out the little square of dark chocolate I sometimes had of an evening as well as nuts and cheese. I mean seriously what more can you do! 🤷‍♀️

    Carol, I agree. My serving sizes have grown too, even though it might be rabbit food. 😏

    Oh, Carol! It’s funny I was just thinking about my fasting friends while in the bathroom 30 minutes ago! I’m in the same boat, with 16:8 just not doing it anymore. Last week we resolved to go back two FDs a week – well, we did one!

    It’s those damn carbs which have crept back, especially at lunch time with comfort food like crumpets or toast. As a person who never like biscuits, post-Lockwood I enjoy a dunked biscuit.
    I’m still around 131-2 lbs, but I sort of peel my jeans off my legs. And we go out to eat once a week, as purple says, joining others in treats. We’re actually going to a Golden Wedding lunch today in a bistro run by a prestigious chef. I’m sure you can picture the scene to come!

    I’m so sorry you’re now ‘coeliac’. Something else to think about! I’ve been diagnosed with Gord, and advised to give up tomatoes and cheese. Impossible. I’m not buying bigger trousers. You have half sizes in Australia? I do remember jeans in half sizes in the 70s and 80s, well size 11.

    Right, time to plan a FD menu for tomorrow.

    You made me laugh Polly with the biscuit story! I mean why do we do things like that but I’ve been doing it too. I remember the half sizes of jeans, not sure if they do them these days though ~ everything is made on the cheap.

    Purple, I think it’s all the little extras I put in with the rabbit food, such as the olives, nuts, cheese. Theoretically it shouldn’t be adding up to much but is obviously having an impact.

    Polly,I’m not coeliac just need to be gluten free. Apparently there’s 2 coeliac genes they test for and I was positive to one. If you’re positive to 2 your coeliac. I do feel unwell after I’ve eaten gluten but not enough to make me stop eating 🤦‍♀️

    Polly, have you been to see your grandsons yet? Enjoy the lunch, seriously life’s too short isn’t it.

    By half sizes, I meant the odd numbers. Can choose 13 instead of jumping from 12 to 14, or 11, instead of going straight from 10 to 12. Only available in more expensive brands…but I’m worth it! 😄😄
    And yes, it is that extra bit of aioli, feta or haloumi on the salad that tops it over.
    My nephew has given up all gluten to solve his hayfever. He has a lot of trouble eating out, but finds it has worked. He is a landscape gardener so would have had to change careers if he didn’t find help. He cooks for himself and his wife cooks for the family. Awkward. P

    Well, I have to report that the lunch was fabulous and three course taken, plus cocktail beforehand. To my delight, there’s no shock on this morning’s scales. I think the answer is that each course was sensible, with no carbs, not stingy but not huge portions.

    I put ‘coeliac’ in quotation marks as a shortcut really, Carol. And I realised about the in between sizes, purple. Not seen them for years, though.

    We’ve not made it to America but son has booked to come here at the end of June! Cant wait.

    April 1 2022 is our 10th anniversary on the 5 2 life style. No thought of ever quitting. The only time we fell off the wagon was on a cruise or southern vacation. ( we would fast 1 time per week when visiting the Caribbean. ). Many health improvements.

    10 years is a long time frankannabelle, congratulations! I’m impressed you were able to stick with your regime when on a cruise ship ~ lots of temptation there. 😀 The reward of health benefits can be very motivating!

    Today is 9 years since we started 5:2 and began our journey along the path to a better understanding of ourselves, our bodies and the huge difference between lazy, poor choices and mindful eating.
    We now have a much better understanding of the incredible power we have over our own health and, even though we no longer fast strictly every week, we listen to our actual needs, not wants and eat far healthier food, a much greater range, but significantly less.
    Thank you Michael for changing our lives. Thank you Maintenance buddies for being here for the ride! P

    Congratulations, purple. I agree with all your sentiments. IF is not a diet, but a better way to eat and I learned so much from Michael’s first book.

    Summer is coming here so a chance to be more careful, enjoying salads rather than comfort food. Cool spring, though. Typical four seasons in one day.

    Hi Polly
    We are having cool night and glorious sunny days, but the season of comfort eating approaches. Luckily ours is mercifully short and mild compared with your part of the world. 🙂

    Frankannabelle, congratulations on your ten year anniversary! That’s impressive. I’m coming up for eight years in August and have never blown a FD in that time. I lost 25kg and have maintained my healthy weight for the last seven years using a combination of 5:2 and 6:1 (always the latter on holidays). When I get to my trigger weight (60kg), I immediately revert to 5:2. So many health benefits have come my way as a result not to mention the immense confidence boost that being slim affords me. Thank you Dr M for changing my life – even if you have moved on. If it works, don’t mess with it!

    Hi Thin
    Yes, I feel Michael has moved on, but this seems to work, so why tinker with it?

    Well done Purple and Mr P! I’m 8 years. I started Anzac Day and recall what agony it was not eating an Anzac biscuit that first time. I haven’t made them this year as dads no longer with us and so as not to be tempted to indulge on my own. I’m going to watch the March again this year, the first since dad died end of 2019. It was a family tradition that as many of the family as possible came and watched the March and then we went to the same hotel for lunch after. But before we had lunch we’d always have a coffee with baileys in it ~ a Canadian tradition 😃. So I’ve bought my bottle of baileys to put in the thermos for tomorrow ~. cheaper than buying at the hotel ☺️. What’s everyone else doing?

    I’m glad you are revisiting your ANZAC tradition, Carol. Although, I have found Bailey’s perfect any time I have a cough!!!
    I often get up for the Dawn Service…even stood in our driveway during lockdown in 2020. It was very moving, with other neighbours standing at theirs and a single transistor radio playing the Last Post and Reveille. I would love to make ANZAC biscuits, but, as the only one who can eat them, and shouldn’t, I’ll resist the urge. Whole mum and dad both served, I remember my uncle, who died in France in the RAAF, well before I ever met him. A terrible waste of a young life. P

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