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  • I second Faat!!

    Faat, eh??!

    Oops…sorry Fast!…very tired after travelling all day! 😐

    Thanks Fast,

    No trips planned just at the moment, except in my head. But I shall boldly go, with courage and my invisibility cloak…!

    At the other end of age scale. It was midwinter, snow on the ground, school term about to begin, hence quite a few kids travelling to the UK. Paris-London flight diverted to Manchester, where all the passengers left the plane and waited to be told what would happen next.

    There I was, minding my own business, when a young guy in a British Airways uniform walked up to me and asked in a sweet, gentle voice: “Are you travelling alone?” I told him yes, but why did he need to know. “We need to contact the parents of unaccompanied children and tell them that they are safe and well and will be put on a train to London, he said.” I replied that it was very kind of BA, but I should tell him I would be 23 in a few weeks time.


    There is a guy in my local supermarket who regularly says, as he has to authorise my alcohol purchase,’you look just about old enough’. Its patently untrue! The first time he said it, I’m afraid I very ungraciously snapped that he ought to get his eyes tested…

    * Patently untrue as in I clearly look like someone who may once, many years ago, have been 18 years old…

    I couldn’t see you just blushing and giggling as a response, Happy. 😄😄
    Noone has questioned my age for 40 years. And before that, there were no laws that enforced them to do so. 😏😒😒🙄

    Hilarious hermaj! 🤣

    Hi all, how is everyone going?

    I’ve pretty much come on here to whine about losing my mojo. All my self-discipline, motivation, determination seems to have gone out the window. I’m doing my version of low carb 16:8 but cheating quite a bit. I’m too scared to get on the scales. I know I’ve put weight on, still fit my clothes but the seams are straining these days.

    I know I’m depressed by what’s going on in the world. I’m so fed up with hearing bad news stories all the time, desperate to see our son and his family in Canada. They are having their first baby, heaven knows how old she’ll be before I get to meet her.

    My father died at the end of 2019, and I was very close to him and also very busy supporting him. I went straight from his death to COVID life and I think perhaps I haven’t actually been able to reconstruct a life post dad due to virus restrictions. Last year wasn’t so bad but this year the wheels have definitely fallen off the wagon.

    Sorry, I know this is self absorbed but I hoped if I wrote it down it might help and I do feel like we have a relationship that goes beyond 5:2.

    I hope you’re all doing okay in your various parts of the world. Xx

    Oh Carol dear. So sorry to hear you have hit rock bottom. Expressing your feelings is a good start.
    Having met you, I know gaining a bit isn’t the end of the world. Being slacker, foodwise, to get through all you are going through is OK, as long as you retain some of your fasting (16:8).
    This long haul epidemic is really throwing out the window all that we thought was normal life. We never anticipated life could change so radically, so quickly, did we?
    The loss of a parent that was so much part of your daily routine is a huge hole. I found taking the initiative to create other routines helped. Find online, or real, if possible, interest groups to initiate new learning.
    I am interested in art, music and literature and once I found one group in each the network became extensive and I have made some very close, like minded friends through them. Nothing like a friend to let off steam with, even if it is by text.
    This cold winter we are experiencing in Aus is definitely a challenge foodwise. Give yourself some slack. Life is too short to beat yourself up over it.
    I’m sending virtual hugs your way, mate. Xx

    Thanks Purple. Some good tips too re joining groups. I go to the gym and belong to a walking group but do that for health mainly, although I enjoy it all. One thing I still miss is using my brain. I’m doing a funeral service this coming week so have been busy preparing that and I enjoy doing it so much. Maybe I need to look for something to do where I see my contribution is valued. I think I’ve got a creative side and have tried a number of things over the years but not found anything I excelled at. That’s another avenue to explore.

    Re the virus long haul: I agree with that. Last year didn’t seem SO bad because I thought everything would be resolved, but now I have very little hope of returning to life as we knew it in the near future.

    Thanks for your support and understanding 😊

    Sadly, Carol, by the time 70% of the Aus population is vaccinated, and we could possibly open International borders, the virus will have mutated significantly. 😥
    I tried a lot of things before I found my niche. The benefit of choosing to do something, compared to having to do it for work, is that you can just walk away if it doesn’t suit. 🙂🙂
    Good luck with your quest. P

    Oh, Carol, bless you. So sorry to hear about your dad. I totally understand your concerns about not seeing your expected grandchild. I’m with you there. It was bad enough to have to wait six weeks to meet number 1 and a month fir number 2 – mother’s parents get first dibs.

    Re investment in things, is there a writing group that you could join? U3A is brilliant, with lots of different groups – from intellectual to fun, with some a combination of the two. We’ve managed to continue our book, poetry and quiz groups online and are looking forward to opening up with some restarting outdoors soon. I held the last poetry group in my garden. I do realise that Australia has not vaccinated as many as in the U.K., though. That said, our Welsh government is far more cautious than the English one, in spite of more having had both jabs.

    Keep your chin up and remember it’s not the end of the world if a few pounds creep on.
    Sending you a cwtch,


    Interesting your comment about grandkids, Polly. It’s true! The mother’s parents are the priority grandparents, aren’t they? It was great when my daughter reproduced as I was included from the beginning, but being very aware of how it felt for years as “the other grandmother “, I make sure we share. 🙂
    I so look forward to normality again when we can see all the kids. P

    Only just picked this up, Carolann, and so glad Purple was there, too offer loving care, reassurance and advice. She’s right on all points – especially about cutting yourself some slack! – so listen to your auntie P! Grief takes as long as it takes, and can’t be hurried: we’re alll grieving for a way of life which may be gone for good, bud you have the additional, and much greater, sorrow of your dad’s loss to cope with. The will to fast etc will return as the early stages pass – I know that in calendar terms it’s a while, but I think emotional work is all taking longer without the usual supports and structures of physical relationships and rituals, so don’t be surprised that it’s taking its time. The support you give others through the funeral you’re leading will be hugely important to that family -but giving that to someone else may be part of your healing, too. And I’m so glad that you we’re blessed with such a close relationship with your dad: nothing can take that away.
    Virtual hugs! Xx

    And Polly, of course! We crossed in the ether! I second U3a – we’ve even been wine tasting on zoom!

    Hi Polly, I often think of you because when I’m feeling sorry for myself because I know you are in a similar situation re grandchildren and sons. I feel for you, I really do and pray for the day both of us can see our family again.

    Thankyou Fast, wise words. I do think I haven’t actually mourned my dad because I went straight into worrying about COVID and of course now I grieve for the fact I can’t see my son and his family as well as the new baby. I had such expectations about how I might be involved with a new baby when he and his wife had one, none of those expectations included not being able to see them or the baby. 😢 I feel so sorry for my son too because at the birth of your first child you want your family around. Mothers of daughters Purple and Polly.

    U3A is a good idea, hadn’t thought of that. I will investigate.

    Thankyou all 🥰

    I’m back on here again and a bit has changed but not my weight unfortunately! 😊

    My granddaughter was born 1/11 (Magnolia or Nola if you need to shorten). I’m so so happy that she was born healthy without any dramas. Best news is we have booked to go to Canada 18/12/21, so we will be there for Xmas 💖

    We’ve had to jump through a few hoops to make it happen but it was worth it! They’re so excited we’re coming, they’ve had quite a tough time over there.

    The state I live in has been mainly CV free but that will probably change very soon as tomorrow we open the borders up to the rest of the country, provided double vaccinated.

    My weight remains the same because I’m not doing anything differently, using food as my comfort. I was only thinking today will I ever get that motivation and inspiration back re fasting. Doubtful as I’m an emotional eater and I don’t see life improving that much in the near future. We didn’t know how lucky we were before this pandemic.

    I sincerely hope everyone is safe and well. Let’s hear your news if you feel like sharing. Take care 🙏🏻🥰

    Congratulations Carol. I’m so pleased you’ll be able to go over and cuddle her. Grandchildren are such a joy.
    Re opening borders, you have less to fear from NSW, Vic and ACT than other states in Australia, including your own. We have some of the highest vaccine rates in the world now and very low case numbers, despite now accepting that Covid is endemic. Hopefully the rest of the country catch up quickly. It is very much a disease of the unvaccinated.
    I’ve been grandchild minding all day today, while fasting…always challenging as I make snacks all day. Went well until 6pm, when I simply HAD to have a few nuts and half a glass of red. Great way to break a 24 hour fast! 😄😄
    Enjoy your trip. That’s SO exciting! P

    Oh, congratulations, Carol! Wonderful news and you can get to see and hold her! Wonderful! It doesn’t matter about the hoops, you can get there.

    We’re still stuck with weekly FaceTime. Nothing like enough, but the boys are now very busy at the weekends, with football, lacrosse and other activities, do it’s all too brief. We don’t envisage going over until the Spring, though. There are no direct flights to either Newark or Philadelphia from Manchester or even Heathrow yet and we’re too old to spend hours in an airport, even if we would risk a plane.

    We had our Covid booster jabs in October, so life is more like the old days and we have more restrictions in Wales, thankfully, so feel more hopeful.

    Weight is more or less stable 🥴 at two pounds over top wriggle room, so I’m not beating myself up over it. I did eat a whole bar of chocolate on Saturday, though, after OH and I had had words. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face!

    Envying you, Purple, on grandparent duty. We enjoyed the game on Saturday- could have gone either way! Hope all my fasting friends are well.

    I said to Mr P, Ah well, Polly will be pleased!
    I have some local grandies, but others on the other side of the country that we haven’t seen for 20 months, and aren’t holding our breath about seeing them until well into next year. Sadly, the kids grow up without knowing us.

    Good morning all! I was wondering a few days ago whether we’d gone dormant or I’d just been locked out – good to hear from you again, and I’ll add my congratulations to the pile, Carol. Wonderful news!

    All well here, as we ease back into a life which will probably never go back to ‘normal’ as .wE knew it, after so much sadness and separation. But there are bright spots – the joy of reunions, especially with our youngest son, recently hugged for the first time in two years, and getting to know the great grandson born at the start of the year first lockdown, and see his big sister start school. And significant, I think, that a family decision has just been reached re Christmas: presents for under 20s only, but a shared mega feast, with everyone contributing, to celebrate just being able to be together.
    We’ve had our boosters; weight is stable, having recovered from the covid induced 8lb loss, but thankfully stayed within wriggle room. But I’ve had a frustratingly low activity feW months, after tearing my Achilles in July. It’s just healing now, so I need to get back out there and tighten up that bum and tum!
    Great to be back in touch, love to all

    Hi FFS. It’s so great to hear from you too! We cyber mates are still there for each other.
    A great grandchild is really something …and you have 2?
    We are delighted to be having the East Coast mob for a casual, all in together, Christmas Day too. After spending last year totally on our own for the very first time, I look forward to everyone here. We are due our boosters in a month, so hopefully pre Christmas. All the family are fully vaxed, with even the 12 year old lining up the day after her birthday. No reluctance here. 😏
    Stay safe and happy wherever you are ad treasure your friends and family. P

    So lovely to hear your news everyone! And it’s all good news 😊 and even talk of Christmas! 💞

    As we all have mentioned, the one obvious fact to come out of CV, is how very important our connections are to family, friends and other people.

    You’re all such a warm, empathic group, continue to take care. X

    Even though I’m a weapons-grade “Bah! Humbug!” follower when it comes to this time of the year, I do feel it’s right and proper to wish 5:2 friends a happy time during current festivities. Miserable old git that I am, I’m very grateful for having such mates, along with a small handful of face-to-face people, colleagues and school classmates, some of whom go back 50+ years but are still around.

    This year I was genuinely looking forward to Boxing Day, when we were due to meet up with my favourite rellies, but unfortunately my lovely great-nephew – the elder one of the two who is home from uni – has tested positive for the universal nasty after checking before visiting Grandad (my brother) in residential care. Sensibly, his mum has respected the isolation instructions and is keeping visitors away and not going visiting. Our Kid’s not too unwell, in his own words “It’s a right pain in the arse!” I’m hoping I and Him Indoors will test negative when it’s our turn to visit bro, also tomorrow, Boxing Day.

    I’ve been very lucky in lockdown to have more work than I’ve ever had in the space of a year. All three books – two co-translated with colleagues, one translated solo by me, German-English in all cases – had very tight deadlines, so I didn’t have time and was often too knackered to yearn for the outside too much.

    Thankfully, things became less restrictive and I was able meet, eat out, go to the theatre, with the afore-mentioned dear friends all of whom live in or around London. Even my Other Half was able to work around a hospital appointment in London visit so that we went to the Albrecht Durer exhibition at the National Gallery (loved it!), ate a delicious Vietnamese dinner, before a spot of English National Opera Gilbert & Sullivan, not really my cup of tea but I still found it beautiful to look at and listen to.

    Finally, hard work often leaves me not at all hungry and I did lose several kilos. So why can’t I get below BMI 25. Even 24.9 would do? Should I be worrying? According to each of two of the buddies who had seen me at my worst 85 kilos which led to 5:2, I look “slim” and “gorgeous” – their own words not mine. True, I like what I see in the mirror, less so when starkers. Plus the charity shop has done well with far-too-big clothes.

    Right, whinge over. Happy Christmas and a much better New Year to all 5:2 friends. XX

    Merry Christmas to you and Him Indoors, Hermaj. It’s good to hear you are still translating the world of literature. It really is an endless task. What a clever career choice!
    As we’ve discussed before, those of towering statue can carry enormous amounts of “overweight” and get away with it (even though unhealthy). The shortstops among us show every kilo. 😒 I KNOW you look good clothed. None of us enjoy those lying mirrors 😆😆.
    Sorry to here the young man is ill. He IS smack in the age group that are the largest number of cases, worldwide. I guest they are just all sick of keeping to themselves.
    All the best for 2022. Cheers, P

    Hi Hermaj,

    I hope you tested negative and got to see your brother. Covid continues to disrupt a lot of people’s lives, fingers crossed for next Christmas!

    Great to hear you’ve been too busy with work to notice the restrictions! It’s been similar for me I must admit.

    And weight wise, it sounds like you’re still in a good place! Mine…ahem… is pretty steady except for this last week when it’s been consistently up 😂

    Hi Hermaj,

    I hope you tested negative and got to see your brother. Covid continues to disrupt a lot of people’s lives, fingers crossed for next Christmas!

    Great to hear you’ve been too busy with work to notice the restrictions! It’s been similar for me I must admit.

    And weight wise, it sounds like you’re still in a good place! Mine…ahem… is pretty steady except for this last week when it’s been consistently up 😂

    Lovely to catch up with you both, Purple and Happy.

    We did get to see my brother, but it was a distressing meeting. He has Parkinson’s. Sometimes, he has good days, especially if we are able to lead him into conversations about music of all kinds, Formula 1 Grand Prix (Him Indoors is a dyed-in-the-wool petrol head) or films. When this happens, it’s fun all round and we often overrun our visiting slot. This time he was in a bad way, very shaky and mostly asleep in his wheelchair.

    Re the weight loss. Yesterday, I went on to the forum’s “how it works” slot. Using kilos and metres I was registered at BMI 25.4. When I switched to imperial measures, I was safely into BMI 24.6 which is good enough for me. I’m not overly ambitious having taken what will soon be 9 years to creep downwards from BMI 35.

    Could it be that whoever runs the show is a Brexiteer, who punishes us for using all those “foreign” figures, but rewards us if we stick to good old Rule Britannia measurements? Just a thought. 🙂

    Love your theory, Herm. Could be you underestimated your metric height? Then again, conspiracy theories are always fun. 😅😅
    So sorry to hear your brother was in a bad way when you visited. I have a very dear friend with Parkinsons. He varies enormously, depending on the time since his last medication. It is a terrible disease, stealing the sufferer’s life from them. 😐 P

    How lovely to check the thread and catch up with all the news. We had a shared Christmas lunch for family here at our place. It’s glorious summer weather, no rain forecast for the rest of the year…

    We notice few Covid restrictions now, and the country has opened up fully to domestic travel. Omicron is creeping into the country, but under containment at the moment. And Delta numbers are growing, but limited. NZ sits at 91% double-vaccinated for over-12s, and 5-11s will be included in a fortnight. We are booked for our booster next month.

    Weight-wise I am only a kg over my lowest on 5:2, so very happy in spite of the temptations of the season. My sleeping is still rubbish, but it is what it is! 🙁

    All the best for 2022 – or as I am seeing it reported, 2020 too!

    Today- or maybe it was yesterday or the day before – marks the 9th anniversary of the beginning of my battle with the blubber, 5:2 style. It’s been hard going and often disheartening to see others shifting 3st 4lb/20.9 kilos/46lbs in a year or less when, after 9 years, I’m still not quite there yet, hovering around BMI 25 and a bit, thereby having dropped from a dreadful BMI 35, not exactly right for a little short-arse of 5ft 1in.

    However, it seems that the BMIs ladled out today are, in fact, inaccurate. Our dear mate Purple was kind enough to send me this: which went a long way to explaining how and why BMI, as currently applied.

    This cheered me up no end and sent me googling to see what else I could find to share with Purple. This is what I found:

    It seems that when the WHO set the BMI show on the road they neglected two important vital pieces of information, namely gender and age. Having had fun exploring this interesting site, according to their calculations my BMI is 26, at which the creators of Smart BMI tell me that my weight is “at the level that, in our view, should be optimal for health”. This is visually represented in the super-safe green area of the chart. There is also a lot of useful, non-judgmental advice. Certainly, worth a look!

    Thanks for sharing, Herm.
    As another “2013 5:2er” (quite a thing, I believe!), I think it is important for us to continue to look at the latest research. Ideas (even non-fake ones! 😉) are constantly being tested and developing.
    I, too, found the eased BMI range reassuring. I won’t be dropping my twice weekly fasts or going crazy with carbs, but since you shared the calculator with me, I have stopped wearing the hair shirt and put the flagilator away. 😀😀
    What do other mates on this thread think? P

    Thanks, P and Hermaj, and happy New Year to us all! My BMI on the calculator is normal at 22, but I knew that. What annoyed me is that the site went on to promote the old, disproven mantra of eating up to five fruits a day. 🙁 I have moved well beyond this – following the protein-focussed, low carb lifestyle. This is helping me maintain at the best level I reached with 5:2.

    I also will be hitting the 9th anniversary of discovering 5:2, later this year. It worked wonderfully for several years, until it didn’t, but it started me on the research that has led to where I am now.

    I think you can burn the hair shirt and flagellator, P. Unless, like us, you are living under a fire ban!

    Omicrom is now loose in our community – our committee had to cancel this month’s U3A general meeting, feeling we need to protect our vulnerable demographic.

    Stay safe, everyone.

    No fire ban here. Plenty of rain and green growth, B
    Your Jacinda is announcing a gradual opening up now. (If only WA would) If you are boosted and careful you should be ok. 2 years down the track, we need to move on.
    Increased protein is good for “older” people, along with a wide range of colourful veg. P

    You are sending some of your rain at the moment, P, but unfortunately to the wrong part of the country! Poor West Coast, being hit again 🙁 .

    We have had our third vaccination, wearing masks and staying fairly isolated, so not a lot more we can do. The government / scientists are wanting to let Omicrom get into the community before winter, so it’s happening imminently.

    If you are interested in further research, these are two of my favourite Aussies…

    Omicron is already in NZ. What you are doing (boosters, masks, avoiding people) is the same as us. We don’t want a major outbreak in winter…better to get it over with now.

    Yes, we had a bunch of new cases in our little town yesterday – most of the cast of MacBeth, that was to have been performed at the vineyard 🙁 . A member of cast attended a concert last week, and brought it home. And yes, we now expect Omicrom cases to explode, but we have 94% of us 12 years and older double vaccinated, so our health system shouldn’t be overwhelmed.

    Same here, with 47%+ of eligible people boostered as well. 5 to 12s are going well too.
    Unfortunately, Omicron really needs the 3 doses to be effective, and even then, only to reduce serious illness/death. It will still be transmitted in a vaccinated population, especially amongst the socially mobile 20 to 40s. It will simply be endemic and we just have to keep the vaccines up and be aware of every risky interaction.
    Sun is out here, so I’ve been planting seedlings and hacking back hedges. Great fast day activities. 🙂🙂

    47%? And we have nearly 70% over 18s with third dose.

    I have sprayed the bromeliads to try and keep the mozzies down – a solution of white vinegar and dish detergent, it’s so useful for many jobs.

    That’s over 16s. Many have only just become eligible this week as they have just dropped the gap to 3 months.
    It’s such a movable “feast”! It is certainly obvious that the unvaccinated/partially vaccinated are the ones in strife. 😒

    With 70% 3rd dose rate, it begs the question, why is it still so hard for Kiwis to return home?

    Hi everyone, we arrived back from 6 weeks in Canada on Monday and don’t ask me how we did it, but avoided the dreaded lurgy . Our life here in SA sounds exactly like all of yours. Even in Canada it wasn’t any different. The Canadian government expressing the same concerns, same public health messages, implementing the same strategies.
    Like many of you I have now developed my own style of fasting. I do 16:8, try to adhere to low carb but sadly find it difficult going without fruit and so still eat it. I very rarely weigh now, relying on clothes and appearance. Interestingly, when we arrived in Canada my body clock was out of step so didn’t feel hungry during the day and noticed within a period of about 5 days how much looser my clothes had become. Just proved to me it’s still possible to lose weight at nearly 72 and it’s still really calories in vs calories out.

    So nice to hear you’re all well.

    We are protecting the (lower vaccinated) Maori population, basically. Omnicrom is going to go through isolated populations, and the government will be accused of not protecting them properly. Cleft stick situation. But now national vax rates are up, and the next step in opening borders is about to happen. We (most of us thinking people) are very pleased with the government, entitled pregnant journalists notwithstanding, who have, by the closures and protections, kept our death rate at 53, one of the lowest in the honest-Covid-reporting world.

    Hi Carol
    How wonderful that you finally got to see the family in Canada. 🙂🙂 And managed it without getting caught. Well done!
    Barring WA, the rest of Australia is on the same track now, thank goodness, with sensible normality returning.
    Interesting today how incredibly busy the roads were around 3pm, with schools having returned on Tuesday. I long for the quieter roads when we could just cross major roads. Now we have to go to traffic lights! 😉😄
    It’s almost embarrassing, Carol, isn’t it, when you end up not eating normally for a few days and realise how simple it really is? 😏😏
    You never know, we might get to catch up again. With borders open, we are considering a SA road trip when the weather cools.
    Cheers P

    Morning, friends. Herm, you have made my day with that link! I’ve been struggling with discipline lately, not helped by husband buying the Reese’s Peanut Butter treats as Lidl sells them off.

    That is an excellent site, with calculations allowing for age, gender and ethnicity. Although I’m over top wriggle room + it came up with a SBMI of 23 and that I weigh ‘less than average’. It’s also gratifying to read that weight loss is not as important at our age! It’s like the alcohol unit business – my nightly glass of wine puts me over the 14 units a week. Tough. I’d rather have a few more happy years of enjoyment than 20 years of misery.

    Carol, you’re lucky to get to Canada and spend time with the family. There are still no direct flight from Manchester to Philadelphia and it’s too damn cold in Princeton anyway. Son is asking us to come over, but not yet.

    Glad to hear you’re also moving towards some sort of normality in Australia, but equally surprised that NZ still has strict rules. I gather the rain has been more fairly distributed now. Enjoy your summers.

    Thanks again to Herm, who has made me very happy. 👏👏. Probably have more than one glass of wine during the Six Nations, which starts on Saturday. Wales v Ireland. But OH still won’t go to the stadium. 😲.

    Hi Polly
    Great to here you are still enjoying life 😀😀 That evening glass is utterly necessary for a well rounded existence. Enjoy. 🍷
    I was wondering about our old mate Bayleaf today and whether she has been hoping to the Women’s Ashes in her town. Good result. 😏😉

    Purple let me know if you decide to come to SA and we can catch up somewhere. Also happy to provide any local knowledge if needed 😊
    Enjoying a lovely breakfast in the sun this morning.

    Will do, Carol. We are off for a few days up north. Enjoy your breakfast. P

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